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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 22, 2018 9:00am-11:00am PST

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eternal because they're going to meet to put the lights back on, or a quarter of them. they're not all out. it will be an uphill fight. we'll continue covering oon fox as we do, on the network and the news channel. leland: noon eastern and the house and senate are back in session. partially shut down. the senate floor on the left and house floor on the right as chad is reporting up on capitol hill. it's a skeleton crew of senators and congressmen, most at home awaiting to be called back as negotiations begin behind the scenes. the saturday before christmas, and america's news headquarters in washington begins. a lot of news in washington. normally it's quiet. molly down from boston. good to have you. >> we will not lack for things to talk about today. i'm molly line today.
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let's go first to doug mcelway covering on the partial shutdown. 's live from the rotunda on capitol hill. what's the latest. >> good afternoon, molly. both houses of congress convened two minutes ago, and don't expect anything to get done because there's nothing to do here. whatever is done is behind the president's chief negotiationing people, vice-president mike pence, son-in-law jared kushner, and chuck schumer. nancy pelosi i'm told is not in town. and the whip steny hoyer told me. if there's progress, it's probably along the line of verba verbage, the word of the wall. hoyer is of the belief if they could replace it with a term
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like virtual wall. >> he doesn't have the votes for a wall. he has votes for strengthsening border security through technological means, personnel means, and a number of other ways, and that's not going to change between now and whenever, so it would, i think, be in the best interest of the country and i think the best interest of the president and congress if we would come to an agreement hopefully in the next 24, 48 hours. >> and that's also the sentiment of republican senator james langford of oklahoma. >> i don't think we're that far apart. our focus is around a billion or two billion in border security in a larger bill. our focus all along has been we need to secure the border, do what it takes to put the physical structure in place as well as the manpower in place. >> as we know the president has been absolutely adamant that the wall be a physical wall. at other times, he has used
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verbage whatever you want to call it. in a tweet 25 minutes ago, he said we're negotiating with the democrats on desperately border security. we understand that mitch mcconnell is speaking now, let's listen up. >> continue their discussions, the senate will officially proceed to the house passes already already, officially proceeded to the house pass funding legislation. so that's pending, but we did so with understanding that no further votes will occur until the president and senate democrats have reached an agreement to resolve this. let me say that again. we pushed the pause button until the president from whom we will need a signature and senate democrats from whom we'll need votes, reach an agreement.
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no procedural votes, no test votes, just a meaningful vote on a bipartisan agreement whenever that is reached and it's my hope it's reached sooner rather than later. it is no mystery, why securing our nation's borders is such a major priority for republicans here in the senate and republicans over in the house, and for president trump. any look at the plain facts leads to one simple conclusion, the crisis of security at our southern border is real. is real. over the past year customs and border protections records of apprehensions and interdictions at our southern border are literally, mr. president, staggering. staggering. 800 known gang members, 50%
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increase over last year, nearly 7,000 individuals with criminal histories, including weapons trafficking and violent offenses. more than double, more than double the levels of fentanyl along with other illicit substances. so the report card is quite clear. america's borders are in crisis. these facts i've stated are not partisan facts. they are not ideological, they're facts, just facts. they don't describe the republican party's version of events or the president's version of events. they describe reality. so one would think that securing our homeland.
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controlling our borders and protecting the american people would be bipartisan priorities, uncontroversial. common sense. bipartisan priorities. a core duty of any nation's government. and here is the interesting thing. until very, very recently, mr. president, that seemed to be the case. back in 2006, democrats were perfectly happy to support hundreds, hundreds of miles of physical barriers along the border. 26 democrats voted for the bill, then senator obama, then senator clinton and my friend, the current democratic leader from new york, but what about more recently? earlier this very year, this year, mr. president, the democratic leader offered 25
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billion dollars for physical barriers in his negotiations with the president. five times, five times as much as the white house is reasonably requesting right now. and that was just earlier this year. republicans in the house and in the senate believe the house's provision for $5 billion for border funding plus additional disaster funding was completely reasonable. i was glad to vote to advance that legislation yesterday. my colleagues and i are proud to stand with the american people on this subject for the safety of american families and the health and security of our communities. but this time, this time democrats have rejected that reasonable request. they've refused to meet president trump halfway and provide even one-fifth, one-fifth of the resources of the border they were willing to
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provide just a few months ago. just a few months ago. there's no bright line of principle that celebrates hundreds of miles of physical barriers in 2006 from new physical barriers in 2018 ch. there's no major philosophical shift that made $25 billion for border security worthwhile just a few months ago, but makes a far more modest investment of $5 billion immoral? immoral and unacceptable today? no, democrats haven't rejected the president's request and invited this pshl government -- partial government shutdown of some principled discussion in the last few weeks.
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it's not some principaled discovery they've made in the last few weeks, they brought this about because they're under a lot of pressure. we all know this -- from their far left and feel compelled to disagree with the president on almost anything and certainly this. so that's where we are, but we don't need to be here for long. in order to get us out of this mess, a negotiated solution will need to check these boxes. it's really simple, mr. president. really simple. they will need the support of 60 senators, which will obviously include a number of democrats, this will need to pass the house and this will need a presidential signature. that's how we make a law in this situation. 60 votes in the senate, majority in the house, and president
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trump's signature. that's what's needed. that's what will end this regrettable episode. reopen the lapsed portions of the federal governmenten and produce the investment in border security that our nation really needs. so i'm glad that productive discussions are beginning at this hour between my friend the democratic leader, the democratic leader in the house, and the white house. when those negotiations produce a solution that is acceptable to all of those parties, it will receive a vote here on the senate floor. >> all right, that was mitch mcconnell on the senate floor, not missing the spirit of the christmas weekend here. red sweater, green tie, and
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basically said we're hitting the pause button until the president and senate democrats come up with something. he is going to let things simmer on the senate floor. noteworthy, we're getting a report from our team up on capitol hill who says this is much more about semantics than it really is about money per se. is this going to be for a while? is this going to be for a virtual wall? is this going to be for border security? the president, obviously, wants it earmarked for a while in specific and the democrats, chuck schumer, and nancy pelosi trying to deny that political victory in a sense. and live pictures of the floor where mitch mcconnell says it will be a pause situation in effect. getting word from the president via twitter that there's going to be a lunch with big -- we will be having a lunch in the white house residence with large group concerning border
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security. who that large group is, he didn't say on twitter. >> what's on the menu. >> what's on the menu, what discussion to have, but the president's in town. he was supposed to be down in mar-a-lago. >> and the mystery is who is in the room and how far they'll get. if a lot of folks are heading out on planes or heading back to the capitol. things are quiet on the floor and a few speeches and that might give us insight into what's happened behind closed doors. >> mcconnell lamenting the democrats were willing to spend 25, much greater amount of money than asking right now. one-fifth he was lamenting of the resources. as you mentioned, a battle over semantic and also some dollar amounts. and now a fraction of the dollar amounts they were previously talking about. >> in the word of one senator, a billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon we start talking
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about real money. >> and supposed to be where it was warmer with the president, but now outside. hi, ellison. >> and 24 hours later, nice weather i'll take it. we hear from the president where he's planning to have a lunch in the wlous and worth noting, typically when the president is in the west wing, you see a marine coming out of the west wing door. since we've been here, we haven't seen the marine outside the west wing door. the first lady and her son headed down to mar-a-lago yesterday without the president. the white house says that they believe the president is in a position of power here when it comes to negotiations and they are not moving on their demands for funding for the border wall.
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>> i'm definitely not going to negotiate with you guys from this chair and i'm definitely not going to get ahead of what the president will or won't do. what he said repeatedly is he demands some type of security from this nation and that includes a wall. let's not forget, democrats voted for a wall in 2006 and then again in 2006 -- and the president tweeted a photo yesterday from the oval office. the white house is now telling us the earliest the president could leave for mar-a-lago is tomorr tomorrow . >> house of representatives passed this important bill 217-185. some people were surprised by the number, i wasn't, because everyone wants to see our border protected. we're going to have a shutdown, there's nothing we can do about that because we need the democrats to give us their
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votes. . >> the president also said in that video that openfully this would not be a long shutdown. previously he said in that meeting with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi that he would take the blame if there was a sh shutdown. he's changed his tune. and while most americans don't support a wall, the vast majority of republicans do and shutting down the government to get it. for now he's there for the lunch, leland. >> we'll see who is coming and going from the west wing residence, and much more on the lunch. with reactions into negotiations, south carolina congressman freedom caucus, congressman, you're not in washington d.c. any idea when you come back to vote on something? >> last time when we left they would give us 24 hours if a deal
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was struck and that's what we're waiting on. there wasn't much that we could play a part in. but all of us will be back when the notice is given. leland: i'm guessing you were kind enough to be a little early as you are for your hits. you had a chance to listen to mitch mcconnell. take away from his remarks. we heard a door open and close, i don't know if the congressman can still hear me. are you still with us, sir? all right, i guess the door opening and closing was the door opening and closing on the satellite window for the congressman. we'll try to get his signal back up. in the meantime, molly, you have to wonder because we keep hearing that it's chuck schumer in negotiations with president trump. and then you wonder, how much of this is really chuck schumer talking to president trump and then nancy pelosi the incoming speaker pulling the strings. because up until january 3rd,
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this is paul ryan's congress. after that it is nancy pelosi's congress. ralph norman is back with us. has the door reopened, sir, on your satellite window? you can hear us now? >> i can. leland: all right, your thoughts. mitch mcconnell said, basically, us working on this in the senate was useless. we're hitting the pause button. your thoughts. >> well, two things, leyland, it's not about money. the $5 billion is .125 of the total four trillion budget, money that we spend. and secondly it's not about semantics. nancy pelosi said we didn't have the votes in the house to give something to the senate to consider. 217-185 was the vote. 177 democrats, all of them voted ge against it. we've given the senate something and now what we have to do is see something on paper. in the real world, most families that negotiate for a house, i'm in the real estate business, if
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you don't like the price of a house you come back with something on paper what you will agree with. we haven't gotten that. what's going to have to happen, we're going to have to have something in writing. as nancy pelosi says cut the glass so you can see the legals is not going to get it. the president rightfully show is shutting the government down and he says he would own it. it's up to the 60 votes in the senate and i think mitch mcconnell can come up with ten democrats hopefully. if not, we are going to sit until we have a security border. leland: you make a good point. if it's not semantics, what ask about, 100 miles of a down payment on a wall. this doesn't build you a wall for the $5 billion. why not hold out for all 25 if what you're saying the government needs to be shut down until there is real border security. 5 billion doesn't buy you that.
9:19 am
>> it's a start. that's how far we've gom to-- come to to get them to negotiate in good faith. if we put something in writing to go with is disingenuous. it's about power and vote. ne want illegals to vote in the 2020 sense sure that's coming up and we're not going to allow that. >> do you worry they'll run out the clock on this. and nancy pelosi, january 3rd. they run out the clock on this. all of a sudden, the democrats have the house. you may not get anything for the border wall. >> the public will get what's going on. they understand. the public is is not stupid. and i think what miss pelosi has got to figure, what's her base going to do, what's the american people going to say when we sit down and shut the government until january 3rd? our options are slim once she takes over, that's why we did
9:20 am
what we did. a lot of us called for this months ago. it's sad to even have to debate this at christmas. i'm prepared along with a lot of hours to sit. if we have to wait the clock out until january 3rd, we'll do it. leland: congressman, we appreciate it. if the 24 hour bell rings you'll be back on a plane. we'll talk about it. if we don't talk before, merry christmas. >> you bet. leland: just got this from capitol hill that mitch mcconnell says he is not going to the white house after that speech he just gave. so whoever is having that big lunch. >> no lunch for mcconnell. leland: no lunch for mcconnell. maybe up on capitol hill, not at the white house. >> we've got more from washington when we get back. managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority.
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9:25 am
it's the week before christmas, wrapping frantically and last minute shopping and thinking what cool movie they might see on tuesday. are people tuned into this right now, julio? >> well, yeah, i think that they should be. if they do care about things like border security. i mean, it was a rallying cry of the 2016 election, and people right now are the-- the democrats in particular are playing politics with safety. this is something that's directly attributing to the opioid crisis, i mean, drugs are pouring in, i mean, how many more, you know, kate steinles and molly tibets do we have to have. most people don't even feel government shutdown in most cases. molly: that's true. a lot of americans won't be affected, but hundreds of thousands of people that do work for the government could potentially be affected and furloughed and might have to wait for a paycheck potentially after the holiday, money maybe
9:26 am
they've already spent. david, do you think that people are watching and they're concerned about the government employees at the very least in the midst of the partial shut down? >> this is a big tuesday night. i think that people are watching and feel frustrated that congress can't come together with the presidentment congressman norman underscored it in his interview a little bit ago. the federal budget in 2019 is 4.4 trillion dollars and congress and the president are basically arguing three and a half billion of border security. less than 1/10 of 1%. that's a small amount given all they need to do and they ought to put it together and when people put that in perspective, they get angry in government. molly: that the government
9:27 am
should function and shouldn't shut down and in the '70s and '80s, more common. and less common in recent time. what could it potentially mean for the president of the united states. he's back and forth who gets the blame and the democrats tried to bill this as the trump shutdown, but take a listen to the president. >> i am proud to shut down the government for border security. chuck. i will take the mantle. i will be the one to shut it down. i'm not going to blame you for it. molly: of course he shifted gears on twitter and said the democrats take this. and temperament of a toddler, a pretty harsh dig. can we get close if there's seemingly this animosity on both sides? >> one thing they need to. the president extended the olive branch on several occasions even at his own peril.
9:28 am
he's been criticized by conservatives and members of the republican party for having nancy pelosi and chuck schumer in at the white house, trying to work these things out. he extended the olive branch three weeks before daca expired. he was willing to grant some semblance of legalization to upwards of 1.8 million illegal residents. the fact of the matter is all these issues related to illegal immigration and the fact that we can't do comprehensive immigration reform falls right on the shoulders of the democrats because donald trump has been more than willing to come to the table and grant concessions. molly: thank you both very much, david. i'm sorry, you raised a lot of important issues, but we're running short on time. we appreciate it. thanks for joining us both. >> thank you so much and happy holidays. molly: you, too. leland: all right, 12 hours 28 minutes into the shutdown. at congress gets ready for their session, how will it impact the mueller investigation? live pictures right now.
9:29 am
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>> just days before christmas some government workers are on the job without pay and some federal services are suspended until congress can finally make that deal. jackie heimrich is live in new york. >> the post office will continue to deliver packages and screening at the airports and active military working. but there will thousands who will have to work without pay. the department of homeland security, the justice department, department of the
9:34 am
interior, state department, and departments of housing and urban development, state department, agriculture, commerce and energy are all partly closed. 420,000 federal employees are working without pay and another 380,000 will be furloughed, meaning they will have stay home without pay and depending how long the partial shutdown lasts, they could miss a paycheck. most national parks employees are home without pay right now and that's creating some issues for holiday visitors. the park service is working to keep roads and facilities open that you were already open, but services at that require staffing will be closed. it's affecting parks that require snow removal and popular holiday destinations like zion national park in utah. >> the key park that we're focused on is zion national park, we're working closely with the superintendent at zion to figure out a way to keep the visitors services open. >> among the parks that could have shut down, statue of liberty and ellis island which
9:35 am
draw about 10,000 people per day. the park service says they'll stay open thanks to funding from new york state tweeting new york governor cuomo has provided funding to keep the statue of liberty and ellis island open during the shutdown of the federal government. welcoming visitors from across our nation and around the globe. it's the third time in five years new york state has funded the sites during a shutdown. during the january, 2018 shutdown, governor cuomo says it was around $65,000 per day, molly. molly: thank you very much. and we will see if people can move smoothly on their travels as all of this goes on, thank you. leland. leland: she mentioned the justice kedepartment. one thing that won't be shutting down is the special counsel investigation. as the democrats prepare to take back the house and robert mueller. joining us is a former prosecutor. good to see you.
9:36 am
when you think of the christmas holiday, how many people should be thinking next christmas maybe in the crowbar hotel? >> and i think that mr. flynn had an unsettling day. the guidelines of probation six months and they had a judge floating out ideas of treason and you need a postponement and i think that's a shaky household wondering where it's going. the president, last we heard he was advised he's a subject. if he's still a subject the hysteria about impeachment and really every other e-mail-- >> what about those in the president's inner circle, is this closing? >> i think it's hard to say, i mean, focus most immediately seems to be on people that are at least associates of his like mr. corsi, but i don't know in that means anything in terms of indictme indictment. it seems to be mired in false
9:37 am
statement, instead of russian collusion. and as relates directly to the campaign and other things most of what we've gotten was false statement issues and you have an issue with this. you've been vocal on that point. isn't one way to not have false statement prosecutions for people not to lie. >> you can look at it either way and say there's a whole bunch of people associated with the trump campaign dishonest to investigators and that can be worthy of criminal prosecution, but you can look at the prosecution engaged by the fbi in this. a lot of maybe fair questions in both directions there. leland: forgive me, i feel it's a little of a case of day deja vu. we had the same timelines and when the mueller probe might end. is there a reasonable reason to think that this year is different as everyone takes stock. >> they have not been leaking their business or surrogates or
9:38 am
speaking indictments that say where they're going. the sign that in fact there are sentencing cooperators that makes you think it's winding down. i would say early 19. that's a rough guess. i don't think i said that before. hopefully early 19 we start to get-- >> the end of this year is days away. >> i think we're close. leland: any reason to think there's something down the pipe here, a big news dump over the holiday season, or does not not fit robert mueller's operandi. >> i don't think it fits his operator manner. he's playing close to the vest and so is rosenstein. and i think we'll know when we see a report moving and not before that. leland: the democrats in congress as they control the house are going to be trying to tie funding up based on protecting mueller so that would have an effect as well. thank you very much. keep watching the shutdown.
9:39 am
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> > >> turkey's president says they will postpone in syria, but they will attack isis in the region. and this is on the heels of president trump's controversial call to remove troops from syria, a move that was of jim
9:44 am
mattis. kicking things off with the president of turkey saying we're not going in now, but we will go in later. what does this mean not just for the american forces that are leaving, but for the kurds and for others in the region? >> this is a bittersweet announcement. regardless of what you think about the decision to pull out, things that every american should want the kurds and others that fought to be safe. the turks are going to invade like they said they would, and russia or isis going to come back. it sounds like maybe the u.s. administration tried to buy times for the kurds to either prepare themselves, defend themselves. get out of the way or prepare for battle. >> or maybe strike a deal. i think what everyone is expecting that they'll try to strike a deal with assad, okay,
9:45 am
we're sorry and-- >> and assad-- >> very generous person, yeah. >> do you think there's a diplomatic solution that would work in the kurds' favor? >> i hope so after everything they've been through. the politics are brutal and the kurds have a losing hand, they have very little leverage and i think they're at the mercy of the turks, the iranians and the russians. molly: the president makes the argument that we should be out. and those that say we're abandoning our allies, the kurds, of course. in the meantime, iran has been rather gleeful about the idea that the american sources are beginning to leave the area. your thoughts on that. is this good for iran and bad for america? >> i think one of the reasons that the president decided to pull out, his frustration what are we doing there? what's the objective? what are we going to accomplish, when can we come home? i think one of the things, his advisors are saying we have one fight against isis, a longer
9:46 am
term fight against iran and our troops in syria can play both roles. we've made progress against isis, but we've seen iran take over more and more of syria and iraq. and how much longer will iran get once we're gone and what happens as a check on them. it's a problem with them in yemen and rolling back their nuclear program and improving on the nuclear deal. it's a loss of leverage for the u.s. molly: israel is expressing concerns about this move? >> so, i think that israel has tried to thread-- walk a fine line. they want to support president trump who has been a strong supporter of israel on the other hand they're scared of what he is happening in syria. we've had iran arming hezbollah, which has now more missiles than every european country on its doorstep and now we're watching closely, worried about a war in
9:47 am
the north and they were counting on the u.s. to be one of their allies and maybe stop that war from happening. they're on their owns. the israelis say we can do that, but i think they're more scared today than a week ago. molly: i think a lot of people in frightening situations no matter what happens in the years to come. thank you for jing joining us. >> merry christmas, molly. molly: merry christmas to you. leland: live pictures right now of capitol hill. some new reporting from chad up there on the partial government shutdown. a potential date for votes and who might be meeting at the white house with president trump when we come back. plus, what does it mean for the stock market? it had its worst week in a decade. what happens coming up next. . >> we arrived at this moment because president trump has been on a destructive two-we can t l
9:48 am
tell-- temper tantrum that the american taxpayer pony up for what he promised mexico would pay for. the proposals we've made over a billion dollars in money same amount allocated last year by both parties and even the president agreed to. and the trump administration has barely spent any of the border security money from last year. so the trump shutdown isn't over border security, it's because president trump is demanding millions of dollars for an expensive, inspecting wall that the majority of americans don't support. let me remind you, the president called for a shutdown no less than 25 times.
9:49 am
he's wanted one for months. in our meeting in the oval office, president trump said he would be proud to shut the government down. imagine saying he'd be proud to shut the government down. even rush limbaugh one of the biggest supporters of the president said it was a trump shutdown, that he caused it. he said, quote, this is limbaugh speaking, the president wants you to know if money -- it's money for the wall or nothing and if it's nothing, he shuts it down. just two days ago, the senate unanimously agreed to a proposal for leader mcconnell to keep the government open through february. it wasn't exactly what democrats wanted, we thought it should be longer. but we agreed because we wanted to keep the government open. and all indications were that the president would sign the bill. but president trump, beholden to
9:50 am
the far, far right, unwilling to shoulder even the slightest critique from rush limbaugh or laura ingraham changed his man, the senate bill passed unanimously by all republicans and democrats and he sent his allies off to tilt at wind mills. everyone knew yesterday long before the house vote that the president's wall lacked 60 votes in the senate. it's proven to lack even 50 votes. it will never pass the senate, not today, not next week, not next year. so, mr. president, president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall, plain and simple. the senate's not interested in swindling american taxpayers for an unnecessary ineffective and wasteful policy. what we do support, democrats
9:51 am
and republicans, is real effective border security, but not a wall. the wall is president trump's boon to the hard right people. it's no way to spend $5 billion for a political bone. i've heard the president and his allies in the media say that democrats don't support border security. nothing could be further from the truth. democrats have always been for smart and effective ways to secure our border. we're pushing for technology like drones and sensors and inspection equipment. every single proposal we make to the president included 1.3 billion for border security. the trump shutdown provides zero dollars for border security. i have never supported a border wall and i challenge anyone on the hard right to find a time when i or any expert has supported a wall like what the
9:52 am
president has proposed. so where do we go from here? well, three proposals are on the table. two by democrats, leader pelosi and i, one by leader mcconnell, each of which would reopen the government and provide $1.3 billion in border security. we're also open to discussing any proposals with the president as long as they don't include funding for the wall. but in order for an agreement to be reached all four congressional leaders must sign off and the president must endorse it and say that he will sign it. leader mcconnell must agree. speaker ryan must agree. they cannot shuck responsibility. leader mcconnell still controls this chamber. speaker ryan controls what reaches the floor of the house. they are essential to this proce
9:53 am
process. leader mcconnell can't duck out of it. of course, leader pelosi and i must agree and most important, the president must publicly support and sign an agreement before it gets a vote in either chamber. we don't want to go through what we went through a few days ago. both leader mcconnell and i have agreed that kwaul-- that qualification for a specific reason. repeatedly the president has agreed and only to reverse himself when criticized by the far right. we can't have another situation when the president signals support at first and then reverses himself which is precisely what caused this shutdown in the first place. if leader mcconnell, speaker ryan, leader pelosi and i agree on a solution, and the president says he'll sign it, we can end the trump shutdown immediately. discussions continue among the
9:54 am
members of our staff. the republican leader and i will update the senate on the status of those talks once progress has been made. i yield the floor. and note the absence of a quorum. >> the clerk will call the roll. leland: well, two different versions if you listen to majority leader mitch mcconnell earlier in the hour as we're now in the 13th hour approaching that of the government shutdown. and mitch mcconnell saying that they need to agree on things and chuck schumer less than an hour later if you want to open the government, the president must abandon his wall. molly: he called it a bone to the far right and essentially said this is all about politics. it's interesting-- people talked about how this is about semantics and money. and in some perspective, not as much money as initially thought, but still a large amount of
9:55 am
money, they called it pocket lint as far as the vast amount of spending is concerned. but he talked a lot about the word wall here, when senator schumer was on the floor. the wall is a bone to the far right. you must abandon your wall as if it's all about the word wall when the ultimate goal, theoretically for both sides, should be border security. they've talked a lot about border security and the president saying he's having a lunch on that this afternoon. leland: and the president used that word in his tweets. having lunch quote this afternoon, who are at that lunch are yesterday to be determined, and working on that. chad is up on capitol hill, the producer up there reporting that he doesn't think, based on his reporting from multiple republican sources that there will be a vote until the 27th or 28th there in terms of possibly reopening the government. molly, you made an excellent point on the semantics of this. doug mcelway up on the hill earlier saying the question
9:56 am
comes down to the words of exactly what is this $5 billion for. chuck schumer kept saying no wall, no wall, no wall. he didn't say no virtual wall. he didn't say no $5 billion for border security. >> or steel slats or anything else. leland: anything else, just a wall. >> get our thesaurus out. leland: the thesaurus will come out and we'll see you with more and more hey -- analysis on the other side and what it means for you and what it means for the stock market which m an awful, awful week. 'tand in your garage,son a brand new john deere. that's not a mirage. with 60 months financing at 0%, say "happy holidays" to money well spent. if additional offers are what you desire, visit your john deere dealer before they expire. now, start up your engines and drive out of sight. new john deere equipment for all
9:57 am
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10:00 am
>> all right, a live look of the senate floor. one pm eastern. 13 hours into this partial government shutdown. and the teleprompter says that lawmakers are trying to negotiate an end but it appears negotiations for perhaps are at an impasse here. >> yeah, we know, it looks like things may not happen or things may not progress until after the holidays but is something we are keeping an eye on. senate democrats call on the president to take the border wall funding off the table. senator schumer making a very bold statement in the last hour about that. i am molly, happy to be here
10:01 am
with leland. leland: glad to have you here. chuck schumer called it a $5 billion political bone. they said the president has to abandon this if he wants anything. they can call back within about 24 hours so, enough time for a negotiation to happen before they have to call anybody back. >> a lot of things happen before. we've seen some speeches. let's go to doug covering all the latest developments there on this partial shutdown. he is doing is live at the rotunda on capitol hill. reporter: hi molly. all morning we've been saying, you know the house and senate both gaveled in at noon today, they really have nothing to do because the real negotiating here is going on between the presidents team, which includes a vice president, mike pence, the chief of staff, mick mulvaney and son-in-law, jared
10:02 am
kushner. meeting with and negotiating against chuck schumer and soon to be speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. who we are told may be out of town today. but when the senate did gaveled in at noon today mitch mcconnell reminded his democratic colleagues that 12 years ago, they loved, also loved border wall funding. 26 senate democrats. including obama, clinton and schumer. they voted for a bill that provided hundreds of miles of physical barriers on the southern border. and they did so again much more recently. >> this year, mr. president, the democratic leader offered $25 billion for physical barriers in his negotiations with the president. five times, five times as much as the white house is reasonably requesting right now. >> to massulo senate minority leader, chuck schumer, took to the senate floor and said that there is no deal unless the president abandons, abandons funding for the wall. the president has been adamant all along that this will be a
10:03 am
physical wall but at other times, he has used some more vague verbiage. just yesterday he made reference to whatever you want to call it. and in a tweet a little over an hour and and a half ago, he said and i quote - where negotiating with democrats and desperately needed border security. notice the term there. border security. he did not use the term, border wall. it suggested perhaps there is a little wiggle room when it comes interpretation of exactly what the money is for. in the meantime, many members of congress have gone home. they are prepared to come back to washington and will get 24 hours notice by the leadership here if it looks like any kind of a deal is imminent. and in the meantime, keep in mind despite some hysterics that you might hear from some media outlets, this government shutdown is a partial government shutdown with minimal effects, affecting about 25 percent of the federal workforce or 800,000 workers. the mail will still go through, social security checks will still go through and if you happen to be traveling this
10:04 am
weekend or over the holidays, tsa agents will be manning the airports. back to you. molly: thank you and i hope the travel goes with everyone. for more insight let's bring in democrat strategist, blake rutherford. a lot behind closed doors.a few moments ago we saw senator schumer step up.he spoke directly to the president saying mr. president, if you want open the government you must abandon the wall. it seems like that word, wall, is what has to go. he says we need border security. your effect on who has the upper hand at least from this point and in negotiations. >> i think at this point the democrats probably have the upper hand. you've got public polling that shows the country is ambivalent about this wall. the president really hasn't sold it beyond sort of bumper sticker rhetoric and we have experts who have said, the wall is not the most effective way to secure the border.
10:05 am
i think the democrats are willing to have that debate and the president really isn't willing to engage beyond just saying you know, build the wall or i am taking my, you know my toys and going home and i will shut down the government at christmas. so i think the democrats are going to win the battle. unless the president rethinks his approach to border security. >> he did tweet out a design, the steel slat barrier design. calling it totally effective while at the same time, beautiful. so there comes to semantics, this is the president of course, has a huge rally, 10,000 or 15,000 people chanting, build the wall. can he change it to steal, flat berries and bring the democrats on board and fund the government and move things forward? i mean, is that the deal that is being worked on?
10:06 am
>> well, i think again, i think the president is going to have to step away from just build the wall. again, that bumper sticker rhetoric and talk about border security and how to enhance border security.which of course, the democrats want and they have been willing to fund. again, shutting down the government during the holidays does not make much political sense the president is not going to be able to advance his wall agenda to the tune of $5 billion he is going to have to rethink his strategy and if he does that, and reopens the government, i think the country is better off. >> does this give them some element of victory whether they call it a virtual wall or
10:07 am
whatever works that the president might want or be willing to work with.what could they get? because the democrats, could they get something big at this point in time? what would they be negotiating for? >> there were obviously some big items on the agenda. certainly from an immigration perspective.daca, and other things. we've been down that road once. i do not think -- >> i was just thinking that when you said it. reporter: i do not think it is a smart strategy for the democrats. i think this is an up or down on whether a wall is the most appropriate and effective way to secure the border. we have experts who have said it is not, i get that the president is appealing to his base. he referenced the rallies. but at the same time i think we need to do what is smart and sensible and affordable. remember that now we have got the largest budget deficit that we have seen since before the
10:08 am
great recession. thanks to the republican texas. we are not as flexible from a budget perspective as we would like to be. i think the president has to acknowledge that. i think republicans have to acknowledge that. and then we have to move forward sensible. molly: affordability and border security. those are some very high hopes in washington right now. blake, we appreciate it, thank you. >> thank you for having me. happy holidays. >> you two. leland: the president tweeting he will be having a lunch, doug mckelway noted border security in the next few minutes. ellison barber live from the white house. it is supposed to be in a much warmer palm beach. she has broken out the jacket now that she is back here in washington as the president has stuck around. reporting that they are unlikely to have a vote until
10:09 am
the 26 or 27. does that mean the president will head down to mar-a-lago or do we know? >> nothing official just yet. the white house is told us earlier today that the earliest the president could potentially go to florida is tomorrow. but again, nothing set in stone yet. he was supposedly originally go down on friday. rbc that did not happen. there would be lunch in the white house in his words a large group concerning border security. we have asked of names but have not heard anything official just yet. we have not seen a marine outside the west wing so for today. typically, if the president is working in the oval office a marine stands guard outside. he tweeted that there in the warehouse working hard. they are working with democrats on desperately need border security, gang, trafficking and war. the white house says they believe the president is in a position of power and following through on a major campaign
10:10 am
promise. >> i am deftly not going to negotiate with you guys from this chair and i'm definitely not going to get ahead with the president will or won't do. but what he has said repeatedly is, he demands some type of security for the includes a wall. let's not forget democrats voted for a wall in 2006. they would again in 2013. all in support of border security and protections for the nation. the president is going to go as far as it takes to protect the american people. >> vice president mike pence, and jared kushner are key negotiators. they spent most of yesterday on capitol hill. leland: all right, ellison barber at the white house appeared more from ellison barber in the team when we find out who the president is having lunch with. thank you. a partial government shutdown 13 hours and 10 minutes in. certainly making waves in washington. how is it playing outside? we heard that chuck schumer said was a five dollar
10:11 am
politically bowed to the base. speaking of the president's base, we bring in a talk radio host, wade smith. nice to see you, sir. >> how are you doing leland? leland: i'm doing pretty well. this saturday before christmas. you listen to chuck schumer here just before the top of the hour. he seemed to almost make fun of people that wanted the wall in his remarks on the floor. how does that play? >> it is typical chuck schumer making fun of the trump base. talking done about the truck base thinking that sitting in his ivory tower he is much better than the trump voters and conservative all of this is about for everyone on the left, is putting a column for the trump side of things. not about the wall, not about security, this is about a loss for the president and his base. that's all it is for democrats hitting it to christmas knowing that in january they have control of the house.
10:12 am
leland: are they winning this one though? >> you know it is really hard to tell who's winning this fight. when you have the situation -- leland: one can argue if you can tell who is winning then you are not winning. >> i know that donald trump is losing this earlier in the week when it looked like he was backing off of the fight. when it looked like the white house said you will sign budget that doesn't have a funding then after 24 hours donald trump changes his mind. that is the best thing he could have done is change his mind. because with the base he looked early in the he looked weak. whether or not the well is a good idea is not the issue here, if the wall goes into effect that is what they voted for. >> ben shapiro had an interesting thought on this. they are playing this 2a they knew they want in 2018. which you might remember, things were pretty tight in september and early october.
10:13 am
and as the president made more and more, the campaign for the midterms about immigration, especially when it came with the house votes, things became more and more favorable politically for the democrats. is there a fear here among republicans it might play really well to the base? chuck schumer might be right but if the presence keep saying wall, wall, wall -- question i've heard from listeners on multiple stations and in the area, if you are on the far right, if you are a pro-trumper you want the wall funny.does the middle don't care as much about the wall funding. what they care is how does the president look overall? what is the perception of his strength in washington d.c.? is chuck schumer running d.c. at this point? if they can get a compromise,
10:14 am
we are chuck schumer so you have to get rid of your wall. you have to get rid of that portion of the negotiation or nothing else will pass. i don't think that trump cares as much about the shut down as democrats want to make it to be. he said in a meeting with them on camera last week, hey, i will gladly shut down the government. i will gladly make this my shutdown. and we saw him go reverse a little bussing and the democratic shutdown but at least we know he's not afraid to let this span out a little bit. >> real quick, chuck schumer related to this. does it matter we are not talking about how much we, the taxpayers, will be spending on the wall rather than mexico? >> it should be an issue. i don't think it will be with donald trump 's voters. it is one of us think that we would hear them going away from, we'll talk about that anymore of this being a mexico built wall. democrats are keeping the trump and republicans in getting the funding they need to defend the
10:15 am
country. leland: significant and noteworthy analysis. always good to see you, merry christmas to you and yours if we don't talk before. >> yes, sir. merry christmas and have a great holiday. >> very good, roll tide. gillian turner is joining us live. does this burden implications? >> i am seeking to sources who work over estate and dod. they say planned and ready to move in february. maybe he is submitting early because he wants to make the point that he disagrees with the president on some issues. we shall see. but anyway he has resigned he did it yesterday, he will vacate his post december 31, another casualty of the president's decision to withdraw from syria. this now on the heels of months of policy disagreements between
10:16 am
president trump and his defense secretary, general james mattis. which resulted in his rezoning and a 45 minute with the president. other top military brass believe that this is a betrayal.u.s. allies who fought isis on the ground in iraq and syria, for the past four years. they will be left for the slaughter after the u.s. withdraws. the president is also ordering the defense department to drop a plan to put 7000 soldiers about half of the troops currently serving in afghanistan. also against the collective counsel of the top military advisers. >> if we leave 20 out of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world centered in that region, and we walked out of there, then we know what will happen. our intelligence services are very specific that we will be under attack. in a number of years.
10:17 am
>> the current contenders to replace general james mattis at the pentagon include general jack keane. a fox news contributor though he is already intimated he is not interested in the job. senator tom cotton, a former army captain who served in iraq and afghanistan. and is also opposed to pulling more troops out of syria. as well as patrick shanahan, currently the deputy and lone supporter of president trump 's spirit which much of the pentagon we now mostly opposed. recent military times poll show that general medicine enjoys an 84 percent of approval rating among america's troops. >> noteworthy that keane was also vocal the past couple of days. thank you for letting us know what your sources say. about brett mcgurk. and a little bit more on the participants in this meeting at the white house with what the
10:18 am
president is calling a lunch on border security. the vice president is there. acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney is there. a couple of the president's close advisors are there. >> and a list -- really a lot of conservatives. which is really -- leland: these are hardliners. molly: we have several representatives, richard shelby, mark meadows, lindsey graham, mike lee. was interesting about that is that they must be talking strategy. where do we go from here and what are we willing to give, what are we willing to take? is the wall something we have to have? the semantics behind the wall or visual wall or steel slats, barricade. leland: you heard mitch mcconnell say that he is going to hit the pause button on the senate floor. until the democrats courted chuck schumer in his negotiating team and the president agree on something. the list of people in this lunch are not the people who are going to be making that deal. the other big question is,
10:19 am
whatever is given to the democrats, in a deal between the president and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, these hardliners, especially mark meadows, jim jordan and matt gates of the world, were going to have to support when it goes back to the house. molly: and we are talking about paperwork here. there passing documents back and forth it will have to be voted on civil have to come up what will actually say and what the money will actually be and what are these folks willing to do? leland: in terms of timing here, on capitol hill they're saying it's unlikely to be any votes to actually move things forward until after christmas here. in the house, we know a lot of house members already back in their home districts. they say they have 24 hours to get back here if the bell rings and there is a deal. molly: a lot of people are in their homes for christmas and across the country. busy trying to go home for the holidays. we will have more coming up.
10:20 am
10:21 am
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if you think about your go where people are said it would've been after this one year, about even in tracking down would probably not be the prediction. >> no, i will say it went up after the as well.
10:25 am
it was a dramatic runoff because of this. it is the first bear market since 2011. when there was a foreign debt crisis. lost $6 trillion in market value in a few weeks now. a handful of tech companies. that is more than u.s. budget in one year. it is a huge amount of wealth lost. the stock market is still higher than when donald trump was elected. and they think the benefits are wearing off where the sugar high. there are a lot of narratives about why the market is collapsing and a lot of them are completely not right or just maybe is scaring investors. at the end of the day a corporate tax cut is a long-term change makes a company probably more valuable. there are other reasons a stock market will crash. it has been almost a 10 year bull market in markets and. economies have recessions. it's been a long time since
10:26 am
that. i think they are most worried about when it will end and when the economy will grow into a recession and with interest rates going up recently, that was scaring investors and it scared the president. rightfully so it seems. they played more of a role than the supposed narrative on the tax benefits to these companies. leland: the president has been awfully vocal the past couple of days and weeks as it relates to the fed and interest rates. we now have one week left. in 2018 for the markets. traditionally, a slow week. but you have combined with this news and coming off such a horrific week, the government shut down with great uncertainty aware government spending will be. and at least clear indication of 2018, it can't be a positive outlook. >> the past government shutdowns have been at best, neutral. but sometimes the market goes up in half the time it goes
10:27 am
down. it is not as big a negative as you would think. a government shutdown would evolve into like we would not pay the debt payments. it was not going to be a real market event. it looks like the market crashed really bad and it must be the shutdown. there were so many other things going on. much more important. we had shutdowns before. now the budget deficit is growing and has no real plan to be solved partially as a result of tax cuts, partially as a result of spending going up. some of that on autopilot. that is an ongoing issue that could lead to debt problems and it's just the market. we were no closer to solving that problem a year ago than we are now. some people are going to say -- leland: are at the point where this be a self fulfilling prophecy. >> are all of the margins beat out of the market yet? >> first of all, usually 20
10:28 am
percent drop is a good buying opportunity. it was in 2011 and a very well may be. another hand it was strong in 2000. a 50 percent drop it was pretty song and owe seven before that. no one really knows where it is going. as far as this they seem more nervous than in past months or years. but it was just a few weeks ago we were counting the trillion dollar market value companies in the tech world saying how great everything was. now those are all gone. we got overexcited about tech stocks. a must as bad as 2000 and those companies are coming way down in value. it transcends all the other poems we are talking about. interest rates, the government and everything else. so that flushes that we will see future economic growth and profit growth that the companies are falling very fast right now value. it's ultimately where the support will have to come from. leland: the return to economy
10:29 am
is often a painful one. nice to see on a saturday. merry christmas. >> thank you. molly: already rough year for mark zuckerberg. why some companies could have even more private user data from the social media platform. and news from the capitol and the white house. on the partial government shutdown as lawmakers try to -- >> 60 votes in the senate. majority in the house, and president trump's signature. that is what's needed. that is what will end this regrettable episode. ow. and just like you, the further into winter we go, the heavier i get. and while your pants struggle to support the heavier you, your roof struggles to support the heavier me. [laughter] whoo. [crash] and your cut-rate insurance might not pay for this. so get allstate, you could save money and be better protected from mayhem like me. mayhem is everywhere.
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10:32 am
with truecar, you can see its value in real sports package, nice. small dent...not so nice. within minutes, you'll have a true cash offer and you can head to a dealership and get paid, today, right now. molly: thousand federal
10:33 am
employees are on the job right now working without pay. the partial government shutdown is in its 13th hour. christmas right around the corner. jackie has a look at the potential impact this partial
10:34 am
shutdown could have on your holiday plans. reporter: most americans will not feel the effects of the partial shutdown. the post office will continue to deliver holiday packages. tsa will continue and their are thousands that will go to work without pay. these are the agencies impacted. the president calling the justice department, the department of interior, the state department and department of housing and urban development, transportation, agriculture, commerce and energy. all partly close. 420,000 federal employees are working without paying another 380,000 will be furloughed in and have to stay home without pay. depending on how long the partial shutdown lasts they could miss a paycheck although in the past shutdowns they have received back pay. most national park employees are home without pay right now. creating issues from some holiday visitors. the park service working to keep roads open a facilities open that already were but
10:35 am
services that require staffing will stay close. it's affecting perks that require snow removal and popular destinations like zion national park. >> the key part we are focused on is zion national park. >> we are working closely with the superintendent to figure a way to keep the visitor services open. >> other parks that could shutdown it to statue of liberty and ellis island which draw about 10,000 people a day. they said this morning the both stay open thanks to funding from the new york state. they tweeted at new york governor cuomo has provided necessary funding to keep the statue of liberty at ellis island open during the shutdown of the federal government. the program is open while visitors from across the nation and around the globe. if your holiday plans include going to a national park, your best bet is to check their website to make sure it is still open. keep in mind there are shops that might be closed. >> thank you so much. here to weigh-in, washington editor, philip klein. thank you for being here.
10:36 am
>> thank you for having me. molly: jacket is talked about if you're heading out summary of holiday plans, museums in national parks you might want to check ahead. now we are getting worse from our senior producer on the hill looking at this it could last into next week. december 28 at least. what do you think looking ahead? does it seem at all close to a deal? looks like people are digging in their heels. >> doesn't seem close to a deal. the way i look at it is, taking a step back from the day-to-day back and forth. you have to look at the incentive structure for all of the different key players. democrats, the just came off of a big election win. they don't feel any need to compromise with trump particularly because if they hold out, once january 3 kicks around, democrats are in control of the house. trump knows this is the last chance he has to make a stand with control of the house. on what was a central promise in his campaign.
10:37 am
so if he's going to go in 2020, having not delivered on a central promise in building a wall, he has to at least show that he pulled out all of the stops and fought tooth and nail for it. >> to his his lunch meeting going on. through key negotiating players, there's also a list of conservatives, jim jordan, matt gates, mark meadows, lindsey graham, falls behind closed doors. what's going on back there? clearly this strategy, is about digging in? compromise?semantics? and using words like wall versus virtual wall? >> my guess would be that they will want to look at is there a way that we could change the dynamics of the situation? right now it is both parties, they are stuck in the situation. is anything that we can do that can kind of shake things up? secondary, if there isn't then
10:38 am
they are convinced that chuck schumer will just dig in. the question becomes, what is the exit strategy? is there something short of the $5 billion wall request that they can get that they feel they can go back to their base and say look, we didn't totally capitulate. we got something. >> senator schumer spoke on the floor earlier today. he said the president speaking to to him directly, if you want this to pass you must abandon the wall. would something else work? with the president fold on this? >> he signaled that francis, steel slats. molly: yes, steel barricades! >> might be substituted for a concrete wall. but i just kind of get the sense that the democrats feel like there's blood in the water and they don't really want to back down because they feel that if they hold out, their position improves. there is not much leverage and also, given that president
10:39 am
trump a few weeks ago, when nancy pelosi and chuck schumer came to his office and he said i would be proud to shut down the government over border security. democrats feel they can use that to blame any shutdown on donald trump. so they don't feel that they have any responsibility if the government stays closed. so i feel like they are really going to dig in this time. >> thank you so much. we will end up there but have a feeling we might have a similar conversation later in the week. who knows! if washington can pull things together. thank you. leland: still ahead, how many of your holiday pictures with kids opening presents do you put on facebook? and what the latest privacy issue means for your family. ♪
10:40 am
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10:44 am
data with companies like microsoft and amazon than they initially let on. leland: who would've ever thought? from insight let's bring in ian, at what point does this become a problem for facebook in the sense that people no longer put up pictures of their kids unwrapping presence and whatever holiday trips they are on instead text them to their friends or just showing them and suddenly no one needs to look at facebook anymore. >> there is a huge trend toward messaging and that's what people are predicting we begin 2019. instagrammed does stories if you notice your facebook feed now, they're encouraging you to do the same story feature. so the most recent breach i feel like there is a thousand of them right now. but the most recent one is private messaging. and nothing in respect to whoever season. overran facebook engagement is done little but i don't think that necessarily i'm not
10:45 am
nostradamus with christmas unwrapping. >> and folks say i'm quitting facebook. is it taking a stand type of thing? will it work unless it is done truly -- >> the biggest issue is facebook makes all of their issue from advertising. people spending money on the platform. anything that has engagement or popularity decreasing is not great for the company at all. i think we also have to take a few things into account. the data privacy thing is very generational. my parents are very concerned about those things. my generation kind of assumes everything is out there in the public. you have to figure out what matters. you also to realize everyone is in it to make money. facebook, america is always to make money.
10:46 am
if they use face recognition and it was hacked now they have your face and they can do set on an iphone that's when it gets scary. i know it's bad for the brand. it makes people not trust which isn't key for every brand. but don't have anything that really hurts people other than the propaganda with election and other things we don't know that will happen in the future. >> you say we haven't had anything that hurts people. that we know of! facebook is continuing to deny things that later comes out that they've done. we don't know what information is out there what they have shared and what they've done that they been less than forthcoming about. >> that is absolutely correct. they have done a terrible job communicating in pr. but dennis getting out and dumping all of the early on and it being one big you know mess when it came out. they just keep dripping out more and more. it just keeps eroding. >> you think it's intentional? were they actually just don't know all of the bad things they've done?>> that is fair. there's a lot of sloppy stuff. >> it is fair. >> they called on facebook to
10:47 am
fire zuckerberg. you know l.a. are busy and enjoying christmas as well. but it seems like congress, lawmakers have worked to bring this in and get some sort of handle on it. is that effort panning out? >> that is what needs to happen.and even if zuckerberg when he testifies that he basically said we will get regulated. and the key is who will do? as we've seen members of congress have no idea what they're doing and it could be dangerous. molly: will they do a better job? >> sometimes someone leaves the bank and they become head of treasury or something. i think in the digital space you need some and that really understands technology to be the one crafting the laws. so they actually help everyone and they'll start doing things that can hurt everyone as well. molly: thank you so much, that was great.very interesting. i think people will still put the kids photos opening presents up there. >> all right well, i will be checking your instagram! there you go. molly: still ahead, millions of american with planes, trains
10:48 am
and automobiles are visiting family this holiday. we are live at lax. >> it is one of the busiest travel days of the year. partial government shutdown could impact holiday travel and travelers. after the break.
10:49 am
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10:52 am
molly: tis the season for holiday travel. as people hit the roads and take to the skies chances are they will encounter some crowds out there. jeff is live at a very busy lax where many folks are trying to get on the plans and get to loved ones for the holidays. reporter: so far so good at lax. it's been a fairly quiet start to one of the busiest travel days of the year. traffic outside, many of the employees here are doing their best to keep the lines as short as possible. despite a partial government shutdown, federal workers at the airport are also showing up to work. tsa agents and air traffic controllers. technically they are being paid whenever they are here to make sure holiday travelers not only get to their destinations on time but in a safe manner. we spoke with some folks who are heading out for the holidays that say they are extremely thankful for those
10:53 am
employees and dedication to their work. >> i am extra nice the tsa agents today. i respect them coming and not knowing if they're going to get paid or not. it is all of us doing what we can for each other for the holiday season. reporter: aaa estimate 6.7 million people will travel by air this year.that is the highest in 15 years.another 3.7 million will travel by trains, buses or cruise ship. highways are going to be packed with more than 102 million people expected to hit the roads at some point for the holiday. shaping up to be a record-setting travel season. so for the partial government shutdown does not seem to be impacting travel just yet. molly: certainly that is a big story here in washington. are any of the troubles out there, are they talking about the shutdown? are they thinking about it? reporter: yes, some of the folks are a little bit
10:54 am
oblivious to it. everyone is showing up here, but others are pretty surprised, they do what i thought when i asked him about it in there thankful everything is running smoothly so they can get to destinations on time. molly: they probably thought about it and wondered if it would impact their travel. hopefully it does not. thank you, jeff. we appreciate it.leland: a little -- to pm eastern here in the nations capital. we are 14 hours into the partial government shutdown. what we know right now is that there is a meeting going on at the white house between a lot of the immigration hardliners. a couple in the senate and some of the key members in the house. the freedom caucus, we're talking about the mark meadows, gates and others. noteworthy what he said his tweet that this is a lunch about border security. not a lunch about the "wall".
10:55 am
molly: he has used border security and speaking also when he was kind of in the crazy meeting at the white house and he was talking about how he would be willing to shutdown the government over this issue. some of the other things to note behind closed doors as well, key negotiators, jared kushner, mick mulvaney. leland: the vice president. molly: that's right. they're out there working with the democrats, ending this shutdown. we are getting word from capitol hill that it is unlikely to happen so after the holiday. leland: right.most of the house is back in their home districts right now. they have been told to be ready to be back in washington on 24 hours notice. this from doug mckelway who was there just spoke recently. and it may be more of a reality check, hardliners have said what they have to negotiate it,
10:56 am
what they can get, how far they can go before the clock runs out. and of course, then democrats take over. apropos, coming up in about four minutes, it will be mike emanuel anchoring the next couple of hours. our chief congressional correspondent is in new york holding down the fort there. molly: and he certainly has good insight. he has been here throughout the week and the buildup to this whether or not it will come to pass. and here we are as you mentioned, hours into the shutdown.and what potentially means for next week. he was certain have insight to what he knows. hopefully we will get some of those answers in the coming hours. that is it for us! leland: we will see you here tomorrow and we'll see if there's any progress on whether it is a wall or a wall with slats or border security. ..
10:57 am
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>> donald trump holding the white house lunch to talk border security with the house and senate meeting on capitol hill. the president suggesting we could be in for a long haul as we enter our 14th partial government shutdown. welcome to america's headquarters. good to have your, mike. mike: there appears to be no sign of a deal on the horizon. a senior republicans were selling fox news a vote to reopen the government is not expected until after christmas.


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