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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 4, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> it is tuesday, november 4th, and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 am on the east coast a final salute to a commander in chief, political leaders and the american public saying their final farewells to the late president george hw bush. we are live as washington the country comes together to honor an icon and a hero. a second ms 13 gang member cost illegally crossing the border in just one weekend you won't get which sanctuary city he was heading for.
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>> thank you. shannon: christmas comes early. every gift on layaway, $40,000 worth paid off by a secret santa. the story that will make your morning as "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning, thank you for starting your day with us. the american public saying their final goodbyes to president george hw bush today.
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there is a live shot of capitol hill, donald trump and the first lady paying respects to our 41st president ahead of tomorrow's state funeral. doug mcelwain live as the nation honors president bush. people have been passing along their respects through social media and sharing their stories across the board. some of those have been tremendous, we will bring much more in a few minutes so stay tuned for that. in the meantime a couple headlines. and ms 13 gang member nabbed at the border for trying to enter the us illegally, manual lopez gomez intercepted going through the border, two other legals and an american arrested. the group telling agents they were traveling to los angeles for work, agents arrested another ms 13 gang member at the california mexico border.
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2 dozen migrants give up on waiting for simon jump the border fence in tijuana. according to reuters, most of them, asylum-seekers cut into the country illegally and they may have their cases heard quicker than those who wait. a federal judge blocked the white house from a denying asylum claims to those who enter the country illegally. the shutdown showdown pushed back. congress expected to vote on a 2-week extension to keep the government running until just before christmas. todd pyro joins us with the latest including donald trump's threat to shut down the border if he doesn't get money for the wall. >> congress giving itself 2 more weeks to come up with a spending bill. the initial deadline was this friday but white house aides say the house and senate agreed to push that back to december 21st. donald trump and up the pressure
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for $5 billion for the border wall tweeting, quote, we would save billions of dollars if democrats would give us the votes to give us the wall. people will not be allowed into the country illegally. or stop the drugs. some democrats not happy about the extension. >> i wish we could have finished this week. we can get it done. >> lawmakers echoing the president's call for the delay for funding border security. >> we've got to secure our borders. the fact you have democrats refusing to allocate resources to do that the american people won't be too happy.
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>> kirstjen neilsen with the minister of mexico talking about migrants seeking asylum at the border, no official agreement on how both countries can combat the caravan crisis. the new funding will be voted on by the end of this week. even though it is the 12th month of the year business continues on. >> several people coming up talking migrants and immigration. thank you so much. congress delays a decision on the border giving democrats another opportunity to blame donald from. former acting ice director tom home and witnessed the crisis except his border visits were publicity stunt and he says critics cannot be any more wrong. >> the president is doing his job protecting our borders, securing the border, protecting america, protecting sovereignty in this country, doing a damn good job at it and anyone who doesn't recognize that is ignoring facts.
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rather than being a political stunt, are to be sitting in washington dc, causing the caravan to happen. >> i worked for 6 presidents, no one has done more for border security and public safety and protecting sovereignty this country than donald trump. we need to build that wall. border security needs to come before rewarding people for illegal behavior. >> also responding to democratic congresswoman who slammed the president's day in mexico policy after her visit to tijuana last weekend. the american public saying goodbye to george hw bush today. let's go back to doug mcelwain live in washington for more on those tributes. >> good morning, the body of president george hw bush will lie in state in the capitol rotunda through tomorrow morning. it is open to the public, has
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been open to the public. the crowds were relatively sparse in the we hours but there was one unexpected pair of visitors, donald trump and first lady milania, she placed her hand over her heart, they bow their heads and said their prayer, no words spoken in the rotunda. some very touching speeches from leaders of the executive branch and both houses of congress. >> he was known as the quiet man. it was not for lack of daring. and all his 94 years president bush never lost his love of adventure and never failed to answer the call to serve his country. >> this hero has returned to the capital, kept us flying high and challenged us to fly higher still and did it with modesty and kindness.
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>> as americans we have no more solemn duty than laying a great patriot to rest. to the bush family, on behalf of us all, republicans and democrats, we are and will then transported to the national cathedral for the state funeral which commences at 11:00 am. transported back to houston, texas lying in repose at saint martin's applicable search for the better part of the day before private ceremony at the presidential library in houston. take a look at business news, the dow surging 287 points after
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president donald trump announced a trade truce with china, the s&p up 30 points. its best start in december in eight years. donald trump and the chinese president agreed to a 90 day cause on new tariffs while meeting at the g 20, mitch mcconnell slamming jeff flake for pushing a bill to protect robert mueller. >> two problems, when it is blatantly unconstitutional, and the house would never pass it and if the house did the president would never sign it so strikes me as a futile gesture. >> not the first time we have heard this criticism from him, flake refusing to vote for the president's judicial nominees until the bill comes to the senate for. republicans already blocked a vote on the measure. a new thing claims paul manafort tried brokering a deal to bring
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julian assigned to the us. the former trump campaign manager met with the incoming president of ecuador in 2017. the report claims manafort promised financial incentives in exchange for the wikileaks founder. assange was granted asylum by the london embassy in 2012, manafort faces 10 years in prison on unrelated fraud charges. more legal troubles tied to wikileaks, jerome corsi saying the special counsel tried to force him to lie as they looked at whether he and roger stone knew about wikileaks's plan to release clinton emails. he just filed a formal complaint against robert mueller. >> they want me to be the key link between me, roger stone to julian assange and they would have their collusion together, to donald trump, coordination with assange. i never talked to him and had no
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contact with anyone in touch with him and prosecutors refused to believe this. >> he does not believe he lied to the special counsel, he wants the mueller team to be removed and investigated. some football, washington redskins lose their starting quarterback again. colt mccoy out for the season after breaking his leg on monday night football after alex smith broke his leg. washington didn't fare much better on the scoreboard. the philadelphia eagles getting the best of division rival washington 28-13, acrobatics going on. a terrifying crash, state trooper hit by an out-of-control car moments before shoving a man out of harm's way.
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weight until you see this. mexican leaders talk about the caravan crisis with the trump administration why can't congress do the same? we debate it next.
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>> welcome back, homeland security secretary kirstjen neilsen closing meetings with the new foreign minister as both nations work toward a solution to the migrant crisis. mexico's left-leaning administration can work with immigration hardliners in donald trump's cabinet, why can't congress follow suit? here to debate is political director of the republican party of texas, thank you for joining us, let's begin with you.
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why can't they work with donald trump if it seems mexican officials are willing to try? >> frankly they don't have the votes to get meaningful legislation does lose several members are leaving, they don't want their records to be known as the last vote was based on the border wall for donald trump, democrats have little to no motivation to compromise with them, not including the border wall. donald trump is adamant he gets $5 billion for the border wall but they don't have the support they need to get anything done. heather: they need tween 9 democratic votes to pass the spending bill which has been pushed back to december 21st, so right before christmas. what is your opinion on it? >> and so we have a permanent solution we are going to
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continue to see these fights over temporary fixes and mexico will not be supportive of helping to pay for any immigration or border security and democrats could use this as an opportunity to stall because they will get control of the house in january and that will make it harder for the president to get his funding but we could have avoided the situation we are seeing at the border, heading 2013 the republican supported schumer's proposal which would have meant 40,000 additional border agents serving on the border. >> let's take a look at what mexico's foreign minister had to say, leaving the mexican embassy in washington, very productive conversation with the team the daily serves our country in the capital of the united states of america, gratitude in recognition to them.
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>> i think that is part of the plan in mexico, to try to be productive with america. 80% of mexican exports are to the us, they cannot ruin their relationship with donald trump so early in the administration. he holds a lot of economic power over that country so it makes sense for them to want to discuss it with donald trump, with the new mexican government. >> some of the things they said, they are prepared to find jobs at factories at the border, also infrastructure projects in the south. something they have not ruled
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out is a fake third country option which would be an arrangement with the department of homeland security, they prefer that here, which would require migrants to seek asylum in mexico instead of the us. >> the issue is these people should not have to flee their homes in order to feel safe in their community. they should be able to stay in mexico or wherever they live and enjoy a happy, safe life. i think we cannot open our borders and make a solution to this. we have to find a way to help these people in the country they live, no one should walk 200 miles with their child to have an economic opportunity. at some point the united states has to hold these countries accountable and say you need to make sure your people are okay and safe and they don't have to come here to have a happy life. heather: we appreciate you joining us. the time is 20 minutes after the
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top of the hour and a sunny overseas birthday celebration turns into a nightmare. the search for a woman in costa rica taking a tragic turn, the grim discovery overnight. >> we have a leader in washington -- america is more than washington or one leader. heather: the governor takes aim, arnold schwarzenegger slamming donald trump again. today is the day you're going to get motivated...
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the most compelling stories. unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> finding a body near air b&b, officials in costa rica working to identify the body. a birthday and vacation turns
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into a nightmare. >> supposed to be a 36 birthday trip to costa rica but the birthday girl went missing. >> april burton cut her trip a day short. leaving her in the central american country alone. now unanswered question surfacing about the final moments before she disappeared. >> i feel guilty because i left earlier. >> reporter: after she dropped her sister-in-law off at the airport she checked into an air b&b in san jose where she planned to stay until her flight the next day. she was in contact with burton and another friend throughout tuesday but communication abruptly stopped. the air b&b owner told the family she was last seen getting into and huber with her luggage wednesday at 5:00 :00 am the records don't show evidence of
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this ride and on monday authorities found a decomposing woman's body behind the air b&b properly partially buried in plastic bags. blood was found in the room where she was staying. >> her mom is devastated. >> reporter: at this time officials have not identified the body and are waiting on autopsy results. in los angeles, robert gray, fox news. heather: alligator caught with a sneaker in his mouth after attacking a man at a retirement community. the 85-year-old bitten by the nearly 10 foot beast steps away from this home in lakeland, florida. the gator grabbed his foot and dragged him into nearby woods. the man in stable condition.
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a trapper will remove that gator, very lucky. surveillance camera footage catching this horrific moment that a small plane crashes into a building, skids on the ground and smashes into the building and burst into flames in fort lauderdale. both people in the plane are dead. which houses the center for artistic children is injured. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. take a look at this shocking video. and out of control car had the state trooper sending him flying through the or, the trooper investigating another crash in west palm beach. the trooper is seriously injured, it is unclear if the driver will face charges. the time is 26 after the top of the hour, message received,
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thousands of people violently protesting tax hikes in parish get their wish, major announcement expected this way. they are living off of your hard-earned money. new studies showing millions of noncitizens cashing in on welfare. republican strategist ned ryan says american taxpayers can't afford this anymore and he is here to talk about it.
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>> you are watching "fox and friends first," half past the top of the hour. the us is urging europe to slapped new sanctions on iran. the trump administration condemning the latest ballistic missile test that happened over the weekend, the missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads in violation of the un resolution. iran claims the test was purely defensive. mike pompeo plans to address the matter when he meets with nato
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allies. the us pulled out of the 2015 iran nuclear deal and impose sanctions earlier this year. the head of the cia is heading to capitol hill, to brief a small number of senators behind closed doors, on the death of jamal khashoggi. she will discuss saudi arabia's role in the murder. officials on both sides of the aisle concerned about her absence during the session with mike pompeo and mattis last week. french president emmanuel macron will suspend tax hikes over protests over the climate change agenda. he will announce the suspension later today after weeks of violent protests throughout the country as protesters pool out of a meeting with government officials. ambulance drivers joined the
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movement using dozens of emergency vehicles to block the french national family building, protesters called for his resignation. vladimir putin will not be stepping on american soil anytime soon. potential trip to washington is, quote, out of the question according to russian state media. donald trump extended an invitation when the two world leaders met for a summit in finland over the summer. the president canceled a meeting with vladimir putin at the g 20 summit last week over russian aggression against ukraine. the chinese scientist behind genetically edited babies is missing. his former employees report his arrests is not true, he has not been seen since last week. chinese government officials called for the scientist to stop his work calling it illegal and unacceptable. the first gene edited babies were born last month and there's another baby reportedly on the way. gene editing is banned in the us.
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the grammys postponing its nomination announcement in honor of george hw bush. it was scheduled for tomorrow morning but will now take pl. friday instead so it does not conflict with the 41st president's state funeral. the grammy awards ceremony is scheduled for february 10th in los angeles. nearly 2/3 of illegal immigrants estimated to be living in the united states, 2 thirds currently on welfare and you guessed it, the american taxpayers footing the bill. a number comes from census analysis compiled by the center for immigration studies we talk and millions of illegal immigrants cash in on programs that are supposed to help americans in need? here is ned ryan. thank you for joining us. does this surprise you? >> absolutely not. what a staggering to me, 63% of
1:34 am
households are on some form of welfare. if they've been here longer than 10 years ago to 70%. it is costing the american taxpayer $116 billion a year, when you look at education, welfare, all the things we are doing to fund illegal immigrants being in the country. i wrote for fox news yesterday, really asking, when it comes to the border wall some of the left and some of the right say we need to accept immigrants. it is our moral responsibility. what about our moral responsibility for the american taxpayer? the humanity of my children in the future of the country of the humanity of the american veterans, wire they are not adequate be taken care of a given the respect they need? we need to ask questions of republicans and democrat leadership because we got to this place because of an unholy alliance between democrats and republicans and we have a broken immigration system and open welfare system we are looking at a grim economic future.
1:35 am
heather: grim numbers so you can see that because this brings it home, we mentioned 63% of noncitizen household, 50% of naturalized citizens and 30% of native households. >> the other thing to look at in dealing with the immigration system, we have to deal with chain migration, 728 million in the last 10 years. by a 2 to one advantage favoring the democrat party because they want more welfare programs. you see people coming not necessarily to work or economic opportunity but to take the welfare system which the american taxpayers funding and one of the questions we need to ask is what happens when mass automation hits? they are going to be thrown out of work, put to the streets but we have to put them on the social welfare system and the
1:36 am
only way is by life coaching draconian taxes for you and me and our children and at that point it is not a free society. heather: we don't want to see protests like paris. let's look at what donald trump had to say. we would save billions of dollars if the democrats would give us votes to build the wall. either way people will not be allowed into the country illegally, we will close the entire southern border if necessary, also stop the drugs. if we got funding for the border wall which chuck schumer said he would pony up 1.6, that is not for the physical wall itself but border security. donald trump once $5 billion and -- >> not enough. 43-25 billion to get a fully funded physical wall in many places as possible and the rest of the border secured the best we can. pretty amazing how democrats changed their tune including chuck schumer who voted for funding for the wall and border security and you have seen a lot of change not just because of
1:37 am
funding the hard left, the grassroots. heather: who is in office, who is the president. >> and realizing with chain migration and other things, it will get them political power so you look at democrats they are doing this for political power and republicans on the broken immigration system doing it for short-term business game. heather: delay on purpose. which should anchor americans. >> i made this argument in the fox news piece, deeply immoral for any leader, republican or democrat to prioritize the humanity of other people besides the american taxpayers american voters should be prioritized, deeply immoral, we need to start calling them to account not only in elections but constantly talking to them saying this is a winning issue. if you look at the never 62% of people think we need to reduce the numbers of illegal immigration. immigration is a winning issue, why donald trump got elected, republicans need to take a look
1:38 am
at this and appraising, we need to do this in a responsible manner and secure the border and take a hard look, coming into the country, how we address that in a responsible way. heather: border security, china, two huge issues he ran on. we will see what happens. on, people will enjoy it. 20 minutes until the top of the hour, neither snow nor rain can stop them delivering your packages but the u.s. postal service pressing paths this week for a big reason and a good reason. donald trump's administration has been, quote, criminal from the start. a brand-new swipe from alexandria ocasio-cortez.
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>> north carolina chapel hill,
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plans to move the confederate monuments, to campus. >> they want to build a new history center, the board of governors will review the plan next week. >> paying conservative groups $70,000 to settle a free-speech lawsuit. canceling an event with ann coulter last year. even though the school claims that has always been the policy. the u.s. postal service suspending mail delivery tomorrow as the nation mourns the death of george hw bush.
1:43 am
tracy carrasco here with what we need to know. >> the u.s. postal service will suspend regular mail delivery tomorrow in honor of george hw bush. post offices will also be closed tomorrow as a national day of mourning which the president has declared but there will be limited package delivery. here's what the postal service said, quote, we will provide limited package delivery service to ensure our network remains fluid and we do not experience impacts to our package delivery operation that might negatively affect customers or business partners during the remainder of our busy holiday season. something else to mention. the stock exchange, the nasdaq suspending trading tomorrow in honor of the former president. all understandable. heather: let's switch gears and
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talk about this, cereals hosted by hostess and honey buns, your favorite treats like the powdered sugar donuts and honey buns, you will soon be able to eat them in serial form. starting in january boxes of these donuts and honey buns on grocery store shelves, some places you might see them on store shelves now but this is something new they are trying out, sweet treats at breakfast time and earlier there, they rolled out some hostess inspired ice cream flavors so now you can have your hostess treats. >> i'm picturing little kids eating a lot of sugar, mom and dad sitting on the way. 15 minutes until the top of the hour.
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why did one of the top dogs in the obama department of justice meet with dnc lawyers and did it have anything to do with the anti-trump dossier? those are questions judicial watch once and third and tom fitton joins us live up next. ♪ i want it all ♪ i want it all ♪ today is the day you're going to get motivated...
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>> records about meetings between a law firm working with the clinton campaign and general counsel james baker after the doj failed to respond to the watchdog group's freedom of information act request last month. we appreciate it.
1:49 am
between general counsel james baker and the perkins couey law firm. >> that is correct. there is a specific report that james baker testified to house investigators that he had an unusual request or visit with a lawyer who happened to representative democrat national committee, and hired fusion gps and all that led to the fusion gps dossier used a target team trump. baker says it was the usual request and at the meeting he conveyed documents about the russia probe and some computer devices that had something to do with russia hacking. the law firm said the meeting wasn't about a representation to
1:50 am
the dnc and clinton campaign, it raises questions about the collaboration between in an unusual way the top lawyer for the fbi. >> what explanation to share this information? >> they testified it was about russia so this is on top of the dossier going into the fbi and the doj in numerous ways used by the obama administration, the trump administration on behalf of mueller to spy on the trump team. >> would mueller have been aware of this activity? >> i presume so. one of the reasons we have difficulty finding out about
1:51 am
this collusion is the mueller special counsel operation benefited from the difference between the dnc and clinton campaign, fusion gps which by its own admission used russian install sources to dig up dirt on donald trump and the fbi and doj, the final renewal of a fbi essay warned signed by rosenstein. >> why is that not been released in its entirety, donald trump said he was going to do? >> the president said he was convinced to kick it to the department of justice inspector general. we are still waiting. it is urgent the president release this information. those who looked at the f i asked a warrant application says it is more scandalous than what is in there. >> another scandal, jerome corsi said he hit a criminal complaint, the special counsel sought to get false testimony from him.
1:52 am
>> he thinks he has been truthful with the special counsel, he is being pressured to say things that aren't true and that is deeply disturbing. the problem for the special counsel, these individuals like jared corsi get caught up in the investigation and jerry says i have tried to be forthright, i haven't lied. they found emails that suggested by testimony made good faith, was not accurate and accusing me of perjury and it is not the case. heather: we have seen it happen with other people. >> you know what is interesting here? these folks would ever be here but for the connections to the trump campaign. in the case of corsi the 6 ° of kevin bacon connections. he is holding as a witness,
1:53 am
trying to cooperate and facing jail time. i don't blame him for yelling about it. heather: comey in a closed-door hearing on capitol hill on friday, and exonerating hillary clinton by finishing the investigation. we talked about this before and what should republicans ask him? >> they should ask him about why he told congress just before the election, evidently they reviewed the emails and why and how he took fbi memos on donald trump from the fbi, and to get the mueller appointment going. and ask about this use of the
1:54 am
clinton dossier and what peter stzrok was up to and why he ran investigations out of his office as opposed ordinary course where you had local offices in the fbi or elsewhere in washington dc running investigations. james comey is at the center of the storm, under investigation himself, this is a serious issue and i wish they questioned him earlier, but republicans are about to lose control. >> do you expect equal treatment for james comey if it is determined he lied as well? >> know. i don't. some of these folks are protected and unless there's a radical change in outlook for the fbi, i want an investigation done. not sure there's anything being done in terms of investigating these. to target the trump team. heather: thank you for joining us and appreciate you and your
1:55 am
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>> welcome back. alexandria ocasio-cortez slamming the trump administration yet again. the congresswoman let tweeting in part from jailing children to banning folks based on religion this administration has been criminal from the start. this comes after the democratic
1:59 am
socialist praised congresswoman jamaal after assisting five illegals into the us. arnold schwarzenegger blasting donald trump calling him crazy in yiddish. >> we have a michigan a leader in washington but america is more than washington or one leader. heather: the next, governor's comments coming at a global climate conference. schwarzenegger's did aimed at donald trump's decision to pull the us out of the paris climate accord. he hopes he can go back in time like his character the terminator, to stop fossil fuels from being used. finally, some good news before we go. a secret santa granting a christmas miracle to dozens of colorado families paying off all of their walmart layaway items.
2:00 am
>> and that wraps up "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> lifetime of service enshrined in the hearts of the american people forever. >> it is tuesday, december 4th, final salute to commander in chief, the president and first lady paying their respects to george hw bush. rob: we are likely touching tribute and final farewells. disturbing new video showing suspected smugglers dropping migrant children 18 feet over a high border fence. jillian: finding donald trump is refusing to back down. ♪ it don't take a word ♪ not a single word ♪ go on and kiss the girl ♪ rob: taking aim at a children's cl


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