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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 26, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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to stage attacks on islamic militants if needed. the u.s. can't attack isis so fast and so hard to come up they won't happened. the president is also saying that the 11 hour flight was on a darkened air force one with lights off and window shades drawn. >> breaking news the day after christmas, president trump landing in iraq on an unannounced visit. his first trip to the war zone as commander in chief. 3:00 p.m. right now in new york, 11:00 p.m. at al-assad, iraq. after announcing that all u.s. troops would be leaving syria, iraq's neighbor to the west. he spent about three hours on the ground, the first lady along with him, and met with commanders and troops there as well as the u.s. ambassador to iraq and spoke for minutes.
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the team that travels with the president, the white house pool team put out notes about what he said. video to come within the hour of the president's remarks. ellison barber on the north lawn of the white house. the president left there late last night? >> he left late last night along with the first lady according to the press secretary and according to a reuters reporter who traveled with the president as part of this small group that was aware of and involved in this trip throughout the flight on the plane. the curtains were drawn and the lights were kept off for security. this is of course the first time the president has visited troops overseas. he hasn't taken a church trip like this since he's been in office in that something that people have criticized in the past. saying he's been in office for nearly two years, when will he visit our men and women in combat zones? chris wallace asked him about that not long ago in the
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president talked about how he did have plans to make a trip like this. but he talked about how he had an unbelievably busy schedule. as you said it, he not only visited troops for spoke with them for about 20 minutes. >> leland: this coming from the pool traveling with the president, the president asked on the ground, did you have any concerns coming to iraq? absolutely, the president said. i have concerns for the institution and the safety of the first lady. what do you make in terms of the news that came out of this? president trump told reporters traveling with him that if needed the u.s. can attack isis so fast and so hard "won't know what happened." how can we link the decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria with the decision to visit u.s. troops in iraq?
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coincidence? >> i will let you or our viewers to make that decision there. but what makes this notable is that not only was it the first time for him to visit combat troops overseas but it comes on the heels of him decided to remove troops from syria. at one point he said the initial decision to invade iraq, it was perhaps one of the worst decisions ever made. but despite that he is also telling reporters on the ground that he does not have any plans to remove troops from iraq. so as you mentioned, he did talk a little about the potential to use iraq as a base to deal with isis when he removes troops from syria. he also defended that decision to take troops out of syria, he has gotten pushed back that decision. he's talked about a lot of these different things and perhaps he could draw conclusions from the
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fact that if he's talking about all of this or maybe sees all of this as somewhat connected, but it's hard to say, given how secretive this trip is exactly, what he was asking when he gave those answers on how many things are coincidences or not. but certainly noteworthy that the president has made this trip. there are some reports talking about how it was odd that this president so far this christmas season had not gone and visited troops, or presidents of recent history in the last decade or so they typically do make a holiday visit to see troops. now we know that this trip happened and it was something that was kept and held very closely and a very secretive trip as is often the case with these sorts of trips. but the president said the first lady and president trump were hurried out in the dark of night and as they flew over there, they kept the curtains drawn in the lights off and they
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made this trip, about 11 hours. the president landing at that base just west of baghdad. >> leland: ellison barber, north lawn of the white house. we will see when the president gets back to the white house, it's been quite the couple of days for him. the president according to the aap says he wants to get u.s. soldiers home from syria and that iraq can still be used as a base to stage attacks on islamic state militants if needed. if the withdrawal of troops would allow isis to begin. we bring in lucas tomlinson, talk to us about how many troops are in iraq, what they are doing and what the capabilities are that the president was talking about. >> leland, there are more than
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5,000 u.s. troops currently deployed to iraq in the president said on his visit there, he has no plans to remove any of those troops. these troops cross again with different skill sets. special operations forces and a task force if you will that could be used to launch, the head of al-baghdadi was discovered, and those troops are in iraq. you have different elements and different supports, also u.s. military forces that are training iraqi forces. remember when president trump came into office, the battle formoso was coming along and the president, someone said it, took the gloves off and ramped up air strikes. it says a lot about the security situation that even today, the president of the united states has made an unannounced visit.
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and only stay on the ground for just a few hours before departing again. that is certainly the situation on the ground in iraq right now. in fact some would call afghanistan the longest, where others would say it's iraq. remember, president george hw first deployed troops to iraq in 1994 desert shield, and even though there's been troops coming in and out of iraq for many years, certainly, you look at the years more troops have been in iraq than they have in afghanistan which many called the longest war. >> also notable that the security situation was such that they felt as though they could bring the first lady with us. the president is talking about that and said he had some concerns about that. so our viewers understand as they take a look at some of the pictures and the president, and the first lady with troops. he said today would be the first
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time after christmas that he had landed. he also received some briefings, not only from commanders there, but the u.s. ambassador to iraq. the way that works a very small group of journalists that is sworn to secrecy and would have met president trump late last night. so late christmas night in the very late hours or early morning hours, they would have taken off for iraq and then landed. as we have been telling you, the president spoke there for about 20 minutes but, we are not able to get the video out yet because of the and some of the transmission issues. the president on the ground though according to one of the npr coolers, trump said that isis is "very nearly defeated
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and if isis were to have a resurgence, how do your sources at the pentagon feel about that? are they confident that the troops in iraq are enough? >> you recall in 2014 or 2015, isis controlled area the size of ohio across iraq and syria. it was a caliphate. despite president obama launching the first air strikes and deploying the troops back into iraq, isis has been hit hard. the caliphate has been crushed and destroyed. and, you also have b-1 bombers and the one bombers are flying
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out of qatar, with the major air strike in isis. so you still have a lot of firepower in the region and special operations, you do have a package in iraq that could launch if necessary. you have air strikes that could be called upon. you have a u.s. and french artillery units launching around the of the last isis position. >> help us put this in context. a couple weeks ago president trump was praising secretary of defense matus and then makes a decision after a phone call with the darkest president to pull u.s. troops out of syria. mattis resigns, says i will stay on till february, and president trump says, never mind, i'm firing you effective january 1. what is the feeling at the pentagon and the sort of whiplash back-and-forth?
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do they have a clear direction of u.s. policy? if so, what does the policy do for that? >> until the secretary relieves the pentagon, he still in control. so his order stand. there is certainly a lot of sadness here at the pentagon and defense secretary mattis is very popular here. that stays forever and they will carry our out of course the orders. they pull all the troops out of syria that many say was the final straw. those curbs and the vanguard comic vanguard of the u.s. ground assault. when the president made this decision after talking to turkeys president who of course he is that u.s. allied force as a terrorist organization, there
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were many people scratching their heads at the pentagon and you see it as a betrayal for the kurds in northern syria. >> it will that depends on what the withdrawal from syria means. lucas tomlinson with great reporting from the pentagon there. reaction certainly to come out of the pentagon as a president makes its journey home. right now, 3:12 p.m. eastern which means that it's in the middle of the night in iraq. the president spent a few hours on the ground and now back on air force one. the political implications of the strip as a president dealt with the tumultuous stock market and political shutdown. more on that when we return. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently.
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>> leland: and our coverage continues. the president is now in the air, the middle of the night in the
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middle east. the president is on air force one after visiting troops at al-assad airbase in iraq. according to the group of journalists who is with him, shrouded in secrecy for the beginning of this trip, they will make an unannounced stop on the way back. they don't know where or when that will be. obviously, that news will come to you as soon the president touches down. in the meantime, we bring in our panel, boyd matheson. john summers democratic strategists, and communications director for's former senate majority leader harry reid. gentleman, nice to see both of you. john, i know you are a democrat but given anything, you kind of have to hand it to the white house on this one. >> it's a smart, strategic decision, but i don't think you should take away from the importance of this trip. it's been two years since he's done this, it's a first time in his presidency and it is a shame
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that it took him this long, but i'm glad he's there. people always love when the president of the united states come to visit, it doesn't matter if they are republican or democrat. they like seeing that supportive face from home. >> leland: boy to come up the president, we are told in his remarks, you can see him speaking to the troops. we are told that he and away went on the defensive in terms of his serious strategy, and defending his decision to bring troops out of syria and saying it was not an open-ended commitment. but at the same time he's saying, i have no plans to withdraw troops from iraq. domestic political implications for that inside of the republican party? >> first i think it's important to recognize that the symbolic adjustment of him being there, but think of the families that are back home that didn't have husbands, wives and spouses and
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parents there for those. that's an important message to keep in mind as well. i also think from inside the political angle of all of this, this is an opportunity for the senate to actually reassert some of its war power that they've been trying to claw back a little bit from presidents of both parties. this is an interesting message and also an interesting debate that should be happening in the senate along with a few other things like shutdowns that we will get to. >> that's kind of the rand paul version of a view on this. that's associated with the pres press, and darlene sommerville we are no longer the suckers, folks. trump told american servicemen and women "we are respected again as a nation. >> i think it is important that
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we are asserting who we are. we can't say that isis is not who it used to be. so there are some important things in terms of that assertive message, but we have to have a clear strategy. and i think that will be the challenge for the president rolling into the new year, what does he do with the big strategic messaging standpoint? because it will take place here in the u.s. and people want to know, what does this mean for me? are we playing policeman to the world or is there a strategy in terms of things that are in our national interest? >> how long do democrats have to wait on this before criticizing the president on foreign policy? the images are coming back from this is pretty significant. >> it's soon to say that we are even doing that. one of the bigelow losses here
12:20 pm
is a loss of secretary mattis. is someone who is well respected and a strong, steady hand on matters like this. and i think losing his counsel at this stage of the presidency will be a big loss. so it will be interesting to see who the permanent replacement for that position is going to be and whether the president will actually listen to him. that's the important thing. >> leland: the president is in the air and spoke for about 20 minutes. we are getting some readouts here from reporters who are with him. we appreciate you being with us and this certainly supplanted that in the new cycle here for the past couple hours and will for the next couple hours to come. president is in the air, and you can see first lady melania trump
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is gritting some of the troops in iraq. more on the president's remarks and the message to iran, when we come back. inviting places with people here to help you, not sell you. and savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. because that's how it should be. you can open one from right here or anywhere in 5 minutes. seriously, 5 minutes... this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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♪ >> leland: >> leland: at welcom. the president and the first lady on air force one after spending about three hours on the ground in a surprise visit to u.s. troops at al-assad air force base in iraq. still 5,000 troops in iraq and this comes at a formative time for u.s. policy. the president announcing that the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria and his defense secretary resigning as he disagreed with that decision. john bussey, associate editor for "the wall street journal" and fox news contributor are
12:25 pm
joining us now. there are the domestic implications, and foreign policy implications but you have to think as we look at a picture of the president receiving a briefing from some commanders there that this was also a pretty clear message to iran, to turkey, israel and syria, and others of u.s. resolve. >> i think you are right about that. this was a political imperative for the president. his predecessors had gone to afghanistan and iraq multiple times, and the president had not. so this was his first visit, which was very important for his party and him. that's kind of a bad new cycle. but the president going to iraq's shows perhaps that he has said as much.
12:26 pm
even though they were are withdrawing from syria, the bigger message from iran is that u.s. withdraws from syria. where now, it will be given a much clearer opportunity to pursue its own interest in the country. >> it was the israelis overnight, conceivably, the president was in the air or just before he took off, if i have the timing right, that the israelis struck a number of weapons deposed inside of syria. they've been doing that as the iranians have moved weapons into syria. we are no longer the suckers, folks. we are respected again as a nation. as a president trying to convince the troops of that or is he declaring data? >> i think you are asking a very good question. i think we have a president who tends to want to declare these
12:27 pm
things, as if they are a fact. when in fact it's much more complicated than that. the withdrawal from syria, that's resignation under protes protest, and the sense that we are leaving the allies, the kurds, exposed now to turkish winds. they may move into the zone, and perhaps -- that all speaks to n america kind of in retreat. on the other hand, staying the course in iraq is not just a signal to the region that we will have some presence in the region but it's a necessity. isis is not destroyed, and we have seen signs of increased activity by isis. so we have to be there. whether or not this is a time -- that is left for them to really
12:28 pm
decide at that point. >> leland: we will read about this coverage tomorrow morning in "the wall street journal," a chance to dissect some of the things of the president said. we appreciate some things that you have said. in "the wall street journal," the stock market is soaring today. i haven't been able to say those words for a while. and alive look, and with that we bring in christina, reporting live from the new york stock exchange. >> i was here on christmas eve, and you are seeing this swing into business days is incredibl incredible.
12:29 pm
some are asking why it's moving on some say, i have no idea. it could be attributing it to sales, and it could also be the strength in oil that we have been talking about over the last little while because oil is still relatively low, below $45 u.s. per barrel. and the other major mover and is, it's the end of the year. you often have a lot of rebalancing of pension funds. if that hasn't been doing so well, you start shifting it around and that's part of the rebalancing movement. >> it's not where they though that even the experts that are trading, they have their own skin on the line, they are saying that we really don't know why we have seen these wild swings, which is no real change
12:30 pm
from on the market closed at 1:00 p.m. on christmas eve. >> which is crazy. and kevin hassett was on fox business, and it's 100% saf safe. you have the fact that there are some concerns, and consumers are heading to the shopping malls and we've seen some really strong numbers. so it depends on where you are reading the numbers and who you are speaking to. >> steven mnuchin, the treasury secretary is getting so much flack for calling the plunge
12:31 pm
protection team. has that been forgiven on the floor? but they were worried about tha that. he just said, why would they call and create a problem where no one was worried about the liquidity in the financial sector. so you are on vacation with your family on calling the bank ceos, this must be something that we are all missing. they want on the attack against the federal reserve and you don't want that happening, you don't want politics to mix and route the reserve. if you don't want the fed to start swinging their opinion about interest rate hikes just because the markets have been down for the past little while. and it seems like the fed it may slow down. >> you wonder how much of that is hopeful thinking ahead of the
12:32 pm
new year. christina, great to see you and excellent reporting. we appreciate it. check back in as there is now 2. the president is in the air, one more trip to come to the mideast. and israel, and how they look at the president's trip, when we come back. step up to the stage here. feeling good about that? let's see- most of you say lower a1c. but only a few of you are thinking about your heart. fact is, even though it helps to manage a1c, type 2 diabetes still increases your risk of a fatal heart attack or stroke. jardiance is the first type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease. jardiance significantly reduces the risk of dying from a cardiovascular event... ...and lowers a1c, with diet and exercise. let's give it another try. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint,
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>> leland: just about 25 minutes away or so, we hope to get the president's speech to
12:36 pm
troops on the ground in iraq. he spoke for about 20 minutes, and those working with him worked to get that out. to put the president's trip to iraq in perspective, he was on the ground there for about three hours. think about all the things that happened in the past couple of weeks as it relates to u.s. policy in iraq. the president announces the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria and he spoke about that saying the commitment was never forever. also lawmakers recently voting to end u.s. support for the saudi war in yemen. and, it's already late tonight there in the middle east. high, trey hi, trey. >> all of this is a juggling act as president trump works to manage a number of key policy
12:37 pm
issues. looking specifically at president trump's trip to iraq, the surprise christmas visit to see troops at another u.s. leadership there, and it's important to note that there is a difficult political situation unfolding in iraq right now. there is new leadership. the prime minister is taking over, but the new iraq he government, is still looking to get its feet underneath it. we have another number of key cabinet positions that have not been filled and this is confirming that isis is not able to make a larger resurgence in the area. we do know that anywhere from 20-30 isis fighters are still operating on the ground in both iraq and syria, and this is something the president can't ignore despite -- moving forward
12:38 pm
the trump administration is going to have to manage a number of key partnerships. we have seen some positive comments from the turkish governments due to the fact that it was announced that u.s. troops will be pulled out of syria which would allow the turks to participate in some military operations they have had on the docket for a while. additionally he is going to have to still balance the relationship here in israel with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. they exchanged a lot of words, very negative between these two leaders. they will have to be balancing many of the relationships. >> leland: i'm not sure anyone in history could remember the last time the middle east was either quiet or uncomplicated. to continue the metaphor, the iranians are doing everything they can to trip the government up and putting its own folks
12:39 pm
there. the other place the iranians are certainly gaining a stronger foothold every day is inside syria. give me an idea of how significant these israeli air strikes on those weapons depots were. coincidence or not, coming quite literally as the president of the united states was in the air, they are. >> overnight warplanes launched a series of air strikes against syria. western intelligence sources have confirmed that israel is behind these attacks and also said russia was notified ahead of time to notify any sort of aircraft collision. the syrian state media does claim that the strikes targeting damascus were unsuccessful although online video shows multiple strikes happening outside of damascus. in response to the wave, they did fire antiaircraft missiles trying to shoot down these project as a targeting those
12:40 pm
missile deep holes in syria. one of them made its way into israeli airplay, space at which point an air defense system had to shoot from central israel to shoot the projectile out of the sky. so a messy situation as a president made has is a way to. the u.s. coalition is still continuing strikes in syria despite the president's decision to withdraw troops there from syria. this information we are getting this week, more than 100 isis fighters were killed in this recent round of u.s.-led air strikes. >> there are u.s. troops in iraq that are also firing into syria as well. the president is still in the air over the middle east, destination unknown. we will check in with you when the president is on the ground. now we bring in matt swift of
12:41 pm
the concordia summit. we appreciate you being here with us on short notice. you spent a lot of time dealing and interviewing foreign heads of state. both allies of the united states and those who may or may not be quite as friendly. what message does this trip, particularly at the president in iraq, the pictures of him and the first lady with u.s. troops, how is that received in places around the world. >> i think first off it's been a long-standing tradition of u.s. presidents going and visiting the troops overseas so i applaud the president and doing that. it's a very important thing for him and the first lady to have done. so i think it's great. if you are ahead of state from another country, whether friendly or unfriendly to the united states, i think there is a great deal about president trump that is constantly surprising.
12:42 pm
so this man may not shock everybody anymore but he keeps things interesting. >> leland: this is coming out from some of the reporters with the president. he spoke for about 20 minutes, and the nations of the region must step up and take more responsible to for their future. the president continued that there would be a "strong, deliberate and orderly withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria. so to your point, unpredictable even in carrying out the policy that he put forth. specific capitals to put forth here. erdogan in turkey and the iranians, how are they viewing this? >> if you are turkey, i think president trump is nothing but confusing which i actually think it is on purpose. erdogan is not a happy person at this moment, he's not happy with
12:43 pm
the saudis or israelis. he's really trying to position turkey from a geopolitical perspective and president trump is not an easy one for somebody like erdogan to read. if you are the iranians and you just experience what you experienced a few hours ago -- >> leland: i don't want to interrupt you but, one second, the president himself is able to get the video out where the white house pool is not. we will put up some video from his twitter account. the tweet said, first lady millenia and i were on our to visit the airbase in iraq. is there any sound on this as we watch the president walk around? just a music of the president shaking hands. you can see him in one of the dining halls that is still decorated there for christmas.
12:44 pm
"god bless the usa" is what's being played in the video. unclear if that was there or if it was added later. and there is the role tied university of alabama flag. we wonder if that's the message of who the president supporting the upcoming collegiate championships. at least, that's the team the troops are supporting. the president is seeing a debriefing and this is -- continuing now, with matt, take me back to what you are saying about turkey and specifically, erdogan. we know the decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria came after that phone call with president erdogan. in the president, and his defense of the syrian strategy on the ground talked about he and the turks were going to go ahead and take care of the
12:45 pm
remnants of isis. think about how close the president is with the saudis and some of the other folks, especially the gulf states like the emma rady's and baja iranians. you have to wonder how well that sits with them. >> again there's a lot that can be confusing about this. the president announced it rather suddenly and "the wall street journal" reported yesterday that there was a lot of confusion in terms of what kind of timeline for withdrawal and what does this look like. but i think this is your classic geopolitical quagmire. the president is doing what he promised voters he would do which is frankly pull back our military presence globally. that's something that donald trump is advocated more for decades. but i also think there is the change in landscape. i think you see isis not necessarily seeking territory anymore but instead turning much
12:46 pm
more into, or using the strategy of uncertainty and smaller attacks. now the question of what military you do about that, there is a lot of open-ended questions. but there's nothing surprising about donald trump saying, i want to the neighborhood to take care of this issue instead of the united states. >> leland: to your point, one of the points that the president made to u.s. servicemen on the ground, we are no longer the suckers. we are respected again as a nation. that brings up the question, and nations in that region obviously have a slightly different interests than we do at times. matt swift of the concordia summit, matt, we appreciate it. 3:46 p.m., middle of the night in the middle east right now. we are told the president is on air force one, destination unknown, one more stop to come. we will have more video of the president in or on iraq, when we
12:47 pm
come back.
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12:50 pm
>> leland: u.s. customs and border protection ordering medical checks on every child in its custody after an 8-year-old boy from guatemala died on christmas eve. it was the second migrant child to die in u.s. custody this month. the commissioner says, more kids are crossing the border with their parents. the new medical checks focus on children under the age of ten. william la jeunesse reporting from the west coast hub.
12:51 pm
the doctor saw the boy hours before his death and the father said he was yelling better. that's one reason that customs has brought in the centers for disease control to investigate why so many asylum-seekers are showing up at the border sick. they ask for more shelter space and they asked that they close the asylum loophole, coming to the border. >> at this time in december, we will have more than 25,000 children most of them coming with parents crossing our border and writing in custody. that's an enormous flow and much different than we've seen befor before. be one so has the timeline. agents apprehended fully by gomez and his father south of el paso. two days later they were transferred to the el paso station, then december 23rd because of over cry so much overcrowding they were moved to the alamogordo station. then christmas eve, and agent
12:52 pm
noticed gomez was sick. they took them to local hospita hospital, and doctors gave him an antibiotic, ibuprofen and released him around 3:00 p.m. two hours later, agents took the boy to another holding cell. he goes back to the hospital at 11:00 and loses consciousness. >> so these agents, do they perform welfare checks? what happens to a lot of these immigrants? >> so cbp had gomez in custody for seven days. he received multiple meals per day and usually two or three physical checks per day. they can see them in the holding cell. people are going in and touching them and checking on them in a regular basis. now the medical center had no comment but they will be part of the investigation.
12:53 pm
what tests were performed? that staff rushed out because it was christmas eve? who signed off on the discharge? also saying she's bringing in the coast guard to go over medical programs. and also ordered all children, as you said to come in to get a medical screening. that's something many in congress may be asking for as well. >> leland: william la jeunesse in the west coast. having benny in those facilities, your thoughts are invaluable. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has been released from the new york hospital after cancer surgery. according to a spokeswoman, she left the hospital yesterday and is now recuperating at home. doctor said they removed two nodules and there's no sign of cancer anywhere else in her body. she is currently the oldest
12:54 pm
supreme court justice. doctors have treated her twice for cancer in the past. and now, look at that. we haven't seen a day like that and wall street in a long time. the dow up almost a thousand points. this was after the worst christmas eve in history and one of the worst decembers in market history and almost 70 years. now, it is on a tear. 5 minutes and 45 seconds of trading to go. we will check in on where it closes, when we come back. ♪ oh!
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>> welcome back. just about midnight in the middle east, where president trump is on air force one, destination unknown. we were told there is one more stop for the president. pictures, right now from a couple of hours ago when he was at al asad in iraq visiting the 5,000 or so u.s. troops there. he spoke for about 20 minutes. he defended his decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria. and then, said he had no plans to pull the 5,000 or so troops out of iraq saying that if isis came back, he would hit them hard. he used other words than that, but i will wait for the video to download for the president to
12:59 pm
share those words himself. you see in the dining halls, still decorated for christmas. the secrecy on this trip, absolutely incredible. the president saying, among other things, that we are not the suckers, anymore, in the middle east, and around the world, that we are respected, once again. as he spoke to the troops there, he received updates from commanders, as well as from the u.s. ambassador. noteworthy that he was with the first lady, as well. one of the questions asked, do you have concerns coming to iraq? he told a reporter, i have concerns for the safety of the first lady. we did this in the pitch black night. we will have the president's arrival, wherever he is, as the news breaks. right, 30 seconds until the market closes. take a look at the gain there. more than a thousand, right now. right now, we are at 1,083,
1:00 pm
largest 1-day-point game, we are told, ever, as we are hearing the bell. the dow up 1,082. "your world" up next, trish in for neil cavuto. >> we still have a partial government shutdown, but at least for one day, you're getting a break from the market meltdown, quite a rally we have seen on wall street, ending the day better than a thousand points. biggest point gain everywhere. hello everyone, i am tricia regan and for neil cavuto. bearing down on their positions, regarding that border wall funny. he is not budging. on wall street, reports that american shoppers seem to be unfazed by all of the uncertainty in d.c. the economic fundamentals are good, even though we are seeing a little volatility in the market. with the white house on the president who isn't budging on that money f