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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 5, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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eric: well, the partial government shutdown is now passing the two week mark. in that meeting with vice president mike pence and other senior trump administration officials and congressional staffers, well, as you can see they're leaving the old executive office building. there's jared with kushner right in the middle behind the vice president, and that meeting broke up with no end to the closure in sight. hello, everyone, and welcome to a brand new hour of "america's news headquarters," i'm eric shawn. laura: and i'm laura ingle. today's meeting coming after yesterday's white house meeting between president trump and congressional leaders ended in a stalemate with both president trump and democrats refusing to give ground. during a news conference in the rose garden after the meeting,
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the president held firm on his demand for a border wall, warning that he's ready to take drastic action if necessary. >> have you considered using emergency powers to grant yourself authorities to build this wall without congressional approval? and second -- >> yes, i have. >> you have? >> yes, i have. and i can do it if i want. >> so you don't need congressional approval? >> no, absolutely. we can call a national emergency because of the security of our country, absolutely. no, we can do it. i haven't done it. i may do it. i may do it. but we can call a national emergency and build it very quickly, and it's another way of doing it. but if we can do it through a negotiated process, we're giving that a shot. >> so is that a threat hanging over the democrats? >> i'd never threaten anybody. but i am allowed to do that, yes. laura: all right. kevin corke is live at the white house where all the action is taking place. hi, kevin. >> reporter: listen, the
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president and white house officials tell me is unwavering in his position. look, this could be over in a couple days, or it could last a very, very long time if he doesn't get funding for the wall. that has been his messaging publicly. and even in my conversation with senior administration officials, say they, kevin, if you're expecting him to move on this, you'll be waiting an awful long time. that seems to be the consensus now. you also noted today, very interesting meeting just a stone's throw from me over at the eeob, the vice president among those here. the president talking about this on twitter as well. but as i tell you what he is talking about, i think you'll get a sense of why the president feels so strongly and passionately about the need for a wall. let me show you what he said on twitter. he said, we are working hard at the border, but we need a wall. and he throws some stats at you. check this out. in 2018, 1.7 million pounds of narcotics seized, 17,000 adults arrested with criminal records
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and 6,000 gang members including ms-13 apprehended. a big human trafficking problem. and so for the vice president, the homeland security secretary, southeastern adviser jared kushner and congressional staffers, yep, the it was a working group day over at the eisenhower executive office building. by the way, today's meeting follows that i guess you could call it a contentious situation room gathering yesterday. the president said it was productive. the speaker, nancy pelosi, said, listen, it was a contentious, both sides agreed it certainly was not easy. now, asked if he thought the president might be willing to, you know, move toward the democrats' demands in order to restart the government, hogan giddily said no. >> he's not moving because he's not going to sacrifice the safety and security of the american people. that is something he will not compromise on. how the final bill looks, i'm not going to negotiate here from this seat, but the president
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demands enough money, enough funding to protect the american people. >> reporter: protecting the american people, that is the cornerstone of this argument, the need for a wall. that and the safety and security of our officials who work on the border. we're talking about i.c.e., dhs folks and, obviously, the border patrol. by the way, i should also let you know that that we have it from rah sanders, the white house press secretary, that the president will be making his way to camp david tomorrow. it's a sure bet they'll be talking about the 2019 agenda and, indeed, looking for a way to end this now-protracted partial shutdown which is into its 15th day. laura? laura: all right. kevin corke live at the white house, no such thing as a slow news day on the weekends, that's for sure. >> reporter: no doubt. laura: eric. >> absolutely, i said that. i don't think it will, but i am prepared, and i think i can speak for republicans in the house and republicans in the senate. they feel very strongly about having a safe country, having a
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border that makes sense. without borders, i've said it many times, we don't have a country. i hope it doesn't go on even beyond a few more days. it really could open very quickly. i told them bring who you want, we have three people. you can ideally bring three, but you can bring six, you can bring nine, you can bring twelve. and they're going to be working over the weekend. i think it may have been somewhat contentious, but i think it was very productive. eric: that's president trump, of course, yesterday confirming he told democratic minority leader senator chuck schumer that he is prepared to keep the shutdown going for what he claimed were months or even years, though the latter is doubtful. and as he raises the possibility of invoking presidential powers to declare a national emergency in order to get that wall built, what are those powers invested in the chief executive, and does the president really have to wait for congress to fund it, something the democratic house is refusing to do? >> our first guest attended
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yesterday's rose garden news conference, correspondent jeff mason, and jeff joins us, as you can see, from the north lawn of the white house right now. jeff, let's start with a national emergency. what would it mean if the president, for the purposes of building this wall, would declare a national emergency? >> well, number one, it would mean that the president would invoke certain powers that he believes would allow him to go around congress and not require their approval for funding for the wall. how exactly that would work is not entirely clear. previous presidents have used emergency powers or declared a national emergency during times of war. clearly, that's something that the president is thinking about because he addressed it in that press conference yesterday. but how exactly it would work, i'm not, i'm not in a position to say. eric: yeah. i mean, they've also been used for economic issues, for oil and for other supports and price supports and this sort of thing. let's take a look at two points of the law as has been pointed out that gives the president this type of power.
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10usc284 basically directs the defense secretary to, quote: provide support for the counter-drug activities or activities to counter transnational organized crime of any department or agency of the federal government. then there's usc2808, the secretary of defense without regard to any other provision of the law may undertake military construction projects that may authorize the secretaries of the military departments to undertake military construction projects, such projects may be undertaken only within the total a amount of funds that have been appropriated for military construction. so, jeff, would that possibly mean if they have $1-2 billion it's believed in military outlays that they already have in hand for construction, the president has the power to move that $2 billion from whatever projects they have on military bases to the wall? >> well, that's a good question, and it would be in line with what the president has said before which is that he might use military funding for that. he has certainly envisioned a role for the military at the
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border and could do so with the wall and finding the money to pay for that wall. again, this was his really big campaign promise, primary, significant campaign promise in 2016. we're about two years into his presidency right now, and he's clearly drawing a line in the sand and saying i'm willing to do anything i have to do to make sure i get that whether it's through negotiations with democrats and republicans from the hull or through extraordinary -- the hill or through extraordinary the measures. eric: it'd likely be challenged in court. and also critics are saying it's autocratic, it's like a dictatorship, it certainly would be like almost a threat to democracy. i mean, does that hold any water? it's in the presidential powers. >> well, it would almost certainly be challenged in court, you're absolutely right about that. and, you know, the people who are very passionate about having this wall including the president, his staff and people around him are matched by the people who are equally passionate about not having it. both sides would work very hard either to get it or to prevent
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it if the president were to try to use presidential powers to make it happen. eric: meanwhile, several meetings, one in the situation room and others, certainly the telephone lines are burning up, and we just had the meeting wrapping up moments ago at the old executive office building next to you. >> that's right. eric: what happened, and what do you think will come out of it? >> well, we're not sure what's happened, because they haven't -- the white house officials i've reached out to haven't come back with day tails on it -- details on it yet. we saw vice president pence was leading those talks as well as the acting chief of staff, mick mulvaney, jared kushner also along. from the congressional side, there were congressional aides. so it's unclear. it's also not clear if they're coming back today or if they were just breaking for lunch or if they're done for the day. bottom line, they're going to have to find a compromise. we expect it to be somewhere between that $1.3 billion that democrats have already offered for border funding versus the $5.6 billion that president trump says he needs to build that wall.
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whether or not they're able to find a compromise on that figure, somewhere in between, that's the million dollar question or the multibillion dollar -- eric: exactly. what do you think will happen? how are they going to thread that needle? the democrats say it's a fence, they don't want a wall. the president could claim whatever it is, the barriers with the slats, that would be a wall. we're showing video of the vice president followed by jared kushner leaving that meeting and discussions. jeff, how do you think this will end? because it's got to. >> yeah. and i wish i knew the answer to that, you know? i think that they will continue to talk the, there's no question about that. both sides have said they don't want the government to be shut down, but the president, of course, saying that it could stay shut down as long as years. he's only got two years left in his term. i think it's pretty hard to imagine that the government would stay shut down that long. but that's his way of saying i'm really serious about this. democrats, on the other hand, are serious about it as well. nancy pelosi has just with
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become speaker of the house, and she and her caucus don't have an incentive to change what they think is a critical issue, and that is to not give funding to this wall which, as she has said in the last few days, she does not consider a moral issue. eric: something's gotta give, and we'll see what that is. jeff, thank you for joining us outside -- >> my pleasure. eric: of course. laura that. laura: a very busy week in washington went on. the 116th congress was sworn in this year including a record number of women and members with diverse backgrounds. garrett tenney has more on this from washington. >> reporter: the freshman class of this congress includes a wave of progressive lawmakers who ran on shaking up the status quo. and just a few hours after being sworn in, rashid data look made that clear with a profanity-laced pledge to impeach president trump that was caught on camera. >> we're going to go in there, we're going to [bleep]
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>> reporter: those overshadowed the carefully crafted message from democratic leaders about their majority and legislative agenda for the year ahead. a number of democrats criticized her statement as wrong and disrespectful, but talib doubled down saying, i will always speak truth to power. party leaders are concerned that kind of talk could hurt their chances to retake the white house, but it's an issue that many of these progressive lawmakers aggressively campaigned on. another freshman making waves is alexandria ocasio-cortez who's proposed a green new deal which aims to tackle climate change and income inquestion until i -- inequality, eliminating all industrial greenhouse gas emissions and paying for it by raising taxes on the most wealthy to a rate of 60-70%. in an interview on "60 minutes," ocasio-cortez says she welcomes the label of being radical. >> i think that it only has ever been radicals that have changed
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this country. abraham lincoln made the radical decision to sign the emancipation proclamation. franklin delano roosevelt made the radical decision to establish programs like social security. that is radical. >> reporter: president trump lowered the top tax rate to 37%, so her plan would nearly double that, but her calls for a green new deal are being embraced by a number of mainstream democrats as well as including senators elizabeth juan and cory booker. this isn't an issue that will be going away anytime soon. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. laura: garrett, thank you so much for that report. eric. eric: well, there was a final farewell to the california police officer who was killed in the line of duty. funeral services held this afternoon for corporal roh nil singh. authorities say he was shot to death during a routine traffic stop one day after christmas by a man with a criminal record or or who was associated with a street gang living in our
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country illegally. claudia cowan live in no deaths toe, california -- modesto, california, with the heartbreaking details. >> reporter: just a tremendous outpouring of support for corporal singh's family, and i want to show you a very powerful moment that is unfolding right now behind me in front of the church in modesto where funeral services just wrapped up. you see hundreds and hundreds of law enforcement officers lining the streets, preparing to salute corporal singh one more time as the hearse with his coffin makes its way by. and this is the culmination of a very powerful funeral where some of those who knew him best shared stories about the engaging young officer who grew up in fiji and always wanted to become a cop, a man who touched so many lyes. lives. an overflow crowd of law enforcement from around the country heard about how corporal singh rose through the ranks and how hard he worked to improve his english and his driving skills. he apparently crashed a few
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patrol cars, which made people laugh. and what a great guy he was. reggie singh said when they were growing up in fiji, ronil got hooked on the tv show "cops," and together they dreamed of coming to america. >> people used to ask us why? why america? fiji's beautiful. opportunity. for ron's case, who wanted to be a law enforcement police officer in america, why? usa has the best police officers. he wanted to do it in california, in america. >> ronil was the type of guy that you'd go out on a call with him, and when people say he always had a smile, that is so true. he would come up to you with a big smile and a handshake and always go out of his way to talk to you. >> reporter: newman police chief iran rush ardson -- randy richardson told singh's family that they are his family too and that the entire department would always be there for them.
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singh overcame many obstacles, and it was during a traffic stop the day after christmas that he was killed by an illegal immigrant. in all, eight people are behind bars facing charges ranging from murder to aiding and abetting. now, as you can see, thousands of officers will line the street here, they'll be getting into their patrol cars and on motorcycles to escort the coffin from the church where the funeral was held today to the cemetery where corporal singh will be laid to rest in several hours. and i can tell you, eric, all along the seven-mile procession route even today in the rain, huge crowds have gathered to pay their last respects to corporal singh who was just 33 years old. he leaves behind a wife, a five-month-old son and a heart broken community. back to you. eric: quite a moving and emotional tribute to a legal immigrant who came to our country and achieved the american dream. ronil singh will not be forgotten. claudia, thank you. laura: and new details emerging
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now about paul whelan, the american man held on espionage charges in russia. was his arrest part of a larger plan by the kremlin? plus, a possible change in plans for u.s. troops in syria. why president trump's decision for a total withdrawal from the war-torn country might be not so total after all. ♪ >> we want to protect the kurds, but i don't want to be in syria forever. it's sad. and it's death. ♪ ♪ patrick woke up with back pain. but he has work to do. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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and it protects you with 24/7 professional monitoring. i guess we're sleeping here tonight. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. call, go online or demo in an xfinity store today. ♪ ♪ eric: there's some new developments regarding the u.s. marine veteran who's been detained in moscow on suspicion of spying, so says the kremlin. russian officials dismissing suggestions that paul whelan's arrest was part of a broader plan for a possible prisoner swap involving the russian women who pled guilty last month to acting as a foreign agent of russia here in the u.s. kitty logan has more on this developing story from london. hi, kitty. >> reporter: hi, eric. well, today the russian foreign ministry says that paul well land cannot -- whelan cannot even be considered for a prisoner swap yet because he has not yet been charged, but he is still in detention. he was detained moscow on
11:22 am
december 28th, he's a 48-year-old u.s. citizen and works as an international security executive. his family say he is not a spy. now, whelan is being held at this prison in moscow, it's notorious for harsh conditions, and some believe that russia may want to use him at a later stage the as a bargaining chip to release a russian prisoner, possibly as you say marina buy teen that who's being held in the u.s. and is charged with acting as a foreign agent. although today russian authorities asked about another russian citizen who they claim the u.s. is holding. now, russian authorities say whelan will be formally charged in the near future with spying, but they have not given any specific details about these allegations. his family say wheel land was in moscow privately on a two week trip to attend a wedding. he had an extensive network of friends in russia, many on social media. that has raised eyebrows, but some analysts say it's unlikely that whelan could have been
11:23 am
working for u.s. intelligence after a dishonorable discharge from the marines in 2008. now, secretary of state mike pompeo has asked moscow to explain whelan's detention. meanwhile, the family are pressing hard for the u.s. government to campaign and to press for whelan's release. but if convicted, if he is charged and then convicted, he could be detained for up to 20 years. eric? eric: quite disturbing. kitty,ing thank you. laura? laura: there are new developments in the plan to withdraw u.s. troops from syria. national security adviser john bolton arriving in israel today to discuss a post-exit strategy. he will then visit turkey which is reportedly asking the u.s. for aid in syria. all of this coming as some u.s. troops could reportedly remain in the war-torn country after the planned withdrawal. a lot going on here in the region. let's bring in christian whiton, former state department senior adviser in the trump and bush administrations. thanks for being here today and anxious to get your perspective
11:24 am
on all of this. you know, there's been a lot of back and forth about when exactly u.s. troops will be fully pulled out of syria, right? the president abruptly announcing last month if there could be a complete withdrawal. now national security adviser john bolton, as mentioned, is visiting israel and turkey this weekend, and there is some word u.s. troops will stay around. what does this mean for israel? how do you see it? >> you know, i think the troops will be coming home a lot sooner than people think. there was a report that it might be four months, but the president cast aspersions on. that i think the bad report is likely untrue. it comes from nbc news which has very few contacts in the white house. it cites senior administration officials, but that could really be nip. and there's an -- be anyone. and there's an old washington trick of leaking to the press. i think we're seeing the national security establishment that really that has no experience with ending wars. the last war we walked away from cleanly was in 991, the gulf
11:25 am
war -- 1991. so i think they're coming back. you know, disreillies, this is something the -- israelis never asked us to intervene in syria. that doesn't mean they weren't happy, but they're very careful not to ask that u.s. troop be put in harm's way because they sort of defend themselves a lot with our help, and they don't want to be on the hook for u.s. casualties. i think the discussion will be about broader security, about trying to perturb iran's about to resupply hezbollah through syria which has been a problem for decades and, of course, bolton's on to you are turkey te similar discussions. laura: right. i mentioned his robust schedule in the coming days, talking with prime minister benjamin netanyahu this weekend, and one of those key topics, discussing the mutual response to the threat from iran, then going to turkey to speak with officials about how to facilitate the u.s. withdrawal from syria. what do you think netanyahu may say to mr. bolton about his concerns on this?
11:26 am
>> my guess is it's going to be the a much broad orer conversation. -- broader conversation. netanyahu is in an election campaign, he faces some challenges, so that's going on, but i think they're going to look more broadly at the iran problem than just the issue of 2,000 troops in syria. you know, iran is in partnership with assad who has basically won the syrian civil war, but, you know, more broadly we are causing problems for iran. these are good problems that we are causing using sanctions, cutting off its ability to export oil. and if we want to cause problems for iran, let's just do that directly including by encouraging the dissent movement within iran. so i would expect a broader strategic discussion about the region rather than a complaint about the, you know, movement of 2,000 forces and also a discussion about our robust abilities that remain in the region. laura: i wanted to ask you about this turkish request asking for the u.s. to provide substantial military support to help to continue to defeat isis. i wanted to ask you what you
11:27 am
think the u.s. government should do to help turkey in this mission. they've got a long wish list; military support, transport, logistics. what do you think is reasonable, fair and really the right thing to do here? >> i think the right thing to do is very little. we want to help turkey with remnants of isis to provide them with intelligence targeting, that kind of thing. turkey's never been a particularly good ally to anyone if you look back through the 20th century. they've made a very long and very expensive wish list such that it might be the first time a withdrawal ends up costing us more than it saves. you know, i think that should probably be rejected and we should just, you know, cooperate with them minimally. we don't want to enable them to cause too many problems for the kurds, we want them to cause problems for jihadists. laura: great to have you perspective. christian whiton, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, laura. eric: the partial government shutdown is now entering its third week. democratic leaders, well, they refuse to budge on funding for the president's border wall
11:28 am
while he refuses to abandon that major campaign promise. we'll have the latest on the continuing gridlock coming up. plus, elizabeth warren is out on the campaign trail in iowa. it's her first visit. her message to voters in the hawkeye state, we'll take a look straight ahead. >> the only way that we're going to return this government to the people is if all of us are in this fight. ♪ ♪ ng old, ng old, and saying, "really?" so capital one is building something completely new. capital one cafes. inviting places with people here to help you, not sell you. and savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. because that's how it should be. you can open one from right here or anywhere in 5 minutes. seriously, 5 minutes... this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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eric: well, it's day 15 of the partial government shutdown, and still no deal on the table despite another meeting this afternoon in washington. both president trump and the democrats digging in their heels over funding for the southern border wall. democratic leaders signaling little progress after they emerged from that meeting at the white house yesterday. >> we all recognized -- we recognized, on the democratic side, that we really cannot
11:33 am
resolve this until we open up government. >> we made a plea to the president once again, don't hold millions of americans, hundreds of thousands of workers hostage. open up the government and let's continue the discussions. eric: and yet another meeting broke up within the last hour with no result. ellison barber live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: this week the house papassed a combined week to reopen parts of the government through september 30th, seven democrats voted in favor of that. the house also approved funding for dhs on an interim basis with no wall funding. the senate is not expected to touch any of it. the top two leaders from the house and senate spent roughly two hours at the white house on friday meeting with president trump. republicans described it as a productive meeting, democrats described it as lengthy and at times contentious. nancy employees sid said -- pelosi said the border fight
11:34 am
cannot be resolved until the government is open. some republicans, like republican senator lindsey graham, are talking about trying to combine border security, some sort of physical barrier at the border, with something that deals with immigrants currently protected under deferred acts for childhood arrivals, the so-called dreamers, and immigrants who have temporary protected status. >> i'm probably a little bit more hawkish on this item than he is, but i can tell you this, he's made a number of overtures to his democrat colleagues, and it's really a resounding wall on their part where they're just not responding. >> reporter: at the same time, president trump is saying he might go around everything and declare a national emergency in order to build the wall. the top democrat on the house armed services committee says not only is that a terrible and a reckless idea, but in his view it is not legally justifiable. >> in the case of a national emergency, the president can tap the pentagon budget to meet that national emergency.
11:35 am
but how you can describe what's going on at our border right now, which is other than the asylum seekers, our border is more secure with fewer people crossing illegally than at any time in, like, the last 20 years. the courts should throw it out, should say this is not a national emergency, this is not legal. >> reporter: eric? eric: ellison, thanks so much. laura? laura: well, massachusetts senator and likely democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren jumping into the 2020 fray with an appearance at the politically pivotal state of iowa. the senator making her pitch to presidential primary voters of the hawkeye state days after launching an exploratory committee to test the waters. peter doocy is live in des moines with more on this. hi, peter. >> reporter: laura, this is the first chance that iowa caucus-goers have to size up senator warren and also their first chance to ask her why exactly she thought it was a
11:36 am
good idea to release dna test results that showed she's just a fractionate i have american. native american. >> my decision was i'm just going to put it all out there, just put it all out there. all my hiring records, including the dna test, it's out there. i can't stop donald trump from what he's going to do. i can't stop him from hurling racial insults. what i can do is i can be in this fight for all of our families. >> reporter: warren has also been emphasizing in iowa the taxpayer investment in her as a child was the only way that she, the daughter of a janitor, had opportunities to eventually become a college professor, and she's also been very careful to try to cast herself as a political outsider reminding voters she never held political office before she ran for the senate in massachusetts. but in massachusetts fox news
11:37 am
voter analysis finds that 62% of voters in her home state don't believe she would make a good president, and now the republican party of iowa is piling on. chairman jeff kaufman said the about her visit: elizabeth warren is just another east coast liberal. she's proven to be an obstructionist who's long on rhetoric and sort of accomplishments. the massachusetts senator has spent more time whipping up an ancestry charade than she has talking about the issues americans really care about; securing our borders, cutting taxes and regulations and negotiating better deals with our trade partners. because wawrn is already so well known nationally, she has been enjoying crowds, she's been able to attract hundreds of people throughout the state already. but she's not the only well known person, and it's not even really clear how far name recognition will get you in the 2020 democratic primary. laura. laura: all right. an interesting start to the new year, for sure. peter doocy, thank you so much. eric: let's bring in dave brown,
11:38 am
former senior adviser and committee counseling to senator patty murray, democrat from washington state. and brad blakeman is here, former deputy assistant to president george w. bush and a noted republican himself. brad, let me start with you. she's one of the biggest names, seems to be the first out of the gate. the caucus is february 3rd next year. a lot of time. how does senator warren break out of the pack? >> well, so far she really hasn't had a breakout moment even with her announcement of an exploratory committee. peter doocy just told you about a fox news poll which shows her amongst her own peers in massachusetts, 62% of the people think she would be a terrible president. the people who know you best are the people you're supposed to be serving. by the way, she's not serving them if she's in iowa. the first question i would ask as an iowan to her is when is a farm bill not a farm bill, and when is it a loaded-up food
11:39 am
stamp bill? eric: i show two polls, this is the first one. they asked constituents in the states which candidate they think would be the best president. joe biden, for example, with delaware. take a look at elizabeth warren. you're right, she's right there at the bottom at 36% of massachusetts voters said she would make a good president. and then at the same time though, just take a look at what happened in iowa. 65% of the likely caucus-goers in iowa see her as very or mostly favorable. so she's got a huge favorability rating in iowa, david. so what do you make of that? >> yeah, eric, i think she's got a really strong shot in iowa. i think the issues that she's running on and that, frankly, her life in a way represents, bringing life to the promise of the american dream, the fact that, you know, as peter indicated in his intro to this segment her tad was a janitor. he -- her dad was a janitor.
11:40 am
they were able to take advantage of the social safety net. it helped keep them afloat. america invested in elizabeth warren and her family, and now a janitor raised a daughter who was a law professor and now united states senator. she's running on kitchen table issues. her entire point in this campaign is about making america work for everybody and being fair to everybody and a promise of an equality of opportunity so the american dream is tangible for middle class families. i think that's going to be a message that resonates with them. polls indicate this is a really wide open democratic primary field, probably the most wide open since 1992. and my takeaway at this point a year out is if everybody is as strong as elizabeth warren who jumps into the race on the democratic side, we are really well positioned to defeat donald trump in 2020. eric: you know, what's so curious about the last election is a lot of obama voters switched over to president trump, brad. and do you think some of those same issues could resonate and they would switch back or switch over to elizabeth warren or a progressive democrat? >> i think once people reach the
11:41 am
point of going into a voting booth, they're going to ask themselves am i better off today than i was prior to donald trump. the answer is clearly, yes. we're at 4 growth. we have full employment in our country. the stock market's up 30% since trump took office. unemployment amongst minorities is through the roof. we're bringing manufacturing back. a president runs on his record. i don't know how elizabeth warren or any democrat is going to tell people with a straight face that they'll be better off under a democrat. they simply won't. regulations come back, the nanny state comes back. democrats want you to send your money to the government instead of having more money in your pocket which donald trump has done with tax cuts to spend it the way you want to spend it. the fact of the matter is democrats are going to have the same challenge republicans did in 2016. eighteen are going to run eventually, and we're going to have has-beens like warren, wannabes and newbies, and it's going to shake out probably with
11:42 am
the most progressive candidate which will not be able to defeat donald trump. eric: david, what about that? [laughter] >> i mean, as always, brad's great with a sound bite. that analysis ignores one simple fact. nancy pelosi's the speaker of the house because americans overwhelmingly in 2018 rejected this president, this president's agenda and republicans and elected a democratic house majority. by the way, 38 of those new freshmen are women. they account for over 60% of the seats we flipped. so this is very much -- 2018's very much the year of the woman. i think people like senator elizabeth warren, who are masterful as senators, are going to be strong candidates. but i would agree with brad on this point which is i hope, and i'm not naive here, so i understand the reality, but i hope that this election can be about issues. i would love for us to have a debate where donald trump is measured on his record, where elizabeth warren is measured on her record, where the candidates are evaluated on their vision
11:43 am
for this country, for our future and we actually delve into policy as opposed to playing a process game. because i think as voters we're far worse off if that's the case. eric: and, brad, quickly, looking forward to that too? >> oh, absolutely. it's going to be a slug fest. must-see tv with democrats knocking the junk out of themselves to take the mantel of who's going to be the most socialist amongst that group. eric: let's go back for a second, look at live video of senator warren in des moines. just when you thought that the campaign 2020 cannot start early enough, it's, what, the 4th -- what day is today? laura: it's the 5th. eric: yeah. five days into the new year -- [laughter] and we're live in iowa with the race. brad and dave, stay tuned. thanks so much. >> of course. >> thanks, eric. eric: laura? laura: a sad story here. gunfire erupts at a bowling alley leaving at least three people dead. what police are saying about the shooting as the investigation unfolds. they really appreciate the military family
11:44 am
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laura: a fox news alert for you,ing a late night brawl turns deadly at a bowling alley in southern california. police say at least three people were killed and four others injured after gunfire broke out. jeff paul is live from our los angeles bureau with more on this. jeff, what happened here? >> reporter: yeah, laura, witnesses say there was some sort of argument, and then it erupted into complete chaos. and for the first time, we're starting to hear from some of the families of those who died. >> hoping i go home, go to sleep, wake up and this is all a dream. p it don't make sense. home one minute and dead the next minute. that don't make sense. i'm going to bury my own kid. ain't supposed to bury your own kid. >> reporter: this happened at a packed bowling alley in the city of torrance. there was a huge brawl that lasted for about phi minutes, and then they herald several
11:49 am
shots fired. witnesses say they did their best to take cover or run as fast as they could to get out of that situation. investigators saying the three who were killed were all men and died on scene. now, the mother of one of the victims says she doesn't understand how it got so out of hand and why someone had a gun inside in the first place. >> i'm a mother. i don't want to go through in the. i can't even explain it. my soul's numb right now. i'm so angry i don't know what to say or what to do. i don't have my baby and my grandson don't have his father, so i gotta go home and tell this baby, he's 5, that his daddy's not coming home. >> reporter: now, four people were injured, and police are still trying to work to identify who's responsible for pulling the trigger. laura? laura: what a heartbreaking story. jeff paul, thank you so much. eric. eric: a winter storm has slammed parts of the south. it's now dumping rain across the northeast, new york city among those places that could see an
11:50 am
inch of rainfall or more as you can see this weekend. you've got to wipe the lens of our camera out there. [laughter] it's also slamming the west coast. so we've got a full forecast coming up. go to fox nation, and you can watch our exclusive jimmy hoffa investigation, riddle: the search for james r. hoffa. you will learn about the hitman who told me he shot hoffa and the blood we found at that house in detroit where he said it happened. why do you think what we found in that floor is so important? if. >> well, what you found is all that's left of the body of jimmy of hoffa. eric: today the fbl will not competent -- fbi will not comment about the case, but it is past time to release the secrets in full. the documents made publicly available so far have been heavily redacted. we should see what they say. >> i would support any effort at -- [inaudible] the famous american who vanished from a public place in broad
11:51 am
daylight. we need to know what happened. this should not happen in america. eric: for more, watch my special on our streaming service on fox nation. riddle: the search for james r. hoffa. trying your best to save up to buy your own home someday. today is that day. because, by using your spouse's va home loan benefit, you could buy a home with no down payment. no. down. payment. at newday usa, you don't have to save up to move up. why rent when you can buy? newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va, too. that means they can say yes when banks say no. and they can close your loan faster. you could be moving into your own home in a matter of weeks. that's why they can do more for those who serve and their families. helping veterans and their families buy a home of their own is what newday usa is all about. call newday usa right now.
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eric: well, it's a double winter
11:55 am
whammy. two storms, one in the northeast, another one out west, happen to be dumping several inches of rain this weekend. adam klotz live in the extreme weather center with thing so dwi forecast. >> reporter: indeed, eric. the temperatures are just too warm woman. take a look at these, mid 40s here in new york city, 51 currently in chicago. not feeling like early january. really warm numbers across the board. couple systems we're paying attention to, one running along the mid-atlantic, stretching up into portions of new england. this at times is dropping heavy rainfall. going to be pushing off the coast, and this is just the system we're watching today. the one we're going to be paying attention to for the next couple of days rolling off the pacific coast. you're seeing rain all the way from the southern border of california all the way up to the pacific northwest. coastline folks will just see rain, but higher elevations, this is going to start to turn into snow, and that's something we're going to be paying attention to. we could be talking about good snowfall amounts, so getting
11:56 am
winter star watches and wornings into portions of northern -- warnings into portions of northern california. a foot, up to two feet. particularly in northern california, but this system does eventually spread across the mountains. this is the next big system we're going to be paying attention to the next couple of days, eric. eric: thanks so much. laura: that does it for us. we're going to be back at 4 p.m. eastern with more news. eric: stay right there, "the journal editorial report" is next, and we'll see you in over an hour with the very latest on the partial government shutdown, the weather and a whole lot more. have a good afternoon. ♪ ♪ . .
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♪ ♪ ♪ paul: welcome to the journal editorial report as we mark brand-new year in the return of divided government in washington. nancy pelosi reclaiming gavel and and reminding that congress is branch of government. here to expect from the 116th congress, wall street journal columnist and deputy editor dan henninger, columnist kim strassel, kate bachelder odell, assistant editorial page editor james freeman.


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