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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 15, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> fascinating that is really fascinating and that's really impressive too. we have to leave now but back tomorrow. jon scott sup next with his fox report. >> have a good night. see you tomorrow. jon: a federal judge in texas reigniting over obamacare after striking law as unconstitutional good evening i'm jon scott, this is the fox report. democrats pledging to appeal friday's ruling which came just hours before the final day of enrollment for 2019. president trump separating the decision as, quote, great news for america, though, the white house has clarified that the law still stands and the ruling has if no efnght on current plans. decision came in response to a legal challenge led by texas involving more than a dozen states. texas attorney general kim paxon saying the judge got it right. >> obviously, by him celebrating with the president we believe from very beginning it was
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unconstitutional and judge did the right thing and it was held by five judges it would be unconstitutional but robert with the four liberals said that the tax, the tax in power of congress uphold obamacare now that the penalty was taken out, by congress at the end of last year in tax reform bill the tax and power issue is gone and mandate falls. >> administration says that expect a case to go all the way to the supreme court. lawmakers on both sides digging in. >> if this gets it back up to supreme court and causes jon is roberts to review his very bad reasoning in the original decision, that would be a very good thing or for the constitution and for health care. >> i have every confidence that we're going join the lawsuit when democrats take back house and trump administration didn't defend aca not to say it worked perfectly we have lots of ideas how to make it build it better but taking it away completely it a big mistake. >> has the latest from
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washington. >> white house says they know appeals to ruling are coming and with so much already on the table in congress, a week out from a potential federal government shutdown, this is setting up for a big fight on capitol hill. >> if this ruling were permitted to stand, 17 million americans would lose their health insurance, 133 million americans with with coverage for preexisting medical conditions would lose it young people no longer on their plan until 26 so devastating for american people. >> an opportunity to focus on lowering prices expanding access and quality. we do not need to move towards a more government-run health care system. >> if lawsuit make it is to supreme court as many think it will, it would be the third time the justices consider fundamental provisions of obamacare. twice before, it has been upheld and even though there are new justices on the bench, since the last time obamacare was before them, all of the four democrats
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and chief justice roberts who upheld the bill in 2012 well, they're still on the bench. the president and his administration were quick to cheer texas judge connor decision which ruled obamacare invalid because o'connor said when had last year's tax bill e 4reu789ed the penalty for not having coverage, he says bill became unconstitutional. and that judge says obamacare cannot be separated from that provision. the ruling the only bad news for obamacare according to the centers for medicare and medicaid services this is year 4.1 million americans have selected a plan through last year this same time, 4.6 million. we also see a lag had it comes to new customers and those renewing their plans. overall analysts seem to think that biggest reason enrollment numbers are down this year, lack of awareness. tonight up until 11:59 p.m. pacific time, people can continue to enroll despite the ruling on the bill.
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john. >> lauren, lauren thank you. president trump speaking today on the federal courts decision to declare obamacare constitutional call on congress to come up with a replacement. >> a ruling, great ruling for our country. will be able to get great health care and sit down with the democrats with the supreme court -- will be sitting down with the democrats and we will get great health care for our people. let's repeal and replace, and a little bit differently but it is a big, big victory by a highly respected judge. >> meanwhile, the president's white house shakeup continues. brian is stepping down as interior secretary. while budget director mick has been named acting chief of staff. ellison barber live in washington with more on that. ellison. >> we've seen two high level departures in about 7 days president trump announcing this morning that interior secretary ryan will leave his position at the end of the year secretary
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has been the subject of more than a dozen federal investigations related to his and his wife travel habits. violations conflict of interest some of the investigations were closed and some namely allegations of violations he was cleared of wrong doing but over the summer, the interior department inspector general launched an investigation into a real estate deal that involved a foundation set up by mr. zinqi development group backed by oil service community that does business with the u.s. government and government report ared that investigation to the department of justice, the secretary denied any wrong doing the president did not say why he is leading at this point in time. only that he will leave his post at the end of the yew year that, quote, the trump administration will be announce new secretary of the interior next week. the president says he has accomplished much during his tenure those are his words. the top democrat in the senate says he was, quote, one of the most toxic members of the
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cabinet, and the swamp will be a little less foul without him. his departure is one of four major staff shakeups since november midterm and president announced chief of staff would leave at the end of the year but director set to replace john kelly as acting chief of staff. the u.s. ambassador to united nations haley is leaving her job. the president is hoping the senate will confirm state department spokesman heather as her replacement. attorney general jeff sessions resigned in early november at the president's request. mr. trump's later announced his plan to nominate former attorney general william barr as mr. sessions replacement. president trump has had more turnover in first two years than predecessor dating back to wilson led to rumors of chaotic white house of people not wanting to have powerful and coveted jobs in the white house. the president pushed back on that speculation those rumors on twitter, saying that when it comes to chief of staff job at least many people want a bit and
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he believes mick will do a good job. john. >> ellison barber. special counsel robert mueller firing back at michael flynn legal team for suggesting fbi manipulating hmm into lying this after flynn attorneys said bureau encourage him not to have a lawyer present during questioning. ellen saying that fbi act ad inappropriately. >> but the fbi shouldn't be sending people and tell you not to have counsel and hope may be you'll commit a crime so that they can squeeze you and get you to sing or compose that's not the way american law enforcement should operate. and prefer civil libertarian should be concerned about this and shoe on other foot and one of hillary clinton's people every liberal civil libertarian up in arms but today they're enthusiastically applauding this fbi technique. >> we have more on that. >> michael flynn attorneys argue a he was cohearsed into lying when he spoke to the fbi in
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january of 2017. newly released court documents show that then deputy director of the fbi andrew mccabe urged flynn not to bring an attorney to an interview with agents. in a note plk kaib wanted to have two of my agents interview him as quickly quietly and discreetly as possible adding i further stated that if lieutenant general flynn wish to include anyone else in meeting white-collar white house counsel for instance that i would need to involve the department of justice. flynn then agreed to meet with the agents alone. the documents also show that fbi intentionally chose not to tell flynn that it is a crime to lie to the fbi. but mueller team argues bureau did nothing wrong and that nobody forced flynn to lie on multiple occasions to agents as well as members of the administration about his contacts with russian ambassador writing, quote, he is sit national security advisor former head of intelligence agency retired lieutenant general and 33-year veteran of the arm forces knows he should not lie to federal are agents. but critics including harvard
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law professor ellen say flynn's case highlights some of the unsavory tactics it is using in its investigation. >> what judge ellis was saying is what molar is doing ask trying to find low hanging fruit figure out every way to get them to commit a crime. that's their fault to take him at the crime, and then squeeze them so that they'll sing or compose, welcome to house special counsel operate. the special counsel office is recommended flynn serve no jailing time due to his comes a but if possible with new filings, the judge could delay that hearing. john. >> garrett, thank you. another round of protest in paris today from the yellow vest movement, the 5 the weeknd in a row with demonstrations in french capitol police saying he's 115 people were taken into custody because of the protest, and at least 7 were slightly injured. the demonstrators aring angry at emmanuel macron and his policy.
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>> we want to live free. e free to have the right to actually enjoy fruit of our labor free are to create an invent without heavy weight of the horrible bureaucracy and taxes. free to pay reasonable tax as to help our fellow citizens in need. free to have a home and live with dignity. >> greg is in paris now with more. >> john another day of antigovernment protest here in paris, and across france there were clashing but in the as many as we saw last saturday. so-called yellow vest activist were out on around the old opera house here, the louvre museum other land marks in paris at some locations they did use tears gas and water cannons and scuffling between two sides, 7 are reported to have been injured. but there are 115 arrests today last week, there was a thousand and another protest today
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something like 4,000 last week, it was 8,000. police, though, we can tell you from personal observations, they were out in big numbers. we spent much of the day it pushing game of can the and mouse across city authorities trying to avoid a repeat of the violence we have witnessed. one reason for the drop in trouble, confessions made and national television address earlier this week from president macron. high taxes, low wages, and a government not seem to be listening to its people. thought to be factors in this protest another reason deadly terror attack this past week in strasbourg find and killing man responsible for it on thursday night. two more factors perhaps tapping down these protests, weather and upcoming holiday season. but we were told by an expert expect a very is hot january. john. >> greg, thank you. >> meantime smaller yellow vest demonstrations also taking police in other parts of europe.
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one in london and one seen here in belgium capitol of brussels. protesters are are concerned about low wages, high taxes, and social welfare. one common stray or tore says struggle to make ends meet unites them at least one person was detained by police. after that protest -- >> couple of big storms are on the the way. will the road be safe where you are? we'll take a look at the forecast in your area, coming up. plus, with a partial government shutdown looming, and congress heading home for holidays will the funding for a border wall be resolved? the latest on that argument, ahead. you going to get home for christmas? >> well, i started ordering food from the caterer to make myself so -- i don't know. i honestly think this president qowld not mind saying to keep congress in for christmas. ♪
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>> inspector general from department of homeland security announcing an investigation into the at the time of a 7-year-old guatemalan girl who died after detained by border patrol agents in new mexico. the incident underscoring migrants face on journey from central america. here's former acting i.c.e. director thomas. >> when you -- people withentize saying we want it abolish i.c.e. and entice to build sanctuary cities to come to country illegally and feel safe and entice to make this dangerous journey urn fortunately people die making that journey and i feel very badly it be this little girl. but you know border patrol agents i'm sure did the best they could in a tough decision. >> here with more is jackie. >> jon there are questioning over whether border patrol gave that girl food or or water during 8 and a half hour she was held in antelope wells, new mexico before a bus brought her
3:18 pm
to a processing center an hour and a half away. bit time she arrived there she was not breathing. the girl has been identified as 7-year-old jack guatemala detained for 160 others in remote stretch of desert before bussed in groups. when she was first detained border patrol didn't note any illness and father signed a waiver saying she was in good health less than 48 hours later died of septic shock dehydration and fever at a hospital in el paso texas. agents brought her there by medical helicopter after she a arrived unresponsive and revived twice just over an hour ago her father issued a statement, asking for an investigation and saying nobody has explained to him the cause of his daughter's death. >> prior to going into cvp in custody contrary to the report that jacqueline has not eaten or had water for several days, jacqueline had not been crossing
3:19 pm
the desert for days. jacqueline father took care of jacqueline to make sure she was fed and had sufficient water. home ladd security is explaining why it took so long to get jacqueline to lordsburg saying that danger of illegal border crossing. >> what happened here was they were 90, 90 miles away from where we could process them. they came in such a large crowd it took our border patrol folks, a couple times to get them all. we gave immediate care -- >> congressional says they raise question how children are treated at border patrol facilities they sent a letter to act aing inspector general asking or for answers whether she was given food or water and why congress was first made aware of the death for media reports not from border patrol. and girl's mother is still in guatemala jacqueline body will be returned to her home country. john. >> sad story. jackie thanks very much.
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six days that's how long president trump and congress have to fund the government and prevent a partial shutdown funding for president trump border wall is key bone of contention in negotiations, president wants or $5 billion for the wall, congressional democrats are saying no way to that. >> democrats have always a rt spued border security we added 1.2 billion last time. that money hasn't even been spent yet so the idea of -- a shutting down the government for a costly ineffective wall makes no sense. i hope the president comes to his senses. >> but it ought to be no-brainer. and, in fact, the house passed several bills of -- of over the years to authorize the construction of a wall. >> william is in los angeles now with more. >> we need a wall in certain parts not in all parts but in certain parts of a 2,000 mile border we need a wall. >> what the president means by wall is confusing and part of
3:21 pm
the problem. >> we think that wall is a bad strategy. in fact many sections of the border are already lined by more than 100 miles steal bothered style fencing what trump calls wall. >> our administration is moved aggressively to secure our borders more. since the 1990s lawmakers from both parties improved and built some 615 miles of border fence of various designs. congress approved 700 miles of double fencing in 2006. with a majority of senate democrats including if schumer, clinton, biden and obama voting for it. >> bill before us -- will certainly do some good. they will authorize some badly needed funding for better fences. president trump so far replaced 31 miles of barrier. >> we've started the wall 1.6 billion, that money will pay for additional 93 miles but the president wants more. >> we got $5 billion we could did a tremendous wall. >> 5 billion to the wall
3:22 pm
recently or not. 5 billion will buy another 215 miles in san diego you're ma, el paso laredo and rio grand valley. unless congress objects. >> there's no moral difference between a fence and wall so it makes no sense the only argument to deny trump the qawl is because they hate trump. so far white has not collar fidw money extend existing one and how much it pace for more manpower and and drones likely part of the border security negotiations. in los angeles, william, fox news. >> education secretary beth cy delaware voces will cancel 150 million dollars in student loan debt this comes after a federal judge orders to have the policy the loans are connected to for profit colleges devos called program a free money give away. more than half of the loans went the to pay the now defunk
3:23 pm
corinthian colleges. more potential record setting rainfall possible flooding in the mid-atlantic, begging for rough travel worth taking a look at the wet forecast now accuweather is here with us. eric. >> well john much of the country is quiet right now but we're certainly seeing a lot of rain across the midwest and also the northeast because of upper level low that's creating some very wet conditions. you can see pockets of heavy downpours washington, d.c. getting hit pretty hard. we expect one and a half to two and a half inches in general but there are pockets where we could see about three maybe even 4 inches want to and into tomorrow. so right now we do have some flood warnings, and watch in place now with a warning, that means flooding is happening, and if you are mother a stream or a river, you certainly could be seeing some of that. turnaround don't drown find alternate rout now notice in d.c. we've seen more than an
3:24 pm
inch and a half of rain. that has pushed us over the all time record. that was set back in the 1800s and now we have the wettest year on record here across washington, d.c. baltimore as well and cross second in harrisburg, pennsylvania. further to the south you can see, we also have some heavier rain right along the coast. in wilmington a little less than an inch but look at this record. they've seen more than 100 inches of rain this year. that's smashes the previous record that was set back in 1877. so the rain is going to continue across the northeast, tomorrow, and even a wintry mix further to the south so traveling and slippery why gusty downpours from new york to philadelphia so i-95 it is a bit dicey taking a looked a winds that's another big story today. look at these wind reports from earlier. 76 miles per hour in livingston, montana that's dangerous for travelers on highways also
3:25 pm
property taj if you have christmas decorations outside. bring them in. because they could end up who knows where. now one place to keep your eye on this week is going to be the pacific northwest. we have a whole train of moist air coming in off the ocean. from the ocean -- and we're going to see a lot of rain. already a couple of showers developing, in washington and also into oregon it is going to pick up tonight, and tomorrow we expect to see soaking downpours, and could see up to a couple of feet of snow in the highest elevations we're talking about 5,000 feet and above. so passes they should be all right for now. but we also expect to see that heavy rain creating some flood for i-5 travelers there going to be a bit tricky throughout this week. back to you. >> aaron, thanks for the heads up. wisconsin is bracing for flurry of lawsuits after republican governor scott walker signs bill weakening the powers of his democratic successor. details on that ahead. plus, a heated back and forth
3:26 pm
between michael flynn attorney and robert mueller this amid accusations that fbi tricked flynn into lying. >> general flynn's stoarns were right and raise questions about the way flynn was approached and questioned. it confirms that the fbi agents including peter strzok didn't see any indication of lying by flynn and telling the truth that he believe he was telling the truth. ♪ oh -- oh --po empic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (vo) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? ♪ ozempic®! ♪
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>> tonight on justice angstny scaramucci and mike huckabee join me live. plus my exclusive one-on-one with secretary of health and human services, alex azar he'll talk us to the frontline in the war against opioids in america. a jam-packed justice live tonight at 9 eastern, see you then. i'm jon scott and this is the fox report it is the bottom of the hour, and if you're just joining us it has been a big and busy week in mueller investigation a judge sentencing
3:31 pm
former trump personal attorney michael cohen to three years in prison. this as a special counsel pushes back against former national security advisor michael flynn's suggestion that fbi agents tricked him into lying. this all a less than a week before he is scheduled to be sentenced. here to talk about it all, reporter, jeff, it is it seem to be feeling in washington that michael cohen is not likely to get much of a prison term at all maybe -- maybe a suspended sentence right? >> that's true. he could get anywhere from no sentence at all to possibly as much as six months and we saw that the mueller team also suggested that he have a pretty low sentence given how cooperative he's been with the investigation. so we're certainly not expecting any -- long sentences next week when he does receive a sentence. >> there are complaint that essentially the fbi tricked flynn into misleading issues misleading statements tom was on
3:32 pm
fox and friends this morning he's a president of judicial watch i want you to hear what head-to-head to say. >> now we know whose idea was this? james comey. so you have this corrupt duo of comey and mccabe, the targeting flynn for what? he talks to russian am boss door including national security advisor there was no reason to go after him but the target him and to get a scalp as they embark on anti-trump campaign. >> so what does mueller get out of -- mike fell flynn. i mean if they're not going to be jail time resulting from whatever it is he has done it doesn't seem like the offense is all that serious. >> i mean, it is certainly clear that flynn has cooperated with mueller investigation and given them crucial clues and information needed as they probe the possibility of any inclusion between trump campaign and russians and whether trump wrongly fired james comey in
3:33 pm
order to obstruct the investigation. and while it is clear that mueller doesn't think this was maybe the biggest deal in the world, he suggest that he have a relatively low sentence. they do push become on fact that the fbi intentionally kind of misled flynn at the intentionally did not warn him of what would happen if he lied in the investigation. he essentially said look, you were former national security advisor, you are head of an intelligence agency you've had 33 years as a general in the u.s. military. you should know better than to lie to federal investigation but encouraging them not to bring to discussions. >> he encouraged they encouraged him not to bring a lawyer to these, these meetings and again, if this was just in the beginning they wanted him to be able to answer truthfully. and regardless of whether or not this was a huge lie or small lie in regardless of whether it was perfectly normal for him to have met with the russian ambassador
3:34 pm
that had could have been the case. but again, they kind of pushed back on this idea that he didn't know and that he should have told the truth whether this happened or not. peacial if it was something that he claimed that was perfectly normal and part of his job. >> james comey was still in his job as head of the fbi at the time flynn was -- questioned. robert ray who was a former white water independent counsel has some criticism for how mr. comey handled this whole matter. listen to this. i think i disagree that's a trap but not legal entrap the and i agree there's no question that michael flynn and someone in his position should know better and knows consequences of not telling the truth to an fbi agent so i don't condone conduct and not trying to excuse it. but i do know that it was a trap for unweary i know if someone like jim comey pulled a stunt like that in my administration that would have been cause to get rid of him. >> so he says it was a trap for general flynn. >> and very well could have been
3:35 pm
part of their part of their technique in investigating flynn when they were asking him these questions. maybe it was part of their technique to try to get him to answer the question and being more relaxed which is been reported and kind of what president trump has even pointed to in his own tweets to the fact that oh, the reason that molar is giving him this lower sentence is because he knows he was mistreated. kind of underlying of argument from a lot of people, and, of course, it is, you know, it is right for them to have girch the heads up, of course, if you lie it a federal prosecutor you're going to -- going to face legal challenges. >> so where to we stand here? the indications are that robert mueller's probe is winding down. but or for all of the -- bluster and all of the accusations, there is still no indication that the trump campaign, you know, the mueller has any evidence that the president trump campaign colluded with the russian government or agents of the russian government, to change the outcome of the 2016 elections. >> certainly the bottom line is
3:36 pm
that yeah. sure we haven't seen anything explicitly kl out of this investigation to connect trump or trump campaign to colluding with russians to impact the 2016 presidential election. but other thing that we know is that robert mueller has been very quiet about his dealings. we have seen his progress mostly through indictments and subpoenas, and through court documents, but we really don't know what robert mueller knows yet we don't know his time line, though, it does feel we could be reaching end here. there's still a lot of questions that haven't been answered. >> steph reporter with axios. thank you. >> thank you. for much more on this tune into fox news sunday chris wallace will sit down with president trump attorney rudy giuliani that's tomorrow at 2 and 7 p.m. eastern here on fox news channel. wisconsin governor and republican scott walker signing controversial lame duck bills that strip power from incoming govan tony ever and incoming
3:37 pm
state attorney general. both of whom are democrats, those powers will be transferred to the republican controlled legislature, and handleman has more. >> in his final significant act as governor there's nothing lame about lame duck session bill scott walker signs into green bay friday. >> a lot of hype especially in national media implying this is a power shift it is not in new controversial laws limit early voting hour and from governor and attorney general which will soon be held by democrats back to legislature which has been firm republican control. >> the governor argues offings remains one of the most powerful of its kind in the country, governor elect tony said that goes against the decision made clear by voters. >> what i've said all along is, you know, true. that the will of the people was not -- was ignored bills have said passed into law fight is likely far from over. experts say get ready for
3:38 pm
lawsuits. >> i don't know everything that's next but two components a lot of chaos, and a whole lot of litigation. jeremy levenson says there's plenty from friday's signings to argue in court. >> no one has ever engaged in this kind of categorical heist of another branch of government's power before. and going to take a long time to shake out and it will be interesting for some of us. it will be expensive for all of us. i want wisconsin to do well. i want tony to be successful. i want the legislature to be successful. i just want to make sure they go forward. >> political matters now written in ink appears destine for a courtroom. >> years, this is going to be in litigation for years. >> fox affiliate wii bill, thank you. wisconsin not the only state being lame duck bills, michigan governor rick ?ielder signing bills that scale back citizen initiative matters to raise
3:39 pm
minimum wage and require paid sick leave for workers. >> the business community in the state reportedly pushed for this as way to avoid jeopardizing the economy, however, opponents see it as an unconstitutional attack on voters. the seattle university school scrapping externship program with i.c.e. after a student complaint led to an onis line position. advocates of the program pushing back saying that move to private students of valuable professional experience dan springer has more from seattle. >> following a single complaint from student and online petition signed by several hundred others, seattle university's law school suspended externship program with with u.s. immigration and custom enforcement. >> every nation has immigration laws for those students ting they've been cheated. citing schools, quote, special responsibility to be peacemakers law schools defended decision arguing that school should, quote, assist those who are
3:40 pm
suffering due to unjust operation of our legal system. laws and their enforcement. >> i think it is a good decision, and it reflecting view and in a positive way. former i.c.e. director and fobs news contradict tore calls move misguided. >> i know it is very controversial or very emotional. but they work on a lot of national security terrorism investigations. that they do a lot of work with removal in deportation of known suspect terrorists. i.c.e. legal team includes 1200 lawyers and 300 support staff and a 70 u.s. cities most are in front of immigration junls in facilities like northwest detention center and law school students routinely lower the case back load. i.c.e. principle legal advisor telling fox news it is disheartening that an institution dedicated to teaching the laws of this country and who's core oval include justice and diversity would prevent its students from gaining professional experience.
3:41 pm
rankings suggest seattle u could work study programs it could get near the bottom of several list when is it comes to graduates with the bar the first time and working as a lawyer. the law school student who made the complaint about i.c.e. and the university declined our request for an interview. in seattle, dan spring orer, fox news. jon: new clues in the search for a missing colorado mother as police begin to question those closest to her. we have the latest on the case, coming up. >> it has been 23 days that has passed since kelsey was last seen. do i think she's alive that's a possibility and that is our hope. we saved hundreds
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>> police ramping up search for missing colorado mother kelsey
3:46 pm
berreth they call her disappearance suspicious jeff paul live in los angeles with the latest. jeff. >> well john police say it could take days to cleat this search of patrick frazee home not considered a suspect or person of interest investigators say he has not directly spoken with them so far, all of the communication with authorities has been through frazee's lawyer. >> sit down with one of our investigators and that's what we're asking for is just for him to sit down with investigate since he talked to her face-to-face from what we can tell. >> last seen publicly entering a safeway grocery store in woodland park, colorado on thanksgiving november 22nd. her fiancé said he last saw her that same day when he met with berreth to pick up their daughter and their mom reported her missing. >> what evidence have the investigators uncovered so far? >> well, jon the search warrant
3:47 pm
for frazee home so don't know probable cause but we know berreth last cell phone ping from 800 mile away in idaho investigators say her last known of communication was through a text to her fiancé sent on november 25th and one to her employer saying she wouldn't be at work next week. her mom say this is behavior isn't like her daughter. >> she doesn't run off. and someone knows where she's at. kelsey we just want you home. tell us if you can. we won't quit looking -- >> frazee attorney released a statement saying that he continues to cooperate with law enforcement and that frazee has never been asked to voluntarily participate in the the search of his home. we also just a few minutes ago are learning there's now a 25,000 dollar reward offered for information that leads to location or safe return are of berreth this after woodland park police received an anonymous donation.
3:48 pm
jon. >> jeff paul from los angeles tonight. thank you, jeff. >> with flu season in full swing, disturbing new numbers on how many people are skipping the vaccine. plus, what does politics have to do with dating? according to the experts, a whole lot. ♪ minimums and fees. they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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more than 40% of americans say they do not plan on getting a flu shot this according to a new study by the national opinion research center at the university of chicago. people say they don't want the shot for fear of side effects or because they don't believe it actually works. last year, more than 900,000 people were hospitalized with the flu more than 80,000 died. meanwhile, a new study out of hazard finding that folks who drink a glass of wine a day are less likely to spend time at the hospital. the research focused on adults living in italy who ate a mediterranean diet study makes case for moderation revealing those who drank multiple glasses were more likely to go to the hospital. our country's divided politics causing repercussions in the
3:53 pm
realm of date according to match making experts president trump looms large. steve rappaport has that story. >> how important is political compatibility to you? >> it is superimportant. whether you're a democrat or a republican, there's no denying president trump has had a major impact on american culture, and that includes the dating world. fnght at this time we would like donald trump as you have those kind of beliefs i might have to shy away from -- >> i'm pretty conservative so find someone more qeivetive. i wish i would have known before i got married my husband political views a little bit better. as politics become more polarize creaming into the world of relationships with singles becoming more politically picky about who they date. relationship experts say more folks are now pairing up based on compatibility and if you have strong leanings to right or left make it known early on. : middle of the world politically, they are they really have opinion. and plays itself out on the
3:54 pm
date. there are now apps in websites designed specifically for people who don't want to date their political opposite so if you don't have to swipe left with different beliefs and strength of those beliefs are more important thans did. >> as long as you're not too far to the right and you can think, and you have a brain. >> politics doesn't do anything with love. i mean, doesn't make a difference. how important is political compatibility to you in a relationship? >> not really. it is more about the match. ultimately most experts say honesty is still most important factor at the start of any relationship. and they're urging couples to put more emphasis on their similarities so the romance can survive the political divide financial >> if they focus on what makes them feel connect with each each other rather than looking for differences in the beginning especially they're going to start off on a healthier foundation. a recent survey showed one in ten americans have ended a relationship over political differences since president trump took office.
3:55 pm
in new york, steve rapp fort fox news. >> very special day today in national cemeteries across country as wall streets across america honor wreath laying ceremonies. an emotional morning they tell me thank you because of that one retha means their loved one is not forgot than $15 donation that represents one service member and a -- the family that they left behind. you, the further into winter we go, the heavier i get. and while your pants struggle to support the heavier you, your roof struggles to support the heavier me. [laughter] whoo. [crash] and your cut-rate insurance might not pay for this. so get allstate, you could save money and be better protected from mayhem like me. mayhem is everywhere. so get an allstate agent.
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today is national wreaths across america day and honor americans are wreaths placed on their graves at 1600 national cemeteries all across the nation and even overseas. >> we are always humble about how many people come out every year and this year we have at 11 a.m. we had over 56,000 volunteers specifically at arlington national cemetery my goodness. people are watching weather and news it was pouring down rain all day long. we were able to see kits for all 56,000 at arlington national cemetery. earlier today president trump visited arlington national cemetery for a wreath laying ceremony saying that organization wreaths across america does a great job. >> and that's how fox reports on this saturday december 15th, i'm jon scott, thanks for watching life, liberty, and levin is up
4:00 pm
next. ♪ hello america this is life, liberty and levin we have a great guest steve scalise. majority whip, soon to be minority whip unfortunately. i want to cover two areas with you. one is, obviously, what happened to you. the american people are intensely interested in this, and really united around you when you were almost mortally wounded and also sol policy question. what happened in the


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