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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 18, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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jillian: seven days is a long time to be overseas whether you have thousands of people right now not getting a paycheck. rob: it was an interesting day when that letter dropped and they were on the bus and we heard from chad pergram 245 there was a lot of fury on that bus and phone calls going out. jillian: have a great weekend. >> more than 1,000 migrants are now on mexico's doorstep as they inch closer to the u.s. border. >> if you could speak to president trump directly, what would you say to him? >> yeah, man, i say open borders. >> border security at the strongest level. that was my pledge. that's what we're going to do. >> nancy pelosi and the democrats growptionded by entrepreneurship. >> president trump nancy pelosi for a military aircraft for a trip to afghanistan. >> we have to keep them here to secure our border and end the shutdown. >> many democrats would like to make a deal. speaker pelosi will not let them negotiate. >> israel has hypnotized the
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world. may allah awaken the peoplenned help them see the evil doings of israel. >> i don't know how my comments would be offensive. >> music legend lending her voice to the red, white, and blue. >> i hope that this anthem will touch people in a different way. i hope they would feel it so deeply. that's what i feel when i sing this song. ♪ dance, dance, dance. ♪ creeping up on you ♪ just dance, dance brian: super bowl halftime show which i thought was very subpar justin timberlake likes to dance. he has great rhythm. he has been famous since he was a child. ainsley: you know this song. brian: right. steve: they were talking about the shutdown and the super bowl yesterday in their caucus. brian: can you believe this? steve: we will talk ally with the about that. could it impact the super bowl the shutdown? we will talk about that in a
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minute. right now a fox news alert. this honduran migrant caravan entering mexico. brian: i will take it from here, ainsley. more than 1,000 people ignoring warnings from the u.s. government and inching towards our border. steve: yesterday, when we saw griff jenkins last, he was in guatemala. and this morning we are waking up and, griff, you're in mexico wit with the caravan. griff: listen, guys, this is quite a significant development here. i'm standing in mexico. let me orient you to has developed. mexico has opened the border for migrant caravans. i'm standing on a bridge. i know it's dark. you see in the distance people, these tents being set up. that is the bridge come from guatemala. the city, they walk across that bridge. remember, back in october of last year, that bridge had gate on it where these people are was shutdown. there was a massive police presence, tear gas. and then as you go this way, these people are actually
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walking back to guatemala. this is the entry point. did you go through here. this is where they would normally have absolute security and people stopping in and just beyond that a gate that they tore down. they have opened up the border. the mexican official telling our fixer here that they do not want to, quote, confront these migrants. want them to be welcomed. they are not stopping them. still offering a five day waiting period to get in. official one year work visa register migrants in mexico legally. many of them don't want to do it and they don't trust the mexican government and be registered for what would be asylum in mexico might prevent them from doing so in the u.s. the main point is these migrants at this hour, at 6:00 a.m. eastern time, 5 a.m. local. the border is wide open. there isn't a single immigration official standing in heir way, you will see them coming as they have gone pretty much all of them i have counted, i don't know, 500, 600, maybe 1,000 that have already gone and in to mexico freely, undean
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terred from a single police official being here. on the way yesterday we spoke to one of the immigrant, a man that lived in indiana many years was deported. his name is will sanchez. here his s. his message for president trump. >> if they build a wall will that stop you from trying to go? >> if you could speak to president trump directly what would you say to him? >> yeah, man, i say open borders. griff frif and so, guys, as you can see, here is a grouch migrants walking in now. they were not stopped at any point by mexican officials. they are going to go this way and they are going to walk freely in to mexico. so, it is essentially a stark contrast from what we saw last year when the last mexican government tried to stop them. this one clearly letting them in and it's going to make it a lot easier to continue on their trek to the u.s. border. brian: is that roughly the place you were when they
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came into resistance a couple months ago? griff: this is the exact spot. i'm standing where we saw the tear gas and where we saw the migrants in october tear down that fence and overbear, you know, with force to crash through the gates, if you will. this is that spot that is wide open right now. and not a single mexican police officer i can find. there was a mexican official that did not want to go on camera. we had to get a spokesman on camera. he said that our policy is this morning that they don't want to confront them and they want them to feel welcome. steve: griff, it's so extraordinarily different than what the hondurans saw in guatemala where they asked for i.d. here, it just looks like a mistake. that's they're national border and people are just walking through. they don't know if they have any papers, no nothing just because they don't want a confrontation there. but they are going to wind up with one in northern mexico, right? >> yeah. there is a guy just rode his
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bike in here. unbelievable development this morning, guys, because it is going to raise extremely large questions for president obrador the new mexican president inaugurated in december who had vowed that they were going to not let this caravan come in illegally but, yet, would have to go through the process. they seem to be changing. we won't stop you, if you want a temporary visa for one year to work. you are going to have to apply and you could stop and go to the office and do so, but, as you can see, almost all of these immigrants are come in and police officers. no one is at the border. at that port of entry. >> steve: there goes another bike. lights coming up down in mexico. more in a little bit. brian: i imagine there is going to be stern calls between state departments. steve: what are you doing down there. the one man griff talked to
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that spoke english i'm for open borders. no kidding. meanwhile, let's talk about the lead story of the day. a friend of mine called me yesterday and he was laughing and he said did you see what the president just did to nancy pelosi? and it's on the cover of the "new york post" this morning. nancy, you are grounded. remember just a day after nancy pelosi postponed the president's appearance before the joint session of congress, also known as the state of the union, the president turned around and said hey, you're supposed to fly to afghanistan on one of the planes and i'm commander-in-chief, and you're grounded. ainsley: he found out that she was supposed to take off around 3:00 and he found out that day and he said no, you are not taking off. you need to be here and start negotiating for the american people and not be on your p.r. trip. here is a portion of that letter that he wrote tore had. in light of the 800,000 great american workers not receiving pay, i am sure you would agree that postpones this public relations event is totally appropriate. i also feel that during this period it would be better if you were in washington negotiating with me and joining the strong border security movement to end the
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shutdown. brian: all of a sudden the woman that said i'm worried about the president's security at the state of the union you better not show up so we are going to postpone it from now can you drop it off or do it from the oval office if you want. there was not a word from the president. 24 hours people saying what's going on here? while saluting speaker pelosi? now all of a sudden when she gets stopped from going to egypt, brussels and afghanistan although they deny they were going to stop in egypt, they said all of a sudden people have different responses to both acts. both acts are both to send a message. one to the state of the union, one is you better not go. listen to how the media characterized, for example, nancy pelosi and after she made that move against the president of the united states. that was yesterday. listen. >> speaker pelosi playing hard ball. >> she is playing hard ball. >> speaker pelosi flexing her constitutional muscle. >> nancy pelosi flexing her muscles today. >> this bold power play by
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speaker pelosi. >> she has a ph.d. in needling president trump. >> this is a move of exceptional clevernes clevernes. >> political genius. >> showing she is in charge. >> what a bad ass. ainsley: all she said is you need to delay or do it in writing. she is saying no. you already invited me or i will go to the senate. there is another option. steve: when they viewed her saying to the president don't come to the state of the union, clearly a political move. however, when the president turned it around, didn't really think he was going to sit there, did you? suddenly he is being a nitwit. watch. >> the president has responded in sort of a childish way is the only way to describe it to the house speaker nancy pelosi. sort of a classic example of trump kind of overreacting. >> what trump has just done is tactically inept, strategically nitwitted. >> only phrase that comes to mind is nanny nanny boo boo.
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>> nobody has ever traveled with a congressional delegates would think this is funny or appropriate or cool. brian: this is amazing. you had an act of political jujitsu totally reversed the momentum she had and it blue up in her face and now she has to go back to work and end the shutdown instead of going or sending a delegates to puerto rico or going out to hawaii. steve: her office still has not said she was denying the president an invitation to the state of the union; however, they have to issue a joint resolution of congress and the senate so president do it at the white house. chad pergram in our notes. apparently there was a stir in the democratic caucus when they started talking about the super bowl. that's a national security event. it's going to be february the 3rd in atlanta. one lawmaker told fox canceling the super bowl would lead to the end of the government shutdown. that's interesting because
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it is a national security event. the tsa is at the airport. they are around the super bowl. they have that ring of steel that that we have seen a number of times. what if that were to happen? apparently the democrats were worried about it yesterday they were talking about it in their caucus. do they know something that we don't know? we don't know. brian: they are already working without pay. and homeland security secretary would be in charge of that tsa. she would have to be in on the i can't secure the super bowl act. so, i can't imagine the democrats having the power or the nerve to do something like that. steve: if they can't secure the state of the union, how can they secure something with 75,000 people downtown atlanta? brian: right. we know they could. ainsley: do you think they should cancel the super bowl and do you think if they did that it would end the government shutdown. let's hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: that will be interesting to see how that plays out. steve: right? jillian: we do have a fox news alert to get to.
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one is dead and another seriously hurt after getting buried avalanche. pull the metropolitan from under the snow at ski resort in new mexico. they were trapped 20 minutes. the resort is looking into what triggered the avalanche. anti-avalanche precautions precs were taken earlier thursday morning as you can see they did not work. a former chicago officer will be sentenced today for the deadly shooting of a mcdonald. jason van dyke faces up to 50 years in prison for second degree murder and aggravated battery in the 2014 shooting that left a 17-year-old dead. al jury acquitted three chicago cops of covering up for officer van dyke. the shooting sparked protest, justice department investigation and ousting of the chicago police superintendent. today, secretary of state mike pompeo is expected to hold talks with north korea's top negotiator. officials tell fox news the secretary of state and kim i don't think could discuss the possibility of a second summit between judgkim jong yout
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trump: the 46th annual march for life rally will feature speeches outside the national pal before anti-abortion activist head to the supreme court. tonight vice president mike pence will speak at the annual march for life dinner. back to you. steve: people all across the country are heading to washington today. brian: as president trump battles with democrats americans have never been more divided about the wall. charlie hurt remembers when voter security wasn't such a partisan issue. he joins us next. ainsley: should emails be banned after work hours in the big debate in new york city that has critics saying this. >> [inaudible] overreaching and truly draconian.
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stoof steve a brand new pew research study shows america has never been more sharply divided over the border wall. according to the survey 88% of the border wall's opponents say it would not be acceptable to pass a bill that includes border wall funding while 72% of wall supporters say a bill without funding to end the shutdown would be unacceptable. we are in gridlock stage.
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joining us right now to discuss is opinion editor and columnist for the "washington times" and fox news contributor charlie hurt. charlie, both sides think they are winning right now. nancy pelosi got the job because her caucus wanted to make sure she would not i-she would stand up to the president and resist things like the wall. how could she possibly turn around now? >> yeah, for her, it's an impossible situation. but, if you go back and nancy pelosi is not one of these people, but if you go back 10 years, you know, the majority of her party had no problem with a physical barrier, border security. it's only in the ear wrath trump that this notion of a wall, a physical barrier, a fence has become such a political issue. the big reason, of course, is the democrats discovered it's a political issue among their base. they are pressing absolutely as far as they can and i would argue to the detriment of, you know, of american
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security. steve: over on the big screen we think who thinks this is a serious problem. 79% of democrats say the shutdown is serious. 39% of republicans say the shutdown is a very serious problem. but here's the thing. i saw nancy pelosi yesterday at the gaggle, the press gal, and she said, look, i'm negotiating. she is not negotiating. she made it very clear. the wall is immoral. she is going to give $1 for it. that's it. the president, we both heard, that he is willing to negotiate. he has told his people i will take anything in the twos. >> yeah. of course if you talk to democrats. you find out that the majority of them would like to see some sort of negotiation. you saw steny hoyer on with bret baier the other night. and he said that absolutely the wall -- a wall is not immoral. to me, that was a signal that he representing a sort of more sensible sort of wing of the democratic party would be far more interested in trying to figure out some way forward if they could come up with it. steve: sure. >> when you dig into these
3:20 am
polls, what you find the largest majority in any poll that you see today is the majority that says they have not been affected by the shutdown. steve: 82% according to the abc poll. one more poll for you, charlie. a latino approval rating with president trump apparently has gone up 19 points since the shutdown. and the president is now at 50% approval with latino voters. what's going on with that? >> that's why this is an issue. when you step back and look at the big picture. this is an issue that is very good for president trump. it's not a base issue as everybody keeps talking about. even among democrats. border security, fixing the border, making something that prevents illegal immigration is a winner not only among republicans, but among democrats and even among hispanics. steve: it doesn't sound like the president is going to budge today. >> no. steve: he is winning, he thinks, then again so did nancy pelosi. charlie hurt, thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. steve: 6:20 now here in new
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york city. ben shapiro is no stranger for getting backlash at college campuses. this time the student group that invited him to campus got threats as well. one of the group's leaders from washington is going to join us next. plus, kirsten gillibrand hitting the campaign trail today. new poll shows trouble if she wants to be president in 2020. right back. ♪ ♪ even when you are angry ♪ don't you ever ♪ if your moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's symptoms are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough
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3:25 am
gillibrand is trailing her possible competitors by a lot. a new pbs npr poll shows her with a 22% approval rating among american democrats. compare that joe biden has 76%. the former vice president has not yet announced whether or not he will make run for the white house in 2020 it kind of seems like he is in the running. brian: i don't think there is any question he is going to be running. it's happening across the country liberal students shutting down conservative speakers, right? ainsley: and ben shapiro is no stranger to scare tactics of the ahead of his speech at george washington university yesterday a threat was made against the conservative group that organized the event. brian: amy is a co-president of george washington university young america's foundation and saw saw this take place leading up and of course after the speech. amy, you said that first, when you saw the backlash, you were surprised. >> yes. that's right. i was pretty -- at first it
3:26 am
was a direct threat to yaf. hey yaf get security. to say me that was pretty threatening. after i thought about it for a while, i realize are just the type of scare tactics that liberals and leftists you on campus to try to see you lens us. after i got over of my initial shock, i took the correct course of action. and continued on with the event to show that we were not intimidated by them and that our voice is not going to be suppressed on campus. ainsley: how did it end out working out last night, amy, i know that ben spoke there. >>it was incredible event. we didn't have too many problems. this is usually what happens on campus. they use these bullying scare tactics. they use their words. but, at least at g.w. there is usually not too much walk to their talk. ainsley: you said not too many problems. what were the problems? >> we had some people getting rowdy in line. there wasn't anything too bad. we did have security. we had extra security because of those threats. but, like i said, g.w. is
3:27 am
not too much walk to their talk. there is a lot of harassment online, a lot of threat on posters and things like that. luckily, there wasn't too much issues last night. brian: amy, let me ask you something. g.w. one of the most respected schools in the country, do you feel as though there is a greater presence than one might think of conservative students on campuses like yours? >> i think we're certainly still a minority, which is why we need to be bold when we have speakers and event on campus. you know, we are very prone to things like property destruction, all the leftists on campus are usually -- they see us doing an event and go nuts and destroy what we are doing, they destroy our displays, our posters, so, while we are a minority, we are a growing group on campus, but we still need to be bold in what we are doing because we will be a minority, i think, forever, especially at g.w. ainsley: would you ever do this to a liberal that came to speak at your school a different organization? and if you, what would be
3:28 am
the backlash? >> absolutely not. i would never do that no one in my organization would ever do that we have the utmost respect for everybody to speak at g.w. we are used to seeing liberal speakers at g.w. every other week we have bernie sanders and michelle obama. joe biden, all types of people coming to campus because that's the way g.w. runs. they don't like continue to variety conservative speakers. no one in my organization, nor i, would ever do that. if we did do that i can be sure that there would be backlash by the administration, which is not the same response that we get when liberals do this to us. brian: student experience put this statement out. i believe in the value of free speech. respectful dialogue and civility. g.w.p.d. does not see threat and be at the event and respects the students' to bring ben shapiro. i'm grateful for the freedom of choice. i'm wondering, amy, how many more conservative students would be out there if they didn't know they would get so much backlash for doing it? >> i'm sure we have a lot more people coming out if
3:29 am
they weren't scared to come out to conservative event. i mean, i have been told by some of my peers, i'm the first conservative they have ever met. i have had people tell me they admire me being the co-president of yaf and honest about my opinions. i know a lot of people on my campus and other college campuses want to speak out and be bold in their conservative beliefs but are scared of the backlash by piers, professors and administration. ainsley: amy, keep pressing on. both sides need to be told. we asked you why they were doing this at the beginning of the segment. you said it was to see you lens republicans or conservatives. you continue to press on and don't win and voice heard. thank you. >> thank you for having me. brian: back to school. 31 pins before the top of the hour. democratic congresswoman evoking allah. she doesn't know why anyone would be upset. >> my tweet was just an opinion. i don't know how my comments would be offensive to jewish
3:30 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ we'll be counting cars ♪ baby i've been. ainsley: freshman congresswoman omar defending a controversial tweet some have called anti-semitic. steve: israel has hypnotized the world. may allah awaken the people
3:34 am
and help them see the evil too longs of israel. omar, now responding to critics. >> message on our game changing series jewish americans who find that deeply offensive? >> oh, that's really regrettable way of expressing that. i don't know how my comments would be offensive to jewish americans. brian: i couldn't see how jewish americans would take that badly. unbelievable. and she still got elected that was 2012. here to react associate dean rabbi abraham cooper. rabbi, could you tell if she is watching right now, the congresswoman why you might find that osceola? that -- offensive? >> she is in the big leagues where everything that she says is going to be held accountable. israel straightforward. israel is the largest jewish community in the world, over
3:35 am
6 billion jews and about 2 million non-jewish citizens. when you call israel evil, you're not -- you are calling out a democratic state. and you are tarring, feathering the millions of jews and christians who are zionist who support israel. if she is already in congress and just been put on the foreign relations committee. steve: right. unbelievable. >> she needs a crash course in middle east policy. steve: you hit the headline right there. she has been given a seat by nancy pelosi on the house foreign relations committee, rabbi. we're going to put the tweet up once again. so this can soak in for people. she tweeted in 2012 israel has hypnotized the world. may allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of israel. kevin mccarthy, the minority leader is very disappointed that nancy pelosi would put her on that committee. >> well, the speaker rhodes
3:36 am
to the speaker yesterday both about congresswoman omar as well as rashida tlaib who has also made problematic statements both who back the anti-semitic boycott of the jewish state. mccarthy did the right thing with steve king. and understand for us american jews, we are in the midst of a spike of anti-semitic hate crimes here. we already have a problematic environment and if we have people shooting off their mouths, they are no longer on a college campus or running for state legislature. they are in the united states congress. they have to do their homework and let me make it clear, israel does 20 things wrong, they can knock her policies, not a problem. but these are fundamental attacks on the legitimacy of israel and rashida tlaib brought up the dual loyalty against the jewish people. pretty rich from someone who herself a hyphenated american.
3:37 am
ainsley: it's amazing that someone who says something like that that's so offensive gets elected. how do you think that happened? >> well, i think, like most politicians, may have been certain things said in the course of the campaign to reassure jewish voters and reassure other supporters of israel and once they got the microphone and elected, we're hearing a totally different narrative. we need speaker pelosi to basically put them in their place. brian: yeah. it's the american policy. so you are allowed to have an opinion but it should be backed up by something. she went on to say i was just talking about the way israel was acting during the war in gaza. so, i don't think that clarifies anything. she also had disparaging things to say about senator lindsey graham not based on any fact. she said he was compromised because he is siding with the president on many issues. you can't just throw things like that out. thanks, rabbi, i appreciate you joining us today.
3:38 am
ainsley: thanks rabbi. >> have a good morning. brian: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. following many stories today including this a fox news alert. the caravan of honduraning hondn migrants continues to enter into mexico. steve: griff as they file past you or bike past you nobody is stopping them. asking for papers, it's just welcome to mexico. griff: there is a new update that is a door, a gate now has a lock on it let me for our viewers waking up. a quick recap. this is the bridge between guatemala and mexico. that direction right now that you are looking is guatemala, the city the caravan migrants, about 4:00 a.m. a group of about 500 to 1,000 came across this bridge and entered into mexico. we are standing in mexico now. the entrance to the city of ciudad space hidalgo. as we walked past this entry
3:39 am
gates lock broken or open. 500 to 1,000 migrants walked freely into mexico without being stopped at all. we asked one of the officials, mexican immigration official that our fixer spoke to off camera that said they didn't, quote, want to confront the migrants. wanted them to feel welcome here. and he would not comment on whether or not mexican officials had left that gate open. migrants somehow in the middle of the night broken it that gate into the streets of hidalgo are actually locked now at this moment, as you see there isn't any foot traffic say for this little scooter or go going by me because that group has already entered. we are told that there is another group. remember, there are multiple caravans coming up through gwatney maguatemalayesterday. told another group going to start coming across in the next hour or so. we will see how that handle. one thing for sure quickly want to show you, these
3:40 am
border patrol guys working this gate right here. we went and asked them. our fixer asked them what they're planning to do they said we have no idea. they don't even know if there is mexico qana police here it appears that somebody in mexico is watches. for right now it is a stark contrast for the situation we saw last october where at this very spot i'm standing was the scene of tremendous violence when the caravan forced think way into mexico that was the first caravan. steve: what a mess, half an hour ago it was come on, in next thing you know oh, woe left the gate open? that's how mexico runs? ainsley: lights are out. some people are working. they work like 9 to 5? what in the world? has the mexican government talked to you about this? griff: we are waiting for an official to come down and go on camera with us. here comes. [speaking spanish] look back this way as they
3:41 am
come in, this tent that they're setting up. we don't know what that is. this is a very important point, guys. if you remember that tall fence, which was the really flash point for the confrontation and the violence, that fence is actually on the bridge. another 50 to 100 yards that direction. so, clearly, while that one gate where we entered is now locked and was open. they are also making it very welcome. there is no show of force. i haven't seen a single federal mexican police officer since i have been here standing on the border crossing. steve: unbelievable images as we see people streaming by. there goes another one right behind you. griff, thank you very much. sun is coming up. let's see if things change. ainsley: thank you, griff. ainsley: let's start with a story people are talking about right now. this is the update. giuliani now responding to a late night trump russia report from buzzfeed
3:42 am
negotiations to build a trump tower in moscow. the president's attorney dismissing the report releasing a statement to multiple news outlets and that statement says quote if you believe cohen i can get you a great deal on the brooklyn bridge. jillian: pastor across the state moments after praying with him inside a church. >> we stood and we held hands and i prayed with him and prayed for him. he turned with me like this and says i will kill you. when he said he was going to kill me i said not today. jillian: the man fought with the pastor and stole his car he was later shot dead by police after robbing a store in north carolina. new york city councilman blasted a proposal to emails after work hours. peter calls the measure dr. copian. >> i think this bill is too overreaching and too draconian to my understanding of the deal. that's too much for small
3:43 am
employers. >> the right disconnect bill would ban requires to responding to messages after leaving the office. violaters could face $250 fine. brian: that's not going to work here. ainsley: that never works. brian: are you kidding? steve: look, if you are going to respond to emails from work, maybe i'm sure the next step is they should be compensated. they should be paid for 24 hour a day work day. ainsley: happened at a gym. cycling class here in new york, one of the guys who is one the teachers, he had to make a mix of all the music and he ended up suing the company because he said they weren't paying him to make the music on his off time. steve: should the company be emailing you in your off time? email us at also on facebook. brian: what do you think was on his play list? also email us about that. steve: i think jazzy bike music. meanwhile migrant from seven different nations trying to enter our country illegally at just one part of the
3:44 am
border. all within five days a border agent from that area is going to join us live with what he says wake-up call for the country. what mad the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have...
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3:47 am
brian: let's move on talk about something new border security. government shutdown continues over funding of the border wall. human sector of the border patrol agents have arrested people from seven different countries trying to enter the u.s. over the last five day period that's very innormal. listen in a tweet they include china, guatemala, honduras, el salvador and india. india. here to react in huma arizona right now is the sector border patrol agent mario campos. you believe there is exploitation of the dead lock in what respect? >> well, as other countries around the world see our immigration vulnerabilities they will continue trying to
3:48 am
exploit our weakss. they see they can come into the country through huma, arizona. that's what they are doing is funneling through. brian: they are almost picking ups pace they feel as though at some point we are going to solve this problem? >> i believe so, yeah. i think they see that right now we haven't solved it so they are trying to take advantage of the situation. let's get as many people through as we can before this actually gets resolved. brian: wow, so you are saying it's a good time to be a smuggler because these people are smuggling people in and now there is an urgency to their job. >> yes. i would say so. brian: talk about the seven countries. what's the significance of the people from the seven countries have you seen the last few days? >> well, we have people from different countries come in but there is a path that would lead people from mexico coming to the
3:49 am
country, the word is out and everybody knows not from mexico then you are most likely not going to get deported right away and so that's why they are bringing more and more people. brian: would a border help you? would a border barrier help you? >> yes. a barrier definitely helps. i think it's been proven that wherever we have a barrier, the numbers of people coming into the country have diminished significantly. brian: they are not immoral. they are effective. mario campos, thanks so much. keep us up to date. >> thank you. brian: 11 minutes before the top of the hour. democrats pushing to raise the national minimum wage to $15 an hour. one business owner coming up next hour says that will hurt everyone. and an incredible story. a toddler saved by a police officer grows up to be a police officer. both of them join us next ♪ only in america ♪
3:50 am
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♪ ainsley: a new jersey police officer sworn in on wednesday two days ago has an amazing story behind the badge that was pinned on him. it is the same badge number as the police officer who saved his life nearly 30 years ago and has inspired him along the way. police officer leo tahara joins us now along with detective kenneth. thank you so much for being with us. congratulations. you just got sworn. >> in thank you, ma'am. >> you retired how long ago. >> 2013. >> tell me what happened in 1989 when you saved his life as a 14-month-old baby? >> >> around 10:30 at night i'm
3:54 am
sitting in a police car and i'm ready to report. and i see this car approaching me and car skids up next to the police car. the woman jumps out and says my baby is not breathing. i took the baby from her. checked the vital signs it was in full cardiac arrest and i initiated cpr right there. ainsley: wow. so we're looking at a picture. tell us about this photo. >> that's the -- at that time that was the chief of police ed mullen, the mayor of the city of perth amboy. i'm holding line and that's his mom carmen. ainsley: when you see this photo you have to be so grateful to the man next to you. >> yes, ma'am. it wasn't for him. i wouldn't be sitting here today. ainsley: tell me what happened wednesday and about your badge. >> wednesday they did a swearing in ceremony. like i am right now nervous.
3:55 am
i'm all excited about becoming a big family in the united states as a blue family. and at that time i see a lot of police officers came and high ranking officials and support and love and seeing my mother that raised me. you know, just noticing that her child made it, you know, from the struggles. ainsley: single mom. >> yes. >> did you know that officer's badge number was going to be pinned on you. >> i found out at the last minute. it was surprise. ainsley: when you retire your number is recycled. >> recycled and i spoke to the officer who had the badge and he was willing to give it up. ainsley: that he very nice to him due to the circumstances. he had no problem giving up. ainsley: that number is 111. what does it mean to wear officer puccio's number.
3:56 am
>> it's a big step to know that he is known in our community and he is well-respected. to follow his footsteps is an honor. ainsley: um-huh. >> i have big shoes to fill. ainsley: you are holding a note from his mom from 1989. >> yes, i am. ainsley: she sent you flowers. >> they actually sent me flowers. ainsley: what does it say? can you read it to us. >> to officer puccio, thank you very much, may god bless you and your family. as a mom i will always remember what you did for my family and leonel. god bless you, carmen. ainsley: beautiful. god bless you. god bless you both. >> may i say one thing? ainsley: yes, sir. >> that night after saving mom his mom police car to the hospital. >> because you were in the backseat with him. >> i was in the front seat. i couldn't drive. i was monitoring him and i said mom you have to get in the car and drive. and she drove us to the
3:57 am
hospital in the police car. ainsley: we are so glad you are here today. god has big plans for your life. >> yes, ma'am. ainsley: go get them. congratulations. first day on the job monday. >> sunday. ainsley: everyone out there say a prayer for him. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. the stunning new poll coming up next. this is not a bed.
3:58 am
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♪ brian: more than 1,000 people ignoring warnings from the u.s. government and inching towards our border. >> at this hour the border is wide open. there isn't a single immigration official standing in their way. >> border security at the strongest level. that was my pledge and that's what we're going to do. >> nancy pelosi and the democrats grounded by president trump. they said no, you are not taking off. you need to be here. you need to start negotiating for the american people. >> heavy rain triggering flash flooding and mud slides across southern california today east coast is bracing for rain, ice and
4:01 am
snow. >> israel has hypnotized the world may allah awaken the people and see the evil doings of israel. >> i don't know how my comments would be offensive. >> you are tarring and feathering the millions of jews and christian who support israel. crash course really in middle east policy. >> lending her voice to the red, white, and blue. >> i hope this anthem will touch people in a different way. ♪ ♪ down the highway ♪ new orleans. steve: oh virginia the president was in virginia yesterday. we are o were on the first floor for our first ever live. our watched all three hours and said you know what? it was the best "fox & friends" ever. at the end when lee greenwood and everybody in the studio stood up and sang god bless the u.s.a. sedentaries were streaming
4:02 am
down his face. brian: that was great. i thought it was good. i would just say this. i got some backlash my neighbors were thanks for the heads up because had you an audience. they were jealous yet angry at me. steve: we gave everybody a head's up we said on tv if you would like to come and see it call us. apparently your neighbors weren't watching. you know what? ainsley: we are being told we will do it again. we really enjoyed it i was nervous about it i have never done a live studio audience. fun to have reaction and feedback. we asked them questions and so hear their answers. brian: i was surprised how well liked you were. steve: it was like a live focus group. you could tell exactly what people. ainsley: true. steve: people are yelling at the screen this morning we know exactly what that was like. ainsley: you mentioned the president was in virginia and speaking at the pentagon about our missile defense. he also talked about what's happening down on our southern border. that takes us to this fox
4:03 am
news alert. just moments ago, honduran migrant caravan entering mexico. brian: i couldn't believe it more than 1,000 people ignoring warnings from the u.s. government inching towards our border but got through mexico. that's not good for us. steve: griff jenkins is live at the mexico border into guatemala where griff when we saw you an hour ago, people were streaming through that check point nobody noe one is stopping them. now there is a surprise for them in the darkness? griff: that's right, guys. yeah, i'm going to tell you, four months ago in october of last year, i witnessed the absolute confrontation and violence i saw spot standing. last thing i thought i would find when i came here with a caravan was the door to be wide open because the new mexico con president lopez obrador said force against the immigration offered legal temporary status to
4:04 am
workers. this is the bridge at 4:15 a.m. i crossed with a thousand migranting guatemala side that direction across this bridge where back in october we saw the confrontation along this bridge with thousands of migrants. we walked with this group all the way across through this entry, this portal a gate was wide open. no locks on it whatsoever and all walked onto the streets of mexico. i believe we have the photos. you can see i took a before and after photo. our producer chris got the gates open and then closed so you can see how a thousand caravan migrants from honduras guatemala and he will el salvador not a single officer standing in heir way. still to this hour we do not have any mexican police or immigration officials trying to enforce any sort of bridge security. we did talk off camera to an
4:05 am
official that told us that they just wanted to, quote: not confront the migrants. they wanted them to feel welcomed and not threatened very big contrast to what we saw in october from today. particularly with the message all along from the mexican government, the new administration was they are going to be forceful on illegal crossings. they said they were posting federal police and 12 ports of entry along the mexico guatemala border and somewhere all along the 370 illegal crossings that they know of. here's the deal. if the ground zero main one you see people riding a bike past me going in it's wide open there is a lock. so the people coming across now are going to have to cue up to the mexican officials. but right now there is a thousand migrants that freely walked into mexico earlier this hour. we don't know whether they were let in freely or whether migrants broke that lock. steve: good question. griff, out of curiosity, you
4:06 am
see the gate there with the lock. how far does the wall extend? 20 feet? 20 miles? easy to impede they can go around it? griff: great question. it's just that one gate. and it's building in part of ciudad hilhidalgo we witnessed a handful of migrants arriving late climbing over that fence and going around and still going. in there was no police presence there. i'm very aggressively trying to seek an official comment from mexican officials here as to whether they intentionally opened that gate other whether migrants broke it. same result very little if nothing was done to stop them from coming. in do the numbers game. we know there are 1,000 more migrants coming from el salvador and another one from honduras on its way. we will find out this morning, perhaps later this
4:07 am
weekend how they will be dealt with one thing for sure no show of force on this bridge. brian: shutdown. sleeping. they have got to wake up. attention, guys, lock the door when you go to bed and open it up the next day in the middle of the night people are going to walk. in meanwhile we talked about another sector of our southern border and that's arizona. the huma sector. one thing that they have been noticing at the border is there is an araise of people from different countries beginning to stream in at record pace. a lot has to do with the word that we are dealing with a dead lock right now in congress they are seeing the video and starting to come to our border in greater numbers. ainsley: campos a border agent brian interviewed him earlier he said the whole world is watching and taking notes. watch. >>s other country around the world see our country's immigration they will continue to try to exploit our weakness. come into the country
4:08 am
through huma, arizona and that's what they are doing. they are just funneling through. a barrier definitely helps. i think it's been proven wherever we have a barrier the numbers of coming into the country have diminished significantly. steve: you heard him walls work. that's exactly what the president of the united states has been saying. that's why he is in gridlock with the speaker of the house nancy pelosi. two days ago nancy pelosi did a stunning political move. mr. president, because there is a shutdown, perhaps you should postpone the state of the union. yesterday fast forward in a stunning political move the president of the united states sent nancy pelosi a letter the hour she was going to go on a congressional delegates to afghanistan. you know what? there is a government shutdown. i'm not going to let you take the plane. not canceling the trim. you can take it in the future after the shutdown is over. if you want to go commercial, by the way, he said. ainsley: he said that's your
4:09 am
prerogative. steve: i checked. she could fly on emirates air out of d.c. tomorrow for $1,596 round trip if she wants to pay her own way. brian: going to fly into brussels. steve: this is directly in kabul. the reason they stop in brussels the pilot has to rest. brian: there is a lot of people in that city. ainsley: they were going to stop in brussels. the president thought egypt so he said i'm going to prevent you from going on your trip to brussels, egypt and afghanistan. she was going to go through brussels and land in afghanistan. stay there for a week. keep in mind the next paychecks are supposed to go out on tuesday. the president said i would be over there instead of here trying to get these people who aren't getting paychecks. brian: unbelievable move for the president. many people said wow, what a adept move and she is a political killer, nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house. humiliating the president saying do the state of the union in the oval office or just drop it on my desk. the president goes oh yeah,
4:10 am
you are going on a trip tomorrow on my plane, i don't think so. i think we should focus on a shutdown. some people here who are don't have a job or don't have paycheck. that is the ultimate show of turn around. doesn't get us further in the negotiation. ainsley: president said you need to be here and negotiate instead of on a pr trip. democrats are saying this is retaliation because she wanted to postpone the state of the union. steve: she had a press gaggle and she made it very clear she is not for a wall. and the president is for a wall. and that is the problem. these are the two leaders of the two parties and they are nowhere near each other. here is charlie hurt. listen to this. >> nancy pelosi is not one of these people, if you go back 10 years the majority of her party have no problem with border security. it's only in the ear wrath trump that this notion of a wall, a physical barrier, a fence has become such a
4:11 am
political issue. border security, fixing the border making something that prevents illegal immigration is a winner not only among republicans but among democrats and even among hispanics. steve: of course, it's a loser for the people not getting paid right now. they will eventually be paid, keep in mind. guess how many, according to the latest figures, how many of the federal employees have asked for -- have filed for unemployment insurance? ainsley: how many? steve: out of the 800,000 according to axios this morning 10,000 for the week ending january 5th. apparently some are hesitant to apply because according to axios they have to pay back the money when they go back to work. brian: what a hassle. jillian mele is here. jillian: good friday morning to you. responding to a late night trump russia report from buzzfeed. the news site reporting that
4:12 am
president trump personally directed lie to congress about intentions to build a trump tower in moscow. president's attorney releasing a statement to multiple news outlets saying quote if you believe cohen i can get you a great deal on the brooklyn bridge. russia appear appears to be launching satellite missile launchers. bunkers and hangers. missiles believed to be capable of carrying nuclear warheads up to 310 miles away. president trump just unveiled a enhanced missile strategy russia, north korea china and iran. and the trump administration is appealing a judge's ruling that blocks putting a citizenship question on the 2020 census. critics claim the question would discourage u.s. immigrants from doing the census hurting their representation in congress. needs to be made by june for the census questions to be finalized. and your morning could be about to get a whole lot sweeter. kellogg's about to unveil
4:13 am
peeps severely. marshmallow easter candy many marshmallows in the mix. it's really funny that this story is on today i joked earlier this morning that i look like i'm ready for easter and apparently the rest of the world is as well. steve: a lot of people love peeps around easter and now they can have it. ainsley: think about it end of january got to go through january and easter falls the end of march, beginning of april. this is what happens. wait, i haven't seen any valentine's day day stuff have you? steve: you haven't seen any because of the government shutdown. brian: absolutely. we have a team scientists trying to look at peeps so see if there is any nutritional value. let you know if there is any nutrients. ainsley: what is it. steve: sugar and more sugar and i love them. democrats pushing to raise the national minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour.
4:14 am
>> federal minimum wage starvation which. >> minute mum wage is no longer a living wage. steve: that's what they say. one business owner says minimum wage is going to hurt everybody involved as it goes up to 15 bucks. is he next. brian: one company claims fountain of youth comes with extreme price. how much. how much. steve: how much? ed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? and your mother told me all her life that i should fix it. now it reminds me of her.
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>> the current $7.25 an hour federal minimum wage is a starvation wage. >> minimum wage is no longer a living wage. >> this is about not only money, the $15. it's about the values that our country is about. brian: whatever she means. democrats pushing new legislation to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour say it will help american workers. but, will it? our next guest is a new york city restaurant owner multiple places. he says the state's entire minimum wage and the country's came at immense cost to his business. joining us now is john bluestein he is the owner of six restaurants including heartland brewery which is awesome. john, as a businessman, when you see that, what do you
4:19 am
think? it has a huge detrimental effect on all full service restaurants in new york. albany decide in new york city the multiple wage would go up six time in my industry in three years. the rest of the state has five to seven years to ramp it up. a friend of mine has a place in albany minimum $11.10. minimum wage in new york city for tipped employees went up 100 percent in three years. what company in america doubles their payroll in three years. brian: for every action there is a reaction. as a businessman your reaction is, number one, is if i raise those prices, if i raise the wages i have to raise my prices that means it could hurt your business. >> i have got to do a few things. we definitely look at pricing. and are very sensitive to pricing. can't just make hamburgers $20 although some restaurants do. being a brewery you can't do that. so we are very selective. we want to be completely accessible and the increase in prices doesn't even come
4:20 am
close to the increase in payroll. >> highly compensated individuals cut hours to a certain degree. lay off people as little as possible. have people come in a little bit later. have them leave a little bit earlier and you let people see for themselves -- even with that the cut in labor a little bit and increase in price a little bit maybe. brian: i worked this restaurants my entire life and my family owned bars. the entrance minimum wage is not the way you earn a living. it's entry level get another job and move to a better job. that's the way it is. businesses giving people houses. >> thank you. that's the way it's always been and the politicians are effectively buying votes at
4:21 am
our expense. brian: thank you very much and best of luck. >> thank you very much. brian: from meeting with workers not affected by the shutdown and victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants. that mother's son was killed by illegal in 2002. she will join us next. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation]
4:22 am
[friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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4:24 am
hey, batter, batter, [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i know the importance of having time to do what you love. at comcast we know our customers' time is valuable. that's why we have 2-hour appointment windows, including nights and weekends. so you can do more of what you love. my name is tito, and i'm a tech-house manager at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. the three americans killed in a targeted attack in syria have just been identified. army chief war rent officer: they all lost their lives when an isis suicide bomber set off an explosion. steve? steve: thank you, jillian.
4:25 am
angel mom calls out chuck schumer and other democrats for posing with photos of federal workers furloughed by the partial government shutdown as you can see right there on screen right. but, refused to meet with the victims of illegal immigrant crime scene left. ainsley: legal immigrant and refugee from hungary lost his only son ronald when shot by illegal immigrant in 2002. good morning to you agnes. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. i know before chuck schumer was on the steps, you were inside knocking on the door of his office with all these other angel moms and dads holding up pictures of your own children who were killed by illegal immigrants. and then the fedex day he goes on the steps holding up pictures of people that are furloughed. you went on facebook live and you had a reaction. tell the folks at home why you did that. >> i did that because i took it as an insult for chuck schumer to go out and show
4:26 am
pictures of those not getting a paycheck. how about he shows pictures like this of real victims of illegal alien crimes. and my son will never get a paycheck. all the victims of illegal alien crimes will never get a paycheck. yes, there are a lot of people being hurt but we have been hurt the most. steve: right. >> my son and other victims will never get another paycheck, ever. steve: agnes, we were unable to see the picture of your son ronald. will you hold that up again so we can actually see his image? all right. there he is right there. so, on tuesday, you held up those -- angel moms, angel families held up their lost loved ones, pictures on capitol hill. the next day chuck schumer shows the pictures of the furloughed employees and that's okay as well. but your problem is why couldn't he do both why couldn't he look at the people furloughed and why can't he talk to the angel families? that's your problem? >> yeah. none of them, nancy pelosi
4:27 am
or chuck schumer will never speak or sit down with us. they will not acknowledge our families. how about the econom the dmitri, how about officer singh. how about the thousands of victims at the hands of illegal alien crimes and he has the nerve to show pictures of people not getting a paycheck? chuck schumer is a heartless, evil, immature man for pulling such stunt mocking angel families. shame on him and shame on the democrat party. and i am so proud of president trump pulling out the travels for nancy pelosi and her crew. i think pappa trump gave her a spanking. i'm so proud of him. enough of this. now they got a face of their own shutdown. ainsley: how does it make you feel when you came to this country, i'm sure, to have a better life for yourself and your only child and to have something like this happen?
4:28 am
stalemated. they can't come together and come to the table and agree on anything in washington? >> it's a complete disappointment. when we arrived to the united states i was 16 years old. i always looked up thinking that this country is so well-organized. all the politicians are working in unison to protect and defend our -- the citizens of this country to make this country the great country it is. steve: right. >> and to see this nonsense going on in the white house, it's unbelievable. it's an embarrassment. steve: agnes, you went to capitol hill with the other angel families on tuesday. you tried to talk to chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. they would not let you pass their, you know, the receptionists. you didn't get into the inner office. this is the most widely watched cable morning news show in america. somebody from their staff is watching right now. what did you want to say to nancy pelosi and chuck schumer? >> i just want to make the correction. i was not there in
4:29 am
washington on tuesday. steve: okay. >> i was here in california. steve: okay. >> but that's okay. the other angel moms were there representing. i want to say to them you need to have an open policy for american citizens who voted and elected you. you took an oath to uphold the constitution of this country not to disrespect our president. president trump has done an amazing job. president trump, please do not give in to these bullies. they created and everybody laugh at them. and every democrat ought there is going to see how ridiculous and petty these democrats are acting. ainsley: agnes, we are really sorry for your loss. i can't imagine what you are going through. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you so much for having me. steve: thank you. straight ahead on this friday, 7:30 in new york city. president trump grounded nancy pelosi' fight to visit our troops as ago nez just ago t mentioned. joey jones lost both legs
4:30 am
while serving in afghanistan. he said the president was right to keep the keys to the airplane. he is going to join us live. ainsley: plus, pete hegseth joins us live. come on out. that's next. ♪ ♪ alice loves the smell of gain so much, she wished it came in a fabric softener too. [throat clears] say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. oh and look they got gain scent beads and dryer sheets too!
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♪ let's get it started in here ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ brian: we already started let's be honest. the song is not accurate a little bit ingenuine. steve: co-host of "fox & friends weekend" and pete joined us yesterday during our first ever live audience. pete: i know. audience of joel. audience of one. steve: what did you think. pete: i thought it was fantastic. felt a lot like the diners i go to all the time. they love you guys and the
4:34 am
show they know the issues really well. when you ask a question they have a smart answer. none of that surprised me at all. steve: when we go to the diners we are taking the show to them. yesterday they came to the show and if you missed it listen to some of the folks who came on television and talked about what they were watching. >> reopen the government back up, how much further will they convict can down the road? >> we have caravans coming in succession one after the another, coming to the northern border of mexico and we have to do something not a matter of we don't need a wall. we need a wall. the argument may be at certain times how do we do it? >> nancy, although she hates walls, i think she is building a wall between her and negotiating. with respect to office of the presidency and look at what's at the best interest of american citizens. >> i have never had chick-fil-a. i have always wanted to have it. >> go, go. [cheers] >> yeah. steve: people hadn't had chick-fil-a. brian: we know you liked the
4:35 am
show and feedback because of the people that know you, too. pete: i thought the feedback was great. call to bring in the chick-fil-a. the guy never had chick-fil-a before dream come true. ainsley: that was his moment. everyone down south has had chick-fil-a up north it's just moving into the new york area. brian: couldn't get them across the border. steve: one across the street. anxiously bought 150 of them out of her own pocket. ainsley: my pleasure. steve: next time we will see if they will bring them over for free. brian: this week there is no money for the ainsley franchise. steve: what did john think fantastic show wit great points with the live audience. interaction with the fox family was priceless. wish i could have been there. john we will do it again stay tuned. pete: ann said thank you for the inspirational show this morning. i loved the live audience and you will the special guests especially pete hegseth and lee greenwood. and all the opinions of everyday u.s. citizens really shows how much people love america and want to
4:36 am
keep it safe. ainsley: lee greenwood was on the show. it was awesome. love that song. ♪ if tomorrow all the things were done i had worked for all my life ♪ and i had to start again ♪ with just my children and my wife. steve: my neighbor ray said this song brought tears to his eyes and when you stand up everybody in the audience stood up. not all the comments were good. some folks actually didn't like it. ainsley: sherri did not like the live audience show. she says i'm not a fan of the audience on the set. it feels like they barged in to my living room while i'm enjoying my morning coffee with steve, ainsley and brian and now i have to tidy up the house and get dressed. brian: never thought that would happen. ainsley: the pressure. >> the audience looking in her living room. brian: sometimes the media who watch our show can be critical. i haven't read any criticism. this is from vanessa santos
4:37 am
says it's the poor man's oprah winfrey. you get a sandwich. you get a sandwich because ainsley brought a sandwich instead of a car. how dare they? ainsley: afford cars for everyone. pete: you were smart enough to bring enough chick-fil-a sauce. ainsley: i kept calling it the polynesian sauce. chick-fil-a sauce so special just chick-fil-a sauce. steve: they don't advertise much. maybe this will be their chance. we would love it hear your comments regarding the snow yesterday. email us at we are also on facebook. ainsley: now, if you buy chick-fil-a for the weekend show, make sure the live audience comes in on a saturday because chick-fil-a is closed on sunday. brian: we have to toss, if we can. we have got to talk about something you really know about and that's minnesota. and this congresswoman who just came in omar.
4:38 am
pete: yep. brian: she came in and was really called out on cnn by one of her past tweets. here is one of them israel hypnotized the world. may allah awaken the people and see the evil doings of israel. this is in 2012 when israel was bombing gaza because they were in a clash at the border. number one she won election. number two are you satisfied with her answer? pete: part of the indefensible part of what she said is what she went on cnn and said. this is her attempt to try to defend it. watch. >> my tweet was just an opinion based on what i believed to be visible to me and i'm pretty sure there are lots of americans who agree on this. oh, that's really regrettable way of expressing that i don't know how my comments would be offensive to jewish americans. my comments precisely are addressing what was
4:39 am
happening during the gaza war. and i am clearly speaking about the way that the israeli regime was conducting itself in that war. steve: i wonder how many people of minnesota actually knew that she had said that back in 2012. pete: that didn't get much publicity. the israeli regime, you mean the duly elected group? fighting in gaza. this is the muslim brotherhood a declared terrorist organization seeks to wipe israel off the map. she said -- hamas, excuse me. hamas didn't know her comments would be offensive to jewish americans. may allah awaken the people to the evil doings of israel. i mean, who does she point to as evil in this situation? is it hamas or is it israel? she sits on the house foreign relations committee. steve: that's what i was going to say, nancy pelosi just installed her on the house foreign relations committee. leader mccarthy on the minority side, the republican from california said i am very disappointed
4:40 am
in speaker pelosi's choice. pete: she needs to be asked whether she condemns hamas. she is saying hamas is the good guys and israel is the bad guys effectively. she is now that position of power elected by the people of minneapolis. she came from keith ellison old seat so no surprise there. but, there is a lot of big questions there. she should be pressed even harder. ainsley: are you ready saturday morning four hours. >> joni ernst, ed henry and katie pavlich with me this weekend. we will try to eat a huge hamburger oh, it's fake. impossible. ainsley: impossible to eat a fake hamburger. steve: are you listening to the voice. pete: trying to relay it and not doing a good job. brian: jillian if you wonder why he is dressed like this he is dressed for gutfeld. pete: this is gutfeld attire. steve: dressed for the snow outside. jillian: is it a conveniently j burger? peter: better not be. steve: stay tuned tomorrow
4:41 am
that is a good tease. jillian: for sure. get you caught up on headlines we are following starting with this. police officers risked their lives to save a woman trapped inside a burning truck. the incredible rescue caught on a body camera in texas. >> come on! i hear you. just get out. [screaming] jillian: woman is expected to be okay. burst into flames after hit by a suspected drunk driver who was trying to get away from police. she will give the anthem back its voice at the super bowl. >> i hope that this anthem will touch people in a different way. i would hope that they would feel it so deeply that it would lift them to a higher place. that's what i feel when i sing this song. jillian: knight now speaking out after he she was questioned about the treatment of nfl's treatment of collin kaepernick. the one who started the national anthem protest.
4:42 am
knight saying it is unfortunate that our national anthem has been dragged into this debate when the distinctive senses of the national anthem and fighting for justice should stand alone: row enter toe escobar's family owned the 600 ranch in texas tore 250 years. after seeing so much illegal activity near his home he says the wall is necessary. >> you are right on the money. get this done. jillian: the wall would cut right through escobar's land. bye, pete. he literally ran off the set. steve: japan miss, it was snowing. now what's going on? janice: we definitely have a snow storm coming. in look at this great crowd that came in to see me where are you all from? >> florida. janice: all right. i love it thank you so much for coming. we have a big old snow storm that's coming. let's talk about that. the temperatures are cold enough for snow. we had this first system move in. this will be nothing
4:43 am
compared to what we're going to be dealing with over the next couple of days it is developing across the northern plains. it's going to bring everything from snow to potential blizzard conditions and even severe weather. we will have to watch for that across the mississippi valley. that ice mix and rain is going to be right around new york city you will have to watch your local forecast. all right? okay, you beautiful people. happy friday. brian: happy friday. janice: wave to steve, ainsley and brian. [cheers] steve: all right. thank you very much, j.d. that big storm canceling a lot of people's weekend plans. stay home and watch cable. ainsley: like we are. brian: one left a message for police on his mattress. quote, i know i have a warrant but i'm not home. guess where the cops found him hiding out? steve: they went to the mattress he is. and should email be banned after work hours. that's the debate in new york city. carley shimkus with your reaction. as you can see she is live in new york city on kind of a stormy day ♪ can't go down until the
4:44 am
sun comes up ♪ ♪ did you ever notice that the very first bite of every great meal is always the potato? that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right.
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♪ [ telephone ringing ] -whoa. [ indistinct talking ] -deductible? -definitely speaking insurance. -additional interest on umbrella policy? -can you translate? -damage minimization of civil commotion.
4:47 am
-when insurance needs translating, get answers in plain english at ♪ -he wants you to sign karen's birthday card. it's a high honor. brian: should employees be allowed to unplug from electronic devices after work hours? ainsley: a new york city proposal says yes, aiming to give workers a break from texting, call or emailing when they are off the clock. but critics of the plan are saying this. >> i think this bill is too overreaching and too draconian to my understanding of the bill. that's too much for small employees, especially. steve: too draconian. fox news headlines 24/7 reporter carley shimkus. if we did not look at our company-issued phones all night, we wouldn't know
4:48 am
what's going on. >> you are right. i feel like i would be lost throughout the day. of course, our jobs are a little different. and there is a level of addiction to cell phones where you constantly feel like you have to check in. this is called the right to disconnect law. it's already on the books in france, in germany as of now, the bill says. ainsley: of course. >> no surprise there. brian: protests full time. >> the bill says companies will have to pay employees $250 every single time they are caught kind of hassling to them for not responding to emails. wouldn't you know it? the big bosses don't like this. they showed up to this public hearing and said it will effect our bottom line. steve: sure. >> they also made a case that it would it benefits employees to respond to work emails. steve: you don't have to do it the next day. >> at least you are caught up. so, also they say that it is pretty hard to enforce. steve: what's your reaction to folks? >> a whole bunch of reaction. we have got some emails. ted says if an employee is
4:49 am
going to use their phone to post on facebook, text or call or something not related to business then yes they need to respond to work-related emails during their off time. seems fair. jean says only those on salary should take emails. hourly employees should be paid overtime for after-work emails. eric says sorry, folks, battery on the phone is dead after work. brian: i steve: if the phone is issued by the company and you use it all day long and other reaction, it seems fair you are using their phone during the business hours, why not? >> a lot of investment banks, they actually have eased up on their junior employees because they were losing really good candidates to silicon valley jobs who actually take lifestyle into consideration. brian: one thing is carley you can't legislate proper behavior. a good boss doesn't want to bother you when you are home only if it's needed. to say an impressive one does. ainsley: we need emails at night to prepare us for the show the next day.
4:50 am
just really depends on what line of work you are in. you have the ability to choose what line of work you want to go into. >> i think that's totally fair. and there are a lot of jobs in new york city where you are expected to work around the clock and very little pay. i think if you are expected to constantly be at work even when you are at home, have you got to compensate people for that. steve: stipulation was the employee had to complain about it that's when they would get fined. >> exactly. ainsley: i wonder how many people would rather go back to grand parent wants era when there was just your phone at home. cell phone, computer. would you rather that or depend. brian: everyone got around by horses and we didn't have to take cars. >> that sounds like fun. i like horses. i like cell phones too though. steve: thank you, carley. google employees having a meltdown all because somebody used the word family during a presentation for a children's product. the reporter who broke the story is here live today. ainsley: do not use that word. and president trump grounding nancy pelosi's flight to visit our troops as the shutdown standoff
4:51 am
intensifying. joey jones lost his legs while serving in afghanistan. he said that was the right move. he joining us next ♪ going to take on the world some day ♪ you got blood on your face ♪ big disgrace ♪ waving your banner all over the place ♪ we will . how do you kind of buy a new car? it's used. it's for mikey. you know he's gonna have girls in that car. yeah. he's gonna have two of them. great benefits for veterans from navy federal credit union... our members are the mission.
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4:54 am
steve: shutdown standoff now escalating. president trump grounded nancy pelosi's flight to visit troops in afghanistan following her calls to postpone the state of the union citing security concerns. our next guest says it was the right move. retired u.s. marine corps bomb tech joey jones joins us from atlanta. joey, so the president's, you know, the speaker said mr. president, maybe you should postpone the state of the union. next day he says i've got the keys to your plane, you
4:55 am
are not taking off. i'm postponing that. and you say that's the right thing. >> well, in the military we would call this a proportional response. i think ultimately this entire fight over the shutdown is not a good thing for our country. steve: right. >> but i think there is a lot of relevance in the fact that there is a tit-for-tat going on here. and to the very least i hope it brings them to the negotiating take. i think that in politics having worked on capitol hill. having been a part of some of these trips, but also seeing the gamesmanship of all. i hope this is a wake-up call to congress that this is a different president. different personality. and you are not going to be able to bluff your way out of it and go to work. steve: you have been to afghanistan. senator james inhofeer said i would see why he would do it. you can't open up the government from afghanistan. i think he has every right to do it. a lot of the people have made issue of the fact that she was going to be in afghanistan far away from the negotiating table. >> well, i did. i served in iraq and
4:56 am
afghanistan. i was there when stanley mcchrystal came through on the famous rolling stone tour. that's someone who had commands over the reason and actually had decision-making power. let me tell you in 18 years of congress persons taking these trips, nothing has changed. they haven't declared war. they have basically rubber stamped the ndaa to keep these things funded because it's the ultimate pork bill anyway. and so congress isn't there -- relieving their responsibility to the president there on presidential authority. i don't know what the speaker of the house going there two weeks into the job is going to do for those men and women overseas. steve: real quick exit question. who is winning this fight? >> i don't think anyone is winning. we are all losing this fight. i think that it's increasingly obvious it's a political fight. if you look at the two. the only argument there that could be winning is a wall might actually make us safer. but, at the end of the day, this is a fight over politics. this is a fight over who can win for political purposes and it doesn't do anything for our country at all. steve: joey jones joining us
4:57 am
from atlanta. sir, thank you have a nice weekend. >> absolutely. good morning. steve: good morning to you. speaking of politics, look who is coming up in the next hour steve scalise and newt gingrich. got a busy final hour. put down that remote. you are watching "fox & friends" lif live in new york city ♪ anyway you want it ♪ that's the way you need it because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, . . only when you book with expedia. that rocking chair would look grahh, new house, eh?e. well, you should definitely see how geico could help you save on homeowners insurance. nice tip. i'll give you two bucks for the chair. two?! that's a victorian antique!
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5:00 am
brian: more than 1000 people inching towards our border. >> at this hour the border is wide open. there isn't a single immigration official. >> border security at the strongest level. that was my pledge and that is what we're going to do. brian: angel mom calls out democrats meeting with workers by the shutdown and not victims of the crimes of illegal immigrants. >> how about shows pictures like this, real victims of illegal alien crime. steve: stunning political move the president of the united states said to nancy pelosi i will not let you take the plane. she was going on a congressional delegation do afghanistan.
5:01 am
>> israel hypnotized world. may allah awaken them to see evil doings of israel. >> you're tarring and feathering of millions of jews and christians that support israel. brian: a toddler saved by a police officer grows up to be a police officer. >> i wouldn't be here today. to follow in his footsteps is an honor. ♪ brian: charlie daniels coming out? steve: absolutely. we're an hour from quitting time here on the big curvy couch. ainsley: rate the radio. steve: 59 minutes away. thank you very much for joining us. you would not believe all the news we have got. we start with a fox news alert. ainsley: the song says, hit the ground running let's do that.
5:02 am
a brand new video showing the honduran entering mexico. brian: the gates are closing after we saw them wide open earlier this morning. steve: griff jenkins and his team saw it with their own eyeballs. the sun is up in mexico. i said mexico. griff, yesterday you were in guatemala. today you are one country closer to the united states. reporter: that's right, guys. unbelievable stark contrast four months in october, there was confrontation at this border crossing between guatemala and mexico. you saw tear gas and altercations on the bridge behind me. at 4:00 a.m. a group of 1000 migrants crossed. we were with them. walked unbothered in mexico through a gate with gate wide open. here is video i shot at that moment, walking in completely unaltered entry, listen. if they build a wall will that
5:03 am
stop you from trying to go? >> i don't know. reporter: if you could speak to president trump directly what would say to him? >> man, i say open borders. reporter: open borders. that was one of migrants traveling in the caravan. but the video i want to show you, traveled at 4:00 a.m. this morning in the group with no obstruction coming into the mexico. this is the selfie we shot when we walked freely across the border. watch this. we may not have that. okay. i'm sorry. brian: we're losing griff. just shows you what is happening. for those who said mexicans will be ready are to the next caravan. they don't seem to be ready for the next caravan. they seem to be all talk. who will pay the biggest price, northern border of mexico, our
5:04 am
southern border. those cities get overrun because we're not letting them in. steve: could be a miscommunication. the gate was wide open. is that standard operating procedure out there. an hour into griff's live reporting from mexico, guatemalan border, suddenly the border gate is locked again. brian: i thought you were going to lock the gate? you mean i was supposed to lock the gate? that could be the miscommunication. looks like the chain-link fence, the chain-link fence like a lock you used to lock up your scwinn with. that is what they used to keep the caravan out of. steve: as griff pointed out, it is pretty much a gate across the road. you go 50 feet out around past the buildings, you know what? you're in mexico. ainsley: i think that is why they're continuously trying it. some people get through. some people they don't. that is what they feel down there. brian: very dramatic as we move
5:05 am
forward four minutes after the hour. president of the united states got word, according to white house on background, as soon as president found out about the trip that the democrats were going on, he thought to egypt, brussels, afghanistan. wait a second going on military plane on another trip? i don't think so. not a good time. there are 800,000 people furloughed or out of work. we're in a shutdown. turn the bus down. they went around the block, dropped them up. ainsley: it frees up nancy pelosi and other democrats for negotiation. the democrats say no, this is retaliation. for the state of the union. if you want to go, pay your way commercial. >> heard from a number of republicans supposed to negotiate with the president endings government shut down which she high heighted impacting 800,000 people, why would she go to afghanistan? we had agnes gibnye from los angeles a number of angle fathers and mothers on capitol
5:06 am
hill on tuesday to talk to nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, held up pictures of children killed by illegal aliens. the next day chuck schumer went out on the, on the face of the held up pictures of furloughed government employees. that so angered the angel families, is making fun of us? what is he doing. ainsley: agnes said it's a slap in the face. brian: that's what they said. ainsley: exactly. listen to what she said on "fox & friends" earlier. >> none of them, nancy pelosi or chuck schumer would never speak or sit down with us. they would not acknowledge our families. i want to say to them, you need to have an open policy for american citizens who voted and elected you. you took an oath to uphold the constitution of this country. not disrespect our president. president trump has done an amazing job. president trump, please do not give in into these bullies.
5:07 am
they created the circus. brian: yeah. steve: better depiction how the angel families feel, why won't democrats talk to us? brian: it is incredible. meanwhile, the big story on, was it, it was wednesday when the state of the union, the letter about the state of the union address essentially rescinding the president of the united states giving the state of the union address. people were stunned. nancy pelosi decided to let the president know knot a really good idea for you to give state of the union address. so many people are furloughed, we are not sure we can security the place. listen how the media saw the political move. >> speaker pelosi playing hardball. >> speaker pelosi flexing her constitutional muscle. >> bold power play in. >> she has a degree in needling president trump. >> this is cleverness around
5:08 am
saidism in a way. >> this is political genius. >> she is showing she is in charge. >> what a bad ass. steve: they love the fact she was doing this to donald trump. so many people equated what she did, where he did essentially took away the keys to the airplane flying over to afghanistan and other places. watch the contrast. when nancy pelosi did it, clever, genius. now when donald trump does something like that, it is childish and he is a nitwit. watch. >> the president has responded in sort of a childish way. only way to describe it. to the house speaker nancy pelosi. >> this is a sort of a classic example of trump kind of overreacting. >> what trump has done is tactically inept, strategically nitwitted. >> only phrase that comes to mind is nanny, nanny boo-boo. >> nobody ever traveled to congressional delegation would think this is funny or appropriate or cool. brian: doesn't matter if it is
5:09 am
funny, appropriate or cool. you have a shutdown. she was playing games. he turned it around right on her. ainsley: a lot of people think it is appropriate. a lot of people do think it is appropriate. they think it inappropriate for congress to go to puerto rico on vacation or appropriate for her to go every. it is wonderful they would see the troop, she needs to get something done because some people are out of work. steve: the president is standing firm. he wants 5.6, 7, orbillion dollars for the wall. she is saying no. it is not about the money. it is about the wall. you know, because if she does not want in her first month as speaker to give him a win, so she is dug in. and he is dug in. and as world looks in, there is extraordinary poll just come out among latino voters. and the president's latino voter, his approval rating has gone up 19% since the shutdown, according to the npr, pbrmaris
5:10 am
poll. brian: byron york pointed out the tough on border, school of thought prior to donald trump talk about the southern border, you're in danger of losing hispanic support. that fell on its face, because president of the united states got more hispanic supporters than mitt romney did. number two, seems to be surging here. people understand has nothing to do where you're from. it has to do with our security. nothing against any country or any race of people. byron york points out, the reason why nancy pelosi is not budging, the overall polls show the democrats are winning this. ainsley: in december, the latino support was 31%. yesterday, the latino support was 50%. steve: also asked, which comes closer to your point of view. 63% said that elected officials should make compromises and 31% say stick to their positions. it would be interesting if "the washington post" abc come
5:11 am
out with another poll last week when they came out with the poll showed 82% of americans had not been impacted at all by the government shut down. is that a different number this week? don't know. ainsley: a lot of people go to the polls stick to whatever the positions are, whatever the promises are. when there is stalemate, they can't come to a decision and the democrats say one thing and republicans say another, then i think most americans with want to you compromise. brian: you cannot stick to your position and get something done. the way our government is the is up, that is why the 63% say compromise. ainsley: give-and-take. brian: no one will get a complete victory out of this. as soon as they realize that we can stop this little game. steve: nancy pelosi not going to afghanistan. we don't know about the state of the union. could be in senate. that was rand paul's. or the white house. we'll know next week. brian: davos is off. neither is great britain because of brexit. i don't know who will go to
5:12 am
davos. ainsley: nancy pelosi don't go on a trip, my administration is not going to davos either. not appropriate. brian: toss it over to jillian. jillian: no, you're good. we have serious news. three of the four americans killed in a targeted isis attack in syria have been identified. army special forces solder jonathan farmer of florida, served on six overseas combat tours. the green beret was married with four children. also among the dead is navy chief technician, shannon tent of upstate new york and dod civilian scott worth of missouri. they were killed by an isis suicide bomber. a fourth american victim working as an interpreter has not been identified. rudy giuliani responding to a late night russia report from buzzfeed. they were reporting that president trump personally directed michael cohen to lie to congress about negotiations to build a trump to youer in moscow. the president's attorney
5:13 am
dismissing the report, releasing a statement to multiple news outlets, quote, if you believe cohen, i can get you a great deal on the brooklyn bridge. texas can strip medicaid funding from planned parenthood. a federal appeals court reversing the lower court decision on request to block $3 million in state funding. they have been pushing to ban planned parenthood from state funding, secretly recorded videos about abortions leaked in 2015. a pack of horses help corral a suspect running from the cops. night vision video shows the animal run after the man in volusia county, that. one. horses kicks him to the ground. the suspect was arrested a short time later and faces several chars. so no horsing down there in florida. >> good one. steve: video of that. that looked like it hurt. jillian: i love my cheesy puns. brian: thank you, jillian.
5:14 am
will democrats come back to the negotiating table? house minority whip steve scalise is here. he says it is time for democrats to put americans first. ainsley: touching tribute coming up. ♪ improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at yeah! now business is rolling in. ♪i've been really tryin', baby ♪tryin' to hold back this feeling for so long♪
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5:18 am
♪ brian: all right, the battle over the border wall funding escalating as president trump grounds nancy pelosi's trip overseas a after she told him to stay home and not give the state of the union address. we'll go with update on house minority whip, one of the leaders on republican side steve scalise who spent most of monday with the president of the united states. great to see you congressman. can you update everybody? >> good morning. brian: do you think president grounding nancy pelosi will help or hurt the negotiations. >> hopefully it provides her more opportunity to sit down with the president because president trump has been clear from the beginning of this. he laid out what the security experts said it will take to keep our country safe and secure the border. she has yet to put a counteroffer on the table. maybe now that she is going to be back here, go sit down with the president and two of them can work it out, if she is
5:19 am
willing to make any counter offer. she refused to offer anything on the table. time for that to end, she has to start negotiating or release everybody and let someone else negotiate for her since she is unable to at least show any willingness. brian: yesterday before the whole event happened, there was a question in the press conference, do you need to express willingness to negotiate that figure for republicans to get past this idea of a wall? she says i'm not for a wall, i'm not for a wall, i'm not for a wall, then she laughed. we're not talking about a wall, steel barrier. steel slats, or fencing. should she be asked directly, the wall is not vernacular is not used and everybody move forward and everybody save face? >> she should. when we were in the meetings in the situation room over the last few weeks where the president brought all of us together to try to negotiate, he said he is willing to negotiate on even the definition of a wall. she can ban physical cement
5:20 am
structure. she didn't want to negotiate at all. he said, i'll give you another 30 days. we'll fund everything, including things we disagree on if at the end of that 30 days you're willing to negotiate with me on this. she said no. at every turn she said no. time for nancy pelosi to put a counteroffer on the table, of some amount. she says she is for border security, yet she opposed every sipping pell item, literally said she would only support a dollar. does anybody think that is serious? of course not. she has to get serious or authorize someone else to negotiate to get this resolved. brian: steve, only 10 seconds, do you like what the president did yesterday? >> i think it was appropriate considering what she did on state of the union which was, unprecedented and i think unbecoming of a house speaker to uninvite a president. never happened before in the history of our country. brian: i think both side, can't wait to have you on, we talk about the compromise thaw guys worked out. no one is getting away from this with complete victory. steve scalise.
5:21 am
thanks so much. >> go saints. brian: okay. they are favored to win this weekend. police say this teenager was moments away from carrying out a terror attack but a heroic officer stopped him in time. plus this story, google employees upset because someone used the word family during a presentation of a children's products. thege reporter who broke the sty restoring your awesome... daily. feed your cells with centrum® micronutrients today. feed your cells with upgrade to new tide pods 2.0. and get 50% more cleaning power in the palm of your hand. for a powerful clean in one step, it's got to be tide.
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5:25 am
okay. finally $8,000, how much it costs to you buy a liter of blood from a young person. a california startup says it reverses aging. the blood is taken between people from 15 to 25 years old. ainsley? ainsley: thank you. google executive reportedly sparking outrage among employees for simply using the word family during a company presentation on a product that is geared for children. steve: one employee allegedly writing this is diminishing disrespectful way to speak. family friendly, used as synonym for kid-friendly means to me, you and yours don't count as a family unless you have children. it is offensive, inappropriate, homophobic and wrong. they wrote. ainsley: "the daily caller" white house correspondent joins us now with this. am berks thanks for being with us. >> good morning. thank you for having me i don't a reportwer "daily caller," peter hasse-m broke the story.
5:26 am
appeared in 2017. tell us exactly what the story is here. >> right. so turns out google employees are members of the perpetually aggrieved class offended by literally everything. upset the word family was used. called it homophobic. it wasn't friendly for people who don't have children who are even people who are not married. these sound a lot like college students who we talk about are always offended by anything they can be offended by. this is the not first time google employees brought their politics to work with them. google employees in the past discussed potentially pushing down conservative websites and search results trying to use the search algorithm to hide trump's travel ban. this is just more of the same for them. steve: amber, is this comment and outlyer or do a lot of people at google feel that way? that using family is over the line? >> you would think that it would be maybe one to half a dozen
5:27 am
people. there were actually close to 100 people who complained about the word family. it is really insane to me, that this is something that can be taken as offensive in today's society. it really calls into question what kind of values that we're promoting our children and to, to the young people in society and members of my generation, the millenials. ainsley: what they want, these folks complaining, i think of movies are family-friendly, meaning kid or people of all ages can see the movie. don't have to worry about your kids seeing something you will regret showing them later on. instead of calling those movies family friendly, we're supposed to call them kid-friendly movies now? >> apparently so. if you say family, you're at risk of offending someone. james demore, google needs to add intellectual diversity to its ranks. conservatives are worried about censorship. when people like this running a company that is one the biggest
5:28 am
tech companies in charge after lot of people's ability to speak freely. >> we have a quote from vice president of google on family backlash. i realize what we have said might have caused concerns. we need to be more conscientious about the fact that there is a diverse makeup of parents and families. please help us get to a better state. so ultimately, amber, what does this, why does this concern you when it comes to these kind of attitude inside of google which of course runs this secret algorithm which ha half the planet uses to find stuff on the internet? >> well the problem with their response is that, they gave in to the outrage mob, which tells me if an employee has a problem with a certain conservative speaker or certain conservative news story like i was mentioning about the trump travel ban, then, of course fearful that they would try to use their power to censor people's views that they disagree with. ainsley: it is just so interesting. i think family could have more than one meaning, right? family friendly could mean kids
5:29 am
or family could mean your extended family. doesn't necessarily mean you have to have children? >> that is exactly right. and i think what is happening here, is people who are maybe a little bit sad, maybe they're upset they're single, and so they took out their own insecurities on googlesque istives, rather than choosing to not be offended by something. ainsley: when does all this end? what is next? in 2017 they are offended by that word. what are they offended by now? >> that is the question i'm asking myself, especially i look on college campuses people are supposed to be the future leaders of america, calling the police on people who write trump 2016 in chalk on their campuses. no telling where this outrage culture is going to end. i think it is shame on google executives for giving in to this kind of nonsense. steve: amber athey from "the daily caller." thank you. >> thank you. steve: rudy giuliani the
5:30 am
president's attorney that a report says president trump ordered michael to lie to congress. we'll talk to newt gingrich, former speaker of the house is coming up. ainsley: why some prisoners are getting tablets in south carolina. ♪ what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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♪ brian: 27 minutes before the top of the hour. that is outside of the white house where they're hoping to end the lockout today, the shutdown. it is not getting close.
5:34 am
i don't believe any talks are on tap. let's bring in newt gingrich. he was speaker of the house of the he knows all about shut downs, experienced one when he was speaker. how does this end? he is author of trump's america. before we talk about shutdown, this buzzfeed story is getting a lot of buzz, pun intended, about michael cohen, claiming reportedly, that michael cohen claiming as president's attorney he was instructed to lie to congress after the president became president about the moscow tower project. what is your reaction to that? ainsley: this is according to buzzfeed, by the way. >> i agree with rudy giuliani. anybody who believes michael cohen, rudy would like to meet with you, offer a chance to buy the brooklyn bridge. this is absurdity. the niece -- news media take any negative about trump because it fits their bias and.
5:35 am
can you imagine any president of the united states being dumb enough to say i would like you to go over to lie to congress? it is crazy. only modern liberal media would give it any credit. brian: we'll find outlaw enforcement officials say. two law enforcement officials can verify. there are text messages and email that would change it if it that was true. >> text messages from who? brian: law enforcement people. >> from trump or is it cohen being wildly delusional? steve: newt, when you look this is from buzzfeed. buzzfeed, let's hop in the way back machine, buzzfeed who is actually published unverified dossier in its entirety, i believe. >> sure. but that is what buzzfeed does. buzzfeed is the equivalent of those tabloids you buy at the grocery store on the way out that introduce you to martians and tell you the story of three stars who anguished lives that you never knew about.
5:36 am
to take buzzfeed seriously -- steve: i have to read about that. >> to take buzzfeed seriously a sign how desperate we are for news. ainsley: you're not denying, you don't doubt michael cohen said this to these investigators, but whether or not is true, is what you're doubting, right? >> michael cohen was interviewed for 70 hours. in 70 hours time he could have said anything. because he was trying to please the investigators. he was desperately trying to avoid jail. i think he would have said, if you told him the sky is orange, and the earth is purple, he would have said yes, sir, that is exactly right. i always thought that myself. brian: if there is paperwork to back up what he said and other sources to back up what he says what is the degree of trouble the president would be in? >> look, what you just did. you have me talking about hypothetical whether or not the president might be in trouble if a nut cake who is routinely lying might have in fact -- what kind of paperwork?
5:37 am
paperwork from trump or paperwork from cohen? paperwork from cohen is as useless as cohen's own words. brian: steve: what is interesting about the story. buzzfeed hanging it on two unnamed law enforcement personnel. apparently the reporter never actually saw with his own two eyes, according to what he told another network this morning, never saw the material himself. taking it on, whoever he talked to as yep, i'm telling you truth, buddy, this is it. >> i don't blame buzzfeed. "new york times" does this all the time. "new york times" had a story last week about trump was a russian agent. huge headline. they get to paragraph 9, actually no factual evidence of any kind this is true. but they managed to get a big headline, a long story. all of it from unnamed fbi sources. so if "the new york times" can take trivia and trash and turn it into a page one story why can't buzzfeed.
5:38 am
>> steve: if the fbi would ever do that. brian: newt, yesterday was one of the great political jujitsu moves i've ever seen, president two days ago, caught by surprise perhaps, went silent, disinvited to give the state of the union address. the president didn't respond. when he got word according to the white house they were about to take off on military aircraft, what they thought was egypt, brussels and then afghanistan, he immediately turned the bus around and stopped the plane and said come back and negotiate. first characterize where this fits in the history of this country? >> well, look, we have never seen the level of hostility between the speaker of the house and a president, that we have with nancy pelosi and president trump. nancy pelosi has gone out of her way to prove that she is his mortal enemy. that if she can destroy his presidency she will. she, when he said the other day, if i give you everything you want, would you at least agree
5:39 am
over the next 30 days, that we could solve the wall on southern border? she said no. you can give me everything i want i'm still not giving you anything. then she decides upon her own, by the way, i dare her to put this up to a vote of the house because i think her own party will repudiate her, she decides she will postpone the state of the union, which thinks she shows she is tough. you want tough? i will give tough. you are not flying on military airplane. i also think he had a good point. why is she leaving the u.s. for seven days while federal employees are not being paid? why is she not sitting in washington getting her job done, finding a compromise? i thought from the president's side, it was a home run for him to do the what he did and send her a note, of course you can go commercial, frankly you ought to stay here and negotiate. ainsley: do you think he was doing that out of retaliation? his trip to davos or his administration's trip to davos he canceled. >> come on.
5:40 am
come on. ainsley: is it retaliation or a little bit of both? >> i have written two books about trump. i known him a long time. i watched him carefully. i don't know anymore predictable at counterpunching. you hit donald trump, he picks up a large log, slams you across the head, see you made me irritated. she punched him. he was looking for opportunity to punch her back. i think, from everything, in fact i was watching your show earlier today. we had a woman on saying i was so proud of him canceling her plane, she handed him a huge softball, said, please, knock it out of the park. steve: when you were speaker would you have ever suggested to bill clinton, hey, don't do, let's postpone the state of the union because, this just isn't going right? the government is shut down. can't protect you? >> look even in the worst period with, which included whole impeachment process he and i could always talk. we're both sort of graduate students. we like policy.
5:41 am
we like idea. we babble. we babbled with each other. so even when we were fighting we were talking. nancy pelosi is not like that. nancy pelosi is a very tough machined politician. she has no interest in having a friendly conversation with donald trump. and, trump's the guy, he is very happy to talk to you. you want to pick a fight with him? i guarranty you he will spend part of every day here on out finding a way to cause her pain. brian: she is operator. she is not a deep thinker. >> but, people shouldn't underestimate her. she is very effective, very tough operator. the president will have to break her power in order to win. brian: we'll see what happens. we're in a standoff. ainsley: newt gingrich. thank you so much. have a good weekend. brian: no one can break jillian's power and her hold on the news. jillian: absolutely. got that right. an american teenager accused of attacking a sheriff's deputy in the name of isis. he is charged with terrorism. officials say the 18-year-old
5:42 am
threw rocks at deputy and threatened him with a knife in mayor cope county, arizona. the deputy shot the teen in self-defense. the fbi says he is home grown violent extremist and a lone wolf. the internet will be available behind bars. shut caroline giving tablets to inmate hoping to stop them from using smuggled cell phones. call home and watch educational programs and stream movies and music. several prisons will test the program before it expands nationwide. months after a vandal destroyed a monument for a fallen navy seal, a bigger and better one is unveiled. >> lieutenant michael murphy gave the ultimate sacrifice. this is the least that we can do. jillian: a teenager is accused of smashing memorial at a park in new york t honored lieutenant michael murphy who was killed by enemy fire in. his heroic story was portrayed in the film, the lone survivor. five steve we know that one.
5:43 am
thank you, jillian. brian: migrant caravan making its way if into mexico. griff jenkins live there next. steve: was your new year's resolution to get organized, particularly the garage, places like that? skip bedell is here with tips on how to do just that. ♪ lease the 2019 rx350 for $449 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart.
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steve: we're back with a fox news alert. honduran migrant caravan we've been telling you about for the last three days is now on the way to mexico. brian: gates the border are now closed after we saw them wide open earlier this morning. ainsley: griff jenkins traveling with the caravan. he joins us live from mexico. griff? reporter: guys, the message from the new mexican president lopez obrador, is very clear to the caravan, come, the gates are wide open. that was the case temporarily for a time this morning. this is the bridge from guatemala to mexico. you see now people are lined up,
5:47 am
cued up to get a temporary work visa up to a year in mexico. but for the majority of the folks, of the caravan they want to go to the united states. 4:15 a.m., we came across this bridge with 1000 plus migrants. as we came across we saw not a single federal police officer, not a single immigration official. they walked down to the gate you're looking at now. the gate has a lock on it. early this morning it was wide open. it leads to the streets of hidalgo, here is self if i video i shout to capture that moment for you. watch. the red lights behind me are the checkpoint on the tecum bridge between guatemala and mexico. these migrants being able, this gentleman waving hi, walking across. immigration officials not stopping any of these migrants. so as you can see now the situation differs.
5:48 am
people cannot freely walk across. as we came across the bridge 20 minutes ago, we saw people crossing the river freely, no one stopping them. so a clear, stark contrast from what we saw four months ago when there was violence and tear gas. when mexico was trying to stop central american caravan from coming across. this administration taking a very different approach to them. the one immigration officer we saw by the way this morning wouldn't talk to us on camera. he said what is going on here? quote, we don't want to confront the caravan. we want the migrants to feel welcome, guys. steve: when you look at video what happened october 19th. now you look what is going on. when you went from guatemala into mexico, anybody ask you for papers or anything? reporter: no. after i have been out here last few hours for reporting, we got dragged across to guatemala, to do a little passport checking in
5:49 am
with them we were technically illegal here in mexico. put a fine point quickly what this all means to this conversation, my contacts in the rio grande valley, the busiest traffic sector in the u.s.-mexico border, are emailing me today, hey, griff, watching reporting. by the way we had nearly 1000 arrests in the rgv sector yesterday alone. i walked across with 1000 caravan migrants this morning who are free to walk now, 2,000 miles to the u.s. border. ainsley: so the reason you're saying it is easier to get across today, i thought it would be harder as more and more migrants were trying to travel and get into mexico, but the reason it is easier because they wanted to no confrontation? they wanted to make it easy for them to get through? reporter: exactly. this is a very different message, ainsley, than what the new president lopez obrador was saying a few months and weeks ago. president trump, secretary
5:50 am
pompeo was sent down to mexico before all this began, listen, we will try to help to give aid, to do what the mexican president wanted a new deal to give jobs, some aid to the countries, stop caravans coming from the first place, so their lives would be better in exchange for mexico hardening the southern border. they have done exactly the opposite because you see behind me, people are getting work visas. the bigger point, which was immigrants coming freely across not being stopped at all. i have not yet seen a single federal mexican police officer here enforcing any security to include the locked gate down there, guys. steve: what a week of reporting from down there in central america. griff, thank you very much. ainsley: is that what nancy pelosi and chuck schumer want our border to look like? steve: according to the president yesterday, yes 15 minutes to top of the hour. what is the new year's resolution to get organized? skip bedell has everything to
5:51 am
get you organized. brian: is that janice? p number . plus, free premium delivery. ends monday. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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>> big friday morning coming up. back and forth between president trump and speaker pelosi continues. what happens next as we head into the weekend? hogan gidley joins us live from the white house. senator rand paul is also here to react. secretary of state mike pompeo meeting with a north korean counterpart in washington today. general jack keane joins us ahead of the 11:00 a.m. eastern time meeting. 2020 battle heats up senior advisor to the trump campaign, daughter-in-law to the president, lara trump will join us live in studio j. it begins right here in "america's newsroom" top of the hour. steve: thank you. so many people said for new year's resolution we'll get organized. skip bedell joins us. >> four in one bench.
5:55 am
storing shelving system to get everything off the floor to park the car in the garage. it is rolling cart that you can use with different heights. of course it is a scaffold that can stack three levels high. work up to 24 feet. all in one unit. unbelievable. steve: what about this? >> clever crate. this is the best part. folds down flat. you can have tons in your car, garage all over the place. super easy to set up and collapse. they work great. brian: never seen that before. >> clever crate. unbelievable. brian: one more thing with you. >> these are wood crates. by crate and pallets. these are nice, inexpensive. organize them all different ways. screw a couple together, put wheels on bottom, made a rolling carl for my office. brian: you are showing off. ainsley: this is my favorite. this is good for underneath the sink. >> kitchen and cabinet sinks,
5:56 am
cleaning products, hair products, always digging way in the back. these are sliding cabinet door slides. brian: especially for senior citizens. >> unbelievable. don't have to get on the knees. put all the chemicals and products. >> easy to install? >> only four screws. took under a mine for me to put them in. everything here is diy. best part. we never have enough clossette space, right? ainsley: true. >> winter coats, all that. i love the storage units. they're collapsable when you're not using them. they have clear windows to see what you put in there. this is the best. i got one for the attic. assembles in minutes. two hanging rods and four shelves. take away winter stuff, big coats. put them in there. this zips completely closed. keeps everything protected. steve: more information about any of these items, go to coming back in two minutes. brian: don't skip away.
5:57 am
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>> all right, so many cool things once again. if you see him on the street, just pull him aside and ask him about it. >> i've always got something in the truck. >> absolutely. >> have a great day everyone, it's friday. >> we will see you on the radio. >> bill: hello, everybody. bounding from coast to coast and overseas, the present grounding nancy pelosi up to afghanistan after the attempt to derail the civil union address. it's friday. i'm bill hemmer, everyone. >> sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith. president trump just before she and congressional delegation were set to take out, explaining in a curt letter that she is free to fly commercial


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