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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 17, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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he va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361. >> a busy week ahead, glad you started it off with me at 1 p.m. eastern. i'm harris. here is dana. >> dana: the clock is ticking as the government appears headed for a possible shutdown. the deadline just five days away, congress and the president butt heads over border security. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing with dana perino." >>-- telling fox the president is not inclined to support a short-term resolution that would kick the can down the road. the president tweeting, any time you hear a democrat saying you can have good border security without a wall, write them off as just another politician following the party line.
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time for us to save billions of dollars a year, and have, at the same time, far greater safety and control. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live on the north lawn. what do you think the chances are of reaching an agreement before the deadline? john: you know, there is a famous saying, slim to none and slim just left town. i don't know if it is that bad, it certainly is looking like the two sides are very far apart. the president says he needs to spend billions on a wall, it will save billions in the longrun, the democrats are saying we could save you billions by doing something else instead of a wall. the president said he is happy to shoulder the blame if the government shuts down over border security. he may get the opportunity to do that. the president demanding $5 billion for border security in the current budget, that money go to hire more ice and custom border protection ark gents.
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administrative law agents. the bulk would go to building the wall. he allowed cameras to stay in the office with nancy pelosi and schumer last week. yesterday on the sunday show schumer saying no way, no how is the president going to get his money. listen hear. >> we democrats, leader nancy pelosi and i, offered the president two options as to how to avoid the shutdown and we should not let a temper tantrum threat push us in the direction of doing something everybody the republican colleagues knows is wrong. >> with shutdown looming on friday, the white house is digging in its heels, insisting the president needs money to ensure national security. here is mercedes earlier this hour -- >> senator schumer had better stop being the grinch when we are facing a shutdown.
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find ways to get to the $5 billion for the fiscal barriers along the border, as well as ensure we have resources necessary to secure the border. >> the president thinks this is political battle, dana, that he can win, tweeting democrats are too happy to give iran $180 billion for the jc pl, they don't want to spend $5 billion on national security for the united states. with the shutdown looming, though, it is unclear whether or not the president does have the votes in the house to get this passed. nancy pelosi said last week he doesn't because a lot of the republican members who are retiring likely aren't going to come back this week f. they don't, the vote count may get slim. >> dana: pretty tight. what about the russia investigation? is it really possible the president could still sit down with mueller? john: i don't know if it ever was possible. we know the president in recent
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days, probably three weeks ago now, gave mueller written answers to questions he's wanted to know since about a year ago. but in terms of a sit-down interview with robert mueller, i don't know if that would ever happen. his outside legal team told us robert mueller and this agreement they made over written answers wanted to reserve the right to ask the president to sit down for a follow-up interview and he didn't take off the table the idea of in-person interview on obstruction of justice issues. but rudy giuliani told chris wallace yesterday after what the president and his legal team have seen the office of special counsel do regarding michael flynn, the chances of the president sitting down with robert mueller are slim to none and slim just left town. listen here. >> special counsel doesn't want to interview the president? >> yeah, good luck. after what they did to flynn, trapped him into perjury and no sentence for him, 14 days for
11:05 am
george stephanopoulos, i did better than pap george papadopoulos. >> the flynn hearing is tomorrow. the judge asked the office of special counsel for documents related to the interview of michael flynn. we will see tomorrow morning how all of those documents play into the sentence that michael flynn will get. don't forget, office of special counsel asking for no jail time for flynn. dana. >> dana: we'll be paying attention, john, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: lots of question after federal judge strikes down obamacare, ruling it is unconstitutional, including coverage of peep welpre-existing conditions. the decision coming koun just hours before the window to sign up for next year closed. we will help explain this. >> hey, dana, seems for now, no change whatever people are doing that is right for themselves and their family, that is what
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should continue to happen. the decision will be appealed and in the meantime, nothing changes, the judge's ruling will not take effect. many g.o.p. lawmakers, ideas to reserve coverage for pre-existing conditions, but they want to respect or rather, you know, basically have that so-called individual mandate, strike that. it is hard to figure out how they will do both things and democrats mulling over legal action. so congressman burrroughs spoke with us and hear is what he's hearing from his constituents. >> i hear that this system is complex and costly, help with the cost and complexity and nothing that happened in affordable care act did anything to help complexity, it made it worse. >> dana: dick durbin weighing in, as well. this issue is alive. here he is this weekend. >> now this issue is alive and
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well again. the republicans have no alternative to the affordable care exact they have been refusing up to this point, to sit down with us. >> bottom line, when congress was republican controlled, there was no alternative that was able to pass. we know of course the dems take over the house in january, so most people i'm speaking with say listen, whatever steps forward are likely to be legal and not legislative. >> dana: we'll keep an eye on everything, the government, i mean, they have a responsibility to the people signed up. >> they do. the hhs, i won't read the whole statement, part of it, they say nothing will change. hhs will continue to administer and enforce all aspects of the aca as before and essentially that has to stand until the court makes a final decision. >> dana: yeah, people have anxiety about healthcare anyway. >> yes, big moving needle here. >> dana: thank you.
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fox news voter analysis showing 72% of democrats say it is most pressing issue facing the nation, compared to 22% of republican voters. joining me is editor of half-time report. spoke with somebody at s that said what we are doing on thursday and friday is how we do our work today, on monday, this ruling didn't make a change in terms of immediate impact. political ramifications and possibly the policy ones could be big going forward. how do you see it? >> how many seats did the republican effort to repeal this law cost republicans in 2018? i don't know. would patrick morrisey beaten ma manchin? the mandate and the market place, those things have to be worked out. that is up to economists. as a political proposition, it
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is the requirement, regulations, the patient's bill of rights concept that includes the fact you have to write policies for people who have pre-existing conditions and you can't charge them that much more. in that one case, just west virginia alone, morrissey, signature to the lawsuit, joe manchin used that effectively against him and said he wants to take away your rights as a patient and consumer. as fok news analysis showed, for people living in bright red states, in texas, in kansas, some place like that, it is pretty republicany and people don't like the law, that is probably, this is probably not that catastrophic, but for a lot of republican politicians, this is terrible, now they have to fashion, conceivably -- >> dana: do something. >> have to fashion something, they demonstrated in 2017, that ain't so easy. >> dana: the editorial page
11:10 am
writing today president trump's administration has done good work revising regulation to reduce healthcare cost and increase access. the risk is the lawsuit will cost republicans to panic politically and strike a deal with democrats that reinforces obamacare. this is liberal trap of thinking, they can use accords to achieve policy goals that need to be won in congress. >> they must have started their holiday party early at the journal editorial page, the idea republicans in congress are going to do anything. the idea that republicans and democrats are going to come together in any way on this until after the matter is adjudicated by the supreme court, known as not soon. we will be in the shank much the 2020 election >> dana: regardless of that, yeah, right talk politics now. does 2020 become yet another presidential election we'll be talking about healthcare? >> it is quite possible under
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the right set of circumstances that 2020 could turn into a referendum on donald trump's healthcare plan and see whatever the trump plan is forward that he puts forward and the democratic nominee put forward become a central touchdown, the core here for the fight in 2020. that was probably going to be the case to some degree, no matter what, if we have the law dangleing and might need a real replacement, it comes down, uncumbent on the incumbent uh-huh to come up with his own plan and see how 2020 could be about healthcare. >> dana: more immediately, the shutdown, do you think the shutdown happens and do you think it could last a while this time? >> i don't want to, i do not want to in any way sound i am not soft-hearted and that i feel bad for federal employees who are furloughed and won't get their money back, this is small shutdown within a small shutdown. this is a rounding error, all
11:12 am
just so much malarky, and both sides are doing this instead of their actual job. they hope the presence of this fight over nothing will distract voters from the fact they can't do their jobs. >> dana: you think we will have a shutdown and figure it out in january? >> as wise man once said, we'll see what happens. >> dana: i love that show, president trump's show. see what happens. thank you. >> you bet. >> dana: james comey is back on capitol hill for second closed-door session with lawmakers in less than two weeks. what he's telling them about the russia investigation and the growing questions about that michael flynn interview. plus, michael cohen, once known as donald trump's fixer, now president trump calling him something else. he says lawmakers look forward to hearing more from trump's one-time personal lawyer. >> i'm hoping that mr. cohen will come before the congress,
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>> dana: on round two for james comey with the ousted f.b.i. director spending another day
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behind closed doors, facing questions between two house committees about the agency handling of the hillary clinton e-mails and russia investigation. he's under fire for the f.b.i. handling of the michael flynn interview. chief intelligence correspondent is live on capitol hill with the latest. catherine. >> it is pretty smooth up here, latest guidance is sessions may wrap up, if you will, about an hour from now. it's been fluctuating between that and sometime into the early evening. republicans have a lot of questions, they are interested in this memo that was posted by the f.b.i. on the website. late friday night, several sessions are redacted. comey briefed in 2017 about the anti-trump dossier, the memo makes specific reference to private entities being who funded the dosz isier, the dnc,
11:18 am
republicans want to know why it was so vague, whether it was done on purpose. here is congressman meadows a short time ago. congressman: we believe everything should be available for the american people to see and make a judgment call for themselves, especially in light of the fact that you can use ongoing investigation for almost any justification, not to answer any question and i don't know that is necessarily prudent or appropriate. >> democrats have consistently said they feel many of the questions have been asked and answered either through previous interviews or in the public testimony, dana, they say this is an effort by republicans to damage and tarnish the ongoing russia investigation by the special counsel, robert mueller. he is hafrpg johnson from earlier today. >> the republicans will continue
11:19 am
to rake james comey over the coals for as long as they can. and it appears to be at the direction of president trump, so whenever he decides that he's finished with dragging director comey through the mud, then i guess the house republicans on the judiciary committee will call off their inquicision. >> what makes this transcribed interview different from other witnesses, released transcript publicly within 24 hours and we're told to expect today's transcript by early afternoon on tuesday, dana. >> dana: so that will happen right before or right after the sentencing of michael flynn. i wonder if there are any developments where michael flynn is concerned? >> right. this is almost like sort of perfect storm of elements coming together on tuesday. you're right, we have the james comey transcript, the former
11:20 am
national security advisor is scheduled to be sentenced that morning in washington, d.c. and then today, before the director began testifying on capitol hill, in the federal court in alexandr alexandria, there is an indictment that alleges there was a conspiracy, agents for a foreign government, in this case, turkey, and made false statements about their businesses overseas. the timing is pretty interesting, coming day before the sentencing because if you look really closely into the plea agreement with michael flynn, they make a reference, obtuse, if you will, to the turkish businesses, that is getting fleshed out in the virginia court today, dana. >> we appreciate you keep thanksgiving straight for us, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> dana: reaction from saudi arabia rejecting senate resolution blaming the crowned prince for the murder of jamal khashoggi. plus, i will ask a former
11:21 am
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and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> dana: two of michael flynn's former business partners are being charged in relation to the mueller investigation. extradite to turkey. doug burns former federal prosecutor in new york. glad to have you here. i want to start with questions with michael flynn. let me read to you something from alan dershowitz from the hill today. i want you to react to this. >> he asked, did michael flynn lie or did the f.b.i. act improperly? the real question is whether taxes are acceptable and whether it is a proper role of law enforcement to conduct criminal morality tests to determine if citizens will tell the truth or lie when given the opportunity to do either by f.b.i. agents. these are important questions regarding civil liberties.
11:26 am
you are a former federal prosecutor, this is the wear things happen? >> what he was getting at and i read the article with great interest, because he was saying whether they treated him poorly in some fashion and he lied are not mutually exclusive. it is not all or nothing as is the case in political discussions, that was professor dershowitz point. the other point was they are creating ancillary process crimes. you got to step back and look at that. if you are tasked as special prosecutor with looking at a particular topic and i know it is a tired refrain, but you had it with ken starr and have you it now. they are tasked with a and now on b, c and d. man in search of a crime, etcetera, etcetera. i had 20, 30, 40 investigations going, when you are special counsel, you have one. there are inherent problems with that, but to the dershowitz article, i mean what he's saying, everybody should take a
11:27 am
step back and objectively examine whether we really want this type of thing to be done in a special counsel context. he made a great point, which was they already know whether he spoke to kisliak. the question is -- >> dana: if the f.b.i. knows the answer, so do they -- basically get nin flin to lie? >> here is the thing. what dershowitz is saying without saying it, i like his writings, is that okay, you know he spoke to kislak. his job is to determine that information, not you know it and now let's go in and set a mouse trap. did you speak to him? no. the grr, got him on the lie. trying to create this process. i like to be fair down the middle. create a process crime, he did the process crime. bottom line, dana. >> dana: let me have you listen to rudy giuliani on fox news
11:28 am
sunday talking about michael cohen, the president's one-time personal lawyer. listen to him here. >> yeah. >> that is some lawyer. he was the lawyer in that situation. >> well, but does the president tell the truth or not? >> the president is telling the truth, yes. this man is lying. is that a big surprise to you that michael cohen is lying? the man got up in front of the judge and said i was fiercely loyal to donald trump. nonsen nonsense, he taped him. >> dana: so in the government's filing it basically said that michael cohen liesa i lot. >> yes. >> now is the witness? >> big, dark -- >> dana: they all lie? >> i have called drug dealers, narcotic traffickers, serious criminals as witnesses and what it all boils down to, prosecutorial 101, 2, and 3, whether or not you can corroborate them and back them up. you can call a big drug dealer to say, i was with the
11:29 am
defendant, and show video showing them there, guess what, the jury will believe him. it is a tricky, complicated dance cht the worse the witness is, the more you want to corroborate them. there is difference in law and politics. law is what i just told you, any prosecutor said if a witness is convicted of lying, opens up devastating cross-examination, it makes it so you have to corroborate them. politically, cohen was horrible, he's a thug, like roy cohen, he's a fixer. came from the left. now all of a sudden, he will say something anti-trump, wait a minute, whole new attitude. not even a rat, but worthy of belief. politics and law do not mix. >> dana: we have you here to tell us the law. thank you, we appreciate it. turkey renewing calls for extradition of cleric that is here in the u.s. claiming president trump may be ready to cut a deal. the president also reportedly set to intervene in the case of green beret accused of murder.
11:30 am
>> what is it like going from war hero to accused war criminal? are you angry? >> no. it has been incredibly painful.
11:31 am
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to create clean energy. to raise capital. and be fearless entrepreneurs. to understand different perspectives. we stand behind all our partners working to make a difference. what would you like the power to do? >> dana: saudi arabia pushing back at rebuke by united states senators, pazzing resolutions condemning saudi government for dissident jury roomist jamal khashoggi and calling for america to end support for saudi-led war in yemen. the kingdom catagorically rejects interference in internal affairs, any and all accusation necessary any matter that disreport leadership and undermine sovereignty or diminish its stature. joining me is ian, of the eurasia group. what do you make of these developments? >> well, the saudis are pushing back against the republican-led
11:35 am
senate and frankly because of the pressure from the u.s. and from other countries around the world, the saudis are backing off policies we haven't been happy with, for example, the block head against cutter, our ally with biggest military base in the region, now you have both sides meeting and talking about potential for working together again. the war in yemen, that we've been providing support for, a lot of pressure for them to cut off, now finally we have a ceasefire. we'll see if it actually holds, but that port, 80% of all the humanitarian aid, that is where it goes through, these people are going to die if we don't open this port and it looks -- i'm pretty positive that will happen. >> dana: did you get the sense in the region there are other world leaders in the gulf region, that are sort of questioning the crown prince now? >> they are not questioning his ability to govern. they are not questioning their relationship with saudi arabia. but they do think that they shouldn't be all in on this guy.
11:36 am
in other words, really young, really inexperienced, don't want him to have all the keys to the kingdom, if you will. that is what they did. he was calling all the shots, internationally and domestically, everyone recognizes he's not going anywhere, but he needs to be given much more advice, contained, constrained. and the thing is, the united states gets credit from many in the region for pushing what we see congress doing right now. they don't necessarily like the fact that trump was seen as giving him a blank check. >> dana: all right, let me ask, turkey renewing calls for extradition of the cleric, the turkish government believes he was -- turkish foreign minister yesterday. >> yep. >> this guy and others belong to this organization, 84 names that
11:37 am
may have united states to extradite to turkey. >> do you believe you are closer to having that happen? >> well, last time when we met in buenos aires, president trump told everyone that they have been working on that. >> dana: i wonder, ian, when you thought the president said, we're working on that, is that like a blow offor is this a possibility? >> so far, not a possibility. they have been pushing on this for a long time. but president trump recently said that he in an interview, he would be willing to consider dropping the charges against the daughter of the c.f.o. of huawei, the daughter of the founder, if that would help the u.s.-china relationship. well, if you are the turks and you hear that, saying trump is willing to politically intervene to make the relationship better, what about turkey? are they chopped liver? they get in on it. trump doesn't really care as much about whether there is a strong or weak legal case, if he
11:38 am
thinks he can use that for leverage in a relationship, he will get pushback from his own administration on the issue. >> dana: we'll keep an eye on that. take a look at this, this is you this morning with a eurasia group company. always better to be on opening bell than closing bell. >> especially when the market is down. >> congratulations that is fun. i've been dieing to show this, part of this gzero media, the satire, the puppet regime you did about the north pole, let's watch. >> santa claus just announced he would like to invite you to the north pole for international summit. >> let's go. >> see and hear live from the north pole, historic meeting of santa claus and donald trump. this is the first ever summit between a u.s. president and the supreme leader of the north. let's watch history unfold.
11:39 am
>> watch out for the sun -- >> we discovered a common enemy whom we will fight together. >> saudi arabia. >> are you kidding me? it's amazon. >> that's right. >> dana: just a taste of it. go to see the puppet regime, you have a sense of humor. >> we have a great time, it is not mean, not meant to take everyone down, it is educational and give people something to laugh about. people get intensely insane about politics these days. i remember "school house rock," we learned about politics in songs. >> dana: how a bill becomes a law. i'm just a bill. >> i'm just a bill, only a bill. we have all sorts of songs. >> dana: good chance, it is satirical. i like the one where president trump invited world leaders for thanksgiving. they asked what did he bring, the bell. >> the bell. >> dana: new report expected from senate intelligence committee this week, show extent
11:40 am
of russia's interference in the twept16 presidential election. finds research agency used social media to deliver miss information to americans to elect donald trump president. a spokesperson responding saying congress and intelligence community are best placed to use the information we and others provide to determine political motivation of actors. we continue to fully cooperate with officials investigating the ira's movements around the 2016 election. peter doocy is live with more. peter: this new report is 101 pages filled with different things, different ways russia internet research agency, ira, tried to catch american voter attention ahead of the 2016 election. there is an outside group, new knowledge who concluded this, the most prolific ira efforts on facebook and instagram targeted
11:41 am
black american communities and appear to be focused on recruiting black americans as azets and this report reveals social media handles used by bad factors are still active and the accounts are not posting anything harmful or malicious, they could be used to do that in the future. the chairman of the senate intel committee, richard burr said this, newly released data demonstrates how russia sought to divide americans by race, religion and ideology and erode trust in democratic institutions, most troublingly shows these activities have not stopped. the committee's ranking member, top democrat, mark warner is pushing for new regulations and just said this, this should stand as wake-up call to us all, none of us are immune from the threat and it is time to get serious in addressing the challenge. that will require much needed and long overdue guard rail when is it comes to social media.
11:42 am
new research suggests that when facebook executives were here testifying on capitol hill might have downplayed the impact or usage by the ira of instagram, which they control. dana. >> dana: that is good to know. thank you, peter. fox news ark letter. former green beret from military hero to accused murderer. major mathew golsteyn charged with killing suspected taliban bomb maker now president trump says he may get involved in the case. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. why is this case getting renewed attention now? >> we learned last week the army charged major mathew golsteyn, a once decorated green beret with murder. the president tweeted "at the request of many, i will be reviewing the case of a u.s. military hero, major mathew golsteyn, who is charged with murder and could face the death penalty from our government
11:43 am
after he admitted to killing a terrorist bomb maker while overseas. the army reopened the case after golsteyn admitted with brar brar two years ago he had killed the alleged bombmaker in 2010. that set in motion a new army investigation. golsteyn was a special forces soldier attached to a unit that faced heavy fight nothing february 2010. he acknowledged during a polygraph when applying for a job at the c.i.a., he had killed an alleged taliban member, they suspected of killing a bomb that killed two marines. details of what he did with the taliban bomb maker's body were gruesome. >> did you kill the taliban bomb maker? >> yes. >> you willingly offered up these details. >> right. >> at the c.i.a.? >> right, correct. >> that is where it all started? >> pretty much. >> he says he felt he was protecting the afghanistan tribal leader who turned in the
11:44 am
bomb maker. >> has the accused soldier spoken out now? >> no. but his father did on fox and friends. >> it was an enemy combatant, he was a known bomb maker, he was identified and the actions taken were to protect the lives of the villagers and those in his unit and the people around him. >> dana: the pentagon issued the following statement, "the allegations against major matt golsteyn are law enforcement matter, department of defense will provide updates when appropriate. the commander-in-chief weighed in, upending the whole legal process. dana. >> dana: thank you, jennifer. new poll in iowa gives insight into what voters think about democratic challengers to trump, we'll tell you what the numbers say, up next. money they need for their family and home... thank you, admiral. by helping them use the valuable va home loan benefit they've
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>> shepard smith, more ahead on the former business partners of michael flynn, charged with illegal lobbying. we learn this just a day before president trump's former national security advisor received his sentence for lying from the feds. hear from judge nepalitano.
11:49 am
>> dana: new numbers in runup to the presidential race. iowa poll of likely caucus goers showing former president biden top choice, getting 32% to bernie sanders at 19%, and congressman beto o'rourke, 11%. on the republican side, likely iowa caucus goers gave president trump very high 81% approval rating. joining me adrian, former director of communications for hillary clinton and matt goreman, good to have you both here. >> want to show you one number that caught my eye. this was in -- from the same poll. iowa g.o.p. caucus poll. in general, election for president trump, if trump was candidate, 67% said they would vote to re-elect. matt, just given the past couple cycles with iowa, is iowa still a swipg state or would you call it a red state? >> it seems to be a red state right now with the strength in
11:50 am
the midwest. at the end of the day, 2020 will be decided by three other states, michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania, the ball game, whoever wins will win the presidency. you'll hear a lot of talk about ohio, florida, iowa, even arizona and georgia. these three states are it. >> dana: david axelrod, former obama campaign manager saying this, it is interesting having not visited iowa, beto o'rourke still finds himself in roughly the same position barack obama did 12 years ago. obama was third in a crowd of fields. john edwards was far ahead, followed by hillary clinton. do you think beto o'rourke has his toe in the water here for iowa? >> yeah, look, if i was beto o'rourke and i saw that poll, i would say, you know what, i got to do this, jump in this race. good news also for joe biden and bernie sanders. joe biden has 99% name id in iowa, doesn't have a lot of room
11:51 am
to grow. that was a good poll. it is not a great poll for elizabeth warren, had 80% name id, not a good place for her. it is still a very good poll for people like beto o'rourke and of course this is largely based on name id at this point, dana. there is a lot of room for candidates to grow and a lot can happen between now and the iowa caucuses. >> seems early to be talking about iowa. why are we talking about this? matt, this starts in february, just five weeks from now, you'll see the candidates going to iowa, why is it important they get those seeds planted early? >> iowa sets the tone. california moved up the primary to one of the first ones now. millions of californians will have voted by the time of the iowa caucus. you can't forget that, as well. three main distinctions between republican caucus, seen in the past couple cycles and the
11:52 am
democrats. unlike the republicans, whoever wins the iowa caucuses are more indicative of who wins the presidential nomination for that side, dwindling the field down. the democratic caucuses are not a secret balance like republicans. you stand up in city hall or a school and say who you are voting for, and it is a run-off, have you to get 50% of the votes. campaigns like obama and edwards almost work against another campaign, like against hillary. that could affect the results, it is different than the republican one. >> dana: i wonder what you think about somebody like beto o'rourke taking the message he used in texas, nationalized his campaign, to iowa, which is quite a different place. >> it is quite a different place, dana. the thing about beto o'rourke, the campaign he ran in texas, he didn't run as real progressive in state that tends to be more red, i continuing is turning purple at this point. may not be the same message that can work in places like iowa.
11:53 am
people have a lot to learn about him. people saw headlines and excitement, i'm not sure how much the democratic electorate studied the policy. i would be excited about this poll and think long and hard about jump nothing and make sure i spend time to make sure i'm advancing my message beyond how he messaged texas voters. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: demonstrators keeping up pressure in paris, taking to the streets for a fifth weekend of violent protests and a brand-new firefighter setting a special heart on fire. if you have psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla,75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression
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11:58 am
substance abuse among high school students finds a rising number vaping with many thinking it's nicotine-free. fox news alert. the markets taking another hit. down 440 points. fears among economists of a recession. kristina partsinevelos with more. >> another day, another day of volatility. the dow down 400 points. what is happening? on the back end, you have this fear of a global economic slow down. you have concern about the federal reserve increasing interest rates on wednesday and close attention to what jay powell says regarding 2019. that will make debt more expensive should we see more interest rate hikes. and then of course, you also have the news -- i know you've been covering this -- the fact that the federal judge in texas ruled that obamacare was unconstitutional.
11:59 am
you have stocks like cigna, cvs down. and then point out oil. the price of oil has fallen below $50 a barrel. $49.88. that's a huge drop. we haven't seen it this low in 14 months. you do have concerns that a recession is looming. a study from the "wall street journal" and nbc polled 900 people and felt that a third of americans say the economy will get worse in 2019. that's the highest level in five years. last but not least, another poll from reuters saying economists predict that a recession will happen in the next two years. that's at 40%. >> the economy has been on a roll so long. >> the slow down is a natural progression, too. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> dana: the 23 newly minted firefighters taking part in a graduation near port st. lucie, floor. if that wasn't enough, one was ready to take another big step
12:00 pm
in his life. watch. matthew proposed to his girlfriend at the ceremony immediately after she pinned his badge on him. she said yesterday. kristina, you love it? >> i'm nodding. >> dana: thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in d.c. rudy guliani says the crime the former fixer michael cohen pleaded to is not a crime. a top democrat threatens to investigate the president's personal finances when the party takes control of the house. michael flynn's former business partner charged with illegal lobbying a day before the security adviser learns about lying for his russian contacts. now we're getting an inside look at how russia


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