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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 29, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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have a happy 2019. i know i will. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is hide orld. [♪] judge jeanine: welcome to a very special justice tonight. a look back at president trump's year and a look forward to 2019 and beyond. i'm push *. thank you for being with us. this our first "justice" with a studio audience. they will be taking part and asking questions throughout the show. if you would like to take part at home. tweet your comments at judge jeanine. we have a fantastic lineup of guests. we'll surprise you everybody block and you can't miss a moment of it.
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let's bring out my first guest. he fought tirelessly in congress for the american people for the last 18 years, a big welcome for congressman darrell issa. >> good evening. how are you? >> i'm doing great. judge jeanine: here we are, almost the end of the year. you are finishing up 18 years in congress. i have been dying to ask you this question. what can you tell us that you couldn't tell us before. what frustrated you the most of? what did you have to do in order to stay in congress that frustrated you? >> those are several great questions. i think one the viewers would not be surprised that really does burn me is the difference between what people say on the campaign trail and what they do in my party. we want to end the death tax. no they don't, they just don't
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want to pay it themselves. we want to lower taxes, no we just want to lower taxes on ourselves. there is a lot of self-serving. you see it in the negotiations for principle solutions versus what gets negotiated. that's why a lot of tax deals are temporary. the president's tax reform is permanent. judge jeanine: we expect loyalty to party. and i understand that. you have to make sure you get your agenda done. but as i look at paul ryan and i look at what happened with some of the committees. paul wrien not being willing to hit the button on a lot of stuff going on. we saw at the end of december, james comey comes and testifies before the house committee. it's way too late.
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nothing can be done. i wonder if they believe what what they are saying or if it's just theater to them. >> in congress there is always somebody who believes it and then there is the rest of the congress. this latest thing is an example of too little too late. and there are things still being worked on. as we get to the end of the congress. one of them, some of the immigration reform stuff that has broad support that actually still gets done that the president has scuked about and asked for, the high-tech immigrants. those are areas where we could still get it done. but there is always sort of the people who wanted to wait within we'll do it later. >> how does it benefit for them not to produce for the american people? >> having gone through an election where my successor
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didn't get across the finish line in california. if we had done more we would have been treated better by the voters. not living up to the president's agenda and not living up to his aspirations has cost the house of representatives its majority. judge jeanine: right now i am going to bring out some new guests. our next two guests are real players responsible for helping to get donald trump elected. the authors of the new book, "trump enemies." trump deputy campaign manager corey lewandowski and david bossie are both here. hi, guys. great to see you. you got a great new book out and i'm not going to talk about it right now.
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now i feel like i'm part of your club. but what the congressman and i didn't have time to talk about i want to talk to you guys about is the economy. we saw the gdp in 2018 hit record highs. but then it started to father at the end of the year. unemployment is saved, go to the 3.7%. but there was volatility in the stock market in mid-december. what's going on and what can the president do to make sure that he can continue to deliver on the message that apparently the house couldn't deliver on. corey? >> the president has focused on renegotiating bad trade deals. if you look at what he has done between canada and mexico and the united states. and you have to think what he did with president xi in china. he said we'll put a temporary
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stay on putting mortar rivers on you. for a period the market was up over a three-day period. but it's very fickle. now what we are seeing the last two or three or four weeks, every time the market goes down whether it's 10 or 50 points, they are blaming the president. when it was going up, it was barack obama who built it. >> barack obama destroyed our economy and this president has taken the last two years to bring it up. i think there is a lot of uncertainty out there in the markets. and i'm not an economist. but i'm a political guy. i look at the investigations
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that are besetting this president and white house. you will see a white house under siege by the democrat controlled house very shortly and you will see a white house that is naturally going constrict in its ability to get a legislative agenda through as well as other priorities on the economy. judge jeanine: the house couldn't do what it might have done. why? >> because the house is known for passing things then letting the senate fail to do it. this time there were a lot of things we didn't pass. we didn't even send them to the senate. judge jeanine: the economy is so good. why didn't republicans win and keep the house? >> the economy is an interesting and fickle thing. in a good economy a lot of republicans don't get excited and turn out. democrats looking at donald trump and dissurprising him did turn out. one of the things about the
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economy. some people score the economy based on 3.4% unemployment. how about we scored like it was the real battle it is between us and the chinese. chinese, 1.3% growth. i was at the world economic for number china. company after company told me about leaving china and building their new factory in south korea. a lot are being built in the u.s. but we don't see what's moving out of china. what china is dealing with is we are in this so-called war. and we are winning it. we are growing it. but china has decelerated from its 10% to 1.3%. they are in a free-fall. judge jeanine: i know we have a question from our audience. i believe, sir, ernie, i will
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just call you ernie. ernie's question is what does the situation with china mean for the economy, and could things get worse? >> i think i just gave you apart of that. >> china is in a free-fall. china still has more than half a billion people. they are trying to get modern 21st century jobs for. and they don't have a way to get it. and the rest of the world is starting to eat their lunch and they have an inflation problem and they have gone back to being a communist dictatorship. what does it mean for us? we'll have a more diverse group of vendors for the united states. our partnership with canada and mexico is going to grow. judge jeanine: i think you had additional questions? >> the additional question. what will that do?
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what will that effect be on our elections in 2020? >> as related to china. they are now agreeing to open their markets for our are agricultural products because of the sit-down conversation president trump had with president xi. they blocked us from putting our exports there because they didn't want to compete against the united states. everything is witness at the ballot box. when people are doing well, they have to ask themselves a simple question. am i better off than i was two or four years ago. you look at economic and homeland and national security. every economic indicator says yes we are strong dear under the trump administration than we were two years ago which bode well for a reelection campaign. >> in that conversation with president xi president trump asked the chinese president to
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take a stand on the opioid issue. that potentially two years from now, not today. but two years from now is going to be able to rein in this tragedy in that is going on in this country. i think the american people hopefully will see the fruits of that labor as well. judge jeanine: i believe we have another question from the audience. i've seen a lot of headlines that the economy is dropping, the stock market is crashing it's worrying to me. could we be headed for another recession? >> i'm not an economist and i didn't stay at the holiday inn express last light. but i don't think so. every economic indicator shows our economy is growing. we have to be cautious of the federal reserve continuing to raise interest rates. the president is being very vocal about it.
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people are finally having more money in their pockets for the first time in literally a decade under the bush and obama economy. people didn't have job opportunities and not just new jobs. but what you are seeing in our economy right now is people who have jobs have opportunities to move to other places that didn't exist because the deregulation of this president impacted our environment which means more economic opportunities for everybody. >> i would love to find a way to get the millennials to get into the housing market. that's one of the soft spots we see in the economy coming up in the next several quarters is that we see with the interest rates going up, the millennials have to understand and want to participate in that american dream. we have for 200 years, it's always been a bedrock of our economy. judge jeanine: we'll talk about millennials in a few minutes.
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but corey lewandowski and david bossie will both be back in a few minutes and congressman sighsa is staying to tackle our next topic.
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judge jeanine: immigration, the crisis at the southern border a key issue for the trump administration this year. congressman darrell issa is still with to us weigh in. but complete's bring in our surprise guest. hear it from the one and only attorney general pam bondi. good to see you. you look fabulous. attorney general, my partner in crime, you make the law. you write the law for a few more weeks anyway. we want to talk about madame attorney general for a few more weeks. america is split on this image, issue of immigration. as we go into the next segment with a couple new guests i'm not going to mention to you, we are going to talk about young people and how they right. this president has been getting a beating on immigration and the
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border issue starting with the separation of kids from family members. can you tell our viewers in just a few sentences what requires that and what have you done to change it? >> initially the president never wanted to separate children from their parents. it was a security issue that's been changed. that's been corrected. we also he deeply cares about children and and now more than ever in this world securing our borders is critical. that's why it many called homeland security it's our homeland. judge jeanine: in the past when the president separated parents and children was because the law required he do that. and that was something the president ended, correct? >> of course under both
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presidents, you always had the question of just because somebody says it's their child doesn't mean it is. we found time and time again separating became necessary to protect a child. judge jeanine: where are we with the border wall? you come from a law enforcement perspective. you notate 0% of the heroin, 90% of the drugs come from our southern border. why can't we get this message out? am i missing something. >> this is up a bipartisan issue. i have seen first harden the drugs that have come into my state into florida from mexico. i have seen the assault rifles. we have seen the gangs. i have been to mexico dealing, helping the good attorneys general from mexico training them on how to protect their country and work well with our country. securing our borders is paramount for our homeland
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safety. and of course helping great immigrants come to this country in a legal way. judge jeanine: how does the president in 2019 actually work with the democrat majority? can he get the border wall with the democrats? >> with mrs. pelosi it's clear he'll fight him every step of the way. but the president doesn't go to nancy pelosi to get what he needs, he go to the american people. judge jeanine: i believe we have questions from the audience. so i'll walk over here. thank you. questions. >> i would like to know about. i get to the u.s. the legal way. we went through a process. i want to know if these families to the dreamers they are giving
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citizenship like the last one. judge jeanine: where are you from? >> colombia. i came to the united states and there was through colombia six years to get into the united states legally it was a process. we wait forward a criminal background and an affidavit for to us come to the united states. the affidavit, the purpose of the affidavit was for us not to be free from the government. judge jeanine: you had the ability to take care of yourself. >> the president came up with a four-pillar plan for immigration. we are a country made up of immigrants. and he understands that. most of of congress understands that. but it has to be done in a legal way. just like you came into this country.
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so he has a plan i think for almost 1.8 million people could become citizens. judge jeanine: that's the daca. do you object to daca? >> i don't agree with that. >> let me try to get to you buy into it in a different way for a moment. before we agreed, and the numbers were very different to take those who were clearly brought here as children and had no other life. the victims of their parents or family members' misconduct. before we offered a fix for that under president trump's leadership, the democrats were constantly using it to claim we didn't care. when we brought up a daca only fix. we brought up something to take care of the victims of the ambition of their parents, we suddenly discovered that the other side wanted nothing to do with that. they wanted comprehensive or nothing. it shows no mat wear we do, we
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are going to have to do it probably without the other side's help because they don't really want a fix to illegal immigration. they want open borders. i tell people the reason we did it because it was the right thing to help some of these victims. the reason we continue to push it is because it shows the people who want sanctuary cities and open borders will settle for nothing less. judge jeanine: another question? >> recently the attorney general put in force in new jersey local police and state police will not participate with i.c.e. raids or any kind of i.c.e. enforcement. is there anything that the federal government can do to make them cooperate with i.c.e.? >> i can tell you in the state of florida that will never happen. we work hand in hand with i.c.e. i was with homeland security this week in florida. we work harmed in hand with them. and they are great partners.
6:24 pm
judge jeanine: i don't mean to interrupt. what can the federal government do? >> the president has been stymied in the short-run by court decisions that made no sense. but in the long run there is a combination of don't fund, don't provide fund that only are there if there is a quid pro quo. if there is a balance between what the state is doing and the federal government is doing. write those programs of federal dollars to require reciprocal behavior. as we do that, the court would say you are right, you don't have to give it if they don't cooperate. currently the courts are instructing the president to give money tone states like california obstructing to the detriment of their own people. judge jeanine: attorney general pam bondi, thank you for all the work you do in florida.
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[♪] reporter: live from "america's news headquarters." president trump breaks his silence on the death of two immigrant children at the i.s.-mexico border. he placed blame on the democrats saying it's quote their pathetic immigration policy. arguing they encourage migrants to make it long journey. two young children from guatemala died earlier this month while in government custody. meanwhile, russian and turkish
6:30 pm
officials agreed to coordinate round operations in syria as the u.s. prepares to withdraw all 2,000 troops from the country after president trump declared victory over isis. judge jeanine: welcome back. it's time for our "justice" political panel to come out. we welcome the author of "spygate" and democrat strategist. go to your appropriate corners. but guys, thanks for being here. we were talking about the
6:31 pm
economy for the first few minutes of the show. the fact that it was going gangbusters but it seemed to have sputtered toward the end of the month. is this good or bad news for the president. >> it's ever great news when the stock market stagnates. but this is more an indication of the overprinting of money. all the other signs are good, unemployment, productivity. i don't think it's all bad. judge jeanine: i suspect, ari you are going to say to me it's war than what dan is saying. >> the economy is doing great and picked up a lot of jobs. i thank president obama for having put in place a great economic economy that's twitter-proof. you can have a president that's so destabilizing that he wakes up and tweeted.
6:32 pm
thank you, president obama. >> we had a great conversation in the green room. but you are totally wrong on this. he's the first president in american history to never reach 3% growth. barack obama its the gold medal award winner of awful economic recovery. >> wrong wrong wrong. the global economy was going to the toilet. and president obama saves the banging system and financial resources. the very reason we are sitting here and the economic system exists is because of the hard work of those men and women and donald trump is pick up the crumbs. judge jeanine: isn't president trump the one who said the manufacturing jobs are gone and
6:33 pm
never coming back to the united states. >> the jobs that existed if the 70s and 80s no longer exist. >> your party -- judge jeanine: i'm talking about when obama was the president and said they are not coming back. donald trump isn't even in office and he has carrier and others coming back. >> presidents will lie to get votes in wisconsin, and michigan and pens vein yeah. >> i have a hard time about talking about lying and presidents if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. i'll take hard pass on that one. this is a fact. we recovered everyone. obama don't deserve a cookie because we recovered from that.
6:34 pm
the worst recovery based on growth rate which is what every economist uses. >> you have got to give context. you can't say. we had more horses and bayonets in world war ii. you have to give context. the president of the united states in 2009 took over a disaster domestically and globally. he tried to fix it and he did a good job. can you name one misinterpreted statement by president trump. >> he lied day in and day out. >> trump lies day in and day out. we'll get to his lies more when the democratic house takes over. it will be a tough year for donald j. trump. judge jeanine: a rirks, why are you looking forward to that.
6:35 pm
your party is the obstruct and resist and don't let anything good happen. now what you are promising the american people is the next two years of nothing but going after donald trump. we elected him. stay out of it. go back to your hate-filled the leftists progressives. >> you had the house, the senate, the supreme court and president for two years. you did not achieve a thing because the republicans are bad at governing. get out of our way. the republicans are bad at governing. >> this is from the party of the irs. >> he sits with kim jong-un and gives him everything on a platter. >> at least he didn't give $100 million in cash like he gave it iranians. you forget that part.
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judge jeanine: i want to ask you by a show of hands. how many of you believe young people identify more with liberals than conservatives? what do you think? 70%. how many of you think they identify more with
6:41 pm
conservatives? wait a minute. this ain't making sense. nobody raids their hands for conservatives and 70% for liberals. let's bring out a few people change the way young people look at conservatism. charlie kirk, candace owens, and katrina pierson. welcome. great to have you all here. i believe that most of young people or more young people identify with liberals than conservatives and candace owens i start with you. >> i think it's right. but it's changing. we are seeing a shifting paradigm thanks to the efforts of turning point u.s.a. and the president. we have a president who appeals to the youth generation. >> it's not that youngs people
6:42 pm
do not appeal to the conservative ideas, they are just not exposed to them. we went to u.c. berkeley and ucla in about a month and lived to tell about it. at ucla we had a lot of fun. >> they were blaring beyonce music trying to drown out our voices. judge jeanine: katrina, you were in the 2016 race. you recognize katrina, the spokesman for the president. why is there such an inability for young people to come out, and why are campuses the feeding ground for hate for people on the right? >> a lot of it is expose our. people say donald trump has a millennial problem. and i say no the gop has a
6:43 pm
millennial problem. so many people have not been exposed to conservative principles and values, and they are being preached to and not spoken to. and that has created a large disconnect. and the professors in the university are very liberal. 60% of the young people think trump is a racist. by a black woman and he chose me to represent him in his presidential campaign. judge jeanine: 69% of people 1 15-6 disapprove of president trump's performance as a president. wait a minute. isn't the economy doing great now? >> we don't pay attention to much to the polls. they told us hillary was going to win and they were 80% sure. but this president in particular
6:44 pm
will appeal more to the youth generation. something about him feels punk rock and rebellious. he's rebelling against the establishment and the mainstream media. it's something we identify with. when you are younger you are in a more rebel yows stage. judge jeanine: we have a question from the audience. >> looking back at the election this past november and the 2016 presidential election, are you seeing trend with college student if they are going to vote consequenceo conservative in this 2020 election or will you see a liberal turn out for them. >> the democrats did a little better with younger voters. but they did not do as well as they thought they would do and they didn't do well enough to win ohio and florida. in california they consider
6:45 pm
nancy pelosi to be a moderate which is horrifying to think about. you will see more ocasio-cortez candidates. when you look at what ron desantis was able to do in florida energize younger voters and african-american voters in a way that defied conventional norms. judge jeanine: should the president visit colleges in 2019? >> without question. it really matters' he has to engage the youth more. the future of this country depend on it. judge jeanine: i think we have another question here. >> my question had to do with 2020. it's not too early to plan for it. some are saying in the suburbs we lost ground. i am wondering how we can make up for it when he we 92% of the media going against him. >> in some areas we didn't lose ground. one of the things that the
6:46 pm
president is very good at is speaking directly to the american public. which is why the rallies are so important. and why going to college campuses would be an amazing opportunity to talk directly to young people. what president trump does, what most of politicians on the republican side doesn't do is speak directly about the issues. for so long you had gop candidates talking about philosophy and their 341-point plan to fix the economy. donald trump said i'm going to bring in jobs and young people want to know when they get out of college, they will have a job. >> what we whros in the suburbs we can make up in the projects. i think black america is paying attention. as the left appeals more and more toil legal aliens. there is one group of individuals being forgotten about, and that's black america.
6:47 pm
judge jeanine: we are going to be right back after the break. coming up. i want to know who our audience thinks the democratic nominee will can in 2020. who do you think it will be? i'm ken jacobus and i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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judge jeanine: welcome back to this special edition of justice. katrina pierson is still with us. let's jump right into it. trump's 2020 campaigns ramping up. who do we want to see him battle among the democratic candidates. who do you want? >> i'll take any of them. donald trump is a tremendous -- back up. what was your job in the campaign. >> i was the deputy campaign manager. judge jeanine: what does that mean? you beat up on everybody? >> we worked on the debates because we were right in that time period where we had three debates with hillary clinton. we did all the logistics. i planned every single rally.
6:52 pm
i built the strategic scheduling. we built six times a day, every day of the week we were running around the country. judge jeanine: i thought you would say you and corey would go out and beat people up. who would you like to see run? >> i would love to see a traditional candidate by the democrats because that will be the easiest person to beat. >> really? i would think it easiest person to beat would be a progressive lefty who wants an open border. >> like a bernie sanders, that's a traditional candidate. an outsider would be an oprah winfrey. somebody who is not a traditional politician. >> i think the democrats will move so far to the left. they will forget about middle america. you say see hillary back in this. i think joe biden is going to
6:53 pm
run. i think hillary is going to run. elizabeth warren is going to run. cory booker, kamala harris, michael bloomberg. the question is who can go as far to the left as possible to get the nomination. and the great thing we know is once they do, it's over. >> corey lists everyone except tom stire. he wants to be the trump. but this platform is just anti-trump. the president has done such a great job at keeping his campaign promises. are you going to run against a great economy and amazing opportunity that's available to americans? judge jeanine: katrina brings up the promises made, promises kept. i was in jerusalem the opening of the embassy the president
6:54 pm
promised. on every street corner we saw signs saying thank you donald trump. >> the democrat partied along with the mainstream media decided they were going to create a narrative then defeat this president in his reelection. first they tried to defeat him during the campaign. then they tried to delegitimize him during the transition. now they spent the last two years working to undermine this president. there are people in the democrat party and elsewhere who hate this president more than they love the country. they are doing damage to our country. judge jeanine: the next two years will be worse. they will subpoena everybody. they will subpoena house keep horse work for the trumps. i don't know anyone who isn't around that family won't be under stress and investigation. >> when you look at what happened. we knew trump had enemies in the
6:55 pm
congress. now that the democrats have taken over. they have said they are going to use the power of the subpoena to move their agenda forward. we just saw the most of progress idea member of the democratic party threatening to subpoena donald trump, jr. because of a tweet he put out. if that's not an abuse of power for an incoming member of congress because they don't like something he said on twitter. we should be afraid of their abuse of power. >> they won't be able to control themselves. they will be out of control to impeach this president. nancy pelosi won't be able to control them. the american people will be able in 2020 to see what they did. >> it will be a stark contrast for us. judge jeanine: thanks so much. and we'll be right back.
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judge: thank you for watching and a very special thank you to our fantastic guest and the audience members.
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advocating for the american way i will see you next saturday night. [applause] shut up i don't know about you but in 2018 i saw staff i never thought i would see the end of the jerry springer show. i thought that crap would live forever. the revival of rosanne, the cancellation of rosanne. [laughter] and this. >> donald trump. [buzzer] [bleep] all the countries in africa


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