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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 2, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PST

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remember my podcast? just subscribe. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, i will take it from here, follow me on twitter as well. you are watching the ingram mail, see you back here monday. shannon: welcome to fox news at night in washington. a growing number of calls for virginia's democratic governor met ralph northron to resign on the heels of his abortion comments that many said amounted to infanticide but resignation calls are not about that but about this, and indefensible photo found in a medical school yearbook, northron admitting he's in the picture showing one person in blackface and another in a ku klux klan robe and hood. the very latest and it changes minute by minute. >> reporter: the calls for resignation are growing in the past couple minutes.
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cory booker who announced today he is running for president on twitter saying northrom needed to resign. the list grows by the minute but he isn't resigning and isn't defending the photo that he appeared in costume and his medical school yearbook. he admitted to being in this photo in a statement. we do not know whether northrom is the one in the left appearing in blackface on the right dressed in a ku klux klan hood and robes. >> that photo and the racist and offensive attitudes it represents does not reflect the person i am today or the way i have conducted myself as a soldier, doctor and public servant. i'm deeply sorry. >> reporter: not enough for kamala harris, leaders are called to a higher standard and the state of racism should have no place in the halls of government, she wrote.
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the governor should step aside to the public can heal and move forward. here's another presidential candidate. >> i do think if there is the opportunity to understand and accept his apology but also believe that is separate and apart from him continuing in a position of trust and authority which is the governor's office so i hope he does resign. >> reporter: extensive and exhaustive list on those calling for the resignation, julian castro, kamala harris, planned parenthood, virginia republican party, elizabeth warren and kirsten gillibrand. the tweet from kellyanne conway, this should be easier than parsing every word in brett kavanaugh's yearbook alluding to the confirmation hearing where yearbooks were used to backup those unproven accusations. you might remember northron's name because he spent a week in
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the spotlight starting wednesday morning with this discussion on a radio program about a late-term abortion bill that at the time was in the virginia state legislature. >> if a mother is in labor i can tell you what would happen. the infants would be delivered, the infants would be kept comfortable, the infants would be resuscitated if that is what the mother and family desired and then a discussion would ensue. >> reporter: he did not walk close comments back when accused of allowing or supporting infanticide. the current governor, lieutenant governor of virginia is an effort can american. he hasn't weighed in on the yearbook picture scandal yet. at least in the political world there's a question of how would the yearbook picture missed by well-funded opponent in their opposition research team in not only the primary but the general election against ed gillespie as well, race a huge factor in that election with people saying it gillespie was a racist so you had to vote for ralph northron.
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>> and there were many campaigns between that. let's bring in doug showing, longtime democrats, good to have you with us tonight. your immediate reaction to this? >> he is gone. he needs to resign. there is no discussion that should be had about that. the thing is, this has to be a much bigger conversation and i want to talk about the democratic party's responsibility. i heard howard dean say one of the most ridiculous things i ever heard a few minutes ago on another channel. he said black people are going to decide the fate of ralph northrom. racism is not something for
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black people to fix and we have these conversations in these moments there are flareups and they are usually democrat versus republican and pointing the finger at the one incident. there is a much bigger conversation that needs to happen, the democratic party needs to deal with racism within our own party. i said that clearly when i ran for dnc chair. anyone on any side and i will say this to conservatives who are cheerleading this, that is also wrong. how do we move past the reality that racism is embedded in our culture. there are many, many of our viewers who think racism died with the civil rights act of 1964 and that is not the case. in 1984, when he was in that picture as a klansman or in
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blackface, i was 10 years old, i knew it was wrong. any child would know it was wrong, he certainly knew it was wrong, time for him to go, time for all of us to deal with this in a more responsible way. >> it sparks a difficult conversation. he is apologizing, not saying -- to finish out his term as you saw in leland's peace. the washington post talks about several scenarios of what could happen next, don't count him out, it is easy in the blistering aftermath of an emerging scandal to assume it will inflict more political damage than one might expect, politicians expected to walk away from their positions have not infrequently served other term and even been reelected. there are good reasons to think northrom will be able to ride out his term including he is constitutionally limited to only four years anyway. does he survive politically? >> i agree with everything she said and couldn't disagree more with the washington post.
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the sign here of extreme racism, insensitivity goes beyond what any rational human being, democrat, republican, liberal or conservative, should tolerate. 's ability to serve, my party's ability to win the election is hurt inexorably by this outrageous collection of pictures and that, plus his positions on infanticide which to me is beyond disgusting renders him unable to offer leadership. virginia is a swing state and i think for the reasons you addressed, a good first step, an important first step is for him to resign forth with. >> we are getting more calls for resignation and the list is growing, producers are sharing more information about people stepping forward who are closely related to him and some of them,
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not his relatives but politically so, they hate to say these things and call for him to step down because they've known him to be a good man and good legislator with respect to a number of things so this is just the beginning of this conversation. thank you both for weighing in. we have a fox news alert, donald trump may go where few presidents and gone before in a state of the union address warning he made pulled the trigger on an emergency declaration to build a border barrier. ellison barbara live near the winter white house, the moral law go estate. >> bipartisan conference committee is in the process of trying to negotiate a border security package that donald trump will find by february 5th, donald trump and a few people have expressed skepticism and how those talks will actually
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turn out, donald trump telling new york times at this point those negotiations, those discussions are proving to be a waste of time and suggested he is prepared and even expecting to have to declare a national emergency to get the funding he wants for his proposed border wall. donald trump today hinting perhaps that sort of action could be announced in a state of the union address. >> do you expect -- >> i don't want to say. you will hear the state of the union and see what happens right after the state of the union. there's a chance we will have to do that but we will at the same time, regardless we are building a wall, we are building a lot of wall but i can do a lot faster. >> reporter: senior administration official who briefed reporters on the president's plan for his state of the union address declined to comment when asked if the president planned to make that announcement during his address to congress, the first family arrived here in florida at 7:00 this evening, donald trump is
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expected to stay until sunday. 's annual address to the joint session of congress set to take pl. tuesday and according to the senior administration official the scene is choosing greatness, he told reporters donald trump will focus on five key themes, talk about immigration, trade, the trade relationship with china and a deal to replace nafta. he will probably address rebuilding america, he is expected to ask congress to come up with some sort of infrastructure package and talk about the need to lower the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs. national security, updating congress on military efforts around the world and at times controversial desire to end military involvement in some of those places. the administration says the president will focus on unity until members of congress work together, we can break decades of stalemate and bridge divisions, heal old wounds, building coalitions, forge new solutions and unlock the promise of america's future. the decision is ours to make.
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>> thank you, great to see you. we are days from super bowl sunday. thousands descending on atlanta and homeland security is trying to clear up ahead of him getting there. 40 people arrested in a sex trafficking staying in atlanta, the president pointing to the southern border. >> and secure borders give traffickers free and clear passage to transport their victims into the united states. >> stick around for trafficking experts who met with the president today at the white house to talk about the shocking reality of what is happening on the border and beyond, the remarkable story and journey of one marine veteran accused of war crimes he did not commit. stick around for fred galvan live. i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere.
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>> shannon: not live in atlanta, thousands of fans descending there for the super bowl liii between the los angeles rams on the heather: looking live at atlanta, thousands of fans descending for super bowl liii between the rams and the patriots. homeland security is cracking down in advance. trace gallagher following the case of a sex trafficking roundup. >> reporter: atlanta is one of the busiest hubs for sex trafficking and the super bowl exacerbates the problem. for investigators this week is all hands on deck situation to catch the traffickers before the big game when the criminals move on and the freespending travelers go home. so far, 40 people in atlanta have been arrested for trafficking and four missing people have been recovered. here is kirstjen neilsen. >> it includes underage children
12:17 am
being sold and abused. >> reporter: along with enforcement efforts, a group called save from prostitution has been of passing out fires with pictures of 16 missing girls, some missing for years. airports and hotels are prime spots for trafficking. the airlines are teaching their employees what signs to look for and donald trump is using the sex trafficking problem to refocus attention on border security and the wall. >> reporter: and secure borders give traffickers free and clear passage to transport their victims into the united states. it is a tremendously big moneymaker for some very bad people. >> reporter: to better illustrate the president's point and what is happening on the ground in atlanta we should note earlier this month a fourth defendant was sentenced in an atlanta-based sex trafficking ring where young women from mexico and central america were
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being smuggled across the southern border to engage in prostitution, the suspect lured the women to the us with the promise of love, marriage and jobs. shannon: thank you very much, let's bring in the president of international parts who runs safehouses to care for trafficked boys and girls and the president of enough is enough. both of them met with the president at the white house to talk about this issue, thank you for coming in. i want to throw up some statistics, this is from ice, fiscal year 2018, immigration and customs enforcement and homeland security investigations made 1588 human trafficking arrested identified 308 victims and of these arrests, 1543 were for sex trafficking violations. how bad is the problem? >> bigger and bigger because
12:19 am
human trafficking is selling drugs or guns but once you sell them 35 times a day. >> i want to play something from tim ballard who was with you in the white house today. here's what he said about one of the cases. >> a girl kidnapped in central america, 11 years old. with the intent of getting her ready to come to america because we are the highest consuming nation of child pornography. we are the clientele, the big money. >> that is disgusting and heartbreaking at the same time. >> it is happening within our borders. not just children coming in from other nations but our children. no child is immune because there is a supply and demand issuance we are one of the top consumers of child pornography.
12:20 am
in the world, in producers of child pornography and number 2 as far as hosting child pornography websites in the us and number one with respect to hard-core extreme pornography which many of these people are trafficked so they are getting re-exploited but the point is it is appealing to demand so people looking at this kind of content want to act out on a real person and these children and women are abused 20, 30, 40 times a day. if it was just one person it would be enough for everybody to realize this is a nonpartisan issue, we need to check our differences at the door and have outrage on a bipartisan level and take action. >> there's been a lot of reaction. the president talked about these cases, they think he's
12:21 am
politicizing it to get his border wall but taking politics out of it, you see this firsthand and what is happening to these young people you try to give them a chance to rehabilitate, this is absolutely devastating. >> it is. girls and boys and sometimes adult, usually someone coming from a poor situation were just looking for a better life, who is not looking for a better life, for opportunities. i remember a case when i was called to provide services through the mountains, crossing the border to san diego and she was 14 years old, the mother paid a smuggler to bring her through the mountains and the smugglers told her she has to pay with her own body and for
12:22 am
more than a day, they were in the same group until border patrol was able to rescue them. i remember a little girl, 14 years old in tears crying for her mother and i want to be there and hold her hand through the trauma, but it is important to take care of cases for survivors, for victims and watch for them. >> there is much more we don't know but thank you for talking to us. fox news alert, virginia legislative black caucus finished meeting with governor northron. they say he can no longer serve as virginia's governor, time for him to resign and virginia senate democrats calling for resignation as well. the governor said he is sticking around, we will have more on this story just ahead. caravan of central american migrants could reach the
12:23 am
southern border just in time for the state of the union address, we will take you to mexico after the break and later a tragic story of betrayal. marine veterans of an elite supplement -- special operations unit fighting for more than a decade to clear their reputation and records. tonight vindication. fred galvan is live with us to explain after the break.
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♪ >> shannon: yet another caravan of central american >> another caravan is expected to show up at the texas border faster than expected. maybe in time for the state of the union address where donald trump is morning he may declare a national emergency to build the border wall. >> reporter: republicans and democrats are using the situation in mexico to score political points. democrats point to the fentanyl bust at the point of andrea, saying it underscores their
12:28 am
argument that border money should battle drugs. donald trump looking at the rising violence rate in mexico said that justifies his wall. the steel slats the president wants, stretching across every inch of california. this ignores the problem of human smuggling. >> hard to do human trafficking through ports of entry. they say what is going on in the backseat? >> the latest caravan of 2500 central america and left mexico city wednesday morning, some will come to california, others in texas. that will cross illegally and others claim asylum. the us and from into the program to keep asylum-seekers in mexico. migrant advocates say it is illegal, inhumane and dangerous given the homicide rate in tijuana. returning central america and we
12:29 am
talked to said they preferred new mexico over tension in the us. >> i want to go to the church and work out. >> reporter: if they did not want us to be back here they would have sent us back. >> migration protection protocols are not about protecting anyone. they are plan to return people seeking asylum to mexico in violation of us asylum laws passed by our congress. >> reporter: the us says this program is meant to end and release catch and release because of lack of beds and rulings, and also the department of homeland security, to expand the program beyond single males which is currently limited to other cities along the border. mexico is not agreed. shannon: tonight we have an extraordinary story of vindication, and elite commando
12:30 am
force, and accused of killing civilians durrant 2007 ambush in afghanistan. is record will be wiped clean. the board of correction of naval records that he should be considered for retroactive promotion. great to have you with us. your part of the convoy in march 2007 when suicide bomber came after you guys, what happened after that led to all the trouble. what are you accused of? >> as soon as we returned 20 minutes after the incident, the situation exploded on international media. death to america, really swelled up and that led to us being
12:31 am
accused of killing 50 afghan civilians and allows an investigator to come in. first day he was there he interviewed some of our marines and we were kicked out the next day before the investigation completed. >> it impacted you and the men, what was the stain the remains on you even though there was a 2008 that seem to clear you? >> we had a 31/2 week trial. and senior officers and military justice case, the combination using legal terms like innocence, guilty, dismissed,
12:32 am
and on friday night, dropped four months after the trial had ended on memorial day weekend. the papers continuously right afghan civilians. shannon: the navy put out a report since january, the magnitude of the investigators era cannot be overstated. the investigation, how it carried out, the author of that article from the washington post, the new report wiping the permanent file makes clear along with the taliban's deception u.s. army leaders with proximate causes sell the marines, linking the actions, your name has been cleared. >> it was important in the 12 a report from the pentagon.
12:33 am
the investigating officer was accused of gross negligence or predetermined outcome. when you have a situation like this, and the sons and daughters of america all across the globe. that is something that has not been cleared up, a 12 page pentagon report is an indictment. these individuals that did this, went to the press and condemned us, these were military officers. they did it in print and that is a type of destruction of the presumption of innocence and not allowing us to have equal justice under the law. >> you want to shine a light to make sure it doesn't happen to others. we hope good comes from it.
12:34 am
the last couple days, scores of democrats refused to comment on virginia governor's abortion comments saying they were unaware of what he said. tonight they wasted no time calling for his resignation. 2020 presidential candidate saying he has to go. he says he doesn't plan to. stick around, the power panel, doug shown is back. i was on the fence about changing from a manual to an electric toothbrush. but my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. she said, get the one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gum line. for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean! i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b. brush like a pro.
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>> >> considering comments from governor northron how does that make it harder for pro-life democrats in the party? >> i don't know what he said yesterday. >> that was yesterday and there is widespread condemnation of this picture of the democratic governor of virginia. he admits that is him in the picture.
12:39 am
outrage over blackface and the kkk hundred but not comments northron made that many equated to infanticide. time for the power panel. doug shown is back, speech writer for george hw bush doug mckennan. we looked back at what the network has done, the cable networks with respect to the infanticide comments. it sounded like he was talking about an attempted abortion in the discussion would be recess attaining it, discussing it with the mother. most networks have 0 seconds of coverage. today the situation was a picture which may lead to him not being the governor anymore one way or the other, has gotten a lot of coverage. why the distinction?
12:40 am
>> important to understand there is significant evil in the democrat party. new york state, you've got what happened to virginia, rhode island but this virginia governor, it really is despicable, this man advocated killing newborn babies and it generated 0 outrage from democrats. we talked about this, where do democrats draw the line? why is it okay for someone to get out there and say it is okay to kill an unborn child? my only guess is they would have been outraged if he was wearing a clan uniform as they were aborting the newborn child. shannon: i want to bring you and is a longtime democratic pollster and give you a chance to weigh in because there are those who say he is sticking around, he has a few defenders who say this not the man i have known the last 30 years of public service, he apologized and acknowledged they are horrible.
12:41 am
interesting to see the contrast and treatment of him over the last few days, two separate incidents. >> as i said earlier this picture is indefensible. his behavior is a 25-year-old medical student is indefensible and i believe his effectiveness is gone and he should resign. that being said, i am not evil, i'm a new york democrat, i believe in consensus and conciliation. >> there is evil in the democrat party. >> i don't believe that. i don't believe there is evil. there is wrong headedness. >> killing newborn babies? >> you are doing a good job yelling but if i could finish i would like to say i am pro-choice but not pro-infanticide.
12:42 am
sounded to me like he was pro-infanticide. i am against third term abortions, certainly against infanticide. my larger comment is people of good will have to come together on issues facing us. demonizing people in political parties does not make sense. governor northron, i feel sympathy for him, he must go, he made a tragic mistake, his effectiveness is gone. you have always been somebody who reaches out and extend the olive branch, i hope you will do that going forward. shannon: i want to read something to this point about an interesting piece, the opportunity presented here, the opportunity is not to take northron done but show the folly of their ways to teach them their unforgiving dredging of
12:43 am
the past for incidents will wreak havoc on their own as well as on others. this is an opportunity to commit the idea the event and instances of racism so long ago, there is no way around it. is there a chance to have a conversation about people's past to use against them now. >> that is right. i'm a conservative who grew up with martin luther king jr. as my hero and one of these things where politics plays a role in all of this but no matter what i would predict by tomorrow the governor will resign, no matter what he says tonight. his position is untenable for him. what he did as a 25-year-old medical student in 1980s, 30 years ago, was as wrong then as it is now. with regard to his comments on abortion, one of these things
12:44 am
where politics is payroll. democrats want to run away from that subject because they know it is a losing issue for them and more americans becoming horrified by what is going on in new york and virginia on the abortion story. shannon: they say there is no place for his racist actions or language, he must step down as governor. people of virginia have to trust in their governor. they took a lot of heat in the last few days, they advocated for a lot of late-term abortion bills, and invested millions of dollars in his campaign running for governor of virginia. they say enough is enough and are breaking with him. >> the issue for me is the governor should have resides or been forced out of office as a result of comments about allowing the newborn baby to die. the lieutenant governor who would become governor if he steps down feels the same way, supports the same legislation.
12:45 am
this is really appalling and this is the bigger issue for me, the fact that this governor made this statement about infanticide and people gave him a pass and it is unacceptable. >> i think the comments were wrongheaded. i found it hard to follow what he was saying but he was advocating in some circumstances for infanticide and that is outrageous and unacceptable. he is unable to serve now because of outrageous comments and the unacceptable -- lou: the word for you. >> this is healthy for politics because a lot of americans will see what is going on politically and for the democrats, todd has a good point in terms of what is going on in virginia with regard to abortion, you simply cannot
12:46 am
be killing live babies and that is what they were advocating at this governor will resign tomorrow. shannon: that is why he is in jail -- doug, doug, and todd, thank you very much. donald trump in favor of it, and others pushing for bible literacy classes in public schools but tonight a new lawsuit out of pennsylvania, students say their schools won't let them hand out bibles. there is a lot more to the story. night court convenes and you are the jury. something epic. so, we took all our engineering experience... a hundred years-worth of learning from impossible projects all over the planet... the heart and soul of a cat... and found a way to fit it all... ...right through that gate. this could be huge.
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♪ >> shannon: it is heather: time for night court. bibles in schools. remember donald trump tweeted a couple days ago numerous statements introducing bible literacy classes giving students the option of studying the bible, starting to make a turn back, great. there is any dispute in pennsylvania were school district faces a federal lawsuit claiming officials improperly prevented a high school christians in action club during the day. let's bring in legal eagles to debate constitutional law attorney and criminal defense attorney bob, welcome to you both.
12:51 am
this is the deal. mechanicsburg high school, the students want to go around and hand out bibles, were told they couldn't. they tried to negotiate with the school and here's what the superintendent said. this is exhibit b. he said students do have the right to distribution of nonschool materials prior to the start of the school day and after the end of the school day if they develop a plan that is reviewed and approved by the administration. what is wrong with that? >> this is what we call cya. he also said and i quote, religious materials including the bible have always and will always be welcome to bring, share, and discuss whether it is the bible, oracle ran or the torah. you can't have your cake and eat it too, you can't have a christian club in york & those materials are welcome of all faiths which i agree with,
12:52 am
however, you can only distribute those materials 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after school and only on public sidewalks. they can do that anyway so the school is denying them their lawful right to express their first amendment religious freedom and freedom of expression at lunch time. shannon: let's go to exhibit d. the school district has taken away, seeks to regulate their speech rights during nonschool hours on public sidewalks every member of the general public possesses. your argument? >> that is not the case. the school is doing something that is common sense to avoid chaos. they've given the students the opportunity before and after school hours to distribute bibles, they are simply limiting a limited lunch hour and the reason has nothing to do with religion but opening up the lunch area to a free-speech zone and opening a can of worms,
12:53 am
handing out bibles today, atheist propaganda the next day, you can't limit who is handing out what and the schools have every right under the constitution to limit disruption to the academic environment. handing out this material during the school day could be a disruption to the academic environment so the school has every right to make this decision. shannon: what about that? the school's ability to set limits on how this is done. >> that's not effective this case. know one is suggesting this is anything but sanctioned by the school, has a christian bible club there. these kids were there, there was no violence, no profanity. the areas in which the supreme court, limited speech and freedom of religion, if you wanted you can do it. if there was a problem maybe they would have a legitimate argument but there hasn't been so those facts have not been established. you can't say you can't distribute materials but only before and after school. that is ludicrous, contradictory, cya, trying to
12:54 am
get out of constitutional quagmire. heather: closing arguments? >> the school is preventing a can of worms from being opened, having lunch hour be overtaken by useless propaganda from all sides, kids handing out bibles today, next day any sort of political speech, any sort of speech whatsoever that isn't violent or illegal activity and that is all going to have to be permitted if they let these students take this action during lunch hour and that will be disruptive to the academic environment and that is something that is protected under the constitution for the school to avoid. shannon: we thank you both. we go to the jury at home. let us know at fox news tonight, use the hashtag night court and let us know how you would rule if you were the jury. it has resulted in a lawsuit. we will follow it. bob and katie, thank you very
12:55 am
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...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you. ♪ >> with the polar vortex, there were a lot of heroes working around the clock. we want to give a shout out in particular to the chicago police department. a puppy ran out of ic lake michigan. the owner ran after him trying to get him. the man slipped and fell into frigid icy water. it took five chicago policeman forming a human chain to pool the 32-year-old man out and he and the dog are both fine. we salute the chicago policeman helping their neighbors, working with first responders, hospitals and everything else, you braved
1:00 am
the cold and helped a lot of other people. plenty of euros to go around. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. we will take you to atlanta for super bowl weekend. shannon bream at fox news at night, let us know your cheering for. see you next week. judgejeanine . have a great weekend. ♪ >> judge jeanine: welcome to this special edition of hannity the rise of the radical left. we have major update out of virginia. there are now growing calls for democratic governor ralph noorm northam to resign immediately over what is a disturbing racist photo of northam from the 1980s. joining us now live with more is trace gallagher. trace? >> and judge, virginia governor ralph northam confirmed he was in the controversial picture. 1984 yearbook showing someone dressed in a kkk


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