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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 1, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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lower income podcast or go to itunes, shannon bream, fox news at night team has all the latest political developments and this will be interesting showdown at the okay corral at the border. >> the clock is ticking, thank you very much. we begin with the fox news alert, donald trump getting closer to declaring a national emergency over border security as nancy pelosi says there will be absolutely no money for a border wall in any compromise deal. the president responding in an interview with the new york times roger stone and wikileaks, much more breaking news coming your way tonight, donald trump in the midst of tens trade talks with china tonight, the trade whisperer is live, one of president obama's closest confidants will be bait the approach to bringing china to heal on trade.
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i am shannon bream in washington. donald trump says border wall negotiations are a waste of time. he is vowing he will get the wall finished and he said wait and see whether he will declare a national emergency. trace gallagher following the latest news from the president. good evening. >> the oval office interview with the new york times, the president said he has given up on negotiations with congress over the border wall indicating when talks officially end in two weeks he could take action on his own meaning and executive order. the president also took a swipe at the house speaker who said today there would be no money for the wall. use the president. >> nancy pelosi is hurting our country badly by doing what she is doing and ultimately i think i have set the table. >> the president is highlighting the need for more border security in the wake of news
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about the biggest sentinel trust in us history that happened saturday at the point of entry. a tractor-trailer filled with produce also had a hidden print apartment containing 254 pounds of fentanyl with a street value of 31/$2 million that border agents say this is more about human value. >> fentanyl is 80 to 100 times more powerful than morphine. a quarter milligram, the size of a few grains of salt of fentanyl which is a dangerous opioids can kill a person very quickly. >> reporter: von agents say 1 kg of fentanyl could produce 1 million potentially fatal doses. this past involved 120 kg. the cdc says in 2016 there were 20,000 deaths in the us related to fentanyl. and 2017 the number jumped to 28,000. the president is unhappy with
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border wall negotiations but is pleased with china trade talks including china now agreeing to criminalize the sale of fentanyl. >> they agreed to do the death penalty for selling fentanyl being shipped to the united states. that would be a very severe penalty. i think it will have a tremendous impact. >> china is a major fentanyl producer and much of it is brought into the us or mexico, donald trump and others are you a wall or barrier would limit fentanyl smuggling and save lives but the dea says most fentanyl is hidden in commercial vehicles crossing at legal ports of entry. but there are hundreds of miles of open arizona desert that are very active drug smuggling corridors.
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shannon: thank you very much, donald trump breaking news on a whole host of other topics including what some are characterizing as a policy split with his intelligence chief. what is he saying about that? allison barber has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump will the new york times, summoned his intelligence chief to the white house after learning they gave congressional testimony this week which contradicted his foreign-policy positions, the intel chief told him there testimony was, quote, totally mischaracterized, telling the intelligence committee that iran is not currently taking action to produce a nuclear device but iranian officials threatened to push the boundaries if they do not gain benefit. he said isis will continue to be a threat to the united states and north korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear weapons. according to the times donald trump talked about the russia investigation saying the
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outgoing deputy attorney general, ron rosenstein told the attorney that i am not a subject, i'm not a target, he told the times he did not know if there's reassurances cover the separate investigation out of new york. stone -- donald trump said he did not speak with mister stone, his longtime confident, a man he has known for 3 decades and those stolen dnc emails he said he did not direct anyone do that. other big topics the president touched on in the interview with the new york times according to this report. he dismissed the importance of the proposed trump tower his team was seeking to build a mosque outside of the election and he denied his own lawyer's account late in the campaign he was still discussing the project. he also denied twitter messages about cooperating with prosecutors amount to witness tampering. michael cohen was expected to go before committees on capitol hill in february.
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he and his lawyer lanny davis sent a letter saying they were not going to appear at the initially scheduled testimony because they felt they had been threatened and mister cohen's family had been threatened by donald trump. donald trump pushing back on that tonight as he goes through a host of other topics. >> thank you very much. the largest fentanyl seizure ever as border security negotiations grind on word. counselor to the president, kellyanne conway, joins us. it is historic the amount of drugs we are talking about and looking at the amount of overdose is happening in this country every year this bust is historic. >> it is and when people say there is no crisis at the border, it is manufactured i point them to what was released today and the last weekend, 250 pounds of fentanyl, and of to kill 50 americans has a street value of $102 million so it is lucrative but also lethal and
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the cdc has reported that fentanyl is contributing to our overdose death because just 2 mg of fentanyl is enough to kill you. it's being placed into street pills, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth, and it is being manufactured in china. many people call the chinese fentanyl at this point. xi jinping made a commitment to donald trump to schedule fentanyl so that it would be a crime punishable at the highest levels in china. we know he will make good on that commitment because this is killing millions, thousands of americans but millions of doses, people have to stop and think about the news that is not being covered. the only programs that are covering the fact that there were enough drugs to kill 50
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million americans, border patrol in arizona. the last thing i want to mention is this happened at a port of entry and i noticed today that many of the president's critics, we don't need a wall, the wall won't help, this is what we know about because it came to report of entry. what about what we don't know about, what is coming over because we don't have a physical barrier, we don't have a wall, this against the backdrop of the clock is ticking to another shutdown february 15th, the hill had an interesting headline that republicans want trump to keep out of border talks and they talk to senator susan collins who said it would be more worthwhile and effective if the president would allow these negotiations to occur and not give commentary referring to tweets but what he said as if you are not talking about wall physical barrier don't bring it to me because i'm not going to
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sign it. is there a deal that can thread the needle of getting to the house, the senate and the president actually signing? >> let's hope so because this -- border security is national security and you've had many democrats talking about walls, physical barriers. you need a physical barrier somebody can't climb over or crawl under or drive-through or walk around, we've seen the photos where that has happened and in addition, the other things that were on the table, daca was unable anti-ps was on the table, these incredible investments, for detention beds and drones and technology, the immigration, border patrol personnel, increasing violence by 3000, that was in a package the president produced several weeks ago and to this moment we've never had a counteroffer. when nancy pelosi says no or one dollar or doesn't respond, that is not a negotiation or a compromise, this president is willing to sign into law
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something he feels will protect us. >> they have a couple weeks. much is made of the hearing this week with intelligence leaders on the hill. a lot of reports that they were not in sync with the president. he tweeted they were mischaracterized, they are all on the same page when it comes to things like north korea and iran and that kind of thing, here's what nancy pelosi had to say about the president and the intelligence community. >> a dismaying factor is the president just doesn't seem to have the attention span or desire to hear what the intelligence community has been telling him so for him to make this statement he did yesterday is cause for concern. >> if she were the president which is not she can run her intelligence differently but this president had his intelligence team in today. i saw them, there they were and he had his full presidential daily briefing, tweeted out
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afterwards and saying that they mischaracterized because he knows there is progress in north korea. we are already ahead of the game, the president and chairman kim sat down and started talking about the demands, the demands never changed. i would appreciate if the speaker of the house who says these are the areas that we can support the president on intelligence and where we think that intelligence is a nonpartisan issue that has bipartisan support. i never hear her say that. she needs to get control of her words and her temper about this president and show americans a speaker who is willing to come halfway with the president who is inviting her to the white house and has said it will say in the state of the union next tuesday that there are many areas that unify this nation where we can feel uplifted as americans to come together. to the point about the intel
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community and whether there is daylight between them and the president i want to play something from director gina haskell. >> have you seen changing their behaviors? >> i can't point to any specific changes over the last couple years. >> with the president disagree with that? >> the president wents third >> is in behavior and that is why he is willing to sit down with chairman kim and talk about that. donald trump says president obama told him his biggest problem would be north korea, one he certainly inherited from that president and others but this president, he feels duty-bound to try to get that agreement on denuclearization. things like this take time. they've been war for 70 years and have been piling up their nuclear capability for some time. this country largely looking in the other direction. america sees a president who is willing to engage and listen and make good and in the meantime
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sanctions remain. this is a president who has not been shy about sanctioning individuals, nations and bad actors everywhere that he feels is appropriate. is done that with any number of russians, the treasury department and north korea and elsewhere, taken us out of the iran nuclear deal. israel and others have thanked him for that. >> on other issues like syria and the conversation there and afghanistan and other spots there have been republicans, key senate voices who stepped up to say they are not in agreement with the president. >> the president said he's not pulling out of syria tomorrow or next month but doesn't believe in these endless wars and this president has said it will be done responsibly over time. using consultation with his military leaders and others as to the best timetable. he has spoken about this, the chief diplomat is spoken about this but when the president
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speaks everybody is always looking to bounce instead of listen but the president has made very clear, in his afghanistan speech in 2017 he made clear to the world, this is not president bush's policy in afghanistan are president obama's policy. i'm not going to pull out tomorrow but we are not going to sit here indefinitely forever so nobody should be surprised when donald trump who ran successfully says this is what i'm going to do. he respects his intelligence advisors. they were there for the briefing and they all showed up. >> thank you for coming in tonight. donald trump plans to meet with china's president, big trade deal deadline looming months before the truth ends. he is sounding pretty optimistic.
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>> after 2 days of talks the clock continues to take, donald trump want to deal in place by march 1st, threatening to take us tariffs on chinese goods, is expected to meet with his chinese counterparts for that deadline. >> it will be by far the biggest deal ever made. >> in a meeting originally close to the press donald trump open the oval office to television cameras so the world could watch a trade deal negotiation with another world superpower, china. >> a deal we can look out and the product for many years, not that we have to go back and renegotiate. >> the chinese vice from interesting delivered a letter from president xi jinping. >> china us relations are adequately important stage. >> because us officials insist the government in beijing blatantly steals from the united states whether it is trade secrets or intellectual probably, us officials say the chinese behavior has trained relationship. republicans, some critical the president on other issues like his stance on for a trade is a win and changed the gop for the
12:21 am
good. >> his toughness on china is something the party has needed for quite some time and his continued efforts in that regard and in trade in general. >> donald trump met with manufacturing industry leaders with the chinese trade deal top of mind. >> we have taken billions of dollars and creating a lot of industry but the rate goes from 10% to 25% on march 1st so they would like to accommodate them. i would like to accommodate china if we could get the deal done. >> reporter: the wildcard of the trade deal is the fact that china agreed to criminalize the transport of fentanyl to the united states, anyone convicted of china of doing so won't be going to jail but sentenced to death. >> thank you for the update. as we mentioned, until the hard deadline to make a trade deal with china with new tariffs
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kicking up to 25% so let's bring in the director of the center of the hudson institute and fox news contributor and economic advisor robert wolf, welcome to both of you. i want to quickly start by asking you to characterize the last couple days, the progress that was made wasn't made. >> certainly sounds hopeful but the optimism doesn't show anything factual yet. it is great that we continue to have conversations, 30 days coming around the corner. i'm not supportive of the regime, we are -- our focus should be on intellectual property and i'm not sure how it gets resolved in coming days but if the president feels there is a trade around the corner i would be -- that would be a positive outcome. >> we talked about the fact the president said he doesn't think china would be at the table talking.
12:23 am
>> that is the point, the punitive nature, selecting what product to benefit from the illegal technology theft and targeting those things. i've never seen the chinese be this responsive the talks are still secret, the chinese may or may not have conceded and so you get the president saying there is more work to do which is certainly true and trying to be positive about it and his third comment, that only leland: and i can work this out. >> to that point there was an opinion piece in the washington examiner by aaron done who said although the president's job is in part to build strong and lasting relations with other world leaders those relations should be professional rather than personal and the president would refer to adversarial foreign leaders as friends
12:24 am
nevermind his own advisors identify the best threats is alarming and points to lack of understanding of volatile foreign relations. this president is focused on personal relationships and he thinks that has made him have a connection with people and move these balls further down the field on hot topics that has happened in the past. >> donald trump is a very transactional guy and he gets personal with the counterparty. when i used to run ubs and donald trump is a client back then, he is a guy that likes to touch and feel the person across the table. it is not surprising he would want to have this deal with the premier directly. that being said they had multiple meetings. all we have seen is tariffs to date. with respect to michael thinking they are onerous the truth is tariffs is attacks on us. a lot of that is passed to us
12:25 am
and there are better ways. i would have been supportive of staying in tpp. >> your take on the personal versus professional because the president is very much about having dinner together and we are great friends and we can communicate, he thinks that's the way forward. >> our presidents mix professionalism with being from the with other leaders, goes back to the french king's envoy, lafayette who george washington almost treated as a son. george washington had no children of his own, quite famous that lafayette was treated by the commander-in-chief that way. it is strange to me to say you can't be friends with someone you're trying to negotiate with. i would think it is the opposite, good personal, she was when the two, make xi jinping make concessions to donald trump he otherwise might not make if he was being treated brutally or
12:26 am
in a nasty way. on tariffs, the point of the tariffs is not to protect american industry like alexander hamilton did. the point of the tariffs is to enough inflict pain on the chinese, the president uses the word punitive, that they will come to the table. he will increase to 25%, one statement in these areas. unlike my colleague, nancy pelosi support the tariffs, chuck schumer, he had a press conference saying i support donald trump and these tariffs so there is widespread agreement in the democratic party to stop the loss of jobs and help people who work with their hands with these tariffs so mister wolf is more enlightened than senator schumer or nancy pelosi. >> you know what they say about
12:27 am
politics, politics and strange bedfellows. the clock is ticking and we will watch these meetings come together, thank you both. the fatal freeze sweeping the country will rapidly thaw in the coming days but experts warned we are not out of the wind just yet from the polar vortex, we will check in with the extreme weather center, everything you need to know and donald trump adding to to a month long feud with california lawmakers. we will tell you what they are unhappy about and mariah carey being slammed by women's rights activists. find out why, where in the world. these techs in a lab. this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around.
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>> shannon: there is relief >> a sudden 70 or 80 temperature swing is on the way. the arctic freeze we are all feeling tonight, some risks ahead.
12:32 am
let's check in with fox news extreme weather center, 70-80 ° swing. >> you get 45 ° or so. incredible cold, almost over one night, this won't be as bad as last night. your current temperatures, the warmest you have been in 48 hours, warming up even after darkness set in and continue to do so by the morning, you look at these temperatures. it feels like-3 in boston, colder than that towards the northern plains, international falls-29 but that is a big improvement. insult to injury after this colder one system moving and dropping snow around the chicago area. it is completely frozen so the
12:33 am
snow sticks immediately on everything. along the roads, be careful if you are on the roads. up to an inch of snow including dc. lake effect snow has been prolific in the last day or two, feet of snow in watertown. this is what lake effect snow moves across the lake, a very thin line of snow. the cold will almost be out of here. the blue line, below 0 temperatures by tomorrow morning, has receded a little bit. look what happens on friday, there was a big improvement saturday morning, almost out of here. the coldest of the air back towards canada and by the weekend, chicago, temperatures pushing 50 °. shannon: diane feinstein and
12:34 am
kamala harris are angry after donald trump bypassed a traditional process and nominated his own conservative judges to controversial federal circuit that includes california. jonathan and has more. >> reporter: donald trump has been considering a compromise with democrats over nominees to the san francisco-based ninth circuit, a court frequently labeled by conservatives as being too liberal but last night the white house suddenly announced the president wasn't negotiating anymore and will nominate daniel cohen, kenneth lee, for the ninth circuit. he had originally summitted the names of lee and cohan last year to the opposition of diane feinstein and kamala harris. the democratic senator issued a statement in response to these new nominations saying they are, quote, deeply disappointed and and adding, quote, we made clear opposition to these individuals
12:35 am
and told the white house we wanted to work together to come to consensus on a new package of nominees. conservatives predictably have the opposite reaction with a judicial crisis network's chief counsel who previously warned the president against compromise selling the washington times we are relieved to see the white house has decided to move forward with a list of extraordinarily qualified nominees. donald trump has repeatedly criticized the ninth circuit which ruled against him on immigration and other issues. >> every case that gets filing the ninth circuit we get beaten, the ninth circuit is something we have to take a look at. it is not fair. people should not be allowed to immediately run to this very friendly circuit and file their case. >> reporter: now donald trump has taken that and is moving to ultimate court's political makeup setting up another showdown with democrats.
12:36 am
shannon: thank you. breaking tonight, correspondent richardson is confirming that secretary of state mike pompeo is expected to announce that the us will suspend the intermediate range nuclear treaty. that move would give russia six months to return to compliance and if they don't the us could formally withdraw. we will watch that story. tensions escalate in venezuela after police forces reportedly rated opposition leader juan guaido's home while he was away. juan guaido was speaking at the university of caracas when the raid took place. is 20-month-old daughter and granddaughter were home when police arrived. tonight he is warning nicholas madero do not cross the, quote, redline when it comes to my family. he was officials have warned serious consequences if there's any harm or attempt to harm juan
12:37 am
guaido. sudan, hundreds have been arrested for calling for the ouster of the autocratic president omar al bashir. 2 dozen demonstrators have been killed after security forces fired live rounds at them. mariah carey sparking controversy after become the biggest international star to perform in saudi arabia, she rejected call to cancel the performance over the nation's treatment of women. the team says she sees the opportunity to perform for mixed gender audience as a positive step toward ending gender segregation. the president telling the new york times a waste of time, claiming the common citizen so chiefs made were mischaracterized. ralph more from his standing his ground claiming the intent fantasized charge against him is disgusting but saying he fully endorses expanded abortion rights. one gop senators not having it. >> 2020 democratic president
12:38 am
candidate should have to answer for this. >> will democrats condemn his or marks or a clarification of their own? stick around for the power panel. ♪ n urgen
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heather: donald trump telling the new york times the media mischaracterized comments by his until chief where a lot of folks seemed to think they split with the president on big issues, he also said wall talks are a waste of time. we heard white house counselor to the president kellyanne conway earlier on the show criticize nancy pelosi, the president echoed those comments in this interview. time for the power panel. former aide to senator chuck schumer, director of strategic communications for live-action and fox news contributor guy benson. welcome to all of you. i want to start with you. what do you make of the
12:43 am
president saying about nancy pelosi we used to get along great but there are partisan divides. he says it sounds like a waste. if they don't include something for the wall they are wasting their time. >> he is not going to get the wall from nancy pelosi. he is going to try to misuse the emergency power statute and he is not going to get the wall through the courts. at least he can go to his base and say he tried which is all he wants at this point. all he is going to get. if he really wanted the wall he should have been putting his negotiating skills to use with mexico to get the money for the wall. that was the other part of the promise. he talked about his promise for the wall, where's the other part of the promise? i went to one of those rallies, i heard him calling out to the crowd mexico is supposed to pay for the wall. not the american people. heather: he will point to the new nafta and say that is how he got money for the wall.
12:44 am
>> that is been obviously, very few people believed the mexican government was going to write a check to donald trump to pay for a new border wall. that was a fantasy. what is not a fantasy is constructing new physical barriers in places border patrol says they are needed, democrat after democrat went on television to say during the shutdown they were willing to play ball so long as the government reopened. it wasn't just rank-and-file democrats. it was leadership. steny hoyer said physical barriers were part of the solution so now the government has been reopened, we know what border patrol is asking for. if nancy pelosi continues to rule out any money for the barriers her party supports it will prove absolutely that she was operating in bad faith. shannon: there is so much in this interview but i want to talk about roger stone, wikileaks and the president saying rod rosenstein told him or his attorneys that he is not a target in any of these
12:45 am
investigations. what do you make of that? we know there was a lot of honest between him and jim comey, he went to the fbi director to say what the president told him privately, that he wasn't a target. >> he was frustrated comey said three times privately you are not the person being investigated but would not say so publicly and comey admitted so much. i have no idea what rosenstein did or did not assure the president when it comes to this. on some level i'm excited for the mueller reported fully for us to be done with this. i'm so tired of speculating what might have happened, what may have been said by this president. heather: that is something we can agree on. i want to get to another hot topic, the president talking about this, comments from the virginia governor yesterday, he
12:46 am
has clarified, he said he was talking about infanticide, should be ashamed, he spent his life helping kids but there are a lot of people saying they think democrats should step up and this is interesting, henry rogers with the daily caller, capitol hill reporter, like peter doocy, was chasing democrats to get the month to respond, he said i spoke with 10 democratic senators in the past two hours, not one of them would acknowledge governor north from's comments on late-term abortion, every one of them denied hearing them. >> they can't condemn what governor north from said because it is in the democratic platform to support abortion without restrictions. this is what abortion without restrictions looks like, abortion through all nine months, funded by the taxpayer dollar and that is all he did, told the truth about the democratic party platform and you have to ask how did we as a country get here, when we are
12:47 am
talking about third trimester abortions on viable babies, the democrat party take their marching orders from groups like planned parenthood who would rather make access more important than safety and this is what no restrictions on abortion look like. it look like allowing it through all nine months. there is no medical reason for abortion and particularly in the third trimester on a fully formed the baby. shannon: should democrats clarify? the governors trying to clarify. do you think they should have to answer for that? kathy, the delicate's name in virginia who pushed for this, was asked does this mean an abortion to take place when a woman was in labor dilating and the baby is on the way out? she didn't say no, she said yes. >> republicans are overreaching to stimulate the base. yesterday they were accusing governor northrom, saying you can kill a baby after was born, that is ridiculous, the american people notice her to give us.
12:48 am
hold on. democrats believe a decision on abortion, choice, should be between a woman and her doctor and not the state. the bill in question would not allow abortion when the baby was crowning. shannon: the sponsor of the bill -- >> hold on a second. shannon: read the bill, you need to read the bill. this is exactly what -- >> i did read the bill. this bill reduces the number of doctors that would be involved in the decision to one. the woman's own personal physician which is what medical decisions should be, it should not be between the state and the woman and the doctor, it should be between the woman and her doctor. that is what choice is about. democrats don't want to see more abortions, they want to see less abortions. that is why they are in favor of birth control. shannon: quoting from the sponsor and what the bill said. thank you for covering so many topics tonight.
12:49 am
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heather: the mother for slain teenagers wondering where her daughter's accused killer is after he vanished before the trial.
12:53 am
correspondent dan springer reports grieving parents have come to terms with the fact the saudi government likely helped him and others escape. >> reporter: the crime scene in portland was tragic enough, 15-year-old smart had just been hit and killed by a reckless driver. soon after, a college student from saudi arabia was arrested and charged with manslaughter and felony hit and run but there is no justice for the smart family. the saudi consulate in los angeles posted bail. the us marshals service says he cut off his tracking device, got into an suv and escaped to saudi arabia with the help of his government and he is far from alone. since 2013, five saudi nationals facing serious felony charges including child pornography and rape vanished before the trial before finishing a sentence. among them, allie out her mood --hamoud they paid his bill the
12:54 am
same day he boarded a plane in portland for saudi arabia. >> if you do crime like this you need to face up to what happens no matter who you are. for a country coming in and paying the bill for somebody to get them out of the country is disgusting. >> reporter: abdul was charged with rape in oregon after his for million-dollar bail was reduced to half $1 million in exchange for surrendering his passport. the saudi government paid for his release and he hasn't been seen since. >> i have to say i feel very frustrated, there's nothing i can do. >> reporter: ron wyden wants answers coupled with the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi, he said the administration is looking the other way while the saudi government thinks it's above the law. >> there is evidence of foreign government, the government of
12:55 am
saudi arabia, abused their diplomatic privileges. >> reporter: oregon senators wyden, and jeff merkley introduced a bill that would force the trump administration to look at the matter and get tougher with saudi diplomats with no extradition with treaty with the kingdom, getting accused criminals back to the us to face trial is unlikely. shannon: thank you. stay with us. our midnight hero takes on the polar vortex next. savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? but to be a pro at travel just takes tripadvisor. we offer up-to-date reviews and 360 hotel photos to help you find the right hotel and search over 200 booking sites to get you the right price. tripadvisor.
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this builder in a hardhat... ...the welders and electricians who do all of that. the diner staffed up 'cause they all needed lunch. teachers... doctors... jobs grew a bunch. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town. energy lives here.
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♪ shannon: tonight at 0 a 2-year-old in mesquite, michigan, blizzard, tend agree low 0, no match for the self-proclaimed tell for all bravo. she was out with her snowblower clearing her driveway and her entire street. in warmer weather she has written a harley 135,000 miles.
1:00 am
marlee downing, your tonight's midnight hero. thanks for helping out the neighbors. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. ♪ heather: it is february 1st, "fox and friends first" happening at 4:00 am on the east coast, donald trump and nancy pelosi hardening their stances on the wall as the white house preps for any emergency declaration as another migrant caravan inches closer to the doorstep. we are on the ground in mexico with a story you will not see anywhere else. >> if he can't say protecting a little baby girl who survived an abortion is something we as a society believe in together, he should get out of office. heather: lawmakers ramping


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