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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 22, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> donald trump holding the white house lunch to talk border security with the house and senate meeting on capitol hill. the president suggesting we could be in for a long haul as we enter our 14th partial government shutdown. welcome to america's headquarters. good to have your, mike. mike: there appears to be no sign of a deal on the horizon. a senior republicans were selling fox news a vote to reopen the government is not expected until after christmas. the blame game is in full swing, democratic leader saying the president, quote, has got what he wanted after
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threatening her shutdown multiple times in recent weeks. the president firing back putting the blame on democrats and doubling down on his border security demands. >> our great country must have border security. we don't want people coming in that aren't supposed to be here. we want people to come in through a legal process. there's nothing we can do about that because we need the democrats to give us their votes. call it a democrat shutdown, call it whatever you want. heather: allison barber is following this from the white house. >> reporter: we know who the president had lunch with, dave blanton, they provided a list. based on this list we know now democrats made the guest list. the president would have lunch with vice president mike pence, the incoming chief of staff, mick mulvaney, assistant to the
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president jared kushner, senator mike lee, senator lindsey graham, senator richard shelby, mark meadows, jim jordan, representative matt gates and andrew biggs. all those lawmakers from capitol hill are republicans. mike pence, mick mulvaney and kushner spent hours on capitol hill trying to bargain with congressional leaders. we are hearing that mike pence is expected back on the hill shortly. the president will go as far as it takes to protect the american people. >> it went to the floor, came out of the house, it sits squarely in front of senate democrats and for whatever reason they have decided not to support the american people in this president, people in the coming across the southern border. >> donald trump said he would take the blame for shutdown and would be proud to shut down government over the border wall. he changed his tune and is
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placing most if not all the blame on democrats. the december poll found most american voters, 54% oppose building a wall on the mexico border but 86% of republicans said they support the wall. so far the president is siding with his base. hopefully the shutdown will not last long. today he tweeted it could be a long stay. heather: thanks, ellison. mike: let's bring in debbie dingell, and coming cochair of the communications committee. great to have you here. >> great to see you but not under these circumstances. mike: chuck schumer offered $20 million in border security earlier this year in exchange for protections for young people brought to the country by their parents. of $25 million was on the table, is to have billion dollars unreasonable? >> this is where we are, this is not what leadership is in this country. even mitch mcconnell through
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his hands up today. the senate passed a clean resolution, extended to february 8th. speaker ryan wouldn't bring it to the house floor. would have gotten a majority of votes because donald trump said he wouldn't sign it. here is the fact. i don't think this is between federal government employees who are servicing all of us, i don't think it is what we should be doing. we can't out of desperation vote for a bad bill that will waste money. there are democrats that i know, the senate doesn't care about national security, spending money on something that is not effective because we are desperate to get out for the holidays, we should care about federal employees, isn't the right thing to do. mike: do these negotiations put your leader, nancy pelosi in a tough spot. and handed donald trump a win.
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and i don't think they handed donald trump a win. last week he said he would own it. the fact is the senate passed, republicans passed a clean resolution. the president can't get votes in the senate. i think the american people are disgusted with this kind of leadership. go. we shouldn't -- we can't do a bad compromise. i don't think nancy pelosi is in a bad place, she will reopen the government the day she gets elected speaker. mike: you been in washington long enough, what is the way out of this partial shutdown? >> i haven't been to bed yet. senior leaders need to get in the room. what i want to say to everybody is we can all talk and we are all frustrated and i will be in washington the second we have something we can vote on but you read the washington post this morning, you read about the woman who is a grandmother
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that cleaned offices at the state department who can't by her grandchild a christmas present. or in the last hour, the tsa officers who aren't going to get paid, don't know when they are likely to get paid down the road, they don't know when the next paycheck is coming. they are doing their jobs. let's stop playing games and deliver in a bipartisan way, donald trump made the decision to shut the government down. let's be clear about that and get this government open and let's keep moving towards making the country what it needs to be. mike: makes you wonder if they cut the paychecks of the bipartisan leadership, whether that might get a deal in quicker. >> i think a lot of people will, as has been said, not take money during this pay. we've got to stop.
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we forgot to think about what we look like. we've got to start working together. donald trump could end it at this lunch he is having right now. mike: what about that lunch? all republicans he is having lunch with. does that trouble you that it wasn't more of a bipartisan gathering to sit down and hammer something out? >> my understanding is i talked to leadership, nancy, all up on the hill, ready to go to work, senator schumer, mitch mcconnell was totally frustrated. if you get who is in the room especially on the house side, it is not the people you got to put together to get votes out of the house. let's pool people together, be a leader, but everybody in the room. pulling that group together, this, as president he said he hoped it would be a short shutdown. today he is saying it could be a long one. why don't we say we need to cut this short? we could do a simple thing. pass a clean resolution that
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already passed the senate and come back in january and get this done. mike: with the weekend and chris's holiday do things get serious around the 27th the 28th? is that when pressure reduces a result? >> pressure should be right now. it should be on what the american people are thinking about. there are people who want to get this done right now. how many people are paying attention? monday, essential personnel and by executive order, is a day off. by wednesday, the media talking about this for the next four days, people are disgusted and they should be. mike: of leaders call the border money something other than a wall, could that help colleagues vote for it? >> people are saying we need to invest in keeping the border safe. we need to look at smart technology. expert after expert has said that the wall doesn't work,
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doesn't keep us safer. we want to keep this country safe. let's look at doing it smart. let's hire more border agents who are not going to be paid because we are doing this. let's look at drones. let's look at biometrics. let's do what is smart. mike: for viewers at home looking at the screen, senator patrick leahy, speaking on the floor. can't hear him right now but my guess is he's giving folks and your full about this partial government shutdown. what does the showdown tell you about the next two years when democrats are in power in the house with a republican senate and donald trump? >> i think there are house members and senate that went to work together. one thing to ask donald trump for for christmas, can we have some consistency? can we stop what we are doing, the theatrics, shutting down the government when it doesn't make sense. things we need to work together on.
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and build the broadband, if we could stop some of this we are watching right now, there are things we can to do that we will work together on. mike: congressman debbie dingell, thanks for your time and merry christmas. >> not sure it is mary yet, but happy holidays. mike: thanks. heather: the us prepares to withdraw its troops from syria, this coming just two days after donald trump announced defense secretary james mattis quit his post. jillian turner has the story. >> reporter: brett mcgurk, special envoy for the global coalition to defeat isis has resigned as of yesterday. he will vacate his post december 31st. another casualty of donald
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trump's decision to withdraw and syria, this on the heels of months of policy disagreements between donald trump and general jim mattis which is resulted in resigning during a 45 minute meeting with the president on thursday. mattis into the top military brass believe this is a betrayal of the kurds and syrian democratic forces. us allies who thought ice is on the ground for the past four years. military leaders believe they will be left for slaughter after the us withdrawal. now donald trump is ordering the defense department to also plan to pool 7000 soldiers, nearly half the troops currently serving from afghanistan. >> if we leave, 20 odd of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world, centered in that region and we walk out of there, we know what will happen. our intelligence services are very specific that we will be
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under attack in a number of years. >> reporter: current contenders to replace general mattis at the pentagon include general jack keane, fox news contributor, who already intimated he's not interested in the job. senator tom cotton, former army captain who served in iraq and afghanistan and is opposed to pulling out of syria and patrick shanahan, one of the loan supporters of donald trump's space force which much of the pentagon opposed. recent military times poll showed general mattis enjoy the 24% approval rating among american troops. heather: the wall street journal publishing and editorial on the repercussions of general mattis's resignation saying in part, quote, cabinet officers come and go in washington with little lasting political impact. the resignation of jim mattis thursday strikes us as a major political event that is likely to revert for the rest of donald trump's term and damage
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him in ways the president does not seem to appreciate. let's bring in jamie weinstein, host of the jamie weinstein show podcast, the "national review" online. what are the underlying insidious residual effects of general mattis's resignation at us special envoy to the middle east, the anti-isis coalition, on donald trump's tenure? >> there's international and domestic consequences. internationally it is easy to understand what the consequences are. our allies are not sure about donald trump's commitment to the international order that america helped to build in the last 60 or 70 years when he said things about nato that were nice, seems like they were forced in speeches, hoped and relied on a steady head of jim mattis to push the president along the. he's no longer there, they are a little skittish and worried as well as allies we worked on
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the ground, in the lead up to this, kurds, we want to work with people on the ground in other instances. will they work with us now that they see we abandoned allies on the ground who may now be slotted. i'm not so sure. there is also a more subtle domestic consequence. it may materialize and may not. the democrats are taking control of the house next year. it is not impossible to imagine what democrats in the house, impeachment happening. they don't like donald trump. there are questions of campaign-finance overseas, we know impeachment occurs. the stopgap for the president is the senate which is controlled by republicans, you need two thirds of the senate to prevent him being removed from office, that seems likely.
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the odds that senators switch, have second thoughts, virg a little closer after the firing of jim mattis, they are unnerved about the firing of jim mattis, the economy tanking. senators who might have been giving the president the benefit of the doubt while jim mattis was at the defense department and the economy was soaring, are having second thoughts about whether donald trump is the right person to be in the office. heather: are you saying this puts more fuel in the impeachment tank? >> the risks for the president go up. democrats don't need much more fuel in the impeachment tank. they will control the house. the possibility of impeachment is not hard to see that happening in the house. to be removed from office you need republican senators to vote on his removal. it seems unlikely, i still think it is unlikely. it is less unlikely now with the instability of the last week.
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>> does this put america and americans overseas at greater security risk? >> it does. we are seeing allies questioning whether america can be an ally and you see our enemies thinking america back down quickly. remember how this came about, removal from syria, troops in general mattis deciding to leave, donald trump was on the phone with president erdogan of turkey, it was on his advice that donald trump decided to leave syria despite his advisers not wanting to do that. it seems a very erratic move. it is the process, how we got to this decision. >> what about our troops, the impact, low morality and the real impact. >> a lot of troops in syria are upset, some of the allies on the ground risked their lives, they are leaving.
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before that a lot of america, the military establishment was making the case that america was in syria for the long run and all of a sudden that policy was quickly reversed without much process because of a phone call between donald trump and president erdogan of turkey. arthel: who will seek the position? if that person is only going to rubberstamp donald trump's wishes how does that portend for the military and national security? >> will take that position? some people who probably couldn't be confirmed by the senate and those who are mentioned as contenders disagree with the president on his syria decision and afghanistan decision. i don't know who the president will pick that both agrees with his foreign-policy and can be confirmed by the senate. that is a tricky thing to find out. not many candidates out there. arthel: we have to leave it there, see you soon.
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mike: a busy saturday, the christmas travel rush is on, millions hitting the road and taking the skies in what could be a record-breaking way. details next. negotiations underway on capitol hill to end the partial government shutdown. what both sides once and where to strike a deal as the finger-pointing intensifies. >> at midnight last night, 25% of the government shutdown because of one person and one person alone, donald trump. ♪ that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. the geico app makes it easy to manage my policy. i can pay my bill, add a new driver, or even file a claim. woo, hey now! that's a win-win. thank you! switch to geico®. it's a win-win. (door bell rings) it's ohey.
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arthel: the parents of auto warmbier taking $1 billion in north korea, accusing him of torturing and killing their son while he was held captive in the country. he was arrested in 2016 accused of stealing a propaganda poster. the communist country returning him to the us 17 months later with severe brain damage. otto warmbier died from those injuries, the regime denying accusations of torture. mike: christmas get away in
11:23 am
full swing and the weather is cooperating without much precipitation getting in the way. it is expected to be the busiest holiday travel season on record, aaa saying one in three americans are heading out. >> it is busy but everyone is in a great mood. you can feel the holiday spirit. mike: jeff paul is live at los angeles international airport. how is everything moving along? >> reporter: i can't believe i am saying this but things are relatively smooth. the weather is beautiful here and things are going as well as they could especially on one of the busiest days of the year for travel and that is the story across the country. we are not seeing any major delays, no weather delays and that is good news because this is shaping up to be a record-setting holiday travel season. aaa estimates 67 million people will travel by air this year, the highest in 15 years, 3.7 million will travel by train, bus or cruise ship.
11:24 am
the highways, more than 102 million are expected to hit the road at some point for the holidays. >> i just moved away from my family, my first time going back to see them. if they weren't there there is no reason to go back. it is all about family. >> reporter: the only issue we have heard about our issues in orange county at john wayne international airport. it seems things are flowing smoothly. mike: how is the partial government shutdown, the drum i'm covering on capitol hill, impacting travel? >> reporter: some folks probably don't notice things are happening because of that partial government shutdown. tsa agents and air traffic control, well aware that, still showing up to work despite not getting paid for this work. some of the travelers we talked
11:25 am
to today were aware of it and are very thankful those folks are showing up to work to make sure they can get to the destination not only on time but in a safe manner. in previous government shutdowns congress approved backpay but there is no guarantee that will happen in this case. mike: thanks a lot. arthel: holiday travel nightmare could be over after british police make a possible break in the case of drones causing chaos at a major international airport. we have details ahead. and we will have more on the partial government shutdown. what lawmakers are saying and how long it will last. >> i was called for this months ago. it is sad to have to debate this around christmas but it is what it is and we will deal with it but i am there was a lot of others. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes.
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>> the latest on the partial government shutdown, donald trump discussing border security as a senior house republicans source tells fox news a vote to reopen the government is not expected until after christmas. the main bone of contention has been funding for the president's border wall. >> this president rightfully so is shutting the government down. he said he would own it. it is up to the 60 votes in the senate. we are going to sit until we have a secure border. it seems parties are still trying to negotiate but i don't hear about a lot of movement and find i can always say to you that it can end on january 3rd, and the new congress is sworn in but i can't tell you it will end before then. mike: doug mcelway has more on
11:31 am
capitol hill. >> there was a sense this meeting might have been a practice negotiating session or formal negotiating session but that was before the guest list was released was when it came out very late you can take a look at it, it became clear it was no negotiating session, the list was made entirely of republicans and many immigration hardliners. aside from the president's negotiating team, senator michael lee, senator lindsey graham, richard shelby and from the house side members of the freedom caucus including mark meadows, jim jordan, matt gates and andy biggs, there are two ways to interpret that guest list, some say the president is surrounding himself with people who believe in what he believes as if to steal his resolve to go to the mat when it comes to border wall funding. another interpretation, i spoke to a senator while ago, the immigration hardliners at the white house may be taking a
11:32 am
reality check, taking stock of where they are in negotiations and how far they can go in negotiations. there was no encouraging sign on the senate floor this afternoon when mitch mcconnell skewered democrats for their hypocrisy over border wall funding noting that 12 years ago democrats loved border wall funding is 26 of them including senators obama, clinton and schumer voted for bill for hundreds of miles of border wall barriers on the southern border and they did so again recently. >> this year, mister president, democratic leader offered $25 billion for physical barriers in negotiations with the president. five times as much as the white house is reasonably requesting right now. >> minority leader schumer took to the floor to draw a line in the sand on border wall funding.
11:33 am
>> it will never pass the senate, not today, not next week, not next year. so mister president, donald trump, if you want to open the government you must abandon the wall. plain and simple. >> there is no doubt about what that means but there is a quiet battle using semantics, the president has routinely referred to as the wall, a physical barrier is what he wants. there's a little bit of wiggle room. yesterday he said, what you want, little bit of the differentiation. he used the term border security, not border wall. there's a major difference, suggesting there might be a little wiggle room when it comes to these semantics. maybe that is the touchstone of these negotiations but don't expect anything imminent. some negotiation and resolve after the christmas holidays.
11:34 am
mike: doug mcelway on capitol hill, thanks a lot. arthel: british police making two arrest after a suspicious drone sighting at gatwick airport grounded all planes for several days, the incident stranding 120,000 passengers during the height of holiday travel. >> we expect to leave at 9:15 two days ago and the flight was delayed until 10:00 the same day and delayed until 1:00 and then 2:00 on the same day and 52 hours. arthel: ryan, that is something serious. what is the latest? >> they think they got the people behind these drone attacks, 39 hours after the first drones appeared in the
11:35 am
skies above gatwick airport, they made those two arrests but not before they -- the perpetrators caused what many people are calling the biggest drone induced disruption to a major airport ever. just to go over the damage caused, the airport saying 1000 flights were canceled if they were outgoing or diverted. if they were incoming. because 140,000 passengers, in many cases ruining their christmas. we are in the uk, going south this time of year, going a long way and that means huge complications for your travel plans. from wednesday night on, part of wednesday, and friday, effectively the second most busy airport was a no-fly zone.
11:36 am
over that period the interesting part and the drones would come back, the fourth time. arthel: the news is breaking about those arrests. any information who the suspects are? how did police manage to do this? >> what we know so far as it appears, this is just in the last half-hour that it was a husband/wife team. that is to the police have apprehended. why they would be behind this we don't know. yesterday we learned the police were looking at the possibility they could be ecoterrorists, people that wanted to use this disruption as a platform to draw attention to the fact that air travel is environmentally damaging. we don't know that is the case, the police haven't said that but we do know they were talking about that behind the
11:37 am
scenes as one of the possible reasons. to get this airport back and running, this will sound -- they had to bring the army in, that happened thursday night and the army employed israeli technology, the drone dome technology, it interrupts the signal between the operator of the drone and the drone itself and effectively allows the military to take control of the drone and land it. what we don't know, we think we know how they got the drones out of your space of the airport. what we don't know is how they track these people down. we know the two suspects lived 5 miles from the airport itself. how they got to those people is something we don't know. arthel: a lot of resources employed and a lot of people trying to get to the holiday. thank you so much. mike: donald trump double down on his campaign promise for the
11:38 am
border wall and his decision to withdraw troops from syria and afghanistan. is that a good political move? the panel takes up that debate. partial government shutdown impacting national parks and landmarks but one status chipping in to keep an iconic symbol of our freedom open. we will tell you where to. save" you probably won't believe me. . real esurance employee nancy abraham. look her up online. esurance, it's surprisingly painless. (honking) when your craving strikes, you need your wing nut. ( ♪ ) no one can totally satisfy a craving, quite like your wing nut. no one can totally satisfy a craving, 'tand in your garage,son a brand new john deere. that's not a mirage. with 60 months financing at 0%, say "happy holidays" to money well spent.
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>> our great country must have border security. we don't want people coming in that aren't supposed to be here. we want people to come in through a legal process. the only thing that is going to stop that is great border security. with a wall or a slat fence or whatever you want to call it, we need a great barrier. after many many years of talk within the united states i would have no problem doing a shutdown. it is time we had proper border security.
11:43 am
shortly after my inauguration, i directed secretary of defense mattis and my national security team to undertake a comprehensive review of all strategic options in afghanistan and south asia. my original instinct was to pool out, and historically i like following my instinct. by the way we are knocking the hell out of isis. we are coming out of syria very soon. let the other people take care of it now very soon. very soon. we are coming out. arthel: donald trump with his views on the partial government shutdown and the far process behind pulling us troops out of syria. joining me his former advisor to republican primary presidential candidate ted cruz and contributor for the hill, and a fox news contributor.
11:44 am
and the border wall fence, what is your take. >> reporter: donald trump has been beating the drum consistently but consistency isn't something we see a lot of in politics but looking at this past week, was this a good week for america? is this type of leadership style good for america when you have on the border wall specifically the majority of americans saying they are not in support of building the border wall when you had in the midterm elections a significant rebuke of donald trump's policies around immigration, you would hope that the leader of our country would be able to
11:45 am
sit down and say let's negotiate a deal, let's compromise. the fact that he's having lunch with all republicans and no democrats, does he think he can negotiate with himself? i think it is really about that quote that confucius, a wise man said, the true wisdom is knowing what you don't know. that applies to leadership as well. donald trump has not been exhibiting any qualities that he knows what he doesn't know. >> let me get your take on the state of the 3 government shutdowns. on donald trump's watch, funding for the border wall fence being the current reason, is it worth it for donald trump's legacy, keeping in mind his campaign promise is mexico was going to pay for the wall? >> we have to look at the 2016 election, that was the culmination of a growing discontent among a large number
11:46 am
of americans not well served by the leadership of either party in dc. they weren't prospering with globalism, open borders and endless foreign wars. these are people whose communities are being overrun by non-assimilating migrants, their wages are flat and their blood is being spilled on foreign soil. these are the folks who elected donald trump president in 2016. it is not about donald trump, this is personal. it is their lives, their families and their future. when the democrats want to look at this through the lens of it is donald trump they are missing the point. >> i think we look at issues and media and politics through the donald trump lens too much. i will give dan that. as you look at the chaos and uncertainty in december, in the
11:47 am
christmas month of all times, this is not leadership. i don't think the majority of people who voted trump into office expected this sort of chaos. i'm not talking about the chaos that only people in the media or the beltway in dc are talking about. i'm talking about the chaos that is infiltrating into families and relationships, this constant chaos the new york times wrote an interesting piece about, basically war every day. the piece is out today. i recommend everyone read it. that is not leadership. we have to get to a place where the president understand he is not above the law, he's not all-powerful, to make things work, legislation comes with compromise. there was a deal on the table, he could have taken it. instead he watched television for a few hours and then
11:48 am
through the country back into chaos. arthel: mike pence is meeting with chuck schumer on capitol hill. we will see how the meeting goes. getting back into the conversation i want to get your analysis on donald trump's decision to withdraw troops to syria and afghanistan. >> the democrats establishment republicans, the national security lobby, foreign powers, all benefit from the status quo. the benefit, both material, financially, they benefit through the influence they have in these foreign adventures. trump is taking a different look at this and saying we need to reprioritize. that is an existential threat to the status quo.
11:49 am
that will come with chaos, but that chaos is not necessarily a bad thing. >> what chaos do you think when you are talking, what sort of chaos do you think might ensue if you are talking about pulling out troops from syria and afghanistan without the defense secretary? >> the defense secretary works for the president of the united states. we have civilian control of the military. the chaos that is going to ensue, in afghanistan, this has been the killing zone for empires for generations, whether it is the british empire, the russians, 17 years in, the united states. very difficult, it is difficult to eradicate. in syria, isis obviously has been diminished. they will not be exterminated. as long as the cause of isis persists, isis fighters will persist. what is the long-term role of
11:50 am
the united states? arthel: wrap-up for me. i don't want to cut you off. >> the final word is on the border wall. we have 325 million americans, 160 workers who would like to change the debate right here right now. chuck and nancy, get out your calculators. $1.3 billion is a dollars per worker. >> $1.3 billion we have not spent from last year. we have $1.35 billion he could have spent last year. one big promise he made was to listen to his generals. that is a promise that is not been kept. >> wages go up -- arthel: i have got to go. thanks to both of you. i'm sure this debate will continue, thank you, goodbye. mike: political decision in the nations capital that led to a partial government shutdown
11:51 am
even impacting the nation's parks. one is a symbol of national unity and hope for the world, will not be closing.
11:52 am
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11:54 am
>> most government shutdown services are shutdown, but not lady liberty in new york city. jackie heinrich has details. >> reporter: most americans won't feel the effects of the shutdown.
11:55 am
post offices will deliver your holiday packages, tsa agents will screen passengers at airports. all active duty military are still working. thousands will have to work without pay. here are the agencies impacted by the partial subcommittee permit of homeland security, justice dependent, the part of the interior, state department, developed of housing and urban the moment, transportation, agriculture, commerce and energy. they are probably closed. 27,000 federal employees working without pay and another 380,000 will be furloughed staying home without pay, depending how long the partial shutdown lasts, they could miss a paycheck although in past shutdowns they received back pay. most national park employees are home without pay and is creating issues for holiday visitors. already open roads will stay open but services that require staffing are closed. park that requires no removal or popular holiday destinations, among the parks that could have shutdown, the
11:56 am
statue of liberty and ellis island, drying 10,000 people per day. the park service said they will stay open thanks to funding from new york state. last time the state-funded the sites during the january 2018 shutdown, it cost $65,000 per day. if your plans include going to a parker museum in the next several days your best bet is check the website, make sure they will be open and keep in mind certain facilities like restrooms and shops might be closed. mike: thanks very much. that does it for us. we will be back here at 4:00 eastern for more news. arthel: right now the journal editorial report is up next after a quick break, stay tuned. managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority. until i held her. i found my tresiba® reason. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. once daily tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours for powerful a1c reduction. tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis,
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>> welcome to the journal editorial report. i am paul gigot. partial start on the government underway as the midnight deadline came and went. the president blooming democrats for the standup despite vowing to take the government shutdown. are there any closer to a conference? we have a wall street columnist -- dan, let's talk about this we've had shutdowns of the


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