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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 20, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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the snowball express, great job. tomorrow is my last day on regular radio after 171/2 years but quite a ride, getting pretty emotional and in my last show we will talk to mike pompeo. what does he do again? he is the secretary of state, we will talk to him and other surprises, tune in to the radio tomorrow. shannon bream and the fox news in 19. >> congratulations on breaking news, happening discussions, i know you will miss it. >> thanks so much. todd: 1 to fox news at night. we begin with a fox news alert. breaking news from the wall street journal donald trump picked to be the new attorney general penned a memo months ago calling a key aspect of the special counsel investigation into the president fatally flawed. that the memo factor into the president's decision to pick bill maher? went to know about the memo?
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we have reaction. alan dershowitz and mike lee of the senate judiciary committee but that is not all. breaking news night, it is official the republican house freedom caucus could veto a short-term spending bill, a move that would shut down the government on friday. it is about funding for the border wall. putting the pressure on the white house, softened its position on the president's $5 billion demand. how will the president respond? the bases asking tough questions about what happens to the campaign promise to build the wall. allison barber is falling the political fallout from the border battle. >> reporter: the senate voted to approve the funding bill through february 8th and potentially avoiding a partial government shutdown. it will head to the house tonight. a small but powerful group of conservatives are urging the president to veto it. rush limbaugh. >> trump gets nothing at the democrats get everything.
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>> does and coulter vote for reelection? >> know, nor will most of his supporters. why would we? to make sure ivanka and jared can make money? that is the main point of the presidency at this point. >> reporter: mark meadows. >> let's build a wall and do our job in congress. >> reporter: all president -- discussed it with his support, he needs to veto the stopgap spending bill as it includes funding for the wall on the us-mexico border. >> we will back you up. if you veto this bill we will be there but more importantly the american people will be there. >> reporter: he says failure to do so will cause major damage to the president's 2020 reelection campaign. >> $5 billion to the wall, reform our asylum laws. >> the house freedom caucus wants to amend any spending bill to include funding for a wall, opposing catch and release loopholes.
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it is a long shot but they held a special order tonight. giving speeches calling for those very things. >> the feeling is we had two years under this new president where immigration reform was the central issue and we haven't accomplished a great deal in congress, the waning days of the majority slip out from under us we want to make sure we accomplish something. >> now they're talking about kicking it to february 8th. you've got to be kidding me. i'm supposed to believe that we are then going to build the border security wall and keep our promise in the 2016 campaign? no way. >> the senate took a house approved bill and adding provisions to it to fund the government the house is expected to take up the bill from the senate in its current form. we are hearing they will meet tonight, they should be getting
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their meeting underway, they plan for debate any minute now. >> thank you very much. if the senate does its part and it says the short-term spending bill over to the house the group of gop house members says not so fast so it's talk to a member of the house freedom caucus, republican congressman judy diminish only high stand the chairman of the republican study committee, welcome to both gentlemen. we learned a bit from the house freedom caucus. they want the president to stand firm and say no to this measure, others are cautioning including peter king about a shutdown. >> it would hurt the republican party. we will be blamed for this, maybe not for the freedom caucus but in states where suburban areas, this is a bad issue for the 2020 elections. >> how far do you want this to go? >> when we are talking border security we are talking national security and in that context we ran on this, the president ran
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on this, most people in the republican party ran on this but we had the chance of million saying build that wall, build that wall. the question also becomes down to are we going to do what we promised the american people we would do. >> a couple headlines to read to you about this not getting done. the short-term bill would mean trump would fall short once again in his ongoing effort to secure money for the wall, one of his key campaign promises, the washington post is the gop controlled congress severely undermine donald trump's driver border wall embracing a short-term spending bill to keep the government open but deny any new money for his long promised wall on the us-mexico border. >> many people tonight, there was a whip count this evening, the next day you may have a major piece of legislation. i can tell you what the freedom caucus or other members, did not
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go well on this. they are tired of it and fed up and believe the wall is important, rush limbaugh said the wall is symbolic, border security as a whole is very important. i will say this. we did reach 193 republican votes a couple months ago on this specific bill but had $25 billion authorized as well as the interior enforcement component. the wall is going to be crucial, it is tied to donald trump, he has got to get it done. >> they are not there to get to $5 billion, he said there are other ways, the defense department, none of those things are happening right now so it is a matter of choosing between a shutdown and what? you don't have the votes to move this forward. >> we have to put it on the table. we made a commitment to the american people what we would do in the president has been very outspoken on this and as recent
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as last week, very outspoken on his position on this and the american people are with him. all i can say is from my constituents perspective my phones are being lit up with constituents who are angry that it seems when we had the chance to do what we said we would do, there doesn't seem the will to get it over the finish line. shannon: this is a short-term measure through february 8th, there are important agencies but congresswoman leavy who is a democrat will be in charge once they are sworn in, when house democrats are in control in two weeks, my primary focus will be to pass reasonable spending legislation that does not fund donald trump's wasteful wall. >> hypocrisy blows me away. nancy pelosi had no problem on a jumbo jet with $1.8 billion to iran but we can't get $5 billion, $3.4 billion additional
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money to continue this wall. it is not just about preventing illegal immigrants, the amount of drugs, 800,000 pounds, 900 children were rescued from human traffickers. we need to protect these other ones as well. >> what is the impact on the reelection run if the wall doesn't happen? >> i think he's walking on thin ice. all of us are. we get what we deserve when we don't do what we said we are going to do in this is a major issue the president ran on that the american people massively got behind him on and it is something we have to deliver and now is the time. if we think nancy pelosi will fund the wall that is not in their plans. their plans include the opposite, they will do everything possible to prevent it from occurring. we have to get it done right
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now. >> if you go as far as shutting down the government, you have to have an strategy. not just about sitting on the border or shutting down the government even though i do believe if it comes under protecting the american people everything should be on the table. heather: we know tomorrow is a big day in the house as well. our other top story, by now you heard donald trump declared victory over ice is central the pentagon to get our troops out of syria so what about reported plans to get out of afghanistan too. and big breaking news on the mother front as well. >> the decision to remove the entire us force from syria, some 2000 troops, surprised virtually everyone and mark the end of an extended ground campaign against isis. after the decision went public the president quoted we have defeated isis in theory. my only reason for being there during the trump presidency. this evening the president released this video statement.
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>> i've been president for almost two years and we stepped it up and we have won against isis, we have beaten them and we have beaten them badly. we have taken back the land and it is time for our troops to come home. >> sarah sanders said this does not end the global campaign against isis quoting the united states and our allies stand ready to reengage at all levels to defend american interests whenever necessary but trump ally and frequent advisor lindsey graham does not like it. >> i think isis is likely to come back because i don't agree that they are defeated in syria and iraqi. >> reporter: marco rubio call that a major blunder, national security adviser john bolton argued the precipitous withdrawal in syria would embolden isis to make a comeback and in september james mattis said getting rid of the caliphate doesn't mean you then
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blindly say okay, we got rid of it, march out and wonder why the caliphate comes back, rand paul who clearly opposes foreign intervention applauded the move and benjamin netanyahu said the us pullout will not impede his country's ability to defend itself against regional threats. the question now is what is next? the president has clearly been frustrated by the us mission in afghanistan and floated the idea of removing troops there. the only reason he says he's keeping troops in afghanistan is because experts told him us forces are still needed but experts also told him us forces are needed in syria and donald trump's envoy to afghanistan has reached out to tell a ban top figures trying to launch peace negotiations to end the war before donald trump pools the troops and the plug. >> we are getting breaking news
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about bill bar. what can you tell us? >> the wall street journal broke a story that may play a role in the confirmation. back in june he wrote a memo to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein it lays out his argument for why the law does not support any obstruction of justice case against the president. the journal says the memo was unsolicited and written in his capacity as former attorney general. the concern of course is whether the memo factored into the president's decision to nominate him but he claims he told the president about the memo and sources close to the confirmation process told the journal the white house attorney and bill barbeau say the sequence was donald trump met with bar, offered the job, then they talked about potential confirmation pitfalls. the article also quotes rod
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rosenstein saying the memo had no impact on any of the current investigations, the memo will be sent to the senate judiciary committee tonight or tomorrow. >> thank you very much. the memo describes special counsel robert mueller's approach and the issue of obstruction of justice is irresponsible with disastrous implications for the executive branch. let's bring in alan dershowitz for reaction to the report. welcome, good to have you with us. i want to read a little bit of what we are getting from the deputy attorney general. he says many people do offer unsolicited advice directly or through the news media about issues they believe are pending for the department of justice. at no time did attorney general bar seek or receive from the any nonpublic information regarding any ongoing investigation including special counsel investigation. is memo had no impact on the investigation. a 2-part question for you.
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should and will it because of the political optics the left may want to use to their advantage? >> know and know. i have read the wall street journal account. i haven't read the memo, it is not yet public but i agree with everything i read in the account, making the same argument i have been making for over a year, namely the president cannot obstruct justice simply by exercising his authority under article 2. he would have to obstruct justice by witnesses, destroy evidence, do what richard nixon did, that is the items i have been making. i agree 100% and it will not impact the confirmation. everybody in america has an opinion on this. he wrote his opinion to the deputy attorney general, absolutely appropriately. i wrote my opinions and op-ed. i express it on television. there is no difference and it would be irresponsible for the democrats to try to stop the confirmation of an extraordinarily well-qualified
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nominee for attorney general-based on this memo which to me expresses the law properly but even if it didn't, he expressed an opinion every american has the right to have. we now know his opinion, we don't know other people's opinions. if somebody else were nominated he would have secret opinions and hold them just as strongly so it would be wrong to hold of the nomination and i believe the nomination will not be hold up and bar will be the next attorney general of the united states and will serve with great distinction. >> the question, critics of the president and critics of bar, went to the president know, what source close to his confirmation process tell me the president talked with him, had a good conversation, offered him the job and after that bar said to him i need to tell you about a memo that will come up in the confirmation process. do you think it will come up in the confirmation process or people with respect to mister
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bar and his longtime reputation and bipartisan support across the aisle take that answer? >> democrats will take advantage of it. to me it wouldn't matter one bit if he told the president before or after, the president has a right to know what is nominee's views are on every possible, his nominee's views are very traditional, the president of the united states has the authority to fire and pardon, has the authority to stop investigations, thomas jefferson did, lincoln did it, roosevelt did it, kennedy did it. it is traditional. i think bar correctly describes the argument mueller seems to be making as an extreme and unusual argument and bar has the better of the argument. if he told the president before the president took into consideration i would not be see
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that is his qualification but if the president nominated him first and he is an extraordinary man with extraordinary background, former attorney general of the united states, someone who has done great work in the private sector, perfect nominee for attorney general from a republican and it would be irresponsible for the democrats not to give the president his person. also there's been some discussion about will he have to recuse himself? of course not. you don't recuse yourself because you have strong views about important subjects. he has no involvement as a private citizen expressing his views and he expressed them the way we want people to express them. in a discreet confidential memo to deputy attorney general which somebody leaked. he didn't leak it. if it hadn't been leaks nobody would know about this except the people who received the memo, the president and people close to the president so i think this is an interesting story but in the end i don't think it has any impact on bar's nomination or should not have any impact.
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heather: great to have you. it seems there are many who would like to see donald trump go down the impeachment road. watch several channels they say it is a done deal. the media fueling the fire, some examples from the host of fox news media buzz, howard kurtz. >> reporter: prognosticators taking their criticism of donald trump to new heights as the investigations feet up. >> we never seen a president of the united states who actually acts more in some ways like a common grifter. >> reporter: even respected president of historians are less measured when it comes to this one. >> it happened since the 1850s and that didn't happen too well in the civil war the 6000 people died in. he might resign. >> if in fact donald trump knew about the russian efforts on his behalf, there is a live question about whether he has been giving aid and comfort to the enemy, the definition of freedom in the constitution. >> judge andrew napolitano says trump may even have been named
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in a sealed indictment. >> he might already be an indicted co-conspirator. >> we don't know what has been seal. >> reporter: michael cohen arranging has many payments trigger new levels of outrage. >> donald trump will be, must be impeached because of crimes prosecutors say he committed in the michael cohen case. >> politico and vanity fair right the donald trump junior said he expects to be indicted, his lawyers denial stopped speculation about robert mueller targeting the family. >> what if he were to say he would let the children walk if the old man does the same. that would be giving up the presidency in exchange for acquittal for himself and all his kids. critics of michael flynn's guilty plea like the wall street journal editorial of flynn entrapment argue judge has the case. >> judge sullivan can throw out the guilty plea if he concludes
12:20 am
the fbi intentionally interfered with their target, flynn's constitutional right to counsel. >> the judge granted a delay after saying flynn might get jail. >> with guilty pleas from the former campaign chairman, lawyer and national security adviser the president has plenty to cover but that is not enough for those who want to attack him with predictions of doomsday scenarios. >> thank you very much. late tonight the senate moving to avert a government shutdown as we heard the resolution does not include donald trump's $5 billion border wall. senator mike lee fresh off the floor at a vote is here to weigh in and we will gauge how he feels about us troops being pulled out of syria as much more, stick around. everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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>> shannon: many comparing president trump's move today on stereo with president obama pu >> many comparing donald trump's move on syria with president obama pulling out of iraq including plenty of republicans. tell us about this view. let's start with syria. i will play what your colleagues had to say, the split among the gop. >> i'm proud of the president today, to hear he is declaring victory in syria. most voices around here like to stay everywhere for all time and they believe it doesn't work unless you go somewhere and stay forever.
12:25 am
>> this is an obama-like decision. i hope i am wrong and i don't think i am and i have no understanding why we are doing this. is an ill-conceived idea that -- the downside is really great and the upside is pretty small. >> the warnings are dire that russia and iran and hezbollah, those guys are celebrating today and bizarre also too. >> my colleagues call this an obama like decision. i couldn't disagree more and couldn't agree more with the president's decision. by definition this is the opposite of an obama decision. obama got involved, trump has taken us out, congress never declared war, authorize the use of military force in syria, we shouldn't be there. >> president obama getting a lot of heat, a lot of criticism for telegraphing when we were going to leave and what that did for people and we hear from benjamin netanyahu today saying we respect the us but israel has to be worried what is going on if we pull out of this situation.
12:26 am
>> we have to look at what is in the interests of the united states, the concerns i had from the outset in syria is officials with the obama administration and the pentagon could never give me a straight answer what is our objective? i we trying to oust bashar al-assad? if so what does the post aside syria look like and it will be more friendly to our interests. what is our objective? they couldn't answer that of congress never authorized it. that is why i applaud the decision. >> do you think we have fully defeated isis? >> of the president says we have done that i believe him. the president as access to more intel than the rest of us get and i trust his judgment on this. he made the right choice. >> let's talk about the report, the attorney general bill bar, the memo he spent over the summer that as a private citizen, telegraphing he tries to bring of doctor of justice charges against him through you at the senate judiciary committee, your reaction.
12:27 am
>> i agree with alan dershowitz a few minutes ago. this is an individual writing as a private citizen, he is entitled to his opinion. he wasn't speaking for the government, wasn't whispering in the president's here, he was expressing his own opinion on a matter of legal concern, someone eminently qualified and a person who should be confirmed. >> $10.6 in aid in central america and a lot of folks reacting thing why can't you come up at $5 billion for the wall. >> an outstanding question and in the end donald trump wasn't even saying he had to have that, he was just saying remove existing restrictions and even that was too much for the democrats. why would they not when the border secure? why would they not want to make sure american national security is protected by protecting the border. that is a significant question for which they've got to provide an answer.
12:28 am
shannon: you spearheaded a report in a couple justice reform bill, something that brought people together across the aisle, one of the best stretches of your eight years to get this done. >> it was fantastic. we couldn't have done this without the support of donald trump which i'm grateful to him and jared kushner for pushing this, the president showed bold leadership, 87 votes, bipartisan supermajority, this will pass the house of representatives tomorrow and i thank him for that. >> they are busy with the funding bill you sent over, thank you for making time to stop in. will donald trump deliver the border wall he promised his base or is it is read my lips moment and a temporary design for the wall not everyone is excited about and the house freedom caucus, fund the wall now. >> you've got to be kidding me. really?
12:29 am
february 8th when nancy pelosi is speaker, i'm supposed to believe, we are supposed to believe we are then going to build the border security wall and keep our promise of the 2016 campaign? >> jim jordan fired up, more border wall analysis after the break. today is the day you're going to get motivated...
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>> on the fence. it's not a fence. it's a wall. >> on defense, you misreported it. we are going to build a wall. >> the wall is a very specific thing for the president's base. for the president's base, the wall with those words, the wall means a lot. this is one of the read my lips moment for this president. >> what started as a vision for a wall is working into a fence or not a concrete wall but artistically designed steel/blooge conservatives are worried the president may have had his own read my lips
12:34 am
movement with the conservative base or they may get nothing at all. time for the power panel. former clinton pollster doug shown, former acting ice director thomas homan and ralph terry who runs a foundation in the name of his nephew, brian terry. welcome to all of you. we went to play something the president said when he signed onto a giant spending bill that had things the conservatives didn't want, left in things they didn't want. >> there are a lot of things i'm unhappy about in this bill, a lot of things we shouldn't have had in this bill but we were, in a sense forced if we want to build our military we were forced to have, there are some things we should have in the bill, but i say to congress i will never sign another bill like this again. i'm not going to do it again. >> is he about to have to do it again? ralph? is he about to have to do that
12:35 am
again after pledging he's not going to sign another bill that doesn't meet these goals including the wall? >> i don't think so. i think he will do what he said. we need a wall, he knows we need a wall. the families trying to keep the nation safe, that wall is just another tool we have to keep the citizens of the united states safe and secure. >> democrats say no, you're not getting the $5 billion so the president is going to do again about the wall, sounds like softening from the white house, what happens if he shuts down the government which he said last week, i will own it. >> he is in a lose/lose situation, there is not going to be a wall, they don't have the votes. it's not going to happen. they don't have the one $6 billion for border security that could be positioned as a wall and if he shuts the government down he will be blamed.
12:36 am
it will not work for the republicans advantage and he will face a degree of chaos with the democratic house. >> ben shapiro says moving to the administration to back down from a fight over the wall after that fight especially since in january chuck schumer was forced to back down from his own shutdown attempts when trying to push donald trump to grant amnesty to dreamers. how do you see this playing out? >> since he has been president i give him probably, border security, i worked for 6 presidents and no one has done more for border security and public safety than this president and i support him 100% but friday if he doesn't get the money we need for this wall he needs to shut the government down. i disagree with the last speaker, he stood on national tv and took ownership of this issue. that is a president who takes
12:37 am
border security very seriously. he shuts it down if he doesn't get his money and he owns it and by doing that he leads. the few republicans not supporting him the president needs to make this move, needs to lead on this issue. he got elected on this issue, the 20,000 men and women in this border patrol need this wall to protect them and make the job easier. >> i want to say something from one of the top republicans in the senate about previous votes on these issues by democrats, here's what he said. >> the irony is at one point there was a conference of immigration reform debate and they were willing to pay $40 billion for the deferred action on childhood arrival, the negotiation senator schumer offered $25 billion. now $5 billion is unacceptable. >> your family has paid dearly and personally over this issue.
12:38 am
are you worried it become so politicized that nothing will get done? >> it is time to put politics aside. if nancy pelosi and chuck schumer had sons or daughters and border patrol the wall would already be built. the security of our nation, security of our citizens and the safety of our border patrol should be utmost in their minds. it is not a political issue. it is a safety issue. >> with nancy pelosi looking like she's going to clinch as the new speaker but hoping to coalesce the party around her as get the votes to be next speaker why would she have any reason to move at this point. even if there is a government shutdown what would bring her to the table or change your position in any way? >> nothing as far as i can see and what senator cornyn said is right, the republicans have blown it. democrats in the past were prepared to do what i think is a reasonable bill, enhance border security in exchange for the
12:39 am
dreamers or a pathway to citizenship for those here illegally. i still think it makes sense but given the way this has been bungled by the republicans there is not going to be a wall, republicans will be blamed and nancy pelosi will be emboldened. >> a frequent guest with us, the headline is is trump blowing his last chance to get the wall? >> absolutely. if he doesn't shut the government down, kicking the can down the road, he loses, chuck and nancy nguyen. mister terry -- i said it many times, but chuck and nancy put a kevlar vest on and stand in that line until the men and women for patrol they don't need this wall. >> final word, this is something you dedicated your life to and your family feels this every day. what is your message to the
12:40 am
president? >> donald trump, as brian always said, do the work, do what you told us you were going to do and get it done. >> if he is watching tonight we will see if he gets the message. thank you for weighing in. donald trump declaring victory over isis announcing the us and troops will leave syria but will the departure breathe new life into terror threats in that region. we will talk to dan hoffman, former station chief after the break.
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>> the decision to withdraw us troops from syria will be seen by some in turkey. donald trump and turkish president erdogan have talked several times increasingly on friday. let's bring in former cia station chief daniel hoffman to talk about all the different pieces of the puzzle. jim hansen tweets why are we caving into erdogan? we are going to let turkey slaughter the kurds? this is not winning. 's and one likely explanation of the announcement that it is part of the price paid to go easy on the saudi crown prince? personnel deployed with syrian kurds, a big irritant, syrian kurds now we can do. they are a key player, they have relied on us. what happens when we leave?
12:45 am
>> we rely on them. the us has a modest intention, 2000 troops doing primarily train and assist with syrian democratic forces made primarily of those kurdish troops. the turks consider them an offshoot of the pkk so the united states has served as a deterrent. that is of concern for sure. shannon: the president says we defeated isis in syria my only reason for being there during the trump presidency. he said if that is the president's characterization i believe them, he has excellent information i don't. plenty speculate this is going to be not a great thing to leave any vacuum there. >> i would say we virtually eliminated isis's geography, 95% of it. the concern is those fighters are going to meld into insurgency and there may be 20,000 or so total in the iraqi
12:46 am
syria battle space. that is the first reason we might not be ready to bring our troops home. the second, as general mattis an bolton have noted our troops serve as a deterrent against iran. this administration has been tougher on iran than any with maximum pressure sanctions, tearing up the gc poa, we need to take on iran and that is also an issue that lawmakers are concerned about. >> senator sachs says the president's generals have no idea where this decision came from. they believe the high-5ing winners are iran, isis and hezbollah, the losers are israel, humanitarian victims and us intelligence gathering. how is that affected by the decision? >> i would add russia to the list. i was listening to russian news and their foreign ministry spokesman saying it is good the united states is withdrawing. all those groups went us out in syria is a petri dish growing threats to us in the homeland.
12:47 am
if i were to invoke charles krauthammer it is better to fight them over here than have to defend themselves here. having that intelligence gathering capability is a force multiplier for the kurds who are doing all the fighting, in my view earlier. >> i got a letter i printed on the way here because it is a bipartisan letter that came in before the show. a group of bipartisan senators writing a letter to the president expressing their concerns about him withdrawing from syria and asking him to reconsider the situation. do you think he is persuadable on this issue? >> potentially he is, he changed course on afghanistan, a good example where he had his own ideas during the campaign and was presented with additional evidence and swiveled in a new direction in 2017. there is no timetable for withdrawal of us troops, there may be additional discussions and the president could have different decisions to make. >> sarah sanders said they
12:48 am
stands ready to reengage at all levels but others say we could find ourselves back there still and if history repeats, it will be when our hands are forced, terrible reckoning with a mistake we made today. >> the concern as chairman and joint chiefs of staff noted, stay until there's some sort of peace deal. we don't have that yet and all the factors causing syria to be the humanitarian catastrophe it is and that is where isis grows that hasn't changed and it may not for some time, in my view we do need to have some skin in the game. >> i'm guessing the white house could not have been surprised by the reaction today. we will see their response. thank you for stopping in. also more has a gun buyback program but you will not believe what one mother did with the cash he got for her gun, the story is next.
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>> shannon: to baltimore city police department kicking off, police accepting any firearm or >> baltimore city police kicking off its gun buyback program this week, accepting any firearm with high-capacity magazines offering $200 for semi automatic weapons, one of dollars for revolvers and pump action. local fox affiliate talked to one woman turning in a 9 mm, she says she's using the money to
12:53 am
buy an even bigger weapon was possibly talk to another resident who expressed skepticism about the buyback program. >> they don't reduce crime, they don't reduce gun violence, they don't work. the typical answer, by another gun but no, we have a cruise coming up, that will buy my liquor package. >> i was specialized music college in new jersey is up for sale in the prospective buyer partially owned by the chinese government. eric shaw is looking at why a foreign company wants to buy us college. >> atop american college critics say is targeted by china. for almost 100 years westminster choir college in princeton, new jersey has been a premier academic institution for advanced musical studies but some alumni say that is doomed. a chinese education company has been a government-owned defense contractor for the chinese navy,
12:54 am
trying to buy this and eventually shut it down or change its mission. >> i can't imagine why they might want it but i don't -- i'm not convinced it is to run a choir college. >> westminster graduate is suing the sale claiming the university that westminster is allowed to sell it, beijing would have a direct foothold in american academia. >> i don't think it is a coincidence the government of china is focusing its attention on this tiny music school in one of the most sensitive centers of intelligence and defense research in the world. >> why the university would not offer a school official for an interview, there were written questions but in a statement a school official argued they are expanding internationally, it already operates two prominent schools in china that it would be, quote, and outstanding partner serving what is best and
12:55 am
would be committed to its mission. they did not respond to our requests for comment, this case comes as the university of rhode island is the latest school to cut ties with the chinese government-funded institute, the fbi has warned china could be expanding on us campuses for its own national interests. shannon: thank you very much. time for our midnight hero. cooper dawson, high school football standout in south carolina at syracuse university, had his best friend who has cerebral palsy make the announcement. he said he saw him rolling along with a huge smile on his face and said that is someone i want to be friends with so when he was being recruited he made sure the team spoke with feynman who is also part of the process and dawson made sure feynman shared in his success was we love this friendship story. you are tonight's midnight hero's.
12:56 am
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>> it is thursday, december 20th and this is "fox and friends first". happening right now at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert, the senate striking an 11th hour spending deal to keep the money flowing through february but celebrations may because short. a major hold up for house conservatives. >> a believe that this decision was against military advice and he needs to own it. heather: and announcement withdraw troops home from syria


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