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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 8, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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marthmartha mccallum starts right now. >> martha: hi there, jon. thank you. breaking tonight, folks. brand new calls, brand new information just coming in moments ago with regard to lieutenant governor of virginia justin fairfax and calls from within his party to ask him to resign. fairfax is now accused by a second woman, a classmate at duke university who said she told friends back in 2,000 that he raped her. fairfax says she is lying. he has called that charge, quote, demonstrably false. this providing an ugly, but no doubt welcome distraction for governor northam who now seems to be riding out the storm over the yearbook photo as his succession plan looks a bit unviable at the moment. here's fairfax earlier today. >> good morning. >> any message for the citizens of virginia? >> we have [inaudible]?
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>> moments from now howie kurtz and trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom with the breaks news. trace. >> second accuser is meredith watson who says the assault happened in 2,000 when they were both undergrads at duke university. the two were friends never dated or had any romantic leadership. so far not detailed premeditated attack she claims her attack was similar to the first accuser, vanessa tyson who says that she and fairfax were at the dnc convention in boston in 2004 when he asked her to go to his hotel room to get documents and they began kissing, consensually, but then she claims fairfax put his hand behind her head and forced her to perform oral sex. watson has called that encounter consensual. and concerning the allegations by meredith watson fairfax says, quote: i demand a full investigation into these unsubstantiated and false
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allegation. he goes on to say he is telling the truth. meredith watson's attorney says she shared the details of her rape with a number of people who have now issued statements to corroborate her story. the attorney also said, quote: ms. watson is reluctantly coming forward out of a strong sense of civic duty and her belief that those seeking or serving in public office should be of the highest character. she has no interest in becoming a media personality or reliving the trauma that has greatly affected her life. similarly, she is not seeking any financial damages. former virginia governor terry mcauliff tweeted, quote: the allegation against justin fairfax are serious and credible. it is clear to me that he can no longer effectively serve the people of virginia as lieutenant governor. i call for his immediate resignation. virginia's five democratic members of congress have also called for fairfax to step down as has new jersey democratic senator and 2020 presidential candidate cory booker and now democratic
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virginia state lawmaker says on monday he will begin the process of impeaching justin fairfax if he doesn't step down. and we should note governor ralph northam is again reiterating as he did today that he will not step down. martha. >> quite a story. joining me now is howie curetsd host of media buzz. what's your take on the new developments. >> make no mistake, martha, justice fairfax in deep trouble the allegations by new accuser meredith watson moves the debate from a he said, she said over sexual encounter with the first woman vanessa tyson, which fairfax claims is consensual to a much more troubling question whether there is a pattern of sexual misconduct. and i don't think lieutenant governor is doing himself any favors by accusing meredith watson of a smear, the same words, the same phrase smear campaign that he used against the first woman. why would either of these women, what do they have to
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gain by coming forward as trace noted. they are not asking for money and going on tv or seeking publicity. they have an obligation to come forward because it looked like justin fairfax was on the verge of becoming virginia's governor. >> martha: when you look at covering this story, he can certainly say he is innocent if he believes is he innocent. that's what he is doing. we talked so much about due process in the kavanaugh case and when you look at that, you know, you think back to kristin blasey ford saying that she had shared the story with friends much later on. you know, i noel son barber reported earlier that they have asked the lawyers to turn over these documents that substantiate the fact that she did share this story with people and, you know, i guess one of the questions is when? is it clearly documented at the time that she says this happened and, if that's the case, then that's very significant. very credible. or was it later? it's a valid question. >> on that very point, alma
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martha, on the record a friend of meredith watson saying she came crying to her when they were students at duke. saying she was raped by the man who is now virginia's lieutenant governor. one person on the record offering that kind of corroboration. at the same time the contrast the way the much less substantiated allegations were treated against brett kavanaugh, you didn't have any corroborating witnessesreally striking because at that time you had all these liberal commentators, not to mention democrats saying kavanaugh cannot possibly be confirmed and all women must be believed. but, until now, we just hear a about a rush of democrats including terry mcauliff saying fairfax should step down. many have been cautious. tepid or silent not applying the same standard that they themselves brought to the kavanaugh hearing. >> martha: that's a great point. believe all women. all women must be believed was the refrain you heard from so many halls and across so much of the media during the brett kavanaugh situation. and it has taken quite a
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while, howie, and this second allegation, which as you say, has at least one person who claims that she came to her crying at the time. you know, we really, it's incumbent upon everybody who covers these stories to do them fairly for both sides. >> you know, the fact is, for the political people, you know, democrats and republicans, same thing, much more reluctant to cry for somebody's political scalp when it's somebody on your own team. the person here the biggest impact now i think on virginia is that it looked like ralph northam was about five seconds away from resigning now i think he clearly is going to be able to hang on because even though the 35-year-old incident of blackface, that he has 'fessed up to is offensive and racist, it kind of pails in comparison to his number two who is now being accused of criminal conduct. >> martha: that raises a lot of questions about the political match nations and the competition to stay in power and all of these things that just tumbled out at once. then you had the attorney
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general also coming forward a picture was going to surface saying he too, you know, something he saw as harmless at the time dressed up like rappers with friends of his. i mean, and also it keeps trike ising me at the beginning of all of this is northam talking about third trimester abortion in a way a lot of people felt extremely upsetting. >> gave controversial interview in which he came out for abortion being allowed under a law that he seemed to be supporting up until the day of birth. and the reason these two stories are tied together is that that's how the original allegation about the blackface and the 1984 yearbook surfaced because it's been reported that some of his medical school classmates back when he was doing this blackface thing were so upset about his abortion comments that they felt the need to go to the press. so, northam looked like he couldn't hang on. some people were saying, look, it was 35 years ago. maybe he has changed.
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not excusing what he did at all. politics is always compared to what? >> martha: pretty remarkable come out and say that's me in the picture i'm pretty embarrassed and then go back and talk about it over the weekend which he said did he with his wife and come back and say it's not me. he seems to be hanging on. howie, good to have you here tonight. >> good to see you. >> martha: coming up next, the world's richest man goes head to head with a tabloid that he says tried to extort him. now federal prosecutors are getting into this story. attorney mark breaks it all down right after this. ♪ ♪
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$135 billion at last check. explosive blog post came out last evening he laid out the bear intimate details of own extramarital affair in an attempt to turn the tablesz and expose what he says is the "national enquirer's" effort to blackmail him. bethesda pleciousd this alleged efail from one of the tabloid's editors who claimed to have possession of a cash of lured photos, can you see. so things listed here that bezos exchanged with his mistress, allegedly. why would the enquirer do this despite this is what they love to do? bezos claims it's for political reasons. he owns "the washington post" and has been a frequent target of president trump's. they have gone back and forth quite a bit. president trump says he is not covered fairly and jeff bezos says he is reports tonight indicate that federal prosecutors are now also getting involved here. joining me now mark, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. mark, good to have you here. does he have a case here for
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extortion and blackmail against the enquirer? >> he might if what he is alleging is true and can be proven extortion is not reserved for victimy from the mob threatening your family members unless you pay a certain amount of money. federal law has a much wider view of extortion. anyone who tries to obtain property of fear may be committing extortion. a statement claiming actions were not politically motivated and certainly the use of fear was involved could spell out extortion claim. >> so bezos had an attorney and investigating what was going on ami america media company that owns the enquirer. then they sent this letter. they wanted bezos to back off. so he gets this letter saying, look, we have all these pictures. let's settle this whole thing right here. >> right. >> martha: unlike most human being notice world, he said
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no. and published it all. here's a quote from john cassidy. >> martha, i love it because it's right out of alexander hamilton's playbook, right? he published his own sorted affair in the reynolds pamphlet. this guy is saying you are not going to extort me i will let everybody know about it and i will take away your power. i love it. >> martha: good for him. i think a lot of people feel that wait a minute new yorker a piece titled why the "national enquirer's" attempt to extort jeff bezos back fired. memo to the honchos at the "national enquirer," if you are going to threaten one of the richest men in the world by saying you have sexually explicit selfies of him and his girlfriend don't have the lawyer and editor put the threats in writing. >> that is rookie 101. for 26 years i have been trying to settle mini cases and there is always that hint of well, you know, there -- it could be deemed extortion so you watch your lang wham carefully.
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apparently they didn't their best argument is going to be well the lawyers drew it up and we were just going along with what they said. prosecutors may still not like that. >> martha: what it sells me and, you know, is that they probably, likely send letters like that all the time. and that it usually works out fine people settle and they pay quickly. >> ronan farrell is saying it happened to me cultural perspective how we look. a couple days before they were ready to break these stories about these initial text messages he then very publicly came out and said that he and his wife were splitting. it may have been prompted by the knowledge that this story was about to go public in a have big and ugly way. jeff wang who writes for the week. jeff bezos is among the 88% of american adults who have
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sexted. i don't know where she got that number but apparently that's the case that ceo sections is not news. in fact the existence of bezos' niewdz are not even particularly salacious in this day and age. what do you think about that? >> i'm an advocate for the first amendment. i give them wide latitude to publish a lot of the stuff that makes me cringe and i think is inappropriate. i draw the line on using those images to extort people if those people out there don't care about jeff bezos it's not about jeff bezos it's about all of us. we don't want this happening to us either. we have to lay down the hammer. >> martha: where do you think this goes before i let you go? >> where does it go? it went. he got his pound of flesh. ami looks really bad right now. although the executives say we are looking into it, they already came out and said we think what we did was legal. to me that's talking out of both sides.
4:18 pm
i think ultimately this all goes away. >> martha: they also have federal prosecutors looking at them. they were supposed to be under some new understanding of rules after the two women and the deal with, you know, squelching their story during the trump campaign. so, they are going to be looked at by the federal prosecutors as well in all of this. we will see where that goes. mark, great to have you. thank you very much. >> same here, thanks, martha. >> martha: you bet. coming up next acting attorney general matt whitaker said he didn't want his hearing to turn into political theater. oh boy. when we come back. ♪ ♪ >> mr. collins. >> you can go sit down there. you are not his lawyer. >> and neither are you. >> ask questions that are actually instead of running down there we could get this done. ♪ st to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop.
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>> mr. chairman, i see that your five minutes is up and so. [laughter] we -- i am here voluntarily. we have agreed to five-minute rounds and. [gavel] >> martha: that was just the beginning for acting attorney general matthew whitaker's contentious testimony on capitol hill today. democrats first at bat as majority on the committee wasted no time trying to nail down whether whitaker was acting actively against the mueller probe. >> you wouldn't oversee a witch-hunt, would you? you would stop a witch-hunt, wouldn't you? can you say right now mr. president bob mueller is honest and not conflicted? >> congressman, i'm not a puppet to repeat what you are saying. >> are you able to say it or do you not believe it. >> after this hearing you can spin the contusion all you want. as you sit here today you just have to answer a factual yes or no ye question. >> i'm asking a specific question.
4:24 pm
>> you have challenged my character. >> no, no, i'm asking you a question. i control this time mr. whitaker. if you want to ask the chairman for time of your own. this is my time. >> martha: wow, david bossie trump deputy campaign manager and fox news contributor and former speech writer to attorney general eric holder and loretta lynch. thank you, both, gentlemen for being here. jake, let me start with you. did you think they acquitted themselves well in there? >> i think that the democrats did some legitimate oversight that's been missing from this administration over the last two years. i don't think that acting attorney general whitcher acquitted himself very well. at one point somebody accused the democrats of selling his character which is a little ridiculous considering that the acting attorney general was previously the pitch man for fraudulent company that sold toilets and time machines. he didn't put his best food forward for sure. he didn't come in with the highest of expectations he certainly left having crawled under the bar that had been set for him. he didn't answer questions. he was angry. he lashed out at members of
4:25 pm
the committee at the chairman. it was a bad showing for him. but it was a really important example of oversight that this administration is going to have to get used to. >> martha: david? >> well, the politics of personal destruction are in full effect and jake just continued it just now. look, that's what they were doing. they were -- its would an assault of questions by the democrats who hate this president more than they love the country. they had no intention of trying to get answers to legitimate questions. this was a side show. it was a circus. and that's what this white house is going to be looking at for the next two years. jake is definitely right about that. and the -- by the way, the republicans better strap on their helmets and they better find their footing because this is just the first salvo. >> martha: it raises the question. i had trey gowdy on the other night he said if i were advising matt whitaker which he wasn't if i were asked i would tell him not to go. there is going to be a new attorney general in a matter of days. and it was pretty clear where this was going to
4:26 pm
head. this is a person who is leaving this position. so, what, exactly, what was the goal, do you think, jake? what were they hoping to achieve by trying to get him to admit that he was against the mueller probe when he really won't have any role, he will not be able to, you know, be effective in one way or the other with regard to the probe in a few days? >> well, the goal isn't getting him to admit anything. the goal is to get insight. >> martha: it isn't? come on. they definitely wanted him to admit that he was biased against the probe. that he thought it was a witch-hunt and that he had been actively trying to do what he could within his ability to -- you know, to leak information to get information out there about anything he knew. he said he hasn't seen the report. so how can you say that based on their questions that we just showed that that wasn't part of their mission today? >> i think that they were asking those questions because they wanted those answers. i don't think they are difficult questions. if the answers are things like i am -- you know, i am the person -- i am
4:27 pm
overseeing this investigation in a fair and reasonable way. i don't think those are difficult questions. they are only difficult if you are person who is matt whitaker who doesn't want to answer them. >> martha: i didn't say they were difficult questions. they were questions that appeared to have a pretty clear agenda. >> their questions didn't have a clear answer he didn't want to touch. >> the democrats didn't want their answers. didn't want matt whitaker's answers because those answers were i didn't speak to the president about this. i didn't impede mueller's probe at all. i was never involved in the decision-making of the mueller probe. those answers, which we have all believed to be true because we see the mueller probe is winding down. we're going to get a report which we hope will become public so that we, the american people, can see exactly what mueller was up. to say. >> martha: yeah. i mean, that's really what it comes down to here. you know, you have -- no one knows when this report is going to come out. but that's really going to be, you know, when the pedal hits the metal here, jake.
4:28 pm
when everybody gets to take a look at what exactly is in this report, right? then these questions won't really be necessary, i would imagine. >> certainly i think it's really important that the public get a look at this report. william barr who has been nominated to be attorney general hasn't said whether he would allow it to become public. that's a real problem. i definitely agree it should become public that people should be able to seat result of this probe. part of what we want to make sure of and part of what democrats are trying to make sure of is that this probe is being carried on appropriately and is not being impeded by the president or his staff any more than he has already admitted to doing that. >> martha: i have 20 seconds left. final thought, david? >> self-evident that matt whitaker said today very clear live he didn't talk to the white house. didn't talk to the president. didn't impede this investigation. that definitely came out even though the democrats on the committee were rude to him and didn't even allow him to answer fundamental questions. it was a ridiculous charade. >> martha: chairman nadler is going to bring him back possibly under subpoena to get answers.
4:29 pm
>> oh, please. >> martha: are the democrats vying for the president in 2020 feeling obligated to hop on board the green new deal? steve hilton next. ♪ ♪ >> and there's a lot of people now that are going back on the green new deal oh -- too expensive. oh, it's all of this. if we use to govern our dreams that way we would never gone to the moon. ♪ ♪ billions of mouths. billions of problems. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath oral rinse and lozenges. help relieve dry mouth using natural enzymes to soothe and moisturize. so you can... breathe easy,
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s ♪ >> martha: flags atop the white house lowered to half-staff to honor former congressman john dingell who died yesterday at the age of 92. he was the longest serving member of congress in u.s. history. his wife is democratic congresswoman, of course, debbie dingell. his parting words to the nation, quote: i now leave new control of the greatest
4:34 pm
nation of mankind. and pray god gist you the wisdom to understand the responsibility you hold in your hands. ♪ ♪ >> are you prepared to put on the table that, yes, actually, they're right. what this requires is massive government intervention. >> it does, it does. yeah. i have no problem saying that. >> martha: that was freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez with an admission that might give some politicians pause but it seems many 2020 democratic hopefuls were unfazed. >> i support a green new deal i will tell you why. climate change is an existential threat to us and we have got to deal with the reality of it. >> when the planet has been imperil in the past, who came forward to save earth? from the scourge of nazi and totalitarian regimes? we tame forward. >> martha: as axios points out today the bottom line any hesitation 2020
4:35 pm
candidates might have about embracing the proposal are simply overwhelmed by the near-term political backlash of getting on the wrong side of the progressive orbit ahead of these primaries. here now steve hilton, host of the next revolution. steve, good to have you with us tonight. >> hi, martha. >> martha: it's interesting, the stanford study i want to point out this one item before i get your response says that moving to 100 percent renewable energy system by 2050, which is part of this proposal requires a 13.4 trillion-dollar upfront capital investment. what do you say? >> well, that's what they don't want to talk about, which is the individual items in this plan. they don't want to talk about the detail. you heard it there they are all focusing on saving the planet and grandiose statements. when you actually look at the detail can you see how unserious this is. yet, they are all getting behind it. when you challenge them on it, when you point out that this will destroy jobs on a massive scale in oil and gas
4:36 pm
and fracking and air travel and space exploration and all these other areas that we lie on fossil fuel and will do for many, many years to come, regardless of what happens with technology. when you point all that out to them they just say oh, well, you don't care about the environment. yes we do care about the environment but we always care about jobs and living standards and our economy. and this proposal is just a complete joke when it comes to those things. >> martha: the premises that greenhouse gas emissions that cause the globe to warm anything north of 1.5 degrees celsius is about to plunge the country into a massive human and economic chaos that's in the coming years. that's what they are saying. they are saying we have to do all of these things because it's going to cost an enormous amount of money if the globe warms to this level that will cause all of this economic chaos. you don't agree with that? >> no. none of that is true there are studies that are shown that actually it's far cheaper to deal with the short-term consequences of
4:37 pm
climate change in terms of protecting against flooding and so on than it is to invest in these technologies which are so early. they are not ready yet. one day it may be the case with innovation and scientific advance that solar power, for example, is much more viable than it is today. we are a long way away from that today. we are nowhere near that for example when it comes to air travel which is one of the things they want to see ended within the 10-year period of this proposal. so it's just not realistic. it's not serious. but they don't care. because they just want to send a message that, as you said, they are on the right side of this argument on the green agenda. >> martha: yeah. but what cory booker is saying, senator booker is saying that you have to think big. we never would have gotten to the moon, for example, if we hadn't sort of laid out this very sort of hopeful marker and then you have to make adjustments along the way to figure out the practicalities that this is sort of a big dream. it's a big goal and that is
4:38 pm
what think are getting behind. they would say that you, you know, are going to look back on this moment and say that you were wrong. >> no, i agree about setting out a long-term vision. but this isn't that long-term. that's the problem with it. so, i'm all for saying, you know, let's make the transition to a cleaner energy future. but that transition is going to have to take an awful long time because the disruption in the meantime is going to hurt real people real families who work in those industries. the other thing i would say about what cory booker is saying and he really gives the game away here. because one of the other big problems of this plan he talks about fighting the nazis. that's the analogy they have here a war time effort. what they are talking about is a massive centralization of the economy commands economy of war time. >> martha: that's the whole deal. >> disaster in terms of making progress. >> martha: part of the whole deal. the centralization of the government to control this entire process and in that process they are saying jobs will be eliminated because there will be so much governmental control but don't worry even those who
4:39 pm
are unwilling to work they laid out in the early draft of this will get a government salary. everybody will work for the government. what does that sound like? >> again, this is just completely pie in the sky. they are not alone in thinking that there is a whole strand of thinking, a lot of it in silicon valley where i am speaking to you from all the tech people getting behind the idea of a universal basic income. people getting paid for a living regardless of whether they work or don't. >> martha: take so many people's jobs. they are trying to figure out how they are going to replace it? >> exactly. but none of this is realistic. and in the end, the bottom line is, that you have to have a strong growing economy to create the wealth to invest in these technologies of the future. if you are just handing out money and creating jobs from the government that won't happen. and so counter productive. they don't care about any of that because they want to send the message. >> martha: going to be a very interesting battle over this two years ahead as we
4:40 pm
toward the million election. great to see you as always. >> good sty, martha. >> martha: still ahead the all-star lady's panel tackles a surprising story about marriage and love and god between justin bieber and haley baldwin. but, first, our friends from john's creepy socks are here with a heart warming new initiative do not miss this next segment, folks, right back ♪ ♪ she's watching too, saying [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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>> martha: today is a very important day for an important campaign p.s. i love you day seeks to raise awareness for suicide prevention and awareness by spreading love and it is getting a big boost from one of our favorite people, from john's crazy socks who created empowering purple socks that read be proud of who you are on the bottom when you put your feet up. one dollar from each pair sold is going to be donated to fund the campaign. here now john cronin and his dad marco founders of john's crazy socks and very good friends of ours at the story. hi, john. >> hi, martha. >> how are you, good to see you. >> what about yourself? >> martha: i'm doing great. thank you very much. i'm doing great. >> thank you so much. >> martha: i love that you are wearing purple. can you tell me why, what is
4:45 pm
p.s. i love you about? >> p.s., i love you means you are not alone and you are loved. >> martha: that's a great message. and i know, mark, you said that you have friends who you have lost to suicide and that's the message you are not alone. >> it's a terrible tragedy. you lose somebody and what's left behind is heartache. so we have connected with brook who started p.s. i love you day after she lost her father. and the whole idea is to raise awareness that we are all struggling with some mental health. let's be aware of that, make sure people know, as john said, you are not alone and let people know they are loved. >> martha: and another way, john, that you are telling people that they're loved,
4:46 pm
besides these great socks which i know are going to be sold out by the end of this segment tonight, i guarantee it, is that you made a valentine that is also doing very well. >> yes. i want to show you the valentine card. i drew the heart. >> beautiful. >> martha: this one has my name on it thank you -- this is the first valentine that i have gotten this year and it makes me feel loved and not alone, too. and so that's important. thank you so much, john. john drew the picture on here this beautiful heart, and these have been selling really well, right? >> they have been. people like to get things that john makes. >> martha: they love things that john makes. if you don't follow john on instagram because he will make you happy every single time your face pops up into my incentral gram on my phone i get instant smile. tell me what you are going
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to do with the olympics and a new favorite sport that you have. >> right. >> martha: tell me about it. >> my sport is snow shoeing. >> martha: snow shoeing. >> it's really fun. because running -- actually, i practice tomorrow morning. i want to compete hard and i love snow shoeing. i work real hard. it feels good. i push myself and push myself and feels good. the main thing and i go games. win a medal.
4:48 pm
>> martha: win a state game. special division of the olympics. you will compete in the snow shoe races. special message for everyone. if you compete hard and work hard you feel really good. >> right. >> martha: right? >> give a shoutout, i want to give a shoutout tonight. >> martha: yeah. >> the special olympics, i am -- >> he has been to special olympics congress in new york. >> i'm a member of congress. >> martha: congratulations. have you done so many amazing things with your life and employing all these people at your business at john's crazy socks and everyone can get the p.s. i love you socks. thank you for my first valentine of the year. thank you so much. so happy to see you. thank you, john. good luck. okay? coming up next right here, don't go away, stick around. our ladies night panel is coming up on justin beesh's
4:49 pm
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but always discreet is less bulky. and it really protects. 'cause it turns liquid to gel. so i have nothing to hide. always discreet. ♪ one less lonely girl. >> martha: pop mega star justin bieber struggling god for helping him overcome sex edition. he saved sex this time around while dating wife haley baldwin until marriage. he, god, doesn't ask us not to have sex for him because he wants rules and stuff. he is like i'm trying to protect you from hurt and pain. i think sex can cause a lot of pain, he writes. sometimes people have sex because they don't feel good enough because they lack self-worth. women do that and guys do that. that from justin bieber. here now lady's night carley shimkus, lisa booth and
4:54 pm
carley. nice to have you here on the panel. >> thank you, happy to be here. the thing i found interesting. i'm glad that you mentioned this time around because they did only date for three months until they got married. they waited a whole 12 weeks. >> they met initially through their parents, his mom is a born again christian. so is her dad steven baldwin. and then they started dating again after they re-ran into each other at church. it does seem like they do have an honest, very nice bond through religion and they could parlay this into becoming great role models for kids trying to get those kids to go to church. >> lisa? >> i think it's beautiful. i think people like him and chris pratt who proudly and boldly walk through their faith it's something that's unique to hollywood. >> it really is. >> i have tremendous amount of fact that they proudly and boldly put it out there. that could help other people in hollywood and elsewhere around the country, perhaps, become christian because they see two people that
4:55 pm
they idolize who walk so proudly in their faith. i think it is beautiful. and, you know, he recognized that was an issue for him, sex. and so he restrained from that even prior to meeting her for a year and it became something that he stopped and waited until he got married. i actually think it's beautiful. >> it's pretty cool. >> i am the jew on the panel but i am in agreement that it is a nice thing to hear young people especially people that have had a pop star lifestyle talk about their faith and commitment. i think it's a good thing and to also, you know, he was sell bat for a year. he had dated haylee baldwin before that to the best of my knowledge. they had been together once before. >> we might have rushed getting married because they did want to have that physical relationship. i thought to myself. that's why people used to get married young. that's so old fashioned if someone was going off to war they would get married right away. >> so interesting we are talking about justin bieber
4:56 pm
who was 13-year-old teen heart throb and then he had this crash and burn. >> martha: lived a lot of lives already at 24 or whatever he is. >> his life kept on going down hill and he has people that have strong faith holding him up and he is choosing the right path. >> the reason why he wanted to get married so quickly they reconnected. upon reconnecting he realized you have been what i have been waiting for. >> awe. >> martha: that's sweet. then there is this guy who is an anti -- he doesn't want anyone to be born. he says he wishes that his parents had consulted him before he was born. and do you have a picture? there you go. oh, this is the mom. i must admire's my son's item merit to want to take parents to court knowing both of us are lawyers and if rafael could come up with a rationale explanation as to how he could have sought his consent to be born.
4:57 pm
i will accept my fault. this is a movement thinks the world will be bitter off without people. >> there he is with the -- >> fake beard i read. >> he wants his parents to pay him for the rest of his life because they never asked him consent to be born. >> nice move. >> rationale. i think it's crazy but also brilliant. mom and dad, pay for my cell phone bill. i didn't ask to be here. how millennial is that? this is why young people have a bad reputation. >> martha: they force us to work once we are born. >> this is the tide pod eating generation. >> this is our generation. >> but i think his mom's statement so at least they are having -- about it. i love the fact that she is like i would love for him to tell me how i could have sought his consent. >> she said i will crush him in court. >> it reminds me of,
4:58 pm
remember, the millennial living in his parent's house and his parents were suing to get him out. >> martha: we had him on. so pathetic. what a sad story. cocktail napkins that were distributed on flights by a coca cola. one side says because you are on a plane full of interesting people and, hey, you never know. and then the other side has a place where you can write your name and your phone number. we will go backwards, jess? >> i get why they had to yank these but i have a friend we were traveling from london to vegas. >> martha: people thought they were too forward. >> too creepy. my girlfriend saw a guy in another row wrote her name and number on cocktail napkin met up in vegas and dated for a few weeks once they got back to london. it did work. he married someone else and the napkin was involved. >> i had someone try to buy me a drink on a plane. i was going to a speaking.
4:59 pm
i didn't accept it. what's wrong with it? >> it worked out for my parents. they met on a plane. >> really? >> my mom was a flight attendant and my dad was a passenger. who knows it was in the 1980s. maybe she wrote her name down on a napkin, too. >> martha: anybody who thinks they will be coerced into promise execute by a paper napkin has some other things to worry about. the idea that like the old match book. >> dana perino and her husband met on a plane. >> saying i don't know if there is -- i am trying to remember basically encouraging the fact of talking to people? >> it does make sense. you are stuck there for hours. you are definitely around people. >> you might as well speed date while you are there. >> one napkin. >> has anybody ever been sat to next to someone who is handsome. >> i feel like the hottest guys usually fall asleep.
5:00 pm
>> martha: thank you, guys. good to have you all here tonight. that's the story on this friday night. have a great weekend, everybody. see you back here monday at 7:00. who knows who you might meet on a plane this weekend. tucker carlson is coming up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we expected a slow news output this evening. it's friday but that's not what happened. there's a torrent of it. if you are watching it from a restaurant have the bartender turn up the volume it's worth it. first we have new security footage that shows details of the fbi's pre-dawn raid on roger stone's house on south florida. three separate cameras captured all of it. from the moment that robert mueller's p.r. team from cnn arrived with a tripod to roger stone's arrest at gunpoint. you won't believe the t-shirt stone was wearing when they cuffed him. we're staying for that lunatics in the congress


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