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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 4, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

1:00 am we are back next sunday after ♪ ♪ ♪ heather: what a night to football fans, monday february 4th and this is "fox & friends first" happening right now at 4:00 a.m. here on the east coast. super celebration, tom brady and the new england patriots make history winning their sixth super bowl. we have all the highs and the lows from the big game. and in the final stretch thousands of migrants are just days away from reaching the u.s. border as the president deploys more troops to meet the migrants head on, can congress reach security deal before they arrive? resignation resistance called to virginia's governor to step down
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overnight, will he give up post over racist yearbook photo? fox father or mother first starts right now. ♪ ♪ heather: super bowl 53 just wrapped up. lots of folks still awake no doubt at this hour, good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm rather childers, thank you so much for starting the day with us especially if you stayed up and watched the game.
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fans celebrating victory overnight. >> there it is. heather: tom brady and the patriots defense leaving new england to record sixth super bowl win, the pats beating the los angeles rams 13-3 in is the lowest-scoring game ever, not very exciting for a lot of folks, brady now the only player in league history to win 6 super bowls. >> unbelievable year. probably, you know, happy for my teammates. heather: scoring the only touchdown of the game and that was late in the fourth quarter. wide receiver named super bowl mvp after grabbing 10 catches for 141 yards, he did have a great night.
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best games of his career, the team's third championship in just 5 years is set for tomorrow. much more to come on the big game and especially those commercials, we will talk about that later, congrats if you're a patriot. overnight, another big story, virginia's governor ralph northam reportedly calling for resignation. >> old year photo causing controversy to virginia governor ralph northam, one in black face and the other in ku kluz klan robe, even though the picture is on his page it's not him. he hadn't saw the picture. >> it was my responsibility to recognize and prevented from being published in the first place. >> the governor did admit while darkening face for dressing as
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michael jackson in photo. northam should have come clean about this long ago. >> none of us is perfect, many had issues in the past, acknowledge it and seek ways in which you can make amends. >> some constituents agree, plenty of time for someone to change their way. >> when are we going to stop judging a person for what he did 20, 30 years ago? it doesn't mean that he's the name person when he was when he took the picture. >> still many within northam's party are calling for resignation, to senators to democratic party. >> there's no way you can continue to be the governor. do the right thing for the common wealth of virginia. >> some democrats worry refusal to step down could impact fundraising in a year where every state legislative seat is on november ballot n richmond, virginia, i'm garrett tenney,
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fox news. heather: we will see what happens in emergency staff meeting, former bernie sanders national staffer is calling ralph northam controversy a lesson for the left. they are too focused on labeling as racist and failing to address major issues within their own party. >> remember when he was running for office he refused to put justin fairfax african american in brochure. >> wow. >> a lot of democrats calling it now, presidential candidates, saying we can't tolerate this, we can't tolerate bigotry. only a handful of us why is it that we are allowing him to get away with not wanting to put a picture of a black man. let's take one for the team, let's reach tout white virginia voters that we normally couldn't get, don't worry about it, justin, we can demean you and
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while americans were calling out the racists, i appreciate the moment so we can expose it for what it is. martin luther king said it best, we have to admit we have been betrayed by both republicans and democrats. heather: governor northam denies being in the photo, calls for resignation, initially called out for it, he believed then and now that he's not either of the people in the photo. we will talk more about this coming up. migrant caravan marching toward the u.s. border now just 300 miles away, so when will they get here? when they do get here they will be met by the military, griff jenkins with 2500 migrants as they make final push, good morning, griff, how are you doing and what's going on? griff griff good morning, heather, if they had their way
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by day 10 they are in u.s. border, they'll get there, heather with the coordinated support of mexican officials, yesterday afternoon the mayor from this state of coahuila, pledging support to the migrants, the official twitter of state of coahuila, the mayor was supervising support for caravan migrants as they move to piedras negras, we made a map here. 300 miles away. they could get to nuevo laredo, that's more dangerous, cartel area. many trying to cross like this
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migrant, antonio of el salvador. >> the borders are secure but -- if you don't risk anything, you won't gain anything, right? >> now, heather, we can tell you that the migrants will be met by the u.s. military, the pentagon announcing over the weekend that they will send 4,000 troops on the border and later today we will try and speak to the governor here in coahuila to find out exactly what he meant by government borders to carry out what those were. we know they are on their way, another on thursday and another 16. >> clearly the message they are getting right now to the folks they are speaking to right now, they know they can cross the border illegally. that really is remarkable. some people need to start listening to your reports, griff, thank you.
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well, president trump calling out speaker pelosi for her hard stance against border wall. >> she was varying id which i would expect but i think she's very bad for our country, she knows that you need a barrier, she know that is you need border security, he we wanted to win a political point. heather: pelosi need to listen to griff's report there, the president not ruling out government shutdown if congress cannot strike a spending bill with money for the border wall, that deadline for the deal is february 15th. sad news to report for you, veteran border patrol agent killed in line of duty, donna hit by passing car while helping texas state trooper at traffic stop, she leaves behind husband and two stepchildren and it's unclear whether charges will be filed. suspected cop killer in ohio
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today after shooting that left officer dead and another wound, due in court on murder charges following 12-hour standoff resulting from psychiatric call. sheriff detective killed in line of duty after spending 20 years of life in service. he leaves behind wife and 5-year-old son. people lining the roads to honor fallen officer, brewer is the fifth officer killed in line of duty just this year. and behind bars after a 9-hour manhunt. found hiding inside the trash can, this happened near houston, texas, officials say he escaped transport van at nearby mcdonalds when guards stopped for food, accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend and her friend in oklahoma last month. more rain after floods wrecking
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havoc over the weekend. watch here as crews in california dodge 40-miles-per-hour winds to rescue elderly driver trapped in car, you can barely see it there. winds intensifying to 80 miles an hour knocking down trees in santa barbara, the storm dumping 4-inches of rain and shutting down highways b aware of that the you're in the area, 11 minutes after the top of the hour, president trump set to deliver his second state of the union address tomorrow. what can we expect? we have a preview up next and a security scare at the super bowl, the man trying to sneak in patriots locker room in stolen gear.
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heather: welcome back, embattled democratic virginia governor ralph northam holding emergency cabinet overnight as pressure mowpts for him to step down for the racist photo from his 1984 yearbook, one democrat using controversy as means to attack president trump. >> we didn't have that kind -- that strong of a moral code, i would argue in our politics until recently, why do you think that is? >> well, i think this country hasn't dealt well with issues of race. we have a president that's racist. heather: are democrats losing focus on the issue, former official bart mccoy, thank you so much for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. >> thank you, heather, good morning.
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i think northam struggling for political life, there's no way he can survive this. he's been caught what democrats have been saying, doing for centuries, keeping african americans down, he didn't want on campaign messenger, he's embarrassed about having a black man as running mate and now sharod brown is trying to point the finger at president trump because president trump resided over an economic boom that resulted in the lowest african-american unemployment in history, come on. heather: i do remember first state of the union, all the folks who did not stand up when he talked about that, all the work that he was doing and unemployment rate specifically in the african-american community the first time around with first state of the union, do you think what sharod brown
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is trying to do will backfire on democrats? >> yes, i do. the more democrats try to rally around northam the more it exposes them and shows black voters that these are not their friends, these are not people that want them except around november every couple of years. heather: when the picture came out he did not deny it and the second day he says i believe then and now that i'm not either of the people in that photo. he believes that he's not the person in the photo, you either know -- or you did that or didn't, you know it. >> took me a really long time to put on the black face and to take it off when i did for michael jackson. there's also a photo circulating of him on the internet, i tweeted it out yesterday of him in those same pants in a
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different photo, you know, what he's trying to do. he can't lie his way out of this. heather: yeah, definitely would not have been a wise move to moon walk and his wife immediately knew that and said, inappropriate circumstances. >> i wish he had let them do it, i would have paid money to do that. heather: a lot of democrats and republicans calling for him to resign. president trump in the meantime is set to give second state of the union address tomorrow, we will talk a lot about this throughout the day today and tomorrow, so what do you think we can expect? >> well, number one he will talk about the economic growth. it is phenomenal and -- and i hope that he compares it to what his predecessor predicted when president obama said, hey, 1% growth is the new normal, massive unemployment is the new normal. we had almost -- only 90 million people employed when president obama at the height of presidency, now we have
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150 million, 155 million people employed. it's just shocking what -- what trump's economic policies have done for the nation. heat health it really is and i did want to talk about the president's approval right now, his job performance, 43% approve, 54% disapprove. do you think the state of the union will make a difference in terms approval rating if he does emphasize the economy and do you think he'll also talk about the wall? >> oh, absolutely, a resounding yes to both of the questions. if all anybody knows about you is the 90-plus percent negative coverage that you get from the maybe stream media, of course, you're going to have a disapproval rating, every time he presents himself by himself to the american people his numbers go up and he will talk about not just the wall but border security in general, he's going to talk about the victims of crime, what does he say,
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build the wall, crime will fall. he will talk about the victim's of drug overdoses, drug addiction, the people who are dieing from overdoses, the effect of gang and gang-criminal activity. heather: section trafficking as a result of the wall not being there in some areas as well. bart, thank you so much for joining us, we will certainly have you back on and see what you think of the state of the union after he delivers it. >> can't wait, can't wait, thank you again. heather: have a great day, bye bye. time now 20 minutes after the top of the hour and from rendition of national was awesome to adam levine went shirtless, not so awesome, social media buzzing about super bowl, carley shimkus with top trends from the big game when we started our business
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heather: welcome back let's talk football, president trump crediting increase to more football and less politics. >> i think that people have to at all times respect our flag and at all times our national anthem, they haven't been kneeling and they haven't been disrespecting the flag and their ratings have been terrific ever since. heather: the president adding that he has addressed many players' concerns m people of the nfl have thanked him for signing the first step act into law. your thoughts on facebook and instagram, what do you think
1:25 am
about his comments? bringing a tear-jerking rendition national anthem to super bowl, listen. ♪ ♪ heather: beautiful voice, beautiful moment, you can't help to get moved by that, carley shimkus fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115, i'm so excited i can't speak. carley: gave me chills all over again. gladis knight says national
1:26 am
performance will bring people together, that's exactly what happened, people across social media unanimous i will saying she nailed it, tony, former nfl coach tweeting gladis knight rocked the national anthem with style and grace, awesome way to start the game. nicole, one of the best national anthems i've seen, gladis knight was so great and classy. gladis knight dragging tout brave. if you bet a minute 50, doing it twice too. heather: she has lungs on her. something i wasn't sure about adam levine, the strip tease, half time performance was weird. carley: comments had to do with the fact that he took the shirt
1:27 am
off. made people uncomfortable, nebraska senator ben sasse, wardrobe malfunction. dana perino didn't like it either, shirts on, please. a lot of people on social media say performance fell flat. he didn't address the controversy or lack thereof but he did thank fans and critics to have show on instagram. heather: weird, he took one shirt off and he took next shirt off and the in the case shirt off. carley: the california tattoo in stomach is bulls eye. heather: what about game of throwns? >> something that actually advertised some things bud light and hbo show, game of throwns, check it out.
1:28 am
>> the bud knight. carley: all right, surprised that people didn't expect amanda on twitter writing the game of thrones at buzz light year either way i loved it, game of thrones come back, another person saying it isn't fan, one of the dragons in game of thrones and last one, bud knight must be avenged. heather: they kill bud knight. carley: he has to come back at some point. heather: my favorite was microsoft one with the gaming for the -- adaptive controllers. thank you. carley: thanks, heather. heather: 28 minutes after the top of the hour, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are ready to make a deal on border security.
1:29 am
>> the chances of us reaching an agreement are slim but it could happen. >> i know we can sit down and work that if we don't get any outside issue. heather: how serious are democrats about coming to the table, we heard it before, we will debate it up next. speaking of debate could howard schultz make it to debate stage, the new numbers from his team. ♪
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heather: welcome back, look at stop headlines for you this morning, patriots fans flooding the streets of boston celebrating historic championship victory overnight. tom brady and the patriots defense leading new england to a record sixth super bowl win. the pats beating the los angeles rams 13-3 in lowest scoring title game ever. brady only player in league history to win 6 super bowls.
1:33 am
wide receiver julian evelyn named super bowl mvp for catching 10 catches and 141 yards. virginia governor ralph northam holding large stop meeting earlier this morning after they met with senior staff as he considers whether to resign. several democrats calling him to step down over racist yearbook photo from 1984, northam claims he's not the picture, he doesn't believe he's in the picture. the border patrol says he's ready for 2500 migrants heading to u.s. border, the group is only 300 miles away and additional 3700 troops are being sent to southern border to help, caravan expected to arrive sometime tomorrow. well, lawmakers on both sides say they are ready to deal on border security.
1:34 am
>> the chances of us reaching an agreement are slim but it could happen. >> i know we can sit down and work at it if we don't get outside pressure. >> if we can't get compromise and get to a good solution, he would be forced to go the national emergency route. heather: are democrats really willing to come to the table and get over the wall, here to debate washington examiner, commentary writer and former national political director at dnc raúl aguilar. >> thanks for having me. heather: tiana, should we believe them this time around? >> if democrats are willing to concede that we need to enforce existing laws, then sure, the idea that we don't need any more support at our southern border is just -- it's living in a fantasy world. right now we have about 400,000 legal immigrants crossing border each year trying to come into the country, you can debate the
1:35 am
merits of ending chain migration, modifying how we legally emigrate and the fact that we need to enforce our actual law at the southern border should not be up for discussion and quite frankly trump border concession is a step back from what he was originally proposing, he wanted 25 billion for 2,000 miles of concrete wall and now -- heather: this is his third attempt in terms of negotiating, changing the wall from concrete to steel slabs, the area that will be covered so raúl i ask you, it does seem that the president has been willing to negotiate, what about democrats up until this point? >> yes, look, absolutely, democrats have been at the table, have been at the table for a number of years, we have been asking for immigration that's going to be helpful to -- for americans and make sure that we have border security, so we need to make sure that this
1:36 am
bipartisan committee is working hard and trying to figure this out and have outside pressures as recently tweet from the president saying this is not going to work. heather: what about outside pressure from nancy pelosi saying we will not be negotiating a wall, they'll be no funding for wall? >> that's the thing, we need to make sure that we have smart, comprehensive immigration and the wall is not going to protect the u.s., we have to have good comprehensive immigration laws that will help -- help people get in or not get in and we need to fund port of entries as well. heather: this plan includes that, this plan includes comprehensive approach in terms of more money for border security when we are talking about agents, when we are talking about using drones, when we are talking about different needs, different portions of the border, so it include all of that along with a barrier, what
1:37 am
else would you want in it? >> i mean, again, that's something that the members of this committee have to come up with and that's something that they will have to work together on, so i think it's up to them at this point. >> trump has made it clear that demand is pretty high, he's willing to give the democrats effectively a blank check, he's privately touting idea of giving amnesty to daca recipients, 5.7 million is not going to 5,000 miles of fencing but 200. it comes from the experts, doesn't come from campaign analysts trying to create a slogan. smart plan, something vetted by the experts but right now it seems that nancy pelosi is having more funny taken football from trump and making him look
1:38 am
politically weak. heather: we will see if there's any room for negotiation and it's outside like nancy pelosi and i will give you president trump if they stay away from negotiations and come up with a plan that doesn't include some sort of funding for border barrier. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. well, president trump said it and others are trying to prove it. >> walls work, they do work. no matter where you go, they work. heather: israel build august brand-new barrier in gaza strip, benjamin netanyahu says it will stop terrorists coming in the country. president trump hopes keeping troops in iraq will help us keep tabs on iran and growing missile threat. >> we are going to keep watching and we are going to keep seeing if there's trouble, if somebody
1:39 am
is looking to do nuclear weapons or other things, we will know it before they do. >> in a super bowl night interview the president admitting that he has no plans of striking iran right now. the regime just showed up new long-range missile this weekend. the time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour, more and more democrats keep entering the 2020 conversation but a new poll says that there's only one possible candidate who could beat president trump, we will tell you who up next and security scare, in super bowl, the man trying to sneak in patriots locker room in stolen gear.
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heather: welcome back, internal polling shows howard schultz could have a place in the presidential debate. the former starbucks ceo sharing his team's data with meet the
1:43 am
press. his 17% against top candidates and president trump would be just above traditional debate cutout of 15%. meanwhile another new poll shows joe biden giving democrats the best chance of beating president trump in an interesting college servia of iowa voters, the former vice president wins a head to head match-up in 2020, despite the fact that he hasn't said he's running, biden is the only democrat that finished ahead of the president. well, that could be bad news for the growing list of declared democratic candidates, hawaii congresswoman gabbard officially throwing her hat into the ring, gillian turner taking a closer look at candidates hope to go push out president trump. >> gabbard in the running in crowded running for presidential primary hopefuls in 2020 that
1:44 am
include cory booker, elizabeth warren, kristin gillibrand and others, democrat entering the race is leading with own stories, gabbard came out swinging in a rally in hawaii hammering home and advocating for service values. i'm proud to serve our country as a soldier. i'm a major in the army national guard where i've served for the last 15 years. [cheers and applause] >> i will bring the soldiers principle of the white house, restoring the values of dignity, honor and respect to the presidency. gillian: spent time highlighting military service and how it influenced the projectory of personal life. >> i came out because i was ready, i had been struggling with my sexuality for years and if i hadn't deploy today afghanistan i might not have
1:45 am
ever found the courage to come out. >> still other dems in the process of throwing out sticking lines. >> i have been talking to other candidates and i want to see what the positions are out there. >> i will make the decision in the next month or so. gillian: in washington gillian turner. >> a lot of going on. the time now 15 minutes until the top of the hour, popular conservative nonprofit now heading to uk but liberals there are trying to stop it in its track warning students to stay away because of link to nigel farage, he joins us up next. baker faces backlash for build the wall, but what he's doing in response has story.
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heather: united kingdom saying france and sweden all officially recognizing venezuela's opposition leader as president overnight. european countries gave venezuela defeated president nicolás maduro to call for fresh elections, maduro has refused. turning point usa, they have made their way to uk and students are trying to stop it in hits track, sending e-mail warning of nigel farage and far right saying, quote, while this may semilike attractive proposition it's something that we would ask you to be cautious
1:50 am
of, does the uk need to look at how liberal education has impacted the u.s., fox news contributor and former uk party leader joins us now to respond himself, thank you very much for joining us. >> good morning. heather: so what is your response? turning point usa, they should be weary of it, our advice no to work with him in any capacity. >> yeah, well, the far right is just that, insult with no basis of truth whatsoever. what is interesting it isn't just liberals that are criticizing, even organizations within the conservative party that are criticizing it, you to understand the conservative party in britain isn't conservative, hasn't been for a long time so they are scared of me but the bigger point and this is what matters, i don't think our universities are quite as bad than your universities in america but i still see a huge
1:51 am
left bias, i see young people's minds being poisoned against the idea of the existence, against the idea of sensible border controls and i know lots of students that i've met who said, nigel, we are scared to say what we think because of the abuse we will get from professors and our fellow peoples and what turning point uk will do is supporting network where they won't be afraid to say what they think. i want to go further than this, ultimately it seems to be the job of the university is to teach critical thinking, to teach young people, here is a problem, two possible solutions, they have both valid and you make your own mind up and that's where our system needs to get -- heather: you talk about sharing different opinions and that type of thing, perhaps this began early on in the united states and we didn't recognize it, at least folks like you are recognizing it there before it gets to the point where it is
1:52 am
here. let's talk about alexander ocasio-cortez who held this call with uk labour leader with jeremy corbyn, what can you tell about this? >> they are both hard leftist, i would say to her that she enjoyed short-term popularity just like jeremy corbyn did, particularly to the students that come through colleges and university and hardline socialism on the face of it initially seems attractive, i can warn her jeremy corbyn having looked like a pop star 2 years ago now with lowest popularity ratings, she can enjoy her time in the sunshine but my experience is with the hard-left figures it doesn't last very long. >> as we continue to talk about that, if we can pull what aoc's tweet was, it was such honor to
1:53 am
share wide-reaching conversation with you. she goes onto say, also honor to share great hope, peace prosperity and justice what people can create when we uplift one another among class, race and identity both abroad and at home. we can bring up jeremy's response there. response as we wrap up. >> if jeremy corbyn becomes prime minister he will tax us out of existence, look, name me one country in the world in which socialism has worked, hey, jeremy corbyn, look at that. heather: we see what's happening there, thank you nigel farage, thank you. time now 8 minutes until the top of the hour, president trump says national anthem protests are no longer a problem for the
1:54 am
nfl. >> they haven't been kneeling and they have been respecting the flag and their ratings have been terrific ever since. heather: comments pouring in on this one, we should share some of them up next and fans still bitter to have controversial no call that got them out of the super bowl, what new orleans fans did instead of watching the big game? guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'.
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heather: a baker takes back his apology over cookings with the message build the wall. candice said he would stop after people called them racist and now he says it's first amendment right. >> i'm supposed to be quiet because i can't write what i want or i can only write what they want or what makes them happy, no, that's not how it is, they can write whatever they want and i can do that on mine. heather: washington state baker says he originally made the cookies for someone in his family and now selling them by the dozens. president trump as we told you earlier crediting ratings boost to more football and less politics, jumping 5% this year as players cut back on national anthem protest, the president adding that he addressed many players concerns by passing
1:59 am
criminal justice reform and many people of the nfl thanked him for signing first step act into law, we asked you your thoughts on this and nancy on facebook says it was a pleasure to view the game without nonsense for a change and one of you on instagram said we don't care what they do, doesn't change anything. now, the good, the bad and the ugly, super bowl edition, up first the good, team left comes out on top, this year puppy's bowl, adorable and adoptable dog competing in 15th annual event on animal planet, 59-51 to team fluff to take on the which -- cy trophy, the man seen here in black cap claimed that someone gave him the security jacket, atlanta police say he was not arrested.
2:00 am
probably for celebration. super bowl security avoiding repeat of 2017 when a reporter swiped tom brady's jersey, finally the ugly, thousands of saints fans skipped the game altogether, the boycott bowl in party in new orleans, some fans furious two weeks after the blown call helped the rams get to the super bowl. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", thank you so much for joining us, have a great day, "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye bye. ♪ ♪ rob: monday february 4th, tom brady waking up this morning with more super bowl rings than any other quarterback in nfl history. jillian: unreal, there doesn't any kneeling but there was a shirtless adam levine, amazing


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