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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 4, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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probably for celebration. super bowl security avoiding repeat of 2017 when a reporter swiped tom brady's jersey, finally the ugly, thousands of saints fans skipped the game altogether, the boycott bowl in party in new orleans, some fans furious two weeks after the blown call helped the rams get to the super bowl. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", thank you so much for joining us, have a great day, "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye bye. ♪ ♪ rob: monday february 4th, tom brady waking up this morning with more super bowl rings than any other quarterback in nfl history. jillian: unreal, there doesn't any kneeling but there was a shirtless adam levine, amazing moments including half time show
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that has everyone talking. rob: virginia's governor ralph northam holding urgent meeting with stop as pretty everyone calling on him to resign. jillian: is it too late to put damage control now, the reaction from both parties overnight. the pentagon prepares to send more boots to the border as thousands of migrants make final march to u.s. rob: live on the ground in méxico, "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ jillian: live look.
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rob: i only got to see the first half of it. jillian: very low scoring, we will talk about that this morning, good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday, i'm jillian mele. rob: i'm rob schmitt, thanks for getting up early with us. jillian: celebrating historic championship victory overnight. >> there it is. jillian: i mean, it really is something, tom brady and the patriots defense leading new england to record sixth super bowl win. the pats beating los angeles rams in lowest title game ever. brady is the only player in league's history to win 6 super bowls. >> unbelievable year, probably, you know, happy for my teammates, you know.
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jillian: only touchdown in the game in fourth quarter, wide receiver named super bowl mvp after grabbing 10 catches for 141 yards, brady says he played one of the best games of his career, third championship parade in just 5 years is set for tomorrow. rob: all right, virginia's governor ralph northam held large staff meeting last night according to washington post, met with senior staff as he considers whether or not he should resign, calls for him to step down are growing over this photo from his 1984 medical school yearbook, former virginia governor terry mcculloughs there's no way northam should continue to serve. >> there's no way you can continue to be the governor of common wealth of virginia. this is i have to tell you it's heartbreaking. rob: northam apologized by the racist image but later claimed that he's not even if the photo.
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jillian: the migrant caravan marching towards the u.s. border now just 300 miles away and there's new evidence that they could be getting help from government agencies, griff jenkins live with the very latest as more than 2500 migrants make their final push, good morning, griff. >> yeah, good morning, jillian, if they have their way by the day's end they will be at the u.s. border, 272 miles from where i stand to eagle pass, texas' port of entry, take a look at the video, though, mexican officials, we have seen it all around, this is the governor of the state of coahuila, encouraging them, we see the tweet from official state of coahuila, the government of coahuila supervise personally to escort the caravan
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in the next few hours as it moves towards piedras negras, right across from eagle pass, texas, if you look at the map, you can see that piedras negras the focal point and some migrants going to nuevo laredo, that's a little more dangerous because of drug cartel in the area. migrants intend to get up in the line as they say and cross illegally like antonio from el salvador, listen. >> they say the borders are really secured, right, we need to get into the states. if you don't risk anything, you don't gain anything, right? >> and over the weekend the pentagon announcing nearly 4,000 troops to the border, one thing is for sure, jillian and rob, that's the message is very clear, the mexican government is sending future caravans, one thursday starting in honduras and another next one on the 16th
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and the message will help you get southern border to northern border. jillian: interesting, thanks, griff. rob: president trump calling out speaker pelosi for stance against a border wall. >> she was very rigid. she knows that she wanted border security. rob: can't strike a spending bill for border. >> just over 10 days until the government runs out of money again, lawmakers aren't still dealing on border security. rob: it goes back to democrats who may take matters into their own hands. >> the first thing you want to do is use emergency power to do things like this, but if i was the president right now i would
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be frustrated, you know, everybody says, oh gosh, we don't want government shutdown and everybody says we need border security and then you see nancy pelosi sitting there saying there's not going to be any money for the wall, when you talk to border security they say you have to have barriers, so people being disingenuous, in fact, they are actors and there's just a lot of hatred up there for president trump on the democrats' side, it's frustrating. it's my first to use emergency power, i will use whatever power i have to solve problem. we have to have border security, we have to take care of daca kids and on top of that we need to have permanent solution from tps. >> despite the urgency to get border deal done, senators aren't considering middle east security measure today. >> all right, the border patrol agents killed in the line of duty, donna was hit by passing car while helping texas state trooper, the 49-year-old spent 16 years with the border patrol,
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leaves behind husband and two children, it is unclear if the driver that hit her will face any charges. >> a suspected cop killer will face judge in ohio today after shooting that left an officer dead and another wounded. wade on murder charges following standoff resulting from call. sheriff's detective brewer killed in line of duty after 20 years of his life in service, leaves wife and 5-year-old son. brewer is the fifth officer killed in line of duty this year. and mma fighter facing murder charges is behind bars after 9-hour manhunt, found hiding inside trash can in houston texas, guards stopped for food, accused of murdering his
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ex-girlfriend in oklahoma last month. rob: jurors are expected to begin deliberations in el chapo trial today, could face life behind bar ifs he's convicted of several drug and conspiracy charges, he has tweeted not guilty to everything. the jurors have been kept anonymous for the duration of 10-week trial in new york city and that's for their own protection. 5 people are dead after small plane breaks apart in midair and crashes into southern california home, orange county, the pilot and 4 people inside the home, sending neighbors out into the streets, look at this, faa says the plane took off from a small airport about a dozen miles away from the crash scene and ntsb will now investigate. >> police now reveal a missing mother driven 40 miles away on the night she disappeared, was last seen moving a kentucky bar
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on january 4th, her mother now begging for clues in an exclusive fox news interview. >> please, please think about the families you're ruining, her four babies, they need their mother, whatever you know and that you cannot tell the police, tell the police now. jillian: taken to a home with 3 men on the night she disappeared, one of those men tell police she left the next morning and the suspect has been identified. rob: ten minutes after the hour, some democrats using governor ralph north appear -- northam's yearbook scandal to attack the president. >> i think the country hasn't dealt good with issues of race, we have a president that's racist. rob: is that a fair comparison, we debate that next? >> act you didn't see during the super bowl. taking a swipe at nfl kneelers asking americans to just stand.
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why it was kept off the air, that's coming up.
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downy unstopables >> we didn't have that kind of -- that strong of a moral code i would argue in our politics until recently, why do you think that is? >> i don't think the country has dealt good with issues of race, we have a president that's a racist. jillian: democratic brown turning photo into attack on president trump. are democrats oh to focusing republicans as racist to notice issues on their own party, here to debate democratic strategists antjuan and madison, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> good morning. jillian: ant tp juan, i have to start with you, what do you make of the comment that we just
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heard? >> i think that racism is not partisan. jillian: agreed. >> i think we have to change the direction the country has been in so long. i don't know the president's heart to determine he's a racist but i do know things he said and one could question some of the things he has done that could qualify those things as being racist. jillian: do you think the comment was necessary? >> no, there's a way to calling out the president without calling him a racist, i don't know his heart. jillian: madison, i don't understand why the president needs to be involved in the conversation when the conversation is about ralph northam. >> you're absolutely right, it's not about president trump, it's not about any other democrat or republican, it's about ralph northam, what he did, what's
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right is right, what is wrong is wrong. you can't judge someone because they agree lightly because just to say the president is racist because you don't like it which has happened in a lot of instances, i know the president isn't a racist, he has been working for people from all backgrounds, across the country before he was elected, he has a great heart and that's what we need to continue to bring light to people who do know him and know how hard he is working. jillian: antjuan, they are two separate discussions. >> i think what people said let's not miss the fact that this person has had racist things come out of his mouth, said on twitter and some of his behavior but at the same time how we charge pathway forward
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like i said starts with the president because he's leader of the free world and most people look for him to guidance as the president of the united states. jillian: madison. >> so which way would you like to have it antjuan? this isn't about the president, this is about ralph northam, there's racist in the democratic party, people racist on both sides of the aisle, now you will come back and say this is about the president, you said first i don't know the president's heart now you do know he's a racist. >> madison -- i never said he was racist, i said words and behavior and guess what, this will not be the last example of somebody on either side of the aisle -- >> why don't we start the path forward with ralph northam. >> that's what i'm saying. jillian: just to get in here for a second, antjuan i have a hard time and i take issue with the fact that any time any type of
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racism conversation comes up, democrats always go back to the president when the president shouldn't even be in this conversation. this is a conversation about something horrific that the governor has alleged to have done. >> again, i appreciate the people within my party, top to the bottom that called governor to resign and should be bipartisan issue what i'm saying as we go forward, tomorrow night is a different night, today is a different day, next time any one looks to do something racism, i think we have to call it out. what i'm saying again if the president does anything he should lead by example in the issue particularly because his party wanting to call the governor for this. jillian: madison, final words, couple of seconds left. >> the president has been leading by example, the president working for every single american for the country, something we can't say for ralph northam for years this has been going on.
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>> thank you. jillian: appreciate your inside and your time. >> thanks. rob: 18 minutes after the hour now, alexandria ocasio-cortez praised by michael moore as the leader of the democratic party. does her own party agree? former democratic ohio senator capri cafaro says not so fast, patriots fans lining up to buy super bowl championship gear from merchandise to game-day spending, live in atlanta with the look at impact on the economy there. oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds?
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rob: grammy-nominated rapper could soon be deported, taken to
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ice custody in atlanta by overstaying visa by more than decade, also convicted on felony drug charges, the lawyer told tmz that they would clear any misunderstanding. jillian: nfl viewership ratings increased 5%, president trump crediting to more football and less politics. >> i think that people have to at all times respect our flag and at all times respect our national anthem, they haven't been kneeling and they haven't been respecting the flag and their ratings have been terrific ever since. jillian: the president adding that he's addressed many players concerns by passing criminal justice reform and many people from the nfl have thanked him for signing the first best act into law. rob: tom brady leading the patriots to sixth super bowl win. new england beating la rams 13-3
2:24 am
in defensive game in mercedes-benz stadium. jillian: generating billions of dollars for league and countless retailers across the country, cheryl casone from our sister network fox business here with more on impact, what a night, cheryl? cheryl: good morning, jillian, good morning, rob, i wonder if tom brady ever gets tired of winning, apparently not, 13-3 game he was the big winner and the patriots but really it was the money spent around the game that's the big story this morning, according to estimates millions have been spent nearly billions in atlanta around the stadium, around all of it. the fans around here i can tell you jam-packed weekend, fans going to stadiums, hotels, restaurants, venues, we saw all of that last week and over the weekend and it was about city of at will nota, critical job, my sixth super bowl and they really did shine over the weekend, $14.8 billion is estimate how much money will be spent this weekend, we will have the final
2:25 am
number for a while but also about the betting, $6 billion americans were expected to bet on the super bowl, i have a feeling a lot of those were for the patriots, just throwing that out there. remember in new jersey now you can actually gamble legally so that was a big part of the money story for us on fox business, now the commercials i don't know what you guys thought about the commercials, pretty good ones i thought but the average cost for a commercial 30 seconds 5 million, goes up every year and went up again and also the general economic impact, they are expected 200 million economy impact, one thing that the story line goes with the cities when they put on huge productions, the taxpayers of atlanta several hundred million for gorgeous stadium behind me, also about $28 million for the super bowl, that was the impact economically, the cost of the city and taxpayers but big
2:26 am
companies, ups, at&t, coca-cola who is based in atlanta ponied up with the budget, but it is about the money, it is about a beautiful stadium, well, it was a game, we will have to leave it at that. again, i think a lot of those bets went for tom brady and the patriots. by the way, jillian, at least it wasn't the eagles. jillian: look, we were able to beat tom brady and the patriots so we will leave it at that. cheryl: just saying. [laughter] jillian: 26 minutes after the hour, speaking of football president trump asked if he let his son barron play the sport. >> i hate to say it because i love to watch football, i think the nfl is a great product but i really think that as far as my son -- i would have a hard time with it. jillian: keep them coming, we will share them coming up. rob: and aoc praised by film
2:27 am
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rob: all right, welcome back, look at the headlines, patriots fans flooding the streets celebrating another victory overnight, tom brady and the defense leading new england to record sixth super bowl win. the pats beating la rams 13-3 in lowest-title game ever. brady only player to win 6 super bowls, he will run out of fingers pretty soon. wide receiver named super bowl mvp, 10 catches and 141 yards. jillian: virginia governor holding large staff meeting this morning hours democrats reportedly met with senior staff
2:31 am
as he considers whether to resign. several democrats are calling for him to step down over the racist yearbook photo from 1984, he compliance he's not in the picture. rob: group 300 miles away at this point and additional troops are being sent to southern border to help secure, caravan expected to come seem tomorrow. jillian: president trump said it and others are trying to prove it. >> walls work, they do work. no matter where you go, they work. jillian: building brand-new barrier in gaza strip, prime minister ben benjamin netanyahuy it would stop terrorist from entering the country, has sense-
2:32 am
sensors to detect tunnels. >> we are going to keep watching and we are going to keep seeing them, if there's trouble, somebody is looking to do nuclear weapons or other things we will know it before they do. jillian: super bowl night interview that the president admitting he has no plans of striking iran right now, the regime just showed off new long-range missile this weekend. west coast bracing for more rain after floods wreak havoc over the weekend, rescue elderly driver trapped in car, winds intensifying to 80 miles an hour at times knocking down trees in santa barbara, the storm dumping 4-inches of rain prompting mud slides and shutting down highways, janice dean is tracking more rain on the way. here we go, so we are dealing with increment weather across
2:33 am
the west for several days, more flash flooding, more potential for mud slides and rock slides over the west coast and then the snow over the sierra, that's going to pile up into the rockies so unsettled west coast for the next several days will be the story, some of that is going to move in northern plains and upper midwest and we also have a blizzard warning for parts of sierra, forecast today, we will continue to see that rain and the mountain snow across the west, a little bit of system moving across the upper midwest and great lakes, look, it's 48 in chicago, they are cheering because yesterday was -- or last week it was minus 40, so that's like an 80-degree spread, incredible, here in new york, 54-degrees, thank you very much. look at the difference between last week and this week, so minus 23 in chicago, so the windchill was minus 40, forgive me but 48 today, look at louisville, 3 last week, 62 today, here in new york,
2:34 am
59-degrees, it was 2 last week, what a spread. [laughter] janice: more of a spread than the super bowl last night. rob: the rotten told you -- janice: it happened on saturday, i will have to sort of say that perhaps -- rob: only going to get warmer. janice: see more of winter but i think the worst might be behind us. rob: yeah, it's 59. only going to get hotter. you heard it here first. janice: don't roll the tape, please. rob: janice, thank you. jillian: optimistic approach. janice: mostly sunny, love it. rob: thank you, janice. jillian: the name of her book. rob: democrats still weighing options for 2020 but some liberals like the antitrump filmmaker michael moore say that the party's real leader is not on the presidential list.
2:35 am
>> alexandria ocasio-cortez, is that where you're going with it? >> could be running, she's the leader, she's the leader, everybody knows it, everybody feels it, she's the leader of this mass movement. rob: all right, so do any other democrats agree with the statement like that, joining me now former democratic state senator from ohio capri cafaro, thanks for coming back. >> any time. rob: the young lady has tremendous amount of energy and in politics it's one of the most important things, what do you think about michael moore's comments? >> i'm not surprised, michael moore is someone who likes to attract attention and alexandria ocasio-cortez has attracted media attention over the last year, but number one she can't run for president because she's constitutionally ineligible, so you have that aspect, but, you know, i think she's certainly a leading voice in the progressive wing of the democratic party but i don't think necessarily that
2:36 am
she is the leading voice of the democratic party as a whole. rob: yeah, when you look at it, the thing about right now is that the fringe is get all of the attention and all the excitement, being a moderate, a howard schultz, independent but democratic mind in a lot of ways, it's not that ideas -- exciting because all ideas have been heard before. >> i'm in the middle too and i know that's not particularly exciting or flashy, but guess what, that's where most of the people in the united states are and -- rob: is that our major flaw in this country that we can't just appreciate good pragmatic ideas that -- that the media and everybody just running to both sides because that's where all the interesting things are said? >> sure, the other part of it is actually the primary process and i'm not necessarily sure thousand fix that but when you're dealing with either democrats or the republicans often times whether it's a
2:37 am
presidential primary or in case of alexandria ocasio-cortez, i mean, she's a sitting member of congress that was there for several years, so a lot of times what you see is the base of the party showing up in election and that yields a more extreme nominee for general. rob: let me ask you one final question, you've got the far left of this party trying to blend together the open-border ideal with the socialism ideal and that's tremendously expensive, possibly impossible to do, how do they mend that, right now the idea gets killed in general election if someone like that tries to go up against a republican? >> absolutely, this goes back to primary election process. what happens is that people vote part of the left and part of the right to make it out of primary and you need to move further back in the middle.
2:38 am
it'll be interesting to see what happens, hopefully, you know, the progressive wing, you know, in the 2020 election process is very crowded in primary hopefully a moderate will emerge that's more competitive in general election. rob: capri, we appreciate your insight. we appreciate you coming on. jillian: baker faces backlash for build the wall cookies but what he's doing in response has the sales soaring. rob: and adam levin losing shirt during maroon 5 super bowl show, did they win the crowd over, the verdict from our social media, carley shimkus with reactions to that, that's coming up next.
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jillian: okay, maroon frontman adam levine starting social media circus tossing shirt during super bowl half time
2:42 am
performance. rob: carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7, siriusxm 115 has more tattoos than adam levine. carley: i'm blushing, guys, the majority of tweets really were about the fact that adam levine took his shirt off in the middle of the performance. nebraska senator ben sasse tweeted about it, he wishes that he put shirt back on but jesse tweets, adam levine shirtless has been the best part of super bowl. hands down if she goes to maroon 5 concert she probably shouldn't use devin. if adam levine threw shirt at me, i would sue. rob: you go through all the pain of tattoos you will show them off.
2:43 am
carley: california tattoo quite statement there. rob: looks like inmate. tom brady with post game interview. carley: at the end of the game there was massive flood of people surrounding tom brady, actually became kind of a scary situation, take a listen to the security guard caught on camera making sure that she was okay. >> are you okay? hang tight, all right. carley: the mvp of the game, another twitter user chiming in saying that was more nerve racing than the game, this attempt to interview tom brady seems like the most interesting part of the game. jillian: well, she works at cbs, the game works at cbs.
2:44 am
carley: she did. jillian: 100 years of nfl. carley: that is right, one of the commercials that everybody is talking about is one that the nfl actually aired for the nfl itself celebrating 100 years of the nfl, watch this. >> to make you say, oh, boy. ♪ ♪ carley: okay, when that commercial aired i think there were like 3 points, so far scores, everybody was saying this was way more exciting than anything that happened in the game, brian loves it. 100 years of football commercial is the best football action i have watched in the last 90 minutes. jason also chiming in calling the best commercial so far. i think it was my favorite commercial of the whole super
2:45 am
bowl as well. jillian: it was pretty good, i liked it. rob: thanks so much. 44 minutes after the hour, it's an ad that you didn't see during the super bowl, 9 line apparel taking a swipe at nfl kneelers asking americans to just stand. army and veteran of the company tells why his commercial was kept off the air, that's coming up next. jillian: first let's check in with brian kilmeade live from atlanta. i bet you didn't get much sleep, brian. >> quick turnaround, i will tell you this, there wasn't a lot of offense to recap and remember, 13-3, we will go over that. able to talk to some of the players just as confetti went flying on the air and for new england patriots, they dominated the entire arena operating the whole field on what it was like on the inside, i can't tell you what commercials were like and we will also bring you that.
2:46 am
also the receiver to walk away with mvp. we will talk about things like that, exciting, he's one of the wise guys, dan bongino, we will talk in detail about that and also he will weigh in on what's happening during the day and we have alvida king, it means a lot to the family, big tribute to martin luther king and flipped the coin last night and the immediate family of martin luther king, jr., that's the latest from here. you guys have to finish strong. we will wheel out 3 very impressive and sit on the couch and entertain. rob: brian -- jillian: we will try our best, try to make you proud. rob: have fun down there
2:47 am
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>> some people think it's crazy being loyal, standing for the constitution, standing for the flag then i guess i'm crazy. >> then i guess i'm crazy. >> then i guess i'm crazy. rob: ceo of a veteran own apparel company said cbs refused to air ad. joining us to discuss army veteran and ceo of nine line apparel, it looks like a great ad with positive, very american message to it. cbs said that you guys couldn't afford the ad and that's why
2:51 am
they rejected it, what do you make of that? >> well, i find it somewhat offensive, we are a very successful company. we have made over $75 million, 25 million last year and they can look up online they can see revenue, they asked for clip and we submitted it, we feel embodied and nike chose the same, they had colin kaepernick, the person who decided to kneel during national anthem, something that we feel as highly offensive but i never even got the opportunity, i was told it was based on credit even though i provided references and the references say i pay on time and i spend a good amount of money but it had nothing to do with credit.
2:52 am
jillian: national anthem controversy has somewhat dwindled in the second half of season, not is many players kneeling this season, some people might argue that perhaps we are trying to move forward from the controversy that really hit home for a lot of people, what do you say to that and why do you want to keep your message going? >> i think it's positive first and foremost. when this thing began, the idea is how we understand -- understanding both sides and with this specific issue, you know, as veteran -- during national anthem we teach our children to stand and take your hat off, it's just disrespectful. it's not time for politics and that's all we say, nike has decided to take a stand and so did we. it's very iconic and hit home.
2:53 am
it's unfortunate that we don't have the ability to sell the message the same way that nike does. rob: is there just a fear, do you think, in society today of -- of the movement? i think a lot of the far left would consider a patriotic commercial almost offensive and is cbs afraid to fight the fight? is cbs afraid to be called out of the movement? >> i think they are emboldened, they have no fear whatsoever to tell someone like me and it's going to be because we can't afford it and not because the content resinates with the majority of your fan base and i would even challenge cb, is -- s right now, i would appreciate next year super bowl, let me put a solid commercial in your hand,
2:54 am
i want to have a response to nike's ridiculous commercial about sacrifice, who better, this is what it means to truly stand for what we believe in. and maybe next year we would be able to air it if we can make it loud enough. jillian: well, yeah, it does change hands every year, it won't be cbs next year, stay tune, we will be watching, captain merritt thank you for your time and your service. a baker faces backlash for build the wall cookies. rob: what he is doing in response has soared business places in america. and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining.
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jillian: good monday morning, welcome back. grand canyon university canceling a planned speech from conservative writer ben shapiro. the college writes in part quote our decision to cancel shapiro's engagement is not a reflection of his ideology or values he represents, but rather to focus on opportunities that bring people together. some schools have declined hosting the conservative writer over concerns about violent protests. rob: a baker takes back his apology over cookies that had the message build the wall on them. kenneth bellingham had originally said he would
2:59 am
stop making these valentine's day themed cookies because they said they were racist. now he said they are his first amendment right. >> am i supposed to be quiet so i can write only what they want or that what makes them happy. they can write whatever they want on their cookie and can i do that on mine. rob: so much bakery controversy. he originally made one someone in his family. is he now selling them by the dozens. jillian: the president said he would have to think long and hard before letting his youngest son step onto the gridiron. >> would you let your son bay ron play football? >> if he wanted to, yes. would i steer him that way? , no i wouldn't. this is a dangerous sport. i think it's really tough. >> the president says his 12-year-old son plays soccer. the nfl has instituted several initiatives over recent years in an effort to tackle safety concerns. some people say also not safe. when it comes to concussions
3:00 am
and things like that. rob: we asked your thoughts. no, with all the possibilities of injury it is a big decision. jillian: i think that's every parent's choice between them and their child. all right. we have got to go. jillian: have a good day. ♪ the home of the brave ♪ >> virginia's governor ralph northam reportedly hold an urgent staff meeting as calls for his resignation grows louder. >> no way he can continue to be governor. ralph will do the right thing. >> president trump put the finishing touches to his state of the union address. >> the only way you have a strong border is you need a physical barrier. you need a wall. >> the pentagon announced it will deploy nearly 4,000 more troops to the border. another caravan with thousands of migrants enters the last leg ofts


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