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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 8, 2018 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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arthel: we begin with fox news alert, white house chief of staff john kelly stepping down. president trump saying general kelly will be leaving his position at the end of the year and his replacement will be announced in the coming days. hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville. eric: thank you for joining us, i'm eric sean. john kelly served as chief of white house since 2017. arthel: ellison barber live at the white house, so ellison, tell us who the president will pick to replace general kelly. >> the president didn't announce anybody today, he could
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potentially announce interim in the coming days, source close to situation tells me that vice president mike pence chief of staff nick ayers is president trump's top choice and the pair have been discussing ayers coming over and replacing general kelly for months now but according to this source even though nick ayers is president trump's choice, nick ayers hasn't been able to commit to that. he has young children at home, 3 children under the age of 6 and because of that he's unable to commit to that time frame, the source says that the president and nick ayers are still working on the terms of him taking over, leave december before all of this started, here is what president trump said this morning before boarding marine one. >> john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year, we will be announcing who will be taking john's place, it might be on an
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interim basis. i will be announcing that over the day or two, john will be leaving at the end of the year, he's been with me almost 2 years now as you know between the two positions, so we are probably going to see him in a little while. >> on july president trump reportedly asked chief of staff john kelly to stay on 2020 and kelly reported agreed to that but then in an interview with chris wallace on fox news sunday earlier this month the president wouldn't necessarily commit or guaranty the 2020 date. >> look, we get along well, there are certain things i love that he does and certain things that i don't like that he does. let's see what happens. i have not -- look, i have three or four or five position that is i'm thinking about. i need flexibility. >> the president said that kelly is leaving but wouldn't call it a retirement, there are some rumors floating around that
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kelly decided to leave now because he did an interview with the special counsel, when it comes to those particular rumors the senior administration official is telling me that kelly's departure had nothing to do with special counsel, there have been rumors for a very long time about kelly leaving, today though we got the final confirmation. arthel: final confirmation from the president who is taking some football today attending the army-navy game. any news there? >> big classic game in philadelphia, the president left earlier and participated in the opening ceremony, on the field for national anthem and he also participated in the coin toss. i think we can show you a little bit of what happened there today >> and the home of the brave!
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♪ >> also participated in the coin toss and then he sat -- he said from the beginning that he planned to sit on both sides of the stadium with army for one part and the navy for another. he said that attending this game was a great honor and that he hoped or he expected both sides to do very well. arthel. arthel: ellison barber, thank you very much, ellison. eric: new disclosure in mueller investigation, the special counsel's team with -- out with heavily redacted court filing yesterday saying that they believe former trump campaign chairman paul manafort lied during cooperation sessions with the fbi and with the special counsel's office. they say he was not forthcoming about having contact with trump administration officials through the whole process allegedly happening after guilty plea deal, however, mr. manafort's defense team with reject prosecutors' claims, garrett tenney from washington bureau. >> eric, we are getting a few
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more details on what they believe paul manafort lied about and there's not a shortage of items and how he did so repeatedly to cooperate with the special counsel. in court filing mueller's team stated, quote, in his interviews with the special counsel's office manafort told multiple discernible lies and not instances of memory lapses, if the defendant contends the government not acted in good faith, the government is able to prove the false statements at hearing. now a lot of the key points in the court filing were redacted so hard to get a full picture of what and how many items manafort allegedly lied about but mueller's team include five issues, 125,000-dollar payment, former employee of his, political consultant to ties to russian intelligence, manafort allegedly lied about efforts to
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allegedly obstruct justice by trying to persuade witnesses to lie to mueller's team about their business dealings in ukraine, significantly, though, prosecutors claim manafort lied about contacts with trump administration officials, mueller claims manafort previously told investigators he had no direct or indirect contact with the white house after the inauguration but text messages, emails and testimony from manafort colleague shows he was in touch with officials as recently as past spring and in may he authorized another person to speak with an official on his behalf. at this point, with all of the redactions and court filing it's not clear which administration officials manafort was speaking to or those conversations were about but as you mentioned, manafort's legal team denies client ever knowingly lied to investigators and we will find more about defense and possible explanations when they're
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expected to submit reply. arthel: court filings are giving new insights into the special counsel's investigation of michael cohen, russian national reached out to the president's former attorney as far back as 2015 this as they recommend a substantial sentence for mr. cohen. jackie from new york city news room. >> what they don't contain collusion between president trump's campaign and russian med until the election but they do give us a window into what the special counsel is zeroing in on, the first news from mueller that cohen talked to russian national who offered political synergy and suggested meeting with putin and president trump, this happened 2 months after president trump announced bid for the white house. mueller said mueller lied to congress about details to create trump tower moscow in an attempt to limit the inquiry into russian meddling in the
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election, it reads, the defendant's false statements on cured the fact moscow project was a lucrative business opportunity that sought and likely required the assistance of the russian government, if the project was completed the company could have received hundreds of millions of dollars from russian sources in licensing fees and other revenues, the document also said cohen was talking to contacts connected to the white house in 2017 and also this year and that cohen admit today circulating lies relating to the congressional inquiry, mueller called those false statements a serious crime. the president, though, happy with the news from the mueller camp this morning. >> on the mueller situation we are very happy with what we are reading because there was no collusion whatsoever. there never has been, the last thing i want is help from russia on a campaign. >> the second court filing from the southern district of new york also implicates the president in a new way. this revelation deals with hush
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money that cohen paid to stormy daniels and karen mcdogle who allege had an unfair with the president. directed attorney to make payments violating finance laws, the president maintains he doesn't know where money came from. 42 months behind bar, cohen pleaded guilty to charges and others and due to be sentenced on wednesday, arthel. arthel: jackie, thank you. eric: earlier this afternoon the president once again responded to the special's court filings, he denied that he did anything wrong. >> financed the fake dossier which i understand they tried to get information and help from russia but you ought to ask them about that, very one-sided situation but i think it's all turning around very nicely but as far as the report that we see
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according to everybody i have spoken to, i have not read it, there's absolutely no collusion. eric: former federal prosecutor pointing out this in response to payments, detail of cohen, means prosecutors include that trump directed cohen to commit the two hmp -- two campaign violations and they were felonies and someone who directs or supports is also guilty of the crime, what does that mean, john, white house correspondent for fox news radio. john as we heard earlier, the president said he's happy with what they are reading but under the court papers individual one the court appeared to point finger, payments as violation of law. >> they didn't accuse the president of any legality, any wrongdoing, that being said, this investigation as you know, eric, it's not over yet, one
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indication that we know it's not over yet the filings that the special counsel submitted this week, the filings concerning michael flynn, former national security adviser of michael cohen, the former personal attorney and, of course, we saw the filing with mr. manafort, campaign chairman, all of those filings contained rejections which indicate that this investigation on a variety of matters, eric, is still going on and it also means that the president despite what he said before getting on marine one earlier today is not in the clear yet, it's an ongoing investigation and i would be concerned about some of the things that we read out of the filings that came out yesterday in new york. eric: what would you be more concerned about if you were the president or the administration? >> the president speaks of collusion and the president is right, there's no indication in these filings that there's any collusion but also keep in mind there's no federal crimes of collusions, nothing in u.s. code concerning the crime of collusion, now, what i would be
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concerned about is the word conspiracy, conspiracy is a federal crime and some of the language that mr. mueller uses in the filing concerning mr. cohen indicates a conspiracy, conspiracy in terms of those payments that went to both stormy daniels, porn actress and also karen mcdoogle, indicates to me mr. mueller is zeroing in on that as possible crimes committed by the president prior to becoming president. eric: but you're talking about a conspiracy with those two women to hush up the money because the campaign but not conspiracy so far that we know of with the russians? >> that's exactly right. we haven't seen anything like that, nothing in there that indicates despite what mr. cohen indicates that the president knew about any of those conversations, mr. cohen says that, eric, but at the same time, you know, i don't think
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that robert mueller will base entire case on what it is that mr. cohen says, he's not a good witness, he's admit today lying and, you know, you have seen enough television legal dramas to know that defense lawyer will say to a person who has been admitted lier, if you were lying now, if you were lying then are you lying now and that's the problem. now, that being said, eric there may be some electronic communications which may back up some of michael cohen's story, electronic communication in forms of emails, text messages, we don't know if mr. cohen has that type of information just yet. >> political synergy and on governmental level, they used the word synergy, some could say that's conspiracy, that's collusion, that's offering to work together and that's the ball game right there?
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>> well, it's conspiracy certainly as it relates to michael cohen, it's not collusion or conspiracy yet as it relates to the president and that's very key here. the person who is facing a significant amount of time behind bars is michael cohen, it's not president trump. so if for instance those who are enemies of the president or are doing victory dance concerning what came out it's premature because as it relates to russia part of the investigation, the president is correct, nothing that ties him to some of the things that michael cohen has been accused of. eric: let me read you part of the court filing that the associated press is reporting, cohen spoke to russian who claimed to be trusted person in russian federation who could offer political synergy and synergy on governmental level, saying such a meeting could have a phenomenal impact, not only in political but in a business
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dimension as well, presumably that's the trump tower in moscow. cohen told prosecutors he never followed up. why is it, is it important that cohen said he never followed up and as you just pointed out, there was no direct evidence yet implicating the evidence in all of this? >> he has admit today wrongdoing and illegality eric, a lot of viewers might find this interesting but there's no federal crime in terms of coordinating between a campaign and foreign entity, it's wrong, ethically wrong but it's not illegal, that being said, i don't think the president wants to admit to that and that's the reason why he maintains and has maintained in the last few months an effort to collude on the part of mr. cohen and some of the russian actors absolutely nothing yet, eric, to tie the
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president to those activities with michael cohen. eric: john decker, good to see you on tv side today. >> appreciate it. eric: thank you. arthel. arthel: six, that is how many opportunities the air force had to warn law enforcement of texas mass shooter according to government report, the defense department's inspector general says despite devin kelly's conviction, enlisted man's fingerprints were never submitted to the fbi. this allowed kelly to buy firearms from licensed dealers and use them to kill 26 people at the first baptist church of southernland springs, texas last year, kelly later found dead with gunshot wound in his head. eric: transcript from james comey's testimony on capitol hill yesterday. the former fbi director saying
1:17 pm
in his view that there was no abuse of the fisa process and reportedly asked a lot about hillary clinton and her emails and the server and why there's no investigation of that. we will have the very latest on this, stay with us, we will get reaction and analysis as soon as the transcript of his interview yesterday that lasted several hours is released. plus, remembering infamous day, 77 years later. >> today we pay tribute of those members of greatest generation who is rose to the challenge in the name of freedom in order to achieve a more peaceful world.
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arthel: officer responding to mass shooting in a bar in thousand oaks, california last month was killed by friendly fire from a highway patrol officer's weapon, sergeant ron hellis hit five times by the shooter but the sixth and fatal shot was fellow officer, ran into the borderline bar&grill, the gunman killed on in attack.
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eric: at least two service members killed on the tragic day so many years ago were layed to rest yesterday including first-class william at arlington national cemetery, san francisco affiliate, fox 2, share it is story of one veteran that continues to share story of survival. >> i really am. the guys on the airplane are on the water. none of them survived. >> on december 7th, 1941, navy as radio was stationed across the island from pearl harbor. >> when i was looking toward the shore and hangers started exploding and airplanes on the ground were obviously --
1:23 pm
>> he remember it is day vividly, first thought was that there was training nearby. >> i think everyone thought it was the army or navy, i know one guy who said he thought it was a carrier pilot, that they were coming back in from one of the ships out at sea. [cheers and applause] >> now 77 years later, shared experience from students he told students how he barely made it out alive. >> when i saw planes making runs and other aircraft, bombing, i went to get a life jacket and on my way back to the airplane, i was in, i recall the spurts of water coming out of the bottom of the airplane. >> thank you. >> on this day fellow survivors came to share story and in lifetime only two times nation come together pearl harbor and
1:24 pm
september 11th. >> we were as one and we got the job both times, why can't can't do that today, i don't know. >> as paul reported from san francisco, we remember those killed on that day, a day that will truly forever live in infamy, arthel. arthel: transcript from former fbi director james comey on capitol hill is now out in the public, comey testified for several hours behind closed doors to lawmakers in house oversight and judiciary committee, we will have more on that, stick around for that, violence continues for fourth week in france, police trying to stop demonstrating from converging to presidential palace and close look at the names, new names in the administration. and saying, "really?"
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arthel: this is a fox news alert. the transcript from form earn
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fbi director, james comey's testimony on capitol hill is now out to the public. mr. comey testified for several hours behind closed doors to lawmakers on the house oversight and judiciary committees yesterday. joining us now is chief intelligence core spoo correspo, katherine harriage. >> reporter: just to recap, this was about a six hour closed door transcribed interview yesterday under oath for the former fbi director. this is highly unusual and a transcribed interview under oath is an indication of a lack of trust between the director and house republicans on the judiciary and oversight committees. one of the conditions for the director was the public release of the transcript on a short time line. as you can see, the transcript is 254 pages, was just released within the last few minutes. i want to go to some of the statements from the former
1:30 pm
director yesterday so we can compare and contrast what we've already seen in the of sound from the news conference yesterday where comey was asked about the issues that he was -- of a government lawyer. >> republicans came out and said that the government lawyers ran interference and shut down specific lines of questioning. did that happen and if so, what topics were not discussed? >> when you read the transcript, i think you will not see that happening. >> reporter: okay. he goes on to say that a great portion of the interview dealt with the e-mail issue but i can tell you, arthel, just going through the transcript now that there are lengthy lines of questioning that relate to the anti-trump anti-trump dossier. this is a remarkable exchange
1:31 pm
right here. it's between comey and the chairman of the oversight committee, trey gowdy. trey gowdy asks him while you were director you never knew the dnc hired a law firm that hired an opposition research firm that hired christopher steele. christopher steel was the author of the anti-trump dossier. it's established the dossier was paid for by the dnc and clinton campaign, one of the foundational pieces for the surveillance warrant on a trump campaign aide and mr. comey says no, i don't think so, i don't have any recogniz recollection g told that or reading that or learning that when i was director. he said he believes he learned that information from the media after he left as director but i'm digging further. so number one, there's a big chunk of transcript that certainly has to do with the dossier, its use to secure surveillance warrant hand the director knew about the sourcing of the document and the intelligence officer, the
1:32 pm
british intelligence officer who put it together. in this case, he's saying he was not aware of the financial relationship with the dnc and clinton campaign. i'll keep reading. this seems inconsistent with what the director said yesterday or at least his statement was somewhat misleading, that the focus of the transcript was on the e-mails. that doesn't appear to be the case. arthel: as were you reporting, as we look a little further, i want to let everyone know that we're getting from mr. gowdy a statement saying that due to time constraints, the committees were unable to ask all relevant questions of mr. com comey durig yesterday's interview. he will appear before the committees again on december 17th. >> reporter: that's right. so i'm sure folks at home who have been following this know that there was a big back and forth between the house republicans and director comey to appear. he advocated for public testimony. republicans said the drawback of thpublic testimony is they would
1:33 pm
only have five minutes a round for each lawmaker. and what they really wanted were longer questions, an hour for the republicans, an hour for the democrats behind closed doors so they could drill down on issues. the director went to court to quash the congressional subpoena. they eventually withdrew the effort and agreed to terms of the closed door classified interview. after six hours yesterday, the view had been heading into it that it may have gone well into the evening to answer all the questions. there were allegation that's a government lawyer wasp kind of running interference on a lot of the key topics, director comey said that that was absolutely appropriate because of the sensitivity of ongoing investigations. we have confirmation from the oversight chairman, trey gowdy, that he will come back for a second round of questioning on the 17th of december and it does appear to be under the same circumstances. i'm looking at some new sections
1:34 pm
here because one of the issues which seems a somewhat surprising to me is how little director comey said he knew about the british intelligence officer, christopher steele. christopher steele was the intelligence officer who was paid by fusion gps or commissioned by fusion gps, the firm that's the co-founder of glen simpson to put together the dossier research and if you can bear with me here, i have some of the fisa applications here and huge sections of that surveillance warrant application that relate to the dossier are blacked out here. now, in the fisa application, this is for the trump campaign aide in the fall of 2016, so this is just a few weeks before the presidential election, it refers to glen simpson, so the opposition research firmco
1:35 pm
founder, fusion gms, not business name but as the u.s. person but then it says, i think this is important language, it says the fbi speculates that the identified u.s. person was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit candidate, one campaign candidate, one of course is then candidate donald trump and folks at home will have to decide whether that language was really clear enough on the political origins of the opposition research that was the dossier and ultimately used to get the surveillance warrant or not, but based on the transcript from what i'm seeing so far, director comey is saying he did not have a lot of clearance on sort of the mechanics, if you will, of christopher steele. he knew he was an intelligence official who had done previous work for the fbi. when we get to the mechanics of the dossier, i'm reading through it now, it appears to say he does not -- doesn't say i don't recall, but he appears to not have a lot of knowledge of
1:36 pm
steele per se. that i think is worth considering. this was not a routine surveillance warrant for an individual, none of these surveillance warrants are for an american citizen are routine but this was a surveillance warrant for a campaign aide during a presidential campaign. so this is the highest priority and sensitivity within the bureau at that time, arthel. arthel: and katherine, do i have time to talk to katherine? katherine, you mentioned a couple times folks at home will have to decide. as you know, there's a deep divide, deep political divide on this among the parties. how are you feeling, katherine, from your experience and your reporting when there is going to be this now round two that we're reporting right now on december 17th that mr. comey will go back in for more questioning by the committee. you already have democrats saying listen, this is all a distraction, trying to distract from the mueller investigation. you have republicans, katherine, saying that it's not a distraction, in fact, there's more information to get from mr.
1:37 pm
yet, he's not very forthcoming with his information. katherine, if you're still there -- >> reporter: i'm still here. i'm still here. i want to answer that in one second. i'm going through this in real-time, arthel. i found another important section here. just to kind of set the table for folks, you'll remember that christopher steele was the british intelligence officer who did the research on the anti-trump dossier. he was fired as a source by the fbi because he misled them over his contacts with the media. in the fall of 2016, he was directed by the opposition research firm, fusion gps, to start briefing a small circle of reporters in the united states about the contents of the dossier. to their credit, most of them did not go with it. there was one story connected to steele by michael isakoff and yahoo news. this line of questioning is with congressman jim jordan. he's trying to understand whether director comey knew that
1:38 pm
there was a relationship between christopher steele and the justice department official, bruce orr, because after christopher steele was fired as a source by the fbi, he was able to keep up his contact with the fbi through a back channel and that was this justice department official bruce orr. bruce orr was a senior person at the justice department. he was not a middle manager or a low level employee. he was a senior person. here's the exchange. so mr. jordan says i want to move on. i want to go back to bruce orr and christopher steele real quick if i can. do you know bruce orr personally? and mr. comey says yes, not well. i've met him. he was a prosecutor in new york around the time i was a prosecutor in new york. and jordan continues. just to recap, i think mr. gowdy was here earlier too, did you know that christopher steele was giving information to mr. o. or. mr. comey says i didn't know that. and i don't know that for a fact. so he says he doesn't know that
1:39 pm
for a fact, though this has been the subject of multiple congressional hearings and there are also records that support the existence of this relationship. jordan continues. so you didn't know that christopher steele was passing information to mr. orr and that he was then providing it, mr. orr was providing it to the fbi. mr. comey, i don't know if that's true. i didn't know anything like that when i was director. mr. jordan. did you know if christopher steele had any bias against president trump. mr. come hey. hey. no. mr. jordan, i'm curious your thoughts, maybe you can't comment on this. why did the fbi need bruce orr. if you were getting information from mr. steele why did you need bruce orr to also get information from mr. steele and get it to the fbi. mr. comey. i don't know anything about a bruce orr connection to mr. steele. so to bottom line it, this was a pivotal relationship in the fall of 2016. the british spy was terminated
1:40 pm
by the fbi. he was able to keep up the communication with the fbi, through this justice department official bruce orr. the reason that's important is because bruce orr told the fbi that steele had shared with him that he had this very deep a amimous against donald trump. i think the phrase was he will do anything to stop donald trump. the reason that matters from an intelligence point of view, because it starts to speak to the quality and the motivation of the source and how they're collecting the information and how interpreting the information. based on the transcript, what was a very important relationship in the fall of 2016 in terms of information about the dossier, how it was coming into the fbi, director comey is saying that he was unaware of that at the time, arthel. arthel: katherine, i want to clarify something. you're talking about the animous that steele had for mr. trump. is that something that was in the dossier? where was that coming from? >> reporter: no.
1:41 pm
i'm going back to my notes here. i don't want to give you bad information. we were able to obtain some records that were bruce orr's hand-written notes, some e-mails and text messages which were between orr and steele in the fall of 2016. and my recollection is that it's documented either in the notes or that he shared this with the fbi in a series of interviews, what they call 302s. so to keep it real simple, i apologize if i didn't, that steele shared with orr that he had this real animous for donald trump or hatred of donald trump and that matters because whenever you're assessing the credibility and independence of intelligence that you receive, you need to understand whether your source has any bias or what their motivation may be and what director comey is saying here is when it came to bruce orr and christopher steele, this was a relationship that he just didn't have any visibility on. that may be so, because
1:42 pm
mr. comey's operating at the most senior executive level of the fbi but this wasn't any old ordinary case. this was a surveillance warrant on an active political campaign, just a few weeks before the presidential election. arthel: katherine, no need to apologize. you just broke down a lot of information in real-time for us. so we appreciate your reporting. >> reporter: i'll keep going. there's a lot more here. arthel: keep reading for us. we'll take a break and we'll come back with more as we're revealing real-time for you what was in the comey transcripts from his testimony on capitol hill yesterday. keep it right here on fox news. if i built a van,
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eric: the james comey transcript reveals he would not have kept fbi officials and lovers peter strzok and lisa page on the clinton investigation if he had known about their infamous texts.
1:47 pm
page texting at one point that trump simply cannot be president. strzok wrote that trump's an idiot and hillary should win 100 million to one. comey was asked knowing about that, would he have kept them on the investigation. he said he would not have. joining us now is brett behr. despite the inspector general's report that there was no overt political influence, that seems to be a significant admission by the former fbi director that the feelings of strzok and page could have influenced the investigation. how do you interpret that? >> i think so. he said something similar, maybe not that definitive in my interview with him a yo few mons back. going through this 235 page release of this transcript, i think there are a couple things that are really interesting. one is how many times jim comey
1:48 pm
says i don't he know don't knowt remember and having talked to a lawmaker who was in this testimony, there was a lot of frustration about that and also the interference of the doj lawyer telling him not to answer sometimes which is why comey is coming back not next week, but the following week, to testify again. the other thing is the focus on the dossier and the fact that really it was uncorroborated, a large part of it before and even after it was used as a large part of the just a justificatior the fisa warrant involved in looking to the trump campaign. eric: he said there was no abuse of the fisa process. >> right. he says that but then also says
1:49 pm
that they assumed that this document was essentially going to be used as part of the justification. the problem was, it was not corroborated by the fbi and how they got it, there was a lot of questioning about the interaction as catherine talked about earlier with christopher steele and what he knew about him, when he knew that he was being hired by these democratic firms and essentially the dnc. and through a law firm. comey's answers are very vague and a lot of i don't remember and a lot of i don't recall. eric: he still also he defends the handling of the clinton investigation, no investigation or charges so-to-speak in the clinton e-mail situation. he says that she handled the information in a sloppy manner, mishandled classified material eight time times and about his
1:50 pm
decision to basically give her a pass, he said anybody that thinks we were on team clinton trying to quit her a break is smoking something. do you think that answer will pass and fly? >> you know, listen, we saw jim comey with this large kind of book rollout where he said all kinds of different things and several different interviews and a town hall and i think it was that same kind of answer. and a lot of the answers that you look at here, i have not seen a bombshell from this testimony. so i think there's a lot of frustration with the answers that they didn't get and you kind of wonder, looking at this, whether they can get it from jim comey even in the next time that he comes up to capitol hill. eric: he is defending himself, defending his previous actions and vis-a-vis the hillary clinton investigation and continues to defend the bureau
1:51 pm
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit arthel: fox news alert, the transcript from former fbi director jame james comey's tesy
1:55 pm
from capitol hill is out to the public. joining us now is correspondent catherine hair raj. >> reporter: hai herrdge. >> reporter: they documented the number of times james comey couldn't answer questions or said he couldn't recall or didn't have that information. he said i don't remember 71 times, i don't know, 166 times, and i don't recall eight times according to the congressman. that brings is up to 250 times and just for context, this document is 254 page long, so that's about one for every page that's been released. i have an example here of when he could not recall several details of the fisa application from october of 2016 for carter page and the reason this seems significant is because the fisa -- there's sort of no greater
1:56 pm
responsibility than getting a surveillance warrant for an american citizen inside the united states and he is asked by congressman john radcliffe about the application and comey says he remembers signing it but he doesn't recall some of the key details including the date. he says he read it but he didn't recall elements of the verified application so i'll send it back to you for more in jaws bit. arthel: stick around, catherine. we'll get back to you in the next hour as we continue this coverage on fox news channel. stick with us. eric and i will be back with more on the comey testimony and those transcripts. alright, i brought in ensure max protein... give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. ensure max protein. ♪ we live like no one's watching,
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eric: we begin a new hour with a fox news alert as the house committees released the transcripts from the testimony of james comey's closed door session on capitol hill yesterday. comey facing a grilling from the republican led house panels on the bureau's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail probe and the origin of the trump russia investigation. mr. comey saying he would not have kept fbi officials peter strzok and lisa page on the clinton e-mail probe because of their anti-donald trump texts. hello, welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. ism eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. some republicans signal disappointment with mr. comey's level of cooperation as they
2:01 pm
work to wrap up an investigation into the justice department's decisions during the 2016 presidential campaign. mr. comey questioning the necessity of the hearing after yesterday's session. >> coming back, weave we've sche to come back on the 17th after a full day of questioning. two things are clear to me. one, we could have done this in an open setting. and two, when you read the transcript, you will see we're talking about hillary clinton's e-mails. i'm not sure we need to do this at all. arthel: catherine herridge has more now on this from washington. catherine. >> reporter: so arthel, the transcript which is 254 pages long, was released just about an hour ago and while the director seemed to indicate in that statement that it was largely about the clinton e-mail investigation, in fact as you review the transcript much of it has to do with the fbi's counter intelligence investigation that was opened in july of 2016 and then also the fbi, justice department's successful efforts
2:02 pm
to obtain a surveillance warrant for a trump campaign aide in october of 2016 which was just weeks before the presidential election. there was a lot of disappointment among the house republican as they left the session yesterday and within the last few minutes we received a statement from trey go gowdy, te chairman of the house government oversight committee. in the statement he documents what he says is the number of times that director comey did not answer a direct question or said he didn't have that information. i think we've got a graphic here. 0:cording to the congressman, the director, former director said he didn't know 71 times, 166 times said i don't have that information to the effect and eight times i cannot recall. if you do quick math, that comes to 251 odd times in the course of a 254 page transcript. so that's about once every page. i would just draw your attention to a new section that we found as we've gone through the record and this comes i believe in a
2:03 pm
series of questions from one of the democrats. don't be under the impression yesterday that it was just republicans asking questions. in fact, it was an hour on the republican side, then an hour on the democratic side. that gave both sides the benefit of being able to really drill down on specific topics and this line of questioning has to do with the memos where comey documented his meetings with president trump after january of 2017. and a pivotal meeting in february where he says the president wanted to know whether he could sort of let go of flynn or let go of the flynn investigation. at that time, the former national security advisor had been fired, had resigned, over his contacts with the russian ambassador and what were described as misleading statements and in this line of questioning the director says that after the meeting with the president and his decision to memorialize that meeting which
2:04 pm
to my knowledge he did not memorialize meetings with president obama, mr. comey said i met with senior leadership team of the fbi, shared with them a memo that i created about the february 14th conversation. that's the conversation with the president. and we debated what to do. the issue of course was whether the request from the president amounted to obstruction of justice. because we didn't feel we could go to attorney general sessions because he was about to be recused. there was no deputy attorney general because mr. rosenstein had not been confirmed yet and we didn't want to do anything that might chill the investigative -- bear with me here -- teach. we decided we would simply hold onto it, keep the information close, hold until the department of justice sorted out who they were going to have in a supervisory position. now, that may seem like a long-winded explanation. but let me explain why all of that is important. one of the findings of the inspector general with the fbi's handling of the clinton e-mail
2:05 pm
case was that director comey was insubordinate, that he took on decisions which were not his mandate at the fbi, that were really the mandate of the justice department. so it was this idea of keeping things on a close hold with his inner circle. what we see from the transcript is that a similar dynamic also played out with the issue of mike flynn and whether there really was the basis for an obstruction of justice case which would have been something that they clearly debated sharing with the attorney general, the top law enforcement officer, but they decided not to share it with the attorney general, jeff sessions, because they believed already at that time that he would recuse himself from the russia case. arthel: okay. thank you for breaking that down, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge as she continues to read there. eric: we will have a lot more on this throughout the next hour. meanwhile, lots going on in washington. a major shakeup at the white house announced today.
2:06 pm
president trump said john kelly will leave at the end of the year. the move marks the latest departure from the president's administration and inner circle. it comes after speculation that the retired marine general was eventually on his way out. president trump saying a replacement is already in the works. >> john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year we'll be announcing who will be taking john's place. it might be on an interim basis. i'll announce that over the next day or two. arthel: we are following another top story. with new court filings from special counsel robert mueller targeting two former trump associates. we've got fox team coverage on all those new details with jackie linerick and garrett tenney standing by. let's go to alp son barber at the -- allison barber at the white house. does the president have a replacement for john kelly. >> reporter: a couple different things to weigh here at the white house.
2:07 pm
the president is not publicly saying who he is considering to rechiereplace chief of staff jon kelly. they say the top contender is nick ayers. a source tells me that ayers and the president have been in discussions for months about him replacing john kelly, taking over as white house chief of staff. but the president wants a two-year commitment and so far ayers has not been able to make that sort of commitment. in part, because he has young children at home, three under the age of six and he was actually planning to leave d.c. in december. but this source says the president and mr. ayers are still working on the terms of him taking over. in july, president trump asked his outgoing chief of staff john kelly to stick around until 2020. the president spoke with chris wallace a few weeks ago and would no longer guarantee that. >> look, we get along well. there are certain things i love what he does and there are certain things that i don't like that he does. let's see what happens.
2:08 pm
i have not -- look, i have three or four or five positions that i'm thinking about. i need flexibility. >> reporter: special counsel robert mueller's team reportedly interviewed mr. kelly, a senior administration officials tells me despite some speculation, they say kelly's departure has nothing to do with the special counsel. arthel: what is the white house saying about mr. mueller's latest court filings? >> reporter: they're down-playing the significance of them. the white house press secretary, sarah sanders, released two statements on the memo related to manafort's case. she says absolutely there is absolutely nothing about the president and that, quote, it says even less about collusion and is devoted almost entirely to lobbying related issues. on mr. cohen, sanders says the filing tells us nothing of value that wasn't already known. she says mr. cohen repeatedly lied, the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, told
2:09 pm
fox news he and the rest of the president's outside legal counsel are happy about the memos, he says they're a complete exxon raise of the president. -- exoneration of the president. there is a reference to political synergy in the cohen court filing. mr. giuliani told fox news that mr. cohen acted on his own. arthel: allison, we'll take it back here many thank you very much. eric: there are more major developments in the ongoing russia investigation. special counsel mueller capping a busy week with court filings involving as we heard michael cohen who will be sentence this coming week. mueller said that manafort lied to prosecutors about his contact with the administration after he agreed to cooperate with prosecutors. here is harvard law professor alan dershowitz on this earlier today. >> the take-away is that mueller came up with far less than he hoped for. he's not getting cooperation
2:10 pm
from manafort, they're at war with each other. as far as cohen is concerned, although he, the special counsel recommended some leniency because he was getting some p cooperation, the u.s. attorney's office said really we want a harsh sentence of four to five years. eric: garrett tenney joins us from washington with more. >> reporter: the special counsel claims paul manafort repeatedly lied about a whole host of issues, before and after he signed a plea deal agreement. mueller says these were more than simple mistakes, quote, these were not instances of mere memory lapses. if the defendant contends the government has not acted in good faith, the government is available to prove the false statements at a hearing. prosecutors claim he lied about a number of things, including a $125,000 payment through a political action committee to cover a debt that he owed, his
2:11 pm
contacts with a russian ukrainian political consultant who has ties to russian intelligence and his attempts to work with him to obstruct justice by trying to persuade witnesses to lie to mueller's team about their business dealings in you' ukraine. prosecutors claim manafort lied about his contacts with trump administration officials. mueller says manafort previously told investigators he did not have any contact with white house officials after they inauguration but this court filing suggests manafort was in contact with senior administration officials as recently as this past spring. quote, according to another manafort colleague, manafort said in february 2018 that manafort had been in communication with a senior administration official up through february 2018. it goes on to say, a review of documents recovered from the search of manafort's electronic documents demonstrates additional contacts with administration officials. now, the documents don't name the administration officials
2:12 pm
that manafort was allegedly in contact with or what those conversations were about. but manafort's legal team continues to deny that their client ever knowingly lied to investigators. they now have two weeks to respond to these latest accusations. so this case appears to still be a long ways from over. eric. eric: thank you. arthel: the there are new allegations against the president's former lawyer, michael cohen. federal prosecutors filing new court papers about cohen yesterday. they detail illegal payments allegedly directed by president trump to cover up two affairs and also offer new evidence of cohen's contact with a russian national. jackie linerick has more. >> reporter: what's in these -- what's rather not in the documents are accusations of collusion between president trump's campaign and russia's meddling in the election. however, they do give us a window into what the special
2:13 pm
counsel is zeroing in on. the first, news from mueller that cohen talked with a russian national who offered political synergy with the trump campaign and repeatedly suggested a meeting between president putin and president trump. this happened just two months after president trump announced his bid for the white house. mueller also says cohen lied to congress about the time line in a deal to create trump you tower moscow in an attempt to limit continue choirly into russian med lynn. mueller said cohen admit offed to talking to contacts connected with the white house in 2015 and this year and cohen admitted to circulating lies related to the congressional inquiry. the second court filing from the southern district of new york implicates the president in a new way. this revelation deals with hush money cohen paid to stormy daniels and former playboy model karen mcdougal who alleged they had affairs with the president. the bombshell there is prosecutors say the president directed his attorney to make
2:14 pm
payments violating campaign finance laws. the president though has maintained that he didn't know where the money came from. >> not that the crime itself is a huge one. the problem is if the president engaged in any actions to conceal that crime and there's evidence of it, right, then it becomes much more serious. >> reporter: the southern district of new york recommended 42 months behind bars. cohen will be sentenced on wednesday. arthel: thank you very much. so the new developments in the mueller investigation are coming as democrats get set to take control of the house. will democrats look to impeach the president and what is the perception of the mueller probe from other parties. plus, the president announcing more personnel plans a as we len of chief of staff john kelly's departure, who he has chosen at the nation's next attorney general, that's ahead.
2:15 pm
2:16 pm
2:17 pm
2:18 pm
arthel: new revelations in the special counsel's russia investigation in a heavily redacted new filing, robert mueller's team accusing both president trump's former campaign chairman, paul manafort, and former lawyer, michael cohen, of lying to prosecutors. memos detailing manafort lied about his contacts with trump
2:19 pm
administration officials before and after the election, while another details cohen arranged a legal hush -- illegal hush money payments for alleged extra marital affairs at the direction of the president. george washington university law professor jonathan turley reacting shortly after the memos were released. >> what is clear out of here and we've known this for a couple weeks now is that they're trying to bag donald trump. we've seen mueller pressuring witness after witness, specifically to create a clear shot to trump and so what's appearing as a delay here is they're seeing if they can get the final puzzle piece. arthel: a white house correspondent, franco, lots to cover here. michael cohen will be sentenced next week for tax evasion, orchestrating hush money payments and lying to congress. what does this mean for michael cohen? >> it means a lot. i mean, he is facing a long sentence.
2:20 pm
he's facing a lot of potential trouble for himself. certainly the prosecution, he was hoping for a very lenient sentence, something more like mike flynn got of no prison time, arguing that he participated and helped out with the prosecution or with the special counselor. they are saying no, no, no, you did not help enough. you helped a little bit but not enough and are saying that the egregiousness of the accusations against him warrant a significant amount of time in prison. arthel: if professor turley's analysis that we heard is accurate, do you believe they're gunning for the president as he just sort of said? >> i can tell you that i spoke to a federal former prosecutor today who said yes, that is what the administration or what the counselor is likely doing, that he's building his case piece by piece. some are big chunks which you
2:21 pm
could argue that maybe with the cohen and the manafort filings, others are smaller pieces, kind of building this case one by one to have a very strong force. now, when i spoke to that former federal prosecutor, he said he sees a conspiracy, obviously ties to the campaign, the trump p campaign, but even he says there's still questions and it's still short of implicating the president himself or the candidate himself. arthel: speaking of those campaigns, we're going to talk about paul manafort, the former trump campaign manager. we're going to review some of his lies, per special counsel robert mueller. we're talking first about the administration, take a look here. his contact with administration, mueller claims that after signing his plea agreement, manafort said he had no director indirect communications with anyone in the trump administration when in fact according to a, quote, manafort colleague, he had been in contact with an administration
2:22 pm
official through february 2018. he authorized someone to talk with the administration on his behalf via text in may 2018 while under indictment. he made inconsistent statements about $125,000 payment made that he said was at once a repayment of a debt owed to manafort, that it was his income and that it was a loan and now regarding coughalong-time business partneo is suspected of being a russian intelligence operative, was charged along with manafort earlier this year with conspiracy and obstruction of justice in an alleged attempt to influence other testimonies in the investigation. now, manafort at first denied that kolimnik was involved in witness tampering but later conceded he was. manafort also lied about his meeting with kolinnik, details of which are redacted.
2:23 pm
where does all of this put the russia probe and what does it say about how much mr. mueller knows? >> it indicates that mueller knows a lot. i mean, if you look at those filings, the ones from yesterday and earlier in this week, there is so much information that is redacted. i think it was something like 65 lines of redacted information that show that mueller -- we know a lot that mueller is looking at now but there's even more that we don't know. the ties with or the contact with russian operatives is a big thing obviously that mueller is looking at and for manafort, it's very troubling because he had entered into this plea deal with mueller. he had said that he was going to be on the team and work with him. mueller is here, saying you lied, you are no longer our team and just referring back to the former prosecutor i was talking to yesterday, it seems kind of he's wiping his hands of mueller and sending a message to perhaps
2:24 pm
cohen and anybody else who wants to help out with the investigation, work with the prosecution or work with the special counsel, that they need to be truthful or else they could suffer similar penalties. arthel: before i get to another question for you, franco, i want to share the latest npr, pbs news hour poll. when asked how do you view the mueller investigation, you have on the democratic side 82% saying that it is fair, gop side, 17% saying it's fair and independent, 55% saying fair. is it a witch hunt? you've got democrats saying 10% yes, it is a witch hunt. republicans, 71% saying yes, it's a witch hunt. and 15% saying that it is a witch hunt and when you look at those who are unsure, 9% from the democratic side saying that they're not sure, you've got 12% from the gop side saying they're not sure how they view the mueller investigation and 30% of
2:25 pm
independents saying they're not sure how they view the mueller investigation. so now a bit more from those mueller documents. cohen was in touch as far back as 2015 with a russian who offered, quote, political synergy with the trump election campaign and meanwhile franco as you know, according to your reports and ours as well, that the white house is saying these court filings showing nothing new. so what does this say about president trump and his written statement that he already submitted to special counsel mueller? >> well, certainly indicates that trump is holding his ground and saying very clearly and very directly that he feels that he did not do anything wrong, there's no collusion, there is no conspiracy, that all the information that has been presented does not implicate him. certainly you read those and obviously there is definitely the probe is definitely trying
2:26 pm
to tie these things to the campaign and to trump himself. certainly shows a clear tying of the campaign to these contacts. but as the former federal prosecutor told me today, there are still questions about whether this actually ties to president trump himself or as candidate trump. arthel: we will leave it there. franco, thank you very much. eric. eric: former fbi director james comey, well, he's still defending the handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation but revealing he would not have kept peter strzok and lisa page on the case had they known about the string of anti-trump texts. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been coming through the pages and has more from washington. hi, catherine. >> reporter: the former fbi director certainly left the impression yesterday that the lion's share of questions focused on the clinton e-mails. what the transcripts so far reveal is that there's significant number of questions about the trump russia
2:27 pm
investigation but specifically how it originated in july of 2016. a counter intelligence investigation is one of the most secret and top level investigations that can be run by the fbi so this would you would think would have the eyes and ears of the fbi director and also in this case it was on one of the presidential campaigns. but in this exchange, director comey says he can't recall seeing the document that opened the investigation or who actually authored it, which in this case was peter strzok. that section reads, and it's from trey gowdy, who at the fbi has the authority to launch a counter intelligence investigation into a major political campaign? and would eventually that has to be approved by you. comey. i don't know for a variety of reasons. i nevere encountered a circumstance where an investigation into a political campaign was launched so i don't know how that would be done. and so that's my best answer to the question. gowdy.
2:28 pm
when did you learn there was a counter intelligence investigation into potential russian tie was the trump campaign. comey. i was briefed some time at the end of july that the fbi opened the investigation of four individuals, that's a new number to me, they were looking at four individuals in the summer of 2016 over alleged collusion with the russians connected to the trump campaign. then the conversation or the questions are shut down by the fbi lawyer on the basis that it's getting to issues and equities close to the special counsel. but again, what we have is admission in the transcript by the fbi director that he can't recall the foundational document to an investigation into a political campaign at the height of the presidential election, eric he. eric:.eric: do we know who ther are? papadopoulos, carter page? >> reporter: to me, this is a new number, so they were looking at at least four individuals at
2:29 pm
that time and just as a piece of housekeeping, because it seems my mental arit arithmetic is a e rough, the transcript is 235 pages and we're talking about 240 times according to congressman gowdy that the fbi director could not remember, could not recall or just didn't know the information in the course of that interview. eric: fascinatinge= to see who the other two names could be. i'm sure that will be made public at some point. we'll have much more on what happened to the hillary clinton e-mail probe as well as the russia investigation when we come back on our live coverage of james comey's transcript from his hearings, right after this. (whispers) with the capital one venture card... you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day... not just "airline purchases." (loud) holy moley that's a lot of miles!!! shhhhh! what's in your wallet? - shhhhh! -
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2:33 pm
eric: new details in the russia investigation. special counsel robert mueller filing court documents about the president's former lawyer, michael cohen and former trump campaign chairman, paul manafort. there's a lot to unpack. the court papers claim that cohen overstated his
2:34 pm
cooperation. cohen contacted by a russian in 2015, mueller keying on russia tie toss the trump business, manafort's alleged lies were russia focused. what does this all mean. let's bring in our legal panel, richard saint paul, alex little, a criminal defense attorney and litigation attorney, former federal prosecutor and former assistant u.s. attorney, welcome to you. alex, the court papers as we know claim there's individual one, we're told that is president trump. would we know if he's actually legally i'm you mr i'm mri came- implicated in any of these papers. could there be a sealed indictment after he leaves office? how does this work. >> that would be unusual. we are in unchartered territory. even beyond watergate, we've never had in a public document
2:35 pm
such a clear indication that sitting lawyers that the president committed multiple felonies. where it goes from here it's unclear. i doubt there would be a sealed indictment. certainly this is headed towards either a criminal charge for the president or a reference to congress for impeachment proceedings. eric: do you agree or disagree. >> > i disagree. no sitting president has ever been indicted. the likely thing is that mueller will issue a report, it will be up to members of congres congres specifically the house to issue articles of impeachment. remember, the mueller papers that were released stopped short of accusing the president of a particular crime. unless we have a crime that's committed it's unlikely anything will happen to the president in terms of indictment or impeachment. >> the only thing that's keeping anything from happening is the protection of the republican party. forly shard to say we don't know, there's no evidence, that's not true. mueller has been telling us for weeks and months now through
2:36 pm
indictments, through the public statements in court about the president's involvement here. there's no question that he would direct michael cohen to make hush money payments in violation of campaign finance law to get elected. in any other channel, they they would be screaming nonstop. >> look, i mean, the proof is in the pudding, first of all. mueller has not said the president committed a crime. if he has the evidence, bring it forward. the president has been waiting. the people of the country have been waiting. if the president has done something wrong, let's stop messing around, bring the information forward, write the report and let's move forward as a country. this is ridiculous to say that the president has committed a crime and he knew when the special prosecutor has not even said that. eric: it's very clear the president said in his view there has been no proof of collusion, no evidence of collusion. he says he's happy with the way this is going. alex, do you think that's fair? >> nixon said he wasn't a crook
2:37 pm
either. doesn't mean it's true. if you look at what's been issued in the manafort sentencing memorandum, there was substantial contact between man nortmanafort and russian intelligence. special counsel has evidence to prove that up. if you look at every piece of the investigation, the conclusion is that president trump is in the middle of the special counsel's cross-hairs. they haven't issued a public report yet. this day is getting very, very close. i think we're going to see -- we have seen, there's no other conclusion than president trump was part of the conspiracy. eric: on this point, your view? >> i do agree that we are coming to a close of the mueller investigation. the reason being is you have cohen who is the president's personal lawyer, you have manafort who at one time directed the campaign, there aren't that many people to go after at this point in time because all the low level fish, michael flynn and others have
2:38 pm
been indicted. either you're going to look at who else was part of the particular meeting where they were looking for information about russia that would the president. and i think that donald trump junior testified before congress that there's been no mention about him being indicted. i think we're going to close and the information will be given to members of congress to determine whether or not the president committed high crime or misdemeanor. i doubt that campaign finance is a high crime or misdemeanor. >> lying to the american public in the midst of the campaign got john edwards indicted. >> bill clinton also. >> he was impeached. one piece that was mentioned by general flynn that i think is critical that came out this week is the special counsel recommended no sentence for him at all, zero to six months, essentially probation. they did that because he gave substantial assistance. when you talk about in the language of federal prosecution, that means it's likely he was cooperating and potentially a
2:39 pm
secret manner. if that's true, there may be recordings or all sorts of things that general flynn was able to give the special counsel which is of high value that we'll find out in the weeks and months ahead. eric: you think that will be the next shoe to drop, what flynn said. >> absolutely. there are people like the president's son, his son-in-law, that i think aren't sleeping easy right now. eric: richard, one other point which was stunning that came out of the comey testimony, that has to do with the fact that he didn't think that lisa page and peter strzok should have been on the clinton e-mail investigation because of those anti-trump texts. the i.g. said there was no political interference but that's a pretty stunning revelation. >> that certainly is. the i.g. also said that comey mishandled the clinton e-mail investigation. i'm sure the president agrees with that as well. but certainly in terms of the -- for comey, in terms of obstruction of justice which we
2:40 pm
didn't talk about, one of the things that mueller was looking at was obstruction of justice, we haven't seen anything there also. i don't know that we'll see anything dealing with comey and obstruction of justice. eric: do you think we will? >> hillary clinton piece, it's sort of we're at odd universe where an issue that the prosecution decided was not a crime is something we're still talking about to an individual that's a private sit c a president who was implicated in two felonies and clear ties to russian intelligence, that's some how on equal footing. it's not on equal footing. what we have here and what's been presented this week is serious crimes that directly implicate the president of the united states and what happens next is going to be up to the republican party. eric: that will be the last word. we're out of time, alex and richard, thank you. >> thank you. arthel: china out with a warning for canada, beijing saying there could be serious consequences if one of their top technology executives is not released. a look at the global impact of
2:41 pm
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arthel: china giving canada an ultimatum, saying the country could face serious consequences if a chinese tech firm executive is not released. the huawei cfo faces extra digsn to the u.s. over suspicions of violating our sanctions on iran. all of this as washington continues to hold trade talks with beijing. let's bring in jonathan waktel, a former spokesperson of u.s. missions to the united nations. jonathan, what we're talking about here is the release of the global cfo for the world's second largest maker of smartphones, huawei technologies, beijing saying the immediate release and if not, it would face consequences. did this just get dangerous? >> it shows that the chinese
2:46 pm
government is now telling its people what it thinks and wants them to hear. the truth is, canada can't do anything. we have extradition treaties and agreements and it's legal, it's under law that we can't just williwilly-nilly have trial minr trudeau call over to the judge in vancouver and say release this woman. no, we have laws between our two countries that have to be followed. so what the chinese are requesting is completely impossible to deliver. arthel: canadian trial minister justin trudeau said his country had no political involvement in meng's arrest. we're talking about meng wanzhou, the global cfo and she was arrested in canada december 1st and faces extradition to the u.s. which alleges that he she covered up her company's link to a firm that tried to sell u.s. equipment to iran despite those sanctions. is there any fallout for the u.s. here at all?
2:47 pm
>> look, the united states has to take a very strong position on this. this has been going back to actually the obama era in 2016. you had the commerce department starting to investigate huawei because of concerns of intelligence theft and possibility of spying and this type of thing. we have no choice but to try to get to the bottom of this. now, it is really high stakes stuff. you've seen the havoc that's been wrecked on the stock market and fears if this isn't resolved in a way that has the countries -- we just had a truce that received t seemed to have been worked out at the g20. that seems to have raveled. if this gets worse, it could get very bad. don't foye forget, ms. meng is n many ways the symbol of chinese strength and to have a
2:48 pm
technology company bigger than boeing in terms of financial strength and all over the world with technology or communications infrastructures, devices that they're competing with the u.s. market now, with in many ways our designs. arthel: she is also the daughter of the founder of huawei. and you mentioned chinese president xi jinping. he's a supporter of huawei technology. what does this mean for this truce that was reached at the g-20 in argentina and what about the relationship between the u.s. and china going forward? >> this in many ways arthel is a perfect storm. so all sides, the chinese and now they're taking a very belligerent posture, threatening the canadians with whatever they're saying, they're warning there will be consequences if she's not released. canadians can't do anything. they're asking an impossible ask. it means that things will get worse before they get better. arthel: quickly then. what happens to her then?
2:49 pm
also, how does this sit globally? >> globally this sits very terribly. for all sides considered. we've seen the pressures already rgoing through the stock market. it shows signs of possibly getting a lot worse. there's calls that this may be the beginning of unraveling of things leading to a recession because the two greatest economys in the world can't get along and they're at this terrible impass and there's no way out. arthel: we have to leave it there. meng said she would put her property up as collateral, she would surrender her chinese and hong kong passports. it's so complicated and sofas nateing on a -- so fascinating as well. we have to leave it there. we will be right back. or do we want to send it to eric? eric: i'll take it. thank you, jonathan and arthel. in paris, man oh, man, it's another day of destruction and chaos there.
2:50 pm
those protesters continue to clash with police, venting their anger over the rising taxes. we're live from the city of lights, straight ahead. insurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ carla is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. patients taking ibrance can develop
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit arthel: we'll take you to france now where officials are saying violent protests in paris
2:54 pm
are now under control. this after thousands of yellow vest demonstrators clashed with riot police, more than 100 were hurt during the violence. police also detaining 1,000 people. greg pelkot is live from paris with more. greg. >> reporter: we are now, arthel, wrapping up yet another day of violence here in the city of paris and across the country of france. the latest figures we're getting, 1400 arrested and as for the injured, 135. we were out and about today and saw a lot. here's a bit of what we took in. take a look. >> the fight is on on the streets of paris. we're here in the champs-elysees, usually elegant, usually peaceful. now the yellow vest protesters and the police are clashing. we're seeing bombs going off, fireworks, tear gas, rocks being thrown, it's been quiet for the last couple of hours here but it appears for a fourth saturday
2:55 pm
this will be a war zone. >> reporter: this is the fourth weekend of these so-called yellow vest protesters taking to the street. they started being upset about hikes in the taxes on diesel and gasoline. now it's broadened to a real anti-government move and we have been seeing it. the violence today, arthel, was a little bit less than we saw last saturday but it was still bad as you saw and as you're seeing now. there were windows smashed and police and protester clashes. most of the city's landmarks were shut down. the city was really on lockdown. president emmanuel macron hasn't said anything. that's got people really wondering what's going on. he's given on some of the measures. but he's basically put the prime minister out there to take much of the abuse in the last couple days. he is set to speak to the nation
2:56 pm
we're told in the next couple days. maybe too little, too late. certainly a lot of damage done. back to you, arthel. arthel: just before midnight there in paris. greg, thank you so much. eric: back here at home, president trump announcing that chief of staff john kelly will be leaving the white house. who the president could select to replace him. ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy! i am not for just treating my symptoms... (ah-choo) i am for shortening colds when i'm sick. with zicam. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal. ...i just got my ancestrydna results: 74% italian.
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3:00 pm
>> stay tuned to fox news for the latest on the james comey transcript meet public a little more than an hour. >> defense decision not to prosecute hillary clinton in the classified e-mail scandal. that and a lot more on fox report, next. ♪ >> the transcript of former fbi director james comey close tore testimony now open to the public. 24 hours after his contentious day on capitol hill came to an end good evening i'm james scott you're watching the fox report. >> lawmakers on the house oversight and judiciary committing grilled combny agrees after getting assurances that 244-page transcript would be released to the public. chief intelligence correspondent katherine has that document and joins us now with highlights the important thing here, katherine, what mr. comey said or couldn't say or didn't remember. >> well, we're still going through the transcript, john it is over 200


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