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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  February 3, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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coverage with "state of the union" on tuesday. don't miss that we will see you next sunday. . >> president trump says he will not rule out anything but to declare a national emergency if congress does not fund a border wall. this is the fox report the president now on his way back to the white house he and the first lady attended a super bowl watch party this evening at mira lago after he said there is a good chance he will declare a national emergency to go around congress if speaker pelosi refuses to budge. >> i'm not taking anything off the table. it is natch - - national emergency it is other things
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there are plenty national emergencies called these were horrible people to bring in women and children into the country and the only way you have a strong border if you have a physical barrier. jon: we have the latest from west palm beach t to the president says he will at the bipartisan conference committee finish negotiations but after that all options are on the table. he will probably declare a national emergency calling capitol hill waste of time to set the stage for the emergency declaration and reiterated that facing the nation. >> with drugs pouring in and people dying all over the country because of nancy pelosi who doesn't want to give proper border security for political reasons, she is
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doing a terrible disservice to our country and on the 15th we have set the table because everybody knows what is going on because of the shutdow shutdown. reporter: democrats say it is a threat republican say he is trying to move the process alon along. >> the president is saying if we don't compromise he put real compromise on the table but if we can get compromise out of speaker pelosi then he would be forced to go the national emergency route. >> he will not say if i don't get this if you don't do this with this emergency that is not an emergency. >> we can get to a solution but it has to include funding. >> we can work out a bill we just don't get any outside pressure. >> if asked whether or not he would declare a national emergency the president said they will have to wait and see
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and listen to his state of the union address. jon: thank you from the white house. the pentagon announced it will deploy 4000 troops to the border as another caravan with thousands of migrants enter the last leg of its journey into the us the group now is 300 miles away from the texas border looking at us entry points that do not have a wall. former acting i.c.e. director reacted on fox and friends. >> the reason is they are staying away from san diego because they have the wall. to think stop them, the existing barrier and men and women so right now we don't talk about el paso the caravan members coming there especially within new mexico where there's no barrier at all. jon: and is in with that
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caravan in mexico. >> they are less than 300 miles of from the border and what you can see behind me will get a haircut and then on this side of pickup game of soccer is played right now 2000 migrants that began this caravan january 15 it is getting close to the final mexican destination after weeks by mexican state officials the last day that they will reach before the texas border. know they are going across from eagle pass and then it is across from laredo texas it is more of a cartel so it looks
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like they will risk getting there monday or tuesday but they will not be here but then what we encountered over the past three weeks and then enter pole officials will see if they are wanted and then arrested with the cooperation of mexican and federal police and then to be extradited back to honduras. jon: 12 days to go until another potential government shutdown avoiding it could shutdown the success or failure of a select group of 17 lawmakers. they could decide the fate of president trump's request for a border wall. we take a peek behind the legislative curtain. >> it is called a conference committee a bipartisan bicameral that is selected to serve because of their expertise in a given issue the house and senate approved similar yet divergent versions of legislation they have to
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work out the differences that is up to the conference committee in the purest form it is an open wide ranging debate between the 2010 conference committee dodd/frank reform legislation in a conference committee is nothing more than a glorified press conference like on border security. everything else is behind closed doors. >> of think of the conference committee with the house and the senate with the digital frontier drones and fencing and put it into a blender. hopefully when they mix it together to produce a singular unified bill it is called the conference report to prove that the conference committee that they take it back to their respective body and with a full house and senate approved the report that they are in sync then he can go to
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the president for signature if they do not form a conference committee they only have one other option to get on the same page. >> it is called ping-pong if the senate has a bill and pings it to the house than the house can either accept the legislation or make changes and pong it back to the senate. the table tennis continues until either the house or the senate agrees to what the other bounced across. fox news. jon: super bowl liii ends with the new england patriots adding to their legacy defeating the los angeles rams winning super bowl 5313 / three patriot fans celebrate the sixth super bowl title the rest of the nation has another year to feed off the patriot hatred.
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one year away from the iowa caucuses into have exploratory committees and how to play this out. >> some are expected to join in very shortly elizabeth warren who is not officially declared will hold what is described as a big announcement in massachusetts immediately in new hampshire and iowa. she will be the seventh democrat and what is expected to be a crowded field possibly made up of billionaires the former vice president and doctors and mayors like south bend indiana mayor who has already announced an exploratory committee.
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>> i get the audacity is somebody like me talking about running for this office but frankly it is a leap for anybody who arrives behind that desk but yet all of the people have been mortals just bringing their experience to the table. reporter: two of the most recent additions is new jersey senator booker declaring on friday while others continue to lay the groundwork for possible campaigns and first in the nation states seeing what kind of reception they get for smaller and more intimate meetings than traditional campaign events and then to think exactly what the diverse democratic base wants and needs. >> that is the theme of my campaign if i do run for president the dignity of work. going out there reaching out to 400 people.
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>> iowa democrats get your coffee shops and living rooms ready the presidential hopefuls will be spending their time and money in hiring teams trying to establish themselves as a front runner on caucus night exactly 365 days from now. jon: thank you lauren. the medical school is prevented long-term investigation from the yearbooks after a discovery of a racist photo published when the governor was a medical student test called for demands for his resignation somebody spray painted the word racist outside the state house he insist he is not quitting but his predecessor is one of many who now says he cannot stay in the job. >> we work closely together we did so many great things for the commonwealth of virginia but with blackface and a
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klansman came up there is no way you can continue to be the governor of the commonwealth of virginia he needs to do the right thing for the commonwealth input virginia first i think that will happen relatively soon. jon: we have the latest on this growing political firestorm. reporter: he says he has no plans to resign in using this incident to talk about racial injustice in his state but today the congressional black caucus says the governor is not the person who should be leading that conversation. >> he is forcing the wrong conversation he should resign that if he has any integrity he should participate. >> he has lost the authority to lead in the best interest of the commonwealth. >> even with a similar message
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the democrats call on him to resign following his press conference who did a 182 say the photo did not belong to him after saying on friday that it did the only current or former lawmaker supporting his decision former congressman moran whose brother works for his administration. >> it is the right thing to do i hate to be on the other side of all of my friends on this but i do disagree with their judgment because it is a rush to judgment before we know all of the facts and all of the consequences. >> likely he will face holy waves of call to resign as the delegates return to the floor tomorrow. jon: just how safe are your kids from the measles? an outbreak in oregon rekindles the debate. and the political leaders in venezuela escalates will american forces be involved in resolving the crisis?
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jon: in case your television was broke you now you know, the patriots won super bowl liii. it was a battle until the fourth quarter the patriots win it 13 / three right now you are looking live in boston where celebrating is underway the past six titles they now tie with the steelers for most all time in that category we will continue to watch the goings-on in boston and other places around the country a small plane crashes into a neighborhood killing two people that happened this afternoon in yorba linda 40 miles southeast of los angeles the faa says it crashed shortly after taking off from the irvine municipal airport it's not clear if the two who died were inside the plane or on the ground to others taken to the hospital no word yet on what caused the crash.
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an outbreak of measles near portland sparks a bitter debate over exempting kids from vaccinations we are in los angeles with more tea to the situation is so bad the governor of washington has declared a state of emergency now concerned some have traveled increasing the risk of further spreading. >> this is very contagious with really bad outcomes of the concern you may have about the vaccine is pretty small compared to how serious this disease can be. >> of those cases dozens were not immunized as a result the lawmakers are now taking a second look at the medical exemptions if they can go to school without getting vaccinations if their parents have a personal objection. one washington state representative introducing a measure taking away the personal exemption specifically for measles.
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>> it is my personal belief we should not be forcing anyone to be vaccinated or refuse them school. >> if that would have happened is not because of something i chose but that somebody else chose. >> 17 states have personal exemption law california is one of the few that recently stripped away exemptions and officials want the current outbreak could go on for weeks if not months. jon: republican state senators in utah planning to replace the - - voter medicaid expansion voting on a bill to restrict coverage to those at or below the poverty line. having the federal government paying 70 percent of the cost covers 90000 people which is less than the voter approved initiative they could vote as
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early as tomorrow then it goes to the house if it passes there republican governor is likely to sign it. the political and economic crisis in venezuela escalates as protests continue over who should lead the country us is now prepared to send humanitarian aid to the people of venezuela as a clash in the streets as the disputed president t - - teefive and opposition leader guaido and president trump is not ruled out military intervention. >> there i have been some horrible things happening in venezuela that was the wealthiest country of all in that part of the world which is a very important part of the world now you look at poverty and the english and the crime and all the things happening. so i think the process with tremendous protest. jon: we have more from the capital city of caracas.
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reporter: the opposition leader guaido has no powers they belong to the disputed president who controls the army and the courts and the police but guaido has the people calling out on the streets to protest that is exactly what happened in a huge way 800,000 people taking to the streets in a largely peaceful protest saying they want madero out of office and when asked why they say for the simple reason for our poor and hungry. >> for those people to protest the dictatorship in censorship and hunger and the ruin of the country. >> madero himself says the opposition is the instrument of what they try to engineer a coup so far he is not dared to use the military to crack down on the protesters or to arrest the opposition leaders we could see a flareup in the next few days when asked
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madero says no we don't need it venezuela is not beggars but the us is listening to guaido the interim president they recognize and are sending the humanitarian aid we could see a situation on the border with trucks of food and medicine for the impoverished food once has come out and one says come in it will be a real test of how the military reacts to that. jon: a second face-to-face meeting between president trump and korean leader could be one step closer to reality earlier today south korean officials met in seoul korea to discuss the proposed summit and they are expected to meet soon to discuss the details little progress has been made to denuclearize since president trump and president kim held there first singapore
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last year he has pledged to work toward disarmament but yet to provide a timetable us official sanctions against pyongyang will stay in place until they denuclearize. the super bowl is now over after an often simply lackluster first three quarters the patriots took control and won there sixth super bowl championship alive report from atlanta on the way. plus president trump and wide-ranging interviews concerning the possibility of another partial government shutdown. the reaction is next. . >> on the 15th we have set the table because everybody knows what is going on because of the shutdown people have no idea they didn't have a clue idea they didn't have a clue what was happening now they
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what's happening when you have a pourous border and drugs pouring in and people dying all over the country because of people like nancy pelosi that doesn't want to give proper security. she's doing a disservice. >> president trump speaks out against nancy pelosi. i'm john scott and this is the fox report. this is the bottom of the hour and the president discussed numerous issues. to break it down let's bring in julia manchester news reporter for the hill. we had a report earlier in the hour about the house senate conference committee working on a plan to come up with some kind of border wall deal. what are the chances they reached an agreement the president would sign it into law. >> i think a lot of that depends on the president at this point,
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john. the president suggested in that wide ranging interview cbs news he wouldn't accept any deal from the committee that didn't have funding for his border wall. he has been specific about what he means by a border wall. he's talking about a barrier. he's gone from concrete to steal slats. we have heard a lot of this in the house the definition of the wall is a bit more nebulous. we have seen jim cliveer floating the idea of a smart wall. meaning more technology. we have seen democrats say boots on the ground. i would say republicans, especially senate republicans are in a difficult situation. they have to navigate trying to get what the president wants which is a border wall and having to deal with democrats and come up with some kind of agreement to get to that.
10:30 pm
very difficult at this point. you know, i'm not sure president trump can fully get what he wants out of this. >> are the democrats motivated more by their distaste for president trump and his policies or do they truly dislike the idea of, you know, building or improving the wall. >> it's a bit of both. it depends on what democrat you would talk to. the judged of the wall which president trump pushed verhoeffly since he launched his campaign in 2015. for them it's a similar poll of closing the u.s. off. separating ourselves from the outside. some say it's a symbol of racism. that gets mixed in. we have seen democrats support barrier funding in the past. whether it was in 2006 or 2013, and 2014. right now president trump and his relationship with democrats
10:31 pm
is very poor. i mean, we saw that play out in the very dramatic oval office meeting with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. there are issues with the border wall. it's true relations are not good right now. >>reporter: let's talk about the next korean summit. the president said it appears it will be on. listen. >> north korea, when and were will you meet kim jong-un. >> i wouldn't tell you yet but you will probably find out state of the union or shortly before. the meeting is set. he's looking forward to it. i'm looking forward to it. they have been very vigilant. are they the same, probably less so. north korea is absolutely talking and i ebelieve north korea would like to make a deal. >> the president said they have made tremendous progress so far as we can tell north korea
10:32 pm
hasn't done anything towards denuclearization which is one of the president's demands, is it not? >> it absolutely is. we saw earlier this week members of the intelligence community said kim jong-un is not very likely to up his nuclear weapons that the issue for the president. he's trying to work on making a deal with kim jong-un and make that face-to-face with him. we have seen how the president communicates with other world leaders. he does be the like multiother officials in the room. he likes one or one. that's really playing out here. it will be interesting to see how this molds with what we
10:33 pm
heard from the intelligence committee. >> why the second meeting if he hasn't delivers what he promised back in singapore. why give him another face-to-face meeting? >> i believe from the president's prospective it's an optic thes thing. once in a lifetime, really, to -- >> the president insists that isis has burden of proof defeated. he talked about that in the
10:34 pm
presuper bowl interview. listen. >> we hear from intelligence we could see a resure against office is. >> we'll come back if we have to. we have fast airplanes. we have good cargo planes. we can come back quickly and i'm not leaving. >> the president is intent on pulling the troops out. >> yeah, the president campaigned to get the troops out of iraq or afghanistan the issue is that the president attacked former president for pulling troops out of iraq. that's a lot of criticism he's getting. the president is simplifying this. he's saying we could easily go back but it's not that simple.
10:35 pm
the u.s. has a lot of resources invested in syria and it's a lot to take them out. he's trying to put a band-aid on this thing. once we leave, i mean, it will have a major impact on the region. >> there has been a bit of verbal warfare between speaker of the house and president. what are you expecting to see or looking for at the state of the union when she's on the podium right behind the president? >> that will be an interesting show for television. we have seen the president has been, you know, in the past few days him and the white house said this will be a speech about unity as the country is so divided. especially in the wake of the government shutdown and especially if congress is divided. the problem with that is we have seen this tit for tat battle going on. it will be interesting to see how that plays out. when we have seen president
10:36 pm
trump in the former settings whether it's in 2 the oval office he does strike more of a unifying tone. maybe there is underlining digs at pelosi. from a public relations standpoint and in front of congress he will get that unifying tone and save criticizing pelosi for frit twir or campaigning. >> thank you. leaders unveiled an new cruise missile after warpings about the expanding missile program. this is after the 40th anniversary of the islamic invasion. the president trump said he would like to keep a close eye on iran. >> i want to look at iran
10:37 pm
because they are a real problem. >> you are keeping troops because you want to strike in iran. >> no, i want to be able to watch iran. i just want to be able to watch. we'll keep watching and seeing. if there is trouble and someone is looking to do nuclear weapons we'll know it before that i do. >> we have more from dangerous . >> some gathered at the item be. the military reunveiled an new cruise missile to mark the occasion. according to the defense minister this was successful and it traveled 840 miles before hitting it's target. they added remarks on television it can be prepared in a short amount of time and fly at a low altitude. this is as the u.s. secretary of
10:38 pm
state condemned them for testing a medium range missile. there is growing international concern from the united states and it's alleys and increasing iraniairanian. >> i have a clear massage to those in tyron. we'll continue to act with the tools of our disposal. >> the revolution anniversary and missile test came as president trump came to keep u.s. troop in neighboring iraq to keep an watchful eye on the iranian. >> thank you. last years super bowl was a high flying score fest. this year not so much. in fact the patriots 13-3 ranks
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first as the lowest scoring super bowl in the games history. we'll have a full report
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well, it wasn't pretty but the new england patriots are once again super bowl champions. this is patriots fan's reaction to the victory boston had over l.a. new england has six super bowl titles tying them with the pittsburgh steelers. john has more. john. >> hey, many records were set tonight. tom brady now becomes the player with the most super bowl wins in
10:44 pm
nfl history. this was also the lowest scoring super bowl in nfl history. both teams defenses were so evenly matched in the game the rams were able to keep brady to just 3 points for the first three quarters. also the patriots and rams set a new super bowl record were no touchdowns were scored during those first three quarters. let's go to the highlights. during the opening minutes of the game brady throw's intercepted. steven missed his first field goal ending the first quarter with no points. he came back to redeem himself with a 42 beyond a reasonable doubt field goal. the patriots failed to make a first down. making this 2 lowest half time score for a super bowl since 1975. in the third quarter the rams jonny made an 65-yard punt.
10:45 pm
setting a new super bowl record. rams placekicker greg made a bold and successful 53-yard field goal attempt tying the score 3-3. patriots running back michelle stored the first touchdown of the game with seven minutes left in the fourth. bringing the score to 10-3. the fourth quarter didn't get better for the rams when jared goff was intercepted by the quarterback. then it was the patriots taking on offense for the final minutes of the game. scoring a field goal and bringing the final score of 13-3. again, the lowest scoring super bowl in history. as for the most valuable player award the mvp went to julian edleman. the much talked about half time show. it featured pop rock band maroon
10:46 pm
5 joined by rapper travis scott and big boy. some fans speculated there might be a political statement or show of support for colin kaepernick. the performance stuck to the music. the one thing we have to get through now that the game is over everybody getting home. all of those that trickled into atlanta over the last week will try to leave at the same time through the world's busiest airport tomorrow. they are anticipating more then 100,000 people will travel through the airport tomorrow and the tsa has advise to super bowl fans. if you are taking home those programs don't carry them with you. they have holographic materials. you will get luggage threw much quicker if you are there with
10:47 pm
your bag. >> some good advise there. jonathan in atlanta, thank you. a hot button issue surrounding the nfl. players protesting social injustice by kneeling for the national anthem. president trump who is against that kind of display spoke about it in his interview that aired earlier on cbs 6789. >> i was one that felt you can't be kneeling for the national anthem. you have to respect our flag and country. i want that as president and citizen. they haven't been kneeling and respecting the flag and their ratings have been terrific ever since. a lot of good things happened. >> former san francisco player colin kaepernick hasn't played since the 2016 season. after jussie smollett held a
10:48 pm
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empire actor jussie spoke out about being attacked by two men in chicago. he shared this during a performance in chicago last night. the actor that's openly day said the two men yelled out racial and hom homophobic slurs. they put a news around his neck and poured a substance on him. an investigation is underway. 21 savage is in u.s. immigration custody. he's accused of over staying his visa. the british citizen entered legally in july of 2005 but didn't leave when it expired one year later. they said he's facing deportation proceedings in federal immigration court.
10:53 pm
emotional support animals have been the center of controversy in recent years. more companies push back many college campuses are embracing them. we'll explain. >> having an animal really helps my anxiety and mental health. >> her cat made all of the difference. this sophomore said her freshman year was a challenge. some mornings anxiety kept her in bed. her 9-month-old kitty helped ease the worries. >> he gives me a sense to get up. >> this is an emotional support animal. >> something about the touch is helpful for a lot of people and feeling less alone is helpful. isolation can make people feel more down and depressed. >>reporter: unlike service animals they don't have special training and can range in size
10:54 pm
from peacocks and lizards. >> many organizes are tightening the rules on these types of animals. despite scrutiny colleges remaim open to the idea. >> animals make you feel positive. they teach you how to care and love something. why not welcome some thing that will help the students be successful. >> mental health tripled in 1985 when 18% of freshmans reported feeling overwhelmed. today 41% have anxiety. >> students needs are evolving too. >> she said lace has given her confidence. >> i didn't go out socially as much. i didn't join as many clubs because i was too anxious too. >> they plan to launch a dog
10:55 pm
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that's when i wondered because the post- football fans winning the patriots winning super bowl liii down in the bayou they took part of the boycott bowl when the saints lost two weeks ago in part due to a controversial play many of the city have looked to an alternative watching the rams playing the patriots some organized a street festival to tune out the game. . >> we have come together the last 48 hours with the musicians and everybody to come forward. >> the super bowl i don't care who wins. they are going home but we are going to mardi gras. >> it also raised money for a
11:00 pm
nonprofit that supports new orleans recreational development. chris: i'mchris wallace. the governor of virginia refuses to step down over a racist picture despite a barrage of calls from fellow democrats for his resignation. ♪ ♪ >> i am not east -- either of the people in that photo. i am asking for the opportunity to earn your forgiveness. chris: from the firestorm over the offensive yearbook photo to the outrage over northam's comments about late-term abortion -- >> the infant would be delivered, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. chris: this hour we'll discuss how the events have brought the issues of race and abortion to the forefront of the 2020 campaign.


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