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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 3, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> harris: special air mission 41 is happening right now with former president george h.w. bush and his remains above the mic aboard air force one heading to d.c. and our coverage continues today on fox. ♪ >> a 21 gun salute and a military band. the bush family heading from houston to washington with the remains of president george herbert walker bush. hello everyone, i am dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." >> dana: attributes flowing in from the nation and around the world to honor the president. his casket is now being transported toward special air
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mission force one. he was an american that served his country in war and peace. president george w. bush remembering his father as a man of the highest character. >> it's really the most important thing for americans to understand. they had taught me this and therefore one of the jobs is to strengthen the institution of the presidency and bring honor to the office. and that is something that clearly george w. bush did. >> dana: peter doocy's on capitol hill, but we begin with mike emanuel. >> dana, good afternoon. when you consider it's a club that has when it's time to say farewell to a former president, it is truly extraordinary. as you mentioned, the body of former president george herbert walker bush and his family took off from houston's ellington field at less than two hours ago. on its way to joint base andrews and at the washington, d.c.,
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area. there will be a special honor guard at andrews greeting the body of the former president including the chairman of the joint chiefs, the service brand chiefs and also other military dignitaries. then on capitol hill we expect formal ceremonies, including senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, and america the beautiful will be performed by the united states naval academy glee club and there will be representing the house, ryan and leader nancy pelosi will lay a wreath and the vice president is expected to be on behalf of white house. earlier president trump tweeted looking forward to being with the bush family to pay my respects toward president george h.w. bush. the spokesman tweeted the 41st president will be carried to his final rest wearing socks that pay tribute to his lifetime of
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service. he was an 18-year-old naval aviator in world war ii and that legacy is now being carried on in part by the men and women. he was known for his love of colorful and fun socks and that should be quite attribute when he gets here. >> dana: we will bring that to you live. now let's bring in the man who was secretary of defense, and then his son vice president dick cheney. it's an honor to have you here. i learned a lot watching leaders in the white house and i wondered if you could take us back. there is leadership and from 41 that i took on from you and leader in pursuit. >> i remember back when we were getting ready to launch our operations in desert storm, and the president who deployed the force of half a million troops, the question was whether or not we should go to the congress and
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get of additional additional ae them. legally we didn't need to, we were a member of the u.n. carter mike charter, we had been attacked and we had the ratification of the charter to go ahead and take military action on behalf of another state. the president decided that he did want to go ahead and put congress on record. so we got it just barely. and they have 500,000 troops in the middle east, what do you do with them? and he told me that he would have gone ahead and use them anyway. >> he mentioned you, and it is now 10:45 p.m. at night. i'm about to go to bed. i did my speech to the nation at
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9:00 and didn't feel nervous about it at all. i wrote it myself, i knew what i wanted to say and i said it, and i hope it resonates. 56 planes went out and 56 games back. james mattis said something on saturday that i wondered if you could talk about. he was well respected as commander in chief because he had served in world war ii. >> no question about it, he had a touch with all people regardless of whether they were in uniform or not. but they were especially pronounced when he was dealing with men and women who were serving as volunteers, who were being requested to go into combat on behalf of the united states. he made a visit out there to the desert, in the run-up to launching the operation of desert storm, he had some of the congressional leadership with him. but he was a rock star and they
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really appreciated his leadership. it was remarkable to watch. >> dana: it yesterday your daughter was on "fox news sunday" and she talked about a special letter that she received from 41. i thought that was an example of his thoughtfulness. listen to her. >> one of the things that i have that i treasure so much as a letter that president bush sent to me. he wrote it just after my dad was named as president bush 43's running mate in 2,000. just as a criticism was beginning, i received a note from president bush 41 that my dad said he was the finest american that he had ever known and he was proud that he had picked him to be his presidential running mate. >> there was an outpouring of love, when at the time there was some criticism. later on you see this amazing man revered by people. >> the people the message he
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conveyed to is once you get into those jobs, you worry about the critics and the criticism and the negativity that sometimes goes with them, you ought to find another line of work. if you are going to serve in those senior positions, especially as president but also secretary of defense and more time, you have to recognize that you have to make tough decisions. it's essential that it be done and that's why you are there. the right attitude is to recognize that it goes with the job that someone will be critical of what you do. it's just as important to go forward and not be bothered by other critics. >> dana: one of the things -- something i learned from you in terms of management was, you had learned over time to be quiet as a senior member of the team and let the junior people fight it out and have arguments in front of you so that you became a good listener and you did not weigh in and basically intimidate people into not talking. is that something 41 did as wel
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well? >> it was. we could have these discussions in front of him. he benefited greatly from listening to the conversations. brent scowcroft, jim baker and myself would all work together in the ford administration so when we got back together as the national security team in connection with the president, we all work together before again, so we knew each other and we trusted each other. they were never any leaks and the president encourage that kind of give and take in terms of moving to make an important decision. >> dana: vice president dick cheney, i appreciate you coming on today and we will see you on wednesday at the funeral. thank you. because thank you, dana. >> dana: beginning this evening president bush will lie in state at the capitol rotunda, one of many events this week honoring our former president. peter doocy's on capitol hill with more on those plans.
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>> the former president will lie in state here for 35 and a half hours in a row. even if a member of the public gets here in the middle of the night, they will be able to go in and pay their respects. the line is already starting to form at the front. this is that clear family from just outside of boston. take canceled their trip back home to be first in line. there were barricades brought in to help mourners line up on a street that has been temporarily closed to traffic. those in the front of the line will be able to see the bush family receiving the former president's casket on its way inside for a private ceremony before he lies in state. then, the rotunda opens up to the public around 7:30 p.m. tonight. all somebody has to go through to get in his go through a security screening at the capitol visitors center. then there will be a funeral service at the national cathedral and we have learned the you religious will be the former president's son, former canadian prime minister brian
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mulroney, alan simpson and jon meacham. the former president will then leave the national cathedral for joint base andrews were a special air mission 41 will take him back to houston for final service at saint martin's church near where he lived there. ultimately, burial at texas a&m university where his presidential library is located. once the events move away from washington, they will be the center of attention because leaders here on capitol hill just announced that the house is not going to have any more votes for the rest of the week. >> dana: and thank you for that update, we appreciate it. there is a deal reached for james comey to testify before the house judiciary committee and we talked about that last week. we will tell you what that means for the investigation ahead of. >> we want to follow the truth where it leads and we want to make these transcript available to the public so that they can draw their own conclusions about what occurred in 2016.
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reached an agreement with house republicans. chief telogen's correspondence catherine herridge is live in washington. >> that will likely give his closed-door interview transcribed next week. the date we have on the calendar is friday. that's part of the new agreement with republican-led house committee. a full transcript will be released. in a tweet, call comey said, wl sit in the dark but republicans agree i'm free to talk when done and transcript released in 24 hours. that's as close as i can get to public testimony. including former fbi leadership agreed to terms that were not as favorable as what comey is getting but democrats say the closed session has an agenda. >> the republicans in this particular investigation have a
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history of having these in camera interviews and then selectively licking portions of the interview to give distorted view to the public of what happened. >> dana: in a written statement, mr. goodlatte said mr. comey filed a motion to quash despite clear supreme court precedents. there was no need to use baseless integration and i'm glad that it was withdrawn. the chairman also remains confident telling fox that he believes that they can transcribe under oath before the session is out, and of course the questions their focus on allegations. rosenstein discussed that secretly recording the president and removed him about mike from office in may of 17. >> dana: in this hearing, what are the issues they want to press him on? >> the republicans say there are a handful of key issues including the public statement recommending against criminal charges.
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this was before hillary clinton was interviewed by the fbi. they also want to know why the fbi did not investigate whether clinton lied under oath to congress after a formal request was made during this 2016 hearing. >> did the fbi investigate her statements under oath on this topic? >> not to my knowledge, i don't think there has been a referral from congress. >> do you need a referral from congress to investigate her statements under oath? >> sure do. >> he will have one in the next few hours. >> and on russia, we are waiting to see whether a sentencing memorandum was filed for the former security advisor mike flynn. the sentencing memorandum gives the court all the factors that they should consider, the judge should consider in determining the appropriate length of the sentence. and the reason this is coming to light now is on december 18, just a couple weeks ago away, flynn will be back in court
11:18 am
after a very long delay and he will finally know how much time, if any, he will be required to serve for lying to the fbi about his russia contact. >> dana: and catherine, thanks for all of that, we appreciate it. a trace in the trade war between china and the u.s. will it last? we will have the details. plus more on the life and legacy of george h.w. bush. and his close friend, secretary of state, james baker. >> he was the very best one term president this country has ever had and perhaps one of the best presidents of all time. but he didn't blow his own horn. every veteran, every service member out there, if you're thinking about buying a home you should come to newday usa first. there's no money down, it's the best vehicle that a person who served in the military or is serving today has today to have a new home. if we can possibly get that veteran in a home we're going to do it at newday usa.
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11:23 am
has decided to lay down their arms for at least a week. >> it certainly makes things much more difficult for idiots and bad people. we have not only a state funeral going on but you have the effusive praise for the bipartisanship decency, honesty, fundamental goodness, and by the way, something very short supply in washington these days. a man who is willing to take political risks. they may have cost him a second term but a man who is willing to say, you know what? i've got to get something done so i'm going to lay it on the line and take a risk with my own political capital. you don't see that in washington. >> dana: in your book that just came out this fall, "every man a king," you have a chapter about ross perot. tell me about george h.w. bush and his one term factor. >> it sounds just like it is now, people were concerned about
11:24 am
trade deficits, they were concerned about the federal deficit, they were worried about jobs going to mexico. they were worried about immigration that all of these things. ross perot said he had a lot of easy answers to these questions. conservatives were also very angry at george h.w. bush for having gone back on his no new taxes pledge and there was that does contentedness on his right. perrault had all these easy answers and what happened in the end, we weren't sure who would be hurt more. in the end it was bush who paid the price for ross perot and he ended up with 16 or 17% of the national vote vote. it was certainly enough to cost him a second term. >> dana: the other thing i learned in reading all these tributes to george h.w. bush and all the history, but that decision on "read my lips, no new taxes" and then the decision to do the tax increase because it would lead to a national -- a balanced budget, basically 41 loses the reelection but then
11:25 am
bill clinton actually gets to hold the title as the person that balance the budget. >> that's right. bill gingrich and bill clinton who were the opposite of george w. bush and the people came before them in a lot of ways who were sort of the antithesis of these guys are the ones that got to cash the peace dividend. when you had the cold war ending and trillions upon trillions of dollars that we spent to put soviet communism and its grave, all of that money -- now what will you do with it? moving toward a balanced budget and moving towards these things that we said we had wanted for so long, george h.w. bush paid the price. he sacrificed his own political future for doing the deal that made it happen. and what you have to do is demand the total victory, and your opponent must be totally defeated. anything else is weak, and anything else is insufficient. that's on the left or the right
11:26 am
today. that old spirit where everybody was going to do something that would hurt a little bit, that's not in fashion because it doesn't sell in primaries. >> dana: we appreciate your insight. we will have the funeral on wednesday and you will see george w. bush and brian mulroney, alan simpson and jon meacham all give speeches there. we will love your insight after that. chris stirewalt, thank you. remembering president george h.w. bush as we look at his legacy with china, which began way before he won the white house. i will also talk to the oak ridge boys about their friendship with 41. and a big development in our trade war with china. what president trump is saying and the impact it could have on the u.s. economy. >> the presentation he gave to president trump at the dinner on saturday night was unbelievable. and the chemistry between him and president trump was also
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>> dana: a fox news alert on the truths of the trade with china. president trump and his chinese counterpart temporarily agreed to stop paris on the other's goods. >> good afternoon. it's something the stock market seems to like, up a little more -- a little less than 250 points. but at this point the white house talked about a possibility of a breakthrough at that dinner meeting between the president and president xi of china. the president is talking about a new trade relationship with china. china promising to do a number of things almost immediately. one of them is to reduce, or at least take off tariffs on cars, promising to buy more american goods as well as reclassifying fentanyl to try to prevent its exports here to the united states. the president tweeted "farmers will be a big and fast
11:32 am
beneficiary of our deal of china. if they intend start purchasing agricultural products immediately. farmers, i love you. china also pledged to address the big issues that are of contention between the two countries. ip theft, force technology transfers, cyber hacking. and in exchange, the president agreed to hold off raising punitive tariffs in china. that has been delayed now for 90 days while talks proceed to. the president has appointed the u.s. trade representative at robert lighthizer to lead talks with china. he is a hard-liner who begins in tariffs as a way to gain leverage. here's what larry kudlow, the chief economic advisor said about him this morning. >> i believe robert lighthizer will be in charge of enforcement and monitoring and timetables. there is nobody better than him in the business and i'm sure he
11:33 am
will try to keep china on track. they literally can start today. >> president trump, made very clear, is our lead negotiator. now i will go back to your question. nothing will happen without president trump and president trump by the way has been very involved in the details of this. >> the president also talking about the possibility of some future developments with china and russia, tweeting this morning "i'm certain that at sometime in the future president xi and i together with president boudin of russia will start talking about a meaningful halt to what has become a major and uncontrollable arms race. the u.s. spent $716 billion this year which is crazy. she just had a total grasp of the issues and was able to say, we can deliver this, deliver that, deliver the other thing. but kudlow does caution, we've
11:34 am
been down this road before and it has led to disappointment. cautiously optimistic but not willing to declare victory. >> i think they are very clear eyed about who they are dealing with. more on this now with ari fleischer. arguably the president's most successful international meeting, but the most important dinner was the one between president trump and president xi, because if they can figure this out than the rest of the world might be able to breathe breathe easier. >> i think this is them most consequential, and donald trump is the only one i think with the courage to challenge china. most politicians would have never taken on this fight. one, tariffs are wrong and it's too risky. this is a massive consequence and we don't know how it's going to end. but so far, so good.
11:35 am
>> china hawks may be more reason to be concerned that those have gone up. i spoke to two sources familiar with it and they both said they are too worried about keeping the stock market buoyant to risk hitting it with new tariffs. >> that's absolutely true. if you look at donald trump's decades long history about japan and china, it's so concerning. i think if we are not there with a good deal, trump will roll. >> the key here is china always claims to be playing by the rules but then the regulators find excuses and that goes on. i did see today that other members of the g20 had a separate dinner with pompeo and steven mnuchin and they said, we all have a problem with china, where are we fighting amongst ourselves? >> even if we are fighting
11:36 am
amongst ourselves, it's because of aluminum and steel. china is such a violator of all the norms on the rules. >> dana: and take a listen to george h.w. bush. we didn't even have diplomatic relations at the time and this was an interview that he did with tony snow who you know well, in 1999. >> is china a big threat to the united states? >> it's a threat if we mishandled a relationship, but it's not a threat. i see no evidence, and i would like one person who is a critic of china on the republican right or the democratic left to tell me why they think they are seeking hegemony. >> dana: i don't have the experience he did in china but you look at it now and it does look like china is trying to dominate. >> i also think a 1999, china's economy was so much strong,
11:37 am
smaller. he said to president jane, what keeps you up at night? and he said, feeding 2 billion people. but the china then was very different china. >> what's interesting is he asked the same in 2008, and he said, trying to create 25 million net new jobs per year because of unrest. so you go from starvation to the jobs, and that is economic leverage. >> china has been successful and the higher rises above that are hard. if they are economy is weak because of tariffs, trump has leverage. >> did you love it when 41s came to visit the white house? >> always. and i remember so fondly, it was after september 11th and george h.w. bush popped his head into my office just to say, i've watched you. you are doing great. keep it up, you are doing so
11:38 am
good for our country, and that so important for america. and then he walked out. it was a rallying call at a time when we all felt like it was tough. >> dana: you always have the right thing to say to others. >> he was gracious naturally and, it just flowed from him. it didn't matter who you were. that day the country was hurting and the job was tough. >> all right. ari fleischer, thank you. president bush's beloved a service dog, sully, is traveling with him right now, after being by his side at the funeral home in houston. we will tell you about this guy's future after serving the president as he did last month and the voting booth. and the oak ridge boys join us next as they prepare for an emotional tribute at the funeral of their close friend, president bush.
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>> shepard smith on the fox news net, george h.w. bush making his final trip to washington. presidential plane carrying bush senior's casket is scheduled to arrive during the next news hour at joint base andrews. we will bring you the ceremony live as america remembers its 41st president as our reporting
11:43 am
continues, the top of the hour. [singing] ♪ ♪ "amazing grace," how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me! ♪ >> dana: at the legendary oak ridge boys have been singing the praises of president bush since long before he moved into the white house, and they remain close friends for decades that getting together in public and private on numerous occasions over the years. joining us now, members of the grand old opry and country music hall of fame, oak oak ridge boys. i'm so honored to have you all here. duane, let me start with you. tell me how the relationship with george h.w. bush started. >> we were doing a barbecue on the white house lawn for
11:44 am
president ronald reagan and we were doing a sound check in the afternoon and here comes this long lanky tall guy with a sack over his shoulder, running toward the stage. and it's george h.w. bush. and when he got to the stage he said, boys, i'm a big fan of yours. i've got to go to africa. would you do a song or two for me because i'm a huge fan. and when he asked for songs, and asked for a song called "freckles. what we knew about that, he was a really big fan because that song had never been a single. it was an album cut. and he started naming other songs. so we did a private concert for him on the white house lawn in the afternoon during sound check. >> dana: that's amazing. so there was an interview that you did with tony snow in 1999, and apparently a lot of people thought, he's from new england and he doesn't really like
11:45 am
country music, but he really did. >> he was a big country music fan, and he was the most popular listener to the big country station there in washington, d.c. he loved country music, and being in the white house. he kept furthering our business. >> i understand that you had called him when he was in the hospital and saying to him there, too? >> i think somehow it was arranged through barbara bush. but anyway he felt like he needed some help and inspiration. so he got in touch with us and we all gathered in front of the bus around the phone and we sang "amazing grace." and he listen to it. and actually first we sang elvira, because we knew that was one of his favorite songs, then
11:46 am
we sang "amazing grace." he lit up over that and barbara bush claimed that we actually helped him and she was saying in some way that our music had some healing powers for the presiden president. >> dana: i just late played a "elvira" and "american made" in the office earlier. there was a big secret number when he turned 80 years old? tell me about that. >> we had this jacket made for him. he outfits the country stars. it was really loud, and it had a design on it that represented his whole lifetime. even though thousand points of light represented on the jacket. when we presented it to him in kennebunkport, he put it on right away and toasted, he was having a ball with it.
11:47 am
barbara bush said if he starts wearing that thing everywhere, i will kill all four of you. >> dana: i have a funny story about that. i went to kennebunkport in 2004 and we were going to do it in an interview with george h.w. bush with opera. 41 asked me, do i have to wear a jacket? and i said i think it would be good if you wore a jacket. he didn't want to wear a jacket and complained to me for about three hours. finally he said, i know what jacket i'm going to wear. and he goes into his bedroom and he comes out wearing his oak ridge boys jacket. and i said, okay, you don't have to wear the jacket. >> i love that. >> dana: can you tell me how you are preparing to give him the send-off on thursday? >> well he requested that we be at his funeral in houston, and sang "amazing grace."
11:48 am
that has been arranged for months now and we have known about it. so the only way that we could make that work is, a friend of ours, up in montana, actually, bruce white, got us an airplane. we are going to fly after our show to fly down there and saying and then fly back to washington to do our show that night. >> dana: did any of you ever get one of his special little handwritten letters? >> i have several of them, most of them are framed. >> all of us. the fact of the matter is, i know there's a lot that's been said about this wonderful man and fighting a lot yet be said. but for the oak ridge boys, i have to say, we loved him dearly. that singing for him on the lawn, and in that bag were president of the united states t-shirts which we had no idea
11:49 am
that existed such a thing. we started singing for him in 1982 and we have some for him ever since. we loves him. him and barbara bush made us better people and better americans and we will sing for him thursday. it will mean a lot to us to do that. and i will be honest with you, it's not the last time we will sing for him. >> dana: while i haven't choked up on air yet but you almost got me there. thanks so much for being on with me today. we will watch you on thursday and we hope you get through with it with no tears. the oak ridge boys, thank you. former first lady michelle obama canceling two stops on her book tour so that she can attend president bush's state funeral on wednesday in washington. in a tweet, mrs. obama expressed the importance of attending adding that she will reschedule plan visits to paris and berlin to promote her new memoir, "the
11:50 am
coming." more angry protests in paris over rising gas taxes and a new approach to their case. how this tactic could deal a major blow to the french economy. plus, we remember the life and legacy of george h.w. bush who passed away friday. up next, carl and copeland shares his thoughts and the family stylus work supporting many charitable organizations. musical ♪ insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy!
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>> dana: now i look at some other stories that you should know about, it's the daily three. first up, yellow jacket protesters as demonstrations over gas taxes turned violent for a third week. more than 100 people were injured and hundreds of others arrested in the riots. jamaal khashoggi's by that social media messages revealing new clues on his murder. "the washington post" columnist was very critical of the saudi crown prince, describing him as a thief and a pack man who
11:55 am
devours his enemies. and three, more than a thousand aftershocks rocking alaska from the major earthquake just north of anchorage on friday. you are looking live at joint base andrews were a special air commission 41 is supposed to land sometime in the next hour carrying the casket of former president george h.w. bush to washington. meanwhile the barbara bush foundation hosts many, and he knew president bush as well. he joins us to share his memories of our 41st president. and that's how you and i have known each other as well. >> i remember the very first time i had lunch with them in houston, my don't like the president looks at my wife and says, are you finished with your dessert? and she says, yes. and he takes his fingers like this and he starts feeding the dogs under the table. that was a very first time i met
11:56 am
him. >> dana: told them how they loved literacy. and that's prominently placed in the living room. we only talked about that, and i'm not going to bother the bushes, you have to come by and say high. it's completely dark, and we talk about everything. they were deep political lifelong philosophical conversations.
11:57 am
that's why it's so vibrant. that's why it's so special, they still wanted to learn. they are starting to ask detailed questions about how netflix was filming my new show. so they were always learning and always improving. >> when i talk to your mom last time, and, it's a true love a story. >> 43 had asked for this too, what was a secret to your great relationship? they had said each person has to be willing to go 75% of the way. >> a relationship is never 50/50. that's what you have to understand under any good relationship. unlike in the sense that i didn't know president bush during his political years, i only knew him with barbara.
11:58 am
to me, it was one thing, one entity. it's always a sense of tragedy, but i'm not surprised after how long this very show was talking about it. he jumped as you know, and this was in honor of herbert walker bush celebrating his 90th birthday. he was like, why, how? >> what did it call? this is it. it's coming out in april or march. harlan coburn, thank you for sharing your insights.
11:59 am
make sure you watch tomorrow, i will be joined by special guest former vice president dan quayle. he will share his memories of his former boss, george w. bush. we covered a lot. and we wanted to share one of the many special moments from the past few days, president bush's service dog, slowly, keeping watch. slowly is sully is currently on air force one with his family, and he actually got to go into the cockpit. he was there with the pilot and jim mcgrath reports that everyone did just fine and he's having a good time on the plane. the good news is, after the funeral, he will be helping other veterans. he will go to walter reed medical center to assist wounded veterans there with physical and occupational therapy. what an incredible way to continue his service. i remember back in june he was so excited that that dog was
12:00 pm
coming to live with him. and certainly made george h.w. bush rest in peace. more now with shep smith. i'm dana perino. ♪ >> shepard: good afternoon, i'm shepard smith. our coverage begins today with george herbert walker bush making his final journey to washington. a live look at joint base andrews where the casket is set to arrive minutes from now, followed by a ceremony which we will bring you live during this newscast. hours ago a send-off in texas from the president's adopted hometown of houston. ♪


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