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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 31, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> heather: it is already a 2019 down under, the aussies ring in the new year with a bang. and it is nearly our turn here in new york city. >> eric: cannot wait. >> heather: i want to go there. >> eric: it is amazing that it is already there. but by the way, happy new year. thank you for joining us. >> heather: goodbye. >> this fox news alert, digging in, day ten of the government shutdown with no deal insight. but we are learning more about the strategy and house democrats. this is "outnumbered," i am dagen mcdowell, happy new year. new year's eve coming here today fox news correspondent molly line, a couch first timer britt mchenry, cohost of "fox nation." fox news contributor, working morning, noon, and night rachel campos duffy, and hugo gurdon, and the new "washington examiner" magazine which launches tomorrow.
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>> welcome, congratulations. >> how did you get that? >> because me and vito had a deal and he said i could have the first edition that came out. >> absolutely, tomorrow, the new authority of conservative voice in washington and subscribers will go to the "washington examiner" and sign up. >> promising better culture and access pay >> and fabulous artwork as well. >> and now onto the news, and we do have some, we have a lot in fact. to the partial government shutdown about to extend into the new year with no deal on the horizon. the central sticking point still the $5 billion that the president is demanding for his border wall. and we are now learning that house democrats have settled on their strategy as they are poised to take over at the house on thursday. the democrats in the house offer funding for homeland security through february the eighth. and putting up full-year bills to fund everything else using bipartisan senate proposals. no way to know if
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president trump will sign off as both parties continued the blame game. counselor to the president kellyanne conway taking a shot at nancy pelosi who is vacationing in hawaii amid the shutdown. >> first the democrats have to come back. nancy pelosi needs to come back from hawaii, for the dhs customs border security. a fully functioning democracy demands that both parties come together and that the congress and executive branch work together. >> one of the house democrats top leaders accusing the president of holding the nation hostage. >> yes, we need comprehensive immigration reform, yes we need to enhance border security, but we are not willing to pay $2.5 billion or $5 billion in wasting taxpayer dollars on a ransom note because donald trump decided that he was going to shut down the government and hold the american people hostage.
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that is unreasonable. >> alabama republican senator richard shelby who shares the appropriation committee said both sides need to stop pointing fingers. watch. >> we have to move away from the blame game blaming the president, blaming the democrats, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and others and get back to doing what we are sent to do to fund the government. that has been my mandate. that is what we have been working hard this year and a bipartisan way on the appropriations committee. >> in the meantime the president has reportedly not reached out to nancy pelosi since their meeting in the oval office. earlier this month, but he has continued to hammer democrats on twitter, tweeting this just this morning. it is incredible how democrats can all use their ridiculous sound bite and say that a wall does not work, it does and properly built almost 100%, they said that it is old technology, but so was the wheel. and now they say that it is
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immoral, but it is far more immoral for people to be dying. hugo, starts with the plan from the democrats to basically handle all of the other funding except for the homeland security border security funding. kicking that into february. will that go? because you still have the senate, the republicans controlling the senate? >> i think that this is the latest gambit. we have been in this argument enough nearly two weeks. it is more than a week since the president with mick mulvaney, ready to compromise and cut the request from 5 billion to the number 5 billion. any successful political statement like build the wall is that it can come back-to-back fire. the president knows that he has to get something that looks like he is making progress towards the wall and that is precisely what the democrats want to deny him. >> on this note it seems like we are living in a world of insanity where politicians on
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both sides of the aisle are arguing over the difference between a little bit less than $2,000,000,000.5 billion. in nancy pelosi calling a wall immoral and president trump saying, it is a wall. and it could be a fence, potentially as part of the border security, it just seems like we have shut the government down for pure political gain. >> and that's what americans hate about politicians in general. >> absolutely, if nancy pelosi was not in hawaii if she had any negotiation intention. the president is in d.c. and he gets credit for that in some regards and he has been tweeting. but he has missed an opportunity, he is in d.c. and he should look like he is actually reaching out, he should be calling her and telling her to come back i have heard people suggest cut outs of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer in the overall focus. why did he not have an oval office address mr. mark and the way that the and traditionally is one side wins,
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so why limit yourself to your twitter, why not use something that nancy pelosi does not have and that is the office of the presidency and the ability to call an oval office address and get the whole nation around. remember, in the midst of the shutdown, we had really the most tragic, horrible example of what happens when you do not have security at your borders. we had the death of an officer. and what happens when you have sanctuary cities, he could really frame the issue, because it happened in the midst of it. had he done that, we might have seen that this was a miscalculation on the part of nancy to go to hawaii and all of the other democrat lawmakers. >> we will talk about the murder later in the show, because there are many parts to stopping that kind of violent crime in the united states, particularly sanctuary cities in sanctuary to of bigots like california but to
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this point, they expected new speaker of the house nancy pelosi, she is working to appeal to her most progressive wings. the most progressive democrats, this is how she does it. and i cannot imagine what a lot of people that she would ever give president trump a win on anything. that would mean anything that is called funding for a border wal wall. >> you do have to give them credit, to your point i agree with you, rachel. but either way what he does in the media is going to get crucified for it, when he did the cut out before, oh, he is the one in washington still wanted to make progress, the president wants to keep good on his word. he campaigned on a border wall. even general john kelly who did his exit interview with the "los angeles times," he had at that in a classy way. and it's the way that you just referenced, it is a comment on congress to take action to stop
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that. and i do agree with richard shelby is that this is all taking on so much gamesmanship that we risk human beings. missing a full paycheck january 11th, the first time since the obama shut down really taking that instead of any backdate on their pay and then with the executive order which again was keeping good on the comments in august to free the 2.1% increase. i am seeing a lot of these federal workers who are completely disks disheartened. we should remember that on both sides of the aisle as we continue to watch. >> i just want to bring up some of the details in terms of what the house democrats are going to propose. about 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon they will tackle the association bills. that would run through septembea lot of breathing room. these are brand-new bills, not temporary bills near what the senate has committed on the floor and committee. the house will then do an interim plan for security
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running through february the eighth. there have been reports that that will just increase, basically extend existing funding, $1.3 billion in border funding. there is been a back-and-forth the republicans are saying that the funds, those funds, this has been the previous passage that it will constitute wall money and the democrats say, no, it is border security not for a wall. >> any talk about the four-letter word wall. >> i was going to say three, three words, border wall funding. so i'm not, i wanted to correct that. i can see the headline. but go ahead. >> even prior to the holidays senator chuck schumer stood on the floor and talked about the president moving forward with literally need to abandon the wall. it became sort of that mantra. and then things went -- we had the holiday happening, and there
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was a lot of thought that nothing will get done until nancy pelosi and the democrats return, we are waiting for thursday to see things go forward, looks like there's some paperwork, we will see if the fiscal funding actually comes through when there can be an agreement made. but the big question is when we talk about gamesmanship coming abroad in gamesmanship as to who wins and who loses. as we go forward, anybody will remember this in 2020, and is the question now is democrats are about to step in and they have some information that they will be putting out if they do not move forward, will let them be the democratic game to lose? >> i will give you the final word, because there was a "usa today" university poll, and the one new year's resolution, the biggest at the pole responded said was bipartisanship and working together when it comes to washington. that was 29% of the people. so my interpretation of that is all y'all down in washington stink. >> people hate to see washington
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not working. it is two sides of playing political games, they want to see them effective. it does not mean that shutdowns do not have a long-term political effect, but people do not like it when they see the two site like this refusing to talk to each other. >> final word for now, senator elizabeth warren taking a big step towards making a 2020 white house run official. and what is expected to be a crowded democratic primary field. is she the one best suited to take on president trump? plus one well robert mueller wrap up his russia probe? and could it affect the 2020 race? rudy giuliani delivering an ultimatum to the special counsel. >> my ultimatum is put up or shut up. what you have? there are those of us who believe that you do not have anything on collusion. and by the way, if you did, it is not a crime, so what the heck are you doing? ♪ okay, max...time to help mrs. tyler
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like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ♪ >> president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani delivering an ultimatum to special counsel robert mueller who according to some reports is in the final stages of his investigation into russian interference during the 2016 election. here he is on fox & friends sunday morning. >> my ultimatum is put up or shut up, you know, what you
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have? there are those of us who believe that you do not have anything on collusion. and by the way, if you did, it is not a crime. so what the heck are you doing? do you have anything that shows up as an enemy in the united states was involved in a conspiracy to hack the dnc with russia? of course you don't. if you do, put out a report or give it to the justice department, let them review way to make sure it is not classified. we are ready to rebuttal. i have to report for two months. >> all right, as we head into the new year, mueller's investigation has run for 18 months costing taxpayers more than $25 million. let's bring you in right here, sadly i feel like i could ask you the same question that it could've asked to six months ago. how close are we to an end with the mueller probe? what are the results? what does he have between the closed doors that he is continuing to look into? >> nobody knows what he has god, and we suspect that there is not a great deal. it has gone on for a long time, but you what you are seeing is
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very much the same strategy and tactics that we saw the surrogate of bill clinton used when he was under investigation. that's where the phrase "move on" came on. because the democrats were always saying it is time to wrap it up, move on. and what is happening in advance of anything coming out from mr. mueller, as little as it might be, the white house wants to erode trust and the credibility of the investigation. >> britney talked about how smokes are a little bit objected to, is this something as well that people in washington watch very slowly move forward? are people ready for a and in washington? >> everybody across the country is ready for an end. but in washington, d.c., it is a liberal area, so there is probably more proponents to seeing some conspiracy theory. or many elements coming out, i think that rudy giuliani has a great point and you had a great point, it is very similar to the
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'90 as heirs of going on the offensive. the american public wants answers. a 10.4 million starting in october to continue to probe, so how long will it go? another year? 17 million in may. the american taxpayers want results or they want to see it over. >> and on the front, the cost of this, some of us said that he is bringing in money as well, because there have been convictions and penalties to be paid, that would be the argument, the argument. >> that is the reason that bob mueller is investigating him, because of the revenue. >> that should never be the goal of an investigation. >> i would say this, one of the people that does not believe that there was any collusion. i look at donald trump's campaign in 2016 and he could not even collude with republicans let alone the russians. i am with rudy giuliani i say, put up or shut up. there have been leaks surrounding all of this stuff. maybe not within the mueller
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investigation, but if there was something, i think that we would've heard it by now. it would have leaked. and i think that the american people are frankly pretty tuned out by this. i think that it needs to come to an end, and unless he has some big bombshell, i think that it will just be a big fizzle. >> he has not been particularly successful in getting the ultimatum into the investigation simply by calling for it, robert mueller working on a different timeline. >> indeed, and he does, rudy giuliani represents the president, works with the president of the united states, but he is not the lone voice in the nation or the wilderness crying for this, "the wall street journal" wrote an editorial in early december, titled the same thing, wrap it up, mr. mueller, and raising an interesting issue. for michael cohen and paul manafort, democratic dilemma, impeach president trump for lying about. that is the only thing suggested as a crime are the campaign finance violations and paying
9:20 am
off a former porn performer and ex-girlfriend. let's go back to the night, do the democrats realize their mistake that they could make if they pursue impeachment charges on something like paying off ex ex-lovers and how that could blow up in their face, i have heard from people on the right they expect the democrats to try and get as much information from president trump and his family and do whatever they can to embarrass him tax returns, you name it. >> for 2020. >> for two years, without ever impeaching him, because they know that it will not go anywhere. >> that is absolutely going to be the tactics. they do not want to get their party into an impeachment fight. but they want to produce as much evidence as they can, which other people might say, this is enough evidence to impeach him. much better for them in terms of politics to use this running up to 2020 to delegitimize and say,
9:21 am
do you really want this man in the white house anymore? and it will help them in 2020. >> we saw that with bill clinton in the senate and those hearings, where republicans knew that if we really try to push the impeachment that is going to set up al gore for the democratic base. so i agree with you guys, and they see that misstep. they are just going to try all of the other things. >> are the american people a lot more savvy? can they turn off those dirty political trick of building up enough evidence to make it look like he did something and i really impeach them. this is not the '90s. people have social media and are accessing other information. they do not own all media sources as much as conservatives like to concede about it. and going back into the shut down talk, are people so sick of the political game, the sync is on them if they are pulling this kind of trick. maybe it ends up backfiring, because unless they have something really, really big, i mean, i don't know. >> and we do not want to hear about again and to the numbers
9:22 am
in the senate now that republicans are picking things up, they will have some understanding of the politics behind all of that, coming up, massachusetts senator saying that she is forming an exploratory committee for a 2020 white house run, and three other senators throwing their hat in the ring as well, who are they and whether any of them have what it takes to beat president trump, plus a nice night and the crowds are already packing into times square to ring in the new year. we will go out their life to check out security. the big countdown next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?!
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♪ >> well, parts of the world are already in 2019, 19 united states yet, the count down to the countdown is on. and the new year's eve crowds are already packing into times square to ring in 2019 this evening. tonight among them will be britt mchenry part of the fox news all-american broadcast. i know all of these individuals and it will be wild. a security is a major priority, the nypd deploying armed officers, snipers, bomb sniffing dogs, and the fbi also helping out. jacqui heinrich is live in times square with much more. jackie. >> hey, dagen. more than a million people expected in times square, a lot to keep people safe.
9:28 am
a lot of it you cannot see. but just as officers were working to keep people protected, the organizers were doing a lot of planning of their own. that is more of the fun stuff. we will show you that first. the tradition is 2100 year strong. yesterday organizers tested the ball, dropping the mechanism and the 32,000 lights that more than a billion people will be watching on tv. the ball got a makeover too. 192 new crystals were installed on thursday, the theme is the gift of harmony. it is a meaningful message. to the ball drop is dedicated to freedom of the press after a particular violent year for journalists with the murder of "washington post" columnist jamaal khashoggi and the shooting at the newspaper in maryland. >> each year we change a new pattern, and the gift this year is perfect, we all come together on new year's eve as we count down to the final seconds of the year in unison and in celebration with hope of the future. >> of course half of the preparation is in the security, thousands of nypd officers are
9:29 am
stationed around the city and position on rooftops, for the first time they are using drones to back up more than 1200 security cameras leaving no part of times square out of view. right now there are no credible threat domain threats. >> you will see a lot of officers. you will see a lot of officers with a lot of gear and long guns in the kinds of weaponry needed for securing such a huge event. there obviously will be measures that you will not see as well. >> of course the city is also preparing for the massive cleanup effort that will follow. last year city workers clean more than 57 tons of debris from times square after the festivities ended. part of the cleanup is a confetti, the city drops one and half tons on the crowd and in a tradition started last year and continuing this year, the company that will be dropped on the crowd will have people's wishes and it. they submitted their wishes online and also in person here in times square. so get your resolutions ready, we are just a few hours away now
9:30 am
from 2019. >> thank you so much, jackie. you be safe. and of course we have you covered for all of tonight's festivities. a long day for brit hume as she will be a part of that, also at0 eastern time accounting things off with the countdown to 2019, and at 10:00 eastern time i told you it will get wild, kennedy takes the reins for the all-american new year, pete has a president with president trump, there are going to be a lot of surprises and jon scott will be on the main stage when the ball drops. he along with some credible journalists are representing the committee to protect journalists that it was selected as this year's special guest to honor freedom of the press. all of that right here on fnc. it's going to be a big night. senator elizabeth warren taking the first major step towards running for president. the massachusetts democrat announcing that she is exploring a committee for the 2020 campaign, she is the most
9:31 am
prominent democrat you have to make such a big move right now. and nearly a five minute video one of the most recognizable democrats and a favorite target of president trump as well making clear that she has the themes of her campaign and what would be highlighted. >> america's middle class is under attack. how did we get here? billionaires and big corporations decided that they wanted more and they enlisted politicians to cut them a fatter slice. the government is supposed to work for all of us, but instead it has become a tool for the wealthy and wealthier. >> and to the rnc responding saying "americans will see her for what she is, far left obstructionist and a total fraud." her announcement comes on the heels of "the new york times" reporting that she is 1 of 4 democratic senators including kamala harris, cory booker, and -- who are poised to enter the race in the next several
9:32 am
weeks. those are some of the big names watched on the democratic side. when it comes to elizabeth warren, popular in massachusetts, her video was very classic elizabeth warren, talking about the little guy on the big banks and the institutions, and the big question is so much will she be popular with democrats but will she appeal to a broader spectrum of americans? can she actually beat president trump? >> i don't think that she will be the nominee and i do not think that she can appeal to a wide base. watching that video, the thing that really struck me is that it concerned i thought that she is kind of yesterdays person, her time has already come and gone. she struck all of the themes that bernie sanders and she have been striking for the last five or ten years, but there are a lot of younger guns in the democratic party now. she does not stand out as being more left-wing or more bernie-like than others, cory booker, kamala harris, a lot of people on the left, what struck me about the video was
9:33 am
that she tried to talk about the middle class, she did not emphasize massachusetts. she actually entered her oklahoma upbringing. and mentions her military connections, it was all steady formulaic stuff which actually is a little bit of a stumble at the video. >> in the real question is too, a lot of people question why she did not do this before and why she did not step in when bernie sanders stepped in. a step in and took the mantle, ran with it. >> i can answer that, because she released that video tracing back her native american heritage trying to embarrass president trump and she, and people were, it was embarrassing for her. yes, she proved that there was some and stress-free that was native american, but when it went back many generations into the 18th century. >> i can't believe that she felt the need to do that. >> she was quiet for a little while, but i cannot wait for all of these democrats to be up on the stage pushing each other further and further and further left. >> absolutely, i think as far as
9:34 am
i'm concerned, this campaign of a elizabeth warren is dead on arrival. for all of the reasons that you said, but even the other as well. senator brown who ran against her tried to bring up the pocahontas thing. and it just kind of stuck a little bit and very active conservative circles, but it was not until president trump really kept pushing it and he very controversially and famously even brought it up at a ceremony to honor native americans. and it really stuck to the point where she felt forced to make this video and take a dna test and release the video at the same time, and all it does is that she is a fraud, and i think that if she ran, it would bring up all of the identity politics and people in middle america, independence that she needs to win over would absolutely be reminded that this would be a disaster. >> you bring up a great point because you are talking about how something played in massachusetts and plays across america. that the issue is not something
9:35 am
that would defeat her in massachusetts, but as you mention president trump brings it up. would it have more of an impact nationally? would people across the nation view that differently? >> this is a party wide problem, and retiring democrats have been pointing out that one the democrats start talking about medicare for all in the whole party moves, they start losing middle america. >> i want to point out that medicare for all is a bernie sanders bill. and kamala harris and cory booker, and elizabeth warren, and they have all sided with this bill. we should be clear right here that it is not medicare for all, it is medicare for none. that bill gets rid of medicare as it is it exists today and gets rid of private insurance. so how are they going to run on something that is literally going to rip up medicare for the elderly. >> you have to win over middle america, and resisting president trump and not trying to figure out how they lost it. >> we are going to bring britt mchenry in here before we lose or. >> she tried to go up against president trump, tried to beat
9:36 am
him at his own game. and that is never going to win with democrats, that was embarrassing. especially when you cannot factor out the younger millennials coming up, and i think that there is a stereotype that more are liberal when in reality as both of you just said, she alienated that moderate pace. if you play the identity politics for any female to impress which i do not go by, it would be susan collins who is a republican, and the only one who is in new england. not. not elizabeth warren. >> you know what it will also be interesting is where you have all of these liberal democratic females on a stage on a debate stage against men, are they going to sideline them? how far will you take this? the gender politics. because -- >> or the other politics, francis over a cup pretending that he is latino, how will that play? >> what the women, you saw hillary clinton used her gender as a crutch when it was convenient, and then swapped even bernie sanders with it.
9:37 am
when she could. and so again, do they turn all of the democrats who are men running for the presidency into a bunch of sexist pigs? >> it will be fascinating either way. coming up, the death of california police officer ronil singh reignited the debate on sanctuary laws and policing and illegal immigrant shot and killed the officer. is it time to make changes, we will debate. >> if he was not here, he would not be driving drunk and would not be reported to officer ronil singh, and the encounter of the stop potentially would have never occurred. my point is why are we providing sanctuary for criminals, gang members? ♪ when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies. it neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum tum tum tum tums... smoothies... ...and introducing new tums sugar-free.
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on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ >> a renewed debate over the sanctuary laws in this country, california police officer ronil singh was killed in the town of
9:42 am
newman last week. authorities say that he was shot to death after pulling over a suspected drunken driver. gustavo perez arriaga, whom police say he is an illegal immigrant. he is expected to be arraigned on wednesday after his arrest friday. california sanctuary law prohibits state and local law enforcement from holding illegal aliens for the federal government. ask him about immigration status, even sharing any information with federal information authorities that are not available to the general public. here is the sheriff adam christianson. >> of course it is being politicized. the last thing i want to do is politicize the death of officer ronil singh, but let's go back, and immigrant, immigrated here lawfully and legally to pursue his american dream. he achieved that goal. and his dream was taken from hi
9:43 am
him. no, we should not politicize it, but we have to have a conversation about restrictive legislation that puts our communities at risk. >> california governor jerry brown spokesman issuing a statement saying "california law fully permits the sharing of information on dangerous gang members. former state senator kevin deleon, the democrat who wrote the legislation saying that it is "highly irresponsible to blame the law for the officer's death and that the type of tone and attitude that sheriff christiansen has taken instills fear and panic and all immigrant communities." you were talking about this earlier, i want to get your reaction. >> it is just really unbelievable. so we are looking at these two statements, the statement by the police officer, the people on the ground saying we cannot detain this person who has two duis, we cannot detain him and give them over to i.c.e. because
9:44 am
he is illegal. and the governor saying, oh, you can. the average person looking at the policy and what it results in, and by the way, this is a tragic death, there are many more. i cannot tell you how many angel parents we have interviewed on fox & friends, and it is heartbreaking when another one just yesterday. it does not make sense. you can be for more liberal immigration, legal immigration, but no american can possibly justify this things were a city policy. it is just insane. >> and hugo, it is literally state law trumping federal law, number one. and number two, the republicans had the ability to starve the sanctuary cities and states of funding. and you do it, congress based on the constitution holds the power of the pros. and i have said this repeatedly on air. and on the spending bill, they could have taken money or deprive money from these
9:45 am
sanctuary cities and states based on whether they adhere to federal immigration law, and it did not happen. >> they certainly can, congress has the power as you say, and they can instruct these executive money will be spent in certain areas and not spent in other areas. and i think that sanctuary cities is something that everybody can understand. it is not really a matter of policy nuances. it is a matter of logic. if you say that we are going to give sanctuary to people who are here illegally, it attracts people who are here illegally. it is a safe space for them. it is a safe space for them, but not for all of the other people living there. >> one on the other things about the issue, even in the back and forth of some of the statements that were made is each side criticizing the other on tone. you are antipolice, you are anti-immigrant, it goes back and forth. both sides need to be a little bit more in on the issue, so how do you move forward and how do you get that issue into something where they actually
9:46 am
have solutions, because they are dug in? >> and the comments incite fear, you know what insights fear, this tragic death, i do not need to hear anything to know how bad that is. when you break down the numbers of the california law, they are 800, more than 800 perceptions for a felony is in violent crimes, they are so many loopholes. and i feel for the family of the police officer. i feel for all police officers a the fund shows from 2017-2018 fatalities among police officers have gone up 12%. that is not only because of illegal immigration, but when you see an instance of that it is preventable. especially somebody with a history. and not do anything about it and just sat there and let another one go is unacceptable. >> rachel, the final word to you on this. >> this has to end. what is surprising to me is i wish that the president would've done more than just get on twitter. but i look at what happen in a state that if this does not galvanize our country to change
9:47 am
this law and make the people of california go, this makes no sense, then nothing will, because this is the most tragic, senseless death. i cannot get the picture out of my head of that officer with his wife and his 5-month-old daughter on christmas day just hours before that happen. >> or the sounds of his brother at the press conference sobbing. >> an american dream is dead and it is absolutely preventable. >> house republicans putting an end to their investigation into the fbi and justice department handling a probe involving hillary clinton and president trump. this is one high-profile senator that vows to continue that investigation. whether we need more information or if it is time to move on. ♪ appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago.
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♪ >> welcome back, house republicans wrapping up their investigation into the fbi, and justice department handling of probes involving hillary clinton's email server and possible trump-russia collusion during the 2016 election. hot judiciary chairman bob gillett says that clinton got favorable treatment. and house oversight chairman
9:52 am
trey gowdy writing in "regrettably it was impacted by protectionism on the part of the doj and fbi. the brief remains that a special counsel should be appointed to not only investigate the decisions made and not made during the president's dependency of the investigation, but the disparate way that the investigations were seemingly conducted." doj inspector michael horwitz was severely critical of james comey's actions as fbi director along with agency officials peter strzok and lisa page paid by found no evidence that politically bias played a role in decision-making. good luck points to the fact that the investigation resulted in several high-profile firings. a demotions, or resignations. among them fbi director andrew mccabe and former fbi director peter strzok. judiciary chair lindsey graham vows to continue the investigation despite democrats slamming the g.o.p. for still investigating hillary clinton, which he is not even the president. i'm going to go to you, hugo.
9:53 am
are the republicans beating a dead horse, should they just let it go? or is there some value in figuring out what happened? >> there is absolutely value in figuring out what happened. there so many things that seem at least to be irregularities about the way that the investigation began about the use of the russia dossier to begin the investigation to get permission to eavesdrop from the fisa court about the connections between the campaign and the fbi and the fusion gps, i i think that it is an american's interest that this comes out and people know what happened. the fundamental problem that we have with the russia investigation and everything else is to what extent was the election undermined by russian interference? also to what extent was the intelligence services on one side against the other must mark it is not, the democracy is too
9:54 am
important for these things to remain under wraps. >> our democracy does not just dissipate because somebody is out of the public eye. especially when we are looking at hillary clinton and the clinton family that has been in american politics for more than 20 years, it is not oh, six months, two years have gone by, we forget about it. we need to find the answers and justice. and imagine if this was with president trump, every feet of his is scrutinized, and now these are just chunks of text messages. they need to continue on, i like how lindsey graham has gone on the offensive particularly from the brett kavanaugh hearing. >> equal protection under the law, that is something that we think like what america is all about, if that was actually at stake here. >> yes, it absolutely is pit and i want to point out in terms of the fbi counterintelligence investigation into the president trump campaign that started in july of 2016, the use of an on verified dossier to get
9:55 am
a warrant to spy on an american citizen, all of that is being looked at by the inspector general, that continues, people are waiting for that. i have heard through people who used to work in government that that could -- might not come out until the middle of next year given the vast amount of documents that have been dumped on the inspector general and what he has been charged with looking at by members of congress. so there is that avenue to look at any abuse within the fbi and the department of justice and the intelligence agencies, for that, but hillary clinton, once again did they get a pass? >> there is a lot of hillary clinton fatigue in the country and this may be one opportunity that she can actually >> and loretta lynch and jim comey. >> we have more "outnumbered" in just a moment. stay with us. ♪ oh! oh!
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>> before we go we have to tell you about brett mchenry's new gig, hosting the fox nation show unpc. you can get on by logging onto and becoming a founder, good to see you. you are continuing with the new year celebration coming in hugo, what a pleasure having you here. >> it has been so exciting to be here. >> congratulations on the new show. >> ten seconds for new year's wisdom, go.
10:00 am
>> the new conservative magazine from washington, straight news, conservative views. >> there you go. >> more use tomorrow. >> rachel campos duffy is working, where's her husband? happy new year, molly line is in for harris. >> molly: fox news alert as it stretches into a new week, introducing spending bills to reopen the government when they take control of the house this thursday. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i am molly line and for harris faulkner today, we begin with day ten of the partial government shutdown. both parties pinning the blame on the other. president trump calling on democrats toe vote for border security tweeting "i am in the oval office, democrats come back from vacation and give us the votes necessary for border security including the wall, you voted yes in 2006, 2013, but with me in office i wil


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