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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 10, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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goalie in mighty duck movies reportedly shoplif shoplifting r recently finishing a stent in "fox & friends." as far as starts right now. rob: see you later. >> is the president of the united states right now an unindicted co-conspirator. >> not in the formal sense that he has been named in an indictment. but if he is not, there is he certainly close. >> the feud between the president and former fbi director is showing no signs of slowing down. >> meanwhile top democrats appear to be very determined to increase the pressure on the president. >> he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real spots specht of jail time. >> there are thousands and thousands of rules. it's incredit dib complicated with overcriminallized campaign finance. >> mr. president, dig in, do not give in. >> spending bill signed by president trump on friday. a number of other bills remain unfinished including, of course, the one on border wall funding.
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>> chuck schumer wants to shut down the government because he doesn't want to shusecure the border. that's a fight he is going to lose. >> doubling down on anti-trump position. >> i declare chicago will be a trump-free zone ♪ just dance, dance, dance. brian: feels like saturday night. the last time i heard this when i left the dance floor on 3:00 on saturday morning. ainsley: so you do dance? brian: no, i have never been on a dance floor at 3:00 in the morning i would have to say. ainsley: really. brian: no. i was asked to leave dance floors it was ruining the good time for other people. steve: in kansas the damages floors closed at 1:30. ains ounce you never have dance party in your house haley and i have one every night. brian: i have to look through my planners. i don't think so. steve: we have a bunch of news to talk about and
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people may be changing jobs at the white house. that's our lead story. president trump expected to announce his new chief of staff any day now. ainsley: the president slamming the media for speculating on john kelly's replacement. brian: how dare we? griff jenkins is live in washington with the latest on the search. griff? >> this all started on the south lawn of the white house and before heading to the army navy game president trump confirmed that his chief of staff, john kelly, is leaving at the end of the year. >> john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year. we will be announcing who is taking john's place it might be on interim waives. incident basis. i will be announcing that in the day or two. >> turned to ayers chief of staff for mike pence. he wants two year commitment. ayers and his family planning to leave d.c. ayers tweeted a note of gratitude thank you at real
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donald trump and vice president and migrate colleagues for the honor to serve our nation at the white house. i will be departing at the end of the year but will work with the maga team to advance the cause. #georgia. meanwhile the president that the search for a new chief is underway. i'm in the process of interviewing really great people for position of white house chief of staff. fake news has been saying with certain it was nick ayers a spectacular person who will always be with our maga agenda. i will be making a decision soon. names are on short list they are mark meadows, steve mnuchin, mic mull vane and robert lighthizer. we will find out. that may not be the only big shakeup. there are others underway as we head into december, guys. steve: it has been two years. all right, griff, thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, griff. steve: apparently axios had this story about mark meadows and it sounds like the president has been asking people since going back to february what he thought about mark meadows as the new chief of staff to
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replace john kelly. it's no secret that john kelly and the president were not on the same page on all of the agenda items. but, when you look at mark meadows, chairman of the house freedom caucus, which is pretty much 100 percent on the same page as the president, you could see how that would be helpful to have somebody like him in that job to help guide legislation through the house. so that would be a smart pick. brian: i think david bossie, not on that list, would be perfect. i think he understands politics, understands the president. he understands investigations because he was on the offensive side against hillary clinton with great success. he also understands how the president got to be president because he was there from day one. also a name speculated i never met him personally just judging from his background and watching the president's speech about him. the acting attorney general matt whitaker, why not? matt -- matt wasn't on the list, i don't think. ainsley: these jobs are very difficult. the president apparently works around the clock. they don't get paid a lot of money when you consider how
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expensive washington, d.c. is you have nick ayers who wants to be with his family he has three young children wants to go back to georgia. put #georgia. steve: it does seem odd that his name would be out there and over the weekend not going to have the job. brian: you wonder what happened behind the scenes. ainsley: he said i will stay through the spring. i would love to have the job and help you through the spring and i need to go back to the family. the president reportedly said i want to you stick around until the election in 2020. steve: more on that later. as you know, james comey sat down with the house judiciary and intel committee in washington, d.c. on friday morning. he talked for a long time apparently, i'm sure you have seen the reports, mr. comey apparently even though he was the director of the fbi, looking back at his time about a year or two ago, he has forgotten a lot of stuff that went down but then again at the same time he remembered a lot of stuff at the same time.
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ainsley: transcripts were released 250 pages of them. 156 sometimes he said i don't know. 72 times he said i don't remember. and 8 times he said i don't recall. steve: and apatientsly also, a number of times he told the congressional investigators i cannot answer on the basis of the fact that that is an ongoing investigation. brian: couple things just make no sense to us. or to me. he basically says when it comes to the dossier, when they brought up questions about the dossier. he says it didn't play a major role. we know when documents were revealed it did play a major role. they say you cannot give unverified information to the fisa court. he admits this was unverified, yet was given to the fisa court. those things do not add up. on top of that with michael flynn he spoke at the 92nd why and nicolle wallace there. he was asked about the tweeting of the president has been coming at me with for example this can we roll it the other way would be
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better, thanks. steve: james comey was at the y. and he was commenting on the president's tweets like, for example, this one. leaken james comey must have set a record for who lied most to congress in one day. his friday testimony was so untruthful. this whole deal is rigged fraud headed up by dishonest people who would do anything so that i could not be president. now they are exposed. >> comey says one day i'm liking. he is definitely locked in with the president. steve: here is he last night at the y. >> my reaction to it is actually disturbing to me which is kind of eh, there he goes again. i thought i was lyin' james comey now i'm leaking james comey. i shrug and smile. and then i have a secondary reaction horrified at own numb reaction. we must hold him
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accountable. it's not republican or democratic. this is unacceptable. i don't love my current life as semi employed celebrity. [laughter] but by dissect of history i have a role that i can play to speak about the rol rule of law and truth. i think that's truthful. that's the role i'm trying to play. i'm not a democrat. i'm not a republican but so what? ainsley: is he a celebrity. he went on to say that the president, he compared him to the mob boss. he was the worse listener, said he was insecure. lucky he is a sitting president because he can't be indicted. american people you need to do everything can you to stop the lies on january 20th, 20021. steve: james comey when you were detailing the number of times. if he can't remember so many things how can he be sure that the fisa rules were
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follow. it all comes down to that. what led up in washington ha led up to the mueller investigation he just kept say i can't talk about that because it's an ongoing investigation. apparently the congressional investigators were throwing up their hands well, what can you tell us and sitting right next to him was a department justifiable lawyer who would interrupt and say he is not going to talk about that. he can't talk about that either. sorry. that guy was directed by rod rosenstein to be there. brian: he also bragged about the fact that he was able to go through this unorthodox way the administration was set up and sent two fbi agents into the situation room to talk to michael flynn. under normal white houses under bush or obama they would never let me do that he almost said deviously he was able to do that and mike flynn gave information erroneously. doesn't know whether he had forgotten or attempted to deceive. we don't know what happened with michael flynn. ainsley: let us know what did you think about that or comey's confidence last
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night. get to carley shimkus. carley: hope you had a nice weekend. we turn now to extreme weather. a deadly winter storm terrorizing the southeast, dumping snow, sleet, and freezing rain. one driver killed in charlotte when a tree fell on their car. firefighters forced to work through the nasty conditions to put out this barn fire over 300,000 customers are without power in several states. airports today hoping to resume norm magica normal activy african selling more than 1700 flights yesterday. new overnight an eu court with a major ruling. the uk can cancel brexit plan should it choose to without permission from other eu nations. it comes as prime minister theresa may weighs pulling the plug on parliament's vote hours before it was set to happen. british outlets report she could delay tuesday's scheduled vote any time today. wall street rattled ahead of
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today's opening bell. stock futures falling over u.s. china trade fears. two nations now feuding over the arrest of a hay profile chinese tech executive. he is set to appear in court today. officials in canada arrested the cfo of huawei. sanctions on iran. turning to the nfl, might be the greatest play of the season. stop what you are doing. you've got to watch this. >> and this will end it after the shuttle or will it? miami running around circling, oh, look out he didn't have the angle. touchdown. even gronkowski couldn't stop that play. it's being called the miracle in miami. dolphins pulling off a stunning last minute win with that touchdown. they beat the patriots, 34-33. a lot of happy people in
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florida today. ainsley: keep watching, keep watching, that's gronch, 87? looked like he lost his footing. brian: only team that tom brady is under 500 with in his entire career. steve: good job, carley. brian: you remember doing birthright citizenship we did it last week. one day we talked about that woman who gave birth in america in order to have her kid after she jumped over the wall. one of my favorite people in politics is bill richardson you can call him and he will talk about anything. he doesn't talk necessarily about democrat or republican. i said bill richardson's mom came here in order to become an american citizen. that was wrong. what it really was his dad is a banker in mexico city and his mom is from another country. and just before richardson was born, his mom was sent to california where her husband's sister lived to give birth dawes a birth becauss
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richardson explained my father had a complex about not having been born in united states. his dad was a citizen living in mexico city. i think he is one of the great guys i have met in this business. i think it was miscon study. i felt terrible about it over the weekend. i wasn't accurate in portraying it. steve: because his father was an american citizen he would have been an american citizen having been born in the united states. brian: i want to send my son here just to make sure is he born here. that is different. either way, he is an asset to america. ainsley: glad you cleared it up. thanks, brian. 13 minutes after the top of the hour. steve: joe biden's cross-country tour making a stop in the key battalion ground state and giving another hint he has plans for two years from now. ainsley: media claim all the staff shakeups inside the trump administration.
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♪ brian: all right. the white house about to go through another shakeup with the departure of john kelly as chief of staff. some in the media overreacting like the guardian for example writes john kelly is just the
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latest victim of trump's dumpster fire of calamities. they would know in. former speech writer for george w. bush william mcgurn for the "wall street journal." are you welcome? are you ready to do this? >> first, let's talk about chief of staff. how would you describe their need and their role? >> their role is very important. because they basically run the white house. it's the president's surrogate. the chief of staff has to be respected by everyone. you can't make end runs. >> advisor to the president. and also plays the bad guy. he screenings who goes in and out. >> he has to control who it is. i mean, is he not just any advisor. he is the chief of staff. there are a lot of egos in the white house. and a lot of separate relationships with the president. the chief has to run the white house. it's real a really demanding job. >> look at what ronald reagan did.
3:19 am
ronald reagan didn't work out as well. as chief of staff reagan had four over 8 years. they are old. what was the problem? reagan needed different things at different times. >> there was a scandal there for a while. somebody had to get a foot hold in congress. >> sometimes people don't fit. sometimes people get burned out. when i first started there andy card was chief of staff. i used to see his light on at 11:00 when i left. he would come in at 4:00 in the morning. that's a tough thing to do for a couple of years. bill clinton had four different men at different times. bill clinton, for example, famously got a lot done brokered by the chief of staff because he worked with republicans. he also had to navigate through a very famous scandal and impeachment. >> the president has to trust his chief of staff implicitly and he also has to not undercut him. because that's the only way a white house works. brian: so you know the first chief of staff was rahm emanuel but he quickly cycled through. barack obama famously had three in the same time period. >> right. >> the longest serving chief
3:20 am
of staff was sherman adams for eisenhower. it was about six years. that's an anomaly. brian: that is one thing that donald trump did tweet out that barack obama was bad because he three chief of staffs that's basically where the president is at now. >> it's high emotion white house. a lot of people there. the president's original group, mr. scaramucci, mr. bannon didn't make it a year: there does seem to be a high turn. that's why you need a strong chief of staff. >> bill gun who would your pick be. >> i don't have a pick. the pick has to work for the president. not for me. it has to work for the president. someone that he trusts. i think mr. ayers might have been a little young. you have to be a older. brian: got to know congress. >> mostly you have to be trusted by the president and you have to run the white house that means a lot of times being the bad guy. brian: i know you will be writing about it in the "wall street journal" and talking about it here.
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>> thank you, brian. brian: mother missing since thanksgiving. the mystery around her disappearance deepens. much more coming your way including our logo. ♪
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past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. ainsley: top democrat nancy pelosi is gearing up for first face-to-face meeting with president trump in more than a year. the two are going to meet at the white house tomorrow to discuss funding for the southern border wall. pelosi is aiming to reclaim the speakership in the house next month. joe biden and bernie sanders stomping grounds over the weekend. former vice president stomping in vermont to promote his new book. biden hopes to spend the rest of his life engaging in issues and spending time with his family. the democrat is considered a possible 2020 presidential candidate. we will see. steve, down to you.
3:25 am
steve: big crowd there tens of thousands of people in france creating uprising in france over fuel tax hikes. even though france won't put those fees in place, the president has decided against them. it's an idea that's gaining steam around the globe. here in the united states, incoming house democrats like alexandria ocasio-cortez want what they call a green new deal, moving the united states towards using 100 percent renewable energy. will this deal be beneficial to americans or lead town rest just like in france? joining us now to discuss we have former california assemblyman chuck devore. chuck, good morning to you. >> hey. good morning. steve: so obviously president macron, of france, made a calculation and he was wrong. and now he is trying to put the genie back in the bottle. he is going to have a speech tonight at 8:00 france time. and he is going to try to tell the people i hear what you are saying but obviously, in the beginning, he didn't understand what they wanted.
3:26 am
very important for your viewers to understand in france they pay over $7 for gallon and almost half of that are taxes. this was a climate change tax of 25 cents a gallon for gasoline. about 10 cents for diesel. i think in america though when this green new deal you are going to see indirect taxation in other words more subsidies, more taxes, more mandates and regulations i don't think they will be foolish enough to go for a big direct fax on fuel like you are seeing in france. the net effect, steve, will be the same. more cost for fuel. and really hit the working poor and middle class the most. chuck, in 12 years a united nations climate report will call for a carbon tax of $5,500 per ton equal to $49 per gallon of gasoline or deville. a lot of peopldeville -- diesel. a lot of people don't realize that's what the united nations has dreamed
3:27 am
up for us. >> that's why you are seeing places like france and belgium and britain and of course here in earthquake in people wanting to protect their national sovereignty. people are getting tired of international bodies that aren't directly accountable to voters telling them what they need to do. and that 49 bucks a gallon, that's 100 times what we currently pay in taxes on average in america. steve: 54% of americans do not believe global warming will cause major problems within their life times according to gallup. and so if you have got over half the country believing that and then you see what's going on in france where they are jacking the proposal was to jack up fuel price us. backing down on that. this is a preview of coming attractions. >> it is a case where the cure with worse than the problem. so what you are seeing are the activist who want to impose these higher costs on us have to make a problem in
3:28 am
this case climate change seem as terrible as possible. and that's why i was disturbed to see a couple of weeks ago in the national climate assessment that was released that a key part of that, the estimated economic damages was funded by tom steyer and michael bloomberg, two people that wants to replace president trump in the white house. they funded the study and frankly it's based on very sketchy economics. steve: let's listen to you a sound bite from carks. she was one of the incoming freshman getting a lot of attention as she said we can use the transition to 100 percent renewable energy as the vehicle to truly deliver and establish economic social and racial justice in the united states of america. that's what she was going to say in our sound bite right there. there are a lot of people who would like to see that kind of thing but at the same time, you look at ultimately if it's going to cost people a lot of money out of their pocket, they have to make the choice. do i want what's better for
3:29 am
me or for the planet? >> and i think that what the quoted that you from the incoming from alexandria ocasio-cortez is very illuminating. this is about an agenda, a liberal agenda that frankly has been around a lot longer than concerns over climate change chuck devore we thank you for joining us live. >> my pleasure. steve: 6:30 in new york city. some democrats now lining up to put president trump behind bars. >> a very real prospect that he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time. steve: oh, okay. dan bongino says democrats have become the party of the police state. he joins us live next to explain. plus, one college student defying the odds to work at his graduation. the incredible story behind that gesture coming up. ♪ ♪ the most special
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♪ ♪ >> a real prospect that he may be the first president, in quite some time, to face the real prospect of jail time. >> the president has now stepped into the same territory that ultimately led to president nixon resigning the office. >> certainly they would be impeachable offenses because they were committed in the service of fraudulently obtaining the office. steve: boy, that sounds pretty ominous, doesn't it. ainsley: let's bring in dan bongino former secret service agent author of spy gate the sabotage of donald j. donald trump. glad we are bringing up your book that's the title they are. you hear all the talk on the
3:34 am
sunday shows. what's your reaction? >> this is really scary stuff. i'm not exaggerated for effect on television here. i don't think anybody needs to do that anymore. it's not just that, you know, in the book i cover the scheme and the mall phoenix anthemalfeasance take dd trump. it's not that they're going to get away from w. some of that doubling down on police state tactics. look at what they did. you may say come on, dan, police state, democrats? that's a little much. is it? really? are we sure? let's look at things we know they did. they unmasked private american citizens phone calls. they were listening in on american citizen phone calls without a warrant. legal but the reasoning questionable at best. they tapped into the nsa database. we know that we have had a fisa court disclosure saying that. we had them misuse the fisa process to spy on americans who still have not been prosecuted for any crime.
3:35 am
carter page. explain to me again how this isn't police state tactics. now they are doubling down and want to throw the president in jail? for what? for civil violations? brian: what you said is all true but to just stay on this and what came down in the cohen documents, the dramatic way in which they postured the need for transparency so the powerful and the wealthy don't rule the election process. i understand by talking to lawyers that this is usually very dry stuff. x, y, z. now they are putting all these adjectives to describe the need for transparency when it comes to the election process. let's drill down on it. there were two women coming forward. they were going to say negative things about the president and relations. if you are running for office, whether it's a bad business deal where you have a bitter partner, you want to make sure that things are going the best you can to keep everything on your eye on the ball and things on the issues that are going to have the thumbs up or thumbs down in the election. these things come out there.
3:36 am
he, evidently, michael cohen writes checks for over 100,000 to do so two women. that's an election law violation. according to everybody's staffs in 2008, barack obama's campaign spent nearly 2 million in illegal -- in violation of election law. they got a fine of 300,000. but you want to throw this president in jail about payments to women that he may or may not have known about that divamps dwarfed the $2 million? we should just accept that. >> yeah. there is a lot in what you just said. what you said is factually correct. the barack obama team was guilty of the exact same thing and was given a civil fine of i think it was $375,000. brian: 375. >> because it's barack obama, the anointed one, nothing happened and the media, of course, there was no clamoring to have him thrown in jail. the first thing prosecute documents which me as a
3:37 am
formal agent involved in many federal cases you just nailed it they are never written like that. they are written with a joe friday just the facts ma'am approach. why is this written like some kind of elongated romance novel here? and the reason is very simple, brian. this prosecutor is not looking for a criminal prosecution against trump, i don't believe. is he looking to tell a story to the democrat congress that they can use for impeachment and that story needs details that are not legally necessary. but it needs it to tell a political story during their impeachment. that's exactly what this prosecutor is doing. brian: make him so politically radioactive by the time he runs for re-election they will say okay, if he gets the nomination you can't put him in office again. >> you just nailed it. that is exactly what he is doing. steve: it becomes a question hey, i thought this was all about russia? where is the collusion stuff? it's not there. james comey, when he sat down with the house investigators on friday, he
3:38 am
admitted that the dossier, which was essentially the basis for the fisa application being granted, they didn't know whether or not it was true. mr. ratcliff said, do you recall that on numerous occasions, subsequent to october 21st, 2016. >> you, in your capacity as fbi director, referred to the steele dossier as salacious and unverified. mr. comey said yes, i don't know that i was referring to all of it. maybe i was. but i had in mind some particular portions of it that were salacious and unverified. so the very foundation of the case unverified. >> you know, steve, it pains me to say it but jim comey has a real problem with the truth. he seems to have a very severe like allergy he will need an epipen when he tells the truth. he has now backtracked on his comments that when mike flynn spoke to the fbi investigators they thought he wasn't be deceptive. he is backtracking on that.
3:39 am
now is he backtracking on this we just beirut up the dossier being unverified. this should shake every america's faith i want to be clear on the distinction the you were management of the fbi. the men and women i worked with were great. you were management of the fbi under jim comey frankly many of whom have resigned or been fired. this is epic, generational level of incompetence here. you may not see this kind of ridiculousness again. that they didn't verify the dossier? you guys understand what this means, right? steve: yes. >> they brought a best of your knowledge of information into court and swore to it. steve: political opposition research. >> nobody knew it was true. and nobody thinks this is a problem in the media? the fbi director just told you we're not even sure this was true. do you know where this could go? this is third world police state nonsense. there is no question about it. brian: he was asked about peter strzok. if i saw those text messages i would have pulled him off the case. they later said do you think
3:40 am
he showed bias? no, i don't see any bias in text messages. he calls him every vile name in the book to lisa page and talked about how unacceptable he is and talked about insurance plan but he sees no bias in it. either he is acting like the king of england and the fbi totally divorced from any of their policies and procedures or he is being intentionally inaccurate. >> brian, he is either the greatest manipulator in the history of the fbi or outright liar. there is no option c here. and you just brought up another one. we missed this one. he also said he wasn't sure that christopher steele was the source of the dossier. wait, what? you get this information about a potential presidential -- potential president committing treason with the russians? hey? who said that? oh, don't worry, the guy in the corner in a bagel shop you know the guy with the tin foil cap? you didn't think to ask
3:41 am
where this came from? it is an obnoxious level of incompetence. jim comey should be embarrassed. this guy clearly is either a liar or incompetence. steve: goes back in a week or two. hope he takes an epipen. mr. bongino, thank you very much. >> he is going to need it. see you later. ainsley: let's happened it over to carley who has more headlines for us. carley: we begin with a developing story. police across the country intensifying their search for a colorado mother missing since thanksgiving. kelsey was last neon near a supermarket in her home. days later her phone pinged more than 700 miles away in gooding idaho. police will give an update on this case. terrifying video as a man steals an elderly woman's purse and almost runs her over. watch he's grabs the purpose, she runs after him into the parking lot. the suspect flees in reverse, dragging the victim
3:42 am
with him. she falls to the ground and he speeds off. the woman was taken to the hospital. police arresting the thief. you are going to love this one. a paralyzed college student defying the odds, getting out of his wheelchair to walk at graduation. a crowd at the south florida ceremony cheer. he became confined to a wheelchair in 2015 after he dove into a shallow pool and broke his neck. he practiced for hours to work at graduation and he succeeded. he has two major reasons to celebrate there. steve: that was obviously a goal that he had to graduate and to walk across the stage, congratulations. ainsley: very touching. thanks, carley. carley: thank you. ainsley: this woman nominated to lead the
3:43 am
agency's clandestine operations. the first time that has ever happened. daniel hoffman has known her for 20 years joins us for insight next. brian: i don't want to brag but look who is coming up okay i will be here, jonathan turley and governor mike huckabee will be here, that would be enough for any show but we also have tammy bruce and chris swecker all live. steve: jungle in our green room we have lizs and snakes and all sorts of things coming up. steve: her face tells a lot. coming up. ♪ wild thing ♪
3:44 am
over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine.
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3:46 am
the american dream isn't a it's something you work for when i couldn't afford college college of the ozarks gave me the chance to work for my degree i'll graduate debt free from a college where character is as important as class work and patriotic education is part of the curriculum we are hard work u and we are working for our american dream ainsley: a new era for the cia as elizabeth kimbler becomes the first woman in the agency's 71-year history to head up the clan destiny service. brian: long-time cia veteran and lead the director of
3:47 am
operations in the charge of spy recruitment and voyeur cert actions overseas. ainsley: this just months after president trump chose gene that haspel to lead the agency. brian: hoffman joins us former cia station chief served in moscow as one of his stops. daniel, what exactly are her responsibilities? >> so, the director to operations where i served with beth for many years is responsible for securing spies and actions mostly overseas. extraordinarily challenging and acumen and intrapersonal skills and general understanding of the geopolitical issues of the world which beth has. she is a fantastic officer, served 34 years at the agency. i worked with her for many years, and she was outlines making an extraordinarily -- extraordinary impact on our mission. ainsley: wow, tell us more about her.
3:48 am
her personal life where she is from, kids, that kind of thing. >> she keeps her personal life kind of guarded in a way. she was always so focused on the mission. you know, when you walk in a room with her to solve the greatest challenges of the day, it was never about her. it was about accomplishing the mission. and she kind of didn't focus as much on herself as she did on the people who were serving under her command. did i work with her on russian operations. and she demonstrated the highest level of acumen on our russian enemy and how to defeat them in the espionage world. brian: here's the toughest question yet. why did it take so long for her to break through or any woman to break through? >> you know, i think when beth began at cia in 1984 she could have hardly as imagined she could have become the deputy director for operations it demonstrates in today's world, it's so important to all of us, i think, in served in director of operations and served there today. those who deserve to be promoted regardless of
3:49 am
gender, race, ethnicity are promoted that works best for our organization. i'm glad it happened now. she absolutely deserves it probably a reflects of the time it took for women to advance in our agency and get to this level. she and gina haspel both have demonstrated that these, again, who deserve to be promote promoted are promote. ainsley: she is the best person for the j job? >> she is the best person for the job, for sure. and i think she will do a great job. she is the one we will rely on now to run all those important operations and supervise the very dangerous and challenging work that we do. brian: all right, daniel. glad you are on our side to spell it out for us. daniel hoffman thanks. >> thank you. ainsley: protests have set paris weeks now. >> working people have said they have had enough of elitist policies like uncontrolled immigration that help those at the top but hurt everyone else. ainsley: that was just a
3:50 am
warm-up. we will show you the rest later. brian: pretty wild in the studio. reptiles are taking over. i'm not kidding. that's a real jungle behind you ♪ ♪ knowing the price here. don't let it happen when you buy your diabetes test strips. with the accu-chek® guide simplepay program, you pay the same low price. all without having to go through insurance. plus, they come in a spill-resistant vial along with a free meter. skip the guessing game and focus on your health. not the cost. make saving simple today at they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off,
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steve: i just 'stepped on a python. brian: knock knock joke. ainsley: the snapping turtle keeps snapping. steve: eric the reptile guy is giving children who need toys in other countries a chance to get a toy thanks to your generosity. ainsley: he brought in live animals and toys that look just like them. brian: eric, what's your message. >> we will get to that in a second tell us what you
3:54 am
want. >> the important thing is conservation oconservation thate have been doing for the last 13 years. ainsley: you trust them. >> i trust her. steve: this is groucho. this is twinkie. brian: looks like kilo. does he go after people? >> well, yeah, i mean, is doing it now. yeah. this is my we have been working with them for many years and traveling around of the world to bring education to children and now we have a chance to bring toys to kids worldwide. steve: it's fantastic go to 3-d this is the big snake i almost touched on. put groucho back. >> lot thes of people are going to buy pets and stipulation things like that. don't get a large snapping turtle. over here you guys want to
3:55 am
help hold her? steve: no. >> are you sure? steve: i'm positive. can you try. try a new life experience. she is wrapped around the christmas tree. you tell me she has just eaten. you can feel her like that. ainsley: these are the 3-d toys? >> this is a christmas. >> watch out. oh, wait. little guy over here. >> what do you want, hold it. brian: you want me to hold him by the neck? >> no, no, you can't stragedz him. >> his whole body is a neck. if you take a look here, this is twinkie has her own toy. this is twinkie's toy here. this is jj our comedian, when you scan it with phone they go to an ebook for kids. these actually glow in the dark and change colors. ainsley: 3-d pets >> this is our chameleon.
3:56 am
brian: he's me to get out. should i let him out? >> yeah, we can put him down gently like this. ainsley: oh, gosh. can i hold him? >> you want to held him new life experience. ainsley: feels like there is bugbugs in my hair. >> speaking of bugs actually got bug here. [screams] >> oh my gosh, i hate roaches. >> they have got to eat though. ainsley: this guy is in my face, too. all right, cool. bring animals into the studio. steve: i feel in danger. ainsley: who do you feed the roach to. >chameleon eats roaches. steve: always a pleasure.
3:57 am
thank you for stopping by again. for more information go to 3-d ainsley: have you ever seen a roach that big before? look at those roaches? steve: perfect at breakfast times. oh. ♪ hi susan!hs) honey? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this new robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey. because it's never just a cough.
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>> is the president right now an unindicted coconspirator. >> not in the formal sense that he is named in an indictment if he is not there, is he certainly close. >> tweet between the president and the former fbi shows no sign of slowing down. >> now they are doubling down and want to throw the president in jail. >> he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail time. steve: president trump expected to announce his new chief of staff any day now. ainsley: the president slamming the media for speculating on john kelly's replacement. >> gearing um on first face-to-face meeting with president trump in a year. >> mr. president, dig in, do not give in when it comes to
4:01 am
the law. >> signed the stop gap spending bill number of others remain unfinished including border funding. >> chuck schumer wants to shut down the government because he doesn't want to secure the border, that's a fight he's going to lose ♪ ♪ steve: look at that already december 10th, 201815 days two weeks. ainsley: hard to believe this season flies by. try to soak it in. brian: one week start your christmas shopping. do not jump out there now. ainsley: 14 days, start your shopping, brian. brian: by the way, i'm so proud of my family collectively not only got a tree that's perfect. we decorated and put the lights on. this has never been done in the history of my life. ainsley: you got a tree?
4:02 am
brian: so early. ainsley: so early 10th day of december when do you normally get it. brian: later when it's too cold and everybody is yelling on the way to the car. ainsley: don't forget to water your tree. i reached into my. brian: fake tree. ainsley: bucket thing at the bottom water i was down under neat therunderneath those. steve: if you have a fake tree don't water it. ainsley: still waiting on christmas present from dawn. signs the cards dawn. brian: this year i'm hand delivering it so it is clear from me. 1-800 flowers. ainsley: a serious card. steve: let's talk a little bit about this. friday was a big day and percolating throughout the weekend. james comey went up on capitol hill. he talked to house republicans and democrats. tried to explain as much as
4:03 am
he could about what was going on in the run-up to the russia investigation. although he did not remember a lot of things. and then later in the day, sentencing memos for paul manafort were released as well as michael cohen. and then since then, on the weekend shows, the democrats have made it very clear there is some big trouble awaiting donald trump. >> i think it's inevitable that impeachment inquiry is going to get open. >> it certainly looks like they are the kind of offenses that would call for impeachment hearings. >> in your view, does that rise to the level of an impeachable offense? >> they would be impeachable offenses. there is nothing in the constitution that prohibits the president from being indicted. >> if house members find impeachable offenses it is not just the right thing to do. it's their duty to do. >> do you believe all of this adds up to meet the standard for an impeachable offense? >> there is a very real prospect that he may be the first president in quite
4:04 am
some time to face the real prospect of jail time. brian: what he is saying is, these revelation come out that michael cohen saying the president directed him to make payments to these women and you look at the cfo of the company. he has immunity deal. cfo of the trump organization and person who ran, david pecker who ran american media, he also has immunity so he would know how this whole thing took place. these come to election violations if the president is implicated in them. usually this results in a fine. but judging by the way those documents written up. read, by the way they were not nice to michael cohen either. it does show as andy mccarthy says really pushing on the president. i look at what senator angus king democrats. he says an impeachment, i don't think there secretary of defense yet available to the public where there would be more or less of a consensus appropriate paths. congress of one party
4:05 am
unseats the president of another party for essentially political reasons. i don't want to create a precedent there. that makes more sense. steve: you mentioned andy mccarthy 57d he tried to explain what we learned through the sentencing memos. so michael cohen pled guilty to campaign violations, right? what mr. mccarthy says is if the president is charged he would argue it were not a campaign contribution to begin with also he writes in the same article, the standard for impeachment is high crimes and misdemeanors. and does campaign violation rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors? and mr. mccarthy says that is an open question. ainsley: there have been some that have said this is just the beginning. they predicted. this remember rush limbaugh said if democrats take the house there will be investigation after investigation. steve: absolutely. ainsley: what do you think is going to happen in january? brian: the attorney general in new york this guy rob who andy mccarthy seems to work
4:06 am
with to me seems to have an agenda. people in new york the attorney general seems to have an agenda. for their agenda to become of national interest, i think that's down a path we shouldn't be going down. also look at the john edwards situation and barack obama campaign that had $2 million in campaign violations. they have a justice department that said that doesn't rise to the level that this -- that this that the southern district of new york if he did pay hush money might be impeachable offense. might face jail time. we asked dan bongino about that and this is what he had to say. >> barack obama team was guilty of the exact scwam thing ansamething and given a ff $375,000. you are exactly right. because it's barack obama, the anointed one, nothing happened and the media, of course, there was nothing to throw him in jail. why is this written like some kind of elongated
4:07 am
romance novel here in the reason is very simple, brian. this prosecutor is not looking for a criminal prosecution against trump, i don't believe. he is looking to tell a story to the democrat congress that they can use for impeachment and that story needs details that are not legally necessary but it needs it to tell a political story during their impeachment. that's exactly what this prosecutor is doing. steve: if there is no mention of collusion, which was the whole point of the mueller investigation in the sentencing memo, does this mean that mr. mueller's 40-million-dollar investigation is really about what is essentially damage control payment to michael cohen payment to -- worth a couple of hundred thousand dollars ultimately you read the michael cohen stuff. once again going back to andy mccarthy. does that rise to the high leveto the levelof high crimes d
4:08 am
misdemeanors. that's not even a contribution to my campaign that was a business transaction. brian: let's switch gears international. president has weighed in to american story as well. in france for four straight weekends we are watching these protests. ainsley: riots. brian: riots take place cost in terms of damage a billion dollars to french businesses. it's led by the working and middle class of france, we understand. it caused the cancellation of six major soccer games all the museums closed. 1400 arrests. 17 officers hurt and 100 plus demonstrators hurt and well over 1,000 arrested and there is no sense these will be subsiding. ainsley: steve hilton weighed in on this on his show last night. listen to this. >> it's the president of france, macron issuing high minded resolutions while the streets of paris are intensely practical.
4:09 am
guess what macron said when french workers complained that his new gas tax meant they couldn't afford to get to work. he told them to carpool. what's going on in france is part of a worldwide pop plus uprising in the u.k. and germany and italy and eastern europe and brazil and of course here in america with donald trump's election and support for bernie sanders, let's remember. working people are saying they have had enough of decades of elitist policies like uncontrolled immigration that help those at the top but hurt everyone else. elitists fight back in britain they where to overturn brexit. in italy the new po populace government is about to have overconcerned by eu. in america they are doing everything they can to get donald trump out of office before the next election. steve: problems for macron in france is r. severe. he will address the world tonight 8:00 paris time there have been a lot of
4:10 am
people called for his resignation some of the trouble over saturday. and, steve hilton kind of touched on, this it's triggered by his policies. the sense is that he favors the rich. and so what people of france are saying to have a hike in our minimum wage and the labor minister came out yesterday and said we are not going to raise wages because that destroys jobs. according to top officials in france. ainsley: the gas is so expensive to put fuel in your car. you try to go to work and put food on your table and take care of your kids and you have a rich president telling the works class people carpool. that's his answer. brian: bottom line is they are straddling between socialism and democracy. they expect a lot. how do we pay for this? macron says i have to find more revenue. since i can't get the french people to work harder. we're not going to cut
4:11 am
spending so i'm going to raise taxes. it's an impossible matt problem. -- math problem. medicaid for all, hiking up minimum wage while putting in free market principles and guaranteeing social net. they are at a breaking point. i don't know if you blame macron for the hand he has handed over to. but not speaking for three days not really a good show leadership. ainsley: not helping with tourism. if they make a lot of money with tourism especially in paris no one is going over there. brian: dangerous. steve: we will tell you tomorrow morning what he says. meantime carley joins us with headlines. carley, you are starting with the weather. carley: that's right. extreme weather to sea say the least. deadly winter storm paralyzing the southeast donald trumping snow, rain and freezing rain. one driver died when a tree fell on car. put out barn fire. nearly 300,000 customers are still without power in several states. airports hoping to resume
4:12 am
normal activity today african selling more than 1700 flights yesterday. israel uncovering another hezbollah terror tunnel dug from lebanon. it is the second cross border tunnel discovered since israel started searching for passageways used by the iranian backed group. israeli military put explosives inside to stop hezbollah from getting through. officials say the militant group has built underground network to sneak into israel. and turning to the nfl now with what might be the greatest play of the season. you got to watch this. >> this will end it after the shuffle or will it? miami running around circling oh look out gronkowski didn't have the ankle. touchdown. carley: miracle in miami skull off last minute win with 69-yard touchdown they beat the patriots 34-33. do you believe in miracles?
4:13 am
if you are a dolphin's fan, the answer is yes. steve: that's the kind of play you would see in a movie. the last play in the game and there he comes. guy is going to get him, nope. touchdown. brian: i would say a couple things dolphin fans need something to cheer about they want to get in the playoffs. patriots have had so much break their way the last 20 years. they could have something break the opposite way. ainsley: don't you love the nfl they the best of the les and see plays like that. carley: why are we doing trick plays they never work well this one did. steve: that guy just made the shimkus highlight reel. ainsley: covering weather and sports. take that janice and brian. steve: coming up next. ainsley: constitutional law professor jonathan turley weighs in on the campaign violation claims against president trump. steve: plus, this police dog just got a new pair of winter boots and he's not a fan. ♪ ainsley: is he not used to
4:14 am
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4:18 am
>> michael cohen's two campaign finance felonies were directed by a person named as individual one. that person is donald trump that means that donald trump also committed two felonies. >> you have campaign finance and -- we are beginning to see not just a shoe is going to drop it's going to be anvil. >> the white house will have little choice where this is going other than to start impeachment proceedings. >> jonathan can never quite push glasses up. brian: claimup.james days in office numbered. how about people like john edwards and president obama. here to weigh in jonathan turley. jonathan, if it's shown that the president knew and directed the payments to stormy daniels and ms. income dueling, is that a campaign violation that would raise to the level of criminal conduct? >> well, according to the justice department's past
4:19 am
cases, the answer is yes. this is very serious thing. the department of justice is building a classic case with immunity deals and these allegations against the president of the united states. and i don't think that it it achieves anything to avoid the seriousness this. they threw everything at john edwards and they couldn't get a single count to stick with the jury. because you have to look at this as to whether there was intent to violate the federal election laws and there is a readily available alternative narrative and that is these were affairs that a married man didn't want to be made public and they were embarrassing. brian: if i had a bad business deal and my partner hated me and i'm running for office. hey, buddy, let's just make sure you don't get in the news, here is x amount of dollars to keep your mouth shut so can i focus on running for office. to me it's almost logic whether he did it or not
4:20 am
this is not going to help me win. >> i say on the hill this morning in a column that i don't think this is evidence of what the incoming house judiciary chairman called a massive fraud on the american people. look, this is earous. this could get more serious. but there is no evidence that not confirming these payments before the election had really any serious impact on the election. it doesn't make any of this good. but, we don't need the hyperbole and the hype over. this. brian: jonathan, if you want to know the story read page 6 from 1997 to 2016, donald trump has been in the news about things like this in the past. this is no big deal. anyone who got those papers or understood donald trump's been a celebrity for a while. jonathan turley, thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. brian: meanwhile straight ahead, chocolate motorcycle is back in school. this is a relief. trump administration rolling
4:21 am
back regulations. it's big for children worldwide especially if you want to make one of those mustaches. ♪ don't you worry ♪ don't you worry now ♪ hi. maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams.
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and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. brian: time now for news by the numbers. i will be joined by a flat screen. first $750 billion. that's how much president trump reportedly wants to spend on the military. much higher than the pentagon's current budget of $716 billion, even more than the 733. the defense department is asking for. next $400,000 that's how much lamborghini likes this cost but actually if it didn't stop kids from jumping on it. surveillance video shows one of the children stomping on the car. this is happening in
4:25 am
australia. they ran away when other cars drove by. it's not clear if the car was damaged. we will follow this story. finally 102. that's how old kurt douglas is now. acting legend celebrating birthday with his wife of 64 years at beverly hills home. his grandson cammeron touching this touching photo happy birthday to a gentleman's gentleman with a true heart of gold. >> 102 years old, happy birthday. the trump administration will soon roll back on school lunches effort to school options for. steve: means thing like flavored chocolate milk will be back on the menu. to say here to break down independent women's forum julie gunlog. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: famously we remember during the obama years when
4:26 am
these school lunch mandates were put out from is no taste to the trying to make sure that our kids ate healthier food. >> went through in 2010 well intentioned but in reality, kids were not eating the food and we saw that there was a major food waste problem developing in some of these schools. kids taking entire trays and throwing them in the garbage, one said 60% of vegetables, 40% of fruit was being tossed. in one l.a. county the school made an arrangement with a homeless shelter to give the food because they had so much left because, again, kids were not eating the food. these reforms are just to give school cafeteria workers more flexibility to make the food tasty as well as nutritious.
4:27 am
ainsley: such a tough problem though because obesity is a problem here in america. i think michelle obama, her idea was to make school lunches healthy. every parent wants that this is not a new problem, every parent knows it's hard to get your kids to eat vegetable and fruit especially when they get older and going to school. do you think this is the best solution though? i don't know if we really want our kids not just because they are eating healthy foods and choices now we go back to pizza and hamburgers? >> this is being cast oh junk food making return to schools unhealthy food. we will go back to where ketchup is considered a vegetable. that famous case. this isn't that there is nothing wrong with a child eating a corn tortilla or flour tortilla. taking out butter and salt. i'm a mother of three children i have to get my kids to eat vegetables. i don't need a ph.d. in nutrition to know if i put a little bit of butter and
4:28 am
salt on broccoli or little bit of cheese it's going to entice them and enjoy it more. all of those tools were taken away from school cafeteria workers making it much harder to make the food appealable to children. steve: julie, do you really think a little but ther is going to make a kid eat broccoli, come on? >> no. i meant yes, yes, i do. ainsley: not at school but at our house and the parents watching them. steve: these are some of the things that they apparently are going to do under these requirements. they will broaden milk options by allowing flavored low fat milk which could include chocolate milk. also will require that half of the weekly grains be whole grain rich and will provide more time for gradual sodium reduction ultimately are you saying that we may be taking half a step backwards but ultimately more food will be consumed? >> well, again, yes, i understand that obesity is a problem. but kids not eating at school at all is also a
4:29 am
problem. i think we also need to remember, we need to give more control to the local folks. people on the ground trying every day to make appealable food for these children and if they are not eating the food that's a real problem. i think it's important we forget parents need to be involved. more parents should be packing their kids a lunch. if you don't approve what's on the menu, packing your kids a lunch. we know parent involvement is one of the things that helps childhood obesity the most. some people rely on the school lunch program. we know from the data an awful lot of people from very wealthy families, in fact, buy the school lunch program. i encourage people to get more involved in their children's nutrition. steve: here here. all right. julie gunlock thank you for joining us live. >> thanks for having me. steve: first it was kevin hart and the oscars now kyler murray forced to apologize by the left over tweets he made when he was
4:30 am
14 or 15 years old. tammy bruce says this is dangerous and she will explain to all of you coming up. ainsley: president trump is set to meet with top democrats about one of his biggest promises. >> we will build the wall. we are building a wall on the southern border. [chanting build that wall] ainsley: are democrats going to work with him to get that deal done? mike huckabee on that subject coming up next. ♪ ♪
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
>> we are building a wall on the southern border which is absolutely necessary. >> we are building a wall on the southern border. >> and we will build the wall. that, i can tell you. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. [chanting build that wall]
4:34 am
brian: i did not know he wanted to build a wall. ainsley: he said it a few times. steve: just a couple. let's bring in the former governor of arkansas and fox news contributor and author of new book mike huckabee. good morning to you. >> good morning all. great to be with you. and merry christmas to you. steve: indeed. of the president is going to be meeting with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi tomorrow and they are going to be talking about funding the rest of the government for the balance of the year. he wants at least $5 billion to build that wall and nancy pelosi says he's not getting a nickel more than 1.6 billion. what do you think and so does chuck schumer. what do you make of that? >> i think he has to play hard ball with them. the americans believe it's the right thing to do to secure our border. we are not a mean country, but we are a law abiding country. the president is right on this and most of america agrees with him.
4:35 am
and he is not asking for that much money when you consider that the democrats just a few years ago were willing to fund more than $5 billion. that's what makes no sense. so it's clearly a political tactic on their part. he needs to expose that he needs to get that videotape of them supporting more than the 5 billion and show their utter hypocrisy. but we are living in a time when the democrats no longer care about what's right, what's wrong, what's good for america and what's not. it's all about the politics of winning and the president has got to take them on and stop it. he just has to. not put up with it. brian: all about leverage. you know this better than most as governor you wanted to do a lot of things and couldn't. if you didn't have the leverage it wouldn't happen as much as you were right it didn't matter. with the government already two thirds funded and with the house about to go democrat, what leverage does he have over nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to even meet them halfway.
4:36 am
>> i had the most lopsided in america 89-11. democrats to house. 34 to 4 in the senate. i know something about leverage. here's what you do, you take it to the people. when you can't get a legislatolegislature to go at y. let them voice their displeasure to the obstinate party. the president has a great megaphone. there is no doubt about it. the key is he has got to make it about the people, not about him. he cannot focus upon what the democrats are doing to him because most people just frankly don't care. what they do care about is what the democrats are doing to their wage increases, to the economy, if they raise taxes again and reregulate everything. what they are doing to world stability if we become a weak nation and start bowing to other countries. they do care about themselves. and if the president continues to be the voice of the people, not the voice of donald trump. he has a real opportunity to
4:37 am
really push back on chuck schumer, pelosi and the rest of these guys who can't stand the results of the election. ainsley: when it comes to the border wall don't you think he is the voice of the people many people went to vote for him on this issue. his base wants the wall, too. nancy pelosi says it's not moral. she changed her tune from years ago. now she is saying it's not moral. is that what her people want her to believe? >> it's hard to say who her people are, i would question. this does nancy pelosi lock her doors at night? does nancy pelosi have a fence around her house? yes, she does. the hypocrisy of this is stunning. and, of course, the press is not going to expose that hypocrisy the president is the one who can needs to do it. make the fact we are trying to secure the border not because we are trying to keep people out that should come here and we want to come here. but we want to keep out the elements that want to wave another flag. burn ours. commit crimes. we have a right.
4:38 am
brian: maybe keep them here through christmas. keep everybody here through christmas. that might be the one thing to get their attention. you tell all these lawmakers they can't go anywhere. the government is shut down. >> no, i think they should hold them through christmas. and shut the government down. i know everybody says oh, that will be terrible. i will tell you what's terrible. the terrible thing is to let the democrats bully this president who was elected by the people of this nation. you cannot have a country if you have a party that refuses to accept the results of an election and if they can't win the election, then their next turn is to try to prosecute the winners with all kinds of ridiculous things to tie up their time and money and their efforts and completely distracting. steve: all right. mike huckabee joining us today from the panhandle of florida. governor, thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, governor. steve: have a wonderful week. >> you too. take care. steve: 21 and a half minutes before the top of the hour. as you can see carley shimkus has news headlines. carley: we begin with this.
4:39 am
an illegal immigrant is charged in a hit and run that seriously hurt a teenage girl. authorities say david hernandez hit the girl as she crossed the street during a christmas celebration in mississippi. reports say the honduran national left the scene. the victim was taken to the hospital. hernandez is in jail on felony charges. ice has placed a hold on him. and a manhunt is intensifying for the -- of the person who killed an off-duty new york firefighter. he was found lying on the road after a suspected road rage attack in new york. police believe the drivers bumped cars and pulled over to hash it out. that's when the suspect reportedly hit him nut head killing him. authorities are looking for this gray car. they say it is registered to a gang member. three sonic employees are facing charges after an ecstasy pill was found in a kid's meal. an 11-year-old girl finding the pill when she unwrapped a burger for her 4-year-old brother. she showed her parents who
4:40 am
took it to police. authorities say one of the suspects had three ecstasy pills on them at the time of their arrest. and stop what you're doing and watch adorable video. take a look at this police dog tries on new snow booties for the very first time. the pup is prancing around not sure what to make of his new foot wear. officers can't help but laugh as they tried to help him adjust. it's funny, i have never had that reaction to new shoes before but that's just me. steve: hard to take off shoes when you don't have thumbs. ainsley: when you have the pet and try shoes after three or four years old. that's the reaction. hilarious. steve: on halloween we would try to put the cowboy hat on charlie the dog's head. never liked that let's go outside to the streets of new york city. janice dean the weather machine is out with the folks. ainsley: hi, janice. janice: look at this for a monday. fantastic. how many birthdays do i have
4:41 am
here? birthday here? what's your name. >> i'm from carrollton, mississippi. i'm 74. janice: woo hooh, girlfriend, what about you? >> i'm 80. >> what's your name. >> my name is carol and i'm from chicago. janice: happy birthday. >> nancy from batavia, new york. happy birthday. >> happy birthday. janice: where from you, young man? >> [inaudible] >> what's your name. >> cammeron. janice: quick look at the maps right now. thank you for coming today. it's a beautiful day in new york city. let's take a look at those maps. we have a snow storm across the mid-atlantic. did you know we got some snow in north carolina? i mean, so much snow in one day that really sets them up for the whole year. it's incredible. this storm system is eventually going to move offshore but we are going to see the potential for some snow, maybe some ice and rain, unfortunately. that's the big weather story today. we will be covering it come on over here. you know what? when you come to 48th and
4:42 am
6th. we have a fox news shop right here where you can buy all sorts of merchandise like this fancy t-shirt here. and we have hats and we have mugs and you can also go online, right? what's your name. >> my name is mark. > janice: what are you doing mark. >> i'm promoting the biz. janice: fox shop. go to you can get all sorts of swag. are you getting set up for christmas? yes, you are. that's what we are doing out here. are you going to stick out here with me all morning. >> all morning. janice: can i sell some stuff? >> you can sell some stuff. janice: we have a lot of stuff. >> i will take a coffee mug. janice: come over here, miss. you will take this and a hat? janice: this is another job me on my job description. fantastic. go online and get all sorts of stuff for christmas. back inside. wave, irvin everybody at our fox news shop.
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ainsley: it's been out there for several weeks now. brian: so many people would have a shop indoors in the winter. i think we are cutting edge. steve: the folks are coming here. we will put it outside. ainsley: out on the fox square. >> steve: it is 17 minutes now before the top of the hour. prototype brian first kevin hart and the oscars and now kyler murray forced to apologize over tweets when he was 14 years old. tammy bruce says this is dangerous. she plains next. ainsley: morgan ortagus does everything from covering national security and reporting live from army-navy game. this morning she is cooking with friends for hanukkah ♪ ♪ -morning. -morning.
4:44 am
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♪ steve: saturday was supposed to be a great night for oklahoma quarterback kyler murray. he had just won the heisman trophy in new york. the night was unshatterred by unearthed old derogatory tweets when he was 15 years old. just this past week tweets came back to haunt kevin hart forcing him to step down as oscar host upcoming oscars. here now is tammy bruce. what do you think of this? >> look, as a gay woman, it's hard to not notice that, of course, these are comments about guys. a number of years ago. and mr. murray's case, this young man it was when he was a kid. and hurling an insult, the kind of insult young men sometimes hurl at other young men to upset them. but what's what is so disturbing here is that we can have conversations about what words you want your kids to use and not use. this becomes an effort by a group of liberals who think that it's appropriate and want to look for things with which to destroy your life. if they hear something they
4:48 am
don't like or don't approve of. it's turned into a dynamic not like well, you know, this is a learning moment. let's not do that to how can we ruin, in this case, what should have been a huge event for a 21-year-old. you are getting the heisman trophy and to ruin that for you. and ultimately, maybe, to have your career not proceed, to have you banned, to have you shunned because of a word you did or did not use or word that you didn't even necessarily know what it meant when you were a kid. steve: these days any time you are suddenly thrust into the public sector, people start looking through your social media. if he had said this back in the day, ultimately we were going to find out about it. >> sure. steve: he did tweet out apparently this apology. he says i apologize for the tweets that have come to life tonight when i was 14 and 15. i used a poor choice of words that doesn't reflect who i am or what i believe. i did not intend to single out any individual or group. >> of course not. look. all of us have said something when we were kids or even as adults in the moment.
4:49 am
yet, there is this in a weird way this demand that you genera gu flmplet lect with maybe you may or may not have offended. all the civil right movements were about asking society to not punish us because we might not be understood sometimes or because we are different or because we offend or make people necessarily afraid because of a different lifestyle choices or because we look different, right? and yet, now we have gone into a stage where that is -- we are turning back to that framework by the inheriters of the civil rights movement in trying to destroy us for sometimes making a mistake. using a word that's not approved of or because we frighten or offend people because of a different lifestyle choice. this has got to end. it goes into -- like the moment they must have known because in this case it was "u.s.a. today" columnist, holding it for that one moment when you are in the spotlight, holding it to
4:50 am
when it would harm you the most. it's obscene, it's a pathetic, it's dangerous, also, because if society as a whole does this, no one is safe and there is nothing that we can do in our future lives and that we're all going to be afraid but i contend maybe for some that's the intention. is for us to be afraid. all of us should stand up against that and say it's unacceptable. enough is enough. steve: tammy bruce, thank you very much. all right. coming up next on this monday. fired fbi director james comey slamming president trump overnight after his closed door testimony. the growing war of words befix the two. top of the hour. and morgan or taking gas says everything from covering national security and army navy game she is cooking breakfast with friends for hanukkah. ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
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4:54 am
steve: you see her on the fox news channel giving topics like national security and reporting live from the army-navy game. brian: this morning morgan ortegas is cooking with friends. ainsley: joining us right now preparing dish is morgan her sister paula and cousin wenty. hey, ladies. >> hi. this is the noodle, i have to tell you the funny story when i first started dating my husband i decided to make this dinner. i screwed it up. put three fourths of a cup of nutmeg. it was rancid. ainsley: how much are you supposed to put in? >> like nothing. he did not marry me for my cooking ability. the wine burger family.
4:55 am
goldie and lee wine burger they have this amazing noodle coogle. serve it as side dish or breakfast. >> so we have cream cheese and sour cream and add six eggs. brian: that's rockie style. >> very healthy. >> sugar. >> lots of sugar. >> not for the diabetic and some vanilla here. ainsley: where is the nutme nutmeg? >> we're done with nutmeg. >> you mix it all together and once it is all mixed. steve: through the magic of television, four on top like that. brian: hope you are paying attention. >> i made it for her hanukkah party last night. it was good. >> it was fabulous. fix it all together and wendy has the topping there a. steve: would this be a good recipe for tonight the last night of hanukkah. >> you cook these egg noodles, get them from the store. let this mixture sit
4:56 am
overnight if you can or at least an hour in the fridge. wendy is going to take corn flakes, crunch them up. sugar and melted butter. and then we put them on top. steve: put them in the oven and through the magic of television it winds up like this. brian: this is it. >> we also have potato also popular before hanukkah or any other holiday. this is just six pounds of potato grated and mix it with eggs and flour and salt and pepper. make patties fry them in the pan and stick them in the oven 25 minutes. great thing to do with the kids as long as you don't great thgrate the knuckles serve them with apple sauce or sour cream. >> dunkin' donuts we can get them. >> you have been eating these entire life. >> wendy is a weinberger.
4:57 am
paula and i married wine burgers. steve: thank you very much. thanks. pete: martin is live on the show. brian: baby it's cold outside. the beautiful thing about care, is knowing that it's always there... ...and that it always will be. ♪ . . voice-command navigation with waze wifi wireless charging 104 cubic feet of cargo room and seating for 8. now that's a sleigh. ford expedition.
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♪ >> is the president of the united states right now an unindicted coconspirator? >> not in the formal sense that he has been named in an indictment. but if he is not there, he is certainly close. >> this feud between the president and former fbi director is showing no signs of slowing down. >> explain how this is not police state fascism. now they're doubling down. >> he is the first president in quite some time to face the prospect of real jail time. steve: president trump announcing the his new chief of staff any day now. ainsley: nancy pelosi is gearing up with the first face-to-face meeting with president trump in
5:01 am
more than a year. >> mr. president, don't give in. >> a number of bills remain unfinished including the ones with border funding. >> chuck schumer doesn't want to shut down the government because he doesn't want to secure america's border. ainsley: the snapping turtle keeps snapping. i feel like there are bugs in my hair. ♪ baby it's cold outside brian: we bring that music. i feel i'm offended. ainsley: we're playing it today, we have dean martin's daughter, who is a musician will talk about the controversy. some say the song is not appropriate anymore. they are banning it. brian: coming after frosty next. steve: that particular version by dean martin back in 1959. we are "fox & friends."
5:02 am
which start in washington. brian: we have a white house shake-up. president is expected to announce his new chief of staff. we thought it was one guy but not that guy. steve: speculation on who will replace john kelly, the current chief of staff. ainsley: doug mckelway at the white house. it is not nick ayres, right? reporter: the chief of staff job is completely up in the air. there is no clear front-runner. speculation whether general kelly is retiring or fired it was fueled over the weekend when the president said this. >> john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year. we'll be announcing who will be taking john's place. it might be on interim basis. i will announcing that over the next day or two. reporter: then, a day later the president tweeted this. i'm in the process of interviewing some really great people for the white house chief of staff. fake news was saying with
5:03 am
certainty it was nick ayres a speck lag person who always be with the our maga agenda. i will be making a decision soon nick ayres tweeted this i will be departed at the end of the year but will working with the maga team to advance the cause. ayres has three small children a triplet, a handful to raise under best of circumstances. you throw in the toughest job in washington, white house chief of staff, might explain why he does not want the job. other potential replacements. mark meadows the republican representative of north carolina. a congressional point man in the other russia collusion narrative the the one you don't here about in the mainstream media. another candidate, treasury secretary steve mnuchin, who has told colleagues he is happy in his present job.
5:04 am
omb director mick mulvaney. but the ap is reporting today he does not want the job. u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer, who told cbs he is entirely focused on the present job. looks like a lot of candidates looking at it don't want the job. often time in history the best person for the job is someone reluctant to take it on. back to you. ainsley: don't they have to say that, i'm focused on my current job? reporter: right. brian: we know the job. i put two more people into that. thanks, doug. dave bossy. the president respects him. he understands how to handle investigations. he was on offense side. matt whitaker, he understands the politics and law. ainsley: he is acting ag. he can become the chief of staff. steve: indeed. famously we know john kelly has
5:05 am
done a great job with the president and white house staff. we heard incidental information at times he and president disagreed about the direction policy it should take. ultimately the president's decision. it would make sense for him to pick somebody like mark meadows, the guy who is the chairman of the house freedom caucus. because the house freedom caucus last two years is squarely in the president's corner agendawise and legislatively. mark meadows would know now to get tough through congress. but we'll see how it pose. brian: here is the question. mark meadows and president see things the same way i understand that is important. but do you understand you need someone that understands moderates and democrats. do you think that is something might hold mark meadows back? >> i think he knows how congress works. ultimately it is the president's decision. he will announce it very
5:06 am
shortly. ainsley: that's right. 250 pages were released on saturday, transcript from comey having the closed-door session, when he sat down with the house judiciary committee on friday. the transcript was released on saturday. it was heavily redacted. they focused more on hillary clinton. they asked 114 times about hillary clinton and email scandal. democrats focused more on russia collusion. steve: ultimately what they're trying to figure out why exactly did they open the investigation? things about the fisa warrants and stuff like that. what is interesting when you look at all the pages of the transcript released and negotiated through mr. comey's agent, a lawyer as well, so many of the questions that they asked mr. comey who headed the fbi had no idea. he said, i don't know 156 times. 72 times he said, i don't remember. eight times he said, i don't
5:07 am
recall. but at other times he remembered exactly what the details were. somebody said to me if mr. comey doesn't remember anything, how can he be so sure fisa rules were followed. and that was, he was emphatic about that. that's right, we followed all the rules. if he doesn't remember so much stuff, how does he remember that? brian: you read the transcript you see how flabbergasted trey gowdy is. doesn't occur to me the fisa warrant, or dossier played a major role getting fisa warrant infinitesimal. what we see what we saw it played a major role. was it unverified. i wouldn't know it was unverified. it was unverified. we believe christopher steele? we believe christopher steele. were they hired by opposition of hillary clinton? i don't really think that would matter. it wouldn't matter?
5:08 am
steve: talking to one of the lawyers there before the transcript came out. what was he like? the person said he was sassy. when he didn't say i don't remember, a number of times he said, i cannot answer that based on the fact it is an on going investigation. at other times the department of justice attorney sitting right next to him, would go you have to answer that. okay. ainsley: he is more confident. done this a few times. brian: he is not really friends with robert mueller. i thought they were brothers in arms. ainsley: president tweeting about it. leak inch james comey must set a record to who lied to congress most in one day. this was a rigged fraud headed up by dishonest people who would do anything so i could not become president. they are now expressed. brian: now trying to undo it. james comey was at the 92nd
5:09 am
y. nicole wallace. ainsley: a school. a facility on upper east side. not affiliated with the ymca. brian: he was talking to her earlier. are we going to de-emphasize that now? steve: we are going to de-emphasize that. he was a little bewildered by the president's tweet. brian: because he thought he was lying james comey. ainsley: compared him to a mob boss. numb to the president's tweets. the president was worst listener, and used every breath you have as an american to stop his lies. brian: he said vote democrat. do you believe that the former fbi director says vote democrat? steve: dan bongino said this. >> pains me but jim comey has a real problem with the truth. he will need a benadryl allergy and need a epipen to tell the truth. he backtracked on comments, mike flynn spoke to the fbi
5:10 am
investigators, thought he wasn't deceptive. he is now try to backtrack on this. brought up the does say unverified. this should shake everyone's faith, i want to be on the distinction, upper management of the fbi. brian: he bragged he sent two fbi agents in the white house not normally done. he bragged about it. in other administrations were so organized, they wouldn't let me do that. i knew i could ask fbi agents to talk to michael flynn. everyone was so new to be in the white house. ainsley: with obama's administration, bush's administration, it was much harder, had to go through the chain of command to have fbi to go through. he called up michael flynn. come on over. he was very transparent. you usually have to about you there the long process. you didn't with this administration. steve: when you talk to the fbi you have an attorney there. mr. flynn did not. ultimately the fact mr. comey
5:11 am
may come back in a week or two to answer more questions. for them to interview him at the very end of the session, that shows that the democrats were very effective essentially running out the clock. brian: yep. never going to see rod rosenstein i guess. steve: they are still negotiating. brian: really? ainsley: carley has more headlines. carley: we'll get straight to a fox news alert. british prime minister theresa may expected to address parliament today after reports she called off tuesday's "brexit" vote. bloomberg reporting she decided to delay it over concerns it would not pass. this all comes as an eu court rules the country can cancel its brexit if it wants to. weather dumping snow, fleet, freezing rain. one driver killed in charlotte when a tree fell on their car. firefighters were forced to work
5:12 am
in nasty conditions putting out a barn fire. 300,000 customers are without power in several states. airports hoping to resume normal activity africans selling 1700 flightses yesterday. federal investigators are searching for a serial arsonist targeting the jehovah witness community a fire destroying a worship center in washington over the weekend has been ruled arson. atf says it is the sixth act of violence against jehovah's witnesses since march. the agency is offering a 36,000-dollar reward for any information leading to an arrest. we all love the coffee in the morning, a new study says drinking first thing might not be the best time to do it. >> up and adam. i have a triple expresso i push it out of reach because sleepy head has to get it. carley: researchers say your
5:13 am
body's production of cart cortisol which increases alertness. that is news you can use. steve: i wait an hour. ainsley: as opposed to all the other news? carley: for your sanity. steve: most people watching do drink coffee. ainsley: thanks, carley. steve: fired fbi director james comey not answering lawmaker questions about hillary clinton email scandal. our next guest spent 24 years with the agency and calls comey's latest testimony a disgrace. ainsley: plus a storm brewing on capitol hill. what environmental activists are demanding from democrats about climate change. brian: that was my tribute. ♪ i found my tresiba® reason. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c.
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♪ steve: more questions from the newly-released transcripts from james comey on friday with lawmakers. the former fbi director claims he didn't know or didn't remember more than 200 times. in a new op-ed our next guest criticizes comey for not
5:18 am
answering questions about the hillary clinton email scandal calling him a disgrace. here to weigh in, former number three guy at the fbi, former fbi agent chris swecker. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: a disgrace, coming from the former number three guy at the fbi. >> we usually don't talk about fbi, the fbi or criticize fbi leadership. that is sort of the unwritten code but what infuriates myself and many former fbi executives, and a lot of current fbi agents is that comey tries to wrap himself in the cloak of the fbi and say, if you criticize me, you're really criticizing the fbi and that is not the case. there are 35,000 good, men and women, professionals doing their job, working gangs, drug cartels, white-collar criminals, they don't need that. they don't need him wrapping himself in their good work. he doesn't deserve it. steve: chris what do you make of the fact mr. comey on friday
5:19 am
said i don't know 157 times, i don't remember 12 times, can't talk about that because it is on going investigation, do you really think he doesn't remember those things? >> no. he has been a prosecutor for many years. he was a director of the fib bip for a short period of time. he is an accomplished attorney. of course he remembers. these are the most, some of the most important investigations in the fbi history. steve: what he is doing? >> it is a page out of the clinton playbook. you read ken starr's book where the clinton team was coaching monica lewinsky to say, i don't remember, i don't remember. that is a tactic. you can't get prosecuted for perjury if you don't remember. steve: sure. the other big cases on friday involved mr. cohen's sentencing memo and notes about manafort. where do you think we are with the mueller investigation? you used to work for mr. mueller at the fbi. you think he is aboveboard?
5:20 am
>> i think he is a fair person. i sat in on four or 500 meetings with him, when i worked at headquarters directly underhim. listen, he is a fair guy. he is an attorney and a marine. probably a marine first, attorney second. he is trying to do his job. what i think gets people upset the contrast between the kid gloves email and foundation investigation and this bare knuckle investigation that he is conducting which is the way i would conduct the investigation. you make deals, you play hard ball, you try to turn over every rock to get to the truth. steve: a lot of rock turning, no doubt. chris swecker, ex-fbi assistant director. thank you for joining us from charlotte. >> you bet. steve: 8:20 in new york city. some communities are defying i.c.e. one county that is partnering up with the trump administration on immigration, that partnership is paying off. we're going to talk about that.
5:21 am
plus "baby it's cold outside" may be controversial for a couple radio stations. dean martin's daughter says there is nothing wrong with it. dina martin says there is nothing wrong with it. ♪ for some, that number can be cut in half or more. the most common side effects are pain, redness or swelling at the injection site and constipation. talk to your doctor about aimovig. and be there more. ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours.
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5:25 am
former vice president joe biden stopped in vermont to promote his new book. hopes to spend rest of his life engaged with the issues and spending time with his family. brian: after joe biden, pete the cat-2 ii in the theater. steve: this song is getting icy reception for some of its lyrics. ♪ baby, it's cold outside ainsley: some radio stations now refusing to play "baby, it's cold outside" but our next guest dean north tin's daughter is singing a different tune. brian: dina martin, welcome. welcome back i should say. >> thank you very much. great to be here. brian: are you surprised the song your dad loved so much is creating uproar? >> i'm flabbergasted.
5:26 am
it is insane. i said this can't possibly be. it's a sweet, flirty, fun, holiday song that, well it has been around for 50 years for my dad. he did it in fifth at this -- '59. when i saw it, this is crazy, what do you think? all of sudden went viral. steve: more people were for it? >> more people were for it. this is madness. they have gone insane now. steve: number of radio stations said it was problematic. the denver radio station started playing again. steve: outrage is spectacular. 10,000 vote and 93% were for it. there is sweet, fun song. >> what is actually going on? the guy is trying to tell the girl not to go outside it's cold? >> it is cold outside. baby, it is cold outside.
5:27 am
she is sweet. she is playing along with him. it's flirting. it is sexy. it is sweet. there is nothing bad about that song. it breaks my heart. my dad would be going insane right now. ainsley: what would he say? >> he would say, what's the matter with you. get over it. it was a fun song. he is so sweet. he would never say -- he was a great guy. fun guy, nice. wouldn't want to do anything offensive. that wasn't dean martin this has been outrage us. but i think, it is a moment for us to in time, to maybe change what's going on. i'm sensitive. i don't know how to do it yet. but, you know, i'm out there trying to talk to people. it could be a learning moment for all of us. steve: we were playing the song. he recorded it in 1959. it's a duet. who he is singing with?
5:28 am
>> i don't know who he was singing on that one. the original one. but he did it with martina mcbride. it was on duets album. she did it. so that is a new one. brian: she reconfigured like a natalie, nat king cole? >> right. brian: would you ever consider changing the lyric. brian: it is not cold outside? ainsley: pita want, kill two bird of one stone, feed two bird a scone. should we change the lyrics? >> i don't want to change the lyrics. what is in the drink. i don't think she is talking about some pill in this drink. is this punch, is it vodka? it was, it was nice. it is a, it is just breaking my heart people would turn that around. brian: i would say this. i got the dean martin roasts on dvd. steve: time-life. brian: all that stuff wouldn't have been aired today. they were making fun of people. it was hysterical. now we have, we would have to
5:29 am
actually not show that. >> this pc is driving me nuts. we've got to sit back and relax and have a good time. it is okay. people have to have a sense of humor about themselves. and you know, i, i am, i understand the "me too" movement and everything. i'm all for that. we've got to relax and -- brian: have fun again. >> have fun again. steve: we saw your comments. wanted to hear you directly. here in 20 minutes you will do singing. >> i will sing for you. brian: honored and thrilled. as we build up to that moment. straight ahead a storm brewing on capitol hill between environmentalists and democrats. >> tom shillue quizzing us on classic christmas movie knowledge. ♪
5:30 am
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♪ steve: to help us celebrate the christmas season two weeks from today, time to test our christmas classic movie knowledge. brian: deana martin is helping us out to test comedian. this is brand new series on "fox nation." it is featuring tom shillue as a quiz show host. here is tom shillue. >> very excited about this. >> only two more weeks. >> here is how the christmas movie quiz goes. i will describe the movie. tell me what movie it is. buzz in anytime. number one. ainsley: it is on the screen. >> two singers save a hotel. two singers save a hotel.
5:34 am
>> dina. >> what is that? >> isn't that, winter romans. >> roll the tape. ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ brian: so it is wrong, right? [buzzer] ainsley: nobody got it right. brian: they got it wrong, what you're saying. >> maybe saves the hotel in that movie too. "white christmas." man is rescued on christmas eve, doozy. steve: come on. it's wonderful life. >> roll the tape. >> every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings. ♪ >> that's right. brian: that story, that was not a hit until later on, right, until started airing on television. >> brian, you're doing my
5:35 am
follow-up facts? ainsley: that is jimmy hawkins. brian: do you even know what is going on? >> i'm in control of this. number three, a young boy dreams of his ideal christmas gift even after being warned by people of the repercussions. steve: that is 20 different movies. ainsley: is it, "scroogeed." >> you will shoot your eye out, kid. ainsley: i'm thinking tiny tim. wrong movie. steve: the kid got his tongue stuck on the flag. >> the yellow eyes. ainsley: it was on like every day, for like three weeks? >> because it is a classic. brian: a little disappointed dina is not better at this? >> number four. man challenged in court over his
5:36 am
authenticity. steve: "miracle on 34th street." >> christmas and i are sort of getting lost in the shuffle. >> i don't think so. christmas is still christmas. >> christmas is just not a day, it's a frame of mind. ainsley: i love that movie. >> movies are in black and white. brian: starring a young burl ives. ainsley: natalie wood. >> here we go. this is the tough one. >> i'm scared. brian: put dean martin in something. >> man who employ as frog with a sick son, is shown error of hisself ish ways night before christmas. who is going to buzz? man employ asking from -- steve: muppet christmas? >> roll the tape. >> to mr. scrooge, you be very merry and happy this day, i have no doubt.
5:37 am
>> cheers. >> god bless us, everyone. >> "a muppet christmas." ainsley: clues that helped him. what about home alone? we never got to the other one, ""elf""? brian: never got to frosty. >> is "die-hard" a christmas movie or not? you were hovering, brian. >> watch tom shillue on the quiz show, "fox nation" every weekday at 7:00 p.m. the doocys watch. it's a great show. ainsley: "fox nation." brian: we'll all come. you want us to subscribe to "fox nation," you seem indifferent. ainsley: are we better than we did today?
5:38 am
>> stay up late. brian: i'm terrible. steve: 22 minutes before the top of the hour, carley shimkus joins us with a developing story. carley: that's right. we begin with a developing story. police intensifying their search for a colorado mother missing since thanksgiving, kelsey berreth was last seen at a supermarket near her home in woodland, california. her phone pinged 700 miles away in gooding idaho. police will hold a news conference to give up an update. one illinois county, according to "the chicago sun-times," mchenry county is expected to bring in $10 million in federal monpy by end of the year. they struck a deal with i.c.e., earning $95 per inmate per day. the program started in the early 2,000s. it was renewed in 2014. environmental activists will head to capitol hill today to fire up democrats about climate
5:39 am
change. the group, sunrise movement wants the party to embrace the green new deal in its 2020 platform. the plan include as carbon tax and shifting to fully renewable energy sources within 10 years. congresswoman elect, alexandria ocasio-cortez supports the group. she joins them for a sit-in at nancy pelosi's office after the midterms. we saw a clip of this on tom shillue's quiz show. if you love "a christmas story," like steve, ainsley, brian do, now is chance to stay in ralphie parker's famous home. >> isn't that the most precious thing i have ever seen in my life. [laughter]. carley: bunny suit not included. you can book a stay in the cleveland home, starting at $395 a night. the house can hold up to six people. don't worry, you don't have to
5:40 am
wear the bunny suit i'm being told. steve: wait a minute. is that part of an airbnb thing now? ainsley: anyone can go stay there? carley: for a little over 300 bucks a night. steve: carley, thank you. brian: from dean martin to deana martin to janice dean. steve: it is the dean list. janice: look at this crowd! my gosh, we've got ohio, we've got new orleans. we've got new york. we've got oklahoma. oh, my gosh, look at amazing group you have here. are you sure you're here for the right tv station? [cheering] look at these ladies over here. where are you from. >> bonnie, wilmington, north carolina. janice: you're all together. where can i get the hat? >> this is what the -- [inaudible]. janice: i want you to hook me up. we're making 50 look great with
5:41 am
"fox & friends." thank you guys for coming. my gosh, amazing. like christmas. whose birthday is here? everybody's birthday? everybody has a birthday. you know what? we're watching a storm system across the north carolina region. we'll continue to watch that. over 20-inches of snow here. christmas is here across the carolinas up towards virginia. this is one system that we'll watch. taper off. it will make a lot of problems. travel delays across the mid-atlantic, northeast. take it away, guys. give me a big hug. [cheering] brian: you created a phenomenon, janice. look at that crowd. steve: if you were traveling to new york over the christmas holidays, please stop by our world headquarters, 48th and sixth avenue, janice will try to put you on tv. brian: it is fantastic. we have a store. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. steve: french president emannuel macron is set to address the
5:42 am
nation 9:00 p.m. after a violence over a proposed gas tax. why our next guest says this should be a wake-up call for america next. brian: that's where we live. ♪ with all the selection you'll find at bass pro shops and cabela's, deciding on the perfect gift can be challenging. ♪ [instrumental "oh christmas tree"] that's why we've made it easy with a selection of gift cards for everyone on your holiday list.
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your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. ♪ brian: french president emannuel macron expecting to break his silence amid violent protests sweeping the nation. what started the as a backlash over a fuel tax is now a furious referendum on economic policies promising not to subside. our next guest argues in a op-ed the reaction to the fuel hike is wake-up to the left when you
5:46 am
ignore rural voters. joe, how do we end up at this place? how is everyone so deaf to what was happening in working class france? >> well i think the key thing was the people forget that emannuel macron, the president won the election year-and-a-half ago by a big margin. what is creating this problem now that he overinterpreted that victory. he thought it was giving him carte blanche to push ahead with a lot of policies still large parts of country were not ready for. that is the big warning to the progressives in america on the coast, about the virtue of patience. brian: yeah a couple of things, too. 70% of the country even though people don't want a billion dollars damage to any legendary city, especially paris, 70% of the country agrees with the protesters. >> that another important point politicians forget. not just about your ability to win an election. about your ability to persuade voters on ongoing basis. one of the things interesting in
5:47 am
france, i think has lessons for the u.s., how quickly that public opinion can change even when people in the majority realize that other of their fellow citizens are getting left behind. brian: you point out a couple things. in germany, angela merkel she gets elected. feel it is up to her to let two million people in. free-trade agreements, who cares if manufacturing leaves. there will be cheaper products. all these people that actually work for a living excuse me, is anyone asking me my opinion? >> exactly. i think, again it's a big reminder politics isn't just about winning the election or getting your way. it is about your ability to persuade. if you think policies like free trade are actually the right policies you still have an obligation to try to persuade a majority of fellow voters to go along with you. >> brian: what do you expect macron to say that might be effective? what do you think the people of france hope to hear?
5:48 am
>> he is in a pickle. he announced they will delay imposition of the fuel tax that started all of this. might be a little too late to do anything. because this protest started with the fuel tax is activating a lot of broader unease with his policies. people are unhappy about a lot of other things t becomes very difficult for macron, and his advisors to figure out what he need to do to settle some of this discontent. >> what is amazing the leaders get together, they think on the same thought pattern, except for president trump in some cases, maybe the brazilian leader. most of the people are thinking they're not really listening to us. i'm wondering if "brexit" has a lot to do with the sense in italy, that they want to leave the eu and now the riots in france? i wonder if in some way they're related? >> there is definitely a relation. voters are desired being told what to think and they want to be able to make more decisions for themselves. i mean i don't always agree with the decisions that some of those voters do want to make but i
5:49 am
think clearly it is a debate people want to have. they don't want to feel like important decisions are being made by someone else. that people are not getting a say in it. brian: joseph, thank you so much. will be fascinating to hear. we will talk about it tomorrow. >> thanks. brian: ven minutes before the top of the hour. let's have some fun. deana martin is back to perform, "let it snow." hopefully no one will be offended. sandra smith wants to tell me what is on her show. will you tell me? >> nice to see you brian. we're following all of it for you, from the president to james comey. what the former fbi director is suggesting. we'll have the latest on that. a deadly snowstorm slamming the southeast. more than a foot of snow. hundred us of thousands left without power. we'll have an update. republicans rushing to get the agenda done before the new congress. we'll speak with top republicans, kevin mccarthy,
5:50 am
steve scalise. they will join us live on set. pete king, matt gaetz, nigel farage, coming up in a jam-packed three hours. "america's newsroom" to kick off the week. join us. i like chillaxin'. the united explorer card makes things easy. traveling lighter. taking a shortcut. woooo! taking a breather. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com.
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♪ steve: we told you she would be coming book to perform a song off her holiday album called, white christmas, which is now available. here is deana martin performing, "let it snow." you recorded this a couple years ago? >> couple years ago. actually on that album, andy williams recorded his last recording with me. you know andy. steve: indeed. >> very special to me. brian: always can expect a perry como special, the bing crosby family. you used to always expect that. andy williams. >> my dad used to call him
5:54 am
christmas. hey, christmas, where are you. steve: you do, "let it snow." no expense spared. deana martin. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, so since we have no place to go, let it snow lit it snow. let it snow ♪ ♪ doesn't show signs of stopping, and brought some corn for popping, the lights are turned way down low, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ♪ ♪ when we finally kiss good
5:55 am
night, i hate going out in the storm, but if you really hold me tight, all the way home i'll be warm ♪ ♪ the fire is slowly dying, can i -- but long as you love me so, let it snow, lit it snow, let it snow ♪ beautiful packages. baby, it's cold outside. ♪ ♪ when we finally kiss good night, how i hate going out in the storm, but if you really hold me tight, all the way home i'll be warm ♪ ♪ the fire is slowly dying, and
5:56 am
my dear, we're still good buying, but as long as you love me so, let it snow, lit it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ♪ ♪ ♪ just let it snow [cheering] share the wonder of christmas at bass pro shops and cabela's
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5:59 am
>> walking in a winter wonderland ♪ >> check out deana martin's christmas album called "white christmas." >> missouri is a beautiful place to live. >> you'll be singing "i've got
6:00 am
my love to keep me warm." >> we need love to keep us warm. it's freezing in new york. >> if you can't stay for the tv show run to the radio, i'll be on it. >> bye. >> bill: thanks, guys, good morning, everybody. insults are flying between the president and f.b.i. director james comey. the fired f.b.i. director the words escalate after a seven hour interview on friday. it's the holiday spirit here. i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: get rest this weekend? a big week coming up. thank you for joining us. i'm sandra smith. good morning. the president slamming the ex-director calling him lying, leaking james comey. comey firing back hours later saying the president is close to being a co-conspirator in the russia probe. >> bill: that investigation one of the prime focuses of comey's testimony on friday before two top house committees. it certainly dominated the sunday shows over the weekend.


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