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tv   Watters World  FOX News  February 9, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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and tyrus. levin"." [♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. a dumpster fire on the left. the media won't tell you, but the democrats had the worst week they have had in year. elizabeth warren busted for racial identity theft. this is a texas state bar admission registration card where she claimed her race was american indian. the former executive editor jill abramson is reportedly riddled -- rightled with
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plagiarism. >> the paragraphs are there are similar in your writing. do you have any comment on this? >> sure, you know, all i can tell you is, i certainly didn't plagiarize in my book. jesse: it makes you think what kind of operation was she running at the times all these years? and the media fact checkers are lying to you. the president at the state of the union said violent crime in el paso, texas dropped after the border wall was built. but fact checkers claimed the president lied. that's a total dishonest distortion of the fact. the media cherry picked from the time money was authorized until
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2011 to make it look like crime went up. but when the wall was completed in el paso in 2009. there were 3,300 violent crimes reported that year. and in 2016, 2,600 violent crimes reported. the fact checkers have become fake news. socialism on the rise. here is the president at the state of the union. president trump: america was founded on liberty and independence and not government coercion, domination and control. we are born free and we'll stay free. [cheers and applause]
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tonight we renew our resolve that america will #r
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democrats had a hell of a week. infanticide supporting socialists, all supported by the lying plagiarizing media. trump is going to feast on these people. here with reaction. republican congressman mark meadows. congressman, what did you think about my commentary at the top? >> you are spot on. we can laugh about it, but the american people need to sit up and take notice. the democrat party is shifting to the left, and they are serious about a lot of the things you were talking about. when we talk about getting rid of air travel in the united states and rebuilding every building -- jesse: it was a great reaction by the senator from hawaii. a democrat when she was asked
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about this. she said that's going to be a little bit of a problem for people living in hawaii. >> they will put a high-speed tunnel from los angeles to hawaii. we have gotten to the point where we see it as ridiculous. the american people sight as ridiculous. nobody on capitol hill is looking at this and taking it seriously, but they should. jesse: you are saying no one on capitol hill are taking it seriously, but believe three presidential candidates, cory booker, kamala harris, and elizabeth warren endorsed the new green deal. so i guess they are for abolishing air travel. and my favorite is free income for those unwilling to work. >> there are a whole lot of people if they could get a paycheck and not have to go to work. i think they would opt for that.
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>> i love work, i think you ought to be paid according to the effort you put fourth. kamala harris, senator harris. she wants to come after your insurance, private insurance, your guns, now they are saying well we want to come after your airplanes, your money, your buildings, what else is next? jesse: you mentioned buildings. think want to -- they want to upgrade or knock down every single building in the united states. in new york city it takes three years to get a permit to build a new building. i don't see how they can do it all across the land. >> they can't do it across the land. it's ludicrous to say that. they are talking about doing this in the next 10-15 years. where are they going to get the money from? jesse: one of the people supporting this said we can just
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print money, congressman. like zimbabwe did. $1 is worth $3 trillion of their currency. >> when we take a grocery bag of dollars to buy bread, they will understand. like venezuela, socialism sounds like a good idea, but then you get to are there enough rabbits to feed the people. jesse: we want to walk our dogs in america, not eat them. they say they want to eventually abolish cow flatulence. that means they are coming after our hamburgers. >> there is a lot of the bull on capitol hill. getting rid of some of that cow would be okay. they are coming after your money
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and now your cows. america should take notice. there are people here in washington, d.c. who are dead serious about putting forth this extreme agenda and making sure they take their money and give it to someone else. jesse: it's soviet communism. and the trump white house must be licking their chops to run against these people in 2020. >> they are. when you look at the extreme nature of what they are putting out there, that's why this president does so well. he connects to the union worker in ohio and the farmer in the midwest. he knows what makes this country work. it's hard work, sweat and tears and obviously he supports them. jesse: president trump receiving thunderous applause from one person in particular at this week's state of the union. nancy pelosi. watch this.
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president trump: we must reject the politics of revenge, resistance and retribution and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation, compromise, and the common good. [applause] jesse: body language expert tanya ryman joins me. >> what she did was intentional. she got close to him, as close as she could. she tilted her head and put on that smirk and clapped as loudly as she could. it was a powerful aggressive clap. jesse: waits sarcastic or did -- was it sarcastic or did she
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believe what the president said about coming together? >> it was sarcastic. she was saying i'm stronger than you think i am. jesse: the president said we are in great shape. listen. president trump: the state of our union is strong. [cheers and applause] jesse: what i found interesting. when the president says something he knows is going to land, he steps back then looks around like this. you notice pence clapped and nancy stayed seated. >> he does do that. but he looks primarily to his base. he pulls away from the podium then he faces who he knows will
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give him the bigger applause. then he lifts his chin up. he doesn't bother look at the democrats because he knows they are not standing. that's an anchoring movement. he anchors his possible you tough and when he thinks it's about bad things, he anchors it towards the people who don't like him. jesse: i'm going to start anchoring my positives. we'll go to another moment when i think all the democrat ladies in white got some love. president trump: we also have more women serving in congress than at any time before. jesse: what do you think? >> this was powerful for two reasons. people want to get rid of nancy. but she was the one who got
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those people up. jesse: did she get them up? >> that was her. but more importantly donald trump didn't realize -- the face is like an emotional transmitter. so he didn't realize initially. but that was mocking. the emotional transmitter facing expression took a few seconds. then he turned around and said thank you. because he has to save face. but that was truly against him and a lot of people didn't get that either. jesse: i'll be emotionally anchoring all weekend. thank you very much. taking a closer look at celebrities in black face. wait until you see the list. o.j. simpson back on the scene talking politics.
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jesse: virginia's top three officials, all democrats standing their ground as they are swept up in controversy.
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governor northam dressed up in black face. the lieutenant governor has been accused of sexual assault and the attorney general admits he once more black face at a college party. are people calling them to step down or do they want them to stay? ladies, wendy, we'll start with you. i know what's going on here. it is an identity politics press roll you have wrapped yourselves into. you have the white governor, the black lieutenant governor, if he steps down you have another white democrat in black face. so if the lieutenant governor steps down and you replace him with a guy who was in black face, that will make the black people angry. and if you let the lieutenant
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governor stay, that will make the women angry. >> virginia is in a pressing. it's nothing the democrats did per se. i always say racism is an american problem. jess require's a democrat problem. >> we have had other issues in virginia that has not been a democrat problem. jesse: we are talking about black face, but i get your point. what are you calling them to do? >> i am asking they step down. jesse: all of them? >> i believe the a.g. as well as the governor should step down. jesse: and you want the black lieutenant governor accused of sexual abuse to be governor? >> i want the claims substantiated. >> it's funny when you see democrats being racist. then racism is an american
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problem. and when there is a racial issue on the republican side it's a deep rooted issue with racism in the republican party. jesse: would you forgive any of these democrats for being in black face, or is it something they can't recover from and they have to resign immediately. >> i don't think it's something they can't recover from. we were on here. i was with you when we talked about roseanne when the whole incident happened with her. i feel in situations like this we lose the opportunity to have a learning experience. i think people realize black face is bad. but when we have the opportunity to tell them why it's bad, they just don't get it. i think it's crazy these people were in black face. that yearbook was when he was 25 years old. jesse: this is a learning experience on. "watters' world" as it always
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is. these comedians and entertainers. we had ted danzen in black face. there he is. that's pretty outrageous. you had jimmy kimmel dressed up karl malone. i am a big karl malone fan. i can't believe you can even find this online. jimmy fallon was chris rock at one point. does it make a difference when it's a celebrity in an entertainment capacity? >> it doesn't make a difference. we do not know as a country that black face is bad. if we did, people wouldn't do it. people only admit black face is bad once they get caught. honestly what you hear from people is they say, i was not trying to make offense. i was trying to represent a
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culture. >> if wendy thinks that the governor and the a.g. should resign for being in black face, what do you think should happen to the celebrities? >> i think there should be ramifications. they can't resign. jesse: no more late-night shows? >> i was watching jimmy kimmel do karl malone. the most of offensive part of it wasn't him being in black face, it was the black voice he used in that affectation. jimmy kimmel, sara silverman has done black face as well. so you never see that outrage from the public. jesse: i think robert downey, jr. was in black face. what was that movie? "prop i can thunder." juan williams was on the five.
8:22 pm
he said when the celebrities and entertainers were doing it, they liked the people that they were imitating in black face. they were fans of karl malone and fans of chris rock. he got into the intent. >> it's not about the intent. everyone knows the history of black face making fun of african-americans and stereotypes. just opposed to african-americans as being lazy and is more rant. black face represents that. it does not matter what the intent is, it's wrong. >> and i agree with you on that. i think people just don't know. there are so many people i talk to -- i think people don't know the history behind black face and how it has been used to dehumanize african-americans. and how these things come up again, again and again. and when this happens we don't go into the conversation to understand why it's so hurtful
8:23 pm
to african-americans and black people. i don't want to miss that moment this time because i think this is a teachable lesson. jesse: i think your mom would be proud because you didn't yell at anyone. jesse: coming up. chris christie makes his first splash into. "watters' world." who's right and whose wrong. "watters' world" is debuting new segment. don't miss it. [♪] to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal?
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[♪] todd: i'm todd piro. it's official. elizabeth warren is running for president. she made the announcement at a rally in her home state of massachusetts. she is facing another scandal over her claims of native american heritage. "the washington post" reports she identified as an american indian on a texas bar application in 1986.
8:28 pm
overseas protesters deadly in haiti demanding the president resign. stoning his home and clashing with police. it's the third straight day of demonstrations over corruption and economic mismanagement. i'm todd piro. now back to. "watters' world." piro. now back to. "watters' world." [♪] >> sit down and shut up. >> get the hell off the beach. it's 4:30, you maximized your tap. get off the beach. on top i can. next question. a thousand things i will do tonight. going to dinner with you is 1,0001. sit down and be quiet or get out. we are done with you. jesse: that's the chris christie everybody remembers from back in
8:29 pm
the day. in 201 he ra -- in 2016 he ran r president. now he has written a book with his insight into the trump presidency. jesse: i used to get drunk with my friend and watch you on youtube as you would lay people out. >> you are entertaining. i love your show. jesse: i actually read this thing. >> i will be able to tell right away. jesse: i skipped the new jersey part and went straight to the 2016 campaign. you went after marco rubio hard. a famous moment of the campaign was when you got him so number o flummoxed he was repeaght himself. obama knows exactly what he's
8:30 pm
doing. he wants america to become more like the rest of the world. we don't want to be like the rest of the world. we want to be the united states of america. >> that's what washington, d.c. does. the drive-by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information, then the memorized 25-second speech. that is exactly what divide this nation. jesse: the crowd loved it and he repeated the same line three more times. do you guys talk after that. you guys are friends? >> yes. we are fine. after marco had his debate for his senate seat that he ran for reelection for. he said by the way, thank you. i said why? he said i did great in my debate last night and all i was thinking about what you did to me in february and i wouldn't let anybody do that to me again. marco unwe were competing -- we were competing with each other.
8:31 pm
and i did way thought i needed to do. jesse: you got some big poll numbers in ham already. in -- numbers in new hampshire. then you endorsed donald trump. >> we want to fort worth. the night he was having a debate in houston. i remember we kept it so quiet, no leaks. when we walked into that room you are showing on the air, a reporter saw me walk into the room with trump and said, oh, my god. but here is what i knew. i knew he was going to be the nominee. i endorsed him before anybody. he was my friend at that you point for 15 years. plus i campaigned against him. my job i thought was to endorse him and make him the best candidate he could be because we did not want hillary clinton to be president of the united states.
8:32 pm
jesse: then moving on to the fall and the "access hollywood" tape drops. >> i think we were all stunned and worried and concerned. the one thing i said to the then candidate at the time was, is it over? i said no, because you are running against the single worst presidential candidate in my lifetime. he went into that debate sunday night and dealt with the issue, and he really performed well in that debate. that turned momentum and now we have donald trump as president. jesse: there is controversy about you in the second debate. there are people in the campaign who said chris christie had the opportunity to fly with the jet with the team to go with the teamen you decided that morning not to go, and people thought that was disloyal. >> that's steve bannon making
8:33 pm
stuff up. saying either you are on the plane or you are off the team. i'd called that morning and said, listen. i'm only elected official here. you haven't yet answered these questions. if i go there they will be all or me to answer those questions. the same reason i didn't go on sunday morning shows before the debate. the president knew full well i wasn't going. 10 minutes it was over. he said i won the debate because of you. you are the best debate preparer i have ever seen. will you run the debate prep for debate number three. i was there and on election tonight i was in his apartment with he, melania and baron and the rest of the family watching election results. it was an amazing night. no one thought it was going to happen when the exit polls came in showing hillary clinton was
8:34 pm
going to win 350 electoral votes. down the street at trump tower there was a lot of consternation. he was one very happy man that night. jesse: you were in the running for i believe it was attorney general and maybe another cabinet position. and you were also in charge of the transition. now chris christie is writing books and he's not in the white house. what happened? >> i was in the running for vice president and it came down to me and pik -- mike pence and he selected pence. i was in the running for attorney general. jesse: imagine if chris christie was a.g. >> there would be no bob mueller. two days after the election i started writing the book. steve bannon called me in and fired me as head of the transition.
8:35 pm
i said who's doing is it? he said it's the kid. he has been taking an ax to your head ever since i got here. ancient bitterness. it goes back to 2004 when i prosecuted jared's father. 12 years later, once you knew your father had committed the crimes and your father pled guilty. admitted to the crimes, what else was i supposed to do as a prosecutor, turn my head and walk away? in the end, we are suppose to be serving the president. and throwing six months of transition work out. the president is still trying to recover from that. a lot of people got picked for jobs that had no business being
8:36 pm
there and served the president poorly. jesse: governor, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me on. coming up. our new segment, "who's right and who's wrong?" your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself, with align probiotic. and try align gummies, with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health with my bladder leakage, the products i've tried just didn't fit right. they were too loose. it's getting in the way of our camping trips. but with a range of sizes, depend® fit-flex is made for me. with a range of sizes for all body types, depend® fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit.
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8:41 pm
confusion about tribal citizenship and tribal sovereignty and for sharp caused. i'm also sorry for not being more mindful of this decades ago. i'm not a member of a tribe. >> are you dropping out of the race? jesse: bye, warn. diamond and silk, this is really bad. >>it is bad. i don't think she should drop out. but she ain't going to win no way. a little lie turns into a big lie. remember when the woman who claimed she was african-american? and turned out to be white? she should embrace and who she is so she can stop lying to the
8:42 pm
public. jesse: she is white. look in the mirror. she is pale. her name is elizabeth fleming warren. i had my dna tested. i'm .1% black. i'm more black than she is indian. >> silk is more indian than she is. jesse: that's what got liz warren in trouble with the cheekbones. o.j. simpson was talking about roger stone talking about the fbi who used brutal tactics at his house early in the morning. sheer is the juice. >> 5:00 in the morning. they were traumatizing my friends. for nothing. they were wrong. you never heard another word by the after the media made a big
8:43 pm
deal out of it. the fbi can be wrong. but to try to compare it to el chapo and bin laden. bin laden was carried out in a bag. not handcuffs. man up. stop crying. jesse: when o.j. tells you to man up, i say whatever you say, o.j. >> maybe o.j. should go and squeeze himself. maybe he should man up and continue to do the rest of his years in prison instead of out walking around. roger stone, i thought it was excessive what happened to him. agents walk up to his house, bum rushing his house and arrest him it was a waste of taxpayer money. he pleaded not guilty. so let this go to a trial and be judged by a jury of his peers.
8:44 pm
jesse: do you remember this scene from mary poppins? okay. so the new york now claiming mary poppins is racist because they had soot on their faces during the chimney sweep. >> why do we allow them to manipulate our language. our tv shows are racist. now disney movies are racist. this is crazy. but i didn't see them mentioning anything about jimmy kimmel dressing up in black face or joy behar dressing like a beautiful african-american woman. i wish the left would stop making everything racist.
8:45 pm
it's getting out of control. that "mary poppins" movie was not racist. >> racist is when a person thinks they are more superior than another group of people. stop calling everybody racist. you are not understanding what the definition is. jesse: you remember what the "new york times" called black face when the democrat had it on. they called it dark makeup. they are always trying to shade something one way. what was elizabeth warren's middle name? herring. i said fleming. catch them on the chit-chat tour. who is right and who is wrong? that's next.
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no. just... looking. [♪] jesse: last week's super bowl pretty boring, including with the halftime show. though many people are up in arms over adam levine's shirtless performance.
8:50 pm
why is it okay to see adam levine's boobs and not janet jackson's? do we think there is a double standard with male nudity? jesse: joining us carley shimkus. in my opinion, is it okay for men to take their shirts off in public? when is it okay and when is it not okay. >> it depends on the situation. i'm a proponent of -- did you see all the #metoo stuff that came out. i think it's hilarious. jesse: you like fat guys when they take their shirts off? you think that's okay? >> i think it's hilarious. jesse: you are making fun of fat guys. >> i'm not making fun of them.
8:51 pm
they are making fun of themselves. i cannot believe that this not only was a question after the super bowl halftime show that it actually went viral. people were outrages talking about there being a double standard with men and women. that's when you know things are going well in this country when you are outraged by adam levine being topless. i didn't like the fact that he took his shirt off during the super bowl halftime show. i thought it was cringe worthy. the california tattoo above his belly button. >> that would really hurt, right? or tickle. jesse: is it appropriate for men to take their shirts off in public? not including the beach or jogging. just generally. we'll ask you guys, then we'll report next week.
8:52 pm
this is the next topic. when cities win championships such as boston, new england, they win the championship. there are some brawls going out on the street. is it okay when cities riot a little bit? the eagles -- >> a little bit? do you remember what happened last year? people were burning couches and flipping cars. that's not okay. i will never understand why people get destructive after a win. >> that's exactly way was going to say. you should be happy, you should be celebrating. you shouldn't be rioting. jesse: it's exuberance. they are destroying property because they are happy. men like to break things. >> in the first segment we
8:53 pm
established there is a difference between men and women. men go to destruction and crazy town. >> i was so excited to meet carley, she is tall and more beautiful than i am. but i'm not going to beat her up. jesse: ladies, please don't fight. we can't have that on. "watters' world." have you guys ever been on an airplane waiting to take off and someone loses it and has to get hogtied. >> we were on the same plane the other day, i think that was you. jesse: what is your mood if you are a fellow passenger and you see someone going bananas. >> it's a topic of conversation. >> do you take your phone out or try to intervene. >> phone out.
8:54 pm
not intervening. >> do you try to wrestle them away? is it equal to the first. jesse: she is angry because she has been waiting on the plane for a long time. why make a scene? you are not going anywhere. jesse: if you are next to them, what's the mood. do you sit quietly and try not to get injured? >> i went on an elevator in my building and there were two dogs fighting. i still have a scar on my hand. because the dogs bit me when i reached down there. >> stay out of it or intervene. i will be a hero, i will intervene and i will videotape. i wear many hats. jesse: whose right and who's
8:55 pm
wrong. we'll let the audience decide. the five things you didn't know about me. get ready up next. this is not a bed.
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jesse: time for "last call." people seem to think they know a lot about me since they see me on tv. but i'll bet you didn't know this. i used to play the flute. and you probably don't think i had any talent because you have sign my dance moves. by was really good. and if you want to know more about me. head over to fox news for the five things you didn't know about jesse watters.
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and remember i'm watters and this is hide world. [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. and thanks for making "justice" number one last weekend. let's go for it again tonight. trump 2020 seen year advisor, lara trump is standing by. and dan bongino, gregg jarrett, john solomon, dana lash and much more. we are reaching a turning point that will forever determine our future.


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