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tv   Watters World  FOX News  December 22, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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unless you want to complain about something. kat: i just have to go to the bathroom. greg: then i will talk slow. do the pause. dana, adam, kat and tyrus, i love you, america. [cheering and applause] [♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. major news coming out of washington besides the shutdown. mattis is out. james mattis giving his resignation as defense secretary after president trump announced plans to pull out all u.s. troops from syria and withdraw 7,000 troops from afghanistan in the coming months. the president with a major victory with criminal justice reform with overwhelming support from both chambers proving republicans and democrats can
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agree on something when they try. joining us, morgan ortegus and corey lewandowski. author of "trump's enemies." that book is very, very long. we'll start with morgan. in my opinion the only reason we are in syria is bush got us into iraq, obama left too early and sighs * took over. trump bombed the heck out of syria. and trump is thinking to himself. we got in, we got it done, let's get out. is that true? >> that's a fair assessment. it's important to look at syria and afghanistans two different conflicts. they need to explain why we are there and what the mission is.
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this president said he's wary of getting the u.s. entangled overseas. he had a clear mission. what we need as a follow-up action. how we are leaving and how we are going to secure access on the ground. military equipment that could fall into the hand of the iranians. how do we counter iran. jesse: i think you counter iran by not fighting a proxy war in syria. i think there are other ways to contain the iranians and fighting in russia's backyard and puppet regime. does it have to be in syria? is that the president's thinking, corey? >> i know the president wants to make sure when we fight our enemies we are doing it on their
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home turf. but you have to ask yourself the question. how long are we going to keep our troops overseas in afghanistan. we have been there 6,000 days. in syria, we have destroyed and decimated those insurgents. but how long have we going to keep our military access over there and how important is it for the united states to remain there. they want to keep our men and women in those places for strategic reasons. buts an american citizen i want to bring our men and women home and make sure we are only deploying them when they about mutual interests. jesse: just as a bulwark against any further aggression. but this president doesn't want to do it that way. he thinks to himself, why are we
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fighting alongside the kurds. is that what american blood and pressure -- does it need to be spent fighting along side the kurds? he's thinking we can go back in if we need to and bomb them again. but why sustain boots on the ground in syria for year after year after year. does it make sense, morgan? >> when it gets to the kurds, the reason there are a lot of people concerned about that, some of the most of effective fighters in the middle east against isis. we can go back in and we did have to do that the obama administration when we saw isis flare up in iraq. jesse: you think he should give a televised address about the middle east strategy in afghanistan and syria? >> i do. we have more ongoing operations
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in africa than the middle east. a lot of it relates to foreign policy the american people need to understand. if you look at the latest polling, there is only 20% to 25% of americans who understand our flition and support it. i'm on the board of the american university in afghanistan. but the president is right to be concerned about the amount of money we spent in afghanistan and syria. but we have spent billions of dollars in afghanistan. jesse: afghanistan is a mess and everybody knows that. in syria he's saying why are we paying all this money to protect syria's borders. let's bring our troops home and protect our own borders. but i can see hanging our allies out to dry, what kind of message does that send to people in the middle east? >> our allies know we'll stand
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beside them whenever they call us to do it. but having a permanent military presence overseas is something this president wants to reevaluate. when you look at afghanistan, just in the last couple weeks we had three more u.s. soldiers killed when their humvee blew up because they drove over an i.e.d. they don't want thus, and i understand that. it brings back the issue of legal immigration. we need to protect our borders. using our military to build a wall on the southern border so we are protecting americans first. then we have to reevaluate the forward deployments around the world to make sure our men and women in uniform have the fools to be successful. there should be no commitment to a permanent' position in
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afghanistan. jesse: no one really supports boots on the ground in syria and the polls show that. another interesting poll from gallup, the country's top problems besides me. 19% believe government is the biggest problem in america. followed by immigration then unifying the country. what do you think people mean when they say government is the problem specifically. >> look at what we have seen the past few days as it relates to the border wall. senator schumer vowing no, it's your shutdown. you have two grown adults if sniping at each other. this is going on in congress between all the leadership. the average american is tuning in to fox news and they are
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watching the leadership bicker with each other. jesse: not like us. we are ma sure adults who never bicker. it could be couple of things, corey. it could be as morgan said, people look at washington being dysfunctional over a shutdown or border wall. it could be thinking the government is corrupt. they spied on this president. there is people within the administration still continuing to try to undermine this president. they could look at the democrats and say the democrats in the congress and senate, they haven't done enough too stop the trump agenda. it could be a host of things. i'm not getting my check soon enough. so we don't know what it is. what do you think it is? >> the american people by and large want safety and security at home which means let's
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protect our country. they want roads and bridges they can drive on. let's get the infrastructure spending bill done. and let's get back to healthcare across state lines. the government has been stopping this. the bureaucrats and the government, the holdovers from one administration to the other. let's make it so people can buy their health insurance across state lines. >> it's not even the bureaucrats. that's half of it. the other half of it are the monopolies. the big insurance companies, they don't want competition across state lines. they want to sell individual policies. once those borders are opened up across the state lines, prices are going come down and they will have to compete and make less money. let's turn to the media. i'm surprised the media wasn't at the top of the list for the country's biggest problems.
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let's play this media montage, a vicious attack on trump's family. >> this is the first time we have the only kid he likes in the controls hairs. the only way to get to trump toys go after his kids. >> you can't indict a sitting president, but it doesn't say anything about a president's daughter. >> if the prosecutor will not be stopped. we see the president's adult children heading to prison. what if the prosecutor were to give him an alternative for all his kids. jesse: kind of sickening. you can feel the blood lust. they want to lock up don, jr.,. eric: ivanka, probably barron. put number juvy.
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anybody who watches that is sickened by it. >> and they were making fun of the first lady's christmas card this week. anyone who is making fun of how melania flood that white christmas dress, she is perfection. i think they are worried they are not going to be able to get the president. jesse: if they can't get the president, they will try to get don, jr. or someone close. >> the whole russia collusion their of is how they will bring down bob mueller. now they have to go after don, jr. or ivanka because they can't put their hatred of this president in front of their love for the country it's so disappointing and disingenuous what they have done to this
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family. if you look at the media approval ratings they are hovering just above congress. jesse: the president said if you go after my children in any way, that many the red line. would that trigger firing mueller? >> they have already done after his children. if you look at what the newly elected attorney general's office said. she is going after the foundation a and the business of the children. jesse: she is going after the wine, the steaks, water. >> i'm concerned about the family. i think they are going to put these kids through litigation hell over many years beyond past his presidency. so it's unfortunate to see that.
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the president has not sent the attorney general after the clintons and their families. but if that's what we are going to do, to politicize the prosecutors offices -- jesse: whenever the lock her up channel came, people in the media said you can't say that. but when i look at that moan damage, that's what -- when i look at that montage, that what's they are saying. >> all of his success in the real estate world. all the second says on television, now the success in politics and his family's success. if ivanka trump were a democrat she'd would be looked to as the woman of the year. the mainstream media does not want to give the president the
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credit they had deserve, including ivanka and jared who pushed through prison reform. they did that and the media won't give them any credit for it. jesse: the media will probably say they want prison reform because they will probably be in it. merry christmas. still ahead, a witch and diamond and silk and holiday fun and games. i'm snow. and just like you, the further into winter we go, the heavier i get. and while your pants struggle to support the heavier you, your roof struggles to support the heavier me. [laughter] whoo. [crash] and your cut-rate insurance might not pay for this. so get allstate, you could save money and be better protected
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or if anyone in your house needs or recently had a vaccine. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. talk to your doctor today, and learn how janssen can help you explore cost support options. remission can start with stelara®.
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president trump: if i ever got impeached, i think the market would crash. i think everybody would be very poor. without this thinking you would see numbers you wouldn't believe. jesse: the big brain right here. the president makes a point. i think he'll make it for a long time. the republicans thought it was a good idea to impeach president clinton. but how did that work out for them? not so well. many democrats calling their
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bluff. demanding trump be impeached or forced to resign. chris stirewalt, fox news political editor. i have a sweater theory. tell me if you think this rings true. back in the day when they can't have much warmth, heating in modern america. everybody lived in cabins or things like that. you needed layers especially in the winter. now there is heat everywhere. i could be wearing a t-shirt and i would be comfortable. are sweaters a last century sning do we need them any more? >> on a day like today in washington where the weather is very changeable and rainy and up and down. if i do this, i don't need a coat when i go outside.
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jesse: my theory is predicated on being able to put on a coat. you think you have such a bad memory you won't remember to keep warm. >> abraham' lincoln wore a shawl. it wasn't just sweaters. jesse: do you think i would like effeminate. i wore a shawl around fox news? like a man shawl? >> they might call you the eye he man pay thor. they might call you the man splitter. lessons learned from the qulin ton impeachment. what are your thoughts. >> the democratic establishment
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knows the first and easiest remedy removing donald trump from office is the 2020 election. and he gets to go back to the people. the democratic establishment right now has their eyes on that. we don't know what is going to come out from mueller. so it's pointless to engage in conjecture. you can't know. this an unknown. jesse: if they can get the impeachment common the house you think that would harm him politically enough? >> your parallel with 1998 is a good one. niewpt gingrich led an insurgency. he was like what the alexandria
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ocasio-cortez is to the democrats. an insurgency within the republican party pushing the republican establishment to do that. you are right. that wing of the democratic party. and 70% of rank and file democrats are in the mood for impeachment. jesse: 70% of democratic voters support impeaching the president even though the mueller investigation hasn't wrapped up? that goes back to the kavanaugh thing. they are not waiting for the evidence. they are just going on gut. >> there were republicans who felt the same way about obama. nancy pelosi and her team want to say we are concerned. we are looking, we are investigating. but not yet, not yet. they know so close to an election unless you have to absolutely shocking amazing provable thing, unless there was a history-making moment. unless you have nixon's edited
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tapes or something, when the voters say we'll have an election next year, we can takee care of it then. jesse: where does nancy channel that energy? does she chainlt to the house oversight committee? does she chainlt up the chamber to the senate? or does like you said, does she make everybody think, 2020 is around the corner. in 2019 you are going to start having debates. where does she move that energy? >> what she can hope for, you noticed the shutdown battle. she has to hope that that's what the next year looks like. incremental scorched earth fighting over procedural matters. jesse: how do you think nancy
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will do keeping her caucus unified. paul ryan had some trouble with the freedom caucus. how do you think she'll handle the more aggressive members of her party. >> democrats generally do better sticking together. the fact she wouldn't speakership in an unprecedented fashion, to win it again which she appears she is going to do, she knows how to keep them in line. jesse: i'm going the break out the shawl in 2019. speaking of a classic. "watters' world" christmas quiz. first, witches around the world begging trump saying stop calling the mueller investigation a witch hunt. a witch will be here to discuss.
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>> live from "america's news headquarters". i'm anita vogel. president drop is dismissing the resignation of the top envoy in the fight against isis.
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he announced his departure on friday over the president's decision to withdraw us troops from syria. he's the special envoy to coalition forces battling the islamic state. president drop noted in a tweet he was leaving in february. the president also quote -- it's making such a big deal about this nothing event. holiday tradition returns to paradise, california. the campfire destroyed much of the town and nearby community. workers, many of whom lost their homes in the flames, managed to get an i.c.e. skating rink up and running today. a tree lighting ceremony was also held. fire was the deadliest in the state's history. i'm anita vogel and now back to "watters' world". ita vogel. president trump: the witch hunt. you know i call it a witch hunt. this is a pure and simple witch hunt. this ole witch hunt going on. jesse: witch hunt.
8:30 pm
president trump's frequent and favorite name for the mueller investigation. now upsetting witches. they claim it's insult together witch community and incites witch persecution. joining me now, a witch who put a hex on judge kavanaugh after his supreme court nomination. >> it's having people exposed for what we believe is corruption. the day after we did it there was a memo leak about the justice department triggering transpeople. that was a rallying call to arms. jesse: you think the hex caused the transgender situation. merry christmas, witch. >> yeah, absolutely.
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blessed solstice. don't forget the reason for the season. there is a solstice in the equinox in many pagan faiths to honor the turning of the seasons. jesse: you are not celebrating christmas. >> i believe celebrating the yule celebrations. jesse: are you getting presents? >> bringing the tree indoor was a revival of pagan practices during the victoria time. jesse: but you are not celebrating christmas? >> i do. jesse: i don't think that's right. if you are not a christmas believer, i think taking advantage it for the gifts is cheap. >> it may be opportunistic but the gifts aren't clean.
8:32 pm
jesse: i can think of things you need, like a broom. >> you can always make your own. but the therapy definitely not cheap. jesse: your community is upset because of the phrase witch hunt the president keeps uttering. >> so i hear. jesse: what is the reason for the upsetness? >> i find the whole thing ridiculous. i'm not so offended because you said witch hunt. a lot of writing these foolish witch hunt posts are tying themselves to myth making, that there was the burning times. there were 300 years of witch hunt. jesse: you are saying president trump is innocent of being a theoretical witch and mueller is
8:33 pm
targeting him wrongly like it was in the salem days. i think you just cleared the president of wrongdoing. you agreed with the analogy. >> my issue with him in saying witch hunt. witch hunt by definition, an effort to discover disloyal i, dishonesty or the like usually based on doubtful or irrelevant evidence. over 100 criminal charges. jesse: not about russian collusion. >> 33 people indicted. five have pled guilty. jesse: not about collusion. >> i don't know about that. jesse: the witch hunt is still ongoing going. >> he likes to be -- the thing with him is he's not that socially adept.
8:34 pm
so he'll find a catch phrase. jesse: so you are socially adept. a billion air tv star president doesn't make you socially adepartment. >> that could make you worse. jesse: what about tens of millions of people supporting you and loving you. >> tens of millions of people have supported people. there are a host of people we can compare him to. jesse: if you say something wrong, i will bawn from. "watters' world." >> i stopped the rain for you. my thing with him is i feel when i look at the way he uses certain word. it's the abuser or aggressor
8:35 pm
trying to envelop themselves in the term noive victimhood. they are accusing me. they are coming after me. jesse: it reminds me of hillary saying this is a vast right-wing conspiracy. the fact that you agreed with that makes me think you are a fair and balanced witch. >> she is on the 2019 mix list. jesse: merry christmas and happy new year. >> and blessed hole cities. bernie sanders claiming climate change and the migrant caravan are connected. - [narrator] the typical vacuum head has its limitations,
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so shark invented duo clean. while deep cleaning carpets, the added soft brush roll picks up large particles, gives floors a polished look, and fearlessly devours piles. duo clean technology, corded and cord-free.
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jesse: caravan crisis still looming at the border. al gore says it's an example of global warming. he tweeted there is. the migrant caravan is a recent startling example. ing this financials times video connects the dots in a profound way. here to react. diamond and silk. i have seen a lot of these migrant caravan people interviewed. they talked about fleeing violence. i didn't hear anything about belowing climate change in honduras. did you? >> no. it was too cold or too hot. comparing the caravan to global
8:41 pm
warming, it will not fit. illegal aliens tried to bum rush our borders because of the strong economy created by president donald j. trump. they want some of this american dream. that's why they are coming over here to come into our country. they could walk up here illegally and obtain the american dream. and since gore keeps talk about global warming. he should stop driving his car and stop flying in a plane. those lean tech firms that he's tide to that make money. that's why he keeps cranking it up. jesse: if the whole world was warming, everybody from the warm temperatures would can traveling up north to russia and canada,
8:42 pm
and that's not happening. it's beautiful in central america. it's 85 and sunny every day. if there is a climate crisis, i want some of that climate crisis. ir. i guess there is a survey that says people want a modern santa that is gender neutral and doesn't use a sleigh. maybe he's too overweight. maybe he should we are skinny jeans. what do you guys think about modern santa. >> leave santa alone. i don't want my santa looking like a thug. i want the classic santa we grew up with. here is what people can do. if they want another santa how about they create something in their own home. but we want traditional santa
8:43 pm
the same. next thing you know they will be trying to change santa's name. >> some sasha. jesse: santa is fat because of eating all the cookies and milk. >> we have them for him to eat. jesse: we don't have carrots and muhummus. i guess they caught nancy pelosi celebrating dancing because she thought she won the shutdown battle. there is nancy trying to find the beat out there. i guess that's don mclean, american pie? is that how nancy dances? we'll see a lot of dancing nancy in the next two years.
8:44 pm
>> when it comes to nancy pelosi, they are all talk and no action. they are okay with funding slush funds. but they don't want to fund the wall. that's crazy to me. instead of building a wall between americans, how about they build that wall on the border. how about they fund the wall. jesse: they want to protect themselves against sexual harassment lawsuits, but they don't want to protect us from ms-13. >> they are doing with it our tax dollars, jesse. jesse: and i have given them a lot. you should see how much i give them. even after the tax cut. i need another tax cut. merry christmas. we won a santa claus nod and sasha clause. ' fox news fun and games.
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the holiday edition.
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jesse: tis the season to be jolly. what better way to continue the holiday spirit than with a round of fox news fun and games. joining me, carley shimkus. happy solstice. we are going to play some games for the folks. who would you at fox news want to be your secret santa go? >> i would say ainsley. jesse: are you buttering her up because you work with her? >> i think she is the kind of person who would think about what you want. jesse: she is listening all year. >> and if the spending limit is $20 she'll go the extra mile. jesse: don't you love people like that? i am not one of those people but i love other people like that. would i choose hannity.
8:50 pm
the reason i would choose hannity is because he earns the most of money. hannity doubles the bill when he tips at a restaurant. >> that doesn't surprise me at all. >> i'm thinking of waiting tables for him. >> ainsley would give a nice handbag. jesse: that's not what i'm look for. most of likely to get a lump of coal. be careful, though. >> i'm going with ed henry. this is a new brainer. i was on a role on tucker carl son's quiz show this summer. ed henry was the guy to beat me. a woman never forgets those things. out of everybody in the building, ed henry is getting a lump of coal. jesse: i'm going with juan williams. and i don't think i need to
8:51 pm
explain it. if you watch "the five" you know juan deserves a lump of coal. let's see what's next. who is a secret serial regifter. >> this is hands down brian kilmeade. absolutely. jesse: do you know this from personal experience? >> no i don't. brian has many gifts. i don't believe gift giving is one of them. sometimes guys just aren't good at giving gifts. jesse: i feel like if he gave you a gift, it would be his book. here is a copy, and he would sign it and make it special. >> a great read or umbrella or something generic. i am going to take ownership of this. i'm regift giver. i have a few items on my desk
8:52 pm
i'm planning on regusting actual family members at christmas. hopefully they are not watching the show. and so now i just blew it up. best christmas caroler. >> this is tom shillue. tom shillue is in a professional washer shop quartet. jesse: who did i say? oh, that's right. i have a better answer and here is why. bret baier, roll the tape. that's bret baier at the christmas party in d.c. >> that needs to go viral. that was sharp suit. that was a well cut suit. jesse: he looks good and sounds good. if things don't go well at fox twhribs always singing for bret.
8:53 pm
him and i are definitely in a different area. lastly, the most of likely to fall asleep before midnight. >> i'm going with lou dobbs. he's such a classy guy and above new year's. this has nothing to do with age. this has to do with class, jesse. i am so on it. i will wake up. it will be 2019. jesse: i'm going go with gregg guts felt. it's not gregg falling asleep. it's gregg passing out. same year as last year who believes in dates and he would pass out. so on new year's gregg will not be seeing you because he'll be passed out. you will be hosting from 8:00 to 10:00. >> that's right, with griff
8:54 pm
jenkins. main event. last year i was in miami. you were part of the show. we had a ton of fun. jesse: you had the sweetest gig ever. you said do i have to be outside? y, you do. >> i thought it was inside. nobody told me that was part of the gig. jesse: you want to go back to miami now. >> we'll try to stay warm somehow. jesse: it will be so good, gut fleld stay up the whole night. up next, a special christmas quiz. [♪] let's be honest. every insurance company tells you they can save you money. save up to 10% when you bundle with esurance. including me, esurance spokesperson dennis quaid. he's a pretty good spokesperson. ehhh. so when i say, "drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412," you probably won't believe me.
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including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. talk to your doctor today, and learn how janssen can help you explore cost support options. remission can start with stelara®. it's proven quality sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999... intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts on each side to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. and the best gift of all? a silent night. how smart is that? smarter sleep. to help you shed those sugar cookies, get a running start on the holidays, and take it all in with the patience of a saint. queen sleep number 360 smart beds from $999. plus, it's the last chance for 48-month financing. ends monday.
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jesse: time for last call. what better way to start the
8:59 pm
week than with a. "watters' world" throwback. where was jesus born? >> somewhere in jerusalem, i believe. >> bye by europe? jesse: the three wisemen brought three gifts for baby jesus. >> sandals, a robe and some bread. >> food? >> i haven't been to sunday school in years. >> frankincense, myrhh and something else. jesse: are you wearing cologne? >> no, i don't. but i can smell you from here. jesse: if you are look for last-minute gift, fox nation. it's amazing. "justice with judge jeanine" is
9:00 pm
next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: breaking tonight, president trump staying in washington for christmas as the senate head home amid a partial government shutdown and standoff for border security. welcome to justice. i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. and thanks to all of you for making justice number one last weekend. we have a great show on deck with a big guest lineup including who iman gidley, senator lindsey graham, congressman mark meadows and jim
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