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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  December 16, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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progression after another. it remains something he never fully explained. >> if there's ever a story that doesn't. [inaudible] it's chappaquiddick breaking tonight, a huge moment for the populist movement as the two biggest issues in america come to a head on healthcare and immigration. both parties have got it wrong and president comes populist instincts are right, but can he deliver a lasting change that working americans need. good evening and welcome to the next revolution. this is the home of positive populism. looks look who's here to discuss all of that, plus the new white house chief of staff and the latest from the swamp
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including the members of congress who you just booted out heading straight back in as lobbyists and the shenanigans over donations for the trump inaugural committee. i don't know how were going to cover all that but we will try. let me just set things up for you on these two massive issues dominating the news as we head into the holiday. look at it from a populist perspective. what is best for working americans? not the rich, not the donors, not the activist but regular working people? on immigration, establishment republicans have wanted cheap labor and establishment democrats wanted cheap votes. working americans lost out as uncontrolled immigration kept wages low. on healthcare, the republicans have gone too far right and the democrats too far left, but what we actually need is a major reform that delivers universal healthcare using free market solutions.
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that's how i see it and i think president trump has got the right instincts on all of that. with me to it debate all of this, fox nation host tommy lawrence and contributor jason j fitz, author of the book the deep state, how and army of bureaucrats is working to destroy the trump agenda and co-authors, trump enemy, how the deep state is undermining the presidency. former trump campaign manager cory and contributor david bossi. let's start with immigration. i want to play something for all of you that i thought today that actually really annoyed me. i want to explain why in a second period let's hear from steven muller, the top policy advisor on immigration. >> this is a very fundamental issue. at stake is the question of whether or not the united states remains a sovereign country, whether we can establish and enforce rules. the democrat party is a simple
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choice. they can either choose to fight for america's working class or to promote illegal immigration. you can't do both. >> it's fine, you can agree or disagree but i think it's a little late for these high-minded generous statements when what we actually got was a very specific promise. we all know it from steven miller's boss. listen. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. >> so steve muller, it seems to me instead of wandering around the studio going on about the general principle, two years into the administration, what has happened to that very specific promise, build the wall, mexico will pay for it. if mexico will pay for it, what's all this business with nancy and the government shutdown of the congress doesn't give the president money. congress ultimately has to
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appropriate the money. it's embarrassing that two years into this administration the republicans who had the house and senate and the presidency, i know you have to get to 60 in the senate, but they should've held the line and made sure that funding comes. there's ways to make mexico pay for it. you can charge more for going across our borders, there's lots of things you can do but putting america first in protecting our border is paramount and its congress to blame. >> congress has been controlled by the republicans for two years. >> we call them republicans but when it comes to immigration there are undercover democrats and this is what we been dealing with for years and i think the american people are finally starting to see it. if states continue to put up rhinos and you wonder why we don't have a fully funded wall, there you go. >> with steve, the republican leadership has been an open border republican leadership in paul ryan was very clear, he didn't want the wall, he fought the president every step away they've now funded $1.6 billion for the wall on
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multiple occasions but if the president has use the military or funds from the military, then let's do that because there's nothing more important than the sovereignty. >> i just want to repeat the case from this from a pro worker point of view. this is not a right wing thing about hating immigrants, it's about an orderly process that protects everybody's interest, those who are trying to come here legally and working americans still here. are you able enough to understand that. >> i think what's corey's talking about is exactly right. the congress only wants to give, they had failed for two years, you're right. this president is asking for $5 billion. congress is saying they're going to appropriate 1.6 and he is holding the line. i just want to put it in perspective. many years ago under barack obama, the cash for clunkers program was $3 billion. they found $3 billion to throw in the garbage can which is what that program essentially
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was, and they can't find $3 billion to help this president secure our borders. >> all the time you hear that. just today there was someone from the military on about the damage to one of the army bases from the hurricane in the late summer, looking for 3.6 billion for that. i'm not saying that's not needed, but the point is. [inaudible] >> working to spend $4 trillion over the next 12 months is cory right that you can just take it from another budget? >> you really can because there are lists after lists i've been told the power of the person everything, but you can't micromanage everything on this. quickly on healthcare. a very clear promise from the president in 2016 in the campaign, let's listen to what he said. >> i'm going to take care of everybody. i don't care if it talk cost
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me votes or not. they're all going to be taking care of much better than they're taking care of now right, so take care of everybody. one of the things people heard from him, it was not the female republican. i think that sometimes the republicans, eight years they've done nothing, a big promise to repeal and replace and not delivered. i think they got to ideological. president understands that the working people, these are the real worries, the financial worry of not having healthcare and he wants universal healthcare. that doesn't mean it has to be delivered to become a single-payer mechanism. >> this president has said it from the beginning. you have to be able to buy health insurance across state lines. you can do it with car insurance, i don't understand why we don't have a system if you live in california you can find cheaper health insurance in oklahoma, you should be able to buy that. this is insanity. this could be done in one of two ways. the secretary of labor could sign an executive order but we
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have to give people choices and healthcare. >> the promise of being covered should be there. >> of course but let me just start with the affordable care act has made premiums not affordable. average americans have seen their premiums double since this policy has been in place, since nancy pelosi passed it so we could learn what wasn't it. that is what we all have gotten, double our premiums. >> very quickly we have to go but quick thoughts on healthcare situation. >> there's a difference between access and having a little card and being able to afford it. i agree with you, free market solutions all the way, don't know the directions of california. >> i think we have to separate the insurance from the provision. that is the big problem. >> they have to get united and just make it happen. 40 times when i was in the house, 40 times we voted to repeal it. as soon as donald trump was the president we could actually do it, guess what,
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our leadership never put that bill back up. >> i think it's humiliating they haven't figured out how to do this. shame on the republican party. you've got a lot to say it will have lots more on all of this. we have a special swamp watch for you tonight. don't miss that. and the people who put together all of the fantastic information we used to expose the corruption. if you know any trump haters, you might want to call them now and asked them to watch the next segment. that's all i'm saying. don't go ♪ it is such a good time to kiss ♪
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okay, so something caught my eye this week. did you see this? an official meeting in europe is the climate group that president trump pulled out of. >> if we are serious about eradicating poverty and providing universal access to reliable energy, it is clear that energy innovation and fossil fuels will continue to play a leading role. [laughter] very strange. you know how payment change activists never stop going on about leaving the science and health facts matter.
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the myron fate cheering the united states instead of jeering. in the evil populace trump america, here's what happened to carbon emissions in 2017. they fell but in the faintly globalist european union they went up by 1.15% in the same period. in fact. capita in trump's america are nearly at a 70 year low. turns out energy deregulation does more to fight climate change than going to conferences. i guess you might call that an inconvenient truth. this is pretty inconvenient to. if you go around saying trump is a fake populace, that he's not doing anything to help the forgotten men and women in this country. >> ali had time for was celebrity and now suddenly he's acting like he's a populace out there. he's gonna fight for working people. come on man. >> he's trying to tell us he cares about the middle class. give me a break. that's a bunch of malarkey.
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>> malarkey. i want trump to run in 2020 just so we hear more of that word. america's poverty rate was lower in trump's first year than at any point in the obama administration. okay, whatever, but of course the middle class was screwed by that trump tax cut that only help the rich. oh wait, the trump tax cut doubled this standard deduction to 24000. that is a huge change that will take many of americans out of federal income tax altogether. what else helps middle-class customer jobs but of course that idiot trump couldn't create them. >> 170 says, like the person you just mentioned one that can advertise for, that he's gonna bring all these jobs back, how exactly are you gonna do that. he just says on the negotiate a better deal. how? how exactly are you going to negotiate that? what magic wand you have i
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don't know, maybe just better economic policy, the kind that results in the lowest unemployment rate since 1969 and the lowest african-american unemployment ever. also, wasn't trump going to crush the economy they all agree, donald trump will drive america back into recession. >> left, right and center, inconvenient truth, even the new york times just gave trump credit for the fact that the u.s. economy is on track for its best annual performance since 2005. all right, whatever, jobs but trump still wasn't delivering his promises to working people. i mean after decades of stagnation, incomes are still flat, aren't they? we met few things that we been looking at for quite a while doesn't seem to be moving too
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much as wages. oh dear, that turns out not to be true anymore. raises have risen all the way through and we are up in the last quarter. the highest level in a decade. fine, but it's all gonna be ruined by trump's crazy trade war with china. the elitists seem to hate trump so much they even took china side. they just laptop his speech on the virtues of globalization. the president of the eu investment bank said, in these times of a lack of leadership, particularly in europe, it was quite impressive, but what's actually happening? is it president trump's pressure is working. china is on the back foot making trade concessions, and now pledging to drop it's made in china 2025 program which was the grand plan to achieve world domination in the
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future. we will see if they mean it, but even a fact they are saying it was a major victory for that idiot trump who obviously doesn't know what he's doing. just like north korea, remember. >> we have the total is 7100 individual nuclear warhead. i don't even want to know what the destructive capability is there and were about to and the launch orders over to a guy who can't stay away from his phone for 15 minutes. it was outgoing president obama who told president trump that north korea would be his number one problem. trump actually listen to him, did something about it, and turned our relationship around in a way that has made the world incomparably safer, and then, just this week we saw incredibly important substantive progress from this ministration. major criminal justice reform led by jared kushner, a major new effort to revitalize urban america and rebuild america
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and a highly significant new strategy from john bolton to fight china's attempted colonization of africa. on top of that america, this week becoming a net oil exporter for the first time in 75 years, enabling us to reduce the global influence of dodgy regimes in the middle east and elsewhere. yes, but he's still an idiot, is any. he still trump. the point here is this. we will never persuade the trump haters on the left and the right to change their feelings about the president. they just can't stand him, but more than anything, they find him vulgar, not to their taste , fine, but could you just focus on the facts. could you just acknowledge for a day or so over christmas on the facts, on the policy, on the substance, this is, so far, a pretty successful presidency. tell me what you think of that at next rab fnc.
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[inaudible] >> they have an answer for everything. if you talk about all the accomplishments you can go through it and set it in front of their face. there still gonna tell you is barack obama who did it at the end of the day they have an answer for everything. let them have their late-night shows in their comedy, we are fine. >> you look at bill kristol who say they're supposed to be conservative, they wanted a conservative president, those standards, now they're out of a job. you didn't even talk about the judges, the hundred plus judges to have fundamentally change the direction of those that were on the court for generations to come. that's what he said he would do and he's doing it but they won't give him the credit because they don't like how he delivers the message. >> i think that's exactly right. is just vile two that's all they can argue on because
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substance is working. they can't argue the facts. when you can't argue the facts people just think you are some crazy trump forming. >> now, and that's not where i started. i gotta tell you, what i love about this president is what he did and what he said is what he's doing i love the fact that he's exactly the same person. it's working. putting america first was always something you heard from every candidate but this guy actually does it, and i love it. >> the left and the mainstream media hate this president more than they love the country and that is the fundamental failure, that is the divide we have today. they have just have not accepted the results of the 2016 election. that's what it comes down to two i think there is a general political point, good news for america is bad news proponents
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of the administration, whether on the left or the right. i'm not sure i would question their fundamental patriotism, but they definitely would never admit it, they don't want to see the president's feed because it hurts them politically. if trumps for it they are against it. it's a simple formula for them. they don't argue a policy or principal, they just say they're against the president. the other thing is a bit of the problem, the way none of this is covered. the media just endlessly focuses on russia and the scandal an investigation, i'm not saying that's not important or should be covered at all but the fact that it leads so many news program. >> it's all they have, and that's falling apart. we talk about $5 billion on the wall. how much do we spend on the russian investigation? and what we have? 90% of the mainstream media coverage has been negative and that would be acceptable if we were in an economy that was
9:23 pm
20% unemployment. he has put america back to work in this notion that were putting america first, i don't understand why that's a foreign idea to people. we are not here to put other countries first. we have a $22 trillion deficit that we have to take care of, but were gonna put americans back to work and by the way were the greatest country in the world and we should be proud of it. it's not even a negative, i would take it if at least they covered the other stories, even negatively but at least cover the fact that you have this amazing criminal justice reform but they barely talk about it. why isn't any of the media talking about these incredible efforts. >> this president, for two years has been fighting that exact point. 90% of the media coverage is against this president. this president has done the american people a favor by educating all of us that the fake news divisions across the
9:24 pm
media are absolutely against him. he has made the american people understand that fact and he has educated them that they are against what we are for and i think he is doing them a servic service. >> think about the carbon emissions, for example. they're just completely ingrained view there that he's just totally hostile to the environment when america is leading on carbon. i'm sorry, we are out of time. next, jason has an idea on how to fix congress. not sure nancy pelosi is going out like it or any of the republicans for that matter either. don't go away. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise.
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welcome back. nancy flows he will be speaker of the house again. as the who once said, meet the same loss as the old boss.
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fixing that is jason, his positive and practical idea for making congress work better. >> there should be term limits for leadership positions in house. house republicans do it this way and nobody else. not the senate, not house democrats and that is you can only serve for three terms in that leadership position and then you gotta move on. i became the chairman of the oversight committee, i was only a fifth time in a hundred years that i did it after three terms and i did that because it was based on merit and the steering committee and about. this is not the same as term limits for elected. official. >> if you want to do it, do it for the bureaucrats. do it for the federal workforce. if you want have a different government, do it that way. the leadership positions need more term. >> i want to do a quick plug because my next deep dive will be with jason but you've gotta
9:30 pm
sign up for fox to do that. one last question before i bring the gang in. >> i once read a book. [inaudible] you don't want someone to get so entrenched and becomes this creature of washington d.c. get in and then get out and let someone else take baton. >> house republicans do it now and it's a good thing, but the senators come if you been there, you sit there for decades, then you need term limits. >> jason's exactly right but we need it for congress and the house and the senate. twelve years in both houses is perfectly fine. we are citizens legislature, we should go back to that. >> do you a grea agree.
9:31 pm
>> i agree with your point as well. money shouldn't control everything but i also well worry nancy will just take the next in line. she still got the money. >> she's actually saying she's going to do that. >> please pick cortez. >> i think it's important but it's more important for the country to balance the budget and the constitution should be taken up as a part rac we are inept position to not leave our children and grandchildren in greater depth than we are today. i want to talk about the funding for the wall. cory said the president should take it out of the expense budget and that there's precedent for that. >> you can go to the congressional budget office and pull up a list. they have hundreds of programs that are funded by the government that aren't authorized by congress. it happens every day. don't give me this excuse, they can actually do this. they do every tingle day. >> why do you think they're not doing it. >> i think the president,
9:32 pm
that's can be what this president is going to do. he is going to get this wall built over this next two years, and he is going to find the money whether the congress appropriates it in a law bill or its through the military, this president will stand up. he means what he says and he says what he means, that's the difference. >> you've been there. >> i was just there. what most people don't understand and i think democrats would be more onboard for what they think this wall is if they would go look at it, which i've challenge several to come with me and they haven't taken me up on it, but it doesn't look like a wall like you see behind us. it looks like a fence but it's reinforced with steel and filled with concrete and you can see through it which is what our border agents want. a lot of those landing style is already being replaced with this fencing, it's incredibly effective, donald trump of approved that with fiscal year 2017 funding and we just need more of it. they're having to reallocate and make up for the area that has not been replaced yet. if we could just replace the old landing map style.
9:33 pm
>> to your point about commencing democrats, it's actually pro humanitarians you have a properly constructed system with the wall and immigration courts. funding the immigration system is good for everyone. >> if you look at his pick from the interim chief of staff, the organization that oversees where the government spending is actually taking place and putting an eye on those things, that should tell everybody that he has a priority of finding the money for the wall and they are going to build it. >> do you think he should push ahead with the shutdown if he doesn't get the money. >> one 100%. >> if you gonna reopen it, you have to have a win and nancy and chuck are going to give you that when. >> vote on it. we absolutely need the wall. look, if the present feels the shutdown is right, his political instance of the best
9:34 pm
that we have in the republican party. if you think that's right, but corey's point is we need a win to come out of it. whatever that win is. >> thank you everyone. later on, one of the people around this table is on the short list to be the new white house chief of staff. what does he think. is the d.c. swamp filling back up as fast as we can drain it? want watch i like chillaxin'. the united explorer card makes things easy. traveling lighter. taking a shortcut. woooo! taking a breather. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com.
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you both amount and then they head straight back in. about a hundred current members of the house and senate will leave congress next year end many will dive headfirst into the d.c. swamp with new jobs as lobbyists and strategic advisory and all the other nonsense we cover here regularly. can anything be done to stop
9:39 pm
the revolving door? here to break it down is sheila, executive director, i just want to point out to our audience that so much of what we put out there, every week on swamp watch, the data that comes from the organization that she leads, i just want to thank you so much, you and your team for the incredible work, we literally couldn't do swamp watch without you. i just wanted start by saying that. let's get to this point about lobbying. i think it's one of the constant themes of swamp watch is this evolving door. i know there's this gap that has to be observed but how do you see it? what's been happening and what you think will happen with this year's members of congress were exiting. >> yes, thank you.
9:40 pm
every time there's a power shift in congress, washington goes through its own version of the nba draft with k street and the lobbying industry kind of competing to get the most powerful competing members and staff. we have about a hundred members departing congress, the lobbying industry is growing again and there's going to be fierce competition to get some of the most powerful former chairs and ranking member of congress two and what are the rules that are supposed to get in the way of any corruption here. >> there is a cooling off period. members of congress have to honor it. it's a one-year ban on lobbying their former colleague after they leave congress and in the senate is a two-year ban. that's meaningful because the longer you have to wait before you can lobby your former
9:41 pm
colleagues, the more stale your contacts, your expertise growth so it is a meaningful sacrifice from our perspective and an important time. for them to not be trading on those contacts and expertise. >> but they find ways around that, don't they. >> they do, and principally they asked not as registered active lobbyists, but as senior advisors, strategic advisors, i like to say they're kind of the generals calmly leaving the troop from the rear, dictating what is done on behalf of clients. some of them act as rainmakers so they are attracting the big corporate clients and other people do the work of contracting members and leading the charge. >> is there anything specific you would propose to deal with this? >> the first thing we always proposes that people get smart
9:42 pm
and get savvy about how the system really operates, the truth is, we can't really hold the lobbyists accountable, they don't work for us, our members of congress do. so we need to make sure we know what the members are doing in our name, we voted them in, we employ them and need to know what they're doing and we also need to make sure that we know who is lobbying them, what they want and whether what they're getting in bills passed or killed is in the constituents best interest. >> just one quick change of subject. in the investigation of the inaugural committee for foreign donors, what you make of all that. >> for foreign donors and reports they're talking about alleged questions about how much money was spent on what. there are a few questions
9:43 pm
rolling but reports are focused on a few middle eastern countries and the connections to the head of the presidential inaugural committee and his connections, introductions of the person handling logistics for the committee and connections to business professionals and wealthy individuals in saudi arabia and uae. there's a lot of smoke, or we don't know exactly what's going on but just a lot of allegations at this point. >> thank you, i'm sure you will keep an eye on it and we will too. we really appreciate that you could join us tonight. thank you very much. >> up next, a new interim chief of staff in the white house. what is that all about. we asked the experts including we asked the experts including one of our guests who is o
9:44 pm
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all right, mick mulvaney is in as interim chief of staff. anyway, a pretty relevant topic, how the deep state is
9:48 pm
undermining the president. if you have about the book please go into it. mick mulvaney, i just thought you'd like to see this again, seeing a little clip regarding president trump. >> yes i'm supporting him as enthusiastically as i can. [inaudible] >> i was just intrigued by this, he's the acting chief and i just wondered, since you are widely discussed in connection if he's just keeping it warm for you two i don't think so steve, he is incredible, he will do a great job for this president, he brings a host of background widen policy and politics in the legislative process.
9:49 pm
his budget background, finding money for the wall, he will serve this president as of whatever it will be january 2, in that capacity and we will see if he ends up staying there. i think the president, it gives this president time to make the right decision, a thoughtful decision that he is, he want somebody who will be with them through the 2020 election and mick mulvaney and several others can help guide him. >> including you. >> it's a humbling thing to be on that list so i do the best i can, helping this president every single day, cory and i were with him and had a chance to visit and talk about a lot of these issues and we talked about his future for the next few years. >> and i can go any further. that was very interesting. i want to go back to earlier topic because we have such interesting points on that about members of congress going in, there's a glaring
9:50 pm
loophole in the rules that are supposed to prevent the corruption. >> there's no prohibition the member of congress to start to lobby the administration. there are two-point to million federal employees. if you leave congress you can't go talk to your fellow congressmen for a year in the house you brought up term limits again. >> because it dilutes the power. you will have a lot more turnover among the staff and that's where power really, it just gravitates around the very few, very important and powerful staffers that end up being there for very long time. you're more turnover in congress come you will defeat that and that makes it better for every american. >> interesting because you hear them again but you've all made such a powerful case for very interesting. i think the reason we don't talk about term limits enough because it's not as sexy as
9:51 pm
talking about the wall or anything else, but it makes sense. the professional staff members have all of the influence when those bosses come and go. many of them stay there and they are the individuals that when they decide to leave capitol hill demand significant salaries and have the opportunity to go back and influence the process unduly in a bad way there is this great story out about a congressman who went to go meet with the secretary but the secretary wasn't there and it was just the staff was there and they said oh i'm meeting with the b -- b team and they said that's right we be here before you and we be here after you. [laughter] a new poll shows the surprising top choices. 2020. we reveal the front runner. we reveal the front runner. that's coming up next. ♪ it's the time of the season for loving ♪
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welcome back. a new poll shows who iowa democrats want as their candidate in 2020. joe biden was first followed by bernie sanders. all right. let's bring in some of the campaign guys, cory, david, give us your take. >> he is a completely unproven commodity. he's never won an election other than a small congressional district. he's not going to be leading the ticket. what you can see is michael blue bloomberg, maybe cricket hvac on top of the ticket somewhere. >> when i watch her confession, at that moment she had not given up. >> we can only hope. the democrats, i don't think they can do that themselves again the blue-collar worker
9:57 pm
is trying to cultivate his image within that. you look at the economy, i think this resident has a good record to run on, but i'm not really worried about that much. michael bloomberg, oprah winfrey, the out-of-the-box candidates. >> let's talk about his real name is robert, let's get that out in the open. what's his nickname to be. there was a nickname that the president used before he battled on pocahontas and it was one of my neighbor it. he called her goopy, elizabeth
9:58 pm
warren. i think that's a really good one. just saying. >> i think robert is a good one a quick turn to the republican side because there's been a lot of speculation about a primary challenge with president trump. what you think. >> nonstarter. it's not going anywhere. >> i hope to see kay thicken jeff flake. i think that would be wonderful. we would all fall asleep within the first two minutes and it will be overcome with but wouldn't be wonderful to see them up there. >> this notion that president trump is actually not going to run again according to some people. i just wanted to ask you what% chance you say there is of president trump not running again. >> zero is the chance. he's a one 100% chance. i know him very well. he's one 100% running.
9:59 pm
he's going to go to new hampshire, he's going to trying campaign there or to california because california then moved up in the process for the rnc. he's going to have to bifurcate his time and he might run as a democrat. >> who? >> john kasich. two he's gonna run a very small cam campaign in a couple places. he's not to go anywhere. he has the backing of the republican party base come he is so strong with his base, it can't get any stronger. we interviewed the president for our book and he feel so comfortable in his own skin when it comes to the promises made, promises kept to the republican base, whether it's national security, he has hit it out of the park two it was going so well. that was great. really good discussion. i just want to say thank you. it's been great having you here. that's all we have time for. thank you very much for
10:00 pm
watching and don't forget to check out deep dive with me and jason come he can learn more about the next revolution. mark levine is up next friend i will see you next sunday when the next revolution will be televised.


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