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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 18, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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do you think is the most corrup in the media outlet and let us know why. we're going to feature those answers on the program. were always fair and balanced. >> i am david webb in for laura igraham and this is the specia edition of speed to dc dysfunction. like so many other purported bombshells, the buzz feed that latest claiming that they're claiming directed his former attorney to lie to congress hit a wall tonight. for much of the past 24 hours, the breathless coverage has sounded like this. >> this is probably one of the most serious pieces of reportin in the two plus years of this
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russian investigation. >> the question of impeachment seems to be a question of timing . to get a strong argument to be made that this is a high crime or misdemeanor in which impeachment may be a possibility . >> perjury and congress are rightus there in the heart of impeachment territory. >> mykel: once again put another nail in the coffin for this spresident. >> just this morning, the lead reporter on the case was saying this. >> how confident are you that they actually exist, that this is true?ll >> i don't think we have seen w haven't seen them, but i will sam confident. >> 100 percent tonight, special consular bob mueller office too the where step of commenting on the story. for the latest details we are joined in our west coast music
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room. >> special counsel eyes he said his issue statements about his and cleanly they felt urgency t knock this down and i'm saying buzz feeds descriptions of specific uostatements to the special counsels office and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office regarding the congressional testimony are not accurate. that is critical because buzz feed the delete leave this at the door of the special counsel saying the special counsel office learned about the direct to lie to contract to congress with multiple witnesses from th trump organization and internal company e-mails, text messages, and a cache of other documents. one of the reporters who wrote the piece admitted he never saw the alleged documents. he did say the special counsel is the one who brought this to michael cohen.
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>> we presented this to him he began asking questions that he acknowledged in his interview that yesof indeed i was directe by the president. >> tonight they are saying we stand by our reporting and the sources who informed it and we urge the special counsel to mak clear what he's disputing and tonight the editor in chief was on cnn, let's take a listen. >> it is just extremely confusing.ha >> confusing it when what what way? >> to all of us. confusing and that a day after story is upublished they come with this very detailed and ver opaque statement. >> in the meantime, michael cohen isn't commenting that earlier they were steering clea of buzz feed altogether. >> mr. cohen and myself neither deny or confirm were not commenting on the story and today, i'm adding another
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comment, he had nothing to do with the writing of this story. he didn't initiate the story, i was done by independent reporting so the story stand on its own. >> buzz feed has long had issue including issues of plagiarizin and stealing original content. they also publish the uncorroborated and salacious steel dossier which was labeled and on resident at smear of president from. the other reporter who wrote this piece is the same person you back in 2006 road that then deputy chief of staff had been indicted by a grand jury. here is carl. >> this is a sensational story. anything that has jason leopold name on it, particularly when i is anonymous sources strikes me as something we ought to wait and not make a judgment about until later. teaki even democrats eager to impeach a president had qualified their comment earlier
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saying if the information is true, which apparently it is not , and 24 hours after he ran the story, nobody, not a single media outlet match the reportin and now we know why. >> thank you. great reporting. joining me now wisconsin's congressman kimberly stossel member stressful member of the wall street journal editorial. "tand david mori, former advise to barack obama 2008 presidential campaign. david, let me go to you first o this, this is a track record of problematic reporting and it wa the breathless reporting by man on the left congressman, the pundits today, national securit analyststs on networks already impeachment and here we are. >> i would say that earlier today i was doing talking to th folks on msnbcng to slow down.lo
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i would say to the friends on fox news to slow down as well. this is a cautionary tale. there is a long way to go here to see what robert c three half and doesn't have. the reporting from ben smith, the reporter at buzzfeed said w are going to see. no other independent journalist out have been able to corroborate the story. let's see if they're able to do so as we dig deeper here. i suspect one of the reasons that the teams that something i there concerned more about the sourcing than the substance break there is an illusion that the team talked and that may no be the case. these two independent sources that are quoted in the article may be something not attached t the mueller team. they've been much more aggressive talking about i met. that is the pivot . here.
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>> to you, they have not been waiting. the breathless h reporting the result, and then rarely a retraction. >> i only wish people were waiting. i'm still waiting for head and chest, two years ago he said that committee his own and congress have definitive proof that trump engaged in collusiont we have reporters out there claiming that michael cohen was in prague. documents suggest they found no evidence that he ever was. yes, it would be great if peopl slow down. why did everyone jump on this? the reason people got breathles is because there were claims in the story that there was text messages and evidence, somethin that went beyond michael cohen words. also this was a new bite at the obstruction apple hoping they can get trump on obstruction fo
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firing comey. che cautionary tale indeed, why don't we just sit tight and wai and see what bob mueller has to say. >> i wish people would wait. the president just tweeting about this and sean react to this. the president tweeting, remembe it was buzz feed that released totally discredited dossier, paid for by cricket hillary clinton and the democrats as opposition research in parentheses on which the entire russia probe is based. sid for journalism, but a great day for our country. john, you are down there on the hill and you've seen this play out, respond to the president street. >> i don't know that lots of your viewers go to's buzzfeed a see what's on there. they run the salacious articles and they turn out ought to be true. a few headlines today on buzz
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feed, they have that says 14 dogs from this week we will treasure forever. another one, 20 cats from this week to grace the internet with their presence. a third one, 19 beautifully poached eggs i literally want t marry. that's what you get from buzzfeed, and that's what cnn, msnbc and outlets are sourcing and runningle all day about don trump if truth is going to be impeached. the bottom line is built left-wing media loves this stuf because they want to impeach donald trump. they hate his voters. what atthey're going to do is m sure he doesn't get reelected i 2020. >> kimberly and david i'm going to get back to you. isnt buzzfeed about whether it' true or not, on the source unnamed sources. >> this is a problem i think a lot of the journalism industry has. because all the way back to eve before donald trump came in. i think journalism sector has
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reallyth lowered the bar used t be basic standards. even sometimes when they would sayy they were anonymous source they would at least safer instance what branch they belon to, what department they were talking to, whether or not thes were retired officials they wer talking to work current officials. now we get according to officials. s,of the officials at the dmv m be officials at the justice department. maybeju they've been out of politics for ten years. it really does diminish the ability for people to judge the credibility of stories t. >> to kimberly speight, do they care about credibility? >> i think people are searching and hungering there are example on the way back, finding the truth of spending. we had to be diligent. this was a rough day for journalism.
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let's see how it plays out over the long term. it's a call to go higherli in t standards. they have their favorite places to go to get truth. they all have to step up their game. i would say we have to slow dow and not celebrate and wait for the report to come out. i don't want to turn bob muelle what to do, but i would hope you would speed it up. >> there has been activity and washington related to all of this, but yet we are two years plus into this. >> but have the media pump the brakes a little bit and be cautious on the reporting perio that would serve that media better. there will be more fake mainstream media stories done about donald trump. my fear is that if bob c3 doesn't come out and discredit those stories, the media will say see, they must be true because bob mueller didn't
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discredited and i think that's the gameplay going forward. >> there is a report saying bob mueller did a disservice on this . where does this go from here? >> that is new, criticism of bo mueller. kicking out the democrats are throwing him under the bus and attacking him. >> here's what its highlights. i think he gets to the comment where we need to wrap this up. this has become. in my view, a lot of what in the special counsel probe has been very disruptive and problematic. the longer it goes on and now with democrats and congress tha is of fundamental change and dynamic. i have no doubt that one reason he decided to issue a statement is because democrats immediatel said they were going to investigate this.
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that is a serious question. so that's going to continue every time there's another one of these unsourced stories. here is my hope that bill barr comes in and set the deadline. he doesn't say he's going to impede, he doesn't say you're going to do this or that, but he's going to say look, this needs to be finished by this date. let's finish this up and move on . i want to drill down on one of the authors in this piece to a simile of old. aru heard what we played earlie that he is confident this bombshell report was through an even buzzfeed stood by him. jason is one of the best journalists in the world and he has proven it. you probably want to walk that
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back now. buzzfeed was wish casted so har on the story, but before comin up with that statement, they should have checked into his troubled past of making up sources. his problems were so bad, even the columbia journalism review recognized and respected once accused weal bolt of being one of the targets of his reporting sounded off earlier today to my colleagueod. >> jason leopold wrote a story for buzzfeed sin i've been indicted by a grand jury. he re-created a tearful moments in moment in the oval office said that i told members of the white house staff that i was going to soon be indicted and all heck broke loose. it was simply not true, there was not an element of truth int it.
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>> here is a guy i trust in media and he's here to break it down for us. media reporter and columnist, joe, click bait is what i'm calling it. this is a huge blow or is it a huge blow? >> i don't see how they get up from the ten count off them not because not only now do you hav a special counsel who has never weighed in on any news reports up until now refuting this story , but even i thought about going down this road that given the source that buzz feed appeared to use here, i walked away from the story. then even the new york times said that their sources tell them that donald trump never instructed michael cohen to light in this. early today and you play the clip before when you have a
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solid reporter by all accounts telling cnn that he didn't see the evidence used in the story. then you have jason leopold msnbc on msnbc telling how we jaxon that we have seen the evidence. in other words the two reporter on its side, so somebody is lying here obviously. and now it's all falling apart. look, another tell as well, law enforcement officials that they are involved in an investigatio is pointed out by anthony mc carthy earlier. maybe not the russia investigation but some other investigation r. thick they can release point, w don't know who these law enforcement officials are. again, it's a matter of being first instead of accurate and treating gossip as gospel. here we are once again one of the biggest black guys we've seen in journalism and that reminds me a lot one source
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saying donald trump during the campaign had directed flynn to reach out to the russians. brian ross is no longer with abc . this feels a lot like that. >> over the years, and it keeps happening. is there a lesson not being learned here, or is this really so badly a lien against donald trump that they will put anything out there knowing that they will feed the beastt. >> that's the thing, whenever these mistakes are made, they always seem it to go in one direction. there always negative towards this investigation. you never see any positive mistakes being made about the trump administration or this president. 65 percent in this poll said that fake news is usually reported because people have an agenda. that's what the american people think.
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3 percent think it happens just by accident. the puppet perception not just mepublicans, but the american people in general outside of th rabid partisan think that the news reporters are not just making mistakes and being sloppy . by the way, congratulations on getting that guest hosting spot night despite being the benefit of white privilege. here you are as a beneficiary. >> for the record, joe was one of the first people to hear tha story when that happened on my show. and i you gotott a call from o mutual friend, dave. we'll see what they do with it. always good to talk to you. take now we reported on that. >> we need a laugh in this environment.
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coming up, the war of words between donaldlk trump and nanc pelosi and ten supplies. what she accused the president of that is next. a live report from inside mexico . the guatemalan caravan which ha been gaining ground and gaining people gained easy access to th country. that and more when the special edition of "the ingraham angle. continues. >> without a strong order we ar unprotected. you're awesome and xfinity would like to say, "thank you."
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and it's all on us, all week long. you've got some serious watching to do. >> democrats have gone after trump for some ridiculous things . it's just fact. you won't believe this absurd claim from nancy pelosi after the president pulled the plug o her overseas trip, the one wher you the taxpayers were footing the bill for them. pelosi and the other democrats decided to fly commercial. plans for that trip work allegedly leaked to the media and policy is now blaming the white i know you're shocked. yes, the speaker of the house accusing the president of the united states of endangering a group of congressman. it's unreal. yet the watch this. >> we had a report from afghanistan that the presidento
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audi r tripp has made the scene on the ground much more dangerous because it's a signal to bad actors that were coming. >> that the reason the presiden didn't want her to go is becaus he is trying to protect america citizens. >> joining me nationally syndicated columnist adriana cohen and scott levenson. scott, how can't pelosi possibl make this claim without having the evidence to back it up? >> sheac was told by folks in afghanistan that this was the case. what i'm unclear about is are w not show that the president is being petty or one not sure tha he's being unpresidential, both of which he proves every day, o areot we not sure that he's putting americans and harm way.
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the story about ice is in the previous weeks put americans an harms way. he has a way of speaking off-the-cuff in ways that dange in americans. >> i think what's remarkable is that no one goes to afghanistan to have good times. no one goes to afghanistan on some kind of political junket. to frame this as some kind of taxpayer boondoggle is silly. alese are congressional delegates going to learn about what's happening in afghanistan. that should be respected for what it is. >> a lot of people in the audience know this. i've been to afghanistan on official trips. she would've landed at kabul airport and i spent time on tha flight line with the air force team that was building at the 1 nation team, so i know the
11:26 pm
airport. also, when you book that many commercial flights, it is publi knowledgehe that there is nothi to read. people just have to put in thei common sense. so ticked for tats, she has accused the president of being petty, but this is not t information that's been hidden or secure when you book thatat >> absolutely. are you kidding me? do you think that the american people wouldn't notice that all these high ranking democrats disappeared during government shutdown? you have to be kidding me. >> why am i kidding you? >> who knew? did you know? before the president said anything, did you know? >> if they took this trip, the american people would have know about it. t here's what i know is that nanc pelosi is number one responsibility is to the
11:27 pm
american people. keeping our citizens safe. it's not the time for her to be jetting off overseas during a government shutdown. >> how do you know what time it is? >> 800 american workers are not getting paid. she should be securing the border, stopping drugs from coming in. b >> to that point, steve, how do you end the shut down if you don't stay in washington and do the work. do for tats at ticked whatever anybody wants to college.e. all the staffers are being paid the white house employees a lot of them are already furloughed, so that is a differencewh different going on right there. they have their full staff, ful budget, so they are not in washington doing the work while saying they're concerned about the people being furloughed. how do you reconcile that with her actions? >> is just disingenuous.
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he created a crisis on the southern border that never happened in the first place. takeho how did you manufacture ? >> there is no crisis on the southern border. >> are you kidding me? >> the numbers tell a different story. 60,000 people over the last three months, and increase significant increase. >> all security personnel speak to the other border crossings i being more porous than our southern border, so why don't w look at a comprehensive way of dealing with undocumented workersr.r.. >> if walls don't work, where i the democrat calling for taking down the existing wall, then i want to go to. where is the democrat if they don't work, why don't you want to take down the existing wall? >> that's were talking about is a comprehensive approach to immigration. the path to citizenship.
11:29 pm
not this demagogy that's going on out of the white house. >> avenue to get a quick one from adriana so i can wrap this. put aside all of these other issues and go back to it. >> it's not a manufactured crisis. i trust our border patrol and i trust ice. they're telling politicians we needey help, we need the wall, need increased security. this isn't coming out of thin air, this is from the people onu the ground that risk their lives . >> there are other borders that are more porous. >> guys, i have to wrap it. like congress, this won't be wrapped anytime soon, but i wan to thank you.s sorry about mincing your name a the beginning of it. >> of course. >> i thought mexico was suppose to stop these carob beans caravans before it got to the u.s. border. the interior minister said they were going to do that. i guess not. take a look at this video.
11:30 pm
1,000 migrants just walking across the border from water mollet into mexico after the gates were left wide open. steve harrigan is in mexico wit the latest. steve? >> this is what it looks like when the caravan comes to your town. work about 10 miles over the border just in the predawn hours .. that border inexplicably left wide open about 1,000 migrants crossing with no chip of the documents whatsoever. that situation changed for a short time. documents were being checked. the migrants were given wristbands and told they have t wait five days for a visa to mexico. keep in mind the border is stil wide open for the cure behind. the president of mexico has sai these people will be treated humanely. when you talk to them, really the main goal is not to stay here in mexico, but to keep going on to the
11:31 pm
when you talk to them almost to a person they will say we will get to the u.s. whether it is legal or ill weekly. for many, in essence they can't go back again. they don't intend to go back again. shis is the second major caravn , the first one had 7,000 and this one has about 2,000 spread out. it is not the last one. even as we speak, to more caravans are coming, they're being formed right now and honduras. suddenly, you have about 1,000 people sleeping on the street. this is the second time here an it's going to happen again and again inee the small mexican to as the caravan continues to march forward to the u.s. border . david, back to you. >> thank you for that report. here with reaction hector garza of border patrol agent and vice president of the national borde patrol council.
11:32 pm
great to talk to you again here on the speed you. what he just said about the march to the townsat to the localities that is rarely covered on this network we do. they don't talk about the effec of this march on all the people they pass by and those neighborhoods. >> we've been seen caravans coming in from south, texas,. they're apprehending 1,000 illegal alien coming into the country. a couple of days ago in the yum sector, three border patrol agents came across 376 illegal aliens across the border there.m it's a humanitarian crisis causing a lot of problems. not only for the migrants but for our agents and american workers.
11:33 pm
>> they are going to run into i if they go towards tijuana. already, someone-2,000 the numbers vary, migrants are ther from the last caravan. this is the way splashing up against a border that the president may well close or if they go to someplace else, they end up with an infusion, they get released into the el paso community. this issue is just continuing t grow. what needs to be done about it now and is mexico going to be any help or are they just going to pass through as >> clearly mexico needs to go o their part in stopping these people from coming to the country like a free pass. use of them say they gates were wide open. mexico definitely said somethin about that. the other thing is when you tal about those physical barriers that we've been calling for as border patrol agents, i want to
11:34 pm
make it clear that these physical barriers are in strategic locations to make sur we can help our border patrol agents in force and make sure w can stop these types of caravans . it's clear rampant abuse of our immigration system. they know a few keywords to our border agents they're going to release to the u.s. and. >> hector, if i could just watc you and idinterject, this is an important series of numbers spread the $5.7 billion request dollars request all the other things requested in 2019 by the administration, immigration, judges, all the things you guys have asked for, in your report to the president to congress, i includes what needs to be done about the process for these migrants when they cross over into the u.s. illegally. is that being done? we are handling the flow where the flood, or do we need an
11:35 pm
immediate surge? >> through the international crisis, the humanitarian crisis we've seen on the border, our agent are undermanned. the flowth is not stopping. there are changes that need to be done at the congressional hivel, but we can't even get ou government open. how can we expect them to close the loophole. it's just out of control. are we just need to get their act together. >> hector, great to see you again. we need your expertise and your input. the president will make a major announcement tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. on border security. we will keep you updated on tha right here on the >> they join me to react to the dueling fortunes in mexico at the march for life and the
11:36 pm
women's march when this special edition of "the ingraham angle. continues. >> they will cover other marches , the five people that show up tomorrow.
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♪ >> it doesn't have to be popular , it just has to be righteous. >> i signed a letter to congres to make sure if they send any
11:40 pm
legislation to my desk that weakens the protection of human life, i will issue a veto. >> tens of thousands marching today and a nations capital. they are there to protest the 1974 supreme court roe versus wade decision advocating for women to choose life, not abortion.ou but this is how the liberal media created today's event. the washington post headline saying and i quote march for life says its pro- science despite medical consensus favoring abortion access. here to react tony perkins the president of the family researc council and mike kelly, my good friend and congressman from their district. good to see both you gentlemen. tony, first to you. the march, the longest running march in washington. successful americans have a belief,n are right, they exerci it and they do so peacefully.
11:41 pm
yet, they are attacked for thei beliefs. >> i'm glad you didn't get your numbers from the media. i wasdn there and there were te ofth thousands of people. one of the media report said it was over 1,000 people. they are safe, it was tens of thousands, and it has been goin on for 46 years. 45 years as people show up for these marches. it is a message that we want to see the court reined in when it comes to the issue of flight, but it's more than that. it is a march to change the hearts and minds of people whic i would say we have seen tremendous progress in the last 46 years. inus fact, i believe very soon will see america once again be in a predominantly pro-life nation and despite what they say , science is on our side. >> the headlines have been disjointed if you will because it really is in one reference into the other.
11:42 pm
we talked about this earlier on the rate radio show, your observations. >> there are so many people tha show up in washington, i would suggest that anybody who has never been to the march for life , if you want to see a stark between people who love life, people who have so much peace and love in their hearts, if you were to see that group, and there are hundreds of thousands of there, we talked about itth being undercounted a underreported. when you look at the faces of the people who come to washington in the hope that we can reverse a decision that hav been happened so long ago and w keep seeing in the united state of america, 2500-3,000 abortion of day. we recoil. anytime we hear of any disaster around the world or loss of lif but with this we sit back and watch it happen. well, it's okay because the supreme court said it was okay.
11:43 pm
i've got to tell you, it is the faces of those people you see all angel ranges, i was in mass this morning, i could lose it was so good to sit there among group of people who werere ther for the same reason. that was pro-life. >> gentlemen, we have the women's march coming up. one of the organizers, this is march that has fallen apart after the obvious the public images, the relationship, louis farrakhan, and let's watch what she had to say when she was taken to task. >> why call him the greatest of all-time? i> at didn't call him the greatest of all time because of the rhetoric. h i called him the greatest of all-time because what if he did in black communities. >> by the way, that is a free action i guess if you want to call it a statement about louis farrakhan, one of the most hateful people in america.
11:44 pm
tony, first amendment rights, freight to activate for your cause, but the women's march ha been violent, it has been bile, and yet they are falling apart and the march for life isn't. >> absolutely. i was there at the march earlie today i've been there for the last 15 years. i was on the march for life. one time i got caught up in the women's march. it wasn't there intentionally, but i will tell you there is a stark contrast. it's not just the contrast in the marches and the behavior bu an underlying ideals. as mike was seeing, we are marching for life, it's hope, it's love. they were criticizing today because of the embracing of science. and science does underscore the potential and the presence of human life. the left, they are knocking that . the left treats the science lik a smorgasbord where e they can pick and choose what they want. when it comes to babies and
11:45 pm
bathrooms, they reject science flat out. >> myke, only a few seconds left . m message for the folks out there from you. >> i would just say look at the stark difference between the people who comes to washington for what reasons they come to washington. there is an incredible passion for life in this country there always has after the march left the capito today, there were no trash girl that were upset, nothing on fire , no windows broken or doors torn off their hinges. it was a coming together of . people who love life. what's better with the personification of america than that pursuit of life and happiness. it is so much who we are. >> mike i have to pause you there. thank you, my friend. >> thank you. >> think you both. guys, thank you so much. coming up. it's not just a left pushing identity politics in 2020.
11:46 pm
the liberal media is getting on board with the war on white men. we will show you when this a special edition of "the ingraha oral or nasal.
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>> david>> coming into the deml and african-americans facing democratic party. i'm not sure it's time to dominate a white man. >> is it time to have a woman, but as a white guy come are you trying to calculate whether or not this is the right time? for you? >> david: it is a nagging issue that it is completely enveloped the democratic party. quite frankly the media apparatus. can you be white or even worse come a white mail and win the nomination? the obsession took on a whole new level of absurdity with the publishing of this piece from cnn political reporter neo monique henderson, beto's excellent adventure trips with white male privilege. here now with reaction, the communications director of turn and point usa and d dog, a
11:51 pm
former georgia state legislature and democratic strategists, ladies let's get into it and by the way, apparently this week i am the newest and white privilege thanks to areva marvin, the close confidant and friend, campus week covered something stellar to this where we are impulse narratives on fox nation, but this is identity politics on steroids, isn't it? absolutely and i like to challenge myself and switch the word black-and-white. and some would say it's discriminatory -- discriminatory but the black man discuss the same as white men discussed today this nation would be up in arms and another civil war, no question about that. but i think impartial with what the left has become an every election cycle, imaginary enemy, this bogeyman and the election cycle a police officer. we are seeing they will continue this push to attack white men
11:52 pm
and people not thinking about the issues plain and simple. >> david: so are the democrats and democratic party leadership doing any favors, beto, white is he being attacked for who he is? >> i say because america historically has basically had white men at the helm of all politics. and i think when you talk about identity policy, we can't just look at race but gender. we know the democratic party, however, historically minorities have been discriminated against and not just the democratic party. and also the republican party. 115th congress you have only one african-american serving in the united states senate and that is a republican. we only have two in the democratic side but still -- >> david: who sets the requirements for this? you have one of the most powerful groups in politics involved called the congressional black caucus.
11:53 pm
they are almost protective class in washington. they have a lot of power, wilson, sheila jackson lee maxine waters, the list goes on. you have a new generation and gloria booker and others. is it really about victimization and victimhood and a quick one from you but then i want to go to kansas. >> with victimization but about looking like america. the democratic party look like america and the republican party does not. the republican party needs an internal discussion within themselves to make our party look like america. >> david: okay, so candace, do we have to look like the right mix? 17% hispanic, 12% black -- >> candace: no. >> david: who sets the standards? isn't it about qualifications? what you are capable of, what your skill sets are and how you serve your community regardless of which party you come from? >> candace: that is exactly right.
11:54 pm
look, here is what the left want you to believe. they want you to think diversity everybody looking differently but thinking the same. the only true diversity is intellectual and there is none nonetheless. but they are in lockstep. i find it a little bit strange when you encounter a black woman like who brought us to the kkk, absolutely no progress has been accomplished. the fact they've had our vote the last six decades. they stand up here ample place to tell the left will help the black race in some regard. that is dishonest. but here's the thing -- >> nia-malika: the white man -- >> candace: they know that despite the rhetoric. no, they did not the democrats brought the kkk. >> nia-malika: have you ever seen a black man -- >> david: ladies, nobody can hear you if you are talking over each other. ladies, timeouts, timeouts, timeout ladies.
11:55 pm
timeout. timeout. the come i did not cut you off. >> david: candace, and you finish your thought. >> candace: certainly i would like to. every -- everybody understands black history and at the helm of any racist in this country democrats are full of it. now they are trying to see the narrative to make us see how we should be afraid of republicans were afraid of the principles when in fact, the most progress we have had the last few decades has been under president donald trump. we will see in 2020 more black americans will stand behind him and are tired of this fearmongering rhetoric. >> david: candace i have to pause you because i need to get to d but i'm sorry a short response, go ahead. >> nia-malika: i'm just saying that black man has never been in a type of black person bent ahead of the kkk and candles, even this big party at the white house this year >> david: d, that is ridiculous. ladies, this is actually over
11:56 pm
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12:00 am
>> i would say guys being expected to behave a certain way. >> that is all-time we have to night. thanks for watching this special edition of the ingram angle. catch me on fox nation for a reality check. shannon: we begin with a fox news alert, rare response from an otherwise secretive special counsel taking on claims from those it alleging donald trump told his former lawyer to lie to congress. stick around for the late breaking news and the promise of a big announcement on the southern border live from the white house tomorrow amid the almost month-long partial government shutdown. speculation grows about what plans he will unveil. let's go right to trace gallagher looking into the new push back to the buzz feed report. >> fox news


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