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tv   Watters World  FOX News  February 2, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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things to jimmy, christina, kat timpf, tyrus in our studio audience. i love you, america. [cheering and applause] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. virginia democrat governor ralph northam showing no signs of resigning after this photo was revealed from his yearbook showing a man in black face and another in the kkk robe. he first said that was him and he apologized. >> i took an oath to serve the people of this commonwealth to the best of my ability. as long as i believe i can effectively fill that task, i plan to continue to do the
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business of virginia. jesse: here is his alibi? >> it's definitely not me. i can tell by look at it. that same year i participated in a dance contest in which i darkened my face as part of a michael jackson costume. jesse: at one point he was smiling and joking with someone about the moon walk. >> his wife saved him and said this is not the right place to be doing the moon walk. you don't put strangers in your yearbook photo and not know who they are. he's a masochist. >> maybe he's trying to clear his name. because the yearbook photo,
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maybe some editor somewhere put the photo in and it's not him. we can't prove it because the hood is on. when your alibi is there is a kkk hood on in one of the photos so you can't prove it's me. he says that's not me in the yearbook but i did do the moon walk and put shoe polish on my face and did the moon walk. he said a young black staffer told him that was offensive when he admitted it on a car ride. jesse: what was the other thing, that his nickname was coon man? >> he said two of his friend called him coon man, obviously an offensive term. he said he has the nickname
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goose because he had a high pitched voice. once you start going down this road, what in the world is going on. but earlier this week he had another train wreck of an interview on a radio station in d.c. basically defending infanticide. jesse: this is what my gut tells me. he made such a mess with the infainfanticide thing. he says you are going to deliver a baby and terminate the baby as it's being delivered. he supported that. then a few days later this kkk black face photo comes out. i am thinking this might have been a democrat who was so revolted by this in virginia, maybe just shopped it. >> it was first reported by a conservative blog, not a liberal blog.
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jesse: but why now? this is research 101. >> both parties have egg on their face because they should have found it. it's offensive, gross answer despicable. if you are ed gillespie you would be demanding a read fund. >> they made ed gillespie look like a racist. and he's the guy in black face. >> democrats call the president racist, they call ed gillespie a racist when the governor is the one who is racist. there her hispanics and muslim kids with headdress. and a gillespie truck was trying to run over immigrants kids. it was despicable. especially because it was
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supporting a democrat with a kkk hat on. jesse: people are upset more about the smirking kid with the maga hat. advice for journalists. that's the subject of tonight's watters word. the media won't ask democrats a direct question. democrats are never forced to defend their radical positions. check out "the washington post" headline. republican seize on liberal positions to paints democrats as radical. here are the questions liberals should be asking. let's begin with global warming. >> climate change is the existential threat of our time. >> this could be the number one threat in our country if we continue to allow power to concentrate and dictate the
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quality of our air and dictate the fact and tell us we can keep burning fossil fuels. to dupe us. people will die. jesse: reporters ask democrats, do you believe climate change is number one threat facing america? how many americans has climate change killed? do you want to eliminate oil and gas from the i am s. economy? because that's the goal of your green new deal. try that. next up, partial-birth abortion. here is testimony from a late-term abortion bill sponsor in virginia. >> where it's obvious a woman about to give birth. she has physical signs she is about to give birth. would that be a point where she could request an abortion if she was so certified? she is die lating.
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>> mr. chairman, that would be a -- you know, decision that the doctor, the physician and the woman -- >> i understand that. i'm asking if your bill allows that. >> my bill allows that, yes. jesse: reporters ask democrats, do you support partial-birth abortion. are you comfortable with a woman delivering a baby and the doctor terminating it. here is congress woman omar from minnesota. >> we could increase the taxes people are paying who are the extremely wealthy in our communities, 70%, 80%. we had it as high as 90%. jesse: democrats, take a question from a reporter like this.
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do you support a 90% tax rate. what do you think taxes should be raised to? 50%, 60%, 70%? if i a journalist i would depend they give me a number. socialist kamala hair riggs said the people throughout who like their insurance, they don't get to keep it. another idea is everyone gets access to medical care. you don't have to go through the process and the paperwork and all the delay that required. hoff us have not had that situation where you have to wait for approval and the doctor says i don't know if you're insurance company is going to cover that. let's eliminate all that. jesse: reporters ask democrats this. do you support single-payer healthcare. do you agree with kamala harris that we should get rid of the
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healthcare industry in america? do you want to take away the private healthcare plan of 175 million americans and give them a government plan? how would you pay for all this? raising everyone's taxes still won't cover it. next up. the wall. here is pelosi. >> to put a wall there is to in my view ineffective, too expensive, almost immoral. jesse: reporters ask democrats if walls are immoral, should we tear down the existing walls we have now on the border? if walls don't work, why did the walls erected in san diego and yuma cause border arrests to drop by 80 to 90 percent. make them go on the record and hold them accountable. if you journalists wants more
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advice. call me. here to respond. former arkansas governor and fox news contributor, mike huckabee and herman cain. what do you find so funny. >> i don't want this to go to your head. brillant monologue. brilliant. those are the questions they ought to be asking and they are not asking them. you want to know why? they don't want the answers to those questions, jesse. jesse: they don't wants the answers, they don't want the american public to hear the answers, and i didn't spend a long time thinking about these questions, governor. these are just the next logical steps that you ask when someone proposes or says something. it's basically do you believe, and if you believe this, how about this. right? >> my big difference between my
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friend herman cain and me is this. he's laughing and i'm crying like chuck schumer listening to this. i have got to figure if there are people getting elected to public office who think it's okay to kill a full think formed developed baby, and think we can tax 90%. and if anybody would be stiewm i'd enough to get up and go to work to give away 9 ought and keep only 10. jesus only asked 10% of me. and to think we should go back to a place where people can rush the borders. i don't understand what's wrong, not with the politician. i am wondering what's wrong for people who would vote for people who would put those policies in place. jesse: i don't believe a lot of americans understand the implications or what the democrats are saying. it sounds good.
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free healthcare, climate change. blah, blah, blah. but when you look at the implications and talk about the details of it. it's like medicare for all. people say sure. then when you say you have to take away everyone's plan and raise taxes on the country. the support drops to 20%. if what the democrat presidential wannabes are assuming, and that is mainstream america believes that. no, they do not. they are the on ones who believe that those lunatic ideas are going to fly in mainstream america. and let me make one point about this attack on people who are successful. larry kudlow said earlier today that 1% of the taxes, the top 1% pay nearly 40% of all the taxes. how much do they want to take,
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mike, from those people that have chosen to be successful in a free market competitive system? that's where they are assuming that the mainstream american people are gullible. most of of them are not. jesse: herman brought up people in mainstream america freezing right now. i wonder if people in the polar vortex believe the democrats' idea is global warming is the biggest threat they are facing. >> there were several people killed by the freeze. i'm not sure how many were killed by global warming. we have some serious issues that are killing people, primarily opioid addiction, fentanyl coming across the border. and those are real deaths and there is nothing funny about it. those are destroying families and communities and futures. the fact is, we are not going to get rid of fossil fuels in the
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immediate future. unless we would all like to go back to living in the stoneage. i don't want to live like fred flintstone. i have worked hard to live better than that. that's where we would end up if we went back to living without fossil fuels. jesse: coming up, cnn and san francisco businesses wants to ban the maga hat. they are very upset. the party bros on the craziest super bowl ad you will see sunday. your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself,
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and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. jesse: the maga hat under fire in california. the restaurant owner says it hasn't happened yet, but if you come in my restaurant with a maga hat you aren't getting
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served. the same as if you come in wearing a swastika, white hood, or any other symbol you won't be served. >> if he wore a shirt that say i hate black people. >> maybe it means birtherrism to people. or mexicans are racist to people. jesse: joining me is steven baldwin, and the co-host of "un-pw," britt mchenry. what do you think about all this crap. >> if my hair wasn't look so good right now, i would teach these folks a lesson. here is all i can say. i'm here to promote a movie
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that's an important film for lovely reasons. but can we get -- can you see this, folks? not going away anytime soon, people. just saying. jesse: if you ban this hat, they will wear it more. cnn just maybe got another 100,000 sales for the hat. >> it doesn't make sense from a business perspective. remember the controversy and outrage with the red hen. that owner ended up resigning. do you hear about that? no. you just hear missed profits and a dumb decision. jesse: what happened when kanye wore the hat. does that mean he's racist? if he goes into the restaurant, does that mean they won't serve
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kanye. >> he'll go in wearing the hat and do the whole love thing. jesse: i think that's probably never going to happen. if you are an african-american and wear this hat, what was that comedian, chappelle, he is blind, he doesn't know he's black and he's wearing a white hood. they are saying if you are black you can't wear this hat. >> words are words. make america great again isn't what chris cuomo said, i hate blacks. you saw the covington christian kids and the uproar. now we are seeing holes in the story. the maga hat had nothing do with his attack, at least according to chicago police. i can't go to a restaurant if i
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put this on? jesse: if you went to france looking like that -- >> i am ready for you, sanfran. >> what makes america great is this process. a lot of young people are looking at what's going on, and they are going, i don't that i agree' i think regardless of president trump and he's going to get a second term. i think as we continue, 40% of undecided voters and a lot off young people will start. whether they agree with make america great again doesn't matter. this is trump's crazy like a fox routine. he keeps communicating in up a way tha that he's exposing the truth. >> the way they are reacting, they are exposing themselves.
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young people don't like being told what to wear and what not to wear. the left is saying you can't drive this or drink a bill gulp. everything the left is saying you can't do, people like you just said, wait a second, this is not american. don't tell me what you can do. >> there is a common sense logic and a lot of young people who support the left are looking at that going, that's not cool, flip it the other way and it's not just. it's not correct. jesse: people are comparing this to the christian baker, he wouldn't bake a gay wedding cake. he was complicit in something that he believed was against his faith. he was told to make a cake that said deck and harry. the guy at the restaurant is
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just making burgers and fries. he's not complicit with anything. >> if any of these establishments, you don't want certain people in, you do own the place. but you have to repair to the overwhelming response of people who won't like it. all these business owners who retweet and say you are not going to let us in? they get the backlash and they claim they are being bullied. jesse: green is green. your movie, tell ebb about it. >> it's called "the least of these." it's beautiful. it's got a wonderful message of it's got a wonderful message of
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>> live from "america's news headquarters". i'm robert gray. virginia's embattled governor is refusing to resign tonight is by growing calls for him to do so. regret ralph northam reversed that he did not appear in a
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racist photo featuring one man in black face and another in kkk guard. on friday night he apologized for appearing in the 1984 medical yearbook photo. northam did admit to a black face all appearing in a dance contest is michael jackson. both virginia's us senators are among those calling for him to step down. special order for an american hero. u.s. navy honoring the legacy of captain rosemary mariner with the first ever all-female flyover at her funeral in tennessee. mariner was the first female fighter pilot and itinerary 24 of ovarian cancer and was 65. compliance. i'm robert gray. jesse: the white house tell-all making major headlines and facing backlash. in the new book "team of vipers," the former white house aide cliff sims is being sued by
8:30 pm
the white house for violating his non-disclose our agreement. cliff sims joins me. you painted the president in a very positive light. making him out to be focused, engaged, entertaining, very connected to the average person but you painted a negative picture to a lot of his aides in the campaign. but some of the anecdotes regale us with, if you don't mind. trump pulled a major power move on paul ryan. he walked out when paul ryan was talking and went to watch tv? tell us about that. >> the trump-ryan dynamic is one of the relationships i focus on a lot in the book. early on in the white house congressional leaders would come in to talk about their plan to
8:31 pm
repeal and replace obamacare. paul ryan, and mike pence in the oval. a small group meeting and ryan is droning on over and over going over the same points. at some point the president stand up, walks into the room and goes into the private dining room and clicks on the tv and hangs out in there. the vice president went in there to get him to come back. that's the most of hard-core power move i have ever seen and pretty much set the stage for the trump-ryan dynamic the next couple years. jesse: you talk about how ryan miscalculated the repeal and replace of obamacare and a fire was lit under him. you had your hands in bringing the mooch on to the white house communications shop. we all remember what happened to the mooch. mooch is a fan of. "watters' world."
8:32 pm
this is an expert from the book. this is from the president. can you believe this guy? i have never seen anything like it says the guy who hosted a reality show with dennis rodman, omarosa and gary busey. tell us about the mooch coming in taking over for sean spicer. how did that go down? >> the president and i ran into each other one day on the ground floor of the residence. he was with bob kraft *, the owner of the new england patriots. he said what do you think of anthony scaramucci? he said i have a plan for him. the plan was he was going to bring him in as coms director. so i tried to help bring in him. and he had a short tenure. but the line you are mentioning got a lot of pickup of people
8:33 pm
saying donald trump said that scaramucci was on drugs it's like if i said jesse watters is crazy, i don't think jesse watters needs to be institutionalized. jesse: some people would think that i do. there is so many resistance between factions. who was it that didn't want the mooch in? reince didn't want him in. >> steve bannon, that whole crew didn't want number. jared was in favor of him coming in. the reason i wanted him to come in is he felt we didn't have a great coms section to defend the president. the guy was loyal to donald trump and that was something at the time that was kind of missing. jesse: you brought up the white
8:34 pm
house communications office. there is a great moment in the book where you game out jim acosta. you had the feeling acosta was going to bring up the statue of liberty during the immigration battle. steven miller came out there and he was ready to go. >> what the president is proposing does not sounds like it's in keeping with american tradition when it comes to immigration. the statue of liberty says give me your masses, your tired and hungry. >> the poem was added later. when we let in 1990s when it's half a million a year. was it violating or not violating statue much, much liberty law of the land. jesse: miller goes out there and smokes acosta and you guys
8:35 pm
prepared for that. >> that was a topic that came up on my radio show. so i said this is a line you can imagine acosta bringing up. steven was ready for that. after that was over with, steven walks out of the press briefing room and we kind of high fived. we knew it was coming, it came, and he knocked it out of the park and it was one of the most of memorable moments. jesse: you write the tell-all, you burn a bunch of colleagues and violate the nda. a lot of people won't trust you. they think you sold them out for a rich advance. i wouldn't hire you at this point. i wouldn't trust you. >> ultimately what i wanted to do is tell the truth. there have been people who came out of the white house and wrote books and they were full of lives.
8:36 pm
it's the most of talked about presidency in history. it's tough to wade through what is true and what is not. i am the first person to put my name on the unvarnished account. that includes a lot of good that would surprise some people and a lot of bad that would surprise people as well. i don't think there is any way to question someone's integrity when they are saying i am going too tell the truth about something. and that's what i did in this book. jesse: the entire country rooting against the patriots. is it because of donald trump? not having a good breakfast can make you feel like your day never started. get going with carnation breakfast essentials®. it has protein, plus 21 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d, to help your family be their best. carnation breakfast essentials®.
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jesse: another super bowl and once again the entire country hates the patriots. basically the whole nation
8:41 pm
cheering for the l.a. rams. i don't know why. is it because they win too much or is there a trump connection? >> rams. the whole world is rooting against the patriots. sorry. >> should tom brady retire? no. but he should stop winning things. take that maga hat out of your locker. you are awesome. you can't put that in there. jesse: take that maga hat out of your locker. what do you think about harry potter? >> i don't care that radcliffe is rooting against the patriots. jesse: what about the rest of the country rooting against the
8:42 pm
patriots? >> it's a sad state of affairs. people should appreciate greatness. if it was up to me, it should be something we should put on pedestals. this is was everyone should strive to be. it's a sad state of affairs. jesse: the fact that the patriots ownership has connections to the president. people don't dislike your team because of politics. how does that make you feel? >> i think it's more the winning. any excuse you can pile on you will use. so the trump hat and the fact there is a relationship there is just an easy excuse. but they have been hating us long before trump was president. the math would not change if trump wasn't president. people hate the patriots because we win, because they can't beat us. they hate us.
8:43 pm
that was long before trump got elected. jesse: the nfl commissioner doesn't like the 8 patriots too much. they got tbrootd media day down in atlanta. why does the commissioner hate bar stool and you so much? >> because we stood up to them. when deflategate happened we protested. we did it in the style of nelson mandela and gandhi it was a silent protest. jesse: right there, two peas in a pod. >> it's a silent protest. it's the only way the oppressed can get their voices heard. and good he'l d goodell tried ts down. he allows no dissention within
8:44 pm
his regime. jesse: the game will probably be decided at the line of scrimmage. you guys haven't let brady get sacked from the last two games. the rams have got to let curly get going early. >> it will and close game. they haven't sacked brady because brady gets rid of the also quick. but every super bowl the patriots play, some of the super bowls we won we could have lost and the ones we lost we could have won. i always think the patriots are going to win and for the most of part they do. they play great super bowl. all of them have been close. another gift we give the rest of the country. a great super bowl.
8:45 pm
34-31. jesse: here is your prediction when you were on. "watters' world" last year. >> in the end we have brady and belichik and it generally end up in our favor. barring some sort of like travesty like an earthquake, i don't know how the patriots can lose this game. jesse: there was no earthquake last super bowl. >> that's what we call a cheap shot in the business. jesse: we only won once, i'll take what i can. >> that was a hit piece. jesse: i think recover. have fun in atlanta. try not get beat up. the party bros are back with some of the hottest super bowl ads you will see up next. let's be honest:
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jesse: isers bringing -- advertisers bringing their ads to the super bowl. >> my boyfriend is addicted to
8:50 pm
frozen food porn. he watches it at least two to three times a day. maybe more. the other day i found his hidden stash. his addiction has turned him him into. i tried to spice things up, but it didn't really work. he's doing it as much at work as he is at home. now we are -- this addiction can happen to anyone. it's hard to resist. jesse: here with reaction, the party bros.
8:51 pm
what do you guys think of the ad? >> it's pretty accurate. it seems like a good portrayal of like they are making like microwaveable and porn addiction like a thing. >> like the same. >> like the same. >> with respect to the actors in pornography and frozen food pornography, that stuff can be detrimental for your stimulation center. >> for sure. jesse: so you guys don't get turned on by food at all? >> i love a good steak. and avocado for sure. >> i'm not sure. jesse: you are not sure if you get turned on by food? >> i don't want to right out.
8:52 pm
but i can't think an example where food got me tilted that way. jesse: maybe if someone buys you dinner that might turn you on. >> generosity is chill. >> generosity is dank. jesse: this is from plan terse it's called "crunch time." roll it. [♪] >> and people think i'm nuts.
8:53 pm
>> always there in crunch time. jesse: that was pretty nuts, boys. >> yeah. i would say mr. peanut is kind of a [bleep] the way he drives. but his today rils ma is always on fire, so you have got to give him props for that. >> i'm not sure what the exact theme is. jesse: good call. are you jack for the super bowl, jesse? jesse: i'm pretty jacked. you guys are l.a. guys, you probably want the rams. am i wrong? >> rams all day. we are so stoked. we are feeling super confident. we have a good squad behind us. curt warner is going to lay down some serious yardage.
8:54 pm
tom brady, we are coming for you, dude. >> at our super bowl party we are worried because we got like chad mentions [bleep] undesirable in the friend group coming, and we are ready that he's going to blow our stoke. >> kevin. he's [bleep] jesse: now kevin knows you think's a [bleep]. >> sorry be kevin. >> we stoked him on fox. jesse: did you know they have neal cheerleaders on the rams? >> yeah, as long as they are hot for sure. >> hot and capable for sure. jesse: all right. i can see you guys with some pom-poms. >> i would love to share my
8:55 pm
stoke on the field. jesse: i have got to run. thank you very much. >> sorry, kevin, love you. jesse: next, "last call." i tell everyone to take the ancestrydna test if you want to get the most details about your family history. my pie chart showed that i'm from all over europe, but then it got super specific. i learned my people came from a small region in poland and even a little bit of the history about why they might have migrated during that time. those migration patterns are more than just lines on a map,
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jesse: time for "last call." super bowl weekend. i was there a few years ago. remember this? jesse: that's it for us tonight. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember, i'm watters and this
9:00 pm
is my world. [♪] judge jeanine: breaking tonight. virginia's governor refusing to step down. and now denies he was in what he called anee offensive, racist and despicable yearbook photo. welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for make "justice" number one last weekend. we have a big show on deck with reaction to all the breaks news with anthony scaramucci, charlie kirk, amy holmes, corey lewandowski, just to name a few. what i amg about to tell y


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