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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  December 7, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> they're on a world tour. go to our website. we have all the dates. >> go to our "after the show show" on fox nation. >> have a great weekend. >> bill: breaking news, economy, potential deal with china seems more and more possible as the president gets ready to take questions at the white house. i'm bill hemmer live here. we could have a rocking morning. sandra. >> sandra: we could. put your seat belts on. another three hours coming up. markets set to open 30 minutes from now. the president sending a positive message on the trade talks with china as a crucial monthly jobs report shows the unemployment rate remains steady at 3.7% following another wild ride on wall street. >> this is a tough president and he has tough people working for him as a team. and this is good for america. what he has done on trade is
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unprecedented for any president that preceded him. they said we couldn't renegotiate nafta, we did. we said we couldn't get the chinese to the table and admit they're forcing all this. we did. >> bill: peter doocy leads our coverage on a wild friday. how is the white house reacting on the jobs number? >> it followed a shaky few days on wall street where the 90-day break in the trade war between the u.s. and china was basically overlooked by traders when the justice department arrested a powerful chinese telecom executive. something white house officials insist they did not know was going to happen. regardless the president says china talks are going very well. he said last night statement from china. the teams of both sides are having smooth communications and good cooperation with each other. we're full of confidence that an agreement can be reached within the next 90 days. i agree.
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president trump is heading to missouri momentarily i just heard marine one land back on the south lawn. so there is a strong possibility he could react as he often does to the most recent developments in this case, the jobs number. >> bill: there could be job changes at the white house or within the administration. how about nikki haley's replacement? what are you hearing? >> we're hearing it could come any time nou, bill. the pick is expected to be heather nauert which means that soon next couple of days the spokeswoman for secretary of state mike pompeo and rex tillerson before that formerly of fox news herself will have to get set for a grilling by senate democrats. there are a lot of questions about whether or not an ambassador nauert would serve as a cabinet-level official like ambassador haley did. haley sometimes broke with her boss, the president. now sources that i've spoken to say there are a lot of people
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in the building who no longer want the u.n. ambassador position to be cabinet level any longer. nauert's background is in communicating about policy instead of crafting it. nikki haley didn't have a foreign policy background either and she has been there for two years. >> bill: heather nauert, former colleague of ours. spoke to nikki haley earlier in the week and she will most likely go into private practice, business, all those decisions won't happen until the first week of january as are the rules. >> sandra: a rocking few hours coming up. this story as well. former f.b.i. director james comey heading to capitol hill this morning sitting down behind closed doors with the house oversight and judiciary committees in under one hour. something comey initially was refusing to do saying he would prefer a public hearing. here is what congressman trey gowdy had to say about that. >> not a single one of mueller's interviews was done in public.
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not a single one of the grand jury meetings was done in public. so why jim comey, the last time i was in a public hearing with him over 14u7b times -- 100 times can't answer. why does he want to go back to a setting where he knows he can't answer the questions is beif you hadling to me. >> bill: catherine herridge is live on the hill with more. >> good morning. we are expecting the former f.b.i. director at any time now on capitol hill for this closed-door transcribed interview under oath. the key thing here to set expectations is that the behind closed door interview could last several hours, in fact, well into the evening is what we expect. for republicans they say this really comes down to two key issues, court issues, number one, power, the second accountability. power in the sense that during the presidential campaign in 2016 the f.b.i. ran a criminal investigation tracking the
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democratic candidate hillary clinton and her use of a private email server. and then they closed that for the first time and within a few weeks opened what's called a counter intelligence investigation. it is one of the most secret and sensitive investigations handled by the f.b.i. and that was into the opposing candidate, donald trump. once again let's hear from trey gowdy. >> the f.b.i. had a criminal investigation into a presidential candidate and then less than a month after that ended, they launched a counter intelligence investigation into the campaign of the other major presidential candidate. so that's a lot of power that we have given an entity and it is not too much to ask for the former head of that entity to come explain to congress the decisions made and not made during the relevant time period. >> democrats have been highly critical of this republican effort to bring in the former f.b.i. director saying it's driven by politics and point
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that the republicans are making one last push before they lose control of the gavel in january. eric swalwell pointed to the fact that democrats think president trump could have avoided the special counsel investigation if they never fired james comey in the first place. >> the president's worst instincts continue, i think, to haunt him and will ultimately be what exposes him criminally when bob mueller finishes. >> just for some context 16 other witnesses have sat for these transcribed under oath interviews with house republicans but what sets this one apart is under the terms that were brokered with james comey's legal team there will be a transcript made public as early as 24 hours after the session. so you could look for that as early as over the weekend, sandra. >> sandra: we could learn a lot over the next few hours. what else do we expect to learn
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from the special counsel's investigation today? >> we're expecting two sets of filings. two buckets. the first is in new york having to do with the president's former personal attorney michael cohen. two filings there both going to the issue of sentencing and the recommendation of the special counsel based on michael cohen's level of cooperation. one was with the special counsel. he admitted to lying to congress over a moscow real estate deal in 2016. and the second has to do with the new york state charges, bank fraud, tax fraud, as well as election campaign financial gaitions. the second is going to be here in washington, d.c. and it has to do with the former campaign chairman paul manafort. that is at a different stage in the legal action. it is in a different stage because the special counsel has claimed that paul manafort violated his plea agreement and has not been forthcoming. manafort's attorneys say that's not the case.
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special counsel is using strong arm tactics to try to extract information he doesn't have or they say doesn't even exist. so we can look for evidence in the manafort case on these allegations that he is not cooperating and he has lied once again to investigators. the bottom line today to set expectations, we expect all these filings to be blacked out because the special counsel wants to protect sensitive information about ongoing investigations. we'll get a better outline but perhaps not the kind of detail people are hoping for. >> sandra: you'll help us get through all of that. >> bill: let's bring in hugo gurdon from "the washington examiner". this is a lot to pack into this day today. let's talk about comey. we'll divide that out. this is the republican's last chance on this committee to get the answers they've been pursuing. >> yes, it certainly is, bill. their last shot and the democrats are right. the democrats will shut this down in the new year when they
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take over the house. the republicans actually have been divided on this. there were some including jim jordan who preferred not to have comey and wanted to have rod rosenstein come in and talk about the revelation from 12 weeks ago that he was willing to wear a wire and even possibly consider the 25th amendment to get rid of president trump. but today what we're going to hear in the hearing or what will come out is primarily a focus on the beginnings of the russia investigation because there is even -- accumulating evidence that over lack of -- that the f.b.i. and d.o.j. knew that the dossier and christopher steele were unreliable. >> bill: next topic on china. trade deal. i think the arrest of this chinese business woman in canada holds a lot of intrigue. some have said it's the equivalent of steve job's son
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or daughter or steve bezos at amazon. that's the equivalent of this woman being arrested. >> that really complicates matters. the chinese do not make a distinction between the judiciary and the executive. in china, the judiciary is a wholly owned subsidiary of the executive and so when here in the united states the administration says look, you know, this arrest was taking place, the president didn't know about it. chinese find that very difficult to believe. it does complicate the matter and the chinese have complained bitterly about this arrest. they see something suspicious and see it as a way the trump administration is ramping up pressure in the trade war. >> bill: to be clear, though, this woman was arrested because not of the trade war but because of business dealings with iran in violation of this administration's policy. last word on that.
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>> exactly. she is being arrested for sanctions busting and nothing to do with the trade war. >> bill: thanks, hugo gurdon in washington appreciate that. feels like a friday, sandra. >> sandra: not so much. a lot going on. we have a jam-packed show coming up by the way to cover all these stories. first we'll speak with alan dershowitz responding to the latest coming from the robert mueller investigation. he is expected to release new details on michael cohen as well as paul manafort that you heard from catherine herridge. next hour newt gingrich will join us. he is our headliner this morning. expect he has a lot to say on that as well. >> bill: is that all? >> sandra: that's all we've got. >> bill: let's go to this now. fox news alert now breaking news big stories today. police officer in georgia now in critical condition confronting a suspect in atlanta. what we're learning about that
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confrontation coming up. >> sandra: massive mudslides and flooding plaguing parts of california. what authorities are telling people whose homes and lives are in the path of dangers. >> bill: kevin hart quit overnight as the host of the oscars two days after getting the post. why he is being forced to step down. that's coming up next. >> it's not the first time it's come up. i've spoken on it. i've said where the rights and wrongs were. i've said who i am now versus who i was then. i've done it. i've done it.
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>> sandra: fox news alert a georgia police officer fighting for his life today. he was shot in the face while struggling for a suspect happening yesterday outside of atlanta. he was responding to a reported disturbance in a dentist's office. tased the suspect but it didn't work. in the struggle his gun went
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off. a single bullet killed the suspect and struck smith in the face. the community there is pulling for him this morning. >> bill: 15 past now. two big deadlines for the special counsel's team setting to release details on two separate cases on russia. number one the sentencing memo for michael cohen due by 5g today. mueller facing another deadline. will he file new documents to try paul manafort yet again for violations of -- here is alan dershowitz. so much to watch today. sort through it, make it simple. what's important to you, sir? >> well, what's important is what the government, mueller essentially and the southern district, say. how much will they reveal about cohen's cooperation? it's so ironic. people complain all the time that president trump may have
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dangled pardons in front of people and that constitutes tampering with witnesses and bribery. think what prosecutors do every day. they literally bribe witnesses by their freedom, sometimes their life and their money. in fact, 15 years ago a court of appeals had the courage to say look, the bribery statute says anyone who offers anything of value to a witness and therefore when the government offers less time in prison to a witness in order to get their testimony, that constitutes bribery. of course it was reversed later by a higher court but the disproportionality between the power of prosecutors and defense attorneys to influence the testimony of witnesses by offering them enormous amounts of valuable assets, life, liberty, money, whereas if the defense even suggests for a moment a benefit from
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testifying truthfully for them, that's called campering with a witness or obstruction. so we'll see what the government is offering and what they are getting in return from cohen. i think the same thing is true with manafort. it may be too late for manafort to flip back. we'll learn that probably later today. >> bill: it has been well established you have a lot of issues with the special counsel law to begin with. however, it is what it is. so we're trying to sort through this as we go. this is a difficult question to answer. what do you think we know by the end of this day today as it relates to the russia matter? >> well, i think first of all we know whether manafort has flipped back. remember, he first didn't want to cooperate, then he decided to cooperate. then the special prosecutor said he didn't cooperate enough. now his lawyers are in court and the question is will he now say sorry, but i will continue to cooperate and will the special counsel accept that cooperation or will they say no, you've made your bed and
6:19 am
we're now treating you as a hostile, adverse witness and we are going to either try you again or recommend maximum sentence. wealth owe probably learn that today. we'll also learn whether or not cohen, what the nature of his cooperation is and how valuable it may be to mueller. >> bill: i'm taking notes as you talk. sandra as well. now, with regard to collusion, the white house team would argue what in the world does this have to do with collusion? perhaps nothing to do with collusion. does it even matter anymore, professor? >> well, you know, there is the evidence that cohen is apparently willing to offer and others apparently willing to offer, perhaps, that the president and his legal team or his economic team were considering building a tower in moscow. even if that were true, that might suggest some kind of collusion but collusion is not a crime. and even if he was building a tower, what's the evidence that
6:20 am
he gave anything in return for that? so unless they can prove a lot more than economic deals or meetings in the trump tower, they are not crossing the line from what some people might regard as political sin to federal crime. that's what i think has been lacking up to now. they've gotten a lot of perjury, a lot of lying, a lot of indictments based on financial misconduct prior to the presidency but we haven't seen very much about americans having improper dealings with the russians. we've seen indictments against the russians but no one are going to bring the russians to america. >> bill: the flynn memo, page two. hour viewers can see the redactions on the memo. don't know what's behind the redactions. this is page 4. what could possibly be in the wording behind this on this,
6:21 am
sir? >> well, we don't know. this is a perfect example of flynn, i don't think, really committed any crimes. but because they threatened not only prosecuting him but prosecuting his son, he flipped and he pleaded guilty and now apparently he is cooperating and that's why the government is not seeking prison time for him. again it's just the perfect example of how much power the government has to influence witnesses, to tell the stories they want to hear. as judge ellis put it not only to sing but sometimes even to compose. so those redactions may contain information about that. >> bill: thank you, sir. alan dershowitz. good to have you on the program today. thank you. >> sandra: the stock market opening minutes from now following a wild ride yesterday. will the new jobs numbers and trade talk fears have an effect on the markets when they open a couple minutes from now? maria bartiromo will join us
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past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> bill: 25 past. capitol hill we go. james comey now the former f.b.i. director is on the hill. he meets with house and democratic law makesers from the judiciary committee behind closed doors. keen interest to republicans. how did comey handle the case involving hillary clinton and classified information. let's go back to the summer of 2016 when he announced in july of that year that clinton would not be charged. however, saying that she was, quote, extremely careless with classified material. pause. >> director comey do you stand by the decisions you made in 2016 on the clinton campaign and the trump investigation?
6:26 am
director comey, will you take some questions? director comey, do you stand by the decisions you made during the 2016 presidential campaign? >> bill: i believe that's the voice of catherine herridge in the hallway bouncing off the marble walls. whether he revealed potential bias in the clinton case. of keen interest to gowdy and others and goodlatte. we're watching that. the testimony starts at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. james comey is now on the hill. 26 past the hour. >> sandra: the new jobs report is out for the month of november. highly anticipated report showing u.s. employers added 155,000 jobs in the latest months while the unemployment rate did remain steady at 3.7%. all of this as u.s. and china trade talks have royleed the
6:27 am
stock market. maria bartiromo. we watched you all morning. a lot of folks trying to firg out what is happening with the u.s. stock market. right now it looks like there will be a higher open on wall street despite the jobs report being amiss. >> a lot going on. basically what you have here is a report that's not too hot, not too cold. i don't see how you don't like this report. 155,000 jobs were created in the month of november. yes, it was a little lighter than expected. we were expecting 200,000. we got 155. yes, it was a little lighter but it also is right in the sweet spot of showing growth in jobs but at the same time not too hot that it is going to trigger the federal reserve to go overboard raising interest rates. that lies tissue with the stock market. the numbers for the jobs are okay. get this, you also had wages up.
6:28 am
year-over-year wage growth matching the 3.1% pace. the best rate since 2009. you are seeing job creation and you are seeing wages go up for workers which is very good. what we saw happen as soon as the numbers hit the market reversed course. we were expecting a lower opening over yesterday's activity when you have the cfo of huawei getting arrested. but when the jobs numbers came out things reversed and now we're seeing a gain in the market because investors are surmising this means the federal reserve can take its time. maybe yes, we'll see a rate hike at the next meeting but next year it's anybody's guess. we were expecting three rate hikes from the feds. as things begin to cool maybe it's two. the market likes that. you are seeing a bit of a bounce this morning in stocks. >> sandra: fascinating. as far as you reference back to
6:29 am
the huawei cfo. her extradition order we learned from fox business last night. it was an independent act by the d.o.j. questions whether or not the president knew about it beforehand or not. we continue to learn more there. it is fueling a lot of uncertainty about the u.s./china relationship and an actual trade deal getting done. what is the latest there, maria? >> one of the issues here is espionage. the president may not have known that they were arresting her when they arrested her. he was at dinner with president xi in argentina. maybe he didn't know the specifics that they were about to arrest her but the president understands the situation around huawei and zte two major telecom companies out of china. the issue here is that the chinese government has used these chinese companies as tools to spy on foreigners,
6:30 am
including america. so there is an espionage element here. the president is well aware of the spying coming out of china, well aware of the fact that china has been stealing our intellectual property for decades. well aware of the fact they force american companies who want a foothold to china to transfer their technology to chinese counterparts so they can come back and beat us at our own game and aware of the fact that china has been unwilling to open up its markets to american companies who want to get a piece of that 1.4 billion person population. china has been unwilling to do so. you have to look at that arrest yesterday as more evidence that this president is not backing down when it comes to china. >> sandra: interesting stuff and you sound cautiously optimistic as you have been, maria. we're looking at markets opening down 68 points. what a wild ride it was on wall street yesterday. maria bartiromo joining us from washington, d.c. this morning. thank you and there you have it. what a day yesterday was.
6:31 am
>> bill: oh my gosh, what a week. >> sandra: 500, 600. where is the market going and then it clawed back at the end of the session and nasdaq even finished higher on the day. >> bill: we were doing the math together. 1200 points in two days? >> sandra: that's something. we'll see how today goes one minute in dow is down. >> bill: maybe we need more eggnog, just an idea? james comey is on the hill. lawmakers will have a lot of questions, deep into the day and possibly into the evening. a lot of unanswered questions. mike huckabee will take it up next. d... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> sandra: we have breaking news on big personnel changes happening at the white house. william barr will be nominated
6:35 am
to be the attorney general and heather nauert, formerly of this network, fox news, will be nominated to the u.n. ambassador. let's bring in former arkansas governor mike huckabee. he joins us now. i report that to you as the president right now is speaking to reporters as he is departing the white house. we'll have that video for you shortly and when we do we'll play it back. meantime we're learning this, he is making certain now your thoughts on william barr first, the former a.g. >> it is somewhat of a surprise appointment even though rumored. the surprise is he dates back to george herbert walker bush's days as a.g. there but a smart choice. much more difficult for people to say that william barr is a political hack and somehow attached to the trump organization and the trump machine or that he is somebody who is closely tied to donald trump because he simply is not. in fact, if anything he is tied
6:36 am
to the republican establishment way more so than to president trump. the president may have to justify the appointment to some of his more let's say stringent supporters but it is a smart choice and one that should be able to go through the senate without the trouble that maybe a closer ally would be. >> sandra: just a little bit of background there he is 68 years old, a well respected republican lawyer served as attorney general from 1991 to 1993 as you mentioned under president george h.w. bush and we had heard reports leading up to this that he had emerged as the favorite among a number of trump administration officials. but now it is becoming official. so we'll learn more there. next heather nauert for u.n. ambassador, governor. >> this has been rumored for quite some time. the challenge that heather has is getting through the senate confirmation. largely because even though we
6:37 am
love her, know her well and think the world of her, without the kind of foreign policy experience that maybe normally would be in that position, nikki haley didn't have foreign policy experience per se she'll face a real grilling at the u.s. senate. not anything i would wish upon an enemy or friend. i wish her well and hope she maybe gets for christmas an armor suit. she may need it. >> sandra: fascinating. the president is responding to reporters outside the white house and we'll have all his responses for you in just a few moments. but as far as the president's picks here and the changes in personnel, obviously this coming at a very key time in president trump's presidency, governor huckabee, if you could sort of shed some light on what you've seen so far as far as what the president is looking for from members of his team and how he goes about this as we await his formal announcement here? >> the two things the president
6:38 am
needs in anyone he hires, appoints or selects for anything, two virtues that are almost impossible to find in politics anymore. one is a sense of loyalty and the other is confidentiality. by loyalty i don't mean blind loyalty no matter what. i mean loyalty to the man. you don't leak, you don't go out and undermine your own president. you are lawyer to him. if you can't be, you leave. the second thing is confidentiality. know how to keep your mouth shut. people who know don't talk, people who talk don't know. i hope he gets rid of the leakers in the white house. it's natural after two years a lot of people start leaving not because they don't like the president or the policies or direction they're worn out. nobody can keep up with president trump. he may be 72 years old but he has the vigor of somebody who is about 32 and out works everybody around him and he has
6:39 am
extraordinary exacting standards for what he wants. his hours are such that people just can't keep them. >> sandra: it's a busy morning and we expect the president's formal announcement shortly. by the way, james comey behind closed doors with members of congress right now. a busy friday morning. thank you for coming on, governor huckabee. >> great to see you, sandra. >> sandra: former speaker of the house newt gingrich will join us in "america's newsroom" as our headliner this morning. >> bill: from overseas watch this over the weekend. the eiffel tower is closed tomorrow and police tightening security around tourist attractions in an attempt to prevent more of this, demonstrations and protests. anti-government matters, senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot. what will happen, greg? hello. >> bill, it is a cold, windy day here in paris today. it could get a whole lot hotter tomorrow. trouble is threatened as we drove in here we saw windows
6:40 am
being boarded up. metal grateings being taken away. landmarks and shops and restaurants are getting ready to be shut down tomorrow. 89,000 police are being mobilized nationwide trying to head off some of the damage that was seen here last saturday. two people were killed. 130 injured, 400 were arrested. authorities are saying flatly there will be more extreme violence, their words, tomorrow. all part of the so-called yellow vest protest named after the high-visibility jackets that french drivers have to have in their cars and triggered by a hike in the price of diesel fuel by the government here trying to combat global warming. it turned into a broader protest about high taxes, low wages, and a government thought to be out of touch with the people. that means french president macron voted in last year. it is thought much of what he has done so far has benefited the rich at the expense of the
6:41 am
poor. we've seen student staging protests, kids lined up like criminals outside their high school outside of paris that's gone viral. other scenes showing rough treatment by the authorities also getting the attention. bill, the government has already given ground on some aspects of the complaints coming from the protestors. the prime minister of france is thought to be on his way out but macron might not speak until next week. there could be a whole lot of damage between now and then. back to you. >> bill: that government has some issues. greg palkot, eiffel tower, paris, france. back state side as we await the president. >> sandra: he has been making a lot of news speaking to reporters on some items that were well anticipated leading up to this. he will nominate william barr for attorney general, the former a.g. and heather nauert formerly a
6:42 am
journalist of this network for u.n. ambassador. speaking to reporters, making a bit of news. here is the president of the united states. >> president trump: i'll be going to kansas city. we'll be traveling to missouri. i'm making a speech on law enforcement. a very important subject. i want to confirm that bill barr, one of the most respected jurists in the country, highly respected lawyer, former attorney general under the bush administration, a terrific man, a terrific person, a brilliant man, i did not know him until recently when i went through the process of looking at people. and he was my first choice from day one. respected by republicans and respected by democrats. he will be nominated for the united states attorney general
6:43 am
and hopefully that process will go very quickly. and i think it will go very quickly. i've seen very good things about him even over the last day or so when people thought it might be bill barr. he will be nominated for the united states attorney general position. i think he will serve with great distinction. i also want to inform you that heather nauert, somebody that we know very well who has done a great job at the -- working with mike pompeo and others over at the state department, heather nauert will be nominated. she will work with nikki haley to replace nicki at the united nations. she will be ambassador to the united nations. very talented, smart and quick. heather nauert will be nominated for the ambassador to the united nations. two very big ones. i have another one for tomorrow
6:44 am
that i'll be announcing at the army/navy game. i can give you a little hint. it will have to do with the joint chiefs of staff and succession and i look forward to telling you. i'll see you later. i'll see you in kansas. >> bill: a couple headlines. >> sandra: making news there. bill barr will be nominated to the a.g. position and heather nauert for ambassador for the u.n. another one for tomorrow announcing it at the army/navy game. >> bill: talk that john kelly could be on his way out. we watch the president as he takes off from the south lawn, a quick turnaround and salute likely possible. no. so it goes. in a moment, a warning from vladimir putin as the confrontation with the u.s. over 1 *r the 1980 treaty gets hotter. could we be on the edge of a new arms race? we'll have that for you next.
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>> bill: things are russia heating up again. threats of a new nuclear arms race. the u.s. launches its first flight over ukraine in four years. the small country of moldovan. mr. speaker good morning to you. what do you think putin is up to? what's his strategy? >> i think what we see a actually the cold war is not over and it seems to me that putin tries to restore the soviet union. countries like ukraine, moldova and georgia, for example, we are the front line to face all these challenges. >> bill: how is the trump administration responding? they suggested they could take a u.s. navy ship into the black sea which would draw us even closer to what's happening there. >> i think this is a good move
6:49 am
actually because it seems to be the sanctions list is not really working. moving the troops into the black sea can at least stop putin's intention to invade openly ukraine. >> bill: what else do you think we can do, sir? >> the entire support from the united states is really very important for that region because without the support of -- if ukraine falls and moldova falls it will be a domino effect like the baltic states. other allies and u.s. from european union will be helpful to my country and for the region. >> bill: do you suspect that could be a reality, that ukraine and the government of moldova could fall to vladimir putin? yes. we see how russia is interfering in all our domestic affairs. they're using hybrid threats
6:50 am
like mass propaganda and misinformation, fake news, second is supporting pro-russian parties for upcoming elections, it's very dangerous. we have elections in the parliament in february, then presidential elections in march. then not to forget the russian troops occupying my country's territories. we have around 11% which are occupied by the russian troops there. it is quite dangerous. >> bill: we're watching it closely, sir. thank you for your time. the speaker for moldova, we'll watch it. thanks. >> sandra: comedian kevin hart out as the host of the oscars after only two days. we'll tell you why that's happening next. >> that call said kevin, apologize or we are going to have to move on and find someone else some of the tweets in 2009. that was my past. or shortening s when i'm sick. with zicam.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> bill: california hit again. heavy rains and massive mudslides in fire-ravaged regions two weeks after the massive fires. the second time they've been hit with rain prompting hundreds of evacuations with fears of major flooding. >> sandra: a shake-up at the oscars. kevin hart stepping down as the host of next year's awards show just two days after getting the gig. he came under fire after some controversial tweets surfaced from years ago. jeff paul is live in los angeles on this for us, jeff, good morning. >> good morning. we're less than three months away from the oscars and the academy finds itself without a host after hart stepped down early this morning from tweets
6:55 am
he wrote between 2009 and 2011 he wrote about breaking his daughter's doll house over his son's head if his son tried to play with it calling the behavior gay. 2010 special titled seriously funny. one of his biggest fears is his son might grow up to be gay. he said he passed on the apology. >> the reason why i passed. i've addressed this several times. it is not the first time it's come up. i've spoken on it. i've said where the rights and wrongs were. i've said who i am now versus who i was then. i've done it. i've done it. i won't continue to go back and tap into the days of old. >> hart later apologized on twitter and sent the following tweet saying i'm sorry that i hurt people. i'm evolving and i want to continue to do so. my goal is to bring people together, not tear us apart. much love and appreciation to
6:56 am
the academy. i hope we can meet again. before hart stepped down lgbtq rights advocates group reached out to the academy. jamie lee curtis and billy ikener were not happy with hart's initial reaction when he refused to apologize. >> bill: this hour president trump a moment ago announcing two major nominations at the white house before he takes off. fired f.b.i. director james comey in four minutes goes behind closed doors on the hill. the headliner is newt gingrich and he is live coming up right after this break. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis.
6:57 am
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and i work for bank of america. ♪ >> sandra: breaking news on the economy this morning. u.s. employers adding 155,000 jobs in november. that was less than expected and less than we have seen in recent months. the unemployment rate did hold steady at 3.7%. let's look at how the markets are reacting this morning. maria kind of explained this as it's not -- maria bartiromo explained it as not too hot or cold. the market finding their footing here. they initially got a pop out of the gate this morning just up more than 100 points. now the dow is up about 60 points. charles payne will join us on all this breaking news and break down the number just ahead. fired f.b.i. director james comey on the hill for a closed
7:01 am
door interview for his handling of the clinton email investigation. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. house republicans finally getting a chance to question comey and the time is running out on that opportunity. democrats take control first week of january. comey was fighting a subpoena to force his appearance but finally agreed after lawmakers said they will release a transcript of everything that happens today tomorrow on saturday. here is trey gowdy. >> the f.b.i. had a criminal investigation into a presidential candidate and in less than a month after that ended, they launched a counter intelligence investigation into the campaign of the other major presidential candidate. it is not too much to ask for the former head of that entity to come explain to congress the decisions made and not made during the relevant time period. >> bill: mike emanuel is watching the movements on capitol hill. >> good morning to you.
7:02 am
this is an important moment for these house republicans on these relevant committees wanting to question the former f.b.i. director james comey. he arrived on capitol hill a short time ago ahead of his closed door under oath session with house lawmakers. a compromise struck by agreeing to release a full transcript to avoid selective leaks. questions for comey about the integrity of the department of justice, the possibility of fisa or foreign intelligence surveillance act abuse and regarding some of the comments he has made in interviews since leaving the f.b.i. ohio republican congressman jim jordan tweeted comey in for questions today, rosenstein should be next. it has been 11 weeks since he made comments about wearing a wire to record the president invoking the 25th amendment. the house oversight chairman offered a preview of the session with jim comey. >> this is an investigation, a counter intelligence investigation into the campaign of a presidential candidate. so what is the threshold for the reliability and credibility
7:03 am
of the information? i have long known that the f.b.i. did not corroborate that information before they used it the first time. let's find out whether or not they made any effort to corroborate it before they used it the second, third or fourth time. >> there is certainly plenty of tension going into this closed door session. jim comey's attorney took this swipe at chairman gowdy. >> it's really interesting you have congressman gowdy who spent several years trying to get an investigation, spend millions on benghazi and came up with nothing and mueller has come up with 30 indictments in a fraction of that time. an interesting dynamic to these hearings. >> bill: house republicans have an opportunity this hour to have a lot of their questions answered before turning over the chairman's gavels to the democrats. >> sandra: other breaking news to get to on the other side of pennsylvania avenue. president trump announcing minutes ago that he will nominate bill barr as attorney
7:04 am
general and heather nauert as u.n. ambassador. rich edson is live in washington with these breaking details. rich. >> good morning. the state department spokesperson and former fox news anchor heather nauert is president trump's selection to succeed nikki haley. nauert has secured the confidence of secretary of state mike pompeo and president trump. senior officials say she has traveled more than 155,000 miles during her tenure at state. most of that with secretary pompeo. officials say she was largely excluded from then secretary of state rex tillerson's tight inner circle. the nomination heads to capitol hill for confirmation where opponents will turn to what they say is nauert's lack of experience in international affairs and the need for behind the scenes coalition building at the u.n. the u.s. mission at the united nations has been maintaining international pressure on north
7:05 am
korea and bolstering support to israel. if confirmed she would follow ambassadors like george h.w. bush and john bolton. a second nomination for president trump this morning william barr as attorney general. if confirmed the second time at this position. he served as attorney general from 1991 to 1993. barr would step into a justice department and ongoing special counsel investigation of russian interference into the 2016 presidential election. he previously questioned the politics of some of the investigators with democrats likely to question him on their concerns about protecting special counsel robert mueller's investigation. sandra. >> sandra: rich edson. thank you. >> bill: let's bring in newt gingrich, fox news contributor. how are things and great to have you back today? we brought you in to talk about the headlines of the day and the latest headlines. bill barr, do you know him and
7:06 am
like the pick? heather nauert at the u.n. >> i worked with bill barr back in the first bush administration and before that and i've watched him every since. he has great integrity. he is very smart. i think that he will be confirmed readily by the senate. he brings a level of stability and knowledge to the justice department that will be very powerful. a great pick by the president and it is interesting to me in the middle of all this talk about mueller and all this noise, here you have the president making a great pick for attorney general and a very solid pick for the u.n. heather nauert has worked very closely with secretary pompeo. she has been in the room for two solid years. and while tiller son didn't have her in his inner circle she was nonetheless in the state department working issues, working with the president and his team. i think there is a real sense that she can communicate effectively. remember, a major part of the united nation's ambassadors job
7:07 am
is public diplomacy. look at the great job nikki haley did. i think that heather nauert is a very good choice in the same tradition. >> sandra: obviously william barr is a person you know, as you said, speaker. would face some tough questioning in the confirmation process over how he would handle the ongoing mueller investigation. knowing him and his work, how do you think he will handle that questioning process? >> look, he is going to be very professional. very, very well prepared. he will have thought all this through and he will frankly know far more than most of the senators who are questioning him. i think he is going to take a very solid position. he will be responsible. he is not go -- he is not there to either be the president's defender or the president's attacker. he is there to be the chief law enforcement officer of the united states of america. he understands this thoroughly and i think particularly in light of the deep sentiment
7:08 am
everybody felt towards president george h.w. bush having his attorney general willing to come back and serve the country gives bill barr a powerful emotional ability to reach out to the senators in both parties and say look, i'll do a job for america. i'm a patriot. i'm here because it matters. and you can count on my professionalism. that's frankly all we should ask of an attorney general. >> bill: republicans have the votes in the senate as you well know. i would expect the vote to go through unless there is a big hiccup. go ahead. >> i think bill barr will get a substantial number of democratic votes because of his integrity because he has worked with so many of them over the years and they know him and know he is somebody who is going to serve the country. >> bill: on the mueller matter. will manafort be referred for a new trial? we're waiting to hear that today. on the cohen matter. deadline day for sentencing guidelines. we'll see what happens, james
7:09 am
comey is behind closed doors answering questions from house lawmakers, gowdy, goodlatte, ratcliffe and others. here is jonathan turley, sound bite four that comey is a leaker himself and i'll ask you a question after this. >> the one i would ask and drill down on is his leaking of those memos after he left the f.b.i. he was tasked with finding leakers, and the minute it became something to his advantage he became a leaker. >> bill: that appears to be turley's main question. what is yours? >> look, i think the real question. you had this a few minutes ago from trey gowdy. the entire thought process by which the director of the f.b.i., who is supposed to be the nation's top law enforcement figure in terms of criminal law, what was his decision process both with hillary clinton and with donald trump? you have this guy who i think was rendering judgments that
7:10 am
were way, way above his pay grade. he had no right to be doing a lot of stuff he was doing and it has never been completely explained. the more we learned about how he ran the f.b.i., the people around him who are now in trouble, it's really, i think, a problem that we have to dig into ultimately because you can't have the nation's top law enforcement agency riddled with people who abuse the power for their own ideas or their own psychological interests. >> sandra: mr. speaker, another fascinating day for u.s. markets. looking at the dow right now it was just up 100 points and now it's in the red. following these markets will make you sea sick. one day, wednesday no day of trading for a national day of mourning but it has been a wild ride on wall street this week. a lot of questions and uncertainty surrounding trades. the president's top guy on trade peter navarro said this most recently. >> we're going into this clear eyed. at the end of 90 days if they
7:11 am
don't say what they say they'll do we put the tariffs up more and that's a good outcome because we're defending this country from chinese economic aggressions. everybody in washington now agrees that china is a bad actor doing bad things. the only disagreement we have is what should be done about it. >> sandra: that was peter navarro taking to bret baier. it's tough to navigate this and find out what the president will do on trade. >> let me separate the two. i'll really disappoint you on markets. i don't worry about it. markets go up, markets go down. depending when you got into this market it has gone up so much so dramatically for so long that it could go down a good ways and most people will still be profitable. so i don't think you can tell from the daily confusion of the marketplace. on trade, we have a real problem. the chinese have routinely
7:12 am
cheated across the board in a way which i'm working on a book for next summer on china, and i think the subtitle is going to be change or die. the truth is, we can't allow the chinese to continue to steal our intellectual property. we can't allow them to continue to have all sorts of one-sided deals on trade. and we have to recognize that this is a big country with a determined effort to become the leading country in the world. and if we don't find a way to negotiate aggressively and fairly and get a real change in their behavior, we're in real trouble in the long run. >> bill: larry kudlow is making a round of interviews. he is saying it's a nation fall security issue as it relates to the trade talks and well, i guess more to the point, the arrest of this business woman in canada the other day. that is an -- here is the question. it's an elevation of matters and it happened over the
7:13 am
weekend the same time the talks in argentina. kudlow said we've been warning them on this matter for a long time. america is probably not aware if you buy a tesla made in china the information you goes back to beijing. here is the question. has the administration communicated effectively to the american people what's on the line and what they're trying to execute? >> no, no. they have not yet. it is a major challenge to all of us. we've gone through a long period where all of us, including me, all of us kept hoping that china's opening up in markets would lead them to become a normal country to follow the rule of law, to be a fair trading partner. and as michael pillsbury in a brilliant book called the 100 year marathon. the problem of chinese behavior. he points out -- he is one of the people who had to change his mind. the longer you watch them, the
7:14 am
more you realize that the chinese are engaged in -- it is not that they're bad people. but their entire culture and background is so dramatically different than ours that they regard cheating as routine. it's not breaking the rules, it is the rules. and we're going to have to be tough enough and firm enough -- it is a national security issue. they steal hundreds of billions of dollars a year in intellectual property. they have all sorts of equipment militarily that is basically american equipment that they stole through the internet. they hack routinely into the defense department. this is very aggressive behavior and it is not 12 teenagers in shanghai. this is a division of the people's liberation army located just outside beijing which is actively dedicated to stealing american intellectual property. this is stuff that has to change. the chinese won't turn around and say gosh, we really want to be fair players now.
7:15 am
they'll grudgingly day-by-day over the next few years have to be drug into a fair relationship which will be very painful for them and a real change for them. >> bill: if you don't make the 90-day deadline that's an important message for the president to deliver from the white house, part of what you said right there. thank you for your time. >> sandra: meanwhile senators pushing a new bill to pay for the border wall with a big $25 billion price tag. does it stand a chance of even passing? >> bill: bob mueller has significant deadlines today on the russia matter and as they relate to it. what we might learn from the memos about michael cohen and paul manafort. our a-team is coming up on deck on that and a lot more. >> we'll see what the government is offering and what they're getting in return from cohen. i think the same thing is true with manafort. it may be too late for manafort to flip back but we'll learn that probably later today. typim head has its limitations,
7:16 am
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7:20 am
cooperation is and how valuable it may be to mueller. >> sandra: that was alan dershowitz last hour on what special counsel robert mueller could reveal on the progress of his investigation today. let's bring in the a-team. ed henry, liz peek and robert wolff. good morning to all of you. ed, you first. set this up for us. what do you expect to learn in the coming hours? >> two court files by 5:00 p.m. one on man fort as you heard from alan dershowitz. the other one on michael cohen and level of his cooperation. i think with manafort what he has already been busted for are financial crimes that appear at least to have nothing to do with the president. happened before the campaign. we'll see if there is any more there there. i think the michael cohen documents could be more interesting. stuff we don't know if terms of his level of cooperation, what did he flip on? he is looking for leniency.
7:21 am
the president has been tweeting about the witch hunt he seemed rattled by what we might see later today. >> except what we saw with michael flynn's big revelation is there was no revelation. everything was redacted. more speculation about what is yet to come than what actually contained in the documents. it will be interesting to see in the case of michael cohen's revelation, if you will, whether there is anything there. everybody reads the stuff the way they want to. >> sandra: tough to read anything with all the redactions. you could take away mueller seemed to be pleased with what he got from michael flynn. >> i would agree with the two brilliant people that spoke before me. one that there is no question that president trump is rattled. all morning it was witch hunt. there is there there. then on the other side what liz said there will be likely no there there with --
7:22 am
>> sandra: an entire page of redactions. >> bill: i think the big news is what judge napoleon said on fox is that, you know, they are expecting an indictment for don junior. i think that likely is what's making the president a little rattled. >> sandra: they don't know. >> i said likely is what he said. >> possible. >> i'm only telling you what the judge said. >> bill: dershowitz the way he laid this out is the way to look at it. by the way on screen here is what's coming up today. mueller, will manafort be referred for a new trial. cohen deadline day for sentencing guidelines. comey answering lawmaker, did manafort flip back? number two, cohen, what has he been willing to offer? >> that's what's giving rise to the tweet storm from president trump. this man, michael cohen, is incredibly knowledgeable about the trump organization, about
7:23 am
president trump, about things that went on during the campaign. i think he is a much more threatening presence than paul manafort. >> i would agree with that. you talk more about the southern district court, which, you know, here in new york which is -- i don't know if they're anti-trump or not but at the end of the day something that can't be pardoned. there is nothing the president can influence. whether it's accurate manafort flipped back and one way. we know cohen hasn't. >> i agree with the idea that cohen could be more dangerous to the president than manafort. manafort, there hasn't been a shoe to drop yet there against the president. despite all the hyper ventilating by people on the left cohen is more of a danger. he is now an admitted liar. his credibility will be in question. that's what the president will go after. look, we've been here before as liz said earlier. when george papadopoulos a year ago flipped quote, unquote.
7:24 am
we heard the walls are closing in on the president. he went to jail for 14 days. >> said nothing bad about the president. >> sandra: one of the president's latest tweets he says we will be doing a major counter report to the mueller report. he said this should never again be allowed to happen to a future president of the united states and that's what alan dershowitz has been telling us on this program all along. the white house should be preparing this counter report to be released simultaneously with the mueller report. >> what we know is that even before mueller was appointed, there was an obstruction of justice investigation into the president initiated by then acting head of the f.b.i. andrew mccabe. we know that andrew mccabe is tainted in terms of having democratic leanings. in the questioning of comey by the house, the entire beginnings of this investigation into the president's campaign and supposed russian collusion and
7:25 am
as it continued even as he took office, you know, the media has basically ignored that. republicans have not. i think we need more exposure of the chain of events and what really happened here. >> to your point, there are two groups we haven't heard from really. mueller's group and president's in-house counsel in the white house. my guess is that something like that, that's what the in-house counsel at the white house will work on. if there is something that is done disrespectfully to the president irrespective whether you like trump or not. there should be a report that tells a bit of substance of the process. what we know is no one loves this process. even though i could argue there are 36 indictments to date. that's amazing. i even say to myself, when is this going to be over? >> there is an email suggesting they wanted to get the president. >> bill: there was conventional wisdom that mueller was getting ready to wrap this thing up and end it before christmas break
7:26 am
and democrats move in the first week of january. is that your sense as well? >> honestly i think what robert said a moment ago is right. mueller hasn't really leaked and mueller has kept everything close to the vest. and so the honest answer is we don't know how much longer. yes, there were signs weeks ago it was wrapping up and now -- >> that's an easy read. >> bill: page 4. that won't take you long. >> very revealing. >> we all wait until 5:00 to see what the next four pages will look like. >> is it a blockbuster or nothing? the honest answer is we don't know. >> bill: thank you ed, liz. see you in a moment. unemployment rate holding steady 3.7% nearly a five decade low. how are markets reacting? we'll check -- what happened
7:27 am
there, sandra? we were all blue skies. money man charles payne is coming up what it means for your bottom line in a matter of moments. >> sandra: new election could be in the works in north carolina after a congressional race is rocked by allegations of fraud. so will there be a redo? >> what needs to happen right now is a comprehensive and transparent and nonpartisan investigative process so that voters can have confidence that the system is functioning as it should.
7:28 am
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7:32 am
higher than that, around 200,000. how do you read it? >> we did get adp so we should have known it could be lower. it's -- when you have 3.7% unemployment you get full employment. the numbers will naturally come down. i would say a slight disappointment. the good news is that wages are up again 3.1% and i think that's probably a more critical aspect of the report. just that now we're starting to see this wage growth that has been missing for many americans for decades starting to make its way. >> bill: people making more money. >> sandra: are we looking too much in the market fluctuations? it can be scary when the dow is down 600 points and more. this morning out of the gate stocks went up and down 200 points. it is hard to keep track of and it can be concerning. >> it can being concerning. if you're tie myopic and watching these. we were down as much as 00. we came all the way back.
7:33 am
nasdaq went positive. you'll drive yourself nuts with the computerized rating. should we stop these machines that automatically? >> sandra: is it reflecting sentiment? >> not really. the s&p 500 goes below the average and they automatically sell. that has nothing to do with sentiment. >> sandra: we won't even go there right now. >> the point is you were talking about the volatility. sometimes if you're down 800 people will be scared. if you're down 800 because the machines went berserk should you be scared? are they really reflective? the stuff i like and the things i look at. retail sale jobs 18,000. a year ago 27,000. they pay $583 a week. guess what? the warehouse jobs we're
7:34 am
talking low-killed jobs 25,000. they pay $810 a week. so the composition of these jobs to your point, i really like what's happening here with the composition of the jobs. that's why the wage growth is going up. we're looking at now is a guessing game about the federal reserve. no one knows what the federal reserve is going to do next and that's all it is a pure guessing game. >> sandra: as far as what we're hearing on china it is difficult to nafsh gat. the president's most recent words. the teams on both sides are having good cooperation with each other. we're full of confidence an agreement can be reached within the next 90 days. i agree. so he was basically putting the statement from china on his twitter account saying he agrees with the sentiment, do you? >> a full agreement. not a full agreement. but i think we're doing substantially better than it has been reported in the american media. this is interesting. if you go to the ministry of commerce, china ministry of commerce website you'll see
7:35 am
much more positive comments there. the south china morning post and read their stuff much more positive comments. than you get even if the american media. i'm glad president trump is putting it out to let people know china is trying to negotiate this. it is different this time. doesn't mean we'll get everything we want but we're getting more progress than many people expected. >> bill: "washington post" op-ed. u.s./china economic confrontation will get worse before it gets better. something the markets are beginning to realize. critics will say it's anti-business or anti-china but it is actually about defending america and larry kudlow said something similar today on that. >> they're absolutely right. even the "washington post" gets it right every now and then. >> sandra: larry kudlow's point all along has been it's a continuing threat to our national security. >> national security, job security. everything else. let's face it. when wall street defends the
7:36 am
status quo because they don't want supply chains messed up, supply chains is a euphemism or cheap labor, child labor, slave labor. listen, wall street wants big profit margins. those big profit margins saw 7 million manufacturing jobs leave this country. so just like the u.s. mca. wall street didn't like the deal because more cars will be made in america. imagine that. they may cost a little more. at some point you have to wake up and say, you know, it's -- you have to have customers before you can worry about profit margins. i think they're right. this is about america across the board economic security and national security with the ip theft. >> bill: see you at 2:00. >> sandra: great discussion. >> i'm 83% better, i think. >> bill: two weeks this guy. >> sandra: a tough guy. >> bill: two weeks you've had this.
7:37 am
>> headline of the authorities said that they will meet by december 21st they could certify the election. they could call for a new election, which would be of the same parties in the general election within 75 days, or they could just throw the whole thing out. i don't think the option of a recount is a lively one. >> sandra: that's nancy pelosi on the fraud allegations rocking north carolina's ninth congressional district. more than a month since the mid-term elections but officials are still holding off on certifying the winner in that race. jonathan serrie is live in atlanta for us this morning. >> well, you look back to election night you have the democrat giving a concession speech, now he is withdrawing his concession. he made the announcement on social media. take a look. >> overseas in the marine corps
7:38 am
to come back home and watch criminals attack our democracy. that's why today i withdraw my concession to mark harris who remained completely silent and i call on him to tell us what he knew and when he knew it. >> "the new york times" reports the campaign of harris has disclosed is owes more than $34,000 with a voter turnout effort called into question. state elections officials are investigating allegations a political operative ran a door-to-door operation to collect absentee ballots from voters which is illegal. north carolina republicans insist harris had no knowledge of any illegal activity but they say they would support a completely new election if state investigators are able to show that these alleged voter irregularities affected the outcome of the race. take a listen. >> we're calling for
7:39 am
transparency. we're calling for a fully bipartisan task force to lead the investigation. and finally, that the investigation be broad enough, have a broad enough scope to satisfy the concerns of all people in north carolina. >> republican harris currently leads democrat mccready by 905 votes. but more than four weeks after election day the north carolina state board of elections has yet to certify the results. the board says it is going to hold a public evidentiary hearing on or before december 21st. sandra. >> sandra: live for us in atlanta this morning. thank you. >> bill: president trump announcing new nominations for key roles in his administration. who are they and why the choice? we'll break it down next coming back with the a-team on that. >> sandra: robert mueller is set to put out new details about his investigation. we'll talk to andy mccarthy.
7:40 am
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7:44 am
>> president trump: bill barr will be nominated for the united states attorney general position. i think he will serve with great distinction. i also want to inform you that heather nauert, somebody that we know very well who has done a great job at the -- as working with mike pompeo and others over at the state department, heather nauert will be nominated and she will work with nikki haley to replace nikki at the united nations. she will be ambassador to the united nations. >> bill: nominations for u.n. ambassador heather nauert is his selection. bill barr. back with our a-team. for attorney general. ed henry, liz peek and robert wolff. andrew mccarthy will be live at
7:45 am
11:30. >> sandra: today is friday, right? first to you on the personnel changes the president is making here. how will all this go over? >> we know heather nauert well. she has done an outstanding job at the state department and traveled around the world and knows her brief. the question will be there are democrats lining up now to say that she doesn't have the heft -- this is a job that daniel patrick moynihan and george h.w. bush served in that post. but let's give her a chance. she will have a confirmation hearing. go before the senate foreign relations committee. i think she will do fine. i think bill barr is interesting. here is why. he is an establishment figure. you haven't just the mueller investigation that the attorney general will have to keep an eye on but you have all these democratic investigations and subpoenas coming. smart pick by the president. the potential problem is he is a bush 41 guy, not a trump guy. >> bill: i don't think there is
7:46 am
a problem here. republicans have the majority in the senate. >> if he gets in as attorney general. about jeff sessions, he is a washington insider and never on the same page as the president. will bill barr be on the same page? >> it seems like more. he has written and spoken about the fact that comey was right to reopen the investigation to hillary clinton's emails right before the election and expressed skepticism about the mueller investigation which i think is probably influential and why president trump chose him. i think it's very important to get someone that's on the same page. he has that person. >> as the dem of the panel, not andrew robert. i think certainly we think he is a lot better choice than whitaker and trump would have the ability to keep whitaker for a long period of time. i think it's nine months or something. so i think someone like bill barr who has experience seems
7:47 am
like he would be a better adult in the room for us. now, whether he gets through an easy process, i don't know. also just to take the other side of liz's point i actually think mueller was in the f.b.i. when he was the attorney general under h.w. bush. my guess is there is probably some respect they have for each other. >> bill: to your point the president said last hour, a guy i've gotten to know recently. i think that's true for a lot of the appointments in washington from a president like him. never lived in washington >> in a typical administration, fine. this president is not from inside washington that can be a good thing. he is shaking things up. a lot of people in the establishment who hate that but he is shaking things up. he ran as an outsider. my point is you rearrange the deck chairs with a bunch of guys that have been in washington before. my point is he -- he might not really have somebody that he can personally trust.
7:48 am
>> bill: we'll keep our powder dry for now. james comey behind closed doors now taking questions. nadler told catherine herridge that the first week of january they'll end all these investigations. this is truly a drop dead moment for trey gowdy, bob goodlatte, john ratcliffe. >> they'll drop some investigations and open up a whole slough of other ones into everything to do with president trump. i think the american people are going to get tired of this. i don't think the questions about the origins of the mueller investigation are going to go away. i don't think frankly by the way another thing that barr sinted in is the whole question of hillary clinton's involvement with the iranian one sale. so i don't think any of those things will go away in the public's mind it may be that yes, the republicans in the house aren't going to have a chance to forward those investigations. instead we'll be looking at all the things that mueller has been looking at. >> bill: why comey made the decisions he did in the summer
7:49 am
of 2016 with regard to hillary clinton's emails. >> the only bipartisan thing in washington today is both the dems and republicans are pissed at comey. >> he brought them together. >> our perspective is very different than the house perspective. we think it was the biggest change in the election. >> sandra: we'll get to see every word of it within 24 hours. >> it is not just about the hillary clinton investigation but about british steele and the dossier. james comey was there and he allowed the dossier funded by the dnc and clinton campaign to be the basis of conducting surveillance of carter page and we've never gotten the answers on why. he has never been charged with anything. he was under surveillance for months and months. why? >> during the chaotic period, not real news either way. with the markets in disarray, with literally everything -- >> sandra: using words like
7:50 am
disarray. >> there should be accountability. whether it was comey's handling of hillary clinton or the handling of the trump investigation. why is there never accountability for all these folks? >> bill: thank you all. >> sandra: thank you. andy mccarthy will join us at 11:30. >> you'll never forget robert's name again. >> sandra: jury deliberations underway for the man who police say intentionally drove a car into a crowd. james field's defense attorneys arguing he was acting in self-defense. the prosecution says it was politically motivated. we'll be live outside the courthouse with the latest on that. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
7:51 am
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during the season of audi sales event. and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit >> sandra: the jury in the james field trial already deliberating this morning. he is charged with first degree murder after plowing his car through a crowd of counter protestors in charlottesville, virginia. elson barber has the latest from there. >> good morning to you, fields is facing life in prison right now a jury of 12 is behind closed doors trying to decide his fate. when he left the courtroom this morning he stared at his mother for about 10 seconds.
7:55 am
she shrugged her shoulders and then he turned and left. she seemed to cry. fields is charged with first degree murder, fleeing the scene of an accident and eight counts related to malicious wounding. august 12, 2017 prosecutors say he intentionally ran his car into a crowd. the prosecution argues fields did it with malice and showed the jury two memes he shared showing a car running into protestors. posted one publicly and sent one privately in may of 2017. they also showed him text messages he exchanged with his mother the day before heading down for this rally. the unite the right rally. fields is a self-described neo-nazi sending text messages to his mom after she told him to be careful attending the rally writing we're not the ones who need to be careful.
7:56 am
he then sent a meme showing a photo of adopt hitler. fields acted in self-defense according to the defense. he feared death or serious bodily harm. a picture of a chaotic day of violence of both sides. all but one are white. fields is facing federal charges once this trial finishes. the jury started deliberating 9:40 this morning. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: president trump announcing a few major picks for his administration. live at the white house to tell you about that. also at the moment behind closed doors is james comey talking with house lawmakers. what are they learning about the hillary clinton email matter? are you on medicare?
7:57 am
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like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare or go online to enroll. [sfx: mnemonic] >> sandra: fox news alert at the top of a new hour. two big announcements from the white house. president trump nominating heather naurgt as united nations ambassador. william barr to head the justice department as the new attorney general. both announcements coming in the last couple hours. welcome back to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm sandra smith. >> bill: happy friday to you i'm bill hemmer. president trump making the announcement. >> sandra: john roberts is live on the north lawn with the breaking developments. a lot happening on this friday morning. good morning, john. >> we're back to the old type of fridays when everything can happen and probably would.
8:01 am
good morning. we knew yesterday the president wanted william barr to be his attorney general but didn't expect he would announce it so quickly this morning. but in picking barr the president picked someone with respect, integrity, past bipartisan support and experience. he was the attorney general in the bush 41 white house. here is what the president said about him this morning. >> president trump: he was my first choice from day one. respected by republicans and democrats. he will be nominated for the united states attorney general and hopefully that process will go very quickly and i think it will go very quickly. i've seen very good things about him. >> to some of the president's outside advisors the choice makes zero sense. the president doesn't know him and no idea how barr will
8:02 am
approach the mueller investigation but a clue as to what barr thinks about the obstruction aspect of the mueller investigation. he said the president was justified in firing former f.b.i. director james comey and what he told neil cavuto in may of 2017. >> while i admire jim comey a lot and contributed a lot to the country, enormously gifted, he crossed the basic line back in july, fundamental line in the department which is that investigations are supervised and directed by the lawyers, the prosecutors at the department, not the agents. >> one of the key lines is there the president is entitled to his choice of f.b.i. director. that is what this white house has maintained all along. this morning on the south lawn as he was leaving for kansas today the president saying that he does not really know barr but he has gotten to know him
8:03 am
in recent weeks and been his first choice all along. >> sandra: john, heather nauert is the president's pick for u.n. ambassador. >> it's something we talked about weeks ago if you remember. then it seemed to go on the back burner for a while and we were wondering if maybe it wasn't going to happen. late last night -- last evening we discovered that heather nauert was going to become the u.n. ambassador and the president announced it this morning. she has the spokeswoman at the state department since the days of rex tillerson. did not have a great depth of foreign policy experience prior to joining the state department. her experience since has been mostly in communications, not policy. but she is a quick study and both the president and secretary of state like her very much. here is what the president said about her this morning. >> president trump: she is very talented and smart and quick. i think she is going to be respected by all. so heather nauert will be nominated for the ambassador to the united nations.
8:04 am
>> one of the interesting changes that will happen with her nomination, with nikki haley, the current u.n. ambassador, that is a cabinet-level position. so even though she falls under the auspices of the state department she is co-equal to the secretary of state. in the past the u.n. ambassador job has always been a sub cabinet level so when it comes to the really big stuff at the united nations the secretary of state steps in. that hasn't been happening under nikki haley. i'm told the position will go back to sub cabinet levels. heather nauert will be the representative if confirmed on the day-to-day basis but if something big happens you'll see mike pompeo. >> bill: all eyes on james comey the former f.b.i. director sitting down with house lawmakers behind closed doors taking questions on the clinton email matter and alleged political bias in the agency when he was in charge. catherine herridge watching it
8:05 am
out at the rayburn house office building on the hill. what do you have? >> thank you, bill. the former f.b.i. director arrived at the rayburn house office building an hour and a half ago. they've been inside the session for an hour. director comey wrote a book about his experiences of the f.b.i., justice department and given dozens of interviews did not answer reporters' questions. director comey, do you stand by the decisions you made during the 2016 presidential campaign? >> for republicans here this morning they say the interview comes down to two core issues. one is about power and the other is about accountability. the decisions the f.b.i. director made during the 2016 campaign. just to emphasize this was an extraordinary year. the f.b.i. was investigating
8:06 am
hillary clinton's use of a private email server for government business. after that they opened a counter intelligence investigation into the opposing candidate donald trump. republicans said there is evidence that the investigation into the trump campaign began much earlier than publicly acknowledged. here is congressman mark meadows. >> why was there information being collected and under whose authority did that information get collected? and was the investigation actually going on before they officially opened the -- what is now known as crossfire hurricane on july 31st of 2016? >> another republican is very focused on this anti-trump dossier used to secure surveillance warrant for a trump campaign aide. he wants to know when bruce ohr was told by the british author
8:07 am
of the dossier, christopher stoo*eshltion he had this tremendous an mouse against candidate trump and when did director comey have this information and what did he do with it? >> we learned from bruce ohr that christopher steele had told him he was desperate to stop president trump was being president. i want to know when james comey knew that and more importantly did he know that before they went to the fisa court with mr. steele's work product? >> this is behind closed doors today but what sets it apart from the other interviews, bill, is that there will be a transcript that will be released we're told within 24 hours, so as early as saturday. everyone at home can read the transcript and judge for themselves. the quality and the depth of the former director's answers. >> bill: what are the democrats interested? what could they ask? >> a handful of democrats have entered the session already today and have strong objections to the fact it is
8:08 am
behind closed doors saying they would prefer to see public testimony. the big difference with the public testimony each lawmaker only gets five minutes and republicans say they need an hour a side in the closed door interview to drill down on some of the most sensitive issues. here are the democrats from earlier today. >> the entire purpose of this investigation is to cast aspersions on the real investigation, mueller. no evidence whatsoever of bias of the f.b.i. or other nonsense they're talking about. >> it has been a rerun of the same questions and answers through multiple interviews. i like tv reruns but this is getting a little ridiculous. >> congressman nadler also told reporters that once he takes the gavel he is basically going to put a stake through the heart of this f.b.i. investigation that has been run by the republicans, bill. >> bill: it continues inside. thank you so much on that.
8:09 am
>> sandra: a lot more on this busy day happening now. let's bring in dan henninger the "wall street journal" editor. william barr, heather nauert, james comey. the president made his case for william barr for a.g. how will it go over? >> i think very well. indeed william barr was attorney general during the presidency of george h.w. bush and it's fascinating to me, sandra, that donald trump for the past week has been described as the anti-bush, the -- william barr represents h.p.'s values. integrity, sense of public duty and the president said it was my original choice all along he does not completely reject those ideas. >> sandra: he said he has enormous respect, bipartisan support in the past and a lot of experience. we'll see. heather nauert spokesperson for
8:10 am
the state department dating back to rex tillerson's days. she is smart, quick. is she is right person for the job >> i believe she is. she was my choice all along. she has been in the state department since april of last year. she was the department spokesperson. she has been operating at the highest levels with all of the issues confronting the united states on a daily basis. then as undersecretary. she has the confidence of secretary of state pompeo. and i think she is well versed in algorithm -- all the hot spots in the world. i really can't think of anyone better equipped at this point to succeed nikki haley. >> sandra: interesting. now james comey. we know he is behind closed doors. this time we will actually see the transcript. we'll see the questions and see how he answered them. but that is happening with judiciary mem e i shall -- members? >> i respect a roort to come from the committee what happened when the f.b.i.
8:11 am
investigations were beginning into president trump. it is not only about james comey. it is about the whole intelligence community and the f.b.i. and how these reports emerged in early january of last year that there was collusion between the trump campaign and then the russians. comey was just one piece of that. i think they want him to address those issues because they know a lot about what happened back then. they've been looking at it for a long time and they simply want mr. comey to try to confirm or deny his role in some of these things like the fisa warrants. >> sandra: that session is expected to go on for hours. >> i suspect it will. >> sandra: questions by democrats and republicans. a lot should come out of that. 24 hours they say they'll release the transcript. we'll see. dan hen, -- >> bill: mudslides sweeping through california again last night. the communities still trying to recover from the devastating wildfires. >> sandra: congress giving
8:12 am
themselves another two weeks to hash out a deal on border spending. but will they reach an agreement in time? it's a big question. illinois congressman adam kinzinger joins us with his prediction as nancy pelosi stands firm. >> speaking for myself, consider the wall immoral, ineffective, expensive. that isn't how i would interpret a continuing resolution. to most, he's phil mickelson, pro golfer.
8:13 am
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8:16 am
>> bill: just another day. here we go again. 369 on the down side. say which way we go toward the afternoon of today's trading session. the jobs number that came out was a little less than hot i would say, sandra. is that how you characterize it? 155,000, expected 200,000? >> sandra: it was a mix. charles payne and maria bartiromo weren't alluding to the fact it would lead to a sell-off. this is uncertainty about the china trade deal and the direction markets are taking. tough to navigate right now. >> bill: a lot of investors are doing a guessing game about what the fed does or doesn't do in the next year. >> sandra: that's fair. congress approving a two-week spending bill to avoid a
8:17 am
partial shutdown delaying the fight over border spending. both sides seem far apart. president trump weighing in on this. arizona, together with our military and border patrol is bracing for a massive surge at a non-walled area. we will not let them through. big danger. nancy and chuck must approve border security and the wall. joining me now republican congressman adam kinzinger of illinois. thank you for coming on this morning. so will they? will democrats come to the table here? >> probably not. they have a clock, basically on january 3 they take over. in their interest to play indicate their far left to probably go into government shutdown. america has a right to this wall money because that's what the president ran on. one of his signature issues and look, the reason there is now a surge potentially in arizona is because you have to secure the entire border. what happens is you find surges in certain areas. we secure that area with the little money that's appropriated and then they find
8:18 am
the next area to enter. it has to be kind of an all situation where you go the entire length of the u.s. border. we also need elements of the government working together. the rc26 is well equipped for the border and requested by the administration and told they were unavailable because of their own bureaucratic issues. we can secure it and fix our generous immigration system that we have. >> sandra: you sound very passionate about all of this. nancy pelosi yesterday on border wall funding. listen. >> support some degree of wall funding if you got a bona fide solution? >> no. >> why? >> two different subjects. speaking for myself, i consider the wall immoral, ineffective, expensive, and president said
8:19 am
he promised it. he promised mexico would pay for it. >> sandra: where do you think ultimately she is going with this? i want to get your response to that. >> what blows me away is the word immoral. the wall is immoral. very nancy pelosi and amazing. these are the people that 10 years ago were the biggest hawks on immigration and wanted to do border security. where i think it's going again you have the bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, far left wing of their base that they have to placate. they won't give anything. what breaks my heart is i want full immigration reform and comprehensive immigration reform and want to solve the dreamer situation. you won't do that until you get border security. that is what creates a generous immigration system. we can open our doors through a legal system because we have control of folks coming here illegally. it's harming the people that want to play by the rules. it's an easy thing to do. it doesn't have to be whacking
8:20 am
the president on this issue. give him the money, build the wall, fix immigration and move to other issues to argue about. because we find new ones. >> sandra: this has been a top priority for the president, funding the border wall. and it is a top priority for republicans as well. what is at stake here for both the president and your party, congressman? >> i think there is a lot at stake. but again we lost the house and so in january 3 no matter whether the government shuts down or whatever it goes to the january 3 date and nancy pelosi gets the gavel again. we fought hard and a billion half money allocated to it. the reality is i don't like it but the senate has their 60-vote rules. the democrats had a seat at the table. we would have allocated all this. we had two opportunities to pass fully funded bills and even some in our own party opposed that. and every democrat opposed it which built the wall and fixed immigration. so look, we had an opportunity to solve it.
8:21 am
we can hopefully get an opportunity to solve it. it is obvious that nancy pelosi and the far left is really just interested in going after the president and not solving the issues. >> sandra: thank you for coming on the program this morning. good to see you. >> bill: tensions rising in the ukraine. the u.s. taking new action after moscow seized ukrainian ships. live reaction coming up on that from the pentagon. >> sandra: president trump he will nominate heather nauert as u.n. ambassador. just ahead former c.i.a. station chief danhofman will join us with his shots on the president's pick.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. a powerful rainstorm triggering mudslides in fire-ravaged communities in southern
8:25 am
california. mandatory evacuations in areas surrounding los angeles as waves of debris swept close to homes and businesses there. many families still recovering from the devastating wildfire season. there have been no reports of significant damage or major injuries. >> bill: rains last week and this week. random attack of violence captured on camera. a homeless man shoving a stranger into oncoming traffic in los angeles. the truck pinning the victim under the wheel as the suspect walks away. the victim in critical condition. but is expected to survive. he suffered broken bones and collapsed lung. the suspect is behind bars and could be charged with attempting murder. it is tough to watch in los angeles. >> sandra: we're got an update for you on the dow this week. we have a few updates. it has been on the move and here on a friday morning before the noon hour on the east coast the dow is down another 420
8:26 am
points. remember it looked like this yesterday and got worse and then it almost ended up positive for the day. anything can happen before the -- >> bill: the great american bounceback in the afternoon. >> sandra: everything can happen before 4:00 p.m. it seems to be a lot of trade concerns, trade with china playing out in the marketplace, anticipation of the federal reserves next move on interest rates. all this playing a part. >> bill: 3% for the week. larry kudlow is out there making a lot of interviews this morning talking about the china matter. the arrest of this woman in canada is a big deal. a lot of people trying to figure out and understand what it's all about. we are, too. >> sandra: big jobs report out this morning. it was considered a miss by those on wall street that watch these reports, 155,000 jobs created in november versus
8:27 am
200,000. you heard charles payne and maria bartiromo saying it was a good jobs report. wages are steadily rising. charles payne was pointing out key manufacturing jobs where some of the jobs are being created. that's important to take note of. otherwise this is a market that has a lot of uncertainty. >> bill: americans are spending, too, we can see that from the holiday sales already. just for the record, location services, camera, never, never. we're having this debate when your phone can track you and when it can't. >> sandra: pretty much all the time. turn it off. >> bill: that tells us our answer all the time. the phone can do what it wants. all right, here we go. president trump says he will nominate bill barr as the next a.g. what's the reaction around d.c. andy mccarthy standing by with his stake on that and plus there is this.
8:28 am
>> sandra: streets of paris, resistance rising. how does the french government plan to ease tensions in the growing opposition to president emmanuel macron? ♪harry's meeting clients...♪ ♪...from far away. but they only see his wrinkles.♪ ♪he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal.♪ ♪better find a way to smooth things over.♪
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including the freedom to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. so, if you're thinking about a medigap plan, this is a great place to start. filled with great advice... your dad, right? yeah, right.
8:31 am
>> president trump: bill barr will be nominated for the united states attorney general position. he was my first choice from day one. respected by republicans and respected by democrats. hopefully that process will go very quickly. and i think it will go very quickly. >> bill: headlines. president trump revealing his pick for the next a.g., william barr is his name. served previously as attorney general under president george h.w. bush. andy mccarthy former assistant u.s. attorney. i have a lot to go through to see how much we get so far. bill barr good pick? what do you think?
8:32 am
>> fabulous pick. i couldn't be more pleased with somebody who not only knows, bill, for a number of years but cares deeply about the justice department. i don't know how the president could have made a better pick. i think at a time when the department is reeling a bit because of the controversies we've had you needed a pick like president bush's pick of judge mukasey in 2000. it rights the ship. >> bill: the president said i didn't know him until recently. how much does it matter from a legal sense in terms of understanding how he operates? >> i don't think it matters to the immediate situation that barr comes into, which is a situation where the justice department needs an instant injection of experience and prestige and somebody who i think commands the respect of both sides of the political
8:33 am
aisle. if he gives the president that kind of performance and comfort, that ought to take care of their working relationship just fine. >> bill: okay. let's move to other matters of today. your opinion on this. the three big headlines. bob mueller, question whether or not will manafort be referred for a new trial? michael cohen, deadline day for sentencing guidelines. james comey is answering questions now from house lawmakers behind closed doors. jake gibson tells us the midnight deadline for manafort, the 5:00 p.m. deadline is the cohen matter later today. help us understand it. what is important to you, andy, today? >> i think, bill, that whether manafort has another trial or not, i think that would really be overkill at this point. if the relationship between mueller's team and manafort has broken down manafort is already looking at over 100 years of
8:34 am
prison exposure. that's more than enough for a judge to impose sentence on him. i think the real test there will will be whether president trump pardons him or not. whether or not he has another trial isn't a major issue because it's overkill at this point. >> bill: what do cohen? >> well, i think on cohen we have two different streams. one is the southern district of new york case which involves a lot of his personal misbehavior in terms of fraud and alleged campaign finance violations. that will be the new york case and then we'll hear from mueller on the charge he recently pled guilty to. i don't expect to hear much, bill. i think it is going to be a lot like what we saw last week with general flynn with the sentencing memorandum that
8:35 am
mueller's office filed. i think to the extent that these investigations are ongoing, you are not going to find the special counsel even in a communication with the court providing much information about what is going on in those cases. >> bill: dershowitz was with us two hours ago. his two questions are did manafort flip back? in other words, is he cooperating now? and with regard to cohen, what has he been willing to offer? how do you feel about those two questions? >> i think, bill, what i keep focused on is as a prosecutor, you don't want potential witnesses and cooperateors to be sentenced until the end of the investigation. the fact that mueller is allowing that to happen not only in the two cases we're talking about but also in general flynn's case indicates to me that the investigation is winding down. as a prosecutor you want the cooperateor to testify in court
8:36 am
before they are sentenced. the expectation is the prosecutor will evaluate how important the cooperation was based on how the testimony in court went. if they are sentencing these guys now, that means he is not looking to any big proceeding that they would be witnesses in. >> bill: interesting. here a tweet from the president. i believe these came out earlier today. robert mueller, leaking lying james comey are best friends. one of many mueller conflicts of interest. wasn't the woman in charge of prosecuting jerome corsi in charge of legal at the clinton foundation? a total witch hunt. we'll do a counter report to the mueller report. this should never again be allowed to happen to a future president of the united states. that was earlier today. trey gowdy said this about james comey and what lawmakers want especially on the republican side because as you know the time is of the essence at the moment. here is gowdy from last night.
8:37 am
>> this is an investigation, a counter intelligence investigation into the campaign of a presidential candidate. so what is the threshold for the reliability and credibility of the information? i have long known that the f.b.i. did not corroborate that information before they used it the first time. let's find out whether or not they made any effort to corroborate it before they used it the second, third or fourth time. and if not, why not? >> bill: trey gowdy wants answers and one of the last opportunities he gets. how do they do? >> i think what gowdy meant was whether they did corroborate it. we know they made efforts to corroborate it because some of them, including mccabe, who was the deputy director while comey was the director, have testified in congressional proceedings they made enormous efforts to corroborate it.
8:38 am
they weren't able to corroborate it. late in the game director comey was calling the dossier that we know the first surveillance warrant was based on salacious and unverified. the problem they have is they did try very hard to verify it, they just weren't able to. which makes you ask why didn't they pull the plug on the investigation a lot sooner than they did? >> bill: thank you, sir. you did well. andy mccarthy there with us today. thank you, sir. talk to you again soon. >> sandra: meanwhile fox news alert. in france more protests as students take to the street in defiance of president macron. french authorities forced to shut down major tourist attractions to the public including the eiffel tower. greg palkot is live in paris. >> that's right, sandra. the eiffel towers is one of the many landmarks closed down tomorrow as paris gets ready
8:39 am
for trouble. driving through the city we saw windows being boarded up. metal grateings taken away that could be used as restaurants and shops, restaurants, banks and other tourist attack shuns getting ready to be shut down and some 89,000 police nationwide are red eid for action to try to head off the damage we saw last saturday. two people were killed here, 130 people injured, 400 people arrested. authorities today say they expect, quote, significant violence. also they say their mobilization will be total. it's part of the so-called yellow vest protest named after the high visibility jackets that brinks people have to have in their cars in case of an emergency and triggered by a proposed hike in the price of diesel fuel by the government. a response to what they said was global warming. it has turned into a broader protest about high taxes, low wages and a government thought to be out of touch with its
8:40 am
people. that of course means french president macron. it is thought that what he has done is for the rich and not the poor. students stage their own protests. kids being lined up and knelt down by police causing problems. also other shots of strong authority acting against the protestors that has caused problems as well. sandra, officials claim that these generally peaceful protests have been hijacked in the last couple of weeks by a violent fringe element. but that has attracted attention and some of the leaders of the protestors will be meeting with macron's right-hand man the prime minister, tonight. >> bill: thursday night football on fox. did you see it? tennessee titans henry scored
8:41 am
more touchdowns but none as brutal as this one. number one stiff arm. number two said get off me. on and on. number three stiff arm. 99 yards for a touchdown. derek henry. we've only seen that twice in the history of the nfl. 6'3", 240 pounds. how will you stop him? get off me. you want some of this? yeah. cool, class photo. tennessee wins the game last night thursday night football. next week a great game chargers and chiefs thursday night on the big fox. >> sandra: who are you rooting for? >> bill: i don't really -- haven't picked anybody. i think the game is in kansas city. i would pick the chiefs. >> sandra: okay. i got the other team. >> bill: l.a. nou. i reserve the right to change my mind. >> sandra: okay. all right. now we have this. a dramatic rescue caught on
8:42 am
camera. how a texas sheriff's deputy risked his own life to save a man from near certain death. >> bill: u.s. senate taking major steps to punish the saudis for the killing of khashoggi. will it go further? the former c.i.a. station chief who worked in the middle east has his view coming up next. >> to say they'll buy arms from us and so it's okay to kill a journalist sends exactly the wrong message about who we are as a country and that's why you are seeing bipartisan support for somehow speaking to this. daddy diaper duty...
8:43 am
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8:45 am
>> bill: sheriff in texas, a deputy rescuing a man in his burning truck. watch here. >> is the dash holding your leg?
8:46 am
>> bill: please help me. >> the truck crashed into an 18 wheeler and the deputy helped free that man. the victim is expected to be okay. what a scene that is. >> president trump: heather nauert will be nominated. she is going to work with nikki haley to replace nikki at the united nations. she is very talented, very smart, very quick. i think she will be respected by all. >> sandra: the president breaking that news on the north lawn earlier this morning on his departure announcing heather nauert as his choice for u.n. ambassador. dan hoffman is a former c.i.a. station chief and fox news contributor. good morning to you. we've had a bit of a chance to digest this this morning. highly anticipated. now the news is out there. heather nauert for u.n. ambassador. your thoughts?
8:47 am
>> first i'll tell you that 99-yard touchdown run that bill described reminded me of the way ambassador haley cut through the bureaucracies at the u.n. no shortage of challenging issues. the north korea sanctions, serious use of chemical weapons, russia's aggression against ukraine. haley was in lock stop with the president and i think heather nauert will be similarly in lock step with the president and secretary pompeo for whom she served. >> sandra: william barr, the president talked about him being a highly respected lawyer. someone who has received bipartisan support in the past and talked about his experience and said he has been his pick since day one. william barr. >> yeah, i think again this is someone who has had a lot of experience in our government
8:48 am
going back to president george h.w. bush administration. good for the administration to step out smartly to replace sessions. >> sandra: going back to nauert, the spokesman for the state department. his comments said she is smart, she is quick. he didn't talk about her foreign policy experience because that's where any critics step in and what they'll point out. how will this be addressed and how will this go in her confirmation process? >> she has been working at the state department and in a critically important role. she knows all the key issues. she has been working and meeting closely with secretary of state, traveling overseas. i think she will have an opportunity as ed henry said to demonstrate her competence
8:49 am
during the confirmation hearings. that's an appropriate time. i know she will do fantastically well. she is extremely smart as the president said. let's give her a chance to shoef -- show the con -- congress that she is qualified for the job. >> sandra: the president has full confidence she can get through the confirmation process without much challenge. what will it look like for nauert? >> she will be asked some of the hardest questions we face. again that would be the sanctions for north korea and how we deal with russia and defending israel at the u.n., which has been an incredible challenge. you look at the decision yesterday on the part of the u.n. not to pass a resolution condemning hamas for their attacks on israel. there are lots of challenges there. the u.n. at large is kind of a debate point between democrats and republicans. i think she may be caught up in
8:50 am
that as well because there are those who believe that the administration who support the administration's policy in the u.n. and others on the democrat side who don't. she will be in position she has to defend the administration and the way they've had to deal with the challenges there. >> sandra: the president made his decision clear and his choice for u.n. ambassador heather nauert. good to see you. >> bill: looks like a oscars neat a new host. kevin hart will not appear next year. what caused him to back out. we'll tell you about that next. benefits with our service. a but the va home loan benefit is a big one. by re-financing up to 100 percent of your home's value, you could take out 54,000 dollars or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses, plan for retirement, and get back on your feet financially. call newday usa right now. call 1-855-510-4063.
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8:54 am
he stepped down because of controversial tweets eight years ago. what happened? >> this all originates from tweets he wrote between 2009 and 2011. one he wrote about breaking his daughter's doll over his son's head if his son tried to play with it calling the behavior gay. in a special he said one of his biggest fears is his son growing up to be gay. the academy said it gave him a chance to apologize for find a different host. he said he has addressed this issue several times. >> the same energy that went into finding those old tweets can be used to find the response to the questions that have been asked years after years after years. i'm not going to do it, man. i'm going to be me and stand my ground. >> hart did later apologize on
8:55 am
twitter and sent this follow-up tweet. i'm sorry i hurt people. i'm evolving and want to continue to do so. my goal is to bring people together, not tear us apart. much love and appreciation to the academy. i hope we meet again. before hart stepped down celebrities like jamie lee curtis and others weren't happy with hart's initial reaction when he refused to apologize. the academy finds itself without a host with less than three months until the oscars. >> bill: jeff paul on that. >> sandra: right now we're awaiting robert mueller to release his new sentencing guidelines for paul manafort and michael cohen. what we could learn today about the russia investigation.
8:56 am
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8:59 am
soldiers and pilots who lost their lives on that day. 20 ships, 300 airplanes destroyed, dragging the u.s. into world war ii. ceremonies will take place next in hour at the uss arizona. the youngest of the surviving veterans now in their mid-90s. they expect 20 to attend the tribute in pearl harbor. we remember that. our life changed. >> sandra: president trump just weeding a few moments ago on this, today we honor those who perished 77 years ago, we flew every veterans serving in world war ii after what followed, that horrific attack, god bless america. >> bill: if you are watching late, we want to share this with you, george h.w. bush finally made his way home to college station in texas. a very touching image that went out on social media this past hour. at the gravesite of president bush 41, barbara bush,
9:00 am
and their young daughter who died at the age of three. quite touching. that brings us to the end of a monumental week here in american history. >> sandra: we remember all of our veterans today. thank you for joining us in "america's newsroom." that is it for us, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: president trump is about to land in kansas city ahead of a speech to a law enforcement conference, shortly after announcing his choices for two critically important posts. one of those being attorney general. you are watching "outnumbered," i am harris faulkner coming here today melissa francis, fox news contributor lisa boothe, fox news contributor jessica tarlov, and breaking it up and making an interesting, executive vice president at the king's college in new york city brian brenberg is here. always on time for the big news days. >> brian: why would you not want to be on time for this? there is


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