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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 1, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> the problem is democrats don't want to build the wall because it doesn't work or is immoral, people who come into the country who kill people is immoral too. that is a lot more immoral. jillian: it is friday, february 1st, donald trump throwing down the gauntlet as both parties harden their stance on building the border wall. rob: donald trump is done waiting for the secure border because thousands of migrant still on the way. we are live on the ground in mexico. a day of deep freeze for millions. jillian: tracking arctic air blasting much of the nation. care and hence is at the center of an all-out face fight. todd: the backlash over her new job. "fox and friends first" on friday morning continues right now. ♪
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♪ oh my god ♪ it's the weekends ♪ hands up for the weekend ♪ oh my god ♪ it's the weekend ♪ hands up for the weekends ♪ ♪ ♪ oh my god ♪ it's the weekend ♪ hands up for the weekend ♪ todd: just for you. to work off the food. jillian: we will have it on social media at some point. todd: watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd pyro it. jillian: thanks for starting the day with us and let's start with this. the battle over border wall funding, the white house and capitol hill. the deadline to come up with a compromise two weeks away or we
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could face another shutdown. todd: donald trump and nancy pelosi doubling down on what they think is best for border security. >> nancy pelosi is hurting our country badly by doing what she is doing. ultimately i think i set the table very nicely. i set the stage for doing what i'm going to do. i will wait until the 15th. it is a waste of time. >> there is not going to be wall money and the legislation. normandy fencing would work. of the present wants to call that a wall he can call it a wall. let them have that discussion. todd: the house speaker suggested a normandy fence. that is what it looks like. mental block vehicles. jillian: the president will wait until february 15th to decide whether or not to declare a national emergency. todd: 3500 troops will be deployed as central americans prepared to enter the us. jillian: griff jenkins joins us
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from the ground in mexico where migrants are getting ready for the neck leg of their journey. >> reporter: good morning. we are asking migrants that are waking up here where they will go because this is a crossroads. let me show you, it is early and a lot of migrants are swimming the distance, 140 miles north of mexico city. it is a telling point because it is the traditional route of the migrants where they go north they are headed to texas. a couple of them told us they are headed -- we will find out, they will cross probably at eagle pass, texas or laredo. they are not stirring yet but we are hearing about 5:00 am departure in the central time zone. looks at the numbers, that is the story, the influx of caravan numbers. this is the caravan of started january 15th.
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it is roughly 2825 according to mexican officials. if you had that 12,600 migrants that accepted the fast-track temporary asylum given by the mexican government which was stopped, they are on the southern border working north as they get their papers and official id cards. two new caravans we are aware of on february 7th, february 16th, tremendous number of people, 15,000 plus not to mention you still have 2 or 3000 from last october in tijuana. a lot of folks will work their way north. you have to ask these migrants why there are so many? they all say because mexico is more open arms than they have been in the past. the president extending welcome to these migrants as they work their way north but you hear the
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president deployed new troops to the southern border, looks like this group by all accounts is headed toward texas, not california. >> the president may be more open but needs to be more consistent in the message he is sending the us with regard to can we keep them here as they fight for asylum? going back and forth on that. it is a messy situation. griff jenkins, thank you so much. jillian: we see griff on the ground, texas congressman dan crenshaw took a trip to the border. heather: spectrum claims the walls do work and we need them. >> this is the take away, the rio grande valley is responsible for 40% of total illegal immigration, a huge spot for this. now these spots, the brownsville area and the mcallen area, the
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brownsville area have 35 miles of secure fencing. border security is the way we would like to see, a good mix of technology and secure fencing. you have exactly the opposite, you have wide open areas. what do we see? 6% of illegal apprehensions occur in brownsville, 94% occur in mcallen. what do walls work? the answer is clearly yes. driving over here, migrants caught as they cross the border and a lot of these have kids with them which means the us population. jillian: democrats still insist there is no crisis. todd: isis could rise back up and take back its territory in a matter of months. a chilling warning part of a pentagon report as the us prepares to move troops from syria. the senate fighting against that plan voting to criticize the president for the mideast troops drawback. >> i believe the threats remain. isis and al qaeda have yet to be defeated and america's national
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security interests require continued commitment to our missions there. >> reporter: the president will give an update during the state of the union. jillian: senator ben sachs demanding virginia governor ralph northrom's resignation after his comments on a late-term abortion bill. >> what the governor virginia that is morally repugnant. if he can't say protecting a girl who survived an abortion is something we as a society believe in together he should get out of office. >> a former pediatric neurologist made controversial comments suggesting the bill could allow a baby to die after it is born. the governors fighting back against critics. >> i regret those comments have been mischaracterized. the personal insults toward me i find disgusting. jillian: democratic cosponsor of the bill is apologizing for
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supporting it without reading the full text. the deep-freeze paralyzing the midwest blamed for 15 death. a quick moving band of snowmaking roads slick from northern kentucky to philadelphia. in ohio ic roadways blamed for this crash caught on camera. a pickup truck loses control and slams into a guard rail. no one is seriously hurt. temperatures in the midwest are expected to be above normal this weekend. todd: let's go to our favorite spot, the acl, no matter what you want to call it, i forgot that one, super bowl liii, the new england patriots, it begins sunday. jillian: tom brady, no stranger to the super bowl. do the ramstad a chance of making the championship mission a reality? joining us, thank you for your
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time this morning. do you think tom brady gets another ring? >> looking like a possibility. his first ever super bowl win came against the rams in 2002 in the 2001 season where courtesy of the new york jets he decided to make his debut after being knocked out by the concussion. todd: the most popular man in new england. >> the patriots made this incredible run. a lot of people have them down and out against the chargers and had them down and out against the chiefs, but once again in the form brady bill belichick era we see them pull off an incredible beat. jillian: i am from philly. everyone thought they had it in the bag, then the eagles come you can't count them out. >> the madden situation at the patriots and eagles, look what happened, the patriots are
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losing to the rams with madden 19, and you might see on playstation x box, the rams have had an incredible season. sean mcveigh's leadership is something out of this world. 33 years old about to be the youngest head coach to try to win a super bowl against bill belichick in his ninth year, ninth time going to the super bowl. todd: if it comes down to speed the rams will win. all the factors, that is the way it goes. >> rams defense -- todd: something our viewers have been following. a lot of saints fans were trying to sue roger goodell because of that call that was rejected. >> us district judge decided
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there is no way, those who decided to sue the nfl over that missed call in the championship where coleman had a clear pass interference on tommy lee lewis and the league admitted on wednesday we got this one wrong, refs are human, they made a mistake in a way they would reschedule the super bowl. it was out of the question. it was a nice pipedream and good storyline but it wasn't going to come to fruition. jillian: does anything happen during the halftime show? >> absolutely not but i hope for a cameo. it is a great thing. a great song. jillian: in your bio. it is 11 minutes after the hour. donald from stemming firm as he saved nancy pelosi for refusing to fund border wall. >> he is just playing games. if there is no wallet doesn't work. jillian: is the president right? is a barrier the only answer to
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us. let's start with this. the president reopened the government with the understanding that nancy pelosi and democrats would come to the table. it doesn't seem as if they are right now. what gives? >> i appreciate what the president is trying to do but democrats are not taking border security seriously, they never have. one of the reasons he is such a great president, he goes to the border, meets with the men and women on the frontlines a number of times, he met ice agents and officers on the frontline, meets with first responders on the front line. nancy and chuck have ever been in the border. they don't want to hear the facts, they are ignoring the facts, their hatred for trump is more important than protecting their country. todd: talking about $5.7 billion for a border wall basically what this government shutdown is all about. this new deal is $55 billion for
2:17 am
dhs, $22 billion for customs and border, 11 times what the president wents, further evidence this is not about security. this is about preventing trump from getting a win. >> look what they offered. more personnel at the port of entry. they want more technology at the port of entry. the port of entry every person that enters through a port of entry is spoken to by an officer. the problem is between ports of entry where vehicles and people are on detected. that's where the drugs flow and criminals come through. they are ignoring the data that shows walls have been effective, barriers are effective. they say we will give you for border security but it is not about border security, they are hiding the message in the same -- look what they are proposing. it will take ice detention funding away from the 50% level which means ice can't detain people, back to catch and release which will entice more
2:18 am
people to come over ridiculous what they are doing. jillian: is a person who experienced this how frustrating is it for you and any other border patrol agents who just want the message heard, people are not listening. >> extremely frustrating. i am out there today because i'm sick and tired of what is going on on the southwest border. 34 years i watched this. we have a president, first president of the 6 presidents i worked for that to fix it. he knows how to fix it, talked to the experts but anytime he tries to do something the dems start him, someone filed a lawsuit in the ninth circuit. let this president fix the border. he knows how to do it. i don't understand whether you are democrat or republican what is the downside of securing the border. what is the downside on this illegal immigration. what is the downside unless illegal drugs.
2:19 am
and we save lives, children come across the border and die, we save thousands of migrants that died in this journey and stopped bankrolling criminal organizations -- he has the right idea. they are not going to be happy to put a welcome center in and give every illegal alien registration card. todd: the president says a wall is happening one way or another. do you think the ends with a national emergency declaration? >> i hope so. i hope this president means what he says and we need a border barrier, first president who shutdown the government and said he would own it's because this is important, i hope so, we need a border barrier. todd: thank you for joining us and thank you for your message and all the work you have done.
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todd: we will be right back.
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>> 23 after the hour, senator elizabeth warren about make presidential campaign official posting this picture on instagram telling supporters she will make a big announcement about her 2020 plan next saturday. we are waiting with baited breath. she launched a 4-story committee in december. she was the first major democrat to enter the 2020 race. jillian: aed democratic senator throwing that in the ring. cory booker telling lawmakers he is running for president and asking for their support. booker will make a campaign announcement this one. the delicate will be allowed to
2:24 am
run for president and senate reelection in 2020. todd: a solid january jobs report is expected despite 800,000 federal employees working without pay during the government shutdown. jillian: tracy carrasco joins us to explain. >> reporter: we will get the job supported 8:30 used in time. 165,000 jobs will be added for the month of january. that is compared to the 312,000 added during the month of december. 800,000 federal workers without pay working during the shutdown will count as employed in the jobs report. 3.9% unemployment rate expected to hold steady. investors keep an eye out as it comes out ahead of "the opening bell". todd: if you listen closely you can hear 17 million americans across the country coffee right now trying to set the stage for what is coming up on monday. >> reporter: an estimated
2:25 am
7.2 million people will be calling in sick on monday after super bowl sunday. that number is the largest ever anticipated day of super bowl related absenteeism. they have been tracking the monday after the super bowl since 2005. but if you're one of those people calling in sick, jack in the box, they have a super jack monday box to help with any illness you might have monday. that contains two tacos, 10 chicken nuggets, one eggroll, and a small drink for $6. i heard greece helps hangovers. jillian: a lot of people thanking you. it is 25 after the hour. california governor wants to give $25 million to migrants seeking asylum. >> we could play the jurisdictional wacko mall that is not our job not our
2:26 am
responsibility but we choose differently. jillian: how soon they could use your taxpayer dollars. todd: an american flag cut from an ambulance and dumped in a new york city gutter leaving two reside 9/11 post responders so outraged they took their own standby honoring the flag. they tell us what is happening next. ♪ stand in a harbor for what we believe ♪
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heather: look at top headlines this morning, donald trump and nancy pelosi standing strong in their battle over border wall funding. the president doubling down on his calls to build a wall that nancy pelosi suggesting a normandy fence to block cars could be the answer. of the compromise is not reached by february 15th we could face another government shutdown. jillian: roger stone heading back to court, he denies having
2:30 am
any knowledge of russian collusion, he is charged with flying to congress, obstruction of justice and witness tampering in the special counsel russia probe. prosecutors want to delay his trial and status time to build through voluminous information on his hard drive. heather: freeze paralyzing the midwest blamed for 15 death. a quick moving band of snow from northern kentucky to philadelphia. in chicago a pipe burst in union station forcing travelers to grab their luggage seconds before the ceiling collapsed. frightening times for the entire nation. janice dean brings us what we need to know. >> the last day of the extreme cold, temperatures will warm up rapidly over the next 24 to 48 hours, current temperatures the last day of single digits and below freezing temperatures, the windchill-5 in chicago, far cry
2:31 am
from-40 which is what it felt like yesterday. is your forecast windchill, cold air retreating northward. this is the good news, as we head and the weekend, temperatures in the 40s and 50s in chicago. that could be a problem for the pipes. even though this is a good news story we will have problems with this rapid melt. the arctic blast is gone for day. in minneapolis 18 °, average 25 sunday, 36, chicago 45 sunday, 15 on monday, new york city 22, 42 sunday. the groundhog will make his prediction tomorrow. i will be there in punxsutawney this afternoon. will the groundhog see 6 weeks of winter over spring the around the corner? tune in on "fox and friends" tomorrow morning at 7:20 a.m..
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todd: the first criminal charge, tourism filed in federal courts. in southern california, charging a crackdown on the industry which brings pregnant chinese mothers to give birth making their children american citizens. prosecutors say the businesss charge $80,000 for their services. california governor, $25 million for an emergency fund to help migrant seeking asylum. gavin newsom says taxpayer money will help nonprofits with housing and food to asylum-seekers. of approved the fund class will be available this summer, state lawmakers plan to approve $5 million of this funds for immediate use. todd: an american flag cut from the back of a fire truck and dumped in a gutter among trash and debris in new york city at east village neighborhood, this image caught the attention of two 9/11 first responders who were so outraged by the blatant sign of disrespect they took matters into their own hands.
2:33 am
those two heroes, chris edwards and tom flanagan are here live to explain the story. thank you for being here. you saw this on facebook. what did you feel when you saw that image? >> the outrage was to the deck of thinking about where it happened. 20 blocks from the world trade center. after 9/11, for us the american flag meant so much to us and it still does. when we were down there, working, and american flag hanging over the financial building, the sacrifice young men and women made after 9/11 for our country, for our freedom, i couldn't believe somebody -- i can't say i can't believe it because nowadays you can believe almost anything that happens but the outrage was just
2:34 am
more towards victims of 9/11, the military that go out and sacrifice their lives every day for us. for tommy and i, i ended up dragging tommy into it. jillian: what did you do? >> chris said we can't let this go unanswered. so he decided to do a counter protest to that. we said we will stay on the corner for a few hours with our american flag to show our respect and as it turned out what i thought would be a lot larger turnout turned out to be chris, myself and one of chris's buddies. jillian: people walk through the streets of new york city every day. what was the reaction? >> the response was surprisingly positive. a lot of people that came by were asking what are you doing?
2:35 am
a lot of people knew what happened. it was a positive response. the two best responses i got from people not born in this country who became american citizens who basically said i can't believe somebody did this. when i became an american citizen i cried. jillian: powerful to hear someone say that. >> one from north korea came walking by and grabbing the flag. >> what would happen if this happened in your country and north korea? and she goes they would have been arrested. a national disgrace on what somebody did. jillian: what is your message to the people who did that? >> i pray for them. i have to pray for them. i would be in trouble. they have to stop and think, the sacrifice that goes on behind the american flag, we do, we
2:36 am
have now. in the time -- firefighters and even now getting an opportunity to travel around the country and do volunteer work with the military and see these young men and women coming back with injuries. when you see them you understand. it is about our freedom. if you have a problem with something, get little stress balls or something, something along those lines but to take it on the american flag. heather: what does the flag mean to you? >> a symbol of freedom. a symbol of hope, people come to this country and they say we don't have america, where else are we going to go. heather: tom, chris, thank you for everything you have done, thank you for doing that for our country. it is 36 after the hour, donald trump repairing to deliver his
2:37 am
state of the union address. he just revealed this year's theme will be unity. democrats causing some division. >> can i go? the safety on? >> it is off. >> popstar pink and her husband carey hart teaching their daughter about gun safety. carly shimkus here with backlash that is growing online next. around here, nobody ever does it. i didn't do it. so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, it was just what we needed. dad? i didn't do it. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide.
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welcome to fowler, indiana. one of the windiest places in america. and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing. heather: today girls and joined the boy scouts for the first time ever. the 109-year-old organization, the new troops will be made of all boys, all girls. scouts bsa as part of the program shift.
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>> so crazy in love with their diets, they invite fans to try with free concert tickets for life. >> don't say that ♪ >> and if a pledge to go vegan for one month. and the plant-based food and reduced their environmental impact. >> a free super bowl news conference but front and adam levine with a message at halftime. >> to make people understand we got you. >> critics say the band shall
2:42 am
perform in solidarity with former 49ers qb colin kaepernick who sparked national anthem protests. and before speaking before the game, he blames roger goodell. todd: the intrigue continues. motocross rider and husband of popstar pink criticized for teaching his 7-year-old daughter how to shoot. >> can i go? is the safety on? >> it is off. >> carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with what folks are saying online. >> a video like that will polarize social media. heart says he has been taking her shooting since she was 3 years old because he wants to teach her about guns and gun safety but not everybody is on board with that plan.
2:43 am
thousands of comments poured in on social media. a mix of praise and criticism. hard to did respond i never slam people for speaking their opinion. i enjoy debate and shedding light on subjects that are sensitive like this. when you disrespect my country or culture. still many others coming to his defense with one person and instagram saying since when is safety education wrong? another person chiming and saying i think teach them how to safely use firearms, people need to mind their own business and focus on their own parenting. heart didn't say when he posted a video he was going to be poking the parent police. heather: anytime you do anything on guns you will get a wild reaction. this is a shocker, folks in the bay area don't like an aga hats. >> california under fire for refusing to serve anyone in a
2:44 am
make america great again hat. kenji lopez, the owner of the restaurant in california's bay area, it hasn't happened yet because you come to the restaurant wearing that hat you are not getting served. same as if you were wearing a swastika or any other symbol of intolerance. his tweet has since been deleted but not before sparking a firestorm on social media, one person think democrats are supposed to be the party of inclusion, another tweeting it is okay to discriminate based on political beliefs, critic slamming his restaurant with one star reviews on yelp. he said he is received threatening emails as well, so not good. jillian: 44 after the hour. live look at mercedes-benz stadium where the super bowl is two days away.
2:45 am
and right here in studio, everything you need to win the game they menu next. and to see what is coming up on "fox and friends". and the last two diners. >> i knew it would be good for you. you can wait a little while. it is game time here in atlanta, 1 million people down here in this sight of the landmark for the next 3 hours. there is a special surprise for the landmark diner i've ever seen before. something attached to this with a stroke of genius that only in america you can find out. coming up on the show, jim brown, best football player in the world joining us at the diner. tony stewart is here, he could beat me up, 6 foot 5, 220 pounds which a virtual walker in great shape. usc a legend in georgia and then
2:46 am
a special live interview at the ritz, robert told me he owns the patriots. i need a second source. you came down from how far? who else is on the rest of the show? what is your name? >> you have kellyanne conway, geraldo, stuart varney, doctor ours. >> this sound like a really good show. back to you. a wild three hours. something at the landmark diner that you will be thrilled to see. i am fair and balanced. i'm going to see a time. jillian: coming right back. i'm a veteran
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>> he kind of has that quarterback -- >> all going down on sunday. patriots, live in atlanta. >> almost upon us. your game they menu, we've got you covered. >> go and eat. here to help you, and we begin with guacamole. >> it is all about the food if you don't have good food. >> we have the pizza here too. from 4:00 am delivery.
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i am a huge fan. it can be tricky to make it, simply organic make cities but you are buying it too. they mash up avocado and so on, delicious healthy snack and chips over here. and love this, jack link's turkey. and low in calories and helps you power through that party. this is feel-good. >> the plate. >> what is that word? >> really cute platter. i love that the leopard has a fun take. it is durable.
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i can't eat most of this. buffalo wings are essential for any game day party but i have a hard time keeping them warm. i love this idea, a slow cooker from jcpenney has three compartments where you conserve different gifts, buffalo dip in the last segment. jillian: good job. a lot of people don't want to drink beer so you have an alternative. >> what is really great, seltzer is made with special brewing process so it have a clean taste, 100 cal and two grams of carbs so your guests should appreciate this. really refreshing. another great alternative like you said to beer. you can get it at the grocery store.
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guacamole is whole foods and amazon but this is just your local grocery store. todd: a lot of people like to play dress up. >> can't have game day without the gear. jcpenney has a sports fan shop, more stuff than you can imagine, game danger these are essential, this is super bowl for this year's super bowl. if you want to stay team neutral, my team, one of my new york teams. >> just wait until next year. >> if you are not rooting for one of the two teams that are playing you can go with the super bowl gear and it is a great, fun option. >> thank you, appreciate it. todd: 53 after the hour, brand-new\, second lady karen
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penn's for teaching a christian school, and other school says it makes them feel unsafe with your comments pouring in on this. ♪ don't let me ♪ don't let me don't let me down ♪ don't let me down ♪ don't let me down ♪ don't let me down ♪ ♪ downy unstopables
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. .
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♪ ♪ ♪ jillian: good morning to you and welcome back on this friday. president trump sounding off about his message for this year's state of the union address. >> i really think it's going to be a speech that's going to cover a lot of territory. part of it is going to be unity. jillian: both sides of the aisle are working on a compromise to fund the government to avoid another partial government shutdown on the 15th. john louis and johnson say they will likely skip the president's address. you can watch the coverage of the state of the union tuesday on fox news. >> a school in washington, d.c. refuses to play sports at the christian school where second lady karen pence teaches over safety concerns. the head mapser of sheridan school says the policies are a quote obvious challenge. the christian school has
2:59 am
faced harsh criticism for requiring employees to pledge that they believe marriage is mow nothing must and later ter row sexual. jillian: we asked for your thoughts. all political i'm sick of it. todd: i think education should be about education novel concept there if you want to play games, do it on your own time. jillian: private school, your choice, not yours or mine. next. >> may have been wondering why every single person on fox news is wearing red. national wear red day. jillian: national heart association does it every year something we always partake in. so if you are waking up this morning and you are getting dressed then certainly a good message and a good thing to be part of go red for women as part of the american heart association. todd: agreed. all right. with that. jillian: it's friday. super bowl this weekend. enjoy if you are going to be
3:00 am
watching it. todd: let's make the official prediction. two days to waiver. jillian: i think the patriots take it. todd: i think the patriots take it three points the spread. jerrod golf has a big game. let's see wha what happens. jillian: fox and friends starts right now. ♪ ♪ steve: i hope they have plenty of beer because of the mercedes stadium in atlanta will be the host of super bowl 53 on sunday. did you realize that is the most sustainable stadium in the world. it was built especially to be super green and it is deep from the heart of atlanta. ed: did you have any doubt in the beer. one thing on the checklist it's set. ainsley: i'm sure in your refrigerator too. if not get stocked


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