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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  February 10, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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of material. thank you for watching, join us next sunday. next revolution will be coming up. ♪ >> hello america, i am mark levin. this is lifeis, liberty and lev. fred dryer. gate to have you. >> how are you. >> i feel like i know you, i have watched you play football. you are a broadcaster, and a conservative. a grit combination.
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-- great combination. i don't start from the beginning, you are a great football player, you started with the giants for a few years, then the other coast, l.a. rams, defensive end. any other? >> that is it. >> you are 6-6, what is your heaviest. >> i never played a game of football over 228 pounds. >> 228, do you think you could have a line man today 228, they are fast. >> yeah. >> tough. >> you would have to be on a special nickel package. >> meaning unlikely? >> you know linebackers today 6-4, 240, they are fast. and so i probably would fit in there somewhere. >> you were really good, i remember watching, the l.a. rams. >> thank you. >> and l.a. rams were good, they never got to the super bowl. >> we did. >> you never won. >> we got beat by pittsburgh in
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79. >> we were talking before the program, i asked if you have any injuries, you are doing well, in good shape, 215. you stan like a rod, but a lot of your colleagues are not in great shape, they got whacked good with concussions, you is ---several. >> i have 7 recorded conkukes cs that i know of. >> it is a problem. >> very big problem. right now, fundamentalling and techniques of engaging the ball carrier, and bringing them to the ground is lost. if you take that out of football, you don't have football. >> what do you mean by that? rules are not helpful. >> they are not taught. you know, a title ix years ago in college, coaches said, you
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know how to tackle, get the guy on the ground, quit monkeying around with it, if you get the ball out that is great. we have other things to do. they spend more time on different parts of the game. than they do actual with the fundamentals and teaching you how to engage the ball carrier, they don't find value in it guess, as time and generations change you have new commissioners and new coaches, and new owners. and the sport has changed to where my amazement, you don't have any conversation went associated with the sport that legitimately concerned that you are losing the sport. if you lose the ability to engage the ball carrier, and bridg--bring him to the ground,u don't have a sport, that is what they are on the verge of doing.
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>> the fundamentals. like people don't talk a lot about the line, i don't want to spend a lot of time on last sunday, but you indicated before the show, that game was won on the line, what did you mean. >> well, the line of scrimmage regardless of who the receivers, running backs, quarterback, coach, owner. is regardless of where you play, the surface, all comes down to the guys at the line of scrimmage. that is where you break your open op's will. that is -- opponent's will, that is what the sport is about, i have an hour, i am going to break your will, and i'm going to do it by beating up your big guys, watch. that is what it is about, different ways of presents it doing it, preparing for it to have it tell scaft. telecast. different ways of pro cents the sport to -- pro senting the
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sport to a viewing public. in 81 when i left the rams, i worked the remainder of that year, i had 12 games for cib ass a colla color come 8 state -- e commentator. i would explain to the people what i thought was going to happen, i would use instant replay to back up, if i was right or wrong. in super bowl last week all you heard was a bunch of blabbing that does not fit any of visuals they set up, they say great things, i know what they're talking about. i said okay good now show it. now back it up. come out of the commercial and back up what you said clever, smart, back it up with the
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visual, so we know what you are talking about. >> let me ask you. super bowl was won the line, most of these game are big games are won on the line. a lot of coaches may not realize that does belichick realize it? he does? >> he -- it you take a look at what he did to the rams. he had two weeks to work against that offense. the game came down to the line of jim -- line of scrimmage, ja jared goff spent half of his pass plays throwing off his back foot, he was out of sorts the whole game. the presnap look that g.o.p gofs getting was confusing. he is not used toking put on --
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to being put on his back on the ground, he ran away out of the pocket, when do you that against a team that can run, you have problems. he is a terrific young quarter back. i looked at that game as a setback for the organization for the head coach, sean mcvay. who is a good coach. but he ran into a buzzsaw, he got breath at the line of scrimmage. >> just quickly, belichick, won of the great coaches, whether people like him or not. >> clearly. >> and brady. greatest quarterback ever? >> i'm going to say, probably yes? >> he seems to read defenses and very fast. >> well, yes. that whole sport, see one thing romo was a pla play-by-play guy. he is good, i wanted to know --
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i wanted to be in goff's head as a viewer. i wanted romo to tell me, here is what is going on and why. >> and brady? what was go through his head. >> let me finish this one point. jared goff glazed over by the second quarter. he -- had a distance look in his eye, he was not self awear. he was swel self conscious. >> do you call that choking. >> you can put any tag you want. but he was punched. and he was in trouble the whole game. as was the whole team, they played good defense, the rams, they confused brady a little bit. and as far as brady goes, not only is he just so sharp, he knows what he wants to do. has the ability to manipulate
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the defense to get what he wants. >> remarkable, i must say from my perspective, as a pedestrian of your -- as a viewer, it was boring, but as you explain it, fighting in trenches it would have been different. >> they don't show you the game, that is what is frustrating. >> and knee taking? a lot less of that and ratings are picking up because people are saying okay there is less of that. gladys knight, magnificent, national anthem. >> she great. >> what about those who took knees before? where do you come down on that. >> ear is wha here is what -- hs what is interesting, kaepernick a couple years ago takes a knee. if i am the owner of the 49er, i take service elevator, i go to the field, i ask him what are you doing, i am protesting white police officers killing black people, i say
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good, leave the field, take your stuff off. wait for me until the game it over with. here is what we'll do, we'll "meet the press" together. you see, it is important for the franchise to support their quarterback, that is the face of the franchise. as witness the schupe schuper bowl, you top -- the super bowl, you want to give kaepernick plenty of opportunity to articulate his actions. he was never interviewed after that, we never heard from him, ever. we don't want what his complain was. we heard it in aiwa that said that you know -- in a way, that said he was upset because there was such racism. there was -- by the way there was a com comment made that wasl hilarious, said we're going to
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kneel until someone solves this race issue. he will be there a long time, i would have taken him off the field, not be a spectical, i would have fuse the cameras to -- refuse the cameras to continue on to him. the fans, franchise, they pay a lot of money to watch. the main issue is. here it is. it is up to the franchise to cultivate the quarterback for the reason that are obvious. but you want your quarterback to be the leader of the franchise. you want him to be the head of the fra franchise. i want my quarterback to be able to articulate specifically what he wants. >> but not on the field. >> not on the field. >> that is a football game. >> let's go to face the press.
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>> do you think he would have said that is okay. >> who knows, i think reason he is not in football, kaepernick is not in football, the league realizes he is not a leader, he did not handle that worth a darn, you know. i fell sorry for the guy, honestly, high was troubled -- he was troubled by something, i wanted to hear from him, i wanted the organization to be in control. >> i want to be clear, you say there is a place and time for fr everything, you can do it but not on the football field. >> of course. if i am the owner, call him, how can i help you, what is it you want to say, let's go to this room. talk about it articulate. he could not do that. >> when we come back, i want to talk about how you got into acting and have you always been a conservative, what does that mean you to, how do you think
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>> fred dryer, you are a conservative, i want to get into that but first. make the transition from football, great football player, to acting. you have this long running series, i used to watch that show, i love that show. >> how. >> how did you get into that? >> well, i was drafted by the giant in '69 out of san diego state. it doesn't take very long to realize you can't play that sport too long. >> you played 1 13 years,. >> i always joke i played 12 too many.
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but true, 1 you get absorbed in it. then it is like, what is next. i have always gone been a fan of movies, one incident that occurred, we plays jets in shea stadium in '74, we flew back to l.a. and i could not sleep, i turned on tv there it was gene hackman, i like gene hackman. i said, you know, why do i like that guy? what is he doing? what sudden he doing? -- what is kno isn't he doing? i was cleariu curious about thef acting. i wanted to know more, i wanted to get more into it, i found a acting coach, nina fost we
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became great friends, i was still able to make a living playing football while makings transition out of that culture to acting. and it worked out great for me. so when i left the rams in '81, i went on my own. it was a daunting fact. i remember driving up the 405 freeway up to hollywood, to read for a show. and i realized, this is it. you know. this is going to be my life. now. reading for stuff, trying to get jobs. it was exciting, but yet it was ververy indim dating -- intimidating, i had a good acting coach, i was prepared, it was exciting, new, i got lucky, i got a couple shows.
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i made friends with the network, network said we are going to try to find something for you. i g got cheers. and it was a shot at me getting that job. ted danson got it. and he was great at it. shelly long. and it was those types of things that nbc grant tinker at the time, said, we have to get him into a show. and it was great. i was being looked after. >> hunter starts in 1984, ends in 19 know 1991, a big time shou were detective shan sergeant hu. were you surprised you got it?
10:21 pm
are you surprised it last the so long? >> by the time i aren't to read for it -- by the time i went to read for it, i said i'm this guy, knowing it. just a matter of fact. if they see it or not. for whatever reason. but, i walked into those meeting rooms, i must have read for 50 people. 5 times. before someone said. >> you said read, they hand you something and you read it. >> they send new corridor with all these pages, they say, get up on your stuff, we'll let you know what you want so come in. and actors are lined up outside, mumbling through their pages, they call you in, there is a room barely their side of the stage with 30 people. >> do you have to memorize it while you stand in line. >> yep, that is of off script.
10:22 pm
>> i don't think i could do that. >> that is what you go to school for you. >> were picked in. >> i was picked. >> how did you hear about that? they call you up, send a note? >> this case. was they call you. you go out, you read. then i called my agent, i said, i think i did pretty well, they said, we'll get back to you, a couple hours later, they said, they want you to come back tomorrow. so how they put shows together, they get down to 2 or three people they get more people in the room for a cross section of a decision they make, they just wittle it down, they brought in brian de denahy to play the villain. we are big guys.
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and you could see it was interesting, physicality in the room. you know, i am keen to that. but it was my football background or whatever it might be, but when you are in a room with people, if you start moving a little bit, you can control the room. >> 7 years. do you miss it? did you enjoy it. >> i enjoyed the show tremendously. it really helped my life, and helped you know helped my confidence going forward. i knew it wasn't a fluke. the ratings were there, the network liked my, fans me more personally. so i had a great opportunity there. i'm still doing stuff. but it is same as football, i
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was there 3 or 4 years, thin i started -- then i started to want to look at that. >> when we come back. i want to talk abou why you wano i want to talk abou why you wano take a look and what that is.
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for 2020 getting more crowded by the day. minnesota senator amy klobuchar announced her candidacy today. she touted the success of her last senate campaign where she was popular in urban, suburban and rural areas across dozens of counties * trump won in 016. lindsey vonn has skied her last race. she won a bronze medal in the down hill in sweden's world championships. i'm lauren greene. . >> fred dryer, football. acting. you are broadcasting now.
10:29 pm
but you are conservative, which i want to explore with you, were you always conservative? did you not know you were a conservative? when did you decide you wanted to be more outspoken about it. >> i have always been conservative, i defined it as embracing truth and reason. and as i got older, i realized -- >> that is ai air -- yes. >> i realize political entities, probably republican party is best for me. to look to see what they are saying, not that i was eager to join. to be a part of it. i was very skeptical, i don't like joining stuff. >> i'm with you. >> i don't want to say i'm a
10:30 pm
democrat, a talk to these people all of the time, i'm a democrat so what, can you think for yourself, what do you think, give me your opinion, well we -- forget it. i thought that republican party meeting the best place for me to find a conversation. not to get a republican badge. to be invited to a you know a luau some place, i got to the feeling that my interests politically were based on those that believed as i did. i wanted to talk to like-minded people. not that you know, i have a political ebb and flow to the things i believe in, it is just that 2 and 24, is 4, it is not ,
10:31 pm
it will not be 5 any time soon, so don't ask me to pretend we'll have a conversation with group therapy. >> you decided you are going to be a republican. during reagan's presidency? >> when reagan was governor of california. this is what when i was in college, in 67, '68, i was attracted to him and things he said, he went to cal berkeley one day and got up on the steps of the administration, and told these punches t punks to get bao class. once a politician now breaks the wall of being you know talking to me in a stern, parental way, i want to say wait, i want to hear more about what he says. i met him, and maureen was
10:32 pm
running for office in los angeles, she invited me to come down to the rally, i did, and her dad showed up, he say so great to see you, we talked about the rams and great games, and so on, it of great to meet hymn. him. but for most part. >> you liked him? >> his common sense, reasonable. not unlike trump. i like trump initially because he was combo composite -- he was common sense and reason, he was a self-made guy, you have to be doing something to put a hole n the ground on fifth avenue and put a building up there there are helicopters lands there all of the title, people coming in and out and that is one building, this guy made a livelihood out of able to do, that i don't see any other politician in my lifetime with those accomplishments, those
10:33 pm
qualify him in my book as being ready for the office of the presidency. now, is he crazy? then that is another thing. is he rude? that is another conversation. the fact is, i don't care. i had coaches that i did not like, i had coaches that i argued work i had coaches that are comp at the presen compitens why i played for them. >> have you met him. >> i have not met him. >> i'll tell you, i have met reagan and i have met trump. while they have different approaches. they both have strong charisma, principles and car courage, i tk that is why so many people what likeratio reagan, to many like .
10:34 pm
i will pursue this more when we come back. you can join us calling us 844-levin-tv or contact us. we'll be right back. this is not a bed.
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10:39 pm
people out there are thinking but politicians don't say. it drives politicians nuts and media friends nuts. >> as if he says, i have 8 years, to put a building in that hole. i'm goto ding to do -- i'm going to do it i'm not going to tolerate people stopping me, that building should be there, i'm putting it up. to get that building there, you have to be truthful, you have to have reason and common sense, you have to be factual. have you a budget. have you a time frame. this is the job that i have accepted. this is the job that i am going to perform for the people. they elected me to do it i'm going to do it. >> i issu -- my issue with donad trump, he talked a lot about the swamp, okay, he has been in
10:40 pm
office for a few years, i have not heard any information coming back to us, to me. about what the swamp is, who is in it, what does it look like, what is the shape of it, where can i get information on it? here is what i wish he would do. i wish he would get rudy guliani, and he would go down the hall to where rudy guliani put up the dossiers of the 5 families, he declared an all out war on the mafia families of new york, he put them up. he, this is what he did, my rookie card, my rookie card, there is he, on the back, the perpertinent information. if he would put up a picture of 535 elected officials with a
10:41 pm
little bit about each one, how much money have they taken since they have been in office, who have they taken it from? what is the lineup of how they voted? so far forth and so on. and exploited who the people a are. also show the lobbyists who they are. how much money they are giving, who are they in business with. cross pollen -- the swamp is washington, here is the swamp this is crony capitalism, this is the cross breeding of what has been going on. this is theti big business they hit trump interrupting, people voted for trump, they don't like, that the powers that be, the elites don't like that trump
10:42 pm
has a relationship with the american people that individual parties, don't. and clintons are finished. and if they would have hired -- if trump had hired a better attorney general, who would not recuse himself, by the way, he had to know he was going to recuse himself, he took the job anyway. that is unconscionable on sessions part. if they would have brought in right attorney general, people would be in jail now, a two year head start, he would have been able to do, keep his world to american people, trump has been great keeping his word to mornintoamerican people, i willr him again, i think he will be one of the greatest presidents that we have. >> the cards would appeal to younger people. >> it is great, you can imagine
10:43 pm
rudy guliani in there in front of the press, showing people this is the gambino family, here is the -- d go right down the list, they version of, get the press there how easy it so to investigate people. >> let me can about that, the press really has double standards here. are they going to investigate people who are trying to push trump out of office? people who are attacks the president. who want to investigate the president and his family, look at this thing in virginia. a guy ran for governor, he was lieutenant governor, he is the governor. they have a yearbook woo with a photo full klansman shut shoot.
10:44 pm
the other guy with a full black face, and they are looking -- you have media endorsing these democrats, who run for office. treat kavanaugh and trump differently. i don't see the media, cards or no cards really doing a heavy duty investigation of trump's onizukaopponents. >> well, whether that happens or not, point, he has done the work to put it on the board. >> for the rest of us. >> anybody can go in that room, the beauty is, such great overwhelming visual aid to say, you want know about the crony "kcalcroncapitalists, he is tal, he is not trying to convince the press of this is what i find out, that is the swamp i have been telling you about, here how
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fred dryer, you mentioned, you were attracted to republican
10:49 pm
party, reagan was governor, president, are you still a republican? >> i am not a republican, i have no party -- >> i are an independent. >> i'm not even one of those guys. i'm -- that is the beauty of trump. that is why i became optimistic. remember we're coming off of bob dole. off of the clintons, off of obama. we're coming off of george w. bush. and suddenly -- >> you are cringing? >> believe me, i get infuriated with having to eat the slop that republican party is pushing out. it is just maddening, here comes donald trump. i said let's look at this guy. what is this about? how irreverent and matter of
10:50 pm
fact. he broke the format, he broke the form of what people assume a presidential candidate has to be. he has to be able to tell the trurthetruth and figure things , there is a lot he is required to do. there are extra curricular things, with trump you get a complete conversation, you don't get a conversation with george w. bush. interesting dichotomy, i used to yell at republican party all of the time. a guy involved with republican party in los angeles, he would say fred, what do you think. i would say remember that supreme court justice in alabama you were fire from the press because he put 10 commandments in the rotunda. >> roi moore. >> all by himself.
10:51 pm
it was a picture of roy moore, and camera shot up at him, he had this for for lost loa lonel. i thought, why didn't george bush go to karl roves office, say let's go to alabama, land on the lawn, sprint because he can. he is a good athlete, sprint from the helicopter cross the lawn up the steps put your arm around this justice. and tell the world, hey, look, i know this is a states right issue. but i throug came down here to u people know, i'm with this way tguy,if you need me, you know we to find him, to me that is
10:52 pm
leadership, that is leadership. >> 10 commandments. >> yes. >> which is the basis of our l law. thou shall not kill, steal, covet, and so forth, you are not allowed to have it in a public place any more, but you go to supreme court there it is. >> there it is, choice ele chisa supreme court, but a different court, a public square, a school. there is no separation of church and state in the constitution. >> it does not exist. >> the framers meant, you cannot impose your faith on someone else, you are not supposed to molest someone else's faith. the framers understand, the founders understand, as it was understood until 1940s when our started to turn. what was understood was if you don't like it, don't look at it.
10:53 pm
nobody is telling you what to do. that is judeo christian foundation of the nation, i think in many reguards we lost your way, we'll be right back. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at
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apartments become houses, cars become mini vans. as we upgrade and downsize, an allstate agent will do the same for our protection. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? mark: future of the country, positive, negative, concerned, what? >> i am all of those things. rightfully so. i am worried that this country has seen the last of hope from the office of the presidency after trump leaves. what will happen when trump leaves? in two years, i think it will be six years but when trump is gone
10:58 pm
will happen to the ability for this country to get the candidate they want? i thank you will see a republican party restructure itself to prevent the people from getting what they want. mark: do you think the media will succeed in pushing him out of office with the democrats, whether through impeachment which would be quite outrageous or are they trying to tear him down over reelection or do you think he can overcome those things? >> i think he can overcome them. i would think that if he has made it this far, he has taken a beating this guy, if he can withstand the next couple of years then i think he will be fine but here is what i want him to do. i want him to get those rejected
10:59 pm
pages and turn them over to the people. i want the people. mark: the fisa applications -- >> yes, why he has not done that, i do not know. i know there are things on his side should have taken care of that would have helped this country get through what we are going through right now if i give me one. >> like being aggressive and putting people in his cabinet that would help him like the correct attorney general. mark: i think he is working on that right now. >> he should. mark: he wasn't indefinite before. i think when people come from the private sector they are no not -- these are machetes and swords and cannon fire that a lot of people aren't expecting but all in all, how is he doing? >> he's terrific. he's just terrific. i'm very, very pleased to have had voted for him.
11:00 pm
mark: all right, fred. great pleasure. >> thank you, mark. mark: god bless you. check it out next time on "life, liberty and levin". ♪ wallace. president trump pushes his agenda for 2019. while at the same time warning house democrats.♪. >> is there is going to be peace and legislation. there cannot be war and investigation. >> we will not surrender our constitutional responsibility for oversight. >>chris: what are the chances washington will get anything done this year? we will ask mick mulvaney. then - - >> we need for the security point have to have it. it's not an option. >>chris:


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