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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 25, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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have great weather for us, too. >> did santa hook your daughter up? >> absolutely, she was a good girl this year. >> merry christmas everyone and thanks for joining us. >> she is molly, i'm blake, we got to go. bye-bye. ♪ >> i'm trish regan in for neil cavuto, merry christmas, this is a special edition of "your world with neil cavuto." the economy is humming along. wages are rising, but the stock market is not quite as great. there's a lot of uncertainty right now over trade. and a lot of uncertainty regarding fed and the rate hikes, you have the mueller probe and also the promise of
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democratic investigation all taking the toll on the market. and we have lee munson, danielle seay and scott martin. starting with you, is it going to be a good year? >> i hope so. and here's the good news. economic data has suddenly gotten weaker in the face of, say this market volatility, two, which is a concern as we see rates come down. it will be a less volatile year but probably not for a couple months as a market sort out where it wants to be valued. as an individual investor, we need to take these steps as reasons to buy. >> your thoughts? >> the only thing i would disagree on, is volatility. last wednesday after that fed meeting i got my christmas gift early which received 2500 on the
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s&p 500 so we are doing buying for coins. it will take such an act of god to have earnings go down 20%, to really get into an earnings recession to make this market go even lower. so i think the bottom line is, even if we have flat earnings growth, that's okay. even if we have four or 5%, that's okay because the market can still rise on that. we think as of right now on christmas day, i think you have 10% upside and a little less than 10% downside, and, and it's going to take a lot to get it there by next year. you have gdp growth and jobs being added. in other words, the fundamental fundamentals, for now anyway,
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and certainly for a change compared to the last decade, they feel good. >> yes, and there are a lot of fundamentals that feel good but at the same time there are lots of problems. political instability is a huge one and trade wars has taken the industrial stock and transportation stock for a huge dive. it will be incredibly difficult for this market to recover. if the transportation stocks, industrials and financial stocks cannot get it together, there won't be anything to pull the market higher. >> do you think our recession is actually in the works? i see these democratic strategists out there almost gleeful when they talk about it, this idea of recession being on the horizon. i don't see it yet and the fundamentals and i tended to run a little scared on these things. do we need to be worried about recession in 2019? >> the main thing i'm concerned about is the high level of
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consumer debt or margin debt. we have a generation that is -- was not used saying, oh gosh? and they are not holding onto every penny, and i'm not saying it's never a good thing, but it does show you symptomatically how people are feeling about the future. it shows a little bit of confidence which, let's face it, we need to. >> and all these things that make people spend less. we don't have any anecdotal evidence to suggest it's not. that is bad, that is bad. this is not the dave ramsey
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show, people. that is good but it's how you leverage and make profits at the late stage of a bull market. i like that people are positive about the world and if you see what's happening over the last 6-8 weeks in markets, this is about investors being moody and investors being disappointed that we won't see 20% earnings growth next year. and you can see that stuff roar back, beware. >> algorithms doing the trading and when you get certain levels, all those algorithms kick in. so it's investors but almost to isn't also the nature of these days? >> the fed day last week was a certain example of that. that was steep slide in the fastest this year. i guess i'm sitting here disappointed because we mentioned earlier that week out
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this early christmas gift which obviously i guess wasn't mine. i did put that on a credit card, but credit is extended to consumers and businesses for a reason. with rates down as they are, as we have seen over the last couple months, it was kind of curious as to why the 10-year note has fallen from three and a quarter, to two and some change. that tells me something is weakening and all these businesses and consumers could be getting overleveraged. >> we are hearing a lot of name dropping, and who has the best shot. we have the answers that may surprise you next. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture. but super poligrip gives him a tight seal.
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>> we haven't even said goodbye to 2018 yet but already several democrats are out there indicating they may actually run for president in 2,020. if you have lot of potential candidates including joe biden and new jersey senator cory booker who are reportedly spending the holiday discussing the next move with family and friends. so who actually has the best shot to take on president trump?
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we are asking mattie toffler, kathy leroux and phil wegman. good to see you all lose your money on kathy. so i've heard a lot of talk about him. i think he is actually probably looking at this fairly seriously. i know he's looked at it seriously in the past but in this case he would be running in the democratic field. the president himself told me that he does not think, president trump that is, that mike bloomberg would be able to make it through the field because a party has gone so aggressively lacks left. >> the party is everywhere but the party is energized, we do know that. so with the energy comes a little bit of this and a little bit of that and you don't know what's going to appeal to the
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voters. republicans like him, democrats like him. he's a little bit more down the middle and when you have a party that is fascinated by the likes of alexandria alexandria ocasid sanders, how do someone more down the middle play in that field? >> that's a really good question. democrats have a really good challenge they have to keep the government open and focus on priorities in washington, d.c. people like michael bloomberg or beto o'rourke, who has sort of become the darling of the left are a little bit liberated. they can go out there and campaign right away so that's where you see a lot of division arise within the democratic primary, the folks who have to show up in washington, and the guys who can go out there and set up the agenda for campaign
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events. >> you kind of miss that moment if you would, because he has that everyday kind of speak that is very appealing to i think every day americans in a way that frankly hillary clinton just couldn't possibly do. so joe biden is also doing this. do you foresee joe biden on the top of the democratic ticket? >> i think he's definitely looking closer at jumping back into the race but i think the better question right now is, who isn't looking to jump into the race? because if you are a democratic governor or congressman, or even mayor or dogcatcher, you have to be looking around right now and asking ourselves, why not run for president? everyone is doing it. the reason why it is, what we saw in 2016, we had
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hillary clinton who is an eminently qualified candidate lose the nomination and then, in 2016, the elites lost and now i think the playing field is open for everyone. >> >> 2016 was a unique moment n time and i think that president trump is a unique candidate. i don't know that that personality would play again or others. it works for him and it worked brilliantly for him. then you think about the field, remember when marco rubio tried to throw insults at him? it didn't fit right. so to be a natural politician, you really have to be yourself. you have to be authentic. so when you look at that field, i look back at you kathy, and i know you like bloomberg, but --
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he's always on point. >> i don't know about booker. >> cory booker, trump came under a lot of criticism for so many things he did. cory booker is almost answer to donald trump. so he could really get this energized base more energized. but cory booker is kind of like trump. >> i will tell you what i worry about as a republican, amy klobuchar, she can be very controversial. if she were to jump in the race i really think she might be a strong point. >> you also have kamala harris out there, i was looking at throwing her hat in the ring. she's been pretty divisive i would argue, and i think she has
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been someone who really has tried to make this push towards identity politics. does identity politics even work anymore, given that it didn't fly with hillary clinton? >> what we will see with kamala harris is she has to come to a count with her record as an attorney general in california and see if that plays well with the base going forward. but something that's important to remember, after the holidays we will have a better idea of who is in and who is out. this is an incredibly crowded field and because it's so crowded, whoever wins the nomination doesn't need the majority, they only need a plurality. that gives voters more choice, absolutely. it means that we are not going to necessarily have a consensus candidate at the end of the day. and that clears the lane probably for some of these elder statesmen like biden or mike booker who have been making a name for themselves because they don't need a majority, they only
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need a plurality. >> it will certainly be interesting. and we don't even know because you think about donald trump at this stage in the game, he really wasn't out there in any kind of serious way. and now he is, the president of the united states today. so it's anyone's guess. that field could get even bigger. i'm coming up, we have some great news for the record number of travelers hitting the roads this holiday season. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good,
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>> 'tis the season to travel. we've never seen this many people flying and driving over the holidays, and that's got to be a good economic sign. a record 102 million americans if you can believe that our hitting the roads this week, and there are lower prices at the gas pump. the question is, will they keep on going? we are asking our energy guru, phil flynn. you have some good news? >> i can't be eskridge on gasoline prices going into the new year, are you kidding me? of course they will continue to go down. in fact we have seen going into the holiday season some of the lowest gasoline prices we have seen going into the years. prices have fallen like 50 or 60 days in a row and that will continue into the new year. and guess what, i think it's
1:21 pm
partly a present for president trump. he got on opec to produce more oil and get those gasoline prices down, so i think if you had a present from president trump, here it is. lower gasoline prices for the new year. >> so your reasoning behind this is not just the president but you are seeing more output from opec on lower prices? >> we had concerns earlier in the show and one of the gas is concerned about the health of the economy, and it's a concern i don't share because i think we are in a good spot. but nevertheless, we see weaker oil prices, is not associated in some way, shape or form as a sense of not as good in the economy? >> it could be a warning signal. before most recessions we've seen a big drop in energy prices. in 2008, gasoline prices were almost $5 per gallon and they went down below two, but i think
1:22 pm
the market is actually overreacting to the downside on fear. and i don't see this slow down. there is a disconnect between the drop in price and seeing an actual demand. demand in the united states with oil, gasoline and diesel fuel is the highest it's ever been. so i agree, i don't want to be a scrooge and not to be as a sign that the economy is doing great. and if you measure it in miles per barrel, the economy is on fire right now. >> i like hearing that. we just have a wacky stock market. and apparently a wacky oil market as well. good things ahead. lots of travel. >> great things ahead and, as the refineries are producing a record amount of gasoline they are refining the barrels with care, making sure they will be there for the new year.
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>> all right. all those holiday bills out there, do they make you want to scream? [screening]scream- ing] that's coming up next.
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>> i'm mike emanuel in washington. these are the top headlines, president trump wishing merry christmas to troops stationed around the world but also addressing the ongoing a partial government shutdown saying he standing firm in his commitment to securing the border whether it's with a wall or fence or whatever they would like to call it, as they would put it. the mission remains and, an 8-year-old boy from guatemala has died in government custody.
1:27 pm
they he was given antibiotics and ibuprofen after showing signs of a cold and a fever. that's after 6-year-old girl died in custody this month. i mike emanuel, back to "your world." ♪ >> i hope you are having a wonderful, wonderful christmas. after you rip open all those presents today, the next thing you will have to rip open is the credit card bill. according to a recent survey from personal survey nerd wallet, 20% of shoppers are still paying off their holiday credit card debt from last year.
1:28 pm
personal finance guru larry wing and who is the author of "you are broke because you want to be" joins me now. what's your advice to people this holiday season amongst the growing credit card debt? >> listen, when you get that bill will and realize you lost control of your self-control and now you need to get back in control by paying the debt off quickly, give yourself 60 days to do that. that means you are going to have to censure your belt and kind of suck it up in other areas of your regular life in order to do that. the nice thing is if you pay it off in 60 days you will be used to that, then you can continue and pay off all that other credit card debt that you probably have and that will give you the highest return on the money that you will ever find because you will are not getting 17% on it anyplace else. you might as well pay off your credit card debt. >> that's a good point, indeed. why is it that americans struggle with this so much? you look at other cultures and
1:29 pm
other countries and they don't necessarily have the same debt problems that we do. is it in part the availability or is it culturally something that is unique to us? for lack of better word? [laughs] >> unique to us, but i do believe we've made it awfully easy to buy things. and we got gotten our egos ahead of our common sense. when it's easy to buy, and we are buying out of ego or guilt or trying to keep up with other folks than we overbite which means we overspend and that's where we have to have some control and check our core values about our true priorities. nobody has ever been said saidt they had no debt and a lot of money in savings, so try that for a while. >> well put. is there a commonality when they run into people that keep running into themselves with these mounting debts? is there commonality to them and
1:30 pm
do they say, if you could fix this one thing this will help you a lot? >> it's rarely one thing. i do drive it all back to the core value of things. to figure out what's really important to you should be your commitment, your commitment to your bills and your family. so put them at the very top of your list, get your bills under control and always put your family ahead of your ego and your stuff and then you might be able to get your spending in the right place. >> i think that makes a lot of sense. there's a new survey from fidelity that shows just how challenging it is for a lot of americans, that they continue running into these issues. let me see if we can share that with you. this fidelity survey shows that, at roughly 32% of all americans are trying to make some kind of financial revolution, larry, of going into the new year. whether it be the diet that you
1:31 pm
see at the start of the new year or, whether you hear about the financial diet, there is a consistency there anyway. do americans need to make these resolutions? >> no, resolutions don't come true and i think it's a problem with the vocabulary. nobody ever resolves to do anything anymore so dump the resolutions and make that commitment. we think differently one would use the word of "commitment." so make the commitment to pay off your debt. make the commitment to keep your spending under control, make a commitment to save more money. that makes more sense than just saying i make the resolution. most don't last for more than two weeks. >> and what what if someone gof of the application? they are being doing so well an end they give into some impulse buy, what is your respect to them? >> just don't.
1:32 pm
it's oldest trick in the world, the guy goes to the doctor and says, it hurts when i do that, the doctor says don't do that again. you know you are messing up, that's a simple as it needs to be. >> good advice, as always. thank you so much. after all that spending, what if i told you that half the folks that you gave gifts to don't even like them? ♪ for each job exxonmobil creates, many more are created in the community. because energy touches so many industries, it supports 10 million u.s. jobs.
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>> so how would you like that album under the christmas tree? according to a new survey, a majority of americans said they have received holiday gifts that they didn't want and that they will never actually use. so get this, 30% keep the gifts anyway. that's how nice we are. let's go to fox business networ network. carly tim kissed and reform's cavett phillips. christina, let's start with you. >> i have returned quite a few of even my partners. this year i'm going to keep
1:36 pm
whatever i get, turning a new leaf, just try to accept it. >> but should we accept it? i think we should, it's off the count. but we were just talking about credit card debt and how much money people are spending, and a kind of makes you wonder if we get a little too carried away. >> my go-to is usually, if i get a gift, and any of those things. if it's just a little knickknack, it may be able toss it in the garbage. but the thing that surprised me, 15% of americans, 38 million people say they give gifts to people that they know won't like them just because i think people get so busy around the holidays and they see something that is the first thing that they see and they panic and get it
1:37 pm
anyway. that's where all this unnecessary spending comes in. >> so are we overdoing it on the gifting? maybe a little bit more time? >> we should ultimately be celebrating time with family and celebrating the birth of jesus christ, those are two good places to start. i had to experience that, i had a ten piece hardcover encyclopedia set that i've never opened but i'm sad to admit that i liked it. >> you might actually have something that's really of value there. >> i would appreciate that gift. but you do bring up something that's important. i had a next-door neighbor growing up who is very religious and she always told her children, you don't get gifts on christmas, you get gifts on your birthday, but not on christmas
1:38 pm
because it's actually baby jesus' birthday, and this is all about baby jesus as opposed to the actual gift giving that you get otherwise on your birthday. which i always thought was kind of harsh because we all like gifts. but as i get older, i kind of understand and appreciate what she was trying to say which is in line with what you are sayin saying. >> they have contributed to all of the holidays. now look at black friday and how early the gift giving has started. people are still giving gifts even though the receiver is not going to enjoy it. why are we doing that? we can return it without the bill and walmart is really great at doing that. we have created this culture where you have to give objects and have to buy things, instead of -- what about making a card?
1:39 pm
>> you said your boyfriend gives you gifts. i really do think the most important thing you can give, and i say this to my husband. he goes out and get something with the kids because it's important for them and they would like to be part of that process and go shopping for mommy, and he will pick something out with them. but i really do think that it is time. that's the one thing we never have enough of. so if you can give that time to a loved one, that means more than anything. >> and i do think you are right. if you are a religious person, the real message of the season does get lost in the commercialization of christmas, so if you do take a middle ground between what your friend used to teach her children and going ultra big on the gift giving and remember both, you might save a little bit of money and still have a very special christmas when you remember the reason we are celebrating. >> so does that mean i don't have to get as many gifts?
1:40 pm
will i get a free pass? >> i don't know if your son would like that. >> i think my kids are really counting on a big christmas as so many do. it's tricky because there is a commercial element to all of this and the retailers are there and they know how to play to all of our heartstrings, and our pockets. resist, is my advice. >> if my family is watching this, i do expect to get gifts from all of you this year so don't think i'm letting you out in the clear. but experience is the best thing to give. take your mom to a concert, take your dad to a play, we don't need more stuff in our lives and time is the most important gift you can give. >> thank you so much guys. the gift that keeps on giving.
1:41 pm
the gift is 22 years and counting and it's making news. neil cavuto's "bet on it." a look at the best from the show
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1:43 pm
>> 22 years ago, fox news launched and neil cavuto has
1:44 pm
been there from the very beginning covering the biggest stories with the biggest names, but not without a few surprises in between. take a look. >> five, four, three, two, -- ♪ >> welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto and this is the cavuto business report. >> its demand that that has wall street buzzing, the chairman and see ceo was about my age and i personally resent him for that. is this a labor of love or is it just your mission statement now is to get apple back on track? >> you know, i think apple started in my parents garage, and steve wozniak and i put a lot of years into it and i think apple has a lot to can attribute cell. >> do you use your site? >> in fact some people would
1:45 pm
accuse me of having kind of an addiction. i've got boxes coming every day. >> you could see yourself 20 years from now in this job? >> i think longevity for ceos is based on performance and the ability to change and that's clearly my intent. >> are you worried the environment isn't very good? >> the economic conditions we say look good to us. >> we had a record number of small businesses started this year and we've done a number of reducing the regulatory versions that gives business incentives to people that were difficult to place. and a whole range of things that we are going to have to do. >> our heroes will now open the marketplace. >> you have to be a little surprised that even in the face of uncertainty, a multiyear
1:46 pm
campaign that the white house says this could be that the market advance. >> i think the market as you know very well, the market is a great barometer of what's to come. >> afghanistan is looking to -- how doable is that and how much with the u.s. pay? >> well we will all have to contribute to afghanistan. this is a broken country. >> we have a press conference that is top, and that's what open society answers the questions with -- >> but president carter said shut it down, joe biden shut it down. do you think it should be shut down? >> well you have to look at how fast the main objective is, which is to protect america. >> after all was said and done, we just wanted to prevent
1:47 pm
another tragedy from happening. >> do you think that there is enough blame to go around and there were mistakes made, with this administration that these commission hearings are effectively a moot point? >> i think it was very important for us to have the commission hearing and i was the first person to introduce the idea of a 9/11 commission. >> do you get annoyed? i know you are all being congratulated at the white house today with the hero labor to label. >> i think -- we don't think of it that way, we just think of people who were given extraordinary opportunities in extraordinary times and i'm glad that we have that. >> if this is a fox news alert. two of the big boys for the big 90s are going down for a long time.
1:48 pm
dennis was asking and his chief financial -- facing decades in prison. >> i covered you in so many venues and so many meetings, this is a little weird. >> it's weird for me to even though i've been here for some 26 months, it still seems surreal. >> how long will it probably be? >> people are applauding and tearing, martha stewart getting some horrible news today. >> my problem had nothing to do with my company or the people who work there. i think it was just an unfair result of my particular problem that my company and my employees had to suffer. >> let me ask you this. i can't let you filibuster. we have a 30% tax right now.
1:49 pm
do you want it to return to 39% plus, yes or no? >> is this the refining issue for the month? >> there are many. >> the drama virtually unprecedented in american history. >> lehman brothers filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. the headquarters in midtown manhattan with more personal worries about the company, people's futures and their jobs. >> i just pretty much lost my job. it's devastating. >> greed took over common sense. >> donald trump from his new york office now with an update on something he told me almost a year ago? >> maybe they should suffer. maybe that bank should be taken over. i don't see how the government can help. >> what do you make of this now, suddenly the government says
1:50 pm
what they said in the interview, the spigot stops but spigot had been running for a while. >> i think the government has done the right thing. they've worked hard and worked long and it's a mess. >> that day after the rumble. >> is not a mistake? that's a market. >> probably one of the best ceos of the last century are signing on to what is essentially a fiscal hail mary pass. >> it's another step in trying to resolve the crisis that we have. >> i know you don't buy this. >> i love you but sometimes we need intervention to bridge the gap from some crisis that we were in. >> mark, you could solve this problem here and just write a check but i guess you are not up
1:51 pm
to do that? >> even i can't write a check that big. >> when he talked about filling it out, i answered you in the first place that you are coming in at the end of the movie. it looks like -- >> out there look like quite a few sequels. >> are there going to be sequel sequels? >> we will try to put into place regulation that will say no, there won't be. >> i'm worried for the whole of america now. >> i think we have to worry that if lehman brothers can go bankrupt, can a bank as big as citibank or other banks go bankrupt? >> [cheers and applause] the 44th president of the united states, first the signing and now the sell-off. >> medicare did not change. some would argue they've put your pressures on it but that
1:52 pm
lady behind you, -- i'm just saying, you are -- you are holding up the wrong picture. >> i'm a financial superhero. looking after evil spenders. >> a lot of people, however since the first big financial rescue and auto bailout which was done under prior administration, they are essentially adding up the numbers and they are saying, enough is enough. >> i am here today and i'm happily announcing my candidacy for the u.s. senate from kentucky. >> are you getting nervous? >> am i getting nervous? no. we are getting excited. >> then i'm going to win.
1:53 pm
>> welcome to the rock and roll republican national -- >> i love the music in here. >> how to out there? are you ready for tonight? how long will the seats be? you could see there the bonding and the respect the congressman has, that's everything for me. >> you have to say this is far and away the most tepid recovery in modern times. so -- i don't think -- i think he seems like a pretty nice guy but his policies have failed. ♪ >> just getting started here at the democratic national convention. one thing you immediately notice from the elaborate that up here is there are no debt clocks. >> mr. president .
1:54 pm
>> you had a lot of red bull going into that. >> we have done well and we will come back again. >> i had no idea until i saw the button that you were for barack obama. >> now projecting that barack obama has been read elected president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> are you still keen on running for president? >> well i have a decision i will make it in relatively short order. >> what good will that do? >> welcome to the republican presidential debate here on the fox business network. >> president trump: you did a really elegant job, the three of you, thank you. ♪ >> the convention is on. neil is out recovering from heart surgery and he is doing well. >> we will make america proud
1:55 pm
again and we will make america great again. >> let's build a better tomorrow for our beloved children and our beloved country. and with those, america will be greater than ever. >> i said in an interview with neil cavuto, to whom i am offering my best wishes for a speedy recovery -- >> ♪ they sy that time is supposed to heal you, but i ain't done much healing ♪ >> thank you, adele. i neil cavuto and this is "your world." it feels weird after a few months. >> i've had democrats say that, that neil cavuto doesn't even have a heart, but after surgery i've got proof now. you have a heart. >> it's hard to believe 18 months ago when he first entered
1:56 pm
this race for the presidency, no one gave donald trump much of a chance. >> donald john trump do solidly swear, he took out the cream of the g.o.p. crop. >> the presidential limousine. >> are you in the mood to spend? good thing because a president just signed a document to make sure that you will, and a soon. i'm neil cavuto and you are watching "your world" and a whole different world to come up with a whole new tax bill that is officially the law of the land. >> 97% of people get tax relief. that lets him get more of their hard-earned money. >> this is the seventh time in more than a year that we have done this and since donald trump has been president for our all of that time it's little wonder he would crow about this. >> president trump: we did in
1:57 pm
fact break 25,000 come up very substantially. >> there are many in the party talking of a blue wave, and many of them are mentioning the letter i worded. >> what do you think about? >> not me, i don't talk about impeachment. >> you are seriously considering a run for president? >> absolutely. i will talk with my family over the holiday but, i do think that the one lesson i've taken away from the midterm results, when you look at 25 people elected and the country is embracing new ideas and new energy and new leadership. ♪ >> let me entertain you. >> i have to win kids over. >> you have to make some -- many
1:58 pm
have said that you push this. are you done? >> no i'm not. i want to be the heavyweight champion of the world one more time. >> i'm on top of the earth. >> i still want to see you smiling when your taxes go up. >> [laughs] and yours, too. >> is that the key to you, these are not easy work outs? you have to do the whole thing? >> when you work out, you want to do it every day. in the off-season i took two or three weeks off. >> do you talk much about politics? >> no, not in hollywood very much. >> what about here, with the president? >> do i like the president? he certainly an attractive and likable person. >> do you like mitt romney? >> you know, i am -- you are trying to get me.
1:59 pm
>> i thought it was because i was here but apparently that's not true. >> they wave at me and they say, do you know neil? and i say, i do. and they want my >> neil: you are a mess to look at. you remind me of that character and austin powers. he was funny. you are just gross. [laughter] >> we hope you're having a really wonderful christmas day and i hope you're having a terrific holiday season overall. thank you so much for joining us here today. merry christmas. i will see you tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. on the fox business network. merry christmas.
2:00 pm
♪ >> i'm juan williams along with martha maccallum, jesse watters, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." ♪ merry christmas to you, everyone. we are excited to have you join us for hours christmas by tackler. we have tons of yuletide treats in store for you including answers to your holiday fan mail question. a festive edition of jesse's supermarket charm. and "the five"'s first-ever


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