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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 11, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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amazing. the second are the border agents who despite being constantly maligned go about doing their job and keeping this country safe. spoke to chief rodney scott of the sandy the san diego center. >> this goes out. because that is a nice way to put it. it is frustrating and insulting. a lot of it is a flat out lie. >> laura: congratulations to her agents and our first, always playing serving others above else. the first anger mangle persons of the year. that is all the time we have. shannon bream and "fox news at night" have a jam-packed show. >> shannon: thank you very much. a fox news alert. drawing a red line over border security, the president sets up a countdown for possible government shutdown. a very public clash with democratic leaders over funding for the border walls, he declares he is proud to shut
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down the government if it means keeping america safe. how republican lawmakers feeling about that tonight? we will ask mike lee, stick around. and later, a shooting in france during market, officials are treating it as an act of terror. the huntley gunman continues. we have a lab report coming up for you. plus, ben shapiro joins us taking on the socialist congresswoman. he responds to that, stay tuned. welcome to "fox news at night." i'm shannon bream in washington. we began with trace gallagher. that on camera oval office clash. >> good evening shannon, this meeting was supposed to be close to the press that the last minute the white house decided it would be at cameron lee's for a while around 13 minutes or so. 13 contentious and captivating minutes. the hope of the meeting was to possibly come to an agreement on border security funding report a
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potential government shutdown. for while the meeting was simple, almost cordial. then they moved saturday but when the next likely speaker of the house rebranded a government shutdown. watch. >> is shut down is not worth anything. you should not have a shut down i trump shutdown. >> did you say trump? >> you have the white house. you have the senate. he of the house of representatives. you have developed. you should pass it. >> we don't have the vote. and he said that we need 60 60 votes. i can't get it passed in the house if it is not going to pass in the senate. i do want to time. >> there is the debate over what happens if the government doesn't back shut down, more specifically who would own the shutdown? >> one thing i think we can agree on is that we shouldn't shoot on the government over a dispute. you want to shut it down. >> the last time, you shut it
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down. i don't want to do what you did. >> the times you said i will checked on this. none of us have said that. you said that. >> i will take it. you know what i say, yes, if we don't get what we want, one way or the other whether it is through you or through the military or through anything you want to call it, i will shut down the government. >> i am proud. we disagree. by the way, there were a few efforts to try to get the meeting back on track, but to no avail. >> shannon: it was interesting, we should mention exactly what the president is looking for when it comes to security. help me flesh that out. >> the president has made it no bounds that he wants $5 billion to fund the border wall through u.s. mexico border. he says he will use the military. nancy pelosi made it very clear on her all that that is not going to happen. she came to present the president with a different view
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but of course the president doesn't want a different view. that led to chuck schumer taking a dig at the president and the president's getting his own to shape. watch this. >> 60 people are losing their offices not because of the transition. people -- >> nancy, we have gained in the senate. excuse me, did we win the senate? >> when the president brags that he won north dakota and indiana, he is in real trouble. >> that is why the country is doing so well. >> gives you a small window on how our new divided congress might play out in the coming months. >> the cameras were turned off, this meeting and conversation continued. what we know about that? >> depending on who you listen to, it went very well or it went nowhere. after the meeting nancy pelosi spoke to democratic house members were properly, did get him to say, to flee only shut
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down. it was his. it is like a manhood thing for him as if men had could ever be associated with him. this small thing. the president later said this, believe it or not i think it was a friendly meeting. use of the beginnings of bits. it actually worked out to be pretty good. i would like them for a long period of time and i respect them both. we made a lot of progress. when you left come only press left, we had a fairly long meeting. we discussed a lot of great subjects. >> the president said it was friendly, the white house at the meeting had some constructive dialogue. >> shannon: that is what we are calling it now. okay, thank you very much. constructive dialogue. the purpose and meeting with the democratic leaders we also learned from the president that he and his administration are making bipartisan progress on reform. they may soon get to play votes.
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the first setback. >> for all the fireworks over the border, these two sides can work together it seems. today mitch mcconnell announced the senate will vote on a long-awaited criminal justice reform bill. something president trump has been pressuring congress to get done. pressuring the president has been his son-in-law and advisor, jared kushner who has been working on this issue with lawmakers and others including kim kardashian. >> oh, my god. jared kushner's calling me. hello. i am good how are you? >> the first setback is the most weeping set of reform since the 90s. among other things, it will create programs to reduce recidivism and allow judges to reduce sentences and eliminate some mandatory sentences. the changes will only impact the federal prison system and not state facilities for about 90% of the nation's inmates are held. in the oval office today, president trump count the bill. >> we have great democrats
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support, great republican support. criminal justice reform, something that people have been trying to get, how long? many years. >> the house passed a similar version of this bill in may but it did not go anywhere due to opposition from senate republicans and then attorney general jeff sessions. with his departure, along with the number of changes to the bill, supporters say an overwhelming majority of the senate will vote for it. despite lingering resistance from a number of republicans such as arkansas tom cotton who likened the reforms to a jailbreak. >> you are releasing thousands of serious repeat and violent offenders within weeks or months of this being passed. it is certain that they will commit terrible crimes. i worry very much that this will be dangerous for communities and their families. >> there is widespread support for this effort from across the political spectrum, a motley crue of republicans and democrats, liberal and conservative groups, civil rights activist, even evangelicals and possibly the
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most important, the white house. >> thank you very much. >> the president not ready to take responsibility for shutdown over funding the border wall, is that something republicans are ready to back them up on? let's ask mike lee who was on the judiciary committee. good to see you. >> it was a little wild and woolly in there today. so, the president has said listen, i will own it. i will take the shut down because it is all about border security. at his people elected him to do. >> ideas. i have to respect the fact that he ran on this, he campaigned on it and he's actually doing what he said he would do. he is actually willing to say, i stand behind principles that i campaigned on. i'm one to my money where my mouth is. i am willing to say i'm not going to fund everything in government that you say i have to unless i will get something very important to me. that is helpful. >> shannon: know the democrats came out or taking a victory lap after this. the headline, democrats finally went after trump face to face.
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democrats got it down, they could have hardly have dreamed of this. i will make you want to shut it down at the shutdown does happen, they can credibly say, it was trump's choice. >> the interesting thing is, i think if it does happen, they themselves will end up shouldering the blame. because the fact that he said i will shoulder edge. he is putting it squarely on them to say, i'm not joking, i will not blink. this is what you are dealing with. i actually think it will work well for him. >> shannon: let's talk about the thing -- because there is some bipartisan agreement which is the criminal justice reform. something you been working on. there were conversations about mitch mcconnell not wanting to have a vote on this. a lot of people think he was acting under some pressure from the president. so now you have a vote on this sooner rather than later. you know your g.o.p. colleague tom cotton continues to object. we talked about this before. here's his latest statements. >> i don't think the senate
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should vote to let them out of presence, may be other senators do. >> shannon: carjackers and bank robbers? >> i disagree with every word he uttered. every syllable and they are. this bill is about making the american people safer, by making our system fairer, more effective and more efficient. what we want to do is reduce the crime rate, reduce anyone's risk of becoming a victim of crime. that is what this bill does. >> shannon: he was staying in the interview that there will be people who are released right away, based on the law of averages on the sheer number, there will be heinous crimes that are committed because of people were allowed to go free because of this legislation. >> it is false. it is misleading. it is not how i see this law. we have to take into account the fact that michael mckay c, president bush's former attorney general, a federal judge not someone who solved crime, he came to us and said, it will be the case that we were
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spending more than one-third of the entire department of justices budget on prison bed space. he said, when it reaches that level, those are resources that are being taken away from law enforcement and making it more difficult for us to keep the american people safe. that is why i applaud his leadership on this. i'm glad that we'll be getting a vote on this. it will pass overwhelmingly with 80 or more votes. >> shannon: speaking of crime, let's talk about some of the recent developments with michael cohen, paul manafort, the filings in the flynn case as well. it seems like there is a split of what it means for the presidents. rolling stone said this in a headline, why his sentences is huge trouble for trump. he is implicated in a crime but he can't escape even if he taxes him. a national, their headlines were, mueller has nothing. where you come down on this? >> i agree with the latter statements. his probe has had to uncover
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facts that are indicative of any criminal behavior on the part of the president. i do look forward to wrapping it up, to figuring out where he's going with this. as of yet, we haven't seen any evidence of criminal wrongdoing by the president. >> shannon: what are you waiting for? speak up for mueller to wrap up his report and his investigation and to tell us what he has found. to think that the house has control of any answers? do they have any appetite to finding answers of the origin of the fbi? >> i don't know. i don't know exactly what is going to happen with the house. the democratic majority taking over, whether they will continue to investigate that. i've a feeling that we will nonetheless see some investigations going on whether it is from the senate side or within the department of justice, from the office of inspector general or otherwise. people looking into how these investigations came about and some of the abuses that might've occurred within the fbi. >> shannon: senator lee, thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert, lawyers for president trump's former advisor michael flynn are asking a judge to spare him prison time. asking for probation and community service, they say that he has taken responsibility for his uncharacteristic error in judgment. he pled guilty to lie to the fbi but conversations during the presidential transition. with a that a russian ambassador. special counsel is also recommending he gets a light sentence including no jail time because of his helpful cooperation. 30-year-old russian maria butina is expected to be guilty as the unregistered foreign agent for the russian government tomorrow. the deal includes a promise to cooperate with u.s. prosecutors, she stands accused of seeking to establish unofficial lines of communication with americans having influence and power in american politics for the benefit of the russian federation. she made inroads with the nra and reportedly with the g.o.p. activist. prosecutors proceed out a salacious tale of spiked craft
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secrets when she was arrested last july. what is missing from her report is getting noticed tonight. "the new york times" noting, there is no mention of her having connections to russian intelligence services and nowhere is it suggested that she used sex at all. talk about it with nice power panel, gianno caldwell, contributor richard fowler and mollie hemingway. welcome to all of you. >> it is good to be here. >> shannon: what you make of the fact that none of the stuff that was the sperling story brought her which was brought in seems to be true? >> it raises some eyebrows for me. if the court filings are true that we have seen so far are true. i do hope this is an opportunity for our investigators and our justice department to figure out exactly how the russians manipulated individuals and how we can prevent that from helping in the future. >> shannon: richard blumenthal, he said that the nature tweet. we mustn't lose sight of the breath of this investigation
8:15 pm
from the nra, actresses, real estate development, investment, the list goes on. such a wide scope of serious accusations in case something in the 26th election doesn't add up. >> it is true that this person was not registered for an agent. you should register when you are acting on behalf of other people. to his point, there a lot to people for an unregistered foreign agents would not been charged with anything. he of tony podesta, the brother of the clinton campaign chair was paul manafort's partner in the ukraine situation. he has not been charged with his work there. you've christopher steele was the person who invented the dossier was an unregistered foreign agent who was lobbying the doj officials on behalf of the kremlin connected russian oligarch. i don't think he has been charged with not being a foreign agent. he also has been charged almost a year ago for lying to the fbi or any other problems with that
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person. there is a wide breath of election interference and a lot of it had to do with the clinton campaign secretly funneling money to russians to a group and getting source information from kremlin affiliated people to interfere in the election. leave it to see them you would be curious about that. >> shannon: last night we heard alan dershowitz, if the lawyer and plot professors and, you have to be fair. if you'll prosecute one set of people, you have to do it across the board. that gives the american people confidence. >> that is what we're talking about having a more fair justice system and certainly blind. the situation provides a narrative of all smoke and no gone. but we continue to see what this russian narrative, this collusion narrative is that everything about russia, even russian salad dressing is connected to president rouhani. what we've seen this thus far is no evidence of the source. what is interesting to me about this particular foreign agent is the fact that she has been involved in this process trying to build these relationships
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since 2011. at least from what has been reported. anything about that you think about the continuation of the russian narrative, continuing to bring no evidence at all. you have to wonder, when were going to start seeing some equivocation with regards to folks and others who have done things. >> shannon: speaking of building a case, michael cohen, the president's former lawyer and a plea deal with prosecutors in the southern district of new york. the left is saying, this all leads to the president. he is facing real jail time. mark levin had a very interesting facebook post, a very accomplished lawyer. he said this, the inclusion of these charges about campaign finance and the payoff and the coen plea deal was a sleazy political and peer attack against the presidents. they knew he would plead. they knew the allegations would not be tested in any court room. if they were tested, there would
8:18 pm
be hammered like a nail if they knew they couldn't charge a sitting president thus, they convict the president in the past. spew in a of points. it is a valid points. we haven't seen the full extended of the molar investigation. there is a lot of reporting that is included that they're looking into his organization. immediately after paul manafort was arrested, they shut down because of that that is a fact. the second thing on this piece. here's my take comp we heard the busy reporting of michael cohen when talking to the president about paying off stormy daniels and paying off other women. in both these cases, the larger point of what is happening, what is the message we're sending to our children have the president of united states is paying off playmates. >> shannon: people do that in their private life. that is a whole other conversation. we are talking but legal charges, that is a different consideration. >> the federal government has a very bad track record of
8:19 pm
successfully commencing anyone that this is a campaign expenditure nonetheless campaign expenditure. this is a good point that this is not some and that would do well in a court of law. there was a much better case with john edwards. to pay off one of the women that he had had children with. that didn't -- note jury was able to agree with the governments. this is something that would be difficult even if we weren't talking about someone like donald trump was a history of improper behavior with women. also, the people who wanted to make this case, our media companies and member of congress. two groups of people that we know to nondisclosure agreements. >> in the interview, he admitted he said if i did do it, it was a civil violation. he admitted to doing that. >> most people don't think that. >> that is what he said. >> shannon: people think these things happen, even if it was going to be a campaign finance violation, would have to show that he was directing this for a
8:20 pm
political purpose not a personal one. any man would have a personal purpose for trying to shut that woman who are trying to come forward and embarrass him for one night stand word affair. >> may many people have said that it is the trump brand that he was attempting to protect. when it comes to this and it does appear that there could be something there when you talk about the irregularities. richard mentioned that he said, it could be a civil suit and perhaps pay a fine. he mentioned that president obama had also campaign finance issues, irregularities i should say. with that being the case, i understand what is being put out but i think the president trump -- would have seen them do on twitter in terms of attacking the folks in this district, these prosecutors, given the gravitas of the situation, perhaps he should pull back a little bit. >> shannon: all right, thank you. great to have you here.
8:21 pm
the search is on for a gunman afterward officials are calling a terror attack at a christmas markets. we will give you a lab report on that. as a battle of the border wall funding heats up, went to the american people want? stick around. >> i don't think the president is bluffing. he is losing patience. ♪ [sneezing] cancel your cold. the 1-pill power of new advil multi-symptom cold & flu knocks out your worst symptoms. cancel your cold, not your plans. new advil multi-symptom cold & flu.
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♪ >> shannon: of france is raising its terror alert level. three people are dead multiple are injured after gunman opened fire at a christmas market. life with an update. >> good evening, the french government says it will increase security and it borders and christmas markets. french authorities say there was a should have to the suspect and police. officials say they are still searching for that suspect. >> we know who he is. he is an islamist terrorist. there are three or maybe four people. at least we'll have been wounded. we have been facing this challenge for some time now. unfortunately. >> the gunman was previously on a watch list as suspected extremist. the counterterrorism prosecutor has opened an investigation as officials were to confirm the
8:26 pm
mode for the attack. the shooting began on one of the main shopping streets near popular christmas markets that attract millions each year. a witness post to to french television outlets. >> i first heard several gunshots and i wondered whether it was people doing firecrackers or maybe someone else. i asked mike solid people running, children were crying. i thought it had to be something serious. >> it was nearly two years ago when a driver plowed through a christmas market in berlin killing a dozen. in its worldwide travel warning they say terrorists are using less sophisticated methods to target large crowds, high-profile public events including malls and markets. this he department says it will provide assistance if it is discovered that any americans are affected, he said they have locked down for strasburg. the european parliament meets there in parliament was in session today, it had refused to let anyone leave asking members and staff to stay indoors during
8:27 pm
the incident. >> shannon: thank you very much. what do americans really think about the possibility of a government shutdown? it shows that way slim majority of americans want him to compromise, a whopping 65% of republicans do not want the president to compromise on the border wall issue. they say they'll take the shutdown instead. let's bring an editor of the halftime report, chris for some analysis. >> happy tuesday. he saw what happened in the oval office today. on my twitter feed the conservatives are like, yes! bring it. throughout the shutdown. that is why we voted for this guy. >> the interesting thing is the republicans are okay if they don't build a wall is limited is not called a wall. this is -- this is where we will start out.
8:28 pm
we are talking about six hundredths of a percent of the total federal expenditures that were fighting over. this is a symbolic, absolutely wasteful ridiculous fight that is only really about -- when you get down to it. it is about the political interests of two of the people in that room. donald trump and nancy pelosi. the poll you should is very revealing. 57% of americans to agree on anything, that is quite a lot. you are running 20 points ahead of people who are in favor of the shutdown and in favor of the shutdown for sake of building a wall. you have that number. if you're donald trump coming look at that and you say, it would be generally popular to avoid a shut down. you say, it would be extremely popular among a third of the country, extremely popular among my voters. >> shannon: 65%. >> his interests are served by not coming to a solution that is
8:29 pm
generally beneficial, so as nancy pelosi. she is running to be speaker of the house. i find it extra hilarious, she is agreeing to a term limit. when the term would be done should be 88 years old. >> shannon: you have to go sometime. you have to leave some time for fun and retirement. >> nancy pelosi is running for speaker again. if she comes back and has good news, i have struck a great deal that is beneficial to both us and donald trump. we have compromised on the border wall, to think that she gets to be speaker? no. it is and trumps interest and nancy pelosi is to keep the issue. >> shannon: what to think about this political scenario tonight that we are hearing from mike emanuel, a correspondent. he is saying, the house was trying to put together a $5 billion package on the welfare border funding because they know that that is with the president wants. he said today, i can get these together. mike emanuel says, they can get these $5 billion package
8:30 pm
together. they want to have the votes to get the democrats on board. it becomes, the chuck schumer shutdown because he can't deliver. >> the issue for the republican house, here in the waning weeks of the republican house. if you're not sending you are receiving. you better be sending for you and your inbox will be filling up. house republicans come up they can pass something then they can maybe not have the whip. they could be in a position where they have more negotiating leverage. on the other hand, if they can't pass anything, this $5 billion thing, it will be spread out over five years. it must include armadillo security, blah, blah, blah. it will go all the way down the list. if republicans can get a majority of the whole house to come together and vote on something, it advantages them tremendously. let's just skip christmas and sit around here and talk about this. >> shannon: i will see you here. we will spend the holidays
8:31 pm
together. >> we will be chilling. >> shannon: we will be wearing costumes. you could be sent out. thank you. congress says she has jewish heritage, speaking publicly for the first time at her ancestry at a hanukkah advance. >> my family is jewish. ben shapiro says that doesn't go with some of her political positions. he is the one taking heat for two pointing that out. that should be or come alive with us next. ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream makes your recipes their holiday favourites. the holidays are made with philly.
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♪ >> shannon: alexandria osasio-cortez surprises a crowd at a hanukkah event by saying she has jewish heritage. >> people don't know, one thing we discovered about ourselves that a very long time ago, generations ago, my family was
8:36 pm
there. the culture was that people would wear the manure inside. >> shannon: let's talk about it, ben shapiro. welcome inside. i know that you have raised some concerns or at least pointed out that this potential he does not line up with some of her political leanings. >> i'm very sick of politicians just generally claiming that some kind of heritage allows them to get off the hook for their current political position. i've never heard about her heritage before this. you've seen politicians like hillary clinton and john kerry do the same thing. alexandria osasio-cortez is incredibly close to people and she is not shy about associating with folks who are fans of anti-semitic boycott. again, it is an easy way of avoiding the question but it has does no political weight. >> shannon: it is interesting,
8:37 pm
he brought that up. she was at her -- she was asked to her spokesperson met where she is at, there was no comments. they read through what you said and said this, there is no doubt that ben shapiro is the quintessential uncle tom of. in his mind endorsing that outweighs being jewish, he was skillfully shut down by alexandria osasio-cortez and still feel sore over it. >> this is the usual line. if you criticize alexandria osasio-cortez, that is because you are obsessed with her. here's the reality, if you are in favor of boycotts and sanctioning the jewish state, but you are fine with everything palestinians are doing, the afghan's are doing or any other country in the region that has no human rights to speak of. you're somehow going to boycott israel because someone is building an extra bathroom and jewish east jerusalem, that is not anti-semitic. of course it is. the state department says if you are going to treat them like you
8:38 pm
treat no other state, that is anti-semitism. alexandria osasio-cortez has not just a disassociated from that. >> shannon: one point you offered $10,000 to donate to charity for her to come in debate you. any response on that? >> [laughs] no. just so she could do an interview on my show. i said, we could do it for no pay. this was considered catcalling. she said i was cackling her. has she looked at me? i'm not a cat collar. the orthodox judaism kind of private side. >> shannon: keep us up-to-date. i also want to ask about the fact that you been named a keynote speaker at the march for life. we've covered that for years. , snowstorm or sleet, it is in january. there are thousands of people who come here to march commemorating roby weight. they are pro-life in nature. tell us he came about being associated with them and what
8:39 pm
message you up to bring this year? speak with the march of life is an amazing event, been watching it for years. they came to me and offered a keynote slot at the march for life, i thought what better way to bring attention to the most pressing social issue in americ america. it is the moral issue upon which all americans will be judged. not only in this life but in another. future generations want to look back and wonder how does that so many americans stood by and basically shrugged their shoulders as babies in the room were killed for the sake of convenience. i couldn't be more excited about standing with the folks were marching for life standing with the unborn. >> shannon: we surprised that you got some pushback? "the washington post," an article by charles, a board member of democrats for life, he said despite his stature, i consider his appearance and mistake. when that will move us even further from being understood as a broad base human rights movement. he tweeted, hey much for life,
8:40 pm
will be featured this year to represent the millions of pro-lifers who don't identify as politically conservative? >> again, i am more than happy. i was that with their more democrats identified as pro-life. the question here is not whether it is a conservative or leftist issue, the real question is whether it is indeed about the unborn children. that is why whatever upset about abortion has a relevancy to democrats or republicans other than the democratic party has been the party of abortion. i wish more democrats were pro-life. it is not my fault that's only democrats have moved out of the pro-life category and into the radical pro-choice category. pretending otherwise is not going to change the fact. >> shannon: wherever you are on the spectrum, pro-life or pro-choice, it is an interesting event that doesn't always get old fairly. i encourage people to check it out for themselves. make an objective assessment of what goes on there. ben shapiro, great to see you. thank you for coming on. google ceo defending its company's business practice on
8:41 pm
capitol hill, where were democrats today? free speech, transparency, stick out to find out what happens. ♪
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8:45 pm
her. canadian authorities confirming a diplomat has been detained in china. it is unclear now if that is a retaliatory move by china to the detention of the executive. federal judge ordering adult film performer stormy daniels to pay president trump almost $300,000 in legal fees. he had added an additional $100,000 in sanctions to punish her for filing with the judge called a meritless lawsuit. her lawyer michael avenatti picks the ruling will not survive on appeal. members of the house committee girl the had a google focusing on bias against conservatives and invasive data collection. respondent gillian turner reports on the tech giants time in the hot seat. >> i lead this company without political bias. >> google ceo faced a grilling in front of the house committee today, his first ever hearing on capitol hill. knowing this might be their only face time with google's chief
8:46 pm
for a long time, la markers came armed with a gigabytes worth of accusations. the type of albicans agenda, and to conservative bias. >> need to be sure that any particle pies within google's workforce is not creep into its search products. >> have one question for you, why? why did google pay for rides to the polls to get out the latino vote only in key states? democrats taking an opposing view, jerrold nadler said political bias to googles is no big deal. one democrat even accuse google of an antiliberal bias. >> up my name in here, i punch news, this weekend i was in nbc four times. yet the first thing that comes up is "the daily caller." not exactly a leper well known group. then breitbart news. i would like you to look into the overuse of conservative news organizations from liberal
8:47 pm
peoples news on google. knowing he had in the hot seat, deep camp prior to pressure lawmakers and armed with big promises. he told them, google hasn't ever sold user data to third parties nor will it in the future. whether it was enough to allay their concerns over privacy is unclear. >> google knows that i am moving. it is not a trick question. you make $100 million a year. would you commit a hearing to article 12 of the declaration of human rights? >> withing privacy is an important rights. it is an important human rights. we've committed to upholding that. >> he also addressed speculations about dragonfly, that is google supersecret project to develop a search engine for china for the government heavily sensors online content. he confirms they spent months working on a prototype and insisted they have no plan to launch it. this is the company's first
8:48 pm
public acknowledgment of involvement in the project. >> shannon: gillian turner, thank you very much. a beloved member of the fox news family, he passed away earlier this year. now his son is helping to preserve an important legacy. he joins us live after the break with a new collection of his fathers were called, the point of it all. he's a clue musical ♪ oh you can quit cable. because we are cougars and we don't quit!! unless what?!?!?! [team in unison] unless it's cable! quit cable and switch to directv and get the most live sports in4k more for your thing. that's our thing. 1-800-directv
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>> shannon: he will always be a beloved icon of our fox news family, charles krauthammer, best-selling author passed away in june. his legacy lives on in a newly published collection of other work, some of them have never been published before call the point of it all. edited by his son, joins us now. it is great to have you with us. >> thank you so much. this is such a special thing. as you as i do talked, they lod and admired him. we talked about how he was so brilliant intellectually, but he made everything he said and he wrote understandable for everyone. >> there is a line introduction that i quoted, and einstein my dad said it all the time. if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well
8:53 pm
enough. i think he really exemplified that. he had such a breath and depth of knowledge, historically in personal experience. he could cut through all of the unnecessary details and get to what was the point. billy clearly. he explained that to anyone who is interested. spew and i was so intimidated him when i was starting for brett on the special report. i thought, what can i add to the conversation with him? he was always so humorous and engaging. even self-deprecating because he wanted to make other people feel uncomfortable and never overwhelmed by his intellect or his accomplishments. he was so kind and that way. >> that was just his nature. he was a kind and wonderful man. also i think he thought, what is the point of lording it over people? he didn't need to show off. he wanted to express the idea that he believed in and expressed them as logically and
8:54 pm
concisely and convincingly as he could. beyond that, he just wanted to enjoy life and enjoy people. that was one of those defining qualities. he was interested in everyone else and everything else. he wasn't a very self focused person. i think that he was a great character aspect, it allowed him to really learn so much about the world. >> shannon: one of the beautiful things in the closing of the book is your eulogy, want to read some of that. you said, what you learn from him, he said to be defined by what life throws at you and you cannot control. except the hand you're dealt with and going to play that hand joyously and as industriously and vigorously as you can. what gives life meaning the telly world defines you, it is what you make of yourself and what you built with the ones you love. you can make your life extraordinary. it is possible. he did but i find that so inspirational. >> is his son, his life impacted
8:55 pm
meet in the most intensive ways. how he lived his life and how he just defined himself as he wanted to. the last line of his final column which is in the book he said, i lived the life that i was intended. that was such a powerful message to me. i knew that is how he lived his life. that is something that so many people have spoken to me about in the months since. how that is giving them strength and perspective to figure out their own way through their own problems and life. everyone has their own cross to bear as my father also said. his wisdom and realizing it is how you deal with that. not those crosses themselves that if i knew. >> shannon: such a good challenge and a reminder to all of us. he adored you and his mother so much. i'm sure he is so proud watching you out there sharing his work. thank you. >> thank you.
8:56 pm
>> shannon: most gravely spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream ♪ having moderate to severe plaque psoriasis is not always easy. it's a long-distance journey, and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for over 10 years. humira works inside the body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to symptoms. most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. and the kind of clearance that can last. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal, infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure.
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