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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 11, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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the woman left irate because they ran out of jim achan beef -- jamaican beef patties, she had to wait 10 minutes for a new batch. finally the ugly, this is awesome, wildlife center will let you name salmon after exafter valentine's day, naming salmon will cost you 20 bucks. your break-up was kind of bad, this wraps up this hour of first &friends first. >> the president's number one priority is national security. this is going to get built with or without congress. jillian: monday february 11th and the white house says nothing is off the table including shutdown or national emergency after democrats issues first hour ultimatum.
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rob: amy klobuchar comes out swinging as the 2020 field expands over the weekend. jillian: as the list grows the question remains who has shot at being the party's nominee, red carpet to center stage, politics was a popular theme at last night's grammy awards. rob: it was dolly parton who ended up stealing the show. "fox & friends first" begins right now. ♪ ♪ [laughter] rob: 97 to todd piro.
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jillian: '97. i was graduating high school in 1997. thank you so much for starting the day with us. rob: fair enough. jillian: i don't lie. days before another government shutdown bipartisan talks over border security hit a snag. rob: white house indicating all options are still on the table, griff jenkins live in washington with the latest this morning, hey, griff. >> new week but the clock is ticking again with both sides of the aisle at impasse again, this time over the member of ice detention beds funded by congress, democrats want to cap cutting beds for roughly 40,000 to 35,000 while republicans want to increase the number by 12,000. president trump weighing in yesterday on twitter saying, the border committee democrats are behaving all of a sudden irrationally not only are they unwilling to give dollars to obviously needed wall, they
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overwrote recommendations by border patrol exterts but they don't want to take murderers in custody, what's going on, the deadline for government shutdown looms friday and the white house not backing down. >> i'm not in a position say the president will absolutely sign or will not sign, some things that we simply couldn't agree to so the government shutdown is technically still on the table. we do not want it to come to that but that option is still open to the president and will remain so. >> there's some optimism of a deal, democrat senator john tester say they just have to stay focused. >> every negotiation, almost every negotiations out there hit bumps on the road, as long as we stay focused in a bipartisan, by-camera way to get this done, i'm hopeful we can get it done. >> the president travels to el paso where family unit apprehensions has increased from january last year compared to
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225,000, i suspect we will hear more about the numbers tonight at the president's rallies, guys. rob: griff, thank you so much. jillian: also beto o'rourke heading to el paso for a dueling rally against the president. the potential 2020 democratic candidate for president is joining the march for truth rally. community organizers and local officials organized event to protest the president's border wall, orourke represented el paso before losing senate race to incumbent ted cruz. rob: stalled border talks frustrating lawmakers who are trying to get the deal done. jillian: george republican says it's time democrats stop moving the goal post. >> i thought we were tracking pretty good over the last week, over the last 24 hours or so, the goal posthas been moved from the democrats and at the end of
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the day we have duty to protect nation and as long as the post -- we heard numbers 1.3, we heard 800 million as you described as well. we've heard 2.5 and also we heard the initial proposal by the democrats of $0, they are a little bit all over the board. so not what number am i looking for or the president is looking for, it's really what customs and border protections need and that's what we are trying to get to. rob: all right, laura ingraham will talk with president trump following rally in el paso tonight at 10:00 o'clock on the ingraham angle. jillian: we will be watching that. minnesota senator amy klobuchar following senator elizabeth warren's lead and announcing candidacy.
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rob: todd piro on 2020 hopefuls. >> klobuchar isn't the first and she won't be the last, the minnesota senator is the most recent entering into 2020 field hoping to beat president trump. snowy minneapolis background, klobuchar a moderate mid western democrat, highlighted to work across the aisle, fifth democratic senator to announce bid or formation of exploratory committee. as to how she hopes to differentiate herself. >> i don't have a political machine but what i do have is this, i have grit. i -- i have family, i have friends, i have neighbors and i have all of you. >> all this comes amid report that klobuchar had bad reputation over treatment of staff that a number of staffers withdrew from consideration to
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manage campaign and in response klobuchar told reporters, yes, i can be tough and i can push people, i have high expectations for myself, i have high expectations for the people that work for me and i have high expectations for the country. klobuchar not only the one trying to rally support, cory booker criss-crossed iowa first time as presidential candidate this weekend promising to pull a divided nation back together, missing out on an opportunity to reach voters in iowa this week gabbart canceled an event in des moines over travel complications. we are getting warmed up. rob: good way to open it up. thank you so much. one democratic 2020 hopeful slamming the president suggesting he might be in jail by the next election. >> by the we get to 2020 donald trump may not even be president.
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in fact, he may not be a free person. rob: warren had a rough week, making remarks in cedar rapids, iowa, alluding special investigation. jillian: democrat virginia delegate expected to start impeachment process today, fairfax accused of sexually assaulting two women, he has called fbi to investigate claims, meanwhile northam refuses to resign over black-face scandal. >> right now virginia needs someone that can heal, there's no better person to do that than a doctor, that's why i'm not going anywhere. i have learned from this. i have a lot more to learn. jillian: while the governor fights to keep his job, he says fairfax may have no choice but to resign if the allegations against him prove to be true.
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rob: tribute pourings in across nation following the death of long-time north carolina congressman, 13-term republican passed away on 75th birthday after politic -- my cases of broken hit, had profound impact on all through graciousness and committed christian faith, i will miss love for community, rest in peace, jones survived by his wife and daughter and we wish them well. jillian: yeah, well, another news that we are following, jimmy johnson cruises to victory lane after wiping out all competitors in daytona. >> jimmy. jillian: taking tout race leader, exhibition race
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shortened by rain. rob: celebrities honoring the highest in music in grammy awards, aluck acquits hosted star-studded night. jillian: rapper with record of the year, first rap-base song to win the award, his team accepting the honor on his behalf. rob: country music singer taking home the biggest award of the night winning album of the year for her record golden hour. >> it's really crazy but i'm very thankful and i know that winning this doesn't make my album better than anybody else's in the category, they are all so good. jillian: how about that, former first lady michelle obama making surprise appearance during opening speech about the importance of music. congrats. many democrats defending
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alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal, one claiming the initial document was a fake. >> why would we ever pay people who are, quote, unwilling to work? >> i think you're referring to some document, some document that other than us circulating. jillian: adviser to walk back those claims, why the next guest says the rollout of amateur hour. rob: mom reunited with her army soldier son
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>> why would we ever pay for people, quote, unwilling to work? >> we never would. i think you're referring to some sort of document that some
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document other than us has been circulating. >> i thought that was in the background from her office. >> no, tweeted it out to laugh at it. apparently republicans have put it out there. rob: force today walk back all of that. he said it was a fake, despite rollout, a number of 2020 democrats are standing by the proposal, what message does that send to voters 2 years from now or a year in now, here to react fellow energy and environmental policy at the the heritage foundation. thanks for coming on this morning. race to the fringe, you want to win the primaries, you to get as left as you can, what do you think about growing support of
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this bill? >> yeah, it's perplexing given the lack of policy details, we know it's government control and virtue signaling and that's what the candidates want to do. it doesn't matter if the plan is deeply unserious and there's no context in the plan, you have people throwing their weight behind it and i think they are going to regret it given the fact that the response was so unpopular and given the fact that there was so much in resolution itself that would cause economic destruction to the economy not just the energy sector but all sectors of the economy and people were really taken aback by how aggressive policy proposal was and really that led to it being so unserious that people were laughing at it but not for the reasons that aoc was talking about. rob: it's not a bill, resolution at this point, more to be done until then. when you look at the details of what they want, it's for society
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almost finds more than anybody can imagine, completely reversing so many of the ways that we do business in this country and our industry taking away combustible engines, burning any kind of fossil fuel in a very short period of time, the expense of this would be absolutely tremendous. there's no way to even -- i don't think comprehend how much this would cost. >> yeah, because it's so unserious and so high in the sky, it really is difficult to credibly account for the cost of it but we are talking about trillions of dollars and as the president mentioned in a state of the union oil and gas were the world's leaders and this resolution if it were somehow put into legislative texts and implement it it would decimate the industry but all of those other industries that are energy consuming industries, the manufacturing, uses a lot of energy, all decimated as a result of these policy proposals and for what, even if all those proposals were somehow implemented and we want back to stone age economically, you're
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talking about mitigating global temperatures a few tenths of a degree celcius. rob: guaranteed job for every american through the government. let's go back to the initial, unwilling to work, pay people who are unwilling to work in the country. scared a lot of people. they denied it at first and had to own it. chief of staff for aoc, separately, doctored frequently question that was unfinished and doesn't represent deal by mistake. so they are trying to kind of get around this but kind of shows you where the ideology is, though, if they really at some point were thinking, we are going to pay everybody in this country, working or not working guarantied medical care, it's
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just tremendously aggressive. >> it is, big expansion of government and big expansion of control and the other really surprising but unsurprising part of that proposal and they were concerned about climate change and we need to do something in 12 years, you would think you would want nuclear power, largest source of emissions free energy, no, we won't build new nuclear plans, we will do it through renewable. it's hypocritical and wish list is something that would result in so much control over everyday lives of americans. rob: there are issues, there's obviously climate change issues that i think a lot of people do believe and when the government gets involved, remember what happened in the obama years, typically not the best way to go about it. thank you, sir, very much for your time, we do appreciate it. >> thank you. jillian: 15 minutes after the hour, a warning from the irs
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this tax season, the change some americans can see when filing this year. rob: freshman congresswoman omar calling to defund homeland security just one hour after demanding that tsa workers get their back pay, the problem is dhs is part of tsa. just clarifying that. coming up yurt, whatever. ♪ just don't get carried away with the wild west thing. hey guys. get the best price on homes, hotels and so much more., booking.yeah
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china. rob: u.s. negotiators will be in china today for new round of trade talks and focus on how they treat intellectual property. u.s. and china have until early march to come up with a new deal. jillian: fox business alert, filing your taxes early this year is not paying off, the irs says returns are down nearly 10% in the first filing week. rob: tracee carrasco from fox business network, tracee i'm nervous about tax returns. tracee: according to new stats from the irs they are saying the first filing week, they have seen tax refunds come down 8.4%, last year the average for the first week, $2,035, that's down to about $1,865, that's difference of $170, of course, this year there will be increase focus especially with the recent tax overhaul, many tax officials have been saying make sure you
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have changed any filings as withholdings because that's going to affect what your tax refund will be, that's a concern there. they have been warning of the change but the irs says these are early numbers of the first week, of course, the government shutdown, that could be impact there but they are seeing the returns that have been processed and receipts have been down from last year as well. jillian: i haven't even started thinking about that yet. tracee: still have time. they brought this back from last year. the cherry mocha, starbucks says candy cherry syrup melted together with hot expresso, many people on social media are comparing to candy, it is available now through valentine's day if you are interested.
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jillian: very sweet treat. rob: terrible. a lot of sugar. thank you so much, 25 minutes after the hour, lock your doors and load your guns, the sheriff's warning going viral, why he's taking a stand in name of protecting community. jillian: virginia voters will turn to gop in 2020 as the state's top democrats are facing growing scandal s he right? we are coming right back.
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rob: all right, welcome back, today headlines this morning, acting defending secretary makes surprise visit to middle east, landing in afghanistan as diplomats look for peace with the taliban in the region. meeting with military commanders and afghan leaders. president trump heading to el paso, texas for a make america
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great again rally and met with stiff opposition, potential 2020 candidate beto o'rourke will have dueling rally against the president's border wall. and democratic virginia delegate expected to start impeachment process today against lieutenant governor justin fairfax on the right. fairfax accused of sexually assaulting two women now, he has called on the fbi to investigate the claims as he denies. meanwhile ralph northam on the left refuses to resign over black-face scandal. jillian: it's putting new pressure on the left to maintain the moral high ground even when it comes to scandals with their own party but with governor and lieutenant governor president trump predicts that virginia voters will turn to gop in 2020, is he right? here to debate republican strategists holy turner and
2:31 am
andrea, we appreciate it. andrea, i will start with you, let's begin with who do you think should step down from what we know right now? >> sure, i think they both should resign. obviously democrats across the country have called on both governor northam and lieutenant governor fairfax to resign and that's the right course, democrats have no tolerance for sexual assault or misconduct or racism. jillian: holly, i'm assuming you agree, if that's the case, where do we go from here? >> i do agree, we call for process during kavanaugh hearings and i think the same should play out here. the evidence against fairfax especially is definitely more credible and consistent than anything we ever saw against justice kavanaugh and so i do appreciate the democrats calling for the resignation and that is probably what's best for the state of virginia.
2:32 am
jillian: andrea, do you think virginia will turn to republicans? >> it's laughable that it would give bump to trump in 2020. we have seen trump being accused of sexual misconduct by almost 2 dozen women and he's also made comments supporting white supremacists throughout his time in office, so i don't think this is going to help trump at all. last -- last november was really a referendum on president trump and we saw 3 congressional districts split from republican hands to democratic hands during that election. so 2020 is going to be another referendum in the moderate and independent voters who voted for democrats in 2018 are going to come out again and they will not be supporting donald trump. jillian: holly. >> well, i disagree the democrat party is suffering from branding
2:33 am
right now. issues of socialism and long-term abortion, racism and sexual assault, not good branding position, if you look at results from 2016 and you take donald trump votes, only won virginia by 40,000 votes, that doesn't mean that 40,000 votes will need to switch votes in 2020, we could see 10 or 15,000 switch votes and a lot of people stay home and that's a win for trump. i think it's absolutely doable. you will see strong ground game there and the president will do well in virginia in 2020. jillian: andrea, holly does bring a good point, what do you think to democratic party needs to get ahold of in terms of messaging? >> we have exciting group of people running for president, we have minorities, women that are changing the dialogue so we really have a great group of people to go and choose from and i don't think that donald trump
2:34 am
in virginia is going to have any excitement and more enthusiasm behind him the way our cants date will. jillian: okay, andrea, holly, thank you both for joining us, appreciate it. >> thank you. rob: all right, ladies, thanks so much, suspending police activity over lack of funding. the sheriff posting on facebook, folks, lock your doors, load your guns and get your barking-biting dog, if the sheriff's department can't protect you, who will. you can't expect deputies to work if you can't afford to pay them. martin county. basketball fans in indiana may have been expose today rabbies after bat interrupted game between indiana pacers and la clippers, now warning anybody who may have touched animal to seek medical attention, rabbies
2:35 am
status unknown. seattle area seeing snowiest february in 70 years, braces for more today and tomorrow as well. the farmer and tractor lending a hand to tell -- help police vehicle and suv that couldn't get out. 400 flights canceled in the northwest over the weekend and janice dean joins us now with how much more we can expect. we will get in the northeast as well. janice: busy winter weather pattern unfortunately for much of the country, at least the northern half. still getting snow across the northwest, we will deal with another system moving in and along the boundary is where we will have potential for wintery weather from new york city, north ward and west ward, south of that, that's where rain but potential for icing here and that's going to be the concern, the dangerous concern, so here
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is today and then tuesday look at new york city right around new york city we will see the freezing rain sleet mix starting tomorrow morning into afternoon, we will be on the snow freezing line. that's really going to mean the difference between snow totals north of there and west of there, that's potential for snow, never a good sign when you see pink on the map, that's icy mix. winter weather advisory. where we see the green here, that's potential for flash flooding, so big dynamic system, forecast prescription 6 -- precipitation 6 to 12 inches, the cutback because of freezing rain mix and also across the west more wintery weather especially for the northwest, seattle you will be dealing with potential for more snow and then
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across the sierra and upper midwest and along the coast we will see heavy rain. so a lot to cover, lots of people are going to be dealing with weather and travel delays, just be aware all week we will be dealing with potential for travel delays. sorry. rob: hey, janice is going to be busy this week. janice: i'll be busy and jillian i will keep you informed. jillian: what's happening? janice: i will take all your calls and texts. jillian: what's your number? rob: there you go. jillian: 37 minutes after the hour. teachers in liberal city say they are ready to strike over lack of resources. rob: from two singers hitting the red carpet in protrump outfits to also a subtle more expected message slamming the border wall, but some thing it was country music dolly parton
2:38 am
who stole the show. ♪ ♪ rob: she still has those pipes. carley shimkus with the biggest moments of the night coming up next. jillian: have to love dolly, right? three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. anybody seen my pants? #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide.
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♪ ♪ ♪ jillian: rob requested that we
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play miley. [laughter] jillian: let's talk about new fashion trend, if you will, popping up at the grammy's. rob: joe villa and rebel. jillian: carley shimkus, fox news 24/7 siriusxm 115. carley: this year she dressed as the president's border wall. that was top layer and you can see there's barbed wire on the shoulder. brick pattern with the words build the wall on the back. glam rock artist ricky rebel had blue jacket that said keep america great and trump 2020 on it and that's the dress that sort of put joe villa on the map 2 years ago, she tweeted, i don't care what anyone thinks,
2:43 am
i100% support the wall and president donald trump. ricky live at the grammies, reflection of the 60 million plus americans that voted for donald trump, #new alpha, don't let anyone keep you in the closet. also advocate of lgbt rights. maria on twitter says you're beautiful and i admire courage. god bless you and our country. i need that purse #make america great again. a whole lot of opinions on this. not all of them positive to say the least. she even addressed the criticism that she gets year after year and she says she ignores it. rob: no friends. carley: a lot of side eyes. i watched the opening number and i totally missed this when it happened but upon further review, colombian singer jay
2:44 am
balvin, he was holding a newspaper that says build bridges, not walls on it. the whole opening number was a celebration of latin music and included camilla cabello and ricky martin, aside from this, though, barely any mention of politics. michelle obama came out but didn't make political statement at all. there was the stuff on the red carpet in the beginning and this moment but aside from those two things not a whole lot of politics. rob: i don't know who any of the people are. carley: you know camilla cabello. the havana song. tribute to dolly part oan, she sang with artists including her god daughter miley cyrus.
2:45 am
carley: who doesn't love dolly parton? wow, that's great to hear, amazing singer, zach says dolly parton carrying her own tribute. she also sang her new song, still coming out with music, red shoes, she had red shoes and it was a really good song. rob: 40-year career. yeah, carley, thanks so much. 45 minutes after the hour, amazon now reportedly we thinking its plan for a new new york headquarters after serious of protests, big story, live with the latest on the company's plan. jillian: first let's check with steve doocy. good morning, steve.
2:46 am
>> hey, jillian, rob, hope you join us. regarding news of the day, it sounds like a border talk in washington, d.c. has completely broken down all over the number of beds that ice would be able to put. here to talk about the latest with kellyanne conway and former acting director knows and talk to him about with stuart varney and busy 3 hours, working 6:00 to 9:00 right here in the channel that you trust for morning news. rob: easy hours. [laughter] >> look who is talking. [laughter] >> i'm working 5:00 to 6:00. jillian: coming right back.
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rob: welcome back, freshman congresswoman omar questioning funding the department of homeland security, tweeting on friday, when democrats stood our ground last month, let's stand firm #not one dollar for dhs. after story about the tweet was posted on omar responded saying that she and other members of congress are calling for new new fund, not for defunding of dhs which would be scary for the country. jillian: local sheriffs in north carolina want ice out after series of immigration raids, agents arrested more than 200 people, south carolina congressman ralph norman joined us earlier and said sheriffs are
2:51 am
playing politics. >> you know, they are all in this to protect the public and believe it or not coming across the border illegally is a crime, you just don't do that and i think the sheriffs are trying to placate left-wing base. jillian: sheriffs in two of the most popular counties cut ties with ice after taking office in december. rob: big story here in the northeast, amazon may back down from investing billions of dollars in big apple. the company reportedly reconsidering plans to rebuild new york city headquarters in queens amid backlash. jillian: affiliate in new york is live with the very latest, good morning, caleb. >> good morning to you jillian and rob, ever since announcement that amazon was opening one of the legs here, immense amount of backlash, people in the community worried and lawmakers worried that they were left out of negotiations and now the
2:52 am
rumors are amazon will pull out of this deal. what happened last week on the heels of all of this, state senator michael who has been pretty vocally opposed was elect today something called public affairs control board, that essentially gives him the power to pull out of the deal altogether, the amazon promises at least 25,000 jobs with average salaries at $150,000 a pop, take over buildings instead of job-training program at the complex. now amazon in a statement to us neither confirmed nor denied the rumors that it's thinking about pulling out, they said, quote, working hard to demonstrate what kind of neighbor they will be. now, reminder this deal was governor cuomo-mayor de blasio deal without on sulting lawmakers, this is important politically to both of them. governor cuomo has warned
2:53 am
lawmakers that they will pay for it at ballot box if they block the deal. if the control board does block the deal, governor cuomo has power to veto the block which would send democratic-run-state senate into standoff, that would be politically tragic for cuomo and has hefty agenda. from queens. rob: big story and anticipation of amazon coming here, prices have shot up from expectation of it coming, a lot of people are banking on it. jillian: thank you. rob: 53 minutes after the hour and slam dunk of a surprise, the emotional mom that a mom is reunited with her army-soldier son. >> take a bite out of it. [laughter] jillian: this is what happens when you dare the legendary, he
2:54 am
will eat cupcake without blowing out that candle. we will be right back. rob: man at, we can't guarantee you'll find gold in them therr hills on your vacation. but we can guarantee the best price on this rental cabin. . .
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♪ ♪ we hanging around
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♪ singing everything on the radio ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ jillian: starting off another busy week in washington. i think we can just continue to say that every monday from here on out. teachers walked off the job in denver this morning for the first time in 25 years. contract talks breaking down after hours of tense debate over the weekend. >> teacher's union says the district's latest offer pushes more performance bonuses ahead of the pay raises teachers want. classes have been cancelled for 5,000 preschoolers. the district is hiring hundreds of substitutes to keep the schools open. rob: in china for a new round of trade talks expected to focus on how china treats american intellectual property and
2:59 am
the theft of a lookout of it. leaders helped productive talks last month but ended with no compromise. they have until early march to come up with a deal. one more month. jillian: time for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. first up the good. a california mother gets the surprise of a lifetime at a sacramento kings game. ♪ coming home. >> ladies and gentlemen, just returning from south korea. jillian: that's private first class brandon kobe stunning his mother vanessa coming home from a six month deployment in south korea. is he a black hawk crew chief. rob: look at mom in tears. love that next, here's the bad. >> take a bite out of it while it's lit. >> while it's lit. >> i'm kidding. while it's lit? >> you got to be careful you are going to announce the game. bill walton chomping down on a cupcake with candle still lit. leaving co-commentator
3:00 am
speechless. >> let you name a salmon after exfor voold. 1,000-pound bear going to set you back 20 bucks. some people say it's worth it. rob: we will see you later. jillian: have a good day. >> borders talks stalling out as the deadline to fund the government is just days away. >> i'm very skeptical that anything is going to come out of this conference. >> we will take as much money as you can give us. this is going to get built with or without congress. >> meet lies and mate with the truth and a vision for the future from u.s.-mexico border. >> the aoc wing of the party is taking over now immigration and this will be the hell of an election. >> the new player enters the field amy colony low bar. >> i would put forth legislation foregreen jobs.


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