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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 30, 2018 2:00am-3:01am PST

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pennsylvania. thank you, morgan, a good job tonight. kat timpf. happy new year, every one. laura: "the fox report" with jon scott is up next. a member of the violent street gang and illegal immigrants. police revealed they have arrested seven other people trying to help in the rest. in the rest. good evening i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report". officers captured the suspect friday two days after singh pulled them over on suspicion of drunk driving. the suspect was in the country illegal to you. here's sure donny youngblood. snake's immigration status to me is not what was most important in this case. this is someone that we believe
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engaged in a police officer with a firearm and took his life. his immigration status is secondary however is extremely important that we confirm whether the person had a right to be in a country not. >> jeff paul has the latest from los angeles. >> authorities believe they found the gun used in the killing and now have arrested a total of eight people in connection with this case. the first coming friday where sheriffs deputies managed to track down the suspect is he with allegedly fleeing to mexico. seven of the people now behind bars including two of the suspects brothers and his girlfriend investigators think they were trying to help protect the suspect. authorities believe the suspect was in the country illegally and had a previous arrest for dui's and gang affiliations. the shares in the area called the california so-called sanctuary law suggesting it might have been prevented with tougher laws. >> if he wasn't here he would have been driving drunk and it
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would have been reported to officer singh and a potentially never would have occurred. my point is why are we fighting sanctuary for criminals, gang members? it the conversation we need to have. jon: the community choosing their focus and energy on the life of the officer they lost. many showed up for vigil to honor officer ronil singh who leaves behind a wife and 5 -month-old son. he studied criminal justice and immigrated to the states legally where he became a police officer. his brother spoke shortly after the announcement of the arrest. >> is not coming back but there are a lot of people out there and a lot of law enforcement people that i don't know who worked day and night to make this happen and i would like to
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thank you from the bottom of my heart. you made this happen. jon the suspect is expected in court on wednesday to formally face charges. jon: jeff paul in los angeles thank you. we are now in the second week of a partial government shutdown in president trump's not backing down on his demand for border wall to the present laming the democrats for the country's immigration crisis and the slow progress toward a deal. allison barber is live at the white house. reporter: do we could go the democrats gave to present a counter offer and $5,000,000,000.1.3 but billion dollars for wall construction. administration officials won't say exactly what the number is but around $2.5 billion. the white house said they do not hear from democrats for days and then they said thursday night democrats told them they were
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going to counter. same with the democrats suffered a $1.3 billion for border security. keep in mind everybody agrees that some folks use the term wall and amy different things. the democrats believe it or not don't call that wall. they offered $1.3 billion to do that. we countered with $5 billion. they came back walking away from the table. >> white house officials say they don't expect them a crest to negotiate in the future they claim it's because of house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> nancy pelosi does not have the votes for the speakership yet. she cannot seem by your party as being weak on negotiating with donald trump. >> she's more willing protect that then our borders and american lives. >> pelosi pushed back on the idea that those in the speakership for putting her in a weak negotiating position meeting with president trump in senate minority leader chuck schumer at this monthly
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president trump he says that he does not care what democrats choose to call it that he must have funding or some sort of his akel barry at the u.s.-mexico border. if he doesn't get it he said he will quote be forced to close the southern border entirely. meanwhile the white house is trying to downplay the impact on federal workers. >> we are in the middle of the government shutdown in the ordinary pay cycle that we pay folks today those paychecks are going out. >> isn't that for work that they did before the 22nd so the work they have done in the last week they would not be paid correct? >> the folks who are working are going to get paid period and it's very. when they get paid is a function of when the government opens up again but they absolutely will get paid. no one works are free for the federal government. the folks that are furloughed however would need legislation to pay them for the time that they were furloughed. >> in the past lawmakers on
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capitol hill of pass legislation to give furloughed workers backpay but there's no guarantee this time around that they would pass that sort of legislation. jon: allison barber to write a thank you predominant security secretary kirsten nilson meeting with medical staff on our southern border and yuma arizona the migrant child died in u.s. custody for second time this month. jackie heinrich is in or near to the newsroom with more. >> border patrol made a series of changes since the boy passed away including second medical checks on all children in custody. a spike in migrants arriving with illnesses in an unprecedented number of children and families but she called it a humanitarian crisis but also laid the blame on the court saying home in securities overwhelmed because of the encouragement of illegal border crossing. a 20-year-old ruling limits
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conditions for facilities. the trump administration wants to under -- overturn it in keep them contained until their asylum is fully processed. president trump blame the democrats for the children's death. any deaths of children or others on the border strip in the fall of the democrats and their pathetic immigration policies that allow people to make the long trek thinking they can enter our country illegally. they can't. if we had a ball they wouldn't even try. he died of shock and dehydration and border patrol custody and filipe lonzo died christmas eve. he had the flu. sheila jackson-lee retraced that little boys last that's a met with border patrol page acknowledge understaffing and said there aren't enough to sell it used to house detainees once they are apprehended three she said in a probe response would be to help border patrol with
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resources so children don't die in custody. >> we don't have the infrastructure necessary to handle the humanitarian crisis on the front end when they are first taken in. that has to be fixed. all focus on the wall is not the solution. >> border towns like el paso have been struggling to house undocumented immigrant. legally they could be detained any longer but agents had no post relief plans for them. jon: thanks jackie. sad news out of california for a family that file so hard to bring a baby to the u.s. for medical help. 2-year-old abdullah hassan has died from degenerative brain disorder and an oakland hospital. his mother was granted a visa and a travel waiver to fly to the united states from yemen last week after filing a lawsuit in federal court she was able to say goodbye to her dying son. citizens from yemen are
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restricted from coming to the u.s. under the trump administration travel ban. top russian and turkish officials have agreed to work together on military operations in syria. this is the u.s. forces prepared to withdraw from war-torn somalia and yemen. katie logan has more from london. >> discussions are already underway between the key players in syria to see how things might change on the ground once u.s. troops pull out. in principle that the ministers agreed to cooperate on the ground in syria and prepare the plan for the country but this is a complex situation with many players who now have a stake in the outcome of syria's long running war. the meeting follows president trump's recent announcement to pull out all 2000 u.s. troops currently in syria. many are in the city on the
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turkish border. president trump says they are no longer needed as isis has lost most of its territory. he announced that angered kurdish fighters. the kurds are worried the departure of u.s. troops could leave them vulnerable to attacks like turkey. past week turkish convoys have been seen gathering at the border with syria major kurdish held areas. those kurdish fighters are already looking for new allies to protect them. on friday the syrian military entered as part of an agreement between them and the kurds or the kurdish fighters control around one third of the territory and they could still play a key role in the outcome of the war. it's debated as to whether u.s. troops will leave weapons behind. meanwhile the war in syria goes on.
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the next fight is the opposition stronghold north of the country. jon: kitty logan thank you. russian president vladimir putin celebrating after his country successfully tested a new hypersonic missile earlier this week. putin says the new system will pose a challenge to u.s. defenses once it's deployed in the new year. lucas tomlinson has that story at the pentagon. >> one day after christmas the russian military launched a new type of nick we are capable hypersonic missile which flew in nearly 4000 miles mile successfully hitting its target near kazakhstan. russian president vladimir putin witness attest firsthand. he called the launch an excellent new year's gift to his nation. the new avant-garde missile system is the future missile defense system. it was a big success and a big victory. >> the new missile be deployed
2:12 am
next year and will put the united states in its crosshairs. putin wasn't the only one watching the russian missile. american spy satellites tracked the missile from space. a recent report from the national defense strategy commission a group of military experts and retired senior u.s. military officers warned america has reached the point of a full-blown national security crisis in any future battles with russia or china due to years of pentagon cuts during the obama administration. a scathing report said the u.s. military is falling behind in developing new weapons with respect to hypersonic in particular the united states fight itself trailing china and perhaps russia as well. all this raises the possibility that america may find itself in a technological disadvantage in teacher conflicts. one of the report's authors said president trump must continue to spend more on defense. >> we have to do five things at once.
2:13 am
we need to be able to fight terrorism like isis. we have to deter north korea and counter russian russian with coke coarser to deal with the threat in a researching china. officials say the best defense is russia china remaining u.s. arsenal. over 1000 warheads and silos and bombers drop the rope if anyone took a shot of the united states the response would be overwhelming. the pentagon lucas comments and "fox news". jon: new details on the bombshell report the present trump's former attorney michael cohen might have met with russian officials in prague during the 2016th presidential election. what one of the journalists behind the story has to say plus your you'd new year's weather forecast. what kind of weather to those who plan to stand in new york's times square expect when the ball drops at hey. i heard you're moving into a new apartment.
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jon: the federal government filing a response to an unnamed foreign company which is fighting to get the supreme court to weigh in on a mysterious grand jury subpoena. the subpoenas possibly tied to the mueller russia pro. meantime mcclatchey to stand behind report that president trump's former attorney michael cohen met with russian officials in prague during the 2016 election. this is one of the journalists behind the report but that is not seen some of the evidence first-hand. gillian turner has more. >> mcclatchey is standing by its reporting the claims michael cohen present trump's former attorney traveled to prague to meet with government officials on behalf of the trump campaign. >> is there anything to you are able to see for yourself?
2:18 am
>> we held out for a while for that for a time we thought we had the critical masses. >> mcclatchey's d.c. bureau reported or stay agencies discovered a cell phone believed to be cohen's pinging self towers in and around prague in 2016 per the report and intel agency has resected a conversation between russians in which one of them mentions cohen was in prague. cohen pledged tweeting i heard prague is beautiful in a summertime but i wouldn't know because i have never been. mulder knows everything. cohen has been a corporate in the special counsel's investigation for months and this report puts him squarely back in the hot seat. it's true mcclatchey's report and lends credibility british intel christopher steele and his infamous dossier but rudy giuliani says the president is done with mueller. >> over my dead duddy but i
2:19 am
could the dead. the federal government filed a sealed response friday to an unnamed companies fight to get the supreme court to weigh in on a mysterious grand jury subpoena rumored to be connected to the russia pro. nearly all the details of the dispute remain under seal but sources indicated to "fox news" it involves special counsel robert mueller's investigation. looking ahead to 2019 rudy giuliani contains -- claims mueller's investigation is coming to an end. they don't see the end in sight for at least several more months. jon: gillian turner reporting thanks. dozens of yellow vest protesters targeting the media per protesters announcing plans to do the same at the offices of other television networks. some members are accusing the media of favoring president emanuel macron's government and minimizing their protests. those began out of anger over
2:20 am
fuel tax hikes that have been ongoing for more than a month. parts of the u.s. are speaking out after powerful winter storms hardest hit were the northern plains upper midwest and southwest from arizona to texas. now those storm clouds are moving east bringing strong winds and heavy rain. accuweather meteorologist aaron is here with your weather outlet >> jon the tail end at the front of wrought us those downpours on these coasts yesterday are still lingering here in the southeast. we will continue to see showers and storms in this location. it's adding insult to injury because we already have saturated communities in the south so we don't need the rain but here are some of the wettest years on record to in 2018 this was a handful of the cities. we couldn't fit them all in the graphics because there's so many but that includes washington d.c. also more state college a
2:21 am
close second for philadelphia and pittsburgh. it's been a wet one and we are going to add more to those totals. we have another system developing. we'll keep moist air traveling from the tennessee valley into the northeast for new year's eve it's going to be a soaker new york. we could see up to an inch of rain so pack a poncho if you're heading to times square. the timing during the day is going to be clear new york. around 7:00 we expect to see the rain moving in and it's going to be steady for hours. right around midnight to 1:00 is when we could see some heavier downpours. the good news is although it is going to be a wet one it's going to be a much warmer one than last year for sure. look at the east coast, 60s, 50's and even in the 40s. different story for friends in the north-central region. fargo 36 degrees below zero for the accuweather real feel temperature. the formula for the real feel
2:22 am
temperature, it's going to be cold and are central to look at the difference. when he ring in 2018 the real feel was five degrees below in this year it's going to be around 45 so pack a poncho. it's going to be a wet one but at least it's going to be relatively warm. on new year's day we have a high pressure system dominating that will bring this colbert from the north so widespread chilly temperatures in the southeast. we'll continue to see rain. it's going to be pleasant in southern florida and look at miami 83 degrees with sunshine to the new york we should be in the upper 30s this time of year but it's going to be 60 degrees and sunny. nor central bismarck around two degrees but on the west coast is looking pleasant and in california nice sunshine in l.a. a temperature of 61. back to you.
2:23 am
jon: aaron thanks. 2018 brought another year of extreme weather to the u.s.. as we prepare to ring in the new year meter out just take a look back at mother nature's fury. new year's eve revelers in new york's times square brought in 2018 amid temperatures in the single of digits but with the windshield the feel like temperature was far below. set the tone for what turned out to be a frigid stormy winter. remember down south typically warm areas like tallahassee were hammered with dangerous freezing rain and covered in ice. then temperature skyrocketed in late february reaching the high 70s and setting new records in much of the north and midwest. what goes up must come down to plunging temperatures led to a whopping four nor'easter is in march alone. after the coldest april in more than 20 years we have the hottest month of may in recorded
2:24 am
history. ellicott city west of baltimore was hit with pounding rain leading to rushing floodwaters in residential and commercial areas with as much as 8 inches of rain fell in just two hours. tropical storm alberto unleashed deadly winds and rain on north carolina and virginia. minneapolis and cincinnati near triple digit temperatures in july. while humidity made it feel well above 100 degrees. extreme heat was partially to blame for sparking more than 150 simultaneous fires in oregon. several huge damaging dust storms will roll through and over arizona this summer canceling flights and taking down power lines. hurricane florence making landfall in north carolina in september. the monster storm packing maximum sustained winds topping 130 miles per hour. let's several counties underwater and cost caused an estimated $13 billion in damages
2:25 am
hurricane michael was next. the strongest storms on record in the florida panhandle with maximum sustained winds of 150 miles an hour. michael barreled ashore near mexico beach flattening the town and causing dozens of deaths. dry conditions at both ends of california helped fuel a pair of massive wildfires in mid-november by the camp fire and butte county quickly became the state's most destructive flame. they the smoke drifted over san francisco at one point giving the bay area the worst air quality in the world. early season snowstorms paralyzed the north and southeast along with the midwest preconditions were so bad at a middle school in new jersey hundreds of kids and teachers were forced to spend the night. midwesterners remember thanksgiving 2018 as the ones where white-out conditions left them stranded at airports and on the roads and sleet and freezing rain created a messy storm in the southeast in early december.
2:26 am
despite the recent surge of snowstorms forecasters expect above normal temperatures this winter. three-quarters of the country will like we have a mild season while the south can plan for a wetter winter than usual. janice dean "fox news." jon: this is dated the partial government shutdown with no sign of a compromise deal on funding president trump supporter wall plan. while pelot take to get an agreement in who stands to lose the most? plus reaction continues to pour in over the death of a california police officer as investigators say the suspect was in the country illegally. christopher bedford the editor-in-chief of the "daily caller news foundation" weighed in on that and more, next. >> what is occurring here is the righteous are paying for the sinners. not that every illegal is a criminal but california dropped the as someone in witness protection,
2:27 am
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and at the same time provide for border security but those efforts were completely rebuffed by the democrats. in both the house and the senate >> i can assure you that the democrats all of us in congress and beyond want border security. we want the money to be spent wisely and in the most effective way possible. jon: the finger-pointing goes on to lawmakers on capitol hill making no progress on the border wall battle that led to a partial government shutdown the continues tonight but i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report" trades the bottom of the hour if you're just joining us through the shutdown in its eighth day and still no sign of a compromise deal on the horizon. neither the senate are the house is scheduled to vote until at least monday. garrett tenney joins us from washington.
2:31 am
>> jon lawmakers believe the shutdown could drag on for a week or two. both sides are digging in and there hasn't been any real progress over the last few days to end the shutdown could capitol hill has essentially been a ghost tempered most members are gone and they are leaving it up to leadership to work out a deal with so far democratic leaders are refusing to negotiate with the white house and republicans are placing the blame squarely on nancy pelosi. >> she has been too busy trying to secure the votes to become the speaker of the house and not enough time spent securing our border and while she may have the votes it's a thin majority if she does and she's not going to cut any deal with the republicans until she has the leadership secured. jon: democrats are expected after they elected a speaker on wednesday approved the bill is not expected to include funding for the presence wall which is why a number of top republicans
2:32 am
expect the shutdown to last for democrats argue president trump only himself to blame for the shutdown in not getting his wall. >> unfortunately president trump has been hard to negotiate with. if he listens us to negotiate with us two years ago he would have had $25 million for a wall and they would have the d.r.e.a.m. act. instead he has the worst settlement of his cabinet as well as pundits that basically got his decisions. jon: next week hundreds of thousands of government workers will head back to work or stay home and they won't get paid. museums are set to close this week and later this week as well so while congress hasn't faced much pressure that will likely change his folks feel the impact of the shutdown as time goes on. jon: garrett tenney in washington. meanwhile a new migrant caravan reportedly is preparing to make the journey from honduras to mexico. an estimated 15,000 people are said to be taking part. advocates say they plan on looking for work in mexico
2:33 am
because of the gridlock at the u.s. border. for more on this let's bring in christopher bedford at her during chief of the "daily caller news foundation." i wanted to touch on something big garrett was talking about the end of his live report in this holiday week between christmas and new year's a lot of people are off and staying home. they are not getting outside a whole lot and a good many americans probably haven't noticed the partial government shutdown. but that's going to change after the new year rolls then, isn't it? >> probably has largely up to the president, and she wants to make americans feel the shutdown to present can decide if he wants to do with barack obama did bear cave the world war ii monument or close a parking lot to remove water candles from bikepath water fountains or he can decide to not do that but their harsh realities the president will run up against. for example the smithsonian bcm's are extremely popular with americans where they parked
2:34 am
their federal employees like the tens of thousands who don't get their paychecks january 11. there's nothing else to the optics and the americans will feel the pitch. jon: they are going to blame somebody. the question is who? do you have a good handle on that? >> polling indicates they will blame republicans and the president in the question is whether that matters politically. they are a lot of pulse go out where people blame the person for the shutdown or approve prayer in school based on this amount but the question is whether or not they vote on it. the president republicans and democrats over washington at two years for people to forget before the new election and with the new cycle moving as quickly as it does more people are likely to remember their democratic representatives voted to build a wall. jon: the president enjoys a 45 or 46% approval rating right now not exactly great but congress
2:35 am
is a 20% of teams that members of congress have the most to gain from coming to some kind of agreement. >> it depends on which party ran. the democrats right now that basically nothing to gain. the dysfunction is claimed on the republicans and being blamed on president trump and if nancy pelosi would make some kind of a deal with the republicans she would not only whether speakership election which is one of the reason she's been hiding out and has been quiet but chuck schumer may have more reason to go as president trump suggested last week that he was willing to do. in the end the democrats are not ready to compromise and that's the feeling of the american people. very divided. jon: democrats take over the house of representatives next week or so monthly with nancy pelosi at the helm. they passed a new spending bill presumably without money for the wall than a ghost the senate and
2:36 am
that's not going anywhere in a republican held senate, is it? >> not at all. mitch mcconnell has no reason to push it through. it would cause trouble between him and the white house. the president would veto it. he's the one that's going to be facing the embarrassment. one potential thing that was floated to one of the guest to have him before in an old clip is whether or not the d.r.e.a.m. act or something could be attached to this way they could be a compromise to tie illegal immigrants children to this. stacking things onto this bill to make it unbearable to vote the four to clean voting bill is unlikely right now. jon: you want to play some sound from jon mcclintock. while democrats and republicans are pointing fingers at each other some house members like mcclintock are pointing fingers at the senate and its process. listen. >> the house passed a funding bill that included funding for
2:37 am
the border wall and the funding necessary to keep all aspects of the government open. stop dead in the senate because of the senate's cloture rule which i think is the heart of the problem. i don't blame chuck schumer for abusing that row. blame mitch mcconnell and the senate republicans for refusing to reform it. >> it doesn't sound like mitch mcconnell is going to budge on senate rules. >> allowing for the nuclear option the democrats have lost a huge amount of judgeships to mitch mcconnell. he only needed 51 votes to get that say no the whole point of the senate is to slow down the house of representatives which basically governs by mob rule. the senate has to get to an area of compromise. i don't expect the senate to last the next 20 or 30 years away was defined by our founders. mitch mcconnell doesn't beat
2:38 am
-- want to be the person that destroys it. >> christopher bedford from the daily caller thank you. president trump signing an executive order raising pay levels for federal employees in the year. lawmakers in the military are not affected. the president has previously said the government cannot afford to give workers raises to the national treasury union slamming the president saying he's pouring salt in the wounds of her look workers for the house of representatives getting ready to swear in more than 90 new members next week. that's a lot of new faces and names to keep track of. our own senior capitol producer chad is hard at work. >> as a kid i used to collect these. poring over the names and faces for hours memorizing entire rosters cincinnati reds, the new york mets, the baltimore orioles. we don't have congress cards on capitol hill but perhaps we should. after every election i crammed studying pictures and bios
2:39 am
trying to learn members of the freshman class. not easy. everyone recognizes new york democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez but who could pick up west virginia republican carol miller or if you're really good know that michaels and nicholas will be the new congressman from guam presuming you knew there was a nonvoting congress for guam. some freshmen are better known than others. look familiar? that's indiana republican greg katz brother to vice president mike pence hard donna shalala who served eight years under president clinton as health and human services secretary. >> i'm not sure i know all 435 faces. i know all the democrats because i deal with them on a regular racist but frank he when republicans get up and speak who don't speak often on the floor i
2:40 am
say who is that? it takes time. it's like being in a high school with fiber to people. it takes you time to learn who they are and you do it by association. >> new york democrat joe morelli is the democrat in he has an edge when it comes to learning everyone's names. >> i have a cheat sheet on my desk a book with pictures and names and i'm trying to sala to a group of people each day learn about them and that triggers things in my mind that will hopefully be helpful in terms of working together. this is the house freshman directory from 2014 lined up together pictures of rod lum of iowa david young of iowa and bruce poliquin of maine. >> i'm the best looking and always smiling. that's all you need to know. it's easier to tell them apart once you see them in person. one is tall and wears a pocket square. poliquin is shorter. congressional leaders have an
2:41 am
advantage in learning who's who compared to the rank-and-file. >> i am doing fund-raisers with them and i'm on the street corner with them and knocking on door so i get to know them but it's really a chore for members who don't do that kind of campaigning. >> still freshmen like most freshmen are sometimes afterthoughts be they in high school or in congress. >> someone was joking with me, a senior member the house. he said i don't try to get to know names until they win their second term. maybe some people will start to learn who i m. now that i have won my re-election. >> learning more than 90 new house members is easy compared to the challenge posed in 1985. that year voters spent a record -- sent a record 180. chad pergram "fox news." jon: the governor elect of alumni preparing to take control
2:42 am
of the state taking -- facing them massive budget crisis. plus the heated lawsuit prompting the school districts controversial new policy on saying the pledge of allegiance. >> you shouldn't be arrested for exercising your right of expression and you certainly shouldn't be expelled from school. >> it's a victory for the constitution, for the first amendment and i'm ken jacobus and i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet? with my bladder leakage, the products i've tried just didn't fit right. they were too loose. it's getting in the way of our camping trips. but with a range of sizes, depend fit-flex is made for me. with a range of sizes for all body types, depend fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit.
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2:46 am
the third-largest school district in texas says students do not have to participate in the pledge of allegiance as long as they have permission from their parents. the move comes as the result of a legal settlement between the district and a student who was expelled for sitting during the pledge. further details of that settlement remain under wraps. a political battle leading to a budget crisis in illinois is the republican governor and the democratically led statehouses have accomplished little over the last four years leaving the budget unbalanced and the taxpayers facing a huge burden. now a democratic governors coming in so will things change? might tobin takes a look. >> the state of illinois is controlled by the democratic party or the last four years are republican governor who was criticized as ineffective and dominated by democrat majorities in both houses. in november he was defeated by democrat a political newcomer with vetoproof supermajorities in both houses. the democrats to power on
2:47 am
illinois is absolutely the budget has not been balanced since 2000. illinois has a back breaking pension obligation currently at 100 or a 3.5 billion dollars. it should grow roughly 3 billion per year and consumes more than 25% of the state budget. illinois has a credit rating just above junk bond status, the worst of any state in the nation fitch ratings is that boils down to a lack of coherent fiscal policymaking over many years. >> we haven't had politicians who are looking in the medium or long run of what we can afford. they are elected by making promises without any money in the bank essentially. >> a spokesperson says the transition team has to assemble an budget and innovation committee. it would allow the state to level out future of patients per to pay for the incoming of is
2:48 am
talking about revenue streams casinos and sports betting recreational pot. he campaigned on the promise of switching alumni from a flat tax of 44.9% of graduated tax that puts a greater burden on the wealthy. >> the incoming administration is all democrats are the only thing they are talking about is raising taxes. even with a republican governor illinois saw sales and income tax increase. it is now estimated -- >> people need to look at illinois example of how not to proceed in the future. democrat state senator greg harris is illinois team needs to take advantage of federal matching funds releases without federal money ellen i cannot don't its budget in a sustainable way. there's not much discussion about cutting spending. mike tobin "fox news". jon: a last-minute bid to save sears after the iconic retailer announced it was closing dozens of stores. details on that deal coming up
2:49 am
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♪ jon: an 11th hour $4.4 billion bid made yesterday by the company chairman eddie lambert. it will keep 50,000 sears workers on the job at least for the time being. sears file for bankruptcy protection in october. the iconic department store has announced plans to close more than one third of its 700 locations. it's been a whirlwind year for global markets from the trade battle between the u.s. and china to difficult 20 team for major brands like facebook are at maria bartiromo takes a look at the year in business. maria: the year in business will
2:53 am
likely go down mostly brats ending with head spinning moves in the stock market and uncertainty gripping the globe. the stock market rocked with wild moves up and down but sadly for investors it's been more down than up. in europe brexit on the brink. paris in pieces. citizens writing over nuke gas tax designed to curb carbon emissions. all this is america's economy is humming in ways not seen in years. the president's tax plan kicking in january 1 helping to send second-quarter gdp north of 4% and the unemployment rate down to 3.7%. >> the fact that it is less can write off 100% of an investment is an enormous incentive to get people to make capitol investment and that capitol investment creates more jobs. >> blue-collar workers have been increased -- haven't had a nick reisman ears.
2:54 am
maria: i midyear the presents america first policy was renegotiating old trade does the president trump telling in april the united states will not back down until it has better terms with the rest of the world notably china. will you back down on the taliban? >> know, china wants to make a deal and it has to be a fair deal for this country the administration calling out china over ip theft spying on americans and lopsided protectionist tariffs. while doing so global worries persisted. president trump calling out is on federal reserve chairman for raising interest rates. >> i think the fed is making mistake. i think the fed has gone crazy. china tensions with the big hit in the fourth quarter to the business world roiled by the #me too movement including media mogul les moonves of cbs fired and deprived of a massive
2:55 am
severance package after investigation uncovered years of alleged sexual harassment. it was also year big challenges for big tech. >> we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility. it was my mistake and i'm sorry. maria: the analytica data scandal rebuild cambridge analytica took personal data of personal files without their consent and use for political purposes. facebook stock taking a beating in google under the microscope for privacy issues linked to calls for higher regulations for 20 eighteenths a big change for the internet. net neutrality was repealed by the tribe administration despite promises of doom the internet is the same as before but it's not the same as before for the leaders of bit claim to the cryptocurrency riding high nearly $20,000 for crashing below 5000 baby are in midterm elections set the tone for the ahead with uncertainty with the democrats in the majority of the house creating questions over why can get done legislatively.
2:56 am
>> i am proud to shut down the government for port security. maria: 2019 begins with the congress and divided government. no wonder the list of ipos ready to launch is growing at the u.s. only to ratify the new trade deal with mexico and canada finishing work with china among other things and in this year for nontraditional president where business and politics overlap you can be sure more surprises are in store for the new year. maria bartiromo "fox news" network. jon: is to get ready to countdown to 2019 new york city's times square has a dress rehearsal. we will tell you what happened, we will tell you what happened, coming up. if you have psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe
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♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. jon: those wanting to experience new york's times square new year's eve without the crowds got the chance this morning when organizers conducted the annual confetti test. confetti was dropped from the marquee of the hard rock cafe in times square detecting airworthiness and the good news is the confetti passed with flying colors. or than a half ton of the stuff will be thrown from off of buildings around times square and the big night. this saturday december 29 i'm jon scott. jon scott.
2:59 am
[national anthem]
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. trump lawmakers believe this shutdown could drag on for another week or two. >> president trump tweeted, quote, i'm in the white house waiting for the democrats to come over and make a deal on border security. >> this should be such a bipartisan issue. securing our borders is paramount for our safety. an officer leaves behind a wife and 5-month-old son. authorities believe the suspect was in the court illegally. he's expected in court on thursday to face charges. an unnamed foreign company is fighting to get the supreme court to weigh in on a mysterious grand jury subpoena. >> sources say it involves


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