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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 7, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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quite touching. that brings us to the end of a monumental week here in american history. >> sandra: we remember all of our veterans today. thank you for joining us in "america's newsroom." that is it for us, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: president trump is about to land in kansas city ahead of a speech to a law enforcement conference, shortly after announcing his choices for two critically important posts. one of those being attorney general. you are watching "outnumbered," i am harris faulkner coming here today melissa francis, fox news contributor lisa boothe, fox news contributor jessica tarlov, and breaking it up and making an interesting, executive vice president at the king's college in new york city brian brenberg is here. always on time for the big news days. >> brian: why would you not want to be on time for this? there is so much to talk about. >> harris: absolutely. earlier today, and it is only noon on the east coast.
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president trump said he will nominate william barb for attorney general, and heather nauert to be the next u.s. ambassador for the united nations. the president calling william barr his first choice since day one, and heather nauert would replace nikki haley, confirmed as u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john roberts live outside the white house with more, busy, hey, waiver. >> good afternoon, harris, good afternoon everybody on the couc couch. president trump has picked someone with enormous experience and respect and a lot of past bipartisan support which is very important for the confirmation process. william barr was bush 41's attorney general in 1991 and 1993, he took the job when he was only 42 years old. classic underachiever. here's what the president had to say this morning. >> when i went through the process of looking at people, and he was my first choice from
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day one, respected by republicans and respected by democrats, he will be nominated for the united states attorney general. and hopefully that process will come very quickly. and i think it will go very quickly. and i have seen very good things about him. >> the big question, what impact if any might this have with the mueller investigation, he cannot be described as a trump acolyte, a bush appointee that puts him firmly in the realm of the establishment. but he does hold some points of view as the president. he wrote an op-ed in "the washington post" saying that the president made the right call by firing the former fbi director james comey. he wrote "i know of no former senior official democrat or republican who does not view comey's conduct to be a usurpation of authority." here's what he told neil cavuto in may of 2017. >> president, certainly is
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entitled to his choice as fbi director, and while i admire jim comey a lot, i think that he has contributed a lot to the country, he is an enormously gifted. he crossed the line back in jul july. >> also sang last year that he saw more and reason to investigate hillary clinton than any kahlua children between the trump campaign and -- inclusion, it is not pursuing the matter is, the department is advocating its responsibility. the other big nomination that you mentioned at the top, that of heather nauert for u.n. ambassador, we were told weeks ago that she was offered the job and then it all went quiet for a while. now it is all a done deal. she has been a spokesperson at that state department since rex tillerson, former fox fox ns correspondent. and at the statement department, her experience has mostly been
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communication, not policy. but she is a quick study. the president and the secretary of state like her very much. here's what the president said about her this morning. >> she is very talented, very smart, very quick. and i think that she will be respected by all, so heather nauert will be nominated for the ambassador to the united nations. >> an important disappearance n the job as it is described to me now, it is a cabinet level position with nikki haley holding equal footing as mike pompeo even though the job of u.n. ambassador is under the offices of the secretary of state in the flowchart. but i am told that it will go back to a sub cabinet level position, much as it was in the obama administration, the bush administration, the clinton administration. sometimes you see them out there for the bush administration, but when it really got heated, you would see condoleezza rice out there.
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this is the same formula that they want to use. put it at a sub cabinet level, so heather nauert would do the day-to-day business, but the big heavy stuff you would see mike pompeo taking the lead. >> harris: that is an interesting detail. john roberts, always back, thank you very much for all of the information. good to see you, my friend. as we look at this, let's start with william barr and his relationship to the previous president and how that really plays a role. >> brian: i think this is a credibility ticket, talk about some of the who has credibility on both sides of the aisle, this week we are celebrating george h.w. bush and's life. this is a play it safe, let's get the mueller thing done, so i think there was a great choice, and he will have no trouble getting to the senate. >> harris: you know, jessica, i was looking at some of the things that mr. barr has written in the past, but some of the
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similar things to what the president has been critical of outcome of mueller investigatio investigation. and maybe even with matthew whitaker. but the tenor and tone are different, that experience playing a different role, but this takes the air out of the balloon for investigations at the top are democrats. some were going to really go after matthew whitaker. as i said, you may not have tha that. >> jessica: know, and we were talking about that the president will be smart to move it along quickly, which is what he has planned to do. lindsey graham was on the sunday show a few weeks ago talking about william barr. he was always at the top of the list for the formal replacement. in terms of taking the air out of the democratic investigation, i'm not sure how this will go. william barr has went on record saying a lot of the things similar to president trump and matthew whitaker bringing up uranium one. saying that is more about collusion -- >> harris: the democrats on the team of robert mueller, by the way, a lot of people have pointed that out. >> jessica: absolutely, but if you look at the damage done to bob mueller and its reputation,
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the polling showing only 8% of republicans have faith in him and have approved of robert mueller. that is directly because of the president's attacks on him. >> harris: you don't think it is that far and wide reach? >> jessica: i do not at all, you talk to people holding office on capitol hill, they all have a lot of respect for him. there are many republicans on record siding with him here. so yes i think you will get confirmed, but it is not a slam-dunk, because the comments about the mueller probe. >> brian: he is not asking questions that are way outside the mainstream of questions. he simply said that the president is asking some good questions. >> jessica: he has not tweeted 13 angry democrats, but he said there were two left-wing -- >> harris: you do not agree? >> jessica: 13 angry democrats. >> harris: you know that is not what i am asking. >> jessica: i don't think that it matters. >> lisa: but to be fair, doing their job, but to be fair about public perception on mueller,
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there was exit polling from the midterm election showing that 54% of americans, the majority believe that the mueller investigation is politically motivated because he surrounded himself with people that have donated to democrats, also you have where the investigation prior to when mueller took over, peter strzok leading it and clearly had animus towards the president, so that gets into the narrative of what president trump has been saying about it. also, barr is not the only person with concerns to the russian investigation, michael casey a former attorney general as well has said that the investigation should have never began with. there was no justification for a special counsel to get involved, so those are unique. and remember that the attorney general rod rosenstein is the guy who laid out the case of fire in comey, so it is not unique. >> melissa: but for some of those reasons barr is such a clever picket, because you have someone out there, how can you
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not confirm him when he has held the job before previously? how can democrats take a shot at him? how can the never-trumpers take a shot at him. but he does agree with the president's point of view where he wrote about the usurping of executive power. in addressing james comey usurping the doj power when he stood up they are outrageously and talked about what should or should not be pursued by the doj, which was never his role. so this is a very clever pick on the president's part. >> harris: barr served as attorney general during the first bush administration from '91-'93. i want your last thought on tha that. >> brian: i love the pick. i think it is incredibly smart. and when you can try to tar and feather barr on some of the questions, the fact is that these are very legitimate questions known by people in good faith on both of the sides
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of the aisle pit he is asking great questions, he is a guy you want sitting in this role. >> harris: meanwhile, awaiting the release of more sentencing memos from special counsel robert mueller. for former trump attorney and paul manafort, including prison sentences for each individual and what they should receive. which could depend heavily on each person's cooperation with the special counsel's investigation. if we just take a lesson from what we saw earlier this week with michael flynn getting jail time or prison time, but said to substantially cooperated. and they are two days after mueller put in that heavily redacted sensor memo on michael flynn. saying that he provided the assistance in several investigations. and again getting no prison time. your thoughts? >> brian: i don't mean to be the debbie downer, i am not as excited about what we will see
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from the paul manafort and the cohen memos, not that there could not be something that is useful, but when you look at what happened with michael flynn, this will be heavily redacted, what will we learn other than the fact that he was happy with the cooperation. i'm happy that you are happy with the cooperation. but what does that mean? we did not get that with flynn, i do not see why we will get that. >> melissa: i think one of the things that i'm looking forward to hear is maybe we get some idea of where the relationship broke down, because i want to know, as you have more and more people come forward and say that they were pressured to live for the mueller probe, i don't know, i need to see the evidence and what we are talking about here. i would love some insight into that. when you look at the laundry list of things and michael cohen is accused of, my lord, for an officer of the court he has a strained relationship with the law. >> harris: he has a strained relationship with the truth. >> lisa: he does but no
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connection to any crimes committed in relation to collusion, and i still find, i think that this week raises additional questions about the way that michael flynn was treated, because he should've never been interviewed by the fbi to begin with. to the obama administration had concerns that he had violated the logan act that nobody has been prosecuted under ever. and he had every right to talk to justly act about sanctions over the upcoming administration. this is something that chuck grassley has flagged, has been able to get administration infe doj. because they have refused to turn over the transcripts of the conversation, or the interviews, the three oh two that the fbi had with flynn, because comey said that he never had thought that cohen lied. >> harris: jessica, as you
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look at us moving into 2019 and the democrats getting ready to take the house, where do you put the mueller investigation ahead? >> jessica: i think it will go on as it has, with very few leaks, and big weeks like this one where you get a lot of information. much will be redacted. as brian pointed out. >> harris: you feel where jeff flake is, wanting to protect mueller in the investigation, do you feel that that is necessary? you think think you will go fo? >> jessica: i think that it will go forward. i think william barr will let it go forward. i think that president trump knows or has been advised by the lawyers on his team who are looking up for his best interest, but i do not think when rudy giuliani gets on the cable news circuit it is helping all that much. you cannot stand the way of this pit he is running his counter story to the mueller probe via twitter, he has made that clear. there are 87 pages of counter report already prepared. bob mueller will continue his work. what happens today will matter,
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we will know exactly what paul manafort did in terms of lying to the special counsel. >> harris: even if it is heavily redacted? >> brian: i don't think so pretty >> harris: you can hold a light up to and see the letters behind it. >> brian: that's exactly what we want to know. we will not get that, with so we will be left with a guy who has done stuff that is not related to collusion, and cohen, a liar. >> jessica: there are tons of collusion points, their emails talking about a deal, the trump tower and russia, and ivanka trump getting in on who the designer will be there. and a violation of u.s. law. >> harris: that is all based on rumors. >> brian: rumors. >> jessica: i'm just saying that some people know more than we do. we are saying that he has no deal with russia, and he tweeted about baby business or whatever he said. it's all inappropriate. you are running for the united states president. >> harris: we will talk about
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the foundation later in the sho show. interestingly enough william barr has talked about that as well. we will move on, james comey on capitol hill for a testimony behind closed doors. what can we expect in the standoff between the fired fbi director and house republicans? and despite a positive job's report, wall street is lower right now. and fear of a trade war with china. at the top chinese executives can throw those talks off-track. stay close. ♪ your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> harris: we are looking at air force one right there, president trump landing in kansas city. this is the head of remarks that he is going to make at the project-based neighborhood national conference. put on by the department of justice, talking about how to keep neighborhoods around the country safe, how to tailor local law enforcement to make it fit the community that it is actually in, this is on the heels earlier today of him talking about, of course making the announcement that he won't nominate william barr for attorney general, and heather nauert as ambassador to the u.n., so we will keep an eye on those remarks as they are made and bring all of the news from it.
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♪ another fox news alert to another rocky day on wall street coming even after unemployment held steadybusinesses at a 155,n november. slightly below expectations, but still an indication that the economy is growing. but amid high anxiety over trade disputes with china, the dow right now deep in negative territory again, it has been a wild day today. a lot of swings this week and today. adding to all of that, we are getting new details on the arrest of a top chinese executives that could throw a wrench in the u.s.-china trade talks. at the justice department reportedly seeking the extradition of the cfo of the chinese telecom company. she was detained in canada last saturday, that is the same day that president trump struck a trade truce could but despite the drama, they say that the trade talks are going well,
9:21 am
tweeting "statement from china, teams on both sides are now having smooth communications and good cooperation with each other, we are full of confidence that an agreement can be reached within the next 90 days, i agree." very interesting turn of events. i do not buy for a second. i know that on fox business, the president's representative said that this had two unrelated, and he did not know what was going on or did not know what it was going on, i do not buy that for a second. because this speaks to one of the issues that is being negotiated, the theft of international property and espionage with other equipment and in other companies and with iran breaking the sanctions. >> brian: from a substantive standpoint these are related, it is prime example number one of the thing that the trump administration is worried about, that said will lick it in the way of trade negotiations. i don't think so, because i
9:22 am
think that china badly once a deal, and i do not think that they will make this an issue that gets in the way of the trade deal, if president trump says that we want to get something done. so yes, they are related, no, it does not have to be a big stumbling block, but wall street does not believe me. we have seen the ups and downs. and ambassadors are concerned about the issue when it comes to the trade war. >> melissa: they are focused on that and what the federal reserve is doing. there is a lot of cross current out there, do you think that the president is taking the right tact with china? i think no. >> jessica: well, melissa, you are correct. i think that it is interesting to think about it with the two going on at once. that is something we are asking for is a walk and chew gum way to running a country. i think that the request for extradition from canada, i do not know how that goes, but what happened a few months ago, looking at that would be the one passed from the administration to the chinese ahead of time for
9:23 am
someone to get their due if they are spying on us. and violating the uranian sanctions and whatnot, so i will be interested to see where it goes and where the trade talks conversation goes, because after the g20 summit it seemed that nobody thought that the president god what he was supposed to get out of president xi and that it was a disappointment pit he needs to focus on that and let the folks who are dealing with the other subject deal with it on their own. >> melissa: as far as china, you look at november 1st, they have already given in. they have already lowered the tariff on 1500 products and we have raised them. he is already getting results. >> lisa: the big question per president trump is what happens between now and 2020 and what political pressure does he end up feeling. >> harris: with breaking news, we are seeing the president exit air force one, coming down the stairs and getting ready to hold a speech at the national
9:24 am
conference in kansas city, missouri. i found it interesting that the u.s. district attorney of kansas, stephen mcallister was asked about the president's speech a short time ago and he said, we are hoping that the president can address what is going on with crime in this country and the 120 or so homicides that have happened in kansas city. we want him to address that. but he says the president is the president. he can address what he chooses. so he been talking about some of the things that have happened this morning and the nominations for attorney general and the u.n. ambassador, william barr and heather nauert respectively, the president getting through the line of dignitaries meeting him on the tarmac pretty quickly for him. sometimes he can linger, and in fact often you will hear him -- and we will stop talking, but there is not a lot to tune in for, he is making his way to the car to talk about several things.
9:25 am
and i think that the district attorney and kansas might be right, he will talk about those things with the project safe neighborhood, he will also perhaps we expect them to bring up some other newsmaking items today. >> melissa: this is also something at the top of his agenda, this conference is about local law enforcement and local prosecutors. it is about how do you make you city safer? what are some things that you can do right away to lessen violence on the streets and neighborhoods. one of the issues that they are talking about is the idea of a one-size-fits-all does not fit every community. it is about drilling down what is going on in your community and addressing it specifically. this is a city that wants help, your thoughts. >> brian: it is consistent with the president's platforming. from the beginning he talked about the need for change in local communities. law enforcement, economic changes, i love to see him on this issue, because it is a grassroots issue and it hits middle america where help is desperately needed. and the kinds of conversations
9:26 am
happening here are intensely productive. so he is right to focus on this but i hope he stays on it with the big national news, he is right to talk about it. >> harris: remember that he is rolling out his nomination for the highest attorney in the land, william barr. i also want to point out that matthew whitaker was on stage at the very conference, it has been going on since wednesday. as was ag rosenstein. and i have gotten notes, i will not get all into it with you, but i just found it interesting that the man who was criticized so heavily by democrats is -- as not being the right pick was on the stage when the president will also talk about the issues that were a part of his promises made, promises kept mantra, we are losing control of the life picture as the president gets in the motorcade, as you can see. it will be held at the westin crown center, there we go, the life picture is back. and as the motorcade exits and makes its way to the venue, keep
9:27 am
watching "outnumbered" and "outnumbered overtime" in the next hour or so, we expect the president to take the stage and we will have his remarks. and bring you -- >> melissa: he was supposed to get in? and now he is not. this is so classic. he was in the car, and watch this, he cannot resist. we have watched for so many times, harris. >> harris: that is probably why the camera lost control -- because i had to follow him getting out of the car. >> melissa: no, i see people that i want to talk to. >> harris: this is where i will ask the producers if we can listen? so as often happens when you see the make america great again hats in kansas city, missouri, and also i know from living there, the line that separates the two is a thin line along the plaza area, so you'll see a lot of hats on both sides, missouri and kansas will come out.
9:28 am
but this is the first time that we have seen him emerge before a boisterous crowd, because the nation has been a morning the last few days. so we see the president now doing something different. he was the consoler in chief, he attended the national cathedral, the washington cathedral funeral for the former 41st president of the united states. now he is on the ground talking to americans, and smiles and kind of shifting gears if you will. so we will continue to watch this. at some point i have all confidence that he will get back into the motorcade, it could take a while. and will pull away and head to the western crown center to give his speech to the project safe neighborhood national conference in kansas city. we will take a quick break so that we can catch the action and the talk on the other side. stay close. ♪
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>> harris: fox news alert, we are still watching the president get into the motorcade to head to his speech. as he does that moves on, we will bring in the news. here is what is also making news. former fbi director james comey is testifying behind closed doors on capitol hill today. it is part of a house g.o.p. investigation into the fbi and doj's handling of the clinton email and russia investigation. lawmakers on the judiciary, the oversight committee seizing what could be their final opportunity to question comey before democrats take control of the house next month. catherine herridge very busy already on capitol hill, bring us up to speed. >> there are several headlines in the last hour, the first had to do with the timing. earlier we were told that the closed-door interview could go well into the evening, now we are told that there will be a hard stop about four hours from now. and in the last half hour we heard from a republican congressman who says that the
9:34 am
former fbi director has two attorneys in the interview, one is a personal attorney. he said that the other is from the justice department. and he alleged that the justice department lawyer is instructing comey not to answer a lot of the questions. >> director comey's and there were two attorneys, one from the department of justice has repeatedly, i would say at his gleeful acceptance saying that he will not answer a great many questions that are clearly items that are at the core of the investigation. >> saying based on how the afternoon develops that he anticipates the republicans will push to bring the former fbi director back to capitol hill for another session, because they feel that the questions have not been answered. meantime, republican mark meadows says that there is also a push to bring the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to the hill, this has been the subject of weeks of negotiation
9:35 am
between the republicans on the hill in the justice department, but what they said today is significant, he said that they have heard witnesses who have evidence that really conflicts with rod rosenstein's public statement that he was joking when he talked about recording the president and invoking the 25th. here's congressman meadows. >> the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein's public statements that he did not really talk seriously about taping the president and invoking the 25th amendment is not consistent with a number of other sworn testimony or transcribed interviews that we have had. >> in addition we have heard from democrats who have been very against this closed-door transcribed interview with the former fbi director, advocating for public testimony, but as you know their limits which is
9:36 am
5 minutes aside per lawmaker versus behind closed door session which an hour for republicans and alternating with an hour for democrats. here are the democrats from earlier today. >> the entire purpose of the investigation is to get dispersion on the real investigation, there is no evidence whatsoever of bias of the fbi or any of the other nonsense. >> it has been a wild-goose chase, it has been a rerun of the same questions and answers through multiple interviews. i like tv reruns, but this is getting a little ridiculous. >> i have been able to learn through one of my contacts this morning is that director comey has taken a number of questions where he said that he could not recall the documents and question specifically. the document that open the counterintelligence investigation into the trump campaign in late july of 2016. and of course, this is the seminal document, but he says that this is something that have been below his pai grade.
9:37 am
>> harris: the complete's scoop for us, we appreciate it. brian, james comey, really this is going to be behind closed doors, right? and he said that he would agree to that, but did he capitulate, change his mind? >> brian: he knows what he is doing. the report from catherine is that he is not answering a lot of questions, so then who cares, if he is sitting back there saying i cannot answer, i don't remember, or a want to because my two attorneys say that i can't, what are we going to get from this? are we going to get anything on clinton? >> harris: are we willing to accept that the former director of the fbi has a faulty memory? >> brian: my point exactly. >> harris: i'm just asking the question. >> brian: i think we are making a point. when you get in front of congress, you cannot remember the thing that you knew they wanted to ask you about? we're not getting anything from
9:38 am
this. and we are at the point where democrats take over next year, we will not get any more out of it. >> melissa: i'm going to have the pleasure of having darrell issa on my show, he came out and said that he was gleefully saying that he would not answer a whole bunch of questions. and i will be asking him which questions were those that he was not answering, and what did you think the answer was, what were you looking for? because there are still a lot of questions out there specific to the mueller probe and if you knew there were people in charge, who were desperate to stop president trump or testify, why did you, did you know that when he went ahead and got the fisa warrant, and did you know that the dossier was discredited at that point? >> harris: we know those things about those employees because they use their work phones to talk to each other. >> lisa: i would love to know more about flynn and getting to the bottom of that situation. and even though this is behind
9:39 am
closed doors, my understanding is that the transcript will be available. and the reason that republicans did not one open session estate were limited to a certain amount of time to ask questions. now they can dig into some of the interviews. and i found it funny, because eric swalwell was on cnn, saying president trump could have avoided all of it if he did not fire james comey, guess who was saying that they needed to have him fired? democrats the whole entire time, michael horwitz, the doj, saying that today were in full support. everyone, so we did what they wanted him to do. >> harris: it is a scooby doo element. i would've gotten away with it if it had not been for -- >> jessica: that is really the point when you say when democrats take over the house january 3rd that we won't be looking at james comey anymore, that is not true, because democrats have axes to grind with james comey is well-paid when you say that i want to know what happened with the email or want to know about the mueller probe, democrats want to know how come you came out there and
9:40 am
maligned hillary clinton, but you did not open an investigation into the trump campaign. >> harris: go for it, ask him. i like it, jessica. >> jessica: jim comey did not capitulate completely, he was not at the open-air session, but he did not only get that transcript so that he can comment with what went on. >> brian: you lost at that point. >> harris: brian, i promise that i will hate you next. i see you sitting up. a bipartisan group of senators is ready to go against the white house on saudi arabia. what lawmakers are planning and the potential fallout of that. again, this is over "the washington post" columnist who is killed, jim okeechobee. stay close. ♪ one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va,
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♪ >> lisa: welcome back, senators are closing in on a rebuke of president trump over saudi arabia with support rowing
9:45 am
for tougher action after the murder of khashoggi. the cia director relates to lawmakers on the khashoggi murder. here's what senators had to say about that. >> i think we need a thorough re-examination with the saudi government. that would be a number of one strong steps that we could take. but there is a broader menu of other things we can do besides that one step at >> we espouse american values around the world, and to say that we do not know about it, it is located kill a journalist sends exactly the wrong message about who we are as a country, and that's why you are saying bipartisan suppot or somehow speaking to this. >> lisa: do you think that the legislation from congress, the congressional action will amount to anything more than a public rebuke and a slap on the wrist for president trump? >> melissa: no, it is so hollow, it is when the u.n. gets together and they condemn someone, they just stand out there and make a statement.
9:46 am
this is very similar. if they wanted to do something, they could push for actual action like sanctions, or pulling back on the war in yemen, very big thing is going ahead the arm sale. i think that they understand the dual relationship and the problem that we have with the enemy of my enemy, the battle with yemen, for example, the proxy war with iran, and there is a greater enemy at the same time you cannot ignore that human rights abuses. it is a really challenging issue, but what they are doing is political, pathetic, and hollow. >> lisa: well said. so brian, melissa mentioned sanctions, to president trump there has been sanctions against 17 individuals involved in the killing of khashoggi, do those go far enough? >> brian: i do not think they have gone far enough, from an economic standpoint we need to look at what is going on with saudi arabia. we need to recognize that the dynamic has changed. oil is not the same issue today
9:47 am
that it was 20 or 30 years ago. we are still acting like saudi arabia is the saudi arabia of 20 or 30 years ago when it comes to oil. that is change. in part because the president has allowed us to use more of her natural resources, our oil resources that is helpful from a diplomacy standpoint. i would like to see us realign our diplomacy with saudi arabia based on that real economic reality. >> harris: because we are also using our resources differently in the country. we have more that we can generate at home, but our usage is also different too. and that relationship come i think it goes back to what melissa was saying. it really has to do with what we accomplish on the region on the ground. and the humanitarian crisis that we are watching unfold in the yemen is unlike any that we are seeing across the world, probably in the last 25 years. it is very troubling. people are starving to death. so any pressure that you can apply in that situation, plus
9:48 am
you have al qaeda in the arabian peninsula that is massing on the ground too. we know that they are one of the biggest two threats in the region for american interest. so we have to be able to control our interest in yemen. i get it, but they are killing and destroying the lives of journalists all over the world. >> jessica: i'm glad that we are having these conversations, it is incredibly sad. i think that it is important that we do. the war in yemen has been going on for years, we have not cared much about it until this happen. i'm glad that we do. there's a little bit in terms of support for the war in yemen in the bill. but i agree that it is pretty toothless. which makes me think that everyone actually should get on board and at least sign it to send a signal to president trump that we need to be doing more than we have. and we should be making public statements. we have a really big arms deal, you cannot be sending that signal to people like fbs and others like him across the world, that you will continue to do business even if you kill one
9:49 am
of our own. before people attack me, i know that he is not american. >> lisa: we have to go. wow. new evidence against the clinton foundation, evidence suggesting wrongdoing. so what will the new information reveal? we will discuss this next. so stay tuned. ♪
9:50 am
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9:53 am
♪ >> jessica: the clinton foundation under renewed scrutiny to you, mark meadows telling fox news that three people have come forward with hundreds of pages of evidence showing potential illegal activity. and now the subcommittee planning an investigative hearing on it next week. okay, more clinton fun. so only a few weeks to get it in. do you think that it will amount to anything, melissa? >> melissa: i do not think that it will amount to anything, but i think that the evidences there and has been there forever. you look at "the new york times" and "the wall street journal," and there are so many instances, the most egregious was when the government paid president clinton $1 million to give this speech is at a time when it was before the state department could look at
9:54 am
the airline flying nonstop into new york, clearing customs before coming here. the only countries we allowed to do that is canada, some bohemian countries, and ireland. it was a security issue and against the interest of american airlines. against the labor unions, and they got the money and then clinton was for it. it is just very clear, the exact moment that they were putting it forward they were negotiating the agreement to give bill clinton money. that has hands-down, so much more than any tower in moscow, it is all right there. so i never understand -- 's before we should note that they have been investigated a number of times, the foundation, and then as individuals. do you think that the story still matters to the american public? >> brian: absolutely, they look at washington and say, this is endemic. you get into the halls of power and you take in intransitive team, where you personally benefit. these pages matter, it is not
9:55 am
just a matter for the clintons, and matters for americans faith in the fact that people in washington are actually public servants and out there to open the door. and i think that they are opening it. >> jessica: the trumps do not shy away from making money. do you think that the trumps have alleviated any of these concerns about abuse of power in washington? >> harris: go ahead, brian. >> brian: i think a legitimate investigation into this will help alleviate. >> harris: i talked with a florida congressman matt gaetz about this, and he was incensed at why we are down to the wire with less than three weeks to go until we see a whole new turn in the house, he was incensed by leadership among the republicans did not move on this before, did not press on this. he was also incensed that jeff sessions and other formerly of the oversight committee, jason chaffetz just saying, why did
9:56 am
republicans let it come down to this point in the year? you could've accomplish so much more. >> lisa: congress is doing an oversight job, the oversight committee, supposed to provide oversight, if there is new information they need it. >> harris: it just as december . >> jessica: waiting for president trump as he talks to the attorney general. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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>> harris: thank you to brian brenberg. it is always fun to have you on the couch. you always come ready to play. >> melissa: happy friday to everybody, we are here at 12:00 eastern, now here is harris. >> harris: we begin with this breaking news on a fox news alert, president trump set to addressed police officers and prosecutors in kansas city, missouri. and already has announced some key personnel moves, we are "outnumbered overtime," i am harris faulkner. awaiting the president's remarks coming to see the lectern in the center of your screen. he will be talking about crime before a very large audience of law enforcement and prosecutors as i just mentioned. he is expected to begin at any moment. and to the u.s. district attorney has said, the president will talk about crime. but the president will likely talk about other issues too. we will bring you that. one could be the nomination of william barr to be attorney general today.


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