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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  December 2, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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when next revolution will be televised. ♪ >> hello america i am mark levin this is life, livety and levin, our great guest. >> thank you. >> you have a jd, you are a lawyer, you are a scholar in so many areas erase relations, immigration. policing, in colleges and universities. you have a new book, how race and gender pander and krupp
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university and undermine our culture this so relevant today, you argue toxic ideas, fueled intolerance and widened division. i think we see this everywhere now. >> we do, kavanaugh hearing was an example we're in gender studies 101 now. virtually every aspect of the culminating of hysteria that greeted judge coug kavanaugh was perfected over the past decade on the college campus. transforming lives of males on campus, creating a costly bureaucracy, it has moved into
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real world it is got going away. >> whether did it happen, they were always wine of liberal. they almost a soviet-style system there is no free speech, not allowed to challenge so-called norms in the university, where race and gender, seem to have a priority over other things. what did it happen? >> well, it 80s it started in my view, that is when you got radical multiculturalism that hit. i was in college in 80s, i am grateful for, that i was allowed to read john milton, and shakespear without anyone thinking to complain about the gonads of those authors, i lost myself in beauty, in greatness and sublimbty, come 80s, students were given a license
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for ignor ignorance, only thingy needed to know about book was race, gender of author to know if it was dismissible without being read, they could go to wallow in their own delusional oppression, it has on the loon gotten worse, we're freeding the ground for i fear, civil war, studentser being taught to hate, hate greatest works of western civi-- civilization, and hate eh other, from the moment they stop on college camp us -- bureaucracy is determined to drum in to that students head, identity politics, saying they are either a victim or an oprosser, aprossers are most payment usually, white mails,
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heterosexual height white mail, only way to get out is to be an ally of the opressed. the most pro post rouse diseug - student believe they are at risk. this environment that tra druggal liberal terms to most tolerant environment in human history. there is a massive bureaucracy dedicated to cultivate in students a since of their own oppression, then they carry with them, a chip on their shoulder that prevents them from seizing opportunity to learn, to read every book that is ever been written, and they carry this chip, this delusional victimology to world at large,
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they are going around blaming american institutions of indemmic racism and sexism, whether that no longer is true. >> you see it with respect to professors and tenure, certain are drummed out of the classroom, you see rise in physical confrontation, and commencement speakers almost totally of the left. when someone conservatives dare to go to college campus and want to speak about things that are really not particularly controversial, that you -- often have you bring in riot police or security guards have to come. the administration are these old 1960's retread when are they. >> they are more left wing than faculty, they are part of the massive bury -- bureaucracy,
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students are wondering why is my college tuition so expensive, look no further than university bureaucracy, university of california los angeles, vice chancellor makes overs there are $--s there ares there ars there. >> this mind boggling. that has nothing to do. there is not a single bigot on the university campus tod today, of faculty search is an effort to 89 qualified females oro called under represented minorities, that referred to plaques and hispanics who already not been snapped up by
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better endowed schools, so what do they do? they are not routing racism and sexism. they are doing is drumming into students heads that false narrative of victimology. to me, what is amazing, colleges are somehow held harmless for the rising tuition, the absolute that is always bandied about, more federal aid. no. don't feed the beast. cut the bureaucracy, get back to the basic of learning, that is now a distance after thought, no fact ul tie has guts to say we know what you should learn, you are ignorant, we're here too put knowledge. students are given indicater blanch t--carte blanche to decio
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study. we're in a weird situation where speakers such as myself, prevented from talking about policing at clair claremont mcka college, when i need a police escort to come to college campus, alarm bells should be going off in the faculty, they are nowhere to be found. >> why do we passively subsidize this? through the taxes in through tuition, through student loans, you have bernie sanders saying free college. of course,. these are as you say, more indoctriniation mills agree college, and obama with you know federal government should assume all these student debt. they talk about college as if it really is academic, rather than in so many respects, pro prop ba
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oriented, they know about this, this plead bleeds into greater society, i see it. >> identity politics is everywhere, i am so sick of hearing some preface his remarks by saying, well, as a white female. or a plaqu a black female, xyz,m sorry that a nonny is ye -- nonsecon -- i cannot predict you are a white male or black 53 mail that is height of arrogance and condensation to think someone that be type casted on the base of, but that is currency of political re realm.
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what worries mo worries me, whas doing to scientific advantage of science. and mag. you have jenne gender study herd women study there and chai kana study there science will be one rel am that remains committed, we understand there no such thing as female physics or. iranian physics there is physics, this is math, the accomplish am of human reason that is open to everyone. that was a false hope. anybody that knew anything about
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university would have known, it is not safe, and now, you have nothing less than national science found doing, a federal agency that is premier funder of basic research on college campus, that has itself been columnized by this poison identity politics, spending billions of our taxpayer dollars funding gender theorists on college campus to study so-called intersectionality and microaggression in stem feel on assumption only reason for why we don't have 50/50 gender parody must be by definition result of sexism that diversity dilution. that is the fundamental lie that we've been fed that any disparity in a representation
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whether a gender disparity or race. must be the result of discrimination, our stem fields are now obsessed with gender equity and race equity. >> also an attack. on competition. and merit. >> it is. >> we dumb down our society, we triballize our society, vulcanize our society, who does this benefit? >> well, it benefits the bureaucracy. let's start with college camp us, it goes to corporations as well. on a college campus, students are taught to hate, taught to think of themselves as victims, this is a side issue we can or can't get into racial preferences, a poisonous policy feed into this. in complex ways, but every time that students hold protests like brown student occupying
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president's office saying hard to if to class and study for exams we're working so hard at staying alive at brown, this preposterous and i di delusiona. then, they walk in say we need more diversity bureaucrats and sadly students agree, they ask for more. >> you brought up kavanaugh hearing. so, i'm getting at is, when you indoctrinate people this way, affect their thinking this way, they leave college, they leave university, they go to broader world, i feel that democrat party plays into this. >> they play into it more and more media. and because a lot of these people in politics more and more and media come out of this mind set do, they not. >> they do, media believes again, that race and gender
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determine everything. there is not a single mainstream media outlet that is not determining what stories to cover. who to source them to and who to quote, and who to write them that is not looking at race and gender. on assumption that those attributes determine our world, america is profoundly racist, and sexist. and they are seeking stories that they think support that narrative. also incorporations, hr department, a main milestone that show how much the university identity politics is fratransforming our competitive edge is going to ol google fireg engineer in 2017, wrote a factual reason base 10 page memo simply questions orthodoxy
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feminism rains -- reins at google he was fired. right now, our h.r. deputy is an outpost of gender states and black studies. >> almost everyone week now, have you watch levine tv, i will be there. crt vto the come, give us a call, 844-levin-tv, we'll be right back.
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you talked about how the ideas tear at american fabric. they have real world consequences, not only politics, media but in competitions with countries. explain. >> china does not give a damn about identity politics, they want best engineers and best physics, who cares th gender. u.s. is diverting that mine for
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gender parody in the labs, china is racing ahead with competitive drives, we're putting our of off competitive edge at risk, right 4 we're ahead, but expect that to continue if we put gender equality ahead of. it is not just china but also russia, they spend 100% of their science research money on doing science, we devote percentage in to gender politics, whether at m.i.t., harvard or berkeley or coming out of congress. this has to be stopped. >> this has to be stopped.
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you have almost a monopoly ideology on college campus, you get to a point of monopoly idead on gee iideology in newsroom. in democrat party, almost. this quite daunting. >> it is. and you have to fight for truth against falsehood. >> how. >> i think for one we need to defund the universities, alumni have to stop giving money, realize that the schools, you have a false ideal about them, they of again, generators of ideology, not of wi wisdom. there needs to be alternative venues, sutor o support of clasl learning and humanities, we need
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to talk about free speech value, this a symptom of something more deep that is the cull cultivation of victimmed oology. i don't hear enough voices for why there is not necessarily 50/50 gender parody in math department. right now it is somehow -- this country with most gender equit have greatest bi disparity in sm on average, females and males are interested in different types of work. there are always individual differences, on average, males are more attracted on obstruct
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work -- abstract work, and females' more hands on human-based work. i do not expect that a people working for nobel prize in physics or earning it in math are going to be 50/50 gender, i'm willing to talk about something that is very taboo, skills are not evenly distributed. high-end smooth -- math skills. males out number females 2.5 to 1. larry summers, when he was president harvard dared talk about this distribution of math skills, he got fired, we have to
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keep talking about it they dominate the explanation for inequality or lack of parody is always racism or sexism, we have to fight that. >> overlay this with immigration. if diversity based on physical characteristics, is the key, which takes place in colleges and universities and more and more no broaders s society, this complicates it further, people coming into country. man we consider minorities, how do we account for that? i see statistics about percentage of population that is this group. where are they not part of this group, some are first generations, some have not alimb lated. -- assimilated, they of both to
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us begibogus tobegin with. we teaching then wrong thing. >> asi assimilation is a dirty , you cannot speak about that on a college campus. i find interesting, the way asians are attending right now to be a victim, highesticly the position you can be o occupy, pr ironically flows from being a victim, have you a drive to see who can be top victim. and it is people are pulling each other down. now, the top victim is tran, but in 5 years, it will be someone else on top victim, and anyone
10:26 pm
that can predict that gets prize. >> you talk about -- >> asians are the most academically competitive, because the academic culture at home is so strong, and yet, a large percentage of asians saying don't call us model minority, we want to be people of color against whites, you have a lot of asians that vote democratic, that actually support racial preferences, in universities, and because even though it is against them, they are most penalized by racial preference. >> not at harvard? the community or part of it challenging. >> a small start. >> they that will admissions they are being discriminated against the. >> they are. >> right. >> it not based on merit. >> right. >> i don't like this talk. that community, that -- we so dehumanize humanity, the
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even if his dad will hardly remember. good luck finding a gym to train for that. if this guy isn't the toughest guy on the planet, then i don't know who is! caregiving is tougher than tough. find the care guides you need at [♪] reporter: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm lauren greene. president trump announcing china has agreed to cut tariffs on
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u.s.-made vehicles. it comes after president trump and xi jinping called for a 90-day ceasefire on additional tariffs. there is currently a 40% tariff on cars entering china. george h.w. bush will lie in state at the u.s. capitol starting monday evening. the state funeral will take place wednesday followed by a burial at a private service in college station, texas. mr. bush passed away friday at the age of 94. >> helge heather . i look at this, i think should .
10:32 pm
nation be united, wants to secure border, any you are for immigration or opposed this a law and order matter, you see this, in video of individual throwing rocks and bottles at i.c.e. at our law enforcement, yet there is a percent aage of our society that include congress, media and scholars, who don't denounce it. they denounce the president for trying to resolve it. >> it is remarkable. a divide i cannot get over. i can sometimes put myself in shoes of left on other matters, but on this, it is so obvious, that you do not, nobody is entitled to enter any other country illegally, i am not en tighted tentitled to walk to gey take me in. there is a fundamental right of
10:33 pm
citizen on determine themselves who comes in who does not. this is a matter of principal, and as matter of consequence, if you lose that right, the migration flow that will take place, in to united states would crush us. >> milton friedman said, you cannot have a welfare state and open borders, you will destroy the country. i look at this, i say to myself, it is really in recent times thempeople try to bring into country, carry flag of country they come from, and claim they want asylum. and then to have people in the united states, people of prominence, public officials, media figures, excusing it. while they are hungry, they want a better life, well this and well, that okay. someone robs a bank because they need money to may a mortgage that is okay, and someone steals
10:34 pm
food from the store, that is okay? there is a break down in respect for la law and order, whether it sim break or baltimore -- whether it is immigration or baltimore judge y? >> we have ideology. you do not blame of victim, you are saying is correct it has been a factor in the left wing culture for a long time, if you get to claim victim status, you arareare absolved from following rule, you can defecate on the street because you are a victim, you can steal because you are a victim, you can shoot other people because you are a victim. for democrat with immigration, there is a belief that the more third world people of color they bridgbring in the more they geta larger base for identity
10:35 pm
politics, i think what is driving this as well is some gist profound hatred for western civilization, that is perceived as function of white males in a desire to deluge it and destroy what created advances in human well being, prosperity, and the reason. and a affluence. i find the left in morning has one narrative, there no place more oppressive on earth than united states for people of color, if you are a person of color in u.s., you are the subject ofon constant oppression and then in afternoon, said we need every third world person of color to come here, they cannot
10:36 pm
both be true, why is it so many are begging, they are breaking law to come to u.s., because they will be opressed? aclu should say, in morning mode, should say to those third world people, stay put. you are much better off, and you are freer and more a av affluen. no one will kill you by op they want them to come in, this is only be unpacked by understanding that agenda here is to try to bring down western civilization. >> i want po pursu to pursue, wy would there be forces here that live in lap of luxury of liberty in lap of law and order, justice, trying to destroy it? that is the big question.
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we need to ask. why would there be powerful forces here that' to destroy theins too liberty on constitutional standard. is that in the progressive.
10:42 pm
they told us this. they tell us this today. we need a clean slate. this country was founded by slave owners, it has to be destroyed. liberty good. as long as we can exploit liberty to get to where we want to go. they talk about college for all, he'll weahealthcare for all, tht new. we've seen it in all societies, the same story. relative view control society they claim to be po populists ad reformers, is that the scent of what is taking place. >> that is parts of it, because
10:43 pm
it true you can say marxism, embodiment in china and russia. to me i notice about our world is that the peculiarity of american culture in western european culture in general, being so self-hating. this and i think relatively new in human experience for a culture to want to claim that it own basis is founded in injustice. rather than celebrating itself, maybe to a fault. they celebrate strength and accomplish. in power, and maybe not enough appreciates other cultures. we're the opposite this is acrossive and weird -- corrosive
10:44 pm
and weird development in human history for the elite to be so dedicated to a narrative of guilt and shame. and one can seek an explanation in power, progressive elites are seeking to control society. and to impose a radical agenda. you have to ask, why is that? it complicated. for america, we did have an original sin. at start of the country our stream otreatment of blacks, hao so long without seeing that
10:45 pm
fundamental contradict. many people did. man say constitution fore saw it would be reconciled. nevertheless, it is understandable we're guilty, shelby steele on our program saying it was time to move beyond that realize reopro vide, call opportunity and opportunity for individuals to seek their own fate and better themselve through exercise of values. a large part of the society wants to hold on to that guilt, andic floa exploit it and contih idea that oppression is defining characteristics. going around tells america.
10:46 pm
white america that essence of america is destroyed the black body, not in that 19 century, but today, and people love it. he goes to these all white colleges and tells them, you. the essence of you is to destroy us, people cheer, this is weird thing. >> mm-hmm. i don't think it is unique this sense you have greatest country really, that man kind hassa established this is rotting from within, wet others have too. yet others have too. >> i don't think they were saying, we're the opressors on earth. >> they done need to, they just rotted from within because of the way they treated each other and rejected their own initial founding.
10:47 pm
that said, i'm not comfortable staying with it is weird it is weird. because it is well too advanced, too u-- in my view to leave is word, there is an ideology. what is past is bad. what today is bad. only future counts. and only we masterminds can form the future. we seen it in other societies in other forms and other ways. and that is part of the puzzle of america. we have freedom. which allows people to to things. this i think can be destructive. we'll be right back. (door bell rings) it's open! hey. this is amazing. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis,
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>> if we don't secure our border. know who is coming. vet them. it w we don't recognize we're a sovereign stration. people who come here legally. if we don't assimilate people
10:52 pm
generally into the culture and language. to communities, where are we going to be? you cease to be a country. >> you become nothing. the main problem is large unchecked low skilled immigration flow. that is imposing costs on the country in terms of welfare, schooling, prison construction. policing. and is bringing a -- they don't have social capital. i have documented is the creation of second under class, a lot of kids of these illegal immigrants from largely peasant culture, instead -- because we're not having an narrative about asim lake assimilation, te sucked to gang culture, highest out of wedlock teen birth rate
10:53 pm
among hispanics, many dropping out, many are succeeding starting businesses but a huge number gets sucked into oppositional values to a gang ster mentality. and that is creating greater social division, and costing text pairs enormous aim of money. americans who see what happens, you know in many communities when you have illegal people coming in, gang crime goes up. this is not an illusion. and so, it is the right -- any citizen body, not just american, mexico, nobody has birth right citizenship for illegal il illis yen -- aliens. you want to see border patrol, lack at what mexico tried to do,
10:54 pm
every other country, in this hem ihemisphere, understands that borders count, except when people going to the magnet that we have, and that is the tor other problem is not enforcing rule of law. is this seconds an invitation -- it sends an invitation. biggest deterrent is knowledge there will be consequences if they come illegally, sudde sancy city movement is one of the most appalling acts of political daring, breathless in its am bishtion, the hard left, opened border lobby making most difficult case, saying that an illegal alien criminal, here guess to to break other criminal laws, and that person may not be deported. >> we'll be right back.
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mark: heather mcdonnell, i will ask the question i asked most. where you see this country in five or ten years connect. >> either in civil war or got herself away from the brink of civil war. if we do not fight back against identity politics will be in civil war. we have seen it already and tenet in civil violence growing in people with impunity and with the celebration and encouragement of politicians beating each other up. mark: antifa. >> antifa harassing politicians or tucker carlson and the universities are teaching students to hate on the basis of race and gender. unless we counter that narrative which originates in the view that america is oppressive to females -- i can never tell you
11:00 pm
i've been oppressed in my life. i've been the subject of gender quotas in my alleged favor and unless we fight that narrative of endemic racism we are in civil war. mark: on that note, it's been a chris: i'm chris wallace. the nation mourns our 41st president, george herbert walker bush. as president trump calls a temporary truce in the trade war with china at a summit of world leaders in argentina. >> we've made tremendous progress at the g-20 with many nations. chris: we'll break down the summit and how the president dealt with challenges from china, russia and saudi arabia with two key senators, republican roy blunt, a member of the gop leadership, and democrat ben carton, a member of the senate foreign relations committee. then, remembering a war hero turned statesman. >> i really believe it. i reall


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