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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 24, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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marijuana as holiday gift. dispensaries are running promotions selling edible candies and rolled joints as stocking stuffers. imagine getting that wrapped up. jillian: scrounging scrooge. rob: from a good christmas. jillian: have a good day. >> possible this shutdown will go beyond 2018 and into new congress. >> shutdown entering day three. >> no deal in sight. >> democrats are not going to agree to if i funding. >> that's correct, none. >> there is no path to a big beautiful wall. >> it's on the democrats' side because they are not willing to do anything. >> defense secretary james mattis to order all remaining troops out of syria. mattis will be out of white house by the new year. the media melting down over the shutdown. >> who do you ask is the grinch who is forcing hundreds of thousands to work without pay this holiday? >> but seven of the last eight presidents have seen a shutdown. >> northwest bracing for a
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winter mess this christmas. parts of the region already cord with snow. >> a santa claus proposees to his mrs. claus he met 40 years ago. popping the question while in costume. that man has been playing santa since he was 13 years old. ♪ ♪ i'm hearing sleigh bells ♪ i'm seeing snow ♪ i've waited all year, baby brian: i cannot believe i'm listening to a christmas song for the first time. i have never heard that song before by kelly clarkson. griff: she is great. lisa: can't miss it, right? griff: i even brought a santa hat. this plays a part in the day, i think. brian: hold it or not wear it or are you going to wear it. lisa: you did just have your hair done. griff: our makeup artist is going to be mad. merry christmas. you have got to get in the spirit. this is it. his got to
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fluff it up it's to the side. brian: you brought your whole family here. griff: i brought two teenage daughters up. lisa: bless your heart, griff. brian: recheck the griff debt ceiling. lisa: you will need a lot in new york. brian: there was a time in holiday season you went to best of tapes and went out to the airport. everyone was running to get home. then there was trump and major news in the middle of the shut down. we are finding out the shut down is in day three as a portion of the government is not founded mostly homeland security really downsd to border security. right, guys? lisa: technically the government would be shut down today and tomorrow anyways because it's a government holiday. brian: talking about being furloughed or not being furloughed. bottom line they did not get their appropriations bill signed. the men or women who have
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been retired will have to come back after or do a delay of game, wait until january 3rd and wait for the new house to come in? griff: we will find out. mic mull van mulvaney says we ae stuck between the president's 5 billion request and the democrats offering 1.3. and he says, you know, they are willing to move off of their 5. it's in the democrats' corner. here is mic mulvaney talking about that yesterday. brian: countered by jeff berkeley who sounds like he is not going to budge. we moved off of the 5 we hope they move off the 1.3. the american people want us to-to-spend money in a smart way. let me be clear democrats are not going to agree to funding to build a new border wall? none? >> that's correct, none. lisa: the thing to keep in mind this is all about politics. this is not about policy. democrats are previously
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supported a barrier at the southern border. they voted for billions of dollars in fencing along the southern border. democrats were also willing to offer president trump $25 billion for a wall in exchange for daca. this is not a policy issue. this is politics. they want to deny president trump his key campaign promise heading into 2020. that's what this is really about. it's all about politics. brian: i would add this. i think the president shows give in this way. i want a solid wall straight through. he goes to the border a number of times. talks to all these experts and say mr. president we need to see through some of this. it hurts us to have a solid wall. in other areas it will be. here's what we need in different areas. he goes all right. they said we don't need 2,000 miles. we have some of it there number two the mountains and rivers help in other areas. he goes down and these slots it's not really a compromise. it's listening to what the border experts and people like tom homan were telling him and saying this is what is great. he has never said drones are bad. never said technology doesn't work. he says let's make it a
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combination. anybody you talk to outside of washington tells you and you guys have been to the border, too, tells the border is effective. go to israel the border is effective. have you set up a barrier, it is effective. griff: just to add to that your point, the border patrol officials, and i have been down there a lot this year say we need three things, infrastructure, technology and ma manpower. what you see in the shutdown is democrats denying the border patrol. brian: symbolism. griff: need this component to secure the border. brian: i also want to find out what the viewers think. is that okay? lisa: i think. so. brian: tell us about the shutdown. how long are you willing to wait? does the president lose leverage if he goes past january 3rd. did what the house throw out $5 billion and ends up with nancy pelosi giving him nothing. lisa: let us know whose side you are on in this fight. lisa: james mattis signing the order to pull u.s.
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soldiers out of syria. brian: it's official who thought the president would back off. january mattis made it clear they are coming out. he says he will be out of the white house sooner than he thought. griff: gillian turner is live with the latest. lisa: hi, gillian. >> gillian: my three favorite people on one couch. no offense to anyone else. you are awesome. all right, so a senior defense official confirming to fox news yesterday that outgoing defense secretary jim mattis has signed orders to pull all-american troops out of syria during the coming weeks. pentagon officials though declining to share any specifics of the plan, citing security reasons. roughly 2,000 u.s. troops remain currently in syria. president trump said defense secretary mat tis will be leaving in one week. essentially forcing him out two months earlier than expected. the president tweeting: i'm pleased to announce that our very talented deputy
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secretary of defense patrick shanahan will assume the title of acting secretary of defense starting january 1. patrick has a long list of accomplishments while serving as deputy and previously boeing. he will be great. patrick shanahan was confirmed as acting secretary of defense in july of 2017. he is a long time decades long former boeing executive and son of vietnam veteran mike shanahan who served in the army. critics of president trump's decision to pull out of syria say isis hasn't yet been defeated and lawmakers are urging the president not to repeat the mistakes of his predecessors who most recently pulled all u.s. troops from iraq in 2011. they say that created space for isis to grow in the middle east. brian: thanks, gillian. 16 hours ago the president tweeted i just talked to erdogan again the president of turkey i told him basically this is yours. erdogan was a little panicked don't pull out so quick. they are looking to fill in
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the vacuum but for us to actually count on turkey, erdogan looking at his recent track record even though they are technically in nato is unbelievable. turkey is going to tame aim at the kurds not at isis. they are out for survival. the arab collision tha coalitioe kurds beat. lisa: i'm so conflicted on this issue. i think the senator lindsey grams in the world need to be honest stay there indefinitely. when would the withdrawal be? alternative. i at it from the sense that pulled out of the iran deal. ceding to rush. i worry about the kurds. they were the ones who have been on the ground fighting isis for us. turkey said they are going to bury them. and we are essentially leading them to slaughter. griff: he is not the only one conflicted. if you listened to the talk shows yesterday you had
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people on both sides of this. this is congresswoman liz cheney and rand paul talking about that. take a listen to this. >> you have got iran and isis. if we are to withdraw from syria we are handing syria to the iranians. we should not be withdrawing our forces. >> i'm proud of the president. this is exactly what he promised. people believe with him, actually. people believe we have been at war too long and too many places and we need to turn attention to problems we have at home here. brian: i give rand paul credit because is he sincere but is he 100 percent wrong. if we were rebuilding sir i can't tell president is right. if we wering you fighting in a syrian civil war, he is right. we are fighting number one enemy isis, al qaeda, al-shabaab, al news are a and islamic extremism. we are neutralizing a threat. do you know the nypd, the fbi is benefiting from what those 2,000 soldiers able to collect over there to stop
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attacks here. nobody was clamoring to get 2,000 people out. griff: all the way back to april there were headlines. brian: if you don't mind, i would like to add this. conditions on the ground. conditions on the ground they are t not down yet. first time isis flag is flying over a city in that area the president loses re-election. they don't talk about tax cut or the economy or unemployment. they say isis, al qaeda, 9/11. there is a connection. lisa: all right. well, i'm sure we will get to this later on in the show for now. for now we have jillian mele with the headlines. jillian: good morning. merry christmas you guys and to you at home as well. a miracle at sea days before christmas a royal caribbean cruise ship rescues two sailors in the ocean. spot. crowd because of bad l the sailors were not hurt, it's
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unclear how they ended up at sea. new evidence in the search for a missing mom found 700 miles away from her mommy in colorado. police in twin falls idaho won't say what they found. officials previously confirmed kelsey berreth's cell phone pinged there three days after she was seen on thanksgiving day. police do not think she is alive. her fiance is charged with her murder. german magazine is filing criminal charges against a former reporter who made stories up. plus, admitted to making up interviews and facts in more than a dozen stories. he recently came under fire for making things up about a small minnesota town including views on faith and president trump. he had been named the cnn journalist in 2014. cnn rescinded that award. and this beloved christmas classic turns 200 years old today. ♪ silent night
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♪ holy night ♪ all is calm ♪ all is bright. jillian: the song first debuted at christmas eve mass in austria in 1818. the lyrics were written by a catholic priest. so happy birthday, i guess. lisa: great job. brian: lisa, you sound surprised she did such great job. not like the other one did you in other weeks. lisa: that's not true, jillian. brian: wait a second. we have to talk about griff's family. griff: we have to talk about cringe worthy christmas cards, right? you get these in the mail. some of these are really, really tough. lisa: what does yours look like. griff: put mine up. so my wife owns a stationery business. there it is right there my daughters and dog wraf was rasce
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star of it all. you have to have good delivery. not all families do that let's get into the spirit and make it a little bit funny. lisa: that's true. griff griff take a look. here we go. lisa: here we go. griff: one family. the recipients of this family card what are they going to get really outrageous. i have a friend in washington lobbyist way too much money. he has gone all the way to the grand canyon taking pictures in evel knievel suits. lisa: i appreciate having a little fun with it. i think they have been doing that 16 years as well. why not have a little bit fun with it. brian: send us your christmas card. lisa: we want your christmas cards. brian: there is a lot going on today. coming up straight ahead, president trump is battling democrats for a deal on the border wall you may have heard. president reagan made a deal
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more than 30 years ago and still got no results. our next guest worked in the reagan administration and had some advice. that story next. griff: run, run rudolph the police are on your tail. the red nosed burglar is on your tail. brian: that's not really rudolph. lisa: i don't know. that looks like him. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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♪ it is such a good time to dance ♪ ♪ it is such a good time to [ laughing ] ♪ scoobidoo doobidoo ♪ scoobidoo doobidoo [ goose honking ] ♪ [ laughing ] a bad day on the road still beats a good one off it. ♪ progressive helps keep you out there. ♪ griff: as president trump continues to fight for border security president reagan's son is warning him about making a deal with democrats.
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michael reagan tweeting: hey, potus in 1986 my father made a deal with the democrats amnesty for border security. my father is still waiting. you have no choice, it's now or never, build the wall now. well, here with more is george rodriguez, the former special steantsd during the reagan administration. good morning. and merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas. how are you doing? griff: i'm good. i'm so glad you have joined us. a lot of people want to know having seen that tweet. what would president ronald reagan say today, george, about what's happening? >> i will tell you, he would tell them be very, very careful. this is the last, in my opinion, he would probably say this is going to be your last opportunity just like his son is saying. this situation that we have got, we saw it in 1986, when we were working on the -- when we were working on the immigration reform act. everybody was talking about we have got to do an amnesty
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because enforcement was going to be too much. we needed to put in some sugar into the legislation so to speak. well, it turns out here we are, 2018, and the only thing that we have got is diabetes from all that sugar and we never got the enforcement that we needed. griff: when you looked, what happened? what do you think knees to happen now based on that lesson? >> we need to go right back to the immigration reform act of 1986 and enforce it the everify, for example. mandatory was never done and, you know, the i-9 requirement right now for employment, that doesn't do you any good if you don't know if you are hiring somebody that is using bogus information, bogus social security. the other thing is that you have got a lot of undocumented folks that are taking advantage of federal benefits that they shouldn't be. i mean, you know, this is a magnet that brings these people and keeps them here.
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griff: george, let me ask you one last question. that is some in the media have been a bit critical of this whole debate saying that president reagan probably wouldn't support a wall. what do you think? >> i think he would. i mean, you have been down there to the border, griff. you have seen the number -- the traffic that is coming in from across the border. i mean, it's out of control. the border has always been, the border has always been open and has always had problems with illegal immigration. but not like it's got it today. and i know that he would say do something. griff: you are right about that. epic levels for sure. thank you very much and have a merry christmas. >> thank you. griff: all right is there trouble in democratic paradise in the new feud brewing between bernie sanders and beto o'rourke. and home alone is a christmas favorite. i love it. but where does it rank on kevin mccarthy's list? his top three movies coming
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brian: quick headlines. please stay seated at home. rudolph the red nosed criminal a woman wearing a stuffed reindeer hat if you are listening on the radio. unclear what she took. police are trying to track down. mascots are under suspicion. norad is tracking saint nick as he clifers presents around the world this christmas eve. we will be sure to watch of course focusing on earth. 53 volunteers keeping democrat addition alive. despite the shutdown amazing we are funding. this checking in with norad command later on in the show. we hope that goes smoothly. griff: i love more rad. what better time to spend time this christmas than settling in to watch a classic movie like this. >> other than that, i'm in good shape. [screams]
3:24 am
lisa: home alone is one of fox news contributor kevin mccarthy's favorites and he joins us now with more of his top christmas movies. home alone is one of my favorite too, kevin. >> good morning to you and merry christmas. thank you for having me on today. yeah. there are so many great christmas movies out there that i watch all the time with my wife over the holidays including a movie called just friends and love actually. we will break it down just to three right now. home alone obviously the clip you just saw. one of my favorite movies of all time. still holds up today by the way in john williams' score is absolutely classy. you have to lo those sequences, they are really fun to watch. i love home alone 2. i say this when i do this topic. fascinating the movie he watches within the film the black and white film that he uses to say the line of you know, keep the change, you filthy animal. that whole particular movie was made for home alone. they actually shot it for the movie. so i love that movie number one for sure.
3:25 am
brian: there is nothing real anymore. also, it's a wonderful -- home alone 2 is out there. no one watches that. it's a wonderful life is the best ever. >> absolute classic, brian. the line no man is a failure who has friends. i absolutely love this movie. jimmy stuart is a genius in this performance. it's a film, brian, as you mentioned last week was not a huge hit when it first came out and really expanded and became a very big classic for a lot of people throughout the decades and over the years. i think everybody watches this now and very timeless and message driven about the idea of appreciate what you have in your own life. definitely it's a wonderful life. griff: here's the thing it's in black and white and grew up watching with my parents then die hard came out. lisa: is it a christmas movie though, kevin? >> yes. it 100 percent is. my wife and i watched it again last night. i know there is a big debate about this. traditionally speaking, yes. this movie is r-rated very,
3:26 am
very violent. it does take place on christmas eve. it deals with a man trying to get back to his family and appreciate the love he has for his family while it is set in a very r-rated tone, there is christmas songs. christmas trees in the film. it's definitely a christmas movie. i don't care what bruce willis says about it, the screen writer says it's a christmas movie. lisa: you make a strong argument. brian: of course, your weight is much bigger than bruce willis'. he is only the star of the movie. come on kevin, show humility. movies in the theater now, cut from the brand new spiderman into the spider verse. >> just like i taught you. >> when did you teach me that. >> i didn't. it's a little joke. team building. >> hey, guys. >> okay. who are you? >> i'm gwinn stacey. >> how many spy people are there? brian: thoughts? >> this film is brilliant by
3:27 am
the way. if you haven't seen it, i would definitely recommend seeing it revolutionary 2d, 3-d animation. takes idea of diversity and representation but also make a very entertaining film. fun to watch. animation is gorgeous. love the voice acting. i give that movie 4.5 out of 5. one of the best movies out in theaters. lisa: there is thou shall not grow old. i don't want to grow old but what is this movie about? >> i'm telling you right now this is one of the most fascinating things i have ever seen in a cinema. peter jackson took world war i footage from over 100 years ago, added color, sound effects and voices. the cool thing what he did was world war i veterans themselves are the ones telling the stories. he found archival footage and audio of over 600 hours of audio of world war i veterans and have them tell the story. the cool thing was in the video footage itself, in the
3:28 am
film footage he had forensic lip readers. watch the footage, find out what that person or soldier was saying. look at their uniform and find out whatever part of the u.k. find out where they're from find the voice actor who had that accent and do the voice for them. bringing the entire message from world war i to life. have the veterans themselves narrate you through what happened in world war i. lisa: that looks cool. >> the movie incredibly well done 4 out of 5. only playing on december 27th. if you are watching this now, type your zip code into google. find out where it is playing so you can see it on that day. also in 3-d. they added a depth to it very well done and very interesting and really really cool idea how to remember these veterans. lisa: now we know about it because of you. thank you for that. griff: kevin, merry christmas. 10 seconds. who gets to pick what christmas movie you watch tonight you or your wife? >> we already picked it out.
3:29 am
my wife if i cans it out. we already went through a ton of them this weekend. municipalities christmas carol. tonight we will probably do a just friends and love actually. lisa: merry christmas, kevin. brian: will the border wall fight matter? outgoing senator says it will not. >> this is a made-up fight so that the president can look like he is fighting but even if he wins, our borders are going to be insecure. brian: dan bongino says senator corker has it all wrong. he joins us live next. griff: the mooch. mercedes schlapp and anthony scaramucci both coming up live. you don't want to miss it ♪ let your heart be light ♪ from now
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3:33 am
former secret service agent and author of spy gate the attempted sabotage of donald j. trump. dan, you were fantastic filling in for sean last week. >> thanks. lisa: great job, dan. >> it was my first time. when it's your show and you are not the guest it's a totally different experience. but, thanks to the fox family for letting me do that it was an honor. lisa: good job. brian: let's talk about the border wall if we could. first off, here is senator bob corker weighing in, former chairman, soon to be former chairman of foreign relations. >> this is a purposefully contrived fight over at the end of the day even no matter who wins, our borders are still going to be insecure. now, the government is shut down over what ultimately is going to be $2 billion. this is a made-up fight so that the president can look like is he fighting but even if he wins, our borders are
3:34 am
going to be insecure. brian: dan, more secure, didn't say it was going to be impenetrable but on the road to security. what is your thought? >> this is what drives people like me, i think a lot of activists and people who knock on doors for republicans absolutely crazy. you know, whereas the democrats you can rely on them to generally like stab you in the front. it's the republicans that will stab you in the back. the establishment ones. because these are the ones that sell you out. these are the ones that run on our principles. strong borders, low taxes, economic freedom and then they get into office and at a critical moment in a fight you can always rely on one republican a jeff flake or a corker type to sell you out. and corker is from tennessee. a relatively strong republican state. this is not a made up fight, brian. the fentanyl problem, the drug problem overall, the gang problem. child trafficking problem. these are all real problems at our southern border and for him to abandon the president right now is really gross and shows he has no spine and i'm glad he
3:35 am
left office. lisa: dan, democrats are supported wall fencing in the past. they supported a 25 billion-dollar deal trading with daca. so, why don't they support the wall? what's the hold-up here? >> lisa, this is an obvious one. you and i both know the answer to this. they just will not give donald trump a victory. this was a signature issue in the trump campaign. that's obvious at this point. he had his finger on the pulse of the immigration issue. when a lot of establishment republicans thought this was a loser for them it's not. you can see it, lisa, based on a lot of the polling where the support for the wall is highest it's been in a very long time. he saw that and they do not want to give him a win no matter what. they are focused on one thing and one thing only. that's impeachment or devastating loss for him in re-election. they won't give him anything. griff: dan, you and i often talk about journalist and the media. i have got to bring to you this we put a little montage
3:36 am
together for you of my colleagues in the media as well as democrats saying now the trump administration is in utter chaos. listen. >> let me just say this. the president, he is unraveled. things run raveling. this is more than a wall. it's chaotic. >> he is not behaving like is he fit for office. >> we may look back on the mattis resignation as the beginning of the functional end of this presidency. >> this president is not worthy. he should not be there. that he cannot be trusted. he is a liar. is he despicable. we need to get rid of this president. >> there is just too much chaos. too many crises going on. i have never seen a situation like this. griff: dan, you agree, righ right? >> no. obviously, i don't. the problem i have with this is the media what they're supposed to do in journalism is report facts. it's amazing how they avoid
3:37 am
in this elitist bubble they live in the facts that reflect poorly on them. look at public polling, griff. neither you or i would deny that the public's trust in the media is at an ebb. we are at the bottom. we are in a valley. griff, i wonder seriously though if the media ever wonders why that is why is that americans trusted nut past don't trust you now? here's the reason. the media is concerned now with telling a story. not with giving you the facts and letting you formulate your own story from them. there is a big difference. and the chaos narrative is the narrative de jour today. meanwhile, similar things happened in the obama administration. he went through secretaries of defense. he had chaotic moments legislatively but then it was painted as obama is the go-getter. brian: i think you are right, dan. i will say to have a shutdown, the controversial, to say kindly, pull-out of troops. you saw the market going up and down in a way we haven't seen in 10 years. so, then you see the
3:38 am
president blistering the chairman of the fed. rotating a guy who has 85% approval president pentagon general mattis. as well as a trade war with china. these are all things that are causing people to say i cannot believe all these things are happening at once. >> brian, i ask you this, chaos assumes disorder. disorder assumes uncertainty. what were you not certain about? i mean, seriously did donald trump not run on this stuff? you don't have to agree with it, that's fine. you are all smart folks and have your own formulated opinion. i ask you very seriously, what part of that agenda did donald trump not run on? he has been talking about interest rates forever. he was a real estate guy. he ran on pulling out of syria and disengaging globally from some of these commitments. he ran on immigration. brian: judging by conditions on the ground and nobody thinks isis has won. nobody thinks that we have beat isis. >> brian, isis is not a
3:39 am
black or white situation. i mean, listen, a lot of smart people have disagreements on this. but, i disagree strongly. i just, you know, having lost an uncle in vietnam, it changed my entire family's life forever. i wonder how much -- how many more gallons of blood and kids we are going to leave over there for a fight that's not black and white. isis will be replaced by aqap or al qaeda. it's always going to happen. brian: right. because they keep on trying. they are our enemy. we are not trying to help syria. we are trying to kill isis, al-shabaab. griff: merry christmas, dan. brian: talking about merry christmas at one point we will say that to you. jillian: merry christmas to you. we will keep saying it throughout the show. we are following this terrifying story from overseas. get you caught up on this. at least 281 people are dead and more than 1,000 hurt after a volcano triggers a tsunami off the coast of
3:40 am
indonesia. they frantically search for survivors. more tsunamis could strike if the volcano remains active. president trump tweeting in part quote we are praying for recovery and healing. america is with with you. the murder of a man new york bird sanctuary may have been carried out by ms-13 gang members. the killing of ian cruz resembles initiating practices. the victim was stabbed to death. body found in a state park. five people including 1-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy facing charges. signs of a 2020 feud brewing within the democratic party. bernie sanders supporters are accused of trying to discredit rising star beto o'rourke saying is he not progressive enough. nbc news reports sanders supports are running a coordinated campaign against the texas congressman. sanders' supporters deny that the two could potentially face off in a
3:41 am
2020 presidential primary. we will see. the seattle seahawks are in the playoffs because of this. check it out. >> throws. one hand. jillian: insane. beating 38-31 clinching a wild card spot. eagles keeping playoff hopes alive beating the texans 32-30. that's not it but that's okay. and new orleans saints clinch a top seed 31-28. good games yesterday. griff: great game. >> that was controversial catch by the way. brian: thanks jillian. if adam klotz is here i will toss to him. jillian: is he right there. brian: tell us what's happening on christmas eve. adam: i know you love a white christmas unfortunately for most of the country that's not what we will be seeing.
3:42 am
[sighs] adam: all along the coast rain here this morning. there are a couple of flurries back up across upstate new york and upstate michigan. a few places where snow is going to be in the forecast. rounds of the system rolling off stretching up into oregon and seattle. higher elevations that does become snow. we have winter storm watches and warnings stretching across that region all the way down into portions of central california. this is an area where there will be snow. most of the country and middle of the country it is going to be completely clear. if there is a little bit of a glass 4568 full travel. anyone doing travel it will be mostly okay. brian: 18 minutes now before the top of the hour. griff: 70s secretary mattis signing orders overnight to bring our troops home from syria. andy mccarthy says it's the right move. he will join us next. lisa: one military father gives his kids the ultimate christmas gift. [cheers]
3:43 am
3:44 am
3:45 am
jillian: good morning, welcome back. merry christmas eve to you. we have quick christmas headlines. best gift of all making it home for the holidays.
3:46 am
>> i feel so happy. jillian: air force lieutenant colonel alfredo laboy spent the last six months in the middle east. he will be hope in florida. catching a grinch at a school in nebraska. officers staging the chase for the kids. the grinch eventually ended up in handcuffs. accused of stealing christmas. look at that brian. brian: thanks a lot, jillian. i owe you a favor. overnight james mattis signing orders to pull all remaining troops out of syria. this just hours after the president confirms mattis will leave the white house january 1st not the end of february like he wanted. to say our next guest says there is nothing for america in syria and agrees with the withdrawal argument. we haven't defeated isis by taking its territory. fox news contributor andy mccarthy has most high profile terrorists including the blind sheikh. that was the beginning, many people thought, of understanding the terror threat here at home.
3:47 am
andy, you have no problem with the pullout? >> well, i didn't think we should go in in the first place, brian. i have been for six years arguing that we shouldn't have intervened in syria, which is a conflict that pits one collection of america's enemies, that is iran, russia, backing assad's regime against three other sets of america's enemies al qaeda, the muslim brotherhood groups which we like to talk about as our moderate allies and isis which is just a break away faction of al qaeda. if we stay out, they are all fighting each other. we go in and we have gone in without having authorization to do half of the mission that we are in there for. and i'm just -- i'm baffled that a lot of my friends seem to think that the constitution is just a suggestion, that we can go into a country, occupy territory, conduct combat operations against that country, being syria and its allies there. and we don't have to have
3:48 am
any congressional authorization. we can just do that on somebody's say so. brian: you make a great point over vietnam military actions. i get it. on the actual move there we are not there to settle down syria. we are not each there to protect the refugees. we are there to go after isis as you mentioned. outgrowth of al qaeda. threat here. who you know. hot mind set is the same one that influences things like the pulse bombing and the san bernardino attack. when isis is looked at as losing and we are putting heavy damage on them in a i think that president obama can only dream of. president trump was doing huge damage and terror threat diminishes at home. we're not looking to settle a syrian war. we almost lost the country of iraq outside baghdad and kurds providing intelligence and information for them. >> brian, that's the story that's put out about what happened there in point of fact, you have a region that
3:49 am
is teaming with islamic supremism the theory you have to on everything. isis took a lot of territory. the fact that we have taken the territory back from them does not mean that we have vanquished isis. brian: we agree on that. >> they have tens of thousands of fighters still on the ground. while we were concentrating on isis al qaeda is ascending. the only thing that's happened there is the pieces have moved around. it's not like we have defeated anyone. brian: andy, nobody can appreciate more than you put your cases together and unwind plots before they were able to happen. let me just finish. 2,000 troops goes right to the fbi and nypd and all these cities around the country and show you what we have done. what president trump has done is great. but what he is going to do early is a classic america pull the foot off the throats early and it's going to make everyone's security
3:50 am
more perilous. >> brian, what do you think would happen if they went to congress and asked for congressional authorization for the mission in syria? brian: they were talking in my ear. i missed that. >> what do you think would happen if -- i'm fine with being there if we go to congress and get authorization for it. but i'm asking what do you think would happen if they went to congress and looked for authorization? i think it would get voted down. the reason obama didn't go for it and the reason trump didn't go for it before he did the things he said obama needed authorization for is that the public has never wanted this mission. brian: andy, it's a tough thing, these are terror groups and not countries. i would say what we are doing in north africa is doing so much to keep us safe here. and that's what i think is. >> then go to congress and get authorization for it. brian: congress can't even agree on a wall or a fence or a drone. but, thank you, andy. i appreciate it. >> well, do you think that's a suggestion in the constitution that you don't need to do that?
3:51 am
because you are frustrating. brian: finish the job or get authorization. thanks, andy. back in a moment. yeah, i've had some pretty prestigious jobs over the years. news producer, executive transport manager, and a beverage distribution supervisor. now i'm a director at a security software firm. wow, you've been at it a long time. thing is, i like working. what if my retirement plan is i don't want to retire? then let's not create a retirement plan. let's create a plan for what's next. i like that. get a plan that's right for you. td ameritrade. ♪
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3:53 am
♪ griff: on this christmas eve it can be easy to get caught up in the last-minute
3:54 am
shopping deals and commercialization of the holiday. brian: our next guest joins us with a message of the true reason for the season, joining us right now fox news religious correspondent contributor this is just one of your two jobs, father jonathan morris. father. >> it's a joy. not a job. brian: you want to be happy but you want to make sure america -- catholics are focused on the right direction. >> not just catholics, anybody celebrating christmas we have to go back and say what are we celebrating? for example, hanukkah, i would love it when people say happy hanukkah to me, especially if they can give me a reason why they are celebrating. it's a beautiful thing. same thing with christmas. what we are celebrating is something very simple. an historical fact that a child was born in a town of bethlehem. some of us believe that that child is divine, that he is our lord and our savior and that god became man. in fact, let's go to the verses in the gospel of luke
3:55 am
i'm going to read them to you there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby keeping watch over their flocks at night. get peaceful saying this. an angel of the lord appeared to them, and the glory of the world shone around them and they were terrified but the angel said to them do not be afraid i bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. today in the town of david, a savior has been born to you. he is the messiah, the lord. this will be a sign to you, you will find a baby, how amazing is that, a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. that's what we're celebrating. lisa: father, it seems like christmas has become so commercialized and the more commercialized it gets the further away from christ we have gotten. why has that happened? why have we gotten so far away from the meaning of christmas. >> everything is so fast now. everything is so fast. and then we have brian in your ear talking about syria
3:56 am
and about iraq and yelling at the -- which we love, a lot of fun. brian: right. >> there's a lot of input constantly in our phones. i have got mine right here. i'm just as much to blame. what do we have to do? families, especially. try to give meaning to the season, to the day, to christmas, let me just tell you how my parents did it, if you don't mind, okay? number one, i remember christmas morning we would run down the steps, all of us going towards the presents and my dad would stop us and my mom and bring us over to the karesh and my dad would lead a very simple prayer thanking god for giving us this great gift of the baby jesus. teaching us what love is and redemption is. secondly, they kept the presents to a limited number. probably because they had seven kids and they didn't want to buy many more, right? what they explained to us was perfect. they said jesus got three gifts. gold, frankincense and miles are all going to get three gifts that was enough
3:57 am
it gave us the meaning for christmas. brian: no secret santa in bethlehem. >> keep focus, brian. come on. brian: i'm just saying always extra gifts to come. >> good point. griff: merry christmas, father morris. reason for the season. lisa: merry christmas. griff: this morning migrants turning on one of the group's leaders that led them there. brian: plus anthony scaramucci going to be here live and michelle malkin up as well. then we are going another direction another hour to fill. anyone have any ideas? [laughter] ♪ anyone hear wha to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together. little things can be a big deal.
3:58 am
that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla,75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you.
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4:00 am
>> it's very possible the shutdown will go beyond. >> in day three. a portion of the government is not funded. >> no deal in sight. >> democrats are not going to agree to if i nunding. >> that's correct. none. >> there no path to a big beautiful wall. >> it's on the democrats' side because they are not willing to do anything. >> they just will not give donald trump a victory. they are focused on one thing and one thing only that's impeachment. >> american troops are coming home defense secretary james mattis signing the order to pull u.s. soldiers outs of syria. >> mattis learns he will be out of the white house sooner than he thought. >> the media melting down over the shutdown. >> who, do you ask, is the grinch lo is forcing hundreds of thousands to
4:01 am
either work without pay or be sent home? >> seven of the last eight presidents have seen a shutdown. >> the northwest bracing for a winter mess this region. parts of the region already covered with snow. >> a santa claus proposes to mrs. claus that he met 40 years ago. saint nic from utah popping the question. that man playing santa since he was 13 years old ♪ christmas every day ♪ >> wow, i didn't know cheap trick. it's great though. brian: cheap trick is great i remember them live. griff: when music videos first came on it was one of the best ones a black and white checkered thing it was like a christmas gift. >> nostalgic for you. >> it is christmas eve and earlier we asked to you send
4:02 am
you in some of your christmas photos. and actually your christmas cards. >> take a look. see what you got. >> this christmas card is from ken and also for grandson gabriel. what a cutie. brian: fantastic. definitely an action shot. there are three dogs asking for peace, dogs and belly rubs this christmas like the theme. >> i like it. another animal one. here are sheila's cats pictured on top of the christmas tree. email us your -- there it is. lisa: that looks dangerous. griff: who doesn't put cats on top of a tree. brian: do you put them up there or choose to be there. griff: they probably live there all year long. email us your christmas cards. in wisconsin there is a bar are in appleton, wisconsin named clios and keep christmas lights up all year long. lisa: they do. i love christmas it, make me happy. do you know what doesn't make me happy, day three of the government shut down.
4:03 am
griff: are they open yet. lisa: no they are not. we are still going on. brian: right now on day three of the shutdown and last-minute negotiations. looked like the senate picked up the house bill and trying to whittle down 5 plus billion dollars put there for border fencing or ballards. whatever it is. the president has shown some give as he says enough about the -- i get the wall. we don't need it 2,000 miles. in fact, we have some there that works. nosome has got to be replaced. i do like the idea of this ballard fencing. the border patrol has told him i need to see through it he backed off there. democrats aren't buying it. griff: no, they are not. if you listened to shows yesterday. mic mulvaney, incoming chief of staff, budgets director still and the democrats. the democrats have been calling this the trump shutdown. and obviously we got -- white house as you mentioned showing they are willing to give. i don't know where it stands. listen to some of what we saw yesterday with mick
4:04 am
mulvaney and senator jeff merkley. >> we moved off of the five. we hope they move up to 1.3. the ball right now is in their corner. the senate democrats have the ability to open the government and agree to the deal. >> the american people want to spend money in a smart way. >> let me be clear democrats are not going to agree to funding to build border wall. none? >> that's correct. none. >> lisa: i think for a lot of americans signatures at home. this is what they hate about congress. just the dysfunction. a lot of people are seeing what happened with the migrant caravan and seeing people trying to rush the southern border, aha this is why we need a wall. this is why we need a physical structure to prevent people from doing just that. so i think a lot of people see this is silliness from congress. brian: when you have a farm bill which is needed in many respects. unfold $400 billion. it's so much money. and then you say how much do we need for the border which is obviously not an election
4:05 am
ployy. the midterms are over. caravan still an issue. carchaos is taking place. there is no election. and video shows it. what i'm just wondering is, there is a miscellaneous portion of the budget. is there a so-called -- what democrats call a slush fund. there might be other money out there, $400 million that might go on top of the 1.6 that could give the president close to 2. and if he can get 2 billion up from 1.3 billion. that could be considered a win. if he keeps -- if the democrats want to say we kept them from five and far from 20, which he wanted. they could consider that a win. but the question is, and you would know best, lisa, do the democrats increase their leverage once nancy pelosi takes over? lisa: yes, they do. that's why i think congress, they are going to hold off from striking any sort of deal until the next congress because they do get additional leverage with democrat controlled house.
4:06 am
nothing is going to get done until then in my opinion. we asked. we wanted to hear from you and you delivered. so mike said i don't care how long it is shut down, build the wall. if it takes a year, build the wall. that's from west virginia coal miner, thanks for writing, in mike. brian: congress forgets they work for the american people who want a wall. lisa: straightforward. griff: talk about a story that i covered mostly for you guys. brian: how many weeks? griff: all the way back when i started near the guam mexico border down in the southern. there we are in the middle of the night with this group. but now they are getting obviously tijuana and that's where you saw them most recently. the group that led this, that really drove this is called pueblo san frontieras there leader who didn't want to talk to me in the beginning ended up talking
4:07 am
to me. for a time we were the only news organization covering them and getting their message out. we are under fire from the groups that are supporting the migrants outside of pueblo, mad at that group for giving them false hopes once they got to that border they would get an easy access into the u.s. they would be able to get easy asylum and get across despite the fact that the administration was saying no. all the way so much so that before i left tijuana i interviewed the mayor and he said he thinks the leader of that group should be arrested for what they did to the migrants. brian: they told the migrants come. a lot shorter thank you think. get you rides and plenty of food and drinks and once you get to the border america will have a process of getting. in what they found was a big stop sign. they found a lot of chaos and a lot of tribulations along the way and now they find out america doesn't want them there. stay in mexico and they said everything they were told about this journey has proven incorrect.
4:08 am
lisa: remember, secretary nielsen said 500 criminals among the caravan. i saw a stat amnesty international 80% women experienced rape. a lot of women take birth control before going on trips. that's the situations they will face. clearly very dangerous journey. griff: i had a migrant tell me specifically on camera. i have to look to see if i can find it, this has become a mess down there, is he going to wait until a time on the border might be a little more lax. he said christmas eve and new year's eve while the border is shut down. when all of this is going on by the way my colleagues in the media. lisa: they are going nuts. griff: they say this administration is in chaos. this is democrats and the media talking about this administration. >> let me just say, this the president, he is unraveled. things are unraveling. >> donna. >> this is more than a wall. >> is he not behaving like is he fit for office. >> we may look back on the mattis resignation as the beginning of the functional
4:09 am
end of this presidency. >> this president is not worthy. he should not be there. he cannot be trusted. he is a liar. he is despicable. we need to get rid of this president. >> there is just too much chaos. too many crises going on. i have never seen a situation like this. lisa: i feel like everything with the trump administration, everything is an 11. constantly. i mean, since the inception. since president trump assumed office it's been everything is an 11. remember, tax reform was going to be armageddon. these are the things we have heard consistently. i can just imagine for a lot of people at home they start to tune it out. when you hear everything is an 11 constantly, i mean, like people start to tune it out. brian: so much turnover right now with the new chief of staff. you have the new secretary of defense, we have a new attorney general. we have a nomination. and then there might be some other resignations because of mattis leaving. but chris christie sat on the panel. he has been the voice of sanity.
4:10 am
i watch all the sunday shows. he is always the voice of sanity there. is he not an apologist. he will call out president trump when he has a problem with it why is anyone surprised? listen. >> what they voted for was washington to be upended. they hate washington, d.c. john, that's my point. this hysteria about i have never seen chaos. this is what the american people voted for. they said that the way washington was being run by both parties. >> they wanted a disrupter. >> they wanted a disrupter and now they have got a disrupter. now people may decide they don't like this much disruption. don't tell me this is not what people suspected. supporters of him they like this. lisa: griff, can i ask you a question? do you think -- is the administratiotrumpadministratiot chaotic pay more attention just because entrepreneurship is who he is by nature. griff grit as an observation as a reporter who covers this for "fox & friends"
4:11 am
every morning, this is an entire different style of governing. serve making a big deal about the fact that the president wants mattis out of there sapp. there is a lesson, too. dealing with the commander-in-chief. the lesson is don't poke the bear. he read the letter and he said you know what? there is the door. lisa: has any president been covered like this before? before. griff: probably if you look back there was that iraq war we reached fevered pitch and obamacare we had fevered pitch. brian: under an attorney you are under no obligation to answer any questions. lisa: he didn't plead the fifth though. brian: i'm con stracial strarkt turleyly obligated. jillian: i'm here to accept that toss. lisa: without representation? jillian: you guys mentioned mattis. james mattis signed orders to pull all u.s. troops out of syria. that happened overnight
4:12 am
night. the president bring home 2,000 troops. mattis resigned after the decision but planned to work through february. the president cutting that short saying deputy defense secretary patrick shanahan will take his place january 1st. police say two football players were asking in self-defense when they shot and killed a teenager. clyde edwards and jared small saying they were selling an electronic device to an 18-year-old when a teen pulled a gun. that's when one of them grabbed a gun shooting and killing the teen. the case is under investigation. a women's march leader claims she was kicked out of the progressive group for being jewish. vanessa ruble telling the "new york times" she was booted after two other prominent activists told her jewish people needed to confront their role in racism. the activist denied that ryu bell is now planning her march same day as the march next month. national christmas tree will stay clark thanks to the man though ho tried to climb it.
4:13 am
crews cannot fix it because of the shutdown. the man was taken to the hospital for mental evaluation. the site along with the white house visitors' center will stay closed. i will send it back to you. griff: can you imagine that? senator chuck schumer blaming trump for the government shut down. >> throwing a temper tantrum and creating the trump shutdown. griff: tammy bruce says schumer is the one throwing a political tantrum. she is here next. brian: plus, the little boy asked santa to bring his army dad home for christmas. and santa delivered big time. both father and son will join us live live
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
>> it will never pass the senate. not today. not next week. not next year. so mr. president, president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. plain and simple. brian: but he won't. democrats show nothing signs
4:17 am
of budging on the border wall as the partial shutdown remains in effect. the next guest accusing senator schumer of a political tantrum in favor of open borders. tammy bruce want to expand on that. so when the president said it's going to be my shut down i will take credit for it no one else will. is he? >> i think what he was referring to at that point and i don't want to get into the mind of the president here, but it's clear congress knew what he wanted. they know why he was elected. this something that congress has voted on before. they have all articulated that border security is important. barriers work. the mile-per-hour people in every poll say they want border security to be stronger. this is a no brainer. so here you have got so the president is saying look, i'm standing up for, this right? at the same time they are blaming the new guy. we have had shutt downs before. these people in congress have been in there for decades. so there is one constant and it's people like chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell and people from both sides.
4:18 am
yet, they are all pointing a finger at the new guy. we can look at this and we know and of course the difference here they know president trump will get it done. they said voted for this before. it never really happened did it. they know there is a man of action in the white house. brian: do you believe that the president is getting credit for he was called out by nancy pelosi you don't have the votes. you don't have the votes in the house. he got the votes in the house and they got it quick. people just glazed over that so then they put it back on the senate. now it's on the senate. the conventional thought is if you wait until january 3rd, nancy pelosi is in charge he will get nothing. however, does nancy pelosi have a way out? >> well, i think there is lot of things that the democrats want and this is what is interesting. leading up to this the president signed the criminal justice reform bill. and the farm bill as well. he has been working with and his white house been working with democrats on getting things that have matter to them. they actually could -- and if the democrats were
4:19 am
interested in governing, which they never are, this is the president they can work with. and so i think that there is things that he can use. is a master negotiator. we should expect that. i have mentioned this before. the about the does well when he needs to negotiate. he will do very well in this new environment. but, americans are going to find out that the democrats are not serious and they haven't been serious for quite some time. brian: you think this is all about messaging for 2020. >> absolutely. this is -- this continuing resolution is hundreds of billions of dollars. the 5 billion is nothing in comparison. all politics right now. it's like they are all peacocks and they are wandering around. they are not thinking about the people's lives that are at stake. both from south and central america moving through this chaos and then for american families. they care about being on television. they care about the nature of the signaling to their base, the hard end of their base. and this is what they have always done and this is why
4:20 am
donald trump is president. brian: tammy, here is why you are right. chuck schumer said as much last sunday he said this is going to be a good issue for news 2020. >> exactly. that's all they see. brian: get to work. >> they have lost touch these are real people's lives in a real country that matters. brian: she is tammy bruce, merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> the stock market may be rattled but consumer confidence is soaring and the g.d.p. is rising. what is the real status of the economy? anthony scaramucci has a lot of money. he is come up soon. a little boy's christmas wish comes true. his army dad comes home early and surprises him. father and son here live ♪ this christmas i promise, i promise ♪ i'll be home ♪ with my love ♪ this christmas ♪ -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600.
4:21 am
i'd stay close. morning. ♪ get ready to switch. protected by flo. should say, "protected by alan and jamie." -right? -should it? when you bundle home and auto... run, alan! get more than just savings. you get 'round-the-clock protection. get more than just savings. and then, more jobs robegan to appear.. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town. whoooo. did you know the exact same hotel room... ...can have many different prices? that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price!
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4:23 am
♪ brian: as people around the world kick off their christmas celebrations, many christians are gathering at the birthplace of jesus. lisa: that's where we find trey live in bethlehem. >> griff, lisa, brian, as you can imagine christmas eve in bethlehem is a combination of religious ceremonies and also a celebration for many tourists at the birthplace
4:24 am
of jesus christ. you can hear off in the distance right now the call to prayer. we are in the west bank. additionally behind me quite the juxtaposition christmas music in arabic just now the latin patriarch arrived in jerusalem. i do want to show you the scene behind me where thousands have gathered in manger square. many of these tourists and some of them locals here to celebrate christmas eve. many of them will be here later tonight as the tree is lit in manger square and there are those celebrations and masses taking place outside of the basilica of the nativity. recently there has been an uptick in violence of the region there is heightened security here at this event as people do celebrate the christmas season. back to you. griff: trey, thank you, couldn't be a more historic significant place than right there. brian: i would say so, bethlehem? 24 minutes now after the hour. griff: when 6-year-old wrote to santa this year he had a
4:25 am
pretty big wish about his dad in the army. his letter said, quote: i wish for my daddy to come home and for my family to stay healthy. well, santa came through big time this week when this happened. [cheers] brian: here to tell us about it, the people who lived it. army private timothy zeller. welcome, guys. >> good morning. brian: you are seeing yourself on camera. >> . and, tim, first off? lisa: brian has the same reaction. >> yes, i did. that was unbelievable scene. >> oh, yeah. brian: bring us to that moment when you set up with the school that you were going to do the surprise? >> we decided few days before we originally wanted to show up to his class and surprise him and then the
4:26 am
school contacted us saying they wanted an assembly. and next thing you know we showed up in the morning, news 12 there and a bunch of newspapers there. sitting there and waiting because all the kids in the gym, and then it was finally time to run inside, and then just his face, his jaw just dropped when he finally realized it was me walking into the gym. >> yeah. lisa: you wrote to santa and you saw your daddy. when you saw your dad what went through your mind. >> i was like -- >> were you surprised? >> yeah. lisa: you are 6 years old, aren't you? wow, you are a good boy. griff: able, can i ask you one more thing? it's not yet christmas. you still have 24 hours. do you want something else for santa. >> what is the one thing you asked santa for besides daddy coming home. what was that one present when you told him when we saw him the other day? what was it? was it the puppy.
4:27 am
>> um-huh. >> you got to say it. >> it was a. >> what was the name of it, you told dad and mommy. >> um-huh. brian: private, what's it like being away. in january you went away and deployed. >> january i went into basic. >> how hard has it been. >> by the time i get out of work and try to video chat it's already 10 clock at night back home by the time i'm getting out it's only like 6 or 7:00. >> brian: he was able to draw you pictures every day. >> even in basic. when i would get letters there would be some kind of drawing. back in california with me. lisa: what i think is so sweet is abel tells his friends about you being in the army. >> all the time. lisa: you are helping the united states. clearly you are very proud of your dad as you should be. >> you tell them all the time you tell everybody? >> yeah.
4:28 am
lisa: what do you tell them? >> it's okay. you can tell them, buddy. >> i don't remember. brian: seeing himself on the monitor he is loving it. griff: we have to take a commercial break here. thanks for coming here. can you look at the camera and say merry christmas, america? >> merry christmas, america. brian: you got your dad back, right? >> yep. lisa: thank you for your service? >> thank you guys. good job abel. you did a great job. the left slamming president trump after he announces defense secretary mattis will be out january 1st. but is the reaction overblown? former white house communications director anthony scaramucci here to react next. lisa: he has been hard at work all morning creating an ice sculpture on the ice square. we have that big recereal coming up next. stay tuned ♪ so delightful ♪ since we have no place to go ♪ let it snow ♪ let it snow
4:29 am
♪ let it snow ♪ it doesn't show signs of stopping ♪ and i brought some corn for popping ♪ the lights are turned down low ♪ managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority.
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4:32 am
you and shot of the morning a special christmas treat an ice sculpture artist hard at work with a chainsaw on fox square. there we go. look at this. brian: nice. adam klotz is out there right now for the big reveal. adam? adam: thank you, guys. jimmy, what is it you are working on? you didn't build this just for me to put my face in it, did you. >> i did. adam: what are we working on? >> photo op. snowman. put a hat on and put your face and take pictures. adam: still a work in progress. how long does it take? >> about half an hour. adam: you do this all the time for events. i see that and say that's going to melt in two seconds. >> it could last almost a day out hire. adam: what about indoors? >> it's going to melt a lot quicker. adam: fortunately, we have kind of chilly temperatures. should i do the forecast from in here? all right.
4:33 am
well, can we bring up the maps? let's bring up the maps. i feel like a fool and need to bring myself up hire. it's going to be talking about rain on and off the coast. most of the snow we are talking about today is a little bit farther inland. here is what you are looking at. snow inland new york. upstate new york running up into new england really the only large system as far as a white christmas goes that's going to be happening out west. snow running from california and back up into the northwest otherwise i think the middle of the country guys, if you are traveling things are looking all right. i will toss this back in. get back down in my snowman. we have more work to do but i think it's looking pretty good. what do you think? >> i think it's near there complete. adam: of course it is. lisa: looks great with your head in it. might be a little cold though, right? don't get your face stuck though. i saw that was it dumb and dumber? griff: if you don't fix it, we will send anthony
4:34 am
scaramucci out there to do the job. >> it will take me less than 11 days but i will break that thing up for you. brian: anthony, your book is out. trump the blue collar president and that personifies why is he successful and resonates with so many working class and so many in middle america. let's talk about. so messaging coming out of the white house. the markets see what's happening with mattis. they see what's happening with the trade deals and they think it's chaos. is it? >> it's not chaos. it's basically the president is probably one of the few people that's willing to play a long game as opposed to all these little blings and ticks in the market. long game on trade. long game on middle east strategy. one of the reasons why he is pulling out. you saw it right here. he doesn't want to put these people in harm's way unnecessarily. in his opinion, he has disseminated isis and time to pass the baton on to people in the region to secure the rest of the.
4:35 am
brian: [inaudible] >> we can't be everything to everybody, brian. i think the president recognizes that and, you know, you are spending a trillion dollars of debt. and i'm with the president on this. i'm with rand paul and the president on this. people are upset with me because it's outside of the neocon and outside of the traditional republican stuff but i have been to these places. i have been to afghanistan. i have been to iraq. i'm not saying we have to have a complete withdrawal but i totally understand where the president is coming from. i wrote a piece in the atlantic council on friday as to why adventurism in this whole neocon strategy has been not that successful. griff: what the media is really focusing on is the president is not listening to the military advisors i think and general mattis has unquestioned and perhaps unparld experience he took us into afghanistan and iraq and he says stay. >> i have enormous amount of
4:36 am
respect for general mattis, no question about that. i also recognize where the president is going and where the intersection needs to be. is he going to leave levels of troops in afghanistan. you know we have way more troops in iraq. we scaled it down. that was incorrect decision by the obama administration. had to be scaled back up. but, you know, we were supposed to be in syria for a few months. now it's been three years and it's this drag. i will point out that what john f. kennedy once said you have to be careful. we have a military industrial complex that's established and, you know, the impulse is to fight. but sometimes better impulse is not to fight. think of what john kennedy did in those cabinet meetings during the cuban missile crisis. curtis la may wanted to wipe out cuba. kennedy asked him how big would the casualties be 150 people. he looked over at his brother and said we call this a human race? i admire and respect the president having restrains.
4:37 am
brian: we have lost three guys in three years. three too many i get it they are supporting and killing tastes trying to kill us here spirnl as a new yorker i understand the situation with the kurds. you and i may disagree on this. i respect you immensely. but, here's the problem. when you are in that decision and you are the commander-in-chief and you are are looking at the entire landscape of what you need to do, and you are looking at our resources. the president has done a very good job in my opinion of playing the long game. the market is a little haywire right now. it's a little uncertain about trade. i think the market is at a bottom i'm running $11.5 billion and hopefully you will invite me back in a few weeks and see the markets start to rally. lisa: let's stay on that. steve mnuchin was calling around u.s. banks trying to reassure them everything is okay. >> so now everybody is criticizing steven for doing that so if he didn't do that, people would be criticizing him for not
4:38 am
doing it but, the truth of the matter is, the totally appropriate thing for him to do, to call around to the banks because of what happened in 2008. the best thing about the united states, we restructured our banks and balance sheet. look what's going on in the europe peep banking system. no one talks about. this but look at the devastation taking place in china. that stock market is down 35%. the currency is getting crushed. what the president is basically shown people is that the united states 25% of the g.d.p. is still in control of the global economy. he would just like fairness in trade. he is not looking for being aggressive. he is just saying hey, your tariffs are up here. ours are down here. moves your down or we will move ours up. i don't understand why that is a big deal to all of these people. is he playing a long game. so it's upsetting the markets temporarily but you have got to give this guy credit for seeing this thing out for 1, 2, 3, 5 years. he is trying to adjust a 45,
4:39 am
50 year trade imbalance. griff: whether it's trade or what's going on in syria, yesterday governor chris christie was on the sunday shows and he said this whole style of governing, no one should have been surprised. take a quick listen to this. >> what they voted for was washington to be upended. >> that certainly happened. >> john, that's my point. this hysteria about oh, i have never seen chaos like this. this is what the american people voted for. they said that the way washington was being run by both parties. >> they wanted a disrupter. >> they wanted a disrupter and now they have got a disrupter. now, people may decide they don't like this much disruption. don't tell me this is not what people expected. people who voted for him, if you talk to people who are supporters of him they like this. brian: anthony, thoughts? >> i would -- i would just add to paragraphs to what the governor just said. the president's policies by and large stepped back are all common sense related. they are actually quite moderate.
4:40 am
there is nothing too aggressive about it. he would like border security. the democrats have now used the wall as a symbol to defeat the president. in the meantime, they used to be for border security. now all of a sudden they are not for border security. the president is about using the military to do strategic things to secure national security and peace for the united states. these are pretty modern common sense guy. the president is about right sizing the trade deals. these guys in washington hate his guts for a reason. he is not from them and he cannot be bought. brian: i have a prediction. >> good for him, merry christmas, mr. president. thank god we have got you in there. brian: 90 days he pulls off that china deal. you will seat market boom. >> by the way the market is at a bottom. you will remember i said that okay? because i look at all those fundamentals. i made not have been the best white house communications director. brian: that was funny. >> i have been running money for 30 years. the market has been oversaw by all these technical
4:41 am
algorithms, steve mnuchin is doing the right thing by letting everybody know we are liquid and no reason to overly panic here. i expect the rally to rally. griff: thank you. >> this guy is so loaded you have no idea. let people know is he a little bit of a mizer like scrooge. brian: we always compare hedge funds. >> george bailey with a scrooge like. brian: i don't know what he is talking about. >> i'm letting people know. if you don't take it you will never get it. jillian: if you are so loaded sharing is caring. >> have you no idea the money coming. brian: now everybody knows. jillian: we do have serious news to get to guys. let's start with this. at least 281 people are dead and more than 1,000 hurt after a volcano triggers a tsunami off the coast of indonesia. digging through rubble as they frantically search for
4:42 am
survivors. warning more tsunamis can strike. president trump tweeting in part quote we are praying for healing. america is with you. how about this is a woman chase as porch pirate and records it all on her cell phone. watch it. >> did you just steal something? give it. >> i didn't take it? >> yes, you did, i saw you. >> you picked the wrong person. >> don't mess with her. she says she spotted the thief near her colorado home and ran after her as you can see. the woman eventually gave the package back. there is a lesson in that senator rand paul airs his grievances keeping the sign feldt festivus tradition alive. >> the festivus for the rest of us. >> gather your family around and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year. jillian: republican from kentucky fed one spending. tweeting this doctored picture of senator ted cruz congress has now decided to shut down the government
4:43 am
because they aren't spending enough money. i got suspicious which ted cruz came back from thanksgiving break with that beard. look at that beard. how about, this too? there is a tasty new version of monopoly just in time for christmas. hasbro releasing pizza monopoly. revised board game classic even comes in a pizza box. players buy up pizzas instead of properties goes for $20. lisa: i have to play that game. griff: don't eat it. brian: thanks, jillian. griff: members of the caravan calling out the group who led them to the border. michelle malkin says now we should prosecute the organizers. she is joining us next. brian: white house senior advisor mercedes schlapp is going to be here. dennis prager both here live. both here live. slowly zoom out ♪ dressed in holiday style ♪ in the air ♪ there's a feeling of
4:44 am
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starts with looking buiat something old,nk and saying, "really?" so capital one is building something completely new. capital one cafes. inviting places with people here to help you, not sell you. and savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. because that's how it should be. you can open one from right here or anywhere in 5 minutes. seriously, 5 minutes... this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? griff: welcome back. migrants at the border blasting caravan leaders accusing them of down playing the risk of the journey. migrants also say organizers encouraged them to keep heading here despite mexico's offer of asylum. lisa: columnist and author michelle malkin joins us now to react to it all. hi, michelle. >> hi, good morning, everyone. lisa: how dangerous truly is
4:47 am
this journey for migrants? >> it's a deadly journey. it is a trek that these migrant caravan organizers have been responsible for for years now. i think that thanks to the attention that president trump has given to the dangers of these kinds of journeys that we're finally hearing from the victims themselves. you know, people like me have been reporting on this for upwards of 25 years now. and every time that we point out the fact that these enablers, these aiders and abettors are putting these lives at risk by inducing people to make this journey, we're accused of being racist or xenophobes. now that these victims themselves are voicing frustration with these people who are using them and exploiting them, maybe there will be real human rights changes that are made as a result of this. and i do believe, as you teased in the segment just a few minutes ago that these
4:48 am
people should be prosecuted. griff: that's what i want to ask you about, michelle. as i was down in tijuana and we put these migrants on the air saying they wanted these leaders to be held accountable even the mayor of tijuana said he wants the organizers prosecuted. how do you do it? do you do it through the snun how do you prosecute them and what's going to stop them? >> i think that you use any body out there, whether it is the u.n., which itself should be prosecuted, i believe, because they are the biggest transnational open borders nationals of enablf them all. or we do something in our country about it because these groups which operate outside also have co-conspiratorrers inside our borders. pueblo san is loosely connected to an organization in chicago which has been responsible for bringing people into the country illegally and then providing them sanctuary. people might remember ariano
4:49 am
who hold up in a church in chicago in defiance of deportation orders for years making a mockery during the obama years of our laws and now is an activist responsible for helping draw these people, more people into our country illegally. and under chapter 8, section 1342 of our immigration and nationality act it sill legal to aid, abet and induce people to cross the borders illegally. brian: i was going to add something but maybe we can noriega this guy grab him, bring him here or ask mexico do it. canada did for us with this chinese executive just grab him. i feel bad for these people naive, victims, they think this is going to be the promised land and they find out they get a big stop sign. michelle, now your mention is a great thinis one thing havt christmas with your family. >> i will. christmas cheer. lisa: we will take it merry
4:50 am
christmas. brian: 11 minutes now before the top of the hour. the government shut down could stretch into the new year. how long do you think it should last? your comments are pouring in. griff: the shutdown isn't stopping santa claus. norad is tracking santa as he travels across the globe? where is he now? we're live at their command center coming up next. ♪ ♪ the american dream isn't a handout it's something you work for when i couldn't afford college college of the ozarks gave me the chance to work for my degree i'll graduate debt free from a college where character is as important as class work and patriotic education is part of the curriculum we are hard work u and we are working for our american dream
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
griff: it's a christmas tradition, norad tracking santa as he begins to sleigh journey across the globe. where is he now? brian: lieutenant general christopher coates joins us live from the norad command center. people of norad giving up their christmas to track santa for us. thanks so much. >are you actually hearing us? >> good morning. how are you all today? lisa: good. how are you sir? brian: great. what is santa's biggest hurdle? >> good morning.
4:54 am
well, i would say he has a heck of a task in front of him delivering probably billions of gifts all over the world in just 24 hours. i mean, that seems to me the biggest challenge. some might think figuring out who is the naughty and nice is tough but that's perhaps one of his easier tasks. griff: general, we need to know where is santa right now and is he close to the u.s.? >> no. unfortunately he is not close to the united states yet. he has just left the carol islands down in the south pacific and on his way up to russia is what our censors have telling us at the moment. probably going to do asia. we don't know exact plan do asia and over to europe and follow the setting sun as it were and find his way across the atlantic into north america after that. lisa: general, the tradition started by a mistake. can you tell us a little bit about how it started?
4:55 am
>> sure. before there was norad we had continental air defense command. they were operating their operations center and colonel shoup was on duty. there was a number for people to call in the local paper to place -- to talk to santa, actually. i think it was placed by serious at the time. and unfortunately it was the wrong number and it rang in the operations center and colonel shoup answered and small boy asking where santa was and colonel shoup didn't miss a beat and started to answer because, of course, norad or continental air defense was tracking where everything was at the time. he just filled in and let the little boy know where santa was. we continued that tradition on from 1955 right on up until today. brian: wow. finally, what do you say to kids that are worried that the government shutdown is going to shut down this tracking? >> well, norad, we operate
4:56 am
24/7, 365 days a year. so we're not affected. norad tracks santa 70 contributors and 1500 volunteers here in the command center we are not affected at all by a government shutdown. so, kids have nothing to fear. they can call us at 1-877-hi-norad or go on the internet norad and follow what we are doing tracking santa by either of those means there are lots of other platforms as well. griff: thank you very much and merry christmas to all of you and the volunteers there. lisa: merry christmas. brian: right. and keep your fingers crossed a little bit of a delay there but great to go to the command center. griff: great they are doing that. lisa: griff is concerned if his presents were on the way. griff: during the break make sure the presents were there. i had a long list.
4:57 am
brian: in new york. usualfully in washington. griff: a deal to end the shutdown. democrats show no signs of budging. mercedes schlapp says the dems are putting politics over the country. she joining us. brian: plus, dennis prager and lawrence jones both here live in the final hour on the christmas eve edition of "fox & friends" ♪ santa claus is coming ♪ to town ♪ he's making a list ♪ he's checking it twice prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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5:00 am
♪ >> very possible the shutdown will go beyond the 28th and into the new congress. >> the shut down's now in day three. >> no deal in sight, democrats are not going to agree to any funding? >> that's correct, none. >> it's on the democrat side, because they're not willing to do anything. >> they just will not give donald trump a victory. >> this is all politics right now. >> they're not thinking about the people's lives that are at stake. >> defense secretary james mattis signing the order to pull u.s. soldiers out of syria. >> mattis, he'll be out of the white house sooner than he thought. >> the northwest bracing for a winter mess this christmas. parts of the region already covered in snow.
5:01 am
>> second and 19, wilson throws, it's one-handed and caught! >> seattle beating the kansas city chiefs 38-31, clinching a wildcard spot. >> a santa claus proposes to his mrs. claus, popping the question while in costume. that man has been playing santa since he was 13 years old. ♪ ♪ brian: that is glee, when they would actually show. griff: they're not on any more? lisa: how many shows did it go? how many? >> seven. lisa: all right, we're hearing seven. that's the official. brian: okay. least rees i was just duped. [laughter] brian: it's going to be a big final hour of the christmas eve edition of "fox & friends," so let's get started. lisa: all right. we asked for your christmas
5:02 am
cards, and you delivered. we got this christmas card from alicia, her dog ozzy wishing a furry and bright christmas. oh, what a little cutie. ah! brian: moving into the spotlight -- lisa: as they should. brian: right. and this is from ashley wishing a merry kiss-mas. lisa: is that, like are, kiss the band. griff: it's metal. and this one, the little one fleeing santa. look at that. [laughter] brian: terrifying. lisa: i actually think it's hilarious that they chose that photo. well done. you've got to have a little humor. griff: keep serving them,, and we'll show them, probably. lisa: we'll try to. griff: don't make me do it, real news. i leave washington but, alas, the news won't stop there. james mattis signing the order to pull american soldiers out of
5:03 am
syria. lisa: this as he learns he'll be out of the white house sooner than he thought. brian: lucas tomlinson is live at the white house with the details. >> reporter: in a tweet sunday, president trump said he was forcing his defense secretary out by january 1st, not late february as defense secretary mattis requested in his resignation letter. the president didn't want to give mattis the opportunity to attend a meeting in brussels or testify in front of congress before leaving. in his place president trump says he will name current deputy defense secretary patrick shanahan acting defense secretary beginning new year's day. all this comes as mattis signed off on plans to withdraw all u.s. troops from syria, but the pullout is expected to take longer than expected after president trump spoke to his turkish counterpart yesterday for the second time in ten days. president trump said in a tweet: the u.s. pullout would be slow and highly coordinated with turkey. critics say this is a mistake. leon papa net that told chris
5:04 am
wallace on "fox news sunday" the fight in syria is not over despite what president trump claims. >> this is not a time when you're dealing with terrorist groups who can reorganize and threaten the security of our country. this is not a time to back away from that responsibility. >> reporter: now, while u.s. troops are pulling out of syria, more than 5,000 will remain in neighboring iraq and could be used to launch a strike mission into syria if necessary, guys. brian: so let me ask you something, lucas. with general mattis leaving, is there a worry it's going to demoralize just about everybody in the pentagon, especially not even getting the two months to sign off slowly? >> reporter: well, brian, certainly it was seen as a surprise yesterday when secretary of state mike pompeo called his friend jim mattis to say he had to, was being forced out two months early. that means that mattis is not going to be able to go potentially visit his troops,
5:05 am
say good-bye or testify in front of congress. there's big budget hearings in congress expected early next year. mattis wanted $750 billion. the president said he had wanted something much lower than that, so mattis, certainly, it was a surprise here that mattis would have to leave so quickly, brian. lisa: thank you, lucas. griff: thanks, lucas. lisa: merry christmas. give give it is going to be interesting to see what happens because mattis is, you know, at the top of the totem pole, if you will, in terms of respect. but again, this is a different administration, and what happens next clearly this administration is not taking isis serious. it's going to be interesting to see what happens. brian: america doesn't want people stationed overseas, people always get patient war wise to be successful, however, there was almost no pressure to get 2,000 troops out of syria because they weren't in the battle. i mean, it's always dangerous, but they were training, they were supplying, they were arming, they were helping plotting and plan against our enemy, and that was this terrorist organization called
5:06 am
isis and al-nusra in the area. i worry about the kurds fighting like real warriors, now they're going to be facing turkey. turkey's leader told the president he'll take care of isis. he's not going to, he's never taken care of isis. he's going to take care of the kurds, who are allies. syria couldn't care less about isis. isis now has free rein because they are nobody's focus. we were their focus. lisa: and another thing we're watching right now, we're on day three of the government shutdown. president trump, mick mulvaney was making the rounds yesterday saying that the trump administration is willing to compromise. it doesn't seem like democrats willing to budge. we had tammy bruce talking about this earlier, and she said democrats are frightened. take a listen to what she had to say. >> the difference here, i think, in why they're being so aggressive on this congress is because they know president trump will get it done. people say, oh, they voted for this before, but it never really happened, did it? they know now there's a man of action in the white house, and this is what frights them. --
5:07 am
frightens them. griff: as we hook at this, you're talking about a fight over three-tenths of 1% of the budget, yet senator corker hasn't held his tongue about criticism about president trump, and here's what he says about this whole fight over the border. >> this is a purposely contrived fight over, at the end of the day, even -- no matter who wins, our borders are still going to be insecure. now the government is shut down over what, ultimately, is going to be $2 billion. this is a made-up fight so that the president can look like he's fighting. but even if he wins, our borders are going to be insecure. brian: the president tweeted right back at him, he says bob corker's response for giving us the iran deal, which i ended, he loud mouths me, bob wanted to run and asked for my endorsement, i said no.
5:08 am
he had two more tweets right after that, so the president didn't take kindly to that. lisa: well, this is not a made-up fight, and clearly both parties agree there needs to be a border, this is why democrats have on a couple of different occasions voted for billions of dollars towards fencing. if you agree on the fact there needs to be some sort of physical infrastructure along the southern border serving as a barrier, what's the difference between that and the wall? this really gets down to semantics and wanting to deny president trump that key campaign promise that he made. griff: here's an idea. when we get a shutdown, call congress, joint session, and have a hearing and get the head of cbp, the held of border patrol and say what do you need. brian: what i would love to see is the president, this is our border, this is where it works, this is where they're coming, this is what i need. just show them. keep politics out of them. the president's not asking for something that is not practical.
5:09 am
finish he's also going to say this is why the boward fence is going to work here, a virtual fence like schumer wants, this is where we have mountains, this is where we have rivers, this is where my greatest complaints come and the help is most needed from border patrol. the president is a great communicator, in fact, take a wide shot of gillian. you have a flat screen. tell me the president can't sit there, touch that flat screen and go ahead and touch us and bring us through the whole border. lisa: or he could just have gillian do it. brian: he could exactly do that. that was a premature toss, i apologize. right now mick mulvaney and the prime vice president are running the president's message to congress. they're taking a day off for christmas, then they're going back to work. lisa: we asked you guys at home what you thought of this shutdown fight and, of course, you weighed in. ike says keep it shut down and build the wall.
5:10 am
straightforward. griff: and here's from george. he says trump said that he would build a border wall, and i expect him to build that wall. the government can stay shut down. brian: right. mercedes schlapp is white house security adviser of communications and will be joining us about 8:15. here's the other thing to keep in mind, nancy pelosi wants stuff. democrats have an agenda too. remember the days when we would see what the agendas were, and they would compromise? and we could talk about who got the better deal as opposed to who's right in the standoff? does nancy pelosi want to become speaker and then have nothing to do except to try to end a shutdown that the president won't budge on? least rees a lot of people aren't talking about the deal with president trump and mexico, because the big problem we're facing outside of just a porous southern border is the asigh limb assumer -- asylum seekers coming. 89% pass the initial interview, only 9% will be granted asylum.
5:11 am
so, clearly, they are gaming the system. and this deal with mexico, those asylum seekers in mexico while they wait for their court cases to go through the proceedings here, and this is huge. this is a big deal that's not getting covered. griff: mexico has a new president, but we still have gillian here. what's going on -- [laughter] brian: and unlike the mexican president, not a socialist. >> reporter: thank you very much for that, brian. that was wonderful. we do have a fox news alert now. a manhunt is underway after someone fired a machine gun at a restaurant in brussels. the restaurant was closed at the time, and no one was hurt. police do not suspect terrorism. belgium's capital city has been on edge in recent years because of terror-related attacks. new evidence of in the search for a missing mom. police in twin falls, idaho, won't say what they found. officials previously concerned kelsey barrett's cell phone pippinged there three days
5:12 am
after -- pinged there three days after she was last seen on thanksgiving day. her fiance is charged with her murder. "der spiegel" is filing charges against a former reporter who made stories up, admitting to fabricating facts. he recently came up under fire about a small minnesota town. cn or n rescinded that award. and how's this for a christmas gift? the megamillions jackpot reaching $321 million for tomorrow night's drawing. that is the biggest jackpot ever offered on christmas day. if you're the lucky winner, you'll have a cash option of nearly $194 million. there have been five jackpot wins so far this year. wouldn't that be a healthcare of a christmas gift -- heck of a christmas gift? lisa: i would not mind it, not gonna lie.
5:13 am
[laughter] brian: i like round numbers. [laughter] thank you very much, gillian. coming up straight ahead, a debate that's gone on for years, merry christmas and happy holidays. dennis prager says it's merry christmas all the way, and we'll tell you why that's important. griff: plus, after dozens of surgeries, a wounded hero gets the homecoming of a lifetime. >> a massive american flag and then pulling onto our street just means everything. yeah right, and i was born yesterday. (indistinct announcement over pa system) i'm a baby! what? treat your cough seriously with robitussin dm max. it soothes in seconds and delivers fast, powerful cough relief for hours. robitussin. because it's never just a cough.
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5:16 am
brian: welcome back, everyone. president trump has been talking about the war on christmas for years. >> they don't use the word "christmas" because it's not politically correct. you go to department stores, and they'll say happy new year, or they'll say other things. well, guess what? we're saying merry christmas again. [cheers and applause] brian: our next guest agrees that saying merry christmas is important. he is here to explain, he's radio talk show host and founder of the prager university, dennis prager. dennis, nobody knows more about religion, all types of religion, and theories and traditions than you. why does merry christmas matter? >> it matters because it's a
5:17 am
national holiday, first of all. people have to understand i'm a jew, okay? christmas is not my religious holiday, but christmas is my national holiday. on de facto and legal grounds. on the legal grounds it's a national holiday. i honor my country. number two, the vast majority of my fellow citizens celebrate this holiday. it's -- the notion -- and this is the most important point -- the notion that if you don't celebrate christmas or if you're not a christian you are offended by it, is so preposterous that words fail me. preposterous is an understatement. why would i be offended as a jew if you said to me, as a non-christian if you said to me merry christmas? the idea is so narcissistic and so absurd, this is the holiday of the season. finish and it's -- to deny that there is a war on christmas is
5:18 am
to lie. when i went to school, there were christmas vacations, there was christmas, obviously, merry christmas, christmas decorationings. not holiday decorations. there were christmas parties, not holiday parties. but now it's all holiday. so to deny that there is, that there has been a major attempt in the last 50 years or so to de-christmasize christmas, to de-christianize the country for that matter, is to tell an untruth. that's why it's a big deal. and that's why this person who doesn't celebrate it as a religious day still thinks it is critically important. he's least and, dennis, isn't that really what this is about? saying happy holidays instead of merry christmas, isn't it just about removing christ from the scenario? >> well, as i said, there's no -- look, the left, and i always distinguish between left
5:19 am
and liberals, the left loathes christianity. i mean, to deny that is to live in a fairy tale. and they would like to radically secularize the united states. they don't like in god we trust on our coins, they don't like christmas as a national holiday, they don't like christmas vacations. anything that betokens the religious originnings and foundation -- origins and foundation, it's foundational religion in this country. i, i fear a radically secularized america. i fear it. as a jew, i fear it. that's why i keep saying, i don't normally go around saying as a jew, but for this discussion it's important because people will think, oh, the guy's a christian, of course he's saying it. but i'm not. i fear it. i know what has happened in europe with. i know what happens in the united states when people no longer have a god-based frame of reference for their ethics. you know, two-thirds of the
5:20 am
american kids, high school kids i've asked in the last 40 years would you save your dog or a stranger if both were drown thing won't say the stranger, because i love my dog, i don't love the stranger m but if you have a judeo-christian value system, you know that people are created in god's image, dogs are not. and i love my dogs. brian: right. >> these are big issues. brian: dennis, we always get that, every time we learn something, prager university's invaluable. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. brian: hey, remember this, students slamming president trump's state of the union address before it even happened. >> it's something i wouldn't have expected to happen in our lifetime. >> it's offensive, it is crazy, but i'm not shocked by it. brian: lawrence jones has a lookback at the craziest moments of the year. he's least plus, white house communications adviser mercedes schlapp with the latest on the government shutdown.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
there. authorities say all reports were based on witnesses believing that's what they saw. officials did find a damaged drone near the airport, it's being tested for forensic evidence. and this, a student the pilot's first flight ends with an emergency landing on an alabama highway. >> let's pull over, make sure everybody's okay. pull ahead of them, please. >> pull behind them. >> make sure they're -- oh! griff: you don't see that every day. the plane's engine failed. fortunately, no one was hurt. brian: did it hit the underpass? griff: who knows? brian: 24 minutes after the hour. back to griff for reading. [laughter] give give the government remains shut down and democrats refusing to budge. >> so, mr. president, president trump, if you want to open the government, you must abandon the wall. plain and simple.
5:25 am
>> democrats are not going to agree to any funding to build new border wall, none? >> that's correct. none. brian: fantastic. are these children, or are they adults? mercedes schlapp is the director of strategic communications and often probably wonders, why did i take this job? >> oh, i love my job. [laughter] brian: where's the give there? i heard mick mulvaney say we were at 5, they're at 1.3, maybe it's around 2 billion. what to you say -- what do you say? >> look, this is part of the negotiation deal. so at this point, as mick mull vapeny had mentioned, it's really up to the democrats in the sense that we've offered them a deal. we'll see what they come back with. our goal is to get somewhere between 1.6 and 5 billion. i mean, this is so ironic that it's the democrats, like schumer, who said that we need strong border security, where durbin has said we need to find a bipartisan solution to border security, yet they are not willing to budge at least at
5:26 am
this point in terms of providing funds for physical barrier in the area. and as we know, illegal crossings have increased over 90% in the last two months. and you've seen the issue with the caravan. that's been a huge crisis on the border. and the mere fact is that at this moment if we want to make border security a bipartisan issue, the democrats need to step up to the plate. it's up to them to stop the shutdown. lisa: well, and, mercedes, this is president trump's signature issue. clearly, trump supporters want the wall. do you worry it would have a demoralizing effect on his base if he does not deliver it? >> look, this is not about the president's base, this is about the safety of the american people. as we know, president trump has talked time and time again about the importance of securing our border. we want to stop the inflow of drugs into our country which impacts communities, american communities across the country and our youth. we want to stop human trafficking? this is an issue that impacts, again, american communities,
5:27 am
areas both urban and rural. and we also want to focus on stopping illegal immigration. i mean, there is an orderly process, there is a legal process. we are a nation of laws. we want to insure that we're able to stop what we keep seeing which is this continual and increased flow of illegal immigrants. this is what you've seen, for example, with the caravan which time and time again has been thousands of people waiting to come into the united states. griff: mercedes, i want to ask you about another topic, and that is defense secretary jim mattis signing an order withdrawing troops from syria, something that he add voized the president against. now the president really running up the departure date for mattis by january 1st. and it's got a lot of people wondering what's going on there. >> well, first of all, i think the president made a campaign promise. it was very much people knew from the beginning what his position was on syria which was to bring the troops home at the right moment.
5:28 am
and what we have seen is pretty much the destruction of the territorial caliphate in syria. he, at this point, said we've got to bring our troops home. so this is something where the president listened to many people in the process and made this decision to move forward on syria. with that he had a call with the turkish president, erdogan, on basically this issue of, basically, a slow withdrawal, making sure that they have the logistical support to insure that they continue to get rid of any of the remains of the caliphate in syria. finish obviously, the safety of our troops is a top priority. it's a time to -- it's time to bring the troops home. griff: can you name an adviser the president has that recommended he pull out 2,000 troops? >> i'm not going to get into the internal discussions of how the decision was made. at the end of the day, we all serve in the position of advising the president. it is up to the president to make the final decision. he -- we knew from the moment he started his campaign where he stood on syria, which was that
5:29 am
we were going to insure the defeat of the territorial caliphate in syria, and the president and this administration and our troops have done that. and so now it's this opportunity to bring our troops home with a slow withdrawal back to the united states and really focus in on insuring that it is about keeping our troops safe. we have done our job there, and it's time to move forward. griff: is there frustration on the president's part, mercedes, that this is being blown out of proportion? >> you know, i think that the president feels very strongly about his decision in syria. he, last week, met with both members of the senate and the house, republican members of the senate and the house, to have this conversation about syria, and he made his case to them. you know, obviously, when it's the senators, they have their own opinion as to -- and many of them are very hawkish and have their own opinion on how syria should be handled.
5:30 am
for the president, he's looked and, obviously, cob subtled -- consulted many people in the process and has made the decision that we have done our job in syria, and it's time to bring the troops home. brian: yeah, we're up against the clock. >> and working with the turkish president to insure that they are able to take on the role of getting rid of isis in this area. brian: yeah, but they never have. does he talk to the turkish president about not annihilating the kurds, did he get guarantees that the kurds, who have been doing our fighting, will not be destroyed? is. >> right. he sent a very strong message to the turkish president. in fact, we know the turkish president invited both john bolton and general joe tonford to go to turkey -- dunford to go to turkey to continue these conversations. brian: okay. >> again, we will be there to provide logistical support for the turkish forces and insure, again, that they are able to focus on defeating isis in syria. give give all right, mercedes. now what you have left to do is have a merry christmas, and we'll make sure your husband
5:31 am
matt takes care of that promptly. [laughter] >> that sounds great. lisa: merry christmas to you and your family. griff: christmas is less than 24 hours away. it's right upon us, but people are still shopping to get the perfect gift. we're live with last minute shoppers next. brian: and those shoppers will be pretty hungry once they hit home. celebrity chef george duran is here with a simple and tasty recipe for your christmas ham. ♪ ♪ ♪ the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment.
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♪ ♪ brian: we're almost out of christmas songs. [laughter] right? lisa: impossible. griff: and we're almost out of time to buy gifts which i've got to do after this show, and that's why last minute shoppers are at it right now. lisa: and several stores are open for business. brian: i'm not sure if that's true, and that's why we want to go to jeff knock joining us -- jeff flock joining us from chicago. is your lead-in correct at all? >> reporter: well, yeah. not open right where we are yet. this is the magnificent mile. it will be open, though, in about two hours' time.
5:35 am
this is 900 north michigan. look at that tree, by the way. that is a four-story tree in this mall. they've got some money to spend and so do shoppers. it's going to be a good one. national retail federation said in a survey that a lot of people are still shopping. take a look at the numbers. survey says 44% got done before this weekend, but fully a quarter of shoppers were still shopping on super saturday and sunday, yesterday. and 7% will not finish until today. and that's why bricks and mortar is king today. if you haven't gotten it yet, chances of getting it online, pretty slim, anything of significance. so people will be doing it the old-fashioned way, going to the store, picking it out, touching the item and everything else. and 4%, by the way, say they will shop after christmas when there are bargains to be had. going to be a good year though, i think, for retailers. happy christmas. brian: jeff, what's better, giving or receiving?
5:36 am
[laughter] >> reporter: it was always better getting when i was younger. now that i'm older, you know, you can't take it with you, man, so you've got to give it away. i get much more pleasure giving it away. lisa: for gifts. and also that tree is phenomenal behind you. >> reporter: isn't it something? lisa: what a beautiful tree. >> reporter: i don't think it's real. lisa: i don't think it would fit in my studio apartment. thank you. >> reporter: i've got one that's too big -- brian: we just cut him off. [laughter] give gary i've got to give -- griff: i've got to give gillian something. lisa: you know who we're not going to cut off, gillian. brian: we don't have that kind of power. >> good morning, guys. at least 373 people are dead and more than 1,000 hurt after a volcano triggers a tsunami off the coast of indonesia. rescue crews digging through rubble as they frantically search for survivors. authorities are warning more tsunamis could strike. president trump tweet anything
5:37 am
part, quote: we are praying for recovery and healing. america is with you. pot shops are cashing in on christmas. shoppers are giving legal marijuana as holiday gifts. dispensaries in california are running promotions selling edible christmas candies and pre-rolled joints as stocking stuffers. ten states and the district of columbia have legalized recreational marijuana. after spending several months in space, gravity presents quite the challenge. this astronaut tweeting this video showing his struggle to walk in a straight line with his eyes closed. the video was taken right after he returned from the international space station. he was there for 197 days. that video is really incredible. a wounded veteran gets a hero's well for christmas after undergoing more than 10 surgeries. 100 surgeries. >> seeing a massive american flag and pulling onto our street just means everything. >> to bring daddy home. >> feel like every veteran should feel this level of
5:38 am
appreciation, it's so special. >> reporter: mike is reunited with his three little girls and wife. they set up a surprise welcome home for him in north carolina. he lost his leg and most of his left arm while serving in afghanistan. those are your headlines, send it to you. brian: all right. meanwhile, with your blessing, i'd like to ask if adam would tell us the weather. lisa: no. brian: please. adam, will you tell us the weather? >> reporter: yeah, thank you for giving the blessing, gillian. we've got the ice sculpture completely finished -- brian: have you been there for three hours? >> reporter: i have. you should have seen the work he was doing around there with my head in there. it was a dangerous job. we've got a great crowd out here. folks are still climbing out here, just a little bit of a sprinkle in the air. if you bring a sign, i'm bound to come talk to you, and if you pay me, i'm bound to come talk to you. you're from ohio, and your son
5:39 am
fred -- >> from south carolina. >> my son, fred, is in south carolina. >> reporter: he's going to give you -- >> $100. he told me if i came and visited the show and brought a catchy sign, i'd get on tv. >> hey, elizabeth. >> i made up the part about the $100. >> reporter: oh! i still, i'm still planning how i'm going to spend my cut of this money. we've got to take a look at the forecast. everybody wants to say hi. a little bit of drizzle -- no, you guys keep talking away. weaver going to see snow stretching up to new england, really the only big weather system is out on the west coast. some winter storm warnings, watches. all right. we've got to wrap this thing up. everybody, what do you want to say? everybody get it in right now. now's the time. >> merry christmas! brian: great job, adam. meanwhile, cooking for family and friends can be stressful during the holidays. you're probably experiencing
5:40 am
that right now. our next guest has some simple, delicious recipe, so get a pen and paper ready. griff: celebrity chef and author george duran is here, and he's glad i'll stop eating this food. [laughter] brian: what's your focus, george? >> my goodness, the beauty of ham is it's so versatile. i'm going to teach you how to make a glaze. a lot of hams come with a glaze mix. if you have time, make it from scratch. this is a pineapple, brown sugar glaze. brown sugar, butter, pineapple juice, a little bit of mustard -- all of it, whatever you see there, the whole thing. lisa: that's easy. >> we have the recipe on the fox news web site. again, it's a brown sugar, pineapple glaze and everything else, butter, honey, cinnamon -- brian: why are you so hesitant? lisa: i don't know, i don't want to mess it up. brian: you're going too slow. [laughter] >> absolutely gorgeous glaze that you with pretty much take
5:41 am
any of these, and i'm working with kentucky legend hams. they're the number one ham in the country. what you're going to pretty much -- let me ask have this over here, a spoon over here, and we're just going to glaze our hams. they have the half ham -- no, it's not a big deal. that's what the holidays are about. you glaze all the ham, so this is the little half ham that is already sliced in there. the beauty is that you can go for a large ham for the holidays, maybe a half ham for a smaller family, and then for every day you want to make little ham sandwiches, you two this route over here, already presliced for you. and the beauty is that this glaze, not only are you putting it on the ham, you put it on the side. kentucky legend actually has artisan crafted sausages, premium sausages. the flavors are incredible. bacon cheddar, smoked -- lisa: i need to know about this.
5:42 am
that was good. >> this is kentucky legend artisan crafted sausages, actually. the flavors are enormous. they even have a rasp berry chipotle. these are brand new in your supermarket is or are your manager to get them for you, and the versatility is enormous. it's cooked already, so you can serve them cold, or you can heat them up, simply add them -- lisa: i need this in my belly. brian: you can get this at so you don't have to play it tobacco. >> absolutely. brian: if you're thinking ham, this is your man. [laughter] lisa: did you just come up with that? brian: i sound like dr. seuss. griff: you just keep at it. meanwhile, students blasting supreme court's pick before he even announced it. >> it's almost at a point where you kind of expect that it's not going to be what you want. >> he's quite, you know, extreme in his views. brian: right. lawrence jones has a look back at the craziest campus moments
5:43 am
of the year. griff: and before santa heads down your chimney, he's catching some waves. we're live with the surfing santas in florida. pad billion, paddle, paddle! ♪ ♪ ♪ for each job exxonmobil creates, many more are created in the community. because energy touches so many industries, it supports 10 million u.s. jobs.
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griff: surf's up for a group of holly, jolly santas. lisa: hundreds are hitting the ocean for the tenth annual surfing santas event, and it's all for a good cause. brian: yep, lara greenberg joins us from cocoa beach as the event gets underway. hey, lara, what's the theme? >> hey there. well, the theme is dress up for christmas. take a look at all of the people around me. hundreds of people here. you've got some santas already in the water, those waves are starting to come in now. the event doesn't actually get going here until about 10:00 this morning, but there's a costume contest. and as you can see, a lot of people are dressed up and ready for it. and we've got one of those people right now. it's not rudolph, despite what you may think, it's renee. and, renee, tell me why you decided to come out here. >> look around. everybody's here. it's beautiful. surfing santas, what else could you ask for christmas eve day? >> reporter: not where you expect to be on christmas eve
5:47 am
day. >> no, it's beautiful. it's 70. santas are everywhere, everybody's having a good time and excited and, yeah, it's great. >> reporter: they've been playing some music here as well. they changed the words from shake it off to surf it off. that just gives you an idea of the atmosphere. all of the money raised by this event does go to a good cause. they've been doing it for nine years now, and it goes to a group for cancer, supporting people and children with cancer. it's all for a good cause. these people love to come out and support these people that really need help on christmas eve. so we'll send it back to you in the studio while we enjoy the sunshine and the waves here. lisa: don't rub it in or anything. griff: get out there and catch a wave. brian: yeah, we've got ice and rain. i'll trade you. >> reporter: i'll put sunscreen on. griff: look, college campuses crazier than ever this year. lisa: and this christmas eve we're taking a look back at some of the best moments.
5:48 am
brian: but not alone, here now is campus reform editor-in-chief, and now we can officially welcome him, now fully eligible for our christmas party, lawrence jones. [laughter] congratulations. lisa: yea! congratulations, my friend. so happy for you. >> thank you so much. brian: you're a workaholic. you've got two full-time jobs, but you also keep us in touch what's going on on campus. what did you discover? >> yeah. so there's a lot of craziness on the college campuses, but one thing we discovered through these videos is that a lot of these kids don't really know what they believe. they've been taught what to believe, but as we've been reporting at campus reform, the indoctrination is so heavy on these college campuses that they don't even challenge the point of view there. griff: hey, lawrence, let's take a listen to a clip here. this is students you talk to that say they hate trump's state of the union? they're actually president obama's.
5:49 am
take a listen. >> today we're at john jay college getting reactions to president trump's state of the union address last night. we're going to give them a few quotes from the speech and ask their reaction, except the quotes we're giving them are actually from president obama's state of the unions. china wants to write the rules, that would put us at a disadvantage, we should write those rules. >> i wouldn't mess with china. >> everything is out the window. like, oh, china, china, china. [laughter] griff: they don't know better. >> exactly. so just because it had trump on it, they were told to hate the president. now, once these kids discover that it was obama, as you can imagine, they may have squeezed out of it, oh, we probably didn't understand what was happening. but, again, this goes back to critical thinking. do you really have this point or view, or are you just taught to hate the opposing guy? lisa: and, lawrence, for the second one, we've got some students, and they're hating on president bush's supreme court
5:50 am
pick -- president trump's supreme court pick, but only one problem. it was before he picked them. >> today we're talking to students about president trump's supreme court pick. he hasn't made that pick yet. >> i just saw the pick, and it's almost at a point you kind of expect it's not going to be what want. >> he's quite, you know, extreme in his views, and i don't know if it would make the supreme court very even. [laughter] lisa: a little confused there, aren't they? >> yeah. these kids are -- they can vote now, which makes this scary. look, these kids are no different than the leftists that we saw protesting in front of the supreme court that had the big poster boards that were just waiting for the president to announce it just so they could write the name on there. it's crazy. brian: all right, lawrence, look forward to catching up with you a lot in 2019, have a great christmas. lisa: merry christmas, new fox news contributor. griff: congratulations and merry christmas. if you're still looking for a last minute gift for christmas,
5:51 am
like i am for brian -- [laughter] we've got you covered from wine to gift baskets to grilling tools and adam klotz. brian: that story next. lisa: come on! [laughter] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ brian: sorry, griff, you can't
5:54 am
read this time. [laughter] christmas is tomorrow, so now is your last chance to get your loved ones or people you like a lot a gift on time. griff: look out, here i go. [laughter] we've got lots of ideas with our lifestyle expert, lee moore. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. brian: all right. we're going to discuss what we teased last next, but first this -- >> okay. so the first thing, actually, gift cards are the easiest things to give, but these are happy cards. what they are, they're brand-bundled gift cards or based on the recipient. so for teens, for kids, for foodies, for guys, for the girls. and, basically, you can eat, shop and play at any of the brands listed on the card. you can get them right at the kiosk. brian: the card's in the back, and they can choose the store. >> all the stores are written right there. lisa: what are these cute little things? >> they're stuffed animals wrapped in blanket burritos, and they're a surprise gift.
5:55 am
yep, and this is how they come. they're 9.99, you can get them at target and walmart, and they're surprise gifts. they came about from the a viral trend on instagram. lisa: someone caught on. what's this? brian wanted this. >> so these are hair-adorables, one of the hottest gifts. you can also get them at wal-mart and target. they combine fun fashion and lots and lots of colorful hair. basically, all you do is you pull, peel and reveal all the 11 accessories. the girls, you don't really know what's inside until you open it up, and they're based on a youtube series. lisa: this is for brian. what gifts do you have for brian? griff: what are the men gifts? >> okay, this is for men or women. so in the kitchen, we have a cutting board with, olive oils, ball salic vinegar, a dutch
5:56 am
obvious, and i got these all at marshalls. they have amazing prices -- brian: that's what or marshalls is known for. and of course this, now, the tools. [laughter] griff: waiting all day. >> all right. so what we have here are some tools from dewalt. these are all from home depot. i have this 20-volt, well, that's the drill that we're going to get to, but this is the 20-volt lithium ion cordless, gasless framing nailer. it's dual speed, and it's actually cordless so you can just charge the battery and then use it. lisa: i'm afraid griff. >> i wouldn't actually -- brian: there are sales on christmas eve. of and what's nice is you can order it online and pick it up in the store. what we just teased i did at 4:50 a.m. you can go to the fox news web site and see that. griff: brian, this is for you. [laughter] brian: thank you, lee moore. merry christmas. griff: what a shock.
5:57 am
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