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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  December 27, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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and all caught on go pro. he saw the shark while he was training moments before crashing into it off the coast of the dominican republic. his folks did not believe him but as you can see, he had proof. >> not what you expect from a is that correct. >> have a good day. >> president trump along with a first lady melania trump spent the day with our troops after a surprise visit to iraq. >> the near elimination of the isis territorial caliphate -- today, they are not so dominant anymore. [. [cheers and applause] >> great job. >> to have the president of the united states to visit them is a very big deal. >> today both sides of the aisle will meet face to face for the first time, heather, since the government shutdown some six days ago. president trump is insisting he will do whatever it takes to get his border wall. >> you have to have a wall. you have to have protection. >> talk about a come back. the markets record back with
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another record day. the dow posting its best day nearly a decade. the dow closed up 1086 points. >> you are the sentinel to watch over our nation. [chanting u.s.a.] ♪ed to. griff: this is a fox news alert. the president and first lady make a post christmas visit to iraq. troops give trump a thunderous reception as he thanks the men and women and leaders on the front line fighting isis. pete: welcome to fox news this thursday morning. that's marine one as the president comes home from visiting troops. troops.indicate landing on the front lawn of the white house. griff: when he least the
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helicopter, we will brings it to you as soon as it happens. griff: a long journey. the president left christmas night on air force 1. and made his way all the way over to anbar province. the heart of where isis has been driven from. where the fight continues today to root out terrorists. this is marine one. now you see the president at joint base andrews and flown the short 20-minute or so trip here. moments ago you are looking at tape as he gets waves and should be getting out soon. we will find out. he has certainly got to be a little bit jet lagged and tired for that sort of a trip. a trip that many were saying that he wouldn't make. criticized him for not making. yet, he did it as you know full well, pete hegseth, how important a trip like that is to troops. pete: the president tweeted poor me i'm at the white house alone turns out he
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wasn't. katie: getting on a plane. pete: big boost. you can't manufacture the troops reactin reacting to the president. how some in the mainstream media want to react to that at the end of the day, the troops are enthiews as stick to hear from their commander-in-chief. they feel like it means that he is behind them all the way. even as we have a national debate and conversation, katie, about what our troops should be doing in iraq. what our troops should be doing in syria. they still appreciate that they have a commander-in-chief who has got their back and believes in them. katie: huge morale boost for not just the troops but the iraqi government and state officials on the ground still doing the work. we are seeing president trump walk off of marine one right now. this happened just a couple of minutes ago at the white house. first lady melania trump is right behind him. they have been gone from washington, d.c. for about 24 hours. a little over 24 hours.
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they had a quick trip to iraq and germany and as we saw with the photos that they were taking, president trump was taking selfies with a number of the troops. melania trump was there as well. he gave a speech yesterday to the troops and talked about their fight with isis. saying that we are not going to be pulling out of iraq. he defended his decision to pull troops out of syria and reiterated that if isis decides to try to gain a foot hold in that country again, we will use iraq as a launching pad to go after them. so, the first lady and president trump walking into the white house just a couple of minutes ago from their whirlwind trip overseas. pete: they are home. whirlwind is a way to put it efficient is another way. in business terms, right? when he walked in though you can't manufacture how the troops react. this is the troops reacting to their commander-in-chief walking. in watch. [chanting u.s.a.]
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[cheers and applause] [chanting u.s.a.] griff: airmen first class of the squadron ramp service was had this to say i'm just at a loss for words right now. true ofly amazing i took a selfie of melania as she touched me on my arm i told her it was an honor and it truly is that one of the several hundred members of our armed forces that was there and saying to sergeant in stripes what it meant to them it wasn't just a morale boost, pete, as you know. this is the commander-in-chief and is he getting an assessment of the conditions on the grounds from the leaders there that are still engaged in this fight some 15 years later in
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that anbar province. griff: it's really important. he has made big decisions lately he has been criticized for them. iraq, syria. what's the future in both places to hear from commanders will either validate that. it seems it has validated that the troops 17 years into what happened on 9/11. still had this sense that we had accomplished a lot but what are we doing? seems like drift. they see this commander-in-chief that walks in and says listen, i have got your back. i'm going to make tough calls. it's not going to be easy. we crushed isis. what you have to remember. let's go to that. this is president trump yesterday at al assad air base in iraq talking about isis. listen. >> the courageous men and women at al assad air base are on the leading age of our fight to vanquish america's terrorist enemies. two years ago, when i became president, they were have a very dominant group.
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they were very dominant. today they are not so dominant anymore. [. [cheers and applause] >> we'll be watching them very, very closely. the remnants of isis. some people say well, maybe, somebody comes from the area and they hit us on our homeland. if that happens, they will suffer consequences over here like nobody has ever suffered before. no enemy on earth can match the awesome strength of american soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. nobody is even close. griff: nobody even close. this story was breaking from one of the commanders i was with in anbar in 2007. he said it's so important for the troops to see the support, physically, and to hear that what they are doing is important for the country and that they their sacrifices are appreciated. yesterday, a very well known delta force commanders jeremy miff boykin had this to say. >> do anything but to pump
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them up. to have the president of the united states visit them is a very big deal. and the timing couldn't be better in terms of the president being able to get his message out on what his intentions are with regards to sierra. i think this is nothing but a positive for the president even though i personally don't agree with his decision on syria. katie: of course. after criticizing the president for allegedly not going to iraq to visit the troops, they were very upset yesterday when troops brought president trump maga hats to sign. let's listen to what they said. >> we saw the president signing a campaign hat, a red hat, his make america great again hat. does this run the risk of the president facing some accusations that he is turning some of this into a campaign stop? >> the question is if they brought them or if the president brought them what commander allowed that to really happen? this is very much against military policy and regulation. >> every time is he around military audiences, he tends to politicize it and he
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brings in complaints and grievances have outside the realm of military policy. >> the president seems to have confused in some way this troop visit with a campaign rally by raising things like the border wall and things that he has done for them. pete: oh, boy. so here's a headline. katie: aren't u.s. troops american citizens? pete: last time i checked. headline from a network that starts with c and ends in n. troops bringing trump hats to sign may violate military rule. let me tell you this. i have been deployed. there it is right there. there is the headline. you can ship whatever you want or have one ship it to you and you are allowed to have political beliefs. you can't shove them on someone else. i have had a political debate with democrats overseas in front of of my platoon. you can have these conversations. so, and there was speculation trump folks brought hats and handed them. katie: no. they had them there they were already there. pete: they had them. there is a lot of guys in
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the military we should put america first. maybe that's good. maybe i can have a flag. so insane that these networks find a reason to nitpick this president every way when he is overseas with the troops. if i was deployed i would probably have a maga hat if he signed up he better sign it. griff: timing of the visit. thanksgiving, christmas. i went back and i believe it was 2004 and u.s. tour covered it. it is a different time. and it is a joyous time. when you brought your hat, military dress guy at campaign sanctioned event. in fact, if you read one of the articles, is it says it was not a campaign rally but it is great that the president visited the troops at a time like this. katie: while the president was overseas there was a lot happening here. jillian halls the headlines. jillian: a massive manhunt is underway for this man you are about to see suspected
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of killing a police officer in northern california. take a good look. newman police say corporal was shot multiple times during a traffic stop. the unidentified suspect's truck was found near. but he is still on the loose and considered to be armed and dangerous. he is originally from fiji was on the force for seven years. he leaves behind a wife and 5 month old son. a teenager plunges to her death at the iconic horseshoe bend overlook in arizona. officials believe it was accidental fall but an investigation is underway. the 14-year-old's body found 700 feet below the overlook hours after her family reported her missing. they were visiting from california. right now the horseshoe bend overlook has no safety barriers. and a fox business alert, stock features dropping following a record-breaking day on wall street. the dow posting its single day point gain ever surging more than 1,000 points after tanking on christmas eve.
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s&p 500. cheap stocks and slow news week. no week is ever slow when it comes to news anymore. a live look in times square where the famous new year's eve ball is being installed today. expecting more than 1 million people for the midnight celebration next week. the ball is 12 feet in diameter. weighs 12,000 pounds and covered with 26 crystal try gang gels. watch it drop right here on new year's eve on the fox news channel with some very special hosts. i see two people i know right there on that picture. wow, pete. >> so special. so fancy. pete: back when i had a tan. [laughter] pete: we are not down playing the tragedy of it you have been there. katie: it's the colorado river that eventually gets to the grand canyon but there should not be safety barriers there. it would ruin the landscape. just stay away from the
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edge. pete: good idea. sounds like common sense to me, griff. griff: good advice. pete: president trump back at the white house after visiting the troops. up next general anthony tata says the president's visit sends not only a message to our troops but also an important one to our enemies. griff: one dad flies thousands of miles to spend christmas with his daughter. the heart warming story from 30,000 feet now going viral. get your tissues ready ♪ come on over ♪ with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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♪ >> there is no military more capable and now more lethal, more fearless and more skilled than the united states armed forces. nobody is even close. you are the patriots who ensure the flame of liberty burns forever bright. that's how are. griff: a surprise visit from the commander-in-chief. moments ago president trump returning to the u.s. from a u.s. combat zone. griff: general anthony tata former commanders of u.s. forces in afghanistan and author of "dark winter" he joins us this morning. >> thank you for having me here. pete: your reaction to the president's visit overseas.
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>> 10-foot tall moment to have our president over there. he has provided huge increases in military budgets for our military both on the home front and overseas. he has articulated a clear policy through his national security strategy. and the trump doctrine is playing out very nicely where we are attacking terrorism at its source. and we are fighting china and russia in cyberspace and we are building weapons to be able to compete against them and he are a kick could yo -- articulated thestrategy fe there and to have our beautiful first lady attend with him, what a message that sends. she has spent so much time with our military families and spouses and children on the home front. and to have her and him go over there it, just sends such a strong message that the trumps love our military, support our military, and what a great
3:18 am
time to do it. griff: general, in addition to the morale boost, having the commander-in-chief there getting a realtime face-to-face assessment of the conditions on the ground after such a big move like the withdraw in syria, can you speak to that and what he has gained by this trip? >> yeah. i think it was very important for the president to go over there and articulate his strategy in syria and mainly because, you know, you get some news over there and, you know, you get a lot of cnn and other stuff. you get all this fake news that is spun in different ways. and for the president and first lady to go over there and articulate their messages about syria and families, it was so important. and, you know, syria, i think, is the exact right call to get out of syria and perhaps put some private military contractors in there, have an over the horizon force and allow for investment in to come in there and clean up oil
3:19 am
fields and put in some pipelines and stabilize that region and work a deal with the kurds and the turks and the saudis. i mean, it really is a brill cents strategy if you think about it. pete: general, you saw the reaction from the rank and file, from the trooption, as the commander-in-chief walked in. those guys on the ground, doing the heavy lifting iraq, syria, elsewhere. they see these policy debates in washington. how are they really feel about their commander-in-chief and the future of our country? >> the military loves our president and rightfully so because our president supports the military so well. he puts his money where his mouth is. and also his doctrine of, you know, chasing terrorists where they are. and not getting involved in enduring entanglements and competing with china and russia are really the three fundamental tenets of the trump doctrine. he has adhered to that anybody who is debating anything is not paying attention to what the president has been saying. he is doing exactly what he said he would do two and a
3:20 am
half years ago on the campaign trail. and he is executing that strategy and this is, you know, the quintessential civilian control of the military. the president is in charge. and there is an old saying, pete. when this charge, be in charge. there is no question that president trump is in charge. griff: that's a great point, general at a time that. thank you for joining us hearing from a commanders that certainly would know. >> merry christmas, appreciate it? >> merry christmas, y'all. pete: congress set back to get back to work as congress enters day six. you are not even counting. will we see more resistance. jason chaffetz joins us on that. griff: plus, mayor bill de blasio wants to legalize pot in new york city. now he wants to use millions in taxpayer dollars to subsidize marijuana businesses. is that a good idea? we'll debate it. ♪ ♪ oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪
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griff: good morning. headlines. caught on camera, christmas eve fireworks caught out of control in phoenix. people running for cover as sparks shoot towards cars and homes. damage was reported. fortunately no one was hurt.
3:24 am
a police officer barely he is scapes oncoming train incredible dash cam video shows the officer swerve and slam on brakes as the train approaches near chicago. the train company says electrical caused the gates to stop working. katie: thanks, griff. new york taxpayer dollars about to go up in smoke quite literally. mayor bill de blasio wants the government to subsidize $10 million to help marijuana startups is that really a good idea? here to debate is jonathan harris and president and ceo of smart approaches to marijuana kevin sabat. thank you both so much for being here. >> thank you. katie: kevin, i will start with you. mayor bill de blasio has been against the legalization of marijuana. now all the sudden he wants not only to legalize it but use taxpayer money to subsidize those who want to get in the business. is this a good idea. >> obviously it's not. mayor bill de blasio does not want to legalize
3:25 am
marijuana is he being pressured to do. so a way to save face because he knows, like we all do, that legalized marijuana is about one thing and one thing only that's money for frankly wall street and silicon valley. it has nothing to do with social justifiable because we know who is going to get rich. we know who has the capital and connections to actually set up and that's why ultrea philip morris is buying up. he is saving face we will throw taxpayer dollars to help small businesses. the reality is $10 million isn't going to help $100 million isn't going to help. these are massive businesses taking after the death and destruction of big tobacco that lied to the american people for a century and selling these super hypo tent candies, cookies, gummies. today's pot is not your woodstock weed. i don't want to throw people in prison for pot. let's be very clear. i'm all for social justifiable. i worked for the last democratic president for two and a half years. the reality is we don't need to legalize and commercialize pot. give it over to big tobacco
3:26 am
in order to achieve social justice. this is a bad idea. katie: jonathan, there is a number of states where marijuana is legal. what about this idea that the mayor is now saying, you can see on the screen, colorado, nevada, arizona has medical marijuana. the yellow states are medical and green i believe are both. what about this idea that the government now in new york city, which is strapped for cash already wants to subsidize those who claim they want to get into the marijuana industry? >> look, i think it's very important to point out that it is partially about social justice. i mean, these are crimes that, for example, african-americans are prosecuted for four times as much as their white counter parts even though they use the drug the same. it's important to point out it does have that element as well. they have spent $3.6 billion on law enforcement enforcing laws about marijuana, arresting people, pulling people over, things like that. so it's already costing
3:27 am
taxpayers money. like i said to the tune of $3.6 billion. it's just, i think, shifting the use of that money to make it more effective for these communities and bill de blasio is making a point so the people who benefit from the legalization are the communities that are impacted. >> but they are never going -- katie: kevin isn't there a difference between legalizing marijuana and going a step further and using taxpayer money to subsidize those who want to get into the industry? >> absolutely. listen, there is a difference between an adult using a joint in the privacy of their own home and a massive industry being subsidized by government. the same number of african-american men were arrested this last year in denver, colorado, as were before legalization. arrests aren't going down for minority communities. in fact, when we look at youth arrests, especially in the beginning they were going up. nau the same number of african-american and hispanics are being arrested. this isn't about that. and, again, i know some people come in to it on the social justifiable side and i can understand.
3:28 am
the relate is this is about wall street fat cats and today's marijuana. we don't need to sub is i dyes it let's subsidize school and midnight basketball and programs not pot. katie: we reached out to bill de blasio's office to clarify where this would come from. they said a fund would be set up and from a portion of tax revenue from sales but not sure if it would be collected citywide or statewide until some kind of bill or legislation is constructed. jonathan harris and kevin sabet thank you for being here. >> thank you. katie: they treat some people who need it the most. some are questioning their safety. troubling new report is up next. if democrats keep the resistance and fund the border wall, will they own the shutdown. former congressman jason chaffetz here to discuss up next ♪ baby, baby ♪ you just ain't seen nothing yet ♪ here's something that you are never going
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♪ >> they will say i don't want the wall. and then they are going to give it to me. i figured out the solution. first lady. tell nancy pelosi i don't want the wall. we want the wall and we get the wall. that's another way of doing it. [cheers] >> that's another way of doing it now, we have to have it. pete: that's one approach. there you see it the count up clock five days six
3:32 am
hours, 30 minutes and 51 seconds. let's bring in jason chaffetz fox news contributor former u.s. congressman and author of the book the deep state. congressman, thanks for being here. >> thank you and happy new year and merry christmas. pete: all of the above. your reaction to the president being overseas with the troops. is he talking about the wall. if he didn't want it, nancy might want it. any movement on the shutdown? >> look, the democrats previously wanted it then donald trump showed up and said hey, i want to secure the border. democrats are in a precarious position. they want to abolish ice. they have been in favor of sanctuary cities. they say they want border security but can't define it the president wants a wall. and i think ultimately he is going to get a portion of the wall. remember, is he down from 25 billion down to now $5 billion. but, i think the president is on the right side. and i don't think the democrats can go into 2020 taking a position on abolishing ice, getting rid of the wall, you know, all of these things. i just don't see it and, let's try this novel idea.
3:33 am
let's just do what the border patrol agents want to do. because they want the wall. pete: that's a good point, jason, the president -- we talked about it yesterday. the president saying he has a contract underway building some 100 miles of texas border wall fence and noches says it's bead curtains. is he actually moving forward within the parameters that he president saying is he going to visit later in january to that spot where construction is going. at the end of the day, it is clear that the president has staked out a position from which he is immovable. not on the number, but on delivering the security that in border patrol officials want. how long is he willing to stay? >> i hope the president goes to the border as soon as possible. because, it's not just about a wall. what it's really about is thwarting human trafficking. it's about curbing the drug cartels. it's about slowing down this flow that's coming into this
3:34 am
country illegally. so, everything from drugs and human trafficking, all these things that we say we are against, but the democrats are actually -- if you don't want a wall, how is it that you think you are going to impede? and if nancy pelosi, to listen to her, says it's immoral, does that mean that she wants to take down the existing wall? let's have that fight and have that discussion. griff: keep that government shut down until there is movement on the side. >> there are numbers out there how big the shutdown are are very, very small. 75% of the government is funded through automatic spending. 75% of the discretionary budget is also funded. talking about something very small. have you noticed it yet? most people haven't. i feel for those federal workers but the president is right. he has got to hold the line and i think he will. katie: americawall is about american sovereignty. my question is nancy pelosi claims she has all this leverage because she is coming into a new congress with a majority. she thinks she is going to win the speakership. she likely will.
3:35 am
but does she risk going into a new congress with this shutdown and the base of the last left saying something like, look, we need to you start working on medicare for all. we want you to do all these other issues that you are not focused on but instead they are focused on beating donald trump at this 5 billion, 3 billion-dollar game when it comes to the fencing he is asking for. >> congress notoriously always gravitates to deadlines. between now and january 3rd she is somewhat irrelevant. only have to get to a majority in the house and republicans control it and they pass the bill. what's frustrating to me in the senate is that they won't vote. put these senators actually on the record. let's see who actually when it comes time to actually vote, actually vote against it and who votes for it let's see who is on which side of this fight. pete: you are exactly right. force that measure. what happens when nancy pelosi becomes speaker? what happens next? >> then you have the state of the union. between the time we have a new speaker and the state of the union, they do not want to sit there and listen to the president for an hour or two on a national televised
3:36 am
audience go out and make that discussion. i think they will strike some deal between then. griff: you know it's going to hard to make progress. do you put daca on the table to sweeten it to get democrats to move. >> the president has already gone way out there on this. i think the president needs to pound on that daily basis the moral imperative to build the wall and to curb all these negative things that are coming without a wall. and i would also just on a daily basis say let's do what our law enforcement wants to do. let's do what the border patrol wants to do. they want the wall. pete: bully pulpit might be the biggest leverage. katie: you sat down with sam johnson. going to give us a preview of that now and look at the entire thing later in the show jason jason congressman sam johnson beloved american hero. he is one of the longest serving prisoner of wars in the history of our nation
3:37 am
nearly seven years as a prisoner of war and then he went to the last few decades everybody in congress loves this guy and i hope you stay tuned because later in "fox & friends," we're going to introduce you to somebody who is retiring in just the next few days. katie: thank you. pete: i met him once before. great guy. >> there are people that are iconic and then there are american heroes. sam johnson is an american hero. katie: looking forward to it jason chaffetz thank you so much. jillian, over to you. jillian: thank you. following a number of stories this morning. jason, how are you? let's start with this. alarming report reveals dozens of psychiatric hospitals still treating patients. the "wall street journal" finding more than 100 full will you accredited hospitals with serious safety violations that include lapses linked to death and abuse. the issues include lapses linked to abuse or assault of patients. the co-founder of linked in says he was unaware that a
3:38 am
group he helped fund was using russian like misinformation tactics. reed hoffman gave $750,000 to anti-fake news organization. that's according to the "the washington post." that organization is accused of using social media to split conservative votes in last year's alabama senate race. democrat doug jones beat republican roy moore. and we telling you about this yesterday. now we have an update. three homeless men caught on camera attacking a police officer will face charges. ♪ get back. get back. get back. jillian: seen fighting off the men inside a new york city subway station after a woman reported them for harassment. right now two suspects are under arrest. the da deciding to charge them after that video went viral. and this story is incredible a father takes several flights on christmas just so he could spend the holiday with his flight attendant
3:39 am
daughter. a passenger seated next to dad howell on delta airlines posted these photos online. howell was also planning to fly with daughter pierce the following day. pierce shared the passenger's post thanking him and gate agents around the country for helping dad make every flight just so he could spend christmas with his daughter. isn't that great? pete: love it. jillian: probably not the best christmas meal he had though throwing that out there. it's debatable. pete: it's all about the spirit of it. jillian: you are right. griff: six flights, that's love. katie: adam clots has your weather for the day and the rest of the week? >> i know people are still traveling as we are wrapping up the holidays. big storm across the middle of the country and dive into it if you live in the northern plains, dakotas all areas we are concerned. actually everything on the southern end of this from texas running up in the middle of the country heavy showers, big thunderstorms. this is going to turn into a
3:40 am
big storm. there have from minnesota stretching down through the dakotas, back down towards eventually oklahoma. kansas. all areas where you are looking at blizzard and winter storm warnings. we can sees a much as six inches of snow widespread. some spots getting up to 10 to 12 inches of total snow. if you are on the east side of this storm, all it's going to be is rain. all those areas highlighted. back out here on the plaza, if you are married 43 years, as we have a semi come by, if you are married 43 years and bring a sign to tell me about it, you know i'm going to put you on tv what's your guys name. >> cheryl. >> bill. damn damn congratulations you told me you are from huntsville, alabama. everybody likes to say. >> roll tide roll. look out oklahoma, here we come. adam: roll tide roll. back to you. katie: adam, thank you very much. the media told you on the migrants we're healthy, right? >> wrong. >> the department of homeland security sounding the alarm and asking the cdc
3:41 am
to investigate their health. dr. marc siegel on the urgent warning coming up. pete: it's a pretty basic question. remember when president obama made a friendship bracelet with joe biden? is the bromance over? why biden is so upset with barack. ♪ ♪ time for me to fly ♪ this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our lowest prices of the season.
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3:44 am
after there were technical glitches. new england patriots quarterback tom brady insists he will play a 20th season next year. >> i absolutely believe i will. i know i have talked about it for a long time. i have goals to play not only next year but beyond that. jillian: the 41-year-old tells westwood one radio after 19 years he is still excited to go to work every day. jillian: i'm not surprised though. pete, you are probably not
3:45 am
ever. pete: he might play forever, jillian: the media toll the migrants coming into the country were healthy, right? wrong. the department of homeland security now sounding the alarm and asking the cdc to get involved and investigate their health. this following the death of a young guatemalan boy. katie: secretary nielsen has directed a series of measures adding my direction all children in border patrol custody have been given a thorough medical screening. pete: here to weigh in dr. marc siegel. thanks for being here this morning. >> pete and katie, good to see you. pete: help us out with this one. >> no matter what the politics are of medicine we have to mourn 8-year-old boy who got snatched from life. that's a terrible tragedy and that's a wake-up call and i think custom and border protection and department of homeland security are actually rising to that wake-up call. we are getting a lot more screenings going on. but, this is an enormous problem, pete. statistics out of the border patrol just a in the last
3:46 am
month alone, 5,000 unaccompanied children crossing the border illegally and 25,000 families. well, guess what they have health problems. what's going on in the camps down in mexico? there is flu around right now. flu in mexico. upsurge of flu right now. there is his pier tore infections. there is strep throats going on. there is mosquito born diseases we see. dangy fever there is a risk of tuberculosis, hepatitis. all of this going on and not screening not able to screen the people no matter how much cdc gets involved u.s. coast guard. humanitarian crisis because we can't control the amount of people coming in. katie: doctor, the suggestion is the disease that could be brought into the united states by an unvetted caravan that you are big gouted, you are not empathetic. are these very serious health issues that everybody
3:47 am
should be concerned about no matter what country you are in. >> i say flu, let's start with flu season, these are unvac sin nateed people. let's try to vaccinate them. i'm on tv vaccinate everyone in the united states no one is vac sin nateed at the border. they are going to spread influenza and respiratory. these are humanitarian crisis but diseases other health problems our hospitals aren't equipped to deal with 8-year-old boy was sent out from new mexico hospital with what i think was probably the flu. that's the hospital's fault. border patrol is getting a lot of heat for that they are not physicians and think have 1500 emts, emergency medical technicians working for the border patrol that are there to screen people and get them to hospitals. but then the hospitals have to have the ability to take care of it. pete: all politicized. this young boy dies which we all agree is a tragedy. suddenly it's the policy of the united states. how do we get past that. >> we get passed that by
3:48 am
talking about it right now just like this. that it's actually a health crisis. it's not a political crisis if you were to lookin look at it politically. you have to say the united states has a long history of screening people. i can show you pictures from ellis island where we are looking for tuberculosis. doctors that didn't even know what to do with it. now we have the medical ability to treat these diseases but we have to have the ability to physicians and nurses in place to do. so it's a humanitarian crisis. it's a disgrace to actually blame this on can you say tomb and border protection. what do they have to do with it? they are doing tremendous work down there. katie: department of homeland security screening inside their shelters. >> that's a good point. i don't think we know what's going on. katie: i don't think we do. how disease can spread more ramp padgettly when you have a large group of people who aren't in the best sanitary conditions we have seen in tijuana. the shelters in mexico as you just said we don't know what's going on. shelters in the united
3:49 am
states are far superior than the ones they are stopping in along the way. whether it's in tents or something else. does being large group of people make the situation worse? >> you just handled the medical side very very adeptly. i actually think that's what it is. they are going to from one camp to the next. can't track people. huddled close together. not proper hygiene. if you look inside one of these stations, you see water, you see food, you see bedding. not a lot of sanitation. katie: right. >> not a lot of concern about infectious disease. guess what happens, a cough travels 12 feet. if you have the flu, 25% of the people you encounter get the flu. people are misdiagnosing these problems. connell: teenage johns will spread like wildfire especially if there is heat there. katie: dr. marc siegel thank you. >> we need more medical attention to this not political. katie: thank you. still ahead senator cane bill
3:50 am
cassidy and mark steyn. pete: urging them to get a job what a novel concept. every single american should applaud the move and he joins us next ♪ swiffer wetjet makes cleaning easy. it's safe to use on all finished surfaces, ...trapping dirt and liquid inside the pad. plus, it prevents streaks better than a micro fiber strip mop. for a convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet.
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3:53 am
griff: the trump administration is attempting to overhaul the nation's food stamp program by expanding work requirements for recipients. katie: georgia one of the first states to enforce kicking 8,000 people off food stamps after determining those recipients as unemployed able-bodied adults capable of working. pete: some in the left wing media slamming the move with headlines like these. trump plans to make people work for food stamps. novel idea. here to react fox news contributor and editor in chief lawrence jones. first of all, congrats. >> thank you. pete: the novel idea if you are able-bodied you should work before you receive government benefits. >> this was a law already in place. it came back way before the clinton administration. but during the clinton administration took that away they never implemented it back. what this law requires you to do is at least work 20 hours, get some form of
3:54 am
education or at least show that you can work, that you -- all these people get on the system and they stay on it. this was the discourage that get them involved in the process. actually look for a job so they don't be dependent on this program. katie: isn't having work requirements for welfare or food stamps, however you want to benefit from it whether it's housing or something else, doesn't that enable people to get out of poverty rather than stay in it? >> i know a lot of people on the left want to trap people in this because they will have their voting base and they don't have to work to actually focus on the issues that effect average day americans. the fact of the matter is. this a lot of the policy that affected my community personally many of the people in my community end up staying on these programs because it's a trap. it's a government trap to keep them in there. that's why the original program was to allow people to have some form of assistance. get a leg up and not be trapped on it forever.
3:55 am
griff: that's the facts of it as pete mentioned in his headlines earlier. what is the media doing? why are they getting it wrong? >> they are playing anti-trump game. it came before trump. the fact of the matter is the president just now enforcing the law. chicago, illinois -- chicago illinois, louisiana is one of those main -- some of those states are still fighting against it and georgia was as well. they are one of the first states to start this, at the end of the day, this is a federal law that was in place way before trump was there. katie: is it insulting people to tell people they shouldn't have to work for food stamps. >> insulting and you have to question the motive. why do you want people to stay on a federal system? that means that you are sometimes at minimum wage in poverty level or below the poverty level. why would you want people to stay on the system? many people on those programs have to question those government officials who have advocating. pete: if i'm right, you used to be a democrat. >> i did. i was poor, too.
3:56 am
pete: you saw it differently. why did you change the way you see the world. >> at the end of the day, i wanted to be helpful as a democrat. when you start seeing the traps of the left where they try to keep you down never aspect of your life. they feel like just because of the color of your skin or socioeconomic status that you can't succeed and you need government to do that that gets frustrating as somebody that came from a mother that had him at 16 and taught hard work by his mother and father i couldn't be a leftist anymore. it didn't align with the values i was taught in my home. griff: is the left playing politics with not only low income people but also elderly people. >> yeah. they are playing politics but they also are playing a financial game this is not typical politics you see day to day. this is saying i'm going to keep you down. every american that are on these programs. i'm not saying should get rid of them. congress would never pass that this is something that shouldn't be permanent. give you a leg up not just a
3:57 am
hand down. griff: welcome my friend. we have got to go. good insight. pete: first lady melania trump joining the president on his surprise visit to the troops. the major accomplishment she just achieved coming up next. griff: everybody can relate to this story. a porch pirate picked a wrong woman to rob. she chased her down in this video. she will join us live. >> did you just steal something? give it. i'm going to [bleep] call the police. i've got you on camera [bleep]. give me the [bleep] thing. now. found my tresiba® reason. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. once daily tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours for powerful a1c reduction. tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar,
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4:00 am
>> president trump along with the first lady melania trump spent the day with our troops after a surprise visit to iraq. >> the near elimination of the isis territorial caliphate. today they are not so dominant anymore. [cheers] great job. >> to have the president of the united states visit them is a very big deal. >> today both sides of the aisle will meet face to face since the government shutdown six days ago. president trump is insisting he will do whatever it takes to get his border wall. >> you have to have a wall. tough have protection. >> talk about a come back. the markets record back with another record day. the dow posting its best day nearly a decade. the dow closed up 1086 points. >> you are the sental to watch over our nation.
4:01 am
[chanting u.s.a.] ♪ we're all-american ♪ in god we trust ♪ living the dream ♪ and never giving up ♪ and what we believe in. pete: welcome to "fox & friends" on this thursday. we were just having a side conversation about 2020 prospects. none of us are running. katie: are you sure? pete: yeah. griff: notice he didn't look at me. [laughter] katie: pete is not a democrat so you can't get on the side of all the people. pete: not happening. thank you for being here. katie: appreciate it. pete: it's been a whirlwind. griff: you are back on the couch and the president arriving in the early morning hours. 24 hour trip that the president made. he went after christmas day flew to al assad air base west of baghdad in the al anbar province where the greatest threat of isis exists. he made a stop in germany on
4:02 am
the way back. you saw that sound bite from. now he has arrived back just about an hour ago. katie: amazing crowd cheers for the president when he arrived in iraq. let's listen to what they had to say. [chanting u.s.a.] [cheers and applause] pete: you can't fake that. that was impromptu u.s.a. chant from the troop there overseas in iraq. a lot of them had maga hats, red hats which you are allowed to have the in the military last time i checked. you are a free citizen. a lot of criticism for that. katie: the president just returned and tweeted about his trip. tweeting just returned from visiting our troops in iraq and germany. we have incredible people
4:03 am
representing our country. people that know how to win. he received a roaring applause when he walked in that room. melania trump, first lady was there as well. her first trip to iraq with the troops and she seemed to love it as she was smiling, taking selfies with the troops. with the president. she sat on stage with him as he gave his speech to them about 20 minutes. we saw them land at joint base andrews around 5:15 a.m. and they are now back at the white house. griff: besides boosting morale, pete, which you know about the impact of it he also delivered a message. this is the commander-in-chief standing, physically looking at the war fighters, the leaders, the heroes on the front lines. this is what he had to say to them. >> america shouldn't be doing the fighting for every nation on earth not being reimbursed in many cases at all. if they want us to do the fighting they also have to pay a price. and sometimes that's also a
4:04 am
monetary price so we are not the suckers of the world. we are no longer the suckers, folks. and people aren't looking at us as suckers and i love you, folks, because most of you are nodding your head this way. pete: very different message than i was used to hearing than other commander-in-chiefs have delivered. it's usually we are going to find and follow them to every quarter and corner of the earth. that's true. you want to kill every terrorist that wishes you ill. this is a very different message which is, listen, we are 17 years after 9/11. we want to kill terrorists. they should not attack us here. we can't do everything. we can't be everywhere. i want to use you in the most effective way possible. sometimes it's iraq. in his mind not syria anymore. sometimes it's afghanistan. ultimately our alliances should matter. they should be meaningful. we are not going to be suckers. details to that that could have implications, katie. you and i have been talking about this all morning long
4:05 am
off camera. debate will be. troops resonate with the commander-in-chief that says i'm going to use you. katie: i would take one issue in the sense you say we can't be everywhere. i would argue that the united states and president trump has made this we can be everywhere. we have the best military in the world. the point he is making is we are not going to do the job that other countries should be doing for themselves especially in the middle east where even our allies there haven't been picking up the slack they should when it comes to fighting terrorism and making sure their best interest was there yesterday i thought it was very important when he talked about how we are not leaving iraq and if isis decides that they are going to try to have a resurgence in syria as we pull the troops out of there, we will continue to attack them from that location. griff: not only is it a new strategy but usually this is done differently. usually the president will make a visit and an announce 789. this is trump he did it differently. the message is that the strategy is different as you mentioned and we talked to general anthony tata in the last hour and he says this
4:06 am
is a strategy that's working. the military lone wolves our president and rightfully so. the president supports the military so well. he puts his money where his mouth is and also his doctrine of chasing terrorists where they are and not getting involved in enduring entanglements. he is executing that strategy. and this is, you know, the convict essential civilian control of the military. when this charge, be in charge. there is no question that that president trump is in charge. griff: you know, as we see all those troops cheering and chanting u.s.a. the military press what people are saying quotes from one of the airmen saying i'm just at a loss of words right now. truly amazing experience. i even took a selfie of melania as she touched me on my arm. i told her it is an honor. pete: that guy won't be washing his arm.
4:07 am
katie: airmen first class caitlin molina will not be washing her arm. griff melania trump is one of first ladies. michelle obama did no. i believe we have a list of seven going back. katie: to martha washington. valley forge in 17777. now technically george washington was not president yet but he eventually became president. eleanor roosevelt europe in 1942, south pacific in 1943, pat nixon vietnam in 1969. and melania trump now iraq. pete: barbara bush in the gulf 1990, hillary clinton bosnia and laura bush 2005, afghanistan. so, i mean, they were knocking this president for not going to a war zone and i was hearing that chatter. he hasn't went and visited the troops. he one-upped them. not only will i do that but i will take my wife with me. katie: headlines about how
4:08 am
he hadn't gone and he was in the air. pete: poor me in the white house turns out he wasn't. griff: joe biden is reportedly upset president obama is checking out other 2020 hopefuls. pete: headline in vanity fair. check out this headline. democrats don't like to be told who to vote for. obama has flirted with beto and other potential 2020 rivals and biden is upset. what's beto's first name again? katie: robert francis o'rourke. pete: i refuse to say beto if i don't have to. biden was obama's vice president. he was supposed to follow him. in now obama is looking around. kind of looking around the room saying who else might be there? could the bromance be over, katie? katie: they always say if you want a friend in washington to get a dog. apparently all the dedication that joe biden has shown president barack obama maybe didn't necessarily pay off he's looks around for other candidates. new polling shows that
4:09 am
democrats, we're asking them if they're excited for 2020. new polling shows that 59% say that they want someone entirely new. joe biden is still at the top of the ticket for them. pete: 53 is a big number. katie: it is a big number. griff: anybody but you. katie: who do they want new out of that bunch. pete: what they don't want an even bigger number democrats think by 70% hillary clinton should not run by president in 2020. so they say they don't want hillary, although if the field is muddy, some have said maybe she will jump in at the last minute. joe biden clearly at the front of the pack he feels like he can take on trump. obama is looking around with a wandering eye. katie: somebody young and hip. pete: is he always looking for someone young and hip. not biden somebody on a skateboard. katie: i don't know. we have to see.
4:10 am
griff: hillary clinton did tweet over the holidays. merry christmas to everyone celebrating today and it is. katie: out of all of the photos she managed to pick one from the white house back in the day. and let's not forget she wants to be president even though she says. pete: i hadn't thought about that. griff: do you know who i am voting for in 2020 jillian mele. katie: jillian mele 2020. jillian: that is not going to happen. my one vote would be you, griff. griff: jenkins and meally. jillian: we are following a fox news alert. a massive manhunt is underway for this man right here suspected of killing a police officer in northern california. nuland policeman shot multiple times during a traffic stop. the suspect's truck found nearby.
4:11 am
is he still on the loose and considered armed and dangerous. originally from fe fiji was on the force seven years. he leaves behind a wife and 5 month old son. this marks the 47th officer shot and killed this year. president trump holding firm on the shutdown during his surprise trip overseas. >> we're going to have a wall. we're going to have safety. we need safety for our country. even from this standpoint. we have terrorists coming in through the southern burden flint firefighters union to have a wall. tough have protection. jillian: founding for border security still the sticking point between democrats and republicans. the shutdown is now in its sixth day. the white house plans to appeal the federal order blocking president trump's asylum policy. officials filing extension to file that appeal during the government shutdown. comes days after the supreme court voted against restoring the policy that bans migrants from making asylum claims at the southern border. the ninth circuit order of appeals upheld a temporary block by a u.s. district court judge last week.
4:12 am
and that's a look at your headlines. pete: jillian, thank you so much. katie: get it together, hegseth. we are doing this live. pete: is this live television? it's on live tv. instead of focusing on what the president said to the troops in iraq. the so-called mainstream media left wing trump hating media decided to focus on something else. >> we saw the president signing a campaign hat, a red hat. >> the president seems to have confused in some way this troop visit with a campaign rally. pete: if you try to say it very seriously apparently it's more true. ned ryun says nothing is good enough for the media. he joins us next. griff: plus, back at home the stock markets big time surging 1,000 points. what can we expect today? charles payne is coming up next and he is going to tell you ♪ i got a good feeling ♪ oh, oh sometimes
4:13 am
♪ i get a good feeling ♪ yeah ♪ darrell's family uses gain flings now, so their laundry smells more amazing than ever. [darrell's wife] isn't that the dog's towel? [dog sfx] hey, mi towel, su towel. more scent plus oxi boost and febreze in every gain fling. but to be a pro at travel just takes tripadvisor. we offer up-to-date reviews and 360 hotel photos to help you find the right hotel and search over 200 booking sites to get you the right price. tripadvisor.
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4:15 am
>> we saw the president signing a campaign hat a red hat his make america great again hat. does this run the risk of the president facing
4:16 am
accusations is he turning this into a campaign stop. >> the president seems to have confused in some way this troop visit with a campaign rally. > griff: the liberal media in a frenzy surprise troops even going as far as to question whether signing trump hats break military law. our next guest says their reaction only shows the unfair double standard. ned ryun is a former speech writer for president george w. bush, he joining us now to explain. ned? are they breaking the law by signing a hat that likely troops had in their barracks? >> i mean, this is absurd, griff. first of all the headlines were blaring. trump first president not to not visit troops. and then christmas time since 2002. and now they are blaring headlines that they dared to sign their hats during his visit why can't you be happy that the president and first lady went to visit troops in
4:17 am
harm's way. i'm sure i don't care and officers don't care might run affair of any military rules. i will tell you this. nothing that trump does will ever make many in the mainstream media happy. they decided from day one they were going to be the opposition party. they are going to be the opposition party. every little thing that they can find they are going to attack trump on. he will could bring about world peace, griff, and they are still going to go after him. griff: ned, i want to play for you a quick -- i traveled to iraq numerous times. one of them with the uso tour. it's remarkable what visits like this make. none more powerful than one by a commander-in-chief. listen to the reception quickly that the president got at germany. [cheers] [chanting u.s.a.] griff: u.s.a. you can't manufacture that that isn't a core disqualified moment. yet, the media is so quick
4:18 am
to say that it was not real. >> and this is, again one of those things you are thinking here these men and women are thousands of miles away from home at christmas time. the president and first lady go to travel to see them on this day tone courage them and be with them and let them know they are not alone and we remember them and thank them for their service. here to celebrate a big holiday with them. this is spontaneous. they are so grateful. you can tell from the troops they are so grateful that the president took the time to come visit them and to show them that they are not forgotten, that their service is not forgotten. the media all they can do is attack, attack attack, it's absurd and ridiculous. expect it to continue every day trump is in office. griff: the commander-in-chief shows um in office physically supporting them. what should the public take away from this? we know what the media took. >> here's the fact, griff, many in america have looked at the media and pushing fake news.
4:19 am
look at the polls from gallup. 72% of americans consider them very trustworthy about 40 years ago 40% consider them trustworthy now. many americans are seeing through the media's bias. they understand these are aren't reporters or journalists. they are political operatives mass can a raiding as journalists. they are pushing a narrative that might or might not have anything to do with the troops. griff: not everybody got it wrong. it wasn't a campaign rally but airmen here weren't shy about showing their support for president donald trump and melania. ned ryun, thank you for joining us. >> thanks, griff. griff: all right. coming up. one state thought legalizing marijuana would be a cash cow. their plans went up in smoke thanks to democrats. and everyone can relate to this story. a porch pirate picked the wrong home to rob. the woman who chased the thief in this viral video joins us live. that's coming up next. watch this. >> i got you on camera [bleep] give me that [bleep] thing now. i'm taping you. >> i didn't take anything. >> yes, you did.
4:20 am
i saw you. yes, i did. get back here right now. you are on tape and you are in trouble. now give it to me.
4:21 am
4:22 am
♪ all i want for christmas
4:23 am
is you pete: welcome back. time for news by the numbers. first, 10.8 million. that's how many times mariah carey's all i want for christmas is you was streamed on spotify on christmas eve. the 24-year-old christmas classic setting a new record for the most streams in a single day. great song. you do maybe on tv later on. facebook topping the list of least trusted tech companies survey from research company find fourth degree 0% of people don't think their personal information is safe on the platform. only 40%? surprising. finally $29 million that's how much one lucky powerball ticket is worth. it was sold right here in new york also $1 million in florida, illinois and wisconsin. if you live there, check your pockets. griff: should have played. all right, this christmas crook messed with the wrong house.
4:24 am
watch this. the colorado woman chases down a thief who stole her crock pot cover. >> what's your name? did you just steal something? give it i'm going to [bleep] call the police. i have got you on camera. give me the [bleep] thing. now. i'm taping you. >> let me go, lady. i didn't take anything. >> yes, you did. i saw you. katie: after confronting the thief face to face. her package was returned. pete: now the woman from that viral video renee abeta joins us live. thank you so much for being here. so, we have seen these videos played out time and time again of thieves at your doorstep. you decided to go the next step walk us through what happened your realization something is being stolen and when did you make the realization i'm going to do something about it? >> well, i saw somebody through one of my windows with an amazon package i thought she was a delivery person. so i went out my front porch and there was no package. so i thought oh my gosh,
4:25 am
something is wrong. and i decided to look at my amazon cart. couldn't find anything. then i realized i went out front and realized that the lady had -- she was taking my package up through the park. so i got in my car with my phone and i went around the park and stopped and found her. griff: ren neighbors you are filming this; is that correct? you are filming yourself? >> i am, yes. griff: why did you film it? >> it just instinct. i knew i had to do something. >> why are you stealing stuff? katie: were you angry about this? why did you feel you needed to track her down? >> i was super mad. i just did not want to let this go. because i had just heard about it on the news the night before and thought gosh, this has never happened to me and i will be darn if it didn't happen. katie: did you feel like you may put yourself in danger at all by chasing this person down or did it not even cross your mind? >> it didn't cross my mind until the very end when she finally stopped and pulled something out of a bag and
4:26 am
that's when i had no idea what was in the bag. it could have been a knife, a gun, but, i still stood there and waited. pete: you tracked her down par enough that she pulled out what she stole from you and gave it back. did you expect that to be the way tended? >> i had no idea what was going to happen. i ran so hard and thought i was going to keep running until i got to her. katie: how long did you chase her? >> oh, it couldn't have been more than a minute and a half, maybe 1 minute, 45. it felt like an hour. griff: you caught herren nay. what did she say to you? did she say anything to you when you caught her? >> at first she just like hold on, i will -- like i got it. i will give it back. and then she said she was sorry. katie: did she deny it at first though? >> oh, yes. she said she didn't it and she said she -- she said she took it because she was homeless. i said that is no reason to be stealing off people's porches.
4:27 am
griff: renee, the police are involved or what are police saying about this? >> i contacted the police when it was over and i got home and i actually caught my breath and was able to talk. pete: give us your message to porch pirates everywhere? there is not a renee in every home but what's your message to them as they decide to swipe people's gifts? >> find some other way to get what they need and make -- don't make other people unhappy. katie: this has been seen millions of times. what do you think about the reaction of you deciding not only to chase her down but to film the entire thing? >> it's just been crazy. i can't believe it's up to like 10 million. katie: 10 million views, 3 million on twitter. 15,000 on facebook. instagram. >> i would have never imagined. griff: renee, have any of your friends or relatives seen this and reached out to you and have anything to say to you? >> oh, every one of them. i'm getting messages left
4:28 am
and right. griff: what are they saying? >> they just can't believe that i would do that. pete: they are motivated. people like it when someone steps up and takes care of a problem. katie: hopefully police will do something stealing off of people's porches. pete: good for you. griff: thank you residence nay. a big rebound for the stocks. the dow jones soaring over 1,000 points. what can we expect today? charles payne is right here. there he is. he is going to tell us. you don't want to miss it. thousand points. ♪ ain't no stopping us now ♪ we're on the move ♪ ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all is one that brings us together.
4:29 am
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4:31 am
griff: we are back with a fox news alert. stock futures sliding after open after historic day. griff: dow posting single point gain ever surging more than 1,000 points after taverning on christmas eve. the s&p 500 climbing more than 5% while nasdaq rose by nearly six. indicate cat the rise could be due to cheap stocks and slower news week. we will brink in charles payne host of the fox business network to tell us what it's means. it's been a rough year on the dow. >> he made a comments about the fed, jay job secure.
4:32 am
all the headlines point being the spark for the rally. griff: you are taking credit? >> on my show 2:00 p.m. we call it the c.p. effect. [laughter] i think what it underscores this volatility, underscores uneasiness. to the fundamentals. jay powell keeps its job. we are up 1,000 points. those kind of things have people going nuts. we come down quick and. expect to continue volatility. be a part of this market. i find it interesting we are having this meltdown at a time when people are always out there looking for a bargains, right? help, i just saw this sweater. i'm loving it. september. 50% off and go out and buy it now people hold some great stocks. great companies that you want to own over the next 5, 10, 20 years. they are selling it down 20%.
4:33 am
so i think the most important thing for individuals to do is to collect themselves. you don't have to try to navigate these day-to-day swings. collect yourself and make sure you don't make decisions now you will regret months from now. certainly years from now. pete: you are still bullish we see all the economic prognosticators say we might be headed for a recession. what's your view going forward? >> it's interesting. i'm comparing what we are going through right now to 1987. october 18th, 1987, the one day drop. the biggest one day dropped in the his visit market the dow was off 22 points. i had just become a broker two years before that less than two years. i'm thinking my career is over. i mean halfway through the session i go to the bar. i grab a beer. i walk back. how did we close? someone tells me i wanted to go back and i had to go upstairs and make phone calls. i learned a vulnerable lesson. it didn't predict a recession it didn't come for three years. ultimately the market made a run over the next two decades mind boggling it changed people's minds if
4:34 am
they didn't panic. griff: despite attempts to do otherwise. story we are looking at now, the consumer confidence is tells a different story than what we are seeing in these day-to-day slides. >> consumer confidence is is remarkable. last friday the university of michigan came out with their number far better than wall street anticipated. not just the surveys. it's action. we see the holiday sales. at least the best in six years. amazon having its best selling period ever. consumers are two thirds of this economy. i don't think we are going to go into recession next year and perhaps not even in 2020. let the dust settle. but, please, if you are -- if you are a couple raising kids. you are 40 years old, don't panic and try not to pay attention to people who are trying to push this market around for ulterior motives there are a lot of folks out there want this market to go down. they don't want the administration to be successful. things like that. they have big mega phones. make sure you are getting
4:35 am
real clear financial advice as opposed to ideological opinion. katie: speaking of ideological opinion and a lot of folks. population in new york city, new york as a whole is shrinking. illinois, new york, and new jersey are all going that way due to the cost of living. high taxes, lots of regulation. what does this say about the environment here and what it means for politics in 2020? >> well, first, the environment, you know, new york city is becoming very bifurcated. new york state, rather. just like california. california you have to -- you are either going to be very, very rich or very, very poor. very, very rich people will jobs. places off ramp. under a won't even see where they work it will be a bi shiny building and people won't be able to catch a bus. same thing in this state and new york city in particular. how do you give the richest man in the world billions of dollars to bring a company here that's going to jack up home prices that already forcing people to flee this
4:36 am
city. new york city and particularly upstate new york. cuomo would not allow fracking. do you know the kind of great paying jobs they have there. so people are leaving upstate new york. pete: wrong kind of jobs. katie: they are not worried about the shrinking population kind of embracing it. >> they are embracing it in a sense that listen, they mask it over because there is a more births than deaths and new york is a magnet for immigrants. they will say population isn't necessarily going down. native born americans are leaving in droves and going to places where there is opportunities for them to raise their families and buy their home and live the american dream. you simply cannot afford that in this city. griff: i feel like texas is benefiting from. this texas, utah, north carolina, virginia, georgia. the list goes on and on and on. it's absolutely remarkable. as far as political ramifications almost 50 representatives nut house.
4:37 am
by 2020 we'll have almost 20. katie: charles payne, thank you for your e per tease we appreciate it. griff: better check in with jillian over there. jillian: good morning, how are you? >> good. jillian: get you caught up on stories we are following. coast guard racing to find a 20-year-old cruise ship member who went overboard. aaron hough went missing. when the british entertainer failed to show up for work. royal caribbean officials reviewed security footage and say he fell off the harmony of the seas ship. the coast guard is searching by air and sea. a widespread flu outbreak reported nationwide. colorado and georgia both experiencing high activity right now. so far 7 children have died from the flu this season which usually runs into april. doctors say this year's vaccine is more effective than last year's. 80,000 deaths were link you had to the flu last season. california's expected pot
4:38 am
boom looking like a bust in first year of legal sales. telling the "l.a. times" overregulation and city bans on pot hurt revenue. prevented more shopping from opening. the state rejected $630 millioreprojected630 millie $471 million. >> . first solo trip across antarctica. collin owe bread traveling while drag ago 375-pound sled. the oregon man walked the last 32 hours straight to beat another explorer to the finish line. he said is he looking forward to fresh salad and official after weeks of getting freeze dried food. owe bread got into extreme sports after burning 25% of his body in a fire 10 years ago. i got to admit i don't think i would want fresh salad and fish. katie: i would want a fireplace. a beer, i don't know.
4:39 am
a heated blanket would be nice. katie: adam klotz is here to give us update on weather. adam: i'm such wus, i have been out here three minutes and i already feel like i hiked across. i'm not as tough as that guy. like 40 degrees in new york city. we have a big crowd out here. [cheers] adam: they are doing okay with the forecast. if you bring a sign i'm bound to be drawn towards you. you were out here like the last hour. i appreciate that it's for a birthday. who are we saying happy birthday to? >> it's our grand daughter monica fox in tamp parks florida she is 14 years old today. happy birthday monica. adam: sand witches. i don't know how you get me. you are dressed like a chef what's going on here. >> getting ready for junior culinary tour to new york. bring kids from all over new york culinary tour and teach them how to cook.
4:40 am
camp down in sunny, florida. adam: i love a lot of new yorkers who love to eat. you have come to the perfect city. the forecast not too bad. this is a big winter storm we are watching in the middle of the country. everything there highlighted in the red those are blizzard warnings which means winds up to 35 miles per hour whiteout conditions heavy know 6 to 10 and some cases 12 inches. that is going to be a big system. now it's already in those highlighted areas. if you live in the eastern half of the country is going to turn into rain the next couple of days. rain here by friday. all right, guys, everybody out here. we have a crowd that wants to say hi to everybody. merry christmas, happy new year. let's wave to them. [cheers] griff: america comes to new york there is not a single new yorkner that crowd. come and visit us 48th and sixth avenue. we will be here. katie: pete will be signing
4:41 am
maga hats later. pete: i might. defending his decision to pull troops out of syria. >> she should be sharing the burden of the cost and they are not. now they are going to be doing it. pete: daniel hoffman served in iraq and said this sends a strong message to our troops and to millimeters like russia. he joins us next. katie: plus, looking for ways to keep your kids busy on christmas break? how about making homemade slime in the easy science experiments you can do at home coming up ♪ it's not so ♪ it's magic ♪ you know ♪ (indistinct announcement over pa system) i'm a baby! what? treat your cough seriously with robitussin dm max. it soothes in seconds and delivers fast, powerful cough relief for hours. robitussin. because it's never just a cough.
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jillian: good morning and welcome back. quick headlines now. clumsy crooks steal a 43 inches tv from a florida walmart and drop it as they escape on a scooter. watch as seconds into the get away the tv falls, forcing them to stop and pick it up, yikes. they are still on the run. that's not something you want to drop by the way. and a little boy calls the cops to complain about his christmas gift. police in canada 7-year-old just got added to the naughty list after calling 911 to tell the o ontario police that the snow pants he received for christmas were not appreciated. talk about your kids what qualifies as a real emergency. guys? griff: for a 7-year-old your world is very small. that seems important.
4:45 am
thank you, jillian. appreciate it president trump and first lady melania back at the white house this morning following a surprise visit overseas to meet with the troops in iraq and germany. the commander-in-chief taking the stage, praising our military, defending his plan to pull troops out of syria. >> we're in their region. they should be really sharing the burden of costs and they are not. now they are going to be doing it. and, if they don't, they will go in and go in to places like turkey and russia and iran and iraq and lots of other places. these people are going to have to start doing a lot of their own work and they are going to have to start paying for it. the united states cannot continue to be the policemen of the world. pete: joining us now fox news contributor and former cia station chief who served in moscow and iraq and pakistan daniel hoffman. thanks for being here. merry christmas, we appreciate you being here. >> same to you. pete: your reaction to the president's visit to iraq and syria. >> i think the visit was
4:46 am
great morale boost not just our troops but embassy staff also serving in harm's way in iraq. it's an opportunity for our country team to brief the president. he is walking the ground and he can learn a lot about the situation the challenges we face there. and i think that's critically important for the president going forward as he makes policy. and then also it's a chance for the president to deliver his commander's intent to everyone in country so they understand his vision for iraq and the region and beyond. pete: did it surprise you he announces his decision on syria and then going there as o?>> i might have been surprised except for president trump doesn't do things the way other presidents have. other presidents might have collected all the facts from a visit to the region and then made policy. in this case the president had his own ideas about 2,000 troop contingent from syria and then he went off to iraq to explain that and
4:47 am
manage that with our team there. pete: got a big resessions as well. >> he did. pete: troops clearly in support of this commander-in-chief. at the end of the year we will do a lot of look back. big year of summits for president trump. what do you think 2019 is going to look like? he was meeting with key adversaries in 2018 whether north korea kim jong un, erdogan in turkey. xi jay pin gin jinping in china. >> none of those strong men have any political pressure. maybe a balance of power because they're concerned about military or intelligence services. but they certainly don't face the political pressures that our president faces at home. each of those countries wishes to be seen as dealing with the united states in a level playing field. i think this administration has succeeded particularly on china and building bipartisan consensus to take a strong policy dealing with
4:48 am
china's american till trade practices, espionage, it theft. we recognize china is a major theft and russia. i think the president will probably continue to hold summits. it's important for him to get his experts in the room so they can follow up on the key issues. pete: daniel, north korea, kim jong un is there another meeting coming up in your opinion and what actually constitutes success and progress? >> so i think there probably will be another meeting. what we have seen and we have seen overarching framework but we haven't seen north korea provide inventory of nuclear weapons or icbms or timetable for their destruction. the president needs to make that contingent for meeting going forward. i think north korea would like to have a meeting and they want to break our fragile economic sanctions russia, china certainly not helping us there south korea would like to on the
4:49 am
economic front as well. kim jong un wants maximum economic game while giving up as little as possible towards denuclearization. pete: that is one to pay attention to no doubt. >> for sure. pete: another one is turkey and erdogan. more predictable as islamist. president trump believes he will take the fight to isis. counts me as skeptical. where are you? >> yeah, i'm skeptical like you are. turkey had lots of opportunities going back to when the civil war began in syria almost 8 years ago. to mount some -- to mount some military operations to stem the tide of isis fighters entering syria through their country and didn't do it. they had their own interest at heart and primarily focused on dealing with the syria democratic forces made up of kurds and off shoot of kkk. they are a nato ally. i think this administration would like to approach turkey we struggled with them. i agree with you. i think it's going to be a
4:50 am
great challenge. pete: nato ally. sometimes it feels like in name only. we will see. daniel hoffman, thank you very much for your time appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: one of the bright highlights of the kavanaugh confirmation hearing. >> this is the most unethical sham since i have been in politics. pete: top of 2018 coming up. pete: looking for ways to keep your kids busy on christmas break? how about making a glitter volcano if you want to clean it up. the easy science experiments you can do at home ♪ wild thing ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
griff: christmas is over but the kids are still home for winter break. katie: we are bringing you easy science experiments that you can do together with stuff you probably already have in your house. pete: here to lead the way is lee moore merry christmas. >> merry christmas. pete: i'm skeptical about home experiments. they are messy. katie: pete is terrified of slime. >> we will see how these go today. griff: it always makes such a mess in the house. >> really does make a mess. so what do you is you just
4:54 am
pour a bottle of glue or get one of these large glue containers and pour about half a cup of glue in there. this is a gallon of elmer's school glue. in this container right here. i like to put it in tupper wear or something. we can eyeball it because it's an experiments. >> exact amount. >> that's totally fine. >> and then we will do one tablespoon of saline solution. some say use bore rocks which is toxic to use saline solution. use a quarter teaspoon of baking soda. mix that right in there and start mixing it all up. >> if you wanted put like colorful glue in there. and then. katie: green with the grinch spatula going on. >> or go with the glue that has the glitter inside. get those at michaels. you guys are mixing it up. this is how it comes together. griff: how is it not messy?
4:55 am
>> kind of slimy and sticky. my trick is to use foam shaving cream into the slime and then it makes it more of a like a play dough consistency and less of a slimy consistency. katie: what's going on over here? >> also baking soda. so, what i have done here is actually just took baking soda. probably about a third of a cup. but it depends on how big the container is. to that you will add. we're going to add glitter. and then we are going to add some -- whatever colorful glitter you might have. we are making a glitter volcano. katie: put purple in there, too. >> i'm going to put the red food coloring back there. griff: is there a flammable explosion concern here. >> no. >> put white vinegar into the baking soda. you can do it. go ahead. it is all that experimenting. stand back. you don't know how big the explosion might come out. this. >> this is why you use
4:56 am
plastic. this is a lit so there is no mess. >> exactly. i use one of those. griff: that's the key, pete, no mess. >> glue down here. >> inflate balloons with vinegar and baking soda. i didn't have a funnel, i cut the top of a water bottle filled up baking soda into the balloon. however much can you fill into the balloon. we will pour it right in and it's going to start inflating the balloon. you will do that one. and it's going to start inflating. pour it all in. and then it's going to start inflating. griff: she standing back. that's our visual cue watch out. >> inflating the balloon. if you wanted you could put food color in there, too. katie: i saw earlier milk into the lids with food coloring. >> whole milk. food coloring. and took dish deter jengt what you do is put it on top and comes like really cool tie dye effect.
4:57 am
katie: basic food coloring. >> basic dish detergent that you would have. pete: look at that. >> isn't that fun? i have a 4-year-old this is mind blowing. katie: food coloring. white vinegar baking soda. >> baking soda, vinegar, glue, shaving cream. saline solutions. things you probably have around the house. griff: people can make a mess at their home where do they go. >> go to follow me on instagram and i will put them on there. griff: thank you very much. katie: not that messy. you just proved it. griff: the sun is coming up. we will be back with more of that coming up. there is the capitol. . .
4:58 am
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the final days of wish list are here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer. ♪ >> the president and first lady make a post-christmas visit to troops in iraq and germany. >> near elimination of the isis territorial caliphate. today they're not so dominant anymore. [cheering] great job. >> they're not alone, we remember them, take them for their service. >> both sides are face-to-face first time since the government shutdown six days ago. >> it is not just about a wall. the president is right. he has to hold the line. i think he will. pete: department of homeland security is asking to get involved. asking for help migrants. >> we're not screening people as
5:01 am
they come in no matter how much the authorities try. >> you are the sentinels who watch over our nation. >> usa! usa! ♪ katie: great job. wet come back to "fox & friends." it is 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump has just arrived back this morning at the white house after making a quick 36 hour trip to visit our troops at al-asad airbase in iraq. griff: left late on christmas night and visited al-asad airbase in anbar province and making a stop in germany on the way back. pete: where were you on christmas. he got a lot of criticism from some in the hate trump media. he hasn't visited the troops.
5:02 am
they were writing headlines before he was. there i don't know how far in advance. made the announcement about syria, made the announcement about afghanistan. very dedicated to the fact we shouldn't be there forever. he visited the troops. you hear people pontificate how the troops respond. commander-in-chief says we'll come home from syria or pull back from afghanistan, if you want to to for yourself, this is how the presidents reacted to the president in al assad in iraq. [cheering] >> usa! usa! usa! pete: katy and i have been having off air debate about pulling out of iraq and afghanistan and syria. you can't debate that the troops feel like this commander-in-chief has their back. katie: absolutely.
5:03 am
he tweeted earlier in the day, look i respect the troops. they're there to win it. showing american strength. having a couple phone calls with local iraqi military leaders and went on to germany to visit troops there. griff: as well as boosting the morale of the troops, this is a conflict we've been in in the case of iraq for 15 years. i made many trips, one on a uso tour to witness morale and us a chants. this is at a time when the troops may be questioning some of these decisions. telling them this is my plan, why i'm doing it, this was them, sailors, airmen, marines, gave up so much blood and treasure to be there. calling them patriots. here is what he had to say to the people that matter most. >> the courageous men and women at al-asad airbase are on the leading edge to vanquish our
5:04 am
american terrorist enemies. two years ago when i became president, they were a very dominant group, they were very dominant. today they're not so dominant anymore. [cheering] there is no military more capable, and now more lethal, more fearless, and more skilled than the united states armed forces. nobody is even close. you are the warriors who defend our freedom. you are the patriots who insure the flame of liberty burns forever bright. that's who you are. that's who you are. pete: when i served overseas i never had a president come visit, but i've been in those seats when other, performers or famous people come and greetp troops. all you want from the commander-in-chief is clarity. you wan a clear mission. you want to understand where he
5:05 am
stands, he or she, ultimately what they want the mission to look like. that is what troops respond to, sit in front of me, look me in the eye, tell me we should be here or shouldn't be there. once we're there or not there, give me the tools i need to win. exactly why isis is crushed today. was flourishing under obama. they were dithering and half-measures. we'll see how it plays out. we don't really know, but troops appreciate a clear mission that says, i'm there for you. your son, your daughter there, i have their back. i'm not worried about the syrians. i'm not worried about the iraqis those are all important academic discussions to be had i care for a lot of guys i served with. i care for the americans that serve. griff: 5200 troops in iraq. where they are, president at al-assad, you're about 100 miles west of baghdad. directly in the path where the syrian troops were withdrawn. we talked to general anthony
5:06 am
tata earlier today, here is what he said about the president's strategy. >> the military loves our president and rightfully so because our president supports military, so well. he puts his money where his mouth is. also his doctrine of chasing terrorists where they are. and not getting involved in enduring entanglements. he is executing that strategy. this is the quintessential civilian control of the military. when in charge, be in charge. there is no question that president trump is in charge. katie: when in charge be in charge, absolutely. this came at an important time. the president was due for a trip overseas to visit the troops. it came right after general james mattis submitted his resignation. he is popular also with the troops all over the world. and so came at a time where leadership was necessary. the president stepped up, went into iraq yesterday and talked about the syria strategy, defended it, and made sure
5:07 am
people know, look we're keeping 5000 troops in iraq. we have no plans to take them out. we'll stay. we continue to fight isis, although we taken their territorial caliphate back but we continue to fight them. and asking allies in the region and people maybe not so much allies to fight. pete: bingo. it is nato mission. who goes outside the wire, kills bad guys, everyone else, australians, canadians, others do some things. they stay on the base with lovely flags and talk about the mission. americans go do the mission. experts in washington talk about the nato alliance. you don't have an alliance if people don't fight with you. that is what trump is seeing. griff: media says something different. >> signing a camp hat, red hat.
5:08 am
make america great hat. does this run the risk the president is turning some of this into a campaign stop? >> the question is, if they brought them or the president brought them, what commander allowed that to really happen. this is very much against military policy and regulation. >> every time he is around military audiences, tends to politicize. brings in complaints and grievances outside the military are policy. >> the president seemed to confuse this troop visit with a campaign rally, raising things like the border wall, things he has done for them. pete: yeah. katie: very confused what they want here. so on christmas day a number of headlines criticizing the president for not going overseas yet to a war zone, combat zone so visit troops. when he makes this surprise visit this was the response. there were a number of u.s. troops there who had maga hats in their lockers, brought them with them. maybe had them sent to them. the white house is not handing them out for the president to
5:09 am
sign. this was genuine organic request they were making when he was there. pete: we hate how popular the president is. that is fact. one had a flag. mostly have what you want shipped from u.s., if you're deployed. the troops support the commander-in-chief. if you were clicking around the internet, there is website starts with c and ends with this is one of the headlines, troops bringing trump hats to sign may violate military rule. katie: prosecute them all. pete: something they care about the uniform code of military justice. griff: unbelievable how much they missed the point. resignation of jim mattis is significant. he led the first marine division into afghanistan after 9/11. he led the first marine division in iraq in 2003. he was there. he is unquestioned leadership in the current age of the war on terror. if they see maga hats something
5:10 am
that needs to be discussed in the focus put upon it, the president went to reassure the troops about the mission, to keep them steady and to reassure them, stand in front of them, listen you may be worried, you may have questions, whether you're in kabul or anbar this is what they see, red maga hats. katie: nedry one, former president bush speechwriter says the troops are grateful. >> nothing whatever trump does will make the mainstream media. they decided from day one they will be opposition party. they are going to be the opposition party. every little thing they will find, you can tell from the troops they're so grateful that the president took time to come visit them, show them they're not forgotten, that the service is noter to gotten. all the media can do is attack, attack, it is so ridiculous.
5:11 am
pete: he does things differently. it is like chum in the water. they have to attack. katie: as an american you should be proud the commander-in-chief whether barack obama or donald trump going to visit troops in war zone, putting their lives on the line in a very dangerous place. willing to spend christmas away from families. that is what they're doing when president trump was. there you as an american should celebrate than nitpick. pete: you're a patriot. that is what he is litigating, we lost our culture. are journalists ultimately americans and patriots? we're in a moment they see themselves as globalists, does the flag come first or not? griff: who is an american patriot, jillian mele. jillian: you are honest griff. get caught up in a story we continue to follow. this fox news alert. a massive manhunt is still on going for an armed and dangerous
5:12 am
man suspected of killing a police officer in northern california. newman police say, corporal roman sing was shot multiple times. the unidentified suspect's truck was found nearby. this is officer sing was shot before christmas. he spent seven years as a cop. he is the 47th officer shot and killed this year. gofundme page. donate to the. he got out of san quentin in california before allegedly stealing a car. officials noticed he was missing during a headcount. unclear how he got past the guards. he is serving a five-year
5:13 am
sentence for using a deadly weapon in a carjacking. press are expecting more than one million people for the midnight celebration next week. the ball is 12 feet in diameter, weighs nearly 12,000-pounds and is covered with 2600 crystal triangles. you wan watch it drop new year's eve on fox news channel with very special host, some of those you may no. i think i know all of them on there. pete: griff, those glasses are great. griff: working on a new picture i promise. sean the producer, griff -- pete: join us on new year's eve. it will be warm. katie: good luck. pete: join us on the fox news channel for n.o.w. year's eve. it is back to work for congress on capitol hill the partial, i quote, partial government shut downenters the sixth day. will they get any work done? we have senator bill cassidy live next. katie: they use do selfies
5:14 am
together and but is the romans between president joe biden and president barack obama over?
5:15 am
5:16 am
♪ pete: welcome back. congress set to get back to work today as the government shutdown enters day six. will we see more resistance and
5:17 am
obstruction from the democrats. griff: here to weigh in, gop senator from louisiana bill cassidy. what will happen in washington? merry christmas by the way. >> merry christmas, happy holidays. not much is happening in washington. ultimately the president needs to sign a bill. schumer needs 10 votes to pass in the senate. then they finish their deliberations. hopefully schumer decides we need security on u.s.-mexican border we can go to work. katie: democrats act like they have a ton of leverage in the fight, considering 75% of the most government programs are funded for the long term, what are the real stakes of the shutdown? is it really as high as it has been portrayed? >> it is not -- look, not in terms of the government functioning but absolutely in terms of securing the southern border. hopefully the leverage that is going to be exerted by either side is how we secure the
5:18 am
u.s.-mexican border and we don't have caravans of thousands of folks coming every other month to enter our country illegally. that is the leverage. hopefully schumer will respond to that. griff: senator, no doubt how this ultimately ends will determine whether or not it is a pull factor if more caravans come but let me ask you this, we seem to be stuck. 25% of the government is shut down, talking about .3 of 1% of deficit spending. democrats 1.3 billion, 5 billion from the president. will they mead in the middle and negotiate to get results for the american people? >> you frame it perfectly. it shouldn't be hard to get to where the president wants to be. democrats voted for 25 billion for border security earlier this year. in 2006, obama voted for border security. not as if this is a foreign concept f you just look again at the caravan's approaching with the drugs and human trafficking, it shouldn't be a hard sell to
5:19 am
their voters. so, you're asking me, will schumer move? i don't know that. i don't know his mind. should he move? absolutely. it won't be nearly as far as they were before. i think it would be good for our country. griff: you raise a great point. 25 billion was voted before the caravans. we get the highlight what is happening at the border. is anything less than five billion which is move from 25 as you pointed out, senator, is anything less than five billion a loss for those who believe the wall is important? >> no. i think we have to get this bit by bit by bit. there will be some places, hot spots that we can secure. next we secure the new hot spot. so i think it would be nice to have the 25 billion long-term commitment. but on the other hand this problem is not going away. we need to secure that border. there will always be the pressure, oh, my gosh, here is several thousand more folks bringing drugs and human trafficsing but otherwise good people but they're coming here
5:20 am
illegally. if schumer will buy into that we can make movement. katie: senator chuck schumer voted in favor of the 2006 fence act, very similar to what president trump is asking for now. we'll see if he moves next couple weeks as the partial government shut done continues. >> thank you, senator. griff: homework can be hard but this kid found a way around that >> five minus three. [laughter]. griff: wait until you see what his mother did next. pete: she may be wondering what happened. hillary clinton made some of the biggest political headlines this year. we have the top dials of 2018 coming up next. >> do you want to run again? >> no. >> wait. that was a pause. >> i would like to be president. [laughter].
5:21 am
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♪ griff: welcome back. some headlines for you. a newly proposed bill could protect employees from using recreational marijuana in massachusetts. it is legal to smoke pot but
5:24 am
workers can be fired for using the drug even on their own time. federal contractors are except from the bill because marijuana is illegal under u.s. law. a bipartisan bill aims to make up to an ounce of pot legal for adults 21 and older. lawmakers expect sales would bring in $33 million a year. 10 states and district of colombia have legalized recreational pot. katie. katie: thanks, griff. kavanaugh hearings to more hillary clinton a lot happened in politics this year. pete: to say the least. what were the best and worst moments in 2018? we have lee carter. politics moves at a breakneck speed these days. it is hard to even keep track of. >> going back through this year you can't believe all that happened. there are things you forget, things that make you laugh or cry. it was a big year.
5:25 am
pete: start with this one. this is the president on the campaign trail in september. listen. >> the forces opposing us in washington are the same people who squandered trillions of dollars overseas. the american people voted to reject this corrupt globalism. i'm the president of the united states. i'm not the president of the globe. [cheering] katie: so, lee, he did well with republicans there. it looked like independents like the message as well. >> they sure did. the thing about this president, he ran on america first, right? he is talking about a number of different ways over time. he got into a little bit of a nationalist issue i would say. talked about this line, it was very memorable, one really rallied independents, republicans, very important he does both as he is moving forward. katie: one of the big topics of confirmation of now justice brett kavanaugh. lindsey graham had a big moment. we'll listen to it.
5:26 am
we'll get your feedback. >> if you wanted an fbi investigation you could have come to us. what you want to do is destroy this guy's life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020. you've said that. not me. pete: honest question, have you ever seen a political moment be a comeback for political figure like lindsay graham in? >> this was so important, not just because of him. it was for the republican party. because up until that part, it was trump carrying the man tell of fighting for the american people and fighting for the republican party. this is a moment where somebody else, it was somebody else who was really fighting back, and people got excited about it. this is the moment when you saw republican enthusiasm amp up in the midterms. a lot of concern that republicans would not turn out for the midterms and disaster, turn out to be a huge blue wave, turned out not a huge blue wave.
5:27 am
if it were not for lindsey graham i think it would be a much worse election for republicans. pete: good point. hillary clinton, she is still around. listen. >> do you want to run again? >> no. no. >> wait. there was a pause. >> well, i would like to be president. >> okay. pete: i would like to be president without the pesky election. >> nobody really liked this message, it was very, made her very relevant again. this comment made people talk about it for weeks. some people are saying, do you think she meant she would run again? didn't want to run but would be president? this put her on the map again. that might be what she wanted t was funny, lighthearted and worked for her. katie: democrat ratings were terrible across the board on that one. republicans f minus. >> i don't think anybody wants her to run. talking to republicans about it, please let her run again. we'll win. i don't think anybody really wants hillary clinton to run again.
5:28 am
katie: the president has a 2020 race coming up. he did have good lines to his base this year. let's take a listen. >> above all else, we know that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy are at the center of american life. we know that. [cheering] the because in america we don't worship government, we worship god. >> you can see there, it is rare democrats stay flat for the president. he talks they go down. they were right along. it was a zinger, you with big government, who worship government, you're wrong, we worship god. it resonated with his base and across the board. the president is good with giving zingers, he does it really well. so many to choose from. this with is one of the high points. katie: how did you decide to narrow these moments down with the year we had? >> i went back and looked at
5:29 am
things we dial tested and open things that had impact on people's opinions. these are things that had people talking, changing people's mind. pete: i was hoping you lock ad bunch of unpaid interns and watch them all the tape for the year. >> we did that too. katie: lee carter, thank you very much. pete: appreciate it. the president visited the troops. accusing the troops breaking the law wearing maga hats. it only got worse from there. >> we saw the president signing a campaign hat, a red hat. >> the president seems to confuse some way the troop visit with a campaign rally. katie: all right. plus they used to take selfies in the car, even go out to lunch together, but is the bromance between former president obama and joe biden over? mark steyn here to weigh in on both of those stories up next. pete: around the corner somewhere. i swear he is coming it. katie: there he is.
5:30 am
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5:33 am
griff: >> that is a great line. >> mark steyn. pete: came around the corner, joined us on the show. >> i was passing by entirely by accident. came in out of the rain. pete: you saw the president went to iraq over the christmas holiday. here is how some in the media responded, including a national security analyst? watch. >> presidential trips like this are often to tell the military how much their service matters to the country and why their on going mission is so critical to the safety and security of the american people. this was a little bit different. the president seems to have confused in some way this troop visit with a campaign rally by raising things like the border wall and things that he has done for them. pete: is the president confused, mark? >> no, i think these guys are confused. i realize everything is a crime in america, very litigious society, but the ideas, guys,
5:34 am
soldiers in these thankless camps, one of our allied prime ministers said to me, he went to them. you've been to them, i've been to them. they're like crusader forts. you are in there. you can't go outside. outside all kind of people want to kill you. it is psychologically stressful just being in those crusader forts. the idea someone wants to accuse you of a breach of military regulations because you brought a hat to the president of the united states, why don't we get, robert mueller, let's double his staff, give him another six years, see whether putin colluded with trump to fill iraq with maga hats. i'm in favor of dropping maga hats on isis and killing them that way. griff: stars an stripes as you know is a military press. their first line of the article about this leading website, it wasn't a campaign rally but airmen were not shy for showing
5:35 am
their support for president trump and wife melania. right in the middle of it, as we saw the clip from cnn they choose to create a -- >> the way that first sentence is written, talking about the stress on the troops. now it is like a christmas event. the soldier is supposed to calibrate his enthusiasm for the event between appropriate respect for the commander-in-chief and at certain point in the meter it crosses over into partisan cheerleading for a particular political, this is crazy! what kind of training do we put our troops through training for that? griff: no. >> to calibrate the, the point at which your enthusiasm for the president crosses over from commander-in-chief to republican partisanship. pete: having been at events like that, all the commander says be respectful. be respectful. a lot of troops didn't agree
5:36 am
with president obama when he was president, they were respectful. this respect eminated with gratitude. what is wrong with that? >> i think idea of complaining about everything, making an issue about it. if i had to, i would say this goes back to like, george iii. i don't want to bring up unpleasantness -- griff: you just did. >> in canada they distinguished between the head of government and the head of state. so you fight for queen and country. so if you show enthusiasm for the queen, it doesn't mean, oh, you want to run on the queen ticket in the election. katie: a little too off base with the american media. >> just saying, i think it is a constitutional problem rather than blaming it on the troops which is ridiculous. katie: i think we're all going to need a box of tissues soon, because "vanity fair" ran a story, democrats don't like to be told who to vote for. obama has flirted with beto and other 2020 rivals and joe biden is very upset.
5:37 am
seems like the former president is leaving behind joe biden as he pursues, newer and younger candidates. >> there is an element of that. the idea of obama supporting beto who has not run for dog catcher. i think it is like john smith. bob. it is not exotic enough. pete: like francis. >> they're looking for something more intersectional. they would like a muslim transgender candidate but they will have to make due with joe biden. the problem with biden it is not obama's fault anymore than it was last time. you can't do this sort of hamlet, i like to run if you want me to run. people who want to be president get out there and run and become president. katie: do you think he will? >> he's, i don't think so. i think they will go for a geezer candidate this time i
5:38 am
think so. griff: does bernie sanders have a beto problem? >> bernie, i understand, i live way up in northern new england, bernie has the booth behind me, seriously in the local restaurant. and he is-minded to run and and this, you know, it is his moment. he was a callow young youth of like 89 last time, but now he has got a bit more experience? katie: 40 million people running for president own the democratic side there is one person that democrats desperately don't wan to run, and that is hillary clinton. a new "usa today poll" showing 70% of people say, democrats, not people, democrats specifically don't think she hud run for president. to her credit she didn't want to campaign. she wants to be president. >> that is the way she ran last time and the time before in fact. she is basically running as sort of a hereditary candidate. i think third time is the charm. she has had some focus groups
5:39 am
done saying people would be more comfortable with her being an authentic hillary. so she is actually in training to find out what the authentic hillary is. i think it might pay off. third time's the charm. i say go for it, yeah. pete: in training to be authentic. you don't need the training. you're hosting "tucker" tonight. >> when you switch on the tv there are guest hosts everywhere. katie: like now! pete: toss it to jillian meal lee in practice for tonight? >> which camera are we on? wait a minute. jillian i knew you were there. jillian: you nailed that. that is perfect. >> that is what they teach you at broadcast school. i was taking notes, jillian. jillian: a 911 dispatcher helped saved a baby after he nearly drowned in the pool. listen to the first responder give step by step instructions
5:40 am
for cpr. >> is he breathing? >> no. >> place your hand under on his for head and hand under his neck and carefully tilt. he is gurge gelling. place the heal of the hand on the breast bone in the center of the chest right between the nipples. jillian: wow the woman relaying instructions to a neighbor in orlando, florida. first-responders rushed the baby to the hospital. no word on his condition. cofounder of linkedin said he was unaware a group he helped fund was using russian-like tactics. wade hoffman gave $150,000 to a anti-trump organization. they used the media to split votes in alabama senate race. doug jones beat republican roy moore. a 6-year-old boy caught on camera using his amazon alexa to do homework. watch this. >> alexa, what is five minus
5:41 am
three? >> five minus three equals two. jillian: a new jersey mom scolding him. she tells the "new york post" that she will turn the device off during homework time. katie: he is so smart. griff: solution solving, problem solving with a very unique creative solution. he should get an a-plus. katie: a++. pete: get rid of a lex is a. that is the only reason i don't have a lex is a. katie: alexa tell me the weather. just kidding. adam klotz. pete: yelling at alexa all day long in the house. that would drive me insane. >> don't you dare say that. don't ask a lex is a what the weather is. katie: we're getting rid of a lex is a. >> alexa doesn't know about the big storm in the middle of country. i do.
5:42 am
i am covering it. it could affect holiday travel. we have blizzard warnings. this is the map. everything in the south, big, heavy storms. but fur in the middle of the country, blizzard watches. we could see anywhere 10 to 12 inches of snow in many cases this will a nasty one. this with we'll pay attention to the rest of the week. back on the plaza, we're here saying hi to you guys. i'm covering this up. we have no space for patriots fans. no space for patriots fans. that is not allowed. back inside, you guys. pete: probably will be in the super bowl. deal with it. griff: market opens in less than an hour after record trading day. what can we expect today? we're live from the new york stock exchange. that's up next. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today.
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♪ jillian: good morning to you, welcome back. some quick headlines now. mcdonald's trying to bring in more business in the morning according to "the wall street journal" the fast-food chain testing out new meaty breakfast sandwiches. they are blaming slowing sales. starbucks bringing back a theme of tuxedo themed drinks. they are back by popular demand after last year's debut. guys, back to you.
5:46 am
griff: "fox business alert" has stocks futures sliding after stock market will open. katie: gerri willis from our sister network live at the new york stock exchange with what to expect for today. gerri. >> wow, what a couple days we've had here, right? it was one for the record book. 1000 point gain for the dow wednesday. all 30 of the dow stocks were higher and only one of the s&p 500 stocks ended lower. okay, the reason most important christmas sales, holiday sales rising 5.1% over the last year. that is the biggest gain in six years. the news quelled fears that a global economic slow down would turn the u.s. economy lower. the dow, s&p, inching five% higher. nasdaq was nearly 6% higher. retail stocks enjoying big gains. amazon finished up 9.4%. don't expect a replay today, nice.
5:47 am
another 1000 point gain is probably not not cards. indications markets open lower today. two reasons for huge volatility. one, some traders are betting stocks will go down, strategy go shorting. when the stocks went higher, traders were forced to buy stocks to cover their bets. understand this, as much as 90% of the today's markets are done by computers, algorithms on the new york stock exchange. they say markets overreact to news, sending markets spiking or tumbling, when human traders might be more measured. back to you. pete: answered all the questions i was going to ask. katie: thanks, gerry, have a great day. >> thank you. pete: he is one of the most beloved respected members of congress, great memories like this, when he challenged steve scalise to a scooter race. you probably don't know his whole story as a war hero and a prisoner of war.
5:48 am
♪ >> caused them a lot of havoc while we were there. ♪
5:49 am
5:50 am
♪ pete: we all know about our next guest, former congressman jason
5:51 am
chaffetz. he joins us today to share another story about a congressman you don't know that much about. >> amazing person. while i was in congress i had opportunity to serve along with congressman sam johnson, 27 years, one of the the longest serving representatives he is retiring this year but he lived a life time of service. have a look. he is one of the most beloved members of congress on both side of the aisle. >> if of all the people i ever had the pleasure to meet or serve with in congress there is only one that can be defined as an american hero. >> sam johnson is one of the greatest living men that i know. >> our country is stronger for yourselfless sacrifice and dedicated leadership. >> after nearly 27 years of serving his constituents in the great state of texas, colonel sam johnson is retiring. a decorated fighter pilot, now at 88 years old, he uses his scooter to get around but that hasn't slowed him down. when congressman scalise returned to the capitol last year after recovering from being
5:52 am
shot, johnson challenged him to a scooter race. >> who won that race? >> i did. [laughter]. >> you've been racing your whole life, haven't you? >> i try. >> his service to his country began in 1951. >> i just decided i wanted to fly airplanes. you don't do that except in the military. >> over the course of his 29 year career with the united states air force, johnson did a whole lot more than just fly airplanes. after 62 combat missions in korea, he helped the air force test the effect of nuclear explosions on planes by flying right into them. >> i flew through an air burst. i mean, no big deal. >> johnson was selected to floyd lead solo with the elite air force thunderbirds. >> i heard this story about maybe flying a little too fast. >> i flew up the waterfront, supersonic, broke every window on the waterfront. caused the air force one hundred thousand dollars.
5:53 am
they said don't do that anymore. yes, sir. [laughter]. buzz aldrin and i went to flying school together. we both got korea a assignments. and were ordered over there at at same time. he has been a close friend the whole way. all the way, to the moon and back. >> while buzz was gearing up to fly into space, johnson was flying combat missions in vietnam. on his 25th mission, he was shot down, captured by the north vietnamese and taken as a prisoner of war. buzz honored johnson by wearing his pow bracelet when he landed on the moon. what did it mean when he wore that bracelet up on the moon? >> well, it meant a lot. >> johnson endured seven years as a prisoner of war. >> we didn't stop fighting from inside of the cells. caused them a lot of havoc while we were there. and we ended up, they put us in
5:54 am
a single cells. a place we called alcatraz. >> 42 months, more than three years was spent in solitary confinement. >> fortunately tapping on the wall was a code that we had. you could maintain contact with the other guys. >> you came out of it, was it through prayer? was it thinking of shirley? >> all of that. thinking of shirley of course, and praying to god. >> sam is a hero to many, his hero was his wife shirley. >> she was the greatest lady in the world. >> i heard at dinner, she would set a place for you, is that right? >> she did. she knew i was coming back. seeing these american flags flying heart rendering for me, and one of the greatest things i could hope to see coming back
5:55 am
home. >> when you see people disrespecting the flag, won't stand you, put their hand over their heart? >> no reason to disrespect our flag. the united states of america, in my view is the greatest nation in the world, and we should set an example for the rest of the world and we do most of the time. >> johnson could have retired an american hero but instead he decided to become a statesman. >> not everyone was happy with our government but my fellow pow buddies and i decided we would stop griping bit, and start working to fix it. >> in 2016 the ways and means committee honored johnson by naming this hearing room, the sam johnson room, and redecorating it in his honor. they put a note that you wrote in there. remember what you wrote? >> freedom has the taste of that almost died that the protected will never know. what we fight for here day and night in the united states
5:56 am
congress. freedom for every member of the united states of america. katie: wow. absolutely incredible. >> i get inspired by ordinary americans who do extraordinary things. this person, sam johnson is a true american hero. katie: how did you get to know his story? i know you served in congress. how did you get to know him? >> good people that serve in congress, when you actually hear his story, that story about flying through the nuclear cloud, nobody had ever heard that story before! he did it five times. katie: it's a fun. griff: is there a lesson for the younger generation in the story you just told? >> sacrificed so much for his country because he loved the country. and he just, pull up your bootstraps, make it happen. he did things that weren't expected of him but he went above and beyond and did it his entire life. katie: talking about being a p.o.w. and causing a lot of havoc. horrible he was put in solitary confinement, they continued to fight in worst of conditions.
5:57 am
>> when he came back from being in so dairy of confinement and with the other prisoners of war, the story goes, he raised his hand and saluted. sam johnson reporting for duty. it was emotional. pete: more "fox & friends" in a moment. ♪ it's just a cough. yeah right, and i was born yesterday. (indistinct announcement over pa system) i'm a baby! what? treat your cough seriously with robitussin dm max. it soothes in seconds and delivers fast, powerful cough relief for hours. robitussin. because it's never just a cough.
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>> that's the end of the show. >> thanks for joining us. >> had over to >> bill: fox news alert. it's day six of a partial government shutdown as the center is a return to work. the porter security and funding for the wall. good morning. i'm rick leventhal. >> yeah, good morning to you. nice to be here with you. >> bill and sandra obviously off today. the christmas holiday has come and gone, remaining close, president trump refusing to budge. live for us at the white house. no one seems to know, but i'm going to ask you, how long


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