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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 25, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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at the shell that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. again, merry christmas. night from washington. ♪ >> sean: welcome to the special edition of hannity and merry christmas. i recently had the honor of traveling with melania trump to two military bases and a navy aircraft carrier where she met our troops, many who will not be with their families this christmas, thanking them for their service this holiday season. later we are going to have highlights. a visit with those brave men and women that protect our freedoms every day. but first, here is my exclusive one-on-one interview with mrs. mrs. trump aboard the uss george h.w. bush. >> sean: madame first lady, thank you so much for doing thi this. you said before you came here and i watched you with all these trips today, you said that this is about our troops, our
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families who sacrifice daily for our freedoms, our hearts, our prayers with all of our deployed soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines will not be home for christmas. so you decided to do this trip. tell me more about that. >> mrs. trump: i wanted to come and visit military families and also the servicemen and women. it's very important that we support them. holidays are coming. not many of them, they will be with their families. so for me it's very important to show them that the president and i, and the country, we are behind them. >> sean: you know what's amazing, we are on the uss george h.w. bush, who recently passed away. they put as many as 5,000 people on this ship. i was watching you as you are watching the jets come in and out. if we tipped it over it would be the size of the empire state building.
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what did you think when you see this? >> it's incredible. even when i flew over here, you see the ship, it's very small and then you are approaching and it's really big. it was great to meet some of them who serve here. now today there are 3,000 servicemen and women on it. >> sean: right now. >> right now. and i saw the airplanes taking off and landing and it's incredible what they do. >> sean: the cost of freedom is high. we forget sometimes, don't we? >> mrs. trump: correct. >> sean: i watched you as you worked the rope line, as you spoke with the families. it seemed to me that they cling to you and they want to send you messages. what are they saying to you? >> mrs. trump: just be thanking me for the service. what i do for them. and i thank them for their service. i guess i see that we have incredible support out there and
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they see what i'm doing and that i'm here for them and to support them. >> sean: let me ask -- i would say -- i told a lot of people is going to be interviewing you. there is a curiosity about you. i don't know how you take that. but i think a lot of people know your husband is so outspoken and you've been behind the scenes, but you're making it out more. you want on your trip, nigeria, ghana, malawi. >> mrs. trump: i went to the four countries. i started with donna and malawi, kenya and egypt. i did a five day trip in africa on aldo's four countries. it was an amazing trip and they were very happy i came there and i worked with the u.s. aid so we are helping them to become self-reliant. >> sean: i noticed in interviews one of the things you often say, first do to find
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yourself in the abc interview, i thought it was a really interesting question as a mom, a wife, as the first lady of the united states, as a friend, and then you talked about your confident, you're very focused and you used the term "stay true to myself," you use that term a lot. i want you to expand on that. what does that mean -- and i will ask you about your roots a little bit but that stuck out to me. >> mrs. trump: i do what i think is right. i know i will get the criticism from the public or from the media but i will do what is right and what i feel is right for the country and for the people. and that's what i say, i want to stay true to myself and listen to myself and what to do and what is right and what is wrong. and live a meaningful life every day. >> sean: you talked about this is temporary. you see that it's temporary.
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would you want to stay for a second term? >> mrs. trump: i think my husband, he's doing an incredible job. the country does best ever, so yes, i think i want the country to continue to do well. >> sean: you come from a small town in slovenia. and i don't think you've talked a lot publicly about your journey from that small town to paris, to all these major cities from there to new york city. tell us about that journey. were your parents with you when you were a model and alone? >> mrs. trump: after my studies i went to the modeling business. i lived in paris and in 1996 and moved to new york. and then my career, i loved it and i stayed in new york and here we are today.
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>> sean: it's interesting because you are not traveling but you end up in the biggest city and you told a story about how you met the president. when did you know that he was the one? was there a moment? >> mrs. trump: we had a great chemistry when we met in 1998 and we start dating and we dated for a long time before we got married and we got married and had a son. but we had a great chemistry from the day one. >> sean: is there a moment that you realized wow, small town slovenia, now i'm the first lady of the united states and i'm living in the white house. it was there a moment that you realize this is real? >> mrs. trump: it's incredible. especially when you think about your life, where you were born and all the steps you took. i took a lot of steps. it's not just like you end up here. you learn a lot on the way here
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and in my business, in the fashion business it's a tough business as well. and here the politics is as well. it's a tough business. and you need to have very thick skin. >> sean: what's been the hardest for you since you've become first lady? what's been the hardest thing you've had to deal with? >> mrs. trump: i would say the opportunists who are using my name or my family name to advance themselves from comedians to journalists to performers, book writers. >> sean: does it hurt? >> mrs. trump: it doesn't hurt. the problem is they are writing history and it's not correct. >> sean: especially when the speculation about you and your family and your marriage. you've addressed that in past interviews. >> mrs. trump: i did. they like to focus on the gossip
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and i would like that they focus on the substance and what we do, not just about nonsense. >> sean: you said if he ran you knew he would win. how did you know? >> mrs. trump: i told him if he runs because i knew him, i knew how he connects with the people. he builds an incredible business in his mind, he's into the business and to make america great and successful. so i saw how he connects to the people so that's why i said you know if you run you will win and it's a possibility. >> sean: i know people want to know this. do you often weigh in on the issues of the day with the president? i know you do watch a lot of news. you're very aware of what's going on. what you think in terms of -- what kind of insight can you give us may be a better way to ask it. as to how when you feel strongly about something that you would
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relay that to him? >> mrs. trump: i wish to have time to watch more news, but i don't. >> sean: i hope you watch "hannity." >> mrs. trump: with my office and traveling and doing my work i watch you and i sometimes also tape the shows and if i have the time i watch it. but i know exactly what's going on. i follow what's going on and i give my husband advice and my honest opinion. and sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn't. >> sean: if i look at the two of you and i know the two of you pretty well and i've known him for a very long time. i don't think there could be two different styles. he fights, he's combative, you have discussed the issues of tweeting and social media and you've even said you've asked them to tone it down a little bit. how does that go over? >> mrs. trump: we could see it it. >> sean: meaning it's not working. okay. >> mrs. trump: i don't agree with his tone sometimes and i
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tell him that. so as i said before sometimes he listens, sometimes he doesn't. >> sean: sometimes he was going to say something -- >> mrs. trump: i said to him i don't think you need to read that out but in the end it's his decision. he knows the consequences. he's an adult, but he's a fighter. he's the fighter. >> sean: it's interesting. you saw the exchange i assume yesterday with him and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. and i gave my commentary on it. i said that's what america elected. somebody that fights hard for promises. what would you want america to know about him behind the scenes that maybe they don't see or know? that maybe the media would never portray about him. >> mrs. trump: that he's fighting for america and the american people every day. every day. he wants to govern the right way and sometimes it's tough because he could see the media wants to bash and focus on negativity.
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>> sean: let's talk about the media. there's been a lot of controversy, he says it's fake news. or some of its fake news. do you agree? >> mrs. trump: some of it. some of it is fake news. i would say don't believe everything you hear and what you read. not all of it, but some of it is fake news. >> sean: even your young son has been brought into this at times. that would make me angry. does that make you angry? >> mrs. trump: it does make me angry because children should be off-limits. and i protect him and i want to give him normal life as possible. this is not normal life but i like to protect him and give him the childhood that he deserves. >> sean: do you feel it's working out as best he can? i've met him. he seems like a young, very respectful happy kid. >> mrs. trump: he's very happy, he's strong. he's tough. he's enjoying life in washington. >> sean: who is he more alike, the outward fighter donald or his mom?
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>> mrs. trump: he has both qualities. he's a fighter. he has a soft beautiful heart but he's a fighter too and he's very strong. >> sean: do you find with all the issues that your husband deals with foreign policy, russia, china, little rocket man, to use this term, all the issues with employment, regulation, energy, borders, the wall, are you mostly in agreement on the big issues that he fights for everyday? >> mrs. trump: with policies some of them i agree, some of them i don't and i give him my opinion, but he is the president. he was elected. >> sean: when all is said and done and you know have taken a more public role, what you want people to know about what issues matter to you the most? i know you have your be best campaign. you've seen the military, you're traveling the world now more than you have. what do you want people to know
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about what's important to you? as first lady? >> mrs. trump: might be best initiative is in the early stages and i'm very proud of what i have accomplished so far. and i have -- well-being of children, opioid crisis and social media use. so i traveled the country. i meet with the people, i meet with the parents and i want to shine a spotlight on the organization and programs that support children and want to be the best for them to grow up in responsible adults. >> sean: on borders in particular you did go down to the border and you met with a lot of border patrol guys. i've been down there 13 times in my 23 years at fox. everywhere from the rio grande to san diego, and drug warehouses. when you're down there and you see with your own eyes what's
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going on, is the wall, in your head, the only answer? >> mrs. trump: i think we need the wall to protect the country. >> sean: for security? >> mrs. trump: the security. protected from the drugs. of course we know we will always have people coming over but this is one solution that we could stop big caravans coming over. and i was in the border and saw firsthand and met with border patrol and i see what they do 24/7. in their hands are full. >> sean: 's all rocks and bottles being pelted at them and they try to crush the border, the southern border of mexico. he recently spoke out about the #metoo movement. we saw what happened with justice kavanaugh and his confirmation hearing. which to me is so over-the-top, but you also said we take it seriously. listen to women, but then you
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talked about due process and the presumption of innocence. do you feel that's missing in this movement? >> mrs. trump: i think we should all be heard. women and men. we need to be heard and we need to be treated equal. >> sean: remember every time before we ever heard from some of the individuals in the justice kavanaugh case hear people say i believe. we hadn't heard from anybody. >> mrs. trump: you can believe until you are proven guilty. you cannot be guilty until you are proven guilty and that's very important that we follow the law. >> sean: i want to talk about your journey a little more because we kind of glossed over it. if you grew up in a small town in slovenia. then you're a model in milan and paris. if you were independent. if you were alone at that time. >> mrs. trump: correct. >> sean: did you grow up wanting to be a model? b-2 i study design and architecture and stopped my
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study architecture because i wanted to go in the modeling business and professional career as a model. so i moved to milan and paris. >> sean: how young were you at that time? >> mrs. trump: i started modeling in slovenia first when i was 16. and then went to milan and start from then on. >> sean: were you with your parents? >> mrs. trump: i was alone. >> sean: you grow up fast at a young age. independent. >> mrs. trump: correct. >> sean: as you look back on that and your parents from milan and paris to new york, did that make you the person that says that they are confident, good friend, and true to herself? >> mrs. trump: yes. my journey made me that. >> sean: madame first lady, thank you so much for being with us. we really appreciate it. thank you. >> sean: we're just getting started. coming up next on the special edition of "hannity," the first lady's christmas message to the troops. that's next. ♪
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♪ >> merry christmas and live from america's news headquarters i'm in a anna kooiman. president trump will not budge. the president parts of the government will stay shot as long as democrats refused to build more barriers on the u.s.-mexico border. that announcement this morning -- a lot of hopes for a christmas miracle that will soon allow federal wow several federal departments to reopen and employees to return to work. the partial shutdown began on saturday and senate democratic leaders say there is no resolution in sight. that's because they are refusing to give the president the $5 billion he is asking for for that border wall. >> everyone of of those democrats approved the wall or a fence or very, very substantial
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barriers. every single one. the only time they went against it -- the only time they went against it, there was only one time, one donald trump said we want to build the wall. soon as i said we want to build the wall they were all against it. >> earlier in the day president trump took some time out to which american troops stationed around the world in the country a merry christmas. speaking by videoconference to members of all five branches of the military mr. trump acknowledged the great sacrifices our men and women in uniform make far from home and away from their loved ones. at the vatican pope francis provided thousands of pilgrims gathered in st. petersburg square about the true meaning of this holiday. he pleaded for fraternity among people of all races and faith. he also urged world leaders to put aside the political differences and find a solution to wars in syria and yemen and conflicts in ukraine at the korean peninsula. it's happened again. an 8-year-old boy from guatemala has died well under the custody of the u.s. government.
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philippe a gomez alonso is now the second immigrant child die -- custom officials say the boy died early today just hours after he was taken to a new mexico hospital to be treated for a cold and a fever. the exact cause of death is not yet known. he and his dad had been en route to tennessee and the father said his tongue was "in perfect health" at the time. earlier this month a 7-year-old guatemalan girl died after being apprehended by border agents. jaclyn was laid to rest today in her native homeland. and christmas celebrations traditionally filled with laughter and uplifting music were replaced by somber prayers for tsunami victims in an area slammed by waves that hit without warning, killing more than 420 people and leaving thousands homeless in indonesia. the pastor of a pentecostal church in a disaster zone says the subdued holiday, our celebration is full of grief.
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squeeze your kids just a little bit tighter on this christmas holiday. i'm an appointment. now back to "hannity." for all your headlines log onto you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. ♪ >> sean: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." during the first lady's recent visit to two military bases and the uss george h.w. bush she thinks the brave men and women that are out there serving this country every day, all during the holiday season as well and here was for christmas message to the troops. take a look. >> is my great honor to introduce the first lady of the united states, melania will mel.
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[cheers and applause] >> mrs. trump: good morning. thank you for the kind introduction. i want to start by thanking the joint base leaders for having us here. i'm looking forward to spending time with you and your families today. when preparing for this stop i learned that this base is more than 100 years old and has a long history of excellence. i also learned that the airmen and soldiers in this room are set up after natural disasters like hurricane michael and that many of you have recently returned home from deployment. i'm honored to be able to say welcome home and thank you for answering the call of duty. i have said this before, but it
6:26 pm
is worth repeating. we know that we are free because you are brave and i speak on behalf of my husband when we tell you we are forever grateful for your service. i also want to take a moment to recognize the families of those who serve. we know that you often indoor time apart, which also comes with a degree of uncertainty and some of you are here today while your loved ones are far away. frequent moves and deployments can be hard and that kind of lifestyle requires its own kind of incredible courage. please know that your sacrifices do not go unnoticed or unappreciated in the president and i thank you for all that you do. after we leave here we will be
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flying to the uss george h.w. bush aircraft carrier to visit with the crew on board. that stop will not only allow me to visit with more members of our military, but it will be very meaningful after the recent passing of president bush. we continue to keep his family and our thoughts and prayers. i'm looking forward to the tour of the f-22 raptor, but before we get started i want to let you all know that the president and i are so grateful and have unconditional appreciation for all that you do. this administration will always stand with the men and women of the united states armed forces and the families that support them. merry christmas and happy new year to all of you and may
6:28 pm
god bless you, your family and the united states of america. [cheers and applause] ♪
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[inaudible] >> i have a very special guest today. the first lady of the united states of america. >> hello, everyone. i'm very honored to be here with you today. thank you so much for your service and your sacrifice. thank you all for keeping us all safe and free. the president and i, we are very proud of you and we wish you a merry christmas and a happy and healthy new year. god bless you, god bless your families and may god bless the united states of america.
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[inaudible] ♪ >> sean: coming up next on the special christmas addition of "hannity," country music superstar, our friend next.
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>> selects the greatest secret of george washington? the one that sometimes is the least known.
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>> the script to moscow road itself. the great cold war, ronald reagan and the heart of the evil empire. >> i call my philosophy and approach compassionate conservatism. >> i've always been oriented on the conservative side. >> he was one of the most vicious tyrants of the 21st century. >> ladies and gentlemen, we got him. ♪ discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to the special christmas addition of "hannity." i recently sat down with our friend john rich to talk about our mutual love country music, our military and american values. take a look. >> sean: not only is he one of the greatest country music artists of all time, big and rich, he has become a dear and wonderful and personal friend. so redneck riviera whiskey. i want to put this up. you made this blind and what i love about you is you love our military. and a lot of this goes to folds of honor. i know our friends at fox & friends. i'm a big homes for heroes, you are doing great things with
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this. >> i was raised -- my dad is a preacher and he says you've got to type. 10% minimum. you give it to somebody else that needs it. when you make a dollar, that means 10% so i grew up knowing that. so with redneck riviera whiskey, american blended whiskey i've always been a canadian blended whiskey guy. >> sean: i'm going to tell some stories in a minute. >> perfect giveback partner as i call him. they put kids through college lost a mom or a dad fighting for our country or a spouse to college who lost their spouse. and major dan rooney says he saw those caskets coming off the plane draped in the american flag and they would fold it into the triangle that we all know so well and handed to the family and it went through his mind with got to do something for these families. what happens next and so he started folds of honor and how they are giving out thousands and thousands of scholarships and grants every single year. redneck riviera whiskey now has paid for 37 college grants this year alone. >> sean: you had a goal of 40. >> 40 was the goal.
6:37 pm
>> sean: people can still help a how does it work? >> redneck sitting at your computer, typesetting. store locator. click on that, putting your zip code, 41 states right now. basically all about america, it's easy to find. >> sean: i've known you for a long time and you know i'm a huge country music fan and you've been with us on concerts for heroes and you've done -- we've done a lot of work together. here's the funny thing, i'm watching you come on the country scene. >> grabbed a horse, ride a cowboy. >> don't ask me when you do this other song, these are all great songs i love that you guys do. and i'm looking and i'm saying what is this? and now that i've got to know you you are country music because you got heart, you've got soul, patriotism, it's love. everything that makes country wonderful and real. that's who you are.
6:38 pm
>> what a compliment. i think when big and rich showed up people didn't really know how to take us. >> sean: i didn't know how to take it. for big kenny and i. >> we said that's what makes us happy, making music like that in my first son's name is cash, my second son's name is called after sam called. that's where my passions lie. great american makers like that. so big and rich music is kind of a blend of all of those things industries big and rich music. >> sean: so you have a fun song like save a horse, ride a cowboy and then you have this faith side of you, holy water. and you have this patriotic site, eighth of november. i am a real fan. >> i know you are. >> sean: you sort of blended altogether and its human experience. >> when you're a songwriter which i am, and so is big kenny, you don't write about one thing, it you're right about everything that goes on in your life and i think that's the great thing about country music. it speaks too literally every element of life, the happy
6:39 pm
parts, the sad parts, the crazy parts, the more serious parts. all of that exist in your life so as a songwriter to get to put pen to paper and turn that into music. >> sean: that's what i love about country music. you go a concert, watching you guys in concert. i've watched you know many times. it's like an emotional ride. everyone hopping up on their feet going crazy. >> cowboy troy. and we invite veterans and active-duty up onto our stage, over a thousand shells in a row. you remember the footage from las vegas where the shooting happened and we have everybody saying god bless america every single show for over a thousand concerts. we invite those bats in active duty on stage and give them the mic and let them say whatever they want and then we give them a shot of that. >> sean: redneck riviera, you own a bar in vegas. and you've got one in asheville. >> nashville, tennessee, downtown. >> sean: if your event, tell everybody, any bet that goes to your bar, what happens? >> you are a vet or active duty, we roll out the carpet. we will comp your drinks, buy
6:40 pm
one get one, whatever you want. >> sean: a shot for free in the back. >> we call it a "hell yeah" shot. >> sean: your dad is a fire and brimstone preacher and here we are selling whiskey. >> my dad said are you tied -- fault of honor, what do they do and i told him i said what you think and he said didn't turn water into dr pepper. just be careful. i said all right. >> sean: your dad didn't drink? >> absolutely not. >> sean: how did he raise you? we were kind of twins. i was incorrigible as a child. >> i can relate to that. let me tell you a story and maybe this will sum it up. i'm not exactly like my dad. as a preacher, i'm a country singer and i'm not her swinging it around, going for the american dream. >> sean: but he's proud of you. >> my dad and i pulled up a flatbed trailer in front of the prison in nashville, tennessee. i walked out onto it. they brought out 2,000 prisoners. i sang a few songs from, warmed
6:41 pm
them up and then my dad preached for an hour and had an altar call at the prison through the chain-link fence. we do stuff like that together. we have a very tight relationship. we are different people, we are different men but we were this type. >> sean: a little secret nobody knows about us. wondering -- >> it which one is a? >> sean: it's not going to be that bad one. on my radio show you wrote me a line for the show. do remember what it is? >> because you set on the bus, you're a writer, i need something great to get fresh off and i went -- i said sean hannity, firing torpedoes of truth at a wall of lies. >> sean: and you got it. and you when can i have that? >> sean: and i took it. >> you should pay me for it. >> sean: i'm going to donate to charity. john rich. all the best. tell kenny we said high. all the best with this, redneck >> merry christmas to you. >> sean: merry christmas, god bless you and your family.
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>> yes, sir. >> sean: up next on the special edition of "hannity," special seasons greetings from the brave men and women of our u.s. military. ♪ managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority.
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♪ >> merry christmas and live from america's news headquarters and anna clayman. an 8-year-old immigrant child died in u.s. custody early christmas morning. philippe gomez alonso, a guatemalan national in new mexico having but i pretended domenico mike apprehended. showed signs of illness on christmas eve and was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a cold and fever. he was prescribed antibiotics and ibuprofen and then relieved. his symptoms worsened later in the evening and he was sent back to the hospital where he died shortly after midnight. this is the second time in the last month that an immigrant
6:47 pm
child died in u.s. -- just yesterday the body of a guatemalan child who died in u.s. custody earlier in the month was returned to her family members in guatemala. 7-year-old jack mccall died in early december after a high. an impromptu funeral. her father still in u.s. custody awaiting a january 3rd court date to determine his immigration status. guatemala has asked the u.s. state department to determine the cause of her death. resident donald trump digging his heels in on christmas day, refusing to end the partial government shutdown. about a quarter of the federal government is currently unfunded because democrats refused to include funding for the presidents border wall. the president has refused to sign a bill that does not include funding for the wall. >> i can tell you when the government is going to be open. i can tell he was not going to be open until we have a wall, offense, whatever they would like to call. i will call it whatever they want. and if you don't have that then
6:48 pm
we are just not opening. >> meanwhile the tsunami in indonesia has killed at least 429 people, injuring more than 1400. a staggering increase from what was initially reported after the devastating wave surged to shore on saturday. scientists say it was likely caused by an underwater landslide during an eruption of a volcano. the volcano's name means child of krakatoa. it was formed after the cataclysmic eruption in 1883, one of the most powerful volcanic eruptions in recorded history. the volcano sits in the strait that separates the indonesian islands. the death toll from a brutal attack in kabul, afghanistan, rising up to at least 40 people. on monday the country's health ministry building was hit by a suicide bomber after which at least three gunmen stormed the building where they held out for eight hours against security forces. neither the telegram nor isis have yet claimed responsibility
6:49 pm
for that attack. i'm anna clayman and now back to "hannity." for all your headlines, log on to you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. merry christmas, everyone. ♪ >> sean: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." many in the u.s. armed forces that fight for our freedoms and keep america safe every day, won't be home this holiday season but there were a few messages from those brave men and women that protect us. >> afghanistan, like to send a special shout out to our friends and family. >> happy holidays! >> hello, first class foxworth. i'm from north carolina and i would like to say merry christmas to my wife and my two kids. >> happy holidays, i'm first
6:50 pm
lieutenant esther and i want to wish joe might wish my husband and son a very merry christmas. i love you, i miss you and i will be home soon. >> and from ohio. currently deployed in kuwait. 6:30 seven -- i would like to wish everybody back at home america's mess and a happy holiday. >> greeting from afghanistan. we are here from the air force air force base, tucson, arizona, and we want to wish all of our family and friends happy holidays! >> hello, i'm staff sergeant brown, currently deployed. i want to give a special shout out to my fiance darcy and my parents jeff and donna in which everyone back home in arkansas merry christmas and happy holidays. >> staff sergeant salome's for mississippi. currently deployed to kuwait. i would like to do a shouted to my wife and two kids and wish you guys happy holidays. i love you and i miss you. >> afghanistan, anderson
6:51 pm
air force base guam. want to send a special shout or two of families and happy holidays! >> my name is staff sergeant located at the airbase. i want to send a merry christmas and happy holidays to my families in texas. i love you guys and i miss you guys and i can't wait to see you guys next year. >> in korea, i would like to wish everyone back in arkansas merry christmas. mom, my sister, and my brothers. merry christmas. >> and brendan kelly from arizona here with the 158 infantry and afghanistan. i want to wish my girlfriend and my family a merry christmas and a happy new year. >> from the hospital in afghanistan we would like to wish all of our friends and family back home in mississippi happy holidays! >> this is sergeant marcus perez deployed in qatar, i would like to say happy holidays to my family and friends back home in
6:52 pm
north carolina. i love you guys and i hope to see you soon. >> what's good, everybody? interface squadron. want to give a shout to everybody and little rock arkansas. go razorbacks. >> in germany, just want to say happy holidays to my family back in ohio. love and miss you. >> greetings from afghanistan. we are deployed here from 183rd wing springfield, illinois. we want to wish our friends and family back home happy holidays! >> i am private langworthy from korea. i would like to say merry christmas to my family and friends back home in michigan. love you guys. >> i am angie from phoenix, arizona, from station in kabul, afghanistan. i would like to give a shout out to my daughter marissa and my family back home in phoenix, arizona, . merry christmas and happy new year. >> i'm staff sergeant here in qatar. houston, texas. i would like to wish my wife carla and my son daniel a
6:53 pm
merry christmas. also happy birthday to my son and happy holidays to my family back home and i will see you all soon. >> greetings from afghanistan. want to send a special shout out to our friends and family at barksdale air force base. happy holidays! >> i'm stationed in korea, and i would just like to say merry christmas to all my friends and family back home in houston, texas. >> good afternoon. here in afghanistan with the 158. want to wish my friends and family a merry chris a happy new year. >> greeting from the 455th expedition. in afghanistan. want to give a special shout out to our friends and family. >> happy holidays! >> i would like to say merry christmas to my family and my friends. in new york. happy holiday. >> i'm staff sergeant cindy tomlinson deployed in qatar. want to wish my family and
6:54 pm
friends a happy holiday and my daughter samantha and my grandson benjamin and henry. i love you all, see you soon. >> happy holidays from here at baltimore airfield. >> to all the families around the world and all -- this is for you. >> happy holidays! >> greeting from afghanistan. we want to wish all our friends and family back home at joint base san antonio happy holidays! >> everyone back home. 158 infantry. kabul, afghanistan. we want to wish you a merry christmas and happy new year! >> sean: we will have more of the special christmas edition of hannity when we come back. ♪
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to our special christmas addition of "hannity." it is unfortunately over, we are out of time. as always we thank you and we would like to take a moment, each and every one of us here, we want to wish you and all of your families a very merry christmas. have a good night. ♪ >> one of the greatest things about working at the fox news channel, whatever is in my heart, mind and soul will come out. i have never been told what to say, how to say it.
7:00 pm
i get other people's opinions, would we cater to? would we appeal to? forgotten men and women that deserve their shot at the american dream. ♪ >> laura: this is a special christmas addition of "the ingraham angle." coming up tonight, how the liberals are trying to ruin everything that is good about this holiday season, from classic christmas songs, rudolph the red nose reindeer, it goes on and on. i have a reality check for them. he will take us behind the scenes of a special holiday trip for hundreds of gold star. he speaks to the catalyst behind it all. gary sinise. a heartwarming story will not want to mess. plus, my friend and former boss bill bennett has an


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