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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 12, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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announcement. tomorrow night make sure to tune in. will be airing our part two of our exclusive interview with first lady of melania trump as she gets very personal talking about her son, the unrelenting attacks against her and her family. very personal moment. part two of my interview tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. we are always fair and balanced. we are not destroy-trump media. let not your heart be troubled. laura is next door. >> laura: you are right through that door and i guess you can't walk over here. >> sean: everyone was surprised because you made me go over. >> laura: you can't walk over? >> sean: do you want me to walk over? >> laura: just for a second. >> sean: is that possible? >> laura: this is exciting tv. let's see how long it takes us. do we have the "jeopardy" theme music? he's going to have to connect them when he comes in. he has a wireless mic?
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we don't have wireless mics in our studio. we do? i feel like i am hooked up all the time. hannity, what i don't understand, i don't get wireless mics. is that more expensive? you are the star. >> sean: i've been here 23 years. i walked into the makeup room tonight. what's the first thing you do? you only have three jokes in your repertoire. >> laura: all my friends say can he pronounce your name right before the end of the new year? i said i don't think so. >> sean: you call me all sorts of names. >> laura: i don't call you names at all. i loved watching your interview with melania. she has been maligned and ridiculed and unfairly attacked from almost day one. >> sean: here is the amazing thing. she's been independent since
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traveling around the world. the world of modeling which is extra nearly tough. english is her fifth language, not her first, second, third, or fourth. more importantly, she has the same passion. the president will i know really well and supports my belief is treated unfairly, that president, this is doublespeak. that president works day and night for the country and we've had success. she too works day and night and i've never seen such an abuse of an entire family like i've seen here. not only that, the full power of the deep state, democrats, media, it's on relentless. >> laura: they are frothing at the month because they think they are cornering their prey. the american people are so much smarter than the folks at the other cables. the folks who are constantly maligning good people and this set up from the beginning. the more i look at this and i'm getting this tonight. this set up from the beginning
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and you touched on it with michael flynn is appalling what they did to michael flynn. >> sean: this is how we treat our veterans? >> laura: it's disgusting. >> sean: mark my words. it won't take long. they are so nuts in nancy pelosi's congress. here's my prediction. by month one, you will see the insanity of how extreme this party is coming out. watch donald trump's numbers go higher than they've ever been. >> laura: they take it a step too far. you have part two tomorrow? >> sean: being on that helicopter today watching those planes come into the land, watching how the people gravitated towards her. one thing i didn't say which is true, her approval rating is higher than the presidents. he is so competitive. >> laura: i can't wait for the report. i'm glad you did the interview.
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>> sean: from now on, i'm just coming in here. >> laura: do the show from here. >> sean: they won't let me. it's your studio. >> laura: on monday, i did my show. can you import our graphics? everyone is trying to do their best. i was like, this is hannity's studio. itching powder on the seat. i was going to do something but they wouldn't let me. have a good trip back. >> sean: merry christmas. >> laura: more merry christmas. i am laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. it was one of the biggest stories of the year and there are still many outstanding questions. tonight "the ingraham angle" will bring you an update on the kavanaugh fallout. is there an investigation into who leaked christine ford's letter? what about the criminal referral submitted to the doj over false testimony by michael avenatti and julie swetnick pretty but i'm not going to let go of that.
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extortion at the southern border. what folks in the caravan are now demanding of president trum president trump. hint: it's not asylum. raymond arroyo is here to break down the body language inside yesterday's oval office slugfest between president trump and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. a look at the outrageous new dick cheney movie coming up in "seen and unseen." devin nunes will be here to tell you why the democrats ending corruption probe at the fbi is bad news for the country and what we can do about it. first, immigration truth democrats denied. that's the focus of tonight's angle. congressmen and senators are supposed to be fighting for the american people. their constituents. but when nancy pelosi and chuck schumer pounced on the president in the oval office yesterday, for whom exactly were they fighting? >> we have a disagreement about
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the wall, whether it's effective or not. not on border security but on the wall. speak with you can't have very good border security without the wall. >> that's not true. that's a political promise. border security is a way to effectively honor our responsibility. >> experts how you can do border security without a wall with his waistline doesn't solve the problem. >> laura: who was chuck schumer looking at in that cliff? we have a fascinating body language expert analysis of that entire exchange coming up. both the senate and house both of offices are nearly identical. they begin like this. i do solemnly swear or affirm that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic. i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. at this point, are we sure chuck and nancy took the oath? i have a news flash for the dynamic duo. when migrants illegally cross
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our borders, whether they come to work or to collect welfare, using false documents, whether they come to deal drugs or join murderous gangs that are already here, this does constitute a foreign enemy action. that's why trump was so clear at the end of the oval office exchange yesterday. he understands the threat, and he wants to answer it. >> if we don't get what we want, one way or the other, whether it's through you, through the military, through anything you want to call, i will shut down the government. and i will tell you what. i am proud to shut down the government for border security, chuck. >> laura: it's that important for him. but the democrats are determined to block trump's efforts to fortify the border and you can see them. they recoil at any border wall talk. here are the facts. the democrats are willing to sell out the country, law and order be damned in order to deny
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trump a victory over the wall. a few years ago, they were all for fortifying the border but not now. if we had a media that publicized actual facts on illegal immigration and other immigration issues rather than obsessing 24/7 about michael cohen or focusing on a few really sympathetic people in tijuana, it would have a lot more democrats feeling the pressure on this issue from the voters. check this out. new gallup poll found nearly 160 million people around the world want to emigrate to the united states. 160 million. i bet it's more than that. the u.s. is a top destination for immigrants, 21% of them would like to come here permanently. how are we supposed to deal with that kind of demand for access to our shores? obviously we can't absorb half of our current population, or is that actually what the democrats want?
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after all, that would be an entirely new country. the pragmatic position here, my friends, is simple. there must be an orderly, legal process, one that protects the interests of the american people first when it comes to immigration. most americans i really think have no idea of the true cost of illegal immigration. again, the media will not report it. let's look at health care. even though illegals are forbidden access from federally funded health care, "forbes" magazine estimates that 3.9 million uninsured illegals receive about $4.6 billion in health services from the federal government, federal taxes. 2.8 billion from state and local taxpayers goes to illegal immigrants. 3 billion from higher payments by insured americans. in other words, you are paying it because your costs are jacked up. all told, americans cross subsidize health care for
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unauthorized immigrants to the year. now if that money, we could build a triple wall with all sorts of cool, you know, stuff on it along the border. come on. $18.5 billion? the president knows well that our lose asylum loss, another issue, the catch and release policy, chain migration, have also acted as magnets and that has ballooned our illegal immigrant population. once in country, they place an enormous stress on local law enforcement. as i said, health care providers. and our schools. resources that should be benefiting americans and legal immigrants. this money should be spent on our people and the people who have respected our laws to come here. not on noncitizens who are illegally present. here's a perfect example.
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according to government data released yesterday, in president trump's first fiscal year in office, more than 2,304 people were arrested for either employing illegals or working illegally in the country. that's a 700% increase from the previous fiscal year. this is all a direct result of trump authorizing i.c.e. to investigate all crime committed by or with illegal immigrants. and not just focusing of course on the most serious cases. well, democrats are going to say why is the government arresting hardworking immigrants? they are just seeking a better way of life. well, this is a simple twofold answer. one, they are not here illegally. but just as important, they are taking jobs that hardworking americans do not have access to. we cannot incentivize corporations to use cheap labor, giving them an unfair advantage
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in destroying other companies abilities to compete. the crack town also by the way sends a message to the next swig of illegals. you will be deported if you try to come here and work without permission. of course collect all those benefits along the way so don't even try. now my friends, this is christmas time. although the country is doing better, a lot better, under trump, many americans are still hurting. particularly those entering the workforce for the first time. single mothers and people without college degrees, many happen to be black and hispanic. they don't have groups like pueblo fronteras working on their behalf and filing cases on their behalf. competition from cheap illegal labor harms their chances of employment. who is going to advocate their cases?
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democrats use to claim they cared about our citizens, the little guys. this year, chuck and nancy seem more like the grinch, making promises to the illegals. >> there is a light on this tree that won't light on the side, so i'm taking it home to my workshop, my dear. i will fix it up there. then i will bring it back here. >> laura: [laughs] well, sure, give all the goodies to the illegals and leave the poor and working-class to pick up the bill. by the way, take their tree. without so much as a lump of coal in their stockings. let's hope trump is successful before christmas and getting a well-funded and let's hope congress finally gets its act together and remembers the meaning of that oath that they all talk. otherwise the grinch may get his way. or her way. and somehow i don't think this will happen to her at the end of the story.
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and that's the angle. every time i see the grinch, i'm just so happy. isn't it the best christmas special ever? here now to react, kris kobach, kansas secretary of state. scott levinson. victor davis hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institution and author of the forthcoming book "the case for trial." scott, as i laid out, the burden of emigration every day on every day americans, illegal immigration, is pretty stark. why don't the democrats seem to ignore the cost borne by the average working person. >> we recognize that your monitor fearmongering that's gone on for months. >> laura: so you will not answer the question. scott, don't roll your eyes. it doesn't make you any more effective. my question, scott. you did this last time. you bugged the heck out of everybody. no, no, we are not
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fearmongering. no, no, we talked about the caravan. i want everybody to see this right off the top. i want everyone to see this off the top. this is what democrats do. i asked a simple question. scott, i'm going to give you a chance. you're going to have 3 minutes to think about your answer and that i'm going to come back. 3 minutes. okay. 3 minutes. and then you'll come back. i will go to victor davis hanso hanson. you have written about it, liberals refused to exchange in a substantive dialogue. what are we going to do with a limited pool of money we have with all the problems they had met and they claim that we have in the country? what do we do with the limited pool of money? vdh. >> we take more immigrants than any country in the world. 20% of all the immigrants in the world come to the united states. we have more than we've ever had. 50 million. we are getting to the percentage wise, unpresented in our history. we are very magnanimous.
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$75 billion go to central american and mexico remittances. if you do the math, it works out to about six, $7,000 per person who is undocumented and that's five or 600 a month. 60% of people here are undocumented are on state assistance, federal or local. laura, you're basically asking the american taxpayer to subsidize remittances. that's in addition to about 2 billion in direct aid. we have over 500 sanctuary cities where the immigration laws are not applied. we don't do that to american citizens. if you disagree with epa regulations or gun registration, you can set up by a sanctuary gun city and say you know of, federal laws don't apply to us. you know, it's sad because people, if they have social justice questions, march on mexico city or guatemala city, not san diego. i think we really need to recalibrate the morality of all of this because we have this
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idea that we are the victimizers and people trying to break in are the victims. but if you actually look at it, as you said, american citizens have competition for low-wage jobs, entryway jobs, our social services are swamped. then there's literally millions of people all over the world that play by the rules. nigeria, south korea, india. all they want is a chance to be a legal immigrant. >> laura: we are going to go back to scott. scott, you heard my initial question. you heard victor davis hanson. i will give you a chance to answer the question because we love having you want. >> it's a three card monte game. if we talk about how much the immigrants are costing the country, we forget the fact that the president committed to having mexico pay for the wall he wants. nobody is talking today about how mexico is no longer playing for the wall. >> laura: so are still not answering the question. this is your second chance. >> we don't talk about the fact
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that the president committed -- >> laura: scott, you are making our points for us. well, a lot concerns me. you know what what concerns me. the fact that i've given you to buy at the apple in your past each one. i said multiple times on the show. you are missing misted. that mexico is not going to pay directly for the wall but mexico will not pay for directly for the wall. i will tell you what. i will tell you what. you don't want a wall. you want to open borders and you won't answer the questions. you won't answer the question. three strikes, you are out. i want him to talk more show because we will just get more republican registrations. go ahead. you take them all in. i will be impressed. >> there are three major losers when we have unbridled immigration. the first of the american worker because not only are those jobs taken. you also have wage depression. the american worker still in those areas are working for
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lower wages. secondly, the taxpayer. the total amount, net, even if you take into account taxes illegal aliens play, the total amount we taxpayers is over $100 million. the third category of people who lose are the victims of these thousands upon thousands of illegal alien committing crimes and as president trump pointed out in the discussion yesterday, there's a terrorism risk as well. he mentioned ten terrorists who have come across the southern border. actually there than 15 publicized cases and it's probably higher than that because there are many we didn't catch. we have a very real cost in terms of our security, our jobs, and our tax burden. >> laura: victor, there are about 40,000 to 50,000 american veterans of all races and backgrounds including legal immigrants who are sleeping on the street on any given night. some about two blocks from where we are right here because there's not enough room in the sheltered so they are in the street.
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i think most americans, if we have extra cash, extra money, they serve their country. they shouldn't be on the street. we should do something for those people. we all want that. but in this case, the money drives and flows to individuals. god bless them. everyone is a child of god. but who violated our laws. >> victor. again, liberals don't even know when the question is being directed at them. i will get to you. hold on. victor, the question is why has the shift occurred in the democratic party? 12 years ago, obama and schumer were gung ho on the triple fencing. now you can get them to talk about it. why? >> no. it's simply a matter of numbers. when we have two or three people million people here illegally, then they thought it was an issue that unions were really angry about. they were worried about low-wage constituencies in the inner-cit inner-city.
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and americans. suddenly we got up to 11 million or maybe 20 million people and we had children, we have 50 million immigrants when you account for children. up to 88. 90 million people. one out of every four californians wasn't born in the united states. then it became a demographic issue and a political issue. nevada flipped. i will be frank. california is never going to be red again. >> laura: to get to the point, vdh, it's about changing the demographic makeup of the country which they hope will change the electoral makeup of the country period. is that cynical? >> no, it's two things. political power and money. it's employers who want cheap wages. and it's governmental oversee that $175 billion in remittance remittances. they ask gary for people to send back money and be subsidized byn
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taxpayer. >> laura: 50% taxes. i wish you could have you on for an hour. thank you so much. great panel. by the way, and really was the story of the year. we are staying on it because there is still outstanding questions. my question is why isn't anyone asking them? up next, we examine the reemergence of christine blasey ford and bring you exclusive updates about where the investigation stands on the linked letter from feinstein's office. today... back pain can't win. now introducing aleve back and muscle pain. only aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long.
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>> laura: it was a confirmation battle that captivated the nation. just over two months ago. there are still many unanswered questions. justice brett kavanaugh had his name dragged through the mud over still uncorroborated claims. despite that reality, christine ford remains a media darling, resurfacing for the first time since her public testimony to deliver this message while handing out an award for "sports illustrated." >> the lasting lesson is that we all have the power to create real change, and we cannot allow ourselves to be defined by the acts of others. >> laura: here are reemergence has led us to dig back into this case, specifically whatever camf the investigation we were led to believe would be launched into the leaking of her initial letter to senator feinstein's office. a senate staffer tells "the
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ingraham angle" exclusively tonight that the judiciary committee never actually submitted the leaked inquiry to the doj for investigation. unbelievable. moreover, there is no word tonight on whether any individual offices are investigating it. my question is, we all had to go through that. the kavanaughs had to go through it. don't the american people deserve some answers on how it all got started? to help us unpack it all, we are joined by healthy walker, former colleague of kavanaugh and white house counsel's office. carrie severino, judicial crisis network. attorney scott bolden. carrie comeau could be the reason behind no formal leak investigation having been launched despite what we were promised? >> it's really discouraging because obviously this is a serious breach of senate procedure. all we know is senator feinstein's office had it. the letter was sent to congress from eshoo.
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she gave it to senator feinstein. those two offices plus blasey ford's offices had this letter, not exposing it was the reason, the excuse senator feinstein gave her not actually giving to the fbi doing what they should've done initially which is what they did with justice thomas, saying hey, let's actually look into this and have them do it in a professional, confidential manner to preserve everyone. they didn't do that. i got leaked to the media. all sorts of suspicious timing et cetera. feinstein herself went after it in the hearings, she was like well. >> laura: she turned around. >> you didn't leak it, did you? clearly she had done her due diligence, right? this is a real problem that they be leaking this. someone here among the democrats or her own lawyers was doing something she said she didn't want him caused his huge national blow up. we need to get the to the bottom of it. >> laura: it's criminal. it's criminal to do this. you cannot do what they did
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under the rules of the senate. scott, it doesn't matter if it happens to a republican or democrat. without rules in place to safeguard the entire process and also an individual's presumption of innocence. anyone can come forward with any allegation at the 11th hour and sink a nominee, whether it's a democrat nominee or republican. >> in this case, senator feinstein, her response initially was that she wasn't authorized to release it to anyone. protocol which said you should have but senator grassley is the one that said it would be investigated. why don't you register a complaint with senator grassley? >> laura: we are, we are, we are. no one else's. >> certainly want to get to the bottom of the truth in regard to the capital hearings. i back you on that. >> laura: yeah, yeah, yeah. remember what blasey ford herself said at the hearing about wanting this to be handled confidentially.
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>> my hope was that providing the information confidentially would be sufficient to allow the senate to consider mr. kavanaugh's theory of misconduct without having to make myself, my family, or anyone's family vulnerable to the personal attacks and invasions of privacy that we have faced since my name became public. >> laura: that was a very poignant moment during the hearings and she had that point, too many americans, was extremely sympathetic. but who was to blame for that and what was the motivation for conducting themselves as they did? whether eshoo's office or feinstein's office. i don't think it was dianne feinstein herself. she's not a stupid person. she wouldn't do that. but someone did it with the thought of needling this investigation forward at this moment. >> someone did it with the thought of pushing it into the public realm against dr. forde's own wishes, as carrie said. i think they were members on the
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democratic side of the aisle, of the judiciary committee, probably staffers. we still don't know the answer to any of these questions. the consequences were serious, as you said. motivations were blatantly transparently political. to do anything they could to stop brett kavanaugh from becoming a supreme court justice. luckily that failed. luckily senator mcconnell said, the mob did not win. sitting here today, i think it's even more true than ever, thank god the mob didn't win. >> if the allegations were true, then he shouldn't be on the supreme court. it's pure conjecture to say someone on the democratic side leaked it. >> laura: if you beat your wife two weeks ago but no one saw, should you be sitting here? there was no corroboration. that's why the whole thing fell apart. >> are you serious? just because you can't prove it or corroborated doesn't mean it didn't happen. >> laura: this is going to be fun when the democrats are back in. can't wait.
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>> even republicans had it was substantial. >> laura: $647,000 was raised in go fund me. before it was closed. the blasey ford teams had they used the money to protect ourselves against frightening threats, including physical protection and security for me and my family and to enhance the security for our home. any unused donations after the completion of security expenditures will be donated to organizations that support trauma survivors. any thoughts? that's a lot of money. that's a lot of production. >> she is certainly not the only one has gotten threats. another kavanaughs got extensive amount of threats on this. this didn't have to happen. >> laura: they didn't take their money, right? >> that $600,000 goes a long way towards security enhancements, i'm sure. thankfully she didn't have to pay for lawyers and that because it was all donated. >> none of it connected by some of the democrats -- >> the bottom line is it didn't
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have to happen. if they hadn't leaked it. >> laura: wasn't andrew mccabe's lawyer or lead counsel? my getting that right? all right, panel. ford wasn't the only one to bring unsubstantiated claims. we also learned tonight that no official process has begun with those criminal referrals initiated on kavanaugh accuser julie swetnick or her attorney, michael avenatti. all chuck grassley did was send referrals to investigate them for allegedly making full statements to the judiciary committee but nothing has been done or made public since. helgi walker, your reaction. >> there's nothing to investigate. julie swetnick is pretty much admitted it was all made out. the suppose it corroborating witness she had, avenatti cemented her declaration. she came forward to not a conservative media outlet and said he twisted her words. he made it out.
7:34 pm
it's pretty much a clean-cut case that this was fabricated. >> laura: october 1, let's put up the graphic. these are julie swetnick's problems she has. october 1, 2010, she told nbc or kavanaugh story and account. the account deviated from her affidavit. and then of course her ex-boyfriend for good measure said she threatened to kill both him and their cash his unborn child and said she's exaggerating everything. take that with a grain of salt coming from an ex-boyfriend. the senate judiciary committee chuck grassley sent that criminal referral in. i think in these cases, you can't just say were going to do this and expect no one's going to ask any follow-up questions. >> if you don't care, all you care about is getting kavanaugh to the supreme court, getting him confirms. >> laura: we are pointing out to you that we do care about the process. >> we both care. it's the leadership on the judiciary committee and the g.o.p. house and senate to pursue this. they haven't pursued it. so that confirms that they never
7:35 pm
really cared about the referral or the criminal investigation. why would they do that? the height of the moment. >> chairman grassi took a strong stand and making the referral. he doesn't need to do that i think it's right he did it. >> why hasn't he -- >> if you refer to it, shouldn't they be the ones -- the senate. >> laura: fbi. all right, thank you all. we are going to highlight this. that's why we've made it easy with a selection of gift cards for everyone on your holiday list.
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>> laura: it's time for the "seen and unseen segment. we expose the cultural stories of the day. watching the body language in yesterday's heating oval office meeting, we thought it would be instructive to break down what it all meant. we have some news about the new christian bale-dick cheney movie. joining us for all the details, raymond arroyo. let's start with the tense oval office meeting yesterday. >> we will examine each of the players. let's start with nancy pelosi.
7:39 pm
like most italians, i'm guilty, her hands give her away. now watch this. i call this the back of the hand. watch. >> you have the white house. you have the senate. you have the house of representatives. >> laura, you see what she's doing. she doesn't need to fund a well. she has created her own wall between geo drum. >> laura: i thought she was going to do something. >> this is a kind of dismissive i'm blocking you out. i'm not even going to give you any signals. then she looks away at one point. later she literally turns her body and looks away from him. >> laura: who is she talking to? >> she is talking to the press. she is talking to chuck schumer but she won't talk to the president. later she suddenly became professor nancy and she started wielding a particular weapon at the end of her hand. watch this. >> you begin. you make your point, state your case. that's what the house republicans can do if they have the votes.
7:40 pm
>> see the finger. she starts pointing. this goes on. she schooled him on legislative policy. she's part of the first branch of government. that is schoolteacher, schooling nancy. she is kind of teaching him and putting him in his place. body language experts and a lot of the data will tell you this is a weapon. it's like threatening someone when you point to them directly. let's go to this. this is the president trying to reassert authority here with what i called the king of the throne gesture. watch for this. >> the fact is you do not have the votes in the house. >> nancy, i do. >> laura: he does that a lot. dominating. >> it's like a megaphone. he is projecting his voice through his hands. you will see him do it a lot. typical trump gesture but it's asserting his power. >> laura: sitting on the edge of his seat. >> he is ready to pounce. >> laura: one about chuck schumer? sickle hold on. hold on. things get very combative.
7:41 pm
watch what the president does here. i call this the pointed dagger. it's almost like a duel. >> nancy, we gained in the senate. did we win the senate? >> now he's having a conversation with the media. and then schumer comes in and doesn't address the president. he talks to the media. he talked to the media and turns away from the president. they both do this. schumer and pelosi at different times do this. the president as well. at some point he goes right over the head of schumer, et cetera, and starts talking to the press. it was fascinating watching this. the character we have not talked about in this is poor vice president pence. if you ever wanted to see someone trying to fade into the upholstery. >> laura: he was pulling a comey. >> fading away. we've got to move on. >> laura: tell me about this new christian bale film called vice. >> are you familiar with anchorman? those great films. anchorman, talladega nights.
7:42 pm
the director who brought those movies has decided he's going to be telling the story of dick cheney. it's through very kind of cracked prism. he claims here that dick cheney is a drunk without ambition. lynn cheney helped reorient. then he meets he's very dark characters. donald rumsfeld, nixon. they teach them how to become this power monger. >> laura: this is stupid. >> the facts are all over -- >> laura: what is the connection to reality? >> we will get to it. in the film premiere, christian bale who plays dick cheney and you have to say he has vanished into this role. he talked here about encountering the president, president trump back in 2011 when he was filming "the dark knight rises" at trump tower. watch. >> i met him one time. we will filming on batman. trump tower. he said come on up to the office. i think he thought i was bruce
7:43 pm
wayne. i just went along with it reall really. it was quite entertaining. i had no idea at the time that he would think about running for president. >> they kind of take a swipe at the president at the red carpet. >> laura: i like the interviewer. >> giggling along. here's the thing, this is adam mckay's twisted cracked vision of dick cheney. he has turned this film into a weapon of mass destruction against the cheneys. >> laura: i that relevant? >> you and i will know. even tyler perry is colin powell. as tempting as that is, it's not how i want to spend my christmas. >> laura: that's going to be a big flop. >> i want "it's a wonderful life." >> laura: speaking of fun, this is fun. we have some footage of a dance party. not shannon bream's friday dance party. that's a fun one. this is something you have to see to believe. this happened in india.
7:44 pm
what is this? >> it's footage from a $100 million week long wedding throne by india's richest man. this is not one but two coformer presidential contenders on the dance floor. hillary clinton and former secretary of state john kerry whooped it up. laura, this reminds me. >> laura: she is doing this. [laughs] is that huma? oh, my god. >> this is more evidence of it reminds me of the video of president george w. bush and 2007. he went to africa and tried to dance with the tribal leaders. >> laura: i thought he was cute. i thought he was adorable. >> he comes off a little bit better than the ball he would crowd. this is all evidence that politicians really shouldn't dance.
7:45 pm
he dance at the beginning. >> laura: hillary does the hand. don't do the hand dance. that never works. john kerry looks like luminaire in beauty and the beast. you are expecting melting wax. doing the turn. >> it is really mamma mia. >> laura: white men in white women can't dance. white politicians can't dance. any party. all right, raymond, thanks so much. when the democrats come to power in the house, they promise to shutdown all investigations into the corrupt dealings at the fbi. how convenient. is that good for you or me or the rule of law? house intel chair devin nunes here next. give isotoner gloves
7:46 pm
for christmas
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because they keep getting better. there's smartouch for selfies, then there's four way stretch for flexibility. they even have smartdri. see? stays dry. so get isotoner gloves for the whole family.
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>> when you become chairman, are you going to end investigation? >> yes. >> why? >> it's a waste of time to start with. >> the entire purpose of this investigation -- the real investigation is mueller. there is no evidence of bias at the fbi or any of this other nonsense. >> laura: none of it at all. text messages, no, no. that was incoming house judiciary chair jerry nadler
7:50 pm
expanding he will not continue the investigations into the multiple levels of corruption revealed at the highest levels of the fbi just over the past few years. the fbi facing new scrutiny tonight after former national security visor michael flynn's defense team revealed some troubling details in a late tuesday night sentencing memo. they revealed that disgraced former deputy director of the fbi andrew mccabe recommended, get this, that flynn not have a lawyer present during his initial fbi interview. here with us exclusively to mind, house intel chairman devin nunes. mr. chairman, thank you for being here. what does it tell you about the so-called respect for the rule of law? they didn't give him an indication that this was any serious interview. they said in fact don't bring your lawyer. if we do that, were going have to call the justice department. apparently they were good friends in this interview. >> what happened with general sinus, it's a tragedy. i have known general flynn since
7:51 pm
the mid-2000s. visited him numerous times in iraq. he is the american war hero. you've heard me say this ad nauseam them over and over again about the most important crime that was community here was the leak of the highly sensitive compartmented information of general flynn talking to the russian ambassador. >> laura: to "the washington post." >> yes, and later again it showed up in "the washington post." even more information. that was a leak of a phone call an american citizen that he had every right to make. it wasn't just that he was a national security advisor. any american has the ability to talk to any investor that they want. they used a law from the 1700s, the logan act, that had never been used. >> laura: people watching, so they understand. it looks like a set up. it looks like they have the transcript in their hand, the agent said so. they have the transcripts and
7:52 pm
they were ready if flynn said he didn't remember, they were going to read part of the transcript to him but then he's in there without a lawyer, thinking that these are his buddies and there's no problem. of course. i have nothing to hide. presumably that's what he said. >> i don't want to jump ahead. but the 302s. >> laura: the memos they right after an interview with individuals of interest. >> they were not finalized for seven months. >> laura: until august of 2017. why would that be? wouldn't you go right back to the office and start working on it? >> i don't know why that would have been but i also know that we were briefed on those interviews the house intelligence committee a month or two after those interviews occurred. so you have memos that would've been written during the interview and then you have a briefing before the house intelligence committee, probably the senate. then you move onward, and it's not finalized until august 22.
7:53 pm
i'm glad that the judges looking at this. i think the judge had also asked the house intelligence committee to provide the transcript that we have of director comey testifying before our committee. he would be interested in that also. >> laura: the judge is seeking, we learned, seeking to review key fbi notes before it makes dissenting the sentencin. >> he wants the nose and -- the notes and the 302s. >> laura: what they saw and knew right before he left which is that they didn't think he lied. peter strzok did not think michael flynn lied. >> that's what i believe, at least from the testimony received over many, many months. that there was no lying had occurred. >> laura: he wants to go documents, a memo that then fbi director andrew mccabe wrote after speaking with flynn by the head of the interview he did
7:54 pm
with the two agents? during the same interview. the fd302. >> the finalization of the original interview. i still don't understand how it took seven months. remember, senator grassley has been all over this for a year asking for these 302s. >> laura: also ordering the special counsel to hand over any memos or interview notes relative to flynn. this was a complete set up from the beginning again flynn. it's obvious to me and obvious to anyone who's bothered to follow it. another thing that's obvious is how many politically motivated actors have populated the mueller investigation. i want everyone to remember jeannie breathe. she was speaking at the cohen sentencing. he got three years. southern district of new york. for people who don't know who she is, i want to remind you. she worked for the clinton
7:55 pm
foundation. also wrapped ben rhodes during the house select committee on benghazi. she wrapped ben rhodes during all that and then she repped the clinton foundation in 2015. she worked for hillary clinton the secretary of state. this is not someone who should be in the special counsel's investigation. >> i have no idea why mueller picked anyone. >> laura: connected with hillary and the email investigation. it's crazy. >> it is totally nuts and if the shoe was on the other foot, the mainstream media would be going crazy. the mueller investigation would've been shut down. it would've been called a fraud and hoax. i am watching to see how the media is making this out to be like the trump did something wrong when the reality is, he's
7:56 pm
going to prison for tax evasion. if you look at what the fed said, they said this guy did a lot of bad things. you have a special counsel's office saying the opposite. >> laura: the representative on your committee says it's the beginning of the end of the trump administration. >> we heard a lot of talk. >> laura: are people getting nervous on capitol hill? >> no, not that i know. i think we are getting frustrated that we continue to speak truth to power. we continue to get facts out there. you have the mainstream media who's been involved in this from the very beginning. they were the very first ones to get the steele dossier that really originated this entire show. >> laura: devin nunes, great to see you. thanks for joining us. up next, the last bite.
7:57 pm
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7:59 pm
>> laura: the first lady
8:00 pm
melania trump with a message for her critics. >> i do what i think his rights. i know i get criticism. from republic or from the media. i do what is right and what i feel is right for the country and for the people. i will stay true to myself. what is right and what is wrong. it will lead a meaningful life every day. >> laura: i love that. fantastic. shannon bream and "fox news at night" takes it from here. >> shannon: thank you so much. we begin with a fox news alert. the border wall battle is heating up here in washington tonight. migrants from the southern border demand the u.s. pays them $50,000 to go home. another trump administration official, check it out. targeted by left-wing protesters at his home. this is the video.


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