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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 3, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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out of house the second i did i thought you know home is nice. whatever. when did you move out. rob: i had to get out instantly. i was dying in there. carley: sorry, mrs. schmidt, i know he loves you. rob: we'll see you later. carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> the mission was not george h.w. bush. the mission was how do we serve the united states? how do we help the united states. that clearly george h.w. bush did. >> china has agreed to reduce and remove tariffs on cars coming into china from the u.s. >> mexican officials are in washington this morning migrant crisis at the border. >> agreement the administration wants to get that these migrant also continue to stay here in mexico while they play out their asylum. >> former fbi director james comey has withdrawn his motion to fight a house subpoena for private deposition. >> this is as you willy, the president's service dog. he got this dog after former
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first lady barbara bush passed away that dog keeping watch over his master one final time the caption reading mission complete. ♪ steve: it is mopped morning. you are watching "fox & friends." it's 6:01 here in new york city and washington, d.c. a live look on capitol hill this monday morning where the country will soon say its final goodbyes to george h.w. bush, america's 41st president. brian: hours from now the casket of george h.w. bush will arrive in washington, d.c. it will lie in state at the capitol rotunda. the body of the late president will be flown there from air force one provided by president trump. ainsley: look at this. it's a heart-breaking picture of his beloved service dog named sully refusing to leaf his side at the funeral home.
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brian: jim mcgraph put that out, long time aid been with him forever. took that picture and cents it out to everybody. ainsley: the president's request was when i pass away i want my service dog to go to another family in need. that's where the dog will go. steve: the dog will go to walter reed in suburban, washington, d.c. anyway, it has been a momentous weekend. probably seen a lot of tributes to the former president. casey stegall is live in houston right now with how the late president will be honored throughout this week. casey? >> good morning to you guys. everybody will start right here where we are located which is the funeral home back here. the first amendment will be meeting here a little bit later this morning they will escort the flag draped casket carrying the former first president over to ellington field where it will be loaded up on to air force one and flown a special mission today over to d.c. look at this powerful image
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again. we are talking about this all morning. sent out by the president's office last night showing the president's service dog sully keeping watch. the caption reading mission complete. here's neil bush, one of the president's sons reflecting on his father's storied life. >> he has had such an incredible impact, not because he is a lecturer or trying tell us how to behave but because he led such an amazing life as a role model. he is probably the best man i know in terms of everything you would want in a man. he is a great husband, an amazing dad. >> today the former president will lie in state at the u.s. capitol and all today tomorrow through wednesday morning. wednesday the national dave mourning the funeral will be held 11:00 eastern time at the washington national cathedral.
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from there to saint martin's episcopal church in houston. then there will be a second funeral service at that church thursday morning before the president's body is finally taken by train from here up to his presidential library and museum in college station, texas where he will be laid to rest next to his beloved barbara and their daughter robin who died of leukemia at a young age. back to you guys. ainsley: he was a wonderful man, lived in texas. i lived in texas for a short period of time. in that state they were royalty. he was born in massachusetts. went to yale. wanted to get in the oil business. he moved his family to texas. that's why they love that state so much. they have been there because they are there because of him and the houston texans honored him in a moment of silence when they played the browns this weekend and they beat the browns. steve: indeed. he made his fortune in texas. but he found that he was more interested in public
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service. and that was after he was a combat war hero. he lied about his age after pearl harbor to enlist as a navy pilot, famously after about four or five dozen missions was shot down in the pacific, and as luck would have it, a u.s. subcame to his rescue and there was somebody with a camera on the bridge of the sub, took that image, and that forever etched the service, the military service of george h.w. bush in the minds of america. brian: sitting there in a raft and jumped out. everybody else in the plane died. out of nowhere a periscope pops up. an american submarine out of nowhere and brings him in. even tattoo think there would be somebody with a camera to tape it the future president of the united states changed the course of america. had he not survived wouldn't have been a bush 43. a different president at that time, a different vice president and everything else that he accomplished. looking back it's clear that he
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and james baker indispensable to each other. became tennis partners by chance and they were best friends. he dragged james baker into politics to help him get over the tragic death of his wife to cancer. said just come join me. i'm a democrat. don't worry about it we will change that he did change that he got involved. james baker they got the sense among the family hadn't eaten for three days this could be it. james baker went over because he lives the closest, one of the other reasons to be with george bush which turns out to be his last day. in the morning he was eating, he had three meals. he seemed to be getting a second wind. then he got a call it looks like things have gotten bad, jim, you should get over here quickly. ainsley: he said when he died on friday it was a very sweet day. his last words were said to his son bush 43. listen. >> last words george bush ever said were: i love you.
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and he said those words to 43. president george bush 43 who had called him to say dad, i love you, i will see you on the other side. and president bush said i love you. and those were his last words. steve: you can really tell that that's hard for him to say. mr. baker and mr. bush came together at the country club because they both played double tennis but they didn't have partners. and that is what started a lifelong friendship and, then, of course, george herbert walker bush made him chief of staff, secretary of the treasury and secretary of state. and he was there from the beginning and he was there at the end. brian: he was there to get george bush pastth al gore impasse and led the legal team and as you know in florida, when everybody went awry, he future back on course and president bush the 43rd president of the united states would go into the oval office. meanwhile, when the
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president did go into the oval office, he leaned on another guy for a little help and that was his dad. he also taught him a lot about taking that office. although didn't tell him what to do. listen. >> the mission was not george h.w. bush. the mission was how do we serve the united states? how do we help the united states? how do we make the united states better? which is very important in establishing a culture that can succeed. it's really one of the most important things for americans to understand. dad taught me this. therefore one of the jobs is to strength the institution of the presidency. bring honor to the office, and that clearly george h.w. bush did. ainsley: when he won in 2,000, they became the second father/son pair to serve in office. john adams and john quincy adams. he went on in "60 minutes" to say it was a profound
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moment when i became president. andy card took him down to the oval office. they sat in the oval office for first time as president. his dad walked. in when his dad walked. in bush the son said, mr. president, welcome. and his dad said, thank you, mr. president. brian: andy card set that up, too. he told the dad to walk down and meet him. the big difference, ainsley, is john quincy adams and john adams were one term presidents. for george w. bush to get that second term his dad couldn't get he was determined to do that. ainsley: famous florida recounted. brian: not to outdo his dad but to do what his dad was not able to do. steve: that is from the age of 18 when he first joined the navy. george herbert walker bush kept a running diary for 57 years. excerpts from the diary and letters were used in the book. all the best. there was a video series released by 41's foundation.
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here is george herbert walker bush himself talking about how he wished he could stop the aging process. >> dear kids. this letter is about aging. last year there was only a tiny sense of time left of sand running through the glass. i want to put this aging on hold for a while now. i don't expect to be on the a-team anymore but i want to play golf with you and i want to fish or throw shoes and i want to rejoice in your victories and i want to be there for you if you get a bad bounce in life and no doubt you will for the seas do indeed get rough. if you need me, i'm here. devotedly, dad. steve: how great is that that was the first video produced by the foundation based on his dire his and his letters from september 1998. ainsley: to have that much of an impact. life is so short and you hear his voice, my gosh.
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steve: too bad. ainsley: we are all parents and can relate to that the legacy we want to live for our kids. the individualsio you are see something walker point in kennebunkport, maine their vacation spot. you can go there and take pictures with the house in the background. we have done that as a family. he was very involved with the episcopal church there saint ann's. they have church outside. the water is on the other side of the minister while is he preaching. they were very involved in that church and their church in houston as well. brian: meanwhile, carley shimkus was talking about that moments ago. you were co-anchoring. carley: thank you so much. a senior member of isis involved in murdering a former u.s. army ranger is now dead. u.s. officials say he was killed in a drone strike in syria over the weekend. along with several other jihaddists. the terror leader was linked to the beheading of peter kassig in 2014.
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president trump signaling progress with china following the g 20eu 0 summit. china has agreed to reduce and remove tariffs on cars coming into china from the u.s. currently the tariff is 40%. they agreed to truce for tit-for-tat trade war. the news is expected to boost stocks today. dow stocks already surging over 480 points. a massive manhunt is underway for a convicted murderer. who pofsed as his cell mate to get out of jail. get, this authors say patrick walker threatened his cell mate to get his id and pretended to be him to get bailed out of an oklahoma jail. walker serving life sentence for 2001 murder and awaiting a hearing on charges he assaulted a guard. and president trump condemning anti-semitism this hanukkah jews today face many forms of violence hatred and bigotry around the grenget the president
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offered support for victims of the tree of life shooting in pittsburgh. last night hundreds gathered for the special menorah lighting while honoring the 11 victims killed that deadly day in october. and on the first night of hanukkah in washington. secretary of interior ryan zinke lit the national menorah at the white house. take a look at that those are your top headlines. guys, send it back to you. steve: a busy day. take a look at this video, scary, a fleeing driver smashes into a police cruiser right in front of another officer. >> the roads is going to be. >> oh! >> what we just learned about that driver, we're going to tell you coming up. >> now that president trump has called a trade truce with china, what happens next. what our next calls it an early christmas gift for our economy for now. ♪
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steve: president trump has agreed to 90-day cease-fire to hash out trade negotiations with china. the president tweeted something else overnight that nobody had heard about. china has agreed to reduce and remove tariffs on cars coming in to china from the u.s. currently the tariff is 40%. that is a gigantic headline. what's that all about? let's talk to christian
3:18 am
whiton a former state department senior advisor in the trump administrations. he joins us now. smart power. this is a headline if true. >> if true. right. this is the problem with agreement the chinese have said they agreed conceptionly as they did in the trump presidency to lower tariffs to talk about trade to get through some of these things. i didn't see anything in that agreement to lower car tariffs but maybe that will happen in this 0 day period. steve: you don't trust the chinese at the table. >> no. the mar-a-lago summit and earlier this year in march they offered the same type of framework and same basket of goodies they are going to buy a bunch of you are escorts and turned out not to be real. steve: you think the chinese, who have the long view, they are going to wait him out. they think this guy can't get reelected and the next guy is going to be a bush
3:19 am
over. >> i think. so not so much the long view who they have on payroll opinion makers and wall street investment bankers very happy with this deal telling them that trump is an aberration. they see this agreement as a singe weakness. a 90 day delay in tariffs set to go up on january 1. they think this business them 90 days. the 90 day's endeavor to compete in 90 days this could run longer and you will bet wall street will want it to go longer. steve: a 90 day truce to negotiate some sort of a trade deal. excuse me. trump will delay raising the tariffs on 200 billion in chinese goods. china to buy a substantial amount of u.s. products. a lot of ag stuff which is unitegreat. no deal tariffs get jacked up to 25%. chinese hate that idea. >> they do. although that also should be seen as measured because tariffs on only about half of chinese imports are 10% now. small tranche at 25.
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even though that raises the prices 10%. china has devalued currency by 8%. essentially no tariff now. >> so where are we right now. >> where are we is i think the president in this agreement may have undercut the emerging strategic vision that we're going to be much tougher on china militarily and economically. articulate the by vice president pence at a speech at the hudson institute and apec. the chinese think they have won one. i think president trump will be tough. i hope at the end of 90 days he is tough if the chinese hasn't done anything. this turns into a real read my lips moment where the president seems to be ignoring a fundamental promise he made to voters. wall street is not going to get donald trump reelected. the people who expect more manufacturing jobs in america are going to do it. steve: see what happens. futures are up 400 or 500 points based on the tweet earlier. >> wall street is happy.
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steve: christian, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: lee greenwood traveled all over the united states. he joins us live to remember 41. ♪ i don't forget the men who died ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ if you want a car with driver-assist technology, get a ford. if you want waze and amazon alexa compatibility, get a ford. if you want a car that doesn't have any of that, get anything... but a ford. otherwise, you're gonna want a ford. ♪
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which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. ♪ steve: we've got a fox news alert. the trump administration expected to meet with mexican officials later today to start to discuss the migrant crisis at the border. it comes as initials tijuana shut down one giant shelter because of the unsanitary conditions that we have been telling you about. griff jenkins is live in tijuana with the very latest. griff? >> hey, good morning, guys. you know, we are about 10 miles south of the border now. take a look at this video. dark in there now. this is what we shot yesterday. more spacious. concrete floors. better situation. the old one had the mud and
3:25 am
it was cramped. there was 6,000 people in 1,000 space. they had lies infestation and there was -- everybody was sick in there here in the new one there is only about 3,000 of the 6,000, which means there are a lot of unaccounted migrants here. this is as mexico got its new president amlo as he is known. he sent his foreign minister to meet with secretary of state mike pompeo to discuss their shared commitment to address their common challenges. one of those challenges is the criminal element in this migrant caravan. and i asked one of the organizers from pueblo yesterday what his message was for trump and what he is doing about the criminals in it. he says he doesn't know where they are. listen. >> people are not that. >> we don't know if they are part of a gang members or not because they hide. griff: it's all eyes on the meetings in washington, d.c.
3:26 am
to see if they come up with a solution that would likely involve keeping the migrants here in mexico while asylum applications play out. guys? steve: let's see what happens. griff, thank you very much. ainsley, brian, over to you. ainsley: thank you. lee greenwood sang his iconic song proud to be an american at president trump's 2017 inauguration. that's not the only president that he has performed for. ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ and i won't forget the men who died ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ and i gladly stand up ♪ next to you ♪ and defend her still today ♪ 'cause there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ brian: wow. there you go. that was the moment. there's the man. here now to share is his memories of president george
3:27 am
h.w. bush 41 lee greenwood. were you able to see on the monitor what was happening? could you reset the scene for us? >> yeah. brian: with quayle and former president bush in the background. >> that's grand rapids, michigan and we were on tour campaigning for george herbert walker bush to become president. i first met him for command performance at the white house when reagan was president. i kind of figured he would be president. it was such a warm and genuine relationship i had with him. there were many times on the campaign trail we would do things kind of spontaneously like sometimes you have to do. but it was always wonderful working with him as a speaker because he would speak and i would sing and it worked that way. ainsley: i know you have been friends for a long time. the last time you saw him was in kennebunkport in august. tell us about that story singing a song at the piano. >> my wife and i kim had the chance to visit with him at kennebunkport. and we had some business that took us kind of east.
3:28 am
you don't just fall into maine. you have to go there. they allowed us in the compound h a moment to sit at the piano and play him a song or two. i did actually play a version of god bless the u.s.a. he would sing along with me as i know he has done with other people, particularly before his death. and it was a very warm. they call the secret service people in to sit behind us and kind of listen as well. he was genuinely interested to talk to me and relive some of the moments we had in the past. brian: he also said he was so kind to your sons dalton and parker sent notes for their birth and through graduations. >> that's pretty cool to have a moat from the president can i be excused because i have a note from the president: really? ainsley: you called him the most generous patriot. tell us why you think he was the most generous person? >> just to the point where something simple like here, take my cuff links. he had a genuine heart about giving to other people.
3:29 am
remember one time we were on the campaign trail in a motorcade. i'm sitting next to the window and he is on my left. leaving most of the crowd. one man standing on the cush. he leaned across me and waived out the window. that's how you win an election one person at a time. that's the way he dealt with you. one person at a time. good eye contact. and genuinely the case when you would meet him on any occasion he would give you a big hug like he was a member of the family. it made you feel like you were a member of his family. brian: just amazing, too. it only works if you mean it. if you look that person in the eye and wave to them and you want more than their vote but you care about them, that's when it comes through. you can't do it mechanical or with your objective to getting their vote. you have got to care about people. he did. and that's what came through. also extremely humble. lee greenwood. thanks so much. ainsley: thank you, lee. >> great. it's been a busy week here. brian: no kidding. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley: dan bongino is here
3:30 am
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without talking to your doctor. help heal your skin from within. ask your eczema specialist about dupixent. ♪ ains the nation is remembering a war hero, lifetime public servant and our 41st president of the united states. george h.w. bush. >> right and proper that a nation's leader take an interest in the nation's character. the mission was not george h.w. bush. the mission was how do we serve the united states? steve: in just a few hours the casket carrying george h.w. bush will be flown on air force one. lie in state at the capitol
3:34 am
rotunda. brian: he will be buried in texas later in the week. i almost felt like through we went through you this a couple of times through it the passing of barbara bush and passing of john mccain. there is almost a reflective mood in the country three times in the last six months of wow, what were we thinking then? what shaped them to who they became? because three prord people. steve: one thing that is different is john mccain's family did not invite president trump to the funeral and the president will be in attendance in florida. i met george herbert walker bush close to 40 years ago. i was in iowa and covering the iowa caucuses. he was the cia director. i covered his inauguration. i covered the bush years and reagan years. that's actually from 2009 at one of the celebration for reading events down in florida. it was the first time a president, keep in mind he was out of office. he called me steve. and i thought the president
3:35 am
knows my name. ainsley: yes. steve: it was coolest thing. he so humbled. so ernest. so kind. he was a great guy. brian: i met him a couple times in person. number one after the tsunami when he was with bill clinton they appeared at the super bowl. i had a chance to talk to both of them at the same time. one thing that stood out we are trying to find the tape. this is a different point. we are trying to find the tape if hillary decides to run against -- bill clinton was giving it to 43. if hillary tries to run don't be surprised if i give some of it back. those pictures we can put it back up. right before the president came out, to do the coin flip at the super bowl in houston, something he was determined to do i was able to get there and stand next to him and talk to him before he came out. that ovation he got. i covered 18 super bowls. it was as big as any ovation that i have heard because it kept growing as it became clear what was happening. there was an announcement and before they made the
3:36 am
announcement, barbara and george bush were coming out. the place went absolutely crazy. ainsley: he was 94 years old. he had the distinct honor of being the longest living president in american history. i remember covering when tony snow passed away his spokesperson. i was anchoring "fox & friends." our producers were talking in our ear saying the president is own the phone. president bush and barbara bush are in the phone. we are in bed having our coffee and watching "fox & friends" and we learned about tony snow's passing by watching your show and i had the same thought wow, they watch "fox & friends" that's such an honor for all of us. let's bring in dan bongino, also served our country a great service man. former nypd and secret service agent. how is he remembered amongst those men and women? >> ainsley, i can remember a story when i was on president bush the younger 43's detail obviously when he was the president, and we took a trip up to kennebunkport. the family would hang out
3:37 am
and mixing of these two details. the presidential detail enormous footprint and george herbert walker bush detail over time it shrinks corresponding to the security threat. i remember when i went up there, it was interesting. it was my first time. some of the posts, the security posts are a good distance from our security room. so i said to one the guys. i had been new. i'm on the president's team not the former detail how do we get to the post. just grab one of the bikes. those aren't our bikes those are the family bikes. the guy says to me no, they don't mind, they love us here. grab one of their bikes. that's what we did. i'll never forget the way the guys on that detail they spoke about george h.w. timber wolf was his code name. the secret service tweeted that out the other day. in this fashion it was almost like they were protecting their dad or their uncle. i mean, they really, really love this man.
3:38 am
i mean, it was personal. it wasn't -- believe me the security was as tight as possible, but it was personal for them. they really love this guy. we're not going to find a more deep and rich character-laden president in modern times than george h.w. bush. ainsley: each the staff at the white house says the same thing about him. steve: dan, we will be covering him all week long. we will talk about something else in the news. griff was telling us about the very latest on the shelter situation down in tijuana. there is a headline on roy murdock wrote a column. central american migrants should caravan to panama. the nations coming from so poor but panama has like three or four times their g.d.p. despite the bleetings of the no-borders crowd. america need not welcome
3:39 am
anyone and everyone who barges in. rather than north and guatemalaens, hondurans and salvatore rans and caravan south of panama. it's the wealthiest country between the u.s. >> expose mass hypocrisy on the left. here's why, steve. we know now from interviews on the ground and from historical results of the asylum seekers that most of the people coming here are not, in fact, coming here for asylum. some are, but not all. we know that because a lot of people's asylum claims are rejected. in fact, the overwhelming majority are. most people are coming here for economic opportunity. now, how does that lead into the hypocrisy of the left. the left, not talking about all democrats. i'm talking about the far left has done nothing over the past 30 or 40 years but bash capitalism as a means for economic prosperity. you can't have it both ways. either people in both countries that don't practice capitalism are coming here for capitalism's opportunities. why are they coming here?
3:40 am
they are coming here for economic opportunity. why? because we are the freest country on earth. why are you bashing our economic system. this is the kind of peace ethics poses them if you get them on the record to answer. deroy is right. if it's about economic opportunity. panama is closer and probably has some opportunities there as well. but the left won't admit that. that's why, steve, they constantly focus on oh, they are coming here for asylum. some are. most of them are not. brian: get a deal going. great point. get the southern border of mexico reinforced. they won't have a problem with their northern bored and we won't have one on our southern border. get mexico involved in this and get congress to do something before this lame duck sessions is done. make them come together in the next two weeks. >> we're going to have, to brian. listen, chaos is not a policy, okay? and the left -- i have been harping on this endlessly. no one on the left is proposing anything sensible other than emotional talk. it's an emotional situation. we get it but sooner or later you have to put something down on pen and paper and the left has
3:41 am
absolutely failed to do it. steve: where is the wisdom? dan bongino thank you for joining us live from palm city in florida. brian: carley shimkus, i told you she would be back. you thought she would done. steve: every half an hour. carley: i want to show you some footage here. france is considering all options as they assess the damage from paris' worst riot in a decade. just look at that french president macron is considering a safety emergency and beefing up protest security. macron is calling for a meeting between leaders and protesters to stop the violence. the protest protests have contid for weeks over rising fuel taxes over the weekend more than 400 people were arrested and more than 130 hurt. wow. and new satellite images reveal a new russian anti-aircraft missile system at an air base in crimea. the report exclusively obtained by fox news shows eight launchers on the s-400 surface to air system.
3:42 am
intelligence reports say system was established two weeks before recent tensions between russia and ukraine. russia seized three ukrainian ships claiming they crossed into their waters illegally. this is not good guys. the fleeing purse snatcher going 100 miles per hour smashes into a deputy's vehicle. the whole thing captured on another deputy's dash camera. police say the man lost control of the car in florida. crashed, then tried to run off. officers caught up to him and took him into custody. the deputy he hit thankfully only had minor injuries. and case closed for this couple who lost their engagement ring in the subway greatest in times square that happening after a big beautiful proposal. the couple thanking new york city police for finding the ring and going above and beyond with a viral search to find them to return it the couple from the u.k. posting this photo and
3:43 am
breathing a big sigh of relief. we congratulate those two. but, man, that was a close call. brian: doesn't it fall straight to the subway? ainsley: i thought so. steve: a pile of junk down below. went to the place and can you fish that out. we will do our best. they left and never left their names. names.ains. carley: that must have been a big diamond to find it. brian: somebody british. steve: they put it out on social media. ainsley: buying engagement ring buy it that day with. carley: and make it really big so you can find it. brian: don't let this stop you from getting engaged. fired fbi director james comey now agrees to testify behind close doors. will congress get answers they are looking for? steve: plus, coming up, we have stuart varney and congresswoman liz cheney and texas ag ken paxton. you are watching "fox & friends" live from new york and all around the world. ♪ ♪ good time
3:44 am
♪ a good time ♪
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3:47 am
steve: after resisting a closed door hearing fired fbi director james comey now backing off. he tweeted grateful for a fair hearing from judge heart to protect my rights without being in contempt which i don't believe in. we will sit in the dark but republicans agree i'm free to talk when done and transcript released in 24 hours. this is the closest i can get to public testimony he tweets. ainsley: are his terms enough for congress. elizabeth pryce folly law professor at the florida university college of law and she joins us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: what's your response to his tweet. >> he doesn't get to dictate the terms of his being questioned, so this was going to be a private deposition all along he went
3:48 am
to court to have it be a public hearing. it's not a hearing at all. it's a deposition. we will see whether he shows up or not. but if he doesn't, he will be held in contempt. but, he may be hoping this is sort of force the clock on the republican congress. steve: sure. it was clear that the judge was going to rule against him and he saw the writing on the wall and that's why he decided he was going to show up. elizabeth, what do you think the most important thing republicans can ask him behind closed doors? >> well, i mean, i think there is a series of questions i need to ge they neet very specific answers to as to the genesis of the trump-russia investigation there a linkage between his decision 20 pull the plug on the fbi's investigation of clinton email server and the nearly simultaneous launching of the agency's investigation into the trump-russia alleged collusion. i think they are going to really want to hone in on
3:49 am
the specifics of the decision-making and timing of those two investigations. ainsley: his answers will be released to the public and he is free to talk to the public after the hearings. >> sure. ainsley: what can we expect those transcripts to look like. >> the transcripts presumably would be complete excepts for any redactions for purposes of national security or intelligence purposes. ainsley: we know what that looks like everything sharpied out on every page. >> it's possible, but i think in a situation like this everything will be unredacted and that's in the committee's best interest. they are trying to have some sunshine on this issue. what they are trying to do is sort of preserve the evidence and get him locked in to certain testimony because don't forget u.s. attorney john huber as well as doj ig inspector general michael horowitz are continuing their investigations and i'm expecting there to be some criminal indictments coming down, perhaps of comey himself. steve: i don't know if house republicans are going to get to the bottom of it do you think people are as you just
3:50 am
detailed, horowitz and huber are going to get to the bottom of what happened? >> i think they are, because, remember, they both have subpoena authority, the ig inspector general has subpoena authority for current fbi and doj officials. but what huber adds is he can subpoena people who are former employees of both of of those agencies and he also has the authority to issue or to convene a grand jury. and i think that's probably ongoing right now. steve: all right. stay tuned. ainsley: thank you so much. elizabeth. stuart varney, congresswoman liz cheney and texas attorney general ken paxton are all here live coming up. steve: a busy show. final four teams in the college football playoff are set. alabama is number one. i was in alabama for the game. it was big. did they get right. college football analyst joel says won team does not belong. what is it? stay tuned. ♪ ain't nothing like it
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brian: teams moving onto the 2001 playoff field are get this alabama, clemson, notre dame and oklahoma. joining us right now fresh off calling the big ten championship game and it was a thriller joe class. cambridge analytica. you are a heisman trophy voter, too aren't you? >> yes, i am. brian: out of those four games, alabama, clemson people assumed. oklahoma what a year. notre dame undefeated you say out of that four that's the team that bothers you? >> the only reason is because the criteria this committee we have 13-person
3:55 am
committee are charged with selecting the four playoff teams and the problem right now is that they don't have a very strict criteria so they can kind goff on whatever they want. to say some people want them to take the four best teams in the country. some want them to take the four most deserving teams in the country. one team i felt like could have been left out and made a strong argument to be left out was notre dame on either side of that. but they put them in because they took the path of least resistance to put the undefeated notre dame team in that was the past of least resistance. you would have included georgia and oklahoma. brian: georgia almost beat alabama. georgia wins that game they are in. >> they should have won. up 14 twice. their coach made a terrible move. faked a kick on a bad situation around midfield and tied ballgame it cost them. brian: good for college football that alabama looks more than vulnerable. even though they are fantastic. tell me about the heisman trophy tell me how voted for. who do you think will win? >> the heisman comes down very clearly three guys.
3:56 am
dwayne has kins ohio state. alabama and tyler murray and dual is sport go athlete in oklahoma. 1, 2, 3. everybody thought the alabama quarterback would be the winner that changed this last weekend. he got hurt against georgia. i think the dual sport athlete from oklahoma tyler murphy is going to be the heisman winner next saturday night. brian: once you win it. voted in. certain people go in there. in the end, i think that everybody on that list has a promising pro-career. >> i think there is no doubt about that. for kyler it might be in both sports. ninth pick in the major league baseball. still come back and played a year of football for oklahoma. what he has done has been remarkable this year. first player in the history of the sport for throw for 300 yards per game and run for 60 yards per game. he has had quite aer i don't. brian: you expect him to walk away with the trophy?
3:57 am
>> i do expect him to walk away. thank you for having me. brian: coming up straight ahead, we will be talking about george bush's passing over the weekend. the 41st president of the united states and so much more. including a possible trade deal with china. don't go away. anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo) i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal.
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having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today. ♪ steve: the country will soon say it's final goodbyes to george george herbert walker bush. >> the last words george bush ever said were "i love you." brian: trade truce with china. what will happen next. >> he is tough. the chinese haven't done anything there is a real risk here. carley: officials are in washington to work out a solution to the migrant crisis at the border. >> agreement the administration wants to get is that these migrants will continue to stay here in mexico. >> james comey agreed to testify behind closed doors about his involvement in the probe. >> remember one time we were on the campaign trail in the motorcade and he leaned across me as we opened the
4:01 am
window the man waved to him and he waved back. he said that's how you win an election one person at a time. that's the way he dealt with you. gave you a big hug like you were a member of the family and it made you feel like you were a member of his family ♪ ♪ ainsley: we are remembering george h.w. bush who passed away on friday a live like on capitol hill where the country will say final goodbyes to our 41st president. steve: the casket of george h.w. bush will arrive in washington, d.c. to lie in state at the capitol rotunda. he will be flown there via the president's airplane. brian: look at this picture of the beloved service dog as you willy. laying there in front of the casket for bush 41. taken by jim mcgrath a long time aid of president bush really ever since he left
4:02 am
office. steve: that's right. that casket will be brought to our nation's capital. air force techniques are removing the seats from air force 1 so the casket can actually be up front in the presidential cabin. ainsley: sully was there at the casket that pulls at the heart strings, missing his mate, his best friend. the president said i would love for sully to blessner family or families. there is word he is going to be sent to walter reed hospital. brian: i thought president trump had some great comments there at the g-20. also sitting there with the clins leader when knowing that the first envoy to china was george h.w. bush, 41st. he is really have looked up to in china as kissinger as is nixon in china. held in extremely high esteem by the way he handled himself and the respect he gave to that emerging super power. ainsley: the berlin fell
4:03 am
fall. he signed nafta. houston texans remembered him and remembered him with a moment of silence at the game. casey stegall is live in houston with how the late president will be honored this week. good morning, casey. >> ain'tly, brian, steve, good morning to you. talk about service to the very end. we are learning that the former president secret service detail family they funeral home back here in houston later this morning in just a few hours and they will serve as the pal barriers and help escort the 41st president of the united states to d.c. they will be aboard air force 1. technically called that when the president is on board. today it will technically be called special air mission 41. and it will head from ellington field in houston to maryland. once arriving at joint base andrews around 3:30 eastern time, the former president will be taken to the u.s. capitol building where he will lie in state ahead of
4:04 am
wednesday's big state funeral at washington national cathedral. the family says all of this, it should be about celebration, not grieving. >> can i only speak for my immediate family, everybody is kind of anticipate ago great week of celebration. it's not like there is mourning and sadness. my dad lived 94 amazing years. and he was ready to go. >> and here is sully, again. the president's service dog, a yellow lab he has been watching over the cass cevment he will travel on board. he will put to work at walter reed with two other service dogs to assist other veterans and continue helping others. so, ironically, sully will
4:05 am
be able to provide comfort to others as did he to president bush after barbara passed away this past year and that's when he got sully. a wonderful companion for him. steve: thank you, casey, live from down in texas. no doubt george herbert walker bush was one of the most consequential one-term presidents in history. we have talke talked about how e cold war essentially ended. the cold war came down on his watch. ronald reagan's policies helped bring the collapse of the soviet block. and then when saddam hussein invaded kuwait, he assembled an international coalition that drove him from kuwait in the first gulf war. but, it was the rocky economy and the reversal of his pledge read my lips no new taxes where he paid a huge political price. and he was not reelected and most would argue the reason he was not reelected was the
4:06 am
fact that ross perot ran versus he and bill clinton in that particular race and ross perot rounded up with 19 million votes. and had george herbert walker bush gotten the lions share of them which most feel would have he would have been a two term president. ainsley: he beat michael dukakis and quayle was his vice president and he served from '89 to '93. brian: the thing george bush first emerged on the world stage no one new his name. vowed to fight. any time he started that cry when he was going off to war. he became a pilot, fighter pilot and flying this bomber shot in the sky. he talked about getting onto the wing and jumping. jumps out. only one to survive when that plane crashed into the ocean. and he gets on a raft that blew up and he is saying to himself, well, i guess this
4:07 am
is it if i'm caught by the japanese probably wouldn't have gone well. all of a sudden a periscope pops up and this submarine. it's an american submarine. we could watch it one more time. this is him getting pulled out of the water. steve: that's right. somebody there on the bridge of the fin back had a camera out and that has cemented the legacy of george herbert walker bush who lied about his age to become what is believed to be one of the youngest navy aviators. ainsley: without those men and submarine life would have changed for this country. he will went on to become president, yale university after he served in the military and he moved his family to texas. he wanted to get newt oil business and he did. and that's why their family is so big in texas and made a million dollars before he was 40 years old. steve: the rescue before that his plane was on fire and, yet, rather than just bail out, he went ahead and delivered the pay load. he went and bombed his
4:08 am
mission. mission accomplished and that's when he wound up in the water and floated around for hours and got saved. ainsley: i would love to talk to me men that pulled him out. brian: that would be interesting. i think they have been spoken. to say also he felt he owed something to the people that lost their lives on the plane that he survived. john myrtl myrtle myrtljohnjon . went to yale and graduated in two years astounding. he goes and plays on baseball team and becomes a captain. scouting one of the players. george bush had an unbelievable game four for four and the scout there and said who is your first baseman the manager says don't worry about him he is not that good. he talked about that. i interviewed everybody for my book what they did in sports that helped them in life if they didn't go pro. he told that story on this tape taped record everyday
4:09 am
all of them including the one with president ford when he talked about his days at michigan. that stood out. wait a second, so you one of my best friends in my life. i stayed in touch with him the whole time. i wasn't that good. steve: in our house, i have one you oat graph when george herbert walker bush was the captain of the yale team and there was a ceremony at yale where he -- brian: babe ruth presented. steve: babe ruth was right there. i got that and george herbert walker bush wrote to steve from george. it's the only. ainsley: he gave you that signature? steve: he gave me a copy of that and that is the one oat oat autograph. brian: this guy accomplished more been 25 than most
4:10 am
people do before they are 25. ainsley: that's why he became president. steve: one of his best friends throug throughout his at life jim baker reflected about mr. bush's presidency. >> he was a very best one-term president this country has ever had. and perhaps one of the very best presidents of all time. but, he didn't blow his own horn. one of his wonderful character traits was to let other people take credit. that was something he was brought up with and that's the way he operated. but he was an extraordinarily, if you think about it, you go back and look at the record, he was an extraordinarily consequential president of the united states particularly in the arena of foreign affairs. brian: no kidding. mean while his son became president, you might have heard. and you talked about last night to norah o'donnell, he talked about how he and his dad method in the oval office right after
4:11 am
inauguration. >> my favorite story about all of that was i just got sworn in and andy card said why don't you go down to the oval to see what it feels likes a president. i said okay. so i went down, sitting down there. and just kind of taking it all. in and in walks dad. andy had told dad i was down there and he walks in and says mr. president, welcome. he said thank you, mr. president. and that's pretty much all that was said for a while. it was a very profound moment for me. >> what did he say to you when you were president? >> i love you. and, you know, as corny as that sounds to some. it is the most important words you can hear in life. you don't hear a lot of people say i love you when you are president. [laughter] ainsley: that's pretty incredible. james baker said those were his last words "i love you." and he said them to his son. steve: on the speaker phone. ainsley: he said dad, i love you, and he said i love you. those were his last words.
4:12 am
steve: complete coverage of the funeral of george herbert walker bush. ainsley: great man lived a full life oldest living president 94 years old. carley: incredible stories. makes us want to be better. what an incredible humble man he was. we begin with a fox news alert. one child is dead after a bus carrying a youth football team crashes in arkansas overnight. at least 40 others are injured in morning. authorities say the team played a championship game in dallas o'er the weekend. they were driving home to memphis at the time the bus went off the road. the bus driver is being questioned by police. now to a weather. december tornado tearing through a naval base in georgia. at least four people were hurt at the base. more than a dozen twisters touched down over the weekend. one personal was killed in missouri. tornadoes also touched down in illinois, oklahoma, and arkansas.
4:13 am
ripping roofs off homes and knocking out power to thousands. wow. three people charged in alleged plot to steal from the pentagon. one of the three virginia men has ties to the clintons. faruqy former defense contractor spent new year's eve with the clintons in 199. he along with two others pleaded not guilty to federal fraud charges. accused of overbilling the pentagon by $4.5 billion. those are your headlines. send it back to you. steve: they will miss that kind of money. carley: big time. steve: carply, thank you. coming up on this monday, a fox news alert. thousands in that caravan have been forced out of that shelter over major health concerns. a live report coming up next. ainsley: plus, france could declare a state of emergency after the most violent protest in a decade all over the rising gas prices. stuart varney says this
4:14 am
should be a warning for democrats here at home. is he going to explain that. >> good morning, good morning. and big savings. like redhead men's 1/4 zip pullovers starting at under $18. and for a limited time save 10% on $100 bass pro and cabela's gift cards. of every great meal is always the potato?t bite that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right.
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steve: what a mess in paris. french president macron not ruling out a state of emergency after violent protests this past weekend. those pictures from saturday. ainsley: more than 400 arrested for torching cars. vandalizing land marks and attacking police in protest of macron and tax hikes. brian: here to weigh in stuart varney. you would think if you look at the american macron has 95% and wish he was leading our nation. that's the way he is covered here. 26% approval inside france and the worst riot since the 1960's. >> look. what's happening in france and what is happening to macron is a lesson for the left in america and lesson for all democracies. number one, he is putting up taxes on gasoline and deville fuel. he is defending the cradle
4:19 am
to grave welfare state. they need money. the economy there is slowing down. he needs money. he wants to impose these taxes. the people riot. lesson to the american left, watch out. you can't fund all these social programs by endlessly raising taxes. number two, he is part of the paris climate accord. he has got to defend his position on climate. so he raises taxes on gas, so you use less gas so you conform to the paris climate accord. lesson to the left in america. you keep raising taxes like this for global warming, and you can have a problem on your hands. steve: no kidding. >> there is another one here. this movement yellow jacket, it started about six weeks ago it seemed to come out of nowhere. it came out of social networks in rural france. rapid organization rapid development. social networks play a very important role in modern
4:20 am
politics. steve: indeed. >> a way to get a movement going really really fast. steve: it looks like europe sun raveling. >> it is. the brits are leaving europe with this brexit. germany is leaderless. its solid almost bankrupt and in a huge fight over money with the rest of europe. and france, an open revolt. i call that unraveling. what is really unraveling is their idea of socialism. it's not sustainable. ainsley: is he going to fix it? change the lower taxes? brian: so far he is not budging. >> that would be an interesting speculation. we actually back down on this? steve: where would the money come from? >> we do that? he is in between a rock and hard place. brian: didn't bring up the other element. immigration. they are not happy with the open borders of people coming from other cultures. >> europe sun raveling. can't handle it. brian: watch from you 9 to noon on fbn. >> glad to hear it.
4:21 am
brian: james mattis, cut spending. will it toledo action. [liz cheney will talk about that action and talk about bush 41. don't move.
4:22 am
over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor
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be quick to talk i am a techie dad.n. r i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. brian: president h.w. bush returning to washington one final time as america says farewell to the 41st president of the united states. steve: liz cheney joins us right now with her memories. liz, good morning to you. >> good morning, everybody. steve: during the administration of 41, your
4:25 am
dad was secretary of defense, i would imagine you have all sorts of stories about this guy. >> well, i do. i think, you know, and like so many people across this country, one of the things that i have that i treasure so much is a letter that president bush wrote to me and he wrote it just after my dad was named as president bush 43's running mate in 2,000. not be surprised to hear some criticism of that pick and just as sort of the criticism in the press was beginning. i received a note from bush 41 saying that my dad was one of the finest americans he had ever known and how proud he was that his son had picked my dad to be vice presidential running mate. something obviously that i will treasure forever. ainsley: did he have a hand in that in his ho his son chose? >> i think that president bush 43 and 41, you know, talked to each other, consulted each other. i saw so many times on the campaign trail with 43 people come up to him and say, you know, they had the
4:26 am
chance to shake his father's hand and, you know, without exception, president bush 43, the answer was always the opportunity to shake the hand of a great american. i and i know how proud he was of his dad and what an important and close family bond that was. brian: liz, also famously, bush 41 also wrote in john when wjohnmeacham's book hard. >> it was hard ass i don't know if you can say it on morning television. steve: you can. ainsley: it's a quote. >> it had to do with obviously my dad, particularly after the attacks of 9/11 was absolutely dedicated to doing everything we had to do to defend this nation. i am a proud member of that team. steve: speaking of defending our nation. we want to play a sound bite of the current secretary of defense james mattis something he said over the weekend out in california.
4:27 am
listen to this congresswoman. >> history is unconfused as to what happens when a democracy permits its strength to wane. so when we measure defense spending we must realize it's near historic lows as a share of both the federal budget and our national economy that we all know here today that america can afford survival. steve: so, congresswoman, it sounds like he is reminding the democrats who are going to be running, has the purse strings in washington, d.c. don't cut it dot bone again. >> very important. one thing about president bush 41 is he also put defense first. president trump has done that now for two years. we are hearing rumors out of the white house that we might see a cut in the defense budget for this next fiscal year. that would be devastating. we have only regun the process of rebuilding our military. it's not only in a huge hole
4:28 am
by the obama administration and budget control act. it's that our adversaries are developing weapon systems that we don't have that we can't defend against, the kind of entirety we have been able to rely on now for decades is at risk at slipping away. so we have absolutely got to continue to fund our men and women in uniform. the security of the nation is at stake. i know that secretary mattis was reminding everyone of. brian: do you say that of the white house or just projecting what the white house will do now that they have the house? do you think the white house wants to cut? >> i hope not. we have heard rumors out of the white house we have seen for example every agency has to take a 5% cut. we haven't seen the actual budget yet. still a chance we will not see a cut. i think it's important that omb director mul mull vane help the president understand we increase the funds for the military. i know secretary of defense mattis, chief of staff kelly, national security
4:29 am
advisor bolton, secretary of state pompeo, are all very focused on the need to make sure the american people understand we are in a crisis situation and cuttings the defense budget now is basically a decision not to defend the nation that's not a path we can go down. ainsley: how with k. we ask our men and women to step up to the plate to fight the country if they don't have what they need to stay alive. >> that's right, ainsley. brian: spending in pentagon, did this whole extensive study and all the areas of waste. don't do anything with the study. that was a year ago. steve: that's washington. ainsley: texas attorney general ken paxton suing san antonio over sanctuary laws. first of its kind. steve: remember this scene from the hilarious christmas vacation? [screams]
4:30 am
steve: it happens. the decoration from that movie just sparked real life panic. wait until you hear this one. it's coming up. ♪ a wonderful christmas time ♪ simply having a wonderful christmas time.
4:31 am
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add downy to keep your collars from stretching. unlike detergent alone, downy conditions to smooth and strengthen fibers. so, next time don't half-wash it. downy and it's done. steve: we are back with a fox news alert. the trump administration is expected to meet with mexican officials later today to discuss the crisis with migrants at our border. ainsley: officials in tijuana shut down one shelter over unsanitary conditions. brian: griff jenkins is in tijuana watching all this thing degenerate. hey, griff. griff: hey, guys, yeah. good morning. we are in a new shelter here. i'm out front of it. it's 10 miles south of the border. because the old one was in such bad condition. if you look at the new video shot inside. much more spacious. concrete floors. just a better all around situation. but just moments ago, an
4:34 am
ambulance pulled up here and they took a pregnant woman out who had been throwing up. just a testament to how difficult conditions are. it's actually in the low -- high 40's here. very cold and very difficult. but it comes as mexico gnawing rates new mexican president. he said his foreign minister to washington to meet with secretary mike pompeo to try and work out new deals to keep the migrants here in mexico. we'll find out whether that gains any developments today when they continue to meet over that but i met with one of the organizers have pueblo yesterday. asked him if he had a message for president trump. and if he had any idea how many criminals might be in this caravan. here's what he had to say. >> let these people. in let them try. let them try. most of thieves people are not bad. we don't know if they part of a gang gang members or
4:35 am
not. because they hide. griff: expectations of those meetings in washington would be, guys, remain in mexico sort of deal. the foreign minister saying he wants marshall plan with more commitments for resources and money going to central american countries to try to stem them from coming in the first place, guys? steve: something has got to give. griff, live in tijuana, thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, griff. steve: meanwhile, let's go to the great state of texas and ken paxton is the texas attorney general and he joins us right now from austin. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning from texas. steve: explain to us why you are suing san antonio. >> our legislature about a year and a half ago passed a sanctuary city bill that required cities and other entities like that to require law enforcement to ask about immigration status and required to turn over illegals who are requested by the federal government. in this case chief of police
4:36 am
of san antonio found 12 illegal also being smuggled into the country after being requested to turn them over to the actual government and refused to do so and released them without any federal background check and without any concern for the children that were involved. steve: you are suing san san antonio for $11 million? >> it's just about a 25,$500 day for violation. every day they are in violation they are potentially liable. steve: what are the possibilities you will actually get that money? >> you know, we're optimistic. we think it's pretty clear that the police chief violated state law and federal law. this is obviously our first lawsuit. we investigated this and clearly believe that the police chief violated state law. brian: the thing is know every time we hear that the courts don't seem to he agree. the sanctuary city has withstood all legal challenges. this president ran on fighting sanctuary cities. went to follow through on it
4:37 am
and the courts have stopped him. >> that is certainly the case. in our case, we actually went all the way to the sixth circuit. our law was struck down initially. allowed to continue by the sixth circuit. we are pursuing it. the law is absolutely in place. and we plan on enforcing it. steve: senate bill 4. ainsley: well, we are all remembering president bush this morning, bush 41 who passed away on friday. i know you have some stories you would like to share with us. >> well, that's true. obviously, we are proud texans and that he served as president from texas. obviously, an amazing man with an amazing accomplishments from being u.n. ambassador to cia director. but really just a great man. a man that people in texas just loved personally along with his entire family. brian: i understand the state, especially houston, loved the fact that he could have went anywhere. and he chose -- yeah, i'm kennebunkport it's going to be in my family forever. i'm going to retire and he
4:38 am
did spend his days in houston. you guys took pride in that. >> there is no doubt. we loved that he was from houston. that he showed up in houston. that he lived in houston. people felt around the state. obviously he came here and started his business straight out of yale. and it was here for decades and decades making a difference in our stat in all kinds of different ways. obviously a sad loss for us. but, we're proud of what he accomplished and people here loved him. steve: indeed. of the eyes of the world are on texas today and this week mr. attorney general. i think we have got some live images from what is commonly known as air force one. will be carrying the former president back to washington, d.c. there you can sees a the sun comes up and cameraman focuses on the side of the airplane and pulls back out. we understanding apparently they are taking out the rows of chairs, seats, that is in the presidential cabin so that they can actually put the coffin upfront where the
4:39 am
president rides. that was at the direction of president trump. ainsley: where he will ride in air force one for the last time. brian: all right. thanks, ken. appreciate it. >> y'all have a great day. brian: other news is happening. a lot of news. including something that got steamed over but some big news in alaska. carley: absolutely. want to focus on alaska for a minute. more than 14 lurks aftershocks rocking the state as clean up from a massive earthquake continues. a state of emergency just extended after the 7.0 magnitude quake jolted last week. apaysingly no one was injured. most schools in the area will be closed all week as officials work to repair roads and fix broken water lines. and the kansas city chiefs win first game since shocking video surfaced showing running back shoving and kicking a woman. he was released by the team on friday is now apologizing. >> i'm extremely embarrassed
4:40 am
because of that video. carley: the nfl is now investigating the incident. environmentalists are slamming a global climate conference for having, get, this too much meat on the menu. they say there were twice as many meat options as vegetable options at the poll land summit. this particular protester stuffing his head gear with greens and a note that says act now. their goal is to find ways to reduce greenhouse gases. and do you remember this scene from the classic movie christmas vacation? [screams] carley: who doesn't know that one? a clark griz wald decoration causing a real life scare in texas. a veteran saw the dummy hanging off the roof and thought it was real a home surveillance video capturing him frantically trying to save it with a ladder. look at this guy. brian: he is great.
4:41 am
that's the ladder. look at that. the homeowners say they called that vet and thanked him for his concern with a gift card. they also put the sign saying the decoration is not real. yeah, i would say that sign is probably a good idea. ainsley: that guy. what a hero. steve: very realistic. ainsley: he got a little closer. realized. steve: meanwhile, janice dean is outside. she is not on a ladder. she is on street level with the folks. janice: i'm very grateful for the ground today. how are you guys doing? [cheers] janice: this is great crowd for a monday. we have a. anna: anniversary.have.e have. living each day like it's your last day. >> take a look at the awesome maps and give everybody a wave. we had bad weather this past
4:42 am
weekend. several reports of tornadoes across the midwest and the south. thankfully, things are starting to calm down. we still have that frontal boundary going to bring the potential for heavy rain across florida. it's 53 right now in new york city. that will be short-lived. enjoy it today while it lasts. we will see some scattered snow flurries. maybe some showers across the great lakes and interior northeast. we have our next storm system that is going to move into the west. all right give steve, ainsley and brian a wave. what a grade crowd for a monday. brian: good looking group, too. steve: with christmas coming the crowds are growing. if you are in the area 48th and sixth avenue. ainsley: come on over. brian: especially the spring like weather we have today. 12-year-old boy now facing felony charges for handing out gummies laced with marijuana to fellow students. sheriff judd has a warning for parents in states who want to legalize pot. he joins us live next hour. ainsley: president trump and the president of china reaching a cease-fire in their trade battle.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
♪ carley: good morning, welcome back. quick headlines to get to. amazon ceo guaranteed delivery drones five years ago but customers are still waiting. there is no word on if or when amazon will use drones to deliver packages much the big challenge is halting ham zon's progress is traffic regulations and safety issues. delta airlines jacking their price of in-flight booze. they are now $1 more across the board. domestic beer are 8 bucks. craft wines liquor and specialty cocktails are say it ain't so $9: brian, back
4:47 am
to you. brian: all eyes on what's expected to be a big day for wall street with futures already surging out of the gate on news of a trade cease-fire so to speak between china and the united states. trump tweeting this overnight. china has agreed to reduce or remove tariffs on cars coming in to china from the u.s. currently at 40%. which by the way was in response to us putting tariffs. here with outlook is former chair and cbo of -- founder of 32 advisors. so the 90-day pause. are you happy? >> i am. first of all, as you know, we spoke before, i'm not necessarily pro-tariffs to begin with. now that we have them i think a 90 day truce makes a lot of sense. it wasn't surprising to me because i think going into the holidays the last thing we need is more market volatility and you will see the markets do incredibly well today. brian: trying to get ahold of this two and a half hour meeting. we don't know exactly what took place. china agreed to buy unspecified amount of products.
4:48 am
>> soybeans and llg. brian: crack down and relabel fentanyl which will be great. the thing that bothers me is what china says. china says we will work together to reach a consensus on trade issues. they didn't mention intellectual property. they didn't mention the 90 days. they didn't mention any specifics that we mentioned. >> we have chatted before on this. the most important thing as you said, brian, is intellectual property protection. we have to look at things like economic espionage. we have to take a much tougher track on making sure they are not stealing our intellectual property. with respect to the truce though, it makes a lot of accepts because tariffs really end up being passed onto the consumer. going from 10 to 25% would have been incredible market volatility going into the holidays. the nintninth day truce makes s. china hasn't said 90 day
4:49 am
truce. we know what president trump said. we haven't heard anything from the chinese side. brian: trying to reconfigure our trade relationship. not trying to dance around the edges. in 90 days we could be right back here. one thing is some people said we should have brought the eu with us. the eu just as upset by that it would have been more powerful to have them with us. >> the answer is yes, the more the merrier, but really the best thing for president trump to do is to go back and to tpp and bring up trans-pacific partnership, because those are the 11 countries that china do trade with. best way to be powerful with china is to attack intellectual property and build the relationships with everyone around them. this is what i would say not the best policy but since this is where we are, i'm supportive of this 90 day truce but i'm not sure if it gets anywhere. brian: a lot of protest the people had wanted us involve that was a hedge against china to reestablish ourselves in the area. the tariffs have worked the
4:50 am
way the president wanted. got them to the take and got their attention. and elections not age to hurt him in the farming community. thank you so much. >> thank you. brian: we have a lot more to talk about though. hopefully 90 days a good report. brand new protests erupt. rising gas prices. the breaking details top of the hour. plus, two classic christmas stories coming together in a brand new movie narrated by kevin, hercules here next hopefully with a shirt on ♪ comfort and joy ♪ oh tidings of comfort and joy ♪ ♪ [upbeat music] you wouldn't feel good not knowing the price here. don't let it happen when you buy your diabetes test strips. with the accu-chek® guide simplepay program, you pay the same low price. all without having to go through insurance. plus, they come in a spill-resistant
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steve: two great christmas
4:54 am
stories coming together in a heart warming tale ains eight the movie christmas dreams is honing in on the christmas season while combining the tales of two christmas stories the little drummer boy and the nutcracker. brian: narrates the movie and here to narrate this segment. >> i am going to narrate it now. shall i go off camera? best way to do it. steve: across the street we have got some radio city music hall christmas tree and rockefeller center has got one. we are starting to feel the christmas season. there aren't as many christmas movies out there as there used to be. >> no, there is not. in fact, i have got besides christmas dreams i have another one opening friday bernie the dolphin. two g-rated movies coming out at the same time. what are you going to do about that. christmas dreams is out right now. walmart streaming on amazon. really for kids under the age of 12. steve: explain the movie. >> it's a tale -- it's animation mixed with live action. i got lucky enough to narrate this, it's a
4:55 am
wonderful, wonderful combination as you mentioned of the nutcracker and little drummer boy put together. interesting combination of both. but it was really cool to be part of this. they called me up last year and we did the voiceover for it. and like i said for families. i get stopped all the times hercules it's now for what if -- i did for sean. people want more movies like this. brian: sean hannity. little drummer boy has been invisible in all these tales. the drummer boy is going to be back. >> drummer boy is back. i used to watch it every year with my kids. brian: no one talks about the drummer boy. played by himself. >> that's right, he was a loaner. ainsley: why is it important to do religious and g-rated families. >> politics is downstream of culture. who runs the culture. to me i'm not oppose to the movies they put out. the reason i wanted to be an actor it to do most touch
4:56 am
people's lives characters people can relate to: actually give a quick plug to like to be liked. go to walmart pick up christmas dreams and let there be light. devotional book my wife and i wrote. ainsley: your wife the actress and the son. >> son in it as well. staying busy. three more movies coming out next year. have me back next summer. ainsley: definitely will. steve: our couch is always open. >> i appreciate that. check out christmas dreams. a wonderful family movie for people to watch. ainsley: have you seen your. >> hollywood calls me for everything now. [laughter] >> if it wasn't for independent movies. hollywood, you scream for tolerance, it's a one-way street there it's unfortunate that that's the way it is. i have no problem having a nice debate with anybody out there who wants a good debate. steve: check out christmas dreams. >> please.
4:57 am
steve: straight ahead, thousands of migrants in the caravan forced out of one shelter in tijuana over major health concerns. what happens now at the border? we will talk to the border patrol chief in the next hour. hi susan!hs) honey? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... . ..
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ >> the mission was not george h.w. bush. the mission was, how do we serve the united states. >> he was the very best one-term president this country has ever had. brian: now that president trump called a trade truce with china, what happens next. >> i'm not necessarily pro-tariffs to begin with. now that we have them, i think a 90-day truces makes sense. steve: trump administration to meet with mexican officials to discuss the crisis at the border. >> agreement the administration wants to get, the migrants continue to stay in mexico while they play out the asylum. ainsley: france could declare a state of emergency, in a decade over the rising gas prices. >> listen to the american left.
5:01 am
you can't fund all the social programs by endlessly raising tax. >> this is lull i. the president's service dog. he got the dog after former first lady barbara bush passed away. the dog watching over his master one final time. the message, mission complete. ♪ brian: a live look at capitol hill this morning where the country will soon say it's final good-byes to the 41st president of the united states. ainsley: hours from now air force one will carry president bush to washington, d.c. to lie in state at the capitol rotunda. steve: through wednesday. late last night the houston texans honoring the late president with a special tribute. look at this. ♪ >> please stand, and join in a moment of silent reflection in memory of president bush. steve: the texans holding a
5:02 am
moment of silence for their hometown fan who lived not far from the stadium. brian: he saw them go on a fantastic winning streak. they won again this weekend. heart-breaking picture of his service dog sully refusing to leave his side. president bush at 94 years old, we know suffering from parkinson's like disease, we knew things he was going in and out of the hospital over the last five to seven years. so we knew things were touch-and-go for a while. it doesn't make it any easier when he goes, number one. number two as you reflect back in his life, the guy was constantly trying to do deals and pet things done as a leader. so different from where we're at now, because we're not merely trying to get things done. people stay in the corners. there is no coming together. he was always determined to come to together. ainsley: a man of service. he joined the navy when 18 years old. went to yale. moved to texas. he was from massachusetts. when you think texas, you think the bush family.
5:03 am
texans love that family. he was the reason the family ended up in texas. he moved there to get in the oil business, became very successful want into politics. brian: went back to the family and relatives if you could finance my business i will pay you back. they drew up all the deals about stocks in the brand new company. he took huge risks, put the relationships on the line, returned all that capital and more. made so much money by the time he was in his 30s, now it is time to give back, he will do it in public service. after winning congressional seat, he failed twice two separate times to win a senate seat. he learned from it. he made more progress. next thing nixon was calling on him to help him out. when people saw what he could do. he would get a series of jobs to make him the most qualified president we ever had. steve: casey stiegel live in texas with all this week how the president will be honored in
5:04 am
texas but also washington, d.c. reporter: we have celebrations going on all over the place for this very special man. fascinating to listen you guys talk about different stories and ways he was involved this is what it is all about according to the family, celebrating life and his accomplishments. neil bush, forth of six children, if there is one thing he admired most about his father, it is that he led with love. listen. >> he had such an incredible impact. not because he is a lecturer or try to tell us how to behave, he led such an amazing life as a role model. he is probably the best man i know in terms of everything you would want in a man. he was a great husband, an amazing dad. reporter: following the official
5:05 am
events in washington and state funeral on wednesday, 11 eastern, about mr. bush will return to his beloved texas. he will lie in repose at st. martin's episcopal church at 3:35 in the morning. a texas sized funeral at 10:30 in the morning. he will be in the presidential museum at college station, texas. that happens after the pomp and circumstance in d.c. clearly much deserved pomp and circumstance associated with honoring the passing of a former president. remember it has been more than a decade since this country did just that. 2006, is the last time of course when we honored the late president gerald ford. back to you guys. steve: casey, thank you very
5:06 am
much the former president's body will lie there in the capitol rotunda starting tonight. running through wednesday. he has had a lifetime of public service. one of the fellows who was on along for the entire ride was james baker who was, during his career, he was the president's chief of staff, his secretary of treasury. he actually signed the money and he was the secretary of state. over the last couple weeks it looked as of george herbert walker bush, who rebounded so many times from past illnesses would rebound again. but then on friday james baker got word, probably not going to happen at this time. you should come over. he did and he was there for this. >> last words george bush ever said were, i love you, and he said those words to 43, president george bush 43, who had called in to say, dad, i love you.
5:07 am
i will see you own the other side. and, and president bush said, i love you. those were his last words. ainsley: wow. on the other side with his beloved wife and their daughter robin who passed away, when she was a young little girl. reunited with his wife in heaven. brian: right. couple of things stand out. again he was rallying because in the morning he went three days barely eating. the word went out to friend as family this was likely it. he woke up friday morning, had three eggs. looked like he was perking up. jim baker says it looks like he will be all right. he gets call, he is going down quickly. he went over there. everybody said their final good-byes. he had attitude my grandfather have, my dad did, irish people are scared of death, this is the
5:08 am
way it is going to be. i'm going to heaven today. ainsley: they believe in jesus. they believe there is no pain and suffering. they are not scared to die. brian: easy to say you're staring at it,. ainsley: you're 94. you always had a great life. you had quite a legacy. one son becomes president. one son becomes positive. so loved by everybody in texas and kennebunkport. people love them all over the country. steve: when james baker walked into the room, apparently george herbert walker bush, jimmy, he said where are we going? we're going to heaven. ainsley: he had run his race. steve: on "60 minutes" they aired a series of recent interviews where george w. bush, bill clinton and barack obama talked about the legacy of the 41st president. here is what the 43rd president said his father taught him about the highest office in the land.
5:09 am
>> the mission was not george h.w. bush. the mission was how do we serve the united states? how do we help the united states. how do we make the united states better? which is very important in establish agriculture that can succeed. it is really one of the important mings for americans to understand. dad taught me this. therefore one of the jobs is to strengthen the institution of the presidency. bring honor to the office. that clearly george h.w. bush did. brian: i also think one of the great things president bush did, show such grace when he didn't succeed, didn't win a second term. he became friends and somewhat of a mentor for bill clinton. he would say after bill clinton spoke one time, he did a great job, bill clinton was a great speaker, he said, i know why i lost. they traveled together, when they had only one bed,
5:10 am
bill clinton slept on the floor, gave the bed to bush 41. bush 43 and clinton bonded. they rarely talked bad about each other. bill clinton after katrina, bill clinton, and george bush, 41, working together to quickly raise as much money as possible for the people that had been so devastated. there is george bush. listen, you have to say, your son's administration really dropped the ball here. not really. george bush, said this was impossible to anticipate. in comes bill clinton, you cannot blame the administration, no one ever predicted the levees to break. those relationships panned out that way. it must have been so hard for him to lose, praise this guy and support this guy the way he did. ainsley: you know, this tradition of writing letters, it is kind of a dying art, something that generation and our parent's generation are so good at. you were saying brian, when your mother passed away, you got a letter from bush 43.
5:11 am
he probably learned that from his dad. we interviewed several people, liz cheney, he would write letters to his kids on their birthdays or liz cheney said she got a letter when they were going through a tough time during the administration, there was a lot of backlash about their dad, how headlines could be negative. it was affecting them. george bush, wrote a letter saying your dad is one of the greatest guys i ever met. steve: prolific note writers without a doubt. george herbert walker bush, 5years, starting at 18, kept a diary. the bush foundation turned some of these particular diaries into a video, which they released. here he is speaking in september of 1998. ainsley: get your kleenexes out. steve: talk to his family and his heirs about this getting old business. >> dear kids, this letter is about aging.
5:12 am
last year there was only a tiny sense of time left. of sand running through the glass. i want to put this aging on hold for a while now. i don't expect to be on the a-team anymore, but i want to play golf with you, fish and throw shoes and rejoice your victories and want to be there if you get a bad bounce in life no doubt you will. the seas do get rough. if you need me i'm here, devote he hadly dad. ainsley: devotedly, i love that. we have to start signing our letters devotedly. brian: that was 98, he felt like he was aging? look how much longer he would live after that. his son would become president two years after. for a christmas party before the white house christmas party, if you come in a little early we'll tour you into the oval office, and george bush 41 was there. i went to this little gift shop, bought a pullover sweatshirt and something else.
5:13 am
he goes where did you get that. the gift shop. there is ugliest shop in the white house. there is gift shop in the white house? yes. ask your son. steve: what a life. >> there was a legacy, another good story we aired in the show, what 43 said to his son the first time they met in the oval office. hi, mr. president, hi, mr. president. brian: dad. ainsley: very special moment. steve: we'll remember him all week long. meantime in other news, thousands of migrants in the caravan forced out of that tijuana shelter over health concerns which we told you about last week. griff jenkins live in mexico coming up next. ainsley: carla provost will be here. border patrol chief coming up.
5:14 am
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these are your days what will each one bring? doesn't matter, as long as you can say... "i am here." talk to your doctor about preventing migraine with aimovig. and be there more. steve: we are back with a fox news alert. the trump administration expected to meet with mexican officials later today to discuss the migrant crisis at our southern border. ainsley: it comes as officials down in tijuana shut down a shelter because the conditions there were unsanitary. brian: you think so? have you seen some of that footage? griff jenkins has seen it up close and personal. he is in tijuana. is there a way out of this? reporter: i don't know, brian. that is a great question and what both the mexico and u.s.
5:18 am
pondering in meetings today. the conditions are so bad, they moved to the new one. we're 10 miles south of the border. if you look at video we shot yesterday inside, it is dark now, now they are setting up the same thing. there are only 3,000 of the migrants. there were original originally 6,000. there are a lot to be counted for. trying to find where the officials may be. the conditions are rough. a woman left an hour ago in the am bans. she was pregnant so tough times. as meetings you mentioned. foreign minister of the new mexican president. his name is meeting secretary of state mike pompeo. they will continue meetings today. they're trying to meet over shared commitment to address common challenges. one of the challenges is of course criminal elements in this migrant caravan. i spoke to the organizer yesterday, what message he might have for president trump, also if he can account for the criminal element.
5:19 am
here is what luis cruz said. >> let these people in. let them try. most of these people are not bad. we don't know if they are part of a gang members or not because they hide. reporter: meetings in washington for a broad agreement between the new administration and trump administration over keeping migrants here in mexico, while the asylum applications play out. guys. steve: we'll talk to the chief of the u.s. border patrol coming up in couple minutes. thank you, griff. ainsley: a 12-year-old boy is facing felony charges, he is 12 years old, handing out gummies laced with marijuana to students. sheriff grady judd has a warning for parents and states legalizing marijuana. he is up next. brian: bruce springsteen is born to run, but does he think any democrat can run in 2020 and
5:20 am
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5:24 am
than 400 arrests and more than 130 people hurt. there have been protests across france for weeks in response to rising fuel taxes. the french president is considering calling a state of emergency to stop the violence. and the department of homeland security proposing new rules for h1b visas, to better protect u.s. workers and make sure visas go to the most highly-skilled workers. proposed reforms changing outdated paper system to an electronic one, and prioritizing giving visas to people with masters degrees from u.s. schools. the public has 30 days to comment on the possible changes. guys, send it over to you. steve: thank you. ainsley: a 12-year-old boy in florida is facing seven felony charges after handing out gummies laced with marijuana to student in gym class. steve: they contained 100 milligrams, thc.
5:25 am
five of the students who layed pot-laced candies were rushed to the hospital. brian: joining husband us for a parent in polk county florida, of course grady judd is the sheriff there. so many states are considering this, medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. what is your warning? >> i don't have a profit or crystal ball i've been telling people in the state of florida for years, whenever you take a substance like marijuana, you put the thc into gummies it will end up in children's hands. when you look at the package it is called the greenhorn net. it is packaged and marketed toward children. what did we end up with? we ended up with six, 12-year-old children who overdosed on greenhorn net gummies full of marijuana. steve: right. >> that's right, they were stoned. they got very sick. five of them were transported to
5:26 am
the hospital by ambulance. steve: sheriff, do we know, did this kid know they were marijuana-based and he thought it was candy? if so did he take them to the gym class, hey, look what i got? was it just an accident? >> no, it wasn't an accident at all. he knew exactly what it was. it was a complete package, 100 milligrams of gummies. they're divided up, segmented into 10 individual doses for adults. sold legally in california and somehow it made its way here. he is given us two or three stories how he came upon this complete package but he told another buddy, i'm taking to it school to sell it. well the six kids overdosed, the six of them had doses for 10 adults. you can see the end results weren't good. ainsley: sheriff, i'm thinking 12 years old. we were sixth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade then.
5:27 am
you're just, no one is -- haven't even kiss boy at that point. how are in the world seeing more of this, not even teenagers, they're 12, they're getting their hands on drugs? >> exactly. they're 12 years old. they devoured this bar of gum miss. but think about it for a minute. if this is medicine for the very sickest, why are we packaging it for children? why is it greenhornet. it surety them very hard. we stung the one kid with six felony counts. we're looking to see where it came from. he is giving different stories that is the overfrightenning message. brian: thc is addicting. i know some people, they were told one thing, they get addicted to it. that is addicting substance. there is a price to pay for pot.
5:28 am
>> you're absolutely there is a price to pay for pot. i spent my entire life in law enforcement and a lot of it is investigating traffickers of drugs. this is not a minor non-violent felony. it is ruining families and killing people every day across the united states and we stand here in denial thinking it is not a gateway drugs to drugs killing people. ainsley: you don't start on cocaine. probably start with marijuana and leads to other things, right? >> that is absolutely right. still today we have a meth problem across the state and country. if someone is in possession of meth, they're in possession of marijuana. it cuts edge of meth. they use marijuana and meth and kill themselves and overdose or kill someone else. steve: nonetheless these particular gummies and edibles are legal in other states. on is justly in the state of florida it is not.
5:29 am
it is not condoned for recreational use. grady judd, sheriff of polk county, florida. thank you very much. cautionary tale. >> thank you for letting me be with you. brian: the trump administration is set to meet with mexican officials about the marijuana crisis in tijuana. do they understand how serious this has become? border poo troll chief carla provost joins, patrol, joins us right head. ainsley: you remember the guy who tried to make himself 20 years younger. the ruling is in. ♪ - [narrator] the typical vacuum head has its limitations,
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ainsley: in a few hours the casket carrying the late president george h.w. bush will fly to washington, d.c. the former president will lie in state at the capitol rotunda. >> right and proper, that a nation's leader take an interest in the nation's character. >> the mission was not george h.w. bush. the mission was, how do we serve the united states? brian: president trump declared wednesday a national day of mourning for president bush 41. steve: the president will be buried at george herbert walker-- presidential library in college station texas. here is the schedule as we know it. we have live pictures what is commonly known as air force one. it's a 747 the president flies around in. it is only designated air force one when the president is there. this has a special designation. this morning at 10:00 eastern time the former president's body
5:34 am
will depart from ellington field down there in the houston area. then as you can see, there is going to be -- ainsley: that is the schedule for wednesday. steve: exactly. ainsley: 10:00 is the ceremony. 11:00 arrive and funeral at national cathedral. brian: he will lie in state monday and tuesday to so we can to by and visit. steve: on wednesday at 11:00, funeral at washington national cathedral. he will depart for texas. there will be a funeral ceremony at st. martin's episcopal church in houston. brian: james baker thinks, so does his son, george h.w. bush was perhaps the very best one-term presidents of all kind and one ever most consequential presidents ever. if you saw him up close and personal through the winning campaigns, through the losing campaigns for the senate, the request for republican nominee in 1980, only to lose after winning the iowa caucus, he
5:35 am
would lose the nomination to ronald reagan. be asked to be the number two after this megadeal with gerald ford fell apart. it was jim baker, he was there every step of the way including eight years as vp. jim baker worked for reagan. went to work for bush and tried to get him elected and get him elected. he tried to save the day, when bill clinton looked like he was trying to win. he took over the bush campaign for re-election and he fell short. ainsley: he was one of the president's very best friends. he got the call. might want to come to texas, this could be the end. so he did, he took his final breath, it was sweet day. he had a a again till and piece paal passing. bush 43, his son called him, i love you, see you by his side. bush 41 his last words were to his son over the speaker phone, i love you. steve: after decades together how would jim baker describe
5:36 am
most vivid memory of george h.w. bush? listen to this. >> bounced up. perked up. he opened his eyes. hey, bake, where are we going? he kept his spirit, sense of humor, right to the very end. his passing, george, was very gentle and very peaceful. i suppose one of the most vivid memories i have, sitting in his suite at the 1980 republican convention when it looked like governor reagan who was going to get the nomination was going to pick gerry ford. a phone rank. a voice said is ambassador bush there for governor reagan? had not happened i am convinced there would never be a bush 41 presidency. if that hadn't happened, probably would never have been a bush 43 presidency. brian: the humility of it too, when george bush says, if i had the oratory skills of ronald reagan i would have won.
5:37 am
just to admit, you know, if i had the ability to communicate like ronald reagan and looked at bill clinton, man, now i know why i lost. there is humility you rarely see in politics you might see behind the scenes he would say it on camera. >> said he wouldn't raise taxes though. steve: said read my lips, no new taxes. he felt in his heart to get the country out of the economic ditch we were in, he would have to raise taxes he paid a terrible political price for that. combine that with the fact ross perot, a fellow texan had a lot of money ran for president as independent and won 19 million votes. if there was no ross perot running back in that particular race, george herbert walker bush would have probably won re-election. brian: bill clinton won with 43% of the vote. george bush ad 37% of the vote. 20 million votes went to ross perot, reportedly, obviously siphoning off most of the
5:38 am
conservative votes because they thought president bush at the time was too moderate. ainsley: think of everything that happened in his life and why it happened. he was in the navy, he was in the water, the submarine comes to rescue him, all the men are in front of the submarine pulling him out of the water, caught on video. years later he would become president of the united states. if the fellow soldiers hadn't come and rescue him, our country would have been changed forever, president bush 43 would not be born and he became president. he shares memories of his dad. listen to this. >> here is a george bush story. one of the things i learned from him to give these world leaders, special treatment if possible. and i said, dad, i need a place to bring vladmir putin. would you mind if i brought him to kennebunkport, knowing full well, putin said this is really great. he said not at all. putin lands, there is dad at the foot of the stairs to greet him.
5:39 am
you want to go out in our boat? putin says, i love to go. putin has interpreter, doesn't look like much of an outdoorsman. the old man opens thing up full blast, the interpreter is white knuckles hanging on the boat wonder if he would live. cutting through the waves. classic george bush. >> what was putin doing? >> putin loved it. he was one of those macho dudes, he saw the salt spray. it was wonderful. the interpreter was nerve-wracking. ainsley: you saw the picture of president 41 next to putin, 41 driving the boat. steve: putin had a big smile. the interpreter somewhere hanging on for dear life. ainsley: that is cute story. we'll have more stories throughout the week. ainsley: he lived a full life. >> we begin with a scary story.
5:40 am
three people charged in an alleged plot to steel from the pentagon. abdul farouki, a former defense contractor at annum, two others pleaded not guilt to federal fraud charges. they're accused of overbilling the pentagon 4 1/2 billion dollars. stars and stripes reports that they were contracted to build warehouses at bagram air filed but only put up single concrete slab. a legal gun owner evicted for exercising her second amendment lights. the harvard student was told to move out of her apartment because her roommates were uncoming for thible with her having a firearm. she said it was politically motivated. >> we saw you're from the south. we saw you have the hat we don't really care for. >> the story was first reported
5:41 am
by a free back con article. a man tried to shave 20 years off his legal age. while he feels 49, he is still9 under the law the court wrote. they wrote granting request would unedible legal and societal indications, making age rights for voting meaningless. you are feel 50. but you're still 70. steve: you can lie about your age. several people do. >> sometimes women like older men. steve: really? >> in america you lie about your age, you can get social security at 65. a lot of people want to get the money. but if you change your age to the 40s, you have to wait a lot longer. steve: carly, thank you. the trump administration set to meet with mexican officials to talk about the caravan crisis in tijuana? what can we expect? we'll talk to the border patrol chief, carla provost. she is coming up next. ainsley: we thank our heroes for
5:42 am
all their service. one hero is using his christmas decorations for everyone. that veteran will join us live. ♪ y imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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decreased appetite, headache, abdominal pain, tiredness, vomiting, and hair thinning or loss. i'm relentless. and my doctor and i choose to treat my mbc with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. ♪ brian: some quick headlines now. michael avenatti tells "politico" his odds are going up for 2020 presidential run despite recent domestic violence arrest. he is campaigning with democrats in key campaign states. what is that about? bruce springsteen admits president trump has a leg up on 2020 competition. the liberal rocker telling "the sunday times," quote, i don't see anyone out there at the moment. the man who can beat trump or the woman who can beat trump. wow. his broadway show is coming to an end. unrelated. ainsley: now to a fox news alert. the trump administration meeting with mexican officials in
5:46 am
washington today. steve: talks are expected to focus on solving the mike grant crisis at the southern border. news comes as officials in tijuana shut down an overcrowded shelter over unsanitary conditions. brian: let's bring in carla propost. at the u.s. border patrol on a daily basis. she is the chief there. are you optimistic, talks with mexico will help your job get easier? >> this is certainly something we wants to go well. as always we work closely with the government of mexico. we want insure we do that moving forward tealing with the caravan crisis. brian: seeing weak way they handle the southern border it set up problems at our southern border. will they get serious about controlling their southern border? >> we work with them closely when it comes to both the northern border and the southern border. they have been working diligently throughout when it comes to the caravan, trying to deal with the situation i think as best they can in mexico. brian: really?
5:47 am
ainsley: carla, you're down there. you know exactly what is going on if you had a message for the president, what needs to be done? if you could mix this, what message would you send to him or to congress? >> well, definitely we need more wall. we need more manpower. we need congress to fix the loopholes in the laws. until those loopholes are ticked -- ainsley: what specifically do you mean? >> in particular with the family units, the ability to come to this country and be released into the united states while awaiting a court date that is long down the road. we need congress to act, deal with the immigration laws. see if they fix the situation for us. otherwise the pull factor continues to be there. these individuals are going to keep coming. steve: chief, give us an update what is going on with the caravan. we know they had been in one particular stadium. the conditions were dreadful there. they moved them 10 miles further away from the border. what is the status?
5:48 am
>> yes, that is correct. they have moved them to another shelter. this is part of the challenges that the government of mexico is dealing with this large number of individuals. right now there is approximately 7400 caravan members in the tijuana area and as you stated the one shelter was closed down. they have opened up another one. they ever trying to find placement for others as we continue to work with the government of mexico to try to get these individuals to present themselves at the port of entry for inspection. brian: chief, the president is all ears when it comes to the issues you have doing your job and the problems you're having so therefore would you support and do your coworkers, cohorts support the president making a stand to get the five billion to continue the quest to get a legitimate barrier on the southern border? would you be for that? >> definitely. we need that barrier i think last weekend's example in san diego with the old barrier not holding up. that is a prime example why we
5:49 am
need this barrier and the president has been supporting us from day one with that requirement. steve: she is the chief of the u.s. border patrol. carla provost. thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, carla. >> thanks for having me. steve: meanwhile some people decorate their homes with reindeer or show men for christmas but one veteran's holiday display is thanking all the veterans for their service. he joins us live. brian: with your permission guys, do i have your permission? ainsley: yes, you do. brian: hey, sandra. >> good morning, everyone. we remember the life and legacy of george h.w. bush. a short time from now the former president is flown from who houston to d.c. in special air force one. joining us today, special guest, former chief of staff to bush 41, john sununu. brit hume, karl rove, general jack keane and more. join us at the top of the hour.
5:50 am
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♪ steve: when decorating for christmas and holidays, a lot of people go for santa claus and reindeer display in the front loon but not our next guest. brian: i wanted to showcase how thankful he and other americans are. ron bates included a purple heart and giant thank you sign on his house for the holidays. ainsley: veteran ron bates, hi. thanks for being with us. you're so cute. i love the military suspenders and your hat. tell us why you decided to do this on the front lawn. >> some people over the years. i wore this hat. people thanked me for my service. i had to come out with a way to thank people back. i live close, i live close to an
5:54 am
airbase. i have pilots fly over the house daily. that is the reason for the sign on the house. thank you. steve: all right. tell us a little bit what we're looking at. describe your display. >> well, there's the, sign on the house, down in the front there is the native scene, seeing christmas holiday, a time to be thankful, i figured it was a good time to come up with an idea. i wanted to thank the troops. so i put it, head markers for all of the major wars that we have had in the united states since our revolutionary war. and i wanted to thank all of those troops that fought for their. i wanted to thank god for his, seems we're celebrating christmas, the birth of his son. he gave his son for our salvation. and, then i got to thinking it's, hey, it is not only the troops that served. it is parents and family and
5:55 am
friends of those that have fallen or given sons. steve: sure. it is terrific. what has the reaction been? >> fantastic. i, it is unorthodox so to speak but, it is not the typical christmas but my way of saying thank you. brian: so is this something you will continue to do? >> i think i will have to. ainsley: clearly you're getting national attention. what about your neighbors? what are they saying? what is local media saying? >> everybody here i have got no negative response at all. it just has been very, very positive. steve: good for you. now i'm sure word is traveling and people you don't even know are driving in front of your house to take a look at it? >> well that is what i started out doing. now it has got, got almost out of hand. ainsley: you live in colorado. what city?
5:56 am
>> aurora, colorado. brian: what address? >> right close to buckley air force base. that is why the airplanes. steve: thank you very much for joining us live. we understand as well "fox & friends" is your favorite show. you tune it, turn it on every morning at 4:00 a.m. out where you live? >> yes i do. ainsley: thank you. i hope one of the reasons is because we love you. we love the military. we think you're a hero. thank you for your service. brian: we'll talk to you in a second. >> you bet. ainsley: merry christmas. ♪
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> about an hour from right now george h.w. bush will be taken
6:00 am
from that funeral home and transported on air force one to washington, d.c. where his body will lay in state for the next couple of days. >> you'll see a lot of americans coming through to pay their last respects. >> rest in peace, mr. president. >> sandra: a beloved husband, devoted father and dedicated public servant. for the next few days the nation and the world will pause to remember the life and service of george herbert walker bush as we say farewell to our 41st president. good morning. i'm sandra smith live inside "america's newsroom." >> jon: good morning to you, i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. former president george h.w. bush died friday at his home in houston, texas. he was 94. today the late president will embark on special air mission 41 taking one


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