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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 29, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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fox news at that's not an exciting new new year's i'm not sure what is. it is day number eight of the partial government shutdown and still there is no deal insight. this has present trump as he closes the southern border completely he said congress refuses to give in on border security funding in the law. good to see you also. great to be with you. these are the senate. until at least monday. with both parties continuing to pass the blame. about 25 percent of the federal government will remain close affecting roughly 800,000 workers. they can pin the blame on nancy pelosi.
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i don't think they want to put any offer on the table until after she is elected speaker. the democrats should come back with their own offer now. i think there is room for negotiation. they go down on the dollar amount. in washington here is garrett. all sides of the i'll want to find a permanent solution to the chambers. they were brought into the company illegally by their parents. there is some thought now that the issue could play a role in the partial government shutdown. it doesn't appear it will be anytime soon. capitol hill has turned into a ghost town the past couple of days. many lawmakers are expected the shutdown to fight to drag on for a very long time. they're refusing to negotiate with the white house later this week.
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after they take control of the house officially. they are expected to move the bill to fund the government that it is not expected to have the funding for the government wall. republicans are suggesting this fight will drag on for a while. to nancy pelosi and the house democrats no wall money, no deal. the democrats are also pushing back on the suggestion that they don't want border security and saved the president say the president still has not offered any suspicion -- specifics for his proposed wall. it is a large amount of money. is borrowed one way or the other. and before i approve anything. i want to know where it's can be spent and for what purpose. a lot of the governments are already closed. that could change later this week.
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hundreds of thousands of workers returned to work or do not return to work. they will start to be closed as well. they feel the impact and that is typically when they start to feel the pressure and work its way towards a deal. thank you so much for that report. they are taking aim at the democrats. they are offering some insight on when it may be resolved. with the very latest on what's going on there. they essentially walked away from negotiations. they're now threatening to shut down the border. his incoming acting staff. all options are on the table one week ago at the white house and gave democrats the counter offer somewhere
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between $5,000,001.3 billion for border security and new wall construction. the offer was around $2.5 billion. we made that clear to the democrats. it has been willing to negotiate on that point. and that is a sad part. they care more about keeping our borders open to keeping our government open. a spokesperson for the minority leader said that democrats had offered republicans three options to reopen the government and all includes funding for strong sensible border security but not the wall which they described as a moral ineffective it expensive. >> the steel barrier that they tweet it out. that's what they want to build. they don't call that a wall. they offer $1.3 billion to do that. we countered with $5 billion. the administration has not formally invited democrats into the white house into
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making that counteroffer. mike pence and mr. mulvaney met with chuck schumer on capitol hill. when they made that official offer. the ball is in their court. thank you so much. and what we can expect in the days ahead. a contributor for spectator usa. who do you think finally gives and how do we get there. right now, neither side wants to give and it looks like this could be a very long shutdown. a few weeks ago. he said he would be proud to shut down the government for border security and to get the wall. i think they have now taken his word. and they're blaming him for the shutdown. it does look like the public is doing so as well. they are a lot more willing to compromise.
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they started with $5.7 billion for a while and that they that they requested. they have not -- they have now gotten us down to $2.5 billion. they're staying strong a 1.3 billion. that money would just be for border security. and i think they're going to move. and frankly i think they have the upper hand in a way. i think they know that republicans are more likely to cave. just days before the shutdown the senate actually voted unanimously. republicans and democrats for a short tire funding bill. i had zero for a while. after that happened donald trump and his conservative base including some right here on this channel pointed out that he made a campaign promise. they said they were disappointed. some people even thought it was outrageous. they finally decided i need to fulfill the campaign promise. since then i think they are recognizing you voted for a bill with that money for a
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while once why when you do it again. at the same time he tweeted out that he can say there is a wall. on this channel. suggested that they could have a compromise from the $2.5 billion as a mention in the $1.3 billion that's coming in about $2 billion or so. as the wall. >> doesn't sound reasonable. it sounds reasonable. donald trump won the presidency campaigning on a wall. a lot of americans want that. they did see some gains in the house. a lot of americans are little bit concerned about that. i think neither side he is with his tweets indicating as long as he gets something that you have nancy pelosi making fun of this. and next there can a call it a
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beaded curtain. the fact that they are now calling a wall or any sort of big barrier. they are calling it immoral. i think it makes it very difficult to compromise. what might they agreed to if they have already called it immoral. >> can you explain how it would be immoral. right near el paso. you see they are floating down. on the river. and then they pull it back up. the border patrol is sitting there. there is offense. there's a big fence at that point in their other areas where there is offense. i'm reading about this constantly of course. they are publishing pictures of people climbing over fences at different places. by saying it's immoral i think the democrats are buying into the far left of their party
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that thinks we basically should have an open border and then anybody that wants to come should come. i believe people seeking asylum should get their cases heard. america has long been a beacon of hope and freedom for people around the world. >> you can decide every single person who wants to come to america get in. at the neck and go through the legal process. why not have something that forces people that has them go through legal forces of entry. years ago they were actually in favor when they tried to get a comprehensive immigration bill they were actually in favor of the heavier border security. i think they don't want to give them anything that might be seen on a wing that what would certainly be the biggest campaign promise. we had have shutdowns 16 days
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back in 2013. what if this goes on to three weeks. they've a live about to reopen the government. how long do you think this will go. they could go on for quite a while. of course they are can have about as you get in. then had to get the senate on board. a lot of senators are actually sympathetic to the idea of opening the government there is no point in voting for something that the president won't sign. ultimately if they sign the bill without the wall. >> this is a bit of a smaller shutdown. it's about a quarter of the government. a lot of people throughout the country haven't really felt the effects yet one of the
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biggest ways that they noticed the shutdown is with the national parks. this is a time a year were not seen a lot of them visit that time a year. in the meantime no one is in washington trying to make the deal. nancy pelosi is in hawaii. as we see more stories perhaps of government workers who can't pay their bills i think people are gonna start to demand that they will get back to washington and they start working and making the deal. we will see if that happens or if this breaks that 16 date record. kelly ann, good to see you. just be for sure to watch fox news sunday. we will speak with the way has white house counselor to the present. and house majority whip steve scalise.
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airs at two and 7:00 p.m. eastern gray hair on right here on the fox news channel. and of course it's on your fox affiliate station. you can watch everything. >> we are learning more about the illegal immigrant charged in the murder of a california police officer. the suspect is accused of shooting and killing ronald singh during a traffic stop early wednesday morning. that's about 100 miles southeast of san francisco. the suspect is in custody. his handcuffs are brought down. they are on that guy. for his trip home. it has broken all of our hearts. we have our west coast newsroom.
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authorities say that he was making a run for the border to get back to mexico but local sheriff's deputies managed to intercept him in bakersfield california. about 200 miles away from where they say that they shot the officer. it happened just a day after they celebrated christmas with his wife and 5-month-old son. it was a native of fiji and settled --dash mecca studied studied criminal justice. i became a police officer. yesterday his brother spoke shortly after the announcement of the arrest. see there are a lot of people out there and a lot of law-enforcement people that i don't know working day and night to make sure this happens. i'd like to thank you from the bottom my heart the community
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last night focuses many showed up the suspect was in the country illegally. they often also say he have previous arrest one of the sheriffs in the area called out the sanctuary laws suggesting that the outcome could have been different if a tougher immigration laws were in place.
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we are can have incidences like this. not just on police officers but the public that we serve and protect. they also arrested seven of their people on suspicion of helping the suspect including his girlfriend and two brothers. the suspect is it expected in court. thank you so much for that update. >> up next in the presidential primary context. with support. with the democratic progressives as we learn that for more candidates could emerge the democratic race for 2020. plus homeland security secretary it is is a tragic situation something nobody every -- ever wants to see happen.
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speak to can you believe it 2018 almost over. the new york times reported that senator they are already
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to announce that they're going to enter the race within the next few weeks. let's talk about this. secretary of the kansas republican party. party. in the political analyst. jason nichols. welcome to you both. when you look at the new year. what lies ahead for the 2020 race. how do you see this shaping up. there is a big plainfield about to be announced. in addition to those for we have bernie sanders who was also looking at running. we have elizabeth warren shoot his making a head start as we had mentioned. joe biden also who is going to be considered as well.
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>> it is a big prediction there. many are still talking about vermont senator bernie sanders. he is such momentum in 2016. some are starting to say he seems to be struggling a little to retain the support. ironically the agenda for working families will be the democratic party message in 2020 and he may not be the one leading the parade what i hear from a lot of friends is that the younger bernie is what we need coming from the writer there. what he think he needs to do to get some motor back after his wheels. i think bernie sanders have a great moment. i'm not so sure he is the person. so much has happened since
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2016. i think people are looking for women to step up and female leadership. i don't want to sound tedious. i think he would be 88 at the end of two terms. i think they're looking at someone who is young who can inspire them. a lot of conservatives columnist wrote about who that a -- gop insiders fear the most. he says is more feared than worn in sanders writing this if there is a key aspect to the fear he inspires in some republican it is the outgoing public congressman. sure he is unabashedly aggressive.
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nor as it happens does he look down what he say said about what hero there. i think a young person who is appealing to me millenials he is much more appealing for people who are in the middle. i think the biggest challenge would be a woman. the gop would not be smart to not be aware of this in the end. a really good grassroots campaign. he's been reaching out to a lot of black voters that had
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people behind him. he spent time with them. he seems to be appealing to them. and not just showing up at the end of the election. do you think democrats are the democrats are excited more about ideas and policies or individuals because this is a name game. and a lot of people are looking at the boards to see who is out there announcing. i think people want to talk about healthcare. there is no clear leader of the party. we are to get about issues and ideas were think about what the nation would progress. i definitely don't think it's all about that. a lot of those candidates will be campaigning on the same issue. i think what we need is
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someone who will bring a strong leadership. bring some of the progressive issues that americans want. one thing we know is it's good to be very interesting as we head into the new year. thank you. >> i gear and storm barreling towards the east coast after it already dumped rain and many states. they had put a damper on the new year's eve plans so far. the molar russia investigation. the mistry subpoena could make it all the way to the supreme court. n car insurance!? they helped with homeowners, too! ok! plus motorcycle, boat and rv insurance! geico's got you covered! like a blanket! houston? you seeing this? geico.
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homeland security kristin nelson is in new mexico today. his sad death marking the second time in three weeks that a migrant child has died while in government custody.
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showing up with illnesses and what she caused called unprecedented number of children and family. she went to see how the screenings are being handled. a second guatemalan child died in mortar custody. earlier this month the 7-year-old from el paso texas. they caused the situation a humanitarian crisis but laid the blame on the florence settlement with the trumpet ministration wants overturned. present trump wants to keep families in detention until they are fully processes. what type of changes have they
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been making since the tragic deaths of the two young children. all children in custody in temporary housing solutions but they shifted the scrutiny from the borders of any deaths of children or others are strictly the fault of democrats. the and they can enter our country illegally. if they have a wall we would not even try. democrats called for investigations for both child death. especially in el paso where they released more than 200 undocumented immigrants on tuesday. legally they could not be detained anywhere it longer so they could -- they have nowhere else to go. >> we believe that this is an official crisis. and they are handling in a very inhumane way.
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today she will be in yuma arizona. thank you. today she will be in yuma arizona. thank you. we have new development and special counsel investigation. a mysterious grand jury subpoena reportedly could be tied to the probe as a report unveiled new evidence suggesting that the former personnel attorney michael cohen may have met russians before the 2016 election. we more on this from washington. they are reporting that claims that michael cohen traveled to prague in the summer of 2016 to meet with the russian government officials on behalf of the trump campaign. was or anything that we were actually able to see for themselves. there came a time when we felt like we have that in the critical businesses. foreign intel agencies discovered a cell phone believed to be cohen's in and
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around prague. they also report a european intel agency intercepted a conversation between russia. they punched back on thursday 20 i hear prague is beautiful in the summertime. i would not know as i've never been. he has been cooperating with a special counsel investigation for months and this report put him squarely back in the hot seat. it if true the report lends credibility to claims made by the operative. and his now infamous dossier. the president is done with mueller. >> i could be dead. the federal government also filed a sealed response on friday to an un- unnamed or a company bite. rumored to be connected to the russia pro. probe. nearly all of the details of the dispute.
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looking ahead to 2019. they claim that investigation is nearing completion. they worked on previous special investigation councils. they don't see the end for at least several more months. it will continue. just in time for the ball drop another winter storm expected to dump more rain on much of the east. this coming on the heels of a deadly storm system that plagued much of the midwest. with the forecast for what we can expect for the new year. thank you very much for having me on here. this year will end similar to the note that we head through the summer in the fall. with lots of rain out there.
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all of these locations had set the record for the wettest year in the record books. some of the big cities. as a blessing. they set -- set the record for the wettest year in the book. as another storm system will be moving up the coast. it's can to produce widespread rain. it's not really gonna can work with our plans all that well. unfortunately as tens of thousands flock to times square. we will have a widespread rain. it will be much milder when it was brutally cold. we will be mild. it may feel more like mild april. make sure you have the poncho and so forth. widespread rain across more -- most of the northeast.
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we will be mild and dryer for the most part. the leading edge of the rain will be marching up into new york city and it will be with us through the evening hours. we are very concerned about what weather. it's not all mild. we have some downright cold air in the central the u.s. the experience outside may make it feel like it's 31 degrees. and only for another day or two. ten in minneapolis. it will be on the chillier site at 33. with the warm comes the wet this new york -- this new year's day.
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they could really use it out there. a soggy new year's eve. laura: a nationwide outage sparking governmentwide intervention. a blackout prevented some people from calling the police. they speak on the phone today. what do they say. where the u.s. china rivalry could be heading in 2019.
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they had launched investigations. to begin with fall full-service. it wasn't due to hacking but
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refused to elaborate. more on that later. they will end up getting something that would be good for china and the united states. we very much appreciate it. that was present trump of course. he has made big progress on trade looking ahead to 2019. gordon chang came out with this ominous tweet today. they should issue a travel advisories because the regime and without reason cause or
11:43 am
justification. to make matters worse. they are now entering a dangerous phase. gordon chang now joins us now. we know him from his many appearances here. i think it is exceedingly dangerous. during the history of the people's republic. there was a great leap forward in 1996 in a course of the 1989 demonstrations. we have an economy they have accumulated the power. it is a stage where anything can happen in china. specifically what do you fear. >> i fear them terry in the the country apart.
11:44 am
one release. let's get a look like you to get if you get a death sentence and that will be used as a hammer they are just acting in a long lawless manner. you think for political purposes. he is canadian. in clearly they are horrified by the death sentence so i'm afraid he will get a death sentence it will be suspended.
11:45 am
when they are contained for the visa violation of all things. eventually they let her go. the point is that they don't really see any bounds. and by the way they had been taking hostages. there are three american citizens right now who are taking coverage right now. because the father whether they liked the country or not. you do have a warning about what can happen. relations between washington and beijing have deteriorated. we have the admiral on the 20th
11:46 am
of this month. as a second time this month. in the public forum. is that just boasting and the sort this sort of thing. why would they tell him to knock it off. we have seen the offices have advocated the most of the literature it statements have gotten promoted in the military. they are not just talking about this. they blinded those two american pilots. if you try to blind the pilot the plane you intend to build
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-- bring it down. you intend to kill the crew. of course in addition to all of this we have those american diplomats who are injured by the sonic attacks. they have to be complicit in that. they actually are harming american. they are actually doing. and finally what should we do about that and how do we counter them potentially going rogue. we have to impose some pretty severe causes. the americans are doing things they must be serious. it is completely unacceptable. perhaps your message will get through. make sure to check your french the largest grocery chain has
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>> these warnings are happening a lot. went to check the refrigerator and freezer. kroger is issuing a recall for shrimp sold in parts of michigan, ohio and virginia because of the potential health hazard. i was labeled as cooked but was actually raw or undercooked. you can return it to the start store for a full return. it wasn't just major events. janice dean takes a look back. the temperatures were in the single digits it set the tone for what turned out to be a frigid stormy winter.
11:53 am
-- winter. reaching the high 70s and setting new records in much of the northern midwest. we have the hottest month of may there were rushing floodwaters in residential areas. they unleashed deadly winds and rain on north carolina. both near troubled digit temperatures in july.
11:54 am
extreme heat was partially to blame. in oregon. several huge damaging dust storms. canceling flights and taking down power lines. they are making landfall in north carolina. they were packing maximum sustained winds. it left several counties under water and cause an estimated $13 million in damage. hurricane marco -- michael was next. michael barreled the shore near mexico beach. flattening the town and causing dozens of deaths. it helped to fuel up here of massive wildfires in november. that campfire quickly became that most destructive and deadliest blaze.
11:55 am
early season snow storms. they paralyzed the north and the southeast. conditions were so bad at a middle school in new jersey hundreds of kids and teachers were forced to spend the night. they will remember things giving 2018 as the one where white out conditions left them stranded at airports and on the road. in fleet in a created a messy storm and the southeast in early december. despite the recent surge of snowstorms. they expect above normal temperatures this winter. three quarters of the country will likely had a mild season while the south can plan for a much wetter winter than usual. >> maybe if you're a millionaire you will have to worry about all of that weather step. if it's to be a millionaire you might have a chance. yesterday really lucky though. the next mega millions drive
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welcome to the special edition of the journal. and from the contentious confirmation of his second supreme court justice. to a trade war with china it is set to continue into the new year. here's a look at the in ministrations accomplishments and setbacks. okay, let's start with


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