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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 8, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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share make it is friday, february 8th and this is "fox and friends first". democrats seeing green. alexandria ocasio-cortez unveils her plan to get fossil fuels and crush american industry but is it feasible? migrants on the move, members of the massive caravan turning back and heading home. >> congratulations. got to clap for that. heather: howard shultz doing his best jeb bush impression on the
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campaign trail around of applause going viral for all the wrong reasons, "fox and friends first" starts now. ♪ everybody is working hard on the weekend ♪ everybody working on romance ♪ everybody going off the deep end ♪ heather: the weekend has officially begun. now that it is friday, 4:00 am you are watching "fox and friends first". thank you for starting the day with us. democrats rolling out the ambitious plan to illuminate air travel and cow gas to fight climate change.
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>> within our country, we can deliver a green new deal for america. >> it is a green dream. we will transition this country into the future. heather: douglas later has more on the green new deal. >> reporter: is breathtaking in scope. one of its key architects bracing for the blowback. >> one way the right tries to mischaracterize what we are doing as though it is some massive government takeover, what this is is an organizing play, by 2020 we can get all those chess pieces in order. >> reporter: alexandria ocasio-cortez unveils a sweeping resolution calling for reworking the national economy, creating a new social safety net and eliminating carbon emissions,
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some republicans were eager to talk about it. >> please bring this up for a vote. i'm anxious to have this vote. get people on the record, get them to endorse it. it was massively unpopular in 2009. >> reporter: there is a rush of democratic cosponsors including likely presidential candidates. heather: we will talk more about this coming up. the green new deal, the proposal is generating a lot of buzz on the hill and online with many saying it doesn't seem feasible. even the former advisor to bill clinton is calling a warning sign against the danger of a socialist agenda. >> the day the green deal that might as well be called the red deal the way it is structured is released it is a warning, that if the parties don't get
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together, compromise and start delivering, congress has a 13% approval rating this is what happened in venezuela, in all this riches, capability of moving the country forward, could be a model of latin america but instead both failed, they made a bad choice. once you get someone in who doesn't believe in democracy, who believes in socialism they get rid of the institutions like free press or the idea of an election, a supreme court with real judges and that is what happened in turkey and what we see happening here. what happens every time people cross the line from democracy. heather: the resolution is an outline of the ideas ocasio-cortez and marky hope to include as they draft the actual legislation. no word when the bill will be
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introduced. breaking overnight, accused of trying to run over a border patrol agent. officials say an officer attempted to stop a pickup truck near an arizona port of entry, the driver refused and sped towards mexico. an officer shot and killed the driver as the truck cost the border. one passenger is under arrest in mexico, the port is open this morning. with one week until the shutdown deadline, lawmakers may need to strike border security deal. top negotiator richard shelby and donald trump speaking out after a, quote, productive briefing at the white house. >> i had a very positive conversation with the president and vice president. i believe, very reasonable with us, we are on a positive trajectory course now. >> both sides are moving along. we need border security. it is not an option.
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heather: negotiators say a deal could come by this weekend. the migrants on the southern border are asking to go home. group of people house in a shelter near texas want to turn back to central america and facing 3 months stuck on the mexican border, border patrol agents near the eagle pass crossing are only accepting a dozen asylum claims per day. tributes pouring in across the nation following the death of the longest-serving congressman in history, democrat john dingell passing away at the age of 92 after battling cancer. his wife debbie dingell says he will be remembered for, quote, his razor sharp wit and lifetime of dedication to improving the lives of all who walk this earth. george w. bush remembering
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dingell as a, quote, fine gentleman who showed respect for the country and her people. mike emanuel has more on john dingell's life dedicated to public service. >> when john dingell received the presidential medal of freedom it marked culmination of the history making political career. >> his life reminds us change takes time, courage and persistence. >> you just hope the people will keep you around. >> reporter: congressman john dingell served 59 years in congress longer than anyone history exceeding the record set by robert byrd of west virginia. mementos of a half century of public service could be seen throughout dingell's office. >> we are not important, the job is important. >> reporter: he was sworn in as a member of the house in 1955 taking over the seat his father held for two decades. before he retired in 2014 dingell said things have changed.
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>> cooperation, compromise in the business of the nation suffers. >> even when we disagree john has been someone i respected. he is a patriot, tremendously hard worker, true master and business of legislating. >> reporter: the results pass legislation that shapes our country, medicare, the clean air act, the affordable care act but he considered his vote for the 1964 civil rights act his most important achievement. it almost cost him his political career when civil rights became a central issue in the campaign. dingell said taxing the act was crucial for america. single had a reputation for tough grilling of witnesses during committee hearings especially as powerful chairman of the house committee. dingell served under 11 presidents from eisenhower through obama. he leaves behind four children, his second wife, debbie, and
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otto industry executives filling his congressional seat. congresswoman dingell was elected last november to serve as cochair of house democratic policy, communications committee helping develop the agenda and can indication strategy. though retired her husband remained active on social media commenting on national issues including the recent partial government shutdown and taking swipes at donald trump. on the occasion of his last voting congress fellow members gave him a standing ovation. >> john dingell who was a mentor on both sides of the aisle and carried more institutional history than anyone here. heather: other news happening today, acting attorney general matthew whitaker will testify before the house judiciary committee. that commitment made overnight, intense day on capitol hill, democrats want to subpoena whitaker even though he
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volunteered to talk. whitaker said he would testify of democrats assured him they would not issue a subpoena. after going back and forth, they stood down. the senate is ready to confirm whitaker's replacement, sending bill barr's nomination to a full vote next week, mitch mcconnell says, quote, before us is a nominee who remains eminently well-qualified to discharge these duties, barr will become permanent attorney general after jeff sessions was fired last year. donald trump will have a physical exam asked walter reed medical center, receiving a clean bill of health last year from rear admiral ronnie jackson who is now his chief medical advisor. the exam will be done by his new physician, navy commander sean connolly. 10 minutes after the top of the
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hour, one governor literally running through walls to protest donald trump. >> we got to bust through some walls to make changes and here is what i think of trump's wall. >> reporter: today, one farmers calling out her plan to pull national guard troops from the border and will join us live next. you don't want to miss that next. >> dedicated service, 420, given his final 10-7. >> a some surprising his father on his final day on the job. the emotional sign off that is going viral. ♪ ♪ (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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heather: "fox and friends first," the battle for the wall continues, the democratic governor of new mexico withdraws national guard troops to the southern border. >> i will not participate in using the national guard to militarize the border. i can do both, meet the constitution and answer to the community. heather: is she putting her constituents in danger? that it's close to home for our next guest, new mexico farmer chris massey. we appreciate it. you have been in this area, your family has owned land near the border since 1945. you have seen a lot of changes there.
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>> we have been there since 1951. i was mistaken on the date and had to ask my dad. we've seen a lot of changes since we have been there. heather: described the crisis as you experience it firsthand now. >> what we are seeing is larger groups coming across the border. since october, since december 22nd last year we have seen 25 groups of 100 or more illegal aliens being caught at the port of entry. when you figure that number out that is 2500 or more illegal aliens and the whole population is only 4300 so half the population has been caught in one month so we are seeing more confrontations with illegal immigrants coming across and becoming more aggressive in these confrontations.
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heather: you had your house broken into. any type of crime you have experienced? >> yes. i hardly know anybody that hasn't had something broken into, stolen, houses broken into or cars broken into, tractors have been run all night so they can stay warm, tons of stories out there, finding drugs, there's tons of stories like that. heather: it is a very real crisis. at the same time you're governor in the great state of new mexico running through walls. we want to show this to everyone again. >> we got to bust through some walls to make changes and here is what i think of trump's wall. heather: you see something like that is that an indication she is taking your problem seriously? >> i will be honest with you i
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think the papier-mâché wall she ran through is more protection than the borders we have now. i don't think she takes it seriously. i am all for a good joke but i don't think that is a good one myself. heather: we wish you your best down there, the best, you raise out alpha and pac crops for cattle. >> yes we do. heather: good luck and stay safe and hopefully good things will happen and we will come to an agreement on border security and get you a wall that you need, thank you. >> thank you for your time and we appreciate it and hope donald trump will get this wall done. heather: the time is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. remember this moment from the 2016 campaign trail? >> get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap.
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[applause] heather: howard schultz just had his own please clap moment. wait until you see this was what is more believable than the green new deal? social media has a lot of suggestions. carly shimkus here with the responses that are pouring in online. ♪ ♪
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what's a gig of data? well, it's a whole day's worth of love songs. [ baby crying ] or 300 minutes of baby videos. a gig goes a long way. that's why xfinity mobile lets you for data one gig at a time. and with millions of wifi hotspots included, you'll pay even less for data. or if you need a lot, we have unlimited, too. you could save hundreds of dollars when you switch to xfinity mobile. it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. heather: billionaire, jeff bezos, accusing the national enquirer's publisher of blackmail. in a blog post on media, the washington post owner said
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publishing intimate photos, emissary to back off and investigation. of course i don't want personal photos published it won't participate in their well-known blackmail, political attacks and corruption. do you remember this viral moment from jeb bush's presidential campaign? >> back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. heather: howard schultz pulling a similar move in indiana. >> the cost of education will be less expensive in nominal dollars in 2020 than it was in 2012. congratulations. got to clap there. [applause] heather: the white house run during his speech at purdue
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university, it would be as an independent if he runs. senator chris coons tweeting a message of bipartisanship in a photo of himself praying with donald trump. carly shimkus is here with online reaction. >> the national prayer breakfast, with a lot of history back to 1953 and in this time of heightened political tensions what an incredible image and senator chris coons tweeted this picture showing him praying with senator lankford. why he thinks the national prayer breakfast is important, no secret i don't agree with donald trump very often but i pray for the president regularly as i did today at the national prayer breakfast. he goes on to say many delaware inns dislike and disagree with the president and many others support him passionately.
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my commitment as my prayer is to try my best each day to work with democrats, republicans and the president to get things done for the people we represent. that message, a lot of partisanship seems so much support on social media. kathy said i appreciate you trying to work across the aisle to get things done. i will never understand why more people in office can't be this way. hate is allowed but love always wins. he has a divinity degree. heather: that is the way to stand out, the opposite of what the majority is doing and try to work with the president, something different. something that was different a lot of people yesterday, the new green deal. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal proving to be quite an ambitious undertaking, sparked a viral hashtag, people
1:26 am
talking about what plans they think are more realistic than what she has laid out. one twitter user rights free video games and flatscreen tvs for those unwilling to work, that hashtag other green new deal promises, this is my favorite one, john deere literally are heard of deer that will your long, josh tweets fair trade, organic cucumber. i don't know what that word is. delivered to your door by solar powered drones. ocasio-cortez talking about 100% clean renewable energy. heather: all buildings will be upgraded. we will talk much more about it. finally, a twitter feud in new york. >> they beatty the most important debate of all time, pizza.
1:27 am
it started when the chicago pd, how will you celebrate chicago? old-fashioned thin crust and if you agree, we recognize the slice of pizza on the right but what about the one on the left? now they have agreed to try each other's pizza and film it. none of them like the cauliflower crust. so anything to get cheese. heather: we will have to try it out. the time is half past the top of the our. adam schiff launching a new
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russia probe into donald trump but the senate chair says there is 0 evidence of collusion. is this proof of what the president calls a witchhunt? we will debate that next. open up your facebook, twitter, and instagram. a new proposal to do a social media background check.
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heather: tributes pouring in across the nation following the death of the longest-serving democrat in history, democrat john dingell passing away after battling cancer. his wife, debbie dingell, says he will be remembered for his razor sharp wit and lifetime of dedication for improving the lives of all who walk this earth. john dingell was 92 years old. lawmakers have one week to come up with the border security dealer face another government shutdown.
1:32 am
top republican negotiator richard shelby just met with the president who will sign a deal with it to meet is an prespecified requirement. a negotiator finalize talks by then so congress passes the spending package. acting attorney general matthew whitaker will testify before the house judiciary committee, the commitment made overnight on an intense day on capitol hill. democrats threatened to subpoena whitaker for his testimony even though he volunteered to talk. just one day after house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff announced an expanded russia investigation the senate intel committee seems to be wrapping there is a. senator richard were saying we don't have anything that would suggest there was collusion by the trump campaign and russia. if i can finish tomorrow i would finish tomorrow. do these dueling probes prove this is a partisan search for a
1:33 am
crime? her to debate is jonathan harrison gop strategist chris, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. we will start with you. we have dueling investigation, richard berger saying no russia collusion. >> that is what the evidence shows so far, like a bad song on the radio you can't turn off. they haven't found it and they will put the pressure on the investigation to detract from the president's record on the economy and unemployment numbers. heather: distraction? >> not quite, trump called this a witchhunt, continues to call it a written witchhunt. >> it become a trump hunt. >> this is the same person who said there should be an investigation into obama's birth certificate. let the investigations play out
1:34 am
and if they don't find anything they don't find anything. the purpose is to see, if mueller hasn't found anything, the investigation is not over with. heather: that is the point, should adam schiff, should he not have waited until the mueller investigation and his results comes out? >> you think he thinks it is important. the purpose is to find out if the president is financially compromised and has financial dealings with a foreign nation. i don't know why anyone wouldn't want an answer today. if you're a trump support you want to know he's clear and you use that to support trump. if you don't support trump and thinking is compromised you would want them to look into this. that is their job. heather: why not wait until the mueller investigation is complete? >> is a political hack like the president said. the president is a billionaire. is every incentive to not run for president and fix governmental problems. they have to have a distraction. he is a hack like the president
1:35 am
said. heather: let's move on. with all of these democrats announcing their presidential bid, who is going to stand in and govern while they spent the next two years campaigning? you have potential democratic candidates in iowa this weekend. what happens when you have this many people declaring and campaigning for the next two years? >> jonathan harris, i might support him. as far as other candidates, i can't wait for some of these folks around. elizabeth warren is a total phony liar caught up literally lying about she wasn't trying to be advantaged in his 2010 ad, now we know that is not true. many other struggling, running to the far left, cory booker, mayor of the town that fails, cry went up, same with petega i
1:36 am
petegautier, submitting infanticide, sitting down at the state of the union when talking about competence. we 20 supporting ocasio-cortez's green deal. you get the final word. >> these people running for president, conservative candidates like rubio who held elected office, they have time to do this and to say they are celebrating is so off the money. it is about protecting people who might be in danger. >> governor northrom. >> a total mischaracterization. heather: we are talking about late-term abortion when the child can feel pain and overwhelmingly the majority of americans, poll after poll after poll disagree with that. >> it might threaten a woman's life.
1:37 am
heather: that is another discussion. that is the thing, one of these things these candidates have to address, something they should be dealing with in dc when they will be on the campaign trail. see if they can handle it. and idaho nurse is charged in connection to a missing colorado mother. authorities accusing crystal lee of helping chelsea's fiancé get rid of evidence linked to that. herself it was pings in idaho 3 days after she was last seen alive. authorities are still searching for the body. the gunmen accused of shooting a school bus driver claiming he feared for his life. shocking video shows the moment shots were fired and the road rage attack. he traffic camera shows kenneth lilly walking to the bus, shooting the driver after a fender bender on a slow we --
1:38 am
know we highway. lily called 911 before troopers arrested him on an attempted murder and assault charges, the bus driver is expected to recover. the 8-year-old girl on the bus was not injured. a fallen officer's casket is carried to a funeral home by his brothers and blue. matthew whitner's family and friends warning the marine veteran in milwaukee, the procession, the 35-year-old officer two years ago. accused of shooting and killing the officer as he tried serving a warrant, what did for illegally selling guns and drugs. officer whitner leaves behind a wife and son. the third milwaukee officer killed in the last eight months. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. underreport revealing several smart phone apps are tracking your every swipe and doing it without your permission.
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heather: new gunowners may be forced to turn over their social media accounts, gun-control measures suggesting people to online searches before being approved for firearm license. chicago democrats want to keep weapons away from those who made threatening comments online. critics claim legislation could face biased views towards applicants. some big comments supporting your every move, every move you make on your smartphone through their apps. and report shining light on how they are doing it all without your permission. how do you know if you're being
1:43 am
tracked? kurt the cyber guy is here to tell us. >> a lot of big company names on this list. is what i will tell you. apple's response, don't be surprised if big-name apps -- heather: as you discuss it. >> a lot of travel sites, hotels, expedia, what this story is about is screen recording technology from a company that record the screen of an apps, send it to the apps developers, and use the apps. it is not that they are trying to spy on us but they want to understand what it takes for heather to click by. heather: that could include your credit card number, passport number, that type of thing? >> this seems fine until what
1:44 am
happened happened, they do not disclose appear recording their screen. air canada got the data out there to the public and facing the public in passport numbers. none of that is good and i will tell you the statement apple came out with is the thing to pay attention to, protecting user privacy is paramount on the apple ecosystem, the apps store, providing a clear visual indication when recording, logging or making a record of user activity. we notify those with privacy terms and guidelines and take immediate action if necessary. that is a strong strong
1:45 am
statement from apple, if these apps developers were up last night fixing this, they would disappear from the apps store. heather: be aware of that. >> when you are not being watched, you're being watched. we 20 assume at all times you're being watched. that is a good theory these days. thank you so much, great to have you. 15 minutes until the top of the our. alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal may be pleasing the democratic political elites but what about regular americans? jim banks represents rust belt voters and tells us what they think of this up next. when we started our business
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>> we are going to transition this country into the future and we are not going to be dragged behind by our past. today is the day we choose to assert ourselves as a global leader in transitioning to 100% renewable energy. it is. heather: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez unveiling the green new deal, the latest push to answer climate change. how will these impact everyday americans. here to weigh in his congressman who represents the rust belt, indiana republican jim banks, thanks for joining us this morning. for your constituents in indiana, the rust belt, is this a green dream as aoc says? >> if you like bacon or flying on airplanes you will not like
1:50 am
this bill. all of us are looking for comic relief and i think we found it in this bill, but it wouldn't be funny if it went into law. this would kill jobs, make it far more expensive to pay for your utilities and energy costs, this would literally lead to tearing down every home and building to make it environmentally friendly. it is pretty radical and even nancy pelosi knows that but this shows how far to the radical of the democrat party is being dragged by the likes of alexandria ocasio-cortez and it is a dangerous thing. heather: it is a nonbinding resolution that would do very little. let's look at the specifics that are in it at this point, the green new deal goals, would make 100% power demand clean and renewable energy sources, total overhaul of transportation where travel stops where necessary. one of the representatives from
1:51 am
hawaii said that would not work for them, provide economic security to all who are unable or unwilling to work you don't want to work we will give you some money, expand clean manufacturing, upgrade or replace every building for state-of-the-art energy efficiency. all of these pie in the sky plans, no way to pay for it. >> that is right, the democrats aren't willing to give up $5.6 billion to build a wall but they are interested in something that would drastically bankrupt this country and bankrupt the pocketbooks of taxpaying americans in districts like mine. not only is the country growing manufacturing jobs at a pace i haven't seen in my lifetime but we are energy independent as well. that is something the president spoke about in his state of the union address. why would we want to backtrack from that? that is the radicalism of the
1:52 am
democrat party that wants to take us in that direction, dangerous move. after the last election i was pessimistic about winning back the majority anytime soon but every time democrats introduce something like this it is more likely republicans will be back in the majority and two short years than what i thought weeks or months ago. heather: they seem to be wanting to throw up barriers along the way when it comes to any of the successes of the president and speaking of barriers we did here last night a major breakthrough that could come with lawmakers on this board deal, it could include an actual physical wall and it would be $1.3 billion for border barriers, walls, or fencing, $1.6 billion which is with the senate number has north of their. are you hopeful? >> i am as hopeful as ever that the president gave a great case in the state of the union for not just a wall but more dollars
1:53 am
for technology, border patrol agents, more security's points of entry, made that is eloquently as he ever has in his state of the union address in the pressure of the american people on the democrats to act, to come to the table and compromise which the president was willing to do all along was felt immediately after the state of the union address. i feel like we're headed down the right track. the conference committee has been meeting this week for several hours to bring consensus and compromise to this process and i am hopeful we are on our way. heather: you mentioned the technology the president talked about and that is part of what democrats wanted when they refer to the smart wall but at the same time no physical barrier but now apparently we have an agreement between the two, the smart wall would include drones and new technology and in some areas actual physical barrier.
1:54 am
>> this is what compromise looks like, the president was always willing to go down this track. nancy pelosi said she wasn't willing to compromise at all from day one. now that the democrats are faced with another shutdown looming they don't want to be blamed for that again after feeling the heat from the last shutdown and looking at ways to secure the border. i'm glad to see we made some progress, we need to get the deal done to stop the chances of another shutdown occurring in a few days. heather: congressman banks joining us, we appreciate your time so early. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the our. a some surprising his father on his final day on the job. >> dedicated service, number 420.
1:55 am
heather: more of the emotional signoff that is going viral.
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heather: retiring police corporal gets a surprise as he signs off the job for the last time. >> my dad, corporal rowan martin, is retiring and giving
1:59 am
-- it is my honor to acknowledge the greatest man on earth. heather: arkansas highway police corporal roy martin shocked when his son into this final radio call. martin is retiring after 31 years on the force. time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. at first, the good. the newest member of the fox family to andrew alexander, the son of the line producer and his wife, sarah, looking healthy and completely in love with his 11 pound sibling. dad says he wants to be a linebacker for sure, guaranteed. congratulations to the family. of next the bad. airline passenger in indiana, a leopard cub in her luggage. the one-month-old kitty, after hearing noises, is okay and will
2:00 am
be sent to a zoo. the ugly, police looking for these women accused of stealing underwear. victoria's secret in ohio, the underwear best ring is worth $500,000. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> one of the biggest extensional threats to our way of life. >> almost like a get well card to the climate. it is not real policy. >> our energy future will not be found in the dark of the mine but in the light of the sun. >> when we get to that policy it will be tough. rob: it is friday, february 8th. it is not easy being green. republicans say doing at the democrats way is impossible. jillian: despite swift response from skeptics


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