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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 5, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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man in the face leaving him with the cut over his eyebrow. unclear how the fight started. phil in the blanks. what do you think? that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, don't forget special coverage of the state of the union all day and all night. "fox and friends first" continues, goodbye. >> i don't want to mess with that woman. it is tuesday, february 5th and this is a fox news alert. while you were sleeping thousands of migrants arriving at the southern border ready to cross into the united states. rob: that many will claim assignment border patrol is ready to step in if there's a sign of chaos. >> the president will say predictably that the state of the union is strong. the state of the trump administration is embroiled in chaos and incompetence. jillian: with the caravan at the doorstep democrats are railing against tonight's state
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of the union before it even starts. rob: immigration of top of the president's agenda. will he declare a national emergency? jillian: are not so patriotic play from some in the super bowl. rob: which new england players are turning down the white house invitation. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ wake me up ♪ before it is over ♪ wake me up ♪ i don't want to miss anything ♪ wake me up ♪ before you go ♪ jillian: i was busy telling rob that todd pyro and i had a crazy dance moment during one of the show opens. it is on social media if you would like to view it. rob: i would like to see it.
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good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian: thanks for starting the day with us. thousands of central american migrants are at the us border hoping to cross into texas. rob: griff jenkins joins us where the migrants could stay for three months. >> reporter: they could but that is all they could do. the governor says they have resources for three months to keep them here. we are across from eagle pass, texas. this is the gate. it is calm and quiet, the migrants are still asleep but last night the scene was hectic and we are headed for a fairly tense standoff because migrants don't like being kept in. at the top of it, barbed wire, a facility that is a warehouse they have created, they want to
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go freely, where they may go, two miles to the north of center where there is the rio grande river. it is very porous, very easy to cross. in the eagle pass area, ports of entry with some structures, most of it does not have it. the fear on the us side is that they will cross the shallow part of the river and the in the us and here we go with catch and release because of the family unit in the caravan. the border chief tells me there are 300% in family unit apprehensions up 5 times from this time last year in the number of river rescues. what plays out here will be a case of migrants wanting out. the governor mentioned he is hoping to bring immigration officials to determine how many
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migrants did not register for the one year temporary visa. if they don't have that registration he intends to try to deport them. the health situation of the migrants inside like we saw last year is a growing concern, there is widespread respiratory infection, gastrointestinal convictions, one confirmed case of hiv and one individual exhibiting symptoms consistent with swine flu. a very contagious thing. right now it is quiet. the migrants told us yesterday they would give the officials until 2:00 pm and then really try to confront the authorities because they don't like being kept behind this yellow fence. rob: thank you, appreciate it. we are hours from donald trump's long-awaited state of the union address, the president expecting to call for end to resistance politics and some democrats pushing back on that.
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jillian: what to expect from tonight's big speech. >> reporter: donald trump will step up to the podium to deliver his second state of the union address and this time standing before democrat-controlled house led by newly elected speaker nancy pelosi. the president expect to cast a message of unity in tonight's be calling for end of the politics of resistance. his administration previewing that central theme. >> they have a job to do, the president is fulfilling his end of the bargain, time for congress to do their part. >> reporter: the president will touch on illegal immigration, protecting the nation's borders, infrastructure and drug prices as well as revised trade deals with allies and foreign policies. before he starts talking, democrats are slamming the president's address. >> the president will say predictably that the state of the union is strong but the truth is the state of the trump
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administration is embroiled in chaos and conflict. >> 13 special guests will join donald trump in the first lady tonight represent, quote, the very best of america, they include ashley has maintained her sobriety for opioid and substance abuse for over a year. and judith will be there, he provide the mass shooting at the tree of life synagogue which left 11 people dead last year. and alice johnson. and convicted committee by the president. and they don't agree with the president's agenda. kamala harris, christmasy planning to believe. all affected by the government shutdown. and a lot of information is expected.
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>> we will talk to ralph norman about what he wants to hear at the end of the hour. rob: bernie sanders will deliver his state of the union response, the vermont independent's rebuttal will be streamed on facebook, youtube and twitter and follow the democrats of his response, chaired by stacy abrams. >> the lieutenant governor virginia denying claims he sexually assaulted a woman. just in fairfax testing ralph northrom's supporters are behind a new allegation, fairfax was next in line to take over for ralph northronnie forster is line after this controversial photo. >> i don't know where this is coming from. we heard different things but does anybody think it is a
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coincidence that on the eve of my being elevated this uncorroborated thing comes out? does anybody believe that is a coincidence? jillian: they will give an update on the investigation into the photos. the washington post questions over decision to table just in fairfax assault story after running with the unproven allegations against brett kavanaugh just months ago. brit hume says the double standard is blatant. >> he didn't rule out the possibility the governor would have leaked to the same website that brought out the blackface photo, what i think is interesting here is the washington post's restraint in their coverage of this allegation. this was a woman whose name of a new, an event that did occur in the sense that there was sex between these two. she says is will not consensual, it was at a time and place everyone agrees on.
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contrast that with the vague allegations, cantor member the place, time, how i got home, the allegations against brett kavanaugh when he was up for the supreme court suggesting at the very least, a clear double standard. heather: this is martyn controversy when several women came forward with unverified sexual assault claims. jillian: democrats block a bill requiring medical care for babies that survive an abortion was nebraska republican ben sachs tried to pass this bill by unanimous consent, it would punish doctors who refuse care for babies who are born alive after an attempted abortion. patty murray objected to this. the bill could be introduced again. jillian: a second day of deliberations in the l chop oh trial, he starts with 10 felony
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counts and could face life behind bars if convicted. acting attorney general matthew whitaker, stopped by the new york city courtroom to thank government lawyers working behind profile cases. >> woman under arrest after eight people were left dead in paris, you can see huge flames shooting from an apartment building as hundreds of firefighters work to distinguish the blaze. some people were forced to escape by climbing out a window to the roof, dozens were hurt including 6 firefighters, police say the suspect, the woman has mental health issues. jillian: the patriots back home in boston for today's victory but notably absent, mvp julian edelman and tom brady who celebrated the big win in disney world. rob: a fairly light saber duel at the star wars park, million fans flood the streets of boston to celebrate a team's
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record 6 title. jillian: do we know who won? this is valuable information. rob: they will have fantastic weather for the parade maybe. jillian: what is happening today? a sprinkle or two but otherwise feels like spring. enjoy it while it is here because we will go back to more seasonable temperatures in the next couple days, 47 new york, 43 in boston. you can see that cold air mass across the northern plains of the ohio valley, 24 hours, a few sprinkles in the northeast, not a big system, the next system is across the west and more rain and snow for this reason, mudslides and rockslides along the coast especially for california, the heavy snow in the rockies and sierra up towards the upper midwest and northern plains where we could see potential
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for several inches of snow. here's future radar, several systems moving into the central us, mainly a rain event south and along the ohio river valley too warm for snow. severe weather and ice on wednesday across upstate new york, keep you posted. otherwise enjoy it today. yesterday was beautiful, sunshine in some areas. jillian: 12 minutes after the outcome of democrats trashing tonight at state of the union, some of them, and the president hasn't even delivered it yet. >> the state of the union has not been good. he is not worthy of being listened to. i hope people will turn the television off. jillian: is the state of the union all doom and gloom as the left portrays? that discuss next. rob: a house battle on social media instead of capitol hill.
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>> the state of our union is in need of drastic repair. >> the state of the under him has not been good. it has been divisive. he is putting a fallen harm's way. he's not worthy of being listened to. i'm not looking forward to his state of the union and i hope people will turn the television off. jillian: some democrats railing against the state of the union before it is delivered. several major issues at the top of the agenda and rumors donald trump will declare a national emergency over the border, what should we expect? deputy assistant to george w. bush, brad blakeman. do you anticipate any major
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announcement? do you anticipate a state of the emergency or anything of that nature? >> know i don't. we are in a cease-fire. he will challenge congress to get the work done. he is willing to compromise but can't negotiate against himself is the challenge will be made. if they don't choose to end this crisis he knows what his options are as will tell the people he is ready to act. jillian: the things the president plans to talk about include immigration, trade, infrastructure, healthcare and international relations but you told me none of that matters because people will be so focused on the wall. >> the showdown is either congress will ask for the president will act but because we are in a cease-fire all the oxygen is going to be taken out
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of the air because everyone is interested in what the president will say about the wall, the border crisis and what will happen going forward. heather: international relations including north korea? >> he will talk about the fact we are moving ahead with north korea, the president has another summit planned with the leader of north korea and things are progressing. donald trump has done more with regard to north korea. we've seen a standdown on additional testing in the nuclear program so the president made great strides, something nobody has done for decades. heather: a number of house democrats plan to skip the state of the union tonight is a couple of them on the screen in a second. were you surprised when you hear some will not be attending? >> this is part of the resistance, democrats coming out saying people should not listen to the president. the state of the nation is
2:19 am
divided but in spite of that we are a strong nation. the president will unite or try to unite the country and say we are all in this together. heather: you use the word divided and unite. we heard the theme is going to be unite. what is so important for people at home? what do you need to absorb? >> the president is willing to deal. the democratic congress is part of this resistance, they will not give the president time of day in regard to anything, the president has to challenge congress, shame congress because congress has so far not acted as a congress, have not moved legislation and the whole thing about government is government is supposed to prevent harm, not respond to it and -- heather: disappointing, have contacted? >> very disappointing. as a taxpayer don't care if you're republican or democrat, if we did a problem to solve you expect government to work and part of working is talking
2:20 am
to one another, compromise. you compromise in every facet of your life, work, and why should government be any different? jillian: we will be watching tonight. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. they went after brett kavanaugh. >> we will not rest until brett kavanaugh is defeated. >> this nomination is tainted with illegality. jillian: democrats are expected to start another ugly confirmation fighter today's hearing for his successor, we are coming right back.
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rob: donald trump's pick for
2:24 am
brett cavanagh's former job gearing up for a political fight with democrats slamming dc circuit court nominee naomi raul. john kennedy says he's waiting it out. >> i don't know the nominee. i want to test her judicial temperament, i want to test your knowledge of the law, i want to make sure she can be impartial. rob: democrats have talked about her past positions. the former clerk for clarence thomas oversees the government's regulations. the confirmation process has only begun for the president's latest government pick. acting secretary of the interior david bernhardt nominated to fill that role permanently. bernhardt, former oil and gas lobbyist served as deputy under ryan zinke and took over after zinke resigned last year. jillian: us envoy for north korea heading to pyongyang to prepare for donald trump's second summit with kim jong un.
2:25 am
officials spent the weekend in south korea laying groundwork for denuclearization talks, the second summit between the us and north korea will take place later this month in asia. the senate breaks with donald trump voted to keep trips with theory and afghanistan. majority leader mitch mcconnell passing at 70-26, troops should remain in the middle east because ice is an al qaeda haven't been beaten, donald trump announced reportedly plans to take them out of afghanistan. rob: here's a member of the intelligence advisory board, dan hoffman, sharing concerns about troops withdrawing from the middle east. >> i agree with part of it, the president's desire to bring the troops home is laudatory but i also believe one of the lessons from 9/11 is when you allow terrorists to enjoy and government states which is what afghanistan and the border region of pakistan is, they will plot against us.
2:26 am
i'm concerned that if we don't retain some military and intelligence capability, some of those threats might be visit on our shores. there's a lesson to be learned about president obama's precipitous withdrawal from iraq which allowed isis to take over such great geographic territory. i'm nervous about outsourcing our security to russia and iran, syria and turkey. they don't hold our best interests at heart and won't be as effective at dealing with isis. jillian: senators used yesterday's amendment to send a warning about withdrawal from the middle east concerned it would create a vacuum filled by iran or russia. 26 minutes after the hour. how is this for think tori city policy? adobe shooting on a subway platform in broad daylight, a man accused of pulling the trigger is a known member of ms 13. >> you are not going to have a wall.
2:27 am
look at some enhanced barrier, something we can look at. rob: that comment, democrats say they are looking at a border barrier. would that be enough to satisfy the president and his base, two republicans there to debate that next. ♪ should i stay or should i go ♪
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around here, nobody ever does it. i didn't do it. so when i heard they added ultra oxi to the cleaning power of tide, it was just what we needed. dad? i didn't do it. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide. rob: a look at our top stories, lieutenant governor of virginia denying claims he sexually assaulted a woman 15 years ago. just in fairfax suggesting ralph northron map supporters could be behind these allegations, fairfax would be next in line to take over if northron is forced to resign of this controversial photo from his medical school yearbook. jillian: we are hours from donald trump's second state of
2:31 am
the union address, expected to cast a message of unity internet speech calling for end of the politics of resistance, some democrats are already pushing back. stay with fox news for all-day coverage for when the president takes the podium at 9:00 pm eastern tonight. rob: thousands of central america migrant starting to reach the us border after a month-long journey, some will try to cross into the united states legally by claiming asylum. others may enter illegally. the government is working to prevent that option. trying to build the border barrier in the rio grande valley. with the caravan on our doorstep, top democrat on the bipartisan negotiating committee is teasing a potential compromise for the wall. >> we are not going to have a wall. can we look at some sort of enhanced barrier? something we can look at.
2:32 am
some sort of advanced barrier. washington cannot dictate what sort of barrier and where to put it. rob: is a barrier enough to satisfy the president and more importantly his base since he did that campaigning promising a wall. the president of americans for limited government, richard manning, democrat from texas saying he is open to the idea of borders. we will start with you. >> experts have said the border wall is more effective than a barrier. all we heard from the left is coming across the border, experts say caught up in trafficking, if they put a wall of the. we saw in 2015 a study came out that 99.8% of methamphetamines being seized in the us come across the southern border and
2:33 am
the left say they want to do something about the war on drugs. a wall is more effective, if we have to go with the barrier we will but this is about making sure trump doesn't give his campaign promises. rob: those come through legal ports of entry but not all of it. over to you. i'm sure a wall is taller and more effective but do you think the president's base would be satisfied with a few hundred miles of barriers and reduce the number of illegal immigrants coming in dramatically. is that enough? >> i think the president gets a steel barrier. the thing that was said by the democratic left is significant in that he said democrat -- washington should not dictate what kind of barrier, that would give the tremendously way to build a steel barrier. one thing this president learned from border patrol is
2:34 am
they want to have transparency to see through the barrier which you can't do with concrete. the president can make the case this is a better alternative than a concrete wall that border patrol actually wants and an effective way of dealing with illegal immigration and funneling people into ports of entry where they can't be checked for disease and make sure we are not doing a continuation of human trafficking crisis. rob: one of the saddest stories that comes out of this. when you look at this what do you think the potential is, 10 days out of some kind of deal? >> there is potential. of democrats don't compromise it is shooting themselves in the foot. what they do when they go to voters elect people who get things done and have solutions the bring results to the table and we've been watching a
2:35 am
catfight going on for months about this. if they don't compromise i don't think we will see them vote in 2020, i think trump will. independents will be more prone trump and it will work in his favor in the long run. rob: talking about giving a pile of money to border security, should they be allowed to decide what to do with the border? politicians live in washington trying to dictate how we control the border? >> trying to dictate how to build a wall. donald trump knows how to build, the border patrol knows what is needed. we should this and border patrol agents, need to have a strong barrier that needs to be transported, is strong steel barrier will do the trick and that is what congress should give donald trump. rob: interesting debate, 10 days to a decision.
2:36 am
a lot of people hoping not. >> the uber driver convicted of killing fixed ranges between picking out rides is going away for good. jason dalton will be given a mandatory life sentence with no possibility of parole today after pleading guilty to murder, telling police a devil figure on the driving apps was controlling him during the mass shooting in michigan. prosecutors will seek the death penalty against a suspected cop killer in ohio. weight effort win is accused of baiting offices with suicidal threats before killing one and injuring another. he is being held on $10 million bond. bill brewer was killed trying to save the suspect's life. the 20 a very leaving behind a wife and 5-year-old sun. ms 13 gang member accused of murdering a man on the new york city subway platform, the shooting caught on camera in
2:37 am
broad daylight, started as a fight between rival gang members on a train. the suspect is not been identified that was known to police, the killing happened in a section of queens represented by alexandria ocasio-cortez. police looking for two other suspects wanted for questioning. jayme closs's grandfather promised by the team a big steak when she was founded he is delivering. the 13-year-old seen smiling and having lunch with her family. she escaped from a man who kidnapped her and held her captive for 88 days. and he is charged with murdering her parents. rob: the president expected to push for unity during tonight's address but democrats might make that tough. jillian: donald from inviting their special guest. a sixth-grader bullied because he shares the president's last name. carly shimkus with what you are
2:38 am
saying online next. ♪ and home to three bp wind farms. in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... the lights can keep on shining. thanks to our natural gas. a smart partner to renewable energy. it's always ready when needed. or... not. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. to help the world keep advancing.
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jillian: three patriots players planning to skip the super bowl visit to the white house. stacy telling tmv would rather celebrate the win with president obama instead. >> this after the golden state warriors met with the former president in dc last month after declining the current president's invitation. we will read your comments, got. >> lowest ratings for super bowl in the last 10 years. >> you say because -- >> i think the rams look like they lost a lot of viewers when they moved to st. louis and la haven't felt it. >> doing their hair in la. >> and fans didn't want to watch. let's talk about this.
2:42 am
the state of the union expecting an unlikely guest. >> the sixth-grader bullied for his last name invited to the event by the president himself. >> carly shimkus here with what you are saying online. >> todd: a rough time at school but will be a guest of honor at tonight's state of the union address. his story made headlines, the bullying over his last name became so bad his parents took him out of school. is considering changing his last name altogether but tonight will be a night to remember for him and social media couldn't be more supportive, dylan saying that would deserves to be bullied. hopefully be included in such an event will help them regain his confidence. susan say when politics keeps its ugly head insider school this is the ugly result and another twitter user chiming in saying this will solidify his
2:43 am
place, great job, milania. the president and first lady invited a total 13 guests including alice marie johnson who has that link to kim kardashian. a very interesting conversation unfolded between the two freshman lawmakers that couldn't be on more opposite sides of the political spectrum. after the super bowl texas congressman been crenshaw took to twitter sanction someone proposes 70% tax on the patriots so and if a competition is more fair and equal? asking for a friend. alexandria ocasio-cortez who propose that tax responded the average nfl salary is $2.1 million so those players would never experience a 70% rate. the elders who refuse to hire colin kaepernick would. taking the opportunity to mention colin kaepernick and
2:44 am
explain her 70% tax hike as well. coming in with the facts. need stuff. >> this art exhibit. >> and art exhibit in washington dc is inviting people to throw crumbs at and ivanka trump look-alike and watch her vacuum them up. the question is why. according to the artist it symbolizes america's relationship with the first daughter. social media will be all over this. kathy says how sad is this? what if she doesn't deserve it? another twitter user saying i like the image of a woman working a vacuum cleaner, put the cherry on top of the women empowerment thing. don't all get up out of your seat at once but if you can watch it online, there is a streaming version.
2:45 am
rob: we get the picture. thanks so much. 44 minutes after the are, border security is a top issue is the president it delivers the state of the union. 10 days left on negotiations, could he declare a national emergency? jillian: ralph norman will be at the address. let's check with steve doocy with "fox and friends". good morning to you. >> reporter: 15 hours and 15 minutes from now the president of the united states is going to go in the will of the house and say latest to but, the state of the union not so hot. we have divided government right now. where does he go from here? we have a great panel of guests. coming up we will talk about that. special advisor to the president, kellyanne conway. and use to advise hillary rodham clinton it has advice
2:46 am
for donald trump, joining us live. eric trump, one of the president's children and closest advisers will be with us as will former congressman trey gowda, chairman of the house oversight committee. a lot of news starting 15 minutes from now on the channel everybody trusts for morning news. "fox and friends first" back in two minutes. stuffy? that's because your home is filled with soft surfaces that trap odors and release them back into the room. so, try febreze fabric refresher. febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics and cleans them away as it dries. use febreze every time you tidy up to keep your whole house smelling fresh air clean. fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine for whole home freshness. we can't guarantee, you'll find gold in them therr hills on your vacation. but we can guarantee the best price on this rental cabin. or any accomodation from hotels to yurts.
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>> the state of the union address. >> the two are not the same. the national emergency are because he believes we have a crisis on the southern border and congress failed to do its job. jillian: there has been speculation the president will be clear a national emergency
2:50 am
over the border crisis during the state of the union. rob: joining us to discuss what he wants to hear and whether the president will declare a national emergency. congressman ralph norman, thanks for coming on. people trying to make a deal with 10 days left, what do you think the president says tonight? >> it will be a mixed message reminding people what he inherited. and the trade agreements, the fact that he has delivered on every promise he promised when he took office. he will call for bipartisanship. the funding of the wall should be an issue all of us agree on. 9 other congressman to the
2:51 am
border. all you have to do is go to the border and see what is happening to know it is a national crisis. caravans are not waiting and will call for that. of democrats continue to waiver and say they are not giving money to the wall we will have a stalemate. jillian: what tone would you like to hear from the president tonight? the tweet with capital letters, that is something that gets people talking. how do you want this approach to be? >> you have a contrast. you will see a scowling nancy pelosi and the background and the president upbeat as he should be. the message will have boundaries because with the boundary being we will get funding for the wall. and it will be an upbeat message is what is not to be upbeat, you will see with the
2:52 am
democratic message, there is will be one of doom and gloom and being the victim and how bad things are on the country that will be a contrast. rob: he will see where the negotiation goes. >> 10 more days and the 15th, democrats have not put forward anything they will agree to. he laid it down, opening the government back up and it is on their backs to put something in writing for the american people to look at. jillian: we heard a number of soundbites from democrats and one in particular, maxine waters saying turn off the tv, don't even watch it, to the public. it is the state of the union. >> it is par for the course with her. i wouldn't be surprised, be sure to watch the state of the
2:53 am
union tonight because nothing democrats do will surprise me. if they bull, turn their backs on him, this president is tough and he has seen this before. you will see a contrast and see what is democrats stand for, you will see a scowling nancy pelosi and the background. rob: i can't wait to see -- let's show you the guests from the democrats, we have an activist who protested against the brett cavanagh nomination, the one that went in and got jeff flake in the elevator. a guatemalan woman living in the us illegally. let's call it the republican side of this. towards the bottom, number 3, the sector chief of the rio
2:54 am
grande valley border patrol. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer criticize the president constantly for not listening to experts, these experts, dhs border patrol say they hate barriers and walls, what do you think of that? >> they haven't been to the border. when we went it was interesting they haven't seen any congressman there in the years many of them had been there for 20 years and the last day we were there. and illegal crossed the state before our eyes and their comment was let's see if a drone will catch this illegal we physically caught. the president gets advice from people who are doing the work as it relates to the border wall, democrats won't do that nor meet with moms we have met with and to see their faces when they talk about their loved ones who died, amazing.
2:55 am
jillian: thank you for your time. rob: we will be right back. . .
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2:59 am
original host comedian kevin hart stepped down from the gig when old controversial tweets resurfaced. the academy is also cutting back on acceptance speeches. winners will only from 90 seconds total to get up from their seats, walk onto the stage and thank whoever they want to thank at the awards show on february 24th. rob: okay. at least three patriots players are planning to skip the team super bowl visit to the white house. telling tmz he would rather celebrate the win with president obama instead. >> we asked forever your thoughts. janice on facebook writes it would be an honor to go to the white house even if the president was someone i didn't like. stop putting politics ahead of patriotism. rob: still got to see the white house. >> fans of the nfl getting tired of the game being tied to politics. >> john writes oh now they're the unpatriots. you can't deny what they did six super bowl rings is incredible. that's something that russells a lot of feathers.
3:00 am
people don't like that. rob: too much politics it used to be so simple in this country. jillian: it did. rob: it no longer is we are here to document all of it. jillian: keep it simple. "fox & friends" right now. have a good day. >> this is the location, the shelter and the mifings are being kept in there. there is no wall and no structure for most of the sector. >> we do not need a war over the wall. i believe the president has all the power in the world as commander-in-chief to secure the border. >> tonight president trump will step up to the podium to deliver his second state of the union address u the president expected message of unity. democrats already slamming the president's address. >> the state of the trump administration is embroiled in chaos and incompetence. rob: senate democrats block a bill requiring medical care for babies that survive an abortion. republican congressman ben sasse tried to pass this bill by unanimous consent. washington senator patty murray objected to


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