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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 8, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> stay tuned to fox news for the latest on the james comey transcript meet public a little more than an hour. >> defense decision not to prosecute hillary clinton in the classified e-mail scandal. that and a lot more on fox report, next. ♪ >> the transcript of former fbi director james comey close tore testimony now open to the public. 24 hours after his contentious day on capitol hill came to an end good evening i'm james scott you're watching the fox report. >> lawmakers on the house oversight and judiciary committing grilled combny agrees after getting assurances that 244-page transcript would be released to the public. chief intelligence correspondent katherine has that document and joins us now with highlights the important thing here, katherine, what mr. comey said or couldn't say or didn't remember. >> well, we're still going through the transcript, john it
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is over 200 pages documenting that six of hour close door transscieb and oversight committee he put out a statement a short time ago document what had he describes with number of times was that formally fbi director couldn't remember didn't know, or did not recall and the figures he released was a 71, 166, and then 8 as you see here and if you do some quick mental arithmetic you see 230 times in a document that is 240 pages and length. some of the top, key topic of interest to republican ares which would be dossier that was used to secure surveillance on a trump campaign carter page and could not say who paid for it and he does not recall are seeing -- the details of the fisa application itself and he was unaware of this relationship between the former british spy
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christopher steele who did the research on dossier, the justice department official who helped get some of that information to the fbi in the fall of 2016. the fbi was also getting dossier important to note whether channels -- and then also this issue of -- the funding. it was funded by dnc in clinton campaign with. but director comey says in line of questioning to one of the in thes on committee that he didn't feel that that information about which political party was funding it was really that germane or irrelevant to surveillance court but they knew it was some kind of political document, with john. >> that brings us to the russia investigation, what have you learned about that based on these transcripts? >> well going through the transcripts, one of the key headlines at least to us here at fox based on a reporting is that he documents that in the summer of 2016 when they opened the russia counterintelligence investigation that was looking at alleged contacts between trump campaign officials and russia that there were four
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individuals that they were investigating at that time so we know about the a carter page he was the subject of the surveillance warrant. we know about george popular do papadopoulos but other two are are kind of -- a blank one could be paul manafort, and another could be the former national security advisor mike flynn but not clear on that at this point. it is important to note that director comey goes on to say, that there was never a direction from the obama administration to open the campaign on the trump campaign at that time. pardon me, and he says in a line of questioning with the democrats, quote, i know that we never investigated the trump campaign for political purposes. congressman, did president obama or anyone in his administration ever make a demanding or request the fbi or justice department infiltrate or surveil the trump campaign? mr. comey no, not to my technology. other footnote i would say in this section, is that we have
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new details about -- director comey's decision to draft a memo documenting his meeting with the president. i by former national security advisor mike flynn that was a meeting they had in february in that meeting according to fbi director that president said i want to see if you can let go of this flynn situation because he resigned at that time. what we know from the transcript, is that there was a meeting among senior official officials about comey conversation with president and based on transcript the the focus of that is whether it amounted to obstruction of justice what's worth noting here is that decides in a very conscience way to keep that information with the fbi, and not to share it with then attorney general jeff sessions thetd calculated to reaccuse thims from the investigation and i mention this because -- it was this type of behavior during the clinton e-mail case with the fbi taking over a lot of responsibility with areas
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that might naturally fall to justice department that they were highly criticized for doing with e-mails now we see something similar -- happened with obstruction of justice question. in the russia case. >> and you can tell from reading the transcripts that -- many members of congress weren't happy about that decision. what about lisa paige and peter vuk, fbi employees at the time worked for mr. comey, what did he say about them? >> well i think there's a very important section about peter struck, one of the questions for republicans has been whether the political bias that was exhibited in the text messages exchange by peter struck and lisa page bled into the investigations and e-mail investigations, or or the russia investigations and what director comey testified to were -- struck's involvement in that letter in october of 2016 chp went to congress and led them to reopen the e-mail investigation
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right before the election. and he says in has testimony, quote, in fact, peter struck helped it draft my letters to congress on october 28th, that hillary clinton blames for her defeat. so it is hard for me to see how he was upon team clinton secretly at that point in time. and he also was one of the handful people in the entire world who knew we were investigating four americans remember we talked about this earlier four americans who had had some connection to mr. trump during the summer of 2016, and he didn't tell a soul. so on one hand, the former fbi director is very critical of struck and page for the anti-trump bias or political bias that shown. but he also doesn't throw them under the bus in the sense that he says here that peter struck was one of the only people who knew about the investigation involving trump campaign he did it not leak that information. and he also helped draft the that letter that went to congress that reopened the e-mail case on the eve of the election as the director note
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hillary clinton has blamed one of the main reasons for her defeat in 2016. john. >> i know those transcripts had been out and digesting on the fly. katherine. >> great reading and interest in the subject there's a lot of great detail. >> a lot of interesting stuff. katherine thanks for bringing back to us. meanwhile a major shakeup in west wing announces john kelly will step down at the end of the year. the president confirmed kelly departure today on his way to army naval football game saying, a replacement will be announced in the next day or two. all of this as white house responds to a flurry of court filings from special counsel robert mueller. prosecutors listing alleged lies told by paul manafort and mike cohen. while recommending substantial prison time for the latter. pardon me ellison barber has the latest from the white house who do we expect to step in as president chief of and a half >> well there are a couple of names that are floating around right
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now. the the the president not officially saying anything kind of the biggest question that seems to exist at this moment is will the president announce a permanent chief of staff is is? or a temporary are interim replacement. the top contender according to sources spoken to fox news today, is the vice president mike pence chief of staff nick arrest a source in administration close to iowaers told me that iowaers and president has been in discussions for months about him taking over as white house chief of staff. the problem is the president wants a two-year commitment so far he's not been able to make that sort of commitment he has young children at the home freep under age of six, and according to sources, he was planning to leave d.c. in december. but this source says that president and mr. ayers are working with on term of him taking over "new york times" reporting that he told president to serve on interim basis through the spring as for current and now outgoing chief of staff john kelly rurals of his departure has been around for months and asked kelly to
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stick around until 2020 but trump suggested that was no longer a sure thing. here's the president this afternoon. >> john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year, we'll be announcing who will be taking john's place it might be on interim basis, i'll be announcing that over next day or two. but john will be leaving at the end of the year. he's been with me almost two years now as you know. between the two positions -- so we'll probably get to see him in a little while. >> special counsel robert are mueller team reportedly interviewed mr. kelly source here in administration is telling me that any suggestions that kelly departure had anything to do with special counsel are incorrect. john. >> those most recent mueller court filings is the white house concerned about them, allison? >> they don't seem to be in the president reiterated that today. >> i think it is all turning
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around very nicely. but as far as the -- reports that we see according to everybody i've spoken to i have not read are it. there's absolutely no collusion which is very important. >> white house press secretary sarah sanders says filing in regards to mr. manafort case is focused on lobbying related issues. she said that it says little about the president in her words even less about collusion. on mr. cohen sanders says filings do not provide any new or valuable information adding, quote, mr. cohen has repeatedly lied and as prosecution has pointed out to the court, mr. cohen is no hero. >> i wouldn't be celebrating it if i was at the white house. i think that's important because it's clear that they have implicated the president in the two campaign finance violation it is that -- that cohen pled guilty to and will be sentenced on they have the president basically directing cohen to commit these
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offenses. so you know, these are two felonies that this guy pled guilty to with the president directing it. >> and cohen filings there's a retches to political synergy despite that reference president trump personal outside rudely is insisting to fox news that cohen acted on his own here. john. >> barr beer thank you. >> and following up on allison's reporting new details emerge from robert mueller's court filings, federal prosecutors recommending former trump attorney michael cohen receive substantial time in prison meantime special counsel team believes former trump campaign paul manafort lied about having contact with trump administration official. we have fox news team coverage garrett is in washington, but we begin in our new york city newsroom with jackie. >> jackie. >> what these documents don't contain are accusations of collusion between president trump's campaign and russia's medaling in the election. but they do give us a window into what the special counsel is
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zeroing in on. the first news from mueller that cohen talked within russian national who offered political synergy with with trump campaign and repeatedly suggested a meeting president putin and trump and cohen lied to congress about details of a deal to create trump tower moscow. to alter course of the investigation into russian meddling minimize links between moscow project and the president. >> what's interesting about those three words campaign political synergy we haven't seen that before the quote from cohen is political synergy, special counsel adds the word campaign. that's the first link as as we have seen. document said cohen was talking to contact connected to white house in 2017 also this year -- and cohen admitted to circulating lies related to congressional inquiry and mueller called it a serious crime. the president, though, happy with the news from the mueller
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camp had this morning. >> on the the mueller situation we're very happy with what we're reading because there was no collusion whatsoever. there never has been, the last thing i want is help from russia on a campaign. this second court filing from the southern district of new york implicates the president in a new way. this revelation dealing with hush money from actress stormy daniels and karen allege they have affairs with the president. the bombshell there, is prosecutors now say that president directed his attorney to make payments violating campaign laws and about president said he didn't know where money is coming from. sentenced on witness for tax evasion bank fraud and campaign finance violations related to the women payments. >> jackie. thank you. >> special counsel robert mueller team also disclosing details about alleged lies told by paul manafort. prosecutors say manafort lied
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about his interactions with a consultant who had ties to russia. and about his interactions with with trump administration officials, even after he was indicted. jared penny is live in washington with more on that. jared. >> prosecutors say paul manafort lied repeatedly about a number of issues and we with still don't have a lot of details about those allegations. because so much of this court filing was redacted but prosecutors lay out five leading issues. they say manafort lied about including a 125,000 payment through a political action committee to cover it. debt videoed his contacts with a russian consultant who has ties to the russian intelligence agencies his attempts to work with him to obstruct justice by trying to persuade witnesses to lie to mueller's team about their business dealings in ukraine, significantly, though, prosecutors claim manafort lieded about his contacts with trump administration officials after telling them he did not have any contact with the white house after the inauguration.
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mueller claims in this court filing that manafort repeated contact with senior administration officials, as recently as this past spring. the dts don't name the administration officials that manafort was allegedly in contact with or what those conversations were about. but the special counsel says it has proof to back up all of its claiming staying in court filing, quote, these were not instances of mere memory lapses if defendant contend government has not angted in good faith the government is available to prove the false statement it is at what hearing. now manafort legal team continues to deny those client ever knowingly lied to investigators and they now have two weeks to respond to these latest accusations. john. >> stewart penny thanks. >> many migrant are still in tijuana mexico hoping to begin asylum into the u.s.. this as president trump demands five billion dollars for his border wall or we might see a partial government shutdown. in the latest on all of that
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ahead. and a concert turns deadly after a nightclub stampede. how many are killed and how many more are injured ahead. plus, antigovernment protest continue in paris, how violent were demonstrations today a live report, next. >> don't think this is confined to paris. this is now happening across the whole of france indeed on thursday, they were tax offices out in the region that were bombs one burnt to the ground. maria ramirez?
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unacceptable. more than 100 people were injured in the protest today including 17 police officers. here's a protester on what she hopes to accomplish. >> we are here to tell about our discontent me i'm not here to break things because i have four children and be safe for them because they are afraid as i come here they have afraid i want to be safe for them because i want to go home tonight but i want to be here to say stop that's enough that has to stop. >> this is live in paris with more. greg. >> john ferris is resting tonight but not too easily it has been a grueling day. so latest figures were getting nationwide 1400 arrests 135 injured. many of those in both categories here in paris we were out and about for the trouble today. here's a bit of what we saw. >> no you're not looking at the gaza strip this is a in paris
3:22 pm
violent clashes between the vest protesters, antigovernment protesters, and the police, the government. we're seeing percussion bombs smoke bombs, replied with tear gas. back and forth clashes between the the two sides for much of the afternoon. we're standing here very close to the home, the police here are making sure that they do not get close to this. but there is a lot of action here on the main thoroughfare of this city. >> this is a fourth weekend of the so-called yellow vast protest. they are angry about a proposed gas tax hike, and that has broadened to protest about a lot of taxes coming from the government to these people feel is out of touch with with the people. the violence a little bit less today than it was last saturday. only because probably a massive, massive police show of strength
3:23 pm
also this city basically shutdown landmark, stores and restaurants, still there was damage done as you saw. cars burned, windows smashed. now while the government of president emmanuel macron has given on some issue ors including that gas tax, we still haven't heard from them pushing the prime minister out to do the dirty work he is expected to get the ax in next couple of days as macron john he's said to speak to the nation maybe -- early part of next week. but a lot of people are saying, it is too little too late and certainly the damage has been done. back to you. >> what a mess. greg, thank you. >> six people are dead dozens more injured after a stampede during a rap concert at a nightclub in central italy that according to police. italian police and say concert goers panic and headed to exit after someone sprayed a substance. [inaudible conversations] we are trying to determine who
3:24 pm
is responsible. the technical inspections must be performed as quickly as possible. my heart is broken, it is the first time in 35 years that i've seen anything like this. >> 53 people are reportedly injured from that stampede. 13 of them in serious condition. >> 2500 central american migrants now in the mexican stiff tijuana across from san diego, asking for asylum from u.s. government. that number is down from around 6,000 at its peak. this as president says he might allow a government shutdown as congress does not approve 5 billion dollars to build a border wall. lawmakers now face a deadline of december 21st. >> there is funding for fencing related to the border to repair the president wants an additional $4 billion on top of that and i don't think that that should happen now at all.
3:25 pm
and i don't think that the president should shut the government down over that. >> truly about who controls nancy pelosi. is it is the more moderate sen centuries part of the party but clear in the last few dayses -- or more extreme members have said to the incoming speaker, if you compromise at all, even a bit you're not getting our vote on the house floor. steve heir is live in tea wan with that mexico with the latest there. steve. >> john courts have given another set tbak to the trump administration's efforts to bring tighter control to border immigration, the ninth circuit court of appeals saying for moment those who crossed into the u.s. illegally will have is right to apply for asylum that's something trump administration tried to take away but for now at least temporarily it will still go on. also custom and border patrol agents setting records in month of november for the number of arrest as of family members families crossing over border
3:26 pm
illegally at least 25,000 individuals, 5,000 unaccompanieded minors new record set able to apply for asylum if they fear retribution or violence they will not be immediately deported finally as you mention numbers going down and conditions getting a little bit better in this state run shelter here in tijuana. still tough conditions for people who walk some of them 2,000 miles to get here. now many of them waiting patiently for that 3 month asylum process to work through others heading back home still others unknown number crossing the border into the u.s. illegally. john back to you. >> steve in tijuana, thanks. >> well white house is pushing back dramatic court filings on paul manafort and michael cohen what the least legal drama could mean for trump. >> this is about, you know, thingses that michael cohen and manafort did wrong. specifically one thing in common both of whom got caught lying which is a bad thing. something that i would urge
3:27 pm
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>> welcome back to the fox report i'm jon scott if you're just joining us leaders of the house judiciary and oversight committee released transcript from the closed door interview with with former fbi director james comey let's bring in melanie congressional reporter for the hill. mr. comey insisted that if he was going to testify behind closed door, that the transcript had to be released publicly. but now that it is out i'm not clear on how it makes him look all of that, all that good. he didn't remember a lot of the, you know, the key investigations that the fbi was conducting at the time. >> that's exactly right. and that's why a lot of republicans on capitol hill are left incredibly from frustratedt now they said i don't know or
3:32 pm
not to my knowledge over 200 times considering that transcript itself is only somewhere around 200 pages so they are vowing to bring him back. they know that their days in terms of being in the majority and the house are numbered so they anxious to get in as much as possible while they still can. but it is unclear exactly what they got exactly out of this behind closed door testimony yesterday. >> appears that one of the things he didn't know about is that peter struck drafted and approved russia details for the fbi and he, obviously, became known as a partisan an a anti-trump partisan during the course of the trump campaign. >> that is something that really stood out to me as remark had thabl he wouldn't know that given his position at the fbi. some also think that stood out was that he defended peter strzok and lisa paige two fbi agents who was revealed that they were revealing anti-trump
3:33 pm
text messages between one and another they said struck help him draft the letter to congress before the election, reopening the investigation into hillary clinton which, of course, clinton has blamed somewhat for her loss in 16 so on teem clinton when he was part this have letter but i think a lot of conservatives will find it very hard to believe that these two did not have political bias and, in fact, were pulled off investigation because of that. >> but he did say did he not -- that he had to do it over again ore known what peter struck and lisa paige were up to at the time and how they felt about man who eventually won the white house they would have booted them from those investigations. >> he did say that. i wonder, though, if reasoning behind that was because of all of the fallout and the cloud that is really cast over things. not because he felt prnlly they they were politically bias in their work. but regardless that something, of course, republicans, you can expect them to blow that out as well, in days to cool as we
3:34 pm
really digest the transcript continue reading through it. >> he also professed not to know much about michael steele and the dossier that he produced during the course of campaign that was -- of the campaign. that was so anti-trump, even though this guy was an fbi source the director of the fbi seem to know almost nothing about him. >> right which is really interesting. and something else he said was that, you know, it wasn't the funding and he didn't -- he said funding behind dossier wasn't important that it was just that they knew that it was a politically -- politically funded document they said it didn't matter where it came from when they were using this dossier as part of the launch in to the investigation. of course that's been at the source of the controversy over whether or not there was political bias in the beginning stages of the investigation, into the trump investigation over the russia collusion question. >> there was a lot of news out of the mueller or investigation which, you know, touches on what director comey and fbi were
3:35 pm
looking into. but sean spicer was on fox and friends this morning. saying that, you know, so far it is a dry are well with the mueller investigation. listen to this. >> i think the underlying premise of what this whole investigation started about was collusion with russia. two years in we have seen nothing but a bunch of accounts of people who didn't pay their tax, didn't file properly with the government and who lied when asked by federal officials to tell the truth. none of those things have anything to do with colluding with russia. those sean spicer have that right? >> well he's right and that the documents that came out yesterday did not prove collusion they didn't answer the question at all. but i think it is important to point out that this is not the mueller report these were sentencing documents regarding two individuals who have been targeted by the special counsel, and they were heavily redacted. however, i be point out that we were starting to see how mueller is going make the argument for
3:36 pm
collusion he's starting to lay down those dots. we're not quite sure how he's going to connect them. but two pieces that were interesting in the particularly mueller documents yesterday regarding cohen was that number one, early on in the campaign he said we have interactions with russian national early on in the campaign, who was providing as they said to offer political synergy with trump campaign, and number two mueller is really starting to zero in on trump's business dealings and particularly, the per sued of a trump moscow deal, of course, fell through but raises questions why were people like cohen lying it be and conflict of interest we'll have to way to see how mueller exactly puts these pieces together. >> a shakeup at the white house today president announced that his chief staff gate keeper to oval office is leaving that job. >> that's right it wasn't entirely surprising there's been rumors for month swirling around that his departure was eminent, of course, white house wanted to
3:37 pm
let him leave on own materials the president still has clear respect for john kelly he offered him words of praise saying he's a great guy he appreciates his service and credited with bringing a lot of order to the white house. now, his influence has waned over the past couple of months. reportedly he and the president have been at a sort of stalemate not on speaking terms. and even though republicans on capitol hill really like john kelly and trust him, they've also argument it makes sense to have someone 2020 politically salve ji as president trump's right hand man. >> a busy week for in the news of business. congressional reporter for the hill. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> well chief of staff john kelly departure is not only staff shake up coming to the white house trump with a new attorney general as well as nominating next u.n. ambassador, jillian turner with more in washington with all of that. >> yesterday president trump announced a pair of new appointments via twitter first
3:38 pm
up william bart filled justice department vacancy left by jeff sessions to become next attorney general of the united states. >> there's no one more capable or qualified for this role he deserves overwhelming bipartisan support i suspect he'll get it. barr has a considerable foundation of support from conservativing thanks to his history of service at the justice department during the george h.w. bush administration. he served as attorney general, deputy ag, and before that, headed up the department office of legal counsel. the democrats, though, are already lining up in opposition. the president also tapped heather former fox news host is roundly criticized by democrats on capitol hill as unqualified for the u.n. job. though she does have the support of key republican lindsey graham, who was responded by immediately pledging his support yesterday former secretary of
3:39 pm
state rex tillerson speaking out against president trump recusing forminger boss as being undisciplined oppose to readings and worse. >> we did not have a common value system president said here's what i want to do and here's how i want to do it and i would have are to say mr. president i understand what you want to do but you can't do it that way. it violates the law. it violates treaty. >> president trump shot back at tillerson tweeting he was dumb as a rock and i couldn't get rid of him fast enough he was lazy as hell. the risk between those two men now on display for the u.s. and the entire world to see. the president also announcing yesterday that army general mark will replace marine general joe as chairman of the joint chief of staff. john are. >> jillian turner reporting on fireworks in washington. jillian, thank you. one with automaker is ready to rev up the motor city as other automakers are cutting jobs in detroit. we'll tell you about that.
3:40 pm
also could the trade truce between the u.s. and china be in trouble? the latest developments that is boiling our stock market and threatening to throw a monkey wrench into talks between two nations. >> we're not asking china to change their economic model. we're asking china to change the economic model that xi and that's a fair request and there's targeted areas that we ought to be focusing on. ♪ minimums and fees. they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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>> chrysler is coming to detroit, just as general motors gets ready to leave, fiat plans to open a jeep plant in detroit marking first new assembly line in motor city in 27 years as general motors last woke announce plans to layoff workers in north america and close five of its plants. but a possible bright spot for
3:45 pm
both automakers could be on the horizon. as president trump agrees to hold off on raising tariffs on china for at least three months. >> and speaking of that trade truce concern about an a escalation into the dispute between washington and beijing. led to a brutal week on wall street and pun leashed another round of heavy selling on friday and chinese tech firm executive also adding to investors jitters. jeff paul joins us from los angeles with more. jeff. >> yeah, jon on friday the dow jones industrial fell by 500 point, bringing the weekly drop to more than 1,000. this makes for wall street's worst weekly drop since march, and analysts say there's a lot of anxiety in market right now with growing fears of a u.s. china trade war, and slowing economic growth. texas congressman kevin brady says sometimes there's a disconnect between stock market and the economy. >> i know there are some of these uncertainty issues. but i think back home, and again
3:46 pm
main street where conference is very high they're looking for workers all sign businesses i do think, you know, trade is an issue. i actually see these discussions with china is very encourageing thing. congressman brady reffing to cease-fire own any tariffs that u.s. and china agree to after a the g20 summit. but a few days later president trump tweeted on tuesday, quote, i am a tariff man dow dropped 799 point that day. john. >> and arrest of that chinese tech executive jeff, what's the impact that that's having? >> yeah, the arrest of huawei meng happened while the tell come executive tariffing flights in vancouver, canada saying that head stricked financial institutions into making transactions with iran which violates u.s. sanctions. but national economic counsel director larry kudlow says that was a law enforcement matter,
3:47 pm
and doesn't think it should impact any economic progress. they violated the sanctions with iran. okay they violated the sanctions. they have been warned -- and finally we have to prosecute that. and we thank our canadian cousins for helping us out. so they have been warned. you can't break american law if you can do business in the united states. >> the government is seeking to extradite the tech executive to the u.s. huawei says it is unaware of any wrong doing by meng her next hearing on monday. jon. >> jeff paul in los angeles. thanks. meanwhile country is on pace for a record-breaking onis line shopping season. adobe analytics americans spent 180 billion is since november first that's nearly 20% more than compared same period last year but data shows more people are shopping on their smartphones. a lame duck legislature accused of mounting power grab since
3:48 pm
incoming governor but will current gofer sign it into a law a dangerous storm threatening to shut down cities across the south. the latest forecast as officials urge people to be prepared. >> even if current forecast doesn't show snow or ice, expected where you live, that could change over the next 12 or 24 hours. it is time to hunker down and stay safe. ♪ i've always been amazed by what's next.
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a major winter storm threatening parts of the the southern united states it is expected to bring snow, ice, and flooding over next few days. more than 20 million people are under winter with storm watches or warnings from new mexico to north carolina. where governor right now cooper declared state of emergency he says north carolina residents must take this storm seriously. >> this is a snowstorm. not a snowfall. it's serious we're preparing for days impact not hours. this weekend isn't the time to head out to see some winter wonder land. stay safe where you are. getting out upon dangerous roads could put your life at risk. it is also gets in the way first
3:53 pm
responders, and road crews who will be hard at work trying to keep us safe and clear our roads. forecasters say parts of north carolina could see more than a foot of snow. after taking heavy loss it is in the mid-materials with wisconsin republican controlled legislature to have new limbs mattfin has the story. >> republicans in the midwest took a big hit in the 2018 midterms and wisconsin was ground zero. democrats taking back every statewide office including attorney general and governor but during a controversial lame duck session, gop lawmakers voted to restrict the powers of the incoming democrats. with many saying that move ignores the will of the voters. in wisconsin expect -- better from us as leaders, as leaders in legislature than to
3:54 pm
get people against each other. republicans are pushing back against democrats saying their vote to limit the influence of statewide offices was attempt to balance the three branches of government. not a political power grab. >> he's going to be starting on january seventh but he's not the the governor today and make sure that powers of equal branch are as they can be. vote prompghting widespread protest at the state capitol this week waiting for outgoing scott walker who hasn't said whether he'll sign them democrats promise a legal challenge if he does but incoming governor is hoping it doesn't come to that. >> it is part of his legacy that as he's walking out the door that he can -- i believe do the right thing. republicans in other states including michigan are also considering bills that would reduce the power. of incoming democrats -- in chicago, mattfin, fox news. >> well it is a tradition that
3:55 pm
began back in 1890 the annual army navy game taking place in philadelphia today army beats navy, 17-10. it is the night third straight win and army led by quarterback kelvin hopkins jr. with two rushing touchdowns. maybe enjoyed a 15-year run starting in -- in 2001 of the appears the tide is turning and as a proud father of a west point grad happy to say go army. >> a tiny kitten making a big splash overseas. why this little kitty is whipping crowds into a feline frenzy. ♪ alright, i brought in ensure max protein... give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. 30 grams of protein
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still unnamed kitten born in a zoo in august. you can see it here, walking around the enclosure under the watchful eye of its mother. the cat is for the of a breeding program designed to save britain's rarest mall mall from extinction officials estimate there are only about 100 wild cats remaining in the u.k. and hollywood superstar tyler perry spreading some christmas cheer by paying off the lay away balances at two atlanta wal-marts bill coming out to more than 430,000 dollars.
4:00 pm
the creator say he's happy to be in a position to give back. and that's how fox reports this saturday december 8th, 2018 i'm jon scott thanks for joining us tonight. life, liberty, and living starts right now. ♪ hello america i'm mark this is live, liberty and with heather. >> thank you for having me on. >> well you have a b.a. and m.a. in english and jd you're a lawyer. but you're a scholar in so many areas. race relations, immigration, policing, and colleges and universities and this is where i really wanted to delve in with you you have a brand new book the diversity delusion how


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