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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 11, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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while there is danger in conceding on a specific demand made by the democrats. firestorm ignited by a progressive freshman congressman over what critics are calling anti-semitic language. one of her fellow democratic members of congress has said he
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is deeply alarmed by her comments. he joins us live. will the house discipline congresswoman ilhan omar? pressure tonight on virginia's african-american lieutenant governor, deny new allegations of sexual assault against him, as the governor himself was fighting for his clinical life saying he's learned from his mistakes. he's not going anywhere he says. after the blackface controversy. hello and welcome to fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. we've got fox to encourage tonight, a lot of breaking news on the border battle. correspondent jeff paul and kristin fisher alive from el paso, texas, on the dueling rallies. the president versus beto. we start on the hill with chad pergram and the late-breaking news over a deal, and agreement in principle on the wall and those i.c.e. detention beds. chad, good evening. >> good evening, shannon. there is a meeting late this afternoon between the four team members of the house and senate appropriations committees. there was kind of a funny moment at one point, patrick leahy, top democrat on the appropriations committee from the senate stuck his head in the hall and said
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there's no white smoke yet. come 8:30, there was. what they have agreed to is $1.375 billion for 55 miles of wall along the texas border with mexico, the rio grande valley. i was there in richard shelby, the chairman of the senate appropriations committee came out and talked about the tentative record. >> we worked it out in principl principle. >> you have signoff from the white house? >> we talked from time to time, as you well know, from the white house representatives. >> this is always one of the key problems they have you on capitol hill that they think they have a deal with the president and then he doesn't sign something. or he backs away. that was truly the case in december. they had a little bit of a problem with that in march and a bill the president ultimately signed. the question is will president trump sign? he was on fox earlier tonight. listen. >> president trump: i can tell you a lot of things have changed
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and we will see what happens. i can't go into the exact detail. i heard it quickly coming over to see you. it was between the deal and you and i had to choose you. i had no choice, right? i'm very happy i did. you know, they are talking and we will see what happens. speak one of the biggest issue here is the number of i.c.e. beds. we are told technically there is no limitation, could go as high as 52,000. occupation is at a high number, 49,000. what this bill will provide is to get the number down on a glide path to 40,000 by the end of the fiscal year. also one of the issues here's of the president can still use some limited executive authority to go in and move around millions, that's millions with a m, money and sightings appropriations bills for individual beds, more well-funded, whatever they think they need. not an executive order, not executive action, not a national emergency but it's a limited scope that might take off the democrats but the president can in fact go there, shannon.
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>> shannon: chad pergram, thank you very much. up to the second update. president trump pitching his border wall in el paso before a rowdy crowd of thousands. corresponded kristin fisher was there in texas. good evening. >> good evening, shannon. this news about a possible deal clearly made its way to the president here in el paso when he told the crowd tonight that he only learned about it right as he was walking up to the stage but that no matter what it is, he says he's going to get this wall built no matter what. >> president trump: so we probably have some good news but who knows, who knows. we are setting the stage, folks. you know what it's called, right? it's called we are setting the stage. we are setting the table. we are doing whatever we have to do. the wall was being built. he will continue. it's going at a rapid pace. if we cut detention space, we are cutting loose dangerous criminals into our country. i will never sign a bill that
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forces the mass release of violent criminals into our country. >> if you take a look at the banners behind me, you can see that president trump has changed his slogan from "build the wall," to "finish the wall." he says the border barrier already here in el paso, built a decade ago, is working and that crime has dropped. if you talk to a lot of the local politicians here in el paso, including the city's republican mayor, he says that's not true. crime started dropping before the wall was built. a lot of these politicians have been making the rounds on the media ahead of the president's speech tonight. tonight he had a message for those politicians. he told them that they are "full of crap." >> president trump: for those people who say you didn't make too much of a difference. people from el paso. am i right?
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>> surprisingly, the overarching theme of tonight's rally wasn't immigration. it wasn't the wall. it was really the democrats and a lot of the progressive policies that some of his 2020 contenders have been pushing. >> president trump: because the democratic party has never been more outside of the mainstream. they are becoming the party of socialism, late-term abortion, open borders, and crime. >> tonight we got our first taste of what president trump is going to be like on the 2020 campaign. this was his first rally of 2019. you had this rally headlined by beto o'rourke just across the street and then you had a a lot of disruptions inside this arena, at least six protesters had to be removed. shannon, this certainly felt a lot like the early days of the 2016 campaign in many ways. >> shannon: he really seemed
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like he had missed being out there and having that automatic feedback and interaction with the crowd. seemed like he was in its element tonight. kristin fisher on the scene in el paso. thank you. nearby, as kristin mentioned, former congressman, democrat beto o'rourke, he had a counter rally. reports there were mexican flags and signs condemning the president for so-called hateful rhetoric. one reportedly said "make tacos, not walls." our correspondent is there. good evening, jeff. >> shannon, thousands gathering for a rally against any new walls along the u.s.-mexico border. they gathered here at this baseball field which is 200 yards away from where the president was speaking but headlining this counter event, democrat and former texas congressman beto o'rourke. >> all of us together are going to make our stand. here in one of the safest cities in the united states of america.
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safe not because of walls but in spite of walls. >> the evening started with some speeches from outside a nearby high school were beto o'rourke took to the stage and then went on a march. it went for about a mile through the streets, ending up out here this baseball field. once they arrived to the ball field, you could hear the crowded times during "no more walls." reportedly 7,000 people here. he took shots at president trum president trump, beto o'rourke, for describing el paso as a once dangerous city and his characterization of migrants being hardened criminals. o'rourke called for the government to make more room for asylum-seekers and help dreamers never fear deportation, saying the presence of immigrants makes this nation saved safer and sm. one thing that didn't happen was beto o'rourke did not announce he was running for president. time will tell whether or not he
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decides to join what's becoming a very crowded field of democrats hoping to challenge president trump in 2020. shannon. >> shannon: jeff paul on the scene in el paso. thanks, jeff. we want to get some reaction to my from what we are hearing from republican congressman mark meadows. he's from the house. in caucus, calling into night. congressman, thank you for joining us. what do you make of what we are hearing about this potential deal, 1.375 billion for 55 miles of border wall. potentially 70% drop in beds for i.c.e. what's your reaction? >> shannon, thank you. it's good to join you. candidly, what's been outlined tonight is not a serious attempt at securing our borders. when we look at what the president has promised, what members of congress have been advocating for for such a long time, it's really -- it falls very, very short of where we need to be. it does not even address the top
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priorities that border patrol agents and chiefs have outlined for us. while we can apply their effort and know they were serious at negotiating, democrats have failed to offer a real compromise here tonight. it's not adequate. it's not something that's going to be received well by most republicans in the house, for sure. >> shannon: if it comes down to voting for the dealer facing another government shutdown, where does your vote go? >> well, i think my vote goes to a continuing resolution that says let's continue to negotiate even if we do a short-term one-week cr or two week cr which of your continuing resolution to keep the government open. none of us want to shut the government down. listen, if we are at $1.37 billion, we were at $1.32 billion or three months ago, and so to go through all of
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this and say that we were willing to negotiate in good faith, as the democrats promised, i don't see the result of tonight's compromise as being an earnest attempt to try to meet the president halfway in terms of securing our border. >> shannon: quickly, if the president signals he's okay with this deal because i know the white house looking another legal potential ideas for them to -- money from elsewhere or declaring a national emergency, and any other number of options. if he signals he's okay with this deal for now, is a good enough to get your yes vote? >> it's not. i can tell you, when we're looking at a reduction in tension beds, it's not a serious attempt. i doubt very few conservative republicans will be voting for this, regardless of whether the president votes for it or not. he may take that tact to keep the government open but i don't see many conservatives voting
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for this, because it's not a real effort to meet the president halfway. >> shannon: congressman mark meadows, head of the house freedom caucus. keyboarding block and whatever moves forward or doesn't on this. thank you for calling into night. great to have you. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: from our reaction out what were hearing, at least in principle in this deal, let's bring in someone from the front. he met with president trump today at the white house to -- sam page. great to have you with us. i know one of the big concerns you expressed was about the idea of reducing the number of i.c.e. beds. so people know what we are talking about, this is where they can detain and hold people who are in the country legally. there's been some debate, democrats and we don't want to hold people who are here and their only crime was coming here illegally but they are not committing murders or homicides or any other number of crimes. you say that reducing that number is a bad idea. >> jeopardizes public safety. if we put a cap in mind jail at a local jail and say you can't
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house more than 200, where are they going to be? they're going to be out in the community to re-victimized persons in our communities. from the paperwork -- i gave her a letter to the president. 72% of the persons being held are being held for mandatory detention crimes. 90% of the persons are being detained are charged or convicted of criminal offenses or in deportation status. >> shannon: what's the democrats reasoning on saying you can only hold a certain number of people if what you are saying the people who are going to be turned out, these are people who are dangerous. >> let me say i think the problem is they are not listening to the people that are on the border, that run these detention facilities. they are not listening to the experts. congress needs to be receptive and listen citizens they serve. if i have a question, i call a border sheriff. we've asked the questions. those of the persons who know what works best and they need to
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listen. reduction in beds undermines the immigration system, the responsibly of immigration is to identify persons committing offenses and provide for remova removal. >> shannon: i want to read something from "the new york times." the author said democrats should follow the voters who increasingly want more open borders and reframe the immigration debate by rejecting the very notions of border needs more scaredy. and making it clear that the real problem is the denial of migrants rights. >> that's crazy. we have an obligation in america to protect our country and our citizens. the president took an oath. the congressmen took an oath and locally we took an oath to protect and defend the people in our communities. the reason why i first went to the border was because the persons in my community starting to be affected by legal drugs that are coming in, coming into the interior.
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two years ago, we had 44 people died because of overdoses in my county. last year we had 54 people died. how many people are going to die across america because were not making the effort? congress is not making the effort. congress has the opportunity to do their job. the sheriffs association, we gave a letter to the president to let them know we oppose any reduction in beds because it can affect i.c.e. and their ability to their jobs. we partner with i.c.e. to help have secure and safe communities. the only we'll see what ends up in the final deal. sheriffs page, thank you for coming in. the embattled virginia governor launching his apology tour. seems like cause for his resignation may have quieted down. democratic congresswoman ilhan omar ignites and anti-semitism
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controversy. >> the actions of the other people involved in the world. terrorist acts. >> shannon: find out why she's been dodging our next guest who says he wants to meet with her. we're family. we'd do anything for each other. but this time... those bonds were definitely tested. frog leg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these?
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8:21 pm
hey, trace. speak of the dynamic in virginia appears to be changing with the pressure on lieutenant governor justin fairfax rising while the pressure on governor m appears to be using. the governor gave his first interview to cvs, and gayle king, who said this. >> i talked to many black people and white people in virginia who say, a lot of support in the state of virginia, look at his history. look what he's done. the people i've talked to do not believe he's racist. >> new numbers tend to back it up. "washington post" poll found 47% of virginia residents want northam to resign but 46% also want him to stay and among african-american residents polled, 50% want him to remain as governor. 37% think he should leave. he has more support from african-american residents than white residents.
8:22 pm
some prominent virginia african-american leaders and clergy members are vowing to forgive northam for the blackface controversy. >> we do not follow those who cater to the exaggerated claims that it rises to the level of his resignation. proportionality has its place in judgment. the crimes must fit the punishment. >> with that, northam is said to attend a formal on race next week at virginia university. he's billing himself as the men who can bring virginia to the next level. listen. >> right now virginia needs someone that can heal. there's no better person to do that than a doctor. virginia also need someone who is strong and has empathy, courage and who has a moral compass. that's why i'm not going anywhere. >> northam says the sexual assault allegations against his lieutenant governor, if they are
8:23 pm
true, fairfax will have to step down. a virginia state lawmaker backed away from his his plan to begin impeachment proceedings against lieutenant governor, one of the women accusing fairfax things impeachment is the answer. other troubling signs, including four justin fairfax staff members have never signed. fairfax has been placed on leave by his law firm until these allegations are investigated. shannon. >> shannon: trace gallagher on the west coast, thank you. what's next for congresswoman ilhan omar? it depends on the democratic leadership, they criticized her today franchise minute comments. will they take action? correspondent david spunt with the latest. >> it depends on what republicans want to do. we don't know about democrats. republicans may look to sanction her. more on that in a moment but the congresswoman has been walking these halls for little over a month, already because this controversy. she had something to say
8:24 pm
off-camera. i will get to that in a moment. she's from minnesota, just outside minneapolis. she came here at the beginning of january and she came under fire last night after critics say that her tweets were full of stereotypes about jews and money. a follower asked omar "who is paying american politicians to support israel?" she responded aipac. another tweet criticizing members of congress for taking harsh stance, she tweeted "it's all about the benjamins." she has supported a nonviolent campaign putting pressure on israel because of its treatment of palestinians. after repeated condemnations, omar took to twitter, issuing an apology. she tweeted "anti-semitism is real and i'm grateful for jewish allies and colleagues for educating me on the painful history of anti-semitic tropes. my intention is never to offend my constituents or jewish
8:25 pm
americans as a whole. we always have to be willing to step back and think through criticism, just as i expect people to hear me when others attacked me for my identity. this is why i unequivocally apologize." i reaffirm the problematic role of lobbyists in our politics. it's gone on too long and we must be willing to address it. shannon, g.o.p. leaders looking to possibly sanction representative omar. also representative rashida to label from michigan. she was accused of calling president trump the f word. just last month. g.o.p. leaders saying it is similar to what they did for representative steve king. they stripped him of his committee assignments. we'll find out more. >> shannon: david spunt, thank you. an israeli newspaper says forget about the progressive freshman
8:26 pm
lawmakers. they say israeli leaders are more worried about the democratic 2020 front runners. let's bring in democrat encouragement from new jersey josh gottheimer. great to have you with us. i know that you said that you were deeply alarmed by congresswoman omar's comments and you been seeking a meeting with her. >> we have reached out and for a couple weeks now, i'm hoping it happens. today was the result of weeks of comments that have been coming out that many of us are very, very concerned about in the democratic caucus. it's why we spoke out. there's a group of us that spoke out today and wrote to our leadership saying it's time we actually condemn comments like the ones that came out last night, which were so offensive, anti-semitic trope, a historic one. the fact that there was swift action today was a positive step. we have to make sure we are vigilant. >> shannon: do you think there should be punishment? the g.o.p. is pushing, saying look at what we did with congressman steve king.
8:27 pm
do you think the same -- >> pretty strong punishment today, the speaker of the house coming out. >> shannon: she's on the house foreign relations committee. >> obviously i think were probably going to disagree and policy. congress is all about having different opinions and we can disagree. the key is to make sure we are clear the hateful language, anti-semitic language is unacceptable. i think you saw that today in a strong way from our entire leadership. i think we need to make sure we hold the line. >> shannon: she did apologize but not everybody thought it was a great apology. ben shapiro said "read tweeted her apology. did you feel -- >> i thought she apologize. i'm eager to have the conversation and the discussion. there have been comments that i've been concerned about. we talked about it with leadership and the caucus.
8:28 pm
i think that's why today was important to say it's unacceptable. i think the representative came out and apologized for her comments, but now is understanding why certain language is unacceptable. frankly whether it's democrat or republican, hateful language, there is no place for it in congress or in the american discourse. it's up to us to make sure we call it out that's exactly what happened. >> shannon: they highlighted a tough couple weeks for democrats with accusations and admissions related to blackface, sexual assault allegations against lieutenant governor. i think he has the right to due process. now this anti-semitic situation. is it going to be hard for democrats to take the high moral ground? >> i can just talk for myself and what i think. when you see hateful language or action coming speak out against it. it's very important. anything where -- you can disagree and i think we need to be accepting that were going to
8:29 pm
have diverse opinions. that's okay. we can't accept is when people decide to use divisive language, hate filled language, anti-semitic language, that's what we have to call out, democrat or republican. it's up to us to make sure we say something. >> shannon: we know you work hard to find commonality. let us know if the meeting happens. great to have you with us. more breaking news on the deal over the wall. the number of spots i.c.e. will have for detaining criminal illegal immigrants. we are getting more information about that. stick around for jessica tarlov, jon gabriel, and david her to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best sunny ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal?
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>> shannon: time for tonight's power panel. jessica tarlov, jon gabriel, senior editor of "the federalist," david harsanyi.
8:34 pm
we are getting new information in this agreement. we want to go back to our senior capitol hill producer, chad pergram. we are getting information from people plugged into the negotiations that say they want to clarify what's happening with the i.c.e. detention beds. >> there is no technical limitations on the number of beds. they can go as high as 52,000. i.c.e. beds are at a pretty high number in terms of how many are failed. they are at 49,000. keep in mind this bill only funds things through the rest of the fiscal year. through september 30. what they appropriate, what they are going to spend is to get the number down on a glide path to 40,000. the president come he can try to expand the number, may be using executive power. at the end of the day, this is something democrats wanted to push for, to move that number down. that's where democrats might say they got a victory and nancy pelosi can present that to
8:35 pm
her caucus and say those numbers are going down. republicans can go to their members and say there is no cap on how many beds can be filled by i.c.e. >> shannon: they will argue the numbers are not a reduction. there is some wiggle room about funding and how many beds. it can be north of the number where they are now. democrats will want to claim the victory. chad, thank you for coming back. let's get to our panel. reaction. david, i will start with you. if the president is going to get 1.375 billion, that's not going to be the 5.7 billion he wanted. >> no, but he can say he has started the process to finish the wall. i saw a sign like that today. i think the deal seems to try to let both sides walk away and claim victory to some extent. i think that's the main point. is he going to sign it, that's a different story. i'm not sure what this president
8:36 pm
is going to do. >> shannon: jessica, tonight, a jam-packed rally. the white house has thousands more outside who could not get in in contrast to a smaller rally with beto o'rourke. there was a contrast in a lot of ways but clearly the discussion over the border is not going to be resolved anytime soon. >> no, he needs it to be a campaign issue through 2020 to be able to continue on with his shtick. tonight, even "lock her up" came back. similar to the 2016 campaign. the el paso fire department has waited with the actual crowd size. 6500 person capacity. immigration is an issue that he needs to keep railing on. i agree with david there's something for everyone. democrats didn't get anything for daca recipients or those here already illegally. that we know of so far.
8:37 pm
that's something nancy pelosi wanted a clean bill on but the president could go back and say that and say i didn't do a dream or. i got money. i will continue to have a beds. it's a jumping off point for something more. >> shannon: we know the white house is looking at other potential legal avenues in ways they could trigger other funding and potentially a national emergency. they are looking at everything. this deal is so far away from what the white house said they wanted. is anyone going to be happy or is everybody going to have to hold their nose and say it's this or the shutdown? >> that's pretty much what it is. i don't think the shutdown helps either side right now. it's one of the issues where they wanted to put it behind them. trump supporters are frustrated they didn't get more money. as we have noted, he's going to start to finish the wall, as he is saying, and as he noted in the rally tonight, he is setting the table for 2020. this is a continuing issue for him and it will be through the next couple years.
8:38 pm
>> shannon: it felt like a 2020 campaign rally. you can tell he is missed being out there with people and he loves the energy i think of being out there and being in campaign mode. as we look ahead to 2020, this is what matt walsh had to tweet about. he says the democratic party hates christians, jews, white men, southerners, they accuse everyone else of bigotry. they are like a cheating husband who become suspicious." >> that may be a bit too much. i'm not sure they hate people. the policies are clearly undermining religious liberty, they've moved far left on abortion and that's a big issue. border issues and other issues. the poetic truth is that yes, the left has moved even further left in recent years but i don't know that it's about hatred. >> shannon: bill mitchell tweeting is there anything remotely american and anything
8:39 pm
the democratic party is proposing? jessica. >> i think the majority of the platform is about things and nutritionally american. if you are to be able to pursue life, liberty and happiness overall coming or going to need things like a good wage. you're going to need things like health care and have access. these are things democrats are talking about on the campaign trail. that's how we won in 2018 and the midterms. i think if republicans continue to slander the entire democratic party as abortionists, which is a completely made up term, and to discuss things constantly like late-term abortion or how we value illegal immigrants over americans, it's not going to sit well. have an economic message. that's what people vote on, see how it pans out. what matt walsh doesn't reflect the reality of the democrat party. >> shannon: are you saying there's no such thing as late-term abortions or they are overplaying? >> actual people who work in the
8:40 pm
field, gynecologist don't use that term. it was something created by the pro-life lobby to scare people. there are abortions that occur -- after your due date? there are no infants up to your due date that it goes by doctors at least use weeks. 38 weeks, 39 weeks. late-term abortion gets used in polling questions which is why the support drops to 13%. >> shannon: may be semantics on that. it is important. if we are saying you can have an abortion at 38, 39 weeks of pregnancy. there's a number of states where that's allowed. >> if the mother's life is in danger or if they are -- yes, absolutely. it's a complete fallacy to be saying -- >> shannon: not to get off on a different trail but there are some states that include the mother's health and they define it broadly to include mental health as well. we are not just talking about a physical situation. >> is another segment altogether
8:41 pm
which i would love to come back and have with you. >> shannon: let's give jon the final word. >> what we have seen with ralph northam's comments and the legislation that passed in new york, you have some democrats who seem to be pushing third trimester abortion on fourth trimester. it's alarming to most people including democrats who think they've gone far too far. you have a lot of democratic candidates running in 2020 who just assume trump is in trouble and they are going to win so they might as well swing for the fences and goes far left as they can. they were pretty sure that they would win in 2016 as well. >> shannon: we will see. jessica, jon. >> fourth term abortions aren't a real thing. >> shannon: we will take that up with governor northam. we will leave it there. come back soon. democrats linking the northam issues to president trump. >> we can't forget about the
8:42 pm
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8:47 pm
mr. fairfax is forced to resign because of unproved accusations of sexual assault that he denies while the two white men survive despite racial offenses that they admit." that's a conversation a lot of my friends brought up. >> i am a republican. justin fairfax is a democrat. we don't agree on a lot of politics or policy but i think he's getting a raw deal. the accusations against him are very serious and they deserve to be heard but also he deserves to be heard as well. due process is not just a legal construct. it's a societal one must be adhered to in this case. >> shannon: he has said "everyone deserves to be heard, even when faced with the allegations, still standing up for everyone's right to be heard but i'm also standing up for due process." despite the things going on with the governor and attorney general with issues about racial insensitivity in their past, seems like the lieutenant governor's most in
8:48 pm
danger of losing his job. >> it's distressing. you think governor northam's allegations are more serious from a standpoint of how we fee feel. everyone talking about the black face but it's the klansman he is standing next to. with justin fairfax, we let the democrats know if they tried to push them out, there would be pushback from african-americans. we let them know this was nonat issue were going to let them get away with. >> shannon: i want to play what governor northam said. talking about remorse and where he stands. this is what he told cbs told cbs. >> right now, virginia need someone that can heal. virginia also need someone who is strong, who has empathy, with courage, and who has a moral compass and that's why i'm not going anywhere. >> shannon: getting you both to react. >> if he really wants to help virginia heal, he can first of
8:49 pm
all stop the democrats from using race as a political weapon. even today there was a debate in richmond about tax reform, and some of the democrats called it a racist bill. oftentimes we see in politics that it's weaponized, the issue of race. i think our country won't move anywhere or improve until race is no longer used as a political weapon. >> governor northam, i think the best he can do is resign because it shows that kind of behavior is not acceptable. for him to sit there, almost in an absent-minded way, say i'm the person that can heal after he's the person because the problem, it's astounding. we hope he at some point resigns. >> shannon: initially he took responsibility for the picture. now he says he wasn't in it. there's more to this story and we will follow. democratic senator kamala harris catch yourself as an advocate for illegal immigrants but her presidential run is being met with skepticism by progressives
8:50 pm
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8:54 pm
2020 candidate kamala harris facing new scrutiny over decisions she made as california's attorney general. cnn reporting she supported a policy that turned over young illegals to i.c.e. harris is one of many democratic candidates trying to put out fires from their past. another senate judiciary committee member and 2020 hopeful cory booker grilled naomi row on her religious beliefs, pressing her to admit if she thought gay marriage was a sin. booker raised concern from republicans, implying that a person can be rejected from public service solely on their religious beliefs. beliefs. new york city mayor bill de blasio bill de blasio reportedly headed to the early primary state of new hampshire to test the waters for a presidential b. democratic senator amy klobuchar fighting to maintain her down-to-earth midwest appeal after former staffers accused her of creating a toxic work environment including sending demeaning emails and they say
8:55 pm
throwing office supplies. klobuchar is defending what she calls her high standards and says she loves her staff. watch watch bret baier tomorrow. senator klobuchar will join him live on "special report." stick around for the midnight hero. she won the internet. there's more to this 33-year-old ivory tickler. - i think the best companies succeed as a team,
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speak to the awards may have hit a record low ratings with younger viewers but the nights maybank hero anyway worth pointing out because she performed at the grammys, stole the show and despite being a virtual unknown, check her out. in addition to her stellar compliments and filled m music, she partners with organizations that encourages children's interest in musical instruments. killing it on the keyboard but also trees of the left of us dedicated to raising awareness about human trafficking and rescuing children from slavery.
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clearly, keep rocking it, you are our midnight hero on multiple fronts. stay tuned as we get more details on what's in that bill, the agreement that they worked on the border and whether the president will sign it. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you've spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." no matter what you may have heard or no matter what you might be hoping, alexandria ocasio-cortez's green new deal is not a fringe proposal anymore. if more than 70 democrats in the house have come out in support of it, 12 members of the u.s. senate, four democrats currently running for president, they all support the plants are depending upon what happens in this coming election parts of this proposal could easily become law. the question is, what's in it? on friday we interviewed one of her advisors, he was corn a professor robert hawkins, we asked him about a fact sheet we have led from


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