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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 6, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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i know what you're thinking. how can something this pretty protect? hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel for incredible protection. so i feel protected and pretty. always discreet boutique. new color. new size. >> you have been wonderful father. the last words he would ever say on earth were i love you too. heather: thursday, december 6th and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 am a fox news alert, moving state funeral for a former president. the world coming together to pay tribute and celebrate the life of george hw bush. we are live in houston where bush 41 will be laid to rest today. and fighting for the working
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class, thousands of americans trying to stop there jobs from moving to mexico, demands they are making a mid massive layoffs at general motors. >> my beautiful daughter is going to walk 5 miles to school in 36 ° weather. >> bullying is unacceptable was a father teaching his daughter and important life lesson come his epic punishment that is now going viral. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> you are watching "fox and
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friends first" on thursday morning. thank you for starting your day with us. let's begin with a live look at houston at st. martin the piscopo church where today a final farewell will be given to george hw bush, our 41st president. his son and former president george w. bush delivering an emotional eulogy at his state funeral in dc calling his dad a great and noble man. rick leventhal is live with more on what is to come, such an emotional day yesterday, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. the buses lined up behind us have been rolling in since early yesterday evening filled with people who are willing to wait up to 2 hours to pay their respects with george hw bush lying in repose in st. martin the piscopo church. they have been filing through in an orderly fashion and will
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continue to do so until 7:00 local time, 8:00 eastern. the funeral begins in texas at 10:00 this morning with music from the oak ridge boys and reba mcintyre and eulogies by james baker and george p bush, one of the president's many grandsons. george and barbara bush have been members of this church since 1959. the president arrived in houston yesterday aboard air force one, special airlift mission 41 for the honorable mission of carrying the former president and his family to washington where he lay in state at the us capitol and had a funeral at the national cathedral attended by thousands of people including 5 former us presidents and among them george w who delivered a powerful eulogy. >> he was close to perfect but not totally perfect. his short game was lousy.
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he wasn't exactly fred astaire on the dance floor. the man couldn't stomach vegetables. especially broccoli. [laughter] >> by the way he passed these genetic defects along to us. >> after today's funeral in texas bush 41 and his family will board a special train with a locomotive in air force one, to pull the train for a 100 mile ride to college station at texas a&m, home to the george hw bush library where bush 41 will be laid to rest next to his wife barbara who died in april. today marks the end of a several day what the family is calling celebration of the life of a man they say was amazing.
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>> senator alan simpson was so funny. the stories he shared and that moment when president george w. bush choked up talking about his dad. it was quite a service yesterday. thank you so much. more to come today. a live look at capitol hill where lawmakers are moving on with business expected to vote on a short-term spending bill to keep the government running another 2 weeks. they had until tomorrow at midnight to approve the measure, both fighting over funding for the border wall and security. today homeland security secretary kiersten -- kirstjen neilsen will testify on immigration before the house judiciary committee. lawmakers at a standstill over a bill protecting robert mueller from getting fired. the senate panel forced to delay votes on donald trump's judicial pick as jeff flake refuses to vote until his measure makes it on the floor.
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allison barber is live on capitol hill where a new memo from mueller is sparking more outrage. >> the senate judiciary committee executive business meeting was postponed for second week in a row, a dozen judiciary nominees once again on hold as the republican standoff continues, legislation protecting robert mueller, republican majority on the judiciary committee 11-10, if one republican senator defects that poses a problem when it comes to advancing nominees, republican senator jeff flake allowed to vote against the administration of judicial nominee until the senate votes on legislation protecting mueller in the russia probe. when asked if the judiciary committee is goes into voting on nominee senator flake said this. >> i don't know, i hope so. let's have a vote. you can vote against it, vote
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for it but it deserves a vote. >> the mueller protection bill is a bipartisan one but recent attempts to get it to the 4 was blocked by senator mike lee who says it is unconstitutional. all this as a court filing by mueller gets a lot of attention. the filing says donald trump's former national security adviser michael flynn provided enough information to the special counsel epstein that he should not spend time in jail. the filing says flynn substantially cooperated with the russia investigation, flynn is one of 5 trouble associates pleading guilty to charges related to the special counsel investigation. another is paul manafort. prosecutors say he violated a plea deal and his lawyers deny that, a judge that until they had until december 7th to submit information related to that. the manafort memo is expected to be made public sometime today. >> waiting for a lot to transpire on all that. we will talk more about it
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coming up. donald trump has been at the center of the special counsel investigation nearly as long as he has been in office. newt gingrich says history will look back on the mueller probe as an elaborate effort to undermine a duly elected president. >> historians will comment that this was one of the most extraordinary efforts to undo the will of the american people by an established bureaucracy and its establishment friends that we have seen in all of american history and i want to make a quick point to put this in context. donald trump after 92% negative coverage for two years, 92% negative coverage for two years is somewhere between 44% 48% approval depended on the pole. ronald reagan at this point in
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1983 was at 35%. >> since donald trump took office the administration has hit russia with economic sanctions for its involvement in crimea and threatened to pull out of the nuclear arms treaty. more on that later in the show. this fox news alert, desperate search underway for 5 marines after war planes collided off the coast of japan, two crewmembers have been rescued, one of them is in stable condition, the condition of the second marine is unknown. the fighter jet and refueling plane crashed during a routine training exercise like the one seen in this photo. we will bring more information as it continues to come in. two people dead after a semi-going the wrong way slams into a school bus packed with high school girls on a basketball team. this happened at an illinois interstate overnight. of 72-year-old volunteer and truck driver were killed according to local news reports, four students injured, this is
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the second crash this week involving students was on monday at bus carrying a youth football team flipped in arkansas killing a 9-year-old boy. donald trump proposing to rollback obama era regulations on the coal industry. the epa will announce the plans today to raise the limit for carbon emissions according to the new york times. under the new rule plants could admit 1900 pounds of carbon dioxide. that compared to 1400 pounds under obama. the move will make it easier to build new coal plants. a potential landmark supreme court case could impact robert mueller's russia probe. today the high court will review a double to every loophole allowing states and federal governments to prosecute someone for the same crime. it could impact paul manafort who pleaded guilty to federal charges but potentially faces state charges if he is pardoned by donald trump. space x launches its 20th rocket
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this year but all does not go as planned. >> 3, 2, one, 0. and lift off. >> the dragon spacecraft lifting off without a hitch sending supplies to the international space station but the remaining equipment didn't quite make it earth landing, spiraling into the atlantic ocean blue space x ceo elon musk says it did not appear to be damaged. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and robert mueller gearing up to issue sentencing memos on michael cohen and paul manafort. our next guest says this is a sign the russia probe is wrapping up.
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>> good special counsel robert mueller be nearing the end of his nearly two year investigation? and reports is the latest move so he is tying up loose ends and preparing his final report. what does that mean for the president? joining us is the director of the james dobson institute, thank you for joining us, really appreciate it. let's go through this. there is a lot to get through. let's begin with michael flynn who pled guilty to one count of making false statements.
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we now know that mueller came out yesterday and said yesterday or two days ago that he is recommending no jail time for him. paul manafort pled guilty to two counts, one count of conspiracy against the us is one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice, manafort was convicted of all eight counts. michael cohen pled guilty to charges of one count of lying to congress. what does this mean? we expect these memos to come out about flynn on friday, possibly about cohen and manafort. >> the most important thing for people to understand is none of these crimes have substantively been connected to the trump administration or anything that would implicate donald trump or candidate trump so you have
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michael flynn who pled guilty to lying as a procedural violation, nothing substantive, manafort and cohen, totally unconnected to anything regarding connection to the administration. the bottom line is the mueller investigation has turned up absolutely nothing that would implicate trump or give democrats when they take over the house in 2020 legal basis to impeach the president. if they go that route it would be a political question, not legal. >> what about the timing of this coming out right now? what do you think of that? >> pretty typical for an investigation, mueller tying up loose ends and saying i am done. special prosecutors are governed by a specific rule on ethics that so they have to pursue the interests of justice. it shouldn't be a political investigation, shouldn't depend whether there is an r or d after your name for the interest of
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justice to be served. his obligation under the law is to go where evidence leads and when there's no evidence to further his investigation to close it and give the american people and understanding and trust of legitimacy in the system that he is not going to pursue politics over the law. >> what about the memo on flynn? that has been released and we have this redirected information. is that intentional on mueller's part in the special prosecutor's office to intimidate the trump administration? >> it should be in the mainstream media will spend it that way. the investigation is closed yet so that is typical but cooperation just means he's telling them what he knows which doesn't mean anything substantive or criminal in nature. prosecutors and investigators talk to people all the time saying i'm being cooperative and helping with what i know which doesn't lead to anything. the fact that it is redacted
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shouldn't make the administration nervous because donald trump is clear he has nothing wrong in terms of his conduct as a candidate so regardless of rejected information, no reason for anyone to be nervous about what it contains. >> russia collusion in the investigation could have led to the clinton campaign. >> that is interesting, even though democrats and progressive left were interested in the investigation ongoing, the fact remains there are so many things the clinton foundation is being investigated for, hillary clinton and her emails and all those things are things the american people want justice. it shouldn't depend whether an r or d is after your name. if this continues it looks like much more evidence it could result in charges for the
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clinton foundation, hillary, than anyone connected to trump. heather: we will talk more about that coming up. thanks very much. the time is 19 minutes after the top of the hour and there's a new sheriff in town and his first order of business, cutting off ice. the new controversial move in one county and keep the m aga hat and resist at home, banned from talking politics. place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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and it's strengthened by xfi pods, which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> welcome back you are watching "fox and friends first". definitions hints he is done with politics. former attorney general saying he doesn't miss his old alabama senate seats despite speculation
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he might run against democrat senator doug jones in 2020. sessions said she will not make a decision anytime soon as he resigned last month. federal employees are being warned to leave politics at home. two government memos clarify what is acceptable when working on taxpayers dime. federal employees cannot display items supporting or opposing donald trump's reelection campaign. items prohibited, make america great again hat's and resist mugs. the morning includes all social media activity. the gm ceo being grilled for a second day today on capitol hill as thousands of general motors employees could be out of a job come march a bit massive layoffs. robert gray with what ohio lawmakers are trying to do to prevent that happening in their own backyard. >> we bail you out, gave you a tax cut and this is how you pay
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us back? we deserve better. >> ohioans fighting for a chance to keep their jobs at general motors. state senator speaking out for working-class constituents meeting with general motors ceo to discuss the future of the factory. >> we expect general motors, give them a chance. >> 3000 workers at the plant have been laid off since 2017. the remaining 1500 as gm makes plans to close 5 plants in north america. that would affect roughly 14,000 total workers. the company ceo saying it is all part of a strategy to keep up with the changing market. >> we are trying to make sure general motors is strong in a leadership position. >> they are calling for gm to shift their electric vehicle production from mexico to ohio, saving and potentially adding more jobs at the plant. the massive layoff decision was far from easy.
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>> they are incredibly difficult and impact the lives of general motors team members. >> the company working with united auto workers union to explore relocation opportunities for those who lost their jobs, telling lawmakers she will keep an open mind about a large town plant that is making no promises. in los angeles, robert gray, fox news. shannon: we will follow what happens today. the time is half past the top of the hour ending hours from now the stock market set to reopen after plunging 800 points with trade fears but now china says they are confident they can strike a deal with the us. how the president is responding and cheesecake factory chaos. why the cops were called over free cheesecake.
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heather: you are watching "fox and friends first". the stock market will reopen after a roller coaster week, massive gains and losses. chinese officials say they are confident about striking the trade deal with donald from following the g 20 summit. todd pyro joins us with what it means for wall street. >> reporter: trading sets to resume after all major markets close yesterday for a national day of mourning to honor president bush. expect earnings to be the focus today but with the specter of us china trade relations hanging over the markets here is what china meant to the market so far this week. look at monday, higher on the heels of donald trump and xi jinping's successful trade talks over the weekend and then tuesday happened, skepticism on how successful those trade talks really were. donald trump optimistic about the future of us china trade
1:31 am
tweeting strong signals being sent by china once they return home from a long trip including stops from argentina. not to sound naïve or anything but i believe xi jinping meant every word of what he said at the long and hopefully historic meeting, all subjects discussed. the chinese commerce ministry say would implement the plan quickly writing, quote, we are confident about the implementation of consensus from the meeting in 90 days, economic trade teams on both sides will push forward the consultation following clear roadmap so everything is good, right? with that as a backdrop, not looking good today, futures up 3 major indices down following news of the arrest of a china executive accused of in no small part dealing with iran despite us sanctions. heather: it totally changed because yesterday morning i thought things would be looking
1:32 am
up on thursday. we will see what happens. thank you very much. we will talk about it coming up. the un set to vote on a resolution condemning hamas. it would be the first time the assembly has taken action against the palestinian terror group. the measure which recently won crucial backing from the eu condemns hamas for firing rockets into israel. the leader of hamas called it an effort to delegitimize palestinian resistance. french president emmanuel macron scrapping his carbon tax after weeks of protests. he originally planned to the way the tax meant to curb global warming, but macron's latest move may not be enough, one protesting encouraging protesters to keep pushing for higher minimum wage. more demonstrations are scheduled for this weekend. donald trump to speak at two white house receptions today in the east room with all jewish members of the house and senate
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having been invited. ceremonies were delayed to honor george hw bush. today marks the fifth day of hanukkah. russian president vladimir putin threatening to build new missile that are banned under a cold war arms agreement if the united states pools out of the deal after secretary of state mike pompeo gave the kremlin a 60 day ultimatum to comply. is vladimir putin setting the stage for a nuclear arms race? here is executive director of the victims of communism memorial foundation. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. this is an incredibly important story. with everything else going on it is flying under the radar. let's take a look so people can see what exactly is the intermediate range nuclear treaty signed by the us and ussr in 1987, it banned all nuclear and nonnuclear missiles in short, medium range.
1:34 am
both countries were allowed to expect the other's installations. what is significant in terms of what vladimir putin is talking about right now? >> yesterday and today we celebrated the life and leadership of president george herbert walker bush. it was noted it was on his watch the soviet union dissolved, communism collapsed in europe. the context of that was years earlier. we saw under gorbachev, reforms happening in the soviet union, the soviet union was brutal to its own people as the united states increased pressure under president reagan and was less bellicose to the united states so that was the context of the treaty then. mister gorbachev was withdrawing russian troops from occupied countries.
1:35 am
today, under the regime of vladimir putin and russia we see russian troops invading. it is pretty clear russia has been violating for a number of years the substance and text of the treaty. the united states takes its treaty obligations seriously so we are holding to the agreement. what we are saying is if russia is not going to hold to the agreement we are going to take independence of action to protect national security interests in the united states. heather: this is been happening for several years and this administration is holding them to it and calling them on the carpet because donald trump is often accused of being soft on russia. >> absolutely. it is a recognition russia is lying, deploying, testing,
1:36 am
installing these units which are in clear violation of prohibitions of the treaty, 5500 km range missiles. the other thing that needs to be pointed out is in 1987-88 the soviet union was the world's other superpower in the main security challenge to the united states. today china is playing that role and china is not held to any limitations, they are not a signatory to this treaty or any similar treaty in the united states has to think about meeting china in this class of missiles. heather: we see moves by russia in ukraine where china is active and moves made by russia in the middle east. in terms of nato, what are they saying? >> they are supporting the trump administration. nato defense ministers released
1:37 am
a statement supporting the united states ultimatum to russia. they need to abide by the treaty or the united states will pool out. heather: an important topic people needs to keep their eye on, thank you. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. the fbi raised the home of uranium one missile blower. looking for the failure to investigate, hillary clinton. are they trying to cover their tracks? up next. >> catch your breath. heather: talk about special delivery, a sheriff's deputy arrives in the time to deliver a baby on the side of the road. we saved hundreds
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>> a north carolina sheriff stopped cooperation with ice one day after being sworn in. sheriff gary mcfadden ending the program in mecklenburg county, allow deputies to run suspect names to databases and share that information with ice. he says the program, quote, erodes trust with the community, he says ice will need court issued warrants to access jails. a court upholds a gun-control on high-capacity magazines allowing gunowners to hold 10 rounds of ammunition, opposed to a 15 round limit approved in 1990. officials hope the limit will stop mass shooters from reloading. senator chuck grassley is demanding answers about an fbi raid at the home of the clinton whistleblower involved in the uranium one scandal.
1:42 am
joining me to talk about it is an investigative reporter, appreciate you joining us. the fbi agents, 16 of them went to the home of this whistleblower named dennis kane. they spent 6 hours at his home. whistleblowers are supposed to be protected by the government when they hand over information with this person did the government. here are some of the senators questions. he wants to know why kane's house was raided, did the fbi know about this? are document considered protected? did the fbi seize any classified information? what do you make of this? >> this is a quadruple whammy. you have the indication the clintons violated the law in relation to the foundation uranium one. second the fact the fbi knew about that and had strong evidence and did not act on it.
1:43 am
you have robert mueller, head of the fbi when this occurred which suggests bias in the role as special counsel and the retaliation against the whistleblower and cover up the cover-up. so the fbi has to make this go away because it shows they didn't act on it before. the doj inspector general's job is to find wrongdoing by the fbi and this guy has given them evidence. when the fbi raids the guy on misconduct by the fbi that is classic whistleblower retaliation and my colleagues who broke the story as a new one up where people on the right and the left are saying this is a concerning abusive fbi authority. >> who sent the fbi there? >> the fbi presumably did the rate on their own and the judge hasn't disclosed the warrant. did the fbi tell the judge they knew this guy was a
1:44 am
whistleblower, a protected whistleblower? or was it kind of like when they went after trump's guys and misled the after i asked a court? he gave information to the agm there's a law that protects him, if the fbi knocks on his door -- >> or what had this information. >> correct and horwitz gave it to the senate and house intelligence committee. heather: he had evidence that his home? >> when they knocked on his door he said i have a copy and here it is. he was very forthright with the fbi and they searched the house but interestingly they didn't charge them so why do the rate if you are not going to arrest the guy and that was one more reason he doesn't know what is going on. they haven't told him what is up, there is no arrest. it highlights mueller's role. mueller was in charge of the fbi and there's a certain element of the special counsel probably
1:45 am
tends to implicate the fbi or trump $ is conflicted and this is a reminder that if mueller doesn't find problems with the trump campaign, it is an acknowledgment when they were wiretapping carter page for doing what he did with hillary clinton investigation, making that go away, one or the other has problems so mueller, part of the fbi crew. a lot of people don't want to find that. heather: what if the mueller investigation is finding problems with the clinton campaign such that mueller can't cover it up at this point? you send the fbi agents back out to this whistleblower house and maybe the information that will come forward is information that should have come forward years ago? >> absolutely. republicans on capitol hill have
1:46 am
these documents so this is even though it is already a fascinating story of this is the first part, we don't know how documents show, what exactly the clinton foundation allegedly did and same with uranium one. declassify this stuff and why aren't republicans telling us? we should ultimately know what document the whistleblower has are and we don't. heather: a lot of rejected information coming out in mueller memos more of which are expected friday. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. a lot to get through. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour and market set to reopen hours after a roller coaster week over trade fears but futures are painting a grim picture. peter morici says these trade talks may rebel investors but don't count on long-term negative effects.
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heather: donald trump raising china for honoring the trade use, strong signals being sent by china. i believe president xi jinping meant every word of what he said at our long and hopefully historic meeting. of china starts buying american products again how will it impact the markets after a roller coaster week? here to weigh in his chief economist for the us international trade commission peter morici. thank you for joining us. >> nice to be with you. heather: are we going to back up the hill or will we head down the hill? what will happen? >> today is an uncertain day.
1:51 am
we handle but news from china but there was this a rest of the cfo in canada for violating the sanctions. looking at the chinese perspective, how receptive will they be to trade negotiations if an american government can make selling to iran illegal in china and the rest you in a third country? seems like an overreach. not that i advocate what they are doing. i don't know we should be buying anything from this country. the cfo on criminal charges. heather: the good news that happens before that, china said they agreed to some of these elements they talked about with donald trump and they were going to buy agricultural products to begin immediately. >> good news for the economy and it will lead to some investment in both countries, they receive the gas. that is good news but longer-term 90 days to fix the trade difficulties with china,
1:52 am
that is ambitious. my feeling is after 90 days things won't look much different than they do now except we will have a thick stack of paper that says things might get better in the future. we have been up and down that tree so many times. my feeling is tariffs are the answer long-term along with other measures like cutting it out. it is ludicrous to think we can interact with a bunch of criminals on a commercial basis. it is ludicrous, like chamberlain working with hitler. heather: why have we been doing that? is that something donald trump is taking a look at? >> two things going on. enormous resistance to admit that china is a criminal state, violations of international trade rules are harming the united states because wall street makes money off of this thing.
1:53 am
look to the treasury secretary is like the last administration and the administration before that, goldman sachs goldman sachs goldman sachs. if goldman sachs has a moral compass, it will be resurrected and made president of the united states. there is no moral compass on wall street and their resisting donald trump's effort to not be protectionist but as larry kudlow says to reform trade. donald trump needs a better trade team because i don't think going forward this way is a red-hot idea. heather: which way? >> to pursue negotiations with china over the next 90 days. i agree tariffs the day after the election. heather: we will see what happens in 90 days. >> we will have a big stack of paper but when implement it won't change the trade deficit very much. heather: thank you for joining us, appreciate it. let's see what happens today. >> it will be an interesting day in canada.
1:54 am
heather: the time is 10 minutes, 8 minutes until the top of the hour. a scene from christmas vacation coming to life. the hilariously large tree tied to the top of a van going viral. how far would you go for free dessert? free cheesecake at the cheesecake factory and a man behind bars. ♪ everybody ♪ rock your body
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heather: a speeding driver swerves onto a playground and hits children trying to escape police. the terrifying video just released. >> going into the park, almost hit a kid, hit two kids. heather: police in minneapolis say the suspect blue through 22 stop signs before slamming into the playground, three young children were hid in the june crash but all survived. he is serving a 33 month prison sentence. take a look at this heartwarming moment in use the. a police officer delivering a woman's baby after her water breaks with her three children in the car. >> keep pushing. heather: little bella a born happy and healthy, she and mom are doing well.
1:59 am
time for the good, the bad and the ugly. of first the good. a little girl gets a lesson in tough love when she is kicked off the bus for bullying. >> let me make this clear. bullying is unacceptable. today my beautiful daughter is going to walk 5 miles to school in 36 ° weather. >> the dad driving behind his daughter in ohio. he says he wanted to hold her accountable. the bad. a free cheesecake promotion turns into chaos. police handcuffing a delivery driver at a cheesecake factory in virginia, tensions running high as the restaurant got backed up trying to fill orders, 43,000 slices of cake for 40th
2:00 am
birthday. the ugly. remember the scene from christmas vacation? take a look at this. it actually happened in real life. police in england with this van with a gigantic christmas tree on top, police posting the photo to warn drivers of the dangers of holiday driving. don't do that. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> the best father a son or daughter can have. hugging robin and holding mom's hand. carley: fox news alert, a look at st. martin the piscopo church in houston where president george hw bush will be laid to rest today. rob: we


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