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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 7, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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welcome news to farmers across the country as they have this emotional roller coaster every time they see new headlines about the trade issue with china. >> thanks very much, jonathan. have a great weekend. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in new york and washington where at any minute now, the special counsel robert mueller could reveal inside info about president trump's former campaign chairman and the president's former personal lawyer and fixer. now the president promising what he calls a major counter report to the special counsel's case. also, the former fbi director, james comey, is on capitol hill. he has cut a deal with republicans to make his private testimony public. and a live look at the big board on wall street. stocks have plummeted again today as we get new numbers on jobs and fears escalate about possible new trade troubles with china.
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reporting begins now. good friday afternoon. our reporting begins with new developments in the russia investigation. time is running out for the special counsel robert mueller to turn in two major court filings involving two key players. president trump's former campaign chairman, paul manafort on the left here and the president's former long-time attorney and fixer, michael cohen on the right. those court documents have to be turned in today and they're expected to reveal what has been going on behind the scenes in the russia investigation. first, special counsel prosecutors have to detail exactly what they say paul manafort repeatedly lied about after he struck a plea deal with them. last month robert mueller's team announced it was pulling the plug on the agreement because manafort was misleading them. he said he did not lie to
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investigators. then there's the michael cohen case. mueller's team has to turn in a memo about how much time, if any, they will recommend the new york attorney serve behind bars ahead of his sentencing hearing scheduled for next week. those documents could reveal how helpful michael cohen has been. michael cohen once said he would take a bullet for president trump. he has since flipped and cut a deal with prosecutors after he admitted that yes, he lied to congress and made hush money payments to women making sex accusations against the president. president trump denies that he had any affairs. the court filings will cap off a big week in the russia investigation. tuesday, mueller's team provided details on how much president trump's one-time national security adviser michael flynn cooperated with the special counsel. those documents were mostly blacked out or redacted as today's could be as well. but they did reveal that mike
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flynn gave the government substantial information, and as a result, the special counsel recommend he get as little as no prison time. mike flynn, manafort and cohen are among five former associates of the president who have pleaded guilty in this investigation. all of this is happening as the former fbi director james comey is talking to not one but two house committees behind closed doors. comey agreed to reply to a subpoena but only if they released a transcript of the interview. mueller is looking into the collusion with members of president trump's campaign and possible collusion with the election and whether or not the president obstructed justice and any crimes found during the investigation. the president says there's no collusion and no obstruction and he's been tweeting away today. the president slamming the russia investigation and saying he's working on his own report
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to counter robert mueller's. we have team coverage with mike emanuel live from washington. >> good afternoon. this could come as late as 11:59 this evening. judge amy jackson has set the deadline for robert mueller's office to provide documents to the court laying out how paul manafort violated the plea agreement with robert mueller's office. the argument from andrew wiseman has said that manafort lied to prosecutors and fbi agents after signing the plea agreement. manafort's team told judge jackson because they disagree with wiseman's versions. if the document is sealed, we won't know much. if it's unsealed, we'll know about manafort's actions. a retiring senate republican said he believes in the special counsel. >> all i know is i trust bob mueller. he's a skilled prosecutor. he's not leaked.
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he's been extremely professional the whole way. we need to trust him to finish the investigation. then we'll comment. >> a house intelligence democrat said if mueller doesn't like the probe, he can speed it. >> i don't think a person drives this investigation more than president trump. he took over six months to turn in the questions that were given to him. he's refused to sit down with the special counsel. if he wants to cooperate, he can see this concluded sooner than anyone else can drive its direction. >> the president tweeted about the special counsel and notes his leal team is crafting their own counter report. shep? >> shepard: on manafort, what are the next steps to his team? >> they have two weeks to respond. after that, the judge could ask questions of both sides and issue a ruling. that could lead to a more severe sentence for manafort or additional charges.
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judge jackson has set a date but we're told the date could slide. there's a case in virginia where manafort was convicted of eight of 18 counts. he has sentencing date there february 8. >> shepard: thank you, mike emanuel. and the deadline for the special counsel to file his sentencing report is right now less than two hours away. david lee miller reporting live from new york. >> shepard: shepard, the sentencing memo will reveal the government's position on how much time michael cohen could spend behind bars. >> dana: it could reveal new information about robert mueller's russia investigation. if the memo and former trump adviser, michael flynn's memo is any guide, this document today could be heavily redacted. as we wait, keep in mind, cohen has pleaded guilty to multiple charges in two separate investigations. in the a case being prosecuted
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by robert mueller, they continued until june. cohen's admission contradicts claims by candidate trump. sentencing guidelines call for six months in prison. the most serious case includes charges of violating federal campaign financial law. cohen pleaded guilty to eight counts and could be sentenced to eight years in prison. citing his cooperation with prosecutors, cohen's attorneys argue he should not be sentenced to prison. president trump disagrees. days ago he called his former attorney a weak person who should receive and serve a full
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sentence. in a court filing, cohen's lawyers say their client has met with mueller's investigators seven times and cooperated with the special counsel. despite what they call a full attack by the most powerful person in the united states. shepard? >> shepard: david lee miller reporting live from new york. the other big matter today, the other matter at hand, is james comey. testifying before the two committees on capitol hill. it's now by agreement testimony that will become public later today. catherine herridge reporting. she's live outside the hearing. >> shepard, house republicans say this session behind closed doors was a transcribed interview under oath comes down to two core issues. one is the power of the fbi in the 2016 presidential election and accountability for their decisions because we had the rare and unusual situation where we had both presidential
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campaigns under fbi investigations. two hours into the session, some republicans came out and said they could not get their questions asked and answered. they accused a government lawyer of running interference and shutting down lines of inquiry. let's listen. >> director comey is in there with two attorneys. the one from the department of justice has repeatedly, i would say, at his gleeful acceptance instructed that he will not be answering a great many questions that are clearly items at the core of our investigation. >> the fbi does not want questions that may relate to the mueller investigation being answered. i don't know that i see this as any different than any other transcribed interview. >> like almost everything in this issue, it divides along political lines. beings sitting in also on the questioning said they felt that
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the interference, if you will, that was being run by the government's attorney was appropriate given the sensitivity of the subject matter. here's the democrat's perspective. >> i see it a different way. i was there. i heard every question and every answer. i certainly know that, you know, people were at the table left with the impression that they were instructing him for the right reasons to either answer or not answer. >> significantly, the incoming democrat who is presumed to be the chairman of the judiciary committee on the house side told us one of his first acts when he takes over the gavel will be to kill the republican investigation. he said he thinks the republicans are only about damaging the special counsel. let's listen. >> the entire purpose of this investigation is to get under the real investigation, mueller.
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there's no evidence of bias at the fbi or any of these things they're talking about. >> so there were a handful of things to be watching later in the day, shepard. the first is that we're expecting a public comment from the former director james comey and the lawmakers who asked questions maybe about an hour and 90 minutes from now. the other thing to watch is whether the republicans will prevail and say they didn't get their questions asked and answered and comey is called for a second time. the most important thing is that a transcript of this closed-door session is going to be released almost imminently. they were promised within 24 hours. so maybe over the weekend. so people at home can independently judge whether the shutting off of the questions by the government lawyer was really an effort to frustrate the republicans or whether it was a genuine effort to protect the sanctity of these ongoing investigations. >> shepard: catherine herridge reporting. the first one-time trump
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campaign aide sentenced in the mueller probe is out of prison today. george papadopoulos served a two-week sentence for lying to the fbi about his contacts with people with ties to russia while he worked for the trump campaign. lawyers for papadopoulos tried to get him out of his plea deal by arguing the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein didn't have the authority to appoint robert mueller to oversee the investigation. the court said that isn't true. breaking now, the president has just launched another extraordinary attack. tweeting just moments ago that one of his own hand picked and heavily lauded cabinet members was dumb as a rock and he couldn't get rid of him fast enough. the tit and tat with the president and rex tillerson. more changes ahead for the trump team. the president announcing his
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picks to replace the attorney general, jeff sessions and the u.n. ambassador nikki haley. and the dow, which has been down almost 700 points on the session and now down 550 on concerns about apparently trade with china. that is as the news rolls on on this friday afternoon. i'd like to take a moment
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extraordinary back and forth in a rhetorical war heating up between rex tillerson and the president. remember last july, it was widely reported that tillerson called the president advisers. later tillerson would not deny he said it, but he also said re president trump is going after him. it happened minutes ago. john roberts has the details from the north lawn. wow! >> and there were some people last year that said that no, tillerson did not call the president a moron. he called him an f-ing moron. so we don't know exactly what was said, but that's what some people said. the former secretary of state was at the m.d. anderson cancer center in houston for a question and answer forum. bob schieffer was the questioner. tiller said that the president
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would say here's what i want to do and here's how i want to do it. i would have to say to him, mr. president, i understand what you want to do but you can't do it that way. it violates the law and the treaty. he had some other choice words for the president. listen here. >> he acts on his instincts and in some respects it looks like impulsiveness but it's not his intent to act on impulse. it's undisciplined, doesn't like to read, doesn't read briefing reports, doesn't like to get into the details of a lot of things but rather says this is what i believe. you can try to convince me otherwise, but most of the time you're not going to do that. >> so the president a short time ago on air force one on his way back from kansas city to the white house decided he was going to weigh-in on what he thought about rex tillerson and compare him to the current secretary of state mike pompeo. the president saying, mike pompeo is doing a great job.
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i'm very proud of him. his predecessor, rex tillerson, didn't have the mental capacity needed. he was dumb as a rock and i couldn't get rid of him fast enough. he was lazy as hell. now it's a whole new ball game. great spirit at state. shep? >> shepard: john roberts on the north lawn. thank you. president trump announcing his pick to fill some big jobs in his administration, which is what we were going to go to john roberts for until whatever that was. two picks, one we know around here pretty well. >> yeah, heather nauert for u.n. ambassador. we told you about this weeks ago. things went dark after that. last night we learned it was going to happen. the president announced heather nauert for united nations ambassador around returning that position to the way it traditionally has been. that is as a subcabinet level
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position unlike nikki haley and some of her predecessors that had cabinet level status. the other pick is william barr for attorney general. a pick that some outside advisers of the president disagreed with. the president admitting he didn't know a lot about barr. there's barr with president bush 41. he was his attorney general for a couple years, 91-93. the president now singing the praises of the man he nominated for jeff sessions. >> bill led the justice department under george h.w. bush following his unanimous confirmation by the united states senate. during his tenure, he demonstrated an unwavering adherence to the rule of law. there's no one more capable or more qualified for this role. he deserves overwhelming bipartisan support. >> even though barr did attract bipartisan support in 1991
12:21 pm
during his confirmation, the democrats are already lining up against him in a statement. chuck schumer saying mr. barr must commit at a minimum under oath before the senate to two important things. first, that the special counsel's investigation will proceed unimpeded and second that the special counsel's final report will be made available to congress and the public immediately upon completion. schumer saying that he's got a steep hill to climb if he wants to get confirmed. the president will announce another change tomorrow that this is a change that likely won't occur for a while. he announced mark millie will succeed general joe dunford who we believe that will happen october 1 of next year. but the president taking the opportunity at the army navy football game to make that announcement. >> shepard: mighty early. >> there's some speculation that
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dunford will leave early. >> shepard: well, everything is down. the nasdaq is down, s&p is down, everything. trade tensions. that's what this is about. details coming up. ls it. and as if that wasn't bad enough, now your insurance won't replace it outright because of depreciation. if your insurance won't replace your car, what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money and throwing it right into the harbor. i'm regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand-new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> shepard: stocks are in the tank again today.
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analysts say it's because of concern about new trade trouble with china. the markets were down more than 700 points at one point. now 600 points. they did go up at one point after the labor department released the november jobs report. employers added 155,000 jobs, which is lower than predicted but that means payrolls have ground for a report 98 straight months, which is fantastic news. unemployment holding steady at 3.7%. that is a nearly five decade low. the fox business network's kristina partsinevelos reporting live in new york. >> the job numbers came in lower than expected, but the labor market is still chugging along. 7.1 million job openings with the greatest strength coming from the education and health services, also seeing wage growth at 3.1%. so yes, an increase for november, stayed the same as october but still climbing higher. education and health services up
12:27 pm
higher, too. overall the state is good. the pace is slowing. that's a concern for the federal reserve going forward. you saw, shep, mentioned the unemployment number at 3.7%. we have not seen that since december. seems like the consensus on wall street is that we will continue with the rate hike in november. four rate hikes this year. the biggest difficulty at the moment is finding the talent. a lot of them are having difficulty with hiring talent. >> shepard: turmoil in the markets. is it related? >> yes, a lot of major factors. you talked about the u.s.-china trade and kudlow this morning, one said they could extend the negotiations past 90 days, one saying not. you have bond market yields between the -- versus shorter in term than longer in term. and then this global slow-down that weighs on markets and
12:28 pm
weighing heavily on the tech sector today. we're seeing a lot of tech stocks down for the day. like you said, markets down. more than 600 points. >> shepard: thanks, parts. >> thank you. >> shepard: a high profile chinese tech exec in court today in canada. she was arrested as part of a u.s. investigation. the united states officials say they want to bring her here to the states for trial. she's the chief financial officer of huwea. the biggest supplier of network gear for phone and internet companies. i know, i can't say many things. it's a huge company. intelligence agencies warn that huawei products are national security risks and beijing may be using them to spy on everybody. officials have warned americans don't use huwea phones and banned at government agencies.
12:29 pm
the chinese claim that the united states is trying to hurt chinese businesses. this all comes in the middle of a big trade dispute between washington and beijing. susan li reporting live in new york. >> yeah, i would say it's contributing to the 500-point loss that we're seeing today and the loss that we've seen this week. shep, we have this bail hairing taking place in vancouver, canada this afternoon. we've been hearing from huawei's cfo. she was taken into custody while changing planes in vancouver on december 1. we have more details of what she's being accused of i'm we had a publication ban in place and it's been lifted after several outlets challenges. the u.s. counsel is cueing momg of using sky come to evade u.s. sanctions on iran from 2009-2014. and alleging that she made
12:30 pm
public misrepresentations about s skycom saying it was separate from huawei. china has cold for mong's release. they have called washington a despicable rogue because of this arrest. there's questions as to what the administration knew going into that g-20 trump xi dinner which took place on the same day that momg was arrested in candy. >> shepard: susan li. more ahead on the russia investigation as robert mueller is expected to file court documents today involving key players. that could come at any moment now. the deadline 1 1/2 hours away. reporting continues next. i'm snow. and just like you, the further into winter we go, the heavier i get. and while your pants struggle to support the heavier you, your roof struggles to support
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12:35 pm
reveal what's been going on in the russia investigation. that as the fired fbi director faces questions from behind closed doors. we could see comey leave the questioning at any moments. they set up microphones to speak to him. john bussey is here. associate editor at the "wall street journal." there's a lot there. what do you find more interesting? >> a lot going on. we're not sure how much any of these will get moved forward today. we should see something in the form of documentation from mueller on manafort and cohen. cohen may be some sentencing guidelines. he lied to congress. here's what i, mueller, think should be done as a result of all of his cooperation with the investigation. >> shepard: a standard prosecutor thing? >> yes. that's right. likely to be redacted just like we saw with flynn. so how much will we get? we'll have to read between the lines on this. >> shepard: get as much as they want us to get. >> which is not very much in the
12:36 pm
case of mueller. he's holding his cards close to the chest. manafort, once again, an explanation to the judge. here's why we think he reneged on his agreement to cooperate, here's how we determined his lying. is that presented to the judge but not to the public? probably. we won't see the kind of details we would like to in the case of manafort either. >> shepard: we've been getting bread crumbs. we get some facts along the way. we know with flynn that his cooperation was so substantial as mueller put it that he was recommending as little as no time behind bars. we know he didn't try him or charge him with crimes that he could have tried him for according to mueller. we could get those sort of vague detailses this time. >> we could. let's say he comes out with some kind of very sort of generous advice on how to sentence cohen. that may be once again -- we're reading tea leaves here. we don't know whether we're halfway through the
12:37 pm
investigation, nearing completion. we have a mountain of stuff. that's evident. he might once again signal through the sentencing guidelines for cohen, maybe if they are very generous and he doesn't suggest time or little time for cohen, that if you cooperate, this is how you will be treated. you'll be treated well. so -- >> shepard: and if you lie, you'll be indicted. >> you'll be in trouble. if there's any temptation on your part to believe language about pardons coming down the road, if you're tough with mueller, here's the alternative route you'd can take. if you cooperate with the special prosecution, you might receive a lenient sentence. >> shepard: the outgoing republican leadership getting their last licks in with james comey. he was able to negotiate transcripts public. >> yes. we should be getting something over the weekend most likely about this. it does feels like last licks. >> shepard: it is. >> it's an outgoing republican house and it feels like they're
12:38 pm
kind of sort of regenerating criticisms of comey to bring in to question the mueller investigation. they're asking him about his decisions about not going after hillary clinton over the e-mails. they're asking him about possible potential bias in the investigation of the president. again, it feels like that effort to sort of delegitimize the investigation before the findings of the investigation are delivered to the public. it feels like last licks and feels like we've been here before. doesn't it? doesn't seem the move the ball forward. >> shepard: something is happening and the president is pretty unhappy on air force one the way he went after rex tillerson. he's dumb as a rock, lazy as hell, couldn't get him out of there fast enough. >> right. >> shepard: for what purpose? just you hit me i'm going to hit you harder? >> yes. tillerson says overnight that the president doesn't like to read.
12:39 pm
knew that. briefing papers. here's what i believe. >> shepard: we knew that. >> sometimes it's in violations of treaties or laws and he doesn't like the bad news. that's what tillerson says. this is what the president says. >> shepard: dumb as a rock. lazy as hell. >> we've seen this before, too. you come into the white house. the best thing since sliced bread, you leave under a cloud or fired by a tweet or the worst thing that walked the earth. we've seen this for. this is familiar ground. >> shepard: and general kelly is shh! >> we're reporting that the president is saying don't call john. call our buddy nick harris, the chief of staff and appears to be the presumptive chief of staff to the president. we don't know for sure yet.
12:40 pm
>> shepard: that's the journal's reporting. we're waiting. >> a busy day. >> shepard: i feel like friday hasn't begun yet. feels like 1 of those fridays as we approach 4:00, once the markets close, not because of that reason but just like any afternoon, the early prime -- >> the markets are digesting this. it's not just trade, it's all of the things. >> shepard: there's going to be more. it's a deep to keep watching or googling or whatever, however you do the thing. it's going to be a good day to watch. bad day maybe. have a great weekend. that's the plan. >> you too. >> shepard: me too. two housekeepers at president trump's golf resort in new jersey say that they got their job despite being undocumented immigrants and many of their co-workers were also undocumented immigrants. not only that, the women claim their supervisors knew about it because they told them about it. the supervisor is like don't worry about it. it's fine.
12:41 pm
the president says no undocumented. he calls them illegals. "the new york times" first to break the story. the company says they have strict hiring practices and any employees submitted false papers will be terminated immediately. that's not what they're saying. jacqui heinrich has more. >> shep, the women said they were physically abused and threatened with deportation all according to a statement from their attorney. their attorney says the same supervisor hired them despite their undocumented status and according to the associated press, even supplied them with forged documents. they have not accused the president himself or the trump organization of being aware of it. the women worked at the trump national golf club in bedminster new jersey for several years without papers. diaz worked undocumented from 2011-13 and is now a legal resident. both served as housekeepers making beds and cleaning
12:42 pm
bathrooms. morales said president trump would give her tips. the women came forward after the president talked about violent criminals. >> when he saw me, he would tip up. i wondered why he was speaking out against immigrants when he knows we're at his club. >> the trump organization did not answer the questions about the two housekeepers but did issue this statement. it said we have tens of thousands of employees and strict hiring practices. if any employee submitted false documentation, they will be terminated immediately. we asked more about they're making us file an open records request which could take several days. ice has not said whether they're investigating. >> shepard: jacqui heinrich in new york.
12:43 pm
>> tensions in ukraine and russia are threatening to boil over. the ukrainian navy said they could be on the way to the same spot that russia captured their ships and sailors. conflict, that's next. sooner or later, we all sign up for medicare.
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>> shepard: the tensions between russia and ukraine are red hot. now more fuel for the fire. the ukrainian military is warning russia that they will soon send warships to the same area where the russians rammed, fired and and captured three vessels and their crews. jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon. >> shep, the pentagon as you mentioned plans to sail a warship into the black sea in the coming days to shore up support. tensions remain high after a warship fired on and rammed a
12:48 pm
ukrainian vessel at the mouth of the straits at the entrance to the black sea. that happened two weeks ago. the straits separate ukraine from crimea, which russia seized in 2014. the russians are still holding 24 ukrainian sailors hostage along with the three ukrainian ships that were attempting to enter the strait. three of the injured sailors we're learning are being held in a moscow prison hospital. ukraine says they're enforcing a defactor blockade setting up a bottle neck at the mouth of the black sea. the ukraine says 140 ships are stuck due to russia's actions. the russian foreign minister blocked off the allegations. >> shepard: what can you tell us about the surveillance flight yesterday? >> it's the first time that russia invaded crimea that this
12:49 pm
unarmed plane fly over. ukraine requested the flight. the air force c-135 observation plane took off from andrews air force base november 30th days after the incident between russia and the ukrainian warships two weeks as. the open skies treaty was signed by 34 nations in 1992 to allow this kind of unarmed reconnaissance flights to gather information about military forces in an effort to diffuse conflict. 25 u.s. military personnel were on board the flight yesterday including eight from the defend threat reduction agency. >> shepard: thank you. the hero cop that died responding to a mass shooting at a country music bar in northern california was not killed by the gunman. new today, a bullet fired by a fellow cop killed him. that's the latest from the sheriff. jeff paul reporting live from our west coast news hub.
12:50 pm
>> yeah, shep. we're learning that sergeant helis was fired from the gunman. but a sixth shot was the shot that killed sergeant helis. the five shots were serious but survivable. but the one that killed him hit his heard. it was a chaotic scene that unfolded rapidly and they're devastated. >> they were ambushed almost immediately after entering. they retreated and tried to stop the suspect with their own gun fire. unfortunately it was dynamic. a lot of movement and smoke and dark. a tragic detail that i don't think was avoid able. >> without question, sergeant helis died protecting his community. the blame lies with one person.
12:51 pm
the suspect that entered that night with the intent on taking innocent license. >> cph officer that fired the shot is currently not hahn duty. the medical examiner says that none of the other 11 victims that died were shot by friendly fire. those 11 people were killed by suspect long and investigators say they have no idea what motivated him. shep? >> shepard: jeff paul reporting from l.a. paris has shut down the eiffel tower and the home of the mona lisa and france cancelling soccer games as police get ready for more protests after weeks of violence. live reporting from paris next. (honking) when your craving strikes, you need your wing nut. ( ♪ ) no one can totally satisfy a craving, quite like your wing nut. no one can totally satisfy a craving, ...and i found out that i'ma from the big toe lian.
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>> shepard: officials in france say they expect anti-government demonstrations to be so bad tomorrow they're closing the most famous landmarks. in paris, the eiffel tower and the louvre museum will be closed. 90,000 cops are at the ready. here's paris today. the protests began last month. emmanuel macron has scrapped the proposed gas tax that triggered the protests but they've grown into a larger movement against his government. greg palkot is live with more.
12:56 pm
>> shep, might be lively around the eiffel tower tonight but could be something else tomorrow as paris braces for shovel. we saw shop keepers putting up boards and stores and restaurants set to be shut down. some 89,000 police are set to be deployed nationwide as they try to minimize the damage, so much of which we saw last week here in paris. authorities say they expect, this is their quote, significant violen violence and mobilization of the police is total. it's about high taxes and low wages and about french president emmanuel macron. some people think that he has done much for the rich, not enough for the poor. it's a protest, shep, that has been spreading in the last couple days. we've seen even students going out and protesting changes in
12:57 pm
the curriculum. there's images of kids being lined up outside of one high school that look like common criminals. officials claim the protest is being infiltrated by militants on the extreme left and right. that is attracting attention. the leaders were meeting with the prime minister of france. maybe a little too little too late. back to you tomorrow. >> shepard: greg palkot reporting live from paris. the democrat running for congress and unresolved race in north carolina is now taking back his concession. his name is dan mccreedy. he conceded a month ago today. the state board of elections has refused to certify the respects of a potential fraud with absentee ballots. some there are calling for a new election. jonathan serrie reporting from the southeast newsroom. >> yeah, you mentioned dan mccreedy. it's been four weeks since he conceded the race and now he's taking to social media
12:58 pm
announcing he's withdrawning his concession. listen. >> i didn't serve oversees in the marine corps to watch politicians and the career criminals attack our democracy. that's why today i withdraw my concession to mark harris who has remained completely silent. i call on mark harris to tell us exactly what he knew and when he knew it. >> republican mark harris responded saying that he had no role in any illegal activity but supports the election board's investigation of the election. take a listen. >> if they find proof of illegal activity on either side to such a level that it could have changed the outcome of the election, then i will whole heartedly support a new election to ensure all voters have confidence in the results. >> citing sec filings, "the new york times" was first to report that the harris campaign owes more than $34,000 for voter efforts in bladen county, north carolina.
12:59 pm
that's where the board is investigating allegations. republicans point to local news report this a democrat may also have been involved in alleged illegal activity in the same county. if they find evidence that affected the outcome of the election, the board could call for a new election. it's possible that democrats that will control the u.s. house next year could call for a new election themselves. nancy pelosi told reporters that the allegations of voter fraud are not just a problem for democrats but might have affected republicans in their gop primary in may. shep? >> shepard: thanks very much. live reporting from our southeast newsroom. once our reporting here is complete, we'll have a fox news update on facebook watch. it's a minute's long news cast online with unique content that streams live on the facebook watch home page a few minutes from now. it's called fox news update. once that is concluded, it's available online on demand any
1:00 pm
time. should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news chases everything on fox news channel. the dow on a dive today. well off the session lows. certainly well into the red. "your world" starts now. >> republican congressman darrell issa says james comey is not answering questions. as gop lawmakers trying to get to the bottom of alleged bias. now one prominent democrat is vowing to shut the investigation down. if james comey speaks this hour, we will bring it to you live. the dow taking another dive as the jobs numbers fall short and trade friction in china, the situation in china overall uncertainty with the russia probe and has investors selling. the show down over the border wall. president trump said