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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 13, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> donald trump realizes his position will result in a trump shutdown. >> four heart attack and stroke. >> thursday, december 13th and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 on the east coast shutdown showdown, the clock is ticking as republican's race to secure votes needed for donald trump's border wall. new numbers showing how many people tried crossing into the
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country illegally this year. michael cohen learns his fate in his has many conviction but are the goal posts being moved to get trump out of office? >> have we ever been to the moon? >> sorry -- >> in the -- nba star steph curry says we have never been to the moon but apparently he wants to walk back those comments, says he was just joking. ♪ ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life ♪ my life ♪ jillian: it is the best day of your life.
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beginning in a good way, watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning, almost friday, thank you for starting your day with us. let's begin with the showdown on capitol hill, not a great day, republicans raising for votes for donald trump's border wall but democrats are fighting back. the threat of a government shutdown hanging in the balance, griff jenkins live in washington with reaction from both sides of the aisle but you always have a great day no matter what. >> house republicans, the deadline is a week from tomorrow, fast approaching and they are working seriously not only to keep the government over the holidays but the request for $5 billion for a border wall. a line in the sand, lawmakers on the hill realize is not a white house bluff. >> looks to me like he is as serious as four heart attacks and the stroke.
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playing poker with him, i fold. >> republicans are crafting a short-term spending bill to keep the government open with republican only votes, $5 billion in wall funding and other federal agencies into january and provide billions in aid after wildfires in the west. the house could vote on this as soon as today, but it is certainly uncertain as chuck schumer reiterates the president's plan will not work. >> donald trump will soon realize his position will not result in a wall, but will result in a trump shutdown. >> relishing the idea amazingly enough. >> reporter: the chairman of the senate appropriations committee, richard shelby, says he's confident something can be done. >> probably around one of negotiations public and private going on. we have 11 days.
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>> reporter: the chief of us border patrol telling the senate judiciary committee they arrested 800 gained members at the border, 50% increase from last year. heather: we will talk about this and the caravan demand they are making. appreciate it. this fox news alert, air national guard contractor in serious condition after crashing off the coast of hawaii. watch as this plane slammed into the ocean. you can see the pilot eject in time, parachuting into the water, the crash happened during a military exercise, crews rescued the civilian pilot and rushed the pilot to the hospital, the pilot was flying a hocker hundred just like this. it is unclear what caused the crash. british prime minister theresa may will meet with eu leaders after surviving the critical
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no-confidence vote we told you about. >> i listened to what they said. we now need to get on with the job of delivering brexit and building a better future for this country. >> reporter: her own party for steve oh, 200 but lawmakers keeper, 117 voted to get her out. may cannot be challenged again for at least a year. the deadline for leaving the eu coming up in march. overnight a federal judge ordering robert mueller to turn over all the highly secret documents on michael flynn. this comes one day after donald trump's former national security adviser's legal team alleged the fbi pushed him never to bring a lawyer to his 2017 issue with fbi agents. one of those agents was anti-trump fbi agent peter stzrok who was later removed from the russia probe and fired,
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flynn's sentencing is scheduled next tuesday. donald trump's lawyer rudy giuliani is demanding mueller put a end to the russia probe saying, quote, our strategy is to do what we can to convince her to wrap this up and if you've got anything, show us. democrats coming out swinging against donald trump after his former lawyer, michael cohen sentenced to three years behind bars. todd pyro live where democrats used the opportunity to revisit the possibility of a presidential impeachment. good morning. >> reporter: the sentencing of michael cohen became all about donald trump, the president's former personal attorney getting 3 years in prison for breaking campaign finance laws and lying to congress but following the sentence democrats like richard blumenthal were quick to sound the alarm that colin's sentence is a prelude to going after the president. >> the term co-conspirator is hitting him like a well tailored suit.
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i believe strongly the president himself can be indicted. >> reporter: others like adam schiff taking to twitter, quote, michael cohen made the right decision to cooperate with a special counsel's office, his sentencing demonstrate nobody is above the law, not the personal lawyer to the president of the united states or the president himself was meantime outgoing congressman trey gowdy predicts democrats will spend the next few years doing, quote, everything their base once including undermining donald trump but what about impeachment? >> maybe they are smart enough not to improve -- pursue impeachment, 60 said he be impeached and mueller hasn't issued a single finding yet. >> reporter: gaudi said it would be ironic if democrats clamor for the administration to be responsive when they were silence for 6 years of republicans demanding answers on issues from the obama administration.
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heather: both sides arguing their case. reacting to michael cohen's sentencing national security strategist sebastian gorka and jason chaffetz say michael cohen should go to jail and they both believe this proved an unequal pursuit of justice. >> michael cohen admitted he is a liar and the kind of guy who has no calls, the most sensitive thing a lawyer has is his relationship with a client, that exclusivity, confidentiality. this man taped conversations with who knows how many clients? what is the president of the united states. >> doesn't feel like we have equal application of justice. the inspector general is looking at half i guess a abuse and we will not hear about it until spring or so because there are 1 million document they have to sift through. once we have that information the inspector general can't
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prosecute. >> shouldn't we have had a special counsel on all of these other issues? uranium one? >> a real attorney general. heather::is the second person to be sentenced, george papadopoulos was sentenced to two weeks behind bars it has since been released. mark meadows out of the list of contenders to be donald trump's new chief of staff. the president telling meadows it would be best for him to stay in congress to continue his work at the house freedom caucus, meadows says whoever is chosen will have his full support, general john kelly is current chief of staff and is expected to step down at the end of the year. the president expected to sign the massive farm bill after it wins approval in the house, the 5 year, $867 billion measure
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includes extending farm subsidies and crop insurance and legalizes industrial temp farming, and initiative pushed by mitch mcconnell. the final bill does not include strict work requirements for food stamps. fox news poll, some new ones to show you, donald trump as he ends his second year in office has a 50% approval rating, 46% of voters currently approved of donald trump's performance, that number budging a few percentage points all year as donald trump plans his 2020 reelection run. 39% of voters think he will win a second term. here is good news, milania trump will carry on a decades old holiday tradition reading to patients at children's national hospital in washington dc. her visit coming one day after she made history as the first first lady to ride in an osprey
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military aircraft. cockpit video showing her trip to joint base langley eustace in virginia where servicemembers ahead of the holidays. >> we know because you are brave and i speak on behalf of of my husband when i tell you we are forever grateful for your service. heather: the first lady toward the george hw bush in the atlantic ocean. she is busy making the rounds for the holiday season. fox news alert french police questioning family members of the suspected terrorist in the deadly christmas market attack. what we learned about the gunman's ties to extremists. give us 50 grand each or let us in. that demand from the migrants traveling in the caravan. george rodriguez says this shakedown is an absolute outrage
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>> let us in or pay up. and the us opening the border or pay them. and to turn around and go home. thank you for joining us. and the $50,000 per person that is being demanded. and the letter was demanding it. and 6 american soldiers in
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honduras, demanding entry, he has been living in mexico, demanding this amount of money so that ties into it. in your opinion, does this tip their hand and show this is political in nature? >> it is almost like the mafia coming to ask for money. this is political blackmail. we have a situation where instead of asking the taxpayer to pay for them and their mistakes they should be asking this character and people without borders, this group without borders that encouraged them to make this trip to the border. shannon: they gave 72 hours to respond to this, to speed up the asylum process. as we talk about speeding the asylum process we look at the migrants caravan numbers as they roll forward and they are really
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unprecedented. >> it is ridiculous. go ahead, sorry. heather: talk a little more about the numbers here in the time it takes to seek asylum. >> the situation we have got, they are playing the system. we have so many loopholes. as donald trump has pointed out we have so many loopholes in the immigration system that people are not only getting under the fence as they are now but getting through these loopholes and what we need to do is tighten it up. i hope the president stand strong on this end a lot of the republicans, cowardly republicans stand strongly because we have got to draw a line in the sand, and not allow any more illegal immigration into the country.
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heather: in terms of the border wall and security and whether it will work because there've been discrepancies about the numbers and the work being done at the border and the dhs press secretary, proven facts, dhs has prevented 3755 known or suspected terrorists from traveling or entering the us in fiscal year 2017, that is in addition to 17,000 criminals, 1000 gang members and 3000 special-interest aliens. >> homeland security is doing a good job, but just one illegal criminal in our country is one too many and we can pat ourselves on the back and say we caught this many but as long as
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there is one endangering our neighborhoods, our families, that is one too many. we have a situation yesterday where there was a man convicted of raping a 6-year-old, we have these situations constantly all over the place we can point to these incidents and one is one too many. was we need to do is not only build a barrier that is going to discourage and stop the illegal immigration but we have to start deporting people. >> is $5 billion too much to keep that from happening? >> absolutely not. shannon: appreciate you joining us. the time is 19 after the top of the hour, first lady milania trump thinking troops while sailing aboard an aircraft carrier. >> it is important to show them the president and i and the country will find them. >> how she's using her white
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house platform to help our heroes, the exclusive interview you will not see anywhere else and can two really play that game? chuck schumer attempts to troll donald trump on twitter using the trending hashtag 2018 in five words. carly shimkus has responses pouring in on social media. fun stuff. ♪ place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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and it's strengthened by xfi pods, which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. heather: hashtag 2018 in five words taking off on twitter. one senator couldn't pass up a chance to take a jab at the president. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with reaction online. some of it was pretty funny.
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>> people reflect on the year using the hashtag 2018 in 5 words was one day after the fiery oval office meeting chuck schumer used the very hashtag to take a swipe at the president. the democratic lawmaker retweeted a comment from the president in 2016 saying mexico will pay for the wall but he had a comment of his own, there was always a tweet, hashtag 2018 and 5 words. 39,000 likes. a lot of conservative social media users were not fond of this was when twitter user says show some class and the courtroom, senator. another twitter user china in saying senator schumer, why are you opposed to securing the border. we must secure the country or be unsafe like france and dennis on
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twitter chiming in saying you agreed to fund the wall not long ago, now you're trying to use the wall to make political, which is it? what that twitter users referring to is a 2006, senator chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and many democrats agreed to sign legislation that would put 700 miles of fencing around the southern border. is talking point that is going to be repeatedly brought up. heather: different president, different time. let's talk about the most googled person in the us for 2018. >> global revealed their list of the most googleed people, number 3, brett kavanaugh. i'm sure that won't surprise anybody at home. newly married megan markel at number 2 and like you said, denny love otto, the most searched person on google this year. she suffered from a drug overdose in july, that scared a
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lot of people. a lot of interest in her and her recovery. heather: if you look at those folks it runs the gamut for sure. >> surprised donald trump didn't even make the top 5. we live in such a political world. heather: they can find all they 1-time twitter. the policy email chain. >> christmas chaos after a holiday potluck accidentally got sent to 25,000 state employees in utah. total accident. government spokesman joe doherty responded this is happening. a reply all, adventures in state government. you see a lot of coworkers yelling at each other telling people to stop reply all. luckily they did. heather: they could have a giant potluck.
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thanks so much. a massive manhunt ramping up across france for the terrorists in the christmas market attack. what police revealed about the gunman's background. michael cohen facing 3 years in prison for campaign-finance violations but did prosecutors twist the law to get the outcome they wanted? our next guest said they stretched the truth to get a plea deal. ♪ there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. - this is a fight against time. what we're dealing with is coming out, meeting someone who is 85, 90 years old, can't get around, has no food, has no water,
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>> you are watching "fox and friends first," half past the top of the hour, international manhunt intensifies for the suspected terrorists opened fire at a christmas market. cherif chekatt accused of killing two and injuring a dozen. mike tobin has more on his ties
1:31 am
to extremism and the list is long. >> police tracked down a mug shot of the gunman. he already had 27 committal convictions for theft and violence in france, germany and switzerland. he was in and out of prison and during a 2-year prison stint from 2013-15 he fell in with islamic radicals. after the attack and two gunbattles with police cherif chekatt commandeered attacks to make a get away. the driver of the taxi says cherif chekatt was bragging about people he killed a christmas market, the driver says cherif chekatt was wounded, shot in the arm and dropped the alleged gunman in an area 10 minutes from the site of the attack. that is the area cherif chekatt had an apartment, the apartment was rated hours before the attack, in connection to an
1:32 am
armed robbery that developed into an attempted murder charge. when police got in the residence they did not find them but they found a rifle, ammunition, explosives, several hunting knives. french officials suspect the prospect of returning to prison triggered the attack. and that was adjusted to four and individuals identified as cherif chekatt's parent and two brothers. >> thank you for joining us. take a look, live coverage from turkey, 9 people dead and dozens injured racing to rescue any remaining passenger. it is unclear what caused the crash. we will keep you updated.
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dockets revealing the american diplomat hit by the suspected sonic attacks in cuba suffered in her ear damage. the cause still a mystery. >> do you think we were attacked? >> i don't know. what caused it, who did it? we don't know those things. >> 25 and 26 diplomats impacted say they felt pressure and noise in their ears before experiencing balance issues and brain fog. cuba denies any involvement, donald trump and mexico's new president looking for a solution to the migrant crisis at the border. tweeting we talked on the phone with donald trump in respectful and friendly terms, we deal with a migratory issue and possibility of implement in a joint program for the
1:34 am
development and creation of jobs in central america and in our country. we will have more on that as it continues to develop. bernie sanders thinks building a southern border wall would be ineffective, sounding off to our own bret baer. >> if you are asking me anytime we have veterans on the street, a $12,000 social security, a good investment for taxpayers to build a wall? i don't think it is a good investment. >>'s response coming despite the fact he voted yes on conference of immigration bill in 2013 which included billions of dollars for a wall. milania trump says she's using her role in the white house to serve our nation's troops and their families. >> very important to support them. they will be with their family so for me it is very important too, the president and i and the
1:35 am
country, we are behind them. >> the first lady speaking in an exclusive interview in military bases around the washington dc area. back to one of our top stories, donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen sentence to three years in prison after admitting to tax invasion, campaign finance and lying. when it comes to campaign-finance did he break the law or are the goal posts being moved in the host prosecutors go after the president himself. joining us to explain his spokeswoman for the judicial crisis network gail trotter, thanks for joining us, appreciate it. let's take a look at the sentencing michael cohen received, 3 years in prison for tax even asian, campaign-finance violation, $50,000 on, $5000 restitution and voluntary surrender day of march 6th.
1:36 am
's attorney says he will spend the time between now and march 6th working with robert mueller and telling him as much as he knows about donald trump. what are the implications for donald trump? >> just because someone pleads guilty to a crime does not mean that a crime has been committed. michael cohen was president of this plea agreement based on a very expansive and aggressive interpretation of the campaign-finance law. even if you accept michael cohen and the prosecutors version of the events that does not mean that the president committed any offense and in fact when you look at the prior precedent on this issue and the underlying statutes, the whole issue is whether or not something was done for the purpose of influencing an election and in this case and others that have
1:37 am
been part of this chain of cases it is clear to see this action could have been taken irrespective of the election and that is the key legal issue for the president going forward. >> one of those being prior presidential contender john edwards. what happened in that case? >> the court did not hold that up because john edwards was able to make the case with his lawyers that he would make that expenditure irrespective of the election and when you look at the logical outcome of the prosecutor's argument, you are saying campaign finances should be expended on this arrangement and most people who contribute to a presidential campaign or another campaign don't expect their contributions would go towards that or you are trying to keep information that is
1:38 am
publicly embarrassing there's a reason to contain it that is irrespective of influencing any election. heather: rudy giuliani had a statement and one thing he pointed out was the idea that michael cohen was blindly loyal to donald trump which is what he said yesterday, is absurd. on the one hand he says he was blindly loyal, then reported without permission and leaked it to the press. which do you have? which michael cohen are you talking about? >> great point. any attorney knows the ideas that you would record your client without their permission just makes the skin crawl. it is a violation of every idea, moral, legal implications that you would have on the loyalty to your client so certainly rudy giuliani is making a very strong argument here that rebuts what the prosecutors said about the relationship michael cohen had
1:39 am
with the president. >> some business that is getting them, the senate confirming the first judicial nominee in two month yet despite democrat resistance donald trump still setting a circuit court record in terms of appointing these judges. the numbers he has appointed between the inauguration and december 2, '30 for donald trump, compared to 11 for barack obama and you can look at the rest of the numbers there. finally another appointment, still very successful for him. >> donald trump continues to deliver on this very important promise to rebalance the federal judiciary and appoint high-quality judges who understand that the role of a judge is to interpret the law, not make the law. the senate has the ability to continue to push forward on these nominations. we have many people in the pipeline, many vacancies and it is the responsibility of the
1:40 am
senate to do their job and continue to vet and confirm these nominees and donald trump has fulfilled his end of his presidential duty and the senate should continue to move with haste to confirm these nominees. >> doing it without democrats and without jeff flake. gail trotter, appreciate it. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and it has infiltrated communities nationwide and may not be far from your door, the deadliest drug in america just revealed and she really did know they were trouble when they walked in. the soffer taylor swift used to search for her stalker. ♪ this is how it made me feel. it was like that feeling when you're mowing the lawn on a sunny day... ...and without even trying, you end up with one last strip that's exactly the width of your mower. when you're done,
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julie: are watching "fox and friends first". fentanyl is officially the deadliest drug in america. according to a new report
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overdoses from the powerful drug increased by an average of 113% each year from 2013 to 2016. fentanyl made up 29% of all overdose deaths in 2016. heroin was the second deadliest drug making up 25% of those deaths. nearly $7 million worth of drugs off the streets following a massive bust at the southern border. agents and k-9 officers finding 350 pounds of cocaine, heroin and meth hidden packages in a cargo facility in texas. investigators are looking for the culprits. business news, today protesters at a dozen airports worldwide, flight attendants planning to demonstrate over potential staffing cuts, tracy carrasco from foxbusiness here with what
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it means for travelers. >> travelers may notice this happening at 16 airports around the world, chicago o'hare, los angeles, tokyo, washington dc, unionize flight attendants protesting united airlines because of these staffing cuts, the union saying united is, quote, succumbing to wall street pressure by cutting one flight attendants per each international flight, that is the major concern. there will be a loss of jobs, flight attendant say the main issue is safety for passengers. that is what they are protesting. united in both unions say this will not impact any flights today but that is something you might be noticing. >> as long as you are aware of what is going on and it won't impact your flight that is okay. vitamin water offering $100,000 if you give up your phone for a year. >> this might be one way to kick that smart phone addiction.
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vitamin water offering $100,000 if you give up your smart phone for a year. you have to post a photo on twitter or instagram, tell them why you want to take a break from your smartphone and what you would do to survive for this year. tag vitamin water in that post and use the hashtag no phone for a year. you have until january 8th to do it. i don't know if i could do it. heather: how would you know if you follow through? you might have to take a lie detector test but they are vague on the details. don't know if they check your phone records. i have been thinking i could do it. may be. we will see. let's us know at home if you think you could do it. it is 10 minutes until the top of the hour.
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heather: the holidays right around the corner and if you're stumped on what to get your loved ones we have amazing gift ideas guaranteed to make anyone's christmas morning better. here's the best gadget gifts for everyone, jennifer jolly, thank
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you for joining us, just trying to get through this. let's begin with this facebook portal plus. >> one of the most controversial gadgets of the year. it has been a tough year for facebook but this is by far the best video calling machine i have ever reviewed. it is hands down the best way to call via video from one place to another. you connect to your facebook and by talking through voice commands you can call any friends and family who are already connected. heather: they pull your facebook page up on this. is that all you can do on this? >> they released a whole lot of other functions. but you use it to call people
1:52 am
you are connected with on facebook already and once you do that it feels like you are in the room and high definition hd cameras, it has a i cameras and follows you around so you are moving around the room, the camera will follow you around. so much better. >> yoga 6930. >> the new 930, this is a laptop when you needed, entertainment center, absolutely incredible and that is what lenovo is known for so this will go in any number of positions but the killer feature here is 360 ° dolby sound bar so you get sound
1:53 am
in every way, shape or form, they are stretching ultra book design with those so you can do yoga on it. this dna testing kit we have heard a lot about. >> 23 health and dentistry kit where a small saliva sample unlock the world of information, 90 personalized reports on health, genetic traits, ancestry and this can range from interesting to life-changing. i give them all the time is gifts. my own family and friends i got a dozen of these. heather: what is this? it tells you if you are horrific or not? >> a connected smart mirror using an integrated camera to track your skincare goals and monitor the effects of beauty products so you know whether
1:54 am
that $100 eye cream is working and it connects like many of these do building amazon alexa functionality and ability to connect with spotify and youtube. >> attract the health of your skin. the glass three. >> this is from game stop. everybody tough to buy for, you have unique personalities, you can find something great. i love the star wars ultimate copilot julie, $50, makes all kinds of noises, he was talking to us in the break and they have this amazing game day so you can buy games like nintendo switch, a $25 gift certificate, thousands of other games at half-price and after the holidays they have this thing, cashback thing with credit so if people want to get this.
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>> we have to say goodbye. >> there we go. thank you so much for joining us, we will be right back. zicam is completely different. unlike most other cold medicines... ...zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds. i am a zifan for zicam. oral or nasal.
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>> welcome back, taylor swift trying to avoid trouble again, this time with stockers.
1:59 am
the popstar setting up official recognition kiosk during her rose bowl performance in may that scans people's faces as they walk through the california venue. authorities would then compare the pictures to hundreds of swift stockers to make sure they were not at the show. golden state warrior star stefan kerry walking back these comments about the moon landing. >> >> we ever been to the moon? we got -- >> of course he was kidding. he tells fbn he was, quote, 1000 president choking during the interview. i believe him but he will take nasa up on their offer to have him tour the lunar lab. here's a live look outside our fox news headquarters because fox news is the most-watched cable network of the year, third consecutive year on top after averaging 2.5 million primetime
2:00 am
viewers each day. it is all thanks to you, thank you so much for joining us on "fox and friends first" again this morning, always appreciate it. "fox and friends first" continues, hope you have a great day. goodbye. >> it hinges on the credibility of michael cohen, good luck. >> it is thursday, december 13th. impeachment fever running wild, democrats coming out swinging after michael cohen sentence three years in prison. >> how donald trump's for effexor is ripping into his former boss. and the shutdown showdown kicks into high gear. republicans racing to prove $5 billion for a border wall. >> will they have enough votes to beat the deadline? a holiday sign has new jersey drivers seeing red this holiday season. >> the king of beer is joining in on a protest. "fox and friends first"


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