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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 17, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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penalty after he admitted to killing a terrorist bomb maker while overseas. the pentagon causes a law enforcement matter and would respect the integrity of the process. >> judge pirro: unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening for the christmas season is here, i i i i i i i ie looking for a perfect gift, pick up a copy of my book. thank you for being with us. i will be back filling in for sean tomorrow night. "the ingraham angle" is up next. >> laura: judge jeanine, thank you so much. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington, d.c., today. does nancy pelosi care more about the plight of immigrant children than american children tonight? one angel mom says yes, she's here to tell us why. and proposing radical climate changes that could affect every aspect of your life. i had, we debate the left's push of how the way you live.
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the how publishers and bookstores are teaming up to propagandize to our children. we have a damning piece to highlight today. lame duck negligence for that's the focus of tonight's angle. last week, the president threw down with democrat leaders over his signature promise to build a wall. >> if we don't get what we want, one way or the other, whether it's through you, the military, through anything you want to call, i will shut down the government. i am proud -- >> we disagree. >> i am proud to shut down the government for board security. >> laura: natural open border democrats replacing you, digging it against the president. >> the president must understand, that are not votes for the wall. he's not going to get the wall in any form. >> laura: no shock there.
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he's not thrilled about it. but what about the house g.o.p. surely in their waning days of power, they have their priorities straight. they will finally support the president's agenda and the rule of law, right? >> like "elf," one my favorite movies. i watch "it's a wonderful life." it's i think i make my kids do. it's in black-and-white. they are pretty confused about that. >> laura: they aren't the only ones confused. the cold, hard facts of this, many republicans have no desire at all to build the wall. they don't want to fund it and they don't want it. or anything else that actually matters to the voters who elected them. now, while they are still being paid to the people's work, they've moved on to merrymaking, frivolity, talking about old family movies and family favorites. the administration, however, is doing its best to light a fire under congress. >> we are going to do whatever
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is necessary to build a border wall, at that stop this ongoing crisis of illegal immigration. absolutely. >> laura: so what if they only have a few legislative days left and the majority of? as "the new york times" reports, the republicans are not feeling the urgency at all. sick and tired of washington, don't want to show up anymore to vote. many lawmakers relegated to cubicles as incoming members take their offices, have been skipping votes in the week since house republicans were swept from power in the midterm election and republican leaders are unsure if they will ever return. really? we, as taxpayers, should be unsure ever they are going to receive their last paycheck. may be a chunk of their fat pension, for that matter. this is a complete dereliction of duty, and we have an ongoing emergency at our southern border.
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they are worried of working out of a cubicle? let's not kid ourselves, my friends. the leadership of both parties, again, never wanted to fund the wall. >> paul ryan? nice person. but he was always against it. remember when he said back in october? >> we intend on having a full-fledged discussion of how to complete this mission of securing our border. we will have a big fight about that. we are going to be looking at -- we'll figure out how to do it in december. >> laura: my gosh. a full flight discussion? a fight? we've had neither. as i predicted in october, it's all talk, push it right before christmas, they'll do nothing. does ryan really think we are all that stupid? what's there to discuss? secure the border. that's what we want. we have people pouring across our border, children dying from the track, because adults --
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they know that if they have a child with them they will be processed and they'll be released into the country. that's the way it works. the truth is, republican leadership, for the most part, with a few exceptions again never wanted a walter they just want the appearance of border fortification. >> unique cameras. you need electronic devices. you need the aerial devices. you can't build a wall over a mountain. you need cameras and you need a drone up there. >> deep thoughts. you can build a wall over a mountain. okay. anyone at any time they start talking about sensors and drones, they are closer to the schumer position than the trump position. this is why that i repeatedly urged the republicans to elect a new speaker back when ryan announced his retirement. they needed a strong leader who'd help and that the president's agenda, not someone more focused on his long goodby
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goodbye. >> i remember being awestruck the first time i walk down that center isle. that feeling just never goes away. i still feel it when i walk onto the floor each and every time. since becoming speaker of the house, which is not something that we are used to in wisconsin. i'm the only one who's done that. i appreciate the indulgence of the people i work for who indulge the fact that i had other response abilities in addition. >> okay. well. that's sweet. a nice little farewell address. but we shouldn't have to indulge anybody working for us. paul ryan is a real kind of person and he's a nice man. and he's smart. and he called the taxpayer's -- should we expect our employees to work through their last day of the job. if they are in charge, we say, were, right! absolutely no direction given by leadership, you might wonder how
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the retiring speaker is spending his time. prepare to put on a pair of fuzzy jammies and watch paul ryan, the series. >> a few days after he was sworn into office, i needed to know what is it you needed to do. the first thing was tax reform. >> our tax system is punishing all the qualities that make america great. >> it was political suicide. >> good work. it's what was needed to be done. >> i remember the difficulty paul was having in making that decision. >> we mapped out a calendar and saw very quickly that you can't lose a week. we are going to run out of time. push everything back. >> laura: that's good. fire up the popcorn maker, kids. come see how paul ryan did it. i love how they are worrying about running out of time in that little documentary. well, we are running out of
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time! for america. this is my last week on terrestrial radio and i'm watching a new podcast in january, you may have heard about it. my listeners had this to say about the republican refusal to do what's right at the border. >> incompetent, maliciously incompetent. >> political opportunists. >> infantile. >> paul, you congressman, people out there, call them, tell them no matter what, back our president. >> laura: those are the nice things they've said. you may have to call the congressman, because the reports that republicans are continuing resolution scam where they fund the government until september with no real money for the wall. the people in the white house cannot allow this. they should not stand for this. bring on the shutdown. for all the bluster and the worry about a government shutdown, we all should realize one thing. with the exception of tax reform
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which, frankly, quite a bit a lot better, and va reform, which was good and needed, the government has essentially been shut down. shut down to the will of the american people for a two years. does that sound harsh? i'm telling you the way it is. not the way you want it to be. the republicans were elected to congress to move the trump agenda. in many cases, they have frustrated it. that is a factor they passed a massive defense spending bill without any offset and cuts -- so much for spending caps. secured notes are liberal form, they did not and my chain migration, failed to produce and infrastructure bill, they blocked the president's effort to fulfill his process. the reason many of them got to office in the first place? it was supposed to be the build the border wall. republicans are spending time and political capital on criminal justice reform, which i generally support. this was not the reason the american people turned out to
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vote in 2016. it's also not an emergency. whereas the disaster at the border really is. so whether they are retiring or returning in the new year, republicans should stay focused and in session through christmas if necessary to get this wall funded. i know what you are saying. it'll never happen, laura. guess what? this is our country. this is what they promised to do, implicitly, when president trump was elected. by the way? this goes for the white house as well pay for the retirees, the holidays are going to be here soon enough. they will have plenty of time to join paul ryan. they can binge watch things like "it's a wonderful life." even as our political life becomes anything but. and that's the angle. all right. joining me now with the reaction is matt schlapp, chair of the american conservative union, -- should the president to veto any deal that does not give them
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adequate funding for the wall? >> absolutely. nothing wrong with the republican party finally making it clear to the democrats that there is not a white flag every time we have a spending fight. that's essentially what we learned over the years, we lose these budget fights, shutdowns are bad for our party, so we are not going to fight anymore. i think that's one of the biggest mistakes that my party has learned and i'd like the president to stand up and realize if we do not get it on a funding measure, the other measures pass. >> i would say, here's what happens. the president, in april, he said he wouldn't do another omnibus. his instinct was right. remember that morning? i like paul ryan. i've always liked them very much. he's a good person. but he is not where the president is on this issue. i know you are not, either, but as a matter for the country, we
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have thousands and thousands of people pouring across our border month after month after month. this is inhumane. it is environmentally a disaster for both mexico and the united states. it is a national security issue. in and an economic issue. sitting around going, we're going to do a continuation -- i'm telling you, people are not going to put up with this. ultimately, they are not. >> one of the problems he lost when he said mexico is going to pay for the wall. he has no leverage when he makes the taxpayers fit the bill -- >> do you know how much they pay for illegal immigrant health care? $18 billion. 18 billion bucks for the medical care for illegal immigrants. who is paying for that? no. you and i. everyone in this room. >> the immigrants are doing a life of the economy in the field. >> laura: were going to that
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trope. 5% of the workforce, everyone listening, i'm glad you're on the show, but 5% of the illegal immigrant workforce is in the field. we can do the best work gabba we consider on the table and fix that one. the strawberry in the fields -- we've got people in this country who need the wages that go up, not down or flatlining. illegal immigrants who pay the price -- >> to do that thing to make it across the board, republicans blocked it. >> the democrats are opposed, if you look at it -- that was a senate deal. if you look at a part of what's going on with the whole question of immigration, it doesn't matter what your politics are. you cannot look at our southern border and not feel like this is travesty of american principles and the rule of law -- >> laura: i want you both to react to this. i hit the republicans for the first eight minutes of the show.
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i'll get lousy ratings, but people need to hear the truth of what's happening. 300 yards where we are broadcasting, legal border crossings in november, we'll check it out in november. full screen up, please. according to the cpb, 51,856 people were apprehended illegally crossing the border with mexico in november. those numbers were statistically identical to october, 51,000. among the last six years, only fiscal year 2017 thou has produced higher illegal immigration numbers in october and november. they are astronomically high. the number of children being brought across the border is also at all-time high. all-time high! >> where i agree with you, there are definitely things we can be doing in any number of fronts to improve the legal immigration system, to improve -- be when do you believe in a border? >> absolutely. during the obama administration, we did plenty that we had a safe
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and orderly, secure border. >> laura: we had a crisis that knocked eric counter out of town! children crossing the borders in record numbers at 2014. fast fast and fear is where the weapons going south and he ends up dead! >> you say this is not a partisan issue, but it seems to be in the interest of the democrats running that's going to be running the congressional majority in the house and in the senate that they believe that unfettered and open border by a nonborder in the south of our country, is a good thing for them politically. >> laura: don't let the republicans off the hook, though. they had congress for the last two years. they should've done this the first 30 days in congress. they shouldn't have fussed around with all this other stuff. the border. >> the issue to rile up the base. >> laura: i'm not roiled. i'm not riling up the base. >> i'm talking about the parties, both of them, frankly,
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we should be working at real solutions. here is the truth. right now, there is a crisis where 4,000 people are streaming across the border from venezuela and colombia and they are handling it just fine. >> laura: wait a second! are you kidding me? >> they are using u.s. money. this government is actually helping them with that. speaking >> laura: i happen to be talking to a lot of friends and colombia regularly. it's a nightmare. are you really arguing that -- you can talk over me, but the fact -- colombia is getting crushed under the weight of the exodus from venezuela! >> columbia down like the states is giving money to -- the one that's hilarious ! >> laura: that's hilarious. america first, baby! hold on. you are in favor of enforcing other countries' borders, but not america is? >> that's not what i said,
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laura. >> laura: focusing on venezuela -- >> the northern triangle making sure we are treating the process, deny the smugglers, the human traffickers -- >> let me get in here. just very quickly. donald trump is going to have to find some way to fund this wall. >> laura: if he doesn't get this done, he's out. >> he's working with his lawyers to make sure to find this wall. >> laura: mexico is going to do a lot better with the new nafta and we can -- argue in favor favor of taxing remittances to mexico? no, you're not in favor of that. former fbi director jim comey emerged from the latest closed-door hearing from capitol hill to diss a fox news reporter, attacked his network, and all of you at the same time. watch. >> at some point, someone has to
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stand up in the face of fear of fox news, fear of their base, fear of mean tweets, stand up for the values of this country. >> a question for fox news, exactly. you're handling of the flynn interview, how is it consistent for the investigation of a road map of, the domestic investing as an operations guide. >> entirely consistent in my view. >> the fbi's repetition has taken a big hit over the last year. do you share any of the responsibility for that? >> no or the fbi's reputation has taken a big hit because the president of united states has lied about it constantly. based on those lies, a whole lot of people who watch your network believe that nonsense. that is a tragedy. >> laura: you dumb people believe that nonsense. despite his vertical stature, addressing our own catherine herridge that way.
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what does that exchange tell us about mr. comey? >> i used to think he was a tragic figure, but he's becoming a comic figure. we know that he misled congress, 245 times, i don't remember if you and i did that, your viewers, if we were an irs agent, we'd be in jail for he brag on television or in interview that he was able to buy step, step around the special counsel and get michael flynn to have an interview with our own attorney. then there was sort of a perjury -- this all comes on top, remember, the email, the hillary clinton email investigation, the inspector general said he conflated being an investigator to prosecutors. he changed the language of gross negligence so hillary clinton would not be exposed to criminal -- he took out the word "investigation" on the prompt for loretta lynn. we go to the fisa warrants,
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there he is again. didn't tell the fisa judge that -- >> laura: how about the condescending stuff -- he has such a condescending air about him. "you're good viewers." this nonsense. so dismissive. get out. i find them so tedious. can't believe he was an fbi director. >> i think he's a comic figure. he quotes reinhold niebuhr when he tweets. he wrote a book called "the higher truth." instead of all of this, like i said, instead of all of the self righteousness, we want self introspection to see if he can square that circle of posing as this moral arbiter of everybody else's ethics, and he's been the most unethical fbi director in the history of the agency and done more harm by not telling the truth and working these investigations for political purposes. by his own admission in some cases. when he said, i massage things i knew hillary clinton would be
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the likely winner of the presidential election, there is just disconnect between the comey the moralist and the immoral behavior -- >> laura: do you know what's -- >> 12 fbi agents have been reassigned or fired. the wadden i flip around when i'm working on "fee angle," they hang on his every word. wolf blitzer and those others -- every time comey comes out, it's like the bobby socks and sinatr sinatra. have you been following the news of the subject the last several months last year? it's ridiculous. >> it is. even as deputy, andrew mccabe said he didn't leak. comey said, yes, you did. he said, no, you did. said the dossier was really important. comey says, no, it's not important. it's this constant conflict of truth by the author of a higher loyalty that really bothers
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americans. i think you should just stop the obsession with donald trump and really read reinhart need your >> laura: we've got to end on that. all right, victor. thank you so much. nancy pelosi says we have a moral responsibility to take care of migrant children. we do. once they are here. but where was she when all the
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>> laura: after the tragic death of a 7-year-old guatemalan girl in border control custody, democrats were click quick to e the administration, intimating that our border control doesn't care about kids. we have a moral responsibility that all kids are treated with decency and compassion. what about american children who are criminally brutalized by illegals? consider medicine wells, a 16-year-old girl in new jersey allegedly stabbed to death by brian cordero castro, illegal immigrant from what a mullah. how about britney vai has come a 17-year-old girl killed in texa texas. -- while driving under the influence of drugs.
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he was doing 70 miles an hour with his own 2-year-old in the backseat. let's not forget these beautiful, beautiful babies before your-year-old ellie and her 22 month-year-old sister grayson hacking. they were both killed along with her father in a head-on collision when the new illegal immigrant hit them in march of 2016. the alien didn't have a driver's license and sentence a bigger two years behind bars. the mother courtney hacking was left to raise her three children alone. she's reached out on pelosi's office on multiple occasions requesting she'd meet with any of the angel families, but she's never heard back. marianne mendoza joins us now. her son brandon was killed back in 2014 after his police car was hit by an intoxicated driver who was in the u.s. illegally. marianne, we have talked before. thank you so much for being her
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here. why do you think nancy pelosi's office is doing here? do you think they are just completely ignoring your requests for political reasons? do they think it's too hot? are you sure your messages are getting to the right people? >> yes. the mind-set is that she doesn't acknowledge that we exist, this problem doesn't exist, our children don't exist, killed by illegal aliens, doesn't have to acknowledge that this is a problem in our country. talks about a moral obligation of having to take care of children, yet there is a rape epidemic going on by the hands of illegal aliens. never considered children's killed by illegal aliens crossing our border. the thing that's listening with president trump talking about the cost of the wall, what nancy pelosi felt to tell people is what happens if the wall is
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and build? we are ready spending $130 billion per year supporting illegal aliens in our country and that number is going to continue growing. being a burden on american taxpayers until the wall is built. the flow of illegal criminals have stopped. of >> laura: we've also reached out to nancy pelosi's office. i'd like to talk to her about this but we don't get any response either. that's how they operate. they pretend, the american people who continued to tell medicare about this issue, angel families who can tell that care about this issue, you have great insight. if you pretend it doesn't exist, maybe it's not really true. or you don't have to confront reality of it we do that in our lives. we have avoidance. a lot of people avoid the truth and reality. it's a human tendency. when we are talking about lives, actual american people and legal immigrants, families brutalized with no one to help raise children.
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if you are going to email it, it's a horrible case what happened to this poor little girl. it's not her fault. politicians won't secure the wall and the father will bring her on the trip. that's okay. at least show some emotions about the americans. >> the one thing i'd like to add, nancy, broking the cost og the fence around the house will be in anything if it means protecting your family? she's ignoring the fact -- she said in the white house, we've taken an oath to protect americans but what is nancy pelosi doing to protect americans in this illegal alien nest we have going on in this border? the way these politicians don't know when they are deported, thousands of them come back. we already know there's a bunch of them in the caravans that have said they are coming back for the 15th or 16th time after already being committed -- committing crimes here in the
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united states. they are not ignorant of this. >> laura: everyone is running the table here. they know the rule of law -- our border patrol agents do what they can. by the way, i want to remind everyone watching while marianne is here that after that kate steinle verdict, nancy pelosi continue to maintain that sanctuary policies in california and san francisco in particular made san franciscans safer. they managed to make that argument when we had kate steinle brutally murdered in her hometown right on fisherman's wharf. >> until she is by this, will she ever talk about it publicly? that's the sad thing. >> laura: again, avoidance. your voice is so important. thank you so much. we remember brandon every day, every victim of crime including
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illegal immigrant crime is not forgotten on the show. thank you so much. after originally stating that the agents treated her well upon her arrival, the family now of jacqueline jaklyn cao. here now is vp of the -- immigration attorney michael wilde author of the new book "safe haven in america: battles to open the golden door." now that lawyers have got involved on part of the family, is there any hope this doesn't become exploitive of this horrific tragedy? >> even during the time that the father said the agents treated the little girl well, there's still a lot of members of the media, already vilifying the agents. it's ridiculous. if the united states citizen commits a crime with their
11:33 pm
child, the time they commit the crime, you get separated from that child. if the child dies are found they had dehydration's, the u.s. citizen can be charged with child neglect or abuse. that's the reality prayer but no one's pointing the figure held a finger at this father. they are pointing it at the border patrol agents and that's disgusting. >> laura: michael commute take issue with this. you believe we should be a safe haven to anyone who crosses the border whether legally or not legally. if they come and say, they want to stay, you believe they should stay. >> thank you, laura, for having me. i do believe like the union representative to the agent that the agent emphasized with the loss of life. it's tragic. whether it's a child who is brought to you by a father here. these agents, mind you, as i understand it.
11:34 pm
i'm a former federal policy cuter, are brought there and they have to sleep there for a week because it's such a remote area. there are no protocols in place to actually have the medical needs that are needed. we need to dis- incentivize fathers and mothers into this dangerous terrain. if i can on a moment on safe haven, when you leave guatemala, honduras, -- when you leave guatemala and honduras and el salvador, you are safe in mexico. the -- to the american border is an economic -- facilitated by mexico. now children are dying on the way is collateral damage that is not acceptable. >> laura: it's not acceptable nor is it acceptable we have hundreds of people including children gunned down in chicago every year or in baltimore or in any american city -- we've got a lot of problems in the city we have to deal with, that
11:35 pm
president trump wants to deal with. this is horrible. what i have a problem is with lawyers coming -- i was a lawyer, i was a defense attorney. i know how the whole game operate spray lawyers come in, they think they are going to score a big victory whether it's a political victory or it's a monetary victory. they think they can get damages, some type of settlement from the u.s. government to make this go away. the idea they are going to get at the truth -- the truth is, this border is too porous because politicians will do their job in washington. won't do it but want to give the president the wall. they'll call it a fenced or they won't call it a wall. they won't really want to build it. these people come here and it creates a horrific situation. the american taxpayers are left to clean up or pay for or subsidize. a lot of people in the united states are getting health care. >> laura, there are areas where
11:36 pm
we need this wall. strategic locations where we need it. there is a lot of other things we need, but the wall is a huge start and we need to get it funded. that's the reality. you see these people who continue to cross illegally. if this individual was truly seeking asylum, why didn't he do it at a port of entry? >> laura: thank you so much. >> laura: thank you so much. up knuts in a sickle 29 sickles in a galleon. 17 hermione's wand. vine wood. 10 3/4. okay, ron's favorite... chudley cannons. hmm... he's good. nobody knows the wizarding world like we do... barnes & noble.
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>> laura: when it comes to most policies, the left wants to exert as much control over your daily life as possible. take the latest suggestion from democrats. in today's "washington post," the solution to climate change is a brand-new carbon taxes and government incentives for alternatives for joining me now to debate this is brad johnson, cofounder -- as well as mark moore while
11:40 pm
all right, brad brad. america is actually lowered our carbon emissions under trump. why should americans sacrifice their way of life for these new carbon taxes? >> my understanding is carbon emissions have gone up significantly the past few years. a lot of what we've seen -- >> laura: i don't think so. the last 12 months? >> your viewers can go check out >> laura: greenhouse gas emissions have gone down 2.12 in the last 12 months. >> we can go to the record and check. >> laura: answer the question. >> if we accept the premise of the question, the reason to act on climate change is because of the harms that it's causing to americans in the world already today -- >> laura: are you going to cite the funding 97% of all scientists? that's been debunked. can we cross that out?
11:41 pm
"oh, 97%" -- you can unpack that and four different ways. it's completely phony. >> no, i was going to talk more about what we've seen in puerto rico and in california and all across the country and the world where we are seeing billion-dollar climate disasters on the rise and this is real -- >> laura: none of that. i'm a conservationist. i'm a real outdoors person. i cherish that they'll make the environment. i think we should have a balanced approach to our life. i cry when barns are torn down. my problem though is you say, this happens, you make a connection from point a to point b with very little evidence when it comes to wildfires. we have people living in areas that they've never lived before, incredibly remote terrain, i've been to some of these parts. they are beautiful. but for someone who believes in animals and wildlife, maybe that's where the animals and wildlife have to be and not in
11:42 pm
these remote canyons that have always been dry. >> the fundamental reality about talking about wildfires and floods committees are human disasters, you -- b1 one >> i am costing about the cost of life and property. decisions where we make of where to build, what kinds of building materials we use. also the pollution we put into the atmosphere. collectively as a society, we've made a decision to bump billions and tons of greenhouse gases as an atmosphere. >> laura: do you think we should basically immediate, what, go to 50%? some of the radicals are like cut by 50%. >> keep it in the ground, some of them. >> it really should be a decision for the american people and the world. >> laura: they are rejecting it in france? >> they are rejecting it in france, brazil's new government, the foreign minister called it a marxist hoax, can i buy has a carbon tax rebellion. donald trump was criticized by
11:43 pm
emmanuel macron by promoting nationalism. pulling out of the u.n. paris agreement. a week later, paris is ablaze. he tries to call it "poison weather." you can look at everything he mentioned, wildfires, droughts, hurricanes. every climate timescale, there are either no trend or declining. that's how you look at the science. california had much worst droughts in previous century. this is even buried in the u.n. report. they can't even hype that kind of thing. >> laura: the iceberg from big pieces of ice coming off, you see the polar bear really lonely. i start to tear up and i cry. i'm sure a lot of other people cry because it looks really awful. we are changing the planet, no doubt about it. >> but -- b when bt >> laura: species are being wiped out because we do dumb things. >> one of the biggest success stories is we need to login,
11:44 pm
instead of clear cutting vast swaths, they do what they call sustainable logging. the bottom line is this, the carbon tax would increase admissions. if you hamstring the developed world, the united states, canada, western europe, that's going to move industry over to china and places without that. there is peer reviews showing the admissions for decades to come will go up. even if that's your goal -- b when what's interesting is conservatives on this >> laura: they don't sell their points well so kids come home from school, they are frightened to death that is all coming down. there is a really interesting moment, a 15 year old swedish young woman made a very impassioned speech. let's watch. >> our civilization is being sacrificed for the opportunity of a very small number of people
11:45 pm
to continue making an enormous amounts of money. our biosphere is being sacrificed so that rich people in countries like mine can live in luxury. >> laura: the conservative argument, that's pretty... for most people watching that... >> it's sad. she led a school strike in sweden, spreading across the world of kids protesting for government action on climate that what she is not realizing is government action on climate is the worst thing you can do to the developed world because you will limit their ability to develop. it's bad for the environment. it's better to have fossil fuels and carbon-based developing in africa, south america, asia, you do not have people dumping stuff in the rivers, open sewage, don't have them burning dung and breathing in bad air. infrastructure has saved us in the united states. >> laura: life has gotten better for a lot of people who are poor, but i want to play
11:46 pm
montage of some of the more alarmist type comments. let's watch. >> it's hard to think, the worst thing this president has done, but so far this might just be the one. >> this will be the date in the united states resigned as the leader of the free world. >> we watched a dangerous little man give a very, very scary speech. >> laura: that goes a little bit... that's after we dropped out of the paris accord. do you subscribe to those alarmist comments? >> the last one was a dig at the president, which is not necessary. i think the point, the young woman there was making, really what's driving quite frankly what i think mark likes to talk about and what this is really about, what's more important? the prophets of a few very wealthy and powerful industries, billionaires, or our children? we get to make that choice. >> laura: won't carbon tactics --
11:47 pm
>> it's funny you should say that. the state level initiatives to pass carbon taxes were defeated by the fossil fuel industry outspending by tens of millions of dollars. >> laura: why do we have the celebrity type slots -- this ledger type options? all big donors to obama. >> is something that i would defer to you and your viewers for checking the facts. my understanding is that program invested in a lot of industries and made profit for the american people. >> laura: is that accurate? it still doesn't mean -- >> exactly. >> reticent politicians who deny climate claims should be put in jail, that's what he said in 2016. >> if they are lying deliberately.
11:48 pm
>> laura: this whole town, most people would be in jail. if it's just climate -- if it's across the board, maybe i'll take you up on that. >> he claims that solar and wind are ready to burst on and make all this money and take over. if something is that good, solar, wind, renewable energy, why do you have to ban energy? go after fracking? there is not a fair playing field. they want to go and ban it. if al gore is right, the day you go to walmart and buy make a solar panel and get off the grid is the day climate policy debate ends. that's not what they are interested in. >> laura: real quick. >> we burn through hundreds and billions of tons of fossil fuel fuels. the united states has benefited greatly from it. i have, all of us have. it comes at a cost. that pollution, we are paying the piper for it. >> laura: we will end on that. thank you so much, both of you.
11:49 pm
before you go out to grab those last-minute stuffing stocker books, a propaganda warning n
11:50 pm
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♪ there's no place like home ♪ argh! i'm trying... ♪ yippiekiyay. ♪ mom. ♪
11:52 pm
>> laura: are lefty publishers looking to turn your kids into little activist this holiday
11:53 pm
season is? the latest books being promoted for children this season are encouraging civil disobedience. joining me now is megan griffin. "wall street journal" children's book critic and the author of the fabulous and forthcoming book, "the enchanted hour," all about the benefits of reading to your children. i love your book. i'll have you on the podcast longer, i can't wait. megan, there are a lot of propagandist books highlighted in the new "wall street journal" piece here and we did sleuthing of our own, and we find the same titles featured at multiple barnes & noble stores, i'm an author, you know that. the first book they do recommend in their section for kids is "first generation: 36 trailblazing immigrants and refugees to make america great" which lionized as among others univision anchor jorge ramos and the first fashion model to wear a head hujab
11:54 pm
hijab. what's going on here? >> the last two years, the enormous outpouring -- hysteria, vitriol, the same sort of thing we are seeing in the news we are seeing coming through children's books? >> laura: do these books cell? i don't see them selling. >> that's the important thing for parents to keep in mind. essentially if you're into the resistance movement, this is your cup of tea. if you're not into the resistance movement, avoid the books that say resistance, activism in the title. but these books have a vulnerability, i think. that is the general thing is that they are so boring. it's really boring. political propaganda does not open the mind or lift the spirit, exactly. it's inculcating dissatisfaction, rage. this is true for books for really young children. how much fun is that? not much. >> laura: 's i want to get your take on the next book they
11:55 pm
recommend. it's called "we rise, we resist can we raise our voices." poems, essays by several famous children's writers and a story about a boy arrested by i.c.e. agents at school. the antagonist? white students wearing maga hats. >> i read that as well. the anger that children should be feeling about the state of the world, most of them are a little shadowy about who exactly is being resisted. that book was very specific. >> in the old movies, it was e soviets. this is the trump people. >> the shadowy forces of retrograde -- >> laura: why do you think it's sonia sotomayor, kristen gillibrand, given book contracts? >> what did they have in common... >> laura: why aren't their
11:56 pm
picture books? endless rgb -- but where was sandra day o'connor? first female justice on the court. >> a good question. you look almost in vain for any conservative heroines. almost now and then, there will still be a nod towards condoleezza rice, let's say. there's a book i was looking at, i've forgotten the title, but it's something like rise or resist or something. there was an entry for margaret thatcher, a great heroine to many people on the right. it was specifically to point out what a dreadful woman she was. >> laura: now that we got that straight... this is wild. i want to talk on the podcast, we'll do a whole hour on this. parents don't understand, number one, how important it is to read classic literature to your kids. they remember
11:57 pm
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11:59 pm
>> time for the last bite.
12:00 am
moms, you have hundreds your kids, right? this mom loves it and kelly clarkson. ♪ >> totally my son -- that is all the time we have tonight. shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it from here. >> my mom was the queen of embarrassment. it goes to another level, olympic level of mom embarrassment. >> have a great show. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert. governn


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