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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 21, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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be on it. we'll have a fox news update on facebook watch, a minute's long news cast online with unique content that streams live on the home page in just a few minutes from now. have a great holiday. i'll see you in the new year. "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> neil: read it and weep. welcome. i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world." what in the world is going on with stocks? once pristine and going up, up and away, they are slipping and sliding away and the nasdaq is now officially in a bear market thanks to a fall of 3% today. that average in rich in technology names like apple, netflix and other high flyers. the issue seems to come back to a market that just cannot find a you can blame the federal reserve talking increasingly about still raising rates.
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you can talk about a world softening and fast but that's not it. what is going on is a sense of order. get out of the way before more sell orders come in. that has the nasdaq in bear market territory. slided better than 20% from highs last august. a significant development. it follows the likes of transportation stocks, the dow transports, which tends to show how the economy will do and follows what is happening with an average following small company stocks. you have three averages in bear market territory. the s&p 500 and the dow even with their incredible skids today are still a couple percentage points away. what is doing it? who will reverse it? forget about a santa claus rally. investors are saying santa, really? to fbn's kristina partsinevelos with the nasdaq where they're
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battling a ferocious bear. kristina? >> you're 100% right. it doesn't really have to do with the government shut down. it's the fear in 2019 of a economic slow down. you're seeing a sell off in risky stocks. the tech sector, which is bringing the nasdaq down. so let's start with the names. some of the major waggers on the tech sector that i checked before. facebook down, amazon down 5.2%. 1,372. another big mover is google. google we saw just within the past 24 hours today down 3%. so below $1,000. it has entered bear market territory as well. so you're seeing that on your screen, red across the board when it comes to tech stocks. let's bring some green out there, talk about the positives. i want to mention nike. nike released their earnings. they saw sales go up 10% for the quarter. they talked about a lot of strength in north america and more strength in china.
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the fact that trade has not hit them. we're seeing their stock up 7% at $72.42. we got to bring it back to oil. that is on a lot of investor's minds. the fact that it's trending below $50 u.s. a barrel. so the simply glut is bringing down the price for oil. a good time for shoppers. the last i checked for aaa, the last price is $2.35 a gallon. another big mover and because this is something i talked to with my parents, gold. we've seen it climb steadily and often seen as a safe haven. a little lower today. nonetheless, gold. you can see, nasdaq techs taking us down. >> neil: thanks. a couple developments. we're learning that investors in the most recent week have pulled $35 billion from equity funds, largely this thing feeds on
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itself. it's not rationale. many will argue the bulls that are still out there that it's not right. it is what it is. i pass it along. other comments coming from peter navarro, the president's trade adviser commenting in japan on what is happening with the john going trade negotiations with the united states and china. not much apparently. he's saying that the permanent economic agreement after 90 days cease fire in trade tensions doesn't look very likely. goes on to say that it would be difficult to score a deal without china being ready to make a meaningful turn around in its procedures the way it runs things. that does not seem to be in the offing. add to that, the government shut down fears, this has never been a big factor. the markets have gotten used to that. even the fact that the vice president was on capitol hill and might get a last-second agreement did little to move the needle. we're going there shortly. i want to first get a read from market watchers john and charlie
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on what is rattling folks there. adam, it was just a sense of let's just get out of the way of this, right? >> yeah, neil, i wrote down five stocks. i'm going to put three in the rationale category and two irrational. nike did well. the stock did well. apple and facebook have had problems. so you understand why they're going down. netflix and amazon? they have been chugging along. that tells you this market is confused and angry and scared. as you said, let's get out of here and let's stop talking about this now is what the investors are saying. >> you know, john, when you follow this -- this has been a market that has done very well under donald trump. it's up about 23% since his election. given up a lot of ground here, but what is going on there? any of this a reflexion of confidence in him or the exodus
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to keep staff members? any of that in play. >> a lot of this is on president trump. we have about 23% corporate earnings right now. the problem is going forward. there's uncertainty and that is due to president trump. the comments that he's made about syria, afghanistan, general mattis resigning. it has a lot to do with his methodology because the way he's dealing with the chinese. we believe -- the market believes this could be a protracted battle going forward. that's why the markets are so scared here. >> neil: we were down, charlie, about 320 points. we added a quick hundred to that on the reports that peter navarro was saying it will be difficult for the u.s. and china to arrive at a permanent agreement at this 90-day cease fire. it's calling into the questions
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about the talks and if there's progress. we could be surprised. and now we learned that china itself is slowing. so even if a deal is scored, there's worries about whether china can deliver the goods. >> a lot of stuff going on there, a global slow down, trade worries, a tariff war with china. the fed tightening, raising interest rates on the short end, selling their balance sheets on the long end. they're doing that in the face of a trade war. i'll say this. if you look at the dow from this time last year till now, you know, we just got passed a huge fiscal stimulus, the massive corporate tax cut, which should be keeping businesses going. guess what? the dow is lower, actually, than a year ago. what happened in that year in addition to the corporate tax cuts? guess what? we entered into a protracted trade war with china and others. so i will say this. you wonder why the dow is trading down and the markets are
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trading down. they are acting very rationally to a very irrational person when it comes to trade. that's peter navarro. he goes out says -- >> donald trump. >> no, that's peter navarro. donald can listen to peter navarro or listen to larry kudlow -- >> neil: i do want to pause that. all of this selling was in place before the navarro comments. adam, let me get your take on the technology front. a lot of people look at this and say, apple, 40% from its highs. that's getting crazy. google under $1,000 bucks. amazon losing 4% today. on a day when the numbers are looking good and the shopping numbers and revenue are looking good. so now this sort of picks up frenetic activity that if you step back doesn't seem to have any reason. what do you think? >> well, i think -- it's the situation where each of these is different, which makes it that
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much harder to analyze. so there's real concerns about apple's iphone growth slowing. they changed the way they would report it. that freaked out investors more than i expected it to, neil. netflix has a ton of debt they're chugging along. concerns about them, about how long they can keep that going and in a negative environment, this is what happens. amazon is confounding. just always highly valued. the business is going great. this is what happens when people are in this mood. >> neil: john, your sense that people are overdoing it? it's one thing to sell off and largely -- i know the slow down fears when the week started. enough already. what is driving it? >> i think there could be enough overdoing it. yeah. look at apple which adam talked about. the problem with apple going forward and having to do with the market, if these tariff goes to $267 billion, this completely
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disrespects apple's global supply chain. this absolutely kills apple. if that doesn't happen, apple is a great buy right here. so the uncertainty, you have brexit with europe just falling apart. a trade war and so much uncertainty out of the white house. nobody knows what is going on. the rules of the game keep changing. >> we've had this uncertainty. this is the point i've been trying to make. we've had the uncertainty a year, a year of uncertainty. peter navarro didn't just crop up today. the markets hate them. it's one thing to go after china on i.p. theft and to get a coalition of the willing to stop them from doing this, another thing from isolating them and other partners and all that is peter navarro. >> neil: well, we have a lot of factors to blame here. we're following it for you here. we should point out with the nasdaq in bear territory, everybody focuses on the other two big ones, the dow and the
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s&p 500. other averages have gone into bear market territory, in other words falling 20% from the highs. a lot of peach watch that because that's all about the stocks that make the stuff that carries stuff like trains and truckers and planes that keep the economy going. so if they're having a tough time, people read into that, if we're not transporting as much of the stuff that gets the economy going, then where are we going? of course, the issue with the russell 2000. an index of small company stocks. it's now in bear market territory to the tune of 26% down. 2/3s of the issues are down in excess of 35%. doesn't always hold that the others follow in suit. by the way, even when they do, oftentimes they just add a few more percentage points to a sell-off. not always the time. even if they were to go into bear market territory, there's no real sign here that the
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others would quickly mean an escalation in sales. one of the things that happened in the 70s during the oil crisis when we went into a bear market and over the 70s, we surrendered half of the market's value. a little more than three years. that was then. a lot of people saying gosh, we hope it's not now. to the focus on now and whether we see a government shut down and how that could affect trading. again, i want to stress here, the corner of wall and broad, this was a nonevent. i don't want to minimize it. these guys have gotten used to it. nevertheless, there's signs that they're doing everything they can to avoid it from happening at midnight today. peter doocy on capitol hill with more. hi, peter. >> neil, the vice president is sitting in his ceremonial office. he just left a meeting at chuck schumer's office. we're not sure how long pence is going to stick around. he could be the tie-breaking
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vote if there winds up being a tie. right now in the senate, this motion to advance the package that combines wall funding and disaster funding is under water 44 yes votes to advance, 46 no votes. the majority leader merry christmas has left this vote open now for 3 1/2 hours. they're trying to get members who went home back here. he told us a little while ago that he's hoping to have an announcement soon. lindsey graham, tweeted that he's ready to dig in in the fight for border wall money. there's already some talk about needing to pair down the president's demand for $5 billion in border wall money. >> we have to ask the president exactly where his number is. you don't throw it up on the table. i believe that he's flexible if -- he would meet the democrats at least halfway.
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that's a good deal. >> the only way a deal can get done is if nancy pelosi and chuck schumer work it out with trump, who was not satisfied with the continuing resolution in the senate already passed because it had no new wall money in it. >> the remarkable thing is, that had virtually unanimous support when it was passed by a voice vote. that is something that the republican leadership had convinced the president was the right way forward. in many ways, the irony of this and i feel some empathy for my republican colleagues. >> and i just talked to a republican member of the house of representatives who said that if this senate bill goes down tonight, he doesn't think that congress is going to come back for more votes until january. neil? >> neil: thanks, peter. john roberts at the white house on how far the president is willing to go.
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he was intimating for quite a while this could drag on. >> yes, he said if it shuts down, it could shut down awhile. peter mentioned that mick mulvaney and jared kushner were up there in schumer's office to see if they could hammer out a deal. i'm getting indications from the white house this $5.7 billion that was in the house measure is not a hard and fast number. don't forget the president was willing to accepted $1.6 billion earlier this week. i was told 1.6 is doable if the president could get agreement on that. don't forget the white house was negotiating with chuck schumer who came up with the package of $1.3 billion. chuck schumer certainly giving no quarter for the president over the whole idea of a shut down. listen here. >> to top it all off. trump has thrown a temper
1:16 pm
tantrum and now has us careening towards a trump shut down over christmas. >> president trump is trying to put the shoe on the other foot after ten days ago when nancy pelosi and chuck schumer saying hey, i'll happily take the blame for the shut down over border security. the president said at a bill sign-ceremony after meeting with the senate republican leadership earlier, if there's a shut down, it's the democrat's fault. listen here. >> so we need border security and the republicans in the senate, as you know, are taking it up today and it's really up to the democrats, at the titota the democrats if we have a shut down. it's possible we'll have a shut down. the chances are probably very good. i don't think democrats care so much about maybe this issue. >> where we are right now, mitch mcconnell might have an announcement in the next little while. they're trying to get the votes to get on the bill. if they can't bring it to the
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floor, somebody could offer an amendment. instead of $5.7, how about we do 1.6? if that can pass the senate and that did have democratic support earlier in the week, maybe they kick that back to the house. if the house can get a quick vote, get it to the president's deck, he signs it and maybe we avoid the government shutdown. who knows what will happen. it's the emoji, right? >> neil: it's amazing. how did the president go saying he would own the shut down if he forced the point, he would blame chuck schumer and nancy pelosi to doing a 180 and doing that today? >> that's a very good question, neil. i suspect the president because he's not in the oval office is up in the residence and maybe he's watching, so mr. president, you got my number if you can explain that one, give me a call. >> neil: let me know if you hear anything. meantime, we have james langford. it does seem odd, whatever people's views of this fight over the security along the wall and the funding, the president
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said he would take the heat for that and then pointed fingers at democrats. do you? >> you know what? here's the challenge when the president had. when he talked to nancy and chuck, if they're both going to block it and nancy pelosi saying there's no way it gets through the house, then it's on home. it turned around and it did get through the house and came back over what they said would never happen. so now there's a small group in the senate, all democrats blocking it to move over here. the challenge is the now what. it's not moving here, not able to get the traction. so we have to negotiate this out and how we can fund the government. there's some clear paths to get there, not just everybody getting a resolve and saying yep, this is a clear path. let's do it. >> neil: you don't find it odd the president is pointing fingers? >> no. i take it when he said it will be my fault on it, he was saying if you want to shut down the
1:19 pm
government over border security, i'll shut it down over border security. i want to know the president went to bat for border security. that's how i took that statement. we can replay it. >> neil: it is what it is. let me get your sense whether republicans are frustrated. looked earlier in the week that the president was willing to go with this temporary extension and keep the government lights on through february, maybe fight this battle another day. then maybe he heard from his base, i don't know, but things changed. what happened? >> it's hard to tell what happened. i'd say when you talk about republicans all received that, i myself and others don't like the c.r. and voted against it, said no, this is the wrong direction to go we should do the full appropriations. we're close to that. that was a lot of negotiated priorities are in it and we can resolve it, with the $1.6 billion that chuck schumer said i'm okay with except the $1
1:20 pm
billion slush fund. everything else seemed to be settled issues. why would we do a continuing resolution to february, fight this a few months when we can resolve it now if we negotiate it longer? >> neil: the president has been fond and rightly so given the markets performance up until the last few months to brag about the markets and how well they're doing. they're not doing nearly as well right now and the nasdaq is in a bear market. stocks are in a bear market or worse. he's not talking about it much outside of maybe putting a lot of the blame on the federal reserve. what do you think of that? >> yeah, that's what i've heard mostly, the issue of the federal reserve the president is upset about the interest rate hikes. it's a combination of the interest rate hikes -- >> neil: you think he's to blame for this? >> no. the interest rate hikes no are not his fault. >> neil: that's not what i said. you think he's seeding doubts in people on wall street because they like what he was doing, but he seems increasingly distracted
1:21 pm
or angry or concerned about staffing that people are coming and going, the latest the defense secretary. you think he bears any responsibility for what's going on? >> you know more about this than i do. my comment was going to be, as far as the interest rate hikes, the trade issue. the instability is on the trade side. the president said trust me, i'm going to work out better trade deals and the market is getting nervous on resolving what will happen in china long-term because our economies are linked at that point. what will happen with brexit and what affect does that have, obviously the view of the e.u. and the u.k., will they have an employment or negotiate with us? currently the e.u. doesn't want us in a trade deal. we do. >> neil: thanks, senator. hope you have a merry christmas. >> merry christmas as well. >> neil: we have more coming up here. what happened with jim mattis leaving as the defense secretary of the united states? what we're learning behind the
1:22 pm
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>> neil: all right. he wasn't just any cabinet official. james mad dog mattis was widely loved inside and outside of the white house. jennifer griffin with the tick tok on what happened and what happens now. hi, jennifer. >> hi, neil. i'm told he hates that mad dog mattis nickname. i'm told also to expect more resignations here at the pentagon. mattis says he will stay on the job until february 28 to ensure a smooth transition. a lot can happen between now and then. the pentagon expected to be tested by america's enemies in the wake of his resignation. yesterday i was told that u.s.
1:26 pm
cencom commander was punched in the gut after planning to pulling out of syria. the president is planning to ask his military planners to pull 7,000 or half of the troops out of afghanistan. it's not clear who will take the job of defense secretary if the president sticks to his plan to pull out of syria. general jack keane won't take the job even though he's reported to be the first choice. >> i have no plans to go back to public service, martha. >> that's final? >> that's final. >> senator tom cotton is mentioned as a top choice as well. cotton is a former army captain who served in iraq and afghanistan. hard to imagine him oversee ago pull-out from syria given his past experience. he signed a letter with other senators that the withdrawal of the american presence bolsters two more adversarieadversaries,
1:27 pm
russia. your administration must not repeat the same mistakes that previous administrations have made and concede to these bad actors. most likely mattis' deputy, patrick shanahan who spent three decades at boeing and became a trump favorite when he backed the president's idea for a space force, which the pentagon opposed. he will be asked to stay on as acting defense secretary. neil? >> neil: thank you. great reporting as always. jennifer griffin. as she started speaking, you might have seen interesting video there of mike pence leaving a meeting that he was having with jared kushner and mick mulvaney, the omb director who is also going to be the acting chief of staff for the president. they were meeting with chuck schumer looking aways to avoid a government shut down that could be a little more than 7 1/2 hours away. we don't know what transpired at that and whether they came up with some sort of a continuing resolution. doesn't look like much progress was made.
1:28 pm
it's early. we'll keep you also reaction to the mattis departure and what it could mean with the war on terror and the position with the middle east with the president set to pull troops out of syria and afghanistan. the former commander of the u.s.s. lippold. >> general mattis' resignation is going to leave a huge hole in the department of defense. there's going to be a ripple effect. obviously he had a fundamental difference in the foreign policy view in the world from the president and he chose open his timing and conditions when he would resign. the president i think like his predecessor unfortunately is really not looking through the second and third order affects that will happen. the middle east abhors a vacuum. we've made an investment there and he made this call after talking to president erdogan in turkey. they're getting ready to
1:29 pm
innovate. there's a strategic risk that turkey in going after the kurds could accidentally or on purpose kill an american that we cannot afford to have. looking at afghanistan, we have an investment. that region, if you look at why we're there, it's amongst what we call the arc of instability. china, pakistan, afghanistan and iran. we need to be there. specifically, several administrations now until we address the root cause of why afghanistan still has problems, we're not going to solve the problem and that's why we have to stay. >> neil: the president disagrees with that. to be fair for the president, he said we had worn out our welcome and this has gone on too long in syria and afghanistan. there was some concern that he didn't more aggressively bounce this off his defense a aides and the rest that were apparently shocked by this. but having said that, he's
1:30 pm
argued, the president has argued, commander that isis has been defeated. we don't have to worry about it anymore. do you share that view? >> i do not. isis not defeated. until they're totally wiped out, there's a possibility that they could reconstitute. the united states brings unique logistics, communications and military capability to absolutely go after isis and destroy them. they need to be wiped out in total. done in coordination with the russians and the syrians and the turks, but isis needs to be wiped out. until they leave, there's risk. we don't want to have that risk, especially given the investment that we've had there. >> neil: by that definition, our soldiers would be there forever. you never can be certain, right? >> i think you can. i think we will reach a point that we could destroy isis. obviously we made tremendous problem the last 1 1/2 years thanks to president trump. but i think that pulling out like this based upon a phone call with turkey, not informing
1:31 pm
our allies, that introduces a risk. who will take over? what is the iranian activity. we're giving them a chance to have regional influence there. we don't need to be doing that in that particular region in syria. >> neil: thanks, commander. i hope you have a safe and happy christmas. >> thank you. you have a merry christmas as well. >> neil: commander kirk lippold. we know the vice president is meeting with speaker paul ryan, also the freedom caucus chair, mark meadows, jim jordan, some of the key conservative leaders in the house of representatives. they're doing everything they can from earlier before when the vice president was leaving his chat with chuck schumer in the senate. apparently there is no go here so far for even a continuing resolution to keep the government going beyond midnight tonight when at least a quarter of it will shut down. not all of it, a quarter of it.
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1:36 pm
good luck on that. we have jacqui heinrich with the mad dash to get to grandma's or anywhere at new york's la guardia airport. >> hi, neil. if there's any silver lining, yesterday was supposed to be a workday to travel and then today. we're on pace with that. seeing fewer impacts today than we were yesterday around this time. of course, the misery map is lit up like a christmas tree. guess who is in the number 1 spot? we are right here at la guardia. 600 delays and 44 cancellations so far. the number 2 spot is chicago, newark and j.f.k. are battling it out for number 3. of course, misery loves companies. cross-country today, more than 4,800 delays and more than 300 cancellations. the numbers are more or less better than yesterday. 4,800 delays. what better time than a record-breaking holiday to have a storm like this one.
1:37 pm
aaa says more 112 million travelers are heading out of town. that's up more than 4% from last year. >> no, i'd probably be more frustrated if i was trying to get to family. no, i have to go back to work. i got here and found out it was delayed even more. >> so what are you going to do? >> drink. >> it's not just the runways that are backed up today. more americans are traveling by car this holiday season than ever before. 102 million people are hitting the roads. that means travel up to four times longer than a normal drive in many cities across the country. atlanta, new york, boston, houston and detroit are the top five worse places to be driving right now. i might as well give you the rest of it. tomorrow and sunday are projected to be busier days to travel than yesterday and today. so no matter where you're going, make sure you allow for extra time and of course the corny
1:38 pm
saying goes, pack your patience. >> neil: thanks, jackie. let's go to rick reichmuth with more. what are we looking at? >> a big storm impacting us since yesterday and we have 18 hours to go. saturday and sunday, more people travelling with the weather and the weather will be better across the country. this, we had the tornadoes across parts of florida. a really broad storm system down from the caribbean, up to canada. primarily rain. on the back side of it and in the higher elevations, we'll see snow. here's how the future radar plays out. rain across boston for much of the evening. this is out of here by tomorrow morning. most of it is gone. temperatures drop and the winds are still in place. because the wind we'll still see a few delays across the airports and the northeast tomorrow. overall, most of the country looking good. clear across the central part of
1:39 pm
the country and the activity goes across much of the pacific northwest. take a look at sunday overall. again, not that bad. more moisture across the pacific northwest. as far as precipitation, if you have snow where you are, you have a good chance for a white christmas. you care about that in new jersey and new york. rain across the coast. that's rain today. maybe a quick flurry sunday night and monday. for the most part, we'll see the snow across the far interior sections and across the west, especially the four corners, might have a white christmas in arizona, my home state. >> neil: you love rubbing it in. thanks, rick. all right. we could be looking at a partial government shut down in a matter of hours. you saw the vice president leaving a meeting there. you ever wonder who that guy was near him? not mick mulvaney, the other guy. chad pergram is like everywhere.
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>> neil: all right. who is that with chad pergram? you're going to be seeing the vice president of the united states and with him right now, they don't walk slowly. we slow this down so you can appreciate it. there he is. isn't he amazing? he's with us right now. that was the vice president coming back with the pow-wow with chuck schumer. obviously you were trying to find out what did. what did you find out? >> we're trying to see what is happening now on capitol hill. it's natural that you get a few hours away from a partial government shut down. some of the gear boxes start to move. there was a meeting on the senate side with the vice president, mick mulvaney, the budget director and jared kushner. they met in chuck schumer's office. the vice president retreated to his office in the senate. he's the president of the said.
1:44 pm
i said are they negotiating something here? he said he might be needed to break a tie. what is going on in the senate, they're more than four hours in a procedural vote to call up the house bill. they haven't been able to do that yet. that vote is still open. pence might be needed to break a tie. what you saw in the video, i followed the vice president across the capitol through the rotunda. he's now in the ceremonial office on the house side with house speaker paul ryan. mulvaney is there. also jared kushner. so we're trying to see if the dam is about to break. what might start to happen. i hollowed at paul ryan, if there was a shut down, if they would exchange offers. he didn't comment. nobody in that group of folks, none of them commented on any questions. it's only natural that you get right up to the snubbing post here and there starts to be action. the key though is they have to
1:45 pm
get that bill up in the senate. if they don't, they can't even consider it. that's the impasse right now, neil. >> neil: so the odds are that we have a shut down at midnight? >> possibly. again, they can move really quick. we started to hear the idea that they might add money. can they get that through the senate and then house. >> neil: it's like how you blended in. brilliant. tour deforce. >> neil: that's just trying to be part of the group. i envy you. great job. >> thank you. >> neil: chad pergram. so all the more reason to be watching us live tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern time when we kick things off on the latest movement in watching on the. we could be some hours into a government shut down. we'll tell you what would be shut down, how long it could last and the political fallout.
1:46 pm
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1:49 pm
>> neil: all right. just moments ago, this is mike pence, the vice president, leaving that meeting with paul ryan. i think mark meadows as well, the house freedom caucus leader. they're trying to cobble something up together. you can see jared kushner there, mick mulvaney, the acting chief of staff of staff. each side is trying to do something to improve the other side. sadly enough, it's kind of routi routine. we see this often. who takes the blame?
1:50 pm
good to see you, doug wien. who does take the blame? >> obama thought he had it figured in 2013. the next year, the republicans took the senate. so it's unpredictable. i've run the numbers. in general, the democrats tend to win because the media has to interpret this and the media tends to favor democrats. the last one, trump was -- tilted his way. >> neil: that one they put on chuck schumer. >> these things are more common than we think. i'm wondering whether people just get used to it and there's no longer a scarlet letter attached to it. that's why neither side feels they have to give because there's very little political pain, especially something like this that would be a partial shut down.
1:51 pm
the president arguing to his base that it's important to his base and passionate point for his base. democrats just as convinced their stopping him on it is just as important. what do you think? >> i think there's a lot of political pain associated with this. a transcendent theme is taking place here. we don't like our presidents to lie to us, but the american people are very cynical, read my lips, no new taxes, you can keep your own doctor, i didn't have sex with that woman, saddam hussein tried to buy uranium in africa. the democrats would like to see donald trump not keep his promise about the wall. i think what donald trump is doing here, he's making a very clear message for his base in years to come and maybe 2020, i tried to get the wall, i was willing to shut down the government to get the ball. they stopped me from getting the wall.
1:52 pm
>> neil: last week he was forceful on that point saying i'll own this shut down, and now a week later, it's on chuck and nancy. you know, you can make the argument, it's a strong position to take, mr. president. you own it, you're going with it. you're doing the jack kennedy thing that success has 1,000 authors and failure is an orphan. but at least go out there. he's not doing that. >> yeah, no, he's not doing that. he's changed on that, i'll agree. but i think he sees himself, i promised jobs, i got jobs, i promised jerusalem for our embas embassy, i promised energy independence, i got it. i think he's got to somehow make it clear, i tried for that wall. it wasn't my fault. that's some of the drama that is going on. >> neil: a lot of drama. all right, doug. thanks very much. merry christmas. >> merry christmas, neil. >> neil: something that might know the president's thinking on this because he met with him is
1:53 pm
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>> neil: all right. back on capitol hill. the vice president is getting his steps in today. i hear doctors there, neil, you've got to walk 10,000 steps, didn't realize that was all in the day. that's the deal, the men going back and forth the senate and house side of the capital. paul ryan is going to be there again. that looks like jared kushner with him. these meetings have been going back and forth to avoid a shutdown later tonight. congressman, what are the odds you think that everything shuts down. the part of the government that shuts down as vulnerable happens tonight? >> a smaller part, but any part is not good. at this point, it looks a little more promising that we may come to the deal because of the activity we are seeing. i don't have any concrete
1:57 pm
information, but the vice president and mick mulvaney just walked through the senate. i know they were meeting with house leadership. paul ryan headed that way. a lot a flurry on the floor with the different groups and caucuses talking together. the good thing is they are talking. that's a step in the right direction because this whole thing has been held up by folks not willing to compromise. >> this is similar, it seems to me, sir, what you were putting together with mick mulvaney, the vice president, you were putting together something that would keep the government going to the first week of february. it looked at the time the president was going along and then he went down and said he wasn't. when you met with the president, among a small group that did, was it your understanding that he was going to maintain that, if i don't get 5 billion for this wall or secure funding, i'm going to let this government
1:58 pm
shutdown? >> that was our understanding. look, this is a national security issue. we have to secure the border. he's very committed to that. when we went over there to meet him we were the just there to say, mr. president, we agree this is of such importance. we are willing to stay here through the holidays if we have to to get this done, to let him know that if this is a stance he wants to take him of this is what we'll take, what he said was, he wants congress to provide some funding to get moving on this wall project. i don't think he's locked into necessarily the 5 billion. he may go with 1.6 billion but without the restrictions the democrats want to put on. >> he's willing to talk 1.6? >> i would think so. he didn't put a dollar figure on it. >> neil: he's not wedded to the 5 billion. >> i don't think so. the greatest concern are the restrictions. it's one thing to get 5 billion,
1:59 pm
but if you are restricted from actually building the steel slat barrier he wants to build, what good is it? the onus is not the restrictions, he can move on it. that would be acceptable. the other option is to use the military, corps of engineers. but, neil, as we've seen so far, regardless what this president has try to do, some judges going to try to stop him. >> neil: will watch very closely. it's fast-moving. we'll see what happens. hopefully you don't have to work through christmas because we have to work through christmas. seriously, congressman, thank you very much. hope you have a wonderful christmas yourself. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: it's a good thing we are live tomorrow morning. we are focusing not only on what's happening in that building but how it can affect something else. did you notice this? the emergence of a bear. see that bear? it's a metaphor for what's going on in the markets. for the nasdaq.
2:00 pm
for two-thirds of the s&p 500 stocks. for a third of the dow 30 stocks. down 20% or more. that bear is knocking on your door. if you don't watch us tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., heaven forbid. ♪ >> hello, everyone, i wall juan williams, along with dana perino, greg gutfeld, jesse watters. he's here. 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." a fox news alert. the senate scrambling as the clock ticks to avoid a partial government shutdown at midnight tonight. a live look at the senate floor where republicans are attempting to move forward on a procedural vote. it's unclear where they have the numbers going forward. over at the white house,


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