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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 8, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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from all parties involved but market reaction here and abroad because there's a lot at stake here about our country, the future, whether two sides can get along and get anything done. you watch it. it's a one-stop business and news environment for you tonight. "the five" is now. >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with emily compagno, juan williams, jesse watters. she high dives into a shot glass. dana perino. "the five" ." if you were in new york today, you may be wondering why every journalist is walking around breathing into a paper sack. it's because donald trump is giving a major televised address about the border. whatever he says, you know that it will be fact-checked by liberal journalists who come under obama, were mysteriously awol. but none of this matters to nancy or chuck who have made the political personal. if you have agreed to what trump
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wants many times before, larry rejecting it now? the border has only gotten worse since democrats said this. >> american people are fundamentally pro-illegal immigration and anti-illegal immigration. >> i voted numerous times and i was a senator to spend money to build a barrier. >> we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented, unchecked. >> greg: but now their story has changed. why? has the situation improved? hardly. but they recalculated. they can agree with trump or decide that that is worse than human trafficking and drug smuggling. in 2016, more than 20,000 unaccompanied children were stopped at the mexican border, a 102% jump in the previous year. we don't know how many got past the border patrol and i.c.e. that won't matter to chuck and nancy because human trafficking may be bad but not as bad as
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cooperating with someone they hate. this inaction isn't new. in '14, obama was criticized when in one month more than 10,000 unaccompanied kids were stopped and released at the border, doubling from the previous year. the dems were criticized for ignoring the warnings just as they should be criticized now. it wasn't an emergency then and the dems did nothing. trump is actually trying to do something and they are just standing in the way. why? they hate him. they can't let him win even if it saves the lives of women and children which is why the only wall you're going to see with chuck and nancy. all right, i guess we should go around the horn here as they say. i will start with you, dana. that's a lovely color. we are all wearing a little bit of a -- >> dana: collaborative? >> greg: i stop it. what should he say tonight? >> dana: this is a big deal. if you think of the communications toolbox of a
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president, this is the hammer. it's the strongest tool. he hasn't used it heretofore. obviously it's his most important issue. he thinks this is the one thing he wants to address the nation from the oval office on. there is significant in that. it's an eight minute speech so you've got to pack a big punch into 8 minutes. his chance to talk to all americans. it's not a campaign rally. i don't know what he can say that will move the needle. i looked at polling from 2016, december 2016 to december 2018 where he talked about the wall and immigration nonstop for two years. still opposition to the wall is 54%. it hasn't changed at all. can he do something tonight and these 8 minutes to make a difference? it's possible. >> greg: interesting. jesse, what are your thoughts on the matter? >> jesse: maybe opposition to the wall is how you phrase the question in the polling. we talk about border security and sentencing and things like that, you get a different answer.
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i think that media isn't scared that he's going to tell lies. i think the media scared he's going to tell the truth and the american people are going to listen and he's going to be persuasive. as you said, these are very powerful speeches. it's his first one from the oval office. people are saying there's not a crisis. it's funny because this is from "the washington post," dana. just a few days ago. "after years of trump's dire warnings, a "crisis" has hit the border but generates little urgency." this is by their chief national security correspondent and chief border security correspondent. they say at record numbers of migrant family streaming into the united states, overwhelming border agents and leaving holding cells dangerously overcrowded. >> greg: on what is the date? >> jesse: january 5. >> greg: this is from december . on the court crossing the border and growing numbers against parking concerns that the new influx of children would eventually reach levels to
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declare humanitarian crisis. >> jesse: it used to be mexican adult males. now it's adults with children coming from central america and legal you can't hold them together. politically you can't separate them, and you can't send them back quickly. there's about 60,000 coming across each month. we have declared crises, the left and the media. we had a global warming crisis. we headed in income inequality crisis. how many people did that kill, juan? opioid crisis, student loan crisis. you can make emergency -- >> dana: don't forget the financial crisis. >> jesse: school shooting crisis. everyone would agree that was a crisis last year. 29 people were killed in school shootings. in one year alone, just in texas, there were 32 illegal aliens convicted of homicide. that's just in one state. more deadly in this situation then it is in almost any other
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situation. >> greg: juan, jesse is pointing out he is going against the common assumptions on other networks that that there is no crisis. do you agree with jesse? i think you should. >> jesse: and "the washington post." >> juan: i don't understand how people are smart and capable and thoughtful would not see through this charade. i tell you what. >> greg: was obama stupid? >> juan: obama didn't declare a national crisis. tonight when the president speaks, one of the options in his toolbox, as dana said, that he would declare this as a national crisis. it would give him some powers and a converged take money out of the defense budget and the like. is this 9/11? is it pearl harbor? is it the '09 recession, depression? no, it's nothing. the invasion from the caravan before the midterms, . >> greg: two children died. >> juan: oh, please. the numbers are pretty clear. apprehensions the border are
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going down, down, down. in fact, the president and sarah huckabee sanders were saying over the weekend 4,000 people, these terrorists. no, not true. >> greg: should nothing get done? just like what happened in 2015? it's exactly what's between nine said. -- it's exactly what dems said. >> juan: apprehending at the canadian border back in may '90s. to me the big news is the president is finally starting to talk about humanitarian crisis. i think that's where he can get out of his box. he's in a box right now, a political box of his own making. the way he's trying to get out of it was can i use this tool, that tool? maybe if he starts talking about the humanitarian suffering of people who are coming to this country and how we properly deal with it and comprehensive immigration reform. >> greg: i think he has tried to do that, emily. but when you're constantly called a bigot for trying to
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create a stronger border, it's a challenge when you have the entire media against you. >> emily: egg capable, thoughtful person thinks it is a crisis. for everyone on the left who is saying there's some type of geographical containment that happens of the border, that's not true. for all the points the dems say they care about or that they do care about, they are directly attributable to the southern border, the opioid mpeg epidem. >> juan: most drugs don't come over the southern border. >> greg: >> greg:>> emily: theri want out point out human trafficking is the third-largest criminal international industry and the planets behind drugs and arms. a $32 billion industry. guess who pledged our tax
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dollars to combat it? the doj. how is that not effecting everything a person? the criminal justice reform that hopefully everyone is supporting i'm talking about a disparate impact minorities and low income communities. there's so many interwoven things that are attributable to the southern border. to me it's a profound threat. >> greg: i will leave on that because we've got to move on. well done, emily, for summarizing. democrats recycling an argument for 2016. apparently you are sexist if you don't like liz warren. that's next.
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and we've got to change the conversation. women want that conversation to be changed. >> it's also true that is a elizabeth warren is going to deal with a lot of the criticisms of hillary clinton faced, largely sexism and some others that might be fair. no one is going to try to replicate what hillary clinton did. >> dana: that sound bite was not from 2016. democrats saying criticism against senator elizabeth warren is sexist. according to recent polling, warren is struggling with likability among voters which was something hillary clinton also faced. here is clinton defending warren. warren. >> there's been a lot of talk recently about whether our country is ready for women leaders. malcolm that really takes me back. i know many of you and can attest as to how smart, determined, effective and dare i say likable you all are. >> dana: understand what they
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are saying, greg. >> greg: i don't. >> dana: a kind of get what they are saying. i was thinking al gore was not likable. >> greg: likability has always been an issue, gore versus bush and nixon versus jfk. before television, it was all about the stentorian voice you could hear the radio. i'm trying to figure out what channel is hillary watching when there are people are saying america isn't ready for a woman leader. what is she watching? >> dana: that's what her people are telling her. >> greg: what happens -- she might be racist, because of kamala harris enters the picture and she chooses liz, it's clearly because liz is white. if you're going to play the sexism card, we can play the racism card. if you are going to choose liz warren over kamala harris, you are a racist. see, that's the problem with identity politics. this is where you go. >> juan: yeah, tell trump. >> greg: he didn't do this.
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he has strong women in his administration. intelligence, three top women. >> dana: what do you think, emily? >> emily: it shifts the focus from tangible conversation. it's like hiding the ball. it becomes a slippery slope. when you say you're just attacking me because i'm a woman coming or not actually engaging in talking about this thing that you're talking about. you're not engaging with the force of the criticism. that always felt cheap to do that. it feels cheap on the reverse and to assume i would vote for a woman because i was a woman. that was just as degrading and offensive. why can't we focus on the policy aspects? i wish they wouldn't play into that. >> greg: typical woman answer. [laughter] >> dana: are you going to bail her out, juan? aoc is likable. >> juan: yeah, because the republicans find her a convenient foil. to me that history is pretty
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clear. he's the 45th president. we've had 44 white men, one black man. women say, women are with the majority of the population, they say you don't like her voice? or you don't like the way she dresses or why does she wear these power suits and these pantsuits? i remember all of this about hillary clinton. >> greg: trump's hair, his skin. let's see what else. trump's manhood and the wall. trump's hands. that's the most sexist thing you could say about a guy, the size of his hands. that was 90% of the comedians' jokes for two months. >> juan: i am talking about -- the guy who used to sit behind me at the nba basketball games, an older black man once said i couldn't vote for hooded clinton. i said i am surprised. he said i don't feel good about voting for a woman. wow come i didn't know this kind of attitude existed. i don't think anyone --
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>> dana: that's why understand where it's coming from. >> greg: it's from a dying generation. it ain't from anybody i know. >> jesse: it's not because she's unlikable. it's not because she's a woman. it's because she's a politician. politicians are unlikable people. the only people elected president are the likable politicians, that's how overhead they are. being a politician rots your soul. you are begging donors for money all day. you're taking polls and what kind of coffee to drink and want to wear. these people are not likable people. look at the men. ted cruz? chuck schumer? do you want to have a beer with these people? absolutely not. the reason aoc gets a lot of attention is because like wow, a politician with some spirit. they can't believe it. >> juan: did you meet george w. bush? very likable guy. ron reagan, bill clinton. >> jesse: only the winners.
2:19 pm
>> juan: these are all lifetime politicians, jesse. >> greg: may be likability matters. >> juan: of course it matters. >> dana: soto is going to wisconsin. that's the thing that bothers me. the election was actually pretty close. if she had done a little bit more in wisconsin and michigan it may be pennsylvania. she lost. is it because -- did she lose because she's a woman or because she wasn't winning? >> jesse: creating a sexism defense because they can't accept the fact that some of the women running as democrats are unlikable people. they built this mechanism isn't to say if you are against them, it's because you're sexist. >> dana: hillary clinton was hearing that about herself, even in the white house. >> juan: hillary clinton, one of the most popular politicians when she was secretary of state. >> dana: go back to when she was first lady. >> juan: she was popular and
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of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. >> jesse: celebrity madness hitting a whole new level with their latest attacks against president trump. here is a late-night talk show host, seth meyers. >> trump is incoherent and incapable of telling the truth. he shouldn't get to address the nation just to repeat his allies. if he calls networks asking for airtime, they should say... >> president trump, we don't know who that is. >> jesse: robert de niro calling trump a "white supremacist" and a real racist was bad for the country.
2:25 pm
actor samuel l. jackson jumping on the bandwagon, tweeting his endorsement of congresswoman rashid to lieb's use of extreme profanity to describe the president. dana, do you know -- assaults on the presence of the note states compared to george w. bush. >> dana: was pretty bad. they didn't call him a white supremacist. but it had to do with the war. there was a lot of anger and frustration after the recount. i'm not excusing any of it. >> jesse: it was policy driven. the war agitated a lot of people. >> dana: the thing for george w. bush as they said he was stupid. everyone thought they were smarter than he was. >> jesse: today think about it about president trump? >> dana: i'm sure they do. i've never been enamored with hollywood. if you asked me who would you most want to have dinner with him i wouldn't choose someone from hollywood. i don't want to get to know
2:26 pm
them. i don't think that what they have to say is all that interesting. on the white supremacist piece or in repeating the expletive against the president last week, each was a relax of ability to think. >> jesse: greg, do you dislike the fact that you have favorite actors, you love their movies but when they talk politics, you are like oh, my gosh. >> greg: it's disappointing. it tells you the most outspoken none hollywood think alike because it's lockstep. the people you don't hear from you can assume are conservative because they are not talking. do your point about bush, this is not new. trump just happens to be the latest trigger and all of this and he's a proxy for half the country that hollywood looks down on. they don't like trump. they don't like half the countr country. you know who should send roses every dated donald trump?
2:27 pm
george takaei. it's not because of his career. i don't remember him being in anything but it is his trump-triggered tweets and its breathe new life into george takei. a lot of these people owe it to trump because they were nowhere and now they are somewhere. >> jesse: juan, do you think these kind of slanderous statements against the president, outrageous, they get on fox news. do you think it makes the democratic party as a whole look bad? >> juan: to who? i guess it's subjective. >> jesse: two average americans, independence. >> juan: i don't approve of the profane language, if that's what you mean. i don't like the bullying. i don't like the personal attacks that the president engages in. imitating that behavior is not attractive to me. i don't think it's attractive to
2:28 pm
most people. obviously some people excuse it. i will say i think the big issue here is not somehow that there are hollywood elites that people like or don't like. it's that people say this president thighs constantly. the worry is that tonight he's going to tell mara liasson people get frustrated and angry and use profanity. i would come back to the actual issue. let's stick to the facts. let's not make up stories in order to justify actions of a tyrant. >> jesse: i think that president will be fact-checked by his own staff and by the mainstream media. >> greg: never happened to obama. >> jesse: i don't see the tyrant analogy but let's move on to emily. when you look at these celebrities, do you think they have as much influence as they used to? >> emily: definitely not. the younger generation, a much more profound influence is youtube and internet. people whose names we wouldn't
2:29 pm
recognize. >> greg: greg gutfeld. [laughter] >> emily: the comments of hollywood versus trump is the hypocrisy. it's ridiculous to me for this insular community that has -- the highest level of homelessness in the entire united states, the highest median of housing, almost a million dollars. these are the guys saying that the guy in the oval office is the one perpetuating a polarized society or that he's the one that doesn't care about low income or minority communities. one of the quotes we read by alexandria ocasio-cortez that said g.o.p. lost entitlement to policing women's behavior a long time ago. in this regard, hollywood still has that honor? because women have been respected all around by hollywood this entire time. every time a celebrity opens their mouth with such vitriol that isn't policy-based.
2:30 pm
>> dana: the question if they are more influential. i think that if they were influential, hillary clinton would be president. >> jesse: the jay z and beyonce rally would've put her over the top. >> dana: remember katy perry? >> greg: every mouth that was espousing that stuff about trump kissed harvey weinstein's ass. >> jesse: let's leave it at that. the new governor of california promising sanctuary for all illegals. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ every day, visionaries are creating the future. so, every day, we put our latest technology and vast expertise to work. ( ♪ ) the united states postal service
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2:35 pm
secure a wall deal, liberals like new california governor gavin newsom promising policies in stark contrast to the trump administration. he is vowing to give "sanctuary" to all who seek it. >> together let us build a house stronger than the coming storms yet open to the world. a house that provides shelter to all who need it and sanctuary to all who seek it. >> juan: he is also proposing a budget to extend health care coverage to undocumented immigrants up to the age of 26. emily, that's extending health care coverage to everyone in the state. he says basically, and we saw that today in new york. the governor reelected in new york saying the same thing. these are folks who are pushing. you are a californian. i wanted to ask you, what do you think about gavin newsom and what do you approach? i was stunned when i read this. i get to sit next to these guys every day. california had has a huge budget
2:36 pm
surplus. >> emily: want to i think about him and his policies? my memory is fresh of him being the mayor in san francisco. he was called a philosopher king but he was full of these ideas. he always said the best politics is a better idea. frankly, it really didn't do a lot. there were a lot of people things he says with a hallmark or pinnacle of his term as mayor that really didn't have a resul result. homelessness in san francisco or some of the environmental projects he didn't start and didn't finish but has taken some credit for. in terms of expanding coverage from 19 to 26, last year and audit uncovered 4 billion has gone to on eligible recipients. it would behoove him as the next governor if he would clean up programs before trying to expand them. i think what we are getting from him is a lot of messaging and grandstanding without the actual implementation we can count on.
2:37 pm
>> juan: was that a national emergency? >> jesse: national emergency at the border. >> juan: what do you think? i'm struck by the idea that you gavin newsom coming forward, going after trump. trump has gone after california. now gavin newsom comes back and says it's not going to be one house for the rich, one for the poor, one for native born, one for immigrants. california is going to be one house for all. >> jesse: it's a nice sales pitch. attacking the president is always good if you are a democrat. i think he is trying to get her to the hispanic population in the state, assuming the hispanic population in the state likes sanctuary laws. polling says they don't like sanctuary laws. california's population of hispanics is 40% of the state. 3 million illegal aliens working right now in the state of california, and you know they
2:38 pm
have a great agriculture industry, service industry, construction. he's catering to those people. california is such a beautiful state. silicon valley and the coastlines and hollywood. they can afford to mismanage the entire state and still kind of tired quickly get away with it. if you look at the homeless crisis there, drug abuse, crime and the major cities, the massive income inequality that i guess they don't mind there. there's a lot of imbalance in that state because it's probably the most perfect state in the country with such an enormous economy, when you compared to other countries in the world, they can buy with giving everybody free stuff. >> juan: dana, when you listen to gavin newsom do you think he has a political future? >> dana: it's pretty exciting to watch this next generation of liberal leaders run for office, get elected. he's kind of put in his time. he was mayor and then lieutenant governor now he's governor. i think he's pretty effective
2:39 pm
and pretty persuasive. i don't know if he's effective in terms of the actual programs and to follow through. i'm curious about hall of these things are going to get paid for. maybe because jerry brown left a big surplus, he's got room to play. i am pretty excited to hear them and see how they are going to actually try to convince america that's the direction to go. >> jesse: but is he likable? >> dana: i think he's likable. >> juan: and good looking. >> dana: okay. >> juan: and strong voice. greg, you were born in california. >> greg: that is true. >> juan: when i read this, i thought 116 billion reserve, 14.8 billion in unrestricted surplus. i thought you told me california was -- >> greg: they are taxing people to death. it's a horror show. if you go to san francisco, you better be an olympian in
2:40 pm
hopscotch. you're going to be jumping over -- this governor has misplaced priorities. he is choosing to virtue signal with sanctuary cities because it has no ultimate consequence to himself. you have a rising disease in epidemic proportions in southern california because of these campgrounds of hepatitis, tb, whatever you are saying. i'm not exactly which diseases. talk to dr. drew. because he has presidential aspirations, he's figuring out the right things to say that will raise a stature so he becomes the anti-trump. i think that's why he's doing this. as for paying for the health care, it really should upset you that you are paying for the health care of noncitizens. that is something that should piss the hell out of you. de blasio -- we pay more than our fair share in new york city. the fact that we are extending this.
2:41 pm
you're not for a strong border if you are creating enticements to cross it, no whether it's through sanctuary cities or paying for health care. it's basically saying border, screw you. come across, risk your lives and children's lives to get here and get free stuff. it's disgusting. >> dana: is it similar to britain? >> greg: i'm not excited about this. >> dana: do you think this is similar to what happened in the u.k.? here's all the benefits. you didn't have people that were flaying oppression stopping in any country. they would wait until they got to britain. >> juan: let me change subjects briefly. the president now inviting democrats back to the white house tomorrow after the speech tonight. jesse, what do you make of it? >> jesse: i think he knows it's crunch time. no one has gone without a paycheck yet. we are hearing a lot of hysteria about people not getting paid. it doesn't happen until the
2:42 pm
14th. he knows the 14th is the first time federal workers then don't get paid. i think within the next week, he wants to get a deal done. >> juan: emily, he's already said he wants to get irs workers backs they can issue refunds for taxes. but we've been through two years where there apparently wasn't a crisis, with republicans in power. now he says there's a crisis. now he wants the democrats to come in. is there an out you can foresee where democrats could help them get out of this box? >> emily: collaboration coming to an agreement. >> juan: how? >> emily: by -- >> dana: tonight apparently he's going to appeal to bipartisan agreement border security which everyone should be able to agree on a national security. i think this means, him announcing today he's calling them back tomorrow that he will not announce a national emergency tonight. that he will maybe say i'm prepared to, let's have one more shot at this and try to work together. if you go back to fox news voter
2:43 pm
analysis from the midterms, one of the number one things people said they wanted was more bipartisan cooperation to get things done. i think maybe he will try that tactic one more time with them before he does anything on a national emergency. >> juan: emily, i wanted to finish up with you. if he needs democrats to get out of this box, it's what i think you guys are saying. >> emily: yes and i think that's what you're highlighting. we need our elected officials to come together and not staying in their corner and fold their arms. we need our elected officials to do their job together tomorrow. i love that he's calling them back after tonight. maybe his speech will hold their feet to the fire, given the public coverage and tomorrow we can see them get to work and accomplish something. >> greg: get the engineers in there.
2:44 pm
>> juan: the viral video everyone is talking about. why one woman completely loses it at the airport. that's next on "the five" ." ♪ and if you feel, ♪ like i feel baby then come on, ♪ ♪ oh come on ♪ let's get it on, applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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♪ >> emily: we have all felt frustration while waiting at the
2:48 pm
airport but one woman became completely unhinged and her epic meltdown is a viral sensation. >> [screaming] [bleep] get me out of here! get me out of here! [bleep] get me out! >> emily: the woman was eventually subdued and detained. a spokesperson told fox news she was denied boarding due to being intoxicated and disruptive. greg, you have an interesting take on this. >> greg: i really don't like showing these videos on tv. i don't think we are helping anybody when we show these things. we are a country now where we are bored and so we are being fed unfortunate experiences on smartphones of people who may have medical, psychiatric issues. maybe she mixed prescription meds with alcohol.
2:49 pm
maybe she has a deep-seated psychiatric problem. and yet people's bad days become really entertaining for us and we can pretend and say oh, we feel really bad about this person or that person. if we felt really bad, we wouldn't show it. that's my feeling. >> emily: dana, was set up bad day or a meltdown? >> dana: it's possible she had something else going on. i know -- i have never witnessed anything like this at an airport but i always do feel sympathy for the airline workers. i feel like they take a lot of crap from a lot of people. you can get frustrated for legitimate reasons. if your flight is delayed because of weather, it's not a reason to scream at the staff. i don't know what happen here. i hope she is better. >> jesse: this would never happen with delta. delta is the best carrier out there. [laughter] i'm impressed about how she hoisted herself up on the table area. that was impressive physically.
2:50 pm
i agree with greg to the extent that we like watching meltdowns because it makes us feel less crazy. it's like saying oh, look at you and pointing the finger. the only thing better than a regular meltdown is a celebrity meltdown and you get the best of both worlds. i also think we take it for granted that we are getting on these plains. we are not afraid to die. we are flying all over the country. we land and everything is great and it's only a couple hundred dollars, we should be grateful because of this country, you can just fly across the country and everything is fine. >> emily: have you ever seen anything crazy in an airport? >> juan: i have seen people get mad but she called him a rapist. where did that come from? what's going on? this is fort lauderdale airport, there was a 20-hour delay involved. >> greg: but that wasn't her plane. >> juan: but that the airline says she was drunk and maybe on prescriptions. we had a situation at dulles,
2:51 pm
where the soccer star was taken in. there are moments when i think greg can be compassionate. >> greg: [laughs] >> juan: you showed some human -- for this lady in a way i didn't anticipate. >> greg: i feel like we are finding people at their very worst and we don't have the capacity to say we don't have to look at it. >> jesse: you are saying this because this could be you. >> greg: this could be anybody anybody. you never know. >> juan: he is protecting himself. i fell for it. >> emily: there is something about airports that for some reason, there's a heightened sense -- and maybe it is the fear of death at any minute and the high federal security, the
2:52 pm
microcosm of the world. but there is something about an airport that lends itself to freak outs and people being totally frightened by these freak outs. >> greg: a lot of people don't fly that often. >> emily: this guy missed his flight, whatever, it was a miscommunication. he got to the gate and they closed the thing and he took his bag and he chucked it over the counter and was screaming and literally was like i feel like in any other instance, maybe people would have intervened but in that situation, the entire gate -- >> dana: it's nerve-racking. you think your flight is going to get canceled. >> emily: "one more thing" is up next. well, how are the massage chairs working out for everyone?
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well, sure. and they could save us a bunch too. mmhmm? i'm starting to feel better already. get to know geico and see how much you could save on homeowners and condo insurance. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> "one more thing." jesse? happy birthday to the king. not my birthday. elvis presley. was born 1935. he would have been 84 today. nominated for 14 grammys. i think he had 18 number 1 hits in the u.s. in 13 years. amazing concert performer. gave over 1100 different concerts. >> you sound like a real fan, jesse. >> i am such a fan. look at this picture right here, greg. right there. >> [laughing]. >> i knew it was going somewhere. >> [laughing].
2:57 pm
>> all right. >> juan? >> well, thursday marks the 20th anniversary of a show i know you watch. take a look at this. >> yep. the "sopranos" hit the airways in january '99 and changed american television. credited with the rise of today's binge watching. the "sopranos" had deeply flawed characters like tony and paved the way for the wire and madmen. a tip of the hat to the creator and the lead actor who made a mobster into an american icon. >> dana. >> jasper is america's dog. he is smart but not always smart. last night he was doing what the democrats and the republicans are doing with the shutdown. giving it his best shot with
2:58 pm
that stick. >> [laughing]. >> he can't get it to work. >> [laughing]. >> he is not animals are great material! >> come on, jasper, one more time. denied. i will be on tucker tonight to preview the president's speech at 9 p.m. >> fun, fun, fun. >> it's time for dana: animals are great ♪ ♪ animals are great ♪ >> jasper has his long stick, but these little critters have the bush. check it out. there they are. these little kittens hiding in bushes. isn't that great? they are like whack a moles but they are like cats. i do not condone whacking cats. never whack a cat. you never know who that cat belongs to. they could come and whack you. i love kittens because they are so surprising which is why:
2:59 pm
♪ animals are great >> ♪ >> they are. emily? >> all right, one thing is for sure. you don't mess with fighters. this fighter was approached by a man trying to rob her and threatened to pull out a gun. she beat him up. won 10 of 12 professional fights. she just absolutely decimateed in guy. of course she didn't suffer any injuries. the gun was actually a cardboard cut out. it reminded me of that story where the gun shop there was an attempted hold up and the perpetrator was subdued by 30 people with guns. >> i love women and self-defense. that adds a sense of -- now guys
3:00 pm
have to think twice. >> yes. the story the other day a woman ran into a karate studio and the guy beat up the criminal. >> we have to move on. "special report" is up next. >> bret: thanks. this is the fox news alert. i am bret baier live tonight from the white house. in just 3 hours in the oval office right down here, president trump will explain to the nation why he believe there is is a crisis at the u.s. border with mexico. the president is demanding money for a border wall. a demand that resulted in an empasse with congressional democrats and a partial government shutdown in its 3rd week now. can the president's first oval office address tonight or the democrats response to that speech move the needle in any way in this standoff? we have fox team coverage looking at what is on the line and the push by television networks to f


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